Saturday, August 06, 2005

.... and your point is?

I've been spellchecking my tags all day. Haven't even checked my friends page... eep!

This has got to be classic Chris, though... he suddenly pops up on my screen with "I'm off to take the dog, but I'll be back."

Uh... was I even TALKING to him (or did I want to?) at that point? No! hahaha...

Makes me think of that icon Charlotte made once... and now I understand why Richard says you just have to laugh at him sometimes instead of being annoyed! Hahahaha! :D

Jon's just popped up on my screen to tell me to get off the Internet and get ready at 6:10 - haha, I told Dawn half an hour ago that I'd be there at the church grad banquet tonight for my sister! So see you all later, I guess.

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I'd wash my towel over my bedsheets!

From Mandy, via Myspace bulletin:

Strange Questions... Be ready to laugh - this may just be the most random survey you've ever taken!!!

1. What is your best friend's Dad's name? Simon.

2. What body part do you hate? I'm going to have to go with feet, as well.

3. Who was the hottest teacher you ever had? I really don't know.

4. Have you ever made out in a basement? No.

5. What body part do you wash first in the shower? My stomach area.

6. Do you have any piercings? No.

7. Do you have any tattoos? No.

9. What's your favorite flavor of Pringles? Pizza.

10. Have you ever been tied up? No.

11. What was the worst thing you ever got grounded for? Doing badly at school, specifically math.

12. Have you ever had two dates in one night? No... I don't know how people would do that!

13. How many times have you been cursed at? At least a few times!

14. Which shoe do you put on first? The right one.

15. How old are you? 28.

16. Have you ever been to a gay bar? No, but it could be interesting to go once to see what it was like.

17. Have you ever had any friends with benefits? Nah. ;)

18. Is there one thing that all of the times you have been in love have had in common? Hmm... the disappointing finish! :P

19. Did you French kiss before you were 16? Maybe... actually, no.

20. Have you ever been cow-tipping or snipe-hunting? Nope... that's stupid!

21. Who is the last person you usually think about before you fall asleep? Corey.

22. Have you ever had a song written about you? Nope.

23. If you had to choose to not ever wash your bedsheets or your towel ever again, which would you choose? Ew... bedsheets, I guess.

24. Have you ever found anything in your parents' bedroom that was questionable? I don't believe I have.

25. What was your childhood nickname? I didn't really have one.

26. When is the last time you played the air guitar? Last week.

27. Have you ever peeked in the opposite sex's locker room? Not really.

28. What's the weirdest thing you have done while driving? I don't drive.

29. Have you ever bitten your toenails? EWWWW, NO!

30. How do you normally eat your Oreo cookies? Pop it into my mouth... although sometimes I like eating them piece by piece. Go figure - I need variety!

31. Name something you do when your same-sex friends aren't around? Like I'm going to say that on here.

32. How many drinks does it take before you get drunk? Probably more than what I've been drinking to get buzzed...

33. Why are you doing this survey? I'm bored.

34. What was the best year of your life? I don't know... maybe 2001.

35. Any strange phobias? Not really... although I'm sure escalators could count!

36. Have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose? Maybe when I was a kid, like everyone else has.

37. Whens the last time you threw up? It's been a really long time.

38. Have you ever called your love interest by another girl's / guy's name? No.

39. Have you ever gotten caught sleeping while on a date? No, although there have been times when I've been pretty tired.

40. Have you ever played naked Twister? No.

41. Have you ever been drunk at work / school? No... that's stupid.

42. How many Ellies do you know? None.

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My Summer Ride / More Quizzes

Your Summer Ride is a Moped

While it's not the quickest (or sexiest) ride in town,
It's perfect for getting you around the back roads of Rome or Paris.

Take the quiz:
Which main character on King of the Hill are you?

You are a well-put person. You're decent, honest, and hard-working: a true American! You know what you want in life, and you don't need some wacked-out person telling you what to do. You often find strange people (like Dale) annoying.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Hank (You scored 3)
* Dale (You scored 3)
* Bill (You scored 3)
* Boomhower (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
which Rasmus member would love you?

Eero Heinonen
awwwwwww, how sweet... but too bad he is married!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Lauri Ylonen (You scored 2)
* Eero Heinonen (You scored 3)
* Aki Hakala (You scored 0)
* Pauli Rantasalmi (You scored 0)
* NONE OF THEM (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
Which Poetic Book of the Bible are You?

Every pleasure in the world is vain and will never last. The only thing that will last is the Lord. He is unchanging. Live your life for the Lord and praise, worship Him, and do everything for Him. He made you, and He sent His son to die for you! Give up your life for Him as Christ has done for you. This does not mean you can't have fun anymore. It means that nothing should be more important than God!!!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Job (You scored 0)
* Psalms (You scored 1)
* Proverbs (You scored 2)
* Ecclesiastes (You scored 4)
* Song of Solomon (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
are you madly in love with a guy? (girls only)

you won't be forgotten
you will always be in his heart: he loves you

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* you won't be forgotten (You scored 2)
* of course (You scored 1)
* no, maybe you should be a lez (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
which Joker's Card are you?

The Ringmaster

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* The Carnival of Carnage (You scored 0)
* The Ringmaster (You scored 2)
* The Riddlebox (You scored 2)
* The Great Milenko (You scored 0)
* The Amazing Jeckel Brothers (You scored 0)
* The Wraith (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
What Elemental Goddess Are You? (With pictures)

Goddess Of Grey
You are kinda depressed. But you do have friends and you do have a heart. Only problem is, whenever you walk outside, it seems the clouds are covering the sun. That, or you just live in Ohio. Anyhow, so you love the small number of friends you have. Through all the grey, you still try to see some light.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Goddess Of Grey (You scored 2)
* Goddess Of Storms (You scored 1)
* Goddess Of Animals (You scored 2)
* Goddess Of Everything (You scored 1)
* Goddess Of Love (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
What is your Elemental Goddess?

Ashley, goddess of Fire
you pyro with a temper

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Lauren, goddess of the Winds (You scored 1)
* Natalie, goddess of the Earth (You scored 0)
* Kasteny, goddess of the Ice (You scored 1)
* ME! Kate, goddess of the Waters (You scored 0)
* Ashley, goddess of Fire (You scored 2)
* Amelia, goddess of the Darkness (You scored 1)
* Emilie, goddess of the Sun (You scored 0)
* Stephanie, goddess of Space (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
Which person are you?

Madame Garber
You're Madame Garber, a giraffe teacher... her hobbies include French!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Warren (You scored 1)
* Aaron (You scored 0)
* Mrs. Papps (You scored 1)
* Madame Garber (You scored 2)

Take the quiz:
The Dog Quiz

Golden Retriever
You're relaxed but responsive, calm but alert, and also sensible and fun! You love kids and having fun!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Golden Retriever (You scored 2)
* Poodle (You scored 2)
* chihuahua (You scored 0)
* canary dog (You scored 0)
* Boston Terrier (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
What is the best horse event for you?

You like to be tall and high! Heights don't scare you! Your horse is a pricey high-class Warmblood who is tall and strong! You love horses and everything about horses! You like to show off in front of friends. You ride about 12 hours a day, and ride about 20 horses! You have a big stable with many stalls and pricey horses! Thanks to your riding skills, you are rich and famous in the horse world! You are going to be a Pro rider / trainer someday!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Rodeo (You scored 0)
* Jumping (You scored 2)
* Eventing (You scored 2)
* Cross-country (You scored 2)
* Dressage (You scored 0)
* Pleasure (You scored 0)

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Mooncake, lice, MARIO characters, and my soul's color

Somehow, I want mooncake?! What the heck. Here are some quizzes since I'm bored:

Will you get head-eating lice?

Wow, you are a spoiled little monkey. You still have a chance of getting H.E.L., but your risk is not as high as others'.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

You scored as Peach. You are Peach! A girly girl on the outside, but a tough girl on the inside.













Which MARIO Character Are You?
created with

You scored as Orange / Childish. You have an orange soul, also called the childish soul. You are quite immature, but not in a bad way. You relish your youth, enjoying every moment. No need to grow up yet, right? You also tend to be quite naive, not really liking to get into adult topics, such as sexual matters. It makes you feel kind of awkward. Your main flaws are your "annoying hyper moments," in which you take being childish a little bit far.
Please rate and / or message.
(A note to all messages: if you want a reply, please give me a reply email address)

Yellow / Friendly


Orange / Childish


White / Pure


Blue / Intelligent


Red / Passionate


Pink / Loving


Grey / Lonely


Purple / Spiritual


Green / Natural


Black / Dark


What Colour is Your Soul?
created with

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Smack me in the head! / dreams of online friends / smileys, icons, and avatars

Note to self: When running across the street in a construction zone, watch out for things that could smack you in the head.

I dreamed that Steve L. and I somehow met and were talking about disability. Then I dreamed that Corey's garage sale (that he had to help with at 8 AM today) was over (before it even started?!), and we were talking about that over MSN. I think I have a weird subconscious... I've said it before, and I'll say it again! ;)

He thinks you'll like a rabbit eating a wolf, since Amy stole the other icon because she liked it so much:

Yes, I'll get to my 100+ journal comments soon. Good thing I wrote down all the tags that should go last night.. intense writing session, I tell ya! I use a lot of tags only once, I notice... oh well. :P

Note: LJ complete insanity / LJ psycho killers / my real LJ friends / LJ friends who want me / the future of my LJ friends blogquizzes. (by Victor, Steph, and Mike)

Which Dog Breed are you?


You're tiny, adorable, and can make anyone fall in love with you. But the one thing that surprises other dogs / people and catches them off guard is that you have quite the temper. As far as you're concerned, it doesn't matter if your enemy is 7 feet tall, you're willing to stick up for yourself, friends and family. You may be quite popular amongst others and you always make a good first impression. Let's just hope no one gets on your bad side.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

Oh, geez. Let's hope nobody from my family sees THIS result! o_O

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Weird ice cream flavors! / Quizzes

Posting when I should be in bed makes me a bad girl. At least I set my alarm... no oversleeping this time! :D

My night also consisted of inkstains, hand cramps from writing too much, and writing down a squillion things... that was fun, not! :P

This post is kinda inspired by an RQ thread on strange ice cream flavors, by my Straight Dope thread on weird ice cream flavors, by the Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor post, and by this ice cream flavor meme.

Let's see what's at La Casa Gelato here...

cherimoya (actually quite good)
Bailey's Irish Cream
wildberry with jalapeno
aged balsamic vinegar
dill pickle
blue licorice ice cream

and many more, I'm quite sure!

Then again, I've heard of some weird ones in Japan (thanks to the Bonehead Awards!) and other places:

* Fish Ice Cream (Sanma Aisu) (comes with liberal amounts of brandy)
* Octopus Ice Cream (Taco Aisu)
* Squid Ice Cream (Ika Aisu)
* Ox Tongue Ice Cream (Gyutan Aisu)
* Sweet Potato Ice Cream (Imoshiba)
* Fried Eggplant Ice Cream (Yaki Nasu Aisu)
* Crab Ice Cream (Kani Aisu)
* Corn Ice Cream (Tomorokoshi Aisu)
* Shrimp Ice Cream (Sakura Ebi Aisu)
* Eel Ice Cream (Unagi Aisu)
* Chicken Wing Ice Cream (Nagoya Tebasaki)
* Cactus Ice Cream (Saboten Aisu)
* Spaghetti ice cream

Here are some more quizzes. :D

Take the quiz:

Secret Window
You're cryptic, yet that's what makes you intriguing. You have a mixed personality, and you're always up for adventure.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* She's All That (You scored 2)
* Scooby Doo (You scored 1)
* Sweet Home Alabama (You scored 1)
* Freaky Friday (You scored 2)
* Secret Window (You scored 3)
* Kate and Leopold (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
Which celebrity beauty are you? (Pix)

Cameron Diaz
You are the fun beauty! You are or were a class clown. Your look really reflects your attitude. You keep things simple, but really fun.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Cameron Diaz (You scored 1)
* Angelina Jolie (You scored 1)
* Jessica Simpson (You scored 1)
* Marilyn Monroe (You scored 0)
* Paris Hilton (You scored 0)
* Drew Barrymore (You scored 0)
* Christina Aguilera (You scored 0)
* Nicole Richie (You scored 1)
* Halle Berry (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:


Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* TRUE PERSONALITY (You scored 3)
* INDEPENDENT (You scored 2)
* CAREFREE (You scored 4)
* DEPENDENT / LAZY (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:

That 70's Show
Okay, so your life is a little out there. Overall, you have a good life... but it doesn't seem that way because your family's kooky, and your friends are very sarcastic people. Your life's a comedy, and you should consider making a reality TV show out of it... it'd sell.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* 7th Heaven (You scored 0)
* Smallville (You scored 1)
* That 70's Show (You scored 4)
* The O.C. (You scored 0)
* Friends (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
Which That 70's Show character are you?

You are Eric... skinny and smart-mouthed, but funny

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Eric (You scored 1)
* Donna (You scored 1)
* Hyde (You scored 1)
* Fez (You scored 0)
* Jakie (You scored 0)
* Kelso (You scored 0)
* Laurie (You scored 0)
* Kitty (You scored 0)
* Bob (You scored 1)
* Midge (You scored 0)
* Red (You scored 0)

This quiz is very apropos, considering the result just above. ;)

Take the quiz:
Which Mean Girls character are you?

You are Regina George!
You are the most evil, nasty person ever! Go, you!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* You are Cady Heron! (You scored 1)
* You are Regina George! (You scored 3)
* You are Janice Ian! (You scored 3)
* You are Damien! (You scored 0)
* You are Ms. Norbury! (You scored 1)
* You are Aaron Samuels! (You scored 2)
* You are Karen Smith! (You scored 0)
* You are Kevin Gnapoor! (You scored 2)

Take the quiz:
What Harry Potter Character Are You?

Harry Potter
You are Harry Potter... very brave, and you always have to be the hero.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Harry Potter (You scored 1)
* Rubeus Hagrid (You scored 1)
* Severus Snape (You scored 0)
* Hermione Granger (You scored 1)
* Tom Riddle (Voldermort) (You scored 0)
* Ronald Weasley (You scored 1)
* Albus Dumbledore (You scored 0)
* Draco Malfoy (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
How well do you know the Harry Potter series?

You know your Harry Potter!
Wow! You know your Harry Potter! Well done, you obvously pay attention to the Potter-verse! Hehe, go you!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* You know your Harry Potter! (You scored 27)
* You've only seen the films... either that, or you need to read the series again! (You scored 18)
* Have you even looked at the covers? (You scored 14)

HAHA. I do not. That was a bunch of guessing. ;)

Take the quiz:
What Harry Potter House Are You In?

You like to stand out. Your mascot is a raven, which is a type of bird.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Gryffindor (You scored 1)
* Slytherin (You scored 0)
* Ravenclaw (You scored 2)
* Hufflepuff (You scored 1)
* What??? You're Not Magical At All!!! (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
Whats your "true theme song" ~PICTURES~

Sex Pistols, Anarchy in the UK
You're all about anarchy and the riot scene... good for you!! Punks truly do rock, and obviously you're not a poser if you like the most incendiary punk band in the world!!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Sugarcult, Pretty Girl (You scored 1)
* Sex Pistols, Anarchy in the UK (You scored 3)
* Ramones, I Wanna Be Sedated (You scored 1)
* Smile Empty Soul, Silhouettes (You scored 0)
* Something Corporate, Space (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
What Angel Are You?

Fire Angel
Hee Hee! Hello friend, you share your domain, for I'm a Fire angel as well. But anyways... you are a fire angel. It takes only a little effort on somone's part, or a well-placed comment to stoke our anger up. Not many animals like to get really close to fire, but Salamanders and Dragons love us to pieces. We like warm and hot colours, like Reds and Oranges... pinks sometimes. We can also be enormous flirts, although I deny outright that I flirt at all. Fire tends to be more mature than other angels, since we know the dangers overplayfulness can cause. But if we are around the correct Sister, we can be talked and prodded into outragious fun times. :D

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Earth Angel (You scored 0)
* Sky Angel (You scored 0)
* Fire Angel (You scored 2)
* Sea Angel (You scored 0)
* Light Angel (You scored 0)
* Night Angel (You scored 0)
* Battle Angel (You scored 0)
* Unknown angel (You scored 0)
* Fallen angel (You scored 0)
* Human (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
Are you a Jessica or Ashlee??(pix)

You're Ashlee... fun as hell and just a tad ditzy!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Jessica (You scored 2)
* Ashlee (You scored 4)

Take the quiz:
Could you last in a scary movie??

Heck, no. You would be the first person out.
You would be the idiot that runs up the stairs instead of out the door. You get sliced and diced.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Heck, no. You would be the first person out. (You scored 2)
* Hell Yeah, You defeat all evil. (You scored 0)
* You last for a while, but then you die. (You scored 1)
* You make it to the end, thanks to your friend. (You scored 1)

My goddamn rock solid ghetto shiznit name is Fellatio Dawg.
What's yours?
Powered by Rum and Monkey.

Take the quiz:
Are you a B!tch?

Wow, you're a total bi-atch. You don't take bullshit from anyone! Why are you still here? Go out and buy yourself a new pair of shoes and show them off to the poor kids in your neighbrhood!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Bitch (You scored 3)
* Drama Queen (You scored 0)
* Neutral (You scored 1)
* Goody Good (You scored 2)
* (Special) (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
What character are you in Wildfire? (with picz)

You are Dani! She used to be some snobby rich bitchm but now she's okay.. just don't try so hard looking for your mother.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Dani (You scored 2)
* Jean (You scored 0)
* Kris (You scored 1)
* Junior (You scored 0)
* Matt (You scored 0)
* Todd (You scored 1)
* Pablo (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
What kind of Rebel are you?

You think you are a rebel, but you are just someone who thinks he is all that.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Leader (You scored 2)
* Terrorist (You scored 0)
* Organizator (You scored 3)
* Wannabe (You scored 4)
* Wimp (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
What is YOUR terror alert color?

ELEVATED. You are business as usual, even though danger may loom just around the next corner. But screw it. Your terror alert color is Yellow.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Green (You scored 0)
* Blue (You scored 0)
* Yellow (You scored 3)
* Orange (You scored 1)
* Red (You scored 0)
* Black (absence of color; IE. neutral) (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
What Is Your Vampire Personality?

You are Indifferent. You are torn between your new and old lifestyle. You sometimes get caught up in the feeling of your new powers, but later regret your poor judgement. Many vampires and humans are unsure of which species you are, since you are in many ways still both.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Cruel (You scored 3)
* Kind (You scored 3)
* Indifferent (You scored 6)

Take the quiz:
Do You Have An Erection?

Fully Loaded
Keep That Thing Away From Me, You Could Take An Eye Out With That.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Half Cocked (You scored 1)
* Fully Loaded (You scored 2)
* Limp Noodle (You scored 1)
* Where's My Tweezers? (You scored 2)

Take the quiz:
Which Viva La Bam Member are you?

Raab Himself
You are Himself... Random Hero has nothing on you.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Bam Margera (You scored 0)
* Fat Boy Phil (You scored 1)
* Raab Himself (You scored 2)
* Ryan Dunn (You scored 0)
* Rake Yohn (You scored 0)
* April Margera (You scored 2)
* Brandon DiCamillo (You scored 1)
* Don Vito (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
Do you deserve?

Yes, you are a valuable member of society..

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Yes (You scored 1)
* No (You scored 0)
* Everyone loves you! (You scored 0)

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

BBQ, Looney Tunes, Mood Ring, Pizza Personality

Apparently, the Awana BBQ is September 4... I should remember that it's a Sunday. Then again, I remember what happened the LAST time it was on a Sunday... lots of transit / walking time, anyone? But it probably won't be as intensive as yesterday was. ;)

Right now, I have like ten tabs open in one window... I think that's just slightly overkill. ;)

Porky Pig!

You scored 42 Aggression, 71 Sophistication, and 28 Optimism!

Non-aggressive, possibly shy, dapper, well-mannered, and likely far too hard on yourself, you are the prototypical conscientious friend who too often gets taken advantage of. Generally, you don't like to make a fuss, and are more or less averse to risk-taking. There are those out there who make entire careers out of manipulating people like you, and you should be very wary of them. Regardless, try taking a few risks and definitely stick up for yourself more. Maybe quit your safe but boring job, or ask that special person out. You are someone of high moral character and probably deserve far more out of life than you are settling with.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 31% on Aggression
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 52% on Sophistication
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 4% on Optimism

Link: The Which Looney Tune Are You Test written by coolguy3000 on Ok Cupid

Man, that quiz had too many spelling errors... quiz bowels, especially! Good thing I fixed the ones in the result blurb, or I couldn't live with it as it was. :P

Your Mood Ring is Light Blue

Emotions mixed

Cheese Pizza

Traditional and comforting.
You focus on living a quality life.
You're not easily impressed with novelty.
Yet, you easily impress others.

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China Fireworks 2005

Finally home after several hours out with true friends... Nathan sold out on us to sleep a little, but Dawn / Vivian / Karen / Jeremy were there! Jon and I Skytrained from Nanaimo to Burrard, where we had to take the escalator up before walking all the way to English Bay and getting there at 8. (we were going to meet with a friend of his at a KFC, he was already at the beach) Then we met up with Jeremy at a hot dog stand, and wondered where the girls were... right in front of us, as it turned out. We were immersed in discussions about shoe sales and such when Jeremy said that he and his roommate Darryl had checked the tides... there was still a lot of space and it wasn't so crowded right by the water.

Once there, we discussed Jesus of Montreal (which Jon's planning to see with his friend Dilys and others at her place tomorrow) / Dawn's upcoming trip to Beijing and the requisite farewell dinner next week sometime (she'll be there till July) / my Bathroom Reader (plunging into history again!) / the Asian thing of getting a $90 fireworks boat ticket for $20 / dodgy grad cruises / the speed of sound and how that related to the broadcast. It also took Dawn, Vivian, and Karen quite some time to get some popcorn.. by the time they got back, there was some Chinese music playing which made Jeremy feel as if he were in a bubble tea house! At least it was better than the pre-show music of years past!

Jon mused about the crowd on the beach: "Take away the food and water, and you'd have a refugee camp. Take away the toilets, and you'd have a Third World refugee camp!" Jeremy yelled, "Down with the establishment!" every time the police helicopter went by. He explained that they were trying to scare us and make us feel as if they were watching us. There was a strong police presence, for sure!

The fireworks show was all right... I liked the happy face fireworks, and the ones which seemed to be multiple colors. My sister later mentioned that the ones at the end looked just like Tina Turner's hair.. sure, I guess! Afterwards, we all got out of there pretty quick and walked up the alleys and side streets to escape... we avoided Davie at all costs! (quote from my brother: "Walk like you're a homophobe, haha!") We split up once we reached Howe: Vivian and Karen went home one way, Jeremy biked to a Chinese place, and the remaining three of us managed to hop a very full 98 B-Line to King Edward. (we went in through the back doors and didn't bother showing them a ticket or paying for our trip... they didn't really care!)

Once at King Edward, Dawn went home while Jon and I ended up waiting half an hour for a #25 bus to get to the Wonton Noodle House where Jeremy was waiting for us. Throughout all this, we were in cell phone contact with our sister: she wanted to go to Dragon Ball for some bubble tea with Vivian S., but opted to kill time after getting a Slurpee from 7-11 instead. At the restaurant, the three of us discussed Landmark Hot Pot (where Citrus had his birthday party in 2003) / people not knowing how to use chopsticks / lack of logic / books / Pho / restaurant service / go-karting / other topics.

Steph and Vivian picked us up later, as we left Jeremy in the restaurant to finish off the duck webs and Chinese pickles. (Chinese grapefruits are really called pomelos, by the way) When I got home, I discovered that my apartment building key somehow didn't work in the front door... luckily, it worked in the side door. I don't know why that is, but I like to blame it on either the new management (which makes no sense) or the fact that the front door lock is notoriously dodgy. At any case, I declare war on it... haha, only half-kidding.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Going to the fireworks!

I called my brother a while ago to see what was up. He'd been about to call me after he got off the phone with Nathan because my parents wanted to know if I wanted to go sightseeing / buying good meatloaf (with no filler meat) at Park Royal Mall in North Van. I didn't really feel like going, but I'll go with him later tonight to meet people (Vivian / Dawn / Jen / etc.) at the fireworks! It'll be cool... I remember the last time I was there in 2003. (twisted card games, anyone? ;) )

Hey, I was listening to Biograph then too! Talk about coincidences! :D

Note: LJ Criminal Records / LJ Friends' Horrifying Murders blogquizzes. (by Chelsea)

What rabbit are you?


You have lots of hair, and always want to be held by your owner. You are the baby, and love to always play.

Personality Test Results

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Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

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Go-karting and farewell dinners

Karen just sent the Bible Study group an email about our outing this Friday. Apparently, we're go-karting.. everyone who's replied so far seems to be into the idea. My reply to the email sums up my feelings:

Ew, no. Too dangerous. I don't drive real cars for a reason... think about it. ;)

Too bad, since it's IN RICHMOND for once and I could get there fairly easily! Next time the brain trust thinks of an idea, make sure it's one that doesn't only appeal to guys, mmkay?

Andy: If you want to go to a BC Lions football game, I'll see when my brother next has free tickets from his former violin / piano student's parents. He's taken in two games so far this season... free stuff rocks!

A bit harsh, perhaps... but I really don't think go-karting would be my thing. I'm enough of a dangerous liability just walking around as it IS... at least I have the sense not to compound it any further!

Besides, I need to save my money (haha, yeah right!) for Sean's farewell party this coming Monday (August 8) at 6-ish at the Earl's on Lougheed. Eric H. says Danielle sent everyone an email, but I didn't get one. Ah well, no worries there since my brother will probably be making it out. (he's going, so I'll give him his birthday card then!) At least it's not Romano's Macaroni Grill where we'll be paying $40 for a non-panda meat dinner!

Now I'm discussing strip clubs and dildoes with Corey... good times, especially since he's had one of the latter named after him. :D

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Life is uncertain because of Amacon management and money. With that, I'm off to buy more stuff like stickers... at least I bought groceries this afternoon!

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Inspired by Darren: Ben and Jerry's / Lush product names!

I like the Ben and Jerry's ice cream product names. (Phish Food, Chocolate Therapy, Half-Baked, Cherry Garcia, Chubby Hubby, the Gobfather, etc.) Too bad the Flavor Graveyard doesn't appear to be working now! Hey, there's even organic ice cream here!

I also like the Lush Hamdmade Cosmetics product names. Darren's just told me about Sonic Death Monkey coffee / chocolate shower gel.. that name is KILLER, dude! Bath bombs (Bollywood, Chelsea Garden, Fox in the Flowers, etc.) / bubble bars (Two-Timing Tart, Little Monkey, French Kiss, etc.) / luxury bath melts (Floating Island, Ceridwen, Something Wicked This Way Comes, You've Been Mangoed, etc.) / shower gels (Flying Fox, Sonic Death Monkey, Happy For S.A.D., Back for Breakfast, etc.) / soap (Honey I Washed The Kids, 17 Cherry Tree Lane, Cereology, Demon in the Dark, etc.) / dusting powders (Silky Underwear, Candy Fluff, Bare Naked Lady, etc.) / solid shampoos (Godiva Shampoo, Irresistible Bliss, Richomania Shampoo Bar, etc.) / massage bars (Fever, Cosmic Dreamcatcher, Glitterbug, etc.) / body butters (King of Skin, You Snap the Whip, etc.) / cleansers (Mask of Maginaminty, Angels on Bare Skin, Sweet Japanese Girl, etc.) / hand and body creams (Sympathy for the Skin, Smitten Hand Cream, etc.) moisturisers (Enzymion, Celestial, etc.) and more!

Thank goodness that the prices are so high, otherwise I'd be unwisely spending money like a fool on this stuff!

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Quizzes on music, words, and other stuff

You know I'm bored and nothing's really happened when I post a lot of quizzes. :P

Note: LJ bar / twisted LJ frenzy / LJ fuckups / LJ novels / LJ gay men / LJ orchestra / what my LJ name should really be / about my LJ Memegens. (by Weatherwax, Mastra, PottyTrainedKid, DarthLorexa, StarSatNoon, RobotLiliput, O_Me_Emo, and Anabella)

Take the quiz:
A little about you


Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

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* normal (You scored 1)
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* HYPER!!!!!!!!! (You scored 2)

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Michael Lee

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You may run into some bumps, but it may work
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* Get out now before a heart is broken (You scored 1)

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Is your horse a great trail horse like mine?

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What breed of horse are you?

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which of the guys from Blink 182 are you most like?(nice pics)

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orchestra madness by visionaryrabbit
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disasterno score for the Rite of Spring
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the concertmaster...glares at the viola section
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Uh... they're not even PUNK! Blah to this result!

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Right. Like I would kill myself because Good Charlotte tickets sold out. Cheh. NOFX is better than them, anyhow.

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Conversations with Erik: May and July 2005

Session Start (flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu May 05 10:40:52 2005
[10:40:52] aryk29: fnord! :D
[10:41:00] flamsterette_x: ?
[10:41:14] aryk29: Just being silly. Hi! :)
[10:41:31] aryk29: (it was supposed to be white text, but @#$% messenger messed it up...)
[10:43:41] flamsterette_x: In a better mood than the other day?
[10:43:47] aryk29: Yup. :D
[10:43:56] flamsterette_x: What happened there?
[10:44:07] aryk29: I'd rather not say... :(
[10:44:14] flamsterette_x: Ah. All right then.
[10:44:25] aryk29: So what's up? :)
[10:48:19] flamsterette_x: The ceiling. ;)
[10:48:24] aryk29:
[10:51:15] flamsterette_x: Seriously though, I'll see my "friend" later today. I accidentally overslept on Tuesday afternoon / evening when I was supposed to meet him and a few others to play board games. :|
[10:51:33] aryk29: ic
[10:52:38] aryk29: I was just asking because you said in your PM that you wanted to ramble. :D
[10:53:23] flamsterette_x: Haha, and I have nearly 2 hours to do it all in. If you are still up for it, of course.
[10:53:41] aryk29: Sure, by all means go for it.
[10:54:05] flamsterette_x: Okay, so you know about Mr. Two-Names and my first kiss. I won't go into that any further since you do.
[10:54:23] aryk29: Why is he Mr. Two-Names?
[10:54:29] flamsterette_x: But after that, my dad's sister came to town for about a week... and she had to live with me since my mom doesn't really like her.
[10:54:46] flamsterette_x: (because his real name is Jayson, but he also goes by Palmer online for some reason)
[10:54:53] aryk29: hmm, okay
[10:55:36] flamsterette_x: So my aunt's reaction to her living with me was "I don't know her!" Well, I don't know YOU either. Heh.
[10:55:54] flamsterette_x: Then my parents wanted to book us on a bus tour. That was interesting.
[10:56:01] aryk29: hmm
[10:56:27] aryk29: yeah, that'd be awkward going on a tour with an aunt you're not well acquainted with...
[10:58:54] flamsterette_x: I guess you can see my personal thread there for more... but she told me that she'd paid for it since she wanted to get to know me better.
[10:59:08] aryk29: ok ic
[11:01:13] flamsterette_x: It was only an overnight bus tour. So last Thursday night, she tells me WHY she's been "going to toilet" (as she put it) so much.
[11:01:27] aryk29: oh
[11:02:15] flamsterette_x: Let's just say there are certain things I don't NEED to know.
[11:02:43] aryk29: right. :O
[11:04:42] flamsterette_x: Seriously.
[11:05:36] aryk29: Yeah, what's with older relatives who so freely share every detail about their medical conditions.
[11:06:46] flamsterette_x: I have no idea. It's like, I can probably figure out why by myself... and if I can't, I don't really want it spelled out in explicit detail. Y'know?
[11:06:55] aryk29: Yup.
[11:09:42] aryk29: My grandmother used to do that too... not so much with the gross stuff, but more the painful stuff
[11:10:02] flamsterette_x: Ah. Maybe they want you to know what's going on, but still....
[11:10:08] aryk29: yeah
[11:10:36] aryk29: & this one time I told her, you ever get that feeling where you're real sensitive to anything that might hurt. Kind of a hint hint. :P
[11:11:00] flamsterette_x: Heh. Did she pick up on it?
[11:11:08] aryk29: No, I don't think so.
[11:11:27] flamsterette_x: Aiya.
[11:12:25] aryk29: Maybe if I'd acted all squeamish... :p
[11:12:55] aryk29: (which I was, anyway)
[11:15:12] flamsterette_x: Maybe... I guess it wouldn't have been polite to just walk away..
[11:15:45] aryk29: True enough. Although I coulda said, "oh shoot, I think I left the TV on" or something. :D
[11:16:05] flamsterette_x: Haha. You should try that next time.
[11:16:51] aryk29: Maybe... but this was 9 years ago, when she was still with us... anyone else tries that though, and I'll keep it in mind. :p
[11:18:14] flamsterette_x: Ah. Sorry to hear about that.
[11:19:29] aryk29: 'Sokay... it was 4 years ago. But it was the day before my father's birthday :O and when I last saw my grandparents, I kinda knew it'd be the last time...
[11:20:18] flamsterette_x: Eek. Yeah.... not much to be done about that. =/
[11:24:40] aryk29: True enough. And it would have been nice to get to know them better, but I was born late for my generation, and all that moving to the west coast made it difficult to stay in contact.
[11:27:20] flamsterette_x: Yeah, I can understand that. Speaking of grandparents, I saw my paternal grandparents in a photo.
[11:28:27] aryk29: A photo, where?
[11:28:37] flamsterette_x: Oh, my aunt had a bunch of photos.
[11:28:47] aryk29: Oh okay, like an album then?
[11:32:49] flamsterette_x: Yeah, it was titled "Attractive Figure." :P
[11:33:14] aryk29: Oops. :D
[11:34:08] flamsterette_x: Heh. it was Engrish. Hehe.
[11:34:41] aryk29: I've seen what might be an Engrish username over at Bad Astronomy.
[11:35:11] flamsterette_x: Which is?
[11:36:36] aryk29: Eroica. At first I thought it was a mistype of Erica - I mean the I and O keys are right next to each other - then someone else linked to a photo on a site that showed a backpack or suitcase or something with a metal thingy on it inscribed with the word EROICA. I have no idea what the manufacturer's intent was. :O
[11:38:24] flamsterette_x: Eeep. Neither do I.
[11:39:54] aryk29: Speaking of message boards, the SDMB now has my 3rd highest post count. :D
[11:40:21] flamsterette_x: It'll be stuck there.
[11:42:00] aryk29: Yup. Unless I decide sometime down the road to pay up my $15, but that won't be for a while at least, and maybe not at all. Which reminds me, do you still have my username in The List? Seeing as I can't post and all, and may or may not even see the threads anymore, I don't see any reason why it needs to stay.
[11:42:41] flamsterette_x: Oh, I have a bunch of people who probably aren't around any more in that list.
[11:42:50] aryk29: oh okay, then
[11:43:39] aryk29: Oh and my post count there might one day end up in 4th place if either A.) I rack up a bunch of posts at BABB or 2.) I decide to join one of the other satellite boards and get all prolific there. :D
[11:44:13] flamsterette_x: Satellite boards?
[11:44:36] aryk29: Fathom, UnaBoard, etc.
[11:46:00] flamsterette_x: Ah yes. I used to be a somewhat prolific poster over at the UB.
[11:46:36] aryk29: Yeah, I ran across one of your posts just browsing to see what's there... I see lel is also a member.
[11:49:01] aryk29: Didn't see much there that would interest me, other than the game threads (Mafia looks like fun), and the various news items that Tuckerfan posts... but he also posts at BABB.
[11:50:54] flamsterette_x: Is that good or bad?
[11:52:00] aryk29: Good, of course. :p But seriously, half the time, the threads disappear off the main page with a couple dozen views and no replies anyway.
[11:52:22] flamsterette_x: Ah. Not very active?
[11:52:41] aryk29: Here, I'll show you what I mean...
[11:52:54] flamsterette_x: All right.
[11:55:09] aryk29: It won't let me search for all threads started by a particular user, but in the general forum on the board... the Mission To Venus thread near the top is typical of what I'm referring to.
[11:56:59] flamsterette_x: The time is WEIRD. :P
[11:57:04] aryk29: GMT?
[11:58:00] aryk29: (Be glad it isn't local sidereal time for wherever the server is located. :p )
[11:58:13] flamsterette_x: Why? Would that be even more wacky?
[11:59:41] aryk29: Yup. Sidereal time deviates from solar time by 4 minutes a day (a siderreal day is 23:56, whereas a mean solar day is 24:00), meaning as the seasons progress, it'll wander across all 24 hours each year - and it won't just be different hours; the minutes will be different too. :D
[12:00:36] flamsterette_x: EEEEEE.
[12:01:24] aryk29: That's why they just suck it up and use JD. :P
[12:02:18] flamsterette_x: JD?
[12:02:57] aryk29: I told you about JD once - it's the number of days since some date way in the depths of prehistory - and the decimal indicates time of day: .5 is midnight GMT.
[12:03:17] aryk29: Right now is JD2453496.2934
[12:04:26] aryk29: Hey, speaking of message boards, I haven't seen Aketsu-what's-his-name post in a long, long time. Just sayin' is all. ;)
[12:05:31] flamsterette_x: Ah, I see.
[12:05:47] flamsterette_x: You never know. He could be using his awesome lurking powers. ;)
[12:05:54] aryk29:
[12:05:59] aryk29: Well, lemme see here...
[12:07:14] aryk29: Last Active 20th April 2005 - 04:26 PM - son of a gun, he is lurking. Last post was on Mar 23 though, and that's out of only 10 posts this year.
[12:08:16] aryk29: Anyway, Eats Crayons is there *excited* so's Misstee, Horseflesh, sperfur, Flutterby, BuckleberryFerry, dantheman, NCB, TeaElle...
[12:08:59] aryk29: Exgineer, rolandgunslinger, mlerose...
[12:10:55] flamsterette_x: I sense a bit of excitement when talking about EatsCrayons. Just a tad. :P
[12:11:34] aryk29: No kidding, really? :D It's just that she seems so nice to be around (online, anyway - I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her IRL).
[12:13:30] flamsterette_x: That's good, then.
[12:16:17] aryk29: It's good that she's there.
[12:17:32] aryk29: So who else is at UnaBoard?
[12:18:34] flamsterette_x: Probably a lot of people who've joined since my hiatus thing.
[12:19:14] flamsterette_x: Let's see. Lel, Tuckerfan, the aforementioned person, Una, Fierra, Mauvaise, racinchikki, Politzania, Scotticher, others.....
[12:20:35] aryk29: Politzania has posted at my other hangout too... and Mauvaise was possibly going to come to the Dopefest, but couldn't.
[12:21:28] flamsterette_x: Heh. No love lost between me and her.
[12:21:42] aryk29: ?
[12:21:55] flamsterette_x: We don't like each other.
[12:22:08] aryk29: Oh. :(
[12:23:53] flamsterette_x: Ah well. Whatever. Can't like everyone. :D
[12:24:57] aryk29: True enough... sometimes TeaElle and Every Color Of Fun get on my nerves, but I try to coexist. (ECOF was banned from the SDMB - I have no idea what his Dopernae was.)
[12:25:16] flamsterette_x: Don't ask. I don't know.
[12:26:41] aryk29: Unless he has an LJ ID - haven't bothered to check. imthjckaz posts there too but under a different name - someone looked at his profile and recognized the LJ username. :D
[12:27:46] aryk29: No LJ ID, but I did find something - wsler at Fathom ring a bell?
[12:29:31] flamsterette_x: .... no, I haven't posted there in an age or so.
[12:29:41] aryk29: hmm
[12:32:17] flamsterette_x: ?
[12:33:39] aryk29: just thinkin'. I remember a whistlepig at SDMB but don't think that user was ever banned... also a whuckfistle - really cool username that ended up getting changed to something or other. Unless maybe there was a wsler or whistler there before I joined.
[12:35:03] flamsterette_x: I have no idea.
[12:37:21] aryk29: I did tell you I went to the Dopefest, right?
[12:37:30] flamsterette_x: Yes.
[12:38:55] flamsterette_x: And now I have to leave. Have a good weekend! :)
Session Close (aryk29): Thu May 05 12:40:06 2005

Session Start (flamsterette_x:aryk29): Mon May 16 12:18:27 2005
[12:18:32] flamsterette_x: Bloop.
[12:18:51] aryk29: hey. what's up? :)
[12:18:51] *** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I am currently away from the computer.
[12:20:42] flamsterette_x: Too much.
[12:21:36] flamsterette_x: Palmer decided to end it with me (because of his other attachments), Stephen wants to get back together with me (blerk), I'm going on an Alaskan cruise next week, my sister's back, my brother WILL be back....
[12:21:54] aryk29: oic :(
[12:23:10] aryk29: Guess Palmer didn't want to commit to monogamy. :(
[12:23:55] flamsterette_x: Well, I knew he was poly in the first place... but yeah. I didn't want to ask him that on the strength of only three weeks or so! :(
[12:24:10] aryk29: definitely.
[12:24:34] flamsterette_x: Never mind that I might have been moving too fast for myself!
[12:25:32] flamsterette_x: But yeah. He says it would have happened no matter who it was, since The Three (his primary attachments?!) felt he was getting overextended. (translation: they had trouble dealing with his outside involvements and with his being away all the time, not just with me)
[12:25:58] aryk29: overextended? I'm surprised that he'd say that.
[12:28:27] flamsterette_x: Keep in mind that those three are all long-distance relationships. So maybe they felt he wasn't spending enough time with them? Who knows.
[12:28:44] aryk29: wow.
[12:29:55] flamsterette_x: Yeah. Apparently, he feels that they're right. :|
[12:31:49] aryk29: Well I can see how an LDR could be stressful... 3 of them, all competing for his attention... OTOH, it seems to me that a real life relationship should take precedence.
[12:32:13] flamsterette_x: Did I mention that those three are also presumably all interested in each other?!
[12:32:27] aryk29: doesn't surprise me.
[12:33:02] flamsterette_x: So when he mentioned that they'd all be coming up here in the summer or whatever, I had this... image... in my head. I'm sure you don't need me to elaborate on that one. :P
[12:33:56] aryk29: I have pretty much the same image. :p These 3 "friends" of his, are they both men and women?
[12:34:58] flamsterette_x: All girls.
[12:35:06] aryk29: ah geez. :p
[12:36:20] flamsterette_x: Yeah..... I still don't know what to make of it. They don't have anything against me (apparently), and they still think I'm sweet and nice. Still. Not that I thought it would really work out, but you know how a person can hold on to irrational hope.
[12:37:55] aryk29: Do I ever. Well, if he was trying to divide his time between you and 3 other women, plus you know he's going to want to be with men too (believe me, one or the other is not enough for bi folks), that'd be the reason for the stress he was going through. But absolutely, I know what you mean about irrational hope.
[12:40:02] flamsterette_x: I mean, I wouldn't even normally consider such a thing! I have almost no idea why I did this in the first place. Probably because he seemed so open to the possibility of exploring such with me if I wanted to. And I did, in a way. But... aiya. Stupid brain.
[12:41:01] aryk29: Attraction is emotional, not logical. Love makes us do strange things.
[12:41:48] flamsterette_x: I'm not sure I was in love with him, anyhow. Who knows. Maybe these types of arrangements aren't for me. Possibly that's one thing I learned.
[12:43:02] aryk29: I think you're right.
[12:43:31] flamsterette_x: Man, this whole thing has been a learning experience in more ways than one.
[12:44:05] aryk29: Indeed!
[12:44:25] flamsterette_x: Yeah... one of those things.
[12:45:35] aryk29: It's a different lifestyle. I've seen how poly relationships work - they seem to have more than their share of problems, and IME tend to fall apart in the long run. :(
[12:46:43] aryk29: I don't think things would work with Stephen either, BTW.
[12:47:36] flamsterette_x: No, I don't think things would work with him either. He wants me again, but I don't think that would be a good idea. Not to say that I didn't love him in a way, but.... no. Not a good idea.
[12:47:54] aryk29: Definitely.
[12:49:07] aryk29: A few years back I met a woman online, we flirted for a while, but she said she didn't want an LDR. As we got to know each other better, I found I wasn't really attracted to her. We're still very good friends, but only friends.
[12:49:53] flamsterette_x: Yeah, all I want from him is friendship. He sees that, but still wants me to know that he misses my voice and affection and such. :P
[12:50:27] flamsterette_x: That's all very well and good, and I might miss certain things about him too, but I don't think a relationship would work between us again. You know what I mean?
[12:50:34] aryk29: Absolutely.
[12:52:29] aryk29: BTW, that friend of mine - I mentioned her in that "what do you think of your friends" quiz. Care to guess what her name is? :D
[12:53:10] flamsterette_x: It's like NO. It won't work.
[12:53:13] flamsterette_x: Let's see...
[12:55:34] aryk29: :D
[12:59:01] flamsterette_x: Man, could be anyone.
[12:59:25] aryk29: It's not Michelle (that's sperfur) or HF (Horseflesh)
[12:59:39] flamsterette_x: From what I hear, sperfur is married now.
[12:59:45] aryk29: yeah, to withaK
[13:00:04] flamsterette_x: Eh. Could be Misty or Andrea.
[13:00:24] aryk29: Misty is misstee. You're right, it's Andrea. :D
[13:01:06] aryk29: Havi is from IRL (haven't seen her in years and years though) and Lorna is from a non-SDMB-related MB
[13:01:56] aryk29: So, you gonna see the Aurora Borealis? :D
[13:02:12] flamsterette_x: The who?
[13:02:23] aryk29: Northern lights! :p
[13:03:44] flamsterette_x: Ah yes. It's too light out yet to see those. :P
[13:04:25] aryk29: Oh yeah, on account of it being so close to summer. That means they won't be visible again until at least autumn. :(
[13:04:56] aryk29: the cruise going up into the Arctic Circle? :D
[13:06:54] flamsterette_x: Cruise?
[13:07:10] aryk29: Yeah, Alaska.
[13:07:50] flamsterette_x: Yeah, I think it may be.
[13:08:25] aryk29: Alright! :D
[13:09:10] aryk29: <---- never been that far north.
[13:10:07] flamsterette_x: Neither have I. Then again, my siblings and I have never been on a cruise either...
[13:10:33] aryk29: well, have fun! :)
[13:10:42] flamsterette_x: Oh, I will! :)
[13:10:48] flamsterette_x: So... how are things going with you?
[13:12:32] aryk29: We have a possibility for work for my parents over by where we used to live when I used to work at the college; lel and I are trying to figure out when to meet so I can teach her Greek; Cleo is pacing around looking for a nice secluded place to have her kittens...
[13:14:20] aryk29: Punky seems to be feeling better after being sick.
[13:15:47] flamsterette_x: Hey, at least you can meet lel now. :D Aww... poor kitten (I think)...
[13:16:45] aryk29: Yeah it's good to have a friend in the area. :) (Punky is 8 already, FTR)
[13:19:56] flamsterette_x: Is that old for cats?
[13:20:31] aryk29: They can live about 15 years. I think the world record is 27.
[13:20:58] aryk29: Oh and cat years - I figure cat years as 12 years for the first 6 mos and 6 years for every year after that
[13:21:21] aryk29: so that'd make him 57 :D
[13:21:34] flamsterette_x: Haha, whoa.
[13:22:40] aryk29: Cleo's 5 which would be 39 in cat years; Brat Kitten is 3 1/2 which would make her 30 - but she doesn't act a day over 16. :p
[13:23:19] flamsterette_x: Brat Kitten? :D
[13:23:50] aryk29: Punky & Cleo's offspring. I call her Brat Kitten; my parents call her Baby Girl...
[13:23:50] aryk29: :p
[13:23:57] aryk29: and I'm 153 in cat years. :p
[13:24:32] flamsterette_x: And I'd be even older. :P
[13:24:38] aryk29: 180 :D
[13:25:06] aryk29: That's nothing, though - humans often live to be 500 in cat years.
[13:25:18] flamsterette_x: Haha. I'm not surprised!
[13:26:03] aryk29: I was playing with numbers a few days back, and found that as far as cats are concerned, my father might just as well have been born in the 1600s. :D
[13:26:21] flamsterette_x: Oh? How's that?
[13:26:51] aryk29: 1/16/43 so that'd make him almost 62 1/2 now...
[13:27:03] aryk29: which comes out to 384
[13:27:18] aryk29: 2005 - 384 = 1621 :D
[13:28:02] aryk29: When I told him that, I says wasn't that around the time of the Renaissance? :D
[13:28:16] flamsterette_x: Haha, oh right. So what did he say?
[13:28:26] aryk29: He said he isn't sure.
[13:28:46] flamsterette_x: Hm. Well, you can look up anything on the internet these days....
[13:28:53] aryk29: that's true
[13:30:02] flamsterette_x: Let's see... Renaissance English Literature covering 1485-1603. "Renaissance," French for "rebirth," perfectly describes the intellectual and economic changes that occurred in Europe from the fourteenth through the sixteenth centuries.
[13:30:10] flamsterette_x: So that could be it..
[13:30:38] aryk29: Ah, ic... thanks! :) So 1621 would be shortly after the Renaissance then.
[13:31:34] aryk29: makes sense too re + naiss + ance, after the same Latin root that gave us "natal."
[13:31:35] aryk29: :D
[13:31:53] flamsterette_x: Yup!
[13:34:45] aryk29: I was reading up on the derivation of languages a couple of days ago in Wikipedia... whoever wrote the article claims that because languages borow from each other and change the meanings of words, that it becomes impossible to trace their origins beyond a certain point.
[13:35:06] aryk29: But it seems to me one need only identify and trace these various changes.
[13:36:07] flamsterette_x: Hm. That could be true. Is that another project of yours, then?
[13:37:32] aryk29: It'd be fun to pursue, but I'd first want to get into what's already known about proto-Indo-European as well as all the other language families so as not to reinvent the wheel.
[13:38:34] aryk29: I mean they have quite a bit of PIE reconstructed, if they also have proto-Uralic, proto-Sino-Tibetan, etc, etc, then it should be fairly simple to compare them.
[13:38:38] flamsterette_x: Yeah, that's true. You don't want to go through all that work again, haha
[13:38:44] aryk29: :D
[13:38:58] flamsterette_x: PIE. Mm.
[13:39:08] flamsterette_x: (and yes, I know you don't mean THAT kind of pie :P)
[13:40:10] aryk29: *sigh* you shoulda been a Magic Minion. :p But anyway, I do recall reading somewhere online that there are similarities that cut across all these language families. One word they showed has various meanings related to "point," "finger," "sharp," "stick," etc. But I lost the cite. :(
[13:40:43] flamsterette_x: A Magic Minion?
[13:41:50] aryk29: The other message board. :p And even aside from the similarities, if root words in 2 language families with similar meanings often start with P in one language and S in the other, that right there is a link.
[13:42:14] flamsterette_x: Ah.
[13:42:26] aryk29: (All the poll threads have a pie vote and a suckup vote to the admin. :D )
[13:43:10] aryk29: I forget what the word for wheel is in Sanskrit, but it's very different from our word wheel. But, the 2 are from the same PIE root. :o
[13:46:07] flamsterette_x: Wikipedia says CHAKRA is from that word. Ring any bells?
[13:47:06] aryk29: I was thinking something like kakka (but kak- means something completely different in other languages! :O ) Yeah, "chakra" might be from the same root as wheel; it'd start with kw which became hw in Old English.
[13:48:06] aryk29: I'm going to look for something...
[13:48:12] flamsterette_x: (haha, I know it does! :O )
[13:48:21] flamsterette_x: Okay then.
[13:48:46] aryk29: that PIE resource I sent you the URL to not long ago? I lost the bookmark (it's on my parents' PC)
[13:48:50] aryk29: gonna search for it
[13:49:24] aryk29: hah, found it! :D
[13:50:12] aryk29: Bartleby... the entry for kwel- (1) says this is the root of "wheel"...
[13:50:41] aryk29: cakram is the Sanskrit word.
[13:52:02] flamsterette_x: Cakram, "chakra"... yeah, they sound similar enough.
[13:52:09] flamsterette_x: I still have that one... somewhere.
[13:53:12] aryk29: I'm thinking the -a and -am endings might be inflected endings... I'm not that familiar with Sanskrit but I don't recall it having a letter C that's different from CH... so yeah, more than likely forms of the same word. :D
[13:53:51] flamsterette_x: That sounds likely, then. (not that I'd know anything about it, but eh.)
[13:54:20] aryk29: My father has a Sanskrit dictionary (somewhere) so I sat down with it a while back and read some of it.
[13:54:40] aryk29: The language has 3 S sounds!
[13:56:37] flamsterette_x: How?!
[13:57:00] aryk29: S, SH, and another one in between that's written with a cup over it. :D
[13:57:10] flamsterette_x: A cup?
[13:57:42] aryk29: Š
[13:58:59] flamsterette_x: Oh. Okay.
[13:59:02] aryk29: trying to think what that's called... it's not diaresis; that's 2 dots... not a caron; that's a line.... macron? Or maybe I have macron and caron mixed up...
[13:59:42] aryk29: Caron.
[14:00:09] flamsterette_x: You know, I used to know someone named Caron.
[14:00:32] aryk29: Oh yeah? Neat. I used to know 3 Karens. :D
[14:00:43] flamsterette_x: Only three? :P
[14:01:09] aryk29: 2 of them were in a triad together. :P
[14:02:09] flamsterette_x: Let's see... I currently know at least seven.
[14:02:26] flamsterette_x: Ha, I bet that got confusing after a while?
[14:02:50] aryk29: No... different last names so we called them by first and last. :D
[14:03:14] flamsterette_x: That's a good thing then. :D
[14:04:22] aryk29: Yeah. One was married to the guy and the other was with them as a partner (I have no idea if she was just with him or with both), but last I heard the Karen who wasn't married has since left.
[14:04:42] flamsterette_x: Ah, I see. Messy?
[14:05:04] aryk29: I'm really not sure.
[14:11:03] flamsterette_x: I'd hope not, but then I guess you never know....
[14:11:21] aryk29: True enough. IIRC, I think she went off with another guy.
[14:13:53] flamsterette_x: I guess that would be her prerogative.
[14:14:43] aryk29: Pretty much, yeah. They'd all 3 been together for so long though... it kinda surprised me because they seemed like the picture of stability.
[14:16:19] flamsterette_x: Like an example of one of those poly relationships that DID work out despite everything?
[14:16:29] aryk29: Yup. :p
[14:17:00] flamsterette_x: As evidenced above, I still can't type.
[14:17:54] aryk29: 'sokay. Shift keys tend to be what does it for me - oh and the space bar. :p
[14:19:04] flamsterette_x: Yeah, I'm not one to bug people about their obvious typos unless I can't pass up the joke opportunity. :P
[14:19:28] aryk29: :D
[14:20:17] aryk29: yeah, you seem to react to typos the same way I do - notice them, and only bring them up in certain situations. :D
[14:20:28] flamsterette_x: Like this recent example...
[14:20:37] aryk29: Yup.
[14:22:04] flamsterette_x: [11:58:47] YourLrdAndGod: The violin wok in Deception, on the other hand, is amazing
[12:09:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: You do not want to know what I COULD answer that with. :P
[12:09:35] YourLrdAndGod: :p
[12:11:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: Or perhaps you do. So do you?
[12:12:05] YourLrdAndGod: Up to you
[12:13:27] AlenaBrolxFlami: I already have it typed out:

Answer #1: Hm. Then I should somehow get my brother to listen to that and duplicate at least one violin layer. He should still be in practice, after all.

Answer #2: Violin woks, eh? Hmm. I never knew they made cooking utensils shaped like musical instruments. ;)
[14:22:39] aryk29: lmao. :D
[14:23:16] aryk29: Maybe they make musical instruments out of cooking utensils? :D I seen on TV some instruments a guy made out of used matchsticks.
[14:23:58] flamsterette_x: "I seen," eh? :P
[14:24:40] flamsterette_x: Haha, That reminds me of what I saw in the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum. All kinds of things made of used matchsticks and toothpicks, and such. :D
[14:25:18] aryk29: (Okay, eblepsa on TV. :P :D ) Yup I think it was Ripley's.
[14:25:58] flamsterette_x: Eblepsa?!
[14:27:04] aryk29: ebleya. I was just thinking about such colloquialisms of English that I use all the time, but would never make such a lapse in grammar in any other language. :D
[14:27:37] flamsterette_x: Haha. Yeah, I know what you mean. I am not perfect, either.
[14:28:18] aryk29: (never try to type with a hand full of Chips Ahoy. :D )
[14:29:01] flamsterette_x: Ha, I'll keep that in mind. Don't try to type with a sandwich in one hand, either.
[14:29:08] aryk29: oic
[14:29:26] aryk29: ever have a peanut butter and honey sandwich?
[14:29:34] flamsterette_x: Not that I'm eating a sandwich now, but I know this from previous experience. No.
[14:29:50] aryk29: Oh, they're delicious!
[14:30:00] flamsterette_x: Sounds like they'd also be awfully sticky.
[14:30:33] aryk29: eh, it's good to have a plate for the honey to drip on so you can lick it off when you're done eating. :p
[14:31:42] flamsterette_x: Haha, yeah. That's what I was thinking.
[14:32:17] flamsterette_x: Speaking of food, I should probably have something soon. Not sure what, though.
[14:32:42] aryk29: didn't you have lunch today?
[14:33:18] flamsterette_x: I had some chocolate halvah and mango crackers a while ago. (didn't want to have cereal, as I'd had that for dinner)
[14:34:13] aryk29: I'm confused. Dinner the night before?
[14:34:39] flamsterette_x: Yes.
[14:35:17] aryk29: oh, okay. I don't know what halvah is, and never tried mango crackers, but I do know that bacon crackers are really good. :)
[14:36:38] flamsterette_x: Mango crackers are pretty good. I think I may have tried bacon crackers, but I haven't had them in a long time.
[14:37:00] aryk29: me either. Ever try white cheddar cheez its?
[14:40:10] flamsterette_x: Halvah.
[14:40:44] flamsterette_x: No, but I've had white cheddar popcorn.
[14:41:20] aryk29: eww! (the link gave me a page cannot be found. )
[14:42:22] flamsterette_x: It worked for me.
[14:43:01] aryk29: that's odd...
[14:43:31] flamsterette_x: Try this
[14:43:46] flamsterette_x: That should work.
[14:44:01] aryk29: yeah it does, ty
[14:44:23] flamsterette_x: Phew. You're welcome.
[14:44:26] aryk29: ooh, sesame seeds! :D
[14:45:12] flamsterette_x: Yeah, I bought some halvah last week to try. It's kinda dry, but it's all right. :D
[14:53:40] flamsterette_x: So do you think it'll work if Palmer and I try to be friends?
[14:54:37] aryk29: I don't see why not. Then again, I've heard people say time and again that it's difficult to stay friends after being in a relationship, but never saw it turn out that way myself.
[14:58:36] flamsterette_x: Then again, this wasn't really a relationship.. more like a "friends with benefits" thing. Someone else says that we may find we have nothing in common besides the sexual component and drift apart.
[14:59:04] aryk29: ah, okay... "friends with benefits"... how Seinfeld. :p
[14:59:48] flamsterette_x: Why do you say that?
[15:00:59] aryk29: Seems to me that's where I heard the phrase from... then there was that episode with Jerry and Elaine going down that road. Guess the phrase didn't originate on the show then?
[15:03:00] flamsterette_x: Oh, I have no idea where it originated. Language is this ever-changing thing.
[15:03:25] aryk29: Yes, quite so. :p
[15:09:48] flamsterette_x: I'm not sure where it originated. But I'm not sure that kind of relationship is for me, anyhow. Too many feelings and such. :P
[15:10:26] aryk29: Ah, ic. Then I would think youse can still be friends, just without the benefits.
[15:10:52] flamsterette_x: Yeah, probably.
[15:11:10] flamsterette_x: It's probably better this way.
[15:11:55] aryk29: Definitely.
[15:13:07] flamsterette_x: Not that I have a lot of THOSE feelings for him, but I guess maybe I had more than I thought?
[15:15:09] aryk29: Maybe... I get the impression that attraction towards men is linked to familiarity.
[15:17:22] aryk29: (Of course, I could be way off on that one. :p )
[15:20:26] flamsterette_x: Yeah, it was in my case. I mean... I thought I didn't have any feelings toward him, but maybe if I don't talk to him so much, it'll fade?
[15:21:11] aryk29: Hmm, maybe - I'm really not sure.
[15:21:56] flamsterette_x: I'm not sure, either. I guess next week might be a test of that, and also a way to relax hopefully.
[15:22:53] aryk29: Yeah definitely. Relax, have fun, collect your thoughts... that's always helpful, just taking some time alone to think. ;)
[15:23:58] flamsterette_x: Yeah, I think I need time to do that.
[15:30:04] flamsterette_x: But at least you know where I'll be next week! :D
[15:30:13] aryk29: Yup! :D
[15:30:28] aryk29: Should bring a camera, take pics of the ice and such. :D
[15:31:39] flamsterette_x: Yeah, my sister plans to take her digicam. :D
[15:32:06] aryk29: ic... so you gonna post the pics when you get back? :D
[15:37:08] flamsterette_x: Sure she is! :D
[15:37:30] flamsterette_x: So yeah, once she does, I'll see if I can get some, haha! :D It'll be cool. :D
[15:37:40] aryk29: I look forward to seeing them! :)
[15:38:00] flamsterette_x: All right! :D
[15:50:53] aryk29: So if we get a winner on the Assassins game while you're away, I'll have to wait to post round 2. ;)
[15:51:52] flamsterette_x: Haha, don't wait on my account. :)
[15:52:26] aryk29: Nah, I think I'll leave the signup thread run for a week anyway. Give everyone interested a chance to respond. :)
[15:52:43] flamsterette_x: Yeah, sounds good.
[15:52:58] flamsterette_x: So if someone dies in the course of the game, you'd inform them right away?
[15:53:39] aryk29: As soon as I see that they've died, yeah. (You do mean die as in post their word, right?)
[15:54:43] flamsterette_x: Uh, yes.
[15:56:14] aryk29: Yeah, I let them know what word did them in, and tell their assassin who their new target is. Although recently I got a scare with one of the players elsewhere, and almost had to deal with that.
[15:56:51] flamsterette_x: What happened?
[15:58:26] aryk29: Horseflesh was at his sister's house and there was a fire. He sustained some serious burns but lived - she, unfortunately, did not. This all revolves around her ex who apparently was being a jerk and didn't fare too well himself. I'd link you to the thread, but it's in a private forum. So anyway HF is away from the board recovering for a while and I put rule #6 on suspension.
[15:59:05] flamsterette_x: Oh no!
[15:59:25] aryk29: There's no mention of this on the SDMB?
[15:59:32] flamsterette_x: I don't know.
[16:00:36] aryk29: I don't know if he renewed, but I didn't or else I'd search. Yeah, pretty sad... actually had me feeling down for a couple of days! :( Like how in the world does this kind of thing happen, and what the heck took place there, ya know?
[16:00:56] flamsterette_x: Oh, I know. Hang on.
[16:01:53] flamsterette_x: Let's see if I can find anything, if the board will cooperate.
[16:02:03] aryk29: ok (hope it cooperates :p )
[16:02:08] aryk29: brb
[16:02:16] flamsterette_x: k
[16:05:25] aryk29: The OP would be on 5/11; maybe also check to see if he's listed as a paid member or a guest.
[16:07:46] flamsterette_x: Hm. His last post is on January 15 or something. But he's listed as a paid member.
[16:07:55] flamsterette_x: So there's one thing answered.
[16:09:43] aryk29: hmm, okay... maybe he'll post when he's done recovering. Paid but hasn't posted since? Hmm. Could be that he only paid to retain search capability.
[16:10:48] aryk29: This seems serious enough for MPSIMS at the very least. More likely the Pit since his thread was originally in the Pit type forum.
[16:11:00] flamsterette_x: Yeah. But nothing about it in MPSIMS, anyhow. I'll check the Pit.
[16:12:11] aryk29: Oh, okay. I don't know if you'll find anything since it wouldn't be him posting and I'm pretty sure sperfur didn't renew... but ya never know.
[16:12:29] flamsterette_x: True enough.
[16:14:39] aryk29: I think I'll check OP Assassins...
[16:15:16] flamsterette_x: Okay.
[16:16:48] aryk29: Nothing since this morning! :O Last kill words were assigned on the 13th; it is now the 15th... guess what that means. :p
[16:17:02] flamsterette_x: You're going to kill everyone?
[16:17:08] aryk29:
[16:17:09] aryk29: no.
[16:18:29] flamsterette_x: So what then?
[16:18:56] aryk29: I'll show ya in a minute. :D
[16:19:25] flamsterette_x: Okay.
[16:21:07] aryk29: Here.
[16:22:42] aryk29: My next post is #2500. By Og, I hope it's to announce another player eliminated. ;)
[16:23:05] flamsterette_x: Haha.
[16:23:19] flamsterette_x: Well, maybe.. do you keep ALL your PMs?
[16:24:32] aryk29: Pretty much, although I tend to delete the chitchat ones after a few weeks. But I've kept the ones related to game play, and for a good reason too - many a time I've had to refer back to them!
[16:24:48] flamsterette_x: Yeah, sounds good.
[16:25:14] aryk29: I figure after the game ends, I'll archive and delete them.
[16:25:32] flamsterette_x: Archive them?!
[16:25:53] aryk29: Yeah, you remember I was telling you about the message archiver? ;)
[16:26:03] flamsterette_x: Uh.... not really....
[16:26:33] aryk29: eh, you have a point
[16:28:08] aryk29: anyway, I really do need to keep them while the game is in progress.
[16:31:28] flamsterette_x: Yeah, I can understand that.
[16:38:44] aryk29: I wonder how the game would have worked on the SDMB before the big game thread crackdown.
[16:39:02] flamsterette_x: I don't know. It might have been really interesting.
[16:40:55] aryk29: Yeah, on a board that size, with people posting to it from all over the place. Would have made keeping up with the deaths fun - lots of skimming and speedreading. The game itself would have been gigantic - imagine 20, 30 players? :D Plus the Mods would have stepped in and closed it almost as soon as a winner was announced. I think it'd need more than one ref. :P
[16:41:38] aryk29: I wonder if they'd allow it now... it'd almost be worth the $15 to resubscribe. :D
[16:42:59] aryk29: 13 people have posted to the OP game thread... there were nowheres near 13 players initially.
[16:44:28] flamsterette_x: It's interesting!
[16:46:57] aryk29: Yeah! :D I'll think about it and figure out what I want to do, if anything, after these 2 games are finished.
[16:47:18] aryk29: (still leaning strongly towards not resubscribing.)
[16:47:31] flamsterette_x: Might as well think about it, yeah.
[16:53:01] aryk29: Did you ever see the Mole TV series that ran a couple of years back?
[16:54:46] flamsterette_x: Heard about it.
[16:56:30] aryk29: I've been trying to figure out a way to extend that concept into a game thread. Basically, the show had all these players trying to work together to complete various tasks to add money to a jackpot, but one player (the mole) was being paid to sabotage everything. Players were eliminated based on how well they could identify the mole.
[16:57:33] aryk29: Thing is, what would replace the tasks. Questions about the mole could be asked / answered in PM's, and eliminating players would be easy, but the mole would have to be sabotaging something.
[16:57:35] flamsterette_x: Yeah, that was it.
[16:57:46] flamsterette_x: True. But what?
[16:58:15] aryk29: A conversation, maybe? The mole's job might be to hijack the conversation without being obvious?
[16:59:21] aryk29: That way, player A flirts with player B; player C points & says "you're the mole!", answers the questions wrong, then player C is out. :p
[17:03:19] flamsterette_x: Possibly...
[17:03:36] aryk29: It's certainly something to think about! :)
[17:04:59] aryk29: Then some player will accuse the referee of being the mole. :p That happened on the show, actually.
[17:05:14] flamsterette_x: Haha, I'm not surprised.
[17:11:02] aryk29: Yeah... 'course IIRC they were half joking. :D I gotta get ready to go eat (fast food again, wonder of wonders! :p ) bcnu l8r. :)
[17:11:42] flamsterette_x: Heh. All right then! Later!
Session Close (aryk29): Mon May 16 17:11:57 2005

Session Start (flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Jul 29 23:22:56 2005
[23:23:01] flamsterette_x: Aaaah!
[23:23:17] aryk29: Hi. :)
[23:23:18] *** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I am currently away from the computer.
[23:25:05] flamsterette_x: You're on! I can't believe this!
[23:25:18] aryk29: Yup - the thunderstorms are north of here. :p
[23:25:30] flamsterette_x: (well, actually I can... but it's much funnier this way :P)
[23:25:36] aryk29: :D
[23:25:36] flamsterette_x: Thunderstorms?!
[23:25:48] aryk29: Monsoon. See here
[23:26:57] aryk29: We went to the store earlier and the sky was flashing and blinking like crazy to the north.
[23:27:33] flamsterette_x: Eeep.
[23:27:40] aryk29: Yup.
[23:27:51] flamsterette_x: I am just so happy.
[23:28:03] aryk29: Oh yeah, why so? :)
[23:29:10] flamsterette_x: I thought I'd never talk to you again!
[23:30:08] aryk29: Oh. No, I've just not been on as much lately because of the afternoon / evening storms. Give it another month or 2 and they'll pass. :) In other news, I'm going back to college this fall...
[23:32:22] flamsterette_x: Heh. Yeah, I figured there was something else. :)
[23:32:33] flamsterette_x: You DID survive my massive purge for a reason, dude. :D
[23:32:49] aryk29: see how much time I'll have then :p Massive purge?
[23:33:15] flamsterette_x: Heh. Fine, if you won't have time, that's a sure warning. :P
[23:33:38] aryk29: I'll make time. :)
[23:33:40] flamsterette_x: Yup. I decided to go through my buddy list and do this purge, which I'd been procrastinating on for like the past two years.
[23:33:45] aryk29: wow
[23:34:15] aryk29: I wonder if I should do the same... you remember the SDMB, umm, mutual friends club type thingy from a while back?
[23:34:44] aryk29: 4 contacts still on my list who added me that nevver bothered to chat. :O
[23:37:09] flamsterette_x: (mental note: typos are contagious)
[23:37:35] aryk29: actually, there's a story behind the typo as well...
[23:37:38] flamsterette_x: Yeah, I remember that. I added some people, as you know... and then they never bothered to say hi. Then again, they could be like me and just IM-shy.
[23:37:42] flamsterette_x: Do tell.
[23:37:57] aryk29: I was chatting with another friend a couple of nights ago
[23:38:13] aryk29: and I had a glass of limeade on the desk in front of my keyboard.
[23:38:23] aryk29: Then I reached over to type something...
[23:38:35] aryk29: Guess what happened next. :p
[23:38:45] flamsterette_x: Gah.
[23:38:51] aryk29: Yep.
[23:39:58] aryk29: Keys 1-4, Q-T, A-H, and Z-B got completely flooded with sticky electrically conductive liquid, plus the left-hand side Ctrl, Shift, Alt, and Windows keys.
[23:40:29] aryk29: The X key still goes down hard, and the spacebar sometimes jams and goes into repeat mode like this.
[23:41:30] aryk29: I had to take apart the keyboard, fumble with the little springy rubber doobies that hold the keys up, and clean out the spaces between the 3 layers of flexible transparent plastic circuitboard.
[23:42:42] flamsterette_x: Erk.
[23:45:08] aryk29: I had to use Character Map to "type" out my messages to the guy I was IMing with, and tell him that I needed to shut down and reconnect the keyboard, and that if he didn't see me online within a few minutes, it was because it didn't work and I couldn't log in to Windows. So I rebooted and tried the newly cleaned keyboard, and it worked well enough to log in. So I started Y Messenger and changed my status text to read "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs." :D
[23:45:40] flamsterette_x: Haha, sounds okay then.
[23:46:50] aryk29: 'cept for the x key. I'll probably have to take the thing apart yet again, pop the key out, clean both it and the hole it fits into, check for any loose springy things (they're very easy to lose track of) and hopefully that'll fix it.
[23:47:35] flamsterette_x: Hopefully so. :D
[23:50:21] aryk29: So it'll be nice to be going back to the college again. When I went there to sign up, I revisited some of the places I used to frequent before, and it's interesting how, although a few things have changed drastically, overall most of it is exactly the same as I remember. :D
[23:50:40] flamsterette_x: Hey, that's good!
[23:52:01] flamsterette_x: It's like... everything new is old again, or something.
[23:52:04] aryk29: Even saw some people I knew from before - only one seemed to recognize me though, which isn't surprising after 5 years and who knows how many students, and that was because I had emailed her already.
[23:52:07] aryk29: Yeah. :D
[23:52:15] flamsterette_x: Wow. Cool.
[23:54:23] aryk29: Taking Introduction to SQL using Oracle. This after combing the newspaper and finding that SQL is in demand. My other choice would have been Macromedia Flash, mostly just for the fun of it rather than any particular job opportunities. Maybe another semester.... :D
[23:57:11] flamsterette_x: Hey, that's good though!
[23:57:21] aryk29: Yup.
[23:57:25] aryk29: :)
[23:59:40] flamsterette_x: Hey, have you heard about the Durian Palace?
[23:59:51] aryk29: No, what is it? :D
[00:01:07] flamsterette_x: Look here.
[00:03:45] aryk29: That's neat!
[00:05:30] flamsterette_x: Yeah... someone else found it and linked me to it, so I passed the link on to my brother... of course, I told him to forward it to Durian Dude if he hadn't seen it yet either.
[00:05:53] aryk29: ic
[00:07:03] flamsterette_x: Durian Dude = his friend Jeremy, who's this Asiaphile white dude. :D
[00:08:51] aryk29: dsl sux.
[00:09:02] *** "aryk29" signed off at Sat Jul 30 00:09:02 2005.
[00:09:06] *** "aryk29" signed on at Sat Jul 30 00:09:06 2005.
[00:09:15] flamsterette_x: ah
[00:09:59] aryk29: I'm reading about the people of Borneo being able to find concealed durians in the undergrowth.
[00:11:05] aryk29: Hey, did you ever get past level 8 of that Acno game?
[00:13:27] flamsterette_x: No, I actually haven't tried it quite yet.
[00:13:53] aryk29: ic
[00:14:10] aryk29: it's a challenge... but it's really neat to finally get it.
[00:22:36] aryk29: plus you almost run out of time in the process :D
[00:23:09] flamsterette_x: Haha, yeah. Pressure!
[00:30:32] aryk29: yup
[00:30:40] flamsterette_x: heh
[00:30:45] aryk29: there was a game posted on UnaBoard not long before I joined
[00:31:16] aryk29: thread was titled got a spare hour or seven
[00:31:35] flamsterette_x: heh
[00:31:50] aryk29: me see if I can find it
[00:32:27] aryk29:
[00:33:13] flamsterette_x: OH MAN. I HATE THAT GAME.
[00:33:27] aryk29: You do? *confused*
[00:33:41] flamsterette_x: I've played it before.
[00:33:50] flamsterette_x: Or rather, tried to.
[00:33:56] aryk29: same here
[00:36:33] aryk29: found out how to get the bird to carry the eggs over, how to get the blob to eat the man or go inside, how to move the thing that looks like a cave...
[00:37:25] flamsterette_x: Well, you got further than I did. :D
[00:37:49] aryk29: wow
[00:37:59] flamsterette_x: What?!
[00:38:30] aryk29: *blush* I mean
[00:39:08] aryk29: you're usually much better than I am at these kind of figure out the sequence type games. ;)
[00:39:51] flamsterette_x: Yeah, but we all have our off-days. ;)
[00:40:00] aryk29: ah, I see :)
[00:40:46] flamsterette_x: Yeah, it happens. :)
[00:41:00] aryk29: happens to me more often than I'd like...
[00:43:24] aryk29: I can get an off-day anytime by simply forgoing my morning coffee. :D
[00:44:05] flamsterette_x: Heh, that's understandable.
[00:44:48] aryk29: Almost happened yesterday (the 29th) morning because there was no milk - but fortunately there was cola, so I had that instead of coffee.
[00:47:12] aryk29: omg it's almost 1:00 *yawn*
[00:47:40] flamsterette_x: Haha. You should try some yin-yang on for size. :D
[00:48:09] aryk29: the symbol that looks like 2 fishes?
[00:48:10] flamsterette_x: Half milk coffee, half milk tea.
[00:48:14] aryk29: oh!
[00:48:21] flamsterette_x: Yeah.
[00:49:06] aryk29: sounds neat. I've never tried milk in tea though
[00:49:26] flamsterette_x: It's milk tea. Not milk in tea necessarily.
[00:49:51] aryk29: *confused*
[00:50:51] flamsterette_x: Google Image Search for MILK TEA
[00:55:13] aryk29: Ah, okay.
[00:59:38] flamsterette_x: Yeah. It's not milk in regular British tea. It's just a name, heh.
[00:59:54] aryk29: Yeah.
[01:00:24] flamsterette_x: But the stuff is good. :D
[01:00:36] aryk29: I'll have to try it sometime.
[01:01:30] aryk29: Meanwhile, my hair is dry... and I'm getting tired (VO5 is a wonderful thing, BTW)
[01:01:47] flamsterette_x: Heh, I'll keep that in mind.
[01:02:10] aryk29: oh hey, something I noticed
[01:02:26] flamsterette_x: ?
[01:02:54] aryk29: you know how people like me, umm, sometimes change our, umm, preference?
[01:03:28] aryk29: I was looking at the thread about what kind of rocker are you
[01:03:48] flamsterette_x: yeah...
[01:04:09] aryk29: pulling it up here
[01:04:59] aryk29: well, I was looking at this picture, and I know it's only a cartoon but
[01:05:12] aryk29: yummy :D
[01:07:27] flamsterette_x: So are you saying you've changed your preference?
[01:07:34] aryk29: Not completely
[01:07:40] aryk29: maybe like 70/30
[01:07:50] aryk29: still prefer women
[01:08:16] flamsterette_x: Ah, okay. You wouldn't be any less of a friend to me if you DID... I'm just asking for curiosity's sake. :D
[01:08:24] aryk29: oh, I know :)
[01:08:52] aryk29: and I'm not taking anything yet, so who knows I may change over... hard to predict that.
[01:09:03] flamsterette_x: Very true.
[01:09:31] aryk29: It's more likely for someone young like myself than for someone older.
[01:09:46] aryk29: (like 40, 50, or thereabouts)
[01:12:29] aryk29: so anyway, it's been good to chat with you again, but I'm about ready to doze off here - catch ya later. :)
[01:13:24] flamsterette_x: Haha, true.
[01:13:43] flamsterette_x: Yeah, it's been great! Later.. give me a buzz if you see me on, heh. :)
Session Close (aryk29): Sat Jul 30 01:13:50 2005

Session Start (flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sat Jul 30 01:13:54 2005
[01:13:54] aryk29: Will do. :)
[01:13:55] *** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I am currently away from the computer.
Session Close (aryk29): Sat Jul 30 01:14:03 2005

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