Saturday, June 04, 2011


When Eric picked me up, he thought that I deliberately scheduled things on church days - hey, yesterday just seemed like a good day to go for poutine! As for tomorrow at Metrotown, it worked best for both me and Billie! Of course, he told me things in French like how I was really drunk and insane - I vented about the lame program that had been planned for yesterday, but nobody ever listens to me anyway. From what I heard, he presented it to us, and then implied that I would have had to be careful about my whereabouts. HA, I KNEW IT! The puck drop was at an odd time (5:22), so it gave us some time to get to Jeremy's while I vented about certain things. When I heard that Cindy was going to be there, my first thought was that Eric would delay everything just to talk more to her. I KNOW WHAT'S UP!

Jon and Harmony were preparing DOU MEW when we got there (pea shoots), and I contributed my bag of ketchup chips, which actually did get consumed! Connie was there, and told us all about her and Jenny's trip to France and Italy - Florence and Tuscany were pretty nice, she says. We had clam chowder and chili, plus two-day-old garlic dip for the multigrain chips. Christon came late, but Cindy got there even later - she says Eric invited her last night, so HA! I asked her when I'd see her next because I really want to get some stuff to Dianne BEFORE she leaves - if she'll be there next Friday, that'll be good. (later, we discovered a potential Game 5 conflict with BS) Talked about one-month baby banquets, the Netherlands / Belgium / London, Team 1040 fans from ALL over the world (Peru / Chile / Australia / Hong Kong / Africa / Bangladesh), the game, Zdeno Chara (#33 the GIANT), Winnie being at the game because of Kenny's work giving him tickets, the European salad thing / drought, the Green Men (explained that for Cindy - Boston got a penalty so she got to see them in action), KING HEFFY beer, MANNY MALHOTRA RETURNING, Milan Lucic's parents in the crowd, signing Jeremy's guestbook (yes - I DECORATED IT!), Christmas chocolate, and more.

THE CANUCKS WON 3-2 OVER THE BRUINS BECAUSE OF A GREAT GOAL BY ALEX BURROWS 11 SECONDS INTO OVERTIME! We discovered that Nathan's audio feed was 30 seconds delayed, so Eric decided not to spoil the game for him over Skype / webcam. He also had us watch an origami Canucks jersey video from Joe Wu that he found on Nate's Facebook. Jeremy was trying to find live webcam feeds from the Party on the Plaza, and it was definitely insane every time we scored, especially after the winning goal! Since Eric had logged into Facebook, I decided to do so myself after I logged out of Eric's account: he wondered what I was doing, hahaha. Just making my Facebook checking easier when I did get home, OF COURSE! The guys were discussing planking, so I decided to find the Oddee page on it just for Jeremy's amusement - he was VERY amused, hahaha! A bunch of them decided to go downtown, but Eric and I went home - we discussed Dave Wong, "mumbling," and some other stuff. Yeah, I bet Teunis won't be happy that the post-game show is going to go for a LONG TIME, but whatever! (and speak of the devil - he just messaged me over MSN to say "congrats and hi from Jordan!")

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No park outing for me, but YES to Jeremy's for Game 2!

I called Henry to see if he could make it to Awana today; since he couldn't, and Eric was out working on census stuff according to Ron [I figure he can't make it to Jeremy's], I decided to stay home from the park outing as well. IT'S THE HOCKEY GAME FOR ME!!!! Then again, Eric called at 4:15 to say that he IS going to make it to Jeremy's, so I started singing about that, totally forgetting that Teunis was still home at the time - whoops! Spoz said that he's discovered the actual name of a dude he vaguely knows - it's FANTASIA. REALLY?! UGH!

Then Teunis explained some stuff to me about noise (Subwoofer?!), and it turned out he slept through other things - gaming is cancelled, but he's going to see Jordan anyhow. Says he's probably got the job due to a confirmation email, so that's good news! Discussed politeness, bread, air, grilled cheese sandwiches, childhood demons, and more.

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STONED GROOVE / New baby sisters, spiderwebs, and fire! (dream) / World crossing

Spoz uploaded the last SUBWOOFER tracks, so of course I downloaded them!

When Teunis got home last night, we discussed the wide social circle that his friend Andrew has; apparently Teunis had been looking forward to Andrew's birthday party ("BreklorMass" and very few Christians) for some time. Kink and poly people, though?! Guess it takes all kinds, and I'm not over certain things yet, to be honest! At least it was fun; although with 50 people there, it sounds like it would be quite the bash!

This morning, I called Steph to tell her that I had a dream where she didn't exist (there were people shooting spiderwebs and fire out of their fingers, too) and that I had a new baby sister. She called that harsh and mean, but it's not like I wish she didn't exist! Then I called Eric to advise him that I wouldn't be going to church tomorrow because I had Metrotown plans with Billie. Yes, of COURSE lunch is in the afternoon, but I would rather not be confused by the Skytrain stations! Give me a more-or-less linear route, thanks!

You Should Go See the Taj Mahal

You have a fun personality, and you find it easy to get energized about almost anything.

When people meet you, they tend to remember you for a long time. You create a lasting impression.

You are open to the world, and that's part of what makes you unforgettable. You are free-spirited.

You try to keep things flexible because you're always picking a new path. You value adaptability.

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Friday, June 03, 2011


I thought I heard knocking at the window, so I ignored that since I really wanted to go out for some poutine at New York Fries, then buy on-sale pads / Kleenex / toilet paper / honey nougat with cranberries, orange, and original stuff at London Drugs. Eric wanted to know whether my phone was off the hook - OF COURSE IT WAS! Then he wanted to know whether I was drunk, insane, and not going to Fellowship tonight; since I didn't think much of the rotating prayer night when it was first presented (ROTATING?! REALLY?!), I'd been planning to skip it for MONTHS!

Luckily, I didn't have to wait long for the bus taking me to the mall; as it turned out, I was just on time for the 407 heading home too! (left at 6:15 or so, and got home at 7:30) I HAD THE MOST AMAZING AND GLORIOUS BRAISED BEEF POUTINE EVER AT NEW YORK FRIES JUST NOW! ALSO, EVERYTHING I WANTED TO GET AT THE STORE LATER WAS ON SALE! :D :D :D

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MORROWIND, Subwoofer, THOUSANDS of tabs, and cheesecake!

Teunis has decided to play MORROWIND, which is related to OBLIVION - HAHAHAHA! (also THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND, which Kaili - of course - got for him at a sale price online) Discussed hot Italian sausage, dumplings, potatoes, interviews, concentration, opening up several THOUSAND tabs on the computer, rush-hour traffic, a birthday dinner tonight, and more prior to his leaving. Also paid my phone bill today, heh. At least I'll have a LONG time of quiet! I couldn't wait till he left so I could put on some Subwoofer, which led to his wondering if he'd left his computer on to play music, HAHAHAHA!

You Are a White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

You are honest, even if it costs you a friend. You want to live an authentic life.

When times get tough, you get philosophical. You never forget the meaning of life.

Even when you're in a bad mood, people find you friendly. You put on a brave face.

You want to experience the world without judgment. You are totally open to experiences.

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Funny Craigslist hockey ticket ad, Denny's being too pricey, and more

Eric thought I was crazy since I wanted to be lazy / not spend money at Starbucks - hey, MSN works for these kinds of things! Said he'd buy me a drink, but I don't think that solves too many problems, haha. I managed to skip the meeting due to my amazing powers of procrastination, and then got a phone call from 444-444-4444. o_O

Teunis got home later and refused to play music because he wanted to do some work - well then! At least he changed his mind a few minutes later! He did get some on-sale clothes at Superstore while he was out with Kaili, plus free food there. I'm not surprised that Denny's is now too expensive, as I found that out a few years back.

This ad on Craigslist is pretty funny... thanks, Adela!

I have to sell my ticket to the Canucks game 2, section 313 row 14. Hard Copy ticket

I am unable to go because I have to go to a fucking piece of shit musical with my wife (whom I love). I had agreed to go, and since the NHL decided to make the most retarded schedule they could, I have to give up my ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals to see some piece of shit musical with some bitches singing about some crap I don't care about. It's a terrible seat, you will have a terrible time at the game, the beer tastes like crap and costs $10 each... Price is firm because I don't want to sell it.

e-mail me.

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Word Facts for May 28-June 3, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of May 28-29, 2011: lipstick on a pig - Does lipstick disguise a swinish nature? No, that's not the precise sense of this old idiom, which means something like "A leopard cannot change its spots." That is, you can try to disguise someone or something, but that person or thing's essential nature will soon reveal itself. The phrase first turns up in the early 1700s in the form "A pig in armor is still a pig." It's unknown whether any knight took offense.

Word origin for May 30, 2011: Memorial Day - The holiday now known as "Memorial Day" was first celebrated as "Decoration Day" in the late 1860s, honoring Union soldiers of the Civil War who had received medals for their service. When the holiday was extended a couple of decades later to include Confederate soldiers, it was renamed "Memorial Day" - that is, a day for remembering the contributions of the nation's armed forces.

Word origin for May 31, 2011: HBO - In 1972, an entrepreneur named Charles Dolan broadcast a film via satellite to a group of test subscribers in the city of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He had set up shop as the Green Channel, but (just before the broadcast) he changed the name to Home Box Office, which gives us the acronym "HBO." Dolan's firm expanded into New York City, then nationwide, to become a satellite and cable television pioneer.

Word origin for June 1, 2011: cruft - "Cruft" is a computer-geek term that refers to the stuff that tends to accumulate on every computer - obsolete software, dead email, code that doesn't quite work. It takes its name from Cruft Laboratory, a physics building at Harvard University, where old scientific equipment was stacked so high that researchers inside couldn't see out the windows. The word dates to about 1945.

Word origin for June 2, 2011: noodle - In the sense of "head" - as in "Use your noodle!" - "noodle" dates to the early twentieth century. It may originally have come from the language of crime, but it quickly spread into the slang of the Jazz Age, The term probably does not come from the food item, but instead from the English dialect term "noddle," referring to the back of the head.

Word origin for June 3, 2011: ennui - "Ennui" is a French word borrowed by English meaning "boredom," though its original sense is far stronger. It comes from the Latin in odio, meaning "in hate," and it is cognate with another form of the same Latin word, "annoy." Boredom is a perfectly good word to express the same thing, though "ennui" connotes a kind of spiritual malaise.

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Discussed Kaili, repetition, time limits, noise, crowds, HOCKEY FANS, "disruption," political conventions, sci-fi / SCA / quiet people not destroying things, and more with Teunis before he left to go spend time with Kaili. He apparently doesn't like people changing their schedules because of hockey and other things which "not everyone likes" - LIVE WITH IT! Spoz found some old Subwoofer songs and put them online! :D

You Are Totally Funky

You love to glory in each moment. You truly live in the now.

You are brave and spunky. You will take on any dare or challenge.

You are creative and hardworking. You are tireless when you get inspired.

You like to lead ... not follow. You are a visionary, and you're always taking an untraveled path.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Scoring a goal with 18 seconds left = a 1-0 CANUCKS WIN!

Teunis and I discussed omelettes, radio volume, "overwhelming" stuff, homophobes, unfriending Phillip Lam, hockey, fighting, computer stuff, interviews, Translink, family, Steph / the police, Russian nicknames, stew, meat pies (POT PIES), Facebook rejecting Scott's real surname of Life (SCA?), Colin Campbell retirement / Gary Bettman, sports as war ("fair comparison"?), his laundry, and more. The candies my parents got from their New York cruise are named "BYE POLAR" candies - CUTE! He joked about my stock pot's intended purpose (Christmas gift from Ricky and Nina!), and said that a LOT of downtown was closed so people could watch the game on the street, AND that CBC didn't give him an escape from hockey. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?!

Talked to Vanessa on MSN for a bit, too. THE CANUCKS WON 1-0 THANKS TO A VERY LATE GOAL FROM RAFFI TORRES! Added Judy McAlden to Facebook from the Canucks fan page. When Teunis said he was going out to do some shopping after the game, I decided to join him - we went banking and to Save-On, which is apparently being rebranded as a PriceSmart Foods with renovations and all. I got on-sale gum, on-sale bananas, almond milk, ketchup chips for Saturday, and extra cash... that did save me a trip out tomorrow! Hell, I even found some cheap on-sale laundry detergent for him, even if he refused to go in the actual aisle, hahaha. Discussed buttermilk (expired milk?!), banana bread (black bananas), sausages, variety, music, and more.

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Sextuplets List, as of June 2011

Thank goodness for the Internet Wayback Machine! All info taken from Facts About Multiples.

Abbas Basha (Egypt, June 1980) 6 girls, unsure how many survive
Abdel-Fattah (Egypt, October 31 1997) 6 girls, 4 survive
Abdel-Meguid/Abdel Hakim (Egypt, October 27 2003) 3 boys, 3 girls, 5 survive, Mahmoud, Al-Sayed, Hani, Hanem (g), Hebat Allah (g), girl (d) (spont, 2 boys identical, 2 girls ident)
Abid/Najm (Iraq, August 13 2008) 4 boys, 2 girls, 4 survive (2 boys died)
Abuhelfaia (from Libya, born in England, UK, August 9 2001) 4 girls, 2 boys, 4 survive, Ragged, Rahef, Rana (d Sep 16 2002), Reem (d Aug 2001), Ahmed, Mohammed
Adam (France, January 14 1989) 4 girls, 2 boys, Melanie, Doriane, Gaelle, Coralie, Cedric, Kevin (also seen as Adan) (carried to 32 1/2 weeks)
Ahmed (Iraq, January 25 1983) 6 boys, unsure how many survive. Reported in news, but never verified.
Alexandros (born in Scotland, living in California, 1984) 5 boys, 1 girl, 5 survive (all boys)
Al-Khatih (Gaza/Palestine, September 12 2003) 3 boys, 3 girls, Arafat, Ammar, Yasser, Palestina, Tahreer, Nida
Al-Mustafa (Qatar, March 29 2006) 3 boys, 2 girls, 1 unknown, 5 survive (one died in utero) (father is an identical twin)
Ascensio/Lungano (Argentina, May 22 1993) 4 girls, 2 boys, Mercedes, Mary Ines, Mary Laura, Lucia, Francisco, Julio

Bhatia (Australia, April 8 1986) 5 girls, 1 boy, 2 girls survive, Karam, Raani, Venice, Karla, Shelley, Davinder (d) (1st set born in Australia)
Bailey (Arizona, February 17 2006) 4 boys, 2 girls, 4 survive, Andrew, John, Ryan (d), Brett (d at 25w in utero), Brenna, Shelby (two boys identical, Shelby & Brenna identical, IVF)
Bailon (Mexico, April 13 1996) 3 boys, 3 girls, 2 survive
Belfort (June 15 1999)
Bello (Nigeria, February 2009) 3 boys, 3 girls, 3 survive, mother died
Beninati/Cannista (Italy, January 15 2000) 4 boys, 2 girls, 4 survive, Giovanni, Bartolo (d), Francesco, Alex (d), Lucia, Maria Catena (said they were the 3rd on record in Italy)
Bohari (Malaysia, March 24, April 3, April 4 1997) 4 boys, 2 girls, 4 survive, Syukri, Syahmi, Syahmimi, unknown (d), Azizah (g), Azimah (g) (lost triplets in 95, spontaneous, one boy died)
Boniello (New York, March 24 1997) 4 girls, 2 boys, Sabrina, Sophia, Stella, Olivia, Gerard, Trifon
Brunner (Czech Republic, 1878/79) (also had quintuplets, spontaneous)
Bushnell (Illinois, September 8 1863) 3 boys, 3 girls, 4 survived, Norberto (d 1935), Alberto (d 1940), Laberto (d infancy), Lucy (d infancy), Alice, Alincia (d in 1952) (also had two sets of triplets, one set of quints)
Byler (Florida, September 1 2007) 5 boys, 1 girl, Brady, Eli, Ryan, Jackson, Charlie, MacKenzie

Calcatelli (Italy, January 9 1985) 6 boys, 5 may survive (one died at 10 days) (2 identical, 3 identical, 1 fraternal) [Note: I've seen a report that they were 4 boys and 2 girls]
Caram (Argentina, March 2 1994) 4 girls, 2 boys, Maria Ines, Lucia, Mercedes, Laura, Julio, Francisco
Carey (Pennsylvania, June 1 2011) 3 boys, 3 girls, John, Patrick, Connor, Olivia, Samantha, Emma
Carroll (Alabama, June 2011) 5 girls, 1 boy, Abbie, Brooklyn, Chloe, Ellie, Faith, David
Carotenuto (Italy, February 27 1996) 4 girls, 2 boys
Carpio (New York, October 6 2008) 4 boys, 2 girls, Justin, Genesis, Joel, Jadon, Jezreel, Danelia
Catapano (Italy, October 8 1988) 4 boys, 2 girls, 1 boy died, unsure how many survive (some articles state a 7th baby died in the 8th month of her pregnancy)
Chianese (Italy, November 5 1976) 2 girls, 1 boy, 3 unknown, none survived (also had octuplets in 1979, 2 survived)
Chiarelli/Lo Vetere (Italy, 2003) reportedly conceived spontaneously
Coeke (Germany, November 16 1983) 3 boys, 3 girls, 1 girl died, Rubben, Tim, Thomas, Lieselot, Miet, Sarah
Coenen (Germany, July 24 1988) 4 girls, 2 boys, 5 survive, Alexander (d)
Coleman (England, UK, November 12 1986) 3 boys, 3 girls, Gary, Stuart, James, Jayne, Hannah, Nichola (carried for 32 weeks)
Collins (Texas, October 18 and November 11 1998) 3 boys, 3 girls, 4 survive, Jeremiah, Noah, Christopher (d), Rebekah (d Jan 7 2003), Hannah, Faith
Conway (Northern Ireland, UK, May 22 2009) 4 girls, 2 boys, Ursula, Shannon, Karla, Kerrie (d Jul 20 2009), Austin, Eoghan (two boys identical)
Cooper (Pennsylvania, February 6 1999) 2 boys, 2 girls, 2 lost in utero, 2 boys survive, Ian, Christian, Taylor (g, d), Saige (g, d stillborn) (also has fraternal twins Tara & Rheannon, Sep 27 1991)

Danoff (New York, May 21 1970) 5 girls, 1 boy, none survived
Dilley (Indiana, May 25 1993) 4 boys, 2 girls, Ian, Julian, Quinn, Adrian, Brenna, Claire

Esquivel (Nicaragua, March 1944) 4 boys, 2 girls

Figuereo/Perez (Dominican Republic, December 27 2005) 3 boys, 3 girls, Emilio, Manuel, Hugo, Paola, Nerey, Emely
Folty (Michigan, 1980's) reduced to triplets

Garja/Tijerina (Mexico, June 26 1996) 3 boys, 3 girls, Luis, Jose, Carlos, Esperanza, Rebeca, Ana (1st to survive in Mexico, spontaneous)
Ghosson (Lebanon, October 11 2003) 4 girls, 2 boys, Batool, Mariyam, Hitaf, Aya, Ali (b), Abdelrahman (b) (one may have died, the hospital site says 5 went home)
Giannini (Italy, January 11 1980) 4 boys, 2 girls, Francesco, Fabrizio, Giorgio, Roberto, Letizia, Linda
Gosselin (Pennsylvania, May 10 2004) 3 boys, 3 girls, Collin, Joel, Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Leah (also have twin girls Cara & Madelyn)
Granata (Italy, 1800s) (also had 11 sets of triplets and three sets of quadruplets)
Grujic (Serbia, April 30 2002) 4 girls, 2 boys, none survive
Gul (Afghanistan, 2011) 3 boys, 3 girls (spontaneous)

Haner (New York, March 22 1996) 4 boys, 2 girls, Christian, Ryan, Austin, Joshua, Breanna, Mary Ellen
Hanselman (Ohio, February 26 2004) 3 boys, 3 girls, Kyle, Alex, Logan, Lucy, Isabella, Sophia
Harris (Alabama, July 7 2002) 4 boys, 2 girls, Kaleb, Kobe, Kieran, Kyle, Kierra, Kaylynne
Hayes (New Jersey, September 14 2004) 3 boys, 3 girls, Connor, Eric, Ryan, Rebecca, Rachel, Tara (also have 2 sets of twins - Kevin & Kyle (1996) and Kieran & Meghan (1999))
Headrick (Kansas, April 6 2002) 3 boys, 3 girls, Ethan, Grant, Sean, Melissa, Jaycie, Danielle
Hiroshimaya (Japan, February 23 to 27 1705) 4 boys, 2 girls (some newspapers reported a 7th baby)
Hirsch (Texas, November 17 1888) 4 boys, 2 girls
Hong (China, December 23 1998) 4 boys, 2 girls, 4 survive (1b and 1g died) (3 boys identical, spontaneous)
Hynes (Oregon, September 5 1975) 4 boys, 2 girls, none survive

Ibikunle (Nigeria, March 31 2003) 4 girls, 2 boys, 2 survive, David, Deborah (mother and father are both twins, spontaneous, delivered naturally)
Ibrahim/Ahmed (Egypt, January 2005) 5 girls, 1 boy, Imen, Esra, Elee, Aye, Esme, Muhammed
Incarnato (Italy, March 27 1996) 4 girls, 2 boys, Sara, Deborah, Rosanna, Mariarca, Emanuele, Pasquale

Jaffer (Bahrain, June 13 2001) 4 boys, 2 girls, 4 survive (3 boys, 1 girl)

Karl (Alabama, December 8 1899) 6 boys

Lacasale (New Jersey, October 20 1998) 4 boys, 2 girls or 4 girls 2 boys, 4 survive, Anthony, Joseph, Patricia, Stephanie (lost 2 identical babies)
Lamb (England, UK, May 14 2010) 4 girls, 2 boys, 4 survive, Layla, Pippa (d at 7 weeks), Ellen, Rose, Eric, Matthew (d at 2 weeks)
Lange (California, December 8 1974) 4 boys, 2 girls, 1 survive, Brian (d), Corey (d), Jason (d), John (d), Jolene, Kelly (d) (also had quadruplets that didn't survive)
Leonard (Illinois, October 21 1997) 3 boys, 3 girls, 5 survive, Ryan, Brady, Morgan (b, d), Kiara, Shelby, Darby (g)
Letts (England, UK, December 15 1969) 5 girls, 1 boy, 5 survive, Cara, Sharon, Joanne, Tanya, girl (d at birth), Gary
Lopez (Argentina, May 21 1993) 4 girls, 2 boys, María Luz, Solana, Camila, Julieta, Alejo, Lautaro

Marr (Maine, June 27 1846) 2 survived (spontaneous)
Martinez/Muniz (Mexico, November 23 1999) 4 boys, 2 girls, Gerardo, Antonio, Fabian, José, Julia, Cecilia
Martins/Fernandez (Spain, March 27 1997) 3 boys, 3 girls, 2 survive (3 boys, 1 girl died)
Masche (from Nevada, born in Arizona, June 11 2007) 3 boys, 3 girls, Cole, Blake, Grant, Bailey, Savannah, Molli
Medina/Paez (Venezuela, April 3 1990) 4 boys, 2 girls, 4 survive, Nerio (d), Danilo (d), Henry, Sergio, Elaine, Carolina (1st in South America, mom was 20)
Meis (Texas, February 4 2005) 3 boys, 3 girls, 4 survive, William (d Sep 19 2005), Matthew (d at birth), Jackson, Amelia, Elizabeth, Eleanor
Mele-Oliva (Italy, January 20 2010) 4 girls, 2 boys, Francesca, Angelica, Annachiara, Serena, Paolo, Maurizio
Miyakawa (Japan, September 17 1976) Ayako survived (1st set in Japan)
Mohammed/Foully (from Egypt, born in United Arab Emirates, October 12, 2010) 3 boys, 3 girls, Mohammad, Ahmad, Khalifa, Israa, Sara, Donia
Moreno/Sanchez (Mexico, July 2005) 6 girls, Flor, Gabriela Segumi, Fátima, Elizabeth, Mayela, Ángela (born at 32 weeks)
Mooser (Germany, March 24 1986) 3 boys, 3 girls, 5 survive, Stefan (d), Robert, Matthias, Monika, Martina, Brigitte (mother died)
Morrison (Minnesota, June 10 2007) 4 boys, 2 girls, 1 survives, Bennet (d June 13), Tryg (d June 14), Lincoln (d June 15), Sylas, Lucia (d July 22), Cadence (d June 23)
Munoz/Rodriguez (Dominican Republic, May 2007) 4 girls, 1 boy, 1 unknown, 5 survive, Kia, Kiara, Keila, Ciara, Luis

Nijssen (Netherlands, September 18 1977) 4 girls, 2 boys, 5 survive, Patricia, Priscilla, Mirella, Ivo, Denis (d)
Notzon (Germany, November 26 1981) 3 boys, 3 girls, 3 survive

Olstad (from North Dakota, born in Minnesota, February 2003) 5 boys, 1 girl, none survive, Luke (d), Matthew (d), Mark (d), John (d), Joseph (d), Abigail (d)
Otten (born in Missouri, from Illinois, April 9 2004) 3 boys, 3 girls, Jacob, Joshua, Tyler, Madison, Isabella, Rileigh

Pallau/Ferri (Spain, August 29 1985) 5 girls, 1 boy, 1 survive, Esther (d), girl (d), girl (d), Mari Luz, Bartolomé (d) (also has twin girls in 84, none survive)
Perry (Pennsylvania, March 19 2003) 3 boys, 3 girls, Ian, Simon, Joshua, Olivia, Zoe, Madison
Petrone/Luzitelli (Italy, August 4 1970) 3 boys, 3 girls, 1 boy and 1 girl survive
Poliseno (New York, 1990?) reduced to one, Victor
Price (England, UK, April 14 1976) 3 boys, 3 girls, none survive, Nigel (d) Jacqueline (d)
Prijono/Tjokrosetio (from Indonesia born in Singapore, November 29 1998) 5 boys, 1 girl, Danny, Davis, Dylon, Douglas, Dominick, Deirdre (southeast Asia's 1st surviving set)

Radic (Ecuador, April 23 1993) 4 boys, 2 girls
Rosenkowitz (South Africa, January 11 1974) 3 boys, 3 girls, David, Grant, Jason, Nicolette, Elizabeth, Emma

Sajida (from Afghanistan, born in Pakistan, July 5 1993) 4 girls, 2 boys, none survive
Salinas Hernandez (Mexico, February 28 1998) 3 boys, 3 girls, 3 survive, Eduardo, Guillermo, Bryan (d), Elsa (d), Diana (d), Arly (mother originally reported to be pregnant with up to nine babies)
Santi-Esteban/Araujo (Mexico, November 10 2000) 4 boys, 2 girls, 3 survive, Silvano (d), Jesus-Eduardo (d), Julio-Cesar (d), Maximilian, Martha, Dulce-Maria
Santos (Portugal, February 10 2002) 3 boys, 3 girls, none survive, Pedro (d), Diogo (d), Leandro (d), Andreia (d), Joana (d), Rubina (d)
Secco (Italy, August 11 1997) 3 boys, 3 girls, Davide, Jacopo, Nicolo, Elena, Silvia, Mattia
Sheikh (Pakistan, October 30 2002) 5 boys, 1 girl
Shanun (Israel, October 8 1985) 5 boys, 1 girl
Shrives-Dornan (Arkansas, June 3 2006) 3 boys, 3 girls, none survived, Ayden (d), Ryder (d), Bryson (d), Brooklee (d), Brailee (d), Arabella (d) (7th baby lost in utero)
Soldani (California, September 1 2007) 4 girls, 2 boys, Lucia, Joely (d), Bailey (d), Briana (d), Bruno, Santino
Speichinger (Missouri, August 9 1936) 1 survived, Marjorie-Louise (others died in 2nd month of pregnancy)
Stanek (Colorado, September 16 1973) 4 boys, 2 girls, 4 survive, Nathan, Steven, Jeffrey (d at age 9), John, Julia (d), Catherine
Stansel (Texas, August 4 2009) 4 girls, 2 boys, 2 survive, Ashlyn (d), Haley, Kaitlyn (d), Rachel, Braden (d), Dallin (d) (also had twins Brian & Brendan September 24 2008 at 18 weeks, neither survived)

Tagijeva (from Azerbaijan, born in Russia, September 2004) 3 boys, 3 girls, 5 survive
Taylor (North Carolina, September 11 2000) 3 boys, 3 girls, 5 survive, Hunter, Jordan, Griffin (d), Faith, Cassandra, Morgan
Taylor (Minnesota, due 2007) lost a 6th at 9 weeks
Temiz (Germany, October 16 2008) 4 girls, 2 boys, Rana, Esma, Zeynep, Zehra, Adem, Ahmed
Thompson (Washington DC, May 8 1997) 5 girls, 1 boy, 5 survive, Emily, Octavia, Stella, Ann Maria, Alison (d), Richard
Thorns (England, UK, October 2 1968) 4 girls, 2 boys, 3 survive, Lynne (d), Susan, Julie, Jillian (d at birth), Ian (d), Roger
Thurmond (South Carolina, October 18 1902) none survived, James (d)
Tika (Greece, August 31 1979) 4 girls, 2 boys, none survive
Tukuluse (Africa, 1920)

Underhill (England, UK, May 2 1985) 4 boys, 2 girls, 1 survives, Benjamin (d Jan 1986), Daniel (d May 17 1985), Nathan (d Nov 1985), Mathew (d Feb 1986), Lucy (d Mar 1986), Charlotte

Vanhove/Gadeyne (Belgium, August 17 1983) 5 boys, 1 girl, Bruno, Jelle, Tom, Lode, Veerle, Anne (reported as the 11th woman this century to have sextuplets, delivered naturally)
Van Houten (Michigan, January 7, 16 and 17 2004) 4 boys, 2 girls, John Paul, Gerrit, Nolan, Peyton, Samantha, Kennedy
Vince (England, UK, May 19 1993) 5 girls, 1 boy, Rebecca, Katie, Stephanie, Jessica, Valerie, Gregory (father has twins from previous marriage)

Walton (England, November 18 1983) 6 girls, Jenny, Ruth, Lucy, Kate, Hannah, Sarah
Wang (China, May 29 2003) 5 boys, 1 girl, 5 survive (one boy died) (reportedly conceived spontaneously)
Werner (Germany, March 26 1986) 3 boys, 3 girls, 5 survive, Tomas, Niklas, Lukas, Grete, Mady, one stillborn girl

Zala (India, December 4 2006) 6 boys, 4 survive (may be spontaneous)

unidentified (Italy, late 1500's, early 1600's) (spontaneous)
unidentified (Italy, late 1500's, early 1600's) (spontaneous)

unidentified (Europe, 1831) (spontaneous)
unidentified (USA, December 30 1831) 6 girls, none survived (mother was 19) (spontaneous)
unidentified (Italy, 1844) (spontaneous)
unidentified (September 15 1869) (spontaneous)
unidentified (Spain, 1880) (spontaneous)
unidentified (Spain, 1885) 1 survived (spontaneous)
unidentified (England, UK, 1893) 6 girls (spontaneous)

unidentified (Ghana, April 19 1903) 5 boys, 1 girl, none survived (2 sets of boys identical, mother previously had quads and 2 sets triplets) (spontaneous)
unidentified (Africa, May 10 1903) all survived after 8 days
unidentified (Nigeria, 1907) (mother was 19) (spontaneous)

unidentified (South Africa, 1929) 3 survive (spontaneous)

unidentified (Portugal, 1931) (spontaneous)
unidentified (Guyana, 1933) (spontaneous)
unidentified (India, 1937) (spontaneous)

unidentified (USA, 1950) (spontaneous)
unidentified (India, April 1951) none survive (spontaneous)
unidentified (Zimbabwe, 1952) stillborn (spontaneous)
unidentified (Mexico, September 7 1953) 3 survive (1b, 2g) (spontaneous)
unidentified (Bosnia, April 14 1955) none survived (spontaneous)
unidentified (South Carolina, June 1955) (spontaneous)
unidentified (Iran, March 1958) 4 boys, 2 girls (spontaneous)
unidentified (England, UK, 1958) 2 boys survive (spontaneous)

unidentified (Malawi, 1961) (spontaneous, also had 2 sets of quints, 1 set of triplets, and 1 set of twins)
unidentified (Zimbabwe, October 10 1961) stillborn (spontaneous)
unidentified (Washington, September 28 1963) 1 survives (spontaneous)
unidentified (Sweden, 1964)
unidentified (Sweden, February 16 1965) none survive
unidentified (Brazil, August 26 1965) (spontaneous)
unidentified (Sweden, October 9 and 10 1965) 4 girls, 2 boys, none survive
unidentified (Belgium, March 1966) none survive
unidentified (Bangladesh, 1967)
unidentified (Pakistan, November 1 1967) 6 boys
unidentified (USA, 1970s) at least 2 girls, none survived

unidentified (Italy, August 4 1970) none survive
unidentified (Iran, October 1976) 2 girls survive
unidentified (Guatemala, September 1978) 5 boys, 1 girl, unsure how many survive
unidentified (Sardinia, July 31 1978) none survived

unidentified (W Germany, September 25 1983) 4 boys, 2 girls, 1 boy died, Germany's 3rd set
unidentified (Kuwait, January 2 1984) 4 boys, 2 girls
unidentified (Australia, 1986)
unidentified (Japan, December 30 1988 and January 2 1989) 5 boys, 1 girl, 3 survive (girl died), (1 boy born in 88- the others born 89)

unidentified (Spain, 1990) 5 survive
unidentified (Chile, July 6 1990) 2 boys died in utero, 1 survives
unidentified (Brazil, November 3 1991) 3 boys, 3 girls
unidentified (Pakistan, 1992) 3 boys, 3 girls
unidentified (Malta, 1994) unknown how many survive
unidentified (Mexico, April 1996) 5 survive
unidentified (Afghanistan, 1998) 5 boys, 1 girl, none survived
unidentified (Saudi Arabia, September 6 1998) 3 boys, 3 girls, reported to be spontaneous, already had a set of triplets

unidentified (Saudi Arabia, February 20 2000) 3 boys, 3 girls, all survive
unidentified (Colorado, July 2001) 5 survive
unidentified (Pakistan, October 30 2002) 5 girls, 1 boy
unidentified (Michigan, July 2003) none survived
unidentified (California, September 15 2004) 4 boys, 2 girls
unidentified (Egypt, January 2005) 3 boys, 3 girls, 5 survive
unidentified (India, December 7 2006) 4 boys, 2 unknown, 2 died in utero, 2 stillborn, 2 boys survive
unidentified (British Columbia, Canada, January 6 and 7 2007) 4 boys, 2 girls, 4 survive (1 boy and 1 unknown died) (one born naturally, the others caesarean)
unidentified (Bahrain, June 2008) 3 boys, 3 girls, 1 survives (2 identical, IVF)

unidentified (Ontario, Canada) conceived and lost sextuplets (spontaneous, mother a twin, mother had quadruplet grandchildren (Luloff)

2 sets of sextuplets were selectively reduced in Canada, in 1997 and 1998, I have not counted these in the totals.

A news article stated in 1968 that 18 sets of sextuplets had been born in the UK in the century. (I haven't counted these 18 sets in the total yet).

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Hester, parking fees, HOCKEY, and awards

I saw Hester yesterday, and she asked whether my "boyfriend" was going to be here long; apparently, her boss and supervisor have noticed Teunis' car in the parking lot for a while, and wanted her to tow it! She says that she and her husband Ni don't want to be involved in any trouble every day, so she let me know that overnight parking isn't allowed in the visitor parking. ($25 for an open space, and $40 for a covered space, with an initial fee of $20?) She also thinks I've lost five pounds; not sure why she gets THAT impression! Also says it's my responsibility to change the light bulb in my bedroom, like Kathy and Kelly told me years ago; however, they did it for me since I'm so nice) When Teunis got home before 7 last night, he said he'd had a good day - this is excellent news! I briefly talked to Vanessa on MSN about Dan Savage, too. (discussed Russians, hockey, sports, medieval names, his friend Ana, plans, and more)

You Should Win the Pulitzer Prize

You have a sharp and lively intelligence. You are quick-witted and always ready for some verbal battle.

You are constantly seeking growth and change. You are always pushing to be a little better.

You can't help but feel unsettled in your life. You have a major case of wanderlust.

You are constantly growing and learning. You express yourself well, especially with the written word.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Character orgy! / May 2011 Bubble Tea Tally


Your Harry Potter / LOTR / Kill Bill / The Matrix / X-Men character matches. Or, your character orgy. by darko_me_donnie
Your name / username
Harry PotterMillicent Bulstrode
Lord of the RingsShelob (the giant spider)
Kill BillVernita Green / Copperhead
The MatrixApoc
withspreadable cheese, lots of it


peach @ Big Orange (Saturday, May 28)

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PULLING OUT is not the same thing as a breakup! / Communication and crowns

Finally finished PEOPLE OF THE AIR by Peter Beagle, and then made final plans with Billie for Sunday. Since the Skytrain confuses me (and I might not have enough time to find / get to the other platform at Commercial Skytrain Station), I might not even go to church since the 401 / 430 route to Metrotown's Superstore is better for my brain. :P (as long as I leave PLENTY of time to get the 430 bus home BEFORE 5:30, I should be fine)

Talked to Mom for a bit on the phone, who had this to say: "If Teunis goes to church more, he'll eventually become a Christian!" For some reason, she brought up THE EVIL ONE: "It's a good thing you pulled out in time!" (referring to my messy breakup with him) HAHAHAHAHA, OH MAN! Teunis thinks this is due to her learning English from bad romance novels, especially after I told him the "let's kiss and make out!" story; possibly! We also discussed scones, dinner leftovers, potatoes, languages, perspective, English being "not straightforward," the SCA, communication, assumptions, vocabulary, Jordan, Amber, and more until we finally went to bed at 3:20 AM.

You Would Rule with Compassion

You don't get hung up on the past or the future. What's happening right now is the most important thing.

You enjoy creating order. In fact, you're a little addicted to organizing.

You believe that life has a purpose. You think that every decision and action matters.

You are altruistic and selfless. You are a benevolent soul who wants to help others.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Horrible Victorian names, $6.66 Cobb's Bakery, no devil's food cake

Teunis got up because someone called him, but it's all good. We discussed competence, Horrible History: Victorian Names from Kaili, Alice Cooper, waking him up with noise (after FRIDAY?!), coffee, and more. Called Steph to discuss sisterly things, and I don't have to bring anything on Saturday if I'm coming from elsewhere. Someone named "Shaun W" added me to Facebook, so I'll accept since we have 30 common friends from church, hahaha.

Vanessa called at 12:20, so I was out at 12:40! We went to Specialty Chicken and Wonton House for the usual lunch special and iced coffee, plus some spring rolls. Talked about Cobb's Bakery, Teunis, Erik being laid off, Krista, Jeremy and Eric just rolling with the "honorary Chinese" joke (and not actually considering themselves Chinese), venting, Metrotown, bad drivers, her ex Russ, annoying things getting on our nerves, fans, her parents' dark red Buick Regal car which takes getting used to, plastic bags, poop, and more. When we got to Cobb's Bakery in Richmond Centre, I was amused since I paid $6.66 for my purchase of two apple cinnamon scones / one chocolate scone / one mint chocolate chip scone. Got home and had to share it on FB - Itamar thought I'd bought a devil's food cake, which WOULD have been more fitting and less prosaic / mundane! Now we're discussing numerology, haha.

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Cindy, Lucille, Congee Noodle House, Billie saving me from family lunch, and Angry Birds

I emailed Cindy to see when we could get together, as I still have stuff for her sister Dianne. Yes, I realize it is a busy time with the end of the school year - at least she got back to me with possible dates! When Teunis finally got up at 4, we discussed Congee Noodle House (he's never been there?!) / Kaili / delightful pirate songs (of course) / going to bed at 6 AM / fear / not listening / Hundred Mile House / going somewhere on Tuesday and family nicknames. We also talked about cars, AGE OF PERSUASION (I do NOT glare at him every time he plays it!!!!), putting the bike on the coffee table so he can fix it later, "Lucille" (NOT his stepsister - the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT character), New York Attitude and Tess, marketing, advertising, weird stuff, nerdy RPG as opposed to what I know of fantasy or sexual role-playing, food coloring, and more. I made plans with Billie to hang out at Metrotown (near Superstore) on June 5 (next Sunday), which neatly saved me from a family lunch to celebrate Jon and Harmony's second anniversary - phew!

You Are the Red Bird

You are self-effacing and unassuming. You are free of swagger and bravado.

You are good-natured and purposely try to keep things simple. You don't like too many details.

You are a study in contradictions. There is no one word to completely sum you up.

You deflect drama. You can get everyone laughing and smiling again.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Organic drinks are apparently worth stealing! / Mom KNOWS that Teunis is here?!

Eric picked me up and immediately said that I was a crazy lady, then he started to say weird things in French and Spanish like how I was a mushroom with onions. I updated him on my week, and we talked about that issue / my being "drunk" / venting / video game music / Shanghai Wind / McDonalds ice cream / STARCRAFT references / DARKWING DUCK / SUPER MARIO / abandonment / Beefy Beef after BS on Friday / Alan / Tracy / Christon / Jon / Harmony / Randal / Raymond. We also discussed Steph hosting a playoff party, Teunis just having to deal with the hockey because it's only the third time in 40 years that we've advanced to the Cup Final, Team 1040's commentary lasting for hours before AND after each hockey game, my perhaps having to get a ride home with Sam and Ivan (who weren't here today because of camp) because he might have to do census work at the Downtown Eastside in pairs, Jon Chan's organic pomegranate / melon drinks, my AC/DC shirt being a "devil worship" shirt, and more.

When we got to church (saying hi to Quan / David Ho / David Marr / Adam L. / Andrew L.), I said hi to Lee, who was looking after Cory. I said hi to Cory and asked him where his mom was; I also got a high-five from him. I'd have sat with them when Pat let us in, but I noticed that Mr. Creep (whom I still don't like around the kids) was in that section, so I sat next to Denise in their usual FAR section. After the service, I said hi to Mattias and Auntie Catherine, and Quan jokingly wanted a star sticker. When I saw Mr. Creep talking to Jon, I decided to go have snacks in the fellowship hall before HE could get his hands on them - banana loaf, apples, oranges, bananas, and pastries were on offer. Talked to Adam and Andrew about the sunny weather, hockey tickets (ha ha ha), and more; waved hi to Enoch (talking to Mr. Creep) and Kevin, said hi to Victor / Citrus / Jeremy / Jordan / Thomas / Joshua / Keenan / Stella / Anita / Allison / Jenica, and waved at baby Joanna when she seemed to wave at me. Gave Jon and Harmony the pecan chocolate clusters and other chocolate for their anniversary: he thanked me, and said that the candies wouldn't last long with Harmony around! I also discovered redrum - thank goodness I was prepared!

Harmony tapped me on the shoulder to say that Mom had some stuff for me at the front desk, including a shirt which reminded her of me - I didn't want to know! I got the stuff: a New York hat, a Calvin and Hobbes shirt with "NEW YORK ATTITUDE" on it, and a bunch of cruise ship candies. Then Harmony told me that Mom now knows that Teunis is staying here, since she called them this morning to ask "Is Leslie still staying with that guy?!" WHAT THE. Went upstairs to Toddler Sunday School after a while: saw Mattias, Alexis, David, Evelyn, Ashley, Ramen, Shira, and a new toddler named Felix. (I gave him a bunch of toys when his mom wasn't helping the ten-month-old walk around) Played with the toys and Lego, said hi to Rachel's grandma, and assured Jessie that I'd stay for the whole time - no hockey today! When I got downstairs, I said hi to Grandma, who thought that she hadn't seen me for a long time. One of her friends wanted me to sit down, but I was okay! I asked Mom how she knew that Teunis was over here, and she said that Steph had told her because she tells her EVERYTHING. Right...

Everyone's lunch plans seemed to consist of walking around Commercial to find a patio, since the Lion's Den was out, and so was Randal's suggestion of McDonalds. Luckily, Mr. Creep got too impatient to wait around while everyone decided what to do - when Jon told him "good riddance," I said that THAT was a good call! He showed everyone the NEW YORK ATTITUDE shirt; aiya! We had some of Deb's apple slices; Jon joked that if he didn't know she was pregnant, he'd think that Dylan was fattening her up! He then asked me why I wasn't going to the fellowship retreat since he and Harmony and Eric were; passport and money issues, man! (Deb and Harmony also asked) At least I'll have a free weekend at the end of August! Jon also took one of the organic drinks Eric was holding, haha.

Deb said that one of her friends was taking advantage of the two-hour window after breastfeeding her own baby to have some beer, so we had fun with that. Eric and I just went home even though it'd be a waste of time if he had to go out again, and discussed the usual stuff... he'll possibly go to a playoff get-together. Called Jon at home to say that we wouldn't be joining them for lunch, called Steph to ask WHY she'd told Mom ("I picked her and Teunis up" was an accident?!) / disappoint her by saying that Teunis and I were VERY unlikely to get together in a romantic way / ask about the playoff party she was hosting (on Saturday - all games start at 5 Pacific), discovered an FB chat / wall post message from Vanessa about a noon-ish lunch tomorrow instead of Tuesday (that works - didn't know we had something going on on Tuesday), and found that Matt A. had added me on Facebook. Good times!

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No Awana, defenestration, peach bubble tea, and the Kennedys

Yesterday, Teunis and I discussed calling his stepdad "sir" (I guess it works), corsets, Kaili, Cat, autism, Aperger's, Andrew picking him up / driving him home from Coquitlam, war, friends, blowing things up, strength, gaming, throwing things out a window, choruses to kiddy songs, and more. Henry called to say that he was taking care of Gwyneth and Evelyn, so couldn't make it to Awana - I tried calling Ada with no response, so I stayed home from Awana. After Teunis left, I stopped by the mall briefly to have some peach bubble tea at Big Orange since I *could* do so. Went to bed after midnight, but for some reason, could still hear him come in at whatever time... UGH! I know he was PROBABLY trying to be quiet, but AIYA! It's probably warm enough to wear my AC/DC shirt to church before it gets TOO HOT to wear a mostly-black top... Mikaela and Steve L. would like THAT, hahahaha!

You Are Jackie Kennedy Onassis

You feel at ease around others. You are a very socially oriented person.

You have great people skills. You can find common ground with others well.

You are stylish, charming, and alluring. You always have a part of yourself that is a mystery.

Many people identify with you, but they're not exactly sure why. You just seem to have universal appeal.

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