Saturday, December 29, 2001

2001 Guestbook Entries

Here are all the 2001 entries in my low-tech blue guestbook.

March 4, 2001 (Sunday)

Jon ("SPACE LORD"): "No one's visited you in three months? Wow, better have another party. Oh yeah, thanks for the pizza."

May 15, 2001 (Tuesday)

Erin: "Hey, Leslie! Whoa... first time I've been here since you moved in... this place is really nice. :) I remember way back when we used to do crossword puzzles in your room and lock Steph out, hehe. Those family dinners were a lot of fun. We should have more of those this summer. Love, Erin."
Emily Lee: "Good to see you again."
Margaret: "Hey Leslie! Thanks for the invite! It's my first time here and you've got a really cool place here. Have a kickin' summer, babes!"
Steph ("YOUR SISTER!"): "Hmm. I hope your fridge is feeling better after it gave way. Nothing much to say, as I'm here regularly! Everyone, as usual, is LATE! I'll bring Dad over to whoop their butts."
Eddie: "Hey Leslie - I'm really glad you invited me. Thanks for having us over. I hope this summer will rock for you - PEACE! Haha."
Cindy Y.: "First time come to your house... great!"
Jocelyn: "Thank you for inviting me, Leslie... you're so sweet! I love your pink kitty lamp!"

Nathan: "Mmmm... chicken! I love camels! Chicken is good! Toe jam is great! Party animal! Dat's you, Les! Ha! Ha! Meow! Thanks for the invite! You're awesome, Les!" (of course he drew a camel!)
Andrea: "Hi there! Thanks for having us over... you're such a party animal! :) No, just kidding. I always really enjoy your gatherings. Since Nathan drew something, I will too... here's 'hairy guy.' " (cute drawing!)
Megan: "Hey Leslie! Thanks for having me over to your apartment. It was nice to be able to see your place and to hang out with friends. Hope you have a wonderful summer and enjoy it thoroughly. Thank you for your hospitality and your gentle spirit to invite us over for a wonderful evening."
Karen Chan: "Hi, Leslie! Thanks for inviting us over. Sorry we're late! You got a nice apartment!"
Anita and Keith: "Hey Leslie!"
Jason Yeasting: "Hey Leslie! Great taste in music. Thanks so much for having us over / your hospitality! :)"
Eric M.: "Hey Leslie, I want the four million dollars in royalties for the Booty Burgers acquisition ASAP. Your place is being more filled since the last time I was here. It must feel more like home. Keep on rocking in the free world."
Phil: "Leslie, it's raining outside. But that's okay, right? Because we're warm and dry under your roof. And it's warm because people are here. Thanks for making us smile. :)"
Jeff: "Now I know where you live! Heh!! :)"

June 25, 2001 (Monday)

Keith and Anita: "Refer to May 15, 2001."
Joe: "Hi Leslie. :P Thanks for having us over for the prayer meeting."
Vernon: "Hee hee, this time I had to park far away. I couldn't find any room on Gilbert St. I still think you could use some more cool stuff on your wall; if I see something, I'll try to get it for you!"
Tim: "Dankie, viv al die kos! Hey, thanks for letting us have the prayer meeting at your place. Great little pad you have here. I'll be sure to visit soon."

August 15, 2001 (Wednesday)

Jocelyn: "Thank you for making the yummy soup! Also, thanks for letting us come over to do our presentation. Luv you lots!! :)"
Andrea: "Hey Leslie! It's always so nice when we get to hang at your place. You make the best soups!"

August 21, 2001 (Tuesday)

Alex: "You are so neat and clean... quite the opposite of Vernon's place. (just kidding... please don't tell Vernon) Thank you for always including me in your house parties. I am looking forward to having the KFC."
Eric ("Enrico"): "I am wearing my pants and I'm not a dumb criminal. I am an intelligent one. Just kidding."
Dylan: "Nice place you have here. Definitely you won't have too much trouble cleaning it. :)"
David: "I've been here before. Something meaningful... The Joy of the Lord is my strength." (my sister bugged him about putting something meaningful in there, heh)
Steph ("Your baby sister whom you love and cherish"): "You know you love me even though you are too ashamed stubborn to admit it! I'm too irresistable!"
Daniel: "Hey! Thanks for inviting me!"
Alan: "Blah blah blah. See you later, Eric."
Tracy: "Hey! First time here!"
Michelle: "Thanks for being the great hostess you always are!"
Andrea: "Thanks for having us over. You're such a party animal! :)"
Eunice: "Eunice here. Thanks for the parté. Really appreciate your generosity. Allz I can say is, RICHMOND ROCKS! Everyone wants to come to Richmond. Our carpool certainly is the best. Best times. Too bad Eric won't be around for the next while. See ya."
Jon: "I dunno what the date is, but... SPACE LORD MOTHER MOTHER!"

Eddie: "Hey, Leslie. Time to partay again, eh?! Thanks for having us over again - your hospitality is outta this world. What have you been up to lately? I've been doing good in case you care. Anyways - have a blast with whatever is left of the summer. Peace!"
Dennis: "Finally here @ Leslie's pad... after so long.... after missing four of your parties... I'm sorry.... I guess.... well, yeah... I'm sorry. So..... how are you?"
Nathan: "Ahhh... yet another party. Lotsa people this time! Well, better late than never! It's always fun, these parties! MEOW! I'm still amazed at those crazy long emails! Oh well.... impressive, but crazy. :) Till next time!" (he drew a camel, of course)
Vernon ("SVX"): "I'm just dropping by after a date with my main squeeze Sarahlee - actually, I think my only squeeze - at the bowling alley. After the party at my place last night, I don't know if I can take another one. This is cool to be spending time with a lot of people all at once. Too bad I need to leave early. :(" (there were like 50 people at his place the night before since Denise had a farewell party too)
Sarah: "Hi, Leslie! Thanks for organizing this party for Eric. Your love for people is an encouragement to me. Keep it up! God is well pleased. Take care."

September 4, 2001 (Tuesday)

Erin: "Hey, huns. Just coming by to pick you up to go to Steph's. I have you have an awesome year... four months. See you @ Christmas! :)"

September 17, 2001 (Monday)

Maxine: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for opening your home to us for prayer meeting. May you be blessed."
Tim: "Happy Birthday... yes, again. Lucky you get to celebrate again. Well, another year to go again..."
Joe: "Happy Birthday! Hope the Lord continues to bless you as you grow in Spirit."
Keith: "Happy quarter-century. The next time I write in this book, you will have a working Call Display unit."
Anita: "Happy birthday, Leslie! Hope you had fun yesterday! Thanks for being such a great friend! Wishing you the best! God Bless!" (she drew flowers and a duck on water)
Vernon: "Ha ha, I'm back again. Sorry I missed your party yesterday because I wasn't feeling well. You sure manage to keep the place cleaner than mine when I was living by myself. Hope your birthday was a memorable one, and that you feel blessed to have so many friends. If you need someone to talk to, just drop me an email or bug me on ICQ - I'm on all de time!" (my sister threw me a "surprise" party at Felico's for my 25th birthday... I found out about it a week prior thanks to Cindy Yang's slip of the tongue during a phone call, haha!)

December 17, 2001 (Monday)

Lauren: "Hi Leslie! So I finally get to see your 'new' place... after a year and a half! Nice. Really warm and cozy. Thanks for meeting up for lunch today. :) Next time I come and visit, hopefully I won't get lost again!" (she drew three flowers with squiggles)

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