Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam's hanging, regression and autograph books, skinning people, gruesome deaths

Google Video of Saddam's hanging... no, I haven't watched it. This is for you people who might, out of morbid curiosity. :P (you can also see another link below if you wish)

This skim milk is good. Time to go back to bed, but I should probably take a shower first, haha. This sounds so high school, but I want an autograph book so all my friends' signatures and such can go in it, because I'd like to see their handwriting and look back on it in later years. I mean, I'm THIRTY FREAKIN' YEARS OLD and I want one of those?! How old does that make me mentally? Like... 14? :P It could be argued that I have my saved postcards / greeting cards / guestbook / 25th birthday scrapbook for that (all of which I treasure), but somehow a book with everyone's stuff in it at once also sounds like an excellent idea. Who knows. I probably won't go for that... heck, it's been years since some of my friends stopped attending my church for their own reasons, and I don't keep in touch with my high school / college friends either! Maybe I'll do that in the New Year, haha. Everyone will think I've regressed to the "wanna sign my high school yearbook?" stage of life, though! *sigh* What to do... I know, I'm a bit crazy!

Today's Skinned Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

Tanzanian police arrested two men accused of killing a 9-year-old boy and selling his skin for 20,000 shillings ($18) to make sorcerers' get-rich-quick charms. Police said they arrested Martin Kalunga, 25, and his associate Nico Benson, 31, in Lilwa village in southern Tanzania Tuesday after neighbors overheard Benson accusing Kalunga of plotting with their buyer to skin him as well. The identity of the buyer was unclear. "The two were arrested after they had a loud quarrel, because Benson suspected Martin of colluding with their buyer to skin him," Suleiman Kova, police commander for the southern Mbeya region, told Reuters. "During interrogation, Martin confessed that they were both skinners and that they had skinned a boy in Mbozi six months ago. They then threw his body into the river Jianga," Kova said. "These cases are few, but are very shocking," he said. Human skins are used by witch doctors to make charms or potions designed to make their users rich, especially in southern Tanzania, renowned as a center for traditional sorcery. Police say the once rampant practice has decreased significantly in recent years due to tougher action by the authorities, describing this as the first suspected skinning case in southern Tanzania since April 2004.

Culled from: Reuters
Generously donated by: Jason


Oh well, no skin off their backs! *groan*


Morbid Mirth Du Jour!

Okay, I know I'm late... but I just LOVE the Scared Of Santa photo collection! It brings a smile to my lips just thinking of those frightened little brats... :)

Thanks to Elizabeth for the link.


Wretched Recommendations!

Evilpresly has a film recommendation for us:

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

"This movie is a Blair Witch-style romp through the jungle that looks like it was filmed in the 70's. Several youths film their violent exploits as they rape and murder their way through uncivilization. It, of course, depicts the natives quite terribly. But then, this was a terrible movie. What is the purpose of all this? I don't know. This movie was shown at a bar I went to with the sound off, which made it even more puzzling. But there is quite a lot of actual animal death (the part that turns my stomach, poor animals) and overall, I'd say this movie was borderline snuff."

Today's Severed Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

Patrick Hartnett was convicted of the January 18, 1884 ax murder of his wife which was witnessed by his five children. Hartnett's execution, on September 30, 1885, is widely considered to be one of the most gruesome executions in Ohio history. The condemned man's head was almost entirely severed from his body during the execution.

Culled from: Ohio Death Row
Generously suggested by: Jeff


Of course, this brings to mind the not-quite-as-gruesome death of Saddam Hussein. As expected, video of the execution has been leaked already. Live Leak has this footage which was captured on a cell phone. It isn't the best, but it does show the entire execution, including some shots of Saddam hanging from the rope at the end.


Morbid Mirth Du Jour!

Kainlane has an online gaming suggestion for us:

"You may have heard of this before, as I think it has been on the Net for quite some time, but I just discovered a game called Funeral Quest. The game is where you are the head of a funeral home and you have to sell people caskets and various other gems like Casket Air Freshener and Casket window, etc., etc. The people come into your parlor (which you name to your liking) and they will have a certain mood, be it Nervous, Crying, Angry, in a Hurry, or what have you. It will also say whether they are Super Rich down to Poor in varying levels. By selling caskets you get tags, Gold tags (from selling a Gold casket or exchanging wood / silver to gold) are used to buy things at the Di-Mart store such as a new Hearse (no longer using a bicycle!) or security for the parlor, to weapons and arson tools to use against your fellow moratoriums. The great thing is that you can go down the funeral row and visit any other funeral home in the city and break in, steal their tags, burn the place down (I assume, I haven't done that yet) or attack the owner. Other locales are the hospital, bank, university (to learn psychology on how to coax people into buying more stuff and other pursuits), bar, and church. It is a pretty basic massive multiplayer online game, where people will be logged in at the same time, so they will be in their funeral home at the time. It is limited, though. There are numerous servers with different people, but here is the oldest running."

I haven't tried it - I never have time for games, sadly - but it sounds like a very interesting game.


Morbid Trinket Du Jour!

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Why not an anatomically-correct chocolate heart? Lord knows, it would work wonders with me!

Thanks to Tiger NightWillow for the link.

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Dreams of little kids / Naked Christmas! / Kentucky Biscuits

Note to self: Pay Jeremy back $5 for that beer. Would have done it last night, but that $5 bill went to paying the Nirvana bill. Luckily, I got a $10 and 2 $5 bills as change from Kat's Tea House last night. One was used as payment for the bubble tea, and the other will be used to pay debts back. Ha, I am on top of things! (better than I might have been some time ago, believe me!) Also, I need to ask Eric just what sort of fan is making the noise. Corey thinks it MIGHT just be an 80mm fan, but it could also be a processor fan - less common!

As I thought, I slept right through the Awana Christmas party... it's not like that many people were going (the last time I checked the Evite), and I didn't think I'd be up for it! Crap excuses, but they work. :P Maybe next time, since I'm still tired from sleeping at 5 AM (why?!) and then having weird dreams in which little Ian was with his family in a shower / Auntie Ping was our family's servant and took off our shoes for us when we entered the door / our family went through muddy poo-filled fields / little Rosanna was always bugging the family servant with questions when she was talking to Gwyneth and Evelyn's mom. Don't ask me, I don't want to know! o_O

Checked blogs: Spoz has the usual weekend stuff, and Vivian wrote up the Christmas brunch. She thought it was pretty good since the kids and everyone else enjoyed it! She also reminds herself that Christmas is a time to love... HAHAHA, I still remember Erin screwing up that solo in God's Faithful Singers because her brothers were making faces at her from the front row at church!

Steph had some NHL standings up (Vancouver first in the division?!), and an "equation" up consisting of iPod, running shoes, and other things = 15km that wouldn't have been run. She also had a "Get out, Mom! I'm naked!" post, with my mom's typical response of "Don't worry, I've bathed you naked many times before when you were a baby!" ("and on that note, MERRY CHRISTMAS!") I don't think my mom understands that baby nakedness is NOT the same thing as, um, "mature" nakedness... o_O

Kentucky Biscuits

1 1/2 cups flour
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon sugar
1 Tablespoon baking powder
2/3 cup milk
1/3 cup vegetable shortening

Preheat oven to 425ºF. Sift together flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder into mixing bowl. Make a well in the flour mix and add the milk. Add shortening and begin kneading with hands (to cut in) the vegetable shortening and flour in the milk until thoroughly mixed. Add milk, if needed to form, and mix. Turn onto floured board, and knead gently 6 to 8 times. Pat dough to 1/2-inch thickness. Cut into biscuits. Place on baking sheet and brown in oven 10-13 minutes. Makes about 9 biscuits.

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2005-2006 Guestbook Entries

These are the guestbook entries for 2005-2006. Next up, my 25th birthday scrapbook if I can find it around here! Then maybe I'll stop annoying you with constant updates.. but then, it IS my journal. :P

February 14, 2005 (Monday)

Eric H.: "Valentine's Day!! It's nice to spend an evening with you, Leslie. :) I had a really GOOD time tonight!! I hope we can go do the Memphis Blues dinner thing someday. See ya for now... night!"

April 21, 2005 (Thursday)

Palmer: "I've had an enjoyable day with you, and am definitely looking forward to more." (eh.. it was okay... but not GREAT! :P)

June 23, 2005 (Thursday)

Emily Chow: "Hi, Leslie aka SARNE. Thanks for hosting me at your place. It's always nice to be with the crazy Ngs. But we'll sure have many more crazy moments. Haha. (remember bench shaking) Cackle some more."
Steph ("True Bain"): "Hoho, shawneems! How is yaz? I is yaz baineefdick sist! Hopefully, yaz can come and live with meef, hoho! Then it would be very windy and breezy all over. Anyway, hopefully yazs wilch keep it real. Enjoy yaz undeem parties! Keeping it real! hoho!" (er... all of the preceding is in some weird language my mom made up :P) [she also drew a thumbs-up, and my Booty Logo with my caption: "The only way to be refreshed!"]
Erin: "Haven't signed this in a LONG time! Hey Leslie, we're watching Batman tonight!! I'm so excited! FUN TIMES! Love always, Erin."

August 23, 2005 (Tuesday)

Palmer: "Not getting skewered!"

August 27, 2005 (Saturday)

Eric H.: "About to head out now with Leslie and Jon for hanging out... see ya. Talk later." (Jon had left Jeremy's by the time we tried calling him from the PNE, haha!)

September 3, 2005 (Saturday)

Andrea: "Hey, Les! I'm glad we get to spend the afternoon together, as well as attending Esther and Wes' wedding." (she drew a flower)

October 22, 2005 (Saturday)

Eric H.: "I had a FANTASTIC hangout with Leslie today. She got me signed up to some online community thingie... it was cool. We had a very very fun time doing that, which helped also to take away a close 6-4 win vs. the Avs. Thanks, Leslie!!" (he drew a thumbs-up)

November 12, 2005 (Saturday)

Eric H.: "Had a good dinner at a Korean BBQ place with Leslie... doing blog update... later."

December 4, 2005 (Sunday)

Eric H.: "Went out to dinner Greek Style, then did some blogging and now I am outta here!!!"

December 20, 2005 (Tuesday)

Jon: "Man, this place is a mess! Clean it up before Melissa gets here!"

December 28, 2005 (Wednesday)

Melissa: "It was fine! Thanks for having me! ^_^ "

January 22, 2006 (Sunday)

Jen: "Hey! Haven't been to your place in aaaages - nice to visit again. (briefly) :) Hope your move is successful!"
Andrea: "Yay! Your new GE Slimline phone works! Hope you had a fun time today at Stella's baby shower."

February 14, 2006 (Tuesday)

Eric H.: "Today, Leslie and I went to see a very INTERESTING movie. What was it, you ask? Brokeback Mountain... It had lots of gay issues and relationship deals with being in such a predicament. It was well-presented in a tasteful manner."

April 8, 2006 (Saturday)

Eric H.: "We ate some pizzas. I updated my blogs, and watched the Canucks game. (2-0 lead... blew it 2-2, and then Jovo won it on a beauty!) Later."

June 29, 2006 (Thursday)

Eric H.: "Leslie and I went to a Greek restaurant... GOOD ONE! Went back to her place later: chatted, played word puzzles, and updated blogs. Cool, ah."

July 16, 2006 (Sunday)

Eric M.: "Your computer works now. You owe me $500. I accept cash only. Thanx. Stop bending pins. $50,000 for the production too!"

August 5, 2006 (Saturday)

Eric H.: "I am here now at Leslie's place... but we will be heading out to see a movie. Thanks once again for the birthday gift!"

September 19, 2006 (Tuesday)

Eric H.: "Heading out to Leslie's B-Day thingy at Riverport. Happy birthday!! Your Pal."

October 21, 2006 (Saturday)

Eric H.: "Hung out with Leslie, went out to dinner at Moxie's which was fun, then went online to check and update blog! Fun!"

December 29, 2006 (Friday)

Harmony: "Hi Leslie - so very good to meet you. :) Glad I got a chance to drop in your place. We're heading out for vegetarian food and a doc tonight. Should be good!"

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Special-needs stories, Nirvana food, December BBT Tally

Eric M. and Harmony came by at around 6... Eric told me that he'd make me feel really embarrassingly stupid by opening my computer case. He did that while I was talking to Harmony about the books she got me for Christmas - no, I wasn't offended by them! It was more amusing that I had to explain "debauchery" to my mom, haha. Turns out that I was trying to open the wrong side of the case... no wonder it wouldn't open! It's the long side (closest to the grey fan) with the indentation, for future reference. [the right side of the case, from the back... or left if you're looking from the front] While Harmony was here anyhow, I asked her to sign my guestbook.. she seemed to like the whole concept, heh. Eric looked up TSN NHL hockey, IGN GameCube, NHL Depot, Pogo, Yahoo Fantasy Sports (the hockey pool site), Environment Canada's weather site, and Ikea.

After 20 minutes, we left to go to the vegetarian place, discussing various things on the way. Jon called, so Eric said we were on our way from my place. Later, Jeremy called, but Eric couldn't reach the phone since it was in his pocket and he was driving. We got to the restaurant to find it was closed for a week! Jeremy met us outside with his backup umbrella to say that was why he was calling... we decided on NIRVANA Indian food just a couple doors down. Jon was getting out of someone's car, so at least the group was all together! Nirvana claimed to be "the only place in Vancouver with authentic Indian food," haha. Pretty big claim... "then what have I been eating beforehand?!" Apparently, All India Sweets has pretty sweet stuff that's even sweeter than sugar... you get ten times your normal sweetness in one small candy! Whoa.

Dinner was interesting: we talked about math, going back to high school now, RED DWARF, vindaloo, time travel and JFK assassinating himself, what various dishes were on the menu (Jon seemed enamored with the cheese balls :P), Nirvana / Björk / Oasis / Metallica song references ("nothing else matters... possibly maybe... what can we do with Nirvana lyrics since we have no angst?!"), how Jeremy's umbrella got stolen from right under his nose, bubble tea with Chinese Eric later, SLB, various documentaries from the library, etc. The SCRABBLE one looked most light-hearted, while there was one called DISCORDIA and two other serious ones. There was one called MY FLESH AND BLOOD about a year in the life of this lady who adopted a bunch of kids with special needs: Jon and Eric told me that it wasn't REAL flesh and blood... I knew THAT! Then Eric figured that the DVD could transubstantiate into flesh and blood, haha. Eric then told Jeremy something about heatsinks in my computer / 80mm case fans / compressed air... they're geeks, so they should know what they're talking about! He later said he could get the fans for me at NCIS near Richmond Sushi - not online like I thought - but not during Boxing Week coz it'll be crazy! (I agree... Corey says I should figure out what the black thing making the noise is so I can get a new one of those, too! Eh, I'll ask Eric about that on Sunday if I get a chance to talk to him...)

After our meal, Jon discovered that the fennel and something else that they gave you for freshening your breath was addictive... but not in the crystal meth way. Jeremy explained crystal meth addiction to us like this: it releases 20 times the amount of endorphins in your brain than anything else would, even sex. No wonder you can get hooked after just one try! Nah, he hasn't ever been addicted to it, so no worries. We then drove to Jeremy's place, where he figured that he could take us on a more complicated way to get to his apartment than the maze it already seemed to be, haha. After selecting MY FLESH AND BLOOD, we settled in to watch Jeremy do his thing with the projector screen he and Darryl have. Certain menu options seemed to go crazy, and it probably wasn't Jeremy's computer behind the couch! But it was fine after a bit... if people tried to access Jeremy's website, we'd know because the screen would stop and start again! ("STOP LOOKING AT MY WEBSITE WHILE I'M TRYING TO WATCH A DOCUMENTARY!!!")

The story was interesting... nine children with special needs and (in a few cases) fatal diseases like EB (not Electronics Boutique as Chinese Eric thought later on) and Cystic Fibrosis. It showcased a year in their life: many sub-stories there, for sure! Teenage son acting up and totally hating his sisters, the oldest kid at home under a lot of responsibility, kids hanging out with others, etc. One of them even had the name Xenia, heh. (Zen-ya) The oldest son at home had a fatal genetic disease which one of his sisters died from earlier, where you just have the REDDEST open wounds on your skin and have to painfully bathe in bleach and water a few times a week to keep infections down... something about the collagen not holding together properly. Some other child got badly burned on her head while still a baby, others didn't have legs... it was an interesting film, as I've said before. The kids said interesting things at times too, heh. Jeremy, Jon, and I had some India Pale Ale homebrew (even Harmony liked it!)... when Jeremy didn't know anything about beer, he thought that India Pale Ale was actually Indian! Haha, I'm sure that's a common misconception!

After that, we watched a couple of extras / the latest Strong Bad email and the Decemberween Short Shorts before leaving to meet Chinese Eric and others for bubble tea. "What?! Bubble tea in a place that's not Dragon Ball?!" Yes, Jeremy... it was called Kat's Tea House on 49th and Victoria. (Jeremy didn't come with us because 5:30 AM comes early if you have to work or do other things!) We met Chinese Eric's girlfriend Fay (who seemed quiet) and his cousin Aaron from Toronto, and discussed relationship stories.. let's just say I am surprised who brought up certain things, haha. Prayer and silence was good in that case, though! Chinese Eric thanked me for updating his blog for him - I do it randomly, haha. He should also look at it in the future since I just uploaded a SIMPSONS mood theme onto there, heh. Harmony recommended the mango stars (they're good!), Jon mixed rambutan and guava, I had jackfruit, and white Eric had kiwi with no extra sugar. (there was a minimum charge)

It was a good hangout time, and of course we discussed Nathan being in Hong Kong. Good thing he and Harmony met before he went to Hong Kong since he wanted to meet her for some time! Definitely good seeing Chinese Eric again... we discussed plans for the weekend / being rushed to meet everyone and parentals / sports / Toronto / steak / karaoke, too. I joked that I'd wake white Eric up with Purell if he was falling asleep: he wasn't impressed with that idea, haha. (no need for the "white" and "Chinese" indicators now on the weekends, but Jon might go to Willingdon anyhow!)

Now I'm just updating and trying to explain computer things to Corey. Of course there's only so much you can do in a long-distance situation, but he's making it better by sending pictures and such on to me, haha. Speaking of pictures, I should get Jon to send "steamer tower" and "cruise ship bathroom" pictures to Harmony so she'll know what I was talking about at various points during the night. If he can write 1500-word-long emails to her and be very careful about what he says (she's a writing major!) if he can't say it on the phone, then he can certainly do that, haha.

At this point, I don't think I'll even be AWAKE when the Awana party starts tomorrow. Haha, I've even looked at the Evite twice (or three times) now! I know Evite lets you know who looked at the invite, and how many times they did so! Heh... oh well. Better for me to rest, anyhow. :P

Good weather for my UT hoodie if it's gonna be cold.. but maybe not in the rain or at church! :P

Two free bubble teas this month helped a bit with my money situation!


starfruit-cranberry @ Dragon Ball (Friday, Dec. 1) FREE!!!
pudding-honeydew @ Dragon Ball (Friday, Dec. 15) FREE!!!
blueberry-pudding @ Dragon Ball (Friday, Dec. 22) [Steph paid for it...]
jackfruit with mango stars @ Kat's Tea House (Friday, Dec. 29)

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam Hussein's Execution / New Year's Resolutions

I just heard that Saddam Hussein will be executed around the time we're all meeting for dinner. Heh, that's something to think about... or maybe it's just me, haha. Imagine eating while a war criminal is getting executed for all his crimes against humanity... I bet that's not going to go up on Youtube anytime soon! :D

In the year 2007, I resolve to:
Fill my house with chocolate pudding.

Get your resolution here.

You Will Keep Your New Year's Resolution

You're planning on making a resolution that's smart, attainable, and perfect for where your life is.

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Eric will open the case! / Twins and triplets in less than a year?!

Jon called me earlier (as per my instructions in an email) to see whether I was well enough to go out tonight to the BS outing: I certainly feel more like myself! He said he was going out soon, so advised me to call Eric at home since he'd be going out later. So I did: everyone's meeting at 6:30, and he'll be over maybe ten minutes earlier than he could be since I told him I was serious about my computer case being unable to be opened. (maybe just by me... perhaps it'll like him better, haha) I also got two cute Christmas cards from Jennifer (tehgreenfairy) and Sandra (thepooloftears) today. Very cool. :D

Imagine having twins AND triplets in less than a year!

It is a New Year's resolution Rachel Reidford is desperate to keep.

After giving birth to five children in less than a year, she has vowed there will be no more little surprises.

In the space of just nine months, Rachel, 24, who already had a six year old daughter, Ellie, gave birth to twins Elliot and Evie, and then triplets Billy, Harry, and Alfie.

It was only after a routine scan before having her gallstones removed that she even discovered she was pregnant with twins in February last year, and then gave birth in November.

And despite having a contraceptive coil fitted, she learned she was pregnant with triplets in June this year (2006) and gave birth in August.

So this Christmas was particularly hectic for Rachel and her partner Ricky Jones, 20, who have been rushed off their feet to make it a special day for their young brood.

But doting Rachel said: "As difficult as it may be, we are so proud and we wouldn't have it any other way now. We've suddenly gone from there being the three of us to there being eight of us."

With their family and friends desperate to see their recent arrivals, the couple welcomed a group of around 20 people into their home in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, on Christmas Day.

"We decorated the entire house and Ricky made what he calls a 'mini-Christmas dinner' of mashed up turkey and potatoes for the babies, but fortunately for him, the triplets are still on the bottle."

The couple overcame the tricky task of Christmas shopping with six young children by using the internet and even managed to get them all personalised stockings.

"I used the Toys R' Us, Mothercare, and Next websites to buy a lot of presents because I couldn't go shopping with all of the kids. I don't know what I'd have done without them," said Rachel.

"We bought the twins lots of educational toys because they're at that really inquisitive age, and as we weren't really expecting the triplets to be here, we've bought them lots of clothes and baby toys. Our family and friends have been really supportive, and even offered us money instead of presents. But we made a list of things that all the children can make use of for them to choose from; a bit like a wedding list, but for babies."

Rachel, whose daughter Ellie is from a previous relationship, said she and Ricky did not buy each other presents this year because the new additions had put them under such a financial strain.

"We decided that we really wanted to focus on the kids this year and give them a magical experience," she said. "But if we were to have a Christmas wish, what we really need is a bigger car. All that Ricky wants is to be able to take the whole family out together, but at the moment we can't because the buggies and babies don't fit into one car, and we can't afford a people carrier."

Now Rachel has resolved that she will not be having any more children, and even joked that she was making Ricky sleep in the shed.

"I don't think I'll ever get over the shock of what's happened... it'll stay with me forever," she said. "I'm considering sterilisation because I could not cope with any more children. I'm having the contraceptive injection at the moment, but because I don't have periods whilst I'm on it, I take a pregnancy test each month just in case."

And the couple's second New Year's resolution is to try to spend more time with each other.

"We’ve made a promise that we will spend a few hours alone together, as we haven't had a minute to ourselves since the twins were born," Rachel said. "There's so much pressure involved in having so many young children, and people expected us to fall apart. But if anything, it's bought us closer together."

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Party at the police officer's house! / KFC Honey BBQ Wings

Hey, Anita sent us an Evite (twice over :P) to the Awana Christmas party at her house on Saturday! The commander and the constable, indeed... at least no one has really replied to it since it was sent at 11:45 PM (except Auntie Rebecca who describes it as "a sweet time of hospitality in your lovely home"), so I don't think I have to get right on the ball with that. I just have to remember to check the Evite tomorrow night sometime so I can see if certain people have replied yet, haha. Then again, am I really up by noon most days? Probably not... but for a three-hour party, I guess I can make an exception! (Denise and Andrea used to describe me as a Party Animal, and they were kinda right in a sense! :P)

KFC Honey BBQ Wings

Once a regular menu item, these sweet, saucy wings are now added to the KFC menu on a "limited-time-only" basis in many markets. So how are we to get that sticky sauce all over our faces and hands during those many months when we're cruelly denied our Honey BBQ Wings? Now it's as easy as whipping up a clone that re-creates a crispy breading on the chicken wings, and then slathering those puppies in a tasty knock-off of the sweet, tangy honey BBQ sauce. "Limited-time-only" signs, we laugh in your direction!

1 1/4 cup ketchup
1/3 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup molasses
1/4 cup honey
1 teaspoon liquid smoke
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon chili powder

6 to 8 cups vegetable shortening
1 egg, beaten
1 cup milk
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon pepper
3/4 teaspoon MSG
20 chicken wing pieces

1. Combine the sauce ingredients in a small saucepan over medium heat. Stir until ingredients are well-combined, and bring to a boil. Then reduce heat and simmer uncovered for 15 to 20 minutes.
2. As sauce is simmering, heat up 6 to 8 cups of shortening in a deep fryer set to 350 degrees.
3. Combine the beaten egg with the milk in a small bowl.
4. In another small bowl... combine the flour, salt, pepper, and MSG.
5. When shortening is hot... dip each wing first in the flour mixture, then into the milk and egg mixture, and back into the flour. Arrange wings on a plate until each one is coated with batter.
6. Fry the wings in the shortening for 9 to 12 minutes or until light golden brown. If you have a small fryer, you may wish to fry 10 of the wings at a time. Drain on paper towels or a rack.
7. When the sauce is done, brush the entire surface of each wing with a light coating of sauce. Serve immediately. Makes 2 to 4 servings (20 wings).

Liquid smoke is a flavoring found near the barbecue sauces and marinades. Use hickory-flavored liquid smoke if you have a choice. MSG is monosodium glutamate, the solid form of a natural amino acid found in many vegetables. It can be found in stores in the spice sections and as the brand name Accent flavor enhancer. MSG is an important component of many KFC items.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Uploading SIMPSONS mood theme, talking to Eric H.

Well, the Homestar Runner mood theme will be staying on one of my personal journals. I found a Tintin mood theme that I might use on one of my personal journal (Tintin! Captain Haddock! Snowy!), and I'm reserving the children's literature mood theme for a community I run. All the mood themes I use have 132 different images. I know it's more work than a conventional mood theme, but it's worth it... although I managed to add about half an hour to the uploading work tonight by putting in the dimensions of all images (since they were the same) before the links. That didn't work because as soon as I put the image links in, the dimensions reverted to 0 and 0! Not good. Ugh.

I also managed to upload a Simpsons mood theme for Chinese Eric tonight. I was wondering if he liked the Simpsons, since we never seemed to talk about it in the past. (or if we had, I never blogged about it) So I was trying to call him, but he never answered the phone... I was determined to finish the work anyhow. I checked my phone's Caller ID a little later, discovered that he HAD called me back, and called him to ask whether he liked the show. He thinks it's cool and he watches it all the time... phew!

He had actually talked to my brother about twenty minutes earlier to see where I was: now that my brother knows that I'm not feeling well, he told that to Eric. So I guess Eric thought I was resting, heh. Eric then told me that Jon was doing stuff with Harmony in the future, and brought up a bubble tea place on 49th and Fraser that was someone's favorite. I know L&G Bubble Tea is on Granville and 49th, but maybe there's another one in the area. We talked about getting together so he could meet her and I could meet Fay, but her workplace is in Burnaby... he doesn't want to drive all the way down to Richmond from there unless he really has to! I think Jon's organizing the small-group outing tomorrow night, so I'll be out with him. Mentioned something about his cousin coming down to go shopping on Robson, too... sounds like good times! So I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow, then... might see him, might not.

Edit: Never mind. I don't think I'm using the TINTIN mood theme. Two of the images ("thankful" and "touched") are the same. I know that seems like a really petty reason not to use a mood theme, but I like each thing being different! It's a good mood theme otherwise, though.

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Crocodiles, coffin calendars, creepy biological facts

Today's Record-Breaking Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

Most Deaths Caused By Crocodiles:
The crocodile attack to claim the most human lives took place on February 19, 1945, when an Imperial Japanese Army unit guarding a stronghold on the Burmese island of Ramree was outflanked by a British naval force. The soldiers were forced to cross 16 km (10 miles) of mangrove swamps to rejoin a larger battalion of the Japanese infantry. The swamps were home to thousands of 4.6-m (15-ft) saltwater crocodiles. Come the next morning, only 20 of the 1,000 Japanese soldiers had survived.

Culled from: The Guinness Book Of World Records
Generously submitted by: Azul


I think the fact that they even keep track of a record like this makes the world a better place, don't you?


Morbid Trinket Du Jour!

Who, you may ask, can resist a sexy coffins calendar? Well, actually, I could... but can you? If not, then cofanifunebri is your site!

Thanks to Jeremy for the link.


Morbid Blog Du Jour!

Now, here's a blog worth reading! Tess Gerritsen's Creepy Biological Facts!

Thanks to Liz for the link.

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Snowman gag gifts = funniest card this year!

I got the funniest Christmas card from John (snooooopy) in the mail today! HAHAHAHA... "snowman gag gifts" involving an all-expense-paid trip to Maui, a mega-watt space heater, a blowdryer, and hot rollers! Too hilarious! The "C" in "Canucks Rule!" was a good approximation of the hockey logo, too! Also got a Christmas card and a New York postcard from Amy (letmypidgeonsgo), a Christmas card with Dutch on it from Kitty (bornwitch), a Japanese postcard from this Finnish girl Saara (sinnarn's friend)... so cool. :D

The Canucks do rule, especially as we beat the Calgary Flames two nights in a row! Maybe all we needed was the Christmas break, haha. Beat them 3-1 in Calgary on Tuesday, then beat them 6-5 in overtime yesterday. The Canucks twice gave up two-goal leads, Ryan Kesler tied it 5-5 with under four minutes to play, and Sami Salo won it in overtime.... that was your money's worth if you went to that particular game, for sure! Take that, Daymond Langkow / Dion Phaneuf / Miikka Kiprusoff!

Phil replied back to the Bible Study group outing email to say he couldn't make it since his girlfriend Grace is in town tonight, and they'd be having dinner with their friends tomorrow. Reminds me, I really should reply to that one myself... I'm just about all better, and maybe I should test it by finishing the lamb before throwing the rest away. (I'm Asian, so sue me :P)

Time to throw out some garbage, take a shower, and do some laundry! (I already bugged Corey about the snow there, hahaha)

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Searching for quirky mood themes yet AGAIN... yikes! / KFC Coleslaw

Well, I figured that I should email Vernon about the computer issues instead of waiting for the next time I'd see him.. which is going to be a LONG time seeing as he doesn't go to our church anymore. (I don't blame him for that!) Hopefully he sees that sometime and responds to it, since Eric doesn't seem to believe that I have loads of problems / can't open my own computer case. *grumble*

Why am I up this late? Probably because I want to find a good mood theme... I have ones for children's literature and the Simpsons, but I need another for another one of my communities / my personal journal elsewhere. One of my communities can just stay on the mood theme I stuck it with when I created it because it's somewhat inactive, but the others need a different change! That'll be a task for another day... at least I feel better! If you think I'm picky about the icons I select, I'm VERY picky about the mood themes I choose! Luckily, my Homestar Runner one was working when I chose it. ;)

I received my very own eccentric British aristocratic title, hehe. :D

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Reverend Lady Leslie the Abrupt of Middle Witchampton
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

KFC Coleslaw

8 cups finely chopped cabbage (about 1 head)
1/4 cup shredded carrot (1 medium carrot)
2 tablespoons minced onion
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup milk
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup buttermilk
1 1/2 tablespoons white vinegar
2 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice

1. Be sure cabbage and carrots are chopped up into very fine pieces (about the size of rice).
2. Combine the sugar, salt, pepper, milk, mayonnaise, buttermilk, vinegar, and lemon juice in a large bowl and beat until smooth.
3. Add the cabbage, carrots, and onion, and mix well.
4. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving. Serves 10-12.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How do you mistake THAT for a chicken's neck?!

Kate's last night in town is tonight, so she, my sister, and others are hanging out at Rachel's house. Good idea... I'll see Rachel on New Year's Day, and apparently I'll see Harmony again the night before. I've been promised that I'll like a 2007 calendar my mom's bought me, and my sister says that she's also bought me a temporary tattoo. We'll see...

Today's Mistaken Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

An elderly Romanian man mistook his penis for a chicken's neck, cut it off and his dog rushed up and ate it. It said 67 year-old Constantin Mocanu, from a village near the southeastern town of Galati, rushed out into his yard in his underwear to kill a noisy chicken keeping him awake at night. "I confused it with the chicken's neck," Mocanu, who was admitted to the emergency hospital in Galati, was quoted as saying. "I cut it ... and the dog rushed and ate it." Doctors said the man, who was brought in by an ambulance bleeding heavily, was now out of danger.

Culled from: Reuters
Generously donated by: Katchaya


Okay, this fact sounds like utter hogwash to me too, but hey, if Reuters reports it, it has at least a 20% chance of being true. So, let's make the most of it: Morbid Caption Contest time! Here's the concept: Send me your funniest headline for this story. The winner receives a highly fashionable Morbid Fact Du Jour 10-year-anniversary T-shirt. Send your entries to Contest closes Wednesday, January 3rd, Twenty-Oh-Seven.


Morbid Sightseeing!

Kate has a sightseeing recommendation for anyone planning a trip to Dublin, Ireland:

"I went on the Ghostbus tour of Dublin and it was genuinely frightening (but funny as well). I would recommend it to anyone who visits or lives in Dublin."


Morbid Lyric Du Jour!

K. suggests that we delve into "Mattie Groves" - an old English folksong performed most famously by Fairport Convention. It's your basic girl marries boy, girl meets servant, girl seduces servant, boy kills servant, girl chooses dead servant over boy, boy kills girl story.

Mattie Groves

A holiday, a holiday, the first one of the year
Lord Arlen's wife came into church the gospel for to hear.

And when the meeting it was done she cast her eyes about
And there she saw little Mattie Groves, walking in the park.

Come home with me little Mattie Groves, come home with me tonight
Come home with me little Mattie Groves and sleep with me tonight.

Oh I can't come home, I won't come home and sleep with you tonight
By the rings on your fingers I can tell you are Lord Arlen's wife.

'Tis true I am Lord Arlen's wife, Lord Arlen's not at home
He is out to the far corn fields, bringing the yearlings home.

And the sundt who was standing by and hearing what was said
He saw Lord Arlen, he would know, before the sun would set.

And in his hurry to carry the news, he filled his breast and ran
And when he came to the broad mill stream he took off his shoes and swam

Little Mattie Groves, he lay down and took a little sleep
When he awoke, Lord Arlen was standing at his feet

Saying how do you like my feather bed and how do you like my sheets
And how do you like my lady, who lies in your arms asleep.

Oh well I like your feather bed and well I like your sheets
But better I like your lady maid who lies in my arms asleep.

Well Get Up! Get Up! Lord Arlen cried, Get Up as quick as you can
It'll never be said in fair England I slew a naked man!

Oh I won't get up, I won't get up, I can't get up for my life
For you have two long beaten swords and I have but a pocket knife.

Well it's true I have two beaten swords, they cost me deep in the purse
But you will have the better of them and I will have the worst.

And you will strike the very first blow and strike it like a man
I will strike the very next blow and I'll kill you if I can.

So Mattie struck the very first blow and he hurt Lord Arlen sore
Lord Arlen struck the very next blow and Mattie struck no more.

And then Lord Arlen he took his wife, he sat her on his knee
Saying who do you like the best of us, Mattie Groves or me.

And then spoke up his own dear wife never heard to speak so free
I'd rather kiss one dead Mattie's lips than you and your finery.

Lord Arlen, he jumped up and loudly he did bawl
He stuck his wife right through the heart and pinned her against the wall.

A grave, a grave, Lord Arlen cried, to put these lovers in
But bury my lady at the top for she was of noble kin.

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Surprising Christmas cards / Debauchery / "If I were..." survey

So I finally decided to check my snail mail at 7 PM, and I found three Christmas cards... how nice! One of them was a total surprise! Thanks, Chris! (dingo727) I also got cards from Sara W. (sparkle_bint) and Soleta, which I *was* expecting... very cool post-Christmas stuff. :D

I just had to define "debauchery" for my mom. "'It's like a Roman orgy with excessive drinking and promiscuity!" "WHAT?! OHHHH!!!"o_O

From Vivian via Xanga post:

1. If I were a fruit, I'd be... an orange. Sweet, yet sour at the same time. *is devious*
2. If I were a colour, I'd be... yellow. Simply eye-catching!
3. If I were an animal, I'd be... a dragon. Mild, yet fiery if need be.
4. If I were a clothing item, I'd be... my bling-bling watch.
5. If I were a jewel, I'd be... a diamond.
6. If I were an object, I'd be... a shape-shifter. You can't confine me to one thing only! :P
7. If I were a car, I'd be... an automatic one that goes wherever it wants.
8. If I were an element, I'd be... FIRE!
9. If I were an ice cream flavor, I'd be... wildberry jalapeno.
10. If I were public transport, I'd be... yeah right. Nothing!
11. If I were a song, I'd be... a never-ending mishmash of all my favorite tunes.
12. If I were a season, I'd be... summer.
13. If I were a flower, I'd be.... a blue rose. Rare, yet colorful.
14. If I were a cartoon, I'd be... South Park.
15. If I were a place, I'd be... a zen waterfall with singing mushrooms.
16. If I were a gift, I'd be... the gift of time and sweetness.
17. If I were a memory, I'd be... the one that wakes you up in the middle of the night. Yes, the one you thought you got over already / repressed...
18. If I were a sense, I'd be... taste.
19. If I were a candy, I'd be... peppermint.
20. If I were a time of the day, I'd be... midnight.
21. If I were a flavor, I'd be... tart.
22. If I were a sport, I'd be... hockey with grit.
23. If I were a smell, I'd be... hot and sour soup.
24. If I were a flag, I'd be... Canadian.
25. If I were a month, I'd be... July.
26. If I were a gummy candy, I'd be... chewy and great for making your fingers sticky. ("embarrassing Erin story" reference)
27. If I were a shape, I'd be... a tesseract. Yay for having four dimensions!
28. If I were an answer, I'd be... one step closer to finishing this survey.
29. If I were a common liquorice, I'd be... black.
30. If I were a word, I'd be... "dictionary." Many words in one, y'see. ;)

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Double uterus resulting in triplets, late SLB notice, herbal Ng Po powder, lots of quizzes

Hey, this story is right up my alley!

A UK woman with two wombs is believed to be the first in the world with the condition to give birth to triplets.

Hannah Kersey, 23, from Northam in Devon, had identical twins Ruby and Tilly, who were born from one womb, and Grace, who was born from the other. The girls had to stay in hospital for nine weeks after being born seven weeks early by Caesarean, but have now returned home to their parents.

The odds of having triplets from two wombs are about 25 million to one. The chances of a woman with two wombs having twins or two separate births is estimated to be five million to one. Only 70 women in the world are known to have been pregnant in two wombs, reports suggest. The condition, which is actually called uterus didelphys, affects one in 1,000 women in the UK.

In Miss Kersey's case, the babies were conceived from two eggs - one in each womb - which were fertilised at the same time by two different sperm.

One egg then divided, producing identical twins, while the other developed into a single baby.

Hannah and her partner Mick Faulkner said they were "over the moon" at how healthy and happy the girls are.

Hannah said: "They are three lovely and incredible children, all with very different personalities. Gracie seems to be the ringleader - maybe because she grew up in her own womb. Ruby is very laid back and quiet, happy to sit and watch what is happening around her. Tilly, who was the baby that struggled to survive inside me, is a real fighter, wanting to keep up with her sisters and not be left out."

Dr. Simon Grant, a consultant at Southmead Hospital who delivered the babies, said: "There are very few world firsts nowadays, but it may be one."

Mr. Ellis Downes, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Chase Farm Hospital in London, said: "It is quite amazing. Women with two wombs have conceived a baby in each womb before but never twins in one and a singleton in the other."

Leading expert Mr. Peter Bowen-Simpkins added: "For a woman to spontaneously conceive and give birth in this way is a real rarity. They have been extremely fortunate."

Mr. Richard Warren of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said most cases occur naturally, but the condition can run in families.

Hannah's mother and sister also have two wombs.

Occur when the uterus fails to fuse normally during development
Vary in severity - sometimes the division extends into the vagina
Can cause fertility problems

Hmm. Jon emailed me to say that this was kinda late notice, but he was going to SLB at 1:45. He doesn't have a car, so I'd have had to bus / walk there myself if I was awake and not feeling bad. Seeing as I got up at around 2, and still really don't feel like eating much (especially not an SLB thing!), that'll have to wait for next time! Darned sickness, but at least I'm doing what's best for me, haha. (resting up) At least I finished some upkeep!

Speaking of sickness, I think I'll take another small bottle of those tiny herbal pills. They come with instructions and such in Chinese, English, and two other languages. This is what it says:

Sit Wo Tong "Ng Po Powder"
Uses: This powder is good for the treatment of diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pains, cholera, convulsion, gastrointestinal discomfort, epigastric pain, dizziness, etc. Adults take 1-2 bottles each time, children take half-bottle.

Constituents: All ingredients are prepared from Chinese herbs, safe to be administered to all ages and conditions. The powder has been sold in China from the Ching Dynasty.


Aquikarua Agallocha Roxb. 20%
Paconia Albiflora 20%
Inula Helenium L. 30%
Lophanthus Rugosus Fisch. Et Mey 10%
Glycyrrhiza Glabra. L. 20%

your name
fave color
your house
your age
year one fell out of the boat that you were in
year twogot in a fight with Snape because you insulted his hair
year threedyed your hair pink
year fouryou made out with every guy in Hogwarts
year fivefound out the guy you were dating was your brother
year sixslept with your best friend
year seventhe ministry thought you were a deatheater and put you in Azkaban
who you marryDraco
This Fun Quiz created by sally at BlogQuiz.Net
Leo Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

your bloodline
your age
your house
your gender
whats you mood
what's your fave Harry Potter character?
fave color
fave subject
boyfriend / girlfriendthe professors
your petsnake
the guy who likes you and doesn't admit itHarry
how many guys you flirt with188
how many people like you
This Fun Quiz created by sally at BlogQuiz.Net
Australian News at NewsDump

Do you think of yourself as chill or rockin'?
On a scale of zero to nutty, how nutty are you?
Do you care if your breath stinks?
Are you more on the fabulous or the hobo side?
Do you get wrap rage?
How angry are you right now?
You are chocolate, what are you slathered in?
Do I make you happy?
You are this flavor RocaAlmond: Classic, nutty, and satisfying
You wish you were this flavor RocaCashew: You are a hobo, but wish you were cool like Oprah
This Fun Quiz created by Carla at BlogQuiz.Net
Cancer Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Which do you like best?
What is your favourite type of animal?
Do you like reading?
What's your favourite type of music?
Which is better?
In the next ten hours, you will eat...Your computer
In the next five days, someone will steal your...Microwave
In the next year, you will...Do lots of shopping
In the next five years, you will...Buy a factory
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Your weirdo name is...Hoshi
Your weirdo age is...-21
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Your weirdo pet is a...Tangleweb spider
Your weirdo lucky number is...442
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Your family thinks that you're...The best person in the world
Your friends think that you're...Crazy
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Johnny Christ
You are Johnny Christ! You are quiet, but that's because you're so short. You don't sing much, but your amazing bass skills make the crowd love you!
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KFC Coleslaw Fat Free

KFC Coleslaw Fat Free

It doesn't get much easier than this. If you like the taste of KFC Coleslaw, but don't like the 10.5 grams of fat per 3/4 cup serving, you're going to love this recipe. Using fat free Miracle Whip and sugar, you can make a guiltless dressing to recreate the taste of the world's most famous coleslaw. The most work you'll do on this one is chopping the cabbage, carrot, and onion into tiny, rice-size bits. That's an important step, if you want the texture of the original. Plus, the chopping action may help burn off what little calories you consume eating this original Top Secret Recipes fat free conversion of a fast food favorite.

1 cup fat free Miracle Whip
1/4 cup sugar
8 cups cabbage, finely minced
1/4 cup carrot, shredded then minced
2 tablespoons minced onion

1. Combine Miracle Whip with sugar in a large bowl. Mix well with electric beater until sugar is dissolved.
2. Add cabbage, carrot, and onion, and toss well. Be sure cabbage and carrot are chopped into very small pieces, about the size of rice.
3. Cover and chill for at least two hours before serving.
Serves 8.
Nutrition Facts
Serving size – Approx. 3/4 cup
Total servings – 8
Fat (per serving) – 0g
Calories (per serving) – 57

Fat (per serving) – 10.5g
Calories (per serving) – 210


NHL Bloggers, hurricanes, morbid gifts, the BLACK DAHLIA, bloody explosives

Heh, I got an invitation to join NHL Bloggers earlier tonight. I figured why not? (haha)

Today's Furious Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

A killer hurricane swept through the West Indies on October 10-12, 1780, flattening Barbados and Martinique and sinking almost every ship in its path. Residents on Barbados reported seeing a red and fiery sunset before the storm. That night, torrents of rain came - and in the morning, the full force of the storm finally hit. Furious winds knocked over everything on Barbados - buildings and trees. Some 6,000 people died when their homes collapsed on them or when they were hit by wind-borne debris. The roar of the wind was so loud, terrified inhabitants cowering in their cellars could not even hear their houses crashing down above them.

Meanwhile, the story of destruction was much the same in Martinique, where some 9,000 people died. A forty-ship French convoy also sank near Martinique, taking the lives of 4,000 soldiers who were aboard. In all, 20,000 to 30,000 people died in what came to be called "The Great Hurricane of 1780."

Culled from: The Pessimist's Guide To History


Of course, nowadays, we would have a much better name for it... like "Hurricane Hilda" or something. What can I say? They just didn't have their act together in 1780.

Here's hoping you all had a marvelously morbid holiday. I must say that I was delighted with my gifts. The most morbid of the lot:

The "Ex" Knife Holder - at long last!!! A dream come true!!!

A very nice matted old Halloween card:

A fantastic crow pendant:

And a book on one of my favorite tragedies - the Hinckley Fire!

I also got my girlfriend some extremely nifty toys as well (if I don't say so myself), such as this Krampus sculpture.

This figurine that depicts a bizarre snippet from the Hieronymous Bosch painting Last Judgement

This fantastic Madame Talbot Absinthe poster

This beautiful "Team Satan" long-sleeved T-shirt designed by The One and Only Comtesse DeSpair

Really, who could ask for anything more?

So, did anyone else receive some delightfully morbid gifts they'd like to share? If so, please send a link with an image of the product, and I'll list them in upcoming newsletters.


Wretched Recommendations!

Starla has already written to tell me about her favorite Xmas present - and it's today's Wretched Recommendation!

Severed by John Gilmore

"I just got a book that made me think of you straight off. My mother-in-law gave it to me. It's called Severed by John Gilmore, the true story of the Black Dahlia murder. You've probably already read it, but just in case you haven't, it has some truly gruesome crime scene photos in it! And NOTHING is blacked out! I have never seen anything like it, and almost hope I never do again! The poor woman was cut in half, straight across, about waist level, it looks like, and dumped naked and spread-eagle in a vacant lot. Really gory and something I highly recommend you seek out!"

Definitely one for the wish list...


Follow-Up Du Jour!

Remember awhile back when I published the Ghastly photos of the man who supposedly put the M100 rocket in his mouth and lit the fuse?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We discussed whether the photos were real or not. Well, I had an interesting e-mail from Lou - who has a little experience in the matter:

"The photos of the M 100 accident are compelling, but I too doubted them. In 1988, I had a M 80 explode in my hand while trying to light it. When it went off, it not only made my hand look like chopped meat, but it instantly cauterized the flesh. I know a head is a much larger piece of meat, but at least the immediate wound area should have been burned. Also, I was splattered head to toe as well as everything around me (including my friend) in a 10-foot radius with drops of blood... BUT, the M 80 was far away from my body in my hand. Everything facing the blast had been burned including part of my beard, eyelashes, hair on head / arms / chest. I was also black with gunpowder. The blood underneath could have come from the explosion blowing out the back of the neck at the top of the throat where there would be very little meat for an explosion to rip through. Now the head has turned into a funnel, draining out the smaller hole underneath him, but it would have probably taken his head clean off. I think this picture may be real wounds, but not from an explosion. I also see what appears to be a tongue which surely would have been blown off if he did indeed light it in his mouth. The lighter clinched in his hand is turned the wrong way unless he was spinning it around waiting for the M 100 to go off. It could have very well been a gunshot wound to the back of the head. The right caliber / gun would leave an exit wound like what we see. People also don't get blown 10 feet from where they are shot, and just 'drop,' so he could have easily fallen back onto the entrance hole where the blood is draining from. There is blood splatter on the underside of his hand and arm which suggests to me he could have been lighting a cigarette, but again, it is in the wrong direction. He could have lit a cigarette and was just holding the lighter. If there's blood on one arm, it would have to be on his shirt too which I cannot see. Personally I think if it were an M 100, there would be nothing left of his head to look at, just a bloody stump. Explosions go outward in all directions, and this appears to have come from behind. I'm going with the gunshot, but we really need to see more of the scene. Too many unanswered questions. It could have very well been a much smaller explosive, and when contained in his mouth, caused it to do damage in one direction. Again, not enough info from these pics. This would be way too elaborate of a makeup job and costly to do just for fun."

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The return of stress illness! / No PPV hockey game for me!

While I was looking up stuff on Amazon, I found a book which Jeremy might like: Sailing's Strangest Moments: Extraordinary but True Tales from over 900 Years of Sailing, by John Harding. I know he goes sailing sometimes, but am not sure whether he likes really strange stuff like I do!

TMI: As mentioned in my last entry, I suddenly felt very unwell last night. This manifested itself in the usual way with sulfur burps and diarrhea whenever I ate / drank something. That's why I haven't caught up on my 50+ journal comments yet... might do it now that I have slightly more energy. Maybe it was the Chinese food at Tsim Chai, or even the Greek food at Trocadero. I've been sleeping on and off, too.

This morning, Eric showed up briefly on MSN to tell me not to kill Brain because killing people is bad. I don't know why he still thinks I'm Pinky of Pinky and the Brain. No, I wasn't wearing pink when he told me that... more like yellow, blue, and black! He's a nutter, as well. :P

In the afternoon, I decided to test my system by eating a bit of plain multigrain bread with nothing on it. Seemed to be okay, but I know that plain bread is not the same thing as wheat pizza or whatever else Veronica will have at her house for the people watching the PPV Canucks-Flames hockey game tonight! Good thing this didn't happen last year at this time, otherwise I'd have made a very bad hostess for Melissa!

Steph tried calling me twice, and then got on MSN to message me at 5:20. She wanted to know if I needed a ride to the hockey get-together at Eric's, so I told her what was happening. Apparently, Mom has something similar (with vomiting), but Grandma is fine! Then Eric got online to say "get better right now," so I wondered what my sister was telling him: that I wasn't going to the hockey game because I was sick, and not to give him any of the juicy details. Of course not... there are some things he doesn't NEED to know! I think it's time to take the Chinese medicine my mom gave me a while ago for this sort of thing and hope it works... Steph wondered if I had any Pepto-Bismol, but the tiny herbal pills in a very small bottle will have to do for now. It's better for me to stay in right now and rest while my body gets rid of toxins / loses weight, anyhow.

Sean responded to the "Merry Christmas in 350 languages" with some wishes for me... awesome! Andrea says she's still in Toronto with Chuck's family and is returning on Sunday, so she won't be at the small-group outing on Friday. However, she did wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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Now I finally get to see what Grandma's been talking about for two weeks! (presents)

Note: I was going to post this way earlier, but got sick and couldn't continue. That's why the timestamp on this one. =/

Now I'm kinda hungry, so I'll have some Greek leftovers. Hey, Rachel thanked me for the "Merry Christmas" language link... way cool. I'll see her on New Years when she and Steph cook dinner for our families!

I'll definitely have a more comprehensive "Christmas 2006 gifts" post once I get everything from holiday_wishes that I'm expecting! I do have a "Christmas 2006 giving" draft which I could post right now, but maybe I'll do that in the next few days.

Might as well open my Christmas stuff now... Randal's card has colorful ornaments on it ("to my colorful friend"?!), and apparently he likes it when I "brighten up the Fellowship." Ha, I must do that without thinking! Well, as far as remembering birthdays and wearing a Santa hat goes... maybe my crazy sense of humor counts, too. No clue, but what he said is cool enough. Denise, Brian, and Julie M.'s card has fuzzy mittens with snowflakes and tiny bells on them: cute!

Grandma doesn't understand the concept that gifts are supposed to be somewhat secret, so I got my family gifts a couple days early. Solution for Mom: don't take her along next year, haha. Well, maybe not... As I predicted, I didn't have time to open them till today. She's telling me about this hat and these mittens she got for me, and this book my sister's been looking for! Oh well...

This is what I got in this small batch, however...

Grandma: light blue mittens with snowflakes on them, and a dark blue hat with "Angel" on it in pink writing from Ardène (that needs to be handwashed, but I hope I can get away with cleaning it in the washing machine... I better wear it, too!)

Parents: fringed teddy bear scarf, mug with cats on it, green dragon pin, beaded change purse with a red dragon on it, a black beret, a small keychain accessory bead with a yellow dragon on it, some seaweed

Harmony: The Man Who Scared a Shark to Death and Other True Tales of Drunken Debauchery (Noel Boivie and Christopher Lombardo) and Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze?: And 114 Other Questions from the Popular 'Last Word' Column (Mick O'Hare) [I don't think I want to know what my brother's been telling her...]

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Plane and car accidents, Crime Scene Cleaners, KFC Bean Salad

Today's Striking Yet Truly Morbid Fact!

A skydiving cinematographer was killed in April 2005 after his legs were severed in a midair collision with the airplane he had jumped from. Albert "Gus" Wing III had already deployed his parachute Saturday when he struck the left wing of the DHC-6 Twin Otter propeller plane at about 600 feet. Both of Wing's legs were severed at the knees, but he managed to maneuver his parachute and land near the DeLand Airport, about 40 miles north of Orlando. He was airlifted to a hospital, where he later died. Fourteen other skydivers were in the air at the time of the accident. The plane landed safely.

Culled from: Associated Press
Generously submitted by: lefttwist


I can't quite picture how this guy hit the plane after he deployed his parachute... unless the plane was actually gunning for him. I'd say this is a homicide, not an accident! And oh, what a long trip down that must have been...

Incidentally, I went skydiving once, and got a severe case of the dry heaves. That much excitement makes a Comtesse very, very ill!


Morbid Link Du Jour!

The next time you need to clean up gore from your home, why not let the capable professionals at Crime Scene Cleaners do it for you? Hmmmm... I wonder if they have any job openings?

Thanks to Steve O. for the link.


"My Brush With Morbidity" by Jonas

"My brush with morbidity happened when I was 9 years old. On my way to the school one sunny day, one of my friends came on his bike and a car came when we were almost at the school. The lady who was driving didn't see him, so she hit him, and he went under the car. Another friend of mine went for help and he was under the car, screaming for help. All we could see was his red hair... and hear him crying under the car.

"Imagine a car on top of one of your friends. One of the wheels were in the air, so his body had to have over a thousand kilos on top of him. Some teachers came over and were planning to lift the car up but he just said: 'NOOOO, you will kill me! DON'T!!'

"The paramedics came and got him to the hospital, and he went into a coma. He died a year ago."

KFC Bean Salad

1 16-oz can green beans (Blue Lake or some good quality)
1 16-oz can wax beans
1 16-oz can kidney beans
1 medium green pepper, sliced and chopped
1 medium-sized white onion sliced and cut up
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup cider vinegar
3/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper

Drain and rinse kidney beans well. Drain additional beans and combine all ingredients together. Marinate and refrigerate overnight. Bean salad tastes better after 3 or 4 days. Makes about 7 cups.

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Monday, December 25, 2006

"Merry Christmas" in over 350 languages

"Merry Christmas" in over 350 languages

Acholi - Mot ki Yomcwing Botwo Me Mwaka Manyen

Adhola - Wafayo Chamo Mbaga & Bothi Oro Manyeni

Aeka - Keremisi jai be

Afrikaans - Geseende Kerfees en 'n gelukkige nuwe jaar

Ahtna - C'ehwggelnen Dzaenh

Aklanon - Malipayon nga Paskwa ag Mahigugmaon nga Bag-ong Dag-on

Albanian - Gëzuar Krishlindjet Vitin e Ri!

Aleut - Kamgan Ukudigaa

Alsatian - E gueti Wïnâchte & E glecklichs Nej Johr!

Alur - Wafoyo Kado Oro & Wafoyo Tundo Oro manyeni

Alutiiq - Spraasnikam & Amlertut Kiaget!

Amharic - Melkam Yelidet Beaal

Amuesha - Yomprocha' ya' nataya

Angami - U kenei Christmas mu teicie kes a-u sie teicie kesa-u sie niepete keluo shuzaie we

Apache (Western) - Gozhqq Keshmish

Arabic - I'D Miilad Said ous Sana Saida

Aragonese - Nabidà! & Goyosa Añada benién.

Aramaic - Edo bri'cho o rish d'shato brich'to!

Aranés - Bon Nadau!

Arawak - Aba satho niw jari da'wisida bon

Armenian - Shenoraavor Nor Dari yev Soorp Janunt

Aromanian - Crãciunu hãriosu shi unu anu nãu, bunu!

Araucanian - Wi tripantu in che

Asturian - Bones Navidaes & Gayoleru anu nuevu!

Assamese - Rongaali Bihur xubhessaa lobo

Ata - Maroyan na Pasko woy kaopia-an ng Bag-ong Tuig kaniyo't langon mga sulod

Aukan - Wi e winsi i wan bun nyun yali

Aymara - Sooma Nawira-ra

Azeri - Tezze Iliniz Yahsi Olsun

Bafut - Mboni Chrismen & Mboni Alooyefee

Bahasa / Malaysia - Selamat Hari Natal dan Tahun Baru

Bamoun - Poket Kristmet & Poket lum mfe

Banen - Enganda ye hiono mes & Hion Hios Hes

Bandang - Mbung Mbung Krismie & Mbung Mbung Ngouh Suiie

Basque - Zorionak eta Urte Berri On!

Bassa - Ngand Nwi Lam & Mwi Lam

Batak Karo - Mejuah-juah Ketuahen Natal

Bemba - Kristu abe nenu muli ino nshiku nkulu ya Mwezi

Belorussian - Winshuyu sa Svyatkami i z Novym godam!

Bengali - Shuvo Baro Din. Shuvo Nabo Barsho.

Bhojpuri - Naya Sal Mubarak Ho

Bicolano - Maugmang Capascuhan asin Masaganang Ba-gong Taon!

Bislama - Mi wisim yufala eerywan one gutfala Krismas & mo wan hapi New Year long

Blaan - Pye duh di kaut Kristo klu munt ug Felemi Fali!

Blackfoot - I'Taamomohkatoyiiksistsikomi

Bohemian / Czech - Prejeme Vam Vesele Vanoce a Stastny novy rok

Brahui - Arkas caik xuda are

Breton - Nedeleg laouen na bloav ezh mat

Bulgarian - Chestita Koleda i Shtastliva Nova Godina

Bulu - Duma e bo'o

Bura - e be Zambe e Usa ma ka Kirisimassu

Catalan - Bon Nadal i feliç any nou!

Cantonese - Seng Dan Fai Lok, Sang Nian Fai Lok

Carib - Sirito kypoton ra'a

Carrier - Zoo dungwel & Soocho nohdzi doghel

Carolinian - Ameseighil ubwutiiwel Layi Luugh me raagh fee

Cebuano - Malipayong Pasko ug Bulahang Bag-ong Tuig!

Chamorro - Filis Pasgua & Filis Anu Nuebo

Chaha - Bogem h n mh m & Boxem as nana-h m

Chamba - Wi na ge nyare Su dome Kirismass

Cherokee - Danistayohihv & Aliheli'sdi Itse Udetiyvsadisv

Cheyenne - Hoesenestotse & Aa'e Emona'e

Chichewa - Moni Wa Chikondwelero Cha Kristmasi

Chiga - Mwebare khuhika - Ha Noel

Choctaw - Yukpa, Nitak Hollo Chito

Cornish - Nadelik looan na looan blethen noweth

Corsican - Bon Natale e Bon capu d' annu

Cree - Mitho Makosi Kesikansi

Creek - Afvcke Nettvcakorakko

Creole / Seychelles - Bonn e Erez Ane

Croatian - Sretan Bozic

Dagbani - Ni ti Burunya Chou & Mi ti yuun

Damara / Nama - Khiza

Danish - Glædelig Jul og godt nytår

Dibabawon - Marayaw na Pasko aw Bag-ong Tui g kaniyo tibo na mga soon

Dinka - Miet puou yan dhiedh Banyda tene Yin

Dine / Navajo - Ya'at'eeh Keshmish

Divehi - Ufaaveri aa ahareh

Dschang - Chrismi a lekah Nguo Suieh

Duri - Christmas-e- Shoma Mobarak

Dutch - Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

Egyptian - Colo sana wintom tiebeen

English - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Eritrean - Rehus-Beal-Ledeat

Esperanto - Gajan Kristnaskon & Bonan Novjaron

Estonian - Rõõmsaid Jõulupühi ja Head uut aastat

Éwé - Blunya na wo

Ewondo - Mbemde abog abyali nti! Mbembe Mbu!

Faroese - Gledhilig jól og eydnurikt nýggjár!

Fali - Use d'h Krismass

Farsi - Sal-e no mubarak

Fijian - Me Nomuni na marau ni siga ni sucu dei na yabaki vou

Finnish - Hyvää Joulua or Hauskaa Joulua - 0nnellista uutta vuotta

Flemish - Zalig Kerstfeest en Gelukkig nieuw jaar

French - Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année!

Frisian - Noflike Krystdagen en in protte Lok en Seine yn it Nije Jier!

Friulian - Bon Nadâl e Bon An Gnûf

Fulfulde - Jabbama be salla Kirismati

Gaddang - Mangamgam Bawa a dawun sikua diaw amin

Galician - Bon Nadal e Bo Ani Novo

Gari - !Soalokia God i gotu vasau, mi lao ke ba na rago vanigira ara dou i matana!

Gciriku - Mfiyawidi yaKrisimisa & Marago ghaMwaka waUpe

Georgian - Gilotsavt Krist'es Shobas & Gilosavt akhal ts'els

German - Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein glückliches Neues Jahr!

Gikuyu - Gia na Thigukuu njega Na MwakaM weru wi Gikeno

Gitskan - Hisgusgitxwsim Ha'niisgats Christ gankl Ama Sii K'uuhl!

Golin - Yesu kule nongwa kaun umaribe ongwa ena mone di mile wai wen milo

Greek - Kala Christougenna Ki'eftihismenos O Kenourios Chronos

Greenlandic - Juullimi Ukiortaassamilu Pilluarit

Guahibo - Pexania Navidadmatacabi piginia pexaniapejanawai paxainaename

Guambiano - Navidadwan Tabig tugagunrrigay & Sru pilawan kasrag utunrrigay

Guarani - Avyaitete ahi ko Tupa ray arape qyrai Yy Kapyryin rira

Guarayu - Imboeteipri tasecoi Tupa i vave! & Ivve ava Tupa rembiaisu toyuvirecoi turpi oyeaisusa pipe!

Gujarati - Natal ni shub kaamnao & Saal Mubarak

Gwere - Osusuku Omusa & Masuke Omwaka

Gwich'in - Drin tsal zhit shoh ohlii & Drin Choo zhit zhoh ohlii

Han - Drin tsul zhit sho ahlay & Drin Cho zhit sho ahlay

Hausa - Barka da Kirsimatikuma Barka da Sabuwar Shekara!

Hawaiian - Mele Kalikimaka & Hauoli Makahiki Hou

Haya - Waihuka na Noeli & Waihhuka n 'Omwaka

Hebrew - Mo'adim Lesimkha. Shanah Tova

Heiban - Ati kalo gathje uwa gigih

Herero - Okresmesa ombwa Ombura ombe ombwa

Hiligaynon - Malipayon nga paskua & Malipayon Nga Bag-ong tuig

Hindi - Shubh Naya Baras

Holo - Seng-tan khoai-lok!

Hmong - Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tahiab

Hungarian - Kellemes karácsonyi ünnepeket és Boldog újévet!

Hungduan - Maphon au nitungawan. Apo Dios Kituwen baron di toon

Iban - Selamat Ari Krismas enggau Taun Baru

Ibanag - nga Pascua

Icelandic - Gleðileg Jól og Farsaelt Komandi ár!

Igbo - Ekelere m gi maka Keresimesi na ubochi izizi afo ozo

Ikiribati - Te Mauri, Te Raoi ao Te Tabomoa nakoimi nte Kirimati ao te Ririki ae Bou

Ilocano - Naimbag a Pascua ken Naragsac nga Baro nga Tawen!

Imbongu - Gotenga malo Jisasi Karaist

Indonesian - Selamat Hari Natal & Selamat Tahun Baru

Inupiaq - Annaurri Aniruq & Paglaun Ukiutchiaq

Inupiatun - Quvianaq Agaayuniqpak

Iraqi - Idah Saidan Wa Sanah Jadidah

Irish - Nollaig Shona Dhuit

Iroquois - Ojenyunyat Sungwiyadeson homungradon nagwutut & Ojenyunyat osrasay

Italian - Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo

Japanese - Shinnen omedeto. Kurisumasu Omedeto

Javanese - Sugeng Natal lan warsa enggal

Jèrriais - Bouan Noué et Bouanne Année

Kabyle - Assegwas ameggaz

Kadazan - Kotobian Tadau Do Krimas om Toun Vagu

Kahua - Na vagevageha surireua na Kirisimasi ma na harisi naoru

Kala Lagaw Ya - Ngi ngayka Koei trimal Kaz

Kambaata - eman haaro wegga illisholce

Kamba - Ithiwa na Kisimsi Kiseo & Na Mwaka Mweu Museo

Kannada - Hosa Varushada Subhasayagalu

Karelian - Rastawanke Sinun, Uvven Vuvenke Sinun

Kaqchiquel - Dios tik'ujie' avik'in

Kashmiri - Christmas Id Mubarak

Kawalib - Amirnar Krismas Gi

Khasi - Krismas basuk & Snem thymmai basuk

Kinyarwanda - Umunsi Mwiza

Kirundi - Noeli Nziza & Umwaka Mwiza

Kom - Isangle Krismen & Isangle beng i fue

Konkoni - Khushal borit Natalam

Korafe - Keremisi ewewa

Korean - Sung Tan Chuk Ha

Kosraean - Tok Tapeng & Engan ya sasu

Koyukon - Denaahto' Hoolaank Dedzaanh Sodeelts'eeyh

Krio - Appi Krismes en Appi Niu Yaa

Kuanua - A Bona Lukara na Kinakava

Kurdish - Seva piroz sahibe u sersala te piroz be

Kwangali - Kerekemisa zongwa & Erago moMumvho gomupe

Kyrghyz - JangI jIlIngIz guttuu bolsun!

Ladin - Bon Nadel y Bon Ann Nuef

Lakota - Wanikiya tonpi wowiyuskin & Omaka teca oiyokipi

Lamnsó - Kisheri ke Kisimen & Vijung ve kiya kefiyki

Lango - Afoyo Chamo Mwake & Apoyo Mwaka Manyeni

Latin - Pax hominibus bonae voluntatis

Latvian - Prieci'gus Ziemsve'tkus un Laimi'gu Jauno Gadu!

Lausitzian - Wjesole hody a strowe nowe leto

Lebanese - Milad Saeed wa Sanaa Mubarakah

Lithuanian - Linksmu Kaledu ir laimingu Nauju metu

Livonian - Jovi talshpivdi un Vondzist uto aigasto

Lower Tanana - Bet'oxdilt'ayi bedena' ch'exulanhde dranh ninoxudedhet

Lozi - Kilisimasi ya nyakalalo & Silimo se sinca sa tabo

Luganda - Amazalibwa Agesanyu & N'Omwaka Omujaa Ogwemirembe

Luhya - Isuguku Indahi & Nu Muhiga Musha

Luo - Sikuku Mar Higa Kod Mor & Mar Kiga Manyien

Luritja - Wai! Nyuntu Larya?

Luxembourgeois - Schéi Krëschtdeeg an e Schéint Néi Joer

Macedonian - Srekan Bozik I Nova Godina

Madura - Pada salamet sabhala bengko areja

Makassar - Salama' Natal & Selamat Tahun baru

Malagasy - Arahaba tratry ny Krismasy

Malayan - Selamat Hari Natal

Malayalam - Christumas Mangalangalangal & Puthuvalsara Aashamsakal

Maltese - Nixtieqlek Milied Tajjeb u Sena Tajba

Mambwe - Kristu aye namwe umu nsikunkulu ino iya Mwezi

Mandarin - Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan

Mandobo - Mepiya Pagasaulog sa pagka-otawni Jesus aw maontong kaling Omay!

Mangyan - Mayad paq Pasko kag

Mansaka - Madyaw na Pasko aw malipayong Bag-ong Tuig kamayo, mga lumon

Manx - Nollick ghennal as blein vie noa

Maori - Kia orana e kia manuia rava i teia Kiritimeti e te Mataiti Ou

Marathi - Shub Naya Varsh

Margi - Use aga Kirismassi

Marshallese - Monono ilo raaneoan Nejin & Jeramman ilo iio in ekaal

Mataco-Mataguayo - Lesilatyaj ihi Dios ta i ppule ye, Letamsek ihi wichi ta Dios ikojejthi ta i honat e

Maya / Yucateco - Utzul mank'inal

Medlpa - Enim Mutuiyo!

Meithei - Krismas Hlomum & Kumthar Lawmum

Mingrelian - k'irses mugoxuamant & axal ts'anas mugoxuamant

Mongolian - Zul saryn bolon shine ony mend devshuulye

Monégasque - Festusu Natale e Bona ana noeva

Moro - Nidli pred naborete nano

Moru - Medu amiri ovuru Yesu opi amaro

Muyu - Lip Ki amun aa Natal Kowe

Naasioi - Tampara Kirisimaasi

Naskapi - miywaaitaakun mikusaanor & kiyaa maamiyupiyaakw minuwaach pipuun

Ndjem - Mbeya mbeya Ebiel & Mbeya mbeya mbu

Ndogo - Esimano olyaKalunga gwokombandambanda! & Nombili kombanda yevi maantu e ya hokwa!

Ndonga - Okrismesa iwa & Omude Mupe wa Punikwa

Nepali - krist Yesu Ko Shuva Janma Utsav Ko Upalaxhma Hardik Shuva & Naya Barsa Ko harkik Shuvakamana

Newari - Nhu Da Ya Vintuna

Nii - Nim Ono

Niuean - Monuina a Aho Kilisimasi mo e Tau Foou

Norweigan / Nynorsk - Eg ynskjer hermed Dykk alle ein God Jul og Godt Nyttår

Norweigan / Bokmål - God Jul og Godt Nyttår

Notu / Ewage - Keremisi dave be

Nyanja - Kristu akhale ndi inu munyengo ino ya Christmas

Nyankore - Mukhulukhe Omwaka

Occitan - Polit nadal e bona annada

Ojibwe (Chippewa) - Niibaa' anami'egiizhigad & Aabita Biboon

Oneida - Wanto'wan amp; Hoyan

Oriya - Sukhamaya christmass ebang khusibhara naba barsa

Orokaiva - Keremisi javotoho

Oromo - baga wagaa hara isinin gaye

Palauan - Ungil Kurismas

Pangasinan - Maabig ya pasko & Maliket ya balon taon

Papiamento - Bon Pasco i Feliz Aña Nobo

Pashto - De Christmas akhtar de bakhtawar au newai kal de mubarak sha.

Pennsylvania German - En frehlicher Grischtdaag unen hallich Nei Yaahr!

Pohnpeian - Peren en Krismas & Peren en Parakapw

Polish - Wesolych Swiat i Szczesliwego Nowego Roku.

Pompangan - Malugud Pascu at saca Masayang Bayung Banua!

Portuguese - Boas Festas e um feliz Ano Novo

Punjabi - Nave sal di mubaraka

Q'anjob'al - chi woche swatx'ilal hak'ul yet yalji Komami'

Quechua - Sumaj kausay kachun Navidad ch'sisipi & Mosoi Watapi sumaj kausay kachun

Quiche' - Dioa kkje' awuk'

Rapa-Nui - Mata-Ki-Te-Rangi & Te-Pito-O-Te-Henua

Rarotongan - Kia akakakaia te Atua i runga i te rangi Teitei, e ei au to to teianei ao, e kia aroaia mai te tangata nei.

Rengma - Anu keghi Christmas nu amapi kethighi wa salam pi nthu chupenle

Rheto-Romance - Bella Festas daz Nadal ed in Ventiravel Onn Nov

Romani - Bachtalo krecunu Thaj Bachtalo Nevo Bers

Romanian - Craciun fericit si un An Nou fericit!

Rongmei - Mei kathui nata neila mei Khrisrmas akhatni gai mei tingkum kathan tu-na arew we

Roviana - Mami tataru Kirisimasi koa gamu doduru meke qetu qetu vuaheni vaqura ia

Russian - Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva i s Novim Godom

Salar - YangI yilingiz gotlI bulsIn!

Sambal - Maligayang Pasko at Masayang Ba-yon Taon!

Sámi - Buorit Juovllat ja Buorre Oddajahki

Saamia - Muwule Omwaka Enjaya

Samoan - Ia manuia le Kilisimasi ma le tausaga fou

Sango - Gloire na Nzapa na ndouzou aho kouè, Na siriri na ndo sessé na popo ti ajo so amou nguia na Lo.

Santali - Raska nawa Serma

Saramaccan - Nuan wan suti jai o!

Sardinian - Bonu nadale e prosperu annu nou

Scots Gaelic - Nollaig chridheil agus Bliadhna mhath ur!

Secoya - Sihuanu'u Ejaerepa aide'ose'ere & Sihuana'u huaje ametecahue

Semandang - Selemat gawai Natal

Seneca - a:o'-e:sad yos-ha:-se:'

Serbian - Sretan Bozic. Vesela Nova Godine

Sicilian - Bon Natali e Prosperu Annu Novu!

Sinhala - Subha nath thalak Vewa. Subha Aluth Awrudhak Vewa.

Slavey - Teyatie Gonezu

Slovakian - Vesele Vianoce a stastny novy rok

Slovene - Vesele bozicne praznike in srecno novo leto

Soga - Mwisuka Sekukulu

Somali - ciid wanaagsan iyo sanad cusub oo fiican.

Songe - Kutandika kua Yesu kuibuwa! & Kipua kipia kibuwa!

Sorani - Newroz le to Piroz be

Sorbian - Wjesole hody a strowe Nowe leto.

Sotho / North - Mahlatsi a Matswalo a Morena le Ngwaga o Moswa

Sotho / South - Litakalerso Tse Monate Tsa Kere Semese Le Mahlohonolo a Selemo Se Secha

Spanish - Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo

Sranan - Wan switi kresneti nanga wan bun nyun yari!

Subanen - Piak Pasko Pu Piag Bago Tawn

Sudanese - Wilujeng Natal Sareng Warsa Enggal

Suena - Kerisimasi kokopai

Surigaonon - Malipayon na pasko sanan bag-on tuig!

Swahili - ºKrismas Njema Na Heri Za Mwaka Mpyaº

Swedish - God Jul och Gott Nytt År

Tagalog - Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon

Tahitian - Ia ora i te Noere e ia ora na i te matahiti 'api

Tagakaulu - Madyaw Pagsalog sa Pagka-otaw ni Jesus & Aw mauntong na bago Umay!

Tala Andig - Maayad ha pasko daw bag-ong tuig

Tamazight - Asseggwas Ameggaz

Tamil - Nathar Puthu Varuda Valthukkal

Tanaina - Natukda Nuuphaa

Tarifit - Asuggas Asa'di

Tayal - Pqaquasta ta. Pquasta hentang na Jesu

Telugu - Christmas Shubhakaankshalu & Nootana Samvatchara Subhakanshalu

Thai - Suksan Wan Christmas lae Sawadee Pee Mai

Tlingit - Xristos Khuwdziti kax sh kaxtoolxetl

Tok Pisin - Meri Krismas & Hepi Nu Yia

Tokelau - Ke whakamanuia te Kirihimahi & Tauhaga Fou fiafia

Tonga - Kristo abe anduwe muciindo ca Christmas

Tongan - Kilisimasi Fiefia & Ta'u fo'ou monu ia

Toraja - Salama' Natal & Selama' taun baru

Trukese - Neekirissimas annim oo iyer seefe feyiyeech!

Tshiluba - Diledibua dilenga dia Mfumu - Tshidimu tshipia - tshipia th silenga

Tswana - Keresemose o monate le masego a ngwaga o montsha

Tubetube - Yayaliyaya Yesu sikabi kaiwena

Tumbuka - Kristu wabe namwe munyengo ya Christmas

Turkish - Noeliniz Ve Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun

Tutchone / Northern - Ut'ohudinch'i Hulin Dzenu & Eyum nan ek'an nenatth'at danji te yesohuthin ch'e hadaatle sh'o

Ukrainian - Veseloho Vam Rizdva i Shchastlyvoho Novoho Roku!

Umbundu - Natale, Natale, Oyo O Natale & Eteke Lio Bowano, Illimo Ciwa

Urdu - Naya Saal Mubarak Ho

Uvean - Italo fa ide tau fou nei eseke

Uyghur - YanghI yiling ahlqIs bolgey!

Valencian - Bon Nadal i millor any nou

Vespi - Rastvoidenke i Udenke Vodenke

Vietnamese - Chuc Mung Giang Sinh - Chuc Mung Tan Nien

Votian - Yvaa rashtagoa! & Yvaa uutta vootta!

Waray-Waray - Maupay nga Pasko ngan Mainuswagon nga Bag-o nga Tuig!

Warlpiri - Miri Kirijimiji & Nyuntunpa Ngurrju nyayirni yapa

Welsh - Nadolig LLawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Xhosa - Siniqwenelela Ikrisimesi EmnandI Nonyaka Omtsha Ozele Iintsikelelo Namathamsanqa

Yiddish - Gute Vaynakhtn un a Gut Nay Yor

Yoruba - E ku odun, e hu iye' dun!

Yup'ik / Central - Alussistuaqegcikici

Yupik / Siberian - Quyanalghii Kuusma & Quyangalleq Nutaghamun Aymiqulleq

Zarma - Barka da Issa hay-yan hann & Barka da djiri barey-yan

Zaza - Newroz'a tu Piroz be

Zia - Kerisimasi wosewa

Zime - El ma ka bar vra aso vei Lu & El ma ka kim na mireu

Zulu - Sinifesela Ukhisimusi Omuhle Nonyaka Omusha Onempumelelo

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