Saturday, February 14, 2004

The soap bubbles know what day it is?! / Quiz Heaven stuff

apparently, even the soap bubbles know what day it is..
I was taking a shower, and noticed they'd formed a heart..
granted, it wasn't a perfect one.. but it freaked me out..
finally finished catching up with email and LJ, too.. whew!
now I don't have to worry about it later on..
just wish I could sleep a little bit so I'm not so fried..
eh well.. namooch I can do about it.. darned body clock!
Valentine's Day rant is basically the same as last year's..
go look it up in the archives if you can be bothered ;)
more in my life to come later, I'm sure.. stay tuned, aye?


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[Noun] A person who is very odd.
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not that normal
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What is the name of the guy you are going to marry someday

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I like boys who...

Never stop daydreaming about me..
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What does your future hold?

Death, but you've got a while left. That lung cancer from all that marijuana isn't going to show up for a few years.
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Haha. WHAT marijuana?!

Which quote are you?

"When a boat runs ashore, the sea has spoken" - Benny and Joon
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Your Soul Is Green
you are very doubtful........ you don't think very highly of yourself......
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As if those questions told me a lot about myself anyhow... cheh! :P

Do You Smell?

You're so clean, I could eat my breakfast off your ass!
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Good, since I took a shower earlier!

What do you smell like?

fresh deodorant
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Who is your greatest enemy?

Dr. Phil
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You pretty much dominate the sport of skimmin, at least to your best abilities. You can hang with the big boys at the delta (fill out an application first, of course), and have almost earned the respect of Hughes.
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what is your boyfriend's / girlfriend's secret that they did not tell you

his parents are divorced
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are you going to commit suicide? how?

you will train a dog to fight, and you'll tease it so it will maul you.
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How will you die?

You were shot by a confused fireman who thought you were his ex-wife.
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how will you die?

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Sounds like some kid whom I knew when I was in Grade 10 and he was in Grade 8. Trevor Flaig kept bugging me for some reason, and I heard years later that he'd drowned. That's what you get when you annoy me, kiddies... well, not really, but I can WISH!

What will be your first position during sex?

Cow girl.
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How far would you go for your lover???

You would shave your head and eat raw chicken.
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I'll just X out of the window, since I have a few other quizzes to do.

What your Nickname should be

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what should your AIM name be?

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No thanks, I don't do names with numbers in them. :P

what is your Sexiness Rating??

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Out of 10? Eh, that's probably accurate enough...

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MMM still better than a foot up your ass
Are these your underwear?
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Can't sleep, but it's not because of the bugs! / Quizzes

"can't sleep.. bugs will eat me.. can't sleep.. too many bugs.."
yeah, I only wish I could steal Spoz's line at this time..
only thing is, it isn't summer.. never gets up to 45°C..
besides, my body just will NOT sleep.. dunno what it is!
I went to bed at 2:15 AM after talking to Sam..
got up at 6:40.. I have NO idea what's up with that, really..
not sure I'm going back to bed at this point..
I'll miss my bus if I do, I'm sure.. and be totally fried all day..
ah well, at least I'm catching up on 75+ emails and RQ ;)


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New York Steakhouse

a bunch of us ended up going to the New York Steakhouse..
Jon, Erin, Eunice, Dave, Alan, Tracy, Hon, Edwin, Brian, Nathan, Dawn and I all went..
Dave's opinion: "It's got steak, and it's a house.. too pricey!"
hahahaha.. you gotta love the dude's humor, all right..
it was a Hong Kong-style café establishment, so it was fine..
we discussed The O.C., E.R. Dawson's Creek, Saved by the Bell; humor; Memphis Blues tomorrow..
Erin's not wanting to desert Anita, Lawrence, Andrew, and Vania tomorrow night at her house..
ways of losing weight and how much the guys weighed..
Fellowship committees and their planning for camp..
Jon's Ireland trip being why he was missing camp again..
our bill being fine because Sean wasn't there to mess it up..
life and general updates, and a lot of other things.. yay!
probably I should go to bed.. Valentine's rant later, maybe..
however, it's not helping that I haven't checked my email yet..
and two people decided to buzz me simultaneously, as well..
hopefully, I get up on time tomorrow.. wouldn't do to be late!

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Friday, February 13, 2004

Eating durian in the car!

since the church office is open, I'll blog for a bit..
Eunice and Jon picked me up earlier to go to church..
Jon spent the ride bugging Jeremy about durian..
Eupinder ate durian in Dennis' car once..
he almost killed her for that, let me tell ya ;)
Alan, Eddie, and Dennis definitely didn't like it at all..
my brother says Dave will drive me to Nate's tomorrow..
it's so relaxing and open when we hang out there!

got to church and talked to Tim, Maxine, and Jessica..
yes, remembering birthdays IS my spiritual gift.. haha..
later, I was really bored of listening to Lesley prattle on..
(she'll be in my Bible Study group now, too... aiya!)
so I got on the phone to call Yazmine.. BBT and plans!

I talked to Andy, Connie, Maisie, Billy, Joe, and Helen later...
food, dealing with church problems, life, updates, shots..
hacker problems with the Fellowship mailing list's server..
Valentine's plans, Cambodia / Singapore / Malaysia..
definitely good conversations to have with friends!
and now I have to leave.. me so hungry, so let's eat..

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Weird food combinations

These are some of the recent combinations that my brother has tried, and that I know of. You know, just in case you're interested or something... ;)

1. water, broccoli, napkin bits, borscht (Russian soup), coffee, milk, butter, ice, salt, tea, sugar, and a bay leaf all mixed together in a glass (he and his friend Bryant left it on the table after a lunch at the Gloucester Café; they wanted the waitress to see it)

2. he once put Triscuits, mustard, and bubble tea pearls in a hot dog at a BBQ we attended a few summers ago

3. chips in Slurpee (doesn't sound so bad, until you consider that the two probably don't go well together)

4. sushi with black cherry yogurt

5. sushi with applesauce

6. sushi with Vanilla Coke

7. lychee (a Chinese fruit) with cranberry juice and Cheerios (our friend Nathan said it looked like "eyeballs and blood"... a rather appetizing description, haha!)

8. salad swimming in Coke (he doesn't like salad dressing, so he uses soft drinks instead.. we all thought that was a bit dubious, but to each their own?)

9. strawberry ice cream, BBQ sauce, and rice (this was at a party with 60 other friends of ours.. Brian wanted me to tell him when my brother was done eating this particular "creation," as he couldn't bear to see it)

10. tomato rice with focaccia bread, mustard and other condiments (at the same party as above.. everyone there thought he was absolutely INSANE!)

11. haggis with marmalade on toast (my brother had a haggis party, and the marmalade made it taste better.. I also tried it, as did his friend Phyllis)

12. haggis mixed with orange juice and Coke (at the same party as above, and the same people tried it.. the concoction wasn't TOO bad, in my opinion)

I'm sure there's a lot more that I don't remember, or that I wasn't there to see him make and eat. But you get the general idea.. my brother especially is a weird one when it comes to food!

Stuff that I personally have tried

1. salsa with chocolate chip cookies
2. chicken wings with ranch dip
3. chocolate chip cookie dough with BBQ sauce and mint chocolate chip ice cream

Yup, I'm a wimp compared to my brother.. but 'tis all good. ;)

Memphis Blues Final Act

beans, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, potato salad, chipotle tabasco sauce, regular tabasco sauce, ketchup, various bits of meat (pulled pork, ribs, chicken, etc.), vinegar (James did this once!), beer (Dawn did it once!), hot sauce, and green Tabasco sauce

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Friday the thirteenth: SUPERSTITION!

Friday the thirteenth.. best dust off your triskaidekaphobia!
I'm not that superstitious, as I just detailed in the Friday Five..
but somehow, I can't help being a tinge on guard..
even though it's just the luck of the calendar and all..
Valentine's Day is tomorrow, too.. more on that later..
things just get conveniently blamed on the day, sure..
however, I think I'd best be careful, just the same!
(no, I'm not supposed to believe in superstition at all..
still, it can't hurt to have a healthy dose of wariness)

1. Are you superstitious?

I'd like to think I'm not, but I suppose I am just a tinge superstitious about certain things.

2. What extremes have you heard of someone going to in the name of superstition?

I don't know if this is extreme, but my friend Natalie's parents insisted that she and Brad couldn't change their wedding date because it was on an auspicious day in the Chinese calendar. She found out that a couple of her good friends were also getting married on that date (July 26), and they'd chosen the date before she had. There was nothing she could do about Dora and Osmond's wedding date... even though there would be a lot of people attempting to go to both weddings, and having to choose which banquet to attend.

3. Believer or not, what's your favorite superstition?

I don't know much about superstition, although I may have to start reading up about it now. ;) Hmm.. I suppose my favorite one is the one where breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck unless you do something immediately to counteract the spell. Not sure what that something is, and I'll probably remember as soon as I submit this. (does it involve salt, or is that something else?) But yeah..... that's my favorite one.

4. Do you believe in luck? If yes, do you have a lucky number / article of clothing / ritual?

I'm not supposed to believe in luck since I'm a Christian and all, but I admit I do occasionally. Wouldn't say I have a lucky number / article of clothing / ritual, though. Guess my belief in luck is so occasional that these things aren't involved in it! Hahaha..

5. Do you believe in astrology? Why or why not?

No, I don't believe in astrology. In my opinion, the stars and the positions of the planets in the sky at the time of our birth (or whenever) don't necessarily determine the course of our life. It's rather what you make of the choices you are given, and the stars are just an incidental part of it. Although with that said, I admit I can't resist occasionally looking at the horoscope in the paper! (please note I'm not bashing anyone who DOES believe in the stuff!)

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Unusual names

Since I'm still up, here's a list of unusual names for your enjoyment:

List of unusual personal names from

Something Awful thread of crazy names

Some Unusual Names I've Encountered In Real Life

Shimmer (my friend Alan's cousin)
Sylver / Golden (a sister-brother combo I know at church)
Jack Wang (a high school classmate of Jon and Eric's)
Autumn Leaf Wood (a girl who used to go to my high school)
Mimosa / Tilia / Ficus (two sisters and a brother who used to go to my church; their dad was a botanist, which explained things)
Citrus (the botanist named him at birth)
Poppy Booth (a guy who used to go to my high school)
Diamond / Majestic (a sibling combo)
Ida Ho (I heard this name paged at the mall)
* and MANY MORE!

Names from the 1901 British census

* Arthur Arse (London)
* Alexander Penis (Liverpool)
* Fanny Clam (Huddersfield)
* Margaret Piss (Middlesex)
* Valentine Fart (London)
* Elizabeth Shag (Lancaster)
* Benjamine Bottom (Sheffield)
* Harriett Shite (East Sussex)
* Minnie Shafter (Kingston Upon Hull)
* Willie Cock (London)
* Annie Fanny (Lincoln)
* Wilfred Minge (Sark)
* Rose Shitter (Hampshire)
* Ivy Crapper (London)
* Alice Turd (Southampton)
* August Wanker (Clerkenwell)
* William Poop (Sussex)
* Samuel Pants (London)
* Moses Winkle (Staffordshire)
* Letitia Bollocks (Suffolk)
* Daisy Shatter (Isle of Wight)

Names from THE BABY NAME COUNTDOWN by Janet Schwegel

Abolena Sweat
Cash Money
Precious Angel
Catherine, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sarah, Nicole, etc. for BOYS
Christopher, Kyle, Neil, Scott, Sean, James, etc. for GIRLS
many stupidly misspelled names like Tymothy, Typhanee, etc.
* and MANY MORE!


Saddam Deng SARS
Ivan Ho
Harry Dick
Rich Money
Dick Kochs
Candy Disch
Heidi Ho
Safety First
July First
Mary Christmas
Crystal Shanda Lear
* and MANY MORE!

These names are from The Odd Index by Stephen J. Spignesi:

87 People Named for Body Parts, Diseases, Medications, Cosmetics, or Something Having to Do with Sex

A. Pimple
Abolena Sweat
Angina Keys
Bernard Nicewanger
Blanch Kidney
Bobby Joe Gothard
Castor Oil
Charlie Hymen
Constance Hiccup
Cornelia Tonsil
Dick Wacker
Doloris Puke
Duncas Hymen
Edward Vagina
Fred Dilldoe
Fuk Eyw
Gladys Pantzeroff
Hang Nails
Hyman Pleasure
I.P. Blood
Iona Outhouse
Larry Ovary
Lee Lung
Lemaza Hotballs
Maria Piles
Mr. Balls
Mr. Fuck
Nancy Nipples
Ophelia Rottincrotch
Placenta Previa
Positive Wasserman
Sal Hepatica
Saliva Brown
Smallpox Dingle
Steve Spleen
Thomas Headache
Thomas Measles
Toilet Preparations
Twila Anus
Vomita Willis

37 People with Names for Which, I'm Sure, There Are Good Explanations

Artificial Flowers
Beautiful Swindler
Charity Ward
Devotee War
Emancipation Proclamation Freedom
Immaculate Conception
Large Smash
League of Nations
Let's Stay Here
No Parking
Petty Larceny
Pictorial Review

97 People Whose Names Were Probably a Source of Merciless Torment on the Playground

Charles Smellybelly
Constance Stench
Etta Roach
Filthy McNasty
Fool Head
Foreward March
Free Love
Gift of God
Hot Shot
Ima Goose
Ima Rose Bush
Ima Valentine
John Smellie
Looney Head
Love Bird
Lucky Blunder
Margaret Black Butts
Poor Boy
Rudolph Goldshitter
Strange Odor Andrews
Sylvester Smells
Tiny Small
Too Late
Truly White
Willibald Thumbfart

35 People Whose Names Nicely Fit Their Occupations

Albert Palm: Masseur
Arthur Blessit: Baptist evangelist
Brenda Love: author of The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Positions
Deloris Hearsum: Deaf typist for a deaf social agency
Denver Driver: Truck driver
Don Tree: Gardener
Donald Moos: Washington state official in charge of dairy reports
Dorothy Reading: Librarian
Filmore Graves: Mortician
Frank Deadman: Mortician
Gordon Marsh: Biologist
Hazel Wolf: Works for the Audubon Society
Jack Putz: Golf pro
James Bond: Detective
James Bugg: Exterminator
John Barber: Barber
Judge Judge: Judge
Ken Priest: Protestant minister
Lee Coffin: Mortician
Max Money: Tax collector
Michael Angelo: Artist
Michael Fox: Veterinarian
Milo B. High: Elvis' pilot
Mr. Brain: Teacher
Mr. Bury: Mortician
Mr. Sexsmith: Marriage counsellor
Mrs. Bowman: Archery instructor
Mrs. Cook: Baking teacher
Muffin Fry: Baker
Ronald Drown: Lifeguard
Sam Wood: Lumber dealer
Storm Field: Weatherman
Sweep Hand: Watch repairman
Virgil Buryman: Mortician
Wake Doom: Mortician

21 Doctors Who Probably Have to Talk About Their Names a Lot

Dr. Bees: Veterinary assistant (to Dr. Lyons)
Dr. Blood: Hematologist
Dr. Brain: Neurologist
Dr. Cartledge: Podiatrist
Dr. Childs: Pediatrician
Dr. Cure: Doctor
Dr. Docter: Doctor
Dr. Dolphin: Veterinarian
Dr. Eather: Anesthesiologist
Dr. Head: Neurologist
Dr. Heard: Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist
Dr. Hertz: Chiropractor
Dr. Jack Fealy: Gynecologist
Dr. Leak: Urologist
Dr. Lyons: Veterinarian
Dr. Organ: Doctor
Dr. Saw: Orthopedist
Dr. Sawbones: Doctor
Dr. Shrink: Psychiatrist
Dr. Will Diddle: Obstetrician / Gynecologist
Dr. William Rash: Dermatologist

3 Nurses Who Picked the Right Specialty

A. Nurse: Nurse
Ida Toomer: Oncology nurse
Prue Cramp: OB / GYN nurse

48 People Having Food Names or Names Having Something to Do with Food

Apple Cider
Baby Ruth
Barbara Beans
Cold Turkey
Dill Pickle
Gardenia Salad
Hearty Meal
Herb Rice
Hershey Bar
Ice Cream
Jelly Bean
Lemon Custer
Lemon Freeze
Lettuce Fields
Liza Cucumber
Meat Grease
Meat Loaf
Olive Green
Orange Jello
Piece O. Cake
Pork Chop
Sam Broccoli
Sam Omelette
Spicy Fudge
Strawberry Commode
Summer Butter
Watermellon Patch
Weldon Rumproast
Wheat Bread

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Girls Night Out at Sophia's

just got back from Sophia's, where much fun was had..
Helen, Sophia, Karen, Sohan, Frances, Irene, Shirley, and me..
we discussed reality TV shows, unusual first and last names..
changing your first or last names, Peter Pan, weddings..
Kenneth's engagement to Daisy.. (the family wasn't pleased)
Sean / Adela / Citrus / Danielle / Cordia, food, church..
our lives, updates, Keith getting married, the Beatles..
human resources programs at BCIT, music, and so on..
John even took a picture for us when we all had to go..
when I got home, I called Jon to see what was up..
he'd been trying to call me, but I was out all night :P
says he can pick me up.. rides there and back are good ;)

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Chicken, fries, and Pocky

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESSICA.. I hope you have a really superb one today! :) It's been good sharing with you.

I just got back from eating out at Milestones..
had a craving for chicken and fries.. no instant noodles!
on a whim, I went to London Drugs and bought Pocky..
good thing it was on sale.. Pocky is very good stuff..
looking forward to tonight's get-together at Sophia's..
Helen's supposed to give me a ride.. did she call?
the Internet was disconnected when I got home, so maybe..
oh well.. whoever it is will certainly call me back, I'm sure!

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F*cking technical difficulties... AKA Alan Cross: Greatest New Rock Moments #80-71

You would have had a way more detailed entry on the latest Alan Cross 100 Greatest Moments in New Rock History show. Why am I using that tense? Because my computer decided to crash on me just as I was finishing up my post for LJ.

All I can tell you now:

80. The introduction of the Technics S-1200 turntable to the music scene in general. The company gets orders even now, in this post-turntable / digital scene. They're all handmade in a factory in Osaka, Japan. A record store employee named Trent Reznor saw the possibilities.. it's almost certain Nine Inch Nails' first album wouldn't have sounded how it did, if he hadn't.

79. The introduction of the digital sampling tape, which revolutionized recording. We wouldn't have Fatboy Slim around, if it weren't for that.

78. The introduction of the Apple Macintosh computer during Super Bowl 18, in a commercial directed by Ridley Scott. It did much for musicians during those days, as companies would cater to their needs.

77. The introduction of a machine designed to replace the complicated process of splicing magnetic tape loops together. (as on Pink Floyd's Money)

76. The introduction of Ecstasy to the UK club scene, which made raves and dance floor music different. Musicians and DJs had to make melody come second to making music that would closely imitate the rhythm of E through the bloodstream. (as on Underworld's Born Slippy)

75. The time when U2's Bono decided to order 100,000 pizzas for a Detroit audience on the ZooTV tour. Part of his shtick was to turn on the channels of the onstage TVs, and one night he asked the crowd if they'd like pizza.

The pizza company (Speedy Pizza) didn't believe him at first, and couldn't make 100,000 pizzas. Instead, they sent 100 pepperoni pizzas.. three guys in blue uniforms arrived between the main set and the encore, and started throwing pizza boxes into the audience. the next leg of the tour featured T-shirts that read: "I'd like to order 100,000 pizzas, please."

74. The death of Ricky Wilson (of the B-52s) from AIDS in 1985. Since there was a stigma associated with being gay, he kept his illness very quiet. Even his sister Cindy Wilson (also of the B-52s) didn't know her brother had AIDS until three days before his death, which was the first of a famous / notable musician from AIDS.

73. Vince Clark of Depeche Mode decides to quit the band in 1981. That seemed a terrible decision at the time, given that he was the band's chief singer / songwriter / visionary. Martin Gore decided to step in as the songwriter, and has since written 99.9% of the band's output. They certainly wouldn't have been one of the world's biggest bands if he hadn't.

72. Bob Geldof was having a bad day in November 1984, and decided to turn on the TV to try to relax. The broadcast he saw on the Ethiopian famine touched him so much, that he decided to record a benefit charity single for it. He was practical, though.. if the Boomtown Rats recorded it, the single would flop. So he decided to bring in such artists as U2, David Bowie, and Sting.. the word got around.

The song Do They Know It's Christmas? was written in the back of a taxi, and raised a lot of money for Band Aid. It also started the charity single off, as well as Live Aid. Also, it did much to dispel the notion that rock had no conscience.

71. A tattoo artist named Fred Durst was a big fan of the band Korn, and offered them a free tattoo when they passed through his town on a tour. Nobody took him up on his offer except for Head. When they got home, Fieldy discovered a demo that Fred had slipped in with their stuff. The band then listened to the demo, and convinced the management to listen. Everyone liked the demo, and Limp Bizkit was given a chance.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Guitar ownership night!

well, I went back to bed at 7:30.. no freaky dreams!
can't believe that a new LJ friend signed up for Our Place..
that made me feel as hyper as I could get at 6:40 AM..
actually had a dream about Erin, Steph, and a tub..
no, it wasn't a perverted dream.. gutter-like people :P
woke up at 2:35 and found photos and a note from Steph..
I remember the "guitar ownership night" at Erin's..
and the night all Steph's friends came over.. fun times..
guess I'll have to see if Jon's doing a Memphis Blues thing..
certainly be interesting if this does happen with us..
Memphis Blues can only fit so many people though..
eh well, I hope this weekend will be a good thing for us!

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The Top 25 Most Influential Alt-Rock Artists of All-Time (from Alan Cross)

Again, this is from the Alan Cross Ongoing History of New Rock radio show. This is a list of the 25 most influential new rock artists, and they did this series a few years ago.

Alt-Rock's All-Time Top 25 Artists

25. Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers
24. Skinny Puppy
23. Brian Eno
22. Smashing Pumpkins
21. Pearl Jam
20. Patti Smith
19. Iggy Pop
18. Depeche Mode
17. the Cure
16. Nine Inch Nails
15. Beastie Boys
14. the Smiths
13. Sonic Youth
12. the Pixies
11. R.E.M.
10. Joy Division
9. New Order
8. the Clash
7. Kraftwerk
6. U2
5. the Sex Pistols
4. Nirvana
3. the Ramones
2. Velvet Underground
1. David Bowie

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Eye colors, from Mandy via Myspace bulletin.

People with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. They are kind, pretty or handsome, very good kissers, and are really hot. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why. They are very funny, outgoing, and don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and love to please. Are straight up WARRIORS when necessary. If you repost this and you have blue eyes, you will have the best kiss sometime in the next 5 days!

Sex Addicts!!! People with green eyes have put the most passion into relationships, and they have long-lasting relationships. People with green eyes are also the horniest and most beautiful. They long for the touch of another. People with green eyes are very sexy and very attracted towards the opposite sex. If you repost this and have green eyes, you will meet / stay with the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with!

People with hazel eyes are very loveable. They are really hot and are awesome to be around. They don't enjoy 'pet names.' They don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and they love to please. They can exceed your pleasure standards. They are very laid back, chilled and love to just be around. If you repost this and have hazel eyes, then you will be happy soon with the person who is on your heart!

Either sexy as hell or are adorable. Loves to make new friends. Their relationship tends to be very honest because if they aren't truly in love, then the relationship won't work. They fall easily for their best friends. Will do anything for that special person. Kind and polite. Enjoys being with their guy / girl. LOVES to party. Can make ANYONE laugh or cheer them up. Loves to please the one they care for or love. EXTREMELY good kissers. Repost this if you have brown eyes, and you will find the one that you are meant to be with within the next 7 days.

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The vain pursuit of sleep which eludes me... / Quizzes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEOFFREY.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) Stay golden in Hong Kong, eh?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EDDIE.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been cool knowing you all these years.

why in the ever-loving heck am I up now?
I went to bed at 1:15, so I should be sleeping..
but no.. I woke up at 5:30 without explanation at all..
oh well, this happens to me occasionally.. dunno why..
at least I can get to the email I abandoned yesterday..
it was all in the vain pursuit of sleep, I'm telling you..
when the usual methods don't work, the state is rotten! ;)

Milk Pocky!
Sweet Milk Pocky! You're an elitist, since you're
not really suited to the American taste. You're
sweet, as your name implies, but sometimes you
do get a little haughty.

What Kind of Pocky are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Haha, I can't believe you actually took that quiz. You must be more bored than I am!!!

A random quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

You are very upbeat and happy. You try to be optimistic about a lot of things in life and try not to worry. You sicken me >>;

Personality Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

You suck... Isn't it great?? The feeling of the wind in your hair?... Your eyes?? Up your nose... I mean - YOU SUCK.

We're Bored-- SO TAKE OUR QUIZ
brought to you by Quizilla

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Psychedelic blogs

just finished making some changes to this site..
I figured if Spoz could do it, so could I..
of course, he has an eye for color since he's an artist..
however, I only have the mildest hint of one..
his blog looks more artistic than mine does..
mine just looks more psychedelic.. no photo yet!
any comments / critiques welcome, of course :)
at least the superimposition waited till I was done..
(even though I haven't been at a certain site for hours..)
oh well, at least I accomplished something today!

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I am a girl, NOT a guy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIMON.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been good getting to know you bit by bit.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY.. I hope you have a great one today! :) Finally an adult at 18.. Rhett doesn't know who I am. ;)

the RQ nightly ritual of "what are you wearing?" is good..
for example, someone just realized that I am a female..
he was reading what I was wearing; the bra clued him in..
well, all right.. I *could* be a guy wearing a bra..
but let's just not go there.. that's too weird, aye?
HAHAHAHAHA... boy, was I ever amused at that..
I definitely took it in a good way.. too hilarious, really!

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Monday, February 09, 2004

Scored the Beatles Anthology book for $20 at the Bay!

I had an okay time with Maisie at the mall.. she was late..
we went to all these stores that I wouldn't normally go into..
found out that she hates elevators, and likes escalators..
I'm the exact opposite, so we got separated a few times..
managed to score the Beatles Anthology book for $20..
yes, I do indeed rock.. reminds me of the Stones book ;)
went to the Mongolie Grill for dinner.. pretty good stuff..
now, I'm home.. attempting to catch up on what I missed..
those are always fun times.. nobody bug me, okay? ;)

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Weird dreams and spammers

had another truly weird / bizarre dream last night..
featured freaky things, Sean, Emily, markets, ghosts, insanity..
today, I was pleasantly surprised when Jim buzzed me on YM..
I thought that it would log me in as invisible, but it didn't..
ah well, I had an okay conversation with him all in all..
now I wish I remembered how to do hugs via YM..
Cerowyn taught me once, a LONG time ago..
it isn't terribly important or a matter of great urgency..
just that Jim does it, so I want to reciprocate at times..

have the spammers found my email address after a month?
I open my email, and find one from "contact400"..
the subject line was "Proposition".. sounds very dodgy!
of course, it's not like the other spam mails I used to get..
guess I'll cautiously open it and see what it contains..
Outblaze is apparently very anti-spam, but you can never tell..
yes, I *did* know it wasn't going to last.. boo hoo..
just thought I'd maybe have a bit longer, y'know?
yup, it was a very dodgy spam email.. instincts were right..

since I have to meet Maisie at the mall at 3:30, I should go..
I'll have to try not to spend that much money.. *nods*
guess you'll have to wait for more updates later.. bye!

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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Of course Anita's still upset! / Quizzes

shared a bunch of stuff with my friends today..
of course Anita's still upset.. I don't blame her one bit!
Eric H. says it's sad that Nathan will eventually move..
"it'll be Port Coquitlam.. no longer just a few minutes away!"
Billy says Keith flipped a puck just under his mask.. injury!
told Irene that I had a ride on Thursday.. she's not going..
Jessica's excited about seeing Steph on spring break..
Jen and Dawn had hilarious Disneyland stories to tell..
(you don't get Mickey Mouse to swear, or say anything!)
Ethan said hi to me today without prompting.. so nice!
Jon says that he should get a Memphis Blues thing going..
maybe before Fellowship on Friday, who knows with us? ;)
guess we'll see what happens later on this week.. woohoo!

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