Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Do you have eyeballs and a brain, Sean?!"

Henry picked me up, and said that he didn't have to work today. At church, the room was decorated for Christmas - yay, Christmas party for the kids! Interacted with Ian, Gabriel, Olivia, Anne, Jordan, Auntie May, Rachel, Joshua, Eunice, Annika, and the other kids. Talked to Chrystal and Golden about Christmas break and movies... baking is good, too! Saw John and Sophia back with their daughters Olivia and Anne, then Jordan asked me when I opened my Christmas presents. He seemed to think it was Boxing Day, or at least that's what he was telling his brother Thomas. I said that some people opened theirs on Christmas Eve, but I opened mine on Christmas Day. Andrew said that the truth was Jordan would open them whenever his mom said so, even if it was today, hahaha.

Said hi to Hannah S. / Amanda / Esther, then greeted the people coming in for another dinner: Lee, Hannah L., Auntie Stella, Anita, Allison, and others. Saw Auntie Catherine and Uncle Y.C., but didn't get a chance to talk to them - tomorrow, perhaps! Said hi to Chung, Karen, and Mattias in the parkade before going home. John said that Ada would be in India for about a month in mid-January... good to know! Sean asked us multiple times whether we were in Richmond or Vancouver, so Ian got frustrated and asked: "Do you have eyeballs or a brain, Sean?!" Hahaha! Got home and called Eric to remind him of the ride tomorrow, and ask (since I noted it on the Facebook news feed) who the "David Wong" character was. Veronica picked up the phone at the same time, so I said hi to her briefly. Eric said that David was probably "yo" guy, but EVERYONE uses that word! (even I do!) So I clarified: "dope / represent guy" - yup, David had sent Eric an "invite" (friend request?) too. Tomorrow will be interesting, haha. I decided to add David Wong, and I'll confirm things at church for sure!

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Lack of clean pants / Santa Hats

Note: Harry Potter Loves (LJ meme) by meteordreamz.

Had to do my laundry before Awana, because I'd run out of clean pants, and couldn't easily get more. All the ones my mom has that I could find either still had tags on them, or were too big because they were my dad's! Oh well, this means that I'm blogging without pants on. This should be remedied because the dryer's due to finish before I even have to think about meeting Henry at the Dairy Queen, haha. Someone named David Wong added me to Facebook - I have a suspicion it's Dave from last night, but I could be wrong. Then again, Phil and Harmony are mutual friends... possibly it is, but I'll ask either one of them tomorrow, hahaha.

You Would Be a Conventional Santa

Truth be told, you're pretty happy with Santa and Christmas as they are. Why mess with a good thing?

Traditions are traditions for a reason. And you're happy to participate in all of them. You even believe in Santa a little.

You think that old-fashioned holidays with old-time values are nice. It's all about family and togetherness.

You think that too much commercialism and greed are naughty. It breaks your heart when the holidays bring out the worst in people.

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I am NOT shy when it comes to giving out cards to certain people, but I will rant about others!

Eric picked me up, and said he could hear my screaming when he rang the doorbell.. eh, stop scaring me when that happens, then! Spent most of the ride ranting about my ex, Raymond, and Mr. Creep - I can imagine my ex saying what he actually did to Eric last week! ("So you care about Leslie more because you're just going to leave me to wait at the bus stop?" Life is NOT all about you! While I admit that it would suck to wait, he would have deserved that if it had happened! Besides, he could play stuff on his phone, so it's not like he would have had NOTHING to do to pass the time!) We made a detour to Dylan and Deb's so Eric could pick up a bag FULL of new socks, plus a huge pie. I asked him about the possibility of a ride for Sunday, and he said it was doable. Good, then! He wouldn't have seen me on Sunday since he was in the sound room, but that was fine.

When we neared the fellowship hall at church, I could just FEEL the presence of Mr. Creep - Eric had been trying to tell me that HE personally didn't feel any "bad" vibes from a certain person being the last one in his front seat until I occupied it tonight. Well, I kinda did! Eric wondered where I'd like to sit - not next to my "buddy," because I don't have one! Ended up sitting with Tim, Maxine, Joshua, Keenan, and Calla - the kids were cute! Joshua told us that he'd flipped a pencil, haha. Wrapped care packages for people while having SO MUCH DESSERT, gave Grace's container to Phil, returned Karmie's container to her (even though she said I didn't have to), and "shyly" (says Eric) gave a Christmas card to Dave.

He's a cool enough guy, even if he did wonder later if someone had "jacked" it! (I think he might have some black blood in him - I'm not being racist, just observing) Gave a card to Christon, who said that he'd return the favor - it's just that the card was at home... no problem! Then I gave Tim's super-late birthday card to him, hahaha. Told Harmony and Jon that I'd probably join them at the Whip on Sunday afternoon to see Fred - he's back from Australia for the holidays, and I haven't seen him in about two years! (since the day before New Year's Eve 2007) Don't know how that'll play out since there's no Sunday School, and I obviously have to be there for Toddler Sunday School, but we'll figure it out on Sunday morning! Joshua wanted to know why Eric didn't eat any dessert after Maxine and Calla wanted Eric to have some (he can't because of health issues!) - I told him that it had to be appropriate for a kid who's four to understand, so Eric just said that he wanted to be healthy. Good enough!

Listened to Jon speak for a few minutes to the group about SERVANTS: it was probably a good thing that Tim and Maxine had taken their kids home a few minutes before, since the Downtown Eastside subject matter wasn't really kid-friendly! (Keenan seemed to be TIRED!) Hugged Fidela and Darren hello since they're back for Christmas break, hugged Cindy and Dianne goodbye since they're going to China tomorrow, welcomed Sam back, talked briefly to Henry / Amy / Isabel / Emily Lam, and was generally friendly to most people. Didn't see Jeremy, but I bet he's super-busy! I wondered if Eric had a secret admirer since I saw he had a present - Christon had given it to him. Later, the guys were planning a Sunday Dinner for Jan. 3 - should be interesting! Dave and I just talked about his housesitting, weddings, and Sunday Dinners - he says he can make soul food and mean Caribbean-style dishes! Nice, indeed! Joined Eric and Calla in talking about time off work - he has most of next week off, too. Karmie came over and started talking about ear piercings - the one at Claire's is more expensive than the one Calla got recently at a spa. ($20 with studs vs. $50 with "free" studs) Her daughter Hannah came over, and we all admired her colored braces, haha.

Eric, Jon, Harmony, and I went to Dragon Ball to hang out with Fidela and Darren - we had to stop short at the door because it had undergone RENOVATIONS since the last time we were there! We talked about social justice issues / authors, mocha / persimmon, ginger-longan, durian, Fidela's parents being willing to listen even if they disagree about her behavior change, VAMPIRES (no TWILIGHT!), PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES, SENSE AND SENSIBILITY AND SEA MONSTERS, life in Atlanta, the Olympics, 2009, Tiger Woods, Jon Gosselin, Steph's new townhouse, how parents might react to "incarnation living" where you live with the people you serve, SERVANTS, Ron playing in the Goh Ballet's production of THE NUTCRACKER, Megan, Wayland's wedding (the bride was FREEZING!), and more stuff. Ivan Choo unexpectedly walked into the place just before closing time - we said hi to Karen via phone, haha. After dropping Jon and Harmony off (we all watched Fidela walk to her car, haha), Eric thought that Dave was my new target - um, NO. It was a nice gesture, and that's the story I'm sticking to - even if I did write "hope to get to know you better" in the card.

I hope he's not reminding me too much of a certain person, yikes! Got gas at an expensive price, and discussed the monitor / TV situation. Now, if I had given him some baked goods and chocolate along with the card, then that would have showed my hand too early in the game! But it was just a card - and I didn't mind his calling me "Les," haha. Interesting times, indeed! Got home to find my sister not here yet, but that's not surprising as she's the Designated Driver for the C Watch Christmas party, and it takes FOREVER to get from Maple Ridge to Richmond anyway! Fielded an email from Fidela about a girls' get-together early in the new year - should be cool times!

Poo nugget for this weekend: The Ritual Poo - The Ritual Poo occurs at the same time each day. Due to the clockwork nature of this poo, you can prepare by having a newspaper ready and your favorite bathroom location scoped out ahead of time. The regularity of these poos may provide comfort in an otherwise unpredictable world. Synonyms: Rite of Passage, Palm Poo, Calendar Crap.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Lunch with Auntie Ying results in a Bathroom Reader gift, too!

Guess I should at least get myself into the habit of certain banking transactions, even if I did that because of the then-impending snow with last month's money already, so I did that after lunch with Auntie Ying. Had a dream where the perfidious blackguard (Raymond) was in it along with other people - I don't remember most of it, except that I had to talk to him about GWAR and War Toy, and that my friends and I were going upstairs to view a performance at one point. Ugh, what IS it with my subconscious?!

I met Auntie Ying at the Canada Line, and quickly decided to go to White Spot for lunch. We talked about Karen Grace and Edwin's mom, whether they'd like to go to Christian things, sharing about Linda (who should rest!), fajita salad, Uncle Peter, John (the wheelchair guy!) and Joan, her being jealous about dessert night, Seraphim Christian bookstore, her insistence on buying me a book, Jon, Harmony, Steph, prayer, Phil, Melia, Angus, cookies, and more. I don't think I'd personally want to go to a lot of faith-based meetings, but it's good for her if she does! We went to Coles (it would save time!), and I eventually picked out Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Wise Up!: Amazing Facts and Incredible Information (Bathroom Readers' Institute) for myself. (turned out all the Bathroom Readers were in their own display!) I wanted the new Ann Rule book, but Auntie Ying would be HORRIFIED - the newest Guinness and Ripley's books are 60% off, and she doesn't need to buy those for me! Maybe I'll buy all those later, hahaha. JUST managed to get the 407 after I did my banking, and am now home for some downtime before the dessert night! Saw a few people with Santa hats around, so I was not alone.

You Are a Risque Christmas Card

You have as much Christmas spirit as anyone else, you just don't take the holidays all that seriously.

Flying reindeer? A creepy old dude who brings presents? Elves? Christmas is just asking to be made fun of.

You'll take any chance you get to inject a little fun into the holidays. Even if it means being a little bad.

You can't help but be naughty this time of year. Hopefully, Santa won't take it personally!

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NARUTO characters, sleepovers, cool and dark icons, cat litter

What do the Naruto characters think of you? ((Girls only)) by RikusAngel
Your ninja name:
Your village:
Your age:
Naruto....Thinks nothing of you, you are just there. (Somewhat like Hinata)
Sasuke......Can't think because that is how you make him feel.
Sakura.....likes you as a best friend because you think that she should go out with Sasuke
Choji........envies your abilities
Gaara......thinks you are really sweet because you think that people should actually listen to him
Kiba..............hates you because you playfully called him a dog once
Kankuro...............hates you because you love bugs
Kakashi..............thinks that you would make a good student
Kabutothinks that you are too bad, even for him willing to kill you because you called her a whore
Hinata...........doesn't like you too much because you pretty much made Naruto forget about her completely
guy............finds it disturbing because he finds you right by his side every waking second
Neji...........loves that you are independent
Rock Lee........thinks that you should stop before you turn completely into him because you act just like him (except for liking Sakura)
Who you end up with...Iruka
How well do you like each other?

Naruto SLEEPOVER! (girls) by Lun-Lun
The song that was playing which you danced to and sangAvril Lavigne, Girlfriend
Who loved your singing and dancing:Sakura
He/She came up to you and said:"Teach me to dance like you!"
The best part of the night:When you won at a Ramen eating contest and won!
The worst part of the night:When Lee started flirting with you and Sakura.
who you fell in love with that night:Kiba
How much you like him:
who fell in love with you that night:Naruto
How much he likes you:
how likely they will come sleep over again:

Your Icon (with very cool Icons and Dark Icons) by gothikfairy666
Your Name
Favorite Color
Your sex
Favorite Animal
Your Love Icon
Your Sad Icon
Your Goth Icon
Your Angry Icon
Your Suicide Icon
Your Random Icon

Poo nugget for Friday, December 18: You're Avoiding Poo For Two - Pregnant women should refrain from cleaning cat litter, as it could expose the fetus to toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that can cause complications or even miscarriage. To further reduce the risk, the litter should be cleaned daily - by someone else. Daddy, get to work.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

PEACEFUL restaurant, misspelling "champagne," and more!

I thought I was going to be REALLY late for dinner, but I actually was the first to get to PEACEFUL even with being a little late! We talked about Dad, Mom, Grandma, lamb, rice, Chantal, Nathan Tee, Melissa, emotion, good movies, support, cleaning, Karen Grace, Margaret, Vivian, CHILI PEPPERS, beef rolls, Gabriel, Pastor John, lists, church, cookie exchanges, Steph moving to her townhouse on Saturday, Steph's trip, Danielle, Vanessa, and other things. Good thing that we could actually schedule a dinner what with everyone's crazy schedules and stuff. My thoughts last night were right on the money, but we WILL support Steph, no question about it. On the way home, I got Steph to stop by my place - along with other mail, I got the hydro bill / a surprise Christmas card from Steve and Carol B. / a Christmas card from Katie J. (touchofgr3y) SO GOOD! I'll do up last-minute Christmas cards later on, haha. (Steve and Carol, Christon, maybe a couple more people I'm close to...) Updated Steph on the latest news: Winnie's baby, Frances' pregnancy, and more.

We also just got another email from Mom. "I think Alan is quite relief that he is getting out of the tropical zone," "broarding the 4:30 pm flight to HK," "I have adopted an Korean purser as my other daughter," and "she gave us a free bottle of champhaine" were all highlights. Note her spelling of "champagne." HAHAHAHAHA! More highlights: "if you are ever in Changi Airport, go to the basement 1 for the HAWKER food center for staff" (I think she means Hakka :P), and "Right now, I have to hurry up for this free internet session." Hahahaha! Oh, Mom...

Steph got an email from Dad about reconnecting Grandma's Chinese TV, which also included a gem about sweat and smelling himself - yeah, we know it dries out on you, for sure! Of course, she forwarded it to me, Jon, and Harmony! I called Auntie Catherine, who again wasn't home. This time, she called me back. When I said that I was going to call her because I remembered about her surgery tomorrow, she was her characteristic gentle self and thanked me very much for being so caring and thoughtful! She says it's a day surgery, so at least she can go home afterwards and rest! I also called Eric, who thankfully doesn't think he has to be at the dessert night early (Jon is sharing there about the Downtown Eastside), so he'll pick me up from here tomorrow. For Sunday, I'll call him on Saturday. Thank goodness I don't think someone who should go to hell is in town!

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Yay for a family dinner with no stressors around! / Dream Vampire Boyfriend

Since there is no way I want to eat all the cookies by myself, I told Steph to take some to work - she hadn't, but I've portioned them out into my own Ziploc bags for me and other people. I definitely don't want certain people to get their hands on them, at least not directly through me! Am leaving for PEACEFUL in a bit, too! (yay for non-stressful family dinners!)

Edit at 1746: I just missed the bus because I had to lock the door in the dark! DAMMIT!

Your Dream Vampire Boyfriend(Girls only) by Cainesgirl101
Zodiac sign
Your dream vampire guyIce-blue eyes, and short semi-curly blond hair. Dark cloak, and described as mesmerizing.
How you metHe'd seen you once before, and stood outside your window at night hoping to get another glance.
The first thing you said to himDamn - you are hot!
Where you two ended upHe attempts to convince you to become a vampire to spend the rest of eternity with him.
His favorite thing to do to youHe just loves kissing you.
Will you end up as a vampireMaybe - you remain undecided for a LONG time

You Are Quirkily Offbeat

During the holidays, you do things your own way. You have eccentric decorations and traditions.

You like to keep things a little kooky and crazy. You hate it when the holidays are too upscale or stuffy.

You believe that the holidays are for everyone, and you like to make your own celebration funky and eclectic.

You mix and match what you like best. No one is going to tell you how to celebrate this year!

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Cookie Exchange 2009 / Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo!

Karmie picked me up on time, and we discussed our days / family life / baking on our way to pick up Jen and Harmony near church. Shally would have driven them, but she was sick. Discussed more baking, mayonnaise, chicken stock, holiday plans, and more. Got to Grace's house - almost everyone else was there, except Frances, who came really late. Connie was going to make it, but decided not to. Stella, Maxine, Frances, Grace, Calla, Jen, Harmony, Karmie, Karen Chan, and I spent our time discussing cookies, driving, Calla's recent trip to Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia / Singapore, hot weather, Stella's upcoming trip to New York, road trips in the snow, my Santa hat NOT lighting up, Karen HATING the snow, White Rock, last year's snow dump, nuts from Iran, kids' birthday parties, Tim / Billy / Joe T. / Joshua / Keenan / Jason / little Micah and his nut allergy, Frances' pregnancy (due in February again), Mel's new job, Winnie's new baby (who finally has a name - Cameron), Connor / Megan, the cute things kids say, and other things. Karmie's daughter Hannah thought the United States of America was called the United STEAKS of America when she was about four - her mom wasn't sure WHAT she was visualizing, but maybe slabs of meat! Maxine's niece is 12, and the family was watching a show on how a UK realtor goes around to various places for rent to show them to a couple. When Lauren heard "70,000 pounds," she wondered how much the house weighed! Her mother said that "pounds" was what their currency was called - the kid thinks she'll never live this one down! Someone surmised that as kids grow up, they won't say as many cute things - perhaps!

Harmony told me about a family dinner tomorrow at Peaceful Restaurant - it'll be at 6:30, when Steph gets off work. At least I know where that is! She also told me to recycle the Saturday newspaper - okay, then! (I called Steph when I got home to confirm that I had heard about it - she was sleeping, oops! She also doesn't know if it'll be THAT kind of dinner, ha ha ha!) We were in the kitchen to take our allotment of cookies - I think I'll give some to my sister to take to her work and share those around! (walnuts, lemon, butter, shortbread, macaroons, gingerbread, and more - oh my!) I asked Grace whether her mother-in-law had given her any material for me... no, but she was just downstairs. So after a few times of knocking on the door, I finally got an answer. Said hi to Uncle Peter, and Auntie Ying gave me a bag full of photocopies and things for the children. Told her that I'd print out the lyrics to AWAY IN A MANGER (which I've just done, on my mother's Christmas-themed paper!) We also agreed to meet outside the Canada Line Brighouse Station around Richmond Centre on Friday at 12:30 - I hope these warmer temperatures (8 degrees!) keep up. I think I might actually go to my place and pick up mail and such after lunch on Friday, too. Took a picture with the girls when I got called upstairs, and then Karmie drove me home - discussed Christmas lights, Youtube, chips, Happy Valley, Green Village, it being weird if we went inside our old church building, the "outdoor gym," Lee and Lily, the GLOW in North Vancouver, Stanley Park, Richmond Nature Park, her kids' going to bed and getting up, and more. Good times!

Poo nugget for Thursday, December 17: Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo - On this date in 1997, Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo, first appeared on the television show South Park. He emerged from the toilet bowl in the tenth episode of South Park's first season, wearing a Santa hat and bearing gifts for little girls and boys whose diets are high in fiber.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holidays / Black and White Rounded Text Traits!

You Like the Holidays

You definitely have a good time during the holidays, but you aren't obsessed with them or anything.

You shop for a few presents and participate in a few traditions... but that's it!

You may be accused of being a grinch, but you're simply not a fanatic about holiday traditions - especially commercial ones.

You get into the spirit of the season by being kind, compassionate, and not clogging up the stores!

Got this from one of Jennifer L.'s friends:

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Birth flower and storms

Leslie just took the quiz Your Birth Flower Test and got the result: September: Aster. Aster is the birth flower for people who are born in September. The Aster symbolizes love, contentment, devotion, and daintiness. If your birth flower is Aster: You are devoted towards leading a good life. You like perfection in whatever you do. You listen more and talk less, which is expected of a good communicator. You are industrious by nature.

Leslie just took the quiz What Type of Storm Are You? and got the result: Volcano! You are a volcano! You tend to be the sexy, on-the-go person that everyone wants, but no one can have. Your very being seems to make people melt anywhere you go.

Note: If all of your friends were gay (inspired by the Lesbian thing) Memegen, by tedhandler.

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ANOTHER Awana kid added me to Facebook - I feel OLD!

For the second time in a few days, one of the Awana kids has added me on Facebook - this time, it's Eric Ma. HAHAHA, boy, do I feel old! Karmie emailed me, saying she'd pick me up at 6:45 tomorrow - Stella will be taking another route to Burnaby, so we'll just go directly to Grace's for the cookie exchange. I guess I should eat a little bit beforehand - maybe half a dinner, hehe. Called Steph, too - she was being melodramatic. She was at the Cactus Club with a male friend, since she hadn't eaten in between dropping off stuff / building things / getting tools for Ikea furniture (screwdrivers and stuff, anyone?) / doing other things. She's unsure if she'll stay over at her new place after getting together with Angus and Melia, but will let me know; she'll leave before I do tomorrow! She'll probably drive, too - she's working. So we'll see! Says her couches SHOULD be ready in two or three weeks, but once everything is done, we can INVADE, hehehe! Now we're talking about TMI stuff, haha.

Leslie just took the quiz What Kind of Coffee Are You? and got the result: Espresso. At your best, you are: straight-shooting, ambitious, and energetic. At your worst, you are: anxious and high-strung. You drink coffee when: anytime you're not sleeping. Your caffeine addiction level: high. (Reminds me of the Blogthings quiz, haha!)

Leslie just took the quiz What Kind of Rock are You? and got the result: You Are Indie Rock. You are a very unique individual. People may try to label you as hipster or emo, but you defy all labels. You like music that's quirky, unusual, and not commercialized. Your taste in music is as eclectic as you are. You stay true to yourself. You don't like something just because it's popular. You like songs that are expressive, funny, dark, and / or frank. You don't like songs that were written to be everything to everyone.

Leslie just took the quiz What Lollipop Flavor Are You? and got the result: Grape Lollipop. You're Grape!!! You are the flavor of party. You love to go out and have fun with all of your friends at the club or even your house. You will make out with someone that you don't even know at a party... that's how crazy you are. If I were you, I would enjoy this lollipop as slowly as I can!!! (I would NOT make out with someone I don't know, whether at a party or otherwise!)

Poo nugget for Wednesday, December 16: Doo You Know? - How Many Toilets Do You Think There Are In The United States? - According to the EPA, there are an estimated 222 million residential toilets in the U.S., with ten million new toilets sold each year. The annual flush total? Three billion gallons.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deliberately countering TOO MUCH CAPSLOCK / David / Green Dragon / Elves or Reindeer

Called Jon and discussed cleaning and Grandma, then Steph took some other stuff to her townhouse and looked around for furniture. I'm deliberately typing elsewhere in all lower-case because there is TOO MUCH CAPSLOCK! (and it's in a Kanye West discussion, of all people - bleh, I say!)

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Bible Character Are You Most Like?" with the result David. Humble and kind. If you see someone in need, you're the first to help, regardless of their position. You may have had a difficult past, but you're sorry for mistakes you made before. Not bad on the harp, either!

Leslie completed the quiz "What Type Of Dragon Are You?" with the result Green Dragon. You are a Green Dragon! You breathe a toxic chlorine gas, and you are a master at backstabbing. You live in deep woods, and you tend to make your lair behind a waterfall with a submerged entrance. You spend lots of your time plotting complicated schemes to get what you want, instead of being overly aggressive. You are extremely clever, but can be very cruel, and love to put down those who are lesser than you. You are also a master of words, and just talking to you can lead to a bruised ego. You can more or less talk your way out of anything. When it comes to your treasure, you prefer mementos of exciting victories.

You Are An Elf

You are highly creative and artistic. You are good at working hard.

While you love to work, you also love to play. You have a naughty side to you!

You love pulling pranks and teasing people. You always seem to be getting into some sort of trouble.

People can rely on you to be industrious and responsible... but you're going to have fun while you're getting stuff done.

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Jason Y. / Expired yogurt / ONE / Booty / Being Asian / Diapers!

Jason Y. added me on Facebook - YAY! Also ate some expired yogurt - I should have noticed it earlier than two days ago, haha. Talked to Corey and Jon via Gmail chat about wireless things, controllers, cleaning, helping, and other things.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which METALLICA song are you?" with the result One. You are One. You've had enough with this world and just wanna be left alone, be the One. But no matter what you do, you feel like you're trapped here forever. "Darkness imprisoning me. All that I see. Absolute horror. I cannot live. I cannot die. Trapped in myself. Body, my holding cell."

Leslie completed the quiz "Which GHETTO Booty is like yours?" with the result Buffie the Body. You eat what you want, and hardly ever work out. You were blessed with all that junk in the trunk you got. You turn heads and make jaws drop every time you pick something up. If you've got a man, his friends are always givin him props. You love southern, fried soul food, F.I.Y. Fried Chicken, greens, baked macaroni, corn on the cob, all that good stuff. Guys love it, and girls wish they had it.

Leslie completed the quiz "Are You Asian?" with the result 101% Asian! STRUT YOUR ASIAN MOVES! DRINK YOUR BUBBLE TEA!

Leslie completed the quiz "What's your Musical Key?" with the result G Minor. You have a flair for drama! You are argumentative, emotional and have a very hot temper! But don't worry, we're all used to your outbursts by now.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, December 15: The Working Title Was Taming of the Stool - The first appearance of the word diaper was in Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew: "Another bear the ewer, the third a diaper."

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Monday, December 14, 2009

It's snowing AGAIN / VAMPIRE HUNTER, NARUTO, hawk or dove

Steph came home from unloading things at her townhouse (I'd had the other Asian Bistro Pad Thai for lunch), and said she'd gotten food from Yaohan - noodles, vegetables, sticky rice, and other stuff should be fine for my dinner and such! Now Chantal knows about my birth weight, too... yikes! (just because she has a cousin who weighed four pounds at birth...) Steph left later for the Canucks-Kings hockey game with her co-worker, and I did some more tag work! Johnny came by to collect an envelope for him from my sister, and then I discovered it was SNOWING! OH CRAP! Corey's also just told me that he got a Christmas present during dinner: Amazon (not his uncle :P) shipped an envelope inside a box! WHAT THE HECK?!

Your �Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter� Identity
by arista_aturi
Your Name:
What You Are:Human Servant
Your Strength(s):�My master is all the strength I need.�
Your Love Interest:Freelance Assassin
What People Call You:�Death. Undertaker.�
Preferred Weapon(s):�Nothing I shouldn't. Some weapons are illegal, after all��

Your Naruto icons (Modified ^_^) by taintedmushroom1
Favorite color
Groups and Misc.

You Are a Hawk

You have a fighting spirit, and you don't back down from any challenge. You aren't scared of getting in the mix.

You aren't necessarily violent, but you understand why violence sometimes is necessary. It's a cruel world out there.

You are a natural debater. People may find you belligerent, but you just like to argue. It's not personal.

You'd rather have conflict than pretend to go along to get along. You stand up for what you believe in.

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Karmie, Ivan, Auntie Ying, mushroom soup, and constipation!

Leslie's just got their Christmas Cocktail Name from Name Generators. It's Scroogedriver.

Called Karmie earlier tonight to see whether she could give me a ride to the cookie exchange - I told her that I was at my parents' house, which she said was actually easier. True, since it's not too far away from here to Karmie's! She said that she would let me know in the next day or two whether Stella also needed a ride since she has to come up from White Rock, but she'd still pick me up earlier at 7 or even before. That would be perfectly fine! Then I asked her about Lesley's lunch - not so much of a time crunch, but she will keep that in mind too. She thanked me for calling, at least!

Then Ivan called quite unexpectedly to apologize for this morning! Apparently, he was outside my place for half an hour (oh no!), and had taken my number with him to call. I thought I'd told him last night, but he says he must not have heard. He thought maybe Steph had picked me up, and I thought that he would surely call my parents' number if he WAS at my place - guess we both had mistaken thoughts! So he got to church and asked my brother where I was! "Dude, where's your sister?" "Oh, she's at my parents' house!" I told him that it was fine - he had to get back to studying from his two-inch binder (last final on Tuesday!), so I wished him good luck with that! We also briefly discussed the snow and the enclosed parkade making things a bit less slippery for all.

Speaking of apology phone calls, I had to do one of my own directed at Auntie Ying. She'd wondered what had happened, so I told her. She said things were fine - it was only Annie (who seemed taller to Auntie Ying - hasn't been here for a few weeks!), Conor, and Amos. Rachel's grandma wasn't around, but I'd seen her yesterday - maybe it was the snow! She says that the kids already know the words to AWAY IN A MANGER, but I looked them up for her anyway, and gave her the second verse - no need to bother with the rest, haha. Then she said that Annie's mom had joined her for a small-group lunch in Mandarin (or something) where Uncle Stephen (Isabel's dad, not our speaker) said stuff about chemo. She said that she'd be in Richmond tomorrow, so she might be able to give me the material then, but I said that wasn't possible because of the snow forecast to hit.

Then she figured that I'd see Phil, Grace, or Melia on the weekend... when I said I'd see Grace on Wednesday for the cookie exchange, she said she'd give it to her. Very convenient, as she and Phil live just in the downstairs part of the house! Talked about children's Bibles, and meeting each other for lunch - yes, I had a bus pass, so it didn't matter where I went. Told me to think of a place to go that I liked, and she'd treat me... one date that works for both of us is the 18th - this Friday, after noon. That is definitely something I can work with, haha. It was a good chat, for sure! (she STILL thinks I can communicate with the kids more effectively than she, because of our respective grasps of the English language) I also made some mushroom soup with lots of mushrooms. Corey didn't like that idea much, but he's not going to eat it... my sister and I will! Steph says she'll do the trips to her place tomorrow, which is fine since the snow is okay FOR NOW.

Poo nugget for Monday, December 14: Dr. Stool Says - Constipation - More than just hard stool, constipation is defined by any one of the following: infrequent bowel movements (less than three a week), difficulty during defecation (straining during more than 25 percent of bowel movements or a subjective sensation of hard stools), and sensation of incomplete bowel evacuation.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Delightra, Dixie, Effie, and Evangeline

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Dachele (duh-SHELL) - Source of processed fossil fuel, high-nitrate lunch meats, and gallon-sized carbonated beverages. "Where did you get dat 180-ounce soda and Slim Jim snack?" "Down at Dachele."

Daffodil: An early bloomer who leaves the farm to try to make it in the big city.

Daisy: A desirable country cow or front-parlor maid. All the boys will ask for a dollop of Daisy. Also, child will have a penchant for old Levis, cut at the crotch, several sizes too small.

DaNae: Vietnamese city known for its strategic location during the Tet Offensive.

Danetta: The lady who sets your grandmother's hair in little metal curlers.

Danielle: A bipolar rodeo queen. Do not call her Danny, or you'll have good reason to fear her wrath.

D'Ann: Friend of Pat, Chris, or Leslie. D'Ann will have gender identity confusion throughout her life.

Daquari: A frozen, rum-based alcoholic beverage best served poolside.

Darnese: A method of expressing exasperation. "Darnese kids! They keep trampling my flower bed."

D'Asia: Didn't you already name your child this? It just sounds so familiar.

Dee-Lee: Member of the male genitalia. Also, what's up or what's happening. "Don't touch his Dee-Lee." "What's the Dee-Lee, yo?"

Déja: I swear you already named a child this. Didn't you?

Delightra: A delicious substitute for sugar. May cause anal leakage.

Demeatrice: A second-rate S&M practitioner. Group discounts available.

Deputy: Will have hangdog eyes and big ears.

Destiny: Kismet, fate. Also, a stripper.

Divine: Loveable but scary transvestite. Looked best in a housecoat.

Dixie: Perfect for a shemale, whether an exhibitionist or voyeur.

D'Nay (duh-NYE) - To assert adamantly that something did not happen. Also, a river in Egypt.

Dodge: Children's playground game that leaves mental and physical scars.

Dominiqua: A small banana republic in Central America. The chief exports are coconuts, sisal, and tarantulas.

Drucilla: A great drag name, particularly if one is heading across the desert in a broken-down tour bus.


Eden: The garden from which life sprang with the creation of Adam and Eve. Home also of the wily serpent that offered Eve a taste of the forbidden fruit and led to the first eviction. Nice work, Eve.

Edna: The great-ant that comes to visit and takes over your room. The trade-off for the lingering old-lady smell is a crisp two-dollar bill.

Effie: Network censor who bleeps out all profanity for tape delay.

Elizabeth / Lizzy: An ax-wielding murderess and preteen star.

Elvira: Large-breasted, Gothic late-late-night talk show host.

Emeline: A thick, oil-based emollient used to remove mascara in the late '50s before it was discovered to have addictive properties and cause liver deterioration.

Erasmus: A holiday for the eradication of stray pencil marks.

Ernestine: Kick-ass, gum-chewing truck stop waitress who can serve the entire dinner shift without cracking a smile or running her support hose.

Europa: A slow, bovine girl with pretty eyes. Also, a specialized Starbucks blend.

Evangeline: Bus service notable for comfy seats and in-ride sermons.

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No church today! / Karmie / Harmony / Soul's Urge

Steph was surprised to find out I was still at home this morning - Ivan went to the wrong place after he called me at 9 AM! (at least I had a break from having to see Mr. Creep!) I went back to sleep after I realized that for myself, and then read the paper afterwards. Steph made us a filling lunch of perogies and sausages, and we watched some snow come down. (Adam's friend says it's supposed to snow HARD tonight and tomorrow) She was going to drop off a few things at her place, but doesn't know if she'll be doing it now, especially since the Subaru is in the shop right now! (even if the snow is melting...)

Called Jon later, and Harmony answered the phone since the ug was driving: Jon joked that they'd take Korey everywhere, and I said that he'd better not. HE RUINED MY PLANS! They don't know when they're going to clean, but she says she'll make it to the cookie exchange. Thanks to Steph, I now have Karmie's number, so we'll see about that, and maybe the lunch at Lesley's, which she's just emailed us more info on. At least Steph doesn't have to go back to work till Thursday! She's hanging out with Chelsea (who hasn't gone to India yet) tonight, and going to the Canucks-Kings game tomorrow with an old female co-worker. Cool stuff. :D

Your Soul's Urge is Adventure

You may be feeling a little bored and restless lately. But let's be honest... you're always feeling this way.

You have a true excitement and energy that others can't match. You are a veritable wild child.

You love anything new or novel, and you love to be surprised. You'll say yes to anything that sounds like fun.

You love to travel and meet new people. You are open to anything, and you never judge. You're all about good times!

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