Saturday, May 30, 2009

Convince her a concert would be worth the hassle!

This thing restarted AGAIN!

These tips are from The Husband Book: A Guy's Guide To Marriage by Harry Harrison Junior, which I plan to give to my brother for his wedding.

Music and the Arts

Take her to a flower show once or twice a year. Smile and nod at the other husbands.

Dance with her in the kitchen.

Buy a piano.

Take her to the symphony, to musicals. You might like them. REALLY.

If your children are practicing their tuba lessons, confirm her thoughts that they could be really big stars.

Tell her often she has a great voice, even if there's evidence to the contrary.

When she wants to drag the whole family to a museum thirty miles away, tell the kids it's important they understand the Impressionist period. Let it go at that.

Don't think because you were once in a band, she's dying to hear you play. She's lying.

Convince her a concert would be worth the hassle.

Learn to love art galleries.

She'll insist the kids learn to play piano. Smile and nod. That will take care of itself.

Give up the idea of the velvet Elvis painting.

Buy her a stereo that fits on a shelf. Listen to her music at breakfast and dinnertime.

Just because she went with you to seedy country-and-western bars fifteen years ago doesn't mean she liked it then. Or now.

When she mentions vacationing in Amsterdam so the two of you can study the Dutch Masters, smile and nod.

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Let's swing and bury sticks in Clinton Park!

This thing just restarted!

Threw out a bunch of garbage (including Dallas' now-expired salad dressing) before I left for the park: it was a good thing that I gave Billie some milk and honey body wash, Cote d'Or polyphenol chocolate, a notebook with cupcakes on it, a notebook with a rubber ducky on it, and a gel pen notebook yesterday! Henry had to ask Danny and Chris for directions to Clinton Park, but that was okay. I got to talk to Chrystal about the bridal shower and stuff; we also re-scheduled our aborted hangout time - appreciation of friendship is very good! Also talked to Rosenda about her sons Ian and Gabriel - then she was trading childbirth stories with Auntie Rebecca and one of the other mothers there.

Helped Eric get a turn on the shovel thing in the playground from Jordan, who was on there before I started my time in a swing next to Jessica! Talked to Ian and Sean (who buried sticks) about cheese, chips, grapes, drinks, and more - told both Ada and Henry that I wouldn't require a ride next week, even if I miss the Silly Hats theme day! Eunice seemed to love the fact that we had the same flavor of chips: KETCHUP! Got home to field a phone call from Diven and an email from Harmony and Jon... Diven insists I got my dates mixed up, which I guess I did. Thank goodness that he set me straight! I was also able to tell him about personal drama involving a perfidious blackguard, so that was fine.

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Frustrated philosopher named Ariel

Henry called me at 12:30 to remind me that we had to be at Clinton Park earlier - no problem, man!

Facebook quizzes taken from Darren, Jasmine, Jessica G., Shelley, and Gretchen:

Leslie just took the "How high is your anger level?" quiz and the result is Frustrated. You get annoyed, but not enough to make you red.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Disney Girl Are You?" with the result Ariel. You are always dreaming about bigger and better things! For you, the things that you are faced with in your daily life don't seem to please you as much as you would like. You like collecting very obscure things while singing about them. But despite how rebellious you may be, you still love your father and sister very dearly.

Leslie completed the quiz "Who are you.... really?" with the result Philosopher. You constantly analyze the deeper meaning of all that occurs in your life. You are on a never-ending journey to find your purpose in life. You are able to see through the surface of situations and the facades that people often carry. You are observant and non-judgmental. Your creative and thoughtful mind enhances your chosen and natural talents. You feel deeply and passionately about everything that you do. Your life is about the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and answers. You have a great depth to your heart and mind that some may find intimidating and others will be drawn to.

Leslie completed the quiz "6 Impossible Questions" with the result Genius! You're a Genius! (If you needed to read this to figure out what that is, now you're dumb)

Leslie just took the "How medically smart are you?" quiz and the result is What are you, a Doctor?!?!?! Way to go.. they lived. Good job... your patient survived your encounter!

Leslie took the What Quote Represents Your Life? quiz and got the result: "Life is Like A Box of Chocolates..." "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get." You have a pretty mellow and easy going outlook on life. You are ready for any curveball that life throws at you.

Leslie took the How many times will you get married? quiz and got the result: You'll get married once. You'll get married once: You know how to keep your marriage life just as fun and sexy as when you started dating! You make a romantic, loyal and considerate life partner. Your spouse would only hope to spend more time with you.

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Wandering Metrotown's back corridors post-Sui Sha Ya and Chapters / May 2009 BBT

I was determined to not be late this afternoon when I met Billie at Metrotown. Ended up taking the wrong 407 bus because I thought it would turn into a 430, which goes straight to that mall. At some point around Ikea, I started to figure that I'd chosen the wrong bus to take. I didn't panic, though... I decided to see where it would take me. Thankfully, it went across the Knight St. Bridge to Mitchell, and the bus driver said I could take the #22 Knight to Knight and 49th, so I followed a bunch of people to that bus stop. It was HOT out, man! Got to Metrotown at 3:40, so killed some time at the dollar store (didn't buy anything), and got a mango bubble tea at Little Tea House. Saw Emily T. there, so we greeted each other; she asked if I was going to kickball later, but I told her that we had no fellowship program because of the church events this week: the Wednesday talk, and the Saturday monastery retreat. It was cool seeing her!

Went to Superstore, and Billie saw me. We wandered around the store talking about really good pasta, friends, things that your family just doesn't need to know, and other stuff. Then we decided to see if the Aji Taro I noticed last time had opened yet: nope, so we went to Sui Sha Ya instead. SO MANY MENU OPTIONS! Talked about awkward moments with friends, guys, sashimi, geoduck, exes, giving people space, Chapters, Austin / Jeremy / Jeff / Chris / Shaina / Ryan / Jairus, Persian food, parents, healthy food, the police, ex-friends who are addicted to drama, not forgiving people, ramen, yakisoba, eel, tempura, BBQ salmon, and more. I still can't believe people say certain things, but I guess they do! From there, we spent the rest of the evening at Chapters: read some funny greeting cards, laughed over the "LIBIDO?! Does that mean SEX?!" / "tentacles as testicles" stories, and read a bunch of useless information and comics. I managed to finish skimming 11,002 Things to Be Miserable About: The Satirical Not-So-Happy Book (Lia Romeo and Nick Romeo) - good old parodies!

Then the real adventure came when we tried to get out of the mall. Most stores / exits were closed or blocked off, so we eventually went outside only to find that we were walking too much to get to the bus loop - a security guard helped us get back inside the mall. We went upstairs (the escalators were off, but turned on again), only to find that the way to the Skytrain was blocked by a gate. It's a bit creepy being in the mall after hours, especially if you have no criminal intent! We had to get out of there before they turned off all the lights - NO DARKNESS FOR US! Decided to see what would happen if we went to the back corridors - Billie used to work at Claire's, so she vaguely recalled a way to get out of there.

That didn't really work, and we tried that again after we encountered another person who seemed to be having the same problem. We all agreed that there should be emergency buttons in the maze-like halls! Finally, we hailed the SAME security guard we'd seen before - he guided us out of the mall to a spot near the parking lot. PHEW! Billie and I took our leave of the other girl, and took the Skytrain. She thought the 407 stopped at 22nd St. Station, when it didn't - but I knew the 410 did. Oh, I remember that time I met Palmer there in 2005: his first words were about Jasmine's ex Dave, but I thought he was talking about my friend Dave. Yikes, haha. At least the 410 was there and waiting, so I got to Richmond by 11:15 or so. I just decided to walk home from 3 Rd. and Westminster, heh.

Leslie just took the Future Job Quiz. If I live to the year 2501, my job would be: The personal assistant to His Royal Highness The King of The United States.

Leslie just took the How Bad Are You Quiz and is a little bad. I am a little bad. You have your moments when you can be bad, but on the whole, you are pretty good.

Leslie's just got their Swedish Name. I just got my Swedish Name. It's Hanna Persson.

Leslie's just got their Angel Name. I just got my Angel Name. It's Hamied, the Angel of Miracles.

Facebook quizzes taken from Adam, Kaitlin, Becky, Candy, Amy, Sarah G., and Ryan:

Leslie took the Which Korean Boy Band Are You? quiz and the result is Super Junior. Yay!! You got Super Junior. (SuJu) This band consists of 13 hot guys... namely Eeteuk, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Hangeng, Heechul, Kibum, Yesung, Shindong, and Donghae! Sweet and lovable guys that specialise in pop, ballads, and dance, they have 4 sub-groups: SJM, SJH, SJT, and SJ KRY. :)

Leslie completed the quiz "What kind of mask do you wear?" with the result Purity. Your mask is purity. You are always trying to be true to yourself. You don't care what others think is right or wrong... you always use your own judgment to decide. You often ignore the millions of rules people are trying to place on the way you should live your life, because you know they are meaningless and that you are a good person. Your intentions are usually pure, whether it's wanting to do something nice for someone, or just take some time for yourself. You understand that pure isn't perfect. You get angry, jealous, mean, sometimes stubborn... but you are who you are, and your mask isn't trying to hide it; it's just helping you get by the life you love and enjoy.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which American Serial Killer are You?" with the result John Wayne Gacy. You are an upstanding persona in your community, always involved in helping others and much respected and admired. You are politically active, having once rubbed shoulders with first lady Rosalyn Carter, and are always organising public events and giving back to your local community. You even constructed a makeshift bar in your basement where underage boys can get together to do drugs, drink alcohol, and view porn. What a nice guy, right? The cops are just hassling you for no good reason. Sure. In reality, you are a sadistic homosexual with a short fuse. You cannot hide your true self from your wife and family, and always attempt to cover up with half-assed excuses and tall tales. You also have a creative side that will come to fruition during your long years in prison. You paintings mostly depict clowns and children's story characters such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The most you have sold a painting for is US$9500. Your paintings have been signed by the likes of Duke Snider, Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Sandy Koufax, Yogi Berra, Roy Campanella, and President Richard Nixon. Famous last words? "Kiss my ass!"

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Classic Hollywood Actress Are You?" with the result Clara Bow. You're Clara Bow! You are a vintage woman. You were one of the first "it" girls, and as far as many are concerned, everyone else just followed in your footsteps. You might have come from a rough background, but you made something remarkable of yourself. You are a real flirt and you have more energy than most. You define the style of your time, and you're not willing to change yourself for anyone. You like to have fun with your sexuality, and you don't think there's anything wrong with being just a little promiscuous. Unfortunately, your popularity may be short-lived, and if you're not careful, your stubborn overindulgent spirit might prevent you from regaining your career. But one thing is for sure: you will not be soon forgotten. Classic Clara Bow movies: It, Mantrap, Dangerous Curves.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which girl from Gossip Girl are you?" with the result Serena van der Woodsen. Queen S herself. You wear your heart on your sleeve and can be a little naive. No matter what you do, you would never intentionally hurt anyone -- unless they severely piss you off, that is. You're always willing to stand up for your loved ones. Despite the goody-two-shoes appearance, you're a bad girl at heart. You aren't afraid to get crazy, and you love to have a good time. People admire your optimistic outlook on life. You have a kickass closet full of deep V-neck dresses, tight jeans, leather jackets and the hottest (and of course, most expensive) boots. Unfortunately, you fall for guys who leave you for stupid reasons. You deserve an amazing guy.

Leslie took the What Twilight Character Are You? quiz and the result is Alice You are like Alice Cullen! She is bubbly, smart, and gorgeous. She can even see into the future! Not to mention, she's also a vampire. :) Congratulations! NOTE: Girls will get guy results, and guys will get girl results. Its O.K.

Leslie completed the quiz "How North Shore are you?" with the result Been Theyah. You probably live somewhere like Southie or Newton and have been to the North Shore, but your lack of complete knowledge of the area brands you as an outsider.

Leslie completed the quiz "# Of Days You Will Survive In The Zombie Invasion" with the result You'll survive 8 Days. Congratulations... you've killed hundreds of zombies! You survived for 4 days! Good for you! But you died when a Swat Team tried to save you, and then your Swat Van got invaded by zombies! You were then stranded at a house for 3 more days, and then the zombies ate you. Better luck next time.

You Are Low-Maintenance

Compared to most people, you are incredibly easygoing.

To be honest, you are truly a breath of fresh air.

You are open-minded about trying new things, and you're not upset when things don't work out.

You are willing to go along to get along. And your attitude helps you truly enjoy life!

Poo nugget for this weekend: Dr. Stool Says - A Terrible Streak - The appearance of a streak at the bottom of the toilet bowl is highly unpredictable, and there is no evidence to suggest that specific foods are responsible for lending this stool its sticky nature. While a streak is rarely a cause for concern, thick and sticky stools could indicate internal bleeding. In this case, blood originating from the upper GI tract (i.e., the stomach) is transformed during its passage through the intestines into a thick, tarry stool that is usually jet black in color and extremely foul-smelling. A dramatic change in the color of stool (to either black or red) can often be the first indication of serious gastrointestinal bleeding.


blueberry @ Big Orange (Thursday, May 14)
mango @ Little Tea House [Metrotown] (Friday, May 29)

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Canadian prime ministers, IQ workouts

High-scoring words of the night:

MASSAGE (704 points) - against Bryanne V. [two 4W, two 2W]
HOGS (234 points) - against Mandi B.-H. [3W used twice, 2W, 4W, hook off LAVA to make HA]

Talked to Billie, Corey, and John tonight - so good!

Leslie just took the "what's the first letter of the person you will fall in love with?" quiz and the result is M. You love cool and collected people that make you laugh. (I only took this because of the Scrabble tiles in the quiz picture!)

Facebook quizzes taken from Billie, Gabriel, Jono, Candy, and Silvester:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which ancient hero are you?" with the result Moses. You are Moses, liberator of your people and mouthpiece of God. You are an unlikely hero, being alienated from your people, inarticulate, and unsure of yourself. But once you hit your stride, you are a match for the Pharaoh himself. All that matters to you in the end is serving God and leading your people to the promised land. But God help the people (and he won't) if they betray their God! You'll slaughter the blasphemous without a second thought.

Leslie took the How White Are You? quiz and the result is 50% White. You're white and you try to be black, but you fail and everyone knows it except for you! You probably live in a city that is mostly white. (Two things: I don't TRY to be black, and my city is almost all Asian!)

Leslie took the Mensa IQ Workout and scored a 123. Her IQ of 123 is in the top 80%, which is significantly higher compared to the average Facebook user (IQ of 107).

Leslie just took the "IQ Test" quiz and the result is 130+. Genius! You are absolutely brilliant. You should be changing the world with your intelligence.

Leslie just took the "What Magical Creature Are You?" quiz and the result is You are a Witch. Double, double here comes trouble. Tricky and witty are totally you. You know who you are, and are more than comfortable with your masterful skills. The only thing you need to worry about is finding that special someone who loves you for you, and isn't always calling you a... let's just say it rhymes with witch.

Leslie took the Which Canadian Prime Minister Are You? quiz and the result is John Diefenbaker. None of them thought you could do it. They were all against you. But now, by God, you're Prime Minister! You've shown them all. If that's JFK on the phone, tell him to GO TO HELL!!!

Poo nugget for Friday, May 29: They're Looking For A Few Good Men - Who says the United States Army doesn't have a sense of humor when it comes to poo? Standard-issue toilet paper is affectionately referred to as the "John Wayne" because "it's rough, it's tough, and it don't take shit from nobody."

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Irish peanuts and witches, anyone?

High-scoring words of the evening:

ZED (375 points) - against Suzie R. [two 5W]
ORATION (200 points) - against Anastasia W. [two 5W]
FALSITY (155 points) - against Lisa M. [5W, 2L on F, 3L on Y] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Got my refund cheque today, which was pretty fast - I wasn't expecting it till next week! I was at the library earlier (to better aid the purge in terms of speed), and got a ton of free bookmarks. Also borrowed Out of Control (St. Martin's True Crime Library) (Steven Long), Perfect Victim: A chilling account of a bizarre and callous murder. A mother's true story of her daughter's disappearance (Elizabeth Southall and Megan Norris), Thrill Killers: A True Story of Innocence and Murder Without Conscience (Detective Raymond Pingitore and Paul Lonardo), Death in Texas: A True Story of Marriage, Money, and Murder (St. Martin's True Crime Library (Carlton Smith), and The Human Predator: A Historical Chronicle of Serial Murder and Forensic Investigation (Katherine Ramsland) while returning a bunch of other books.

Leslie just took the What Is Your Embarrassing Habit Quiz. My Embarrassing Habit is: Performing a ritual mating dance before you go to bed.

Leslie's just got their Witch Name. I just got my Witch Name. It's Selena the Kind Witch.

Leslie's just got their Irish Name. I just got my Irish Name. It's Kiara Kelly.

Leslie's just got their Peanuts Character Name. I just got my Peanuts Character Name. It's Sally Brown, Charlie Brown's younger sister.

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Leah, computer literacy, Saskatchewan

Billie called me earlier - yikes! Leah D. added me to Facebook; it makes sense since we've played more than a few games via HOST TABLE on Wordscraper, heh.

Facebook quizzes taken from Steve, Jennifer, and Kathy:

Leslie completed the quiz "What is your computer literacy IQ?" with the result Master (IQ=140). You're a master, a whiz with computers and software. You're probably already in the field, or a concerted hobbyist who spends more time with computers than he should. You can describe the history and progression of computers from the beginning through today. You know far too many operating systems and programming languages, and have owned or played with many of the systems over the years. (Not really...)

Leslie completed the quiz "Your True Theatre Calling" with the result Props Designer. You must love making things! A freak for antique stores, thrift stores, and craft stores, you love making fake things look real... or real things look fake, whatever! Your gift lies in the details, and sometimes it seems like people don't appreciate the artistic skill and effort your job requires. Keep on trucking, and have fun in those thrift stores. Without your own quirky skill and dedication, the stages of the world would be bare and unbelievable, indeed.

Leslie took the What color are you? quiz and the result is Pink. You are girly... always worried about what the boys will think, and you look in a mirror every chance you get. (EWWWW!)

Leslie completed the quiz "How drunk were you?" with the result Not even close to "blowing over." You drank coffee and pop all night. You made sure your friends were safe, because you care about their liver! Hell, it could be useful in an organ transplant one day! You deserve a medal, or at least that 50 bucks that you jacked out of your drunken friend's wallet for getting their sorry ass home safe!

Leslie completed the quiz "In what BADASS way will you TOP YOURSELF?" with the result YOU WILL NUKE THE FUCK OUT OF YOURSELF. It takes someone FUCKING special to nuke the FLYING FUCK out of themselves. Someone who doesn't give a FUCK who else gets FUCKING ATOMISED.

Leslie completed the quiz "Are You From Saskatchewan?" with the result 100% born and raised. You live in the good ol' SK. You know that it's a bunny hug (not a hoodie), and that Pilsner is the beer of all beers. You have Riders flags hanging off your truck windows. Even if the Riders Game is in Toronto, you and your buddies carpool there to support your team. (HA HA HA! Been there once.)

Your Evil Name Is Celina Danica


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Peanut butter and bananas are nightmares for atheists!

High-scoring words of the night so far:

HATBAND (512 points) - against William B. [two 4W, 2W]
DAYROOM (624 points) - against Deborah L. [two 4W, 5L on Y] {then she deleted the game... MUHAHAHAHA!}
YURT (200 points) - against Leah D. [4W, 5W]
UNEASE (150 points) - against Teresa R. [two 5W]
JAUP (320 points) - against Saskia L. [5W, 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
THEORY (240 points) - against George M. [two 4W]

Banana: The Atheist's Nightmare - sent to me by Corey. "It's Kirk Cameron and some other dorkwad showing that they're not very smart about bananas. Do they help or hinder the cause of denying evolution? They have another one about peanut butter that's also totally wrong."

[21:44:01] Corey: well, anyway, that video is Kirk Cameron trying to prove that evolution doesn't exist because God perfectly created a banana to fit in a human hand
[21:45:16] Corey: buuuuuut... the bananas you buy in a store, which is what they're using, are about the most man-made fruit there is :P they've been carefully designed to be the proper shape, and they're even all basically clones of the same exact banana tree... I don't remember the details, but for some reason it's hard to grow bananas, so they have some strain of it they keep cloning and reusing..
[21:50:09] Corey: the peanut butter one is something like "well, we just opened this jar of peanut butter, and no new life jumped out, therefore evolution doesn't exist"
[21:51:22] Corey: since the theory is that life began as little amino acids and then single-cell organisms that came out of primordial ooze, they say peanut butter is the same thing (uh, what? :P), and if you keep opening jars of peanut butter, if evolution is real, some new animal will jump out of the jar
[21:51:56] Corey: I guess if I thought that's what evolution meant, I'd try to deny it too... I don't want monsters in my peanut butter! :P

Leslie's just got their Not So Care Bear Name. I just got my Not So Care Bear Name. It's Bad Luck Bear.

Leslie's just got their Brazilian Name. I just got my Brazilian Name. It's Isabelle Santos.

Leslie just took the Are You A Serial Killer Quiz and is Not a serial killer. I am Not a serial killer. You don't have any killer tendencies in you. You are so innocent, you might even be a vegetarian. (Me, a vegetarian? HAHAHAHA!)

Leslie just took the Which Bed Are You Quiz and is Four-Poster Bed. I am a Four-Poster Bed. Just like the four-poster bed, you are refined and elegant.

Facebook quizzes taken from Sarah G., Jamie D., Gretchen, Gabriel, Becky, Hien, and Billie:

Leslie completed the quiz "What Sailor Moon Sailor Scout are you?" with the result Sailor Moon. You are Sailor Moon! The carefree and sometimes clumsy heroine that always saves the day! You may not be good at school or have any major talents. You can be a glutton who is sometimes ditsy, but when it comes down to it, you'll always come to the rescue! You're always willing to sacrifice yourself for those you care about.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which New Kid on the Block should you marry?" with the result Danny Wood. Oh Oh Oh, You're a Danny Girl! You admire the way his family is most important. You love how he carries on his Mom's memory by raising money for breast cancer... plus his hot muscles and tattoos get you going, too!!!

Leslie took the Which Orisha are you? quiz and the result is You are Olokun! It's funny to say, but you have a sense of belonging to absolutely everything, from the smallest creature (an ant or a mite) to the largest of organisms - the universe, or the heart of a blue whale. Not only that, you can imagine anything and in fact, it's hard to sleep sometimes because the universe seems to live inside your head. People seem strange to you, and relationships that meet this complexity with any kind of evenness are rare. I wouldn't say you're a loner because people are drawn to you, but you like to be alone. In the dark. Where it's quiet. Where your thoughts and the energy of the universe can move freely through you without interruption. You are DEFINITELY involved in some sort of creative outlet, probably writing, performing, or some other complex thing that apparently makes no sense to make money doing, but you will find a way if you haven't already. You have to express the sometimes very dark depths of yourself that emerge. You are OLOKUN!

Leslie completed the quiz "how dirty is your mind?" with the result innocent. You are not dirty-minded, not even a little.

Leslie just took the "Riddle me this?" quiz and the result is Super Clever! WOW! You are very clever and have a good mind for figuring things out. Why are you taking online quizzes anyway? You're better than this!

Leslie just took the "Which badminton player are you?" quiz and the result is Taufik Hidayat. Laid-back personality. Very dangerous player when he plays well. A former Olympic champion in Athens.

Leslie took the How Asian Are You? quiz and the result is 0% Asian. You are in no way Asian at all. (HAHAHAHAHA!)

Leslie took the What kind of ethnicity should you be dating? quiz and the result is Asian. Chicken Chow Yummy, you just can't resist those cute little eyes and adorable personalities, can you? =) (Not really... I'm more attracted to Caucasians. :P)

Leslie took the Personality traits by birth month quiz and got the result: September.

September: Suave and compromising
Careful, cautious, and organized
Likes to point out people's mistakes
Likes to criticize
Quiet, but able to talk well
Calm and cool
Kind and sympathetic
Concerned and detailed
Trustworthy, loyal, and honest
Does work well
Good memory
Clever and knowledgeable
Loves to look for information
Must control oneself when criticizing
Able to motivate oneself
Loves sports, leisure, and traveling
Hardly shows emotions
Tends to bottle up feelings

Leslie just took The Impossible Quiz and got 7 out of 11 correct for a score of 64%. 50,471 people have taken it so far. You barely passed!

Leslie completed the quiz "Which LOLcat are you?" with the result Dumb Cat. You has the dumb. You is not a blond kitteh, but today you has the dumb. Maybe tomorrow you have the brain.

Poo nugget for Thursday, May 28: The Lap of Luxury - INAX's Luscence Advanced Toilet Seat may be one of the most advanced toilet seat systems around. It combines advanced technological functions such as a wireless remote control allowing the user to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water spray, a heated seat, twin self-cleaning nozzle jets that retract smoothly and completely into the unit when not activated (including one specifically designed with a softer spray for women), and a warm air blow-dryer which ensures the user leaves the bathroom feeling fresh and clean. Toilet seats like these may make you never want to get off your throne!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Durian wafers, banana ice bars, Dove Beauty body wash with waterlily

Went out earlier today to go to Chapters or Starbucks, but went to City Fresh Market first to get durian wafers for Jon, as well as coffee-flavored wafers for the toddlers as snacks. Got a black tea lemonade and a banana loaf, and read about crimes of passion. I *knew* that person might not show up! (but now I have an email stating that he did show up - sigh) Was going to get a pretty journal, but the price was a bit too much. Since I was going to go to Save-On anyway to see if they had Sidekicks (got the cheap kind - never had creamy garlic raffaelo / sour cream and chives before), I went there. As I thought, they had regular journals for $5 among the usually-priced ones for $14.99 and up... got one that said "WRITE IT, BABY!" I needed a replacement journal for the green / flowered one Lesley gave me in 2001 - it's been a long time, but I need to replace it because of certain names I wrote. The one Harmony gave me at Christmas doesn't need replacing - I'll just tear out those pages with the name on it!

Also bought an on-sale value pack of Italian Five-Cheese Bistro Crustini (nine in one!), the interesting-sounding Stolen Innocence: My Story of Growing Up in a Polygamous Sect, Becoming a Teenage Bride, and Breaking Free of Warren Jeffs (Elissa Wall), an on-sale with coupon Knorr Plus meal [butter and herb rotini with garden veggies], a pack of Melona banana ice bars (which are AWESOME!), on-sale Dove Beauty Body Wash (Cool Moisture [cucumber / green tea]; Energize [grapefruit / lemongrass]; Refresh [waterlily / fresh mint]), and an econo-pack of shortbread cookies which actually is also for the kiddies. The amount of money I spent wasn't too bad, haha! Debated calling a cab, but didn't.

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Skin thickness, Hell circles, Egyptian goddesses

Facebook quizzes taken from Gretchen, Kaili, Kathy, Aaron, and Becky:

Leslie just took the "What kind of person were you in high school?" quiz and the result is Nerdy, but Nice. You were the kid who would go far in life. You used your time at school to learn everything that was available to you. Some people mistook that as being nerdy. You were a loyal friend to those who knew you best. You are probably very successful and skilled, and were smart to use your school time wisely.

Leslie just took the "What Egyptian Goddess Are You?" quiz and the result is Maat. You are Maat! The Egyptian Goddess of Truth. Out of your group of friends, you tend to be the "smart one." You love knowledge, and you can't wait to get your fingers on it. This will take you far, since you can't go anywhere without knowledge. You tend to be on the honest side; when it comes to anything, you want to hear the facts. People see you as a future executive, lawyer, politician, etc. - any job that involves using your mind and helping others. You may feel like you don't belong now, but someday you'll find a nice cozy niche to hold on to.

Leslie completed the quiz "What Circle Of Hell Are You In?" with the result The Ninth Circle of Hell: Cocytus. Ahhh, you're a real go-getter. You don't settle for second best. When you choose damnation, you really choose damnation. Here, you'll rub elbows with the worst of the worst. That is, you'd rub elbows if you weren’t encased in ice for all eternity. To top it off, you're the ultimate frozen dinner, and your fellow damned souls are feeling a bit peckish. You also get to meet the "Big Guy," as this is where Satan resides. And rumor has it, he's a cranky chap.

Leslie completed the quiz "How Gay Are You?" with the result Barely Straight. You barely make it into straight! You are so gay-acting that some people suspect that you might be gay. When you are with your friends, you often are one of the ones who "gay it up," but it's usually in the name of good fun. Beware: If you ever get in a situation where people seriously think you are gay, it might be a hard suspicion to break. Even if you are with a girl, they might think you are Bi.

Leslie completed the quiz "What old school Nickelodeon show are you?" with the result All That. You're just a little on the strange side.

Leslie took the what kind of psycho are you? quiz and the result is Axe murderer. You're the average kind guy / girl that everyone thinks is a fine upstanding citizen, until one day you just snap! You grab the nearest blunt instrument, and utterly destroy the object of your stress. Good for newspaper sales, but not so good for the neighbors!

Leslie completed the quiz "Which television series do you belong in?" with the result Gossip Girl. Spotted, your life's every detail in text messages to everyone's phone. You are very classy and determined. You keep up with all the latest fashion and news. You may not be the best at keeping things on the D.L., but you are very dependable to your family and friends. You are not one to be crossed; anyone who messes with you better watch their back. You always stick up for your friends, no matter how far you need to go.

You Are Medium-Skinned

You can be sensitive at times, but that's totally normal.

Your sensitivity means you can be empathetic and compassionate, even if you're a bit thin-skinned.

You take what people think into account, but you try not to let it get to you.

It's hard not to take things personally, but you do your best.

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Don't be jealous when she beats you at card games!

This thing just restarted!

Edit, twenty minutes later: And AGAIN! How am I supposed to get anything done before I have to leave, I ask you?!

These tips are from The Husband Book: A Guy's Guide To Marriage by Harry Harrison Junior, which I plan to give to my brother for his wedding.

Home and Home Repair

It doesn't really matter if you're king of the castle. It's her castle.

Don't try to impress her by installing the dishwasher. Hire a plumber.

If she's convinced the house has to be remodeled next week, go get a loan.

Invariably, she'll want to hang pictures whenever there's a tied game with two minutes remaining. Turn up the volume.

Get her to believe that when you've changed a light bulb, you've accomplished something significant.

Smile and nod whenever you find yourself in a furniture store. Even if you're nodding at a ten-thousand-dollar bed. Smile and nod.

No matter how easy it looks, don't wallpaper a room yourself.

You may not think the room needs painting. Smile and nod.

You may not like the color Harvest Peach. Smile and nod.

She will never understand your primal need for a wall-sized, high-definition TV with a quadrophonic surround-sound system. Help her with this.

Realize, of course, she may never let you turn it on.

Incredibly, she will prefer a washer-dryer combo over a big screen. You'll never figure this one out.

Buy her a computer of her own.


Remember these words: "I think I've watched enough football today. What would you like to do?"

Try doing different things at night: chess, Monopoly, even reading. After you have kids, sleep will be a highly-prized form of entertainment.

Just because you grew up playing hockey doesn't mean she shares your passion.

Don't be jealous when she beats you at card games.

Take her out on a picnic. For some reason, women love them.

Be willing to break the routine every now and then.

Don't think she's interested in only hundred-dollar dinners. Most wives are content with a simple meal and just being with you.

Invest in a hot tub. (See "Sex.")

Don't be afraid of thinking of things she might shoot down. It's part of the communication process. And she will surprise you often.

Learn to really and truly love antique hunting.

Do not think for even one minute that she will ever enjoy a monster-truck pull.

Remember that a marriage is made up of two individuals: one who might like hockey on Friday night with his friends, and another who might like movies on Saturday with hers.

Learn these words: "Yes, I think this painting will look great in our living room."

Remember, doubles tennis is NEVER recommended to strengthen a marriage.

When you play together, hold your criticism.

She doesn't really care about winning. She just wants to have fun and be with you. This is a foreign concept to most men.

Don't use golf as a reason to be gone five hours a day, three times a week.

Invest in a croquet set.

Buy her a bicycle. Buy yourself one, too.

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Encourage her to take her hormones!

This thing restarted AGAIN!

These tips are from The Husband Book: A Guy's Guide To Marriage by Harry Harrison Junior, which I plan to give to my brother for his wedding.


Remind yourself that millions of men have successfully lived through this experience.

Don't count on a lot of sleep after 3 AM until all this passes.

Be flexible. She will be hot. She will be cold. She will be suicidal. She will be ecstatic. And this will all be within a thirty-second period of time.

Remember these words: "It's my fault." Regardless of the facts.

Realize that during this time, photos will make her cry, school plays will make her cry, Toyota commercials will make her cry, and it won't help to try to explain how the commercial was just a fairy tale.

Don't be surprised when she talks about how warm she is, even though the temperature is hovering around 1.

Remember, this is a time when women tend to watch Oprah a lot. And cry.

Be ready to apologize instantly for the slightest infraction, like asking how she feels.

Talk about what you'd like to do when the kids have graduated, after you've retired. Stay on the same wavelength.

Approach her birthdays with caution. She may not want to mention them or, even worse, she may demand to be taken to Hawaii for treatment.

Don't expect her to be any happier on your birthdays.

Tell her how great she looks in reading glasses,

If she's in a fighting mood, leave.

Encourage her to take her hormones.

Get her to a doctor. For her sake. And yours.

Never, ever dismiss something she says with "It's just your hormone imbalance."

Become deaf to criticism. It's the best way.


Thank God for every one of them.

Really celebrate the big ones. This will usually involve jewelry or a trip. Or both.

Most of the time, flowers will do fine. Even cheap flowers.

Failing flowers, a book of poems you would never read will do in a pinch.

Buy the mushiest, most sentimental card you can. If she cries, you've scored. (See "Sex.")

Don't even think of giving her two tickets to the game as an anniversary present.

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Mary, Margaret, Elliott, Shirley, and the Sloyd Cube Game!

Bingo of the night so far:

DISTRESS (71 points) - against Sarah J.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

BODIES (250 points; two 5W), WINKS (370 points; two 5W) - against Mary S.
SLOYDS (184 points) - against Margaret E.-N. [5W used twice, hook off HARE for a plural]
FOREGO (275 points) - against Angela V. [two 5W]
MOOSE (128 points; two 4W), SATIRE (105 points; 3W, 5W) - against Salina A.-S.
OVERTAX (315 points) - against Bobbie O. [5W, 3W]
WRANG (250 points) - against Teri L. [two 5W]
BOOTY (288 points) - against Jacques T. [5W, 3W used twice, 3L on B, hook on TANG to make TANGY]

Discovered that Tony L. unfriended me from Facebook; no big deal. Left RandomThought and its offshoot because David K.'s been made mod of one, and the other is inactive. Reminds me of what I did a while ago with GrammarPolice because Patrick (iampunha) was mod of that place, haha. I found a relatively active and random replacement in an hour: BORING_PEOPLE! Time to purge email / Facebook of a certain perfidious blackguard!

Leslie just took the What Is Your Animal Love Style Quiz and is Dog. I am Dog. Loud and Rough is the way for you. You enjoy a good romp.

Leslie just took the Are You A Flirt Quiz and is 69 percent flirty. I am 69 percent flirty. You are quite flirty... you like to have a little fun and a bit of a tease and get quite a bit of enjoyment out of it.

Leslie's just got their Polish Name. I just got my Polish Name. It's Janecska Mazur.

Leslie's just got their Pirate Name. I just got my Pirate Name. It's Captain High Tech Beard of the pirate ship Rusty Bottom.

Poo nugget for Wednesday, May 27: Performance-Enhancing Poo - Control Your Nerves! - The effect of stress on the GI tract is widely known. What has only recently become apparent, however, is that this stress-induced abdominal cramping and urge to defecate is caused not solely by the brain's messaging, but by the intestines' release of hormones and neurotransmitters. The "enteric nervous system" is a complex array of nerve fibers found within the intestinal wall that is remarkably independent in its ability to control digestive function. Even when you think you are in complete control of your bodily functions, keep in mind that your GI tract truly does have a mind of its own. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Watercolors, honeymoons, and twats

Called Jon to determine my personal Committee meeting availability for the week of his honeymoon. He says they leave on Tuesday morning, so that works for me! John A. (snooooopy) added me to Facebook - interesting! It also suggests that I add Vania's dad, Christal and Wilson's dad, Wai-Mui, and others from church.

Here's an article on typos in sports uniforms and equipment!

Facebook quiz taken from Gretchen, Jennifer J., David L., and Candy:

Leslie scored 138 in the new Advanced level IQ Test. Leslie scored 138. This new Advanced Level IQ Test from the makers of the Original IQ Test app has more challenging questions. Click the links below to take the tests and see if you can beat what Leslie scored. (These are the only genuine IQ Test apps on Facebook)

Leslie completed the quiz "The Definitive LOST Quiz" with the result Faraday status! You are a serious LOST fan.... your intelligence is at the same level as Faraday's... you will soon be conducting your own experiments into time travel!

Leslie completed the quiz "How Much of a Twat are you?" with the result You're 25% Twat. You're just the right amount of twat. The majority of the time, you're a good person. However, there is a hint of twatness that will no doubt unleash itself from time to time when you're extremely pissed off, but this doesn't happen too often.

Leslie just took the "Which type of music fits your personality" quiz and the result is Country. You're different and like to be. You're also entertaining to be with, you're unique, and you like to be yourself. You're also popular, but in certain things or with different people. Not everyone loves you, but they don't mind you. Try being yourself to other people, and show your uniqueness to the world. (COUNTRY MUSIC?! WHAT THE HECK.)

You Are Highly Expressive

You are dramatic, expressive, and even a bit temperamental.

You are artistic and creative. You're always dabbling in something.

You are very self-aware and introspective. You understand yourself well.

You are on a constant journey in life, and you change frequently. You're a shapeshifter of sorts.

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Roaches / Poo bacteria on household toothbrushes

Bingo of the night so far:

ANTECHOIR (71 points) - against George M.

High-scoring word of the night so far:

ROACH (120 points) - against LeeAnne K. [5W, 2W]

Leslie just took the "Which Finnish metal band are you?" quiz and the result is Norther. Norther can easily be summed up as "like Children of Bodom." Their sounds are very similar, so similar in fact that many people have described them as COB wannabes. In all likelihood, you found out about Norther through COB, but you were hooked because of the differences. All in all, Norther is the band for you.

Facebook quizzes taken from Jane, Jono, Morgana, and Candy:

Leslie took the Which Anne of Green Gables Character are YOU? quiz and the result is You are Anne "would you please call me Cordelia" Shirley! A dreamer with a great imagination, you spare yourself the horrors of reality by putting up a wall and believing the best is yet to come. You're fiercely independent, a leader, and you don't take any crap from any boys. You're willing to smash a few slates over some heads to get the respect you deserve, and you're willing to walk the roof of many a kitchen to one-up any jerk that stands in your way. You do carry a lot of sorrow hidden deep within your soul, so be careful not to let it eat you alive. You must take comfort in the words of wisdom from your bosom friends and other kindred spirits, and release your inner demons through creative means; whether acting, writing, drawing, singing... You are a true kindred spirit.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Black Books character are you?" with the result Fran. You are Fran. Although you have occasional delusions of grandeur... you smoke, drink, and are unemployed... and will be like this for a long time to come.

Leslie took the Ultimate IQ Test and scored a 104. Her IQ of 104 is in the top 50%, which is statistically normal compared to the average Facebook user (IQ of 105).

Leslie just took the "What would you look like as a fantasy person?" quiz and the result is Vampire. You sure love that taste of human blood, but are extremely beautiful.

Leslie just took the "What Kind of Guitar God Are You?" quiz and the result is Traditional Rock God. You are the Guitar God of Hard rock, Rock & Roll, Psychedelic Rock and Glam Rock. You give your audience a hell of a time by using pure, undiluted riffs and traditional solos. Your fans are most likely Slash, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, and Brian May fans. Your choice of weapon is usually a Gibson SG, Les Paul, or a Fender Strat. People might criticize you for your repetitiveness or simpleness, but there is no doubt you are truly rocking in your heart: That is unchallengeable.

Leslie just took the "Which subgenre of metal are you?" quiz and the result is Avant-garde metal! You see yourself as an individual - something new and unique. You are very creative and experimental, and you are always ready to set yourself up for a challenge. Your mind has no limits - you love expressing yourself through the arts, and aren't one to back down when something goes wrong. Go, you! =) Just a few of the many avant-garde metal bands: Angizia, Fleurety, Kekal, The Amenta.

Leslie just took the "What type of metal are you?" quiz and the result is Rapcore / Rap Metal. You like to bring things down. You are fiery and like to let everyone know what you are thinking. You don't care about taking things too far because words are words, and you are going to use them to get you where you want to be. You are passionate, and love to spit it out. You have a lot to say, so you say it. You like things heavy, but upbeat at the same time. You struggle on to let others know what's always on your mind. You rock on with your words and sounds like a revolutionary. Examples: Rage Against the Machine, Papa Roach, Cypress Hill.

Leslie just took the "What Heavy Metal Singer Are You?" quiz and the result is David Draiman {Disturbed}. You add interesting sounds to your vocals, but you still maintain being a bad ass. You could shave your head and still be awesome. But even though you raise a lot of hell, you still maintain order.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, May 26: Doo You Know? - Poo-th Brush - Scientists have discovered the presence of E. coli, a bacterium commonly found in poo, during random testing of household toothbrushes. While this may lead you to wonder how, exactly, other people are using their toothbrushes, it seems that contamination occurs when airborne bacteria (launched by a toilet flush) land on the nearby dental-cleaning apparatus. This research has led to the recommendation by national dental agencies to store toothbrushes at least six feet away from the toilet.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm a fish goddess? Interesting...

Note: What Role You Play in this Friendship Memegen, by scare_bear.

This thing restarted again - yikes!

Leslie just took the How Lucky Are You Quiz and is Pretty Unlucky. I am Pretty Unlucky. You are pretty unlucky. Can you tell us who is going to win the derby so that we can bet against them?

Leslie's just got their Egyptian God or Godddess Name. I just got my Egyptian God or Godddess Name. It's Hat-mehit, the Fish Goddess.

Leslie's just got their Transformers Name. I just got my Transformers Name. It's Rodimus Prime.

Mike T. sent me an Evite for Tsawwassen Paintball in a couple of weeks. Paintball isn't my thing, and it's good that I can use Awana as an excuse! Besides, it starts way too early in the morning... 9 AM, dude? Seriously? "Let's have fun and safely shoot each other!" As much as I'd like to shoot certain people in the complement of 142, I just don't think it's my thing AT ALL! Maybe others will enjoy it, but NOT I! Also have realized that RC is a perfidious blackguard, and I'll never talk to him again - they all deserve death, these people!

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Get the kids their own room on vacation!

This thing restarted again - what the heck.

These tips are from The Husband Book: A Guy's Guide To Marriage by Harry Harrison Junior, which I plan to give to my brother for his wedding.


Don't think there are women's chores and men's chores. You could wind up sleeping on the couch.

Don't think that you can go play golf while she cleans the house and does the cooking. Another couch causer.

Don't confuse obsessions with chores. If you're obsessed with having an award-winning yard, don't expect her to share your enthusiasm or concern.

If you think laundry is a woman's job, you've lost contact with reality.

Teach your children to be useful around the house and the yard. This will pay off years later.

Realize that a man's natural inclination around the house is to put things off, while a woman's is to strike before the sun's up.

Teach your kids to take care of their chores before they go have fun. It will save your wife's sanity and help prepare your kids for the real world.

Learn when to call an expert. Don't install a garbage disposal just because your neighbor has a nifty new blowtorch. You'll still have to call a repairman... only now it's going to be really expensive.

Don't assume that because she's a she, she knows how to sew.

Plant flowers for her. Do everything within your power to ensure they won't die.

Never let her feel that all the housework is up to her.

Fold the laundry. Half of it's yours anyway.


Don't make the mistake of believing that just being with you is a vacation.

Fly first-class when it's just the two of you, even when you can't afford it.

Realize she needs a vacation as much as you do.

If you have kids, buy the biggest mode of transportation you can afford, ideally with bucket seats in back so nobody has to touch.

Don't complain about money the whole trip. In fact, figure out how much you can spend, then make it a point to spend every penny.

Don't go crazy when things inevitably go wrong. Your reaction will dictate whether the family can relax and laugh about it, or be miserable.

When travelling with the kids, get them their own room.

If you're driving, get a map. And for once in your life, be willing to ask directions.

Resolve to take one family vacation a year. Not one a decade.

You'll want to get there in a hurry. She'll want to enjoy the drive. It's up to you to compromise.

Get away with her alone at least once a year. Even if only for a weekend.

Remember, a trip with just her is a vacation. A vacation with her and the kids is a trip. Maybe a fun trip. But a trip.

Time-share condos are great deals, if the housework is also shared.

As the kids get older, they'll want to do things by themselves. Like ski. Or golf. Or snorkel. Or go to the clubs. Which is not ALL bad news.

She doesn't want to go to Disney World with you. She wants MAUI. (See "Sex.")

Stay in a suite with her.

Order room service for her.

Some weekend, take her to a bed-and-breakfast inn in the country. Even if you miss a football game.

Take her shopping in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or overseas. (See "Sex.")

Once in your life, book a surprise vacation, just for the two of you.

Even if you've lost your job, don't cancel your vacation plans with her. Find a way to go.

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Heart color, STAR WARS universe, sitcoms, monsters, and more!

Made a phone call, and now I'm free! Good thing, too... I'm still composing this post hours later! Going to eat perogies, too. Talked to Farrah, Billie, and others about the stupid situation - makes me feel better! Briefly talked to Vanessa H. via Facebook chat... she only has to be at someone's house only one more week!

Facebook quizzes taken from Jennifer J., Gretchen, Kaili, Barb, David L., and Jane:

Leslie completed the quiz "What color is your heart?" with the result You have a Purple Heart. Purple is a color of eloquence. You are very articulate, which is useful as you may make a successful poet or story writer. Purple is commonly associated with royalty. Your friends love you because you are a great empath and you pay attention.

Leslie just took the "How smart are you on a scale of 1-10?" quiz and the result is 10 - pure genius. Wow, truly amazing! Did you cheat?? You probably didn't even listen in school... you just knew all the answers before the teacher finished out reading all the questions! Where do you go? Academy of higher institution for the talented and gifted? (nerds) Wow!

Leslie completed the quiz "What '90s Sitcom Are You?" with the result Boy Meets World. Your friends make your life what it is. You're all about having a good time, and are a bit of a hopeless romantic. Chances are, at least one of your relationships had the same type of ups and downs as Corey and Topanga's. You have pulled off crazy schemes and had a blast doing it.

Leslie completed the quiz "Do you have a Psychological Disorder?" with the result Borderline Personality. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a prolonged disturbance of personality function characterized by depth and variability of moods. The disorder typically involves unusual levels of instability in mood; "black and white" thinking, or "splitting"; chaotic and unstable interpersonal relationships, self-image, identity, and behavior; as well as a disturbance in the individual's sense of self. In extreme cases, this disturbance in the sense of self can lead to periods of dissociation. These disturbances can have a pervasive negative impact on many or all of the psychosocial facets of life. This includes difficulties maintaining relationships in work, home and social settings. Onset of symptoms typically occurs during adolescence or young adulthood. Symptoms may persist for several years, but the majority of symptoms lessen in severity over time. (HA! SO NOT ME!)

Leslie completed the quiz "What NEIGHBOURS character are you?" with the result Jarrod Toadfish Rebecchi. You know heartbreak: losing a loved one on a wedding day, deciding to no-show at your own wedding, and having your latest just leave the country. A bit of an oddball, you've grown up in the area and hung around possibly way too long. You have made many changes in your life; you seem to keep reinventing yourself as someone new as a way to stay hip. A rebel in your younger years, you now hold a successful job and are able to provide for someone. It's your call whether that's a lover or an adopted child. You find yourself funny, and do interesting things. (Haha, what a name!)

Leslie completed the quiz "What would you be in the Star Wars universe?" with the result Merchant. You might not be making as much dough as a smuggler or a bounty hunter, but you can sleep every night knowing that you'll survive until the end of the week. That is, unless the stuff you sell is illegal, but legal and illegal doesn't matter as long as it's sold, right? Along with being able to keep your head, you get to see a lot more customers and venues than underground traders. Many of the common things you sell are in demand, such as starships, clothing, furniture, droids, landspeeders... you name it! Who knows, maybe your business becomes the next Czerka Corporations, giving you a fat bank account while the lowly smugglers are risking life and limb scrounging up pocket change. The galaxy is full of potential buyers, and you have all they will ever need. Whatever they want, you got it... with a price, of course.

Leslie took Personality Test. ISTJ - The Organizer - Responsible, organized, and objective. Has the patience and follow-through to confirm that the plans are realized. Love of precision and an ability to handle detail. Loyal to their close associates.

Leslie just took the "What Greek God or Goddess Would You Be?" quiz and the result is Hera. Queen of the Gods. Jealousy is by far your greatest attribute. You, however, are very popular... but snobby.

Leslie took the What mental disorder are you? quiz and got the result: OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder): You have odd obsessions that you cannot seem to control. You may even perform rituals to make you feel better. Counting and continuously obsessing over things happens frequently.

Leslie just took the "What Rock Band Are You?" quiz and the result is Classic Rock. You like bands such as the Rolling Stones, Guns and Roses, Def Leppard, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Cream, and Kiss. Songs include Paint It Black, Sweet Child of Mine, Crazy Train, Welcome to the Jungle, and Jump. 60's, 70's, and 80's. (THIS ROCKS!)

Leslie took the which F.R.I.E.N.D.S. character are you??? quiz and the result is Rachel. You are the one who loves your friends the most. You prefer being stylish, and are very attractive. You even make your friends want to date you. You are career-driven, but not much if it is on the brink of choosing between friends and career.

Leslie took the What is Your Name's Hidden Meaning quiz and got the result: Perception. Perception: Your name means perception. Your name conveys both wholeness and wisdom. People who meet you can't help but think you are enlightened. You try to live your life with flexibility and insight.

Leslie took the What's your AWESOME level? quiz and got the result: 90% AWESOME. 90% AWESOME: Off the radar AWESOME. Ridiculous and too true. Is there anything wrong with you? Probably, but you are too awesome to care. (Best result ever!)

Leslie took the How old do you look? quiz and got the result: 16. 16: You are 16 years old! You have a very innocent and energetic spirit. You are always on the go, and full of curiosity and vibrancy. Though you are immature at times, people generally love being around you because you are a breath of fresh air and always have something interesting to say. (That's... half my age now. Dang, I feel old!)

Leslie took the What monster lives in your heart? quiz and got the result: A blue-devil monster lives in your heart. A blue-devil monster lives in your heart: The blue-devil monster is a little cold-hearted bastard. It builds a spider-net to trap lost back-packers in the woods and turn them into nightly feasts. In addition, it trades diamonds with the greedy people for their living years.

You Are A Car

You're the type of person who likes to do things your way. You're a little stubborn.

You're very expressive and a true individual. You don't like to compromise.

You are a very private person. You value your alone time.

While you may seem self-centered to some, you are actually very cooperative when you need to be.

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Swiss redneck vampires who are angelic devils

Leslie just took the Are You A Vampire Quiz and is Possible Vampire. I am Possible Vampire. You might be a vampire. You have a few traits that are vampire-ish, but you are probably still okay going out in sunlight.

Leslie's just got their Swiss Name. I just got my Swiss Name. It's Ottavia Hauri.

Leslie's just got their Redneck Name. I just got my Redneck Name. It's Sue-Ann Cornhauler.

Leslie just took the Are You An Angel Or A Devil Quiz and is 60 Percent Angel and 40 Percent Devil. I am 60 Percent Angel and 40 Percent Devil. I am mostly angel, but I have a little devil inside me that likes to pop up every once in a while for some fun.

Facebook quizzes taken from Diane, Dave, Gretchen, Adam, Leslie, and Ryan:

Leslie just took the Are You A Bitch Quiz and is Bitcherella. You like nothing more than to slag off your friends to other friends, creating drama and awkwardness! You thrive on it... you love to judge because you're perfect... right? (Nope, I'm not like my ex at all!)

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Disney / Pixar Character are you?" with the result Dory. You are Dory from Finding Nemo. You're a ditzy little fish that we just can't seem to get rid of. The harder we try, the more we become attached. You try so hard to remember things, but let's face it... it's just not in your genes!!

Leslie just took the "Which type do you fall for? (GIRLS ONLY)" quiz and the result is Your type is the ROCKER! Can you handle concerts, groupies, and partying all night? Because if that is the case, your type is a true rocker! You would probably end up with Pete Doherty. Beware of drugs!

Leslie just took the "How do People Feel When You Walk into a Room?" quiz and the result is Like laughing. You're the class clown! You can make anyone laugh!

Leslie just took the "How Caring Are You?" quiz and the result is Totally! You always look out for other people, and rarely think about yourself. :D

Leslie took the how tall are you going to be? quiz and the result is 5 foot 5 inches. Average. (HA. I'd have to grow another six inches for that to be true... I wish!)

Leslie completed the quiz "What is your ideal religion?" with the result Zoroastrianism. You believe that there is One God who is pure wisdom, manifest in the human conscience and available to all who do good deeds, say good things and think good thoughts. There is no need for elaborate ritual. Fire is a symbol of enlightenment. Zoroaster was the thought provoker (not prophet) and his message speaks for all mankind at all times.

Leslie took the What old-school WWF wrestler are you? quiz and the result is "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. DiBiase was a master with the microphone. One of his most memorable events was negotiating the championship belt from Andre the Giant following Andre's defeat of Hulk Hogan for the title in 1988.

Poo nugget for Monday, May 25: Natural Gas - San Francisco is becoming the first U.S. city to turn doggy doo into biofuel. The poo will be collected in special biodegradable bags, and then run through a machine that extracts methane. This highly flammable gas, in turn, is piped in to heat homes and run stoves, giving new meaning to the term "natural gas."

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Harmony's bridal shower, Guu at Aberdeen, and Leisure

Jon and Steph picked me up for church this morning, and we talked about a bunch of stuff. Discussed Sophia, Stella, Mike, Amanda, pregnancy / fat, Gabriel being pleased to meet us lat night, and other things. (the funny thing is that we DID see Sophia driving to church - we take the nostalgic route, man!) Last night was good times, for sure. Grandma didn't think they'd get full on pizza for breakfast, but they did - it was good stuff! She ate two pieces, which surprised me. We saw a sign at Knight / 33rd which had gas for 706.9 - oh my! Unfortunately, there was someone behind us, which prevented our taking a picture... darn! Got to church and talked / sat with Jen and Sheena. It's too bad I have to avoid another person now, but it's gotta be done. Criticized the bad grammar in the bulletin and inserts, and sympathized with Christon when his Powerpoint cut off a bunch of text at the start of lines in the worship songs. Talked to Grace, while thinking how nice it would be to really slap someone around - but not really, heh heh. Told Jeremy about the other dinner I had tonight - no Sunday Dinner for me!

Tracy was back, so I talked to her for a few minutes: moving into Alan's place is convenient since they won't have to look for a place to live! Said hi to the teens in the courtyard, and told Hien that she was crazy - at first, I didn't know why I was telling her that, haha! Then I remembered... it is NOT my fault that she thought a ShamWow was used as a tampon, even if Olivia did give her a weird look, and those conversations on the redrum picture made her think of it for some reason! I joked that I'd change the picture again just for her... ha ha ha, she was NOT impressed. Tried some dark chocolate Quadratini - pretty good stuff! Said hi to little Hannah and Olivia, while talking to John about the wedding. Greeted Anita, Jeff, and baby Allison on my way up, then said hi to Chung / Karen / baby Mattias. The baby had cool hair, and wanted to grab colorful things - don't do that to my glasses, dude!

Toddler Sunday School was good - the twins are cute, and seem to recognize me. Their mom's name rhymes with Belinda, so I should remember that! I should buy some kid-appropriate cookies later on... or at least, the non-sandwich kind. Not sure if those would be just as messy as the sandwich kind, though - meh, whatever. Talked to Julie and Priscilla (who got a notebook each), Hannah (mood rings!), Nathan (skating shoes), Natalie (moths outside), and Vania / Sarah / Cordia. Said hi to Ian and Sean - Sean said "See you on Saturday!" so he is smarter! Went to the old Green Village again with Alan and Polly - Steph thinks they're obsessed with that place, especially since they just went there yesterday. Talked to Vania, who ate with us along with her parents. One of her friends isn't impressed that I have more Facebook quizzes than he has; he says: "I want to be the king of quizzes! Where does she FIND them?!" when Vania reads her news feed out to him, haha.

After some downtime at home (discussing cheques, meetings, money, and more), we went to Harmony's bridal shower. There were the usual lingerie gifts, and some embarrassing questions - Steph didn't want to know if Mom thought a certain gift was a sex book, haha. Then again, I still remember how Melia's AUNTS gave her the raciest gifts at hers last year! One of the girls (Anita?) really looked like Maxine! There was the "toilet paper wedding dress" game, which I remembered from Michelle's bridal shower, and the "banned words" game - I remembered that from Lauren's baby shower. It was a good time - Steph and I went for dinner at Guu at Aberdeen with Harmony, Holly, Brittney, their cousin Jasmine, and friend Karine. Had shaved ice at Leisure later on. Talked about exams, good rice, beef sashimi, pork belly, Peter, massage, Myles, TERMINATOR, sibling similarity, bad grammar, tickets, work, teaching, flights, weddings, planning, parking debacles, shaved ice with condensed milk (strawberry / blueberry / mango), and more. Good times, indeed!

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Arrests, underwear, queens, nurses, pet matchmaking, and more!

Leslie just took the What Crime Will You Be Arrested For Quiz. I should be arrested for Stealing a car whilst nude.

Leslie just took the What Do You Wear To Bed Quiz and wears Underwear to bed. I wear Underwear to bed. Slightly sexy and comfortable, sleeping in just underwear suits you fine.

Leslie's just got their Roman God or Goddess Name. I just got my Roman God or Goddess Name. It's Maia, Goddess of Growth and Increase.

Leslie just took the "Which Famous Queen from History are You?" quiz and the result is Elizabeth I. You are a strong and determined beauty. You rule England singlehandedly, and your people only hold you within the highest respect. Be strong for your country, but beware: Spain lingers on your coast with hopes of conquest.

Leslie completed the quiz "Finish the (Greatest) Song Lyrics" with the result Genius. You have completed all of the lyrics perfectly! Congratulations, you have my respect. Yup, that's all you get. Sorry.

Facebook quizzes taken from Steve B., Jennifer J., Jemima, Candy, Silvester, Jane, Chantelle, and Kitty:

Leslie took the quiz Your Female Body Part and the result is Eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and your eyes reveal your true self.

Leslie took the What famous literary heroine are you? quiz and the result is Bridget Jones. You are humble, down to earth, and honest with yourself. Like any girl, you have insecurities, and are constantly on a quest of self-improvement. But you have a good sense of humor and don't take yourself too seriously. As for your love life, you're still waiting for the perfect guy to whisk you off your feet. You are endearing and grounded at best, and scatter-brained and unfocused at worst.

Leslie took the Which Literary Heroine are YOU? quiz and the result is Jane Eyre from Jane Eyre. You are anything but a "plain Jane." You are mysterious and artistic and very deep.

Leslie took the What Character from Literature are You? quiz and the result is Hamlet. You are introspective, skeptical, and brooding. To you, the world is far too complex to be viewed in simple black and white terms. You are artistic, articulate, and intelligent, but your equivocations can sometimes lead you into trouble. In your case, that can end up with everyone you know dead while some foreign prince storms your castle.

Leslie took the What kind of nurse are you? quiz and the result is Medical / Surgical Nurse. You are an information junkie! You like to know a lot about a lot of different subjects and people.

Leslie completed the quiz "5 Tricky Questions" with the result Smart. You thought through the questions carefully, and came up with the right answers.

Leslie completed the quiz "How Filipino are You?" with the result You're not a Filipino! Nice Try, but you're not a Filipino. :p

Leslie took the quiz Which hairstyle suits you? and the result is Messy hair. You don't care about getting your hair messy at all! Try tying up your hair without using a brush for a cool effect or try the short hair in the summer!

Leslie took the quiz Your stripper style and the result is Boudoir Betty. You are romantic and seductive, with just the right touch of innocence. When it comes to entertaining, you always seem to know just what to do to set the mood. A Boudoir Betty looks best in light, flowing lingerie such as a sheer baby-doll negligee with a satin robe. Your hair and makeup should be sweet, yet glamorous.

Leslie took the quiz Your Paranormal Gift and the result is Phantomism. Ooooh.. Spirits and ghosts capture your attention? Going through walls, things passing through you... how else to freak others out when they try to shake your hand? Of course, you may feel invisible at times if you've let things pass through you too much, and may just want something to touch or hurt you. Try not to let that happen, and live a little, you Phantom.

Leslie just took the "Which West Wing character are you?" quiz and the result is Jed Bartlet. You are astute, talented, and complex. You have a high tolerance for inner turmoil and may avoid interpersonal conflict. When pushed, you can focus and communicate very well.

Leslie completed the quiz "How will you die?" with the result In bed. You will die peacefully in your bed.

Leslie completed the quiz "What college do you belong to?" with the result UCLA. You have the best of both worlds. You respect your academics at the same time as having fun. You know how to party and study all in the same weekend. (Hard to do). You have always wanted to attend this school, and hope you are granted admission. Good luck!

Leslie took the quiz Pet Matchmaker and the result is Goldfish. You don't have much time, so go with a goldfish. They are easy, and only need to be fed and have their bowl / tank cleaned on occasion!

Leslie took the Which Physics Theory are you? quiz and the result is String Theory. I don't understand you. You've got like 10-26 dimensions. You love challenges, so go to Imperial and do a phD now. (I need to borrow energy from coffee...)

Leslie just took the "What is your soul animal?" quiz and the result is Your soul animal is the Rabbit! You are always on a high, with a spring in your step you take life one hop at a time. You are naturally fast, competitive and love to play games, you are a flirt sometimes and you love companionship and attention.

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