Saturday, June 06, 2009

Smiling, popcorn, ice cream, and more! (survey) / Green Poo!

Postdating this just in case I can't write anything when it's officially my brother's wedding day. :P [talked to Dawn and Eunice earlier, though!]

From Sharlene, via Facebook note:

If you're reading it, you're tagged. You have to answer this and tag 15 people, including the person who tagged you.

1. What color is your toothbrush? Blue and white.

2. Name one person who made you smile today: Jeremy!

3. What were you doing at 8 AM this morning? Sleeping!

4. What were you doing 45 minutes ago? Trying to resign myself to being awake. :P

5. What is your favorite candy bar? Aero / Mirage.

6. Have you ever been to a strip club? No.

7. What is the last thing you said aloud? "I'll come over later!"

8. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip.

9. What was the last thing you had to drink? Water... it's SO HOT! Hope Holly has plenty of it tomorrow...

10. Do you like your wallet? Meh, it's okay. Bought the Jessica at Sears last year while killing time / avoiding people.

11. What was the last thing you ate? Some leftover pasta.

12. Have you bought any new clothing items this week? No!

13. The last sporting event you watched? Playoff hockey!

14. What is your favorite flavor of popcorn? Anything spicy!

15. Who is the last person you sent a text message to? N/A.

16. Ever go camping? Yes.

17. Do you take vitamins daily? No.

18. Do you go to church every Sunday? Yes.

19. Do you have a tan? No.

20. Do you prefer Chinese food over pizza? Sometimes.

21. Do you drink your soda with a straw? Rarely.

22. What did your last text message say? N/A.

23. What are you doing tomorrow? Wedding stuff, duh!

25. Look to your left, what do you see? Computer monitor.

26. What color is your watch? Yellow and grey. Or maybe it's the bling watch!

27. What do you think of when you hear Australia? SWEET ACCENTS!

29. Do you go in at a fast food place or just hit the drive-thru? Go in.

30. What is your favorite number? 12.

31. Who's the last person you talked to on the phone? Jon.

32. Any plans today? Trying on dragon dress, and helping out...

33. How many states have you lived in? I have always lived in Canada, so none.

34. Biggest annoyance right now? Stupid random people! (see last entry)

35. Last song listened to? Pantera, Hollow.

36. Can you say the alphabet backwards? Yes.

37. Do you have a maid service clean your house? I WISH!

38. Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time? My $15 shoes!

40. Is anyone jealous of you? I don't think there's a reason for anyone to be jealous of ME.

41. Do you love anyone? Of course.

42. Do any of your friends have children? Yes, and there's quite a lot of them too.

43. What do you usually do during the day? Not too much.

44. Do you hate anyone right now? No.

45. Do you use the word 'hello' daily? Depends.

46. What color is your car? Invisible!

47. Do you like cats? Sure.

48. Are you thinking about someone right now? You bet!

49. Have you ever been to Six Flags? No.

50. How did you get your worst scar? Skating on a school field trip!

Poo nugget for this weekend: Dr. Stool Says - Green Poo - When you expect to see a brown poo in the toilet, but instead are startled by a solid green log, there could be two main culprits: diet and infection. Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, are the main dietary culprits of green poo. Green poo can also represent a gastrointestinal infection, especially with a bacterium called Clostridium difficile. Infection with this bug typically occurs after a course of antibiotics taken for some other infection, and can range in severity from mild to life-threatening. Treatment requires administration of a different type of antibiotic.

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Shackles, animals, and valleys... Mom is hilarious!

Couldn't find my bus pass, so asked my dad to drive me to the townhouse. Found Dad's copy of FOXE'S BOOK OF MARTYRS, which I keep forgetting to return, so stashed that in my stuff too. His reaction when I gave it back: "So they all died, right?" Somewhat obviously if they were all martyrs, yes... :P

Had dinner when I got there, and then we discussed clothing / plans / tomorrow's timeline. We amused ourselves by measuring Grandma's butt: 44 inches around! She was definitely NOT impressed, hahaha. "Measure yourself! Cheh!" Steph will drive me and Vivian S. all day tomorrow; Viv doesn't mind being out all day, apparently. Went with my mom and sister to pick up a lot of baked goods to put in the church kitchen's fridge - thank goodness that works, too. Encountered a SLOW man in an alley: HURRY UP! There were lots of people out and about on a Friday night, heh.

Saw Stanley at church, who said that he had nothing to do. He had a cool pink shirt and cowboy hat, though! Says he hates Facebook because people don't play the games when he does. Learned that Julie and Elaine's mom is dying, and that's too bad for the girls. Auntie Cynthia is a nice person, and really loved the toddlers too. The family plans on going to church on Sunday, so perhaps I will too - depends on how tired I am, but we'll see. I was a bit cranky already when we got home, even with cheesecake and stuff. Tomorrow will be crazy, man! Had to try on pants and the dragon top... it's my style, haha.

Hilarious quotes from Mom tonight:

1. "You know when you give birth, they give you an ANIMAL so you don't poo on the doctors!" (she meant an ENEMA!)

2. "What do they call those things that your legs are in when you give birth? I know! The doctors put your feet in SHACKLES!" (she meant STIRRUPS)

3. "Give me your mouth!" Um, no.

4. "Let this dragon necklace dangle in your valley..." (she means cleavage...)

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Mall stairs dream / No more fussiness! / Stupid random idiots! / UnbreakableSalmon

I'm up at 9:45 and was awake an hour earlier (went to bed at almost 4 AM) only because some stupid people were making noise right outside my window. Was having a dream where Pastor Ted and his wife Auntie Grace were guiding me, Grandma, and others around a mall especially when Grandma got hungry. All the little stairs were a bit much for the old lady to handle, but she seemed to be okay. No idea why I had the dream, heh.

Got a weird phone call from Kamloops when I was out yesterday, which wasn't from the usual number: 250-434-7096, anyone? I remember being further relieved last night (after helping Harmony with Grace's cake knife, and her mom with Kleenex) that I wasn't with a certain person anymore - he would have made a big fuss about me and Jeremy sharing each other's drinks. Dude, it's what we DO at times! My reaction to that would have been the same as it was back then: "If you don't like it, TOO BAD!" Totally not worth making a big deal about, man! Saw Eric Ho briefly online last night when I did get home, but couldn't talk to him since I was trying to sorta catch up. TMI: My nose is peeling BADLY, man... good thing I can just deal with the skin now, haha.

Had a message from Michael Head just now on Facebook, basically nudging me in Wordscraper. Now, I don't expect random people to just know that I'm busy with my brother's wedding this weekend, but seriously. I dislike being nudged anyway, but just because he thinks that "I know you play often and several games at a time" does not mean he can assume that I'll be at the computer all the time - sheesh!

Facebook quiz taken from Becky:

Leslie completed the quiz "What is Your Inner Self?" with the result A Universal Person. You're a perfect balance of everything. You've gone through a fair share of things to be able to put yourself in people's shoes. You are caring and understanding. You are fun and warm to be around. You tend to help people. You know what it is like to be at an all-time low, and you know how to deal with things a lot. And you are good friends with all of your friends. You are kinda like the Goldilocks of personalities. The things you do are practical, but sensitive to whom it would affect. You are at ease with yourself, and have spent a good deal of time finding yourself. Now that you have, you've finally bloomed into something beautiful.

Hahaha. I got salmoned without even having to update, again!

[10:14:28] unbreakablesalmon: Pirate vs. Ninja. who wins?
[10:16:57] flamsterette_x: Pirate vs. Ninja... the Ninja!
[10:17:35] unbreakablesalmon: who's this?
[10:18:42] flamsterette_x: nobody you know... we've been connected through a bot
[10:19:33] unbreakablesalmon: Did you receive virus from me? I hope not...
[10:20:25] flamsterette_x: do you have a virus?
[10:20:47] unbreakablesalmon: not that I know of..
[10:22:00] flamsterette_x: Okay, I can tell you what this is. It is NOT a virus. We won't be getting any from this conversation.
[10:22:19] flamsterette_x: look up
[10:22:26] flamsterette_x: the.
[10:22:27] flamsterette_x: missing.
[10:22:29] flamsterette_x: hat.
[10:22:44] unbreakablesalmon: what?
[10:22:59] flamsterette_x: on LiveJournal
[10:23:09] unbreakablesalmon: ah alright...
[10:25:38] flamsterette_x: all one word
[10:25:48] unbreakablesalmon: it's a community?
[10:25:55] flamsterette_x: or look up Project Upstream on Google
[10:26:10] unbreakablesalmon: got it, thanks
[10:26:13] flamsterette_x: it's a community created to discuss the phenomenon, yes

You Are A Little Snobby

Being a little snobby every once and a while is totally allowed.

If no one was ever snobby, people wouldn't try to better themselves.

While you enjoy the finest things in life (that you can afford), you do tire of superficiality.

You know there's more to life than what's just on the surface.

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Wedding rehearsal and the Alibi Room

Went to the townhouse to find my mom busy assembling lasagna for tonight's dinner at the wedding rehearsal. Steph warned me to stay out of Mom's way since she was stressed - you don't have to tell me twice! I figured that it would also reduce my own stress level, especially if I tried to be helpful. Mom actually thanked me for being helpful, which was nice. I heard about their visit to the salon today, and Grandma wondered why I didn't go with them. As I told Christon later, I figured I'd save myself the expense if I didn't strictly need it! For some reason, Steph brought up THE BOOTY LOGO, and kinda thought it should be included in the slideshow! When Jon got in, I asked him about it - ah yes, it would be Nathan's say-so, not his! (I told Nathan that I'd email him something when I got home - a strange picture, indeed!) There was a LOT of stuff to load into the Subaru, but they did it! Steph and Mom left earlier than I did, which was fine. (asked Jon if Ray and Dallas were coming back for the wedding, but they aren't - oh well...)

I got to the church with Dad, Jon, and Grandma later on just as Daniel / Chris / Sonya / Ivan were finishing up worship practice. Grandma actually gave me a ring with a purple stone set into it - I'm sure it's not REAL, just like the jade bracelet I saw her with in Chinatown years ago wasn't real. Then again, you never know! Chatted with Phil barbecuing stuff in the courtyard, who'd seen my Facebook status: "Leslie doesn't want bad stuff at the wedding rehearsal or wedding or marriage. Thus she is bringing along a book on useless history to the wedding rehearsal, not one on murder." Not that I believe in omens and stuff really, but every little bit helps! He seemed to agree, anyhow... so of course I had to show him, Nathan, and Jeremy the TOTALLY USELESS book! (of course he can borrow it later when I'm done with it - he says it'll be awesome!) Daniel was telling Ivan about Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven, written when his son Conor fell out a window and died.

After a while spent talking to Andrea / Michelle / Daniel / Grace / Myles / Brit, I met a bunch of Harmony's helpers and bridesmaids - Colleen from Calgary, Patricia, Karina, Anita (who does look like Maxine!), and others. Holly and Peter got there a bit later, and Peter said that Steph had come into his clinic for a massage. I'm not surprised that she was telling him a bunch of dirt on the family, such as how we used to sit on each other and all. Of course I greeted Auntie Wing Yee and Uncle Joe (Harmony's parents) when I saw them! Sat with Myles, Holly, Peter, Brit, and others at a table and discussed the Toronto engagement photos taken at a coffee shop / what we'd done today / Viva Java coffee / watermelon / lasagna / bacon-wrapped shrimp / how we couldn't wait to hear the speeches on Saturday / the church truly being a new building / the kitchen being in some sort of decent working order. Mom thought Peter could beat Jon in a wrestling match; when Peter told him this, Jon wondered what kind of support THAT was, haha. Talked to a couple of people whom my mom works with - one of them brought her son Everett, who actually goes to the school where Holly teaches!

The rehearsal itself eventually got underway, with plenty of pictures being taken. Myles wondered why I was so shy, haha. Steph offered me some coffee, and asked me to watch her cup for her - "CAFFEINE ADDICT PICTURE" haha. As long as I knew what I was doing and when I'd be doing it, I'd be fine. Uncle Joe's slideshow is going to be during the ceremony before the bride comes in, but at least I'll be there to watch it because I'll usher Grandma in first. (in full view of everyone, ack!) Someone told Steph to put her cup of coffee in the washroom if she didn't want it cleaned up by the kitchen help - what a suggestion! Rehearsal wasn't that bad, really - as the GM, Lesley said my pace was fine! Dad got a bit upset (but didn't show it too much) since he wasn't walking in with Mom originally while Harmony's parents were being escorted in together by Myles, but that got resolved at the end of the evening.

At one point, Grandma didn't want Myles and Peter to take her picture, but it was too bad, heh. Saw the guy named Ezra, who actually is an older man - oh good, I thought it was a younger male! (you never know...) Checked in with Eric to see if he was attending the dinner at Stanford's restaurant tomorrow - since he isn't, I'm off the hook and don't have to eat with perfidious blackguards and turncoats! Besides, I have to see if the dragon dress fits me tomorrow night sometime too. Jeremy later said that it was a good thing I'd be going over to my parents' place then; that way, any wedding-day wardrobe malfunctions could be avoided since they could hopefully be fixed beforehand! He'd been at a wedding where things were delayed for half an hour because the zipper on one of the bridesmaids' dresses got stuck... yikes! Talked to Chuck for a bit later, and discussed rings with Grace and Michelle too. Jon and Harmony invited us to the Alibi Room later to treat us, so at least I got to go there since I missed out on the engagement party in January!

Talked about duties, Ron coming to take some photos in the park, my mom thinking that Steph would be a cougar if she went after Jonathan G., her having no shame when she tried to play the role of matchmaker as she wanted Vanessa to "hook up" with Jonathan, Christon telling us that she also announced to Daniel that she heard he was pregnant (not biologically possible!), kids, Phil and Grace, and more. Johnny came with a couple of his friends, but they didn't seem to want to sit with us, opting for outdoor seating. Nathan and Christon even tried to make conversation, man! I joked with Jeremy that it had been ALL HIS FAULT, haha! Jeremy and I tried each other's beers; Harmony wondered if Jeremy put me up to ordering some four-star Red Racer extra bitter ale, but he hadn't at all. He was right - his Irish ale tasted like water after I'd had mine!

Jon furthered my bad impressions with Patricia (whom I was meeting for the second time or so) by saying that I took almost any excuse to drink, and offered me the rest of someone's gin and tonic plus some other beer. We talked about the size of our families, the PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 5.5-hour marathon (Eric kinda watched it, but only because he had female roommates at the time), burgers, Eric and Jeremy not being Aaron the DJ although they're all white, Rob and Ross, the red-face Asian gene (carcinogenic?), the giant stuffed bunny near Jeremy's place, our family nicknames, Facebook, not knowing certain people were on there, Spoz, and Corey. Also discussed Jon's intro of Dad as "the balding guy," my ear issues, how Translink should bring bus schedules BACK at stops instead of just having a number to text for the stop times, Harmony getting me to slap Jon for her in the future, spicy ketchup, olives, burgers, the itinerary, Peking duck wraps, piano, Christon going to Stanford's dinner if someone was going to treat him, and more. Definitely a good time out, and I get more downtime this way!

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Dating, life ratings, gaydar, and the opulence of Chinese emperors

Leslie's just got their Serbian Name. I just got my Serbian Name. It's Tamara Vukovic.

Facebook quizzes taken from Becky, Silvester, Morgana, Kaitlin, Darren, and Dana:

Leslie took the How Dateable are you quiz and got the result: 67%.

Leslie took the Rate my life! quiz and got the result: 7.2. (What a BS quiz, man. I've done NOTHING in #5, yet it insisted I had to answer all the questions in order to get my result, so I just picked one. *rolleyes*)

Leslie took the How Good Is Your GAYDAR? quiz and got the result: Your gaydar is 99% correct!

Leslie took the Which Canadian city should you live in? quiz and the result is Halifax!!! You like the ocean, and enjoy water activities; however, you don't like the pressures and pollution of a big city. You don't mind snow, but would feel better if it is not too cold. (I have no idea where this quiz got the impression that I don't mind the snow! :P)

Leslie took the Who is your Guardian Angel? quiz and the result is Uriel. "God is light," "God's light," Fire of God." Uriel is considered one of the wisest Archangels because of his intellectual information, practical solutions, and creative insight... but he is very subtle. You may not even realize he has answered your prayer until you've suddenly come up with a brilliant new idea. Uriel is the tallest, and his eyes can see through the eternity. All this considered, Uriel's area of expertise is divine magic, problem solving, spiritual understanding, studies, alchemy, weather, earth changes, and writing. He is considered to be the Archangel who helps with earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disasters, and earth changes. Call on Uriel to avert such events, or to heal and recover in their aftermath. Uriel is opening you for fairy kingdoms, and teaches you to find peace and patience which will bring you sudden insight, understanding, and enlightenment. He brings the message: "Don't force yourself when you don't know what will happen or what can happen. Don't worry about the future... give up your mind control, and TRUST. Let the higher powers take actions that will lead you on a good path again."

Leslie completed the quiz "How much do you know about Atlanta?" with the result Native. You are a native-born, and know it all. Yeehaw!

Leslie just took the "What historical warrior are you?" quiz and the result is Knight. You fight for glory - the glory of your liege, yourself and the maiden you so dearly love! You protect the weak and vanquish evil! The Code of Chivalry guides your actions and moral concerns. You do what you believe is right, and you are not afraid to mount your steed and charge lance-first into the fray!

Leslie took the quiz, "How well do you know Haysi?" and got the result: "HAYSI TOWNIE!" You know Haysi well, and can certainly make your way around. People ask you for directions, and you seldom get lost. This isn't to say you know everything though, and you should find some excuses to explore more of the area with your friends! After all, there's no better way to get to know a neighborhood than with your pals. :)

Poo nugget for Friday, June 5: Doo You Know? - Chinese Opulence - Chinese emperors in the fourteenth century were the first to use paper specifically for the purpose of toileting, and ordered it in sheets that measured two feet by three feet. This seems luxurious by today's standards, where a typical sheet measures a measly 4.5 inches square.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Alignments, states, Natalie, and Diane

Renewed a couple of library books before I'll leave for the wedding rehearsal, heh.

Leslie took the quiz How well do you know Vancouver?" and got the result: "VANCOUVER EXPERT!" You know Vancouver like the back of your hand! Although you may be missing a few spots here and there, Vancouver is a place you know well. Vancouver has some surprises for you yet, though. Make sure to never stop venturing to new places, because this place is better than you might think... Of course, your Vancouver friends will make every experience better no matter where you are. :)

Facebook quizzes taken from Natalie, Diane, Morgana, and Ellen:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which alignment are you?" with the result Chaotic Good. Known as the "Beatific," "Rebel," or "Cynic" alignment, a chaotic good character favors change for a greater good, disdains bureaucratic organizations that get in the way of social improvement, and places a high value on personal freedom, not only for oneself, but for others as well. Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, Robin Hood, and V from V for Vendetta are common Chaotic Good characters.

Leslie took the What state should you live in? quiz and got the result: California.

Leslie completed the quiz "Are you a bitch???" with the result Classy Bitch. You walk like a bitch and you talk like a bitch, but you're hot and classy. :)

Leslie just took the "Are You Loved, Liked, or Hated?" quiz and the result is You're Liked. Congrats. You're fairly liked. But you are bordering on the edge of being hated and loved. Watch yourself there.

Leslie took the quiz "How well do you know Basildon?" and got the result: "BASILDON TOURIST!" You're not exactly an expert on Basildon, but that just means it's a great opportunity to learn more about the place! Maybe you've only moved into town recently, or maybe you've only been there a few times. Nevertheless, make sure to spend some time with friends in the area and you'll be an expert in no time!

You Are Intuitive

You are very sharp and shrewd. You can see the best and worst sides of people.

Right now, you are seeking peace and tranquility in your life.

You are drawn to people who are energetic and blissful.

You feel like there are a few minor things in your life that need to be changed.

You find that any decision you have to make needs to be slept on... often for multiple nights.

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Some nights, YOU will have the headache!

This thing restarted again... UGH! Off to wedding rehearsal in a bit... wish me luck!

These tips are from The Husband Book: A Guy's Guide To Marriage by Harry Harrison Junior, which I plan to give to my brother for his wedding.

The Best Years

Buy a smaller home. She'll want cozy. You'll love the payments.

Do all the things you couldn't do while there was soccer practice, weekend tournaments, proms, and homework. Like sleep in on Saturdays.

You'll be amazed at how you can love this woman more today than you did twenty-five years ago.

Buy two La-Z-Boys.

Take her shopping at all the places you couldn't afford when you had college-tuition payments.

Make sure your kids understand when and where your monetary support will end. By now, she won't fight you on this.

When the kids come home in the summer, she will act as if they're ten years old and need constant mothering again. If they didn't like it, they wouldn't come home.

Adopt an older dog. Already house-trained.

Enjoy the routine.

You'll notice some nights it's you who has the headache. She won't care.

Take long walks in the park.

Talk about where you really want to live.

When she says she always wants the kids to feel like they have a room of their own, smile and nod.

Make sure she takes her calcium pills.

Go to the mountains in the summer.

Don't put too much faith in the stock market.

Thank God for your marriage every night.

Every Morning

Start a new affair with her.

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Univalent bingo and wedding itineraries

Bingo of the night so far:

UNIVALENT (375 points) - against Angela V.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

UNIVALENT (375 points) - against Angela V. [bingo, two 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
RIMOUS (144 points; two 4W), TYEES (5W, 3L on Y, a good deficit-erasing word!) - against Justin E.
TUMBLERS (475 points) - against Sherisse G. [two 5W]
GUMWEED (383 points) - against Greg D. [two 5W]
ONLAYS (403 points; 2W, 4W, 5W), YERBAS (2W, 5W, hooks off COG and GO to make YO and EGO), DRAW (160 points; two 4W) - against Susan H.
POUTINE (327 points) - against Robyn B. [5W, 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Interesting rack of the night so far: FLATCLAW (against Dawn L. - read that as "flat claw")

Harmony forwarded us a wedding itinerary... I kinda thought some things would be on there, haha. Things are counting down, all right. It'll be good to see certain people, and it'll be the first wedding banquet in a while with dancing! Somebody named Ezra is on the list of helpers, heh. Then again, I had a rather visceral "EWWWW!" reaction upon seeing someone else's name on said list. Bleh!

Facebook quizzes taken from Jane, Jennifer J., Kaitlin, and Gabriel:

Leslie completed the quiz "What U.S. state do you belong in?" with the result South Carolina. Everything from your attire to your meal choices is refined and classy. Your ideal home has blue shutters, a white picket fence, and a quaint little garden of petunias. Your typical Sunday entails sitting on your porch with a good book, breathing in the beautiful fresh air, and sipping lemonade with your husband / wife... knowing your loyal labrador retriever is just a whistle away. You find beauty in the simple things and it doesn't take elaborate gestures and or expensive gifts to woo you, but rather, a poem or some picked flowers will make your heart melt. Family means the world to you, and once you find that special someone, you will have a love that will last a lifetime.

Leslie just compared their Last Name to hundreds of thousands in the database to see How Common Is Your Last Name? NG is the #1,168 most common last name in the United States! Your surname is in the top 11.8% most common! Your Last Name Evaluation Result is: Very Common. (Yeah, I figured as much...)

Leslie completed the quiz "What Wild Animal Are You?" with the result You are the Bear. You are fun, energetic, and love adventures. There is not a lot that you are not capable of doing. You love swimming and doing anything outdoors or with your family and friends. You like to be in beautiful places and don't mind getting dirty and running around in the mud. You don't have a style, and to you, fashion is frivolous and unneeded. You have many friends who are loyal to you and love you. You are very protective of your friends and your family. No one messes with you and, for the most part, you don't mess with anyone else. You are overall a very laid-back and fun person.

Leslie completed the quiz "What epic warrior do you unleash?" with the result Katsumoto. When you are a samurai, you are one with your sword, making you a lethal weapon with the passion and dedication to achieve perfection in anything you do, especially combat. When you're a samurai leader like Katsumoto, you're in a league of your own, respected as a god! And a god you are when you unleash the inner warrior, going through enemies like a thirsty blood-hungry blade!

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Totalitarian Dictator are you?" with the result Joseph Stalin. Pretty bad. Nasty as well... nice mustache, though.

Leslie took the How Tall are you going to be? quiz and got the result: 5'9".

Poo nugget for Thursday, June 4: Dr. Stool Says - Fiber Diet - There is an inverse relationship between the amount of fiber eaten and the rate of diverticulosis. Diverticulosis, or outpouchings in the colon, is quite rare in parts of the world where dietary fiber intake is high. (like Asia) The fiber intake gap between countries like the U.S. (where diverticulosis rates are high) and Asian countries is quite remarkable. Asian populations consume upward of forty-five grams of fiber a day, while the average American eats only ten grams.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fairly fresh blood in elevators, and useless history... yes!

I got up from a dream of Billie and me trying to find our way to my brother's wedding in a crowd of thousands for a conference, had some pasta, and rushed out the door after packing some water to go along with my book. Was thinking that it wasn't a frugal use of time to go AGAIN to the Vancouver General Hospital area for only maybe half an hour when it took me a long time to get there (not to mention the invariable getting LOST), but I figured I'd be happy if I didn't have to go back there anytime soon. Was determined to make this appointment, though - and I did, albeit fifteen minutes late because I was trying to find the building. Since it was hot, I did not find myself in an even temper. I contemplated yelling at people because the building was so hard to find in a confusing layout, but I eventually got there. Also saw fairly fresh blood in an elevator, so that was one YAY FOR MORBIDITY right there! (and people in the Vancouver LJ community thought I was retarded for saying that I'd wished I lived near the scene of a stabbing / screaming match last night... CHEH!)

The doctor told me what I could have figured out myself: that my eardrum appeared to have healed just fine. Yeah, I thought so since I hadn't been having any trouble lately! Then I had to have a hearing test just in case; I found myself thinking of Maxine, who does stuff related to this at her work! When the doctor said something about my going back there for a follow-up, I was proactive and asked if I could do this in Richmond. Luckily, he said I could - oh good, it could be easier to find, and save me some time! I was a bit confused heading back to familiar streets, but got on the right bus to Broadway at least. Decided to spend some time in Chapters, and renewed my membership while looking at the Ian Crofton book of useless history. Wanted to get a journal since my red-and-black bag didn't have one (handy for jotting down notes to self while I'm out), but I decided to wait on that till I'd searched my room at home for any I could use. I actually found a few spiral school notebooks that my mom had given me earlier, so that also saved money. Glad I'm home, though!

Leslie just took the Are You Lazy Quiz and is A Little Lazy. I am A Little Lazy. You are a little lazy, but that's okay. It doesn't hurt to kick back and relax every once in a while. Just be careful you don't slack off too much and become full-on lazy... your house might start to smell.

Leslie just took the Are You A Redneck Quiz and is Not A Redneck. I am Not A Redneck. You are not a redneck. This may come as good news to you, unless of course you were hoping you were a redneck.

Leslie's just got their Cowboy Name. I just got my Cowboy Name. It's Grace "Wild-Man" Baker.

Leslie's just got their Roman Name. I just got my Roman Name. It's Jocunda Lucretia.

Leslie took the Which Jon and Kate plus 8 character are you? quiz and the result is Joel. You keep to yourself most of the time, and are normally under the radar.

Facebook quizzes taken from Darren, Jamie, and Morgana:

Leslie took the What animal are you? quiz and the result is fish. You are calm, sweet, and generous. You have lots of friends, and people look up to you.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Vodou lwa are you?" with the result You're La Siren. Ever realised you'd gotten so deep into the realm of dreamland that you'd missed an entire conversation, and had to back-track? I thought so, you mermaid person, you! La Sirens are not of this world. Like the other wild artists of your community, you live on the fringe in some way, whether geographically or mentally. Some people think you're an artistic genius, and others just think you're rude... the point is, you don't care.

Leslie just took the "What Fantasy Race are You?" quiz and the result is surface drow. You, my friend, have seen the errors of your race, and foresaken your homeland in search of where you really belong. Keep searching, and keep to the good path. One day, your efforts will be rewarded.

You Feel Like Autumn

You have reached a point in your life where you feel successful and accomplished.

You have a full, bountiful life. And you're ready to sit back and enjoy it.

While you feel like you finally have enough in your life, you may find that you also have things you no longer need.

This is a time for you to reassess who you are, what you need, and where you want to go next in your life.

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A hoagie, Wembley Fraggle, Doozers, and more!

High-scoring words of the night so far:

HOAGIE (1057 points) - against Jacques T. [3W, two 5W, hook off PALS to make OPALS]
TERRINE (288 points; two 3W, two 2W), GAMBIT (517 points; two 3W, two 2W, hook off ARKS to make MARKS) - against Kristin G.
SURF (284 points) - against Claire C. [two 5W, hook off REAP for a plural]
SNARKY (153 points) - against George M. [two 3W]
BEATING (192 points) - against David J. [two 4W]
DISTRAIN (690 points) - against Michael H. [5W, 2W, 4W]

Kevin sent me some Evite for a dinner at Stanford's restaurant, which I promptly said MAYBE to. You never know if I'll be doing last-minute wedding stuff. :P

Leslie's just got their Gangster Name. I just got my Gangster Name. It's Katarina "The Weasel" Milano.

Leslie's just got their Viking Name. I just got my Viking Name. It's Ragnhild.

Leslie's just got their Fraggle Name. I just got my Fraggle Name. It's Wembley.

Leslie's just got their Doozer Name. I just got my Doozer Name. It's Crosscut Doozer.

Leslie just took the Are You A Good Traveller Quiz and is A Good Traveller. I am A Good Traveller. You are a good traveller. You travel well and enjoy yourself when you get to your final destination. You are a seasoned traveller, and plan well for your trips.

Leslie just took the Are You Crazy Quiz and is A Little Crazy. I am A Little Crazy. You are a little crazy, but it's nothing to be worried about... we are all a little crazy.

Facebook quizzes taken from Jonathan, Becky, Steve B., Darren, and Dana:

Leslie just took the "Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, or Liverpool" quiz and the result is Manchester United. Manchester United was the Premier League's reigning champions, and have won England's top division 17 times, one short of Liverpool's record of 18 league titles. In 1968, they became the first English club to win the European Cup, beating S.L. Benfica 4–1.

Leslie just took the "What soccer position suits you best?" quiz and the result is Goalkeeper. Your job is to stay in your net until the ball comes. You don't score goals, but save games with incredible saves.

Leslie took the Road Rage Test quiz and got the result: Blazing.

Leslie took the what film can you be? quiz and the result is Harry Potter. You are smart and a good friend.

Leslie took the What were you in your past life! quiz and the result is King. You like to be in charge and have the power. You are sometimes very arrogant and cocky. People definitely talk behind your back periodically.

Leslie took the What does your sleeping position reveal about you? quiz and got the result: Freefall. Freefall: Lying on your front with your hands around the pillow, and your head turned to one side. Often gregarious and brash people, but can be nervy and thin-skinned underneath, and don't like criticism, or extreme situations.

Leslie completed the quiz "In what BADASS way are you going to become famous?" with the result YOU WILL BE THE FIRST KING OF ENGLAND TO RIDE A BEAR. FUCK THE LOGISTICS! You just reign the FUCK out of England from a FUCKING BEAR. Anybody want to argue? YOU'RE RIDING A FUCKING BEAR.

Poo nugget for Wednesday, June 3: Good Bacteria - The consumption of yogurt can help with mild forms of diarrhea caused by antibiotics. Yogurt contains active bacterial cultures that help to "re-populate" the GI tract with colon-friendly organisms that may have been wiped out by our high-powered antibiotics. The importance of these "good" bacteria is being increasingly recognized, and has resulted in the creation of the "probiotic" movement.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A gay 2009 satisfying peace, and an icy dream!

This thing restarted overnight - not surprised! I got a Kamloops phone call from 250-374-5215, and a Massachusetts phone call from 1-978-570-2340.

I had a dream where my mom and Steph were driving me around in the dead of winter - there was snow, slush, and ice everywhere. Garth (whom I haven't thought about in years) suddenly appeared in his truck, and wanted me to check out some low-income housing development near a HUGE bookstore. I elected to go with him, then made up an excuse to my family. We looked at books about weird fruit, and were transported into the world of the book. He told me that I wouldn't necessarily get the housing near the bookstore, even if reading was one of my favorite pastimes. Ada showed up with her family to deliver me from the book's world.

Possible triggers:

* reading that Dora the Explorer book about Pedro and his kite to Cori on Sunday (where Dora, her friend Boots, and Knapsack DO get transported into Pedro's world through a book)

* looking for another place to live, fruitlessly

* thinking that Ada might be a good person to have around!

Facebook quizzes taken from Gabriel, Jonathan, Kaili, Morgana:

Leslie took the How Gay Are You? quiz and got the result: 11% Gay.

Leslie took the What 2009 Song Are You? quiz and got the result: Linkin Park, New Divide.

Leslie just took the "Which Manchester United player are you?" quiz and the result is David Beckham. You are a dead ball specialist. You have a taste for fine football and fine women.

Leslie took the What Age Will You Get Married? quiz and got the result: Married at Age 27. You will be married at age 27. This is about the age that most people get married. You are at the age where you are ready to venture into the married life. (So I time-travel back a few years and get married? Sweet! Although... my brother's about to get married at age 27 himself... )

Leslie just took the "What inspirational word are you?" quiz and the result is Peace. Always aware of your surroundings, you understand what it means to be calm. Your peaceful attitude towards your life and others around you allows you to accept others' differences without harsh judgements.

Your Life is Sometimes Satisfying

You enjoy life most of the time, but you could be getting more out of it.

You have your ups and downs, but probably more of them than is ideal.

Try to live a more balanced, simple life. It's possible that stress is getting you down.

Or you may not be doing what you truly love. Seize the day, and follow your own path!

(Hahaha! The Rolling Stones' Satisfaction is playing as I type this! Gotta love that quirky coincidence, man!)

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Evil thunderstruck leprechaun and STAR FOX

High-scoring words of the night:

HAIRY (373 points) - against Leah D. [5W, 4W, hook off HUMANE to make HUMANER]
PHONE (192 points) - against David J. [two 4W]

Fielded an email from Harmony about the spelling of various baby names. I know Chung Yan's kid is Mattias, although it could be Matthias. Then again, it's a good thing that my parents got together with Uncle Ken and Auntie Amy since I now know Susan's baby is named Eden. Other than that, I really don't know!

Leslie's just got their Evil Name. I just got my Evil Name. It's Gunobs Bone-blade.

Leslie's just got their Nintendo Character Name. I just got my Nintendo Character Name. It's Falco from Star Fox.

Leslie's just got their Leprechaun Name. I just got my Leprechaun Name. It's Cabbage Lips O'Reilly.

Leslie just took the Are You Good Looking Quiz and is Okay-Looking. I am Okay-Looking. You are okay-looking and certainly turn a few heads, but you probably won't be doing any modeling. Just remember though, beauty comes from within.

Facebook quizzes taken from Jennifer J., Kaitlin, and Morgana:

Leslie took the How Hoosier Are You? quiz and the result is Congratulations! You are an authentic Hoosier!

Leslie completed the quiz "How well do you know your obscure Disney quotes?" with the result Obsessed. While you should be quite proud of your excessive Disney knowledge and have obviously grown up with the Disney movies, you should probably move on and grow up with your life. Seriously, folks, this is just sad.

Leslie completed the quiz "What kind of storm are you?" with the result Thunderstorm. You are a thunderstorm; you like the power of your rumble, but have a comforting quality about you. Some find you romantic and can cuddle up when you roll in, and others are terrified of you - especially dogs and small children.

Leslie just took the "What emotion are you?" quiz and the result is Sorrow. You are sorrow. Nothing good comes out of life for you, and you feel so lonely. All you can do is sit and cry it out.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, June 2: Rears and Sorebutt - In the 1930s, the use of the Sears and Roebuck catalog as toilet paper was so widespread that it inspired a number of humorous spinoffs, the most famous of which was the "Rears and Sorebutt" catalog.

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Monday, June 01, 2009

You can still have breakfast with her on Saturdays!

These tips are from The Husband Book: A Guy's Guide To Marriage by Harry Harrison Junior, which I plan to give to my brother for his wedding.

Your Work

Don't make work your life. Some of the most successful businessmen are some of the most unhappily married men.

You don't have to go to bars after work with the boys. Go home.

You don't have to carry the pressures of your work all by yourself. Talk to her. Let her know what's going on.

Don't regard your work as some inner sanctum where you can't take care of family business.

Invite her to your office.

Remember, she loves you fiercely. If she perceives you're being taken advantage of at work, she'll be looking in the Yellow Pages for a hitman.

If she's a stay-at-home mom, never throw it in her face that you have a job and she doesn't. She has a job. She just doesn't get paid.

Make sure she can reach you at any time.

Carry your cell phone. Answer her calls.

If you come home from the office mad, remember who you're mad at. And it's not her.

Even if you have to work on Saturdays, you can still have breakfast with her.

Be sure your priorities are in order: God, family, work.

If she's not a risk taker, starting your own company may scare her to death. There's nothing you can do - ten years later, when you're very successful, she'll still be afraid.

In fact, she may think of "self-employment" as another word for "unemployed."

Stability is extremely important to her. If you go six months without making money, then suddenly make a hundred thousand dollars, she'll just remember the six months without money.

Hire her to keep your company's books.

Make sure she understand this isn't your company, but the family's business. She'll be more accepting of business cycles if she feels some ownership.

If you work together, take some time to mess around and have fun.

Enjoy the fruits of your success. With her.

Her Work

Don't be afraid or jealous of her success.

Marvel at her capabilities.

Be her fan.

Realize what she most wants from you is support.

Send flowers to her office.

When she rants and raves about work, just listen to her. She doesn't want your help; she wants you to listen.

Don't leave all the housework to her. She's as tired as you are.

Celebrate her achievements.

Let her know that what she's doing is important to you.

Don't compare salaries.

Fill her car up with gas on Sunday night.

Encourage her to get massages.

Have her boss over for dinner. Be on your best behavior.

She will meet a lot of people who will become very important to her. Don't trivialize these relationships.

Make sure she has an umbrella.

If she's not happy in her work, encourage her to try something else.

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Tangy oil and Welsh fairies?! Oh my...

Bingo of the day so far:

FAGOTERS (137 points) - against Richard C.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

QUOTA (306 points) - against Ally A. [2W, two 3W]
DOMAINS (176 points; two 4W), QUERNS (136 points; 2W, 4W) - against Sherisse G.
WAE (114 points) - against Heather D. [3W used twice, 4W used twice, hook off SARD to make AW and DE] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
FAGOTERS (137 points) - against Richard C. [4W, hook off CANT for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
IGNIFIED (446 points) - against Marlene K. [4W, two 3W]
KEG (200 points) - against Alice P. [4W used twice, two 2W, hook off JET to make JETE]

Interesting rack of the day: TANGYOIL (against Dawn L. - read that as "tangy oil")

This afternoon, I called someone in regards to their CL posting of a bachelor suite. This East Indian lady answered the phone, and I could kinda understand stuff through her accent. She said the suite was very small (not ideal if I had a lot of stuff - I think I do), went for $525 a month, included electricity / hydro / laundry / a bar fridge in the small kitchen with the small room, and was quiet and private. But she said they'd have another suite available in July, so to call her in a couple of weeks - I think I just might do that!

Also downloaded the latest version of Adobe Flash Player plugin - very important for Wordscraper, among other things! Speaking of laundry, the only part I remember of my dream last night is that my friends and I were very grateful to get some done (after a couple of weeks) at James R.'s (rushmixtape5) house because we couldn't do it elsewhere!

Leslie's just got their Spring Fairy Name. I just got my Spring Fairy Name. It's Aster Lake-Mist.

Leslie's just got their Welsh Name. I just got my Welsh Name. It's Alis Call.

Facebook quizzes taken from Gretchen, Jennifer L., and Kaitlin:

Leslie completed the quiz "What stereotype do you fit the best in?" with the result Scene / Emo. You have tons of friends, whether they be online or not. You spend most of your time online or out with your friends. You most likely do drugs and drink. You probably hate your parents, your family, and your life. You have a great sense of fashion, and you probably shop at Hot Topic, YRB, Zumiez, Pacsun, and of course Journeys. You most likely have some weird color in your hair, and you probably have about 5 iPods and cameras. You love music, especially screamo and rock. Overall, you're a pretty cool kid. (The only accurate part is the music and the friends thing.)

Leslie completed the quiz "Which secret society should you belong to?" with the result Freemasons. Freemasonry is right for you! You believe in liberty, equality, and fraternity. The Great Architect of the Universe watches over you with His All-Seeing Eye as you plot your next revolution. You know the value of Brothers, and more than a few secret words and handshakes.

Leslie completed the quiz "What sort of drunk are you?" with the result You're the Sober One. AKA the designated driver, you're always the one who looks after everyone else at the end of the night. You never suffer from a hangover, and rarely do anything silly during the course of the night. You might be a party pooper, or just sensible. Your nights out are always cheap, and you are the one who gets to remind your friends about how embarrassing they were the night before..

Leslie completed the quiz "What will your Son's name be?" with the result Oliver. Oliver is an older name, and he will be an old soul. He will be quiet and very wise. He will grow up to be a handsome guy with a great sense of humour. (I last met someone named Oliver about twelve years ago - all I remember is that he was skinny, and that his mom died!)

You Are Like a Horse

You are strong, steady, and devoted. You are a good partner.

You are gentle and sensitive. You can be easily frightened.

You are usually quite stable, but you do have a wild streak that comes out from time to time.

You are cooperative and not a solitary creature. You like to be around others.

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Pets, cars, snakes, hamsters, and oil

This thing restarted AGAIN, but at least I have five more games in hand now!

These tips are from The Husband Book: A Guy's Guide To Marriage by Harry Harrison Junior, which I plan to give to my brother for his wedding.


If your dog seems to love her more, it's because dogs aren't stupid.

If she can't watch her kids get a shot, she won't be able to watch her pet get one either.

If you find yourself spending more money on the pet's food than your food, it's time to have a talk.

She will always side with the dog.

The dog will figure this out.

If you get two pets and one of them is hers and one of them is yours, guess which pet sleeps in the bedroom.

Her Car

Don't let her drive the oldest car in the garage. Either you drive it or get a new one.

Let her pick out her own car. Help only if asked.

Reset her car clock as daylight savings time comes and goes.

If you have small kids, it will be better for everyone if you never look in her backseat.

Check the air in her tires.

Make sure she gets her oil changed every three thousand miles.

Drive her car every three or four months to see if, for some unexplained reason, the wheels need to be aligned. Quietly take care of it.

The garage wall will, every now and then, reach out and hit her car. It's the garage's fault, of course.

She will put the most expensive gas in her car, required or not.

Behind every woman in a clean car is a man with a chamois.

You may love your '84 diesel Mercedes, but she'd rather walk than drive it.

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Eat at places other than steak restaurants!

These tips are from The Husband Book: A Guy's Guide To Marriage by Harry Harrison Junior, which I plan to give to my brother for his wedding.


Don't make her feel like every time you kiss her, you want to have sex... as hard as that may be.

Instead of getting up first thing in the morning, hold her for a while. You'll come to treasure those moments.

Ignore her bad habits.

Hold her hand all the time. In the movies. Walking. Watching TV.

Consciously smile at her. Even when you're exhausted. The payoff is big.

If she has a dream about you having an affair, she will wake furious. No amount of logic will help here. Just hold her.

Draw her a bubble bath. Then leave.

Treasure those times when you can just sit and read and enjoy each other's company.

Remember, there are few aphrodisiacs more powerful than just listening.

Food and Meals

Remember these words: "This tastes great."

Realize no one wants to do the dishes, especially the cook.

Accept that while a man can live on barbecue alone, most women can't.

Eat at places other than steak restaurants.

Meet her for lunch someplace if she can get away - this brings about all kinds of wonderful things. (See "Sex.")

Dress for dinner. Some men think they can show up in their boxer shorts, and their presence alone will carry the day.

If you're going to be late for dinner, call her. You're never too busy to be considerate.

Go to the grocery store for her. You can bring home stuff she'd never buy.

Wake up early every morning and cook her breakfast. You can pretty much get away with murder the rest of the day.

She won't believe beer is one of the basic food groups.

If she wants make the family dinner every night, count yourself very lucky. And show up on time.

Unless invited, do not under any circumstances venture into the kitchen to adjust the heat, add ingredients, or check the taste.

The reason you don't know why you need a Dutch oven is because you don't know what it does.

When you or the kids get sick, something genetic inside her will make her cook soup. With noodles. Enjoy it.

When she makes a meal that is truly horrible, you have two choices: shut up and make dinner the next time, or shut up and eat it. If it's that bad, she'll notice too.

Remember, ketchup and steak sauce can hide the taste of just about anything.

When you are really hungry for a steak, and you come face-to-face with an artichoke, and she's really happy with everything... smile and nod.

No man has yet figured out what women like about pimento cheese sandwiches.

Every now and then, take her to a truly fussy, lace-on-the-walls, high-tea-served place to eat lunch. Order the chicken.

Remember, one of the great things about being married is that a woman can never finish her dinner. So you get more food. (SO NOT TRUE IN MY CASE, MOST TIMES!)

Share your cookies with her.

Let her have the last piece.

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Ninety ripsaws and birthday conflict already!

High-scoring words of the night:

RIPSAW (965 points; 3W, two 5W {one used twice}, hook off JAG for a plural), AWASH (195 points; 3W, 5W) - against Amanda W.
NINETY (239 points) - against Laurie F. [3W, 4W, hook off FA to make FAY]
FIBRINS (432 points) - against Mike S. [4W, 3W, 2W]

While I heard MORE MICE (go die in a fire!), I talked briefly to Eric H. earlier tonight - touched on Fay, Harmony, and his being here for about twelve days. Better than just the weekend, and he gets one full day to recuperate once he gets back to Hong Kong! Got an email request for my address from Dylan and Deb; I have a suspicion that Awana starts on their wedding date, but we'll see. Not sure if I'll even have a birthday party this year, what with Erin's reception on the Labor Day weekend and now this wedding taking up the NEXT weekend. Maybe I'll have it on the weekend AFTER, haha!

Leslie just took the Are You A Good Worker Quiz and is A Good Worker. I am A Good Worker. You are a good worker. You know how to get along well in the workplace, and you have most of what it takes to really make it. Keep up the hard work, and you should soon be up for a promotion.

Leslie just took the Are You A Good Date Quiz and is A Hot Date. I scored 82 percent on the Are You A Good Date Quiz which makes me A Hot Date. You are a hot date. Anyone that dates you is in for a treat... you know how to treat your dates right.

Facebook quiz taken from Jemima:

Leslie took the How Asian Are You? quiz and the result is Twinkie is I. You have lots of Asian characteristics, but inside you are like a Caucasian, thus the name "Twinkie." You're yellow on the outside, but inside, you are white like a Caucasian. Though you are like a Caucasian, not all is lost, for you still have Asian in you: "Cauc-ASIAN." You are mainly influenced by Western culture, and that is why you have white fillings inside of you like a Twinkie. You still lack what all Asians Have: an Asian-filling heart. In order for you to become more Asian inside, You must study hard with your heart and be with loving Asians that will show you some Asian love. Try again later when you have obtained a yellow loving filling. (The wording of this result is stupid!)

Poo nugget for Monday, June 1: D.A.D.S. (Day-After-Drinking-Stool) - Synonyms: Revenge of the Poo, Morning After, Poo of Shame, Bud Mud. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cincinnati, Harry Potter, weddings, firm fibers, and real Vikings with bass!

High-scoring words of the day so far:

FIRMER (117 points) - against Dawn L. [two 3W]
FIBER (144 points) - against Mary S. [4W, 3W]

Interesting rack of the day so far: REALBASS (against Karen C.)

Another few hours, another restart...

Facebook quizzes taken from Morgana, Gretchen, Jane, and Michael:

Leslie took the ARE YOU A VIKING? quiz and the result is Nithing. Wow... man, you are messed up! You have no sense of right and wrong! You would probably just turn on whoever was your ally! So you're a NITHING, the scum of the earth! Since you're a NOTHING, you are not even Human. Dude, you might want to get some counselling. (Of course, I chose all the crazy answers!)

Leslie just took the "Which magical Harry Potter creature" quiz and the result is Phoenix. You're a phoenix, you're very brave. Your heart is made of gold, and you love everyone around you. When you're in the room, everyone lights up. You have the power to make people better. Use it wisely.....

Leslie just took the "What is your best Hogwarts subject?" quiz and the result is Defence against the Dark Arts. Commonly shortened to "DADA," this class teaches defensive techniques to block spells, charms, curses, hexes and jinxes cast by other wizards. It also helps protect you against Dark creatures and Dark artifacts. By getting this result, it shows you are an intelligent, strong-willed person who is brilliant at dealing with difficult situations. Teacher(s) of the subject: Quirinus Quirrell, Gilderoy Lockhart, Remus Lupin, Alastor Moody (disguised), Dolores Umbridge, Severus Snape, Amycus Carrow.

Leslie took the What date will your Wedding Day be on? quiz and got the result: February 14, 2014. (Valentine's Day?! EWWWWWWW!)

Leslie completed the quiz "Are you a true Cincinnatian?" with the result Cincinnati Native. Congrats! You're a true Cincinnati native. You probably remember Uncle Al and the Christmas display at Shillito's, you bleed Hudepohl beer, and you get dizzy and short of breath if you go more than a few days without your Skyline Chili fix. You can name every player on the Reds' starting lineup, and you're ever-hopeful that the Bengals may someday have a season in which they don't embarrass your hometown. You're outraged that Pete Rose isn't yet in the Hall of Fame, and you only buy P&G products on the cleaning supplies aisle at Kroger's. (I guessed my way through this one. :D)

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Her name is CORONA?! / Let's try new foods at Mui's!

Parents picked me up for church today, and my mother proceeded to kinda insult my intelligence by making sure I knew that I'd be sitting with the family at the wedding banquet on Saturday. "It's tradition, and you shouldn't complain about not sitting with your friends!" Like I didn't KNOW that?! Luckily, I had my book for company as Mom told me that I should respond to Erin's wedding invitation. For my brother's sake, I won't tell him some dark thoughts I have about weddings and such at this very moment! Not that I don't like Harmony - I do - but there are too many weddings and such. :P

When we got into the parkade, I saw Gabriel - we greeted each other at the elevator. I was looking for somewhere good to sit, and picked the row behind Steph and Jonathan. Said hi to them - it was good to see Jonathan, for sure! Gave Jon the durian wafers when Sam and Joey told us to greet everyone - also shook Jeremy's hand, and introduced myself to a girl called Caroline. I was pleased to see the announcement of the wedding in this week's bulletin, and Jon and Harmony also made a general announcement later on. Vanessa and I were giving Jonathan a hard time about it later, since he insisted that he hadn't been invited - did you not hear Jon say something about it during service, dude?! Hahahaha. Since Jon had to be himself, he joked that Calla and Stanford were the ones getting married - they just got engaged last Sunday, apparently! Too many weddings and engagements going on now!

I asked Cindy how the monastery retreat thing had been yesterday, and she said it was good. Everyone asked me whether I was really excited for Saturday - meh, I guess. Maybe a bit ENVIOUS, but really - weddings are a lot of work, and maybe I'm glad it's not me! Wandered out to the snack table and chatted to Tim for a bit - plenty of variety with watermelon, fries (which my mom was somehow involved with according to Uncle John), cheese and crackers, Joey's homemade huge cookies (according to Cordia), and some more stuff. Steph and I talked to little Hannah about watermelon, and I told baby Mattias that I'd hoped to see his wild hair today, haha. Hannah's baby brother Gavin cried when Auntie Cathy held him - he'd done the same a couple weeks ago when Harmony did that, heh. Stranger anxiety, man! Chatted to Andrew about exams, tests, and non-boredom... always good to talk to him! Tried saying hi to little Nathaniel and Abby while I talked to their parents Helen and Joe about the wedding and summer plans.

Talked to Emily, Quan (who was really red), Sarah, Mike (same green tie as the Thanksgiving banquet), Hien (I'll change my picture since she changed her name...), Isabel, and others too. Accidentally repeated my question to Jeremy about Friday and his exams - YIKES! Jonathan told me about plans, and the possibility that he'd eat lunch with my parents. Said hi to little Joshua and Keenan, too. Overheard Steph and Karmie talking about the Stanley Cup final scheduling - Pastor John will miss two Red Wings games on Thursday and Saturday due to the wedding rehearsal and the banquet itself, haha. After saying hi to baby Allison (getting a high-five in the process), I headed upstairs to the toddler Sunday School class. There was a new little girl, but Auntie Fonda didn't know her name - all she knew was that the girl spoke Mandarin! While Amanda went to the bathroom, I read to this little girl from some Dora the Explorer / Blue's Clues books. She seemed to know some English words like "fish," "sandcastle," and "circle" - and also seemed to understand my questions about whether she could see certain things on the pages... phew!

Little Arthur was back - his mom Tammy had been sick with the flu, so he got his stuffed animal later on. Of course it was for HIM! Got a hug and a "thank you" for that one, heh. Watson was restless, saying that David had run over his hand with his bike - yikes! (he also said that he was four years old) Amanda and Amos ("I live in Vancouver!") just wanted to play with each other, while Esther was pretty quiet. When the little girl's mother arrived to pick her up, we asked what the girl's name was: I couldn't help laughing a lot out loud when we received the answer, along with spelling: CORONA?!!! Told the girl's mom that Corona was a type of beer, even if it DOES mean "eye" in Spanish or something like that! I resolved to call the girl "Cori" for short, and at least she understands English from daycare!

Went downstairs, where I saw Steph escorting Grandma from the washrooms. Asked her whether Jonathan was there - yup, he was playing the fellowship hall's piano! This would be when Vanessa and I gave him a hard time about not attending the wedding on Saturday... he was looking back and forth from one of us to the other like it was a ping-pong match, hahaha! Told Jon, Harmony, Jeremy, and Nathan about the little girl's name - Jon immediately thought of Heineken and Guinness! I explained to Harmony that I had met girls with the names Fresnona (her dad was Fresno...) and Fedora before, too. Isabel and I talked about Felina, who was Jenny and Connie's German-Chinese cousin. Interesting stuff, for sure! Little Nathan said that he was going into Grade 4, as the second-oldest person in primary. His sister Natalie is due to hit HIGH SCHOOL?! OH MAN, THEY GROW UP SO FAST!

The family went to Mui's for lunch - finally, a break for me from Tsui Woo! We exposed Jonathan to a bunch of new foods, although he can't really have seafood despite being from P.E.I. He didn't really seem impressed by Shanghai Wonderful or the SLB when they were there a while back, but liked most of the stuff he tried today. Sure, he can being his parents when they come to see him later in the year! Grandma tried speaking some English to him, so we had to translate her Chinese! She was also cranky because it was hot and she was hungry - meh, we're used to it. Steph's going to Melia's for a girls' night since Angus is doing something tonight. Of course, I had cold yin-yang! It was an interesting lunch, anyhow - Vivian decided to serve us soup, while Grandma actually had tea and rice at lunch! (she normally NEVER does...) Steph gave me a ride home since I didn't want to stick around while the parents ran wedding-related errands... Terrence is coming to town in a few weeks, which should be interesting. Kevin's just sent us an email about Friday's Fellowship program - it doesn't matter to me what we do since I likely won't be there for it, hahahaha.

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Debts, spending, security, anger, and the Psalms

These tips are from The Husband Book: A Guy's Guide To Marriage by Harry Harrison Junior, which I plan to give to my brother for his wedding.

Money and Finances

Spend below your means.

Remember, the most important thing you can offer her besides love is security.

Be home for dinner. Even if you have to drive back to the office after you eat.

If she's home raising children, remember it is as exhausting / frustrating / exasperating as your job. Only with no retirement plan.

Buy an insurance policy. Make sure she can live on the proceeds.

Accept the fact that you'll never feel like you've made enough.

Realize her natural instinct is to "make" the home. And this requires things that cost money.

Don't ever succumb to the belief that if she gets this one more thing - like a new couch - she won't want anything for another year.

If you want to know where the money goes, go grocery shopping sometime.

Invest in checkbook software, such as Quicken. It's a marriage saver because it tells you where all the money's going... which might surprise you.

Realize some of your stupidest fights will be over money, so try to avoid them.

Both of you should have some allotted "mad money" that you can do anything with, without worrying what the other one will say.

If you think her expensive obsession with her clothes is odd, just how weird is smoking ten-dollar cigars?

Get a financial counselor that both of you respect.

Don't blame her for spending everything. If she's doing the food shopping, buying the children's clothes, and paying the bills, it's a real possibility that she IS spending everything.

Pray to God for wisdom about money.

Remember that God has a plan for you, and even though it may differ from your plan, it will fill you with wonder and awe if you talk to Him about it regularly.

Some women make more than their husbands. Instead of feeling guilty, enjoy it.

Don't think you have to tell her everything that's on your mind.

If the stock market crashes, come home with flowers.

Make sure she has credit cards, checkbooks, and money. At all times.

Before you question her spending, take a long look at yours.

Start a retirement plan. Today. It will make her feel better.

Seek her counsel on the family attorney, the stockbroker, the banker.

She'll honestly tell you that you work too hard. She'll be secretly grateful, too.

No matter what, don't let yourself feel like a bad provider. That's just the kind of thing that ends marriages.

Let her manage the checkbook.

If money is tight, pay the bills together. It's less scary.

Give her an IRA of her own. Every year.

If you can't talk to your wife about money or sex, your marriage has zero chance of making it.

She'll do without a lot of things so her kids can have everything. It's up to you to bring some balance here.

She'll drive around town to save $1.50. Enjoy the ride.

Once or twice a year, take her on an expensive shopping trip.

Seek her guidance about all things financial. You're in this as a team.

Remember, businesses come and go. Investments go south. The smartest bankers routinely make bad decisions. Money problems don't have to be the end of the world... or a marriage.

No matter how hard you try, there will be some times when you just don't make enough. Don't feel guilty.

Even when money is tight, figure out a way to give back to God. This is a spiritual requirement.

She doesn't want as big a house as you think. Or might want yourself.

She'll spend all the money on the kids, then tell you that you have to make more money because she doesn't have any. Smile and nod.

Money Troubles

The fear that you will lose your job will keep her awake at night. You'll never understand why.

If you do lose your job, don't retreat from her. Tell her what's going on with you, and what you are doing about it.

Failing cash to solve a problem, have a plan B.

Don't let her feel she has to figure it all out. Because she thinks she does.

It doesn't matter if you have lived well for twenty years. You're going to feel like the worst provider in the world during these times. Limit your self-pity. Get moving.

She's going to fall apart the first time the kids have to do without. Logic and history won't help here. Solutions will.

While you don't want to think about money problems, she wants to talk about them at 2:30 AM. Avoid a fight. Talk about it.

Agree with her on a time every week when you can go over all the bills, the debts, and the prospects. Stick to it.

Realize there will still be back-to-school clothes, soccer dues, and electricity bills. Just saying no isn't going to work. Make a plan.

During this time, don't beat yourself up about putting everything on a credit card.

She may blame you for everything at these times. Forgive her.

Remind her that you can go through everything together.

Get on your knees and give this problem to God every morning. This is as much a spiritual issue as it is a fiscal issue.

Don't lie around the house. Get up every morning, go for interviews, network, attack the problem.

Realize when she gets the most scared is when she feels the most powerless.

When this is all over, do not holds her anger or her words or her fear against her.

Read Psalm 91 together every night. It will sink in after a while.

If you have a once-in-a-lifetime event planned and suddenly you lose your job, don't cancel your plans. Go. Even if you have to charge the whole thing. Go.

This is absolutely not the time to start drinking.

Accept the fact that sometimes God wants us to do something different. So if we can't take a hint, he just gets our attention.

Agree to go for a drive if she needs to cry or yell.

Don't keep your children in the dark. They can tell something's wrong.

Don't be embarrassed to downsize. She'll be more for it than you think.

Don't lose your inner joy.

Trust that God will take care of you and her. Let her know this is at the core of your being.

Don't count on money from her parents. Or yours.

If you have to sell your Rolex to make the mortgage payment, sell the Rolex.

If she's depressed during these times, don't let her stay in misery. Do what you can to lighten the mood.

When it's all over, she'll tell you that she never lost faith. Smile and nod.

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Choleric, sweet, scandalous, and 99% annoying panda

Restarting for the third time tonight - why am I not surprised?!

Bingo of the night:

MISLEARN (90 points) - against Chris W.

High-scoring words of the night:

CHOLERIC (138 points) - against Rachel Z. [2L on C, 4W]
ALIEN (112 points) - against Bobbie O. [two 4W]
HUMANE (124 points) - against Leah D. [three 3W, hook off AIL to make MAIL]
FARDING (118 points) - against Leah D. [4W, hook off EAR to make EARN] {different game}
OFTEST (158 points) - against Bryanne V. [4W, 2W, hook off SKAT for a plural]

Interesting rack of the night: ANNIETAN (against Sarah J. - read that as "Annie Tan")

Facebook quizzes taken from Candace, Annette, Cathy, Shannon, Candy, Ryan, and Melissa:

Leslie just took the Are You A Good Cook Quiz and is An Okay Cook. I am An Okay Cook. You are an okay cook, but your skills probably end at anything beyond processed food. Maybe you should enroll in a few classes.

Leslie took the What's your mental age? quiz and got the result: On the inside, you are 6. At six, you are just a kid -- and that means you don't have to stress about anything (unless there really ARE monsters under your bed). You're creative, curious, and full of imagination. Six is a pretty terrific mental age, so why's everyone obsessed with getting older? Once you've learned how to read and ride a bike, any dream is within reach.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Muppet are you?" with the result Rowlf the Dog. You are calm and quiet, a laid-back and easygoing person. Talented at whatever you put your mind to, you are never one to brag or boast about your skills. Your idea of a satisfying day would be to go to work, come home, read a book, have a couple of beers, take a walk and go to bed. No need for extravagance... you are happy with the simple things in life. Loyal and a good friend, you are understated but much appreciated by all.

Leslie took the Are you scandalous? quiz and got the result: A good combination of a little bit of sweet and a little bit of scandalous. You can be so sweet and innocent when needed, but are willing to try new things and have some fun. You're a fun, lively person that everyone wants to be around. Keep it up.

Leslie took the Geek, Dork, Nerd Test quiz and got the result: You are a nerd. You are a nerd: 3. You're exceptionally bright and smart, and partly because of that have never quite fit in with your peers or social groups. Perhaps you've realized, or will someday, that it is possible to retain all of the things that you like about being brilliant and still make peace with the social cliques around you. But Being smart isn't as socially crippling as it once was, and even more so as you get older: eventually being a Pure Nerd will likely be replaced with the following label: Purely Successful.

Leslie took the What Is Your Secret Power? (For FEMALES Only) quiz and got the result: You Have the Power of Compassion. You have a heart of gold and have compassion for everyone around you. You have sacrificed your life to serve others, and are oftentimes the only source of hope they have — whether you realize it or not.

Leslie took the What tattoo should you get? quiz and got the result: Butterfly tattoo. Butterfly tattoo: A butterfly tattoo represents beauty, metamorphosis, freedom, happiness, and delicacy. You'd want something colorful and vibrant to show your rich and beautiful inner world.

Leslie took the Ultimate Tarot Card Reading quiz and got the result: The Moon. The Moon: It has been said many times that things are not always as they seem, and in the influence of the Moon this axiom is particularly true. In the moonlight, things that are benevolent during the day can suddenly seem dangerous and malicious. The very term "moonlight" is misleading because the Moon does not emit light of its own, it simply reflects the light of the Sun. Some people even claim to see the face of a man on the Moon's cratered surface, though of course such a thing is impossible and only an illusion. A lot of people who look for that face in the Moon know it could not be there, but they look nonetheless.

Leslie took the Fortune Teller quiz and got the result: 72% Happy. Having arguments with those close to you again? While it may be a big headache in the moment, no pain is no gain. You will soon focus on communicating your feelings and thoughts this week.

Leslie took the How will you become famous? quiz and got the result: Rising Actor / Actress. Who knew being in school plays when you were younger would pay off. Your acting skills and the right facial combination will seed you to a hit TV show or hit movie. once people have seen your talent, you'll star in bigger things!

Leslie took the How ANNOYING are you? quiz and got the result: 99% Annoying. You are annoying, but you just don't give a damn! (HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Leslie took the Which city should you live in? quiz and got the result: You should live in New York! You are a fun-loving and hyper-energetic person who would sure take advantage of all that New York City has to offer: career opportunities, an interesting and diverse crowd, and countless fabulous cultural events.

Leslie took the What's Your STRESS Level? quiz and got the result: Your Stress Level is at 3%. You are the most relaxed individual you know. Nothing ever bothers you, and you kinda mosey on through life with your head stuck in the clouds. You are the epitome of the saying, "Ignorance is bliss."

Leslie took the Life Evaluation Quiz! quiz and got the result: 76% Happy.
Money: 47%
Love: 93%
Overall Happiness: 76%
You are sometimes struggling, but have a generally jovial disposition always. (I am NOT that happy in love or money! Sheesh!)

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Gay Icon Are You?" with the result Rock Hudson. You are Rock Hudson! A total heart-throb, you know how to please the opposite sex, but you just don't particularly care to. You leave a trail of infatuated fans wherever you go, but they are growing tired of waiting for you to notice them. You are career-oriented, and likely to be successful. There are only a few people in your "inner circle," but you treasure them deeply. You can keep a secret better than anyone else you know.

Leslie took the When will you get Married? quiz and got the result: January 15, 2012. (Not even CLOSE! I just lost someone, you know...)

Leslie just took the "What big cat do you symbolize?" quiz and the result is LION (The King). Lion represents the King / the leadership, known to be the strongest fighter, strongest offensive and defensive, have pride / respect / decency / smarts / beauty / royalty, and are the strongest in the "big cats" family! | Common Ally: Elephant. Peacock & Wolf | Common enemy: Hyena. (Of course, I thought about Teunis as soon as I saw this answer!)

Leslie completed the quiz "Driving Test" with the result Excellent Driver. Result: PASSED! You are an EXCELLENT DRIVER. Great job! Safe travels. Steer clear of "crash test dummies" and "accidents waiting to happen." Test Sponsored By: Davis Law Group, P.S., Seattle, WA - We handle car accident cases in Washington State. (HAHAHAHAHAHA! I don't even DRIVE! How ironic, man!)

Leslie completed the quiz "What Japanese Mascot Are You?" with the result Tare Panda. You're just lazy. You don't want to do anything that involves any physical activity at all. In fact, if you could get to and from your destination by just rolling, you would. Yet, you have this cute look, and are incredibly soft. (maybe because you are so out of shape) But you are normally a happy person, and people still love you.

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