Saturday, October 23, 2004

Don't call me.. I'm sleeping!

I HATE PEOPLE WHO CALL WHEN I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!!!! These people should really be more considerate, and take my sleeping schedule into account... just because you're up, doesn't mean everyone else is! Argh! I don't care who you are or even what you want unless it's an emergency! You don't call to make sure someone got an email, especially if it's not an earth-shatteringly important one. Maybe I wasn't even planning to answer the email since I don't do guilt trips like that.. I *do* have other plans and my own life!

Now I'm grumpy and still haven't gotten enough sleep.. so much for sleeping in. Odds are I'll feel like falling asleep at 2 or 3.. not good! Thanks for screwing up my sleep, idiot moron! If you call and the response is "I'm trying to sleep," you shouldn't press on by answering with "But did you get my email?" That is going to make me more likely to hang up on you, which I did.. the proper response in that situation should be "I'm sorry for disturbing you.. I'll call you later when you're awake." Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh! *rolleyes*

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Appreciation and gladness

Time for a real update in this thing..

When Eric picked me up tonight, he and I discussed various online games.. too bad I couldn't remember which one I was telling him about yesterday! He asked if I'd tried Peasant's Quest yet, but I hadn't.. maybe tomorrow or Sunday. We both agreed traffic was terrible, and that it was really cold out. (it got worse later on!)

Sophia told me that she actually hadn't known about the Girls Night Out (although her sister Frances mentioned something a while ago) until Irene emailed her asking for a ride.. good thing she got my response this morning! Vegetable samosas are just fine.. I hope she doesn't buy too many for Wednesday night, otherwise I'll have a lot of leftovers! Karen K. told me that her brother was back from his honeymoon, and that she'd give him his birthday card soon.

I also gave Jeff a birthday card, before talking to Randal about his week. He appreciates the book I lent him.. we held hands (at the direction of the guest speaker) and later hugged to show that we appreciated each other. (we were both glad the other was there tonight!) Appreciation seems to be in short supply these days in certain quarters.. I should really tell my friends a little more often that I don't take them for granted! Andrea said we might hang out next Saturday, and Elaine said she liked my "soothing" color combination of yellow and green.

Talked to others, as well: Vivian asked for MOTAS help, Chrystal recommended I go to the Blessings bookstore in Coquitlam to see about getting another CD (although she says Third Day is acoustic.. the CD has girly music; I'm listening to it now!), Sean is still getting over the flu, Citrus and Danielle agreed that MSN Plus and her computer are pretty bad (reformatting needed?), Dianne showed us her horrible scabs (which antibiotics aren't doing anything for), Daniel and Michelle said his car was stolen, and Hon was promoting Cross pens. Melia also asked if my email address was correct.. yes, I've indeed been getting all the Awana emails for the past couple of weeks! (although I still do check both of my email accounts!)

On the way home, Eric said that I was "far gone beyond crazy".. thanks, at least someone recognizes my insanity! He also told me "Out! Have a good evening." before sending me off with Parisienne fart lever noises.. it's always a very good thing to be with him and my other friends! :D

Note to Vivian, if she's reading: The MOTAS walkthroughs I used are at Nordinho and Journal Space.. sorry I couldn't remember before when you were asking me! Hope this helps.. if not, tell me.

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Keeping in touch

It seems as though I am being seriously remiss in keeping up with my friends. One of them tried to call me last night repeatedly, and got nothing but (I presume) a busy signal. At least we straightened things out this morning, even though it wasn't really anyone's fault. :P We're going to try again tomorrow night at around 7:30.. I only hope I have enough time to eat after I get home from Awana! (yes, that is usually foremost on my mind after Awana.. deal with it :P)

Then I got an email from Sophia saying that she could make it to the Girls Night Out, and that she wouldn't really have known about it had Irene not forwarded her my most recent emails about it. Of course I changed her email address in my books right away when I got that.. I wish people would tell me when they change their email addresses. Sometimes it seems as if they're all lost in the ether, particularly if I only know them through various online mediums. Then I have no alternative other than thinking they've disappeared off the face of the earth.. it's a little easier with my real-life friends, who I see at least once every week. ;)

My best friend Yazmine apparently hasn't been home in the past couple of weeks, either.. or at least, she hasn't been in when I've tried to call her. Maybe she'll be home tonight if I feel the need to call someone while the guest speaker is going on about stuff. My concentration level / attention span isn't the greatest, so sue me. :P

At least I do a reasonably good job of keeping up with certain online friends, who I won't mention here. It's a good thing that nobody has ever tried to call me in an emergency-type situation, since I'm not sure I'd be the best person to have around while everything is going to smash. :P

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mysteries of Time and Space / Quizzes

Finally finished MOTAS, with the help of various walkthroughs when I was stuck!

Took me from 2:20 to 5:50... for some reason, I wasted an hour figuring out what to do in the very last part of Level 12. Maybe I'll play it again someday and see if I can't improve my time. (but not now, I have things to do tonight)

Jim also thanked me for that "amazing" booklet I sent him a while back.. I was getting worried over here, dude! Glad he liked the BC booklet, though.. all about the photographs and my little note that I decided to include. ;) Friends rock! :D

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Online gaming

Haven't been doing too much today.. had an amusing conversation with the usual people earlier, so that's a good thing. Told Eric H. about a bunch of amusing online games, and decided to see if they'd work on my computer now.. most of them do. (yay for more time-suckage! :P)

Here they are, in case you're interested:

Sloyd Cube Game
Crimson Room
Pikopiko Hammer
Text Twist
Bookworm (Deluxe) (1,550,300 / Level 33 / Bookworm Supreme on Saturday, 12.03.05)
Viridian Room (sequel to Crimson Room)
Mysteries of Time and Space (this walkthrough may help)
Drunk (move cursor left and right to help the drunk guy stay on his feet!)
Blue Chamber (now free to play.. you don't have to pay 500 yen for it now like you did before :P)

Oh, and here's a hilarious site that someone reminded me of this morning: Group Hug. Too hilarious at times! :D

Yes, I'm well aware I've promoted these ones in here before.. thought the new people might enjoy them. :P

(and no, I would never tell Eric about Group Hug.. but if he's reading this, beware of certain things on the site! :P)

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How much do you REALLY know about me? Pick out the lies from the truth!

Well, I'm curious. So here is a list of 15 statements.. pick out the three lies from the truth, people. :P

I won't reveal the real answers until later on.

1. I went to Disneyland when I was three or four years old. In fact, one of my first memories is of the We're A Small World After All ride. (too bad I don't remember anything else of the trip!)

2. I used to play the piano, but had to quit after I had a major panic attack at a recital while attempting to play a Bach sonata. You didn't have to convince me not to continue it after THAT. (hyperventilating = not good)

3. I used to have a crush on Eric, and be totally in love with him. However, my feelings gradually cooled to the warm affection I have for him now. (he's definitely funny, and was nice about it while it was going on!)

4. At one particular church summer conference, I touched Vernon when I brought him flowers and a handmade card because he wasn't feeling well. (Thetis Island had beaches and pretty scenery, too... plus phosphorescence!)

5. I would have had four siblings, but two of them died while they were in my mommy's tummy. (in Hien's words when she met me for the first time) If they hadn't, my mom always used to say that we wouldn't have had Jon and Steph. We may have had them.. who knows?

6. My eyesight is very bad.. in my baby pictures, it seemed I was always holding my finger very close to my eyes. This resulted in my having to wear glasses when I wasn't quite two years old.

7. When I was in Gr. 9, I had to have an operation that was supposed to help me walk better. I missed some weeks of school, and had to get around in a wheelchair / with a cane for some time afterward.. I also used to have a brace on my leg when I was a kid. (sometimes I wish I had that cane now, to go berserk with :P)

8. I used to have to go for physical therapy as a child, and swim in the pool for a few hours a week. It was on one of these trips that I first realized the significance of Daylight Savings Time. (losing an hour, then gaining it back)

9. A few years ago, I participated in a video for my friend Winnie's bridal shower. The video involved using sanitary napkins as fashion accessories: belts, headbands, bracelets, etc. Very hilarious stuff! (yes, this is why the guys among you NEVER would want to go to a bridal shower! :P)

10. Out of all the church guys my mom wants to match me up with, I've only ever had a crush on one. Besides, I'm not sure marriage between us would ever work: Rich and I have the same last name. (but we're good friends!)

11. At junior high, I was always picked on by certain people. Leanne Giroux and I would have screaming matches at lunch hour; Chau Ho falsely claimed she was my friend so she could write "GET FUCKED" in my yearbook; and Jason Leonard once pulled down my pants as I was deciding what to get from my locker one day. (and he only got garbage duty for it.. I say he should have been suspended!)

12. Speaking of yearbook inscriptions, Daniel Yeung would always write: "I love you! Will you go out with me?" We were good enough friends, but I never took him up on his offer. I wonder what happened to him and the others I met at school...

13. I once went on a San Francisco road trip with my family and Vivian's family. That trip was infamous for several reasons, including the origin of the Richmond Crew "bombing" jokes. (no, I'm not going to tell you what it means.. and if you DO know, please shush :P)

14. I have a violent dark thing inside of me that could explode into action at any moment. So watch out if you provoke me to the extreme.. I haven't killed anybody yet (and probably won't), but I've fantasized about it many a time! (sorta like Everclear... NOT like James Elledge! :P)

15. Ten years ago, my family used to host Japanese students who were here to learn English. It was quite the educational experience for both them and us, and the girls would always cook us dinner at least once during the few weeks they were here. (they'd take two hours to do it, and we'd clean it up for them!)

So pick out the truth from the lies.. I will reveal the answers later. :D

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Dream struggles, Eric amusement, BP Pasta Tuesday, sleep

I can't believe I spent $99 grocery shopping today, but there were plenty of things I wanted to get: Halloween sugar cookies, sherbet, interesting new flavors of yogurt, sushi, and the assortment of usual purchases. Almost missed going there since I slept for longer than I'd planned. It's a good thing I was woken up, though.. my dream self was having a real struggle with my mother as to whether I should do a crapload of dishes in her sink, as well as a load of other chores around her place! Why that's a common theme in my dreams, I don't know.. maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something, hahaha! (like how I should get away from family for a while...)

Had an amusing conversation with Eric later on.. he noticed my MSN name change ("Flami: Diven, Mystery Boy calls @ 7 PM.. guitar, please?") and asked about it. Yes, it will go tonight at 7.. and he's borrowing Jon's guitar to play for a while. Says he'll eat the broken string since he needs iron, and then go buy a replacement string.. I don't think so, as he's not M. Mangetout, after all! *laugh* He had to go soon after starting it up, and told me to feel free to change the display name.. I did indeed! Looking forward to tonight, but I'm still keeping certain bits of advice from certain people in mind.. yay for these friends! :D

Went out for my monthly Boston Pizza Pasta Tuesday experience, as I told Corey I would. It's a nice treat, and I read the paper while eating. Had some Smokey Mountain Spaghetti and Meatballs, and finished it all since I was pretty hungry. :P Came across this story about a woman who got pregnant using her twin sister's ovary.. must tell Spoz about it later, haha!

That's it for me since I haven't had nearly enough sleep the past few days.. I'm out to hopefully catch up on it, and not miss the call! ;)

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Monday, October 18, 2004

The Anonymous Message Server / Quizzes

In lieu of an actual update on this thing:

I found this site a couple of years back, and I like the concept. It lets you leave anonymous messages for the people who visit this site immediately after you. Alternatively, you can leave cool web pages or even your email address for the people after you, if you're so inclined.

The Anonymous Message Server

Enjoy yourself! Funny, serious, just plain weird.. it's almost all good! :)

I left "I wish they would understand!" and got back "I'm goddamn tired of the Yankees being in the series every year. SOX, baby!" No opinion on that whatsoever.

Here's a rather hilarious thread I started on the site when I found it.

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Total fave! We write stories together and have a blast!!!

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

"You ladies are a beauty in this dark world".. thanks, Nathan! / Quizzes

Didn't talk to TOO many people today.. not even Eric M., although of course I saw him at service. Good thing I saw Eric H. there, though! :D

I didn't eat much breakfast today, so when Joe's sermon touched on all-you-can-eat buffets, I was very hungry! (so was Danielle) Immediately after service, I went to the 7-11 and bought myself a cookie to eat. I saw Red Bull on sale there.. would have bought one to try, but decided to wait till later. (comes in a small can, but it packs the jolt of four cups of coffee or something.. gets your brain VERY awake!)

Went to lunch with Nathan, Danielle, Dawn, and Jen: we talked about Christmas holidays (Nate will make Jon hang out with him, and Dawn will miss him completely while Danielle almost will), Winter Conference as a meat market, Sunday School, Daniel's all-over-the-place teaching style, and Danielle never seeing me online. (as Nathan said, I'm always online!) I'll message her next I see her on, then.

I heard that Hunter cracked his skull, went to hospital, and needed 20 stitches.. he was jumping around at church yesterday! I'll verify that with Eric T. later on.. not that I don't think my parents and Uncle Anthony are reliable sources, but Eric might have more info later on in the week.. I'm almost certain of that. ;)

I'll leave you with this, courtesy of Nathan: "You're all my sisters, and you ladies are a beauty in this dark world." (he was trying to be half-serious, half-humorous.. we appreciated it from a brother and good friend!)

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