Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snow in mid-April?! This is ridiculous!

Hey, April Morgan added me to Facebook! I remember her from school, all right.

Bingos of the day so far:

WAGTAILS (76 points) - against Karla M.
WRONGEST (74 points) - against Jasmine
REBUILD (66 points) - against Debbie M.

Met Eric at Cambie / Jacombs yesterday, and sympathized when he tried to get his radio to work. When Team 1040 did work, it worked too well since the volume was way up! Went to Chicago Subs, but found out it was closed... so went to Subway instead. Got caught in a hailstorm right before the Knight Street Bridge, and remarked that the weather was absolutely ridiculous! (as Jeremy commented to me later, "It was sunny and nice... rainy... and now it's snowing in mid-April!") Talked about life, promises, vegetables, and more on our way to church. Saw Martin when we got there, and we all complained about the weather. Didn't see Raymond, so have just sent him a message via the Scrabble chat box saying I missed him, haha. Pastor John commented on the fact that Dylan, Eric, and I were having subs for dinner - it's wot we do when we have no time to eat otherwise! The career discussion was interesting: faith, not saying stuff when you're upset because you'll regret it 99% of the time, changes, sacrifice, conflict, etc.

Talked to Calla, Johnny, the "different woman" Teresa, Andrea, Grace, Chrystal ("eat three pieces of cake for you, me, and Eric since I might not be there!"), Chung, Jeremy, and others about the birthday thing next week - I'll email Chung to remind him about it by Thursday! He can do Chuck's before he goes to the Marrs, which relieves Jeremy of a burden on his novelty of a Winnipeg business trip on relatively short notice! (they told him on Monday?!) I should get Jen to do Andrea's, since I'm getting Andrea to do Teresa's because she says she'll be here next week. Teresa asked Jeremy whether he had any relatives in Abbotsford (inspired by Uncle Patrick's IT souvenirs of pins, pens, and light-up pens), and whether they were German - that's the way it usually goes, he told her while grinning at me! Jeremy and I were way too amused by the light-up pens, haha. It was too cold in the basement, so it's a good thing I brought my U of T hoodie!

I talked to Alan and Dianne for a bit about the Sun Run, free shirts, and other things. Alan left, then came back to announce that it was really snowing outside. With an exclamation of "It WHAT?!", Grace / Chrystal / Dianne / I raced upstairs to see the weather - man, those were some big snowflakes! (I remember the time in 2001 when Dianne asked whether we were proud of the snow on her toque, haha) Christon, Eric, and Jeremy had a geeky discussion about the weather, too. Discussed whether Jeremy would be okay biking home, and he told us that he'd biked on the worst days of the year in December - like the one where church was cancelled here, so he could go to a church which was further away! Good times, except not really.

Bantered with Janette, Julie, Isabel, and Stanley upstairs (watching an ESTHER movie) before we went home. Must ask Eric T. how his grad recital went, since I wasn't there! Gave Jon a bag with bacon-ranch Pringles chips and the wedding MC book from the Richmond library for Steph, plus the Earth Day GEORGIA STRAIGHT issue which he and Jeremy can share. He discussed worship practice time changes, tapeworms, Scotch, obesity treatments with tapeworms, tapeworm pills, Scotch dates, Scotch tape, thesis stuff, Ray, the business trip, and other things with Jeremy and Nathan via cell phone on the way home - HAHAHA! Since it's now almost 2 and nobody's called to say Awana is cancelled, I assume it's still on. YAY, HENRY! ("sir!") Also... yay for Richmond since you can barely tell it snowed here because of the lower elevation! (East Vancouver is definitely higher!) Have also emailed Eric, haha.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cervical axiology / Dinners and libraries galore!

Bingos since the last time I updated on such stats:

CERVICAL (69 points) - against Shawn A.
AXIOLOGY (70 points) - against Debbie M.
LEPORINE (74 points) - against Flora G.

Had a great conversation with Candy the other night about her friends, cookies, the bowling alley, IRON CHEF / Rob Feenie / these adorable cute crabs the size of two toonies (who would want to fry them in oil as a garnish only?!), and other stuff. SO FUN! She mentioned the infamous ketchup poll deletion, and how she'd seen my "pre-emptive strike" against Steve in the dinner thread. ("Yes, I ate this assortment of food... but it wasn't ONE meal since this covers the last week and a half! HA HA HA!") Had to get a new computer keyboard yesterday, but it was pretty cheap considering! While I was on my way to Brighouse from the mall, these two kids made fun of the way I walk. It's not like I can control it... I just pretended that I couldn't hear them. Kept thinking that if someone were here, he'd go after them for me - I want a protector, all right! :P

Then I talked to my mom last night, partly about Grandma and cleaning knapsacks: I know Dallas is going back to Toronto for his dad's sake! Rachel, Lisa, and their parents are coming over on Monday for dinner, which ought to be some good times! Had a good lunch at White Spot today with Karen before my dentist appointment - it's pretty good to hear another perspective! Stopped by the bookstore to read a bit about the Roxanne Doll / Feather Rahier cases, then went to L&G for a kiwi bubble tea. Now I'm at Firehall Library before heading to Marpole to get another wedding MC book for Steph and Joey, then maybe Brighouse before going home. (I replied to Vanessa's Evite - Joey and Danielle's birthday celebration will ROCK!)

Edit: Got the Marpole book JUST in time, and went home on the 496 to find a surprise. Yay! :D (talking to both Erics, Z, Talia, and Corey about things too - wireless technology, Jane, SOUTH PARK, friends, having fun, extreme dill Pringles, work in Hong Kong on a relaxing day, violence, etc.)

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Firefox on the computer, finally!

I've finally found a way to download Firefox on K's computer tower... thanks, babe! This will go much faster than IE! (bleh) Also have everything (tabs, highlights, closed tab list, selected bookmarks, silver appearance) the way I want it on this Guest account. Seems I'm also ditzy since I thought there was something wrong with the volume... it was just muted, which I didn't find out till just now. Whoops! *head spins* (talking to Eric and Z about things, yay!) Unfortunately, I can't install things like Flash - it's important for Scrabble games, but I guess I'll have to live with IE for all Facebook-related pages! (since I can't stay logged into Facebook on both IE and Firefox, and I'm unwilling to use my alter ego for the moment :P)

Edit: Also have changed my dentist appointment to Thursday at 3 - it works, since I have plans in the area anyhow. (yay for lunch with Karen!)

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Grandma should eat rice at lunch, and buy whole durians!

Hey, Kelly added me on Facebook - sweet!

Went out for lunch at Chen's Noodle House (where Harmony almost got launched across the room that time :P) with Mom, Grandma, and Jon... we had wonton in soup, Shanghai noodles, hot and sour soup, SLB, and more stuff. Jon and I amused ourselves by playfighting, and telling Grandma that she should drink coffee, eat rice at lunch instead of noodles, drink tiger balm medicine which she gave Jon for a headache caused by oversleeping, drink wine, and other such stuff. When we went to Great One to buy things later, Grandma bought me strawberry Pocky (I've had enough chocolate Pocky lately :P), and stood our teasing about how she should buy Jon a whole low-leen (durian) - hahaha. We saw cherimoya, Chinese snacks, Gummy Choco, fish heads, and more! Jon also amused himself by telling Mom that while she and Dad were away on their European cruise, he and Steph would have a lot of parties! When told that Grandma would be there, he said that she could join in on the fun! Sounds like an excellent idea to me, haha - I've been warned against having K there at any point, but I don't think that'll happen since he IS in Abbotsford, after all.

Mom wanted me to print out a picture of Angus for Auntie Eva, and told me that Alan and Tracy's wedding was on June 27 / 2009. I remember reading that on Facebook, yes. She warned me about that because of any wedding I might want to have in that month, I think! We also saw Belly Dance belts (let's raise the BLING quotient in our lives! :P), clothing galore, and fleece pants at the $10 store near Staples / TD Bank. Grandma asked me a bunch of stuff about "my friend," and I told Jon that Jason L. and Myles had a friend on Facebook with the same exact name as he. It IS a common enough name, especially on that site - guess we weren't too surprised. Dropped Jon off at Viva Java before he had to study and teach, and figured that I might have dinner here at the townhouse. Good thing I can rename tags and do things much quicker on Steph's Firefox! Note to self: Ask people about blankets and such later! (talking to Corey, as well)

Now I have Sheryl Crow's Strong Enough in my head, thanks to a conversation I'm having with someone:

Album: Tuesday Night Music Club

God, I feel like hell tonight
Tears of rage I cannot fight
I'd be the last to help you understand
Are you strong enough to be my man?

Nothing's true and nothing's right
So let me be alone tonight
Cause you can't change the way I am
Are you strong enough to be my man?

Lie to me
I promise I'll believe
Lie to me
But please don't leave

I have a face I cannot show
I make the rules up as I go
It's try and love me if you can
Are you strong enough to be my man?

When I've shown you that I just don't care
When I'm throwing punches in the air
When I'm broken down and I can't stand
Will you be strong enough to be my man?

Lie to me
I promise I'll believe
Lie to me
But please don't leave

Edit: Dinner was cool - watched baseball / Ottawa-Pittsburgh playoff hockey / Nashville-Detroit playoff hockey (two Predator goals in nine seconds, AND an empty-netter with 20 seconds left in regulation?!), and heard that Dave Nonis (former Canucks GM) got fired. Discovered that my dad thought I'd be in Abbotsford or Chilliwack... nope! Jon wanted Grandma to dance, and said that he'd go to Steveston Library later. Too bad Ironwood has that wedding MC book... Marpole does too, but it's in Vancouver. Joey doesn't strike Jon as a person who likes to read, heh - Vania, yes; Joey and some other people, not so much! :P Jon also went to a Darfur rally yesterday, and picked up a bunch of postcards - I signed one, which he'll mail for free! Gotta love mail to politicians from that aspect, haha. Now I'm getting called to do dishes - okay, I'm COMING!

Karen also emailed me: Thursday should be fine for lunch, if she can't make Wednesday. Same time, same place... same Bat-Channel! :D (her back and shoulder were really sore - dang!)

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Death is everywhere!

No, the subject line is not me being morbid, despite what Eric and I discussed earlier today! :P (seeing someone expire under my hands / a violent dark side / death / gross / word nuances)

Talked to Candy for a brief while earlier - she wasn't in the mood for a long chat since she just got some sad news about her niece and cancer. Says Kelly added her to Facebook, and I know SHE could use friends since HER daughter already has a crippling illness! (I know of someone else who has a restricting illness - this explains things!) She checked Myspace, sent a message to Lindsay, was annoyed at the selection of pictures her husband put up on Facebook, loves the honest friendship she has with Michelle (no lying!), wanted me to look at Mig's casket pictures, and is going to send me some books next payday if she can. (communication, clairvoyance, mediumship, dead people, heaven...) Suggested the Encyclopedia of Magic and Ancient Religions - I go for these things like ghost stories from the "interesting story" point of view, and she thinks I'd like it! She's probably right, haha. These are only books, after all... it'll give me insight into her and also myself, apparently. That's a good thing!

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Divas and Lent / Bench-clearing brawls in amateur hockey?!

Hey, Candy added me to Facebook, and Hien added me to MSN - sweet! :D

Bingos of the day so far:

DIVALENT (68 points) - against Guy M.
UNTIRED (70 points) - against Pat K.
HEADIEST (72 points), NEPHRITE (92 points) - against Alice P. in the same game!

My parents took me to church, which was a surprise - at least I got to talk to my brother before he left! I took the West 49th hoodie, and Mom wondered what size that was. My sibs obviously knew it wasn't mine, but it did keep me warm during the first part of the day! When Eric saw it later, he wondered if I'd joined the military since I was in camouflage... well, it isn't actually mine, so maybe K's done that instead! (haha) Raymond described a bench-clearing brawl in amateur hockey to me... the female goalie wanted to join in, but the opposing (male) goalie signaled to her that it wasn't the best idea! Definitely not, especially if the ref is punching people to keep order! No wonder Raymond's friend wants better refs as he noted on an evaluation form! Raymond said he was running out of words in our Scrabble games, so of course I'll start a new one after we're done our existing two! (I finish / force wins on most of my games these days, even if I'm getting thrashed soundly by people whom I have no business playing!)

Jeremy said that he'd bought ingredients for another batch of beer yesterday, to be brewed today - Grace found that amusing, heh. Jon clarified what Raymond had told me about the format of the Sunday Dinners changing: maybe we'll actually HAVE one in the future, haha! (that, and he'll get the David people to do something instead of just him and Jer) Said hi to Uncle Peter (whom Raymond accidentally called Uncle Daniel), Ivan (who tapped me on the shoulder), Christon, cute Hannah, Calla, Johnny, Phil, Eddie, Eunice, and others. The sermon was partly on friendship, and I found myself thinking of Alex - he was a good friend, indeed! Wonder what happened to him... Went to the back parking lot and listened to Mike tell Anita and Jeff that baby Allison would learn a lot when she started to babble - hey, linguistics and morphemes can tell a lot! Mel and Frances had brought baby Micah, and I saw the older kids in the lot too - Karen marveled at the number! Made plans with Eric, which were carried out after Sunday School and playing with Edward (trying to hide under his hoodie) / Gwyneth / Rosanna / Samantha. (also said bye to Andrew)

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Birthdays and Facebook

Hey, Brooks Norman added me to Facebook - very cool! I remember those Band days at McNair quite well. :D

Today is Teunis and Julie's birthday - I wish them both the very best. Hopefully, I'll see T again soon... :)

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