Saturday, May 21, 2011

SAM AND MAX, TETRIS, Jordan, Andrew, robes, Icelandic volcanoes, and Indonesia

When Teunis finally got up, I was able to play TETRIS music, then the SAM AND MAX video! We discussed going to the bank, Jordan, Andrew, headcloths, robes, today's earthquakes in New Zealand and Indonesia, Icelandic volcano eruption today, video game music, and more prior to his leaving for lunch and such with Jordan and Andrew. Eric called later to say I'd have enjoyed hiking since Mr. Creep wasn't there ("the air was clear, if you know what I mean").. still, it's a good thing I stayed home. He's doing sound tomorrow, which is okay. A while later, I did get to say hi to Jordan and Andrew: we discussed biking, Specialty Chicken and Wonton House, photo ID, signatures, credit cards, authorization, coming for lunch next time, next time, green sapphire engagement rings, children, Teresa being sick but feeling much better today, light sensitivity, FB friends, my insane number of LJ tags "breaking" the site, and more.

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Tetris music, Jessica G., RAPTURE PRANKS, and rescue dogs

I woke up with Tetris music in my head, but couldn't play it because Teunis was still sleeping - oh well. Jessica G. added me on her new account, so I'll add her back - ah, complications and tea!

You Are Fierce

You think carefully before you act. You are extremely deliberate and premeditated.

You are strong and a force to be reckoned with. You don't back down easily.

You know that results rarely come overnight. You won't give up on something you believe in.

You're practically a guaranteed success. No one works as hard as you do.

This is epic!

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Ranting, picking up books on hold, Rapture Day, homeopathy, and 4-3 losses

When Teunis got up, we discussed his lack of sleep / video game music / ranting before I went to the library to pick up the book I had on hold before they charged me $1 for it - WTF, library?! Got home and talked about spices, jars, Christon's dad / Stanford being professional chefs, his brothers, RPG characters, the supposed zombie rapture tomorrow, alchemy, homeopathy, acupuncture, Faith No More's EPIC / Linkin Park, HILARIOUS autocorrects, ads / commercials, no gaming tomorrow (but errands), escaping hockey (MUHAHAHA!), the 4-3 loss, pet snakes / Krista / Erik, weird Japanese anime (FLCL), and Kittie.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Word Facts for May 14-20, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of May 14-15, 2011: Brooklyn-style pizza - New Yorkers know that a good piece of pizza can be easily folded over and eaten like a pocket sandwich, a process that usually involves a stream of grease running down one's forearm, a very small price to pay indeed. Outside New York, this is called "Brooklyn-style pizza," even though the earliest pizzerias were found not in Brooklyn but in Manhattan's Little Italy section. Brooklyn, incidentally, takes its name from the town of Breukelen in Holland.

Word origin for May 16, 2011: ozone - First isolated in 1840 by Christian Friedrich Schönbein (1799-1868), a German chemist, "ozone" is a form of oxygen. Schönbein came up with the name from the Greek verb ozein, meaning "to stink," because of the acrid smell associated with the gas. The Texas town of Ozona takes its name from nearby fields of natural gas that give off a similarly sharp smell.

Word origin for May 17, 2011: deadpan - In the argot of the theatre world, pan makes "face." A "dead pan," therefore, is a face that shows no emotion or expression, perfect for suggesting stoicism or (in comedy) incomprehension. Critics have coined the term "deadpan violence" to describe the emotionless killings that have characterized films by the likes of John Woo and Quentin Tarantino.

Word origin for May 18, 2011: chutney - In Hindi, chatna or chatni refers to a spicy, often hot condiment made of fruit / peppers / other ingredients that was traditionally used to mask the flavor of meat that was beginning to spoil. The British colonizers of India liked the concoction so much that they began to consume it at home as well as abroad, leading to the establishment of the Major Grey's Chutney factory in Mumbai, at one time the world's largest exporter.

Word origin for May 19, 2011: Oregon - The origin of the name for the American state of "Oregon" is disputed. Some sources claim that it comes from the Algonquin word wauregan ("beautiful"), others that it comes from the Chinook jargon word for an oily smelt that was highly prized as a trade item and abundant in the waters of "Oregon." Still others link it to the French pronunciation of the Carib Indian word hurucan, which gives us our "hurricane" and well describes the state's often stormy coast.

Word origin for May 20, 2011: macedonia - In French cuisine, a macédoine (rendered in English in that form or as macedonia) is a mixed-fruit salad, sometimes served with cream or ice cream. The name is fanciful, borrowed from the former Greek and Yugoslav province in the Balkans, which is famously a mix of many ethnicities. Originally the French term was a metaphor for a mixed-up jumble, and then it was later applied to food.

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Up early, Atlanta Thrashers no more, KNOWING Housemate's up to something, New York

I was up early today (6:30 AM?!) because of the excessively sunny weather - RAGE! Heard that the Atlanta Thrashers are no more - they'll be in Winnipeg instead! I also KNEW that Teunis was up to something other than meeting up with Jordan to discuss stuff, especially since he was dressed up! His status said that he was out seeing PIRATES 4 with Kaili and others - HA!

You Are Central Park

You hate routines. You prefer for things to be constantly changing in your life.

You require a lot of space. You need room to play, explore, think, and learn.

You enjoy spending a good deal of time alone. In fact, you tend to go sort of crazy if you don't get your alone time.

You do things your way, and you never know what turn your life will take.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grandma, Killarney Market, and mega specials on chocolate

As I expected, I got lost while trying to find the respite centre, and got off at Metrotown instead! At least there was a 49 UBC bus waiting for me to take to the location! When I visited Grandma, she called me "good" several times for doing so - she thought Alan's radio was too big; at least I adjusted the volume for her! She thought I should have come with Steph since she has a car, and also that Teunis is my boyfriend - nope! Then she thought we couldn't go anywhere because I had no car; after 45 minutes, I convinced her to go to the nearby Killarney market for some pumpkin pie, strawberries, and ice cream. She seemed amused upon seeing Barack Obama on TV with lots of people, hahaha. Then she bought herself some oranges and bought me some jalapeno chips which were on special for 79 cents only. (about half-price) Of COURSE I'd bring her back to the respite centre before leaving to run errands! I did some banking, bought underwear at Sears, and got on-sale toilet paper / mouthwash for Teunis / 400g pecan clusters for Jon and Harmony / on-sale mint individual floss (90) / on-sale Nestlé Noir chocolate (from $5.39 to 99 cents?!) at Shoppers Drug Mart, then got home and called Steph to let her know I'd visited Big G. Now I don't have to go anywhere till Sunday morning!

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7-3 ANNIHILATION of the Sharks! / Leadership

Teunis and I discussed food, names, the hockey game (we won 7-3), eating dinner, pot pie etymology, apple pie crust, Rhiannon criticism, his sensitive hearing, telling his Calgary brother Alex about the game, and more. Vanessa got on MSN to say that some people think her boyfriend Wayne looks like Ryan Kesler; maybe slightly? Now I'm off to visit Grandma!

You Are an Autocratic Leader

When you lead, you totally take charge. You believe you know what's best.

You are good at dictating and delegating. You are a very decisive leader.

You don't really require or want input when you're leading. You don't like having others involved.

You think making decisions through consensus is weak. If people knew what to do, you wouldn't have to lead them.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Caramel frozen yogurt, homo milk, Italian Wedding, bulk juice, and poop facts!

Barry picked me up, and we were off to Save-On. I got the store brand of Sidekicks (on sale Parmesan / creamy garlic Rafaello / sour cream and chives / creamy chicken / fettuccine Alfredo / butter and herb), bottled water, bananas, on-sale Chapman's frozen yogurt in Caramel Pecan Cream, on-sale Sunrype Fruit Source bars (blueberry / raspberry / strawberry x2 / blueberry / wildberry / mango and pineapple / grape / strawberry and watermelon), homo milk for Teunis, on-sale bulk apple juice, and on-sale bulk wildberry juice. Bought Italian Wedding (which always makes me think of welfy AKA Erin) / Thai Coconut Curry / Southwestern Veggie Smart Ones soups, on-sale beef / turkey pot pies, on-sale chicken / beef / vegetable / spicy chicken noodles, Greek yogurt, white grape juice, Olympic yogurt, tapioca pudding, Beef / Vegetable soup, on-sale almond milk, and more. Now it's time to get ready for the hockey game!

HAHAHA! Best thing I've seen all day!

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Visiting Grandma, cheap lunch with Vanessa, and petit desserts!

When I got up, I noted that someone had called me from Jon's house number, so got to that when I'd readied myself for the day. Turns out Jon wanted to figure out when I was visiting Grandma; since I said I'd call the centre today to inform them of my intentions to visit her tomorrow, he said he'd hang out with her today. Vanessa then got on MSN to say that she'd be around for most of June - ah, UBC! The usual cheap lunch thing at Specialty Chicken and Wonton House would be good, hahahaha. Talked about Youtube, vampire movies, FRIGHT NIGHT, the long weekend, Wayne's aunts, and more... Steph (who's visiting Grandma on Friday) reminded me to call the centre, and I did! (also paid my Shaw bill... sigh)

You Are Intense

Your passion fuels you. Your fire for everything and everyone burns brightly.

You are protective of those closest to you. You do the worrying for other people.

You are direct and to the point. You move quickly, and you don't like to waste time.

You are a very inspiring person. You show others that dreams can come true.

Not sure about the last sentence, but otherwise true...

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Census question answered, Teunis yelling in dream, masamune, drunken fool name

I emailed Eric a census question; he got back to me, but I had to wait for Teunis to get up first before I could formulate an answer to the email. UGH! (Eric IS right about Vanessa's graveyard shift at the radio station, though!) Luckily, he got up before noon! I told him about Eric's answer, and then he asked whether I'd seen a FF 10 walkthrough: not yet, so he assured me that it had a messed-up storyline. (I also told him to stop showing up in my dreams and yelling at me - he says he doesn't do that, but HE DID... TRUST ME!) Then again, Eric thinks I should see MEGA MAN; perhaps!

Teunis and I discussed audio issues, hockey, funny stuff, Hundred Mile House and their server, SECRET OF MANA, CHRONO TRIGGER, coffee-flavored Jello, gum, and Hien. We also talked about Post-Rapture Looting, Word, printouts, Tina Turner, V8 tomato juice, sound, the masamune, Bangladeshi rice and lentils from memory, leftovers, and more.

Drunken Fool Name Generator

My Drunken Fool Name Generator is

Beer stealer
Your Drunken Fool Name Generator

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LIKE is not a baby name! / Phone calls at 3 AM?! / Vanessa on Virgin

Facebook inspires Israeli couple to name baby "Like." WTF?!

When Teunis finally got up past 5:30 PM (yes, you read that right), we discussed sleeping in / making the blueberry muffins (as belated cake treats) / fans. We also talked about phone calls (at 3 AM?!) / taking out the garbage / bread taking one kilogram of bread for each loaf / YUMMY goodness / fires at Slave Lake / Kaili / night people like Jordan. Then I decided to assault his ears with Vanessa on Virgin 95.3, hahaha!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Respite, $5 deals, food shopping, dividing up visits, (nice) Friedman numbers, and hot tubs

Called Steph to find out what the respite centre phone number and address was; she also said that Lisa got straight A's, so that's excellent! She had no idea that Jon and Harmony are planning yet ANOTHER Europe trip; I forget where they're going, but that was certainly a surprise! Told her that she should come to these Sunday Dinners when she gets a chance - $5 is certainly a very good deal for what we had last night! Then I called Barry, gave him the "voting" excuse (which is true), and set up an appointment for Wednesday. Finally, I called Jon to give him Steph's info, and he thinks we should divide up our days as to when to visit Grandma - good idea, and I think I'll go on Thursday since my Wednesday is booked! At least we're not all visiting on the same day, and sleeping in shouldn't be too much of a problem these days!

This article on (nice) Friedman numbers officially broke my brain.

You Are a Hot Tub

You are an experience junkie. No matter what it is, you’ve either tried it or seriously considered it!

You have good people skills. That being said, you need a lot of downtime to renew and energize.

You are the type of person who likes to take it easy. You look forward to your relaxation time at the end of the day.

You prefer to open things up for discussion and see where the brainstorming takes you. You don’t have expectations.

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Abandonment, Nicholas, Marcus, pulled pork, Go, cornbread, and 3-2 wins in Round 3

Eric picked me up at 9:30 - his phone call may have woken Teunis up, but I thought he'd fall back asleep. We discussed programs for religious Christians, identity in Christ, gas prices, fragrant stuff like hand sanitizer and gum, Saturday hiking (I'm not going!), my Internet persona, speed runs, FINAL FANTASY chocobos, Calvary Church, craziness, Christmas songs, and other things before he dropped me off in the alley. Found a seat near Christon, Jeremy, Jon, and Harmony - Pastor Tom described some hoarders he knew in his childhood, haha. I saw a picture of Jon and Harmony dressed up as pirates which Teunis might appreciate, so I made sure to save the bulletin. We saw an epic Rebecca Black parody video done by Andrea for their camp this year - HAHAHAHA! Later, Jon asked how I'd gotten to church and where Eric was: I considered telling him that Eric had abandoned us for good, haha. Had one thing from the snack table before I noticed Mr. Creep nearby; I quickly left the room to go upstairs, and said hi to Frances / Lee / Lily / Hannah / Gavin / Maxine / Joshua / Keenan / Paul / Helen / Nicholas / Cory / Auntie Catherine / baby Marcus, who looked at me a lot. Jeremy and I also discussed his Internet service changing.

Saw Ada, Alexis, Mattias, Anastasia, Ramen, Shira, and Ashley at Toddler Sunday School; said hi to Rachel's grandma and Jessie while playing with Legos and giving out stickers. I let Mattias have a half-sheet of tiny stickers because he was crying a lot when Chung wanted to pick him up; that proved sufficient distraction from not getting to play with the toys anymore, haha. Went downstairs to see Kevin and Randal talking to Mr. Creep about lunch at some Mexican place, and Jon getting hit up by Hilary for sponsor money - I asked Jon where everyone was, and he said that what I saw was what I got. Jeremy had apparently left a long time ago, which I wasn't expecting. Eventually, I decided to bus to Jeremy's after getting Jon to let him know - while talking to him, I just missed the bus, so I went back in the church to call Eric. He said he was just around the corner, and agreed to just drop me off at Jeremy's after going to the bank. Christon called to see whether I'd be okay with Mr. Creep at lunch - NO! WHY DO YOU THINK I OPTED TO GO TO JEREMY'S?!

When I got to Jeremy's, he was attempting to make an omelette in a wok; that seemed to work out well, and I actually had a bit of it with my rice. We talked about lunch, Radiohead, Björk, U2, Tori Amos, shuffle, Darryl, Weird Al, Go / Othello / Blackjack, Paul, werewolves, vampires, Christon leaving things behind, Jon, Harmony, the Memphis Blues Elvis Platter / Priscilla Platter, Patricia, Ray the dwarf who so amused me on New Year's, the big dumpster / a free BBQ grill, computer desks, the hockey game (we came from behind to beat the Sharks 3-2), the "moment of silence" in memory of Derek Boogaard not even lasting a minute because of advertisers / dead air on the radio / November 11 Remembrance Day moments of silence, pulled pork / cornbread / "collard greens" with bacon / watermelon / spicy coleslaw, Christon getting 25 serrano peppers, Grandma (Jon and I both lost the phone number of the respite centre), shiitake mushroom beer, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and their Saddam Hussein references, a Kid Rock concert delaying Game 2 by a day, and more. Raymond actually said about six words to me tonight, mainly when I was asking questions of the room in general! (the 5-2 score of the Tampa Bay / Boston game last night, and when the next Canucks / Sharks game would be... he also told me "Ladies first" at dinner) On the way home, Eric teased me about the usual subjects and said he probably wouldn't be going to any playoff parties - good for my wallet and FB interaction, haha. At home, Teunis and I talked about his food supplies / the quiet he'd enjoyed / that pirate picture / garbanzo beans / oats which he can't eat / chili / plans for the week / milk / my making him deaf again / pagan or medieval music.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eric's abandoning us for a Baptist church! / Darren Lau Map dream / NO TIME

Decided to take Eric's advice last night, and make lunch beforehand if I'm worried about the cost. I just won't be able to eat it in the restaurant! Grandma would be horrified since I'll be eating Harvest Chicken Sidekick rice for lunch (NOT dinner), hahaha. Eric also told me not to worry since he's not abandoning us, but it kinda feels that way. I don't know - I'm being anxious, but at least Jeremy will be there today, hehe.

Also found out that Mei Lin unfriended me on Facebook, but I guess she IS busy! Had a dream about a Darren Lau Map with Compliments when I was looking after kids in the Rosehill kitchen - WTF, subconscious?! Then I stayed in bed for an extra half hour because I need the sleep! After that, my computer cookies decided to error out on me: I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS SHIT ON A SUNDAY MORNING!

Your Rock Anthem is "Pour Some Sugar On Me"

You may not be a genuine rocker, but you've got a rockstar's attitude.

You are a rebel inside and out. You don't take orders from anyone.

You've got major attitude and style. You're rockin' out life your own way.

You may not have a fan base of millions, but you still belong on stage!

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