Saturday, October 08, 2005

Torres has got Cloutier's number... THREE goals?!

Before Eric and I went to Nathan's, we stopped by Future Shop so he could buy 50 DVD-Rs for $17.99 or some low price like that. (if you can't watch rented movies on time, burn 'em! ;) ) He wanted me to face my escalator fears, but I was definitely all good with the elevator. I looked at some music (I *still* can't find In A Coma, darn it!) and we walked around the store a little before he bought the DVDs. While we were there, I noticed an electronic alarm on a Myst game and tried pressing it like you would do with mouse buttons... hey, it LOOKED like a mouse! Then I noticed a Spongebob Squarepants joystick / controller... yes, it's a weird thing to do with someone's nose, but it reminded me of Pinocchio's growing nose whenever he lied. ;)

After that, we didn't have time to get Subway or Quizno's like we originally thought we might. We headed straight to Nathan's and found his friend Andrew and Christon there. Erin arrived later on... the one who organized this whole thing in the first place (Eunice) didn't even show up! The first period of the hockey game was interesting, especially after they scored rather early in the game.. but we came back to tie it! We also discussed hockey pools and what pizza to order: we settled on Domino's instead of Panago. The rest of the hockey game featured a LOT of 5-on-3 action, penalties / power plays, a disallowed Edmonton goal coming at the same time as an Oilers penalty, at least two broken sticks, and the puck splitting in half. We had a penalty with 49 seconds remaining, but the Oilers goal scrubbed that out... they won in the ensuing post-sudden death OT shootout since they got two goals as opposed to our one.

No more ties in the NHL, despite 5729 ties in prior history... if nobody scores in OT, they go to a shootout with three designated players. (the most goals wins) My sister called Eric to let him know about cheap gas prices: he knew, since everyone and their lost dog was lined up at the gas station nearest his house! (where the price was 103.8¢ a litre) Danielle called Nathan later to rub it in, even though she hates hockey... "So if Edmonton won, does that mean Vancouver lost? Haha!" Christon was saying that he'd hear all about it when he goes back there on Tuesday: he's also planning to leave his co-op early (at the end of November) for various reasons, and one of them would be because he doesn't want to pay a full month's rent on an apartment if he's only going to be there one or two weeks into December.

After that, we watched a bit of the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children thing while figuring out what else to watch. We watched some Fairchild Chinese talent / variety show which wasn't THAT great, some of Lost, some of Family Guy, some baseball, some overplayed "best buns in the CFL" Subway commercial, and some Farscape. Nathan decided to test the capacity of his speakers on the satellite radio TV stations... jazz, rock, country, classical, etc. When Christon told us that he hadn't ever seen Zoolander before, we were all surprised... we were kinda going to watch THAT, but then Andrew saw it last week on TV. I also showed Eric my idea of a hot guy... pictures of certain draft picks in The Hockey News. Eventually, we settled on some Korean action martial arts movie in Mandarin.. Sword in the Moon. Good times, even with pop substituting for beer. :D

Man, I need a hockey icon....

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Blood, restoration and quizzes

Multiple system restores aren't doing anything to solve the computer problems, since now Mozilla won't even connect! Aiyoh! Maybe I should just do a restore to the way it was last night... when I have time, that is. o_O

I just called Eric, and he's leaving now... so I should be out in ten minutes for the hockey / snacks / beer hangout at Nathan's! We'll kick Edmonton's butt, haha. No knocking like yesterday, and I'll remember to lock the car door. ;) [also, I hate redrum!]

Your Sexy Dress Should Be
Stretch Halter Dress


Nutty and gooey - you always satisfy.

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As for clothes - anything that's short and cute ("kawaii!").
You are the prize object of all sorts of men - but you are really looking for a rich foreign guy.
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Raw score: 23%
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Based on the usual standards of religious morality and the usual social moors, you are a good person to get involved with sexually (screw). You're up there with Jodie Foster, Will Smith, and Hulk Hogan.

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Talent: You don't space out an awful lot, and you aren't too intuitive, either, maybe just average. That's okay. It's not required to control your dreams, but it sure makes it a lot more fun. If you give yourself that extra portion of "smelling the roses," your dreams will get a lot more vivid.

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But scoring highly here can also mean you are almost there, but not quite. If so, you should try asking yourself 10 times or so per day if you are dreaming, and if you make this a habit, you may continue doing it in your dreams, which can trigger a lucid dream. (Thanks, Third Eye, for this info! It was taken from this book.) You may soon be the master of your own dreams! Think about it! No more nightmares you can't escape from!

Every journey..., The Mystery, The Restless Novice, The Restless Master, The Troubled Novice, The Troubled Master, The Sleepless Novice, The Sleepless Master, The Novice, The Master, The Skilled Novice, The Skilled Master, The Talented Novice, The Talented Master, The Promising Novice, The Lucid Dreamer, The Healthy Novice, The Healthy Master, The Versed Novice, The Diligent Master, The Gifted Novice, The Dowered Master, The Enigma, The Master of Dreams

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Picture post... SLB night, 9.21.2005

Eric just sent us a few pictures from the most recent siu long bao night. Being the OCDL that I am, I promptly put those ImageStation pictures in my own Photobucket. Enjoy! :D

Death to Smoochy the SLB!

Image hosted by

Me at Shanghai Wind... I hate how I look in the picture, but whatever...

Image hosted by

Nathan ready to devour:

Image hosted by

Steph disgusted at something other than SLB... possibly Eddie's blasphemy?

Image hosted by

Eddie the Evil One!

Image hosted by

Danielle and the Evil One:

Image hosted by

Only a few of the 13 steamers we finished off that night, plus other food:

Image hosted by

Mmm, vinegar... just what you need for those SLB!

Image hosted by

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Are you a doughnut?

On the way to church tonight, I told Eric about what happened to my Firefox. He later agreed to come in for a while afterwards and try to fix it. (he did, but that was only temporary... eeep) I was also kinda hyper because of the new Diana Gabaldon book: "good luck getting kissed if you have the breath of snow and ashes.. it's not the other kind of breath, is it?!" He told me that I must have had dessert before the dessert night! (nope, just a chicken and cheese quesadilla!) Later, he tried convincing me that Jeremy and Nathan would help him play Metallica for worship... yeah right! Then he did a parody of AMERICAN PIE with doughnuts... he had doughnuts on the brain, haha. We had a talk on Thanksgiving as our program: the funniest part by far was when Randal brought up "pimpin' hos" as an example of a dramatic pre-Christ life! *laugh*

It was a good thing I brought reinforcements, because both Erin and I needed them. (we HATE when that happens! :P) She mentioned that her parents left yesterday, and her brother Darren was already partying it up tonight, haha! Andy noticed I was sitting by myself because I missed half the small-group sharing since I'd been downstairs. He went over to me and asked if I needed someone to talk to: haha, no... but thanks for your concern! I talked a bunch to Jeremy and Nathan about Kelowna and the hockey hangout tomorrow. (I also mentioned my brainfart to Eric: I'll call him tomorrow afternoon to figure thngs out) Danielle reiterated that she hated hockey, and would throw up if forced to watch it.. Jen had replied to the emails to say she couldn't make it, anyhow.

Phil, Randal, and I talked about blogs for a while: Phil finds mine hilarious for some reason, but hasn't been reading it since he's at school instead of work. I finally saw Winnie, Jenny, and Connie: baby Megan's so cute! Tim and Maxine brought their baby Joshua along: she says her cousin Amanda is definitely ready to have her baby girl, and not in three weeks' time either!

I talked to Christon for a while: he's had a lot of fun this week, and figures it'll be COLD when he gets back on Tuesday. Alan decided not to come to the hockey hangout because the NHL's too violent: haha, SURE that's his real reason! (I remember his saying the same thing about the CFL a few years ago at Boston Pizza / Red Robin's)

After Fellowship, we all had a lot for dessert... apple crisp, macadamia nuts, pumpkin pie, and more! Talked to Helen, Mandy, Rachel, Cindy, Silvester, and a bunch more people. Nobody wanted to go anywhere afterwards.. good for Jeremy, since he got the cab company to pick him up at 6 AM (as in a few hours from now). (and the dessert was his dinner, too!) So I got Eric to come in at least for a while and do troubleshooting: whatever he did got Firefox to work temporarily, although he still can't figure out the copy-paste problem.. we have the same version of Windows and such, though. So that can't be all bad, haha. About the only productive thing that got done was installing the Tabbrowsing extension: clicking links in a working version of Firefox will make them open in new tabs instead of new windows. He turned off the computer when he left: I kinda wish he hadn't, since Firefox decided to be temperamental again when I turned it back on. Oh well, I'll get him tomorrow afternoon or so... at least he's square with me in terms of the $8 he owed me from last week!

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Brainfarts, Friday Five, and quizzes

I just went to finally mail stuff to certain people, and realized that I've had a brainfart all week about Awana: I DON'T HAVE ANY TOMORROW BECAUSE OF THANKSGIVING! That means I *can* go to the beer / hockey / snacks hangout tomorrow night... YAY! :D

Eric's knocking on the window, so I should jet... man, am I ditzy and rushed tonight or what? *laugh*


1. When you sneeze, do you hold it in or let loose?

My head would explode if I held it in, so I definitely let loose. That's been a source of amusement / criticism, believe it or not. o_O

2. If I hand you $1000 today and tell you that it must be spent this weekend, what will you spend it on?

Probably a new TV, since mine's too small. Or maybe a digicam, haha.

3. Which holiday is your favorite? Least favorite? Why?

Most favorite: Thanksgiving.. it's coming up this weekend, too! :D

Least favorite: Valentine's Day / Christmas... lack of a man on one, too much time spent with certain people on the other. :P

4. Do you keep old yearbooks from your high school years? Where are they in your home?

I have all five of them, and they're sitting on that bookshelf over there.

5. After you pay a bill, how long do you keep it for? (ie. power bill, credit card)

Maybe a month or so? Unless it's really important... then I *try* to keep it in a place where I won't lose it accidentally. But as happened last week, even that fails me. o_O

Your Dog Should Be

Snow White

Your Famous Character Halloween Costume Is
Princess Leia

You Should Get a JD (Juris Doctor)

You're logical, driven, and ruthless.
You'd make a mighty fine lawyer.

Funny, that's what my parents say all the time... "because you like arguing, you should be a lawyer!" o_O

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According to Google, this is what I need...

I saw this in Erin's journal and had to share.

Go to Google and type "(your name) needs"... Then pick the 5 funniest ones there. If your name is Sally, you would put "Sally needs" into the search engine. (You're supposed to "tag" 5 people, too. But hell, why limit it to five?)
Heh, reminds me of Googlism.

Leslie needs to poke Thomas, but will not have a chance before the business meeting. POKE him? o_O

Leslie needs a new pair of shoes! No, I already have one... which really should be broken in...

Leslie needs to be dealt with. .... in what way?

Leslie needs more evidence before she gets her hopes up. Damn right...

Leslie needs to write down a question for Jeff, and she needs to make it really embarrassing and include the phrase "vinyl record albums." I can't think of one... d'oh!

Leslie needs only to win the Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis. HAHAHAHAHA, as if I could run a marathon!

Leslie needs to learn to stop trying to do everything at once. Probably true... my multi-tasking ways do make me frazzled!

Leslie needs a fat reality cheque. Am I not getting one already?! Sheesh!

Leslie needs a happily ever after. SO DAMN TRUE!

Leslie needs people like you to do some meaningful work. That's right - and you'd best hop on it before I make you pay the CONSEQUENCES!

This is the Myspace version:

1. Jennifer needs a man..... wow
2. Kayla needs a new mommy..
3. Cassie needs to smarten up. [Haha.]
4. Mike needs a date. [Haha.]
5. Courtney needs a mistress to show off.......... ummmmm, what?
6. Kaitlyn needs a miracle
7. Katie needs a live-in nanny!
8. Stephanie needs some help [haha]
9. Brooke needs to butt out [for real]
10. Jessica Tho needs the address of young people who are same sex-attracted.
11. Bryanna needs to take herself and her partner Monroe to her house coz they are sure gettin' on my nerves.
12. Danielle needs more self-respect when it comes to the boys she chooses. (Haha!)
13. Doug needs money. (Yeah, I do. :-/ )
14. Allie needs help getting her pants off. [HAHA.]
15. Claire needs private support
16. Michelle needs to just SHUT UP! hahaa niceee.
17. Keenan needs an eastern bird to complete his World Slam with a bow
18. Lauren needs attention [haha, it seriously said that]
19. Alex needs your help.... true
20. Shannon needs a hand with her breast... why did it say that ;)
21. Taylor needs to practice her spitting..... OMG HAHAHA!
22. Hana needs the patient as much as he needs here.....?? I so don't get it
23. Rachel needs Netflix friends... HAHA.
24. Meredith needs to mind her own business! [Haha! No, I don't!]
25. Payton needs more touchdowns.. (I found this, no joke! Haha, it's true! :) )
26. Walker needs a diaper :)
27. Courtney needs a man... yep, I really do!! Haha!
28. Shelby needs a life... Haha.
29. Niki needs a drink
30: Matt needs to have his bottom bared and a paddling needs to be administered
31. Nick needs help with changing his kid. Haha, that's some funny shit!
32. Sarah needs a cold shower.... well, then!
33. Sara needs.. a loving, playful home (haha, wow...)
34. Jessica needs fake titties, and then she will be perfect. [haha, OMG...]
35. "Morgan needs no psychologist to tell him all about Kerry." Damn right!
36. Mandy needs to NOT go down there. hahahahaha, OMG!
37. Becca needs a boyfriend....... (haha, I have a boyfriend!)
38. Allyson needs some help.. hehe, yeah... I do
39. LYNN NEEDS A BLOG (and a single rose)
40. Robert needs money (Robbie)
41. Monica needs.... a job! (a better one)
42. "Jason needs to SHUT UP..." BWAHAHAHAHAH
43. Erin needs to put on shirts.. teehee
44. Charlotte needs to control fans.......
45. Billy needs to play
46. Casey needs professional help... that is so sad, but probably true.
47. Sabrina needs a good home...... damn, that makes me sound like some type of animal (yeah, yeah... I know I am an animal, whatever)
48. Karen needs a therapist!!!!
49. Denise Martin Needs a Women's Prison (funny because this is about a man who wants to have the right to go to a women's prison because he has had a sex change ~~ funny because my name will be Denise Martin when I get married)
50. [What] Carrie needs after a night like this is a nice, hot bath. She slowly, ritualistically climbs into the bath and scrubs herself madly like an adolescent Lady Macbeth until she's removed the stain of blood and sin from her skin. (obviously about the movie)
51. Dave needs to hang out with a better class of friends. (Y'all are a bunch of low class bitches!!! HAHA!)
52. Lauri needs to take it off more often ....
53. Kelton needs a PA phone system (what????)
54. Christina needs to go and tell these bitches to eat it!
55. Kristin needs monthly prayer and financial support as she moves to Spain.
56. Jessica needs fake titties, and then she would be perfect...
57. Niki needs a drink
58. Kimberly needs more dangerous thrills to reach her sexual desires!!!! HAHA!!!
59. Katie needs to "grow up" and give up the things of childhood.. HAHA.
60. Kelly needs a loving, committed marriage. ~ Don't look at me. Google said it.
61. Lisa needs a Spanking..... How did they know? HAHA.
62. Steve needs lovin too. Okay, sounds good.
63. Shannon needs her mother (It's sooo true, I'm such a big baby!)
64. Barret needs to get back into the mix.
65. Jael needs someone who is strong
66. Charles needs a missus, not a mistress
67. Christine needs more than just fast sex and a roll in the hay...HAHA.....That's So True!!!!
68. Brandy needs a man! hahaha... a GOOD one, that's for sure! ;)
69. Kevin needs your money.... damn right, now give it to me!
70. ANGRY MIDDLE FINGER! Big Ben Needs Some Rest..... Haha, that's about right, MF
71. Matt needs prayers and help, and maybe just a balloon, a rainbow, or a little fairy dust now and then: let's see if we cant help with some of those things.... I guess, haha.
72. Teague needs a miracle after an armed attack that nearly takes his life. [What the FUCK!!!!]
74. Matt needs to date a midget or something next... Shit, Ruth better not see this!!!
75. Melissa needs at least 10 hours of sleep a day!... Haha, ain't that the truth!
76. Brian needs to get paid (SUCKA)... TRUE, TRUE
77. Paul needs 1000 to represent Ireland in golf event
78. Audrey needs to concentrate on getting better, not getting laid
79. Kristi needs to grab a mop and apron and get to work, instead of typing up. HAHAHAHA!
80. Theresa needs two hot chicks.... HaHaHa
81. Karamia needs SUNSHINE.. ha, so true!
82. Carrie needs a nice, hot bath........ yup, sure do!!!
83. Shane needs to hit the pavement... hmmm
84. Courtney needs a mistress to show off, but not one who will gossip to others
85. Paige needs sensitivity training.
88. Niki needs a drink. Haha, figures!
89. Sarah needs a boyfriend. Huh? Say what? I guess I do, haha. :)
90. Margie needs to verbalize her experiences! (HAHA... This was one of the nicer ones, hahahaha!!!)
91. Kitty needs a chopping. (What the hell?!)
92. Bob needs a good spanking. :O ...
93. Ana needs a lot of listening practice.
94. Phil needs Jesus... I think it might be too late for that
95. Sweet Lori needs a second chance
96. Stephanie needs help... how fitting!
97. Danielle needs more self-respect when it comes to the boys she chooses - well, no shit!
98. Laura needs 25 cents and 2 fingers --- haha, what the fuck does that mean?
99. Lizzy needs a lap to sit on. If you have a lap, and are willing to give her gentleness and love... (awwww....)
100. Mike needs to wash. (HAHAHA.)

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Now I can't go anywhere in Firefox, or do much in Internet Explorer!

On Corey's advice, I re-installed Firefox to get critical updates and maybe solve my annoying copy-paste problem. Now whenever I try going ANYWHERE in Firefox 1.07 (using Windows XP), I get this:

Connection Failure Error

The connection was refused when attempting to contact

The browser was unable to connect to the specified site, even though it exists. This may be because the site does not accept connections from your computer, the service may be down, or the site does not support the service or port that you tried to connect to.

Try again

Now what am I supposed to do about that? There are more critical updates in Firefox that I can't get at, also. Internet Explorer's also giving me these weird freezing errors whenever I try to do too much. I hope this computer's not dying... o_O

Someone's gonna get it when he gets home! *sigh* I wish I had a computer geek or three to call... maybe Eric, haha?

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Copy-paste not working the way I'm used to, quizzes

Yay... copy-paste isn't working in the way I'm used to. It won't copy and paste using either the keyboard shortcuts or the menu options (since those are greyed-out)... and it worked last night... o_O This reminds me of when it wouldn't work on my old computer, and I had to use Notepad to compose everything. But at least then, it would copy-paste from Notepad to text boxes on the Web... now, it won't even do that. *dies*

As a child...
You fell off your tricycle and knocked out your front tooth
How did it mess you up?
You say 'that's hot' more than 3 times a day
Take this quiz at

You Are Changing Leaves

Pretty, but soon dead.

Yikes, I hope that's not a premonition or whatever! o_O

You are
Microfiber Boy Leg Panty

Oh my... o_O

Your Hair Should Be Blue

Wild, brilliant, and out of control.
You're a risk taker with an eye to the future.

Yeah, I can imagine my parents' reaction to that! Hahaha, that would be SO worth it! :D

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

This cover idea is just so wrong...

This just in: Corey says that Children of Bodom covered Britney Spears. According to him, you can hear Britney Spears, or at least a female singer trying to sound like her, in the background... it's pretty bad. :P He just hopes this song was a joke (which he'd say is a pretty safe bet), and that the new album is actually good. :P Well, you hear them laughing at the end of it, so it's probably a joke. :P Yuck, they need to remove the Britney Spears music from that... then it might be funny, but it's terrible when you have to actually hear her or a good likeness of it in the background. :P I tried to get him to send it to me (which he said he would), but then he fell asleep on me or something... what else is new? Maybe tomorrow night, but now I'm in the mood to listen to some Children of Bodom anyways! :D

He then wanted me to bet $100 on the outcome of the Phoenix-Vancouver hockey game... we won 3-2 in the season opener / Wayne Gretzky's coaching debut! But this wasn't any ordinary bet, even if he doesn't like Arizona much anymore... the only reason he went there in the first place was because of his ex. :P No... he wanted to bet $100 that the winner was the team who won the game. Talk about obvious! *rolleyes* Ah well, he was teasing me as per the usual... saying weird things about the hockey game and shootouts, Ohlund and Naslund and computer terms, and skating in general. Good times. :D

Now to get to more ghost story editing... I *might* post them here in backdated chunks. If I do, I'll let you know. (for the three people that read this... woo!)

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Unique Words.. stole this from a "useless facts" community!

How come only German has a word for 'a person who leaves without paying the bill' (Zechpreller) or that Albanians need 27 words for moustache? A compelling new book uncovers the globe's most weird, wonderful - and meaningful - words.... (from The Independent)


MATA EGO Rapa Nui, Easter Island

Eyes that reveal that someone has been crying.

NYLENTIK Indonesian

To flick someone with the middle finger on the ear.

KUCIR Indonesian

A tuft of hair left to grow on top of an otherwise bald head.

DIDIS Indonesian

To search and pick up lice from one's own hair, usually when in bed at night.

PANA PO'O Hawaiian

To scratch your head in order to help you to remember something you've forgotten.

NGAOBERA Pascuense, Easter Island

A slight inflammation of the throat caused by screaming too much.


A day spent in nervous anticipation of a coughing spell.


Someone with six fingers.

PAPAKATA Cook Islands Maori

To have one leg shorter than the other.

AKA'AKA'A Hawaiian

Skin peeling or falling off after either sunburn or heavy drinking.

KARELU Tulu Indian

The mark left on the skin by wearing anything tight.


MAHJ Persian

Looking beautiful after having a disease.


To improve one's looks by plastic surgery.


A girl who looks as though she might be pretty when seen from behind, but isn't when seen from the front.

MAMIHLAPINATAPEI Fuengian language, Chile

A shared look of longing between parties who are both interested yet neither is willing to make the first move.


A man who seizes any chance of being in close physical contact with a woman.


Allowing a lover access to one's bed, under the covers, for a chit-chat.


Wallowing, tumbling or rolling from side to side as lovers do.


Men who worship their own sexual organs.

KORO Japanese

The hysterical belief that one's penis is shrinking into one's body.

SENZURI Japanese

Male masturbation (literally "a hundred rubs"). "Shiko shiko manzuri" is the female version (literally "ten thousand rubs").

SACANAGEM Brazilian Portuguese

Openly seeking sexual pleasure with one or more partners other than one's primary partner during Mardi Gras.


Feigned anger of a mistress.



An officer who keeps the flies off the sleeping king by waving a feather brush.


A dealer in stolen cats.

BUZ-BAZ Ancient Persian

A showman who makes a goat and monkey dance together.


Someone who co-ordinates a group of clappers.


An assistant lighthouse keeper.


The chief's masseur, whose duty it was to take care of his spittle and excrement.

FUCHA Portuguese

To use company time and resources for one's own purposes.

PAUKIKAPE Ancient Greek

The collar worn by slaves while grinding corn, in order to stop them eating it.


The fight by a cameraman to get a better vantage point.

GRILAGEM Brazilian Portuguese

The practice of putting a live cricket into a box of newly faked documents, until the insect's excrement makes the paper look convincingly old.

DHURNA Anglo-Indian

Extorting payment from someone by sitting at their front door and staying there without food, threatening violence, until you get paid.

SOKAIYA Japanese

A man with a few shares in several companies who extorts money by threatening to come to the shareholders' meetings and cause trouble.


A person who leaves a restaurant without paying.


Someone who spends time, but not money, at a café.

TINGO Pascuense language, Easter Island

Borrowing things from a friend's house, one by one, until he has nothing left.



A charm used by burglars to make people fall asleep.


A burglar's tools.

SMONTA Italian

A theft carried out on a bus or train, from which the perpetrator descends as quickly as possible.


To execute by pressing into mud.


To murder somebody, bury their body, then grow some flowers over the grave in order to conceal it.


A group of prison guards who specialise in beating up inmates.

JIEYU Chinese

To break into jail in order to rescue a prisoner.


LATAH Indonesian

Uncontrollable habit of saying embarrassing things.


Muttering to oneself.

'A'AMA Hawaiian

Someone who speaks rapidly, hiding their meaning from one person while communicating it to another.


YUYURUNGUL Yindiny, Australia

The noise of a snake sliding through grass.


The whistling and pattering of rain or wind.

GULUGULU Tulu, India

The sound of a pitcher filling with water.

CALACALA Tulu, India

The action of children wading through water as they play.

NING-NONG Indonesia

The ringing of a doorbell.

DESUS Indonesia

The quiet, smooth sound of somebody farting but not very loudly.


The suppressed giggling and tittering of a group of women.


The sound of sand driven by the wind.


To make a squeaking noise by sucking air past the lips in order to gain the attention of a dog or a child.

GHIQQ Persian

The sound made by a boiling kettle.


The sound of dry leaves or twigs being trodden underfoot.

YUYIN Chinese

The remnants of sound that stay in the ears of the hearer

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The conversation with Erik that I had yesterday...

Session Start (flamsterette_x:musicfan259): Mon Oct 03 13:24:31 2005
[13:25:03] musicfan259: Boo! :D
[13:29:28] flamsterette_x: .... so you want me to call you "umop" then now? Man, too many name changes... first it's Erik.. then it's Lee, and now it's Umop.
[13:29:41] musicfan259: Lee is fine. :D
[13:30:05] musicfan259: I was just using my internet handle - force of habit, you see. :)
[13:30:23] flamsterette_x: Makes me rather afraid of what you'll come up with next.... "the Grand Potentate of Love," perhaps.
[13:30:31] musicfan259: :p
[13:30:39] *** "musicfan259" signed on at Mon Oct 03 13:30:39 2005.
[13:31:05] flamsterette_x: Righto. Chill while I make the requisite changes..
[13:31:14] musicfan259: ?
[13:45:17] flamsterette_x: Done now.
[13:45:19] flamsterette_x: So what's up?
[13:46:32] musicfan259: Not much other than what I wrote about. I put the latest version of my astronomy program online, and I'm running a game of Assassins over on UnaBoard. :D
[13:47:21] flamsterette_x: Oh yeah! I kinda keep on meaning to go over there at some point.
[13:47:35] musicfan259: UnaBoard Assassins. :D
[13:48:44] flamsterette_x: Well, at least I don't have to ask you if I WANT to go to that link, haha.
[13:49:04] musicfan259: :D
[13:49:14] flamsterette_x: .... let me guess. Una and Fierra have been playing around with the whole look / feel of the board again.
[13:49:37] musicfan259: Yeah. They did that before? :O I hope they change it back; this looks awful.
[13:50:36] flamsterette_x: Yeah. There were the Halloween editions, the Christmas editions, the 1890s edition, the Noir edition, and probably a bunch of other misc. things.
[13:51:18] musicfan259: Oh okay - I was using the 1890s skin there for a while. Seen the noir avatars too. :D Did they rename the fora before?
[13:51:44] flamsterette_x: Yeah, all those came with renaming things.
[13:52:19] musicfan259: Oh good then - it's temporary, LOL.
[13:52:50] flamsterette_x: Yeah.. until the next time one of them gets an idea in her head. ;)
[13:53:12] flamsterette_x: Oh, and if this is a ploy to get me posting there (I have no idea why :P), then... well.... uh...
[13:53:37] musicfan259: Nope it's not - just sharing about what I've been up to lately. :)
[14:03:29] flamsterette_x: Heh, I know. :D
[14:03:45] flamsterette_x: But true to form, I'm posting... or I kinda posted. Whatever you want to call it.
[14:04:13] musicfan259: In the Assassins thread?
[14:06:36] flamsterette_x: No, I'm not even playing in that one. In the... uh... Water Cooler.
[14:10:47] musicfan259: So were the previous forum names (Jibber-Jabber, Diversions and Distractions, Tea and Sympathy, etc.) the usual names or do they just rename everything at whim?
[14:13:35] flamsterette_x: Those are the usual names, yeah. The new forum names go along with the whole "theme" they're trying to create.
[14:15:21] musicfan259: I see. They picked a bad time IMO - another board just upgraded to Invision 2.1 and all the old skins are gone. :( One board changing its format is enough - 2 at the same time is just too much. :p
[14:17:16] flamsterette_x: Yeah, that can get confusing or whatever, especially since you just got used to the old format.
[14:19:20] musicfan259: They used to have this really neat skin - I'm told Our Place used to have it, so you may have seen it - well that went away with 2.0, and I created my own skin to replace it. It was a poor substitute, but I held out that maybe the old one would be re-released for 2.0. Now, mine won't work with 2.1 and the original is subject to copyright.
[14:22:47] flamsterette_x: Oh yeah! That pink skin! I didn't like it, as I don't really like pink all that much... but I know what you're talking about.
[14:23:36] musicfan259: Yeah, that one. Heh, maybe I should submit mine to Our Place. :D
[14:24:30] musicfan259: Several posters would probably use it - misstee was using it for a while.
[14:25:02] flamsterette_x: Hey, sounds good then..
[14:25:18] flamsterette_x: I know Raynbow would, if you had that pink skin thing at Our Place.
[14:26:03] musicfan259: Neat - maybe I will then. :D
[14:26:17] musicfan259: While I'm at it, I'll bring up the 10 quote limit.
[14:26:38] flamsterette_x: The what limit?
[14:27:08] musicfan259: The thing where if there's more than 10 quote tags per message, they don't show up.
[14:30:57] flamsterette_x: Oh, okay. I've never run into that myself... I don't think.
[14:31:45] musicfan259: The last private message you sent me. :p I replied in 2 parts because I wanted the quote blocks to show up - I'm picky like that. *blush* :D
[14:36:11] flamsterette_x: OH. Yeah, I haven't gotten around to that board yet. Too busy picking apart random internet people's spelling and grammar, haha. :D
[14:36:26] musicfan259: :D
[14:36:26] flamsterette_x: With the appropriate icon, of course.
[14:36:39] musicfan259: On LJ?
[14:38:11] flamsterette_x:
[14:38:53] musicfan259: LMAO that's funny.
[14:45:01] flamsterette_x: Yeah... I mean, I just CAN'T pass it up when someone describes the "staff infection" they had last week, for example.
[14:45:33] musicfan259: Definitely not. :D
[14:47:00] flamsterette_x: I know it makes me sound quite pedantic sometimes, but honestly. I can only take so much Netspeak and "abbreviations" for 4-letter-words...
[14:47:39] musicfan259: Perfectly understandable. :)
[14:49:48] flamsterette_x: Haha, get a load of this comment. "You have 'helping people' listed as one of your LJ interests... maybe you should take that off." Hahaha!
[14:50:33] musicfan259: Someone posted that in response to your profile?
[14:51:23] flamsterette_x: No, someone posted that in response to a comment I made correcting someone else's spelling.
[14:52:00] musicfan259: Oh, I see. Well, it was mean of them anyway.
[14:54:15] flamsterette_x: Oh yeah. Ah well, not much to be done about it.
[14:54:37] musicfan259: True.
[14:59:01] musicfan259: There's a lot of animosity going back and forth in the alternative theories forum of the Bad Astronomy / Universe Today forum. *rolleyes* I don't know why people are so mean with each other. Especially over something as silly as a mesa on Mars. :p
[14:59:16] flamsterette_x: ..... hm.
[14:59:36] flamsterette_x: What's the argument there?
[15:01:21] musicfan259: One poster said something that was apparently a joke, then a couple of others responded in a similar fashion deriding the substance of the joke. Poster #1 took the replies personally, and it degenerated into an argument about what evidence there is for / against the "face" and who has the burden of proof.
[15:04:54] flamsterette_x: Eek. Sounds messy.
[15:07:30] musicfan259: There's a lot of hard feelings between the skeptics and the against the mainstream / conspiracy types. I've never hung out in those fora much, but from the tone of that one thread it sounds like there's been a long history of hostility. The skeptics aren't patiently and kindly making their case, they're responding with vitriol. I think they're just tired of reiterating the same points all the time.
[15:08:20] flamsterette_x: Yeah, I can understand how that might make your responses vitriolic if you argue the same points all the time to people who can't / won't see your point..
[15:10:32] musicfan259: True. It's not always the same people each time - a lot of posters join, start alternative theory threads, and either decide not to stay with the board or fly off the handle and get banned. In this particular thread, they're arguing with a regular poster, so maybe that's the difference.
[15:16:27] flamsterette_x: Maybe.... I wouldn't be able to say.
[15:16:38] flamsterette_x: Did I ever tell you about that creepy dude last night?
[15:16:46] musicfan259: No, you didn't.
[15:17:30] flamsterette_x: Okay, so one of my Internet friends really wanted me to come to her birthday dinner last night. Fine, whatever.
[15:18:15] flamsterette_x: So I went... and then there was this creepy older guy there. For some reason, I got the impression that he kept staring at me throughout dinner... or at least when half the table got up to take a smoke break.
[15:18:28] flamsterette_x: .... I mean, eesh.
[15:18:38] musicfan259: Eek.
[15:22:14] flamsterette_x: Luckily, I wasn't seated near him. But then my friend mentioned that she met him on a local polygamy community. Not to say that the poly people are automatically creepy perverts, because of course that's not true..... but what would you think if someone you'd just met started handing out cards for a function to everyone at the table?
[15:23:34] musicfan259: I'd think that they were only there to promote the function. Seems a little rude IMO.
[15:25:42] flamsterette_x: Yeah.. I mean, he DID stay and eat dinner and such... but man. I could understand if we were at a related dinner or something, but this is someone's birthday dinner.
[15:26:16] flamsterette_x: It would be like me going to your place, meeting all your friends, and then handing out a bunch of tracts and stuff. (which I would never do, haha)
[15:27:10] musicfan259: Oh, I know you wouldn't. :) But yeah, that was a really gauché for him to do.
[15:27:33] musicfan259: or a really gauché thing to do (I have got to be more thorough in re-wording my sentences)
[15:29:18] flamsterette_x: Heh, that's all right.. I knew what you meant.
[15:32:52] musicfan259: Oh, I didn't tell you - I got an email after I put a photo on my new Yahoo profile. This guy in Brazil is going through the TG groups looking for a wife. Which kind of concerned me, because 1.) that's a whole new thing for me, and 2.) what's he like if he hangs out there of all places to meet partners? Well, I told him the truth - that I'm still relatively new to all this and am limiting myself to women partners at the moment. I also said that the world needs more guys who are so understanding.
[15:37:05] flamsterette_x: ... no, you didn't tell me about that. Sounds kinda weird...
[15:37:26] flamsterette_x: But at least you think he seems understanding..
[15:40:35] musicfan259: Well, what I told him implied that he is. As for what I really think, he seems nice from what little I can tell (about 3 or 4 emails), but the thing that most concerns me is why would someone specifically look _there_ for a mate unless that's the type they prefer. Which there's nothing wrong with in and of itself, but I've been told that guys who prefer TS women will only stick around while she looks "different."
[15:46:21] flamsterette_x: Different... ?
[15:49:21] musicfan259: Yeah, umm... obvious, not passable, etc. I was trying to track down where I saw that statement when I came across this page that makes a case for such guys not being the best choice.
[15:50:21] flamsterette_x: Oh, okay. I'm kinda dense today, heh.
[15:51:49] musicfan259: S'okay... I'm a space case right now. :D
[15:54:20] flamsterette_x: Interesting article... now I understand a little more.
[15:55:10] musicfan259: It's a really informative site. I've read most of the articles there, but that was a while ago and I've forgotten which ones. So I'm going back over it again. :D
[15:55:58] flamsterette_x: Sounds like a good idea, if only for a refresher. :D
[15:56:47] musicfan259: True - but sooner or later, I'll stumble on the few I haven't read yet.
[15:57:12] flamsterette_x: That's good too. :D
[15:59:24] musicfan259: Or, I could get called away for ice cream. :p I'm gonna finish listening to the song I have playing first, which should give me enough time to read another article. :D
[16:01:08] musicfan259: I'll be back in a little while. :)
[16:02:09] flamsterette_x: All right.
[16:23:10] musicfan259: I have to go back down in a few minutes to help write an e-card for my youngest nephew - he turns 3 tomorrow.
[16:30:35] flamsterette_x: Hey, sounds good then!
[16:30:44] flamsterette_x: Oh yeah.. Alyson's jealous of you.
[16:30:59] musicfan259: She is???
[16:31:54] musicfan259: What for?
[16:34:13] flamsterette_x: [16:33:39] Asterisk665: Hell, I'm just jealous she can pass. That she looks good just compounds things.
[16:35:02] musicfan259: Oh that... well, just between you and me and her, the face is photoshopped. ;)
[16:35:25] musicfan259: Actually paint shopped. :p
[16:37:33] flamsterette_x: Haha, okay..
[16:38:01] musicfan259: Are you chatting with her now? I could upload the original and then take it down after she's seen it.
[16:38:21] flamsterette_x: Yeah, I am. Do you want her info?
[16:38:31] musicfan259: Sure - if it's okay with her.
[16:38:58] flamsterette_x: As for the original, sure.
[16:40:27] musicfan259: *uploads BLAH original photo*
[16:51:49] flamsterette_x: She's still jealous!
[16:51:58] musicfan259: *sigh*
[16:53:02] musicfan259: All's I can say is I cannot tell you how many TS women I've seen on these sites who are even better-looking than I am. *shrug*
[17:08:31] flamsterette_x: They look better than you do?!
[17:09:12] flamsterette_x: Oh yeah. Her YM name is.. uh... likethephoenix120.
[17:09:55] musicfan259: four pages of better looking TS women than me :D
[17:10:02] musicfan259: Thanks, I'll add her to my contact list.
[17:10:29] flamsterette_x: Sounds good.
[17:10:45] flamsterette_x: But... yeah. There are TG women out there who look better than you do?!
[17:11:00] musicfan259: Waaaaaaaaay better. Harisu, for one...
[17:12:02] flamsterette_x: .... who?
[17:12:51] musicfan259: Harisu
[17:13:31] musicfan259: Maybe we 3 should do a conference chat.
[17:21:27] flamsterette_x: ... you sure that woman on the page there is TG?
[17:21:56] musicfan259: I guarantee it. :D You do mean Harisu, right? She transitioned in her teens.
[17:22:08] flamsterette_x: Yes, her.
[17:22:24] musicfan259: Yeah - I totally missed the boat on ever looking like that.
[17:23:22] flamsterette_x: How do you know she transitioned in her teens?
[17:23:52] musicfan259: Says so somewhere - if not on the site, then on the success stories site.
[17:24:03] flamsterette_x: Oh, okay.
[17:24:11] flamsterette_x: Nice Soul Asylum reference there. ;)
[17:24:30] musicfan259: What Soul Asylum reference?
[17:24:58] flamsterette_x: Haha, the "we 3" thing. ;)
[17:25:29] musicfan259: Oh, that - no, I meant it'd be easier than having 2 separate chat windows. I know nothing of Soul Asylum.
[17:29:02] flamsterette_x: Hahaha. They have this song that's called We 3... I know, I know. I'm a music geek, somewhat. ;)
[17:29:10] musicfan259: :D
[17:31:12] flamsterette_x: So who all is in this chat room so far?
[17:31:27] musicfan259: Just me at the moment.
[17:31:48] flamsterette_x: Heh, okay.
[17:50:10] musicfan259: I just sent an irate email to the jerk I have to do the class project with.
[17:55:19] musicfan259: brb
[17:57:53] musicfan259: I'm going to have to get ready to eat supper here soon, so I'm signing off for now.
[17:59:11] *** "musicfan259" signed off at Mon Oct 03 17:59:11 2005.
Session Close (musicfan259): Mon Oct 03 17:59:49 2005

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Crazy Names

Corey just linked me to this Something Awful thread on crazy names. He knows it's something I'm into, all right! It certainly seems to go well with this entry. :D Those poor shitheads, indeed.... ;) (people with the name of Shithead tend to make it into every single name thread...)

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Hockey hangout

Eunice just emailed me, Danielle, Erin, Eddie, Steph, Jen, Nathan, Eric, Citrus, and Phil: "Hey guys, what are you doing this Saturday? Hockey game? Starts at 7 PM. Wanna get together to watch it? I have a day off and was thinking of some beer, snacks, and good hockey at say, Erin's? Have your parents left yet? Get back to me. Eunice."

Erin's replied to say that her parents ARE out of town then, but she doesn't have cable. Danielle's replied to say: "HOCKEY?! C'est disgusting!" (haha) So I replied to say that we could have it at my place, depending on what time I get home from Awana (which ends at 6-ish) and depending on the definition of "cable." (I have up to Channel 44, so we're out of luck if it's on Channel 52!) Nathan says that we can come to his house: he's 90% sure it's okay, but he'll check first. Eric thinks Danielle will be deprived (and offered a correction on her French), and tells her to look at some hot guy that Steph drafted in their hockey pool. He also thinks my TV is a bit small... could be, but at least it's the thought that counts. His family will be watching the game, but he doesn't think we want to be guzzling six-packs with them there. Steph has to see what Timothy Fellowship is up to first... and asks if the game isn't just on Channel 3, which Eric confirmed because the CBC just finally ended its labor dispute. I guess we'll see... but if it's at Nathan's, I don't think I can go!

Danielle said: "Sick... I think I'm going to throw up." But she loves how Erin realized that she'd probably be too disgusted to continue reading all the emails about hockey and would just start deleting, so she put her name in the subject line. As tempting as Erin's suggestion of using two of Nathan's four TVs (one for hockey, one for THE WEDDING DATE) sounds, she can't come anyhow because her cousin's birthday is in Richmond. Just as well... that sounds like an awful chick flick movie. :P (to quote Erin: "Guys! Too many emails again! I remember Nathan saying that he has two 19-inch TVs which aren't his biceps... one of these will do just fine! ;)") Eric sent us a picture of the hot guy, because he thought the pic didn't show up in the email. Yeah, it did... but at least I can save the photo, and then do a search on the photo title to find that it's Mike Ribero of the Montreal Canadiens.

Too bad I never got the chance to meet Henrik... the one time we could have! Sigh... I hope he has a good trip, anyhow! :(

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Helen, Bali, spamming trolls, and quizzes

I called Helen earlier to see whether she'd be okay with my putting her down as a reference on that Child Protection Committee form. She joked that if anyone called her from the church, she'd tell them not to hire me. Hahaha, gotta love friends like that. :P She's also heard that our friend Billy and Stella are in Bali now: I'm not sure whether they were there when it got bombed recently, but they probably were. I guess Stella's been keeping in touch with Lesley, so we'll know if / when something goes horribly wrong there!

Thanks to David, I'm having fun spamming a troll here. He's a troll for spamming ads for free iPods in RandomThought... it's fun to stave off the boredom when Corey's gone to school to work on a group project that's due tomorrow. (we tested MSN out since it wasn't working for Dominic when he tried to send messages to me... then he teased me for being too short, cheh!) ;)

With one project over with, there still remains much to do... o_O

Here is the return of the quizzes:

Death through extreme sports

You are going to die in an extreme sports accident. You like to live life fast and hard. What's the point if you don't? Live fast, Die young, Leave a good looking corpse. Right?

Take this quiz at

You have a 33% chance of being abducted

You have a fairly good chance of being abducted. You may be somewhat skeptical about the existence of aliens, but you know that they could exist... somewhere.

Take this quiz at

You are 86% evil

You are super evil. You are constantly figuring out how to get revenge on people. You are not afraid to do illegal things because you feel that you are above the law.

Take this quiz at

You are Severus Snape

You are a whiz at potions and skilled at working as a double agent for Dumbledore and Voldemort. But whose side are you on? Although you may have been led astray by the dark lord initially, you are really fighting the good fight, as a spy against the death eaters. Or is it the other way around?

Take this quiz at

You are not really geeky

You may like a few things that are geeky, but overall you aren't really much of a geek.

Take this quiz at

You hate gossipers!

Your biggest pet peeve is gossip. Gossipers are vapid. They have nothing better to do than spread gossip about other people and stick their nose where it doesn't belong. Can't they just get a life?

Take this quiz at

You have a 73% chance of surviving a T-Rex Attack

You have an above average chance of surviving a T-Rex attack. You are able to recognize what the real dangers are as opposed to the imaginary ones. Go, team!

Take this quiz at

Your boss is 22% jerk

Your boss is sometimes a jerk. They are somewhat o.k. most of the time, but occasionally, they lose all logic and social skills. Overall though, you should be thankful that they are not much, much, much worse.

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You were a loner in high school

You didn’t really fit into any traditional group. You did your own thing and you were very interesting (and intimidating) to those around you.

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You will be famous for eating the most hot dogs at Nathan's Famous hot dog eating competition

You love life and enjoy doing what you feel like whenever. You are a free spirit, and are not tied down by any social conventions.

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You are Farmer Ted from 16 Candles

Let’s face it you are a nerd, but an endearing one. Because you are always trying to improve yourself socially, you are able to do crazy stuff that most nerds would only dream of, like driving the hottest girl in school home without a license, while she tries to feed you birth control pills.

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You are a slow dancer

So maybe the club scene is not your thing. You prefer to slow dance (like you did in Jr. high). There is something very romantic about this, and it is great as foreplay...

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You are 39% Emo

You are fairly Emo. You think Emo kids are cool, although you aren't Emo. You have lots in common with them, even if you aren't technically "Emo."

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You are a shy flirt

You are more inclined to leave anonymous love notes for your crush than go up and ask them out. You prefer to leave the ball in their court and see where it takes you. A lot of people find this style romantic, but sometimes you are going to have to work up the nerve and ask your crush out, because if your crush is shy too, you may both like each other and never know.

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Talking about your ex

Your first date faux pas is talking about your ex. You may have just gotten out of a relationship, and maybe you are not ready to start dating again. Your date does not want to hear about all the crappy things your last boyfriend or girlfriend did. Save that for your roommate.

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You are JT

You are always getting yourself into embarrassing situations. Although a sweet guy at heart, you are constantly saying the wrong thing to girls. Overall, you are endearing, and your efforts to woo the opposite sex will eventually be rewarded.

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