Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rare Black Beanling!

A rare Black Beanling in MOTHER 3!

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Different MissionsFest, Pho, good discussion hangouts

When Chinese Eric picked me up tonight at about 6, I was pretty much ready to go. I was surprised to see him at my door, but it was all good. He wondered if I'd eaten yet, and I said that I had planned to eat something quick in the food court. Then he said that we could go eat something later if I was still hungry; that sounded like a good idea to me! He'd finally read that email I'd sent him about Korey and my own medical issues (which I updated him on later without any awkwardness!), and figured that I was doing the right thing. "Of course I'll stick by my GOOD FRIEND!" he said - as if I'd expect anything else! He also updated me on Korey's profile pictures on MSN; what he said made sense to me, as well as how he always plays video games with white Eric! I do know that happened a LOT when he was here / when we were dating, that's for sure! We also discussed torrents, the music industry, Paul's accident (not even I would wish that on him - it's NOT COOL!), parking, his health, Chinese medicine and Western medicine, hockey, downtown traffic, the Olympics fence barriers finally GOING AWAY, improvement, small change for the parking meter, and the downtown meters by bars not closing till 4 AM. Also talked about his cousin and the nagging he's endured over his motorcycle, Cindy, Dianne, Nathan's research and not personally seeing results, movie nights, meeting him at the food court with the rest of them, later plans involving cheap bottled water at Shoppers Drug Mart (so heavy otherwise!), people he might know who would be at MissionsFest, and more. He said that when I'd originally called today, he was driving... his dad had the phone, so poor Eric was fidgeting because he wanted his dad to ANSWER THE DARNED THING! At least things did work out in the end!

He dropped me off while he went to go find parking, and I went to the food court / Tim Horton's using the outside steps - good thing I could still see enough to NOT trip! (man, I hate my night vision sometimes!) I found white Eric, Jon, Jeremy, and Geoffrey standing around; after some discussion on whether we should leave now / Chinese Eric's phone number, I went and bought some sushi to tide me over. When I got back to the group, white Eric gave it a LOOK; hey, I'm the one eating it here, NOT YOU! It was the quickest option I could find, especially since Jon really wanted to leave RIGHT THEN! Of course, Chinese Eric showed up in a couple of minutes after that; Jon then wanted us to eat and walk (saying that I didn't matter much), but loyal Chinese Eric stuck up for me. Good thing I only had two pieces left to stuff into my mouth! (White Eric's reaction: "Wow!" OH, DO SHUSH, BUDDY!)

By the time we made it to the hall, we couldn't get in since a lot of people were getting kicked OUT! We did manage to bump into Jon C. and Ivan, though. Jon saw a bunch of other people he knew, of course. Eventually, we decided to just wander the exhibition booths for a while instead. We met up with Kevin in the hall, and discussed Fellowship retreat locations and such till we saw the book display! Talked about The Screwtape Letters (C.S. Lewis) being needed for Sunday School (I'll perhaps lend white Eric my copy if I can find it), Meredith's Complete Book of Bible Lists: A One-of-a-Kind Collection of Bible Facts (Joel L. Meredith) being interesting, especially since it was $7.99 with tax [I actually bought a religious book - Chinese Eric promptly borrowed that and Passive-Aggressive Notes: Painfully Polite and Hilariously Hostile Writings (Kerry Miller) when he got to my house later], media releases and the Evergreen Line (Geoffrey is BUSY at work!), Kevin's work being relatively quiet (good!), Eric's opinion on the Skype Committee meeting (he insists he didn't send me those emails in error - mics didn't work... typing was a pain), transit and the Skytrain, parking in the casino, small group outing (potluck and movie?), Pastor Bob living near Metro, and more. We saw some people attempting to ride a bike as one of the exhibits; it didn't work too well, heh. (this inspired Jeremy ranting about riding bikes in snow) Also saw a bunch of clothing and shoes, which Chinese Eric compared to a mall before he saw why it was there - hahaha!

I asked Chinese Eric if he was still up for Sunday and the All-Star Game, but it turns out that his mom's scheduled a delayed Chinese New Year dinner. It was all good, as I know there will be other hangout opportunities! I guess he thought I was seriously disappointed or something, so he put an arm around me - it's okay, man. I get it! So then I told white Eric that I was up for church on Sunday, but HE told me that he'd be out all day! "There's a worship leaders meeting, and then I'm going to Jeremy's. Why? A birthday dinner for someone you probably don't want to be celebrating... and no, I am NOT kidding!" Chinese Eric saw his grin, and later told me that he'd figured out who white Eric had been referring to... so did I, actually. There is NO WAY that I would be up for celebrating Paul's birthday, that's for sure! So of course, I promptly changed my mind. Guess I have another free Sunday to myself, although I wouldn't have minded the hangout, either!

When Jon was preoccupied talking to another person he kinda knew from his bachelor party, everyone else decided to leave him there! Chinese Eric and I headed for the back of the room where we could sit and rest for a while. He was tired from being out all day driving his grandma, and I just appreciated the chance to rest myself from walking around! We talked about Trinity, Regent, other Christian schools, Jon / Harmony / pregnancy / babies / responsibility, the iPhone scanning thing, relationships, friends dating, films, hot dogs, my giving him a hard time about last year's memories, religion, Nathan and the Bible, our not wanting to listen to Christian music 24/7 ("I like VARIETY! Small doses ONLY!" he said - I agree!), and more. I'm glad we get along quite well! When white Eric and Kevin came up, we decided to see if Jon was still talking; apparently, he'd gone off somewhere! Chinese Eric and I pretty much decided to leave soon afterwards - at least he got as much worth out of his parking charges as possible, haha! (we got to the car when there were 12 minutes left)

I didn't really feel like going to Denny's for a meal before we stopped by Shoppers, but he did let me decide since I was presumably the hungrier out of the two of us! We discussed Pho in general, sharing the bathroom with siblings, Erica, personal stuff, possible trips to Hong Kong, red meat, Australia, cold water, and more. Finally, I decided that we might as well go to a Pho Hoa place in Richmond since we'd been talking about it a lot! He apologized for it not being more fancy, but I didn't care! Next time, if he really insists! He joked that I should take him out for pizza, too - hey, whatever works! Talked about aging, grandmas, the good memories of the group hangouts, health, gum, bubblegum and pink, memory, how it was still good seeing Jon (if you think he's busy NOW, just wait till he has the BABY!), my parents going to Russia later in the year, the cold winter weather in Russia (his friend went there for work once!), salty noodles, tea, large bowls, tripe, hot sauce, bean sprouts, relaxing at my place later (of COURSE!), more personal stuff, and other stuff.

When we got to my place and he'd helped me with the water (of course I thanked him for that AND the Pho!), I signed into Trillian and was surprised to see a couple of messages from James, which I promptly responded to. Eric read it and wondered what that was about, so I had to show him a Facebook profile page and pictures, of course! "Yeah... I guess he had a bad day at work today, and thought of me for some reason. See this status here, which I saw earlier? Poor guy!" "So where is he from? Here?" "Ha, I wish... no, he's from TEXAS [*highlights place of residence*], of all the places! I'm assuming he went to bed early, since 8:10 here is 10:10 there." "How long have you known him?" "Oh, about five years now. He's awesome!" "... INTERESTING picture!" "Oh, I know... I saw that angry one on my feed earlier, and I didn't know what to think! I was like, are you mad at everyone or the world right now?!" "So did you talk to him?" "No, I had to do some stuff before you picked me up!" "What's his line of work?" "He's a clerk at a convenience store. Oh wait, I think I know why he had a bad day..."

After that, we discussed some Cracked article that Chris W. had linked me to JUST as I was about to leave - it was about hilarious Chinese toys, which he thought was nasty, and I thought was funny. Then we discussed thirstiness (take a water bottle!), Engrish, the word FUCK in mistranslations, Teunis ("I see him pop up on his friends' statuses - I'm just like MEH!"), how it seems as if white Eric's friends and my brother's friends are really asses, signing the guestbook, Vanessa, A&W, curses, and more. He left before 11, saying he had to get some sleep; totally understandable! It was an interesting evening for sure, even if we didn't get to go to the plenary session!

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Friday, January 27, 2012


Tried calling Chinese Eric, with no answer... that's fine since he called me back and said he'd give me a lift at about 5:30! As long as he eats at home first (thus watching everyone else eat in the food court before MissionsFest), this should be AWESOME! Also called Barry to set up a food shopping appointment; Monday at noon sounds okay if I can get up in time, haha. White Eric called later, presumably to see what I was doing tonight; since I was in the middle of a battle, I didn't pick up. (okay, I never pick up, but anyway!) I left him a message saying I'd be there later, hahaha. Then he called me back, and I said that Eric Ho and I would both be at the food court after he picked me up. I don't care what he thinks, haha!

"OH MY PORK!" is a relatively common exclamation in MOTHER 3, here used by DCMC in concert at Club Tittiboo:

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Almost all MOTHER 3 items / Bottled water, peeing, Trillian history

Went to the clinic for my procedure, but the main problem was that I *really* needed to pee! I did follow directions and drank a LOT of bottled water... I was relieved in more than one way when that was over, let me tell you! When I got home after having yin-yang bubble tea at Big Orange, I also FINALLY found where my Trillian message history was stored; of course, it would have to be in the MOST AWKWARD PLACE EVER! Oh, Windows 7... luckily, I could change it!

The following screenshots are from my previous playthrough of MOTHER 3, and contain almost all the items in the game:

Lighter's Lumber to Strong Gloves:

Magic Gloves to Canine Weapon:

DCMC Pamphlet to Black Collar:

Striped Collar to Ordinary Hat:

Cow Hat to Taurus Bracelet:

Gemini Bracelet to Edible Mushroom:

Innit Tea to White Croissant:

Cup of Pork Noodles to Rich Kid Stew:

Rich Parfait to Cup of Life Noodles:

Hot Spring Egg to Attack Attractor:

Made-You-Look to Ice Pendant:

Thunder Pendant to Lydia's Memento:

Kid's Shirt to Aeolia's Memento:

Pencil Eraser to Tazmily Map:

Battle Memory to Factory Sketch:

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese New Year dinner at Lin's

When Mom and Dad picked me up, Grandma asked me what I was doing at that place! Seems she's forgotten that I've lived here for more than ten years now, and she also forgot it was Chinese New Year! Mom told me not to expect any red pockets, but I wouldn't! Steph's friends Ross and his Chinese wife Winnie showed up at Lin's; we discussed Harmony's pregnancy, babysitting, signing cards, cheesecake, pineapples, pets, dogs, cats, "Sarne," vegetarian rice, green onion pancakes, certain events in June, Dawn's wedding, work, and fire dragons.

Also talked of teasing me about a Valentine's Day bash with Eric Ho (COUGAR?! MRS. ROBINSON?!), gambling and mah-jonng, how I could be with Mr. Creep or Paul (NO THANK YOU!), Paul getting swiped by a car yesterday (unsure if I'd wish that on him), how he apparently wants to let bygones be bygones, SLB, special CNY dishes, Fred, Canadian Tire, toilet paper, and more. I was still glad to get home, even if Mom did give me $10 and Black Diamond cheese! Apparently, they had a car accident in early December, and are going to Russia for two weeks in July.

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James, Susan, Auntie Donna (dream) / CHOCOLATE DIGESTIVES!

Little surprises and acts of thoughtfulness make me happy, and I woke up in a more rational frame of mind than the one I was in when I went to bed. I definitely needed the rest, as I got up at 11:30 or so... YAY! Had a dream where James was eating SLB with a bunch of us, hahaha. Then Susan and Auntie Donna insisted on getting us into the forest with trucks so we could find graduating people... what the hell?!

Went out and ran some errands such as banking (gotta have cash for the weekend!) and shopping, too. Got an on-sale black towel and black washcloth at the Bay, and bought some on-sale digestive biscuits / on-sale fruit creme biscuits / on-sale Life heart jelly ju-jubes for the kids at Shoppers Drug Mart. At home, I divided the candy into Ziploc bags and paper bags before I took a shower and did some gaming.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Missing doorknobs / Intense 3-2 shootout WIN

There were a LOT of posts which could have been Vancouver goals in the Canucks-Oilers game, which went to an intense overtime and then an equally intense shootout. Edmonton had back-to-back shootouts, having had one yesterday against San Jose. Since they won that one, I wanted us to have this one... and we did, winning the game 3-2! SO INTENSE! :D

Missing doorknobs are NO PROBLEM for our intrepid cowboy hero Flint!

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Copa Café, Mattias, Marcus, ribeye steak, too-mushy cards

Woke up pretty early, but it was okay - got a couple of surprising messages from James and Ryan, which were a plus! Auntie Catherine said that she'd bring her grandkids Mattias and Marcus along to the Copa Café, which was easy to find from the King Edward Station - it's been forever since I've eaten a meal with kids who are 3 and 1, hahaha. Turns out they got there in the rainy weather before I did, but it was perfectly fine. I noted that all the water and tea glasses were being kept well away from Marcus, who wants to grab everything in sight - like Benjamin at that age, haha. Auntie Catherine asked what I'd prefer to eat: ribeye steak (for the iron) and eggs (for the protein) it was!

She said that she missed me on Sundays, wondered whether there was a reason why I wasn't going to church lately, and said I could call her after 9 PM if I ever wanted to talk about it. Trust me, she doesn't want to know the reasons (other than a crazy sleep schedule) - that involves some things I'm really not comfortable with discussing, actually! (my sister / my own feelings on religion) She wondered whether my family had had CNY dinner yet; when I said tomorrow would be it, she asked whether it had anything to do with Steph's work schedule, and wondered what my sister did besides work. She's so gentle and means well, but I don't have the heart to tell her anything beyond the superficial "she's pretty busy with work and a lot of stuff in her off time!" Well, I wouldn't anyway, but you know what I mean. I definitely don't need people to PRAY FOR MY SOUL!

Speaking of prayer, Mattias said that we had to pray before we ate, after becoming impatient to eat Chinese buns with butter. Why not... he's a cute kid, and I have enough respect for his grandmother! He wanted everyone else's food, of course - I wasn't surprised! I talked to him about cars, trucks, buses, rice, noodles, bread, school, friends, and other simple topics while asking a fussy baby Marcus if he wanted water. I had to hold Marcus for a few minutes while Auntie Catherine went off with Mattias to the washroom; while he was fussing, I tried my best to send out "I AM NOT ABUSING THIS KID - HE'S JUST FUSSY!" vibes to the other people in the restaurant, haha. I politely thanked her after brunch (she also offered me some of her noodles with preserved vegetables, too) - good thing it included COFFEE! Mattias also wondered if I had presents for him - HAHAHAHA, no! I'm chill about that kind of "rudeness" from kids, since it could be so much worse!

Also went shopping for some minor stuff (toilet paper / on-sale pads / Steph's birthday card / pasta sauce which Eric can help me open) at London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart afterwards. The one problem with family-oriented greeting cards is that most of them are TOO MUSHY for my usual taste! (note: I don't DO mushy / sentimental / emotional unless there is a VERY GOOD reason for such) While I was walking to the door, Bob spotted me and said hey - I smiled and said the same thing. Good to see him, actually! Might take a nap before the hockey game starts at 7, haha.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

MARIO music / Emergency laundry and showers / Bob and eviction

Woke up with MARIO music stuck in my head, haha. Then I discovered that I had to do an emergency load of laundry and take an emergency shower; I was NOT impressed! While I was doing that, I saw a notice from my neighbor Bob the Bike Guy - apparently, the management is evicting him for being half a month late on rent, despite his being here for 25 years! Then I saw him, so we chatted for a few minutes about that situation. I also told him about the mouse I'd seen; yeah, the glue traps don't seem to do much! He said he'll mention the mice as well to Global (the local news station which doesn't like the management company too much), so that's something. I also replied to Mandy's email, heh.

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BLACK DRAGON / Copa Café / Bridge-hopping


Auntie Catherine called me at 10:30, but I missed the call. She wants to take me out to Copa Café on Tuesday at 10:30 AM (why do people do things at that unholy hour?!), because she has to take Karen to work and Mattias to school. I can usually make exceptions for things like that, but I HOPE MY BODY FUCKING COOPERATES! At least it seems to be close to a Canada Line station? (which is what she wanted so I could get out there easily)

Eric M. also spammed my email (not really) with a question about a Wednesday evening Skype meeting. I TOLD HIM THAT I AM NOT A COMMITTEE MEMBER ANYMORE! JUST STOP IT! Ugh. Good thing I have something to do then? I just realized that I'll have a busy Tuesday to Sunday... maybe I can tell Auntie Catherine that I'm not feeling well, which probably will be at least half the truth! We'll see... everything else is kind of non-negotiable. =/

With the help of the below video, I was finally able to get past all the frustrating bridges and green guys!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hinawa pajamas / Flint and Fuel half pitch-black / HARD MODE CHALLENGE!

Decided to replay MOTHER 3, this time on HARD MODE for the challenge! Eric said he was doing sound this morning, too. However, I couldn't sleep till 6:45 AM, so I ended up staying home! Guess I'll explain later...

Carol B. also sent me a message telling me not to tag her in photos that she's not in. Oh, get the fuck off your high horse, lady. I was tagging you in my own written blurb to a photo I found online because I thought you'd be interested. (it did involve cats - you have five of them, right?!) NOT THE SAME FUCKING THING. Totally unsubscribed! Fuck that. Yes, I am in a bitchy mood... I'm protecting my Trillian people from that for their own good!

Hinawa telling Lucas he stay inside in his pajamas for the rest of his life if he doesn't change to play with Claus and the Drago babies:

Hey, look! After escaping from a burning shack, Flint and Fuel are half pitch-black when they soak in the healing hot springs in the forest!

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