Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Goodbye, BooBoo....

I still don't have my computer yet, so am currently blogging from my parents' house. Nathan's coming later for a Mid-Autumn Festival dinner which includes soup, rice, Alaskan king crab, fish, something in Chinese which I can't read, ham, chicken / tofu / seaweed, veggies, and mooncake. Let's go back to the past now: Sunday night at Montana's was pretty fun. It featured a final goodbye to Darren, the resurrection of the Booty Logo, Danielle not knowing the difference between biceps and pecs, a massive eyeroll picture, steak, ribs, ice cream cake, Cindy getting a job, Michelle writing "YOU ARE BEING ANTI-SOCIAL" on the paper for Daniel and Nathan, trading stories about Sean ("Caesar salad orgasm / 30 children in 10 years / sperm / ovaries / what does LOSING IT mean, guys? Citrus?"), and more!

Of course, my sister had to ask what I was doing at Granville Island yesterday morning since people spotted a COUGAR there... *rolleyes*

I'll keep my promise to BooBoo as soon as I have a working computer again, for sure. (Eric's teasing me doesn't work, someone else saying stuff won't work, and various others saying it's addictive IS a warning which worked for a bit... but it takes his moving to Ireland to finally push me over the edge, oh my!) I also finally caught up on my devos this early afternoon, whoops. Read stuff at the Oakridge bookstore yesterday, had my dentist appointment (was greeted in chorus by three people - found seven missed calls from them at home), was home in half an hour (yay for the 496!), did a lot of reading, and also found myself missing K a bunch. Note to self: Call Eric back tonight since he called when I was sleeping at 11:20 PM.

Here are a few pictures from Sunday night...


The Citruso truck! It's a sign!

Goodbye, Darren...

Sexy Mike with LaSenza stuff (really Future Shop stuff) ...

Eyerolls galore from Steph, Danielle, and Citrus!

Here's that Career Cruising meme. If you want to do it, follow these instructions:

1. Go here.
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.

Interest Rank

1. Psychologist

2. Sport Psychology Consultant

3. Sports Marketer

4. Humanitarian Aid Worker

5. Adoption Counselor

6. Actor

7. Wedding Planner

8. Editor

9. Event Planner

10. Automobile Salesperson

11. Public Relations Specialist

12. Casting Director

13. Clergy

14. Child and Youth Worker

15. Comedian

16. Auctioneer

17. Print Journalist

18. Critic

19. Market Research Analyst

20. Marriage and Family Therapist

21. Communications Specialist

22. Political Aide

23. Activist

24. Composer

25. Public Policy Analyst

26. Translator

27. Musician

28. Health Records Professional

29. Writer

30. Advertising Account Executive

31. Art Dealer

32. Rehabilitation Counselor

33. Travel Agent

34. Agent

35. Telemarketer

36. Advertising Copywriter

37. Gerontologist

38. Motivational Speaker

39. Environmental Health Inspector

40. Mediator

Hahaha. Interesting stuff, even though it's not terribly accurate... o_O

"Everyone is entitled to go to Hell in their own way. You gotta have a plan!"
'What is your personal life motto?' at QuizGalaxy.com

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Are you SURE that your nose has an idea about eyeballs in trees?

What to say about the last few days on the Hydro Flame Planet since I have to leave pretty soon? Guess I'll just do a "popcorn post" of sorts; gotta love co-opting the best part of the "popcorn prayer" term for my own purposes, hahaha. ;)

WEDNESDAY - Didn't do that much, but Eric came over at night to install Ubuntu / Linux on my computer tower. He opines that I need a Windows-based system, and I agree.

THURSDAY - Went to Chilliwack with K on the Greyhound system, and discussed a bunch of relationship stuff. I think we're getting closer. Bought some stuff at Cottonwood Mall in Chilliwack, and later discussed things with Chinese Eric and Corey. Horror movies and rulers, oh my!

FRIDAY - Go to Fellowship later, and bring my own food into Pho. "Friendly neighborhood Pho," as Jon opines later. Finally see Kenneth and his baby Matthew - I can't believe he's a dad now! Chuck finally gets to meet / tease K in person, haha. Eric makes a birthday speech about me, which highlights crazy car rides / amazing vocab / my GOOD listening skills / birthday memory. Nathan makes one for Eric which highlights BATMAN! Sheena and Chalaine give me a birthday gift (BOOK OF THE DUMB 2), and I give Jeremy his gift a bit early - he's special, all right! Stanley gets disappointed about a minor ding on his new guitar which is only three months old - "I'll HAVE to get the $3000 one now!" Uh... no, you don't! Have fun talking with a bunch of people (Keiko / Su-En / Randal / Grace / the usual gang), and tell K that I'll stay with him on the stairs even if he thinks I should socialize. It's a sacrifice I gladly make. :)

SATURDAY - Eric and Korey come by in the early afternoon to pick up the rest of K's stuff. Apparently, I'll get some of his stuff from Ontario. Eric thinks we need a goodbye kiss... not in front of him, we don't! Henry calls soon after they leave to see if I need a ride; after getting no answer from Ada (she's sleeping!), I decide to take the offer. Discuss durian, his niece Evelyn's birthday party, our weeks, books about stupid quotes / people, Awana, ride arrangements, and more. Ada says that she'll call the day before if she can't drive me... otherwise, she or John will call a few minutes before 3:30 on Saturdays. Sounds good to me! Awana was a bit less chaotic, and Stanley was there doing nothing! (he's not in Awana, but might next year?) Emily C. says Joey is starting rumors about how she'll "eat like a man" at Montana's - she doesn't think she will, of course. On the way home, Ian and Sean say "MIGHTY BIG STRONG!" a lot. Then Ian gets into how his nose and butt have ideas about sucking on houses / trees having a zillion eyeballs / being Santa / how I was his baby so he could carry me in a backpack as my home. Very interesting kid with a great imagination... :D

SUNDAY - Jon tells me and Steph that he saw Mr. Dragon Ball at Tom Lee yesterday with his kid... very amusing! ("I'll make you a deal: unlimited bubble tea in exchange for free lessons for the kid!") Discuss Mary, chemistry, kids, allowances, Hien, assumptions, babies, weird kid sayings, etc. ("you're a turkey! / you should have a baby because you're OLD! / you're 50 / 99 / 100!") Turns out Jeremy didn't go to the durian dinner last night since he's still feeling sick - Steph later says that she's concerned about him because he gets sick a fair bit, and she's definitely concerned about Nate's lifestyle (which is similar to his mom's) - she doesn't want to be morbid, but lack of sleep / proper nutrition can be deadly! (he looked TERRIBLE!) Meet Tony's dad, had a good chat with Rosenda (she liked the BOYFRIEND news), kiss little Ian who seems to recognize me, say hi to a bunch of parental types, and laugh at various amusing things during Pastor Rebecca's sermon. (animated flames of hell, anyone?) Frances is taking suggestions for baby names since she and Mel can't agree on anything OR have favorites: Micah sounds okay, but Melissa and Jeremy sound even better with their last name. I'll think up something for sure, haha. Actually talk to little Amanda, who keeps giving me ice cream / tomatoes to "eat" - feigning "mmm, yummy!" gets old after about ten times! Interact with Sean / Ian / Rachel / Wilson in the basement before going outside, where I share personal stuff with Sheena and Chalaine. Jeremy invites me to go to lunch with a bunch of people - Steph and I go to California Café with Grandma instead, and make phone plans with Eric for tonight. Should be good times, haha.

Ten Years: You would get caught, but only because of the guilt you'd feel. You would sign a plea bargain and spend your years in jail feeling really bad about what you'd done.
from QuizGalaxy.com

What will you be reincarnated as?
You will spend your time climbing the tallest tree and jumping off it.
'What will you be reincarnated as?' at QuizGalaxy.com

You are 53% Obsessive.
You are a closet obsessive. You are obsessive, but nobody really knows it because you are quite good at hiding it.
'How Obsessive Are You?' at QuizGalaxy.com


- a pound of caring
- 1/2 a cup of crazy
- 2 teaspoons of humor

Mix together and serve hot.
'What is your personality recipe?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Hahaha. Eric would say there's a whole lot more crazy than THAT going on, but I love him as a good friend anyhow. :D

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