Friday, October 18, 2002

What someone just said about me, who I'll marry in the near future, and more!

someone just told me something about you...

you can't dance
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Well, that much IS true!

Who will you marry in the near future???

Nick Carter
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Ew, yeah right!


An outrageous act of spontaneity.
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How Will You Be Defined In The Dictionary?

too crazy to care
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How Will You Be In The Dictionary?

a crazy kid who runs around backflippin' off shit
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I Live In Your Backyard
Blow, blow, thou winter wind,
Thou art not so unkind
As man's ingratitude;
Thy tooth is not so keen
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Yeah right!

You Are A Conqueror
No one else does takeover like you do! You care about your country being the biggest and best in the world - all others don't stand a chance. Though some may call you crazy, you're a genuine patriot!
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You are a hairy mole!

Time to see a dermatologist!
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Talk about being overly cautious!!!
You are not a risk-taker. You stand on the sidelines of life and watch. You need to start living. You are a good person at heart, but need to start showing the world that you can be a leader. Start living!!
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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Whether I'm sexy, how I'll die, country singers, the gender / looks of my future baby, and more!

are you sexy?

hell, yeah!
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You will be killed by Megaman
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which country singer are you?

Dolly Parton
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what gender will your baby be and grow up to look like?

Your boy is totally hot stuff. He has great hair, good looks, and a cool attitude.
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What should your real name be?

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Haha, yeah right! (although I have heard of Chinese girls called Apple...)

What Will Evan Say To You Before He Kills You?

Emotional tampon!
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Dictionary = your name.

[noun] Wild child!
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you're a GANKER.
You and the legions of virtual and digital armies face off. Of course, you're part assassin too, but that's usually when they delay your game again. So, the demons are your worst enemies. You have a sacred alliance with the gankers. By the way, most of these don't mean anything at all.
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Who is Your Soulmate?

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What volleyball skill are you?

Set: You are the queen of the court! You aren't afraid to let others know how you feel about something. If things aren't going your way, everyone around you will notice. You definitely aren't the type to let people walk on you!
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Are you gay

so not gay.
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You are Zeke!
You are Zeke, the best friend a guy could ask for. You go through with the dumbest ideas just to please your friends. You can be spastic at times, but who isn't? You know who your friends are, and you always want to do stuff to be with them! You are also so patient because you have crazy friends!
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How sexy are you???

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You are dark and misunderstood
You sometimes seem creepy, but really no one understands you. (do not let this quiz label you!)
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Are you a true romantic?

Congrats. You're a true romantic.
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you are sooo fucked up
you don't care what others think!

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You are a unique person. You have your own style, your own way of dealing with things, your own way of thinking... You're always up for a challenge, and there's nothing to stop you from achieving your goals!
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you are an other
wow.... you're such a freak we don't even have a category for you freaks.... that just scares me
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what DSI name should you have at the end of your existing name?

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You're a warrior! Show no mercy! Waaahhh!!... Erm, yeah, right, that's it. BUT you have a kickass sword, mmm yes.
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Which Celeb are you most like?

Ellen Degeneres
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You are most like Harry Potter
You are brave, just like Harry Potter. You find yourself in situations where you end up helping someone out, or "playing the hero." You love hanging out with your friends, even if that includes a bit of rule breaking. You like to have fun, and you enjoy sports. You procrastinate when it comes to studying.
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blue, the brightest of all
you have an amazing light inside of you, and you make smiles follow you everywhere you go
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You Will Sleep With 5 People

Better get cracking!

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