Saturday, March 01, 2003

Big surprises at dinner / Quiz Heaven stuff

Got the biggest surprise ever at dinner. Turns out my cousins had arranged a surprise for my grandma, in the form of my uncle arriving all the way from Hong Kong! Apparently, my grandma's mood has now done a complete turnaround from a couple days ago: she was totally depressed then, but now she's very happy. That's as it should be.. she's been rather depressed lately, and hopefully this will cheer her up! It was quite the surprise to see him, since he normally comes over about once a year. Very much a surprise, in that no one (apart from my cousins) knew about it till this afternoon. Pretty good stuff.. and a success. :)

(many thanks go to Kody for giving me a very indirect reminder to post this in blog :P)

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Dreams about murder / Buffalo Wings chips by Rave

Wow.. what a weird dream I had last night.. it involved murdering a guy (with numerous blunt-force trauma objects) who wanted to take children away from school so they could be with him on a school bus. That landscape was so full of roofing, barbed wire fences, truck parts, dirt, etc. Then it suddenly switched locales to a very large blue-and-grey party room that I apparently had, and a party that was ending.. my good friend Vernon was about to leave, but then decided to stay and talk to me about what he felt were hurtful things I had done to him.. and it turned out to be a productive one, too. (for the record, I don't think I've hurt him in waking life.... why do these things always seem to happen in dreams, and I can't ever really have a productive talk with some friends of mine in waking life?) Afterwards, we were at Lauren's wedding (yay!).. however, the majority of the names on the program weren't even correct! (the bride's name was all right, but the groom's wasn't.. poor Warren!) Mercifully, I woke up after some way extended drama involving my having to sing in Chinese. (nope, no idea how to do that at all in waking life..)

Possible triggers for the dream: Greg's blue-on-grey tiny font in AIM (which he did change slightly for me.. thanks!), Lauren giving me her wedding invitation last night (of *course* I'll go!), seeing Vernon last night at church (though I didn't really talk to him much), the praise + worship last night (conducted entirely in English, as our conducting it in Chinese definitely would not work with us), and that murder M.O. that I was telling some of you about yesterday.

(I remember seeing this one a few years back on a TV movie based on real life: It was based on a true story of this girl who secretly hated a new person in town. The girl pretended friendship with the new person, and lured her to her house one night on the pretext of a school club meeting.

She hugged the new girl hello, concealing a knife behind her back. Then she leaned in for a truly deadly kiss on the cheek. Yes, she was found out later on.

Yup, that's the extent of my diabolical evil for now.. mwahahahaha.

Here's an edit ten months later: this was the movie. A Friend To Die For starred Kellie Martin (the stabber) and Tori Spelling (the stabbee). Thanks, Jason! (aka AGGRESSOR)

Yeah, it's the same Kellie Martin who starred as Lucy Knight on E.R. a few years back. She got killed off when a mentally disturbed patient stabbed her and Carter (Noah Wyle) in an exam room (I think).

So one TV project in which she's the stabber, and another in which she's the stabbee. Interesting... I could be spacing out, too. Not unheard of at this time, especially when I'm trying NOT to go to the bathroom. :P

That's all I have to say for now.. be afraid of me, or not! (yes, I am insane..) MWAHAHAHAHA... now to see the kids, and go to a Chinese banquet dinner for Grandma's 83rd birthday!

Oh, and I'd just like to add that these new buffalo wings chips (made by Rave) are very good! :)

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Marrying Matt Good / drunk people on buses / meaning a lot to Sean

One of you was saying to me just now that I should marry Matt Good and have 10,000 babies.. despite what Spoz may believe, I don't want to do that. :P

Oh, and drunk people on buses are NOT the best.. this belligerent dude wouldn't get off the bus for five or ten minutes, and of course the bus driver wouldn't take the bus anywhere with him still on it. Not the best if you're already running late. He told the bus driver to shut up, and was generally being a rude person when the bus driver was being nothing but nice and respectful to him. (and apparently, he'd tried the same crap last night, too.. aiya)

Another thing while I'm at it: it's nice to know you mean a lot to your friends. So thanks for mentioning it to me earlier tonight, Sean. (we all love ya!) :)

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Friday, February 28, 2003

AVALANCHE premiere on the Fox

I am listening to the Matt Good premiere of Avalanche now, and it's quite good.. Todd Hancock and Jeff O'Neill (the Fox radio DJs) have invaded Matt Good's house, and are drinking his beer / admiring the paintings on the wall / admiring his English soccer things (Arsenault is Matt's favorite team, I believe) / eating his sushi / soaking in his hot tub / on his basketball court / in his living room...

Heck, Matt didn't know that they'd be in his house till Wednesday, so the name the station's given to this premiere ("Uninvited Guests") is very apropos. Definitely very interesting stuff. (and his house is in an el primo location overlooking Kitsilano.. wow!) And no, they have not said anything about root beer popsicles or spicy pork gyoza. (those are his two favorite foods, as mentioned in a manifesto he wrote on his previous site)

Oh, did I mention his current site? Haven't been there yet, but I'm sure it's quite good. :D This is the world album premiere live from the dude's house.. very cool. :) The album comes out on Tuesday.. who wants to get it for me? (hehehe.. hey, my brother got me the MGB Beautiful Midnight album for my birthday a few years ago)


Pledge of Allegiance (about pledging allegiance to yourself)
Lullaby for the New World Order
Weapon (first single)
In A World Called Catastrophe (second single.. some Americans saw the video for this one and thought that Matt, as a Canadian, should shut up.. apparently, it has an image of America [or the States flag] covering the world.. SO not his intention!)
Avalanche (the epic title track)
21st Century Living (about supersizing and ambition as it relates to the world today)
While We Were Hunting Rabbits
Bright End of Nowhere
Near Fantastica (another epic track, and the third single)
Song For The Girl (about his girlfriend Jenn.. well, it better be :P)
Double Life
A Long Way Down (this track didn't exist when the recording process started.. he created it out of fragments of some other tracks)
House of Smoke & Mirrors

His girlfriend Jenn says that there are always people coming over to their house, so it's like one never-ending house party. It's a part of their life to have people coming over and noticing him.. the "rock-star" lifestyle is something she's gotten used to. (she doesn't really notice it now, but he does) He now has five shows in Vancouver.. at the Commodore, the Vogue, and perhaps one other venue. (three shows in March, and two in April) That was a very interesting edition of the Rock Report, to be sure. (though he says it's impossible to do a world album premiere from your house and take it seriously, in part because it's too relaxing) I'm glad I listened to it! :)

(and yes.. this post and the previous one probably made one of you cringe and go: "oh no.. not again!".. sorry! mind if I send you email on John Howard instead? :D)

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Going to listen to a world album premiere from Matt Good's house!

Yay! The new Matt Good solo album Avalanche premieres today on the Fox. The station has this weekday show called the 6:00 Rock Report, and today happens to be a special edition of the show.

They're going to be broadcasting the world album premiere from Matt Good's house. (yay! wooyeah!) I think I'll stay and listen to it before going to eat / to the church. Sure, that'll make me either really late for Fellowship or really early for praise & worship night (depending on what time I actually catch the bus out of here and all).. but the show most certainly will be interesting.

Thank goodness today is one of those Fridays that Jon (my brother) is going to the church on his own, and I can take the bus there. (this is SUCH an unusual statement for me at times, hee hee) Probably I shouldn't be doing this, but eh.. when's the next time that this kind of thing will happen? Not very often at all, dude!

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Mysteries solved... tying up loose ends


1. my brother found his Mexican pop in the computer room.. see, I told him I didn't take it! :P
2. that Yahoo Messenger logoff notice was the result of my brother restarting his computer; I called him when it happened again earlier tonight (to tell him to log off Yahoo Messenger), and this is what he had to say: "I just did; it's not my fault that you set the program up to start whenever the computer is turned on.." I'm not sure I did that exactly, but probably that (or something similar) is the case, and I'll have to make sure to change the preferences sometime on Saturday night when I'll be over there next.. possibly when we get home after our grandma's birthday dinner. (mmm, Chinese banquets..)

Ah, it feels good to have loose ends tied up; wooyeah! :)

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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Mexican pop

My brother just called to see if I'd taken his Mexican pop from the computer room, since he hadn't seen it since Monday. Now why the heck would I take his pop? There are piles of stuff in the room, so maybe the pop can is somewhere amongst them.. though he and I both hope not. I certainly didn't take it, though our grandmother may have taken them because she's not feeling well. (then again, Granny doesn't usually LIKE pop.. but who knows?) Definitely hope he finds it soon! (the only pop I have in my fridge is a 2L bottle of Coke that I bought at Save-On a couple weeks ago)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SYLVIA! I hope you have a good one, and that you and Samson are making a life for yourselves in Toronto! :)

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Text Twist and misreadings... sorry, Greg!

I generally try to stay away from more news on terrorism and the war against it, because I already have a LOT of that news coming through to me on a very regular basis. That said, I know I've had just a bit too much of the terrorism news seeping into my brain when I misread as something about terrorists. (granted, the link was in really tiny blue letters on grey background in an AIM session.. sorry, Greg!) My brain may be hazy from staying up so late last night, but I don't think that has anything to do with it at all.

Text Twist is a very addicting game. My sister found it at least a year or so ago on the Net somewhere.. and instantly got to playing it. She knows that I have a fairly large vocabulary, and soon was getting me into the game. (we definitely had some very high scores when we worked together..) Quite fun, really.. but it's so annoying when you have a really high score (or even not), and you get a really hard six-letter combination that seems impossible to solve. Then when the game's over and you see what the magic six-letter word was, you smack yourself at your own stupidity. (note for non-players: you have to get the six-letter word to continue to the next round.. otherwise, it's just "find all words in the six-letter combination that appears on screen") For certain combinations of letters, there is more than one six-letter word to be found.. you only need to get one of them to continue, but it's fun and challenging finding the others. (we even played it once with Fidela, when I wanted to get on the Fathom forums!)

That reminds me, I should get back into the game on my brother's computer one of these weekends... it'll be cool nostalgia. ;)

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Radiohead news

Here's news for all you Radiohead fans out there.. I know at least one of you who reads this will be interested. (besides, I really have nothing else of worth to put up now, so live with it! hehehehe) I personally don't know if I'll get the album (or even if my brother will), but this is news.. of a sort.


Radiohead should have a new album out in June on Capitol Records in the United States. The title has not yet been determined, although it has been rumored to be both 2+2=5 and Are You Listening. The band's previous album, Amnesiac, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Top 200 in 2001. Kid A, released in 2000, opened at No. 1 on the chart. The band is scheduled to perform a number of festival dates in Europe over the summer, including a headlining slot June 28 at the Glastonbury festival in Pilton, England.

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Inexplicable logging off / computer bollocks

And why did I just get a logoff notice from Yahoo Messenger saying that I'd been logged off because I had logged in at another machine? The only other machine I have Yahoo Messenger running on is my brother's computer, and I made pretty damn sure the IM program was disconnected before I left on Monday. (otherwise, I wouldn't be able to log into it here..) Since I really don't think my brother would touch the program on the computer, I have NO idea what happened. I don't believe he'd log in accidentally, either.. though he could have, and I wouldn't know! (maybe I'll ask him later..) Weird happenings going on, and all connected with Yahoo IM.... it's some definite SPOOKY MOJO, I tell ya! ;)

Computer bollocks are not very good if I have to stay up way longer than I should to attempt to do something about them. (in this case, uninstalling / reinstalling a certain program on this thing) Somehow, I don't think I'm going to make it to Fellowship tomorrow, either.. not good. Ah well, we shall see.

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Billy Bob Teeth, and Richmond Crew memories

Blogspot currently has this banner ad which amuses me to no end.. and no, it's not the one about how Blogger Pro has spellcheck. :P It's the "Billy Bob Teeth" one.. it just takes me back to memories of two summers ago. You see, my friend Eric and my siblings had this joke going about A-1 steak sauce.. it was good with everything, and they even had this imaginary eatery called Booty Burgers. You REALLY do not want to know why it was called that, but you can guess! ;)

At any rate, they'd go on about it all the time.. "even the bread and lettuce has A-1 in it, because A-1 is good with everything and makes it all taste better.. except maybe booty products and production!" (I'm sure you can guess what booty products and production are, too..) Eric would put on a hick redneck accent fairly often (very amusing) and say that he was somebody named Billy Bob.. and his main objective in life was to drink A-1 straight from the bottle. (preferably two or three bottles' worth) There were probably other things associated with the A-1 steak sauce joke, including the time where my brother and sister and friends went on about it in a San Francisco restaurant, and they actually got some instead of HP Sauce.. but I don't remember them right now. Yep, the A-1 steak sauce jokes ruled! (ice cream, the best thing for a country walk, a preservative for an old teddy bear, etc.)

You really don't want to know what the words "Roots" and "bomb" meant to us at that time, either. ;) (remember, this was before 9-11, so it was all very fun.. even afterwards, we'd say that we could be offensive to "outsiders") If you really want to know, ask me.. I might just put it in here, but not now. Everything I mentioned in this post was a Richmond Crew joke.. and we had lots of fun with them! :D

What kind of party would you enjoy the most?

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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Bubble tea explanation

Pursuant to my post of the other day about bubble tea, I'd just like to say that STRAWBERRY BUBBLE TEA happens to be a great starter flavor if you've not tried the stuff before. If the place you're at does strawberry badly, you should be wondering about how good the other flavors are. And no.. the black tapioca pearls don't taste like white tapioca in tapioca pudding. They're not heavily influenced by the flavor of bubble tea, either.. unless you lick the pearls before chewing and swallowing them. Mmm, strawberry bubble tea. This is all for erl's benefit, by the way. ;) (poor dude is way too interested in the stuff ever since I told him about it a few days ago.. he should come here from Boston, and I'll buy him one to see if he likes it; though his main "obsession" is the pearls [they're just PEARLS, nothing fancy!])

There are many other flavors of bubble tea, as well: it would strain my memory to recall every single one of them, but I'll give you some that should taste reasonably good..

Bartlett pear
black plum
Chinese pear
green apple
iced chocolate
milk tea (black or green)
mint chocolate
Oreo chocolate
Oreo coffee
passion fruit
red bean
water chestnut (the one at Dragon Ball tastes like oysters, according to Nathan)
wheat germ
white grape
yin-yang (half milk coffee and half milk tea)

Heck, maybe even coconut / taro / durian / other flavors I don't personally like would taste good to other people.. I don't know..)

Yes, the tapioca pearls put many people off.. but people who are not Chinese like this stuff too! (like Eric when he could have sugar / caffeine, my brother's friends Rob and Ross, Jeremy, etc.)

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Oldest American Man Dies

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BECKY! I hope you're having a good time in Bible college, and that you have a great day today! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENNIFER! It was cool when my sister would have you over.. hope you have a fun day! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, QUAN.. I like seeing you around church.. yes, you can ask me for gum / chocolate / candy. Have an awesome day! :)

This was very interesting to me when I got it in my email just now; I've been interested in the world's oldest people and so forth for a long time. You gotta admit, it IS kind of fun to marvel at what these people have lived through in their very long lifetimes..



The oldest living American man, John McMorran, 113, has died of heart failure, the Lakeland, Fla., Ledger reports.

McMorran, who considered coffee his elixir and quit cigars at the tender age of 97, was born June 19, 1889, in a log cabin in Michigan.

"He was a very hard-working man, and very kind," McMorran's grandson, Bob McMorran, 59, told the paper.

For a time in 2002, he was America's oldest living person; but researchers then confirmed Mary Christian of San Pablo, Calif., was born June 12, 1889, according to the Gerontology Research Group. The world's oldest is 115-year-old Kamato Hongo (born Sept. 16, 1887) of Japan.

The son of farmers, McMorran held a variety of jobs until his retirement at 84, the paper noted.

Definitely interesting stuff.. like when Jeanne Louise Calment (of France) died at the age of 122 years, 164 days. (born Feb. 21, 1875 and died Aug. 4, 1997) She met Vincent Van Gogh in her father's shop once, though the memory was clouded by the fact that he was scruffy and smelled of alcohol. (there's a whole page on her life in the 1996 Guinness Book of World Records) The oldest man to ever live was Shigechiyo Izumi (of Isen on Tokunoshima, an island 820 miles southwest of Japan).. he lived 120 years and 237 days. (born on June 29, 1865 and died on Feb. 21, 1986) He took up smoking at the age of 70, and worked till he was 105.

Goodness, but these stories are interesting.. and yes, I do have various editions (1996, 1999, 2001-3) of the Guinness Book of World Records here in this room. You don't even have to ask. ;) And yes.. I could expound for a LONG time on the records involving large families, multiples, and so forth.. but I don't feel like it. Go get yourselves the books instead. :P

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Stupid people over IM... damn you!

Well, I fire up Yahoo Messenger just now.. and the first message I get is from someone who I don't know very well. "Can you please do me a favor? It's really important that you call my friend's cell phone in Maryland for me, as I don't have a phone or a ride to one.. and there's no one else I can ask.." I immediately thought there was something not quite right about it, and made up my mind not to do it at any rate.. never mind the long distance factor. She never said WHY it was so vitally important.. nor indeed how repayment would be done. (you'd think she would, if it was so bloody vitally important..)

Not that I'm a cold / cruel / callous person, but for goodness sakes! Surely there are OTHER people who live closer to Maryland than I do? (Vancouver and Maryland are very far away, you know!) Even if it was a local call, I'd need details: why it was so important, why I should call up someone I don't know from Adam FOR someone ditto, etc. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh and aiiiiiiiiiyaaaaa!!!! Personally, I'd like to go after her with a cosh, hammer, and other implements of perhaps murderous destruction.. then knock some sense into her head repeatedly. ;) (not necessarily ruling out shanks, either.. hehehehe) She's lucky I don't know exactly where she lives.. ;)

And just so I don't have to go explaining it to everyone a zillion times later on, here is the IM text:


zaber_21911 (9:52:33 AM): hey
zaber_21911 (9:53:31 AM): are you there
flamsterette_x (9:54:44 AM): yup..
zaber_21911 (9:54:54 AM): plz say u can do me a favor
flamsterette_x (9:55:06 AM): what is it?
zaber_21911 (9:55:15 AM): i really need you to call my friend for me its important
zaber_21911 (9:55:24 AM): plz say yes
zaber_21911 (9:55:34 AM): i have no phone an no ride to a phone
zaber_21911 (9:55:36 AM): plz
zaber_21911 (9:55:37 AM): plz
zaber_21911 (9:55:38 AM): plz
flamsterette_x (9:56:07 AM): where does this person live?
zaber_21911 (9:56:12 AM): maryland
zaber_21911 (9:56:20 AM): but its just his cell phone and not his house phone
flamsterette_x (9:56:37 AM): I live in Vancouver.. that's a LONG distance, man...
zaber_21911 (9:56:41 AM): plz
zaber_21911 (9:56:47 AM): it will take 2 secs
zaber_21911 (9:56:49 AM): plz
zaber_21911 (9:56:53 AM): this is very important
zaber_21911 (9:57:00 AM): i have no one else that i can get to call
zaber_21911 (9:57:02 AM): plz
zaber_21911 (9:57:46 AM): this is so very important
zaber_21911 (10:00:59 AM): plz do this for me
zaber_21911 (10:01:29 AM): it wont even take a minute
zaber_21911 (10:01:37 AM): plz
zaber_21911 (10:01:39 AM): plz
zaber_21911 (10:01:40 AM): pzl
zaber_21911 (10:01:43 AM): plz
flamsterette_x (10:13:35 AM): I don't know.. surely you must have people that live closer to you that can help you out?

I mean, for goodness sakes. Fishy from the outset.. no phone, indeed. I'm sure that she needed a phone to at least connect to the Internet, even if she did have cable or whatnot. Not to mention everything else I thought about.. I definitely wouldn't have done it in any case. Sheeeeeeeeeesh.

Thanks go to Spoz, who helped amuse me with a simple comment (like he usually does).. love you! :P

Oh, and we beat the Atlanta Thrashers 8-0 yesterday.. WOOHOO! The Canucks now have won 14 in a row! (or at least have gone undefeated in that amount of time.. a tie isn't necessarily a defeat, right?) Reaching new franchise records and highs.. always nice! :)

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IM friendships

I was under the impression that the second season of The Osbournes premiered tonight.. I looked at the TV listings, and apparently not. Don't know if or when it will, now. (and for those of you who HAVE seen the second season, don't spoil it because I still might see it one of these days)

Okay, so apparently I was invisible to certain people online all day today. (or I was being annoying.. either way though, it sucks) If you're busy or whatnot, I can understand.. but don't ignore me all day.. that is, unless you really do have me on "ignore" / "block." I'd hope I'm not quite so annoying as to make you resort to that. Let's just see if we can work it out.. and if not, then there's nothing I can really do. But really now.. I don't like being ignored, and I'm sure you don't either! There have been times where I'll change statuses to avoid certain people, or go on "idle" for a long time because I'm in the next room doing something and I don't hear the sounds of my IMs.. but it's not quite the same thing. These people have gone offline seemingly as soon as I message them or very shortly afterwards, or simply not bothered to give me the courtesy of an answer even to tell me they're busy. Aiya...

It's really amazing what I type at this late hour.. I just told Cerowyn that I wasn't averse to being called certain endearing terms. (true) Sometimes I'm not, but that was the last thing I expected my fingers to type. At least I don't get all vitriolic on people most times.. though you can never tell what I'll say.. mwahahahaha. My vocabulary is NOT all made up of "fluffy big words," as someone likes to call them.. but I trust that everyone knows what I'm saying. (or at least has access to a dictionary that they can go scrambling for if need be)

I find that the scars of the past are healing over nicely.. I feel like I've built up friendships with a number of people from across the globe through this IM wonder. It's like what a friend of mine says: "The Internet's a tool for communication; and you get out of it what you put in!" So very true. being comfortable with the people you talk to (using whichever communication medium you like) is a very good thing, and I wouldn't want to jeopardize it in any way. (I must now make my excuses to someone I hadn't heard from in weeks on MSN.. had a bit of a brainfart and momentarily forgot who he was.. whoops! Sorry about that..)

Hey.. if you can make me laugh, and I feel a comfortable bond with you after a while.. then you're mine! ;) Hahahaha.. more likely than not, I'll tell you if I'm feeling that way. Then again, sometimes I tend to be so damn shy that I may not, either. But hopefully, you will know through my words. (though it's darn hard to tell with text-based IMs.. and maybe a bit easier with me in person) So just what am I trying to say here? I don't know.. it's 2:25 AM and this hamsterette should be in bed. But hopefully you can get what I'm trying to say. If not, this probably won't be edited.. so the only other recourse you'll have is to ask me! Hahahaha..

Oh, and YES.. most of the people I've mentioned so far in this blogspot have been the type of people I feel comfortable with, etc. I haven't "met" Kemps as yet, to name but one contrasting example. (although from what I hear, he's pretty crazy himself at times)

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Invisible on IM?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN.. I'll always remember the fun, hilarious times we went through together at school.. hope you have a good one, wherever you are! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WAI-MUI.. you do a lot for the church, and I hope you have a good one! :)

Am I really invisible on my various IM programs? I'm not talking about deliberately appearing offline or going into "invisible mode" either.. I've messaged various people in the last hour and a half, and they've not answered / gone offline without the courtesy of an answer! Yes, I understand if you're busy / idle / can't or don't want to talk / if your status says something like "away" or "out to lunch" / if you had to restart the computer.. goodness knows I've done that loads of times. But if you don't answer within a reasonable period of time, I'm left with no other choice but to conclude that I must be invisible to all but myself.. and that's no good then, is it?

On the other hand, I am going gangbusters at updating, so now I'm only approximately a day behind. Still though.. where IS everyone? (and yes.. I'm currently set to "away" on MSN.. in this case, I'm still here) Time for another "old college try," maybe.. sigh.

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Monday, February 24, 2003

Making Yazmine jealous... mwahahahaha!

Well, it was a good day at the mall. Snagged an appointment book for only $5.. it was hardcover, and made Yazmine very jealous (mwahahahaha). Also had some bubble tea for the first time in about two months. (it was Horlicks-flavored, and tasted soooo good!) Should really go there more often for bubble tea.. many are the discussions that my friends and I have had over the stuff. If you don't know what it is, it's a Chinese drink made with flavored tea, ice, and black tapioca pearls. (or coconut / grass jelly) You suck the pearls up through a fairly large straw, and chew on them.. go here for more information.

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No more Jon-related MSN names!

Well, I'm certainly glad my brother's back.. no more of those annoying MSN names for my sister.. though I suppose I *could* go with "Jon's finally back! Woohoo!" and the like. However, that'll get old.. so maybe "Steph's in Toronto.. woohoo!" will do.. that'll bug her to no end. Mwahahahahaha.. yes, I'm deliciously evil. Sounds like he had a good trip, though.. and is suitably tanned after being in Mexico for a week. It'll soon fade away after a few days in this cold weather. (definitely a temperature contrast.. from 30-ish degrees to around 0 in a few hours)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKE! I often wonder what's happened to you.. and I remember the times we had at church together before Ellen's dad died. Hope you have a good one, wherever you are! :)

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Sunday, February 23, 2003

Jon's back! (well, almost...)

My brother's coming back tonight.. I'm so happy! :) I hope he had a good time doing what he wanted to do.