Saturday, August 20, 2005

Laundry annoyances... don't take over the dryers if other people have to use them! / Quizzes

Next time, don't take over the flipping dryers all afternoon... BITCH!

Translation: I was about to use a dryer whose cycle had just finished, and then this "lady" comes in and says that her stuff isn't dry yet... she had a whole cart full of towels, and wants ME to give up the dryer because it has her stuff in it! What the heck is happening to my day....

It's NOT MY DAY. I wish it was... and that kinda reminds me of Radiohead's Bulletproof... I Wish I Was, sorta.

Your word is CRAP. You come across as sweet and
innocent, yet underneath it all, there is a
quite nasty streak. Gossiping and being
critical of others comes a bit too naturally to
you. And people will begin to see through the
sickly sweet exterior soon.

Which Swear (Curse) Word Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

That isn't true... except maybe for the criticism part. *eep* (actually, it sounds like my mother :P)

Take the quiz:
Which of my favorite movies are you?

Almost Famous
MY FAVORITE MOVIE! Set in the 1970's, this movie is about a 15-year old-boy taken on the time of his life; on the tour bus of the Almost Famous tour of the band Stillwater, interviewing for Rolling Stone. He gets tangled in the world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Not to mention he falls in love with Penny Lane (Kate Hudson), a bandaid (better than a groupie) that also rides on the tour bus. All the while, he befriends the rockstars and learns about life. All this and grooving to one of the best movie soundtracks.... if you love rock and the era of peace and love, this movie is a must.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Thirteen (You scored 1)
* Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (You scored 1)
* The Triplets of Belleville (You scored 2)
* Big Fish (You scored 2)
* Almost Famous (You scored 3)
* The Virgin Suicides (You scored 0)
* Any Michael Moore Film (You scored 2)

I have yet to see that one, actually!

Take the quiz:
what age should you live in

the Stone Age
The Stone Age. You are a very practical and hardworking age. Although it seems like a rather joyless period in our eyes, it set the groundwork for civilization. Thanks, I guess...

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* the Stone Age (You scored 1)
* the Bronze Age (You scored 0)
* the "Golden Age" (You scored 1)
* the Dark Ages (You scored 1)
* modern times (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:


Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* SPIKY (You scored 5)
* BEATRICE (You scored 1)
* AMBER (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
would I like you? guys and / or girls

I would definitely hang with you

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* yes (You scored 9)
* hell, no! (You scored 0)

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My sister's issues with her redrum are documented elsewhere. While hers shows up irregularly sometimes, my latest issue with mine is that it shows up too damn suddenly for my taste! Thanks a lot... now I have bloodstains on the mattress I need to get rid of somehow. (not to mention a load of laundry that's going into the washer STAT!) Man, you're not safe if it shows up when you're SLEEPING in a NIGHTGOWN!

Eric H. left me a series of messages this morning:

[09:35:12] For My Girl: Hey Leslie...
[09:35:20] For My Girl: i just checked the movie guide
[09:35:40] For My Girl: would you mind catching the 10:30 show
[09:36:27] For My Girl: i think the 7:30 might be abit too tight for me as i have prior commitments until 6ish
[09:36:51] For My Girl: let Eric know... or he can call my cell for any changes
[09:38:14] For My Girl: or we can go to Richmnd Centr and see the 9:45
[09:38:38] For My Girl: you and Eric decide...and then you can phone me
[09:38:42] For My Girl: ;)
[09:38:47] For My Girl: thnx thnx!!

I think I'll do that after I take care of these messy responsibilities first. Bleck! :P

And if this ma-fan (not horse food! :P) shows up on my birthday next month, I will KILL.

On another note, I have 69 journal comments to go through. Haha, I guess I do have a dirty mind if I note that down here. ;)

Why is this thing a repository for spam comments?! Man!

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Spanish Banks and GARDEN STATE

I spent time with my brother at the library and Book Warehouse (flipping through a few books) before going to pick up Jen and Dawn; Dawn had some cigarettes that her roommate was selling to Jen. The roomie's one of those "smoking under stress" people, so she wants to quit, but won't anytime soon... Dawn and I both do the "eating under stress" thing, though! After a couple phone calls to Alan, we found where we were supposed to be... my sister arrived later looking done in by the half hour walk from the bus stop. Phil and Megan came later to join everyone else. (me, Jon, Steph, Sheena, Chalaine, both Erics, Silvester, Dawn, Dave, Jen, Alan, Vivian) Since Alan couldn't get a grill, the BBQ was a "make sandwiches" night instead. He asked me whether my group had anything going on: as Jen said earlier (though it sounds bad), the beach trumps worship! Might as well enjoy the last days of summer! Alan also joked with Hon's mom via phone that he'd take her to Hooters for lunch before dropping her off at the airport: they HAVE those in Edmonton, dude!

Dawn's leaving next Wednesday, but at least she gets some "in person" time with Dave beforehand. When Alan saw Dave, he said that he looked thinner: we decided it must be a combination of the 40° weather and walking almost everywhere! (since he's certainly no sports guy :P) Dave's also lost his voice, but we were able to understand him. I was concentrating so intently on a conversation between him and Jen that I apparently didn't hear when both Erics called to me from maybe ten feet away! (Eric M.: "Leslie! Are you with us?! We called your name like three or four times! I think you're out of it!") At least we made some plans for tomorrow: WEDDING CRASHERS and eating at the Old Spaghetti Factory, pending a check of showtimes at Silvercity / phone calls and emails back and forth. Eric H. invited Silvester (who I just learned spells his name differently.. I think he has a limp too, though not as bad as mine) and Jon, but they both declined. (Jon has plans, and Silvester doesn't know about his night yet)

Chalaine, Jen, and Silvester got into a discussion about Starbucks / McDonalds being bad for you: coffee, grease, chemicals, SUPER SIZE ME, etc. Then Chalaine said she'll quit her Sweet Factory job tomorrow, heh. Afterwards, we didn't mind if Jen smoked a cigarette while we sat on a log. (we were getting tired of being possible Ultimate targets, so we left the guys and Steph to find Vivian and Dawn) They're trying to ban smoking in all sorts of places now: good luck trying to ban it in all public places! We saw a couple engaging in PDA in the water, so that reminded me of those public makeout sessions on the Skytrain I'd heard about on here a while back: Silvester had seen it on the TV news, and we all agreed with Jen that it was too much PDA! At least there were no children near the couple, as Jen remarked. There was this cute golden retriever that kept going in and out of the water to swim / fetch sticks: Jen used to have an imaginary dog like that, and has an old dog now at home. (it's 10 years old or something)

There were only a relative few of us because a bunch of people were helping with the Timothy high school camp. When I asked Chalaine when her birthday was (Oct. 11), she got suspicious. Haha, I'm not going to do anything with the information except get her a card! (which I've already bought and prepared, so she can't do anything about that!) Silvester said that he wouldn't remember hers, and that he could never do anything for his own since it blended in with New Year's. (Dec. 31) Steph said that she'd get cheaped out on her birthday if she ever got a boyfriend, since hers blends in with Valentine's Day. (Feb. 16) Vivian's birthday blends in with Halloween, and Chalaine's blends in with Thanksgiving... mine doesn't blend in with anything, so that's cool. (Dawn and Dave disappeared to go for a walk along the beach)

Afterwards, a few of us decided to go watch a movie at Alan's. We went to Blockbuster and picked GARDEN STATE over stuff like HOTEL RWANDA, SIN CITY, HILLSIDE STRANGLERS, WHITE CHICKS, Metallica's SOME KIND OF MONSTERS, SUPER SIZE ME, SIDEWAYS, MEET THE FOCKERS, and others. I saw an interesting book at Alan's: WHEN I WAS CRUCIFIED. (Jesus telling the story from his perspective: especially effective if you've watched the PASSION OF THE CHRIST like I have!) I have a feeling it'll be like the CONVERSATIONS WITH BONO book that I saw my brother reading yesterday: I won't get to read much of these interesting books. (but I'll definitely read A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES by Diana Gabaldon when it comes out around my birthday... OUTLANDER finale!)

The movie was pretty good, and I finally know where those icons of the lead dude come from. I've seen them around the Internet, but don't know where they originated. (well, except for the one Robert was using a while back... and that was only because he told us in an entry!) If you haven't seen it yet, you should! On the way home, the guys and I were listening to a replay of the football game and noticed something called an "Edgewater Casino first down." Here we thought that first downs were just that, and didn't need corporate sponsors! That set us to joking about the upcoming hockey season: Cyclone Taylor fighting penalties and Petro-Canada passes, here we come! Jon was also experimenting with Nathan's cellphone since he finally got it from Phil to use while Nate's in Mexico: he has some funky ringtones!

I keep thinking that I should check to see whether Dominic's messaged me back or not, but my days have been spent in going out / catching up... maybe after this weekend. Who knows. On to more good times tomorrow! (well, later today :P)

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Telnet Towel Blinkenlights Text Wars, TMNT quiz

Go Start -> Run, and type in telnet

Thanks, Mike! I've never seen that before!

You scored as Michaelangelo. You have fun in life, but sometimes you goof around so much that it's hard to take you seriously. But your good sense of humor and ability to lighten things up are good qualities to have!





April O'Neil






Master Splinter (The Rat)


Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are you?
created with

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Tummyache relieved, trail mix, top 100 songs of 1994

I had the most awful tummyache when I got up this morning. =/ But I made plans with my brother anyhow, pending an email from me to say that I couldn't make it tonight. I slept a bit more and did what you do for tummyaches, and got up around 2 feeling much better! Now I'm eating trail mix (thank goodness it hasn't expired yet!) and trying to catch up on stuff before I leave to take multiple B-Line buses to a West End library... hopefully I'll get there before 6! (getting off at Sasamat, third-last stop)

Go to Music Outfitters and put your graduation year into the search thingy. The first link is likely the top 100 songs of that year. Cut and paste that list here. Bold the ones you actually like. Understand that the word "like" in this case means, at the very least, "wouldn't immediately change the radio station from." Pick a favorite. Underline that favorite.

Class of 1994... man, this brings back memories of MuchMusic videos / Z 95.3 / LG73 / Darren Shane / Scott McIntyre / James Popov / Eric M. / old friends / other things...

1. Ace Of Base, The Sign
2. All-4-One, I Swear
3. Boyz II Men, I'll Make Love To You

4. Celine Dion, The Power Of Love
5. Mariah Carey, Hero
6. Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories, Stay (I Missed You)
7. Toni Braxton, Breathe Again
8. Bryan Adams / Rod Stewart / Sting, All For Love
9. Ace Of Base, All That She Wants
10. Ace Of Base, Don't Turn Around

11. R. Kelly, Bump N' Grind
12. Janet Jackson, Again
13. Madonna, I'll Remember
14. Salt-N-Pepa, Whatta Man
15. John Mellencamp and Me'shell Ndegeocello, Wild Night

16. Mariah Carey, Without You / Never Forget You
17. Toni Braxton, You Mean The World To Me
18. Elton John, Can You Feel The Love Tonight
19. Prince Symbol, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
20. Coolio, Fantastic Voyage
21. Big Mountain, Baby I Love Your Way

22. Warren G and Nate Dogg, Regulate
23. Jon Secada, If You Go
24. Aaliyah, Back and Forth
25. Richard Marx, Now And Forever
26. Babyface, When Can I See You
27. Bryan Adams, Please Forgive Me
28. All-4-One, So Much In Love
29. Salt-N-Pepa, Shoop

30. Janet Jackson, Any Time, Any Place / And On And On
31. Collective Soul, Shine
32. Michael Bolton, Said I Loved You... But I Lied
33. Enigma, Return To Innocence
34. Sheryl Crow, All I Wanna Do
35. Crash Test Dummies, Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

36. Tevin Campbell, Can We Talk
37. Da Brat, Funkdafied
38. Meat Loaf, I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
39. Drs, Gangsta Lean
40. 10,000 Maniacs: Because The Night
41. US3, Cantaloop
42. Tag Team, Whoomp! (There It Is)
43. Melissa Etheridge, Come To My Window

44. Changing Faces, Stroke You Up
45. Tevin Campbell, I'm Ready
46. Crystal Waters, 100% Pure Love
47. Mariah Carey, Anytime You Need A Friend
48. Janet Jackson, Because Of Love
49. Cranberries, Linger
50. Beck, Loser
51. Gin Blossoms, Found Out About You

52. Snoop Doggy Dogg, Gin And Juice
53. Immature, Never Lie
54. Bruce Springsteen, Streets Of Philadelphia
55. Domino, Getto Jam
56. Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey, Endless Love
57. Aaron Hall 58 / Understanding / Xscape, I Miss You
59. Warren G, This D.J.
60. Jodeci, Cry For You
61. 2Pac, Keep Ya Head Up
62. Snoop Doggy Dogg, Who Am I (What's My Name?)
63. Real McCoy, Another Night
64. R. Kelly, Your Body's Callin'
65. 69 Boyz, Tootsee Roll
66. Jimmy Cliff, I Can See Clearly Now
67. Babyface, Never Keeping Secrets
68. Aerosmith, Crazy
70. Aaliyah, At Your Best (You Are Love)
71. Meat Loaf, Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through
72. Aerosmith, Amazing
73. Erasure, Always

74. Zhane, Groove Thang
75. Gabrielle, Dreams
76. Culture Beat, Mr. Vain
77. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Mary Jane's Last Dance

78. SWV, Anything
79. Joshua Kadison, Beautiful In My Eyes
80. Eternal, Stay
81. Craig Mack, Flava In Ya Ear
82. Queen Latifah, U.N.I.T.Y.
83. Seal, Prayer For The Dying
84. Madonna, Secret
85. Ini Kamoze, Here Comes The Hotstepper

86. Phil Collins, Everyday
87. Tim McGraw, Don't Take The Girl
88. Heavy D and The Boyz, Got Me Waiting
89. Four Seasons, December 1963 (Oh, What A Night)
90. Tim McGraw, Indian Outlaw
91. Bon Jovi, Always
92. Melissa Etheridge, I'm The Only One

93. Ahmad, Back In The Day
94. Bonnie Raitt, Love Sneakin' Up On You
95. General Public, I'll Take You There
96. Tevin Campbell, Always In My Heart
97. Haddaway, What Is Love
98. Babyface, And Our Feelings
99. Ice Cube, Bop Gun (One Nation)
100. Brandy, I Wanna Be Down

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Eric H., and Dawn / what I'd look like as an anime character / Slayer Member

Eric H. and I have kinda decided to see Wedding Crashers (since he's in the mood for a comedy) and eat at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Silvercity Riverport. I should also call Dawn after I ask Jon if he can give her a ride to the BBQ tomorrow. Should be fun times, as always! :D

Note: this Webcreations friends list meme

What would you look like as an anime character (over 100 different pics!)(modified!) by Jrockfangurl14
Name or Username
what you look like -
you are:sneaky
usual mood:calm
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Take the quiz:
Which Member of Slayer Are You?

Kerry King
You Are Kerry King!!! The God Of Guitar!!! You are cool and tough!! Attitude is your Religion!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Kerry King (You scored 3)
* Tom Araya (You scored 3)
* Jeff Hanneman (You scored 2)
* Dave Lombardo (You scored 0)

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Inquisitive aunties and stages of life

We went to Uncle Reuben and Auntie Christine's for dinner tonight. It was good to see Serena and her parents again! Jon, Steph, Serena, and I talked about all the stages of life happening this summer: births, engagements, weddings, pregnancies, marriages, divorces, death, and funerals. Seeing people grow up is interesting, and makes you wonder where the time goes... especially when someone you knew as a tiny baby (Fidela) goes off to college! People we mentioned: Ficus, Belinda, Byron, Daniel, Nathan, Maxine, Connie, Jenny, Eunice, Natalie, Brad, Stella, David Marr, Megan, Anita, Jeff, Esther, Vernon, Sarah, Elaine, Vivian, Ellen, Dawn, Sean, Tracy, etc.

It doesn't help when you get paraded around at family functions... all the inquisitive aunties will ask you when you're getting married / going out with someone! (ESPECIALLY when all your friends are having babies, as is happening to me!) Not for a LONG time, believe me! (Serena says the same thing)

It would be nice to move somewhere far away, like Europe or Australia! Even Princeton (New Jersey) isn't far enough away for Serena... although it is relatively close to New York (it'll be funny if she sees Sean there, as a kid she used to babysit!) / Philadelphia / DC / Toronto! At the same time, we're not moving back home if we can help it... occasional pilgrimages are enough, thanks. :P

After we'd personally exhausted topics to talk about (since my brother and sister had gone by this time), we joined the adults. (still at the "kids table") Serena's dad then spent the next 90 minutes telling us (in Chinese) what he'd be doing in Hong Kong, and expounding on political correctness (a failure is now a "deferred success") / self-esteem / Sept. 11 / people from the past / allergies to peanuts / church stuff. (he's a pastor, so he's good at long rambles :P )

I got to go home early with Auntie Eva, since she has to work tomorrow. My brother wondered where the parents were when he saw me on MSN just before he watched Control Room, haha. Now Chinese Eric and I are kinda making more plans for Saturday: Maybe I can give him advice on his situation with Fay then, he says.. his significant other halfway across the world. Perhaps white Eric will join us.. I know Jon has plans for Reach Vancouver. Chinese Eric says white Eric seems up for it... I hope he doesn't get sick again like he did on Valentine's Day. :| (the last time we were all supposed to hang out together.. and no, I'm not being racist with the "Chinese / white Eric" references, since that's how we distinguish between the two! :P ) Ah well, we'll perhaps confirm tomorrow at the barbecue... and I should call Jon about it tomorrow morning!

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Complete Future Reading and other Memegen things

After this post, I'm going to get something to eat before I go to that family dinner thing with Vernon's family. I'm too hungry to wait till dinner, haha. (or not, depending on time)

Note: LJ friends as Care Bears / LJ friends as Disney princesses / LJ friends as kids / how well I really know my LJ friends / what makes my LJ friends weird / crazy LJ friends / LJ friends in Gr. 1 / LJ friends in DANTE'S INFERNO Memegens. (by Moonfire, RandomUserName, Night_Wysper, Lost_Note, Kirazi, RickJamesBitch4, ShiniKami, and Discipuladc)

Your Complete Future Reading
by anonymity
Occupation:Head of Mafia
Spouse:Cruella de Vil
Greatest Accomplishment:Sexing it up on an airplane
Date of Death:January 18, 2008
Quiz created with MemeGen!

your future in the music industry...
by xheroine
What instrument do you play?
Your band name isThe Fly High Guys
Number of CDs your band will sell810,083
Record labelDrive-Thru
Type of music your band playsmetal
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Metal music with clarinets in it... could be interesting!

What Music Chord Are You? by cmcollander
Root NoteA# / Bb
Major / MinorDim
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Your secret Addiction
by khaiptah
Name ?
Your Secret Addiction is ...the National / State Lottery
When you Discovered thisJanuary 13, 2008
Where were you when you found out?locked in a Gym Cupboard
How much it will cost you by the time you die ..$5,131
Treatment OptionsElectro Shock Treatment
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Academic Addiction by spenceraloysius
The Academic Addict
Undergraduate InstitutionNational University in San Diego
Years Spent Obtaining BA / BS6
Graduate InstitutionState University of New York, Stony Brook
Years Spent Obtaining MA / MS5
Years Spent Obtaining PhD5
Educational Debt$141,102
Eventually, you are a specialist in the field ofHotel and Restaurant Management
Quiz created with MemeGen!

What Hard Alcohol Are You? by stoneyblair
You Are...
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Never tried Bacardi, funnily enough...

Everything you ever wanted to know.. about you! by anticaps
your colorblack - isolation
your animalbutterfly - beauty, grace
your instrumentflute
your elementiridium
your body partback
your seasonwinter
your monthOctober
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Inner Alcohol by djalien
User Name
Real Name
Your inner alcoholBacardi 151
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Cigarettes / Alcohol / Drugs
by distortedlogic
Your name
Your favorite band
Your favorite color
Your cigaretteDoral Full Flavor
Your boozeNatty Light
Your drugMeth
Quiz created with MemeGen!

what alcohol are YOU??? by amberfinesse
favorite singer:
you are:
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Yay! I actually have a Corona Extra hat, which Dave always teases me about. :D
(my mom got it from a food show, NOT the local watering hole! :P)

Your Alcohol Name by WHSRobyoung
Drinking Ratingheavy weight
If you were alcohol, what would it beStrawberry Daiquiri
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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Googling your screen name / Dave, Christon, plans with Eric H.

Try Googling your screen name. (it's kinda like Googlism, except not) You'll find all kinds of interesting things! (results for Flami Brolx...)

I talked to Christon today for a while: he's feeling homesick, and his apartment doesn't feel like home. Wish I could help... filling up his place with stuff doesn't quite do it. :(

Dave said that he's coming home tomorrow, so that should be good! Eric H. and I are making plans to hang out on Saturday night: we could go out and eat and then see what's up afterwards.. sounds fine to me! (BBT / our sucky bowling / hot pot / a movie...)

New Matthew Good (Oh Be Joyful) rocks my socks. :D

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Feeling hungry / 94 journal comments / Advertising Slogan Generator / Grocery Lists / Jello Meme / Little Earthquakes quiz

Hey, I'm actually starting to feel hungry again after all that Russian food. Whee! :D

Now, to get to my 94 journal comments that have been piling up... ciao for now!

The Advertising Slogan Generator. I input my name, and got "Beanz Meanz Leslie." Okay... o_O

Grocery List Collection... hahahaha!

I'll try another version of this meme, taken from Tim and Tracey:

Jello Meme

1. Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song / movie / book / fictional character reminds me of you. (if I can think of something!)
3. I'll pick a flavor / color of jello to wrestle with you in. (Maybe.)
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me. (if I can think of something!)
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST. It is written!

Silent All These Years
A deep, poetic soul, you are Silent All These
. Your life story is romantically
tragic, and although you may not always be
happy, you can deal. You are probably drawn to
one of the arts: acting, writing, painting...
And your life gives you a muse that is always
happy to sit on your shoulder. Inside,
however, you may feel unfulfilled / unhappy /
disconnected. Don't worry. There are others
out there who understand your poetry and speak
your language.

Which song from Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Dream: My 85-year-old grandma is pregnant by a 14-year-old kid?! (prom dress quiz)

I had a weird dream last night... what else is new?! This one involved a bunch of us looking for my missing 85-year-old grandma in a gigantic mall setting, complete with escalators / stores / elevators / crowds of people. It kinda looked like a bigger version of Brentwood Mall, except not since I haven't been there in years. There was a wiener place that looked like the hot dog / nacho section of your average 7-11... for some reason, I always had to borrow a dollar from Eric M. / get him to pay with his credit card every time we decided to eat something from that place. We saw Dianne in the huge food court with Alan, and knew she'd be back early from Europe to help us look for Grandma!

After a while, someone finally found her... the only thing was, she was fairly pregnant by this 14-year-old kid. o_O We were pretty sure it wasn't consensual... who would do that except in a rape situation?! (I don't want to hear of any real-life consensual examples, should there be any! :P) We nabbed the kid in an unusual way: my wheelchair-bound friend Shannon was at home, and her parents were flipping through these glossy "new home" flyers / magazines. Her mom Alison was carefully untying the intricate plastic tubes that kept her head up (in real life, she doesn't have those), and telling me that I could do that next time if I watched intently. Suddenly, her stepdad Brian saw a picture of the kid in one of the magazines... he called the CrimeStoppers number on TV and the police were able to catch him. Then I woke up....

Why I had this one? I know I miss my grandma (who's in Hong Kong) and Dianne (who really is in Europe), but perhaps not Shannon and her parents so / as much. I believe I owe people money, but that can't be it... it's not pressing on my conscience, after all. ;) Maybe it was all that discussion revolving around being pregnant / Dianne last night, plus the references to Grandma's trip in a conversation I had with my brother... and maybe Eric using his credit card at Choices on Sunday afternoon. *shrug* I certainly haven't been to Brentwood / the mall in general / 7-11 for some time! (or even eaten hot dogs / nachos... although I did eat one wiener at the BBQ on Friday!)

You scored as Aqua Gown.

Aqua Gown


Pink Gown


Green Gown


White Gown


Yellow Gown


Red Gown


Which BEAUTIFUL Prom dress is right for you? *with pics*
created with

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"Caviar is like a good explosion in your mouth!"

After lunch, I hung around my brother's for a few hours before we went to Regent so he could drop off a couple of books while borrowing some more. He was reading Right Behind: A Parody of Last Days Goofiness (a parody of the Left Behind series) by Nathan D. Wilson, which I now want to read. We were also listening to Nude on the Moon: The B-52s Anthology while waiting at Nathan's, which is a great CD. Then we went to Videomatica, where he rented Control Room and Breathless. After that, we met Nathan at Danielle's so we could carpool to the restaurant. (Vivian, Karen, Dawn, and Jen joined us for dinner... Phil and Erin joined us later) I gave Dawn a Bathroom Reader, but I don't know if she'll have time to read it, given the condition of most Chinese washrooms! (we joked that she could read it in prison when people took her for ransom!) Nathan got her a blacklight currency detector (perfect for spotting fake money in China!) and a ScapeGoat thing.

I ordered a Rasputin vodka, which came in a little shotglass. Jon and Jen got more bang for their buck with beers on tap, but you can get that anytime! For the one time I'll probably be at the Rasputin, I want it to be authentic. *nod* (this explains why I also ordered borscht and chicken slashlik... the latter came on a REAL sword kebab, which posed danger problems!) There was SO MUCH food that we couldn't finish it all! The sampler appetizer plate that Danielle and Karen split was huge already! (never mind that they couldn't tell what Russian salads or meat they were eating, since it was so dark in there!) Then Nathan, Jon, and Jen split some salmon caviar... Danielle said that the caviar was like a good explosion in your mouth! (thus the subject line) Vivian had some blinis, and Jon had cabbage rolls. Nathan said that we could save one dollar for each caviar egg we found and ate.. yup, we can be Chinese when we want! ;)

A bunch of us want to see Broken Flowers, so I hope Jon lets me know when they decide to see it. I found out that he couldn't have invited me to the Cat's Meow dinner a couple weeks ago, since it was Justin's birthday party. (Justin DID invite me to his birthday party a few years ago, but that also happened to be Billy and Stella's banquet... contrary to popular belief, I did NOT get sloshed on Napoleon Brandy that night.... :P But Mel DID say he could smell the alcohol on me from a foot away... *blink*) We talked about how Nathan wants a whole bunch of groomsmen at his wedding... his brother Daniel and HIS best friend Vernon has precedent for it! (and having a bunch of bridesmaids would help balance it out) The most Jon has ever seen is six, but Nathan was talking like he wanted 14! ("Uh, where's the congregation?" "Oh, they're all up on stage!" haha) Then we got into who WE wanted as groomsmen / bridesmaids at our own weddings... let's just say Nathan has some picked out, but this is a man with many close friends! We were also discussing who we wanted as pallbearers at our funerals, haha!

Danielle was saying how it would be fun to be pregnant (another life growing inside of you would be great... and we don't mean bacteria, either! :P ), and Jon warned Jen that she couldn't drink or smoke during pregnancy! Of course, being pregnant in the academic world doesn't mean much: they'll give you a year's maternity leave maybe as specified in law, but you're still expected to publish and make a contribution! Parental leave for fathers has been improved, but no place is very likely to give you two years' maternity leave! Then Nathan said that he was glad to not be like Arnold Schwarzenegger: a pregnant man would be really fat and not able to see well when he peed! (that led us on a tangent about squatting / covering toilet seats when we went to the bathroom) We talked about trips, bubble tea (after all that food?!), the pouring rain outside, conferences, weird names (Chastity Belton?!), drinking alcohol, phone calls from both Erics, plus other assorted subjects before we paid the bill and left. (I almost forgot my knapsack in there... good thing we loitered! I think alcohol makes me ditzy lately... o_O )

We had to drive illegally since there were six of us in the car: me, Jon, Nate, Jen, Dawn, and Danielle. Luckily, three of us were discharged at Danielle's... we experienced perfect timing at Dawn's since my knapsack was in Nathan's trunk. (reminds me of the last time I was in a car with more than the allowed number of passengers, on the way to MissionsFest 2003: me, Nathan, Jon, Eric M., Jessica, and Yazmine) On the way home, I told my brother that the B-52s didn't quite fit the buckets of rain outside. He switched to Loretta Lynn's newest (Van Lear Rose), the one that Jack White helped produce. Then we discussed farting, Wikipedia, world records, and such before finally dropping me off. I think I've found a way to open the front door: turn right, then left. Something like that, anyhow. :P

I can only please one person a day.
Today is not your day.
Tomorrow isn't looking good, either.

(Nathan's quote on his T-shirt that he got for $10... very angsty!)

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

24-Hour Survey! (from Tim and KQ) / Post #1812!

In the last 24 hours, have you...

1. Had sex: No.
2. Bought something: No.
3. Gotten sick: No.
4. Sang: Yes.
5. Been kissed: No.
6. Ate something: Yes... Shanghai food, watermelon, a sandwich...
7. Felt stupid: Yup.
8. Talked to an ex: No.
9. Missed someone: Yup... *sigh*

Last person who....
1. Slept in your bed: Me.
2. Saw you cry: Um, I don't know... possibly the people around me at Auntie Lillian's funeral.
3. Made you cry: Hm. Probably someone in real life who said hurtful comments on purpose. (my mother, sigh)
4. Went to the movies with: The crew who saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (Eric M., Steph, Citrus, Danielle, Dawn, Justin L., Kevin, Nathan, etc.)
5. You went to the mall with: That perfidious blackguard Yazmine. Never mind. It was Palmer.. City Square IS a mall, darn it! :P
6. One thing you could take back: Certain friendships / vulnerability. (I also read this as: "Last person who one thing you could take back." Nope, it doesn't make sense to me either. These things never do!)

Have You Ever...

1. Said "I Love You" and meant it: Yup.
2. Got in a fight with your pet: No pets.
3. Been to California: Yup.
4. Been to Mexico: No.
5. Been to China: No.
6. Been to Canada: I live here!
7. Been to Europe: No.


1. Do you have a crush on someone: Nup.
2. What book are you reading now: #16 Bathroom Reader
3. Worst feeling in the world: Knowing you screwed up, and there's nothing you can do about it.
4. Future KIDS names: Gloria, Nina, James, Sebastian, Alexandra, Tatiana...
5. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Yup.
6. What's under your bed: Carpet.
7. Favorite sports to watch: Hockey / baseball.
8. Location: Right now, my brother's place.
9. Piercing / Tattoos: None.
10. Do you drink: Yup.
11. What are you most scared of right now: Parents reaming me out for something I never did.
13. Who do you really hate: Nobody, really. I cut out all those people from my life. :P
14. Do you have a job: CEO of the Universe, baby. ;)
15. Do you like being around people: Usually, unless they're really stupid / annoying.
16. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: Yup.
17. Have you ever cried: YES.
18. Are you lonely right now: No, I wouldn't say that...
19. Song that's stuck in your head a lot: Matthew Good Band, Indestructible
20. Been in love: Yes...
21. Played strip poker: No!
22. Gotten beaten up: No.
23. Done an all-nighter: Yes.
24. Been on radio / TV: No.
25. Been in a mosh-pit: No.
26. Do you have any gay / lesbian friends: Yes.

Post #1812! Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture comes to mind, as does Nick Krusek / Paul McMahon / memories of (Concert) Band... good times! :D

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Shanghai food / Rasputin Restaurant and Russian food

My brother just sent me an email to remind me of Dawn's farewell dinner at Rasputin. Like I would forget, and sell out a good family friend! :P

(forty vodka brands and a great menu... yay!)

Speaking of food, he's just popped onto MSN to say that we're going for a lunch of Shanghai food at 11:45. Sounds good to me, haha. :D

Food is my life... just kidding. :P

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Cool Mozilla Firefox Icon Maker Extension

This is a great Mozilla Extension! El Jay icon maker allows you to right click on any image and create an icon for use with There are two options to choose from when making an icon "Create Icon Instantly" and "Create Icon With Options." Selecting either link redirects you to the El Jay icon maker home page where you can rotate, crop, and add text / borders to the image. The El Jay icon maker was made for use with, but can be used on any site that requires an image smaller than 100x100 for an icon. This is not a support forum. If you have questions or problems, please go here.

More Mozilla Extensions

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Dream: A sweet tender guy on a car trip and in Regent

I've just had the most lovely dream! A bunch of friends and I were at a book sale, flipping through books on a variety of subjects. (bears, bizarre weather, Guinness Books of World Records, embarrassing experiences, puzzle books...) I decided to spend $20.13 on a book about bizarre outdoor experiences and a puzzle book, as they would be birthday gifts for a new guy friend of mine. (he was named Jeff, was white, had the most gorgeous curly dark blond hair that cascaded past his shoulders, had lovely blue eyes, and wore a white striped dress shirt and blue jeans) The clerk spaced it at first and gave me $2.53 in change before I even paid for my items! But that was quickly resolved, and we all walked out of the store to line up for a performance featuring our friends Eddie and Sean... there were quite a few people in the lineup, but we managed to be first in line because we knew them. Sean definitely has the chops to do that in real life... witness the Night Market video with him singing Usher and Ryan Cabrera songs! (I don't know about Eddie, though... sorry, Eunice!)

The performance was quite good, and featured their songs / skits. Afterwards, we all went on a tour bus where we saw Jeff and gave him some gifts. Turns out Eunice and I had the same thought, but Jeff graciously accepted it all the same. The bus took us to our destination, which was a park-and-ride parking lot with a ferry terminal attached to it. We were all going to go past Regent College (a Christian place of learning) so we could explore UBC at our leisure. Everyone else piled on the boat which would be a traffic-defeating shortcut, but Jeff turned to me and asked if I minded making the trip with him in his car. I definitely didn't mind. :D

So we loaded everything into the car and were off... we talked about so many things, but he didn't mind when I fell asleep during the car ride. When I woke up, we were in a lane of traffic near the Knight Street Bridge. Traffic was bad, but we didn't mind since it gave us more time to be together. He knew where to get where we were going, despite a traffic jam that made us change course. (we were just friends: although I thought he was more sweet / gentle / tender than that called for, I didn't mind) Jeff asked if I was comfortable, and I said that I was. When we headed into the (very short) tunnel, he said to ask if I needed anything. I said that I would, and then promptly fell asleep again. (man, what a bad companion on a car trip!)

Next thing I knew, I woke up in the middle of a deserted kids playroom. I looked around for Jeff, and he was right there to answer my questions about what had happened to the car and all our stuff. "Jesus decided we didn't need the car anymore, since it broke down. Our stuff is safe in storage. We're in a residential building at Regent, and we'll get to where we were going sooner or later!" After some time, he said that there was something he wanted to tell me, and gently made me more comfortable in my soft chair. Sensing his tense mood, I told him to go ahead. "You know, I've been thinking about us. I really like you, and I think you feel the same about me. I think we'd make a wonderful couple..." He was about to give me a hug (and perhaps a gentle kiss!) when I woke up because the mail came through the mailslot. *sigh*

Maybe this means I need such a gentle / tender / sweet / Christian (Caucasian negotiable?) man and am ready for him? *laugh* Pity those are few and far between... Mom would say I need to go out with Mark, Eric, or Jeremy. Funny that the dream guy didn't look like any of them, aside from being white! (although I *was* attracted to guys with long hair before, I obviously don't know any now!) This is why I'm listening to Rufus Wainwright now... yes, even this rocker girl has some mushy music in her collection! ;)

Now with that, I must get ready to be off soon... must get cash and such. I wish this reality didn't suck... this is one instance where dreams were infinitely better than waking life!

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DOCTOR WHO post / theologian quiz / More Quizzes

I was browsing my LJ friendsfriends page, and came across something that made me think of Steve L. (yes, again :P)

Text of post in case the security settings change... you never know about these things!

As chronicled on TeeVee last week, I've been watching the new Doctor Who. And this has lured me into watching some of the old Doctor Who, because I like to have some context. I roughly know the Doctor Who concept, but all I knew about the specifics was "changes actors occasionally, most famous one was Tom Baker (with the big scarf), is not really named "Doctor Who," and the costars are called 'Companions' for some reason."

So I borrowed some episodes from the_doctor, who, as you might guess from his username, was the hookup. He provided me with:

* The Three Doctors: I enjoyed this one, as it got straight to the part of the show I find most interesting: different Doctors. As I understand it, when he dies, he regenerates. So he's still the same person, but... he doesn't have continuity of body. Or memory. Or personality. Weird and confusing: that's how I like my science fiction! So in this one, the second and third doctors get together, which is fun. And the first doctor shows up via television, which was a little disappointing, because it seems like a show called "The Three Doctors" ought to have all of them on set at the same time.

* The Talons of Weng-Chiang: This is The Famous Tom Baker, and I found it kind of underwhelming. I've heard how much people looooovvvveeee Tom Baker, but in this, at least, there wasn't much personality on display. There wasn't much time for character bits as everyone was running around having Sherlock Holmes pastiches (it's always the Giant Rat of Sumatra, isn't it?) and Jack the Ripper references. The problem I had, I think, is that the Doctor spends his time acting aloof and like a know-it-all, which doesn't leave much room for being a "cosmic bohemian."

* The Curse of Fenric: This is from a later Doctor, and it was okay. It felt a little padded around chapter three, but that'll happen sometimes, I guess. I enjoyed Ace, the Companion (how come they're not just called "sidekicks" again?) more than most of the other ones I've seen.

Right. Now that brings us up to this weekend, in which I went over to Scarecrow Video and picked up five episodes to check out. Hey, it's a series that's been going since 1963 with relatively frequent total cast changes; even getting a general overview will take a while. It's not like M*A*S*H where you can watch a couple episodes, decide whether or not you like Hawkeye, and move on.

I focused on episodes that were either the first or last by actors playing the Doctor. This is partly because the regenerations continue to be the most interesting part for me, and partly because I wanted to make sure to get stuff from the very first Doctor, so I'd get a feel for the early days of the show.

* An Unearthly Child: This is the very first Doctor Who ever aired, a four-part series that, in theory, introduces the whole concept. I liked the early parts, in which baffled schoolteachers come face-to-face with a weirdly-smirking William Hartnell and his time-traveling police box. The explanation that the "Chameleon Circuit" was broken (and that's why it's always a police box) was very nearly convincing, which is right about where science fiction ought to be. Unfortunately, the caveman portion of the proceedings was very long and drawn-out. It would have seemed shorter if the females of the group hadn't taken to screeching in horror every time anything happened. Anything at all.

* The Tenth Planet: This was the last Hartnell series, and apparently he was very sick by this point, screwing up his lines on camera and generally needing to stop. So it also contains the first regeneration, which still seems like a really interesting way to keep a franchise going after the main actor leaves. The story was a little light on Doctoring, what with most of the decisions and actions being done by the American General and (to a lesser extent) the Companions. In episode 3, the Doctor spends the whole time convalescing on the Tardis, since Hartnell was too sick to act. The last episode was mostly still photos and the original audio track, because the BBC destroyed a lot of films in the '70s. Luckily, The Doctor Who Restoration Team are apparently very devoted to their task. Apparently, the Cybermen are very high up in the Doctor Who Villain List, but they didn't do much for me here. For one thing, between the bad audio and their monotone (yet sing-songy) delivery, I couldn't understand them very well.

* Logopolis: I enjoyed this one a lot. It's the last Tom Baker one, and it had what seemed like much more character-based stuff than the other one I saw. At least in the beginning. I wasn't entirely clear on how the Big Universe-Destroying Entropy Threat was vanquished at the end, but it's possible I let my attention wander for a second. The Doctor and The Master certainly sounded like they knew what they were doing. I did find the kid (Adric, The Boy Companion) pretty annoying.

* Castrovalva: After the Tom Baker Doctor dies at the end of Logopolis (via the extremely dramatic method of "falling"), he regenerates into a confused blonde guy. This is the first time I've successfully watched two series back-to-back so I could see the aftermath of a regeneration; that's convenient for me because it's pretty much all aftermath. There were bits I recognized as being callbacks to previous Doctors, which was neat. I enjoyed the "Doctor is confused" plotline, partly because I liked the exploration of the Tardis, with unexplained rooms and whatnot. I also liked the "Mystery City" plot. I did not care for Adric, who had apparently become even more annoying.

Okay, so that's where I'm at. I still have one serial (War Games, the last one from the second Doctor) to watch. It certainly ate up much of the weekend.

You scored as Friedrich Schleiermacher. You seek to make inner feeling and awareness of God the centre of your theology, which is the foundation of liberalism. Unfortunately, atheists are quick to accuse you of simply projecting humanity onto 'God' and liberalism never really recovers.

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I don't think so. I think what I think, and you're not going to change that. :P

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Like hell I will. :P

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From the Cyrian RPG...

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Coquitlam, LFA lurkers, Winamp generated playlists, funny YOUR image

There was no way I was taking the Sunday buses over to Coquitlam or even Vancouver this evening. Who knows what time I would have ended up back home! o_O Besides, I think I'm on thin-ice terms with one of the people involved... what gall he showed, though! (I *might* have been over-reacting to what could have been a joke, but I dunno...) So it's best that I didn't go anywhere else today. Oh, and I might have lost had I played Scrabble: that would NOT have been good. :P

Contrary to what someone thinks, I can be a games person. Just not in a setting where I have to play with a bunch of strangers, or people I feel uncomfortable with. I made a good decision today, based on competitiveness and my gut feeling. I did kinda want to do something, but it wouldn't have mattered to me if I'd stayed home either. Better to hang with other friends on Tuesday... I got to save money by making said decision. :D

At least I'm one of Lizzie's favorite lurkers! :D (good thing that other person was banned, because she certainly deserved it!)

How to make a Winamp generated playlist:

[23:20:14] Spoz (stoned groooooove): Ctrl + Alt + G
[23:20:51] Spoz (stoned groooooove): or.. on the playlist window.. rightclick on "miscellaneous".. and select MISC / Generate playlist..

Here's a great image I found earlier:

Image hosted by

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

It's too hot for Pho and the Grouse Grind!

Eric picked me up this morning, and I told Steph all the news from yesterday: she's so happy that Stella's having a baby! (apparently, she wanted one before... but Billy said "not yet") My sister noticed Chris' nice casual shirt, and told him that he could impress the ladies with it... his mom (Auntie Esther) would be proud, haha. Vivian was also dressing to impress, with a shimmery dark red top. I got Danielle a ride to Richmond from Eric, but she decided to go with Eunice or do something else instead to get to her family affair. I talked to Mike and Silvester a little bit: everyone agreed that it was very hot! Gave Darren a birthday card, and joined people in wishing Michael a happy birthday #17 since it's today. (birthday beats galore WOULD have come from my brother if he were there, haha... as it is, Darren / Chris / Ivan / the other guys were loath to give him any!)

During service, Pastor Edward was on a roll describing Tim and Maxine's baby, and accidentally substituting "chicken" for "children" once! (he was talking about Church's Fried Chicken deals on Tuesday, and got mixed up!) Afterwards, Steph was trying to get people to go to the Grouse Grind (a now-weekly tradition) with her and Jon and Erin. Various plausible excuses were offered, ranging from the general "it's too hot even if it's all shaded till you get to the top!" (Jen) to relatives (Danielle) to drum lessons (Citrus) to my "it'll take me like five hours, so you must be joking!"... my sister wasn't impressed, haha! Eric didn't feel like Grouse Grinding, which was lucky for me / Jen / Dawn. (we bribed him with Starbucks coffee and soup with whole wheat pasta!) Nathan's gone somewhere for the weekend, so he can't drive. We saw little playful Nathaniel... his mother Helen says he likes teasing by girls already at four months old!

Several of the little kids said bye to me and Frances when they saw us outside after Sunday School, which is nice. I just wish certain kids would behave better, especially Gwyneth! Ah well, I guess it'll take time! Steph figured out that she wanted to eat something with carbs before she went up the Grouse Grind... she did it once on an empty stomach, and felt too faint afterwards! But instead of pasta (like me and Dawn were advising her), she chose to eat Pho! Like Jen said, it was WAY TOO HOT for Pho! Two weeks ago, it was bad enough... good company and food for the most part, but not exactly good timing weather-wise!

Steph can't go to Tuesday's Rasputin farewell dinner for Dawn's Beijing Chinese university study trip since she has plans already, but she's not selling out one of her best friends: she'll have a more intimate dinner with Linda, Cindy, and Dawn the next night. Eunice isn't going since she eats out a lot already: an upset stomach isn't good! Eric's not going either, since he has guitar practice. I'll make plans with Jon later: it'll be easy enough to bus there anyhow! (which is what I did for both the Afghan and the Steamworks dinners last August!) We also discussed interesting flavors of Kit Kats: apparently, there are green tea Kit Kats in Aberdeen or Yaohan somewhere (in a shop called Candyland?)... Steph's seen orange Kit Kats and banana Kit Kats, and of course we've all eaten the yummilicious peanut butter Kit Kats by now! (if I see those other ones, I'll buy them up!)

After dropping off Jen and Dawn (while discussing routers and setting up the Internet), Eric told me that he didn't think he could make it home since he was too hungry. So we went to Choices supermarket, where he got some chicken samosas and chickpeas for lunch. He asked if I wanted anything, but I said I'd wait till I got home. (read: I mistakenly forgot my Interac card, I had no cash on me, I owe money already to two people [I must go to the bank tomorrow or Tuesday to get cash out], I know I had stuff at home, and I wasn't that hungry!) When he dropped me off at home, I said I'd probably see him on Friday at the beach. He asked if my group was going there as well: we're having a praise / worship night, but the last time they hung out at the beach and I did something at the church, it was a bit of a hassle picking me up elsewhere and then hanging out later. (I don't remember where we went, but I do remember Eric answering Jon's cell for him!)

Speaking of lunch, I've just heard the microwave announce it's done. Mmm, honey Dijon chicken... :D

I just found out yesterday that my Gmail accounts do work on this computer... woohoo! Yes, I have two. I signed up for one through Blogger, and Corey gave me one. I'd change my email address, but it's gone through a lot of changes! But if you want to Gmail me, it's either flamsterina @ or flamsterette @ ... have fun! :P

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