Saturday, August 14, 2004

Wreck Beach programs

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) It's been good knowing you, dude.

Eric teased me for sleeping in more than I expected..
hey, it wasn't intentional.. the side-benefits were cool ;)
talked to Randal and Stella about birthdays, Richmond, and books that we're reading now..
our program took so long, everyone else was done before us!
Jon, Jen, Dawn, Eric, Brian, Amy, Edwin, Dave, Tracy, Hon, Eva, and I all went to L&G Bubble Tea afterwards..
of course I got a card.. it's near Granville, after all ;)

discussed relationships; the past; life, updates; Tracy and dental school; a Wreck Beach joke Genesis 1-3 program..
Jen mixing up Sesame Street characters and their colors..
Amy twisting her ankle with bone fragments in various places, and yet finishing a hike.. we would have died!
Dave leaving really soon and going on a Chinese bus tour..
the "gelato on Arbutus!" conversation on Valentine's Day..
convincing Jen to wear her seatbelt; Jon only drinking good beer; Bellini / Slurpee machines at weddings..
dry bars not being required because we do drink alcohol..
where certain people were tonight; plans; etc.
definitely good times with friends.. home before midnight!

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Friday, August 13, 2004

People who call before I'm fully awake should be shot! / Quizzes

people who call before I'm fully awake should be shot :P
at least, if it's a non-emergency purpose for calling..
the phone rang ten times before I got irritated enough to go into the other room, turn it off, and hang up..
when I was awake, I called Shannon since I was going to do that anyhow.. turned out to be her..
dude, I was going to call you on my own terms because I'm a control freak when it comes to that kind of thing ;)
as it is, I'll go over to her place next Thursday and stay till Friday.. dentist appointment looms!
gotta make the testimony sharing that night, though..
two (three?) bubble teas in two days will be quirky..
settled things with someone else, too.. yay for Tuesday!

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Sean's Oakridge memories / Chinese Mythological Being Quiz

managed to miss a day posting in this thing because the Net connection wouldn't work all last night.. argh!
finished a coffee bubble tea in 45 seconds.. it was that hot outside, and I was that thirsty..
yes, I am the mistress of bubble tea suckage.. hehehehe..
I saw Spider-Man 2 with Maisie, which was okay..
got the Dashboard Confessional song stuck in my head..
the Oakridge cinema reminded me of the time we saw Minority Report there, and saw Sean afterwards..
"now I'll expect the movie to be good.. thanks a lot!"
(we hardly thought that qualified as a spoiler, haha)
then we went to Dragon Ball and shot bubble tea pearls from our straws onto the sidewalk and the brick wall..
good memories of times with friends are always golden ;)

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Afghan Horseman dinner and bling

lots of people showed up at the Afghan dinner tonight..
discussed a variety of things, including the food..
it was like Greek food.. I told Dave to post on his blog..
everyone was up to their usual humorous fun antics..
Nathan and I had to finish Jon and Dave's free dessert..
Danielle wondered why I wasn't online as much anymore..
MSN / ICQ don't really work that well on this computer now!
I don't mind more people reading this thing later on ;)

Eric, Jon, and I went to Nate's for a bit afterwards..
ran Ad-Aware on his slow computer: staggering results!
Jon borrowed CDs; I borrowed an anthology of Chinese lit..
Nathan says he knows I'll give it back when I'm done..
it's a huge book, but I'm sure it'll be interesting..
heck, he says it's a great book.. I believe him, haha!

after that, we went to Brian's to watch a round-robin ping-pong tournament that was being played..
we stayed for a little bit before we really had to leave..
in the car, we searched for Eric's cross which fell off..
no luck, but we did have plenty of humor and such!

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Monday, August 09, 2004

Lauren and Warren are the first of our crowd to become parents!

certain things are going along quite swimmingly..
as long as I have major distraction, I'll be good ;)
just heard that Lauren and Warren will become parents..
guess I have my answer to the question of who would be the first of our crowd to have kids..
should call them soon to congratulate them and talk..
Candy agreed with someone that I was sweet.. thanks!
then again, that person also wants to call me again soon..
we'll see when I have time to ramble this week, aye?
right now, I'm excited about seeing Eric again.. woohoo!
like I don't spend enough time with him and others, haha..
tonight, it'll be the Afghan Horseman with 30 people..
best get out of here to search out stuff for friends..
this slightly hyper transmission ends here, kiddies.. eep!

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Eric having breakfast problems

emailed Danielle early this morning.. she got it, haha..
Citrus said that I shouldn't call her if I wanted something from her.. she checks email 5 times a day..
Eric had breakfast problems involving cereal and toast..
there wasn't any cereal in the house, and the two batches of toast takes longer than a cereal bowl..
he did explain and apologize for being half an hour late..
we discussed Dave Grohl's work with Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Queens of the Stone Age..
he'll be in town already tomorrow, so I'll bus it..
easier to resist certain things that way at the Afghan ;)
maybe look again for Canada stickers at the $$$ store..
must stop the running of my thoughts towards someone ;)
(not that I don't want to think about them, but I do know when my brain's had enough of it :P)

Brian's leaving on the last day of the month, and seemed a bit surprised that I was going on my trip..
yup, he knows I don't travel that much.. so there it is..
at least he won't be as far away as Dennis is for school..
nobody knows where Chinese Eric is, although he's alive..
he messaged Nathan a few days ago, but didn't respond to the co-farewell mass email..
Costa, Dave, Dawn, Erin, Eric, Nathan, Citrus, Danielle, and I discussed various other things too..

Nathan was passing out Kenneth and Daisy's wedding invites.. no, it's not HIS wedding on Sept. 25! (or a double life)
Eric forgot something for Edwin at home, but tomorrow will be good for it.. absolutely no worries there!
Dylan returned Jon's Baseball Prospectus to me, as well..
he wants us to tell him when we're done tomorrow so he can save money and just hang out instead..
discussed the big transitions and changes from high school to university / university to the working life..

on the way home, Eric and I sang Bush's Swallowed..
we hadn't heard it in a long time, and it's not like either of us know how to sing well..
my church choir days are long removed, and I never did :P
he joked that I was avoiding lunch with my parents.. nah..
I agreed that the Fox played non-junky / non-distorted music nowadays, and it was a lot better for us..

according to him, Dumfries St. is filled with dumb fries..
not that either of us would know about this personally..
Eric also wanted to drop me off at #4 / Alderbridge since it wasn't dark out.. it was too hot, I said..
"one of these days, it'll be mild and not too sunny out!"
"yeah, and when I get home two hours later, I'll call you.. did you KNOW how lost I got on the way home?!"
he was dubious about my getting lost from there, but I walk slowly and get lost easily :P

Maisie also called while I was updating this thing..
she wants to meet me on Wednesday afternoon at Oakridge..
we'll see Spider-Man 2, and maybe eat later on..
discussed finding things when you organized your stuff..
told her about my Afghan plans for tomorrow.. it'll be fun!
I've got two days blocked off now, which should be fine..
it's a goal of mine not to bug someone so much.. we'll see how all that goes in the future..
possibly not very well, but at least I'll have tried it! :)

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