Saturday, December 13, 2003

Very late Bible Study

Bible Study didn't start till 8:30 because nobody was there..
Derek, Andy, and I were wondering if anyone would show up..
afterwards, I talked to a bunch of people about Sunday..
everyone hoped I was feeling better and was all right..
later, we all went to Daimasu and discussed lots of stuff..
The Last Samurai, divorcing one's parents, eating..
disowning one's kids in disgrace, the morality / legality of it..
hockey, baseball, the Lord of the Rings, weddings..
different sects of Buddhism, Dine Out Vancouver, money..
worshipping and why we should acquiesce to pastors..
our inner motives, perceptions of our part of the world..
the Middle East and their "evil Western world" outlook..
"I knew you when you were little," nonsense, wedding food..
ah, it was definitely good times and memories all around..

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Friday, December 12, 2003

Damn, the church is quiet at this hour...

I've almost never been inside the church when it's so quiet..
I know there are people here, but they're not saying a thing!
usually, there's at least SOME noise inside from people..
not tonight, it seems.. but things will pick up..
just called Michelle L. to see if she could drive me..
she may be quitting Awana, so it's back to the bus..
Granville Sushi, here I come once again to eat lunch!
must remember to leave the apartment before 12:55..
things should definitely be all good if I do that..
and I *really* hope I have my bus pass in the mail..
I'll be going back tonight to pick up a Brian Doerksen CD..
Jon wants to learn a song off Shine..
may as well check my snail mail while I'm there, haha!

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Flammie the Dragon

ah, the wonders of browsing the Subwoofer Forums..
courtesy of BotB, I now have a potential new nickname..
we were discussing a Lord of the Rings character test..
the thread turned into one of computer game memories.. ;)
he mentioned something called "Flammie the Dragon"..
I instantly thought to myself, "hey, that could be my name!"
so yes, I like new nicknames.. they sprout like weeds ;)

another thread in that forum made me laugh.. I needed it!
Spoz thinks this site has a new birthday shout-out every day..
while there ARE quite a few here, it's not accurate at all..
he also thinks I'm obsessive-compulsive.. (nothing new)
partly because I started the thread at all.. good times!

Eric M. also says he's sorta feeling better finally.. wooyeah!
but he doesn't want to leave at 5:15 with Jon and me..
so we'll go ahead since Jon has to be somewhere early..
he'll decide whether or not to come later on..
I certainly hope he does.. it's been more than a month!
however, I won't be smashing him if he doesn't end up there..
these things take time to heal completely, you know! ;)

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Sad emotions

it's not a good idea to show sad emotions at Jon's..
I don't want certain people asking what's happening..
frankly, they just would not understand if I told them..
missing people is only acceptable if it's RL people..
gentle kindness DOES make an impression on me..
for that alone, I'm profoundly grateful..
if he weren't around, I don't know what I'd do!
the same goes for my RL friends.. I'm glad they're here..
even they might not understand fully, but they'd try to..
semi-insomnia isn't a great thing here.. what to do?
another day, another round of the usual over here.. um, yay?

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Last-minute planning rocks!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENYA.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was interesting to know you.

I still don't know how I'll get to Fellowship; even Jon doesn't..
we'll figure it out in due time.. last-minute planning rocks! ;)
my worries have eased for now in regards to another matter..
this site seems to be online again with listings..
so this week hasn't been too bad for me at all..
thank goodness someone's still out there..
and I'll probably see my friends tomorrow, and call Michelle..
must do that, but not right now.. I'm not THAT insane ;)

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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Car accident thread turning philosophical

not much to say here right now to entertain you people..
but I love it when a car accident thread turns philosophical..
at least, I definitely like that forum for its freedom..
banter and jokes are definitely all good.. go Subwoofer! ;)
hot and sour soup / spaghetti for dinner tonight..
will I be able to do the BP Pasta Tuesday thing this month?
I really don't know, but I probably will be able to..
guess I'll have to see what evasive techniques I can use ;)

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Neil Young and Crazy Horse at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

I just let Jon know about the Neil Young / Crazy Horse show..
it's next Feb. 19 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre..
his reaction was: "Wow! This is the best show ever!"
no idea why it's at the QE and not the Orpheum, though..
at least I care about my brother, and know his musical taste..
(somewhat, at any rate.. he likes weird stuff to wake you up)

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Waking up on my OWN terms! / Quizzes

first time this week I've woken up on my own terms..
it feels very good, and I'd really wish it continues..
got a message from him saying he's sorry about stuff..
warm thoughts and such are nice, as well..
he doesn't HAVE to explain his absence, but why not?
probably make for some blackmail material ;)


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Goose for dinner, loving and respecting Jim

it's 2 AM, and why the heck am I still up? I have NO idea..
these will be random musings and comments from my brain:
staying at Jon's does disrupt my "free" lifestyle a bit..
sleeping and waking when I want? doing whatever, whenever?
I think I can forget about that for the next days and weeks..
oh well, I have high-speed Net access over here ;)

I discovered that it wasn't my email or my paranoia..
AJ simply hasn't checked his email, so it bounced..
(and it had to be the "accident info" email that bounced)
hopefully, he'll check it soon.. I sent him a message instead..
speaking of email, Wolfie sent me one.. her card got there!
Brenda sent me one, as well.. just to ask how I was..
care and concern is certainly a good thing, indeed..
we had goose for dinner, too.. courtesy of friends :)

I told Jim that I respected and loved him..
he says he takes every word I say as the truth..
so he believes it, and it's a good start to his day..
living in the UK as he does, he's 8 hours ahead of me..
what I said to him is certainly very true.. no lie!
I'm glad to know that I can still make people happy.. :)

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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Stop waking me up!

nothing really to see here..
I'm not getting enough sleep..
my parents keep waking me up, darn it!
I could go home, but I'm a sucker..
*sigh* .. what to do? no idea..
there, told you it was nothing of consequence ;)

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Monday, December 08, 2003

Baby sucking on my jacket strings, and Trevor Linden

stood in line for 1.5 hours to get Linden to sign the book..
let a baby suck the strings on my jacket for a bit..
the back pain started then, but I took Tylenol..
and at least the Christmas card got to Corey..
so that's all right then, I suppose :P

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Sunday, December 07, 2003

Car accidents!

here it is, since you've been waiting for it..
your weekly dose of hilarity! yay!


"this is only an off-side comment here.. but Flami.. are you just commenting on everything to beat my post count here on these forums? ;) just wonderin' :D " -- Spoz, asking if my ultimate goal is to beat him in our respective post counts on those Subwoofer music forums. (Tuesday, Dec. 2) [nope, though I think that I'll overtake the administrator dude eventually :P]

church wasn't too bad at all today, on the whole..
Michelle said that getting cards from me always made her day..
I talked to John about Steph's forensic science studies..
he also said I could change the reference to him in my sig..
just hadn't been sure what a hamsterette was, is all..
so I've been gently poking him in fun via email signature..
managed to talk with a bunch more of my friends, too..
Dianne told us that she wanted to be a magician..
her reasoning was that they were SO cool..
David told her that he didn't trust those con artists..
but she's determined / hyper when she gets on a roll..

we had a meeting later on, but that went all right..
on the way home, we got into a car accident..
stupid drivers should LOOK before turning out onto the road..
and not say the police will exchange info instead of them..
right now, I'm fine even though my glasses went flying off..
it appears I was the point of impact in the passenger seat..
at least the other guy will get a violation ticket..
that's the LEAST he deserves, I'm telling you!

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He hasn't been on lately!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BALJIT.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was neat knowing you in school.. and a surprise to see you at the bank that day when you were working there.

well, I really don't know if I'll get an email today..
seems that he's not really been on the Net lately..
oh sure, he's been mobile on his cell phone the last two days..
but that doesn't really mean much as far as messages go..
the holidays are a busy time of year for most people, too..
so there IS that mitigating factor.. I mailed his card, though :)
hopefully, he'll let me know whether he received it or not..
if he doesn't, then that's perfectly all right.. I'm not worried ;)

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