Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reddit: No pooping in the month of August! / Yogurt Flavor

I am a guy who hasn't pooped in the month of August! HAHAHAHAHAHA! o_O [courtesy of 365reasonswhy in ohnotheydidnt] The comments are COMEDY GOLD!

Nathan HAD to make his next movie discussion night on the 15th, so any birthday thing I have will need to be on the 14th or after the 17th. WTF?! I sent an email, and Cindy says she intends on being there, while Eric jokingly says that he'll be sure to schedule something else for the 14th. UGH! YOU!

You Are Plain Yogurt

Your sincerity and honesty shine through in almost every situation. You are always truthful.

You are comfortable with who you are, and you never put on a front. You don't believe in superficialities.

You value solitude. Some of your best ideas and creations come out of alone time.

You are simply a good person and a person of substance. You don't need to show off.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

My plans and priorities include AVOIDING THINGS now! Live with it!

Called Barry, only to be told that we'd have to set up an appointment next week - FINE, THEN! Levelled up my EARTHBOUND characters the cheap way by going into a just-vanquished area and getting automatic wins against wimpy enemies, then called Hester about the mouse problem. She gave me one mousetrap; gee, thanks... I also need to buy a lot of funny birthday greeting cards from the dollar store!

Eric then called me when I was busy trying to catch up on stuff as per the usual; after delaying him for some time, I finally went out to go to Fellowship, but I complained about it AND religious guys / greeting cards. Since I alternated this with laughing about "fish tacos," he thought I was drunk. I was bored all through Bible Study and wanted it to end, but the "... in the name of the Lord, I cut them off!" part of the Bible passage from Mark was funny! Heard that Martin's sister has throat cancer, Vivian's cousin is in the hospital, Carmen's going to London for two weeks in September, Eric's census work is over, Cindy's stressed because of her two-week grad program, and that Martin himself wants Christon and Kevin to be in charge of food at his and Phyllis' wedding. Since Phyllis is the person who thought the earthquake wasn't caused by tectonic plates, I really don't like her. (exact quote: "The earthquake MUST be a sign of Christ coming, and the end times!")

Talked to Deb and Harmony briefly: Jon's at a wedding, and we should get together before Deb's baby comes! Eric took his sweet time leaving, as usual - he, Christon, Raymond, Kevin, and Randal HAD to talk about the retreat next week and Geoffrey. FREE TIME FOR ME! On the way home, Eric tried convincing me that I should call Ivan next week, but I don't think so - I like my gaming time too much! He also thinks that I'd go for a super-religious guy if he were cute / like Dave Wong / had dreadlocks... yeah, right! (we also discussed STARCRAFT and PORN) People's plans and priorities change, I told him when he tried saying that my Friday plans for years DID consist of Fellowship! Now, I don't care! At home, Eric H. tried a video call... not gonna happen!

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Fish tacos and blueberry mojitos?! / Single Flowers

Jon sent us emails about a "fish taco and blueberry mojito" Sunday dinner at Jeremy's, and one about a Wednesday block party. Of course Eric is going to the Wednesday one, sigh. Maybe I'll go as well, even though I don't need to escape this time! Last month seemed to be pretty okay (to steal Minli's turn of phrase), unless you count the (probably) drunk random guy on the street pouring some dish detergent in SERVANTS' BBQ grill afterwards! My parents tried calling me earlier, but I have no time for that while I'm trying to catch up and get some gaming time in before FFAF!

You Are Quiet

You focus on fantasy more than reality. You have your head in the clouds.

You're incredibly introverted and introspective. You live inside your head, and it's a pretty comfortable place to be.

You may seem quiet and withdrawn, but you're paying attention to every single thing around you.

You are secretly sensitive, but you often put up a front. Shy and private, you yearn for security.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teunis coming over briefly: Mail, cheese, and dead mice! (and POO)

As advertised, Teunis came over briefly, so I gave him his mail and asked about the Shaw Digital Box thing. He hooked it up just in case, advising me to be careful that I wasn't signed up for anything I hadn't asked for! Then I gave him some of the jalapeno cheese slices that Mom had presented me with a while ago; I can't eat 30 of them, and he could always use some more since he loves cheese, anyway. He even took away a dead mouse in a London Drugs bag, telling me about edges and reusable traps - good thing to know! We talked about his newer car, dropping stuff off at his brother's, being in the States for the weekend, Rhiannon, and taking care before he left. Those few minutes were probably for the best! Later, I finally got Poo in EARTHBOUND!

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Lightning or Thunder? / Ross Your You're

You Are Thunder

You are slow-paced and steady. You don't rush to be the first to get anything done.

You have your own method of doing things, and it has worked pretty well for you. You are a systemizer.

You are hard-working. You are industrious with an amazing work ethic.

You don't often make a big bang, but when you do, everyone pays attention.

Ross gives us a lesson on the correct use of your and you're. For more, check out

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Adult Pirate Pak Day is AWESOMELY CUTE!

I met Chrystal on time, thanks to some bus efficiency! We went to Sweet Factory (they have gelato?!), Purdy's, Bath & Body Works (peach citrus / Paris / Japanese cherry blossom scents!), and other places in the mall before going to White Spot for dinner. They had an Adult Pirate Pak promotion, so of course I took advantage of that cute promotion for some nostalgia! Discussed Nate, Emily and Mike's wedding, her cousin's wedding at the UBC Botanical Gardens, hockey, Teunis, the last few weeks, freedom, mice, strawberry ice cream, Awana, taking breaks to avoid burnout, my portobello veggie burger, her salad, fries, how busy it was at the restaurant, venting, Mom and "getting married," compatibility, hearing, Jon and Harmony, and more. Then we went to Shoppers Drug Mart since the mall was closing, and discussed on-sale Dove chocolate (that runs out in two days, so I got some) / Life jellybeans / almonds / nuts, getting home, and other things. Good hanging out with her - I had bus efficiency on the way home, too! Got home and found out that Sonya unfriended me / deleted her FB profile.

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Exchanging a 4GB storage drive for a bowl sounds good to me! / KNOWING WHY I CALL

Eric Ho buzzed me on MSN just now; he's not going to Nate's movie night tomorrow because of blood work at the hospital. Totally understandable! He wanted to know if I could exchange my bowl (which he's had since January 7) for his 4GB USB storage drive since he needs to grab it - hahahaha, of course! A few minutes later, white Eric called me to say, "The answer is NO." Of course, I wondered what he was talking about and how he knew why I'd called him earlier. (Nate's movie night) He thinks that would be the only reason I would call on a Wednesday; I guess he knows me fairly well, haha. He's lucky I don't have time to rant at him about losing my excuses for tomorrow AND Sunday's Committee Meeting!

Viking Name Generator

My Viking Name Generator is

Your Viking Name Generator

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200 people GONE! / Ren Faire makes you a NERD, man! / Almost forgetting stuff

After I emailed Mandy and cleaned out 200 people on my Trillian contacts list whose status was unavailable OR who were ex-friends, I decided to have some Sidekicks for lunch. Then I freaked out because the microwave display wasn't working, so asked Teunis about it via MSN. Luckily, I figured out that the clock display had been turned off for some reason! I asked if he was free on Sunday, but it turns out he's going to a Ren Faire with Kaili (of course) and other friends. THERE GOES MY EXCUSE FOR COMMITTEE MEETING! I checked my mail, and it turns out that he has another envelope besides the one he was waiting for, hahaha. Good timing!

When I heard about the Ren Faire, I knew it was my cue for BANTER! I jokingly (?) called them all nerds, and he said that *I* was one too! Not in that sense, man! He thinks that I'm a hockey nerd (HA - I know people who can spit out stats like nobody's business!) and a video game nerd (I wouldn't have played all those walkthroughs on Youtube otherwise?!) Uh yeah, HE's the one who plays stuff like WOW and CHAMPIONS ONLINE! Then again, he also thought that Rick Rypien was a close personal friend of mine when he saw my FB post about his untimely death. I had to laugh, but then figured that I'd probably think the same thing if he posted something similar about some SCA / gamer nerd type of person! He said that tomorrow would work for a QUICK stop while he goes to his brother's, then I realized that I almost forgot about Nathan's movie night! Tried calling white Eric, but got no answer - not sure about Chinese Eric, heh. I guess I'll call them when I get back tonight!

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What Side of Your Brain is Dominant?

The Right Side of Your Brain is Dominant

You have an active imagination and intuition. You have a very fluid way of thinking.

You don't put boundaries or limitations on your thoughts. You are a down-to-earth daydreamer.

You have a broad perspective on the world. You may be a bit chaotic, but you never get stuck in a rut.

You are always able to pick up where you left off, or start in the middle with something. You are a non-linear thinker.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beowulf, seafood noodles, weird stuff, and the hydro bill

Vanessa picked me up shortly after that last post, and we went to Specialty Chicken and Wonton House. We discussed Teunis, Krista, Erik, weird stuff, caffeine, busy parking lots, health, seafood noodles, dim sum, issues, (not) dealing with people, mental health, Jeremy, work, Victoria, bad drivers, venting, Wayne, Steph, Jon, Lisa, abuse, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, cuttlefish balls, Chapters, City Fresh Market, and little cakes. Also discussed pictures, exes, iced coffee, BBQ pork, surgery, drugs, air fresheners, the "AC/DC T-shirt at church" photo which Nathan liked (we were discussing Marilyn Manson / Slayer / today's equivalent to such acts / BEOWULF / CANTERBURY TALES / Old and Middle English / Anglo-Saxon stuff / Eric having German, French, English, and Irish blood / pagan Anglo-Saxons / Grendel on Sunday night), going to hell, and more. Good times! When I got home, I paid my hydro bill - let's hope that next time, it's back to normal!

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25 Weird Celebrity Baby Names

25 Weird Celebrity Baby Names

In celebration of the birth of Bingham Bellamy to proud parents Kate Hudson and Muse's Matt Bellamy, here's a gallery of rock offspring with, shall we say, interesting names.

Who: Zuma Rossdale
Parents: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.
Why? Well, it's better than 'Puma,' we suppose...

Who: Zowie Bowie
Parents: Angie and David Bowie.
Why? It was the 70's... He later changed his name to 'Duncan.' Take that, ma and pa.

Who: Audio Science Clayton
Parents: Former Warpaint drummer and actress Shannyn Sossamon and author Dallas Clayton
Why? When your parents are called 'Shannyn' and 'Dallas,' you're not going to be called 'Brian,' are you?

Who: Rolan Bolan
Parents: Marc Bolan and Gloria Jones
Why? Because 'Mo Mowlan Bolan' was taken...

Who: Pixie Geldof
Parents: Bob Geldof and Paula Yates
Why? Next to Peaches and FiFi Trixiebelle, 'Pixie' is kinda dull...

Who: Peaches Geldof
Parents: Bob Geldof and Paula Yates
Why? Next to Pixie and FiFi Trixibelle, 'Peaches' is... Oh, you get the point.

Who: Otis Ferry
Parents: Bryan Ferry and Lucy Helmore
Why? So we could all say, "Oh Otis, you pro-hunting idiot," one day.

Who: Moon Unit Zappa
Parents: Gail and Frank Zappa
Why Perfect name for the voice behind Valley Girl. She has a sibling called Dweezil.

Who: Lennon Gallagher
Parents: Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton
Why? A Beatles obsession gone too far...

Who: Everly Bear Kiedis
Parents: Anthony Kiedis and Heather Christie
Why? It's like they played the 'what's your porn star name?' game and it stuck.
(Is he serious with that mustache?)

Who: Seven Sirius
Parents: Erykah Badu and Outkast's Andre 3000
Why? Possibly a superstitious reference to a lucky number or just, you know, two hippies naming a baby.

Who: Bronx Mowgli Wentz
Parents: Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson
Why? It means 'male hair straighners' in Arabic.

Who: Bluebelle Madonna
Parents: Geri Halliwell and Sasha Gervasi
Why? The kid got off lightly, considering Geri's dog is called 'Harry Halliwell.'

Who: Apple Martin
Parents: Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow
Why? Possibly to encourage a future of adult alcoholism. "Hi, I'm Apple Martin. Can I have an apple martini, please?"

Who: Bingham Bellamy
Parents: Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson
Why? Apparently, the name has 'family connections.' That was the dog's name, wasn't it?

Who: Blue Angel Evans
Parents: The Edge and Aislinn O'Sullivan
Why? Named after his favourite Roy Orbison song, and was nearly called 'Ooby Dooby Evans.'

Who: Egypt Daoud Ibarr Dean
Parents: Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats
Why? Prepped for a life-time of bar pick-up lines, in the style of "Hi, have you ever been to Egypt, baby?"

Who: Dylan Jagger Lee
Parents: Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson
Why? Nearly as bad as 'Lennon Gallagher'...

Who: Bandit Lee Way
Parents: Gerard Way and LynZ
Why? Clearly got confused between 'Naming characters in The Umbrella Academy' and 'naming my actual child.'

Who: Storm Brieann Sixx
Parents: Nikki Sixx and Brandi Brandt
Why? 'Stormbrie-ann' is the most popular brand of cheese in La Rochelle (possibly).

Who: Eja D'Angelo
Parents: Shania Twain and Mutt Lange
Why? There's not much hope if your dad is called 'Mutt,' is there?

Who: Lux Gillespie
Parents: Bobby Gillepsie and Katy England
Why? Due to a love of either The Cramps or soap.

Who: Omri Greenwood
Parents: Jonny Greenwood and Sharona Katan
Why? It's probably something to do with trees, isn't it?

Who: Jonas Rocket
Parents: Tom Delonge and Jennifer Delonge
Why? He hearts the Jonas Brothers. Who knew?

Who: Sparrow James Midnight Madden
Parents: Joel Madden and Nicole Ritchie
Why? This is what happens when you play a word association game when drunk in order to name your kid.

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4 AM sleeping, Vanessa, and how I see love

I couldn't fall asleep till 4 AM - RIDICULOUS! Vanessa buzzed me this morning, asking about lunch; I TOLD YOU THAT IT WAS FINE YESTERDAY! Of course, she had to send an email to Wayne first - that's to be expected!

You See Love As Sweet

You are a ton of fun, and you love to bond with others. You make instant friends with people.

Whenever you are single, you are very ready to love. You have an open heart.

You are an easy person to be with and an easy person to love. You are a joy to be around.

If you have good food, good company, and good weather, then there's not much more you can ask for.

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Good birthdays, PNE, Night Market, energy, and politics

Turns out Chinese Eric tried calling me back, but I didn't respond since I was in the middle of a battle with a Rambling Evil Mushroom and a Mobile Sprout. He went on MSN to say that he'd been out with his dad and then had a family dinner - sounds about right! At least it's been a good day so far for him, which is what it should be for your birthday! Exchanged various emoticons like hugs, hearts, and thumbs-up symbols! We talked about Nate's movie night this Thursday, a BC Lions game (not my thing), the PNE / Night Market, his energy at night, letting me know, the pretty weather, the HST vote, politics, how the mayor should step down, and more. Then Vanessa H. got on MSN, wanting to know about lunch tomorrow - sure thing, I guess.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Chinese Eric's birthday, BLING, light bulb heaven, Ocean Breeze, Chrystal rescheduling

This morning, I tried calling Chinese Eric to wish him a happy birthday, but got his mom instead. Auntie said that Eric was out with his dad, and she'd get him to call me later. I wasn't banking on that quite yet, but do understand things with him! When I went out later, I saw Roberta Rosner all blinged out at the bus stop, with all sorts of shiny necklaces and jewelry! I went to Big Orange for some blueberry bubble tea, to Shoppers Drug Mart to stock up on some on-sale laundry detergent (Ocean Breeze and Rain Forest) even though I have two at home, and to London Drugs to get Excel White gum x3 and five packages of 60-watt light bulbs. I forgot about the construction at London Drugs, so I called Chrystal when I got home to advise her of it and change the meeting place slightly. She wasn't at work, so I tried her home phone - since THAT was busy, I tried her cellphone since I could always leave a message!

As it happened, she wanted to reschedule for Wednesday instead since her aunt and uncle are leaving town tomorrow, and the family's doing something with them; that's certainly fine! After telling her some directions to the bus stop or steps, I told Teunis that his important mail had FINALLY arrived! I'm not very patient with the mailing system since I thought he set up mail forwarding already, and it would be at the new place! Seems he hasn't had the time to do that yet, but picking it up this week sometime sounds good! Since I know he's busy, I'll just bug him about the Shaw Digital Box thing tomorrow!

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How Self-Reliant Are You?

You Are Very Self-Reliant

You are living your own life and getting things done. You are good at taking care of yourself.

You are very independent and headstrong. You surprise yourself with your own strength.

You stand up for yourself and take charge of chaotic situations. You are assertive and responsible.

You do how you please and always look out for yourself. You love yourself and are happy that you put yourself first.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

DRAGON WARRIOR, EARTHBOUND, surreal movies, Harmony Korine, and KIDS

Just before I left for the family dinner, I found EARTHBOUND and all four DRAGON WARRIOR games on that Vizzed site - YAY! Steph and Lisa picked me up, and it turns out they forgot about the tea - oh well. Mom's friend Rita wasn't able to make it, which is fine. Got to the townhouse at the same time as Eric, Nathan, Jeremy, Jon, and Harmony - we discussed aphrodisiacs as "pre-bedroom things," Lars von Trier, Quentin Tarantino, TRAINSPOTTING, PULP FICTION, CRASH, KIDS, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, Harmony Korine, SANTE SANGRE, surreal movies, offal, tripe, haggis, organ meat, headcheese, Rocky Mountain Oysters, mothers' arms, bread, a Virgo notepad, "lemonade pork chops" as "lemonade Pop Tarts," Lisa's park work at Wreck Beach, my upcoming birthday, age jokes, Dakota (Martha Grimes), Saving Fish from Drowning (Amy Tan), cookbooks, the BBQ, Christon not talking because of stress, psychomagic, lamb, salmon, and more. We also talked about the next movie night, blueberries, cherries, chocolate, Neapolitan ice cream, coffee, Singapore, house shows, the Bacon Brothers (one was killed), property costs, Italian pasta, and more. Of course, I amused myself by trying to get Grandma to drink beer!

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AC/DC shirts at church - PHOTO EVIDENCE!

When Eric picked me up this morning, we discussed my "devil shirt" and the even more offensive Slayer T-shirt that Steve L. linked me to once / yesterday's BBQ / Cindy knowing what he had to tell him from me / my being "crazy and drunk" / tonight's dinner and my shock that he and Jeremy would be invited / FINAL FANTASY / PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES / DARKWING DUCK / real life / my negative associations with DONKEY KONGA / Go Fish (the card game) / Dylan, Deb, Mike, Mary (Eric doesn't know her last name?!), Christon, and more people helping with the BBQ (NOT Mr. Creep, though!) / the long day from 1:30 to 10:30 / watermelon / kids. I'm glad I didn't go, since I needed the downtime! I got to church and saw Steph and Harmony sitting together - I was just going to sit by Tracy on the other end of the pew, but saw Mr. Creep a row up, so I couldn't get out of there fast enough! Ended up sitting near Dave and Yvonne, who said hi - Shally joined them a while later. Steph came up to me, and wanted me to sit by them like sisters; no, because I didn't want to see Mr. Creep every time I looked up!

After service, I gave Mike K. his birthday card and Post-Its; he thanked me, said he expected a card from me every year, and said that the Post-Its would go towards school or plastering someone's car with them! Hahahaha, I've seen those pictures on the Internet also! Steph said that I'd embarrassed her and Harmony because they thought I was moving to sit near them, so of course they did a "seat shuffle" to accommodate it! I got Steph to take my picture in the AC/DC shirt (making sure the cross was visible in the background), and I noticed Eric giving me a weird look - HEY, YOU KNOW THAT I'VE WANTED THIS FOR SOME TIME, THANKS TO STEVE L. AND MIKAELA! After that, Mom told Steph and Harmony to find me a man, SOON! Of course I let out a "WHAT?!" reaction which was probably heard by a bunch of Chinese people... oh well. Later, I talked to Lily / little Gavin / little Allison thinking that people are on vacation if she doesn't see them at church (like Joey?!) / Anita W. / Hannah L. / Jeremy ("nice shirt") / Jose / Jane / Ada / Karen Y. / Helen K. / Nicholas / little Cory / Victor / Chris T. / Sheena (on crutches since she fractured her leg playing tennis) / Anita T. / Andrew L. / Nathan. Yeah, Steph and Lisa can pick me up to save Nate some time! (then they'll pick up Mom's widow friend Rita, who had knee surgery?!)

Steph and I talked to Karen and Lincoln for a bit - I will get Steph to bring the menstrual tea tonight since we need a picture of that and the menopause tea! After I moved to give Maxine some room since she was carrying baby Emma, I went upstairs to Toddler Sunday School since I'd be bored if I waited around for Eric. Waved hi to Gino, and saw Chrystal - yes, we're still on for Tuesday night! Ada, Ashley, Arthur, David, Evelyn, Alexis, and Anastasia were there along with Auntie Ying and Rachel's grandma. Talked about "happy snail," planes, going down slides backwards, toys, heart drawings, name spellings, Lego, shiny silver shoes, and more prior to Eric coming upstairs to get me since he had brunch with his parents. On our way out, I waved to Jeff and baby Joanna. We discussed zombies / combines / headcrab, a STARCRAFT starter kit, DISTRICT 9, BREATH OF FIRE, roms, my metal music Youtube playlist, Children of Bodom, GWAR, AFI, Cradle of Filth, Elizabeth thinking Ministry was a Christian band (HAHAHA), "evil music," the Christian radio station (the music wasn't hurting my shirt!), Third Day, HALF-LIFE 2 / toilets / blood / throwing toilets at people, Christmas music, SUPER MARIO RPG, and more.

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VBS, Eric telling Cindy, Mike T., Mikaela, Steve L., Anthony, extensive levelling, and Disney

I checked Facebook, and it turns out that VBS starts on Monday! Since Cindy was asking about that the last time I saw her (for the Skeena Terrace people), I decided to call her cell to let her know. Didn't get an answer, so I called Eric to tell HIM to tell her for me - I know he'll remember, since it's CINDY, after all! (hahaha... if he doesn't, I'll totally have a reason to rant at him in a bit!) Mike T. also buzzed me on Facebook chat to talk briefly - always good! Called Steph to see if she'll be at church; since she will, this is a good time to do what I'd told Mikaela (embryogirl) and Steve L. (wrathchild) I'd do, hahaha! I got sick of the levelling in FINAL FANTASY 4 last night, so I'll find another game! Also heard that Anthony got married yesterday, heh.

You Should Go on a Disney Cruise

You love to meet people and learn about their lives. You are very outgoing and open to new connections.

You are an amazing storyteller. You always have a new story to relate, and your friends love to listen to you.

You absolutely can't stand dealing with details. Details both bore and annoy you.

You would fit right in on a Disney Cruise. You would treasure the people you meet and the adventures you have together!

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