Saturday, January 27, 2007

He unfriended me randomly... what should I do? / GIANT box of chocolates!

With Jim (harryroberts / kodyscott) unfriending me SUDDENLY FOR NO REASON, this means that now I have to do a bunch of work on my BootyBase: delete his email address, various instant message contacts, physical address (even though that includes his sister Catherine - geordiecat76), and stats. Not sure what I should do with the postcards and friendship placards that he sent me, though... maybe I'll keep the postcards even though they mention "being friends forever." As for the friendship placards, I suppose I'll figure out what to do with them later as I still carry them in my wallet and have since I got them in 2004! (the only problem is that they're obviously from the UK, and I've never been there!)

When he picked me up, Henry asked whether I still needed him to give me a ride back from church. Yep, even though that required a bit of a schedule change on his part because he was supposed to tutor some girl in biology afterwards. I was just fine with leaving right away when things were done! He told me that his Fellowship program had been a presentation on five world religions: sounds like interesting stuff to learn! I told him that our groups had gone to MissionsFest, which is why half the usual people weren't at church last night... of course, I included the traffic story / Steamworks stuff for flavor. He asked how it was, so I told him about that Darfur story: "Darfur is EVIL!" I quite agree, my friend! That made him want to go to MissionsFest, so he asked when everything closed at Canada Place: 10 tonight, and 5 tomorrow. Not sure he can go now, but maybe next year?

At church, Ian and Sean's dad came up to give me the dues money of a dollar per kid - he handed me a toonie ($2 coin), and said that it was for both kids. I was quite surprised, as Sean definitely was NOT ready for Awana when he'd tried it back in October or late September! He was having a tantrum on the floor during the flag ceremony because (I now think) he wasn't used to so many people or the routine or all the lights on at once in the basement. His mom had tried to contain him, but no luck there. Apparently, now his parents think he could be ready since he managed fairly well when they went to Hong Kong over the holidays... cool stuff!

Later, Amos and I saw this HUGE box of assorted chocolates! Auntie Vivian said that Julie C.'s mom Auntie Tonya had given it to us, which meant that I wouldn't be able to partake in it... oh well. When I say "huge," I mean it: it was 1.4 kilograms, when you can normally get them in 400-600 gram boxes at the store! I wonder where she got it from... maybe Costco, haha. I'll ask her when I see her next if I remember, since she wasn't feeling well today. Jason came up to us later and said that Andrew got OWNED because Auntie Rebecca caught him eating gummy candy when he wasn't supposed to, and lectured him... whoops! Dude, at least stick with gum or abstain from eating till 6!

Afterwards, I saw Sean coming downstairs and going straight for the red / Cubbies line: hey, that's pretty good! I yelled for his older brother Ian, who of course didn't answer me. Telling Henry to hold on one second, I went over to Ian and told him to watch his brother, turning him around so he could see Sean standing there all alone. I didn't have time to talk to them, but it didn't matter since their dad was there to pick them up. On the way home, Henry called the girl he was supposed to tutor and said he'd be a bit late. After waiting in FOGGY conditions on Knight St., the girl called him back: they rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, the AGM will be done by 4!

Speaking of the AGM, Nathan sent us a suggestion: since there's a Canucks game on tomorrow, he wants us to start the movie right after the meeting at 4 or 5 PM. He thinks we should have enough time to watch the game at 7, and make it a double-bill. That COULD work out except someone has to buy dinner ingredients if we're still making dinner! Or we could always order a whole bunch of pizza... guess we'll see how things go with that!

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Camp Kirk is NOT Camp KINK... think of the children!

I just misread one of those Gmail ads at the top of the mail page. At first, I thought it said "Improve Social Skills - Camp Kink - Fun, nurturing camp for kids with special needs..." So I was like "WHAT?! That CANNOT be what it says! I hope not... that's not for kids, anyhow!" I went back and read it again: Camp Kirk is SO much better in that context! *phew*

I was out last night from 5 PM till 12:15 AM, then spent the next five hours or so blogging about it. Got up at 8:50 AM, thinking it was 1:10 PM (don't ask :P), then went back to sleep and got up for good at 12:45 PM. I don't think I'll be rested today for Awana or tonight... *thunk*

Good thing Chinese Eric is going to hang out with his girlfriend Fay instead tonight, as I don't think I'd be up for it now! As it is, I have a church meeting tomorrow and THEN a screening of PARADISE NOW (suicide bombers!) at Nathan's. Jon's just sent us email on that - they're buying ingredients for a simple and healthy dinner after the AGM, and aiming to start the movie at 7. Hope I don't fall asleep... *zzzz*

Quickly checked blogs: Spoz has a weekender thing up as usual, and Dawn's trekked to a number of places in China / Shanghai with her family. (Harbin?) They got on a bus crossing provinces, and the vehicle was missing arm rests, seats, and other essential parts that make up a chair! Oh my. Dave finally has a Nintendo Wii when he thought he wouldn't have one because of lineup / supply concerns... yay for not giving in to sleep and missing yet ANOTHER shipment of the things!

Steph said that she's completed 52 kilometres of running in the month since she got the Nike Plus. Someone also told her: "Everyone has a little Catherine Zeta-Jones in them - she just needs to be unleashed!" Looking at the timestamp and running through potential candidates in my head, I *know* who said that! Hee hee! Must remember to log into Xanga as well if the computer loses my cookies again, although the site notifies me if I'm not logged in. Vivian just blames entropy for procrastinating on lesson planning - ha, even the COLBERT REPORT says so! Hehe, I love catching up with time to spare!

3:25 edit: Henry DID remember without visual confirmation! I love him! But not in that way coz that's just wrong in this circumstance! :P

You Follow Your Head

You're rational, collected, and logical.
Generally, it takes you quite a while to fall in love.
In fact, you've even been accused of being very picky.
While you're cool, you're not ice cold.
You just know what you want, and don't mind waiting to get it.

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Yeah, he rocks... but not in THAT way! :P (more MissionsFest and Steamworks)

Once we were in the MissionsFest exhibit room, Randal said that he really wanted to see the Pilgrims / Canadian Bible Society tables, so I went with him... we love our books, haha! They were selling a King James version for three dollars only: it was paperback and had REALLY TINY print! (I told Chinese Eric later that you'd need a magnifying glass to see it... if not NOW, then certainly in 10 or 20 years!) He bought one anyhow, and asked if I wanted anything: nah, I was fine with just looking at the variety of books! (HEAVENLY MAN, THE CASE FOR CHRIST - which he read before he became a Christian - and many others) I was half-afraid he'd offer to buy me a book, haha - I did NOT want him to do that! Besides, I'd been saving my $20 for dinner and a very possible outing afterwards anyhow. Chinese Eric approached us and said that Jon was talking about going to Steamworks: we convinced Randal to come with us on the basis that he hadn't seen Chinese Eric since my birthday party, haha. Since Randal doesn't have MSN or anything, Chinese Eric had to get his phone numbers instead! He told me that he was hanging out with Fay after her work tomorrow, and had had to get ready for dinner with his parents yesterday at 6:35. Fair enough! Says that Fay liked meeting me, just he liked meeting Harmony: Fay didn't talk to me because she was at the other end of the table... no worries. Sunday afternoon / evening does NOT work for a hangout time with him, as it's taken up by the AGM and the movie about suicide bombers... next weekend it could be!

After looking around at the books some more, we joined Jeremy / Jon / white Eric / Jon's Regent friend Ray at the Medair booth where they were talking to Alli about Darfur and such. Mark came up to us and asked whether we'd seen Sam / Joey / Mike / Darren: Jon had seen them five minutes before, which didn't mean anything really in the crowded exhibit space! I teased him about that Facebook group where half the people didn't know who he was, then gave him a friendly push and told him to go find his friends before they left without him! He thanked me and went off in the other direction, heh. We joked that Chinese Eric was the reason that white Eric was "white Eric," even if Chinese Eric was hardly ever around. That's partly why Jeremy is "white Jeremy" sometimes, even if there's almost no chance of confusing him with Sam's brother! Coincidentally enough, there was a "Chinese Jeremy" among Jon's group of friends at Steamworks later... I think he is Phil's cousin, but can't say for sure! (probably not) We also talked about hearing some woman outside Canada Place yell "FUCK YOU!" to her boyfriend or whoever RIGHT when the speaker paused... yikes! Nathan left early to go work on applications for class which were due tomorrow after ensuring that Chinese Eric had a ride to his car later. ("I don't want him to NOT go to Steamworks because of me!")

Saw Christon and Karen Lew before I went to the washroom, then saw Frances and Dylan when I returned. Randal came up to us and wondered where everyone else was, so we looked for them: they were a couple of rows down! Jon was on the phone to his Regent friend Matt (who I met at Jon's birthday celebration), saying that we'd definitely be at Steamworks later since we were a few minutes' walk away. Later, we discussed the generation gap between Caucasians that were our parents' age and young Chinese people! Jon, Ray, and Jeremy walked to the pub first... both Erics, Randal, and I went downstairs to the parking lot to determine what time they closed. When we learned that it was 24 hours, we decided to walk to the pub as well... might as well not have to pay twice for parking in one night! (White Eric discovered that he could have saved a dollar if he'd parked across from Canada Place where we did... D'OH!) Someone called Randal as we were heading there: I asked him who it was afterwards, and he said it was my brother. Apparently, Jon sounds like Dylan on Randal's cell phone... I don't sound like anyone else, which is a good thing! (but I still do need to work on that imitation of the Devil, haha!) Both Erics talked about hockey... we lost tonight! :(

After Jon introduced the whole table, Matt asked if I remembered him: of course I did, so I gave him a thumbs-up sign! (Michigan, heh) We had nachos, some satay chicken skewers, a virgin Caesar (white Eric), water, oatmeal stout (Beer of the Day which was on special), and other such stuff. White Eric joked about his being afraid that since he was quiet, the waitress wouldn't hear him when he ordered a virgin Caesar! "Can I have a virgin, please? Can I have a Caesar, please? Either way, I'm screwed!" Then our end of the table talked about shipping people / toilet paper inside containers: TP will NOT conceal a car since Canada Customs will get suspicious! Randal accidentally went into the States once when he had a job interview near the border, but he couldn't turn back... he had to fill out a slip of paper in a parking lot after explaining his situation to the US customs official, heh. Jeremy's just proud that he hasn't been to the States in ten years, haha.

Later, we talked about 24: white Eric said he'd called me on Monday because I could still get a bus out at the time and not be late! Told him that I *should* be there this Monday barring another missed bus or misremembering my mom's work number, heh. Randal said he'd watch it next week... he's not HOOKED (especially since he hasn't seen the earlier episodes), but he likes it well enough. Then white Eric was giving me looks as his form of support... yeah, I don't know about THAT yet! (Randal did NOT actually use my fork for eating... just for picking up a piece of chicken from the plate!) He noticed the dozens of beer kegs behind us as our backdrop, and joked that I needed that many for my keg parties - those parties only take place in your imaginations, people! (I have weird siblings and friends) I had to explain the joke to Jeremy and Randal, of course. Hopefully, Randal's mind was off his back pain by then... he somehow hurt it by washing his kitchen cabinets yesterday, but the traffic jams and accident made it feel better! (the distractions took his mind off it!) Tomorrow, he says he's vacuuming / doing laundry / grocery shopping / having dinner with his parents - whoa, a full day!

Then I learned that someone had tried buying Randal's hat on the way over to the pub. It IS a good hat, since he's received compliments on it from several sisters in the Fellowship! (Jeremy's heard some of those, too!) Jeremy joked that this is how some people do their shopping these days: these teens go out and see something they like that someone already has on their person, and offer them money for it! ("Hey, nice iPod! I'll buy it off you!") Randal checked his hat, and said that it was Canadian-made: YAY FOR NOT BEING MADE IN CHINA! He asked if anyone wanted anything to share, and we all demurred (especially me)... he'd feel weird just eating alone, heh. Maybe next time! Then we had the aforementioned discussion on red-face enzymes before we covered ten-year high school reunions: why go if you haven't kept in touch with the people? Jeremy doesn't know how people organize these things, and how they know where he lives!

Later, Jon was dancing around to the music in Steamworks: Depeche Mode, B-52s, and much more! He joked that a future Fellowship program should be karaoke and dance party night: Randal said that Jon would have to ask Karen about that. She'd be on board since she likes that kind of thing, but Dylan would be REALLY hard to convince! ("I'm TOO SERIOUS for YOU!") She's learning to do attendance and such (on paper napkins for their texture, even!), but she'll be fine. The dancy music reminded Jon of the concert he and Jeremy had gone to last Saturday: the Buttless Chaps ended their show at 2:30 AM or so, and the guys got to Jeremy's at 3-something. They felt like tired zombies all day at church, and even into the next day! No wonder, since they didn't get much sleep! After figuring out the bill, we left: Randal gave Jeremy a ride home, while the Richmond Crew and Chinese Eric walked to white Eric's grey Honda in the other parking lot.

We talked about the Nintendo Wii water intoxication case, and dropped Chinese Eric off at Nathan's since he left his car there... it took him two hours once to walk home from BC Place! Observed that all the downstairs lights weren't on. Nathan likes to work in his upstairs room, and we figured that Isabel has more discipline than Nate does... that guy is CHAINED to his laptop sometimes! (I can guess what SOME of my friends will be doing at the AGM on Sunday...) While Jon then talked to Harmony for a bit on the phone, Eric asked how my evening with Randal had been. That wasn't really what it WAS, although he observed that I'd spent from 5:05 to 11:30 in his presence and sitting beside him. Yeah, he might have a point there... but it wasn't what he was trying to make it into! It was cool to spend time with him and my other friends, of course. Everything worked out tonight thanks in part to him, sure... but I wouldn't say it was what I think of when someone brings up "an evening with him / her" in THAT kind of context! :P

Then I took his mind off those matters by somehow confusing a bare tree on Granville for a giant KFC bucket, haha. :P (Corey later said that it was a sign of insanity: LSD causes you to see things, not one oatmeal stout beer!) Man, I better sleep now... hope Henry remembers to pick me up without visual confirmation. Maybe I should leave my phone on in case I sleep way more than I should! In that case, I'd better hope that nobody calls me beforehand! At least it didn't take me too long to check my friends page and categorize my email for hopeful later viewing, hehe.

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I'm losing what little I have of my red-face enzyme as we speak... yay, MissionsFest!

I've had an Advil equivalent, which Chinese Eric figured he didn't need to know about when he asked what I was taking... it's NOT good candy, and I don't think I'll give him any! I also had an oatmeal stout at Steamworks a bit later, so I hope I don't feel mighty interesting in the near future, hehe. Jeremy figured I was losing what little red-face enzyme I have when Jon asked how much beer I had since my face was apparently bright red after ONE pint! He said that I should have beer every day, so I joked that he should bring his homebrew to the PARADISE NOW screening at Nathan's on Sunday after the AGM. (Jon said that Nate should make his "80% yes" a 100% by agreeing to host it, so Nate said that we should bring food!) Now Corey's trying to convince me to bring vodka to church in a water bottle since nobody would notice: uh, they sure would after I started DRINKING it! :P

Randal managed to find my place without incident (he made a wrong turn, but immediately realized the error of his ways), and he got treated to my BAD imitation of the Devil when he called to say he was at my place. (hey, I'd had some coffee just then and was listening to Children of Bodom... so I was slightly crazy :P) So I quickly replied to an email my sister had sent about jersey wear, posted in my blogs since the entries were done half an hour beforehand, and left. We had a good conversation (on the way to pick up Jen from her new job): barbecue grills and outdoor apartment patios / balconies, neon Vancouver in 1920s, school projects, 24, the book about the female Zen Buddhist priest (I remember the scenes where the other priests liked getting drunk!), what we did today, whether we were hungry yet, historical books (I have an idea for his next birthday present / book to borrow, hehe), VANCOUVER books, and Expo.

Once we picked Jen up, she told us about her new job: online admin stuff is cool, and she gets to see Auntie Soo (who loves her and Stella because they're females - she has three sons, a husband, and one grandson :P) and Billy's brother Tony in the same small office. She's kinda sick with a cold, but it's that time of year... I haven't really gotten sick YET, heh. We also discussed Jeremy, Jon, and their passion for (homemade) beer and Steamworks. Since Randal's brother doesn't work at a local brewery anymore, Randal's beer consumption has dwindled! (no free Labatts and such for YOU now!) However, he did have a can of beer and popcorn while watching 24 on Monday night, hehe. It took us more than an hour to get there from Jen's workplace because there was a major lineup to get on the Oak Street Bridge (rush hour and hockey game traffic?), AND there was an accident involving at least three or four cars and a bus when we were a few minutes away from Canada Place! So we had to detour, which made us even later than 6:30... Karen knew about that since she called Jen just as it happened!

I told Randal that I didn't recognize his home phone number when he'd called me yesterday, so I had to ask who was calling me: he seemed to think that was a good plan because of the numerous creeps / stalkers out there! Then he mentioned that my number was programmed into his cellphone, and thought that my Caller ID should have given me his name since it was a HOME NUMBER. I'd think so, too... but at least I recognize it now in case this situation comes up again! Says he's called me once before on his cell: I don't remember, but I'll take his word for it. Not that we call each other often: it's more like email and real-life interaction for this friendship, haha.

We got to Canada Place at around 6:45, found parking, and went to the washrooms. I'm afraid I was a bit bitchy with Jen since she wanted to go off and sit with Karen and Andrea because she'd seen them elsewhere in the food court. Randal was in the washroom (after wondering whether people were done cleaning them or not) and I wasn't sure whether he knew their specific whereabouts: I sure didn't see them, since I was counting on following my companions to wherever they went. (crowd strategy, and a good way to make sure I didn't lose them since I'm damned short! :P) I'll probably explain to her on Sunday, heh... I wouldn't normally have been that harsh, but it's hormones and such too! We met Karen, Andrea, Jon, and Jeremy: the guys left since they'd eaten already. Jen still has my MENTAL FLOSS book, so she says she'll bring it on Sunday - cool, since I haven't seen it since summer 2005!

During our quick dinner, Karen asked how I liked the new Bible Study group: it's fine, even though it's kinda weird being in the same small group as my own brother! She said I was always welcome to return to their group, even though she knew I wouldn't do it just to share about family drama! Hell, she knows me: if I *do* happen to do that, it's not JUST BECAUSE of the drama! Then Karen told me that she'd had a Cactus Club dinner with my sister on Tuesday: "WE GET ALONG SO WELL! We're both anal about certain things, perky, and we even like the same kind of music as in the Spice Girls!" Haha, I should tell Steph about that later: I know there are certain times she DOESN'T like Karen's "plan-to-the-minute" M.O., but it's good that Karen and she get along! Karen asked if we liked Britney Spears or Cher: not us!

I asked Randal if he'd heard my music when he called me... just something, but he wasn't sure what it was! (haha, good call) Then we got onto the topic of my dietitian mom and her attitude on nutrition: nothing was really taboo for us growing up, so we wouldn't be enticed by "forbidden fruit" when we got older. They were surprised when I told them about the MASSIVE AMOUNT of junk food at the townhouse: cupboard full of stuff, plus lots of candy and such on the living room table by the TV! SUGAR COMA / DIABETES if you ate it all at once, for sure! Karen says that she heard Mom was a very good cook: oh yeah! They should all come over for dinner one night to taste it for themselves, haha. I joked to Randal that he should come one Monday night after work to have dinner before 24, haha. But he probably wouldn't want to go all the way to Richmond for that when he can just have dinner and such at home, which I also took into joking account.

Randal and I went on ahead of the others to the plenary session: he made me look around for him after we'd gone up a floor... ARGH! (he was on the escalators, and I was on the stairs) We encountered Dylan at the doors, and found our group as per his directions. Waved hi to Frances, Chinese Eric, and Cindy while we sat down. The music was done by the Trinity Chamber choir: the main soloist has Jeremy's last name, so I heard Jen asking him whether they were any relation - Jeremy joked that she was his wife, haha. A woman named Alli shared about what she'd personally seen in Darfur: an eleven-year-old girl gang-raped for three days in a row and getting pregnant?! It all turned out for the good, since her face totally changed from shame to hopeful joy at the naming ceremony for her son.

The main speaker was pretty good, speaking about globalization / the economy / how it related to missions around the world. He's related to the Guinness family, and shared a story about how the family had built St. Patrick's Chapel in London: they agreed to do it as long as their contribution was discreetly acknowledged by the city fathers of the time. Imagine their reaction when they saw the Bible verse etched on the stained-glass windows: "If you are thirsty, come to Me and drink." o_O When he mentioned "production," Steph got my attention by making a noise across Cindy and Vanessa: Cindy noticed, so I told her that it was an inside joke! There was no group prayer time at the end, which was the case when I'd gone to MissionsFest a few years back... fair enough for more exhibit time! I said hi to a few people (including Chinese Eric and Frances) before Randal and I went to see the exhibits in the room next door. I'll continue this in another post since it's getting LONG!

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Clocks Stopping / Myspace Sexy Gore / KFC Tender Roast

Will report on MissionsFest in a minute... I just need to blog the morbid facts and today's recipe first to get those out of the way. Now, if only getting rid of 50+ comments were that easy... o_O

Today's Cavernous Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

Inventor Thomas Edison died of heart failure at age 84 at 3:24 AM on Sunday, October 18, 1931. Edison's employees reported that the usually reliable clock that dominated his cavernous laboratory stopped at 3:27 AM, three minutes after his death.

Culled from: What A Way To Go


Of course, it would be spookier if the clock stopped at EXACTLY the time of his death, but you never know, it could have taken him a while to find his way back to the office... I *guess*...


My Morbid Space!

The mission of Headsick Productions is "Making Gore Sexy." They do a damned good job of it too, if their Myspace profile is any indication! Thanks to Sam for the link.

Incidentally, The Comtesse now has a Myspace page of her own. Yes, you knew it had to happen eventually... You are all welcome to visit!


Morbid Mirth Du Jour!

Now, here's a fun game! I'm sure it's much more clever than the actual movie...

Thanks to Deana for the link.

KFC Tender Roast

The Colonel also had a roasted chicken that was mighty tasty. The chicken was marinated also and then baked with his famous seasonings. The baking process was long... it takes 4 hours to bake it. It is baked at 225° for 2 hours till the internal temp is at 175°. But for you people at home, I have updated this to be baked at a higher temperature, and be prepared in less time.

Spice Mix
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon lemon pepper
1/4 teaspoon thyme
1/4 teaspoon paprika
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
1/8 teaspoon MSG

Trim the excess fat from the chicken. Marinade the chicken in the mixture for 3 to 4 hours or overnight. Remove the chicken from the marinade and allow to dry. Sprinkle the chicken lightly with seasoning. Place on baking pan and bake at 325°F for 1 to 1 1/2 hours till chicken is done. Allow to sit for 1 to 2 minutes, then serve.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Box of Condoms Game

The Box of Condoms Game, from Candy and Mike via Myspace bulletin:

The way you play the Box of Condoms Game: You have to come up with one item to take to the register with a box of condoms to make the cashier raise an eyebrow. No repeats.

Deena: A cheese grater
Deena: A gallon of anti-freeze
Minders: Kitty Litter
Megan: Motor Oil
Kat: Turkey Baster. ;)
Becky: Super glue
Wes: Tickle Me Elmo
Myth: Duct Tape
Todd: Thumbtacks
George: A box of Laxatives.
Andy: a watermelon
Jeremiah: latex gloves
Marie: ice pack
Derek: potting soil
Susan: Whipped Cream
Jonna: zucchini
Jayson: Electric Blender
Rodney: Camcorder
Carrie Ann: Polaroid film
Joe: Depends undergarments
Kelly: goggles
Long Shot; Jumper cables
*Metal Mama*: a Black & Decker Power Sander
BigRick - Purina goat chow
Amy (It's About Heritage, Not Hate): A lice removal kit
MONGOWATSON7: a Barbie doll
Brenda Roze: An alien blow-up doll.
Big Pimpin' Alien: a shoe horn.
Megan ~ The Bible.
Jennifer ~ If I were a guy, my other item would be a pair of lacy women's panties. If it's me, I'd bring up a colon cleansing kit.
Joey Mechelle ~ a feather duster
Chad ~ a copy of Tiger Beat Magazine
Mama Terri ~ bag of clothespins
FFOP Matty V: anti-yeast medication
Lucian: Shovel
Aidan: Weird Al Yankovic's new album
Mr. Happy: doggie treats
Shane: Jar o' mayo
Sam: a goldfish
Jeeps: a Chick o' Stick and a slab of beef
Deanna - Robitussin
Jordan - The Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair
Stephen - catnip
Trypp - A statuette of Jesus..... or perhaps a large fiberoptic one
Jamie ~ box of tampons
Mike - a large knife
~LoveLEE~ - VCR head cleaner (some of you will understand that, some won't)
IVY - 5 gallon bottle of Wesson oil and a bag of ferret food
Knuckle Booty ~ Heinz ketchup
Temica - D Batteries
Paul - Pineapple, HAHA!
Dylan: Horse Feed - Wilbur's gotta eat, too, ya know!
Rachel - A TARP!!!!!! hahaha. [only some of you will get that]
*Beth* - pregnancy test
Ty - a roll of toilet paper and a gerbil
JAKE B. - Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits and a BOX of wine
Chris - The movie Brokeback Mountain
INDY - A Mother's Day Card
CoaxTheGreat - The Book First Night Sex For Dummies
Tony (Candyman)- BAWLS
Xoebia: Cucumber, and KY. Maybe some cayenne pepper....
Scott: a Barbie doll
Carla: Hot Wheels (think Jackass the movie)
Andy: an "I'm sorry" card and some Band-Aids
Lacy: a staple gun
Shawn: A copy of Teen Beat.
Laura: Vicks Vap-O-Rub
Jeremy: Rubber Cement or Aluminum Foil.
Mark: Cool Whip.
Rachel: Nyquil.
Spencer: Coloring book & Tootsie Roll pop.
Christine: Big ol' tub of potato salad...
Lisa Marie: Ex Lax and firearms.
Doll: rubber gloves ;)
Brian: Flintstones Chew-ables, razor blades, Vaseline.
Michele Anne: Golden Girls, Season One on DVD
Maggie: streamers and confetti
Naomi: Q-tips
Grey: Preparation H and a box of gauze
Dina: tampons and another box of condoms
The Nick: A 4 pack of Play-Doh
Kirsten: a bag of jelly beans, bleach, and a small paring knife.
Vincent!: Corkscrew and diapers.
ToxicShock: Whipped cream, (2)-40 oz. Malt liquor and a bag of
Handsoff: Box of Condoms, Home Pregnancy Test, Vaseline, egg beater, and flavored body spray just says fun weekend to me.
Kristan: One thing, right? What's with the lists, people?! ;) I can't believe no one's said an APPLE PIE!
pragmatic - frozen squid (calamari) rings
Jett - Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit Edition
Marlo - A live lobster from the tank in the seafood section.
Todd - A lightbulb and some burn ointment.
Candy - A whole chicken.
Eric: A nude celebrity cutout.
Leslie: An adult science book describing the ins and outs of pooping / other bodily functions! (hey, it comes from being raised in my family!)

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You're right... there IS no excuse for that! / Holding grudges

Yay... redrum time. :P

HA! I WIN AGAIN! Worker Barry was supposed to call me back TWO DAYS AGO, but didn't! So I was trying to reach him all day, but finally decided to go leave messages on his voice mail. He actually answered his phone, and wondered if we'd already set up an appointment. No, because you supposedly MADE A NOTE to call me and didn't! That doesn't take any effort at all, y'know? So after he apologized ("You're right... there's no excuse!"), we finally decided on Tuesday at 12:30. That's very good for me, since I do need to eat... no starving around here! :D

You Sometimes Hold a Grudge

You aren't exactly vengeful, but you're not going to forget when someone wrongs you.
And while you'll forgive the small things, you don't hand out too many second chances to people who really screw up.

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Lust sign, colors, psychic ability, woman warriors, KFC Wings

Some more quizzes that I got from Selena (relucent_energy):

Visit to learn your Lustsign!

What color are you?
Your Result: Silver

Silver: Mysterious, Hidden, Keep to yourself most of the time. Your personality is based on ethics. You may enjoy writing, music, and other things that pertain to your own individuality that makes you, you.

What color are you?

take the psi-q psychic test yourself

You scored highest in Clairvoyance / Remote Viewing.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see images of an event or events that occurred in the past, present or future. This type of 'seeing' does not occur with your physical sight; it occurs with an inner sight. Sometimes these images will be a literal translation; other times, they are symbolic. It is necessary to develop this skill further in order to more accurately determine if an image is literal or symbolic. The 'third eye' (chakra at the centre of the forehead) is associated with being the seat of clairvoyance. When the third eye is developing and stretching to open up to clairvoyant skills... it can give off a tight feeling in the centre of your forehead, a desire to rub it, or a constant irritation with your hair if it covers it.

Your next highest score was for Telepathy / Empathy.

Telepathy is often confused with clairvoyant skills. Telepathy is the ability to read or pick up on the thoughts of another person. Telepathy is one of the more common experiences people have of psychic ability. Most people can recall an instance where they have known who was calling before picking up the phone. So what is the difference between imagination and good guessing skills and telepathy? Telepathy tends to work best where it involves the transference of emotions (particularly strong ones) rather than thoughts. It also tends to happen at the same time or just before the thoughts are spoken. As psychic skills progress, the ability to read the thoughts and emotions of others increases.

However, telepathy should not be confused with wishful thinking and the imagination. Telepathy is not an imaginary message about (for instance) calling someone, when in actual fact you just want to call them. Telepathy is often confused with wishful thinking in the case of a new romantic liaison where you hope the person wants a call rather than you receiving their thoughts. Telepathic skills are neutral; they are the ability to observe the thoughts of others and interpret them correctly. Some people do not realise they have the ability to do this. It can often be seen where your mood unusually changes around certain people. This can be because you are unconsciously receiving their thoughts.

Empathy is the ability to pick up on the feelings of others rather than their thoughts. This is something that is common among those who are psychically sensitive 'feeling' people. 'Feeling' people are those who communicate well through such things as hugging and kindness. In some cases, such psychics are attracted to the healing professions.They just 'know' when a person is not feeling on top of the world and set out to help them. However, with such a skill, it is often the case that these people find it difficult to define boundaries and allow for unsavoury characters to persist in their life. If you have a strong skill in this area, it is sensible to work heavily on your spiritual development, so your self-esteem is very strong in order to avoid overload.

gURL.comI took the "Women Warriors" quiz on
My woman warrior is...
Anne Bonny

Like Anne, you might make quick (and sometimes rash) decisions based on the situation. When emotions run high, you're probably not afraid to lash out or defend those closest to you. Whether it's someone talking behind your back or your parents reading you the riot act, you are fast with words.Read more...

Which woman warrior are you?

KFC Wings

The Colonel has decided to make Hot and Spicy Strips that ran for short times. The difference is the second dip is dipped into hot sauce, then breaded again, and then fried just like the original crispy strips. For the barbecue strips: make the strips the original way, and then dip into the Honey Barbecue Dipping Sauce. The Colonel decided that wings were going to be a good thing to serve, and so he decided to create fried wings that are very tasty. The Honey Barbecue wings are tasty. After they are made, they are dipped into the Honey Barbecue Dipping Sauce. If you don't want the honey barbecue wings, just serve them as the regular wings.

6-8 cups shortening
20 chicken wing pieces
1 egg, beaten
1 cup milk
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon pepper
3/4 teaspoon MSG
1/8 teaspoon Paprika
1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder

If you are using frozen wings, allow them to defrost and marinate. If you are using fresh wings, you are going to want to take the wing and remove the flipper. Then you should break them into two pieces, and then marinate them. Combine the beaten egg with the milk in a small bowl. In another small bowl... combine the flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and MSG. When shortening is hot, dip each wing first in the flour mixture, then into the milk and egg mixture, and back into the flour. Bread all the wings, then refrigerate them until they are ready to use. When they are ready to be used, fry them 6 at a time for 12 minutes. Remove from the shortening and allow them to drain for 3 minutes. For the barbecue ones, dip in the barbecue sauce and serve.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Refreshing suicide bombers, rides to MissionsFest, KFC Crispy Strips

Christon will be there on Sunday since he says he needs something to refresh himself after the AGM. Not sure if watching stuff about suicide bombers does that for me, but it COULD be refreshing to others! Then again, I may just want to blog before stuff leaves my head, haha. I *could* take notes during the meeting about what's in my head / what happened up to certain points of the day, however.

I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize on my Caller ID, so I left it alone after investigating my BootyBase and finding no matches. Imagine my surprise when the same number called again at 10:11. I decided that whoever was at the number must want something, as opposed to being random apartment complex residents buzzing my number simply to get into the building, which has happened before. Pressed "dial" on my phone, and asked "Who called me?" when someone answered. (sounds kinda blunt, but it's the way to go! :P)

Turned out to be Randal, who was confirming that I still needed a ride out tomorrow to MissionsFest. That was good of him to do, so I said that I'd meet him at 5 since it was rush hour AND there was a Canucks-Kings game on here, which I confirmed later. (note to self: WEAR JERSEY!) After we get to Canada Place, we'll meet Karen and Andrea for dinner in that vast food court: it could be useful, as I said to him! That sounds like a plan then, although he thinks that he made firm plans at the ping-pong night. I've learned not to view anything as "set in stone" unless it's confirmed, haha. He better have my address too, but he can call me if he doesn't. Now I've updated my BootyBase to reflect the new information as well, heh.

Right after that, Jon called to say that Eric was driving tomorrow to MissionsFest. I knew that, but always assumed he was going straight from work, as that was the case in previous years when I didn't go. It was his turn to be surprised when I said that I already had a ride and had just made plans with the person. He thought it was someone from the SDMB... oh no, I haven't really been to that board in FOREVER! Besides, why would THEY go there?! (judging from what I've seen on there, anyhow!) Of COURSE it would be a church person that drove me there... *rolleyes* Crazy brother I have... then he said stuff about pooping at the same time as someone else, so I told him to look at my Olympic pooping icon! (haha) After that, I told him that I needed a shower so I was going to hang up on him. Should be cool and interesting tomorrow, and this breaks my three-year streak of not going to MissionsFest... whee! :D (haven't been there since 2003, when a few of us went to the 24-hour Pho place afterwards!)

KFC Crispy Strips

The Colonel used to sell chicken nuggets that were tasty, but he thought: "Why not prepare fresh chicken strips of all-white meat?" That is how the Colonel's Crispy Strips were born. You will notice it is the same as the Extra Crispy.

1 egg, beaten
1 cup milk
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon pepper
3/4 teaspoon MSG
1/8 teaspoon Paprika
1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1/8 teaspoon Baking Powder

Cut 6 chicken breasts into strips, or you can buy chicken tenders in the store. Marinate them overnight. Preheat the shortening in a deep-fryer to 350 degrees. Beat 1 egg and 1 cup of milk. Dip the chicken into the egg mixture. Dip the chicken into the coating and then double-dip. Fry in fryer a few at a time till they are golden brown, for about 5 minutes or until they float. Remove the chicken to a rack and allow to drain for 5 minutes.

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Gay bands, straight bands, ministry, botched executions, and cannibalism!

My friend Marilynn (_angel_of_nite_) read this online article at Punk Bands.

Love God's Way, "a Faith-based Ministry with the goal of spreading God's Love through teaching and healing," has published a list of "gay bands" and "safe bands." I'm not making this up. They also have a section on their website called "C.H.O.P.S." which stands for "CHANGING HOMOSEXUALS into ORDINARY PEOPLE."

Anyway... here's the intro the group put up as an introduction to their "Gay Band" list. Of course the list is below, as well as their "Safe Bands" list. Feel free to email the ministry's pastor, Donnie Davies with any bands he may have missed.

"One of the most dangerous ways homosexuality invades family life is through popular music. Parents should keep careful watch over their children's listening habits, especially in this Internet Age of MP3 piracy."


The Spores
Scissor Sisters
Rufus Wainwright
Merzbau [NOT the Japanese noise band Merzbow!]
Ravi Shankar
Tech N9ne
Ghostface Killah
Bobby Conn
Morton Subotnik
Cole Porter
The String Cheese Incident
Eagles of Death Metal
Polyphonic Spree
The Faint
Tegan and Sara
Le Tigre
The Gossip
The Doors
The Strokes
Sufjan Stevens
Morrissey (questionable?)
The Pet Shop Boys
Judas Priest
The Village People
The Secret Handshake
The Rolling Stones
David Bowie
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Man or Astroman
Richard Cheese
Depeche Mode
Ani DiFranco
John Mayer
The Indigo Girls
Velvet Underground
Elton John
Barry Manilow
Indigo Girls
Melissa Etheridge
Boy George*
The Killers
Lou Reed
Lil' Wayne
Jill Sobule
Wilson Phillips
Lisa Loeb
Thirty Seconds to Mars
Lil' Kim
kd lang
Frank Sinatra
Justus Kohncke
Bob Mould
Clay Aiken
Arcade Fire
Bright Eyes
Corinne Bailey Rae
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Panic at the Disco
Elton John (really gay)


Cyndi Lauper
Falling Up
By The Tree
Scott Reed
Michael W. Smith
Jars of Clay
DC Talk

Here's the website for Love God's Way.

I can see why they included some bands in the "gay" list if it's on the basis of (assumed) sexuality, like Melissa Etheridge / Rufus Wainwright / Indigo Girls / Elton John. But I don't really agree with it at all... this is just for online posterity, haha.

Today's Botched Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

Since 1983, the number of botched executions involving lethal injection have been more than double the number caused by the electric chair.

Culled from: Last Suppers


Wretched Recommendations!

gabby17 has a book recommendation to offer:

Cannibalism: From Sacrifice To Survival by Hans Askenasy, Ph.D.

"I thought you guys would find this book of interest. Here is an excerpt which you might like: 'The Nigerian Bafum-Bansaw tortured their prisoners before killing them by using bellows to pump boiling palm oil into their bowels and stomachs to make the meat juicier; at other times, they pumped oil into a carcass and left it to marinate. Indonesian cannibals were partial to the soles. Roasted over hot ashes, the penis was regarded as a great dish by some.'"


Morbid Mirth!

Q: How do you get a baby out of a tree?


A: You give a Mexican a stick and tell him it's a piñata!

You can blame David for that one.

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Grad school, the true me, borderline personality, my dating type, and the Super Bowl

Eric H. wants to know what Jon and I are doing this Saturday night. I'm not doing anything after Awana that I know of, and I don't know about Jon! Says he's going to Missions Fest tomorrow, which is cool... Randal had better respond to that 3 AM email I sent him yesterday, har har. Turns out Chinese Eric wants to hang out and update his blog: good idea! Also got him on getoffmyspace since I have the power to do so, and it's exclusive again after tomorrow! Not that he or Corey will be doing much reading / posting there, if at all... but it's all about the secret access! ;) Guess we'll see what happens with this hangout, if anything: he signed off at 6:35 without making plans!

You Shouldn't Go to Grad School

At least, not yet! You aren't exactly grad student material.
If you really want to go to grad school, you're going to have to hit the books.
Figure out what you want to study, where you want to study it, and how you'll foot the bill.

The True You

You want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more relaxed, calm, and composed.

With respect to money, you spend as little as possible.

You think good luck will definitely be yours, someday.

The hidden side of your personality tends to be a little selfish. You only do what interests you.

You have a tendency to overdo things, but basically you value your friendships highly.

When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you base your search on information from your friends.

No "How Curvy Are You?" quiz for me, thanks. :P

You Are 52% Borderline

You have some symptoms of borderline personality disorder.
If you feel like you're more than a little dramatic, you may want to investigate further.

Your Love Type: ISFP

The Artist

In love, you feel deeply and experience intense emotions.
For you, sex is serious. It's how you best express your feelings.

Overall, you are laid back / warm / a good listener.
However, you tend to seem lazy and disinterested sometimes.

Best matches: ESFJ and ENFJ

Good Choice!
You are rooting for the Colts, who are favored by 7.
Take this quiz at

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PARADISE NOW / Dream: Waiting for Hon's while I get three Bathroom Readers


Second: I HATE BEING IN THE BATHROOM AND SEEING AN INSECT FLY IN AND OUT OF THERE! Corey suggested I eat it... while I won't argue I probably need the protein, I'm NOT up for eating those things unless I absolutely have to, thanks. :P

Third: Jon sent us all an email about watching a movie called Paradise Now after the AGM on Sunday... I can tell you that all *I* personally want to do after AGMs is relax / sleep / blog! (not necessarily in that order, and depending on other existing plans) Nathan says it's 80% sure, Phil would like to see it, Danielle would love to see it (and employs a lot of alliteration in "Where will we be watching this?"), and Steph says she already has plans. (but tells them to have fun... I know these documentaries aren't her thing!)

"It'll be after the AGM, so chances are you'll just want to go home and take it easy for the rest of the day. However, the movie is intriguing, and takes a look at the culture surrounding Palestinian suicide bombers; why would they ever want to become a bomber in the first place? From what people have told me, the terrible mistreatment of the Palestinian people play a part. Well, that's all I really know about the film. For all I know, I could be misleading you about its contents. If you're itching to watch it, let me know, as it's due on Monday, but I might be able to renew it for another week." Sounds interesting, though!

Fourth: I wish I didn't have trouble falling asleep: THIS SUCKS! But at least it gives me weird / interesting dreams...

This one started out with Uncle Hansel sending me a lot of important documents in the mail. So as I was opening them to see what they contained (cheques and directives on church stuff), my brother came in and tripped over piles of stuff. He went to the emergency room as a precaution, and came back later saying that there was no real problem. The next day, Uncle Hansel sent me a note on paper towel suggesting that my brother had mistaken some robot diagram for his hospital gown. (which was of course thrown away) I asked Jon about it, and he said it was true... then he held up a church family newsletter saying that Jeff's family back East were all having trouble, and Jeff was the only one of them here. (in real life, that's not true!) Apparently, Jeff was going back East to help them: of course we'd all pray for them!

After that, my family decided to go to a mall which was like Metrotown, but not. We all went our separate ways in the clothing department of a store that had a bookstore / library just off to the right. While in that store, I became enamored of a huge Bathroom Reader that was a 1980s encyclopedia: I remember the M section having entries on Marshmallows and Madonna. Wanted to buy that and a few other books, but was running out of time. My mom saw me there and wanted me to go back to the big store: she gave me a shrink-wrapped set of two books (a hardcover and a softcover) to entice me. It even had a note from "Sabrina, Cindy, and Brandon" to say that they were sorry they'd missed my birthday, but they hoped I enjoyed this set. I still wanted to buy those books, though... my grandma was lining up at this food place, and my mom intercepted her to say that we'd all go to Hon's for dinner instead.

There was one really long lineup that would take ten minutes just to go through, and I spotted a cashier with no lineup: naturally, I went for that option. She looked like a black / East Indian / other ethnicity (?) girl I went to school with in real life (Sandra Kurianparambil: thick black glasses and long wavy hair), and took time to put all my books in separate green plastic bags. When I dropped all my stuff, she was patient as I picked it all up - she didn't even say anything about my debit card having a corner cut off and missing! She asked if I went to a local elementary school (McBride), and asked if I still sat in a class she'd seen earlier.

By this point, my mom was getting angry / upset since we were supposed to be at Hon's EARLY... and that book set she gave me earlier was supposed to suffice! ("I don't understand why you need to buy those books NOW... they'll still be there next time!" "No, I'm buying the last copy of the 1980s book!") Besides, I was engaged in conversation with the cashier since it was a good thing I went up to her because there was no lineup! Then the dream ended... very weird. o_O (I have to buy the #19 Bathroom Reader and food, but that's all I can think of for triggers!)

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cans of chicken stew do NOT belong in the fridge! / Sinkings, schizophrenia, chocolate skulls

I must be losing it already... tonight, I'd opened up a can of chicken stew to eat. After I'd finished with it, I was about to put the empty can in the fridge when I realized what I was doing! No, I didn't have anything else to put back in the fridge... o_O

Today's Sunk Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

The Wilhelm Gustloff was a passenger ship built by the Blohm and Voss shipyards, and was named after the Nazi Wilhelm Gustloff. It was launched on May 5, 1937. On a mission to help evacuate Germans trapped by the Red Army in East Prussia, it was hit by three torpedoes from a Soviet submarine in the Baltic Sea on the night of January 30, 1945. The sinking remains the worst disaster in maritime history — it left over 9,000 people dead, more than half of them children.

Culled from: Wikipedia
Generously suggested by: Jeff


And to think I've never even heard of this tragedy before! Amazing to think I still have so much to learn about this morbid world...


Wretched Recommendations!

Mr. USA has a movie recommendation for us:

"I happened to see Tarnation tonight... totally bizarre, thought you might like it."

The synopsis sounds promising:

"Filmmaker Jonathan Caouette's documentary (an admixture of snapshots, Super-8 footage, answering machine messages, video diaries, early short films and more) about growing up with his schizophrenic mother is culled from the 19 years of his life dealing with her illness. By turns, Caouette is ambivalent about his mother, expressing both love and pain and, bravely, the fact that there's more than one truth on view here."

Tarnation (2003)


Morbid Trinket Du Jour!

Who among us could resist a delicious blend of Belgian white and milk chocolates cast from an actual human skull? Not a living soul, I would assume! Unfortunately, my eyes are far bigger than my pocketbook in this case... but perhaps you have room to splurge?

Thanks to Chuck for the link.

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Dreaming of vermicelli and runaway potatoes

I went back to sleep and had a weird dream during my nap... what else is new? Dreamed that there was this family with the most adorable kids: they had one kid that was a year older than a set of quadruplets among them, and they'd lost one kid due to a rare disease not too long ago. Now one of the quads was having trouble, and the family was in the hospital 24/7. My family met this family when my brother was in the hospital due to some trouble with his gut. Grandma was complaining about how confusing the quadruplets were, but we told her to deal with it!

Nathan and Eric showed up when I was trying to go to the hospital floor from a hole in the ground, but I was having trouble and had to ask a doctor to help me. Then I decided to consume some food, but soon was freaked out because one of the little potato balls on my plate grew tiny wings and feet. It scurried off my plate and hid in the corridors because a lettuce leaf (also on my plate) had grown much bigger and was trying to devour it. My brother and Mom wondered why I wouldn't eat my food: they thought I was kidding / making stuff up at first until I showed them the petrified potato ball hiding in a corner of the hospital room. One of the kids in the large family wanted to eat the lettuce leaf (human always wins in this type of battle), but it refused to be chased down.

My sister showed up in the middle of all this, and brought that day's comics for us to read. It was a blend of For Better or Worse and Garfield, with Jon Arbuckle and Elly Patterson lying out on deck chairs. (Garfield, Odie, Farley, and the kids were in the background) Jon was trying to convince Elly that a trip to New Jersey would be better than a trip to Manitoba. By the end of the strip, Jon had told Elly the real reason why he wanted to go to New Jersey: so he could renew the romance in their marriage. Elly was like "And I didn't want you to go to Jersey because my parents are ill in Manitoba?! Oh, JON! Of COURSE we'll go there!" (screwed-up reasoning right there, man... but this is my dream :P) Then Garfield jumped on the newspapers in Jon's lap, and suddenly Jon couldn't even kiss Elly because "NOW I'M SUDDENLY THINKING ABOUT SEX, GUITARS, AND DEATH METAL LIKE GWAR!!! GARFIELD!"

After that, the quadruplet who was being treated in the hospital suddenly got a bit worse, but stabilized. He asked to see that comic again, so we let him have it. Later, he got all the way better: one of his sisters told us that he loved cats and humorous situations, so maybe that psychological boost was what he needed to "get over the hump." Another sister finally captured the potato ball (still running scared of Mr. Big Lettuce Leaf), whispered some magic to it, watched it grow to monstrous proportions, and directed it to swallow the lettuce leaf. It did, and then crashed a window in its attempt to flee. Then the kid whispered more magic to it, watched it shrink to normal size, and gave it to me. I ate it, much relieved that I could now eat my vermicelli with vegetables now. The dream ended when my mom was offering to take us to another place for dinner the next day: it had to be somewhere without a LOT of MuchMusic beats and such, because she didn't like it.

Weird stuff my subconscious provides, I tell ya... o_O

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Bands and movies by the letter!

I can't believe I woke up at 9:30 today. Must be the sun... I also can't believe I wasted a LOT of time on a private entry that's now been deleted because the post was too large. Wasn't willing to spend further time dividing it up into little chunks, which is probably good because now I can focus on the important project! ;) The only really productive thing I've done so far today is to download a new version of Semagic... and now I'm wondering where my mail is since I'm expecting an important envelope!

Edit, five minutes later: Ah, there, it is. Got my important stuff, too! :D

Taken from Tim:

For each letter, write a band / musical artist you like:

B: Bob Dylan
C: Cradle of Filth
D: Dead Kennedys
E: Everclear
F: Fleetwood Mac
H: Hawksley Workman
I: INXS (cheesy, I know :P)
J: Jesus Jones
L: Lords of Acid
M: Matthew Good Band
N: Nirvana
O: Our Lady Peace
P: Pantera
Q: Queen
R: Radiohead
S: Smashing Pumpkins
T: Tom Petty
U: U2
V: Van Halen
W: White Zombie
X: X-Ray Spex
Y: Yngwie Malmsteen
Z: ZZ Top

For each letter, write a movie you like:

A: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
B: Brokeback Mountain
C: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
D: Dead Man Walking
E: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
F: Forrest Gump
G: Gladiator
H: Home Alone
I: Initial D
J: Jurassic Park
K: Kung Fu Hustle (before it got all pixelated, anyhow...)
L: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
M: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
N: Nutty Professor
O: Outsiders
P: Passion of the Christ
Q: I don't think I've seen a movie starting with Q in my entire life!
R: Rush Hour (1 and 2)
S: Shrek (1 and 2)
T: Titanic
U: Can't think of any.
V: Can't think of any.
W: Waiting For Guffman
X: I don't think I've seen a movie starting with X in my entire life!
Y: Can't think of any.
Z: Zoolander

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Misspelling names / Balance in refreshments / KFC Hot and Spicy Chicken

Sarah Rowlett did get my Christmas stuff, which she termed "a really sweet thing to do." She said that I didn't have to send her those cards in March... it's too late since I already addressed the cards and wrote a bit in them besides! Would have let me know earlier, but things got really busy: I can understand that. Says it's freezing cold in Flagstaff, where she is now... hope she gets back to more normal temperatures soon!

Lesley invited us all to dinner, and then misspelled my brother's name in the process when she said it wasn't like the Sunday Dinners he does occasionally. Oh well, he'd probably find that hilarious based on his reaction during Wail and Diana's wedding banquet when practically all our names were misspelled on the seating placard for our table! I always make sure to spell people's names correctly, except when I honestly don't know the spelling. It's a big thing for me... obviously, because I've had my own name misspelled so often over the years! Grrr!

More snack emails... this one has Jon saying that it's important we not make too many refreshments! We could always take them home, but the amount of leftovers we usually have is pretty immense! I agree that we have to strike a balance, however.

Obviously, all she wants to do is have sex with him in Taiwan or China or wherever. :P

KFC Hot and Spicy Chicken

Once Colonel Sanders perfected his Extra Crispy, he had customers who wanted it to be spicy and bold, so he created his Hot and Spicy Chicken. Here is his original recipe, which has changed a bit in this day and age. It comes frozen and is cooked frozen, and not prepared fresh in many stores.

1 whole frying chicken, cut up and Marinated
6-8 cups shortening
1 egg, beaten
1 cup milk
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon white pepper
3/4 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
3/4 teaspoon MSG
1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1/8 teaspoon Baking Powder

Trim any excess skin and fat from the chicken pieces. Preheat the shortening in a deep-fryer to 350 degrees. Combine the beaten egg and milk in a medium bowl. In another medium bowl, combine the remaining coating ingredients. When the chicken has marinated, transfer each piece to paper towels so that excess liquid can drain off. Working with one piece at a time, dip in egg and milk, then coat the chicken with the dry flour mixture very generously. Stack the chicken on a plate or cookie sheet until each piece has been coated. Drop the chicken, one piece at a time into the hot shortening. Fry half of the chicken at a time (4 pieces) for 12-15 minutes, or until it is golden brown. You should be sure to stir the chicken around halfway through the cooking time so that each piece cooks evenly. Remove the chicken to a rack or towels to drain for about 5 minutes before eating.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Are you an anorexic goth chick? Have I got a shirt for YOU!

Today's Terrible Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

A terrible hailstorm accompanied a thunderstorm at Winnsborough, South Carolina, on May 8, 1784. Hailstones measuring up to nine inches in circumference fell, killing several people. They became the first recorded fatalities from a hailstorm in the United States.

Culled from: The Pessimist's Guide To History


Wretched Recommendations!

Sam has another of those fun-filled, creepy Japanese movies for us to watch:

"Last weekend, I had the chance to see a movie that I found quite interesting. It details the return of a woman, Hinako, to her hometown in Shikoku (it's like a Japanese equivalent of the southern United States -- it's a boring place, believe me). From then on, she and the rest of the town residents are visited by the ghosts of dead relatives, including Hinako's best friend, Sayuri. Not too much, right? Until we find out that Sayuri's mother, who is an exorcist, has gone so insane with grief over the death of her daughter that she is trying to raise the dead, and succeeds. It's a Japanese movie with English subtitles.

Culture note: the original name of the island uses the characters for 'four' and 'country' (??), but in the movie title, it uses the characters for 'death' and 'country' (??). Also, there are buildings (especially hospitals) in Japan that don't have an official fourth floor because of the similar pronunciation for 'four' and 'death' -- both pronounced shi."

Shikoku (1999)


Morbid Trinket Du Jour!

Here's a great shirt for all you anorexic goth chicks - a Tragic Suicide shirt complete with slit wrists!

Sinister Candy has lots of great shirts for those of us with more than 1% body fat as well. I especially like their "Woodcuts de Morte."


Thanks to Desmodus for the link.

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Character clarification and NOT making things up / KFC Extra Crispy

Ah, things are fine! I checked my phone just now and Eric had called - I wonder what he wanted. Better not have been to spoil the show for me, haha. (although I *did* try calling his cell before calling his house earlier tonight, so maybe that's what it was about) Randal emailed me back to say not to worry about it since he caught it on Channel 28 at 9. He inadvertently spoiled the end of the show for me, but that's what I get for checking my email and such during commercial breaks. :P At least I was able to clarify some character descriptions for him after I watched the rest of it, which I'm always happy to do: the person interrogated in his own house (Jack's brother, who is hiding a bunch of stuff from him), and the black guy in the detention facility. I wasn't about to tell him that he should have watched the torrent of the first four episodes first before catching this one, after all. ;)

Then I called my sister, who was in the middle of showing ski trip pictures to Mom... she'll upload them to Picasa later on. She had fun this weekend, which was cool. Steph grew all interested in the conversation when I told her that Randal had told me about the alternate time and channel for 24... oh shush. It's perfectly innocent email, after all. After that, I told my mom what "big baby" meant... of course, she thought I was making it up. *sigh* ("But I was just... you know..." "No, I don't!") Mom told me that I could have called her at work, and then said that they taped the episode for me... too bad I can't go back in time and ask her to tape the second two-hour episode, haha! Then I could give both tapes to a certain person, who'd better remember to let me know about Friday and Missions Fest! Cindy says going there changes your life: she met this Christian girl she last saw in high school there a couple years back, who initially thought she was a Jehovah's Witness! o_O (she doesn't know why people always seem to think that about her, either!)

I also had a reasonable conversation with Talia.. good, good. Always being away, eggs in six-packs, randomly giving brownies out to people on campus to use up a dozen eggs before they go bad, the Food Network, CSI, soap opera stuff on regular TV shows for ratings, random people on IM services, etc. Not too bad now that she isn't doing what she did before! (and being like Chris Sykes!)


After the Colonel perfected his original, he made a crispy recipe that was marinated first, then fried the conventional way. This one is double-dunked into the coating to give it a great taste.

1 whole frying chicken, cut up and marinated
6-8 cups shortening for cooking
1 egg, beaten
1 cup milk
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon pepper
3/4 teaspoon MSG
1/8 teaspoon Paprika
1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1/8 teaspoon Baking Powder

Trim any excess skin and fat from the chicken pieces. Preheat the shortening in a deep-fryer to 350 degrees. Combine the beaten egg and milk in a medium bowl. In another medium bowl, combine the remaining coating ingredients (flour, salt, pepper and MSG). When the chicken has marinated, transfer each piece to paper towels so that excess liquid can drain off. Working with one piece at a time, first dip in egg and milk then coat the chicken with the dry flour mixture, then the egg and milk mixture again, and then back into the flour. Be sure that each piece is coated very generously. Stack the chicken on a plate or cookie sheet until each piece has been coated. Drop the chicken, one piece at a time into the hot shortening. Fry half of the chicken at a time (4 pieces) for 12-15 minutes, or until it is golden brown. You should be sure to stir the chicken around halfway through the cooking time, so that each piece cooks evenly. Remove the chicken to a rack or towels to drain for about 5 minutes before eating.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Frantic TV searching with relief at the end of the tunnel / Water torture, executions, and forklifts

Tonight at 8, I turned on Channel 9 (as instructed by my sister) and discovered Corner Gas on instead of the expected 24! Then I went to Channel 2 (the TV listings) and saw the entire listings for the 8 PM shows... no 24! So then I was quite frantic (addiction already...), and Googled stuff about Vancouver TV listings until I found Global TV's website... Channel 11 it was! To my immense relief, I found that 24 is on at 10... PHEW! I think I forgot to take my parents' satellite TV stuff into account when my sister told me that the show was on Channel 9, so good for me! But I got Randal's voicemail when I tried calling him afterwards... I basically hung up on the greeting, haha. Maybe I'll email him and hope he gets it in time... if not, I'm sure I destroyed trust anyhow! =/ (or maybe I should stop being so down on myself / emo / imagining such scenarios whenever this kind of thing happens, haha)

I watched Wife Swap, and now I'm watching Super Nanny. "Cool" family switching places with "cowboy" family, and these two marine biologists needing help to parent these two energetic hyper kids... next on the agenda is 24! Speaking of email, I need to send Sarah Rowlett a message to ask about the status of my Christmas card / Vancouver postcard.. and tell her that I'll be sending a birthday card AND a wedding card next month! :D

Today's Frantic Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

Hippolytus de Marsiliis, a sixteenth-century lawyer, is credited with the invention of a particularly subtle form of water torture. Having observed how drops of water falling one by one on a stone gradually wore away a hollow, he applied the method to the human body. Victims were strapped down so that they could not move, and cold water was then dripped slowly on to a small area of the body. The forehead was found to be the most suitable point for this form of torture: prisoners could see each drop coming, and were gradually driven frantic.

Culled from: The History of Torture


Update Du Jour!

FFA1234 isn't so sure about the validity of the January 20, 2007 MFDJ about the beheading of Mary Queen Of Scots:

"From what I've read (Antonia Fraser and other sources), the first blow given Mary Queen of Scots DID NOT render her unconscious, and that she cried out after the blow. At which point the executioner had to 'hack away' at his botched job before her head was separated from her body. This leaves the reader to imply that there were more than two strokes needed to finish the job. Also, when the executioner picked up the head, he was left with only a wig in his grasp, as the head toppled back to the floor. All in all, a pretty poor performance rating for the executioner!"

Oh, I hate when sources collide like this! But your story is more interesting, so let's go with that one.


Morbid Mirth Du Jour!

It may be in German, but it's still the best forklift training video I've ever seen on the internet! Thanks to Windbob for the link.


Morbid Trinket Du Jour!

How could I have stumbled blindly through so many torturous years of life without ever being aware of the existence of Haunt World Magazine? Thanks to Elizabeth for the link.

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January birthday cards / Croatia postcards

I called my brother earlier today to bug him about the January birthday cards: he joked that he'd put them all in the recycling bin! Ugh. I should NEVER give them to him to keep since now they are ALL late, by anywhere from one day (Billy's) to 20 days! (Esther's) Oh well... time to take a shower before I go over to the townhouse and eat whatever's in the fridge before 24 starts! (Mom's not home till 7:30, and Jon's reaction to this declaration was "Aiya!")

Hey, I got surprising mail today from Croatia of all the places! Turns out it's from Savina's (bodha) uncle, and it's a couple of Croatia postcards! Sweet stuff! He told me to be good, haha. Maybe I'll try it... ;) (and no, that was NOT meant to be perverted! :P)

Edit: I decided to stay home since it's less stressful. ;) Besides, I missed the bus (NOT taking the next one, thanks!) and I don't want Eric to pick me up since it's not exactly on the way. However, I did call him to say I wouldn't be there tonight since he probably expects that! Maybe I'll call (yes, CALL) Randal after the show airs. I even have the TV on in readiness! This takes me back to 2003 or so when I used to watch the Ozzy Osbourne reality TV show religiously every week or so! That was sacrosanct time, man... and so is this, hehe!

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Anonymous Message Server / KFC Original Recipe

The Anonymous Message Server is a lot of fun! Rediscovered it whilst tagging old RQ posts, actually.

Post the message you left and the one you got in return?

I left: "I like your :P :P :P style" and got "This is your invitation - take it. Take it!"


The Original Recipe is not packaged in three different places. The way it is cooked and the process make it taste like it has eleven herbs and spices, when in reality there are not. The way it is done in the restaurant is using dried eggs and milk in the flour... along with a box of breading salt, the seasoning bag, and a bag of breading flour.

2 fryer chickens cut up into 8 pieces and marinated
6 cups Crisco Shortening
1 eggs well beaten
2 cups Milk
2 cups Flour
2 teaspoons ground pepper
3 tablespoons salt
1 teaspoon MSG
1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1 dash paprika

Place shortening into the pressure cooker and heat over medium heat till the shortening reaches 400°F. In a small bowl, combine the egg and milk. In a separate bowl, combine the remaining six dry ingredients. Dip each piece of chicken into the milk until fully moistened. Roll the moistened chicken in the flour mixture until well coated. Drop the covered chicken pieces into the shortening in groups of four or five, and lock the lid. When pressure builds up, cook for 10 minutes.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weird names, windshields, vengeance, and quail hunting

Facts About Multiples has changed site locations again. Guess I'll be busy all night trying to change the URLs in various entries and such! (already changed my bookmarks!)

Ah, the wind and weather's back to normal... how nice! Karen sent me that email again, which WAS the one I'd seen in my Yahoo account: she'd titled it "Ping-Pong," which isn't what I was expecting when she said it was about BIBLE STUDY! Oh well... she hoped I'd come to the event, reassured me that I was exempt from the fee, said she was preparing the refreshments table (hopefully everyone would like it) / they couldn't do the chocolate fondue fountain because of the limited facilities (it was CROWDED up there!), hoped I was enjoying the new Bible Study, and jokingly asked if I missed her yet. Well, at least I know what it was all about now!

Got this list of weird(ish) names from Erin (bean_shadow). She had to proofread some school yearbook layouts in the last few weeks, and wrote down most of the weird names she could find. I know there's way more of this in The Baby Name Countdown, 5th Edition: The Definitive Baby Name Book and Baby's Named a Bad Bad Thing! I should really look at / check those more often, but then this blog would become ALL ABOUT THE WEIRD NAMES! :P (although I *could* include a page from the book every day... nah! :P)

My comments are in square brackets, and hers are in parentheses. Names I didn't include: Dallas, Igor, Yaakov, Eden, Dakota, Ariel, Pawel, and Edith.

Aldo Jesus
Anally [WTF?!]
Bird Leker (m)
Cady Shock
Chantae Riddlesperger
Cheney (f)
Chyna Springs
Cisco Jesus (a most awesome name, right up there with Max Power)
Clancey (f)
Connery Nixon
Crystal Light
D'Anthony Hopkins
Dillan Thomas
Dillon Thomas
Divya (f)
Drusuilla (at least spell it right. There's no 'u' after the 's')
Ebony White
Epiphany [HA! Her parents are just like that woman who named her kids "unique" things, and took me to task about it!]
Essence (f)
Europe Flowers (m)
Frito [As in the chip company Frito-Lay?! Way to make your kid a future fattie!]
Fritzgerald [At least spell it right... although "Fitzgerald" would make another pretty weird name, too!]
Galadriel [LOTR, anyone? Reminds me of Corey's ex Rachael and how all her siblings were named after characters in the books...)
Gary Cooper
Genesis [I saw a reference to a Genesis Davis a LONG time ago in the drawings section of a Highlights book once...]
Georgia Bush
German (m)
Harley Rider (m) [HAHAHAHA, poor kid!]
Houston [Reminds me, I saw an obituary for a boy named Houston Jade Bear in the paper a few years back...]
Hunter Thompson
Igli (m)
Infinity [Hey, I remember this name from the conjoined twins list on Facts About Multiples... the Sanders twins died, though!]
Ireland [I once knew someone online with the LAST name of Ireland... and Heather (reeling) has the last name Scotland, too]
Jennifer Lopez (poor kid will get teasing about her booty when she grows up!)
Jesse James
Kaelan (m)
Kanon (m)
Keaton (f)
Keaton Cloven (f)
Kenneder (m)
Keryn (f)
Khaled (m)
Kharisma (f)
Kidd (m)
Kindred Profit
Kyl (m)
Lars (I expected to see an "Anakin," but never have yet) [reminds me of Metallica, haha]
Lawton (m)
Leif [I knew someone named Leif Johnston when I was in junior high]
Lemuel (not that unusual, but I like this name, which is why I wrote it down)
Lily Snape [someone's parents were extreme fans of Harry Potter, methinks...]
Limor (f)
Montroya (f)
Navita (f)
Ne'Braskian (WTF?)
Oral (m) [I don't think he's named after the evangelist Oral Roberts...]
Patrick Stewart
Pepper (m)
Poppy (f) [I knew of a male Poppy at my junior high...]
Princess Hayes (seriously, why give a name to your child that will just end up having her be a hooker or stripper?!)
Quentraveous Shropshire (Poor child is in the first grade. Maybe he goes by "Quentin.")
Rameses (m) [is that the MISSPELLED condom brand that failed?! :P]
Ramses [is that the condom brand that failed?! :P]
Remus & Romulus (twins) [way to take things from mythology and legend...]
Ricardo Castro (not too bizarre, but I was amused)
Ricci Nuckles
Severyn (see above statement about extreme Harry Potter fans)
Shylo (m) [at my junior high, there was a guy two years ahead of me named Shylo Smith]
Skyy (f)
Spirios Hristopoulos
Summer Doody
Taryn (f)
Teal [the other one in that set of dead conjoined twins I referenced earlier]
Titus [I once knew a kid at church named Titus, and his sister was Dorcas... uncommon Biblical names, for sure!]
Treasure Banks
Tyelor (m)
Vanity (f)
Winston Smith
Zeke Pigg
Zion [one of my brother's orchestra friends has this name... my mom always mispronounced his name, like she does with our friend Citrus these days!]

Today's Demented Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

A 93-year-old Florida man apparently suffering from dementia probably won't face charges after running down a pedestrian and then driving with the man's body stuck through his windshield. Ralph Parker was eventually stopped at a toll booth on the Sunshine Skyway in St. Petersburg. A spokesman for the state attorney's office said Parker didn't appear to know what happened or where he was. The victim has been identified as a 52-year-old man. Parker's license was renewed in 2003. He had been living alone since his wife died in 1998.

Culled from: Associated Press
Generously submitted by: Katchaya


You know, this fact really "speaks" to me because I grew up in a small retirement community in California. We knew that every first of the month, you had to be on guard because all the "benes" (Social Security Beneficiaries) would be out and about cashing their checks. (For some of them, this was the only day of the month they would drive.) Luckily, though, most of our drivers were so slow that you'd just bump off the bumper, you wouldn't end up sticking through someone's windshield. This guy was Heck On Wheels!


Wretched Recommendations!

Penny has a film recommendation:

"You absolutely, positively, *MUST* see Lady Vengeance. It's a foreign film, so those who enjoy Asian cinema will love it. And it is the most shocking, out-there, creepy 'do-these-people-know-they're-psychotic?" kind of storyline. I don't want to tell you too much, as it will spoil the plot twist. It starts out kind of slow... even I got frustrated with the plot progression, but OH MY GOD, did my patience pay off!!!!! Basically, this girl was sent to prison when she was nineteen for kidnapping and murdering a five-year-old boy. She was beautiful and kind-hearted, so it was a scandal when she was convicted. She spent nine years in prison, and when she is released, she makes up for lost time by making her 'amends' with the people involved in the whole sordid affair. I'm afraid if I say too much more, I'll ruin it for you. Please, please, please go out and get this movie right away. I swear to you, you won't be disappointed!"

Lady Vengeance (2005)


Morbid Mirth Du Jour!

I never thought I'd find Quail Hunting so entertaining! Thanks to Katchaya for the link.

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Yay for increased comprehension!

Home early today, courtesy of Eric! (I really didn't want to wait around while Jon finished an ESCC meeting) Once I got into service today, I placed my bag in Randal's pew while I went to say hi to Hannah and Priscilla. They were being weird: Hannah thinks that if she turns her sister's arm, Priscilla will say "Mushy!" Then I went to say hi to Chrystal and Mike, who have never really had trouble sleeping or insomnia in general. Good thing.. they want to keep it that way, believe me! Only then did I talk to Randal about various subjects: his dinner with his parents yesterday, flipping through the Chinese hymnbook we had in the pew (I got the English version for my baptism TEN years ago!), etc. Also said hi to Alan, Sheena, and various others.

Jeremy and Jon came in after service had started, and sat by me... we noted the various typos and grammar errors in the worship songs, and laughed at various jokes in the sermon. ("If I were your wife, I'd put poison in your coffee!" "And if I were your husband, I'd drink it!") When Jeremy's cell phone went off, we asked who was calling Jeremy during service. Then I tried helping when Jeremy had trouble getting his Bible out of his inner jacket pocket... not much room there for it, but things worked out. There was some amusement near the end of service when a little toddler made his way down the extreme right of the sanctuary, and David had to chase him down while holding another kid!

After service, I put my stuff downstairs (saying hi to Vania whilst doing so) before going outside. Sheena and Eric came out and wondered where everyone was, so we went around to the front. I talked to Frances and Phil for a brief while about the ping-pong night, then Eric went next door to see whether people had congregated there instead since it was cold and rainy. He came back while Sheena and I were discussing things, and said that nobody was there! We did see various people later on and talked to them, then everyone went to Sunday School early. Asked Eric for a ride home, and he joked that it depended on what I was offering him in return... very funny!

Auntie Fonda wanted me to have her purple knitted hat, but wanted Uncle Vincent's mom to see her "homework" first... sure, why not? Heh, I guess she likes me! Auntie Tracy said that she could see where I was in the congregation because my red toque stood out: it certainly did! Little Sean was easily entertained by the rainbow / unicorn stickers and insect book that I had, although he kept trying to stick the sheet on the wall, haha. He said "rainbow" when I gave them to him, even! Then he said "more" when we were trying to get him to say "more, please"... last week, it was "please" for us! His dad said that his English comprehension seemed to improve while the family was in Hong Kong since they'd wanted him to go one way numerous times, but he wanted to go some other way! Definitely good... I tried talking to his older brother Ian later on, but he wasn't really talking today as opposed to yesterday! (he should remember that I used to teach him in the toddler class, too...)

After that, I went outside and talked to Jon / Nathan / Christon / Jeremy / Phil / Dylan about volleyball classes and Nathan's new Razr cell phone with 1GB of iTunes capability which he got in Hong Kong. Phil joked that Nathan could date his unrelated twin sister after Nathan said she wasn't married, but had guy issues. Nathan jokingly pretended to kill him, saying that they'd gone over that before a LONG time ago! Christon took a long time to dial Nathan's cell number... Nathan wanted us to hear his new ringtone: Saved By The Bell, not Steph! (hahaha) Jon tried calling Alan to see what was up with the offering deposit, but I don't know if he got ahold of him. I told Karen to resend me that email about Bible Study even if it was kinda dated now: she got worried when I didn't answer, hehe. Soon after, we all went our separate ways: Eric drove me home, Phil talked to Dylan and Chung, and Nathan took Christon and Jeremy home too. They also discussed the hockey road trip and the BAD Sabres goal, plus going out to dinner on Tuesday (not good since Eric's going out to dinner already) or Wednesday: that got changed to Sunday lunch next week before the AGM, probably to discuss Committee issues!

On the way home, Eric asked if I thought the pundits were right about the NFL football conference championship game: I had no idea whether the New Orleans Saints would win against the Chicago Bears! During the portion of the game that we listened to, it seemed they were largely wrong... but the Saints did get on the board before halftime! (it was 16-7 when he dropped me off) Then we discussed 24: he doesn't like the idea of me coming over for dinner beforehand since he thinks I'll get drunk like I do at my IMAGINARY keg parties! I need to tell someone that it starts at 8 on Channel 9, and maybe find him a torrent of the first four episodes even if I did spoil it for him the other night! (or not) We discussed computer stuff, too... good times, and I'll see him tomorrow! (which I temporarily forgot about!)

Hey, I found a torrent within 30 seconds.. sweet!

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I'm a crazy romantic liar whose Mexican name is Beatriz...

Apparently, Sundays are PORN DAY at getoffmyspace. Eugh... good thing I still have my image placeholders on my LJ friends page from the RQ3 days! (I know, I know... the pictures are the main thing at that community, but still...) Here's some quiz fun before I go to church and await what the day has in store for me. Hopefully, it's not anything TOO cringe-worthy! ;)

You scored 226% Liarism!


You lied. You are a liar.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 0% on Liarism

Link: The 'Are you a liar?' Test written by chandlerbing1 on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

lyric freak

You scored 80 lyric knowledge!

You know your song lyrics. You're not up there with the best of the best, but you have a fairly sound background to music in general. Now, do you know the more complex stuff...

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 87% on lyric knowledge

Link: The famous song lyric Test written by nonlukew on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Handy Smurf

You scored 3 imaginative, 11 active, 7 orderly, and 4 smurf knowledge!

You may not be very much fun, but you're a practical sort of Smurf that's good at coming up with solutions to problems and then carrying them out. You call it like it is, and the other smurfs respect you, even if they don't particularly LIKE you.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 27% on imaginative
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You scored higher than 81% on active
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You scored higher than 81% on orderly
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 81% on smurf knowledge

Link: The Which smurf are you Test written by maowgli22 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

what is your name?
Are you:
This Fun Quiz created by shorooq at BlogQuiz.Net
Aquarius Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

What Pill Should YOU Be Taking?
Patient Name:Leslie
Effects:Promotes optimal flirting
'What Pill Should You be Taking?' at

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