Saturday, April 11, 2009

Confidences and zaxes

High-scoring words of the day so far:

ZAXES (135 points) - against Sandy R. [5W, hook off LINK to make SLINK]
RETAPE (174 points; two 4W, hook off TAX to make TAXA), ABJURE (162 points; 5W, 2L on B and J) - against Evelyn D.

I'm ready for Sunrise Service / church tomorrow: free gloves, free thick socks, dark blue sweater, fuzzy red pants, birthday cards for Phil / Helen / Nathaniel / Chrystal / Calla / Teunis / Lily / Daniel / Chuck / Michelle / Andrea / Karen Lew (which I hope my brother will sign), a teddy bear for little Hannah (as opposed to little Arthur), Steph's Sudoku book (which I'll just leave in her room), baptism cards for Jessica / Margaret / Tina. At least with Steph's Subaru, we'll have one more vehicle for breakfast ride purposes to the ABC Restaurant and the roundabout!

I got an annoying message saying that deleting posts was against The Question Club's rules, and that I'd be banned next time. Well, it wasn't against the rules LAST time I was there! Ignorance is bliss, haha. I should probably keep myself abreast of the rules, but I rarely use that community anymore. I'll just leave, and take Eric Ho with me! Honestly, NOBODY bans us! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Speaking of Eric, he just buzzed me on MSN - YAY! :D [he got Jon and Harmony's wedding invite, was at church this morning (Sunday), and misses his grandma - will hang out with friends too when he's here!]

Facebook quiz taken from Jamie:

Leslie took the Which diabolical cult member do you most resemble? quiz and the result is you are Charles Manson. You're ruthless, charismatic and completely, frothingly batshit crazy. Your Beatles records talk to you when you're on acid, and you hear voices and can deliver strange yet compelling insights into how society works even while sober. You'd do anything to rule over the wasteland after the racial Ragnarok, including eating actresses' dead bodies.

Writer's Block: Confidences

Who do you think it is easier to talk about your problems with: your friends, your family, or strangers?
Friends, but mainly online friends. It's easier just to type it out, haha.
View other answers.

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Annoyances, sleepovers, and engineers

This thing JUST restarted when I was in the middle of editing - UGH!

Annette G. added me on Facebook, so that's cool. Hien changed her name, haha. Brother called to say that if I wanted a ride to Sunrise Service, I'd have to sleep over. Fair enough, but his phone initially made all kinds of weird fax machine / video game / screeching noises at me! Bantered about the key and other things, too - I guess I'll go over later.

Leslie just took the How Daring Are You Quiz and is Not Very Daring. I am Not Very Daring. When it comes to being daring, you are the one at the back of the line, and least likely to do anything. Don't feel too bad, though. You may actually live longer.

Facebook quizzes taken from Flora and Chantelle:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which House M.D. character are you?" with the result You are Wilson. Caring, understanding and trustworthy... so long as there's something in it for you. You tend to take pleasure in the drama of other people, which you feel strongly is being involved in their lives. This complicates things, which is why you're divorced now. You're attracted to the self-confident and weak-willed at the same time. Better look into getting a puppy or goldfish, as relationships aren't exactly your forte.

Leslie took the What Type of Engineer Are You? quiz and the result is ELECTRICAL ENGINEER. Most boring career ever, but you get paid well. So no argument there, but still not as good as the mechanical engineers.

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Distaste, misconstruing things, Dorothy, and rabbit poo

High-scoring words of the night so far:

DISTASTE (450 points; two 5W), ZOOID (204 points; 4W, 3W) - against Sheldon S.
FOYS (131 points) - against Mari S. [2W, 5W, hook off HIP for a plural]

Leslie's Drag Queen Name is Miss Construe.

Facebook quizzes taken from Morgana, Kelly, Jessica, and Jono:

Leslie just took the "Which spirit protects you?" quiz and the result is O Shun Ana. She's the European goddess of love. (Not that I believe in this sort of thing...)

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Golden Girl are you?" with the result Dorothy. You have a quick wit and no-nonsense personality. You are a leader and a bit of an intellectual. You are very close to your family and friends, which comes in handy on those Friday nights when you can't get a date. You are the best friend a person could ever ask for.

Leslie just took the "What Ice cream Flavor are you?" quiz and the result is Butter Pecan. You are orderly, perfectionist, careful, and detail-oriented. You are also competitive, aggressive in sports, and the take-charge type of personality filled with self-esteem.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which suburb do YOU belong in?" with the result Balmain. You are hip, chic, and laid-back; you enjoy a good coffee.

Poo nugget for this weekend: Rabbit Poo - Most people think of rabbit poo as a mound of round, dry pellets. But this is only one-half of the rabbit's number-two story. These furry creatures actually produce a second type of feces called cocotropes, which they then eat! These droplets contain healthy bacteria that help rabbits prevent infection, and are typically produced and consumed once a day. They are rarely seen because rabbits tend to produce this type of feces at night, and quickly devour them. Talk about a midnight snack. (you should see the picture for this one: a rabbit is sitting atop a HUGE pile of poo pellets!)

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally, I went to Good Friday service!

Eric called me at about 4:30 to see if I needed a ride. Of course I was aware of what was going on tonight, and we just decided to go by ourselves. I was glad I had time to eat benito flake noodles and shower, since dinner at church was very simple: "donated" bread from Terra Breads and three kinds of soup. We had a random ride to church after he patiently helped sort out my soup / bowl / plastic cup dilemma: taxes, not seeing him for a week, his being sick, Sundays being "feast days" in the Lenten season (Corey was very confused, the crazy kid!), saying things in French, and more.

When we went into the fellowship hall, we saw almost everyone in line for soup and bread. I said hi to a few people as Eric and I put our stuff down at a free table. Sarah apologized for bumping into me, which was fine. Exchanged banter with my brother about crazy music as I got a piece of bread and some bacon-chowder. Playfully hit Raymond in the shoulder as a way of greeting on my way back to the table, haha. I told him that I'd seen him on Facebook yesterday, and he said that at least I was keeping him accountable - you bet! He said he had to check one thing while he was adding things to his Top Five... fine, fine. I just HAD to comment: "GET OFF FACEBOOK!" Good thing he took it in a joking manner and understood, hahaha. Don't know what I'd have done if he hadn't, heh.

Talked to Dianne about her upcoming rural trip, wedding planning (Jon doesn't involve me in it!), family reunions, cleaning a mansion, and more. Grace and the girls discussed politics, and Cindy said that her partner teacher actually told the schoolchildren about the historical background behind Good Friday / Easter! Made very tentative "let's get together in the future!" plans with Chrystal... actually, I wouldn't even call them plans, haha! I greeted Priscilla, Phil, Mike, and others.

Interacted with the little kids: Abby actually said two words to me before she got shy, and cried into her mom Helen's arm. I quickly backed away from that situation, and let her go back to watching FINDING NEMO. Her brother Nathaniel told me all about his Thomas Trains, which his dad Joe cleared up for me. Keenan told me about a big bad wolf that was either outside or at home, while his brother Joshua just wanted to play the drums. At one point, Keenan and Abby (both about two years old) were chasing each other by the chapel, then walked into the fellowship hall holding hands: SO CUTE! Vanessa then reminisced about the times she'd seen Steph chase certain boys at church - I remember her kissing one or two of them! Baby Mattias (six months old) cried whenever someone held him, so I just let him hold my finger as I said hi to him. Joey impeded Keenan looking for his big brother at one point, heh. (Keenan asked me, "Where's Big Brother?" "I don't know - why don't you go look for him?")

Before we went into the sanctuary, Eric asked whether I was going to take any more bread: turned out he meant all the leftovers, and I appreciated that he looked out for me. Flaxseed was good, so I took two pieces of each kind that appeared to be left over - Cindy got me a bag, and I said hi to Nathan and Isabel while I was at it, The Good Friday service involved red cloth to be placed at the foot of a cross, white cloth, a Bach song in B minor, Communion, and MAJOR feedback noise! I sat by my usual seatmate, even if he was sitting by someone else. I've grown enough from a certain incident where I don't mind being one person away from him in the dark, heh. (and that was SO not meant to sound dirty) Interesting choice of liturgy and songs, which I commented on to my brother after we left the service.

Annie, Raymond, and I talked about the swatches of cloth we'd been given! I asked what they'd done today: Raymond had called people for bowling, and had also made soup. He says he's going to Sunrise Service on Sunday, so he'd better not hang out late tomorrow night. Annie asked if we had Monday off, since one of her friends has a FIVE-DAY weekend! Then Raymond remembered last year's Good Friday service: he says there were cloths there, too. I recalled the ones where we had to physically nail something to the cross; Citrus had to help me with that! (then there was the one where the message focused on the medical explanation of Jesus' crucifixion...)

Jon, Nathan, Christon, and I listened to Citrus tell us about whiskey and certain other aspects of his work: vandalism is NOT allowed, man! Nathan checked the Edmonton-Calgary hockey score on his phone and then razzed Richie (who's from Calgary) about the result: 5-1 for the Canucks against the Calgary Flames, man! Raymond remarked to me that he HOPED he had benched Kiprusoff in the hockey pool - that would be BAD if he hadn't! Richie couldn't believe it since the game had been scoreless at the end of the second period when he'd last checked, haha. Dianne said that Vancouver would definitely win over Colorado (second-worst team in the league) tomorrow, so we would be FIRST in the Division!

Phil heard all the commotion from his office, and came out to see what was going on. Later, Vanessa was talking to Melia about THE ROUNDABOUT at the ABC Restaurant - I instantly knew what she was referring to! Johnny wondered what they were talking about once they'd drawn Eric and Richie into the conversation: I told him, and added that we had to dress warmly for Sunrise Service since it was still cold at 6:30 or 7 AM! Phil remarked that they could do it backwards this year, so I remarked to Eric that my sister would probably have something to say about that! Melia invited Vanessa to Tim Horton's with Angus. A few minutes later, Eric asked if I were ready to leave - yup, since we both declined Jon's bubble tea invite because of cash reasons!

On the way home, Eric sang various songs, and loved it when I answered a question. He also brought up my being evil, Nathan and Jeremy's conversation about flesh in a test tube, stupid drivers, and more. I told him that my random mood last time we went to Citrus' place wasn't a morbid one; rather, it was an anti-SOMEBODY one! (and I just remembered that I actually did NOT go to last year's Good Friday service because of that particular person!)

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Dream of Tupperware, wings, and Steven Tyler yelling TALLAHASSEE!

High-scoring words of the day so far:

ACED (304 points) - against Amy R. [4W, 5W, hook off GAR to make AGAR]
FICHUS (316 points; 3W, 4W, hook off ENQUIRE for a plural), FLOE (105 points; 4W, 3W) - against Jennifer B.

I had a weird dream in which all I can remember is pushing around someone in a wheelchair - we were in this confusing maze of passages. Eventually, Jon came to lead us out, then made us click on a "Tupperware" link. That whisked us to a picnic lunch (with Dad / Mom / Tony / Sonny), where we ate many honey-glazed garlic chicken wings. All the bones were deposited in a blue bowl, and Jon told me that Dad had some plans for us later. I professed not to really care right to Dad's face, so Jon and I left to hear Steven Tyler screaming at us about South Tallahassee. Not sure where THAT came from!

Not impressed with the computer, since it took more than half an hour to reload Firefox. Then I got the brilliant idea of restarting it, and THEN it took the normal amount of time (WAY less than half an hour) to load everything... phew! Must borrow the Dean Koontz book One Door Away From Heaven - apparently, it reminded someone of the Collyer Brothers. Sweet! Talked to Z for a while, too - yay!

Wordscraper creep update: He actually thought that what he said ("weed is a booster after your score" and something else to do with naked time and sexy acts) would be acceptable to me! I am STILL not giving him the satisfaction of deleting the games. Then he tried saying "oops!" Bleh... I just want these games OVER with!

Edit about a half hour later: I reported him using the "report abuser" link; both games were (I assume) investigated, and I won them!

Facebook quizzes taken from Morgana, Ellen, Silvester, and Nathan:

Leslie took the Which Hindu goddess are you? quiz and the result is Saraswati. You're Saraswati. You're the goddess of wisdom, knowledge, music, and arts. Saraswati is the wife of Brahma, the god of creation. She's usually dressed in white because she represents purity, and her modest appearance means that she doesn't care much for material things, as she's into spiritual Truth. You're an intellectual person who enjoys reading and contemplating. You often find yourself in meditation, and abstract concept don't scare you. You love being surrounded by a few chosen friends, and you might choose your lover for his heart and soul rather than his looks. You're a creative person, and love relaxing and setting your imagination free. Vahana (animal vehicle): swan

Leslie took the Which Tarantino Character Are You? quiz and the result is you are Jackie Brown. Which Tarantino Character Are You?: Cunning, ruthless, and indomitable, you are a middle-aged flight attendant for a small Mexican airline who smuggles gun money into the United States. You believe in looking after number one, and will deceive and betray those you work for to achieve your ends.

Leslie took the Which punctuation mark are you? quiz and the result is Dash. You are a dash. Casual and freewheeling, you would rather be wearing flip-flops and jeans. You are playful and full of surprises, but no one should make the mistake of underestimating you -- you just might be the smartest person in the room.

Leslie took the Which Psychotherapist Are You? quiz and the result is Marsha Linehan (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). You're an innovator whose "thinking outside the box" in relation to behavior yields productive results. No problem is too big for you. You're more than the "all my friends tell me their problems" type; you're quite the loyal friend who invests in her relationships, despite the depths and severity of problems experienced by your friends. You definitely make a positive impact on the lives of others, and you're relentless in your efforts toward the public good.

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Killer sea creatures and Stanley Kubrick protagonists

Bingo of the night so far:

CORSAIRS (98 points) - against Alice P.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

MONDOS (116 points; 2W, 5W, hook off WELFARE for a plural), ANTISEX (110 points; 5W) - against Lyn M.
JAKE (395 points) - against Mark S. [5W, two 2W, hook off HI to make AHI]
TIPTOES (104 points) - against Jan S. [2W, 4W]
STUNS (163 points) - against Leah D. [two 5W, hook off AXE for a plural] (a good deficit-erasing word!)
ARMING (100 points) - against Leah D. [5W, 2W] (different game) (a good deficit-erasing word!)
YOGA (156 points) - against Nancy L. [5W, 2W]
GIFT (100 points) - against Carrie P. [2W, 5W]
REPEAT (160 points) - against Shelley R.-B. [two 4W]

Facebook quizzes taken from Kelly, Angela B., Steve L., and Gretchen:

Leslie completed the quiz "What Sort Of "I don't give a fuck I'll eat you" Killer Aquatic Creature Are You?" with the result Bat Shit Crazy Shark. These motherfuckers don't give a FUCK. They will munch your shit up entirely. On the real.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Transformer are you?" with the result Soundwave. You are the Decepticon's Communication Officer... Okay, your title may not say much, but you have secured yourself as one of Megatron's most valuable officers through your reliability and skill at obtaining information. Plus, between Shockwave and Starscream, you're the only one who wasn't openly betrayed by Megatron! You like your position at Megatron's side, and keep yourself in his good graces by constantly supplying him with intel on the Autobots and dirt on your fellow Decepticons. You may not be liked, but everyone knows that if they mess with you, they'll have to answer to Megatron!

Leslie took the Which Stanley Kubrick Protagonist Are You? quiz and the result is Private Joker. You have good intentions, and an overall optimistic view of things. You probably enjoy photography or writing. People find you to be a nice person, and someone they can trust.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which element are you?" with the result Earth. As Earth, you are the simplest of the elements, and that is no insult. You are loyal, reliable, trustworthy, and a stable entity from which all other things earthly may live and grow. You create environments in which learning, living, and loving is possible when you are at your best. At your worst, though, it is another story. When you are upset, it is something that is felt by all those touched by you. Your world becomes barren and dry, and those who depend on you begin to wither. The weight of others you bear alone is enough to drive many of the other elements insane. Your place in the world: To foster growth in others, which ultimately results in growth in yourself.

Corey and I discussed Milo chocolate drinks (available here and in Malaysia, but not there?!), Tim Tams, hot chocolate, strawberry / chocolate NesQuik, and more hot drinks. He thinks that the Vancouver stoners offended Britney Spears - hahaha, I did hear about that, and think it amusing. Honestly, she can think what she wants, but man.

I got my first creep (Mark William Shaffran) in Wordscraper, who suggested highly inappropriate things regarding sex and drugs. I'm not a prude or sheltered or anything, but seriously! You don't tell me those things, especially in a GAME. Good thing the best revenge is WINNING, which I am doing by a handy margin in BOTH games he started. Thank goodness that I'll never play him again!

Poo nugget for Friday, Apr. 10: Where Beano Fails... - Chester Weimer received a patent in 1998 for airtight underwear that is lined with a charcoal filter. This garment supposedly lets you fart with impunity by absorbing the emitted noxious odors. Lest you decide to don this diaper and let loose in company, bear in mind that this device will do nothing to block out sounds. (I'm listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd's That Smell right now, so this is a quirky amusing coincidence!)

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cops and dungeons?! Oh my.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

HASTIER (233 points) - against Kathleen M. [two 4W, hook off BOG for a plural]
MOFFETTE (160 points) - against Jenny F. [5W]
TOPEE (176 points) - against Pat K. [two 4W]


Had a weird dream where half my friends were cops, and we had to look for them in a water-filled dungeon. ODD! Teunis invited me to a birthday tea at his place on Monday - let's see if I can actually get out to Surrey without getting lost first! I've decided to block Chris R. (David L.'s friend of friend) because he was getting annoying. Had a status message up about veggies, and he said something about how chicken is one, and then called me LIKEX. Yeah, that's getting nipped in the bud!

Leslie just took the Are You A Good Date Quiz and is A Hot Date. I scored 100 percent on the Are You A Good Date Quiz which makes me A Hot Date. You are a hot date. Anyone that dates you is in for a treat. You know how to treat your dates right.

Facebook quizzes taken from Angela B., Jemima, Morgana, and Cathy:

Leslie took the What 90210 character are you? quiz and the result is You are Brenda. The bad girl. You will steal your best friend's boyfriend without looking back. Big partier. Watch out! This is not an innocent girl. (What the heck. NOT accurate!)

Leslie just took the "What is your personality type??" quiz and the result is Phlegmatic. You are an easygoing, caring, and kind person. Some Phlegmatics have an amazing sense of humor and can crack jokes without even a grin. You tend to get along well with most anyone, and keep most things to yourself. You are always looking for the easy way to do things, and often procrastinate. Phlegmatics are generally attracted to Cholerics of the opposite sex.

Leslie completed the quiz "Who is your cartoon twin?" with the result Tom. You are easily frustrated, but one very single-minded cat. Never giving up on your dreams will cause you much pain, but also help you to live life to the fullest.

Leslie completed the quiz "which PIN UP are you?" with the result TYPICAL HOUSEWIFE. You're a bright happy girl, full of joy, always ready to help others, also a troublemaker sometimes!!! You love to take care of your house, and people you really love. Every man will love to have you with him!!

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Colorado DMV and vegan messages

High-scoring words of the night so far:

VOTEABLE (248 points) - against Jerenda H. [2W, 3W, 5L on B]
VIVA (128 points) - against Margaret Y. [4W, 5L on V]
SOX (112 points) - against Anne W. [5W used twice, hook off AQUA to make AQUAS]
LAXITY (100 points) - against Shelley R.-B. [5W]

Seems like the Colorado DMV won't allow a personalized plate that says ILVTOFU. Gee, I wonder why...

Leslie just took the "Which Final Fantasy VII character are you?" quiz and the result is You are Cloud! Although you don't admit it, you are quite withdrawn and introspective. There is a lot you don't understand about yourself, and that sometimes causes you to be irritable and snap at your friends. You are tender and socially awkward. You can be moody and cold, but also surprise with your warmth. Generally, you are still a person with a good heart. During your life, you have overcome many personal challenges. You blame yourself for some of the things that are not your fault.

Facebook quizzes taken from Billie, Noel, Kaitlin, Jemima, and Bexy:

Leslie just took the "what Final Fantasy character are you?" quiz and the result is Yuffie. You are agile, mischievous, and greedy when it comes to material. [weapon: shuriken]

Leslie just took the "Which X-Men are you?" quiz and the result is Logan / Wolverine. Logan can regenerate spontaneously, a talent which allowed the painful implantation of a metal coating on his bones, and metal claws that emerge from each hand.

Leslie took the Are you really Portuguese? quiz and the result is You are da terra! You are very Portuguese. You likely keep up with Portuguese politics and you visit often. Portugal feels like home. (... not really...)

Leslie just took the "What Justice League Character are you?" quiz and the result is You are Batman. You are dark and brooding, and motivated by a sense of revenge that expresses itself as a quest for justice. With no powers to back it up, you use a wide array of gadgets to extract that revenge. Luckily, that revenge is tempered by a strong moral code. Lucky for your enemies, anyway.

Leslie completed the quiz "What Disney Princess are you?" with the result Belle. You are laid-back and imaginative. You like people for who they are, not what they are.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which psychiatric medication are you?" with the result Zoloft. You are Zoloft, the antidepressant that's also good for anxiety as well. You have a positivity about you that lifts others and makes you a fun person to be around. All smiley-faces and rainbows for you!

Poo nugget for Thursday, Apr. 9: Scybala - Scybala are hardened lumps of stool, sometimes felt by a physician when examining the abdomen of a patient with severe constipation. According to the Urban Dictionary, scybala is also used to refer to a successful person who has an abrasive personality.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

TEACHERS should have better grammar than this!

Bingos of the day so far:

OBTAINER (118 points), BREATHERS (67 points) - against Donna H.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

OBTAINER (118 points) - against Donna H. [5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
CAPITA (132 points) - against Shelley R.-B. [5W, 3L on C, hook off MISS to make AMISS]
ADSORBS (135 points) - against Tricia C. [two 3W]
FORESAW (234 points) - against Teri L. [5W, 5L on F, hook off BITE to make BITER]

I totally owned that annoying Arthur S. dude at Wordscraper... 1628 points to 121! He kept on talking and talking in the chat box, when I had decided that "I'm from Minnesota" didn't really need a response. I'm not PARANOID, normally... but for some reason, I didn't like it when he asked where I was from! Now he's started ANOTHER game, which I'll delete. (no, I don't have control issues!) On another note, I'm finally playing a game with David Littlefair... yay!

Grammar note: All teachers should proofread what they write, especially before sending it off to a group! Just got this email from a chronic offender: Please to bring your own bowls for dinner, preferably a tupperware with a lid because then you can bring your dirty dishes home closed - we don't have a sink to do the dishes now. Thanks. IS SHE ON DRUGS?! WHAT THE HECK.

Leslie completed the quiz "What crayon color are you?" with the result Cornflower. You are Cornflower! Hey, it's okay... don't be fooled by this powder blue color. On first sight, people look at you and think you are just good-looking. They're right, but there is much more they don't see on the surface. You enjoy life and know how to have fun. But when you have a job to do, you get it done and never falter.

Facebook quizzes taken from Jane and Bexy:

Leslie completed the quiz "What font are you" with the result Helvetica. You are Helvetica. You really do care about fonts; you watch documentaries about them, and know what kerning is. Half of your furniture is from Ikea or some other Scandinavian source. You probably retook this quiz if you got Comic Sans the first time around.

Leslie just took the "are you a retard" quiz and the result is smart. No one likes nerds.

Bexy completed the quiz "Which flower are you?" with the result Poppy. You are childlike and carefree. You resist most forms of structure, and choose to live life outside of the lines. You are compassionate and caring, but often lack the follow-through to put your plans into action. You can be self-absorbed, and often bounce from one thing to another before completing a task. But the sense of freedom you maintain by your lack of commitment allows you to follow your own pursuits as you wish, like traveling and exploring all the time.

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Dream: Complaining about violins, and fantasy

This thing JUST restarted, right when I was going to catch up on stuff - UGH! Erika P. emailed me about the same thing that Caryn did about a year ago - HA HA HA.

I had a weird dream when I could finally get to sleep. Tried sleeping early, but that just did not work! Highlights included Spoz telling me about some misspelled sign which had "Whyte" instead of "White" on it, taking a picture of said sign, and then posting it to me on a forum whose links were purple - the background was grey, kinda like CL forums. Eric called me to see whether I would accompany him in his quest for thin books at the library. We found many of them in the kids' section on a carousel. After that, he said he'd leave me alone to wash dishes with green mittens, and then I could fantasize about people. I had to playfully slap him for that one!

Raymond showed up later to take me to visit Chung and Karen. Karen was breastfeeding baby Mattias, and took the opportunity to vent about her mother. Apparently, the woman was all gung-ho about her violin, and poor Karen had to listen to ALL of it. Karen didn't understand anything much about the violin, so I suggested that my brother would be a more than adequate substitute for her! Chung appeared at the door, saying that they had to go. Karen commented that breastfeeding the baby at least gave her 45 minutes to an hour of peace, since she didn't want to do this in front of her mother. (yet was fine with doing it in front of us, albeit with a nursing cover) I have no idea why I had that dream!

Facebook quizzes taken from Mike B.:

Leslie completed the quiz "How Black are you?" with the result Malcolm X. You are Malcolm X, our shining Black Prince. You have the ability to organize and mobilize the people for human rights. You understand the global struggle of the oppressed, and you're willing to fight the power! (HAHAHAHAHAHA. Now I gotta do the "How WHITE are You?" one!)

Leslie completed the quiz "How White Are You?" with the result Steve Jobs. You're about as white as it gets. Not only does Jobs head Apple Computer, his wife runs a non-profit. Jobs' usual attire consists of a sweater, jeans, and New Balance sneakers making him the perfect white person spokesman. (HAHAHAHAHA!)

You Are a Jaguar

You have a knack for reforming, balancing, and even healing people.

You see the good in everyone, and you help bad people learn to be better.

Even though you connect to people, you can't help but feel separate from everyone else.

You often feel like you are on the outside looking in, even with your closest family members and friends.

So true...

Your Supervillain Name is Genocide Bullet



Edit at 1441: It restarted AGAIN!

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Congee with instant rice?! / Florida / Red infant poo

High-scoring words of the night so far:

VARYING (104 points) - against Nathalie C. [two 2W]
PORCHES (203 points) - against Angela V. [4W, 2W, hook off QUAIL for a plural]
TOWY (195 points) - against Pat K. [5W, 3W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
FLAXES (1520 points) - against Mark S. [5W, two 4W]
PUJAH (155 points) - against Nancy L. [5W, hook off FOOT to make AFOOT]

I don't have the "Cats Painting" mug anymore, due to it getting really sticky-gross and unwashable. It's okay, since that was the one Korey liked last year, haha.

[21:58:23] Flami: learning about martyrs: so have you tried any more of the stuff I sent?
[21:59:42] Corey: Maltesers today. basically the same thing as Whoppers, but I like those. I think that leaves Mirage as the only thing I haven't tried, except for the other flavors of Aero and Mars bars
[22:00:42] Flami: shredded pork and shredded salmon!
[22:02:17] Corey: yes, that too. I was looking at the candy. I have that here. the meat stuff is in the kitchen
[22:04:13] Flami: makes sense... according to this jar, you can use it as a sushi topping or as an addition to whatever you'd put on your bread... I don't recommend it
[22:36:24] Corey: what do you recommend then?
[22:44:14] Flami: mixing it in congee, but since neither of us has it, it's okay for a snack or a rushed meal
[22:52:03] Corey: is it like beef jerky? just really ground up for some reason? it doesn't look like something you'd want to eat plain
[22:53:29] Flami: it's KINDA like beef jerky... and while it's not the best PLAIN, it is really good with rice porridge
[22:53:58] Corey: so how do you make that?
[22:56:52] Flami: I've never made it... my mother has, though. I'll link you to whatever I can find on that topic
[23:01:03] Corey: so you just boil some rice and add salt?
[23:01:48] Corey: but you have too cook it for over an hour? yikes
[23:01:56] Corey: stirring occasionally too :P
[23:05:04] Flami: learning about martyrs: yeah... it's a bit labor-intensive :P
[23:13:59] Corey: what about with instant rice? I think that's all we have right now and that surely doesn't take as long
[23:15:05] Flami: I really don't know if that would work...
[23:17:09] Corey: well, that's annoying then! :P
[23:20:53] Flami: well, what do you want me to do about it?
[23:24:13] Corey: alter the method of making it so I can try it out with little to no effort!
[23:32:44] Flami: I don't think it works that way... sorry

Facebook quiz taken from Darren and Jennifer L.:

Leslie just took the "Which Super-Villain Are You?" quiz and the result is Lord Voldemort! You are a really twisted person. You like magic tricks, and in some cases, actually performing some real magic. You dislike kids who say they are better than you. You prefer to instantly kill people, and take in the few seconds watching them die!

Leslie took the What State should I live in? quiz and the result is Florida. You like the sun all the time with slight rain; you like the beach, but not many monuments. (ALL THE TIME?! Most of it, sure!)

Poo nugget for Wednesday, Apr. 8: Dr. Stool Says - Red Infant Poo - Intussuception is a form of intestinal blockage that occurs in infants. It involves one portion of the intestine telescoping into another. While abdominal discomfort is the main symptom, the passage of a viscous reddish-black bowel movement can be an early clue to the diagnosis. The mixture of blood-tinged stool with mucus lends this poo its red currant jelly appearance.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Howe Sound Nut Brown Rail Ale

High-scoring words of the evening so far:

FRANKER (446 points) - against Josephine S. [two 3W, 5L on K]
UPGAZE (105 points) - against Michele M. [5W]
TAXIS (120 points) - against Anne W. [3W, hook off BLAIN for a plural]
FLEAS (140 points) - against Arthur S. [5W used twice, 3L on F, hook off CORD for a plural]

Leslie's Hobbit Name is Rosa Goodchild.

Leslie's Sports Name is Leslie 'Diaper-Draws' Ng. (What the?!)

Leslie just took the How Honest Are You Quiz and is Mostly Honest. I am Mostly Honest. You are mostly honest. You can occasionally stray from the truth, but it's mostly minor stuff, and often for good reasons. Not to worry... too much honesty can be bad for you.

Here's the blurb from my Howe Sound Nut Brown Rail Ale, which is a smooth, flavorful nut brown ale with hints of chocolate and licorice. Made with 100% barley, hops, water, and yeast. Named in recognition of the region's strong railway history and Squamish, BC's West Coast Railway Heritage Park - home of the Royal Hudson and western Canada's largest collection of heritage railway equipment. (5% alcohol)

Our Story: In 1980, BC's John Mitchell and Frank Appleton pioneered North America's first modern craft brewery at Horseshoe Bay on BC's spectacular Howe Sound, beginning what has become known as the craft brewing renaissance. In 1996, John Mitchell helped design the Howe Sound Brewery, and worked as our first brewer, developing our initial recipes. Known as the "grandfather of microbrewing in Canada," we are proud of his ongoing relationship with our brewery. Today, we continue to brew in the craft style, using unfiltered 100% barley mash. We pride ourselves in brewing a diverse selection of flavorful, well-balanced ales. We invite you to enjoy the experience.

Our Bottle: This re-closable bottle, known as a "pot-stopper," was widely used in Europe and North America prior to the 1950s. Our new combination cap is an innovative design that allows closure by both crown and swing caps. It can be reopened and meets our green packaging objectives. Please visit Combi Cap for more information.

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Jars, Nazis, tubas, prehistoric animals, art, and more!

High-scoring words of the day so far:

JARS (129 points) - against Jennifer B. [4L on J, 3W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
NAZIS (144 points) - against Matthew G. [4W, 2W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
TUBAS (213 points) - against Elizabeth H. [two 5W, hook off YOKE for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Leslie just took the "What Mythological Monster Are You?" quiz and the result is You're a Vampire! You are the villainous monster from Slavic mythology! You're cunning, sly, athletic, sophisticated, suave and majestic with stunning looks. Some of your kind can just be an easygoing, open-hearted type, while others can be antisocial and silent. Your skills and looks can sometimes make others jealous. Your natural rival and enemy is the werewolf.

Facebook quizzes taken from Morgana, Candy, Jessica G., and Bec:

Leslie took the What Prehistoric animal are you? quiz and the result is Velociraptor. You are very smart and social, but are also very very very dangerous. (I remember them from JURASSIC PARK. Yay! Actually, I quite like the idea of being dangerous, too... *evil grin*)

Leslie took the What Alcoholic beverage are you? quiz and the result is Mojito. You are a lot of work, but you love it: crushing the mint and then mixing it with some sugar and a squeeze of lime! You don't care how busy anybody is; if they want you, they'll have to wait for it. And those who want something else? They'll have to wait, too. You're a Selfish Bitch who packs a punch. (Nice... I think I'll have some beer now, in fact!)

Leslie just took the "What is your spirit animal?" quiz and the result is Buffalo.

Leslie just took the "Are you a Nerd, Geek, or Dork?" quiz and the result is You're a total Nerd. Nerds like to read all the time and prefer learning to having friends or doing cool stuff. Geeks are all like "Duh, Warglaive of Azzinoth does 109 POINT THREE dps! OMG learn2play nubcake." They love weird stuff and dressing up like characters that don't exist. Dorks don't really have many passions, and lack anything resembling social skills, numchuck skills, or computer hacking skills. "GOSH!"

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Death Note character are you most like?" with the result Rem. You are often sad or confused, but you have a huge heart! You would lay down your own life to save your friends, and there is no greater love than that! You often stick up for people you care about, and others love to be with you.

Leslie took the quiz What is your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)? and the result is Your EQ is 114. You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt. On an average day... you're quite happy, together, and content. You live your life well. Your emotions aren't always stable, but you can go along with the ups and downs pretty well. You tend to be motivated, energetic, focused, and levelheaded. You see the world pretty rationally, and you don't tend to over-dramatize things. When things are bad, you know they eventually have to get better.

Leslie just took the "What Great Movie Are You?" quiz and the result is Fight Club. Your life is boring. Although you haven't figured out what is real and what is not, you do know one thing: You like MAYHEM!

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Metal Band Are You?" with the result Turisas. As far as you're concerned, heavy metal is the soundtrack to warfare. Forget moshing! You sword-fight when metal's playing! (I have NEVER heard of them before!)

Leslie completed the quiz "What is your level of Goth?" with the result Inner Goth. Okay - so maybe you're not a goth on the outside. But, you're a goth on the inside! You're a gentle soul, and a person who has a lot of pain in your life. Grin and bear it, because you're a strong person who doesn't let the whole world know you're upset!

Leslie completed the quiz "Which decade are you?" with the result 90s Grunge Rocker. You are a 90s grunge rocker! You know what Teen Spirit smells like and you want more! You embrace flannel, plaid, and JNCo Jeans. You are radical and thrive in a very urban setting. Seattle is your mecca. You love music, and you are always going to concerts! You know that grunge is more than a music type... it's a way of life. Grunge is typically angst-filled, often addressing themes such as social alienation, apathy, confinement, and a desire for freedom. A number of factors influenced the focus on such subject matter. Many grunge musicians displayed a general disenchantment with the state of society, as well as a discomfort with social prejudices.

You Are a Mosaic

You are worldly and cultured. You draw inspiration from many sources.

You appreciate vivid colors and busy scenes, but you like a bit of order too.

You believe that art should have many layers. It should be beautiful up close and from afar.

The best art gets more interesting the longer you look at it.

Your Body is 30 Years Old

Your body is younger than it should be. Congratulations!

You're taking good care of yourself, and it's definitely paying off.

Whether it's by accident or by choice, you're living a very healthy lifestyle.

Keep it up, and you're likely to live a long, vibrant life.

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You're shutting me out if you close your mouth before I do!

This thing JUST restarted - UGH! I hope I can get stuff DONE today...

These are from my copy of America's Dumbest Dates: Over 500 Tales of Fumbled Flirtations.

The Kiss

"Tilly saw kissing as just another arena for expressing feminist theories or demanding equal rights. She wanted to lead. She wanted to dominate. She pushed me around like a subordinate at work. Not for me. I want to get primal. I want to be a caveman." - Rich, age 34.

"We're out and she's kissing everyone we see. Like it's a group thing. Each familiar face, each "Hi, how are you?" required a kiss. Every "So long." After a while, her kisses seemed easy. She cheapened the whole kissing event. When I took her home, I shook hands." - Garret, age 23.

"I think Roland was trying to wash my tonsils with his tongue." - Sally, age 27.

"Marilyn would not kiss me until she showered, put on makeup, and did her hair. Then she didn't want me to mess her up." - Tony, age 27.

"She wore so much makeup that I was afraid to touch her. Like if I kissed her, my lips might sink into it; I might drown like in quicksand. Or I might get stuck to her, like a bug on flypaper." - Chaz, age 25.

"We were kissing and suddenly he got all upset. Turns out I'd closed my mouth before he did. He said it was like I'd shut him out. Rejected him. I'm serious." - Dianne, age 31.

"She messed with my hair. I don't mind a woman touching, fondling, or caressing me. That's fine. But don't mess with my hair." - George, age 40.

"Donald gave me directions. He told me what to do, how to kiss, what to touch, where to put my hands. He was very exact in what he wanted. When we kissed, he stopped me in the middle and said, with exhausted patience, "No, not like that. THIS way." He demonstrated, gave me verbal instructions, and arranged my limbs. He pushed my lips into position and scolded me that I'd done it wrong. Apparently, I needed to act like I MEANT it." - Patricia, age 34.

"My old girlfriend told me that it turned her on if I sucked her fingertips. So, during the movie, I picked up Joyce's hand and started on her pointer. She screamed, "EW! What the hell are you doing?!" The whole theatre turned and stared." - Leroy, age 23.

"Sybil's mouth tasted like an ashtray. Forget it." - Hank, age 25.

"I liked Ted and couldn't wait to get close to him. I mean, until we kissed. It was a lip jab. Like a chicken peck. His head moved forward and popped back, and the long-awaited kiss was over before I could respond - hell, before I could blink." - Christie, age 22.

"She wouldn't kiss me unless we were outside. The park, the beach - she said she liked the fresh air and the sky. The feeling of nature." - Paul, age 29.

"Paul told me that in the Middle Ages, the more you revered someone, the lower the part of them you kissed. Then he got down on the ground and kissed my boots." - Eleanor, age 44.

"Rita and I were kissing in the car. I ran my hands up her face, down through her hair. She suddenly pulled away and her hair came off in my hand. Of course, I realized it was a wig. But by then, I'd already screamed and pissed her off." - Don, age 52.

"Alan covered both my lips with his mouth and sucked. I ended up with swollen lips, permanently puckered." - Sarah, age 22.

"I like pretty feet. I don't want to get involved with anyone whose feet are unattractive, so before we get physical, I always ask them to take their shoes off. Then I take it from there, depending." - Tom, age 29.

"I was nervous and felt awkward. I turned to scratch my nose and his kiss landed on my eye." - Iris, age 47.

"Fran positioned herself to make kissing awkward, if not impossible. I had to maneuver around elbows and shoulders, or somehow shift my weight around to get close to her face. Finally, I realized it wasn't going to happen. She had no sense of body alignment, poor kid." - Roland, age 33.

"Lisa was full of contradictions. She offered to pick up the tab, which meant she didn't necessarily want me to kiss her. But then she let me pay, which meant maybe she did. Then she talked about other men, old boyfriends and such, so I guessed she didn't. You have to pay attention to women's signals, know when to move, when not to." - Mark, age 32.

"Wade mashed my lips between his teeth. I had to close my mouth, or our teeth would have ground together." - Lila, age 33.

"I thought he was a babe, and I was falling fast. I mean, I was steamed. But when we said goodnight, he kissed my forehead. My forehead! Like I was his ten-year-old sister." - Jacquie, age 20.

"My girlfriend asked me to give her a foot rub, then she got mad that I gave her a foot rub. Turns out what she MEANS when she says she wants a foot rub is that she wants me to kiss her - which, of course, any fool should know." - Paul, age 27.

"John gave me an Eskimo kiss. Seriously. He said it was flu season, and he didn't want to catch a cold." - Joyce, age 19.

"Marsha believes that kissing is the only way to break tension between a man and a woman. So every time I'd get angry, she'd start kissing me, which made me madder. Which made her kiss me more until, sometimes, I'd forget what I was mad about - which made me REALLY mad." - Ed, age 27.

"I'd slipped my hand under her sweater, and suddenly a flashbulb goes off, right in my face. Her little brother pops out from behind the easy chair with his camera and, as my date is strangling him, offers to sell me the negatives. That kid's gonna go somewhere. He'll be somebody, if he lives long enough." - Len, age 21.

"I really liked Heather, but no matter how we positioned ourselves, our noses were in the way. It just wasn't meant to be." - Wesley, age 27.

"It was a perfect day at the shore - the perfect place. She was the perfect girl. I was waiting for the perfect moment to give her a perfect kiss. The sun was setting. Her hair was blowing in the breeze. The waves caressed the shore. I took her hand. And suddenly, a bunch of her friends appeared out of nowhere. Boom - we were in the middle of a party. The perfect moment was gone. I'd waited too long. My perfect kiss was gone forever. But I learned from it; that experience became a metaphor for life." - Bob, age 24.

"Jerry is a foot taller than I am, so in order to kiss him, I had to tilt my head back at a 45° angle. On one of our first dates, I got a soft tissue injury, something like whiplash, from kissing him goodnight." - Cissy, age 20.

"On all four of our dates, Charles always kissed the air in front of my mouth. He never made contact - he stayed about a tenth of an inch away. I tried to lean forward, but he dodged." - Heather, age 40.

"He wouldn't let me watch the movie. Every two seconds, he was trying to make out with me. I shoved some popcorn into his mouth. He started rubbing his upper arm against me, breathing into my neck. I leaned so far the other way that I was almost in the lap of the lady next to me." - Amy, age 24.

"Joe kissed like he was eating an ear of corn. Short little nibbles, moving across my face to my ear. Then down to my neck and across to my throat. And back up and across again." - Cathy, age 34.

"Sean refused to believe that I'm a natural blond, and dared me to prove it. That was about as romantic as he got." - Anna, age 33.

"I took Stephanie to a party. We mixed and wandered on our own. When I wanted to get going. I walked up behind her, put my arms around her, and whirled her around into a big passionate kiss. Only it wasn't Stephanie. It was a woman I'd never seen before. From behind, she looked just like Stephanie, I swear. Same hair, same height. Both wearing black. Really, it could have happened to anybody. But this lady wasn't amused. And neither was Stephanie." - Josh, age 27.

"I heard the toilet flush. The door immediately opened, and he came right out of the john. The water hadn't run. He ate cheese and crackers. Touched my back, tried to hold my hand. Wanted to make out. And all I could think of was that he'd gone to the bathroom and hadn't washed his hands." - Cora, age 45.

"Ellen moved close to me and stared up into my face with this focused, intense look. I thought, she's going to make a pass at me. Then she asked whether I'd mind if she squeezed a blackhead." - Bill, age 23.

"We were on his sofa, watching TV. He nibbled my ear and then yelled at the news anchor for saying something stupid. He nearly blew my brains out." - Faye, age 24.

"I met Wanda at a singles bar. She was really forward and seemed to be really taken by me. I bought her a drink and asked her to dinner. She leans over, touches me a lot. Snuggles right up. After a while, I go to the men's room. When I come back, no Wanda. I reach into my pocket for some cash, but no wallet. I'd been had. Scammed. Taken for a ride. But I learned my lesson: Never take a wallet into a singles bar. Now, if I go, I carry my money in my socks." - Leroy, age 23.

"When he dropped me off, he claimed to have a nosebleed and asked if he could come into my apartment to stop it. He came out of the bathroom with a wad of toilet paper shoved up his nose. Then he tried to kiss me." - Shannon, age 24.

"I'd wanted to go out with Phoebe for years, literally, but one of us had always been involved when the other was free. Even so, for some reason, I always thought we'd end up together. Finally, after maybe nine years, we were both unattached. I thought this was It. I asked her out. But when I got the chance to kiss her, nothing happened. I mean, nothing. She put her lips up and we kissed. Nothing. There was no spark. No chemistry. No electricity. Years of waiting, thinking I'd marry her, and thud. Nothing. Kiss of death." - Ron, age 30.

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Tim Tams and hot chocolate: Bite the corners off and DIP!

Bingo of the night so far:

MISGUIDE (249 points) - against Patricia S.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

PAINT (149 points) - against Elena W. [5W, 3W, hook off PRIM to make PRIMP]
MISGUIDE (249 points) - against Patricia S. [bingo; 4W, 3W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
INTONE (142 points) - against Itamar R. [4W, 5W]
DUPING (620 points) - against Babs G. [2W, two 5W]
JOULE (228 points) - against Janelle I. [two 4W, hook off AIR to make LAIR]
SUBTEEN (837 points; 3W, 4W, 5W, hook off CONE to make SCONE), OPAL (169 points; 3W, 5W) - against Alex R.
FLAX (114 points) - against Hanna M. [4W, 2L on X] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
REALITY (106 points) - against Teri L. [3W]

Played the word "PENIS" against poor Melissa R. just because I had the tiles. :D

BEFORE this thing decided to restart, I was having a lovely conversation with Corey about Tim Tams and hot chocolate:

[23:29:51] Flami: learning about martyrs: so what does Youtube say about how to eat Tim Tams?! :P
[23:30:58] Corey: you bite the corners off and use it as a straw to drink coffee or hot chocolate
[23:31:18] Flami: I don't have either around here
[23:31:30] Corey: then when it's pretty saturated, you put the whole thing in your mouth... it melts and is supposedly really really really really good
[23:32:34] Corey: I thought it lasted a while, but apparently they melt pretty quickly... so it'll fall apart on you if you don't put it in your mouth pretty quickly
[23:35:17] Corey: first one shows it working... the second one is actual Aussies demonstrating it, but the guy laughs and it falls apart on him
[23:35:53] Corey: so that should give some indication of how quick it needs to be :P there's another video that uses tea.... but coffee or hot chocolate sound a whole lot better to me
[23:38:57] Corey: that's the tea one, and has Natalie Imbruglia, who is apparently Australian. I don't think I've even heard anything about her in a really long time
[23:39:10] Corey: but she appears to have her technique down :P
[23:49:01] Flami: I remember that she is Australian, and that's about it
[00:13:09] Corey: okay, hot chocolate obtained and cooling to drinkable temperature
[00:14:22] Corey: Tim Tams, opened
[00:15:54] Flami: let me know how it is!
[00:20:48] Corey: well, when this hot chocolate seems like it's not going to burn my entire mouth while doing this, I'll give it a shot :P
[00:20:52] Corey: I think it's getting there
[00:22:11] Flami: okay, okay... I'm not an impatient person, y'know :P
[00:22:23] Corey: okay, it should be okay now
[00:23:42] Corey: okay, corners bitten off (not bad at all :P) ... let's see how this works
[00:24:47] Corey: wow, the entire thing totally melts right after you do that
[00:25:35] Corey: not as chocolatey as I imagined it, but very very good... definitely better like that than eating them plain :P
[00:27:49] Flami: it's been ages since I've had hot chocolate... tea, I do have around here, but meh.
[00:29:15] Corey: we've had hot chocolate forever... we bought a big box of Swiss Miss packets, and that lasted forever... I think right about when that ran out was when my grandma died.. and she had a whole ton of them too, so it's refilled and we still have tons. it apparently doesn't go bad because this is definitely a few years old at least, and the stuff we had before must have been even older :P
[00:33:27] Corey: okay, I did another one. you're definitely, definitely doing it wrong :P
[00:33:58] Corey: from eating the corners, it's obvious that they're pretty good plain, but still, that's wasting them :P
[00:34:10] Corey: go buy hot chocolate mix :P
[00:35:45] Corey: I think I can do one more before it gets too low to get it down in the hot chocolate... it doesn't use much of it at all, so you're going to have plenty of hot chocolate left over unless you use some kind of really wide-mouthed glass for it
[00:38:07] Flami: I had hot chocolate from about mid-September 2005 to sometime in July 2008
[00:43:01] Corey: well, make that 2009, too
[00:48:09] Flami: Korey drank it all!
[00:48:54] Corey: well, you have stores! :P get some more! :P
[00:49:59] Corey: I only did three, so I have more for later...
[00:54:44] Flami: okay, fine... I'll tell you about it when I do that :P
[00:56:54] Flami: it was a HUGE box with assorted kinds of Land O'Lakes cocoa in it: Chocolate Supreme, Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate Double Fudge, Chocolate and Raspberry, Chocolate and French Vanilla, and Chocolate with Caramel.
[00:59:33] Corey: Land O'Lakes? that's butter!
[01:00:41] Corey: well, I used to use two packets at a time, and that stuff still lasted forever... I guess I wasn't making it every day or anything
[01:09:38] Flami: well, I thought Land O'Lakes was butter and stuff too, until Vivian and Karen gave me the box for my birthday!
[01:10:34] Flami: I didn't make it every day, either for myself or Korey... although there were a few days where he'd have two in a couple hours.
[01:25:12] Corey: guess he likes it
[01:33:13] Flami: yeah... guess so :P then he'd wonder WHY he had trouble sleeping at night :P
[01:39:03] Corey: yeah, me too
[01:47:09] Flami: CAFFEINE, DUDE.
[02:05:12] Corey: caffeine!!!
[02:05:49] Flami: yup, there's the magic answer!

Leslie took the Are You a Grammar and Spelling Freak? quiz and the result is English Professor Material. You could correct College-Level papers! Your spelling and grammar are perfect! (Grammatical cases and diagramming sentences are NOT my main proficiencies, but the rest was EASY!)

Facebook quizzes taken from Jessica Lai, Morgana, and Dana:

Leslie took the Which Love Language do you have? quiz and the result is Gifts. You are a person of gifts. This means you are most touched when people give you a gift, because it means they were thinking of you when they bought, created or found what they give you. You see life as a gift! Gifts and giving is your emotional tool, and you will therefore also use this to connect to other people. Gifts are a great way of communicating, but when someone else you love doesn't necessarily talk the way you do, it doesn't mean they don't love you. What would be their primary love language? The downside of giving gifts without talking or doing things for someone else may come across as a quick fix to escape building a further relationship. Try to put in some effort by finding out what the other person's language is, too. A good conversation or spending time with them can be a gift to them, more precious than a box of chocolate! One last point to mention is that God also communicates in your love language. He uses gifts, too. He says in the Bible that He loves you, that you are the apple of His eye, and that He wants you to come to Him and talk to Him. He loves you and gave Jesus (God Himself in human form) to bridge the gap caused by the fall of sin through which we cannot fully obey the law He gave us. He made the solution through Jesus, and when accepting Him, you'll accept God Himself, Who loves you, and wants to communicate with you. Jesus is the greatest Gift, Who gives salvation FREELY to whoever accepts Him. Praise God!

Leslie took the Which Joss Whedon character are you? quiz and the result is Xander Harris. [from Buffy The Vampire Slayer] You have a big heart. You are always forgiving your friends, and will love them no matter what. You tend to be attracted to strange people, but they aren't all bad. On the other hand, some of them are very bad, and you usually figure that out just in time - or else your friends rescue you. You're not quite sure what you want to do when you grow up, but that's okay. You don't want to be like your parents.

Leslie just took the "What colour is your soul?" quiz and the result is Yellow. Yellow is the colour of sunshine. It's associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. Your soul combines all of these things, tending to mean that you are a more thoughtful person on the whole. Yellow usually goes with a sunny personality. You have a good business head and a strong sense of humor. Although all of this does mean you are a clear and precise thinker who is in control of their own ideas, it also means that at time you tend to shun responsibility, preferring freedom of thought and action.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, Apr. 7: Spreading Global Access to Toilets - The World Health Organization's Global Water Supply and Sanitation Assessment of 2000 found that 40 percent of the world's population doesn't have access to toilet facilities. The lack of toilets is found mostly in Asia and Africa. Efforts are underway to design hygienic toilets that are easy to build and maintain in order to help meet this need.

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Bioweapons, killing someone on a world map, and blackmail sex

Been watching TWO AND A HALF MEN lately as the lead-in to HOUSE, heh. Manipulative mothers, indeed... fake operations, anyone? Yikes. HOUSE was about a patient who faked being sick to hang onto someone for attention. Then a relatively new character committed suicide - I've heard that Kal Penn is going to work for the President, and also that he's a vegan.

In 24, we pick up where we left off last week: the big Starkwood vs. FBI standoff. Jonas shows up and gives Moss a mouthful on trespassing and warrants, and gives him an ultimatum: leave in five minutes, or my goons'll kill ya. Back at the office, they need to act fast and find the bioweapon, because Tony officially took the Jack road and snuck off deep inside the evil Starkwood military base in the middle of D.C. So Jack finds a convenient new lead: Douglas Knowles, Starkwood's Chairman of the Board who ratted out corporate stuff to Senator Mayer during his investigation. Jack contacts him and Knowles agrees to help find the bioweapons, because Hodges apparently went crazy. So Doug meets with Tony and they encounter an obstacle: the door to the building with the bioweapons has a keycard lock and it won't open. And back at the FBI, Jack is going green – but not the environmental kind of going green.

In case anyone forgot, about a million people tell Jack how sorry they are that he's been exposed to the bioweapon, including President Taylor during his call to brief her on their plan. Taylor also reminds us that Jack always has to be the only one. This time, he's the only one who can identify and verify the bioweapon canisters before she orders a "surgical air strike." I assume "surgical" means they won't hit a school half a mile away.

Still at the White House, it's Olivia! Her reporter friend is calling her with some bad news. It's the same reporter who was supposed to run a story on Kanin at eleven (last episode), but suddenly it's going to be in the morning news. He found out about the action in the container yard and about a meeting of the Joint Chiefs. He wants to know more, and threatens to expose her power play against Kanin if she doesn't agree to meet him.

Th FBI is using satellites now, and they're doing infra-red scans of the Starkwood compound. There's one building that's showing no signal because they are using some sort of shield. Why do that when it obviously draws attention anyway? Beats me. Janis starts decoding the door lock with some R6 module or whatever, and naturally, it's taking too long and there's a guard Humvee coming round the corner! Tony and Knowles might get spotted, so they hide behind some conveniently placed barrels, and then Knowles decides to step forward and buy time. It's so exciting that Jack gets a seizure. The guards call Jonas for instructions despite the fact that Knowles is their boss and practically owns a controlling share of their asses. Jonas tells them to bring the guy in, and Tony enters the building in the nick of time. "Copy that" is said about a dozen times.

Pierce and Olivia walk down a hall to meet with Ken the nosy reporter. Pierce insists on going inside with Olivia, but she tells him she has him on speed dial and she can scream really loud. (I guess it's a good thing Ken didn't gag her and take her phone away the minute she entered the room.) Ken suspects there's some sort of WMD out there based on his intel from a mysterious source (the future dad security guard?). Olivia refuses to confirm this because it's a matter of national security. He tells her he understands why it has to remain secret. So she tells him what's up with Starkwood. Then he tells her he's gonna report it unless she sleeps with him. Apparently, they used to do that a lot in the past. Off-camera sex ensues.

Jack gets a shot of pen dopamine from the pretty season three doctor, Sunny Macer. But it's only going to stop the shaking, it ain't gonna cure him. And yeah, he'll need more of it because the sickness is progressing faster than progressive rock in the 1970s. Then Macer tells Jack that some university is doing research on weird diseases, and there might be a cure for his incurable sickness. Now, watch out, because this show is on FOX... the cure uses stem cells! They need 'em from a family member, and Jack's file (and my worst nightmares) say he's got a daughter. But Jack will hear none of it. He doesn't want Kim involved because they haven't talked to each other since like 2009. (To us, that is nothing, but these people are in the future.) It is implied that Walker will call Kim anyway.

Tony's op is back on. He's inside the building. There are guards coming his way, so he needs to open other doors a bit quicker. Fortunately, he magically knows all the codes inside the building, and he punches them in pretty fast. On the way, he kicks some henchmen booty and takes one of their uniforms. I hope the shoes fit... McClane wasn't so lucky. Tony gets on an elevator, and a Fayed look-alike scientist hitches a ride. He's looking over some photos of microbes, and does some small talk with a slightly nervous Tony. There's no Muzak. Tony is now in the main building, four floors down. Janis has no information that the building has subterranean floors, but believe him, he's there.

As are a bunch of scientists loading the bioweapon from one canister to another. Jack IDs the canisters from the truck by looking at the picture three times in different sizes and on different screens. All thanks to Sprint. The air strike is go, but the bioweapon is on the move. Tony has ten minutes to leave.

Jonas meets with Knowles, who's pissed off because his employees arrested him. He asks Jonas if Starkwood has bioweapons. Hodges confirms it by denying it in his signature weird way. Knowles doesn't like his speech on serving the country no matter what, so he gets a huge crystal bottle of Scotch in the face. Again, again, and again. Then Hodges throws him down a balcony onto a map of the world painted on the floor. You don't see any blood, although Knowles' face must look worse than Marika's lasagna. Then Jonas notices that he has like three drops of blood on his shirt and he tries to wash it off with some water from a very cool crystal box. He gets a call that jet fighters are on their way.

Sex is over, and it was probably better than the notorious Logan Quickie. Ken says Olivia must think he's a total asshole, but she's just glad he won't run the story. But won't he? He won't, right? Oh sorry, Olivia. You just got used. He wants to run it anyway. So that's how many double-crosses from this guy? Well, she's got some tricks up her sleeves as well. Like making a sex tape with her cell phone and threatening to show it to Ken's wife. The double-crosser gets double-crossed. Jeez, just buy a bottle of super-expensive Double Cross vodka and let that be the end of it.

So she leaves the room, and Aaron totally knows what was happening in there. Mommy Dearest calls Olivia to tell her she's missing the fireworks – air strike in five minutes and counting! The generals in the situation room are all thrilled, and they're gonna use phosphorus charges that burn at 5000 degrees, which is more than enough to eradicate the pathogen (and ten times more than what they need to burn all the paper in Starkwood). The CDC confirmed it.

Jonas enters his situation room and orders a call to the president. Greg Seaton notices the bloodstains on Jonas' shirt, and the boss says Knowles will be missing the show. Jonas gets Taylor on the line, and makes her take the call in a small room with a TV. He tells her he put the bioweapon into rockets pointed at the East Coast (L.A. FINALLY off the hook!), and he even shows her with his video phone. He orders her to stop the air strike or else, and so she runs back to the room full of generals, and stops the blast. She has nothing more to say (which is definitely a first), and leaves the room without so much as a decent cliffhanger.

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I HATE TOILET ISSUES! (found the perfect use for K's red shirt, though...)

I hate my toilet - I knew I should have gone to the hospital instead! Let's just say that I needed to get cleaning supplies with my own money this time instead of someone else's. Speaking of that someone else, I found one of his red party shirts ("THIS IS MY PARTY SHIRT") in the cleaning bucket. Dunno how it got there, but I promptly used it to clean SOME dirty toilet water - yay for rags! Then I needed to go out anyway (and get a card for my brother while I was at it - LONDON DRUGS!)... the floor and I definitely MUST be washed! Since I also used three towels, laundry must also be done... ugh.

Went out to London Drugs (with a stop at Big Orange for a mango bubble tea), and got a grad card for the brother's convocation in a couple of weeks. Saw some chewy caramel Tim Tams (nine per package) while debating whether I should buy some puff pastry with hazelnut cream (I did buy the Mini Snacks - six per package), so got one each for me and Corey: I'll send his later in the bubble-wrap envelope I also purchased. Got some Oxygen Scrub Free cleaner in a squirt bottle, plus a store brand pine-scented cleaner much like PineSol. Then I got really hungry (and couldn't wait till I got home), so slew the "Randal memory dragon" of having salad at Milestone's. Not TOO bad, but I didn't feel completely clean until I got home / showered / did laundry. Heck, I didn't feel clean when I went out at all: it's been eight months since I felt active distaste for someone or something which directly affects me!

Steph uploaded a photo of "me" from her Disneyland trip with Melissa, who thought I'd enjoy the "poo(h)" reference:

Facebook quizzes taken from Kelly, Jessica, and Gretchen:

Leslie took the What old movie actor are you? quiz and the result is James Dean. Cool. Sullen at times with a swaggering attitude. Don't care about things, and like to play it by ear. You have a need for speed. You are easily frustrated and bored. Very handsome. You try to act strong and never let anybody see what you feel.

Leslie completed the quiz "How Singaporean are you?" with the result Normal Singapore Citizen. Comparing yourself with the the most typical Singaporean, you definitely lose out.

Leslie took the What type of person are you? quiz and the result is 9 - Peacemaker. Peacemakers are accessible, kind and supporting. They want harmony and peace. They are neutral arbitrators; they are flexible and sometimes lazy. It's sometimes hard to understand them. They run away from difficult situations. They lost the contact with their inner voice. RELATIONSHIPS: Helpful relationships are very important to you; so you can relax. You are very willing and you don't reject people. Once you have a relationship, you work for it so that it's lasting. You are faithful and warm. FIXATION: indolence. VICE: laziness. VIRTUE: right action. PROFESSIONS: a profession where you don't have to take initiative, a peaceful job. (I thought indolence and laziness were similar. Hmm...)

Leslie took the Which Female Twilight Character Are You? quiz and the result is Alice.

Leslie took the What is the theme song of your life??? quiz and the result is Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. The I-Live-Life-To-The-Fullest-And-I-Am-HAPPY type! You live life to the max, and you live each day like its your last. You forget the rules and just go for it, and want to experience it all before it all disappears... Your life is a book... and you're writing it! Love it, make it, work it, and shape it... you make it what YOU want! Don't forget a happy ending, though!

Leslie just took the "Which 80s Movie Are You?" quiz and the result is The Breakfast Club. You're a rebel, a genius, a jock, a prima donna, and an oddball... all rolled into one notoriously fun, cereal sandwich-loving spirit. You don't act this way to make trouble or hurt feelings. You're all about having fun, being yourself, making friends, and making memories. You are who you are, and everyone else should just deal.

You Think Objectively

Your brain works best when you are able to think in steps.

You like procedures and routines. You are good at staying focused and on task.

You are excellent at developing workable solutions to difficult problems. You simply look at the facts.

You have an excellent memory, and you are a quick thinker. You can sort out what's important from what's not.

I don't know about this one, although everyone seems to think that I have a good memory for birthdays... *shrug*

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Coffee Crisp, Aero bars, lifetime poo output

Bingo of the night so far:

RIDICULE (101 points) - against Kate E.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

ZAYIN (320 points) - against Jesse J. [two 4W]
EWES (360 points) - against Amy R. [4W, 5W, 3L on W]
ZOEAL (136 points) - against Sherry-Ann B.-P. [4W, 2W]
TANTRUMS (105 points) - against Angie G. [5W used twice over, hook off NAY for a plural]
MONTANE (132 points) - against Kari-Lynne C. [3W, 4W]
EXACTA (425 points) - against George M. [two 5W]
UNCRAZY (105 points) - against Valerie S. [3W, 3L on Y]
RIDICULE (101 points) - against Kate E. [bingo, 4W, hook off RID to make RIDE]
RAJA (210 points) - against Vanessa S. [4W, two 2W]
FEAZE (180 points) - against Margaret S. [two 3W]
OLIVE (250 points) - against April C. [two 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Corey's review of Coffee Crisp and Aero bars:

[21:25:16] Corey: I had a Coffee Crisp today, and just started on an Aero... Aero is pretty good
[21:25:51] Corey: Coffee Crisp, too. I thought it would be TOO coffee for me, not my favorite flavor, but the coffee part is kind of subtle.. not bad at all
[21:29:23] Corey: okay, I may have to find a local source of Aero bars if such a thing exists :P
[21:39:56] Flami: learning about martyrs: are you sure that such a thing would exist?
[21:42:37] Corey: Wikipedia says you can get them at places that sell imported stuff. so maybe, I don't know
[21:45:38] Flami: so are there any stores in the local malls which sell imported stuff?
[21:47:26] Corey: not that I know of off the top of my head, but probably. there's actually a shop in town with nothing but imported candy.. I could try there.. I was there once, but it didn't seem like they had more than one or two things from tons of different countries. my dad thought it was dumb and wanted to leave almost right away.. so I didn't look too closely, I guess
[21:47:33] Flami: (this cherry coulis-Chili bar is NOT doing it for me)
[21:47:35] Corey: we were looking for some fancy chocolate or something for my mom
[21:47:59] Corey: but everything just looked like standard candy you'd get at a normal store, not fancy things. so maybe that's where I need to look
[21:48:39] Corey: they had Russian stuff, Middle Eastern stuff... things from everywhere. but from what I saw, just one or two things from each place
[21:48:55] Flami: (I thought it would be chili flavor, but the cherry is filling the bar, if you know what I mean)

Facebook quizzes taken from Quan and Gretchen:

Leslie took the You Are Best Known For... quiz and the result is Your Overall Personality. You are a sensible person. You think, and then take any further steps. You love honesty, and would love it if the other person was honest too. You welcome criticism with both hands open.

Leslie took the What will happen to you in 2009? quiz and the result is You will get a new piercing / tattoo! The adventurous side of you will make you get one! They're not as bad as you think! (HAHA, I DON'T THINK SO!)

Leslie took the What flower represents you? quiz and the result is Rose. You are are more of a loner. You can do very well on your own for quite some time. You are very cautious about who you choose to let into your life. The friends you have made, however, are very true and dear to your heart.

Leslie took the Would you be compatible with me? quiz and the result is Awesome Girlfriend / Best Friend. It's not too often that you meet people that have as much in common as we do. Maybe it would be worth it to give it a shot? At the very least, we would no doubt be incredibly good friends.

Poo nugget for Monday, Apr. 6: Doo You Know? - Life's Work! The average lifetime production of poo: five tons. 150 grams of stool per day multiplied by 365 days per year multiplied by 80 years = 4380 kilograms (9656 pounds) of stool. A vegetarian diet can produce fifteen to twenty tons over a lifetime!

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Fantasy creatures, characters, and more!

Leslie completed the quiz "The Ultimate Grammar Quiz" with the result Grammar Master. You are at the top of the heap when it comes to grammar and spelling. Even the tiniest error in the newspaper disturbs you. You proofread billboards, don't you? (Of course I do!)

Facebook quizzes taken from Darren L., Cathy, Silvester, Morgana, Melanie, and Kelly:

Leslie just took the "What kind of fantasy creature are you?" quiz and the result is You are a gryphon! The mighty gryphon, also called a griffin, are one of the noblest of all creatures. With the head, wings, and talons of an eagle, but with the body and paws of a lion, they are a combination of the ruler of the sky and the ruler of the ground. The lion part makes them fierce and strong, yet the eagle makes them noble and proud. These powerful creatures are essentially good, and cannot stand to see others in pain. While some gryphons can be a bit on the cheeky side, most take their position very seriously.

Leslie just took the "What Cartoon Character Are You?" quiz and the result is Pooh Bear. You are an easygoing person. You always try to look for the good in others, and ignore the bad. When you want something, you go for it. You just need someone to push you a little.

Leslie just took the "Quel Super-Heros seriez-vous?" quiz and the result is Batman. Vous êtes Batman!! Plutôt Mystérieux et assez sombre, vous ne manquez pas de diplomatie pour régler les conflits. (My French is just this good, hehe. However, I do not claim to be fluent in a language I haven't used for years!)

Leslie just took the "Are you a Sith or a Jedi?" quiz and the result is Jedi. You are a Jedi - you only care about others, and you are nice.

Leslie took the Who would be your celebrity boyfriend? quiz and the result is Brad Pitt. You're matched with the most desirable man on the planet. You have claims over this perfect lean, toned, muscular body. Even though he's had many relationships with Hollywood's leading ladies, he'll always be a gentleman.

Leslie completed the quiz "What Famous Movie Serial Killer Are You.... really?" with the result Michael Myers. You are Michael Myers, arguably the most impressive killer of all time. You are warped beyond all imagination, and even killing people can't seem to quench your insatiable appetite for violence. You may want to consult a psychologist, for all the good it will do you...

Leslie completed the quiz "Which sad medievalist stereotype do you embody?" with the result Ren Faire Dork. You are the Ren Faire Dork. Chances are you indulged in too many Tolkien novels, Dungeons & Dragons games, or Monty Python films as a child. Whatever the specific cause, the damage is now done. While you pretend to be a "serious" academic around your colleagues, you would much rather spend your days living in a fantasy world of your own creation. For a few weekends each year, you meet up with fellow losers to live out your dreams, calling one another "Lady Guinevere" and "Sir Gawain," and strutting about in your finery. Or, even more sadly, you are embarrassed by your impulses, stay closeted, and get off through online fantasy websites. Your interests are more or less harmless, but you sure make the rest of us look bad.

Leslie completed the quiz "What movie is your life?" with the result My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Sometimes you feel like your life is a little chaotic, maybe even a little Everybody Loves Raymond-ish. That quiet time at the end of the day is the moment you look most forward to. Sometimes just taking a nap, turning off the phones, and having some one on one time isn't so bad, now is it?

Leslie took the Which Canadian Political Party Should I Support? quiz and the result is You're a Green Supporter. Go find a tree and give it a warm embrace.

Leslie took the Where will you go when you die? quiz and the result is Reincarnation. Every now and then, you've wondered if there is actually an "afterlife." Your mentality seems to lean towards the idea that energy (whether it's physical or spiritual) never disappears, but just moves on. And so, once you pass on, you will take on another form. However, that form will be determined by the choices you make in this lifetime.

Leslie took the Which Peanuts / Snoopy Character Are You? quiz and the result is Linus. You may lack some courage outside your comfort zone, but with a little security, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. You are smart, understanding, and caring. Keep up your strong style, because it is a part of you that is unique.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Steel Magnolias Character Are You?" with the result Shelby Eatenton Latcherie (Julia Roberts' character). You are Shelby. You are a breath of fresh air! You are the girl next door, America's sweetheart, and you love to laugh! You may make impulsive decisions because you would "rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special." Although you're a southern belle at heart (and your signature color may even be "blush" or "bashful"), you still get caught doing things from time to time that might even "frighten the fish"! You're a risk taker, sometimes at a cost to yourself, so slow down. You may make a decision in haste that you'll someday regret!

Leslie took the What rodent are you? quiz and the result is rat. You are smart, friendly, and can't live without your friends, but love to know what's going on in the house.

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At least I don't have to deal with 4:30 AM fights THIS year!

This morning on the way to church, my brother and I discussed all the weird shootings that have been happening here and in the States lately: a long-term care home and an immigration centre... really?! Never mind the pizza place near the church, either... who knows why people have been so crazy in the past while! He asked if I was going to the Sunrise service, and I asked if he were going to the baptism service. I guess I'll go to Sunrise, and maybe baptism since my sibs will be there too. (and it IS an important event...) Told him to look on Craigslist for places to live, and he's been doing that to no avail - money and living space ARE factors!

Went to church early, and gave Hien her chocolate: she plans to make chocolate-covered strawberries, which is fine. Passed the time by bantering with Quan and Cordia, then listening to Priscilla recite some Bible verses to Emily. Emily had been to the morning service, which was different than ours - there were five singers instead of our two, and she couldn't read most of the Chinese, although she could understand most of it. Jon joked that she could tell the ushers next time that she was spying on the Chinese service! (she had to leave our service before it was done, so she thought she'd take in the morning one too... very early!) Saw Jeremy's dad who was spending Jeremy's "weekend" (Sunday to Tuesday) with him, so Jon spent time talking about the greatly-improved road conditions as compared to the LAST time he was here... no whiteout risk now, although there WAS some snow last week!

When I said hi to Natalie, I was reminded of the pens I was going to give her. Jeremy saw the two Ziploc bags, and asked me what was with all the pens: I didn't mind telling him at all. His dad joked that she would be taking a lot of notes - perhaps! Raymond squeezed in beside me, and we had to move down when Connie / Sheena / Jen showed up. He told me about long tests, and I told him about kids thinking that dying was a sin. I was going to ask about his finger, but I noticed that it was still standing out stiffly. One of the aunties (Uncle Stephen's wife?) complimented me on my spring / summer hat - I remember that Sonny liked it, too. (I said hi to him after service) Steph showed up with Jonathan, and passed me a bag of spicy chips she found in an Anaheim supermarket from her L.A. trip with Melissa: it was in Spanish, heh. Cindy passed me an invitation to Megan and Andy's wedding: interesting invite, at any rate. (too many weddings!)

Pastor John brought up passion in his pre-Easter sermon; Jen and I shared a dubious look (we KNOW that isn't what he means by Christ's Passion!), and Steph heard me half-snort from the pew ahead. No doubt she was explaining my weirdness to Jonathan after she turned around and gave me a few weird looks! Made a mental note to NOT wear the hat out to Communion Sundays again, or at least not next week. After service, I said hi to Helen and her sons Nicholas and Cory: Danny was at some car event in the States. Cory's so big and smiling now! Asked Helen for her diaper expertise: my mom had given me some that she picked up for free at Silvercity when she saw SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE: maybe Allison would fit them! (but I didn't see her today)

Nicholas just wanted some chips, so I had to tell Jonathan Chan (who did drums today) to move out of the way. I re-purposed some of the Dempster's bagel halves for the toddler Sunday School, which worked well since we had a bunch of kids, including Amos. (haven't seen him or his mom in months!) Little Amanda, on baby Mattias (Karen brought him in for a while): "When I'm bigger, I'm going to have a kid just like him!" Hahaha! Said hi to baby Gavin, and gave his sister Hannah a birthday card. Told Phil that HIS card was on my desk at home, although I did remember Johnny's card! Talked to Calla, Steph, and more people about kids' birthday parties, Vitamin D, the sun, next week, lots of weddings (some doubles!), flights, and more. Later, I found out that my brother's Regent convocation is at the Broadway Church in a couple of Mondays - good thing it isn't on the Wednesday of that week! Guess I'll go out sometime this week or next, and get a suitable card for it. (I'll miss JACK BAUER, but honestly: this is more important!)

After lunch at Mui's, my grandma and I were left waiting for Steph. She knitted, and I read more of the ANNE prequel. (up to the point where she's five or so... lots of babies!) Jon and I discussed Swedish Erik, the white man presumably still unwell (Steph thinks someone should call him to make sure he's still alive!), memory sticks, vespers, papers, concerts, and more. He slipped Lanie's wedding invitation into her bag when she was preoccupied with something else, haha. When Steph showed up, we discussed Matthew Good Band (HELLO TIME BOMB) / Semisonic (CLOSING TIME) / Everclear (WONDERFUL) / the Barenaked Ladies (ONE WEEK), the ug's convocation and time off for various events, scheduling, piano tuning which cost more than the instrument myself / Sudoku / thinking of others / lots of services / more. Citrus was back, so it was nice to see him too before he starts work tomorrow! His sister said that the grey ledge described Regina pretty well - HAHA, NICE!

I guess I'll be really tired next week, but the girls' baptism is important. Steph will just nap in the car between service and lunch, maybe. (going straight to Sunrise from work?! Oh my.) She's amazed that I'm going to Sunrise Service, like she is every year. I better change my sleep patterns or I will be SO SCREWED! Sunrise Service at 6:30-7 AM, regular service, lunch, and then probably baptism service at 2 PM... at least this year's won't involve someone picking a fight with me at 4:30 AM! Man, I hated that! ("Oh, we won't discuss that topic, but I'll argue with you about him anyway!" Ugh!) I'll also find someone to give the bear to... a kid? Who knows.

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