Friday, April 19, 2002

Sex position, how sexy I am, how I'll die, my high school stereotype, and more!

What's your sex position?

missionary... PLAIN JANE
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How Sexy Are You????

DAMN... WAY SEXY!!!!!!!!!!
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How will you die?

seizure while playing a videogame
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What's your high school stereotype?

Goth: You hate life, you love angry music, and you don't feel unless someone makes fun of you. You worship death. You wish you were alone, but you really just need a hug. ^__^
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How Much Are You Worth?

You are worth billions of dollars!
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Hahahaha. Sure I am... ;)

Define yourself

Brought sexy back
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What Are You Classified As...?

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what part of the service are you

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My 8-Ball

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DAMN. I was hoping not to get that answer... o_O

What Superhero Are You?

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What is your superhero name?

Thong Man
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So... Super Thong Man? HAHAHAHA.

Blazing temptations
You're not too bright at times, but you can have good ideas at other times.
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I dunno how that's an element, but okay... o_O

are you an emo or goth?

you're so emo, you cry when you get a C on a quiz
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You're up to 66 Carson
Well done. You kind of know your way around when it comes to your favorite Scottish physician's character, and you two seem to have quite some things in commmon. Keep it up!
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You Are Tegan!
You are Tegan! Loud and aggressive, and always speaking your mind. You always put people in their place, but sometimes when the going gets tough, the tough wimp out.
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go eat an orange... GET IT?!!?!? ORANGE!!! HAHA!!! (me:... okay, sorry)
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Not sure I like orange to the extent that Mike K. and Citrus do, but I suppose it's all right...

NO... his heart is taken..
He has been sold to some other girl. He is not your type, and you're not his. So my best advice is to get over him. Probably your friends would say: "You're too good for him anyways," but really he is too good for you. And yeah, you have to agree he is hot!
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What TV Show Are You?

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Allen Kaylee's Nickname Generator

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Almost There.........
You Might Be Able To Try Out. It's Not A Sure Thing That You Will Make It, But You Can Try.
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What's Your Destined Sport???

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Haha, I wish! I'd fall down all the time and look like an idiot! (that goes for winter sports too, unfortunately...)

You Will Play Soccer
You will be able to kick a ball far, and to run when it is required.
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Which assassin are YOU?

Lee Harvey Oswald
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Are You Gay

Sorry, Nope.
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what is the next movie you will rent?

Titanic (Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet)
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What's your phrase?

If it's the police, I was with Whitney Houston all day.
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half and half
you're too confused at this moment
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Who should be your next 7/8 boyfriend / girlfriend?

you would be most compatible with Morgan.
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You are a very delicate person with a strong feeling for certain
things. Possibly an activist or someone from a very polite family.
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Should have Morgan as their best friend.
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Johnny's best friend generator

should have Ashley as your best friend.
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you are a lighter
you love to burn anything and everything.
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What will you get for Christmas?

An asylum for the criminally insane
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Like Riverview by Citrus' place, I'll bet. :P

you are not random
you are entertaining and have fun every once in a while.
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Are you a goth?

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What would I ask you?

"Can I push you off a bridge?"
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who is meant for you?

Danny Jones
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Reminds me of that Jewel song...

Past Life Predictions

You are going to live on a cruise boat in the highest quality suite. Unfortunately, the cruise is going to crash and you are going to relive the Titanic like you never imagined. The good news is your wife is alive, but dating some other person.
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What kind of prediction is THAT?! o_O

Who is the next victim?

the Earth.. :( it can't breathe with all this pollution!
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Which one of Kinzie's body parts are you?

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ooh, looks like you are meant for Lane!!!
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Eh, you got nothing to worry about!
Your friends are all good... don't hang yourself yet!
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you're a punker dude!
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folk harp!
You are the folk harp. Folk harps are easy to move around, but they're not very big. So, you do too. Probably.
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