Saturday, July 28, 2007

Barfing rolleyes!

Haha, here's a funny smiley from the bad baby names forum... barfing rolleyes, anyone? :D

The one picture K sent me that managed to save properly. Apparently, his teacher loved the shirt and GIANT card that everyone signed - they all wished I'd been there, and I wanted the same! Here it is:

Now I'm going to have some noodles! Reminds me that Andrea says my soup is awesome and yummy! :D

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"The church should focus more on excretion, haha!"

Last night, Eric and I got going later than we'd have liked - he had to prepare stuff for the sharing program, and I had to get the LEGENDARY LOST BATHROOM READER for Raymond's borrowing purposes. (I insisted that he keep it for now even if he just got HARRY POTTER yesterday!) Eric joked that I caused trouble everywhere I went, including the horrible traffic - I don't THINK so! We discussed biology mnemonics, falling asleep while driving, colorful floater nerves in eyeballs, Labor Day long weekend and Kamloops, Mrs. VanderTramp (ah, conjugation of French verbs from his seventh-grade experience!), excretion / movement / respiration / sensitivity, gas prices, what happened the other day with my parents, the rest of my week, and whether I got my Fellowship email on time. (I don't remember, and Eric's always wanted me to change my options!) When we got to church, I went downstairs to refill my water bottle - Daniel Fellowship was apparently watching some tutorial on how to use a game system remote, courtesy of Christon. Interesting program for a summer night! (it was really charades and some other games) Said hi to Phil and Stanley before heading back upstairs to my own program, which went quite well for it being Eric's idea, haha. (only kidding)

Asked Jeremy how Kelowna had been - it was good, except maybe for the thunderstorms the last day he was there! Yikes. At least he got to spend time with his family! Ended up in Randal's small group by chance (numbering off from 1 to 3), and had a good discussion about things. Afterwards, Chuck took over the piano and started playing. Chuck said that he'd play the perfect song for me (GREATEST LOVE), and told me that he was just teasing - oh, I know that fine! Of course, he also told me to say something if it got to be too much, but I'm fine with it right now. Eric said that he didn't play piano at all (not even CHOPSTICKS), and Karen mentioned that playing things that you memorized on demand would be something my brother might do. True enough! At any rate, Chuck can play that song when K gets here - I'm sure he'll LOVE to do so, haha.

Randal came over and said that he was expecting some NEWS. I gave him a look and asked what he wanted to hear, and I had to punch him playfully for his answer of "a proposal!" Ha ha ha, my friend... then I asked if he could see me getting caught up in a whirlwind romance - you don't want to know what I felt like doing to him for his answer of "yes," haha. Eventually, a bunch of us got going to the Cactus Club - reminds me of old times, yay! Jeremy went home since he had stuff to do today before going to the fireworks; he hadn't gone on Wednesday because he wanted a quiet night at home for once. I should have taken that option a couple nights ago myself! (maybe I'll be doing that more often, haha) Eric and I went downstairs before going out - he talked about Internet connections with Phil while I said hi to Danielle and Grace. (Grace agrees that Facebook and the general Internet is addictive!)

Just before we left, Eric talked to Pastor Edward about CHARIOTS OF FIRE (I remember playing that on the piano!), which we'll be watching in two weeks. I've heard of Eric Liddell, of course - that was actually the movie which inspired Eric's parents to give him that name! At the Cactus Club, it turned out that most of us were really unoriginal in our orders: tandoori chicken quesadillas and yam fries for almost everyone! (Randal had to be the odd man out and order calamari) Eric and I discussed sharing an appetizer, and passed on soup (so hard to share!) / smokehouse quesadilla (he'd had that before) / calamari / chicken tenders. It didn't matter to me what we had since it was a second dinner for both of us: since he wanted something more substantial than calamari and such, I went with it. Eric wanted me to have a good chair instead of a crappy one when we got there, so his chair altruism landed me next to Randal. He didn't notice it till later, and said he'd have to report it to K - haha, this posting makes THAT null and void! We discussed friends, one Bellini and three straws, Ugly Ale, honey lager, a dollar off martinis, beer, red wine, Corona, dry / sweet flavors, mango chutney, Regent talks, Jon and Harmony in New York, Fear and Loathing (the washroom), etc. By the time we'd almost finished our food, Dylan had finally arrived from Metrotown... Eric and I wanted our bill so we could leave!

On the way home, Eric and I commenced random screaming and death noises, while he played "Name That Tune" with me - Big Sugar's BUTTERBALL, Rickard's Red beer commercials, some video game I'd never heard of, etc. Then I got morbid and discussed the undead / people returning from the dead - haha, good times! Eric asked whether I was freaked out that he was randomly screaming - no, not really. When I got home, I saw an MSN buzz from Eric H. which probably was about today: I'll contact him later on to say that K isn't actually in town! I don't want to freak someone out, either! Eunice just emailed us to say that she should be free on the dates Nathan mentioned for our resumption of SLB - great news! (reminds me that Eric and I discussed the Richmond Crew with Randal - Eunice USED to be in there, but now it's just me / Jon / Steph / Eric / Sam / Ivan!)

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Stupid annoyances

I hate intrusive phone calls from telemarketers and such people when I'm trying to get ready to go out in a bit! No, I don't mean calls that I'm genuinely sorry I missed while I was taking a shower / making dinner - like K's phone calls. Those are precious. I should really look at the Caller ID before I answer, but one of the phones doesn't have it. Time to get a new phone, haha.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

SLB again?

SOME people should really stop bringing irrelevant things up when they try to make me into a better person. UGH. It just makes me cry, even when someone I love calls me to say that he wishes I were there. Believe me, I wish the same - and he's more right about his assessment of my evening than he knows!

Nathan sent us an SLB email - maybe we can try Shanghai Wonderful, which is Shanghai Wind's new location. Tony's record will stand for a LONG time, since I don't think any of us are game to smash 35 steamers anytime soon... that was SO INSANE! One of his proposed dates conflicts with the grad banquet, but I'm good with any of the others he wants! We'll see how it goes, then...

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I knew I should have left the ringer on...

Hmm. I got two calls from K earlier this afternoon. I'm guessing he fixed his cellphone since that's what my Caller ID displays, which is a good thing. Not sure WHAT he wanted, but I suppose I'll figure that out later. Why can't his phone just go to voicemail like normal without me having to input some "wireless phone number" (which I don't know) just to leave a message?! DARN YOU, ROGERS! (I'm not too lazy to leave one, but I usually hang up at that prompt - methinks I need information, which I'll get sooner or later)

Also, my own mother uses Netspeak... or at least, she shortened the word "you" in an email saying that she and Dad would pick me up at 5:20 across the street since they were taking the black car to Uncle William's. (I know my brother's been known to do the shortening thing on MSN) This is VERY disappointing. Not that I expect her to have a perfect grasp of English language concepts, but this is sad nonetheless. I'll spare you the usual rant on how Netspeak should be abolished in emails and things where you have the time to spell out words, however. If I ever use text messaging, you bet I'll spell out all the words in my transmissions! (I don't cringe when I see Eric, Andrew, and others use it - but sometimes I wonder...)

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No, Dad... you CANNOT go on my first date!

These fiery habanero chips are GOOD! Too bad they're only available for a limited time!

This is a comment my dad made to me last night: "So... why aren't you on the phone talking to SOMEBODY?! I think I want to see how you are... I'm going on your first date!" My sister and I just LOOKED at each other... we weren't sure whether he was joking or not! I wouldn't be on their phone anyhow, adding to THEIR long-distance charges! Just before I got home last night, I had to teach my mom how to add addresses to her email address book / how to move things from her junk mail to her inbox, and how to forward emails. She was horrified that her fellowship had to do something on October 6 for Thanksgiving - another Carnival like in years past, haha. Then I told my dad that "in the home" was perfectly acceptable grammar when talking about fire safety - he always thought it was "at home," heh.

On another note, tone does not always convey itself over MSN - sometimes, I don't know whether people are truly joking. :P

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

OAR white diamond / Virginia phone calls / Cheap stuff

I got a white diamond in Bookworm on the word OAR because I used all yellow tiles to construct that word. Then I used the diamond on the I in the word FAIL. I also got another weird phone call from Virginia while I was out: 571-283-6422, anyone?

Decided to go over to the townhouse for some curry - Steph didn't get home till 8:10, but there wasn't much she could do about that. Imagine my surprise when my mom called at 7:10 to say they'd be home soon... she gave me various cheap notebooks / crayons and colored pencils for Hannah and Priscilla / highlighters. Back-to-school sales are really cheap at Target: 10 cents each for a one-subject notebook, 72 cans of Coke for $10, a box of 24 crayons for 20 cents, and some other stuff she got were great deals! We discussed August birthday cards (Joshua, Pat and Vanessa, Cindy) and the Mexico trip where rides were concerned. She's not going to Daniel and Michelle's, but Melia's instead - getting up to go to Abbotsford at 3 AM definitely SUCKS! Ivan's parents have a family dinner, so Steph can't go back with them even if the dinner with Erin were still on - maybe she can crash at Joey's for a bit since he lives near Erin and Nathan. (Chris can get a ride from others) Apparently, it's been rescheduled to Monday or Tuesday as lunch or dinner - Auntie Brenda hasn't decided yet. My parents also got some chicken broth with chili powder in it for Vivian - Mexican Maggi! It's funny how Vivian gets back after Steph does - I thought it would be the other way around, haha.

We let our parents know about the huge Burnaby oil spill - apparently, the Youtube video shows the crude oil just SPURTING into the inlet! (aiya!) Steph thinks the prime rib at the grad banquet would be boneless. At any rate, I should figure things out soon before she goes to Mexico - I know I can always contact Rich, but keeping things in the family is cool too. (paid her back $40 tonight, so that's good... but I should ask her for $20 tomorrow to cover me since I'll give it to Rich along with K's payment) Told her that I'd seen Jocelyn, which set Dad off on a tangent about Justin / Clement / Fidela. Their grandma called to talk to Mom, and apparently it's the beginning of the end for her if she can't eat or gets tired VERY easily. :(

Went to the 7-11 near the townhouse and got two each of the four new items I saw: roast chicken Lays chips, LIMITED EDITION Doritos Fiery Habanero chips, Trident Splash gum in citrus / blackberry, and Tangerine Freeze Excel gum. Haha, I just love getting new flavors of stuff! :D

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Purple Sharpies and writing notes

Got a whole bunch of stuff at the mall today. Hope the stuff I mailed gets to their destinations in a timely fashion. Remind me never again to write letters in purple Sharpie because that's the only writing instrument with you. Had to double-space the notes, use only one side of the paper, and generally make a mess out of them... if my friends can read what I wrote, all the more power to them! Oh well, I'm happy enough to do them these favors - I also got some crazy stuff for myself. (sushi, shampoo / conditioner / other necessary items) At least I didn't have to wait over an hour for a bus like SOME people at the bus stop, although I wasn't happy at waiting more than 20 minutes anyhow. Next time, I should get some Lays Roast Chicken chips - those sound pretty good! Oh well, our individual crazy bags are ready to go! I'd say "remind me never to mail things out where the shipping exceeds the cost of the mailed item," but that wouldn't do in the case of postcards and stuff like that! Haha.

Going over to spend time with my sister at the townhouse and pay her back the money I owe her. Apparently, Mom made tons of curry. :D

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Last-minute favors find their way into dreamland!

Well, T says he can't make it tonight... rescheduling sounds just fine, though! Maybe this will give me time to call people whom I've been neglecting... whether I'll actually do that, I don't know. But I guess we'll see! I almost want to spend time with my sister before she goes off to Mexico; however, I can't do that due to another consideration. Oh well. I've also changed my mind on a certain decision that I made last night - but I'd better see if it sticks first, haha. I think saying a certain thing is easier these days, but that might be just temporary - hope not, but one never knows! Suppose I'll be off to the mall in a bit to run some errands. I'm not sure WHY a last-minute favor (time!) was the prominent theme in my dream last night, but at least I know exactly whom to blame! :P

Dreamed that a bunch of us were shopping at the mall, and there was this store with a lot of clothing selection. The clothes were arranged by color into various sections, and you could get additions to your purchase for a nominal fee. I was there to get something in grey, but they only had bluish-grey. That might have been fine, except that the available garments were obviously feminine (I was looking for things that a guy might wear): for example, they had this bathrobe which was low-cut. Oh my! They had blue garments, but that really wasn't what I was looking for. This blonde-haired girl came in and bought this stunning green dress, which didn't need much in the way of other adornment since it had sequins and a great pattern of raised material on it. Reminded me of the green garment my mom gave me with little green shiny jewels, in fact. (not sure where that is, so must dig it out for the grad banquet, haha) When my group had decided on a purchase / addition or two, we finally went to the parking lot. It took some time to find the car, during which we were afraid that someone would die of the heat / sunstroke!

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She didn't see it coming at all, haha!

Talked to Eric earlier about what happened last night, and then got into a discussion of sports. He thinks I don't listen to them at all since the Michael Vick (NFL) dogfighting thing has been all over the news for the past few days. Note to self: get into a sports community so at least I know what's going on! I told him about a baseball story where this base coach (Coolbaugh?) died after being hit by a line drive during a game - that was a new one to him, and I credit Gmail links for my knowledge. He thought that I had babies on the brain for some reason - definitely not!

I told him about how my mom wants to go to Wreck Beach someday - my siblings and I dissuaded her by saying that her knees probably couldn't handle all the stairs down to the nudity from UBC, haha. (she wasn't a huge fan of the tall staircases in Old Quebec when we went there on that bus tour a few years back, either) To my mom, suspicion is the same as knowledge! She was right about my liking Randal (NOT Andy - whom R saw at Kits Beach once), but she definitely didn't see me and Korey coming at all. (Eric thinks I went after him, when the opposite is probably more true - then again, it was kinda mutual after K picked up on certain cues!)

Steph just sent me an email about the grad banquet! Hey, it's at Seventh Heaven Café in Aberdeen Centre, and costs $20 a person except for the FREE grads - yay for things being in Richmond for once!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

200 Bad Comics

Right now, Jamie and I are discussing LJ's being down. It even knocked out the status report, which is on a different extension! Maybe it's the heat, a power outage, or a server crash. (she had some Kahlua and cream earlier which reminded her of bubble tea, haha)

200 Bad Comics - HAHAHA, some of these are quite funny to my twisted sense of humor! :D

"Bad Dog" (#1) reminds me of the "Raw Dog" joke that Jon and Jeremy popularized a good while ago. "Misunderstandings" (#10) makes me think of Jackie's snake joke of a few years back: "How do we know that Adam and Eve weren't Chinese? They would have eaten the snake if they were!" I remember the times I had snake meat soup at Leung Kee in the Richmond Public Market with my parents - interesting stuff, haha. "Ghost Stories" (#11) - HAHA, the ghost can't go through walls! #14 and #15 ("Dogs" / "No Dogs") - dogs going over the cliff like lemmings, with human help! "The Secret" (#21) reminds me of some movie I watched a long time ago which employed exactly that method of murder, heh. "The Operation" (#22) - that REALLY inspires confidence in the medical team who'll be doing an operation on you! "Taco Night" (#25) - NEVER eat 100 tacos in one sitting, or you'll DIE! #28 ("Warning") serves to remind me that I must read the content of all signs carefully, even if they be obscured by a bush! "Forty Cakes" (#40) - methinks he made cakes out of his 40 friends! (of course, that one HAD to be #40 for obvious reasons!) "Sexual Chemistry" (#41) just reminds me of some BAD pickup lines I've heard about! Oh my! o_O

"Naked Dream" (#52) - who knew that dreams could mirror real life so scarily?! "Turtle Abuse" (#59) reminds me of what Eric tries telling me at every opportunity: not EVERYTHING is my responsibility, dude! "Swimming" (#66) - FIRE IN THE POOL! "Delicious Liquid" (#71) - EWWWWW! "Free Skull Day" (#74) - HAHAHA, I love this one! Same goes for #75 ("Holiday") - what a special date! The grandpa in #77 ("Grandpa Is Mean") kinda looks like Mr. Moneybags in Monopoly, heh. "Dog Problem" (#79) - that solution would land you in trouble were you to really try it these days! "Oh No" (#82) - talk about a Catch-22! "Beermelon" (#90) - I bet Jon and Jeremy might be down with that in small doses! "Paranoid" (#94) - HAHA, that sounds like a winning strategy! "Illness" (#95) reminds me of that Robbie Williams video where he strips down to his skeleton while dancing around - that was awesome! #99 ("Red Balloons") - I like the Nena reference, and the "filling them with quarters" so you can bash people with them! #100 ("Hot Day") - pick your poison: either you die of the heat, or you die of being devoured by a crocodile / alligator!

"Classy" (#101) - HAHA, gotta get the knife out whenever someone sasses you! "Science" (#102) - a heck of a way to find out that science CAN'T solve your particular problem! "New Pen" (#103) - interesting concept for a writing instrument! "Bright Side" (#106) - reminds me of the Guinness Records about people surviving similar injuries! "Baby" (#110) - you think you'd be able to tell the difference between a baby and a Mexican sewer rat! "Auras" (#111) - OUCH, WHAT A BURN! "Magic Couch 2" (#114) - that would be an interesting couch for sure! "It's Not Unusual" (#118) - haha, I'd be scared if something like THAT showed up at my door without warning! "Childish" (#119) - why do I get the feeling that many adults actually DO think like this?! Scary! "Inner Strength" (#121) - that's what will happen if you do that, I bet! "Surly" (#125) - I've had days like that! "1:30 In The Morning" (#130) - of course it had to be #130, and thinking about THAT?! Oh my! (I know I can't sleep sometimes for thinking of certain people, hehe) "Treasure" (#142) - Haha, what a way to get possessive over love! "Dreams" (#144) - haha, ewww!

"Vending Machine" (#159) - gotta hate when that happens! "Exhausted" (#165) - I've had that same thought process at times! "My Life Story" (#171) - yup, just die after you finish telling the story! "Premonition" (#178) - HAHA, oops for being surrounded by pink poodles! "Yo-Yo Master" (#183) - interesting name for your toy! "Twins" (#184) - I bet this happens to some degree! I heard of this couple who couldn't tell Ryan from Brian (stupid matching names for TWINS!), and so hired a private investigator to determine who was who - I'd have just started over since they were little babies, myself! "Last People" (#187) - HAHAHA. "Tornado" (#188) - yeah, like a gun is really effective against a tornado! "Faucets" (#191) - that would be an interesting world, indeed! "Surprise Cake" (#197) - yup, a gun would be a surprise in that event! "Taco Night: The Next Morning" (#198) - if only that WERE a cure for cancer, haha! (except maybe not?) "I Quit" (#199) - EWWWWW, elephant licking!

Might go for a walk later since it's a nice day - or read on the patio with my deck chair. We'll see how it goes!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Body wash poufs

It seems I'm officially on the case for non-girly colors in body poufs as a gag gift for Corey. No purple ones, no pink ones, no pastel colors - I think I'll have better luck at Shoppers than Save-On! Maybe on Wednesday, if I don't go to the park after dinner with T!

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

We love Stanley, but not when he spoils HARRY POTTER on a slide!

The birthday dinner for Dad at California Café went reasonably well, haha. Since Steph had borrowed Jessica's copy of PRISONER OF AZKABAN, Mom wanted to know what the big deal was about spoiling the end of HARRY POTTER for her since she wouldn't read the books anyhow. We tried explaining that a lot of people read the books and would get really mad if they knew who dies at the end of this one before they finished. Stanley apparently spoiled the book via the last Powerpoint slide at Floodlight last night ("___ dies!"), which made everyone mad - teenage boys just don't think! Some people HAD stayed up for quite a while to finish the book yesterday, but there were those people in the audience who hadn't. To Mom, it might not be a big deal... but apparently 84% of boys and 40% of girls would read the last lines of the book first, according to some survey she saw. Actually, that sounds like what Mom would do - she gets bored easily and skips all the plot in rented movies, then wonders why she didn't understand the movie at the end. *rolleyes*

My family gave me advice, which I'll think about. Church is good, and a trip to Sun Peaks with Vivian and Jessica for Steph would be good too. We'll see what happens, for sure - that'll have to be in August after the grad banquet and before school starts for Vivian. It's not like it's set in stone since Jon and Grandma will need a car to get around, so I can be very flexible! As for horny males, well... there's not much we can do about that, haha! We discussed snobby grandmas, especially if they're rude to people who are perfectly nice to them! (your sister, your daughter-in-law's sister, more family...) I mean, really... would you go visit someone in a long-term care home and snub the Chinese food (walking two blocks to a Chinese place) just because you don't like it? Suck it up or stay home! Brian and Dennis' dad needs wine to relax after visiting his own mother since she's got those complaining tendencies, too... I'm not sure my mother is up to having Big G back again next week, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Justin and Clement like Tapestry, and Fidela might go to nursing school - her grandma doesn't think she'd be able to handle heavy lifting. She would know! Mom says that Dallas wants to store his belongings at the townhouse for a month while he's away in Toronto since it saves on rent - heck, Raymond already has some of his stuff there on the third floor! Steph says she hasn't heard from Terrence in quite a while, but figures he has a year left of mandatory Singaporean army duty. When he goes home on the weekends, of course he wants to be out rather than at the computer! Mom mentioned phoning Veronica to ask about composting since Eric didn't seem to know much about it - maybe he's shy or something, haha. At least they didn't discuss certain topics on their ride home after he dropped me off, haha - I was glad to provide a bit of conversation for him on stuff which my mom doesn't understand, hehe. (I'm not sure I get STARCRAFT, but at least I can sound okay when discussing very general stuff like game times!)

Steph says that Nathan's relationship with his father isn't good... I can expect that, since Melissa's dad is this ultra alpha-male type! I told her that Jeremy would have liked the various bits of amusement today during service: "Let's check each other out during 40 Days of Community!" "... let's not, actually!" (haha) At the restaurant, I got what Connie had last time we were there prior to going to the Night Market - that is one big dish with lots of leftover potential, especially since I got some of my mom and sister's steak / spaghetti / "borscht" / fish / veggies / milk tea too! Told Steph about Dianne changing her mind once she saw people eating lobster set meals, oh my! The dessert was chocolate mousse instead of mango pudding, but a change is certainly good! When I got out of the car, Steph reminded me to wish Dad a happy birthday... I did, but not before almost saying "Merry Christmas" in Spanish. What the heck is with my brain?! Wrong language AND the wrong occasion to boot? Man, I think I either need sleep or some downtime! Kudos to people for being patient, since I much appreciate it! :D

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Let's NOT check each other out at church, thanks! :P

Not another weird phone call: 519-888-4567 from Ontario, anyone? Good thing I don't know a soul with THAT phone number! Doesn't seem like a phone card number either, so I'll just leave that alone for now!

On the way to church, we discussed Vivian being in Tel Aviv soon - that should be interesting! I also gave Dad his birthday card - it was all about different types of poop. Mom thought that it would be better suited to my sister, but we told her that it wouldn't be marketed to women! It was even funnier when Mom read out a description or two, haha. Steph asked her why she married Dad when he was younger than her since she seemed to think that the man should be older than the woman. My dad's response: "Mom seduced me!" Steph and I gave each other a LOOK and instantly branded that to be TMI. There are some things we REALLY don't need to know... o_O

When I got to church, I told Randal about Korey while we were discussing what we did yesterday: apparently, K seems like a nice guy to him! Not sure how he felt about it, since we two are good friends... I'll talk to him about it later, maybe. Poor Randal forgot about a missions meeting until it was already in progress... guess he'll have to do his laundry today since he had no time yesterday! Gave Hannah, Priscilla, Natalie, and Nathan their chocolate-covered raisins since they were all like "CANDY!" when they saw me, haha. (also gave them a bag for Julie, who thanked me later on) Andrea and I said hi to David, Rosenda, and Ian in back - always good to see them! Too bad Jeremy wasn't here, because he'd have gotten some amusement from the Powerpoint quirkiness (supplying our own lyrics, oh my!) and such - we all laughed when Eric dismissed the kids for Sunday School, because Nathan said "Finally!" loud enough for people to hear! Saw Nate's pack of Transformers playing cards, and chuckled to myself. Went downstairs to wash my hands, and saw Karen: she asked after Korey, and seemed disappointed when I told her that he wasn't coming anytime really soon! Oh well, it'll be all right. Later, Pastor Edward said that we could "check each other out" while promoting the 40 Days of Community initiative - I tapped Nate on the shoulder (who had borrowed a pen from me and didn't give it back) and said that the term was something quite different than what he meant to say! Too amusing!

I didn't really hang out in the back parking lot today since it was kinda late when we finally got out of service: the babies and young kids were getting really restless / tired, and you could hear it for sure! Mike kept inadvertently kicking me in the shoe, but it was okay - I noticed a cute star drawing on his hand too! Cordia said that Danielle didn't want her to attend the Internet talk that she and Nathan are giving in August, but didn't really say why. Went to the toddler Sunday School, and played Jenga / cars with the kids: learned that Frances is coming back to teach the kids soon, which will be good. Sean was really restless today, rolling around on the floor and saying "Oh no!" at various intervals. Waved hi to his brother Ian when the family came to pick Sean up and thanked me for being who I am, haha. I like these kids!

Went outside, where Eric / Dylan / Christon were talking about wine-tasting (you can get drunk pretty fast on the little alcohol that's in there!) and student loans. Mike, Ivan, and some of the other guys were standing around - apparently, little Nathan was talking about playing STARCRAFT, haha. Eric asked if my mom still needed a ride, and I assumed she did - she was registering people for the Walkathon, so I wondered when she'd be done. She said "five minutes," which I assumed to mean ten. Dylan said that he needed to study for his First Aid exam, but really didn't think that his bed was a good place for it since he fell asleep every time he tried to study there. He also thought that Tony had ditched him last week, and forgot what he was supposed to do this afternoon: maybe something for Jon, since Eric and I would have reminded him if he had plans with us! I said hi to Karen I. when she came out, and she said that she kept forgetting about the wedding photos for me. Then we talked about seniors, Grandma, and Hong Kong - sometimes you don't see them for a couple of weeks because of bad weather and such. She had to go for lunch with her in-laws, so we said we'd talk later. Chung came by a little later, looking for Rich - he thanked me when I said that he was probably downstairs (at the luncheon / meeting?) with Steph and my dad. Soon afterwards, Eric and I got going with my mom in tow.

On the way home, I asked Eric how breakfast with David had been. They'd selected De Dutch Pannekoek House, which I haven't been to in some time. Seems he's going to MIT pretty soon, which is cool. Mom asked whether he was married yet (no), and Eric thought that a reasonable assumption since all of HIS roommates are married already! We talked about Dallas for a while, and then I asked if Eric was playing STARCRAFT tonight: seems the guys do so every Sunday, and wait for people who are late to the game. Setting yourself to "busy" and not seeing any messages that pop up is probably a good strategy to ward off MOST people, haha. Eric thought that I could make myself permanently "Out To Lunch," but I don't think that would work given Trillian's insistence on setting me as always online and never idle! (then I get messages from certain people wondering where I am - not here?) If someone nominates him for the ESCC next year, he'll have to decline due to his focus being elsewhere - at least Committee seems to be going all right for him! He asked whether Dad's birthday card was based on the poop email, but it was different! Definitely a different dynamic from the usual car ride, although he DID ask whether I existed as he was about to turn into my side street! Haha, at least there were no #4 / Alderbridge jokes!

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Kimchi noodles and cancer (not related)

I had kimchi noodles for dinner, thanks to Kenneth (kos_momos / seraficradiance) putting the idea in my head! Called my mom, who says that I'll be getting a soup bowl with lid that has dragons on it. Sounds cool, and we'll be doing a birthday dinner at #9 restaurant tomorrow for my dad since both he and Steph have meetings over lunchtime. I called Eric later to see if he could give me and my mom a ride home from church, and he can - that's GOLDEN! Means we can't talk about certain things, but Eric and I have survived that hurdle before, haha. I think my parents are going away from Tuesday to Thursday, and then driving Steph to Daniel and Michelle's on Thursday night... I don't envy the Mexico trip's border crossing at 5 AM! (Vivian S. is already gone, and will get back after Steph does on Aug. 5)

Mom told me that Justin's grandma had six months to live back in February, so she's been organizing her affairs as far as funeral arrangements and life history goes. A diagnosis of terminal liver cancer with nothing to be done about it is pretty stark, after all... I know Michelle's husband Gary was gone within two months! (their sons Ryan and Ethan had to deal with it, too) On another note, I can't wait to see Andrew tomorrow and ask him about Timothy camp! Gotta love those young friends, haha. :D

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