Saturday, July 05, 2003


watched some of Joy Luck Club with the girls last night..
that is, when I wasn't busy trying to appear online on Yahoo ;)
we'd watched it before, but it was still good..
very much a movie about Chinese culture and the past..
we remembered scenes from the book and seeing it before..

like that scene where the disgraced daughter comes back to the family home when her mother is dying, and then makes a soup out of the most tender part of her arm to serve to her mother in a vain effort to prevent her from dying (only the most dutiful daughter would do this, as the sacrifice and the pain is nothing)

I could list a whole bunch of scenes here..
but I recommend you read the book or view the movie..
suffice to say it was a very interesting flick!

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Friday, July 04, 2003

Friends and instant messages

I'm over at my brother's now..
my sister says Mom locked her room so I wouldn't sleep there..
(since I'd go into Jon's room to sleep when he's not home, that's hilarious in a way..)
Dawn's here, and soon some more of my sister's friends (Jessica and Karen Grace) will show up to sleep over.. that'll be fun :)

once again, the ICQ2Go doesn't work..
the YM Beta seems to work for now..
and of course, MSN works..
so I'm happily content here with IMs ;)

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Learning the mother tongue

well, it looks like I'll be learning the mother tongue..
my sister wanted me to go with her..
hey, I'm for it if Mum pays half my cost ;)
(which is something she'd like never offer normally)
just got the online receipt in my email..
so I'll be out on Tuesdays and Thursdays..
hopefully, this will prove interesting..
also, maybe it'll give me things to stump ya with ;)

had a Committee meeting last night, as well..
planning, evaluating, talking about fundraising..
yup, that was the typical mindnumbing stuff ;)
of course, the Committee does serve the Fellowship..
still can't say I really enjoy being on it, though..
(not sure my gifts lie in that direction, at any rate)
I signed myself up for it, so won't back out NOW..
just won't run for it next year, I suppose..
(experience and life are great teachers, aren't they?)
perhaps it's not that bad, but my brain is numb afterwards..
don't know if I (can) contribute anything at all..
(besides those personality-laden program emails to everyone)
I made plans with my sister by phone later on..
that was about the only productive thing I got done ;)

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The apartment smells like gum...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATE.. I hope you have an awesome one! :) Have fun in Ottawa; it's been great seeing you around.

now this apartment smells like gum..
what IS it with this place, man?
if you know me well, just shush..
I don't usually have bubblegum flavor in my arsenal..
yes, I have like twenty packs of gum now..
but they're mint / Juicy Fruit / lemon ice..
no bubblegum in the lot at all..
oh well, still better than ciggie smoke! ;)

and no, I am NOT hallucinating..
(despite my recently changed MSN name)
it's a faint smell of those substances..
but it's still very much there..
not currently chewing gum at the moment, either..
wouldn't be bubblegum flavor, anyhow!

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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Your reality causes hallucinations in me!

and just so I don't forget this gem instantly..
here's a line from last week's Georgia Straight interview with David Lee Roth:

These are the hallucinations I have that your reality causes in me.

interesting stuff comes out of that dude's mouth, for sure..

that would make a cool MSN name, actually..
off to change it to the comical construct..

and why does this apartment smell like bananas?
since there are none in this place, I don't get it..
I swear, my olfactory nerves are playing tricks on me again..
heck, if it smelled like anything at all.. it'd be cigarette smoke..
not from me, as I don't smoke or anything like THAT (heck, no!)..
the smell of the hallways and outside seeps in here, though..
but thank goodness it doesn't smell like tar ;)

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Being a dark overlord with many fates for you miscreants

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNTIE EVA.. I hope you have an awesome one today! :) You've been so kind to others.. thanks.

I definitely mean this with all my heart:
today, I feel much better than I did before ;)
but I have to go to another meeting later.. um, yay?
(which I don't WANT to go to, as I do nothing of value there)
oh well.. focus on the positives!

sometimes I wish I were a dark overlord..
(or whatever the feminine equivalent of one would be)
then I could get everyone to do things MY way..
get the annoying people off the streets, too..
have instant help whenever I wished..
command everyone to do my bidding..
with very dire consequences if they dared defy me..

mwahahahahaha.. FEAR MY WRATH..
coz I'm the devil incarnate and have special powers..
I can make you all burn in hell if you cross me..
among other things, beware my fiery breath! (comes with eating a whole bowl of mini-peppers and spices, y'know.. I can freak people out with that, too)
if you bug me today, I am going to be VERY annoyed..
I'll think up extreme fates for you, don't you worry..

exsanguination; being burned at the stake; being forced to watch as various body parts of yours are being chopped off or burned; tearing your still-beating heart from your body (as the Aztecs did); being hung, drawn, and quartered; all those oh-so-lovely Middle Ages methods of execution; being garroted with heavy rope; being shot at point-blank range; impalement on a sharp stake; beheading; being frozen to death in an oubliette, and then set on fire; exquisitely painful torture on the rack; lynching; being pressed to death by stones on your chest (as happened to poor Giles Cory during the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692); having a red-hot sword run through your body; being shot, stabbed, poisoned, and drowned (as happened to Rasputin during the Russian Revolution of 1917); having wild stallions tear you limb from limb..

there's plenty more where that came from..
(I *do* read true crime / murder books, you know!)
so in short: watch out when you see me!
MUHAHAHAHAHA.. I hold ALL the power..
feeling deliciously devilish and diabolical now..
it's a very good and vicious day here.. ;)

(I should note that there is absolutely NO reason to be worried about my mental health or my stability.. I was just going with a joke here, and meant the above as an amusingly comical rant :P)

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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

We got the 2010 Games!

WE GOT THE 2010 GAMES!!! :)

didn't quite make it till 8:50 AM..
(which was the bid announcement time)
went to about 4:15 AM, then slept a couple hours..
so how did I manage to stay up till 4:15 AM?
talking to Corey (who helped me with something, and provided me with humor.. thanks!) and a couple others, popping bubble wrap, surfing the Web, listening to Matt Good's Avalanche, reading stuff, watching Sportsnet..

decided to get at least a couple hours sleep in..
got up at 6:30, then found out that the winner of the Olympic bid wouldn't be announced for a couple of hours yet..
so then I went back to bed..

had a dream involving:

a bunch of my friends (Citrus, Danielle, Anita, etc.)
a huge bookstore (with books that don't even exist, like The Tenth Anniversary Edition of the Outlander Companion, a bunch of Simpsons comics, and stuff like that)
an autistic little girl and her "savage child" brother (both fair-haired and fair-skinned)
seeing a particular negative force in my life naked (though I was averting my eyes at the sight, maybe this is what I need to shake him off.. yucky as it was)
seeing police cars at someone's house

I got up at around 10:30, and watched TV..
the very first thing on Sportsnet was the bid..
definitely great to find out we won! :)
Salzburg was supposed to be our main rival..
but then got eliminated on the first voting round..
actually, Pyeongchang was three votes from winning there..
and they were supposed to be the underdogs!

the first round went like this:
Vancouver, 40 votes; Pyeongchang, 51 votes; Salzburg, 16 votes
the second round then went like this:
Vancouver, 56 votes; Pyeongchang, 53 votes; Salzburg eliminated
(which meant that all but two of Salzburg's original votes went to Vancouver, as well as the votes of two people who didn't vote in the first round)

so close to elimination, yet we got it..
I think I'll celebrate in my own way later..
and I probably will go back to bed..
but not now, as I'm not sleepy yet ;)

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Superstore and vacuuming with sister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DIANNE.. I hope you have an awesome one today! :) Your hyper energy is really great, and it's been cool knowing you.

my sister buzzed me on MSN earlier tonight..
"hey, you wanna go to Superstore?"
I was definitely up for it.. (no parents, yay!)
(it's the Real Canadian Superstore. go shopping, eh?)

I finally got Yann Martel's Life of Pi..
can't wait to tell Phil about that (next weekend)..
and I got a Bathroom Reader-like book..
hey, those things are cool.. all right? ;)
my sister actually got a book, too (and a magazine)..
(all about how forensics helped solve 40 crimes)

went to the one-litre bubble tea place, as well..
maybe I'll be caffeine-fuelled tonight.. who knows?
then my sister came over to my apartment..
she insisted on vacuuming the place..
that was a very good thing, believe me ;)

now.. should I stay up, or not?
I'm currently finishing 1.6 litres of bubble tea..
(one litre of coffee, and 0.6 litres of taro)
guess we'll see how potent the caffeine is tonight..
but I don't know if I really wanna do that..
too many late nights in a row can't be good..
whether I have company or not isn't a factor..
eh, I think I'll see where this takes me..
and if I'm tired, I'll go to bed.. there ya go ;)

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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Decision Day for 2010 Olympics

well, tomorrow is decision day.. (Winter 2010 Olympics)
since everything's happening in Prague..
the decision will be made at about 6:30 AM or so..
so do I stay up, or hear about it hours later?
"just turn on the radio or your TV," the paper says..
(if you're not lucky enough to get tickets to the GM Place event)

I *could* stay up, but then I'd be totally fried..
don't know if I have enough caffeine around for it..
(no, I'm not going to the one-litre bubble tea place NOW..
and I don't drink coffee that often, anyhow..)
maybe I'll settle for hearing about it later..
since I do that for just about everything else..

so the three bidding cities are:

Vancouver (yay, us!)
Salzburg, Austria (Mozart's birthplace? not sure..)
Pyeongchang, South Korea (no idea here..)

not sure how I feel about this whole thing..
it might be good for the city and tourism..
but then there's all the cash spent on it..
which could go to something more worthwhile..
(Downtown Eastside, health and education, etc.)
there'll be a lot of work if we do get the A-OK..
guess we'll see in about 12 hours and change..
Winter 2010 Olympics is a BIG event, dude! ;)

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Mission accomplished at New Chim's!

I have only one thing to say here..
and it won't make sense to anyone..
(except my sister, if she reads it)

I accomplished my mission at New Chim's ;)
even predicted it to my brother earlier on MSN..
"aiya!!!" was the perfect reaction, too..
unfortunately for them, I like laughing to myself..
flexing my thumbs whilst doing so is cool :)
(especially since my siblings can't do it)

no, you REALLY don't want to know what I'm talking about here..
suffice it to say that it's a family inside joke..
which nobody outside of our family should know!
(Eric knows, but he's practically a family member :P)

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Awana BBQ 2003... complimenting each other is a GOOD thing!

HAPPY CANADA DAY! This country is now 136 years old.. and we *still* bested the Americans at hockey! ;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEGAN.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been so neat knowing you.

Had a good time at the Awana BBQ.. we had corn, carrots, salad, chicken, steak, celery, cucumbers, chips, frozen cream puffs, cheesecake, mashed potatoes, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, pop, cheese-filled Bavarian smokies, plus all this other food.

We also sat around and complimented a few selected people.. went around the room a few times affirming them. I think that's a good thing we did that.. sometimes we don't tell people these kinds of things enough.

Three things I learned tonight:

If you go to a restaurant, ask to have rare steak.. that'll ensure you the best piece. Ask for well-done meat, and you might get the worst cut of meat.. one that's really tough. (stuff that the restaurant probably wants to get rid of)

We should go against the traditional Chinese thinking of: "if I compliment you too much / at all, I'll be spoiling you." and tell people they're appreciated more often than we do. It is SO not spoiling them; rather, it's telling them that they ARE appreciated and loved for themselves. :)

If you dream about your teeth falling out or getting chipped, it means you're (really) worried about something.

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Monday, June 30, 2003

Winged beetles in urine / corpse-cannibal story

This story is SO gross! Has anyone heard of the 13-year-old Indian boy who's producing winged beetles in his urine? Doesn't quite have that "corpse-cannibal story" (which I just read about, thanks to Spoz) beat, though.. now THAT is truly yucky. (maybe I'll freak my sister out with both these stories later on.. that will be cool, mwahahaha)

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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Awana BBQ

had to reschedule the ferry terminal thing..
but I did get a ride to the Awana BBQ..
I'm sure we'll have good times there..
and right now, I can say that I'm happy :)
except for the reschedule, but that's tiny..
compared to a BBQ, that's nothing! ;)


Little to no bollocks!


"That was one intense Bible Quiz! There was screaming, there was yelling, there was cursing.." -- Ty, describing the Daniel Fellowship program to me from a newcomer's point of view. (Friday, June 27) [Nathan said that they might scare away the newcomers.. I would hope that doesn't happen!]

"Yeah, I proposed to Sarah right before we were going to watch A Walk To Remember on TV.. that way, we wouldn't HAVE to see that movie!" -- Vernon to my sister's friends, discussing his cleverly timed proposal. (Sunday, June 29) [privacy was good, too..]

no bollocks today, for which I'm relieved..
next weekend, there will be none at all..
only because the parents will be gone.. yay! :)

also heard how Vernon proposed to Sarah..
indeed a very interesting story there..
spent time with the cute babies, too..
and time with friends is always cool..

probably will go to the Awana BBQ tomorrow..
those things are always fun and good for memories..
we'll get to see someone's new house..
maybe we'll have frozen cream puffs, too..
(those are SO good.. but bad for your heart)

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Kempy in my dreams

baby shower today.. woohoo!
also had Kempy appear in my dream.. weird, that..
said he and a band had a Granville St. gig..
they were announcing it on a public transit bus..
(of all places to announce upcoming local gigs)
"imported from Australia," indeed..
VERY weird subconscious there..
but as long as certain people don't make an appearance in my dreams, I'm happy :)

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