Saturday, January 16, 2010

Air cocks, Anal, angina, arsole, and more!

This computer restarted on me! Thus, I'll bring you the "A" words from this book that Jon and Harmony got me for my birthday:

This is from Butt Rot and Bottom Gas: A Glossary of Tragically Misunderstood Words (Eric Groves, Sr.)


abreast: shoulder to shoulder or side to side; also, to be knowledgeable about current events

abut: to join together at a boundary

abutter: one whose land abuts or joins the land of another

acock: in a turned-up or tilted fashion, as with a hat

ad damnum: the portion of a legal complaint in which a plaintiff states monetary damages

air cock: a valve installed as part of the piping in the upper steam space of a boiler, allowing air into or out of the boiler; the valve opens when the boiler heats cold water and closes when the water is heated enough to become steam

alias dictus: [Latin phrase meaning "another nomination" or "otherwise known as"] a fictitious name assumed by or given to a person for personal, professional, or criminal purposes

ambush: to lie in wait and then attack

Anal: a Sino-Tibetan language spoken by several thousand members of the Naga tribe in southeast Manipur, India, and by other ethnic communities in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Bangladesh; also known as Namfau

angina: [from the Greek word ankhon, meaning "strangling"] a potentially fatal disease caused when cholesterol-blocked arteries cut off oxygen to the heart, causing chest pains and respiratory distress; often an indicator of imminent myocardial infarction or heart attack, it should be treated immediately by a physician {History's most famous angina sufferer was Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel (1833-1896). Nobel was the inventor of nitroglycerin, a substance that, ironically, was later found to be an effective treatment for angina.}

animalia: the kingdom of terrestrial life that includes all animals

annual assay: a nationwide annual test of gold to ascertain adherence to standards of weight and purity

annul: to cancel or make void, as for a marriage

annulus: [from the Latin word annus, meaning "a rounding"] a ring or anything ring-shaped; in geometry, a solid shape encircling a straight-line axis (in other words, a doughnut)

apple of Sodom: a spiny greenish-gray plant native to the Jordan River valley and Dead Sea regions of Israel

arrears: money that is due and payable, but has not been paid; also, a job that needs to be finished, but remains unfinished {"Observation is so wide awake, and facts are being so rapidly added to the sum of human experience, that it appears as if the theorizer would always be in arrears, and were doomed forever to arrive at imperfect conclusions." - Henry David Thoreau, A Week on the Concord and Merrimac Rivers}

arsole: an organic chemical compound identified by the chemical formula C4H5As - similar to a pyrrole, or a heterocyclic aromatic organic compound, but much less aromatic and containing an arsenic atom instead of a nitrogen atom

asinine: having stupid, silly, and stubborn traits usually associated with donkeys, burros, and other asses; also, anyone or anything idiotic, moronic, etc.

asportation: the removal of things from one place to another

ASS: the acronym for the chemical argininosuccinate synthetase

assagai: a spear with a wooden shaft and an elongated metal tip, used in South Africa - probably derived from the African tree of the same name whose wood was considered ideal for spear-making by Bantu warriors {"A birdchief bluestreaked and feathered in war panoply with his assagai, striding through a crackling canebrake over beechmast and acorns." - James Joyce, Ulysses}

Assam: a type of black tea, of Indian origin, having a rich malt flavor

assart: land that has been substantially cleared of bushes and trees

assay: an analysis of a metal, drug, etc. to determine the identity and purity of ingredients

assent: compliance or agreement; an approval of something

asset coverage test: a limitation on bond indentures in accounting

asset stripping: to seek profit by buying a company and selling its assets

asset turnover: a measure of how efficiently a business's assets are used to produce sales

assiette: a selection of cold meats served on a plate

assignor: a person or entity who assigns or transfers property to another person or entity

assizes: British judges who, during medieval times, traveled a route or circuit through designated Assize towns to hear criminal cases and render verdicts; abolished by the Courts Act of 1971 in favor of the Crown Court, which now handles criminal trials and appeals throughout Britain

assonance: the deliberate repetition of vowel sounds in a sentence

asswage: to satisfy someone or calm a person; variant spelling of "assuage"

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Stairs and JACK BAUER / Kori Bustard

I contemplated just waiting for the next 410 since I left "early," but remembered that it would take 15 minutes or so to get to my destination anyhow - I did expect to wait a bit, so thank goodness it wasn't raining! (especially since I just recovered from my cold a couple days ago!) Eric came on time, and I told him that I'd been about to fall asleep - he said that it was cold outside. I know, but still. No, I wasn't THAT tired, haha. I also assured him that it had been worth skipping Missions Fest to go to an epic sleepover / birthday party with ZOMBIES! We stopped by Subway so we could get dinner, then Eric warned me that we'd have to pick up Geoffrey. I lamented not being able to be weird - I just stayed quiet, except when I reminded Eric that his car door couldn't handle grass... of course, he took that in the "weed" direction!

When we got into the church, I saw Mr. Creep sitting in a chair, so I had to tell Eric that I sensed evil. He said nothing, so we ate while standing up at the table in the back of the hall - then he got us chairs, heh. Moved seats so as not to sit near Mr. Creep later - thank goodness that I wouldn't have been in his small group! Talked to Auntie Rebecca briefly about Auntie Kam (got an email from Zoe later) - a fractured shoulder doesn't sound good! Saw Colin Sham right after she told me that she'd seen my baby photos, and pronounced them cute! Went to grab some water at Eric's suggestion - I forgot that toasted subs are DRY! - and saw Henry at the water cooler. He confirmed that I needed a ride tomorrow, and also confirmed the location: I guess it HAS been that long since he's picked me up at my place, what with the lards' vacation / Christmas and New Year's break for two weeks / Billie's sleepover after the party.

Helen's sharing was interesting - she even showed us "tame" pictures of various deformities in China. Kids accidentally fall into the fire used for heating / cooking (which is sacred to some rural people), which makes for unimaginable scars and such later on. We are blessed here indeed - primary and preventative care, yay! Helped Christon with the refreshments later, as did Jen / Eric / Vania. Luckily (?), Mr. Creep came in the kitchen and told Christon that he'd brought a fruit tray which was in the fridge - at least I knew what to stay AWAY from, haha! Not that I ate much eventually - just an orange slice, finger, and sweet square! (Wesley said that a particular cake was quite good)

Later, I talked to Tracy about her and Michelle's comments on a photo - she had done a double take because in the thumbnail feed version, Dad had totally looked like Jon! She'd wondered what baby HE could possibly be holding, hahaha. Also discussed painting, getting back into the Fellowship habit (it's so easy to be "meh" about it when you haven't been going due to non-Christian friends and such), New Year's stuff, and more with her and Harmony. Jon asked what I was doing tomorrow before dinner - AWANA! And no, I can't take Grandma to church with me since that would be rather hard to explain to Henry, and I could just get John to drop me off later - Jon says that he should call Mom. For sure!

Then again, I just noticed an email from Dad (sent at 9 PM when 3/4 of us were at Fellowship :P) asking about the final arrangements... I'll ignore it and let Jon answer, heh. Eric asked Harmony if she were going to the Super Skills on Sunday - she supposes so, if Veronica can't go and Kieran bought extra tickets without knowing that Eric already had purchased some. Harmony wondered why he didn't invite ME, and he said it was because I "always" complained about the stairs - not always, man! It's not MY fault that BC Place (or wherever) doesn't have railings for the balance-challenged people like me out there! I remember December 2005 quite well, as Jon had to help me down those stairs when he / Nathan / Melissa / I attended that IIHF game. I also said hi to Dianne, Deb, Albert, Phil, Grace, Citrus, and a new girl named Carmen.

After that, I saw Dave - of course I had to give him a smiling greeting, haha. He's been chilling, and said that a valued friend of his had finally joined Facebook - sounds good! Asked if we'd had any Sunday Dinner Experiences lately... not since December or even late November! Later, he was talking to Jon and Christon about Victoria and 3rd - I thought they were talking about Pho, but turned out they were talking about the vegetable variety at a grocery store. Dave asked whether I got the Flickr picture that he sent me - oh yeah, those Krispy Kreme doughnuts with hamburger patties and fried eggs would NOT be improved by vomit, man! Eric and I left soon after collecting Geoffrey - at the front desk, Uncle Eugene wondered if the monitor worked. Um, I have no idea since I don't have it yet. Just because my dad has it doesn't mean I do, heh.

Eric tried to engage me in conversation after we got gas (which Geoffrey attempted to chip in for), but I wasn't biting. After we FINALLY dropped him off, Eric said that I could be a weirdo again - oh yes, indeed. I started in by saying that if SOMEONE tried to manipulate or monopolize a large-group discussion again, I would not be very impressed and would be tempted to punch him. True, Mr. Creep only asked two questions, but seriously. I have no great love for Randal either, but you don't DO that when there are other written questions to answer! I also told Eric that Raymond now had a receding hairline, heh.

Asked him when a good time was to pick up that monitor - I didn't want to do it tonight because he was tired after a long day, and I didn't want my parents to try convincing me to take Grandma with me to church tomorrow. It wouldn't be a good idea because it takes Henry FOREVER to get to my parents' place! Then Eric informed me that there was a 24 event at my parents' place on Sunday - WHY DOES NOBODY TELL ME ANYTHING?! Christon's going, so I could get a ride from him if I don't want to stick around my parents all afternoon into the evening - we'll see, but I like my downtime. I wonder if the switch to digital TV will affect this season. Then again, I don't know if I watch a lot of TV anyway...

Facebook quiz taken from Noel:

What's Your Monster Name? Leslie has generated a Monster Name. Leslie's Monster Name is Leslie, The Wicked Goblin.

Trivia fact for Saturday, Jan. 16: What is the heaviest flying bird alive today? The kori bustard, a native of East Africa and South Africa that can fly in short bursts. The male typically weighs about 40 pounds. The heaviest kori bustard on record weighed 48 pounds.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Dream of stealing cigars from Billie's dad / Auntie Kam in hospital?!

Had a weird dream where my friends and I took a dozen cigars from Billie's dad at his house, and then were forced to pay him back. Unfortunately, my brother was on a bus which plunged off the side of a mountain into the Willamette Valley of OREGON TRAIL fame - there were no survivors, so we spent the rest of the dream just trying to find answers. No idea why I had that one!

Auntie Rebecca just sent the Awana crew an email asking us to pray for Auntie Kam, Zoe's mom. Apparently, she was knocked down by a car in a pedestrian crosswalk while crossing the road last night, and is now in the hospital. Yikes! Is it bad that my first thought was for a certain file? OH MY.

Eric called to see if I could make it to Cambie / Jacombs by 6:30 - should be doable. I also told him about the monitor that Dad has for me at the townhouse; just a point of reference, of course. Sure, I could have told him at any point during the week, but I prefer being non-demanding in my friendships unlike CERTAIN people, and I am proud of it! Should have keys ready tonight, for sure. Been reading about Olympic road closures, and it seems like my normal bus routes are unaffected - but the traffic chaos two minutes from here is NOT what I'm looking forward to. Who knows, maybe the roads around here will be closed too!

You Are Fabulously Funky

You've got your own little groove going on. You are happily marching through life to your own beat.

You've got flair and you've got style. You are delightfully quirky and special.

People find you to be fascinating. And you definitely do live an interesting life

You make the world a more colorful, more creative, and more inspired place. If only there were more funky type like you!

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Butt Rot and Bottom Gas - the introduction!

I'll bring you the introduction from this book that Jon and Harmony got me for my birthday. This is from Butt Rot and Bottom Gas: A Glossary of Tragically Misunderstood Words (Eric Groves, Sr.)

The English language is full of misunderstood words.

Consider great tits. I adore great tits, especially when fully mature. I recently spent three weeks backpacking through Europe on a quest to photograph great tits in their natural environment. I returned home with hundreds of documentary photographs, all painstakingly labeled. Unfortunately, my work was confiscated at the airport by U.S. Customs; it seems that importing photographs of great tits is against the law.

Great tits is just one example of what I call a pseudo-imprecation ... a word or term that sounds obscene, but is not. Most birdwatchers know that great tits are charming and sprightly songbirds that live throughout Europe and Asia. But to the average American, the term great tits evokes a different connotation. And this ignorance comes with a hefty price tag.

Every year, pseudo-imprecations cause Americans to waste thousands of hours and millions of dollars. Stockbrokers who suggest that colleagues try naked shorting have been charged with sexual harassment. Farmers growing nipplefruit and horny goat weed have been investigated by the FBI. Some of our finest senior citizens have been sedated - or worse - simply for describing themselves as sexagenarians.

It is time to take a stand. It is time to set the record straight. From arsole to bushmaster to cunt splice, dandy cock, and beyond, Butt Rot and Bottom Gas gathers hundreds of misunderstood words and reveals their true meanings. Whenever possible, the definitions have been supplemented by an elucidating illustration or a famous quotation that uses the word in its proper context.

If we work together, we can save hundreds of good, clean, eloquent words from needless desecration. The first step is to read this book carefully, study the definitions, and share them with your loved ones. The second step is to use these words in casual conversation as often as possible. Ask a waiter if his restaurant serves slippery dick. Ask a tourist if she speaks Anal. Celebrate the Feast of the Ass by inviting your friends and family to your home on January 14, and spend the day snacking on butt roast and monkey nuts.

Through education and exposure, we can make a difference.

-- Eric Groves, Sr.

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Debbie, possibly needing a new microwave (research!), Chrystal, presents, and deliveries

Someone named Debbie Farrington added me on Facebook. I don't know her, so I'll mark the request as just that, haha. I'm also researching microwaves, since I'm almost certain that my current one is losing power. The bowls of soup that I've heated up recently take three minutes instead of two to get up to a good heat level, and even then, it's not holding in the heat as well as I'd like. The pot pie I heated up SHOULD be all over the plate if I heat it up for three minutes, but it's not! Definitely going for a known brand, and one that's at least 1000 kW for sure! Although I should note that it successfully heated up another pot pie, but I'm not sure if it's because I defrosted it for seven minutes instead of six beforehand.

Called Auntie Ying, who appreciated it. She shared her concern for Chrystal with me: seems she wants me to pray for her sister-in-law and husband, along with Chrystal. I told her that Chrystal's disorder isn't something you just recover from, like my cold this week. If only she had access to online forum support! She doesn't know how to use a computer, though. She felt bad that she was doing all the talking, but I grew used to that with someone else, haha. I brought up the idea of buying birthday cards and gifts for the kids, since I know Amanda's birthday is coming up soon. She was amenable to that idea, and will pay me back for Amanda's gift - now, what to buy for a six-year-old girl that likes drawing?! Hmm. At least she said that she'll bring a handheld mirror - I need to get one of those, since mine from Grandma got STOLEN! (plus a new comb or two) Ended the call at midnight - woohoo!

What Kind Of Cupcake Are You?
You so crazy! People may not know what to think of you when they first see you, but as soon as they understand just what an individual you truly are, they come to appreciate you twofold!

Take the quiz!

Trivia fact for Friday, Jan. 15: What future movie star's delivery in an Atlanta, Georgia, hospital was paid for by Coretta Scott King, the wife of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.? Julia Roberts, in October 1967. Mrs. King took care of the hospital bill as thanks for the drama lessons Julia's mom, Betty Lou Roberts, had given the King children.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blogthings WILL post if I use Google Chrome! / Dream of Michelle and bus stops

I've figured out how to get Blogthings to successfully post to my Facebook profile. USE GOOGLE CHROME! (same for posting photos these days... yay!) Now to hope they won't make Google Chrome un-usable for these purposes, hahaha.

Had a weird dream with an opera / Christmas soundtrack - there was lots of traffic around my place, consisting of birds on a bus stop bench, two accidents, and a bus refusing to go anywhere. Michelle was asking my sister whether she'd do anything for her birthday because it was coming up soon. Steph knew she didn't have to go to any classes like she had to originally, but told Michelle to quit rushing her as she was weighing things on a store scale. No idea where THAT one came from!

You Are Flamboyant and Funky

You are a total extrovert, and you feed off attention. You love to be noticed.

You are very dramatic in every aspect of your life. No one ever forgets about you.

You enjoy having an audience, and you are a natural performer. You know how to work a crowd.

Sometimes you do or say things only for shock value. You like to get a rise out of people.

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Philosophers, doctors, birth flowers, and birthstones

Facebook quizzes taken from Candy and Gretchen:

Leslie took the quiz Who are you.... really? and got the result: Philosopher. You constantly analyze the deeper meaning of all that occurs in your life. You are on a never-ending journey to find your purpose in life. You are able to see through the surface of situations and the facades that people often carry. You are observant and non-judgmental. Your creative and thoughtful mind enhances your chosen and natural talents. You feel deeply and passionately about everything that you do. Your life is about the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and answers. You have a great depth to your heart and mind that some may find intimidating, and others will be drawn to.

Leslie took the How well do you know yourself?? quiz and got the result: Doctor. Quiet, friendly, responsible, and conscientious. Committed and steady in meeting their obligations. Thorough, painstaking, and accurate. Loyal, considerate, notice and remember specifics about people who are important to them, concerned with how others feel. Strive to create an orderly and harmonious environment at work and at home.

Leslie took the What is your Birthflower? quiz and got the result: ASTER. With their lush texture, rich hues, and wildflower beauty, it's easy to see why asters have had a long association with magical powers. In ancient times, it was believed that when aster leaves burned, their perfume could drive away evil. Today, this autumn birth flower is known as a talisman of love and an enduring symbol of elegance.

Leslie took the What is your Birthstone? quiz and got the result: Sapphire. Kings used to wear sapphire around their necks as a powerful defense against harm. The stone preserved the wearer from envy, and attracted divine favor. Sapphire represents truth, sincerity, and consistency. Sapphire engagement rings are given to express the commitment and loyalty of their heart. Prince Charles chose a blue sapphire for Princess Diana's engagement ring. The three-ray, six-point star effect seen in some cabochan sapphires happen when rutile inclusions are present. The star on the sapphire moves on the stone as the light from a single source moves.

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Braised beef with egg noodles tastes OFF! / Idiots / Cancer / The Elks

I should never get the JOY OF COOKING braised beef with egg noodles again. It just tastes a bit odd... I think it's the pearl onions, and not the mushrooms as Corey was saying! Also, I think my microwave is losing power - I know it worked fine in summer 2008, and probably up until recently too. No idea how old it really is, of course. Talked to Kenny today, which was cool. :D

Please put this on your blog if you know someone (or are related to someone) who is an idiot. Idiots affect the lives of many. There is still no known cure for stupidity, but we can raise awareness. 93% won't copy and paste this, mainly because they're too stupid to know how to copy and paste. Will YOU make this your most recent blog entry for at least one hour?

In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your blog if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?

IN LOVING MEMORY OF ALL THOSE BABIES BORN SLEEPING OR WE NEVER GOT TO MEET! Put this as your status if you or somebody you know has suffered a BABY LOSS ♥♥♥ the majority won't put it on, because unlike cancer, baby loss is a taboo ♥♥♥ break the silence ♥♥♥ In Memory of all the ~Angel~ Babies Gone- too soon, but never forgotten,...

Trivia fact for Thursday, Jan. 14: What organization, started in 1867, was originally known as the Jolly Corks? The Elks - officially the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. Its original name was based on a bar trick involving corks that was introduced to the group by one of its founders, Charles A. Vivian.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NOT down to my last oatmeal bar! / Candace on MSN / Haiti earthquake / Marilyn or Audrey?

Finally was able to get through to Barry today, after a few days of trying. I'm not going to tell him that I was sleeping a lot, so just said I was out. Next Thursday it is, as I'm not "down to my last oatmeal bar." Shopping here and there is fine, but there are things I can't carry home easily, such as bottled water and a zillion canned food items! Also finally talked to Candace on MSN - quite good! Heard about the Haiti earthquake - SO TERRIBLE! :(

You Are More Like Audrey Hepburn

You are classy, stylish, and charming. You are the true definition of grace.

Some people may think you're a pushover, but they have no idea how tough you can be.

You tend to draw people in with your mind. You are an intelligent and witty flirt.

You are effortlessly gorgeous and naturally appealing. No one would accuse you of trying too hard.

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Butterscotch ice cream with spaghetti

I tried my butterscotch ice cream with spaghetti, as a substitute for spaghetti sauce - crazy, I know. But it worked to keep the pasta less dry, haha. :D

Note: If Your flist was cast in Weiss Kreuz Memegen, by driley1.

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FAMILY GUY and buttscratchers / Bing Cherry

Itamar linked me to this Family Guy scene involving Peter selling buttscratchers at a sporting event, then landing in jail - thanks for the craziness! Redrum has also started again... oh well.

Trivia fact for Wednesday, Jan. 13: What popular fruit was named for the Manchurian foreman at an Oregon orchard? The Bing cherry. It was named for Ah Sit Bing in the late 19th century after he helped horticulturalist Seth Lewelling develop it.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jilt, Jinx, Kepi, and Krichelle

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Jade: A precious green stone used to cover windows.

Jamboree: A large Scout gathering. This features tent-pitching, campfire songs, and s'mores-making. May involve singing bears.

Janet: Silicone-enhanced singer / dancer / songwriter prone to wardrobe malfunctions.

Jasmine: A sweet-smelling tropical flower and Disney princess.

Jemima: Apron-wearing, kerchief-headed doyenne of breakfast foods. Often confused with her nemesis, the living syrup bottle.

Jenna: A nickname for Virginia; also, a hard-drinking presidential daughter.

Jessica: Likely to think nobody likes her, since everyone she meets will immediately sadden as they recall the baby who fell into a well.

Jilt: Abandon a significant other without warning.

Jinx: Something or someone that causes bad luck. Will always be the other woman.

Joi: Wife of famous but loudmouthed morning talk show host.

Jools: Big, fancy precious stones. "Get my Jools, honey; we're going out!"

Joyeux Noël: Why, thank you! And a Happy Chanukah to you.

Jubilee: Festive commemoration of an anniversary involving yarmulkes.


Kaprice: A professional ice dancer who is limited to the chorus. Also, a fine but oily salad made of tomato and mozzarella.

Kassia: Constellation or a breakfast cereal. Endomorph.

Kenya: An African coastal country with a landscape that ranges from savannah to veld. Also, a runway model.

Kepi (KAY-pee) - A French military cap that can be worn at a jaunty angle. Also, an acronym for "kitchen patrol," a punishment that often involves peeling potatoes.

Kinda: Something that isn't quite one thing, but also not quite another. "Hey, Mom, I'm Kinda pregnant."

Kiora: A small crown worn by pageant contestants on an island reality show.

Krichelle: Will get louder and louder, sometimes apparently without warning.

Kris Miss: A religious holiday that occurs four days after the winter solstice. The other white Chanukah.

Kylie: Dr. Welby's young associate.

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Kadri's Christmas card, scoopers, backscratchers, and toothbrush cases

Got a Christmas card from Kadri (bad_habit) in the mail - thanks! Went out and wasted time looking around at T&T and Sears, but I did find what I was looking for at Daiso, along with a backscratcher (to finally replace the one which was stolen in summer 2008) and four toothbrush cases. Maybe I'll hit Lansdowne tomorrow... at least 24 is back on next week! :D

Facebook quiz taken from Michael M.:

Leslie took the "Which US President are you?" quiz and the result is Harry Truman. You are the epitome of a natural-born leader. You likely come from simple beginnings, and although you have excelled at most things you put your hand to, you have not forgotten your beginnings. You are a mature individual, enjoy the arts, appreciate family, and are comfortable in your own skin. You're never afraid to say: "the buck stops here!"

You Are Vanilla Hot Chocolate

Vanilla hot chocolate may seem like a bit of a contradiction, but you are full of contradictions.

You're funny but serious. Outgoing but thoughtful. Wild but traditional. No one can quite figure you out.

You're the type most likely to handcraft the perfect hot chocolate at home. Your friends are blown away by your drink-making skills.

The truth is that you're a complex person with complex tastes. And you know that a little vanilla makes chocolate taste better.

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What I got for Christmas 2009

What I got for Christmas 2009

* $300 and groceries from parents
* Kelli E. (neonrose5) - Niagara Falls postcard and Christmas card with ornaments - one's a candy cane, and the other's a star
* George and Candy B. (Heavyfoot and Phoenix) - Christmas card
* Farrah F. (lilaznffairy421) - Christmas card
* John A. (snooooopy) - Christmas card
* Julie S. (julie709) - Christmas card
* Janina P. (mrshannibal) - a crafty Christmas card with angels / snowflakes / birds / even a Nativity scene
* Shi I. (mypetconcubine) - Hawaii "Season's Aloha" Christmas card [FINALLY, haha...]
* Deborah G. (devils_sidekick) - Christmas card, plus a grasshopper LEAP perforated "Want to know a secret? I think you're terrific." thing
* Heather L. (mileena) - Christmas card, note on some cat paper, BLOOM COUNTY Valentine's Day stickers, Disney stickers, "girly secrets" stickers, sparkly fairy stickers, romantic Valentine's Day stickers, TAZ stickers, and car stickers
* Jonne B. (jonne_bunny) - Christmas card
* Alessandra P. (dru_it) - Christmas card
* Gena S. (dont_deny_me) - Christmas card, 80 Christmas stickers, and eight "Made in Canada" stickers
* Karine G. (karineinthepool) - heart stickers / flower stickers / star stickers / a Tasmania bookmark / a P.E.I. postcard
* Alexis F. (fraserette) - a Christmas card, a pack of 100 Hannah Montana stickers (maybe Amanda would like those...), and Land O'Lakes Caramel Cocoa
* Katie J. (touchofgr3y) - Christmas card
* Steve and Carol B. - a surprising Christmas card!
* Diane S. (the_fuzzy_bunny) - Christmas card
* Casey (chickabimbo) - a black-and-silver card, an Orlando postcard, and stickers featuring colored hands / US flag mailboxes / "friendship" motifs / fruits and berries / Halloween pumpkins and ghosts / crafts hearts
* Krista K. (geek_dragon) - Christmas card
* Marie S. (reebee) - Christmas card with Matthew 5:9 on it
* Becca C. (heyfashion) - a bright yellow card, along with stickers featuring a teddy bear / hot air balloons and clouds / cute animals
* Heather P. (swingthevote) - a glittery Christmas card
* Jane K. (justsurvive) - a Christmas card with a cute photo of her daughter Leila
* Vanessa H. - some Christmas tarts
* Jane (gi_janearng) - Christmas card
* Eric's family - some candy from Candy Bouquet in Steveston
* Deb - Christmas card and wedding photo
* Christon - Christmas card
* Auntie Ying - White Spot lunch, and Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Wise Up!: Amazing Facts and Incredible Information (Bathroom Readers' Institute)
* Sheryll (sheryll) and Nyssa (giggles_19) - shiny penguin / Santa / snowmen stickers, a souvenir card of a paddle wheeler on the Mississippi in New Orleans, and a Christmas card
* Heather C. (catgoddess) - Christmas card
* Jennifer L. (tehgreenfairy) - Christmas card
* Kadri (bad_habit) - Christmas card

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Bean dip potentially creating a stain, so laundry it is! / Scientific symbols in Iran

Reason #123 why I will NEVER opt for a laundromat: Some bean dip spilled on my sweater as I was eating it with chips, potentially creating a stain. (I'm practically all better from my cold) Even with coined laundry, I can still do an emergency load at 12:50 AM without having to worry about opening hours OR lugging a heavy load in a garbage bag to a 24/7 location.

Trivia fact for Tuesday, Jan. 12: What scientific symbol is featured on the back of Iran's largest banknote (the 50,000 rial), issued in March 2007? The nuclear power symbol, which depicts electrons orbiting an atom. On the banknote, the symbol is atop a map of Iran along with a quotation from the prophet Mohammad: "Men from the land of Persia will attain scientific knowledge even if it is as far as the [star cluster] Pleiades."

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Paying Shaw bill, true love's initials, whether NARUTO guys would date me

I paid my Shaw bill today. Yay for being responsible! *sigh*

What are the initials of your true love? by ikillmimes4fun
Full First Name:
Initial of First Name:H
Initial of Last Name:G

HA. I don't think I know anyone now with those initials (H.G.), but I could be wrong!

What Naruto Guy Would Go On a Date With You? by yuffiechickrox4
Favorite Color
Gaara SaysWhy Not?
Sasuke SaysNo way
Naruto SaysDo you like Ramen?
Kakashi SaysYES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!
Rock Lee SaysSURE.
Shikamaru SaysYeah, okay.

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Dream: Winnie's new baby is a GIRL, and Wesley has crutches?!

Well, at least I had 14 hours of rest last night. That should do it for the cough, but we'll see. It persists in hanging around like an unwanted suitor!

I also had a weird dream: it was set in the old church around Christmastime. My dad was annoying me by saying that there was an Awana practice for Christmas, and I simply had to be there for it. I was not impressed, and wanted to take away the Christmas trees and poinsettias. When my friends (including Lucas, and Wesley on crutches) asked what was up, I told them. We could see the kids lining up in front of the room around a couple of microphones, but remained at the back. Calla came in, holding Winnie's new baby GIRL, who was in a red and white dress. Winnie said, "She likes it when I call her KA-LAY? with a curl at the end of my voice. If I don't, she cries!" We all agreed with Calla that the baby was a smart one. Auntie Cathy drove me home, using the new YVR airport lane, and talked to me about storing things on her deck. I wondered if she hadn't moved, but she still had the deck to beat everything, so had plenty of room. The dream ended while we were talking about other things.

No idea why I had it. I know we were talking about Uncle Hansel and Auntie Cathy's old Burnaby neighborhood (why would you drive around looking for wireless networks at 2 AM?!), and Winnie's new baby is a BOY! Weird subconscious!

You Should Stay Warm by Bundling Up

You are a rational and logical person. You are good at solving problems.

So if you're cold, it makes sense to just put another layer on. You are very practical that way.

You are rarely unprepared in life. You would never forget your gloves and hat on a cold day.

You're ready for anything that comes your way. By being responsible, you find it easy to relax and enjoy life.

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Hmm... take transit or get dropped off? / Lindsay Lohan posing nude

I was just the unfortunate recipient of a certain sort of email, so of course I forwarded it to Janina. Dad emailed Steph to say that I'd been shocked that there was a dinner this Saturday - well, I wouldn't have been if I wasn't left OFF the email chain! Their excuse is that I'm less busy than the rest of them, so therefore it doesn't matter - YES, IT DOES! I DEMAND TO BE INFORMED! Jon cited swing dance and a movie as excuses why he couldn't make certain dates for dinner, haha. Steph wanted me to check Translink or Google Maps to see if transit would be easier in getting to her place than waiting for Jon and Harmony to pick me if they're driving. I guess if it's a family dinner, I have to go - and she has a dishwasher, so it's not like there are going to be many dishes, haha.

It appears to be relatively easy to take the 27 and the 26 from Joyce Skytrain station, and it'll get me there in about 25 minutes or so. Steph thinks I should take Grandma to church with me in the afternoon - that would be a hard one to explain to Henry, so I don't think I'll do that. Maybe I can get John to drop me off at the closest intersection to Steph's place, since I still remember how to walk there from that location! We'll see, haha - that'll make me be extra early if dinner is scheduled around 6:30 or so, but it shouldn't be TOO much of a problem! I'm hungry, so I'll eat a couple of Almond and Berry granola bars.

Trivia fact for Monday, Jan. 11: What child-model-turned-actress donned a blond wig and posed nude to recreate Marilyn Monroe's famous 1962 Vogue magazine photo spread? Lindsay Lohan, in 2008. The bombshell photos, which appeared in New York magazine, were taken by the same photographer (Bert Stern) and in the same setting (the Hotel Bel-Air in Beverly Hills, California) as those of Monroe.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"I'm a Flying Supervisor!" / Minute Rice / Replacement travel mugs and monitors

This morning, I found my travel mug was seemingly IMPOSSIBLE to open - NOT GOOD! Eric picked me up later than my parents do, which is what I was counting on. We discussed my mental faculties (which are still all right even if I refuse to refer to someone by his name :P), his week (Wednesday's lunch with Phil, BLACKADDER with Alistair, MissionsFest and Congee Noodle King with a bunch of GOOD people), Broadway Church, Grace, my week (Billie's party / Steph's get-together / Fidela), stupid slow cars in front of us, and more. He thinks I shouldn't have a problem with Mr. Creep "infiltrating" an event that I wasn't even attending (MissionsFest, if he did go), but somehow I do. Don't ask me why, besides that I'm PROTECTIVE! Yes, I know my friends are (mostly) adults and can certainly make their own decisions, but still.

Finally got to church at about 10; when I entered the sanctuary, I said hi to Karen Chan, and then hugged Danielle hello. Danielle said that my mom had given her something for me, which turned out to be the candy canes she was going on about. When I got to a seat by Eric (near Helen / Denise / her parents / Angus and Melia), worship had JUST ended - I was able to peek inside to see that it was 30 mini candy canes, NOT 100 like Mom was saying. Oh well, my intentions were to give them to the teens anyhow, minus a few for myself! At least there WAS a gigantic one, which I will also give to the teens. (at home, I put the little ones into two Ziploc bags)

After service (I was reminded that Helen is sharing about her EMAS missions trip this Friday), I said hi to Jen / Jon / Harmony / Mike T. / Tim / Joshua / Keenan / Billy / Benjamin (who was shy when Jon and Brian tried greeting him) / Christon (who I emailed about Friday snacks because I didn't want Mr. Creep knowing about it!) / Uncle Peter / Lincoln / Karen Lew / Isabel's dad. Said hi to Lily and her daughter Hannah - Lily says that her Richmond to Surrey Hospital commute is against traffic, and that she wants to do some vicarious living through either Hannah or Gavin! She never got the chance to be a drummer, so she wants her kids to be ROCKERS! Hahaha, sounds good to me! Asked Melia when her mom's birthday was: "September 17? No... September 21? I don't know - I'll have to look it up. I'm such a bad daughter! Why don't you ask her?" "Okay, sure... I'll see her in like ten minutes, anyway!" (which turned out to be twenty or more, since I was caught up in spending time with my friends as usual...)

Talked to Andrew about being tired, Brazilian / Ethiopian coffee, Starbucks being overrated and other things. Asked Hien if she'd seen my FB wall post about Minute Rice - she had, and thought it was just white rice: "I like my Chinese rice!" So do I if I have to eat rice, but they DO have brown rice. Watched carefully to make sure that Mr. Creep didn't get TOO near any stray kids - and was over near the homemade guacamole (yay for Harmony!) and such in a relative flash once a kid wandered within six inches of him! The kids were with their parents (or aunt, in Janet's case), so that was fine. Said bye to Fidela - it WAS good spending time with her, I agree! Told Eric that I would go home with my parents since there was no adult Sunday School again, as it starts next week. Somehow, I'm not surprised that my brother is teaching a class this term on food and worship! Speaking of my brother, he told me that he had to go to MissionsFest later, then corrected himself to say that he WANTED to go. Haha... "I have to go" sounds so arduous! I mistakenly said that at least there was a food court downstairs if he wanted lunch, but I forgot that it was in three different places! (as Calla told Stanford later, the whole event got moved up a couple weeks since the convention centre is CLOSED because of the Olympics!)

I was drawn to a conversation where Stanford said he was gypped, and I wondered what they were talking about - Calla informed me that she intended to have him go to the Wedding Fair with her, if only to see tuxedo stuff. Stanford asked Harmony how married life was, and if there was anything she had to get used to. Of course, being used to each other's habits after a long-distance relationship takes some times! He joked that she should make Jon clean the toilets for a year, and she said that Jon couldn't attend a Toronto version of the Wedding Fair. "So make him buy a plane ticket - he HAS to go! Hey Calla, maybe he married her because she was a girl who wouldn't make him go to these things!" Calla was NOT impressed, and said that she had to get used to his extraordinary neatness - she operates under "organized chaos" herself. She cannot see her desk at work currently, while Stanford will see a speck of dust on the counter and then clean the entire room while he's at it!

When I was going to finally make my way out the door, Uncle Peter reminded me that Auntie Ying was waiting for me - I remember! Asked Jeremy whether he was aware that his name was a banned password on Twitter: nope, and he asked if I had an account there. Nope, I just heard about it from someone else! Was drawn to little Allison, who apparently was giving out baby Cheerios to Mike / Julie / Emily (who smiled HI at me) - I got one just before saying bye to her and Anita. Talked to Harmony about Daiso, too. Made my way upstairs to the toddler Sunday School, where the kids were busy drawing various things.

Amanda said that she was a "Flying Supervisor," and showed me her creative drawing of a typical school day. Music time, storytime, food time, reading time, field trip time (crossing a road), library time, "going out" time, and more. David drew something which was supposed to be a train, Esther drew something which was supposed to be a swing and wheels, and Conor drew a black Formica tile sample that he had brought from home - so random! Evelyn drew something too - not sure what it was. Harrison and Amos were busy smashing toy cars together again, and trying to go under the table. I had to take Harrison's toy Transformer away when he wouldn't listen (the kid was SMELLING HIS SOCK and creating a distraction!), and didn't give it back afterwards despite multiple requests for the thing. Haha, what a punishment! (he tried to wriggle out of my firm grasp, but he couldn't)

Conor said that he had a block of wood, and showed it to me before drawing a smiley face on it with orange felt. I had to take it away because I wanted him to listen to me as I told the story; he wasn't doing anything wrong, and you bet I gave THAT back to him later! Yes, I'm aware that I treated Harrison and Conor differently, but I know Conor, and he's way too cute! I still don't know when the twins' birthday is, but I did ask Auntie Ying: turns out that it's September 23. She thanked me for being so faithful in calling every Thursday (Uncle Peter noticed it!), and I know it's not a problem if I call at 11:30 PM! (she can relate to "young people") Also says that maybe we can celebrate our birthdays together at lunch, which sounds fine to me!

Apparently, Rachel's grandma returned the Chinese language-Bible CDs to Auntie Ying since her husband doesn't want to listen - "maybe it's not time yet for him to become a Christian!" Well, aren't some people predestined to NOT become Christians? I dunno... Uncle Peter and Auntie Ying also got some marriage books at a discount at Pilgrims by getting ten at a time. I told her that I'd found out where Seraphim was for sure: right across the street from Lansdowne Station! (haven't been right outside since maybe December 2007!)

After Sunday School, I looked for David, who had run off again. His mom Linda says he's the type to do that in the store while she's shopping too - yikes! Evelyn held my hand - how cute! Saw Conor's brother Sean with their mom, so I talked to Pauline for a bit. Sean wanted to talk, too - he's seven already, and has learned about Jesus' birth. When Conor and his dad emerged from the washrooms, Conor showed me his block of wood again. His dad Minh said hi, and then mentioned that it was from a construction site he'd taken the boys to see. Cool, man!

Went downstairs and made sure that Mom knew I was going to Green Village with them, Auntie Teresa, Alan, and Polly. She didn't know Eric had already left, obviously. Gave Dad my tax documents, and he joked that I should pay him - I told Gabriel's mom and aunt: "If I can get it done for free, why not?" Grandma was looking for Auntie Kwai, but she was at service: Mom told a friend that Grandma had a bit of Alzheimer's! I think memory loss and forgetfulness is par for the course (and NOT Alzheimer's) when you're nearly 90, myself! Said hi to Amanda's sister Hannah, who told me about her Lip Smackers - her mom Catherine looked REALLY tired! (I also now know what the girls' grandma looks like, too)

At lunch, Alan told me why he had joined Awana: to share the gospel with the kids, since you can't really do that at school these days... nice! (saw Uncle Tom, Auntie Allyn, Fabian, and his mom at the restaurant!) Dad also just assumed I'd go with them to Steph's place for dinner on Saturday evening after Awana: I think I prefer downtime! Actually, he wants me to go early! Hmm... we'll see. He also said that he had a monitor for me at his place, but I had to arrange my own transport - maybe with Eric, heh. When I thanked him, he said I had to thank Uncle Eugene, and Mom wondered whether I had to pay... apparently not.

I could have gotten my parents to drop me off at London Drugs, but I prefer doing some things on my own even with Sunday bus schedules! Trust me, I need some semblance of privacy - otherwise, they might ask me questions about what I bought. No way! (if almost anyone else knows, I don't care - they're fine!) Got on-sale brown Minute Rice (which I will keep in box form to prove its existence to Hien next weekend), on-sale Nin Jiom, on-sale black cherry Strepsils (cough drops), a replacement on-sale toothbrush, a replacement travel mug (which promises an easy-to-grab-and-open lid AND no leakage - my old one leaked a LOT), and a bunch of 99¢ birthday cards for the (Sunday School) kids since I know Hannah and Amanda's are coming up in two weeks, within two days of each other! I was going to go with the ones for a specific year or the general kids' ones, but saving money is good on these overpriced items! ($2.59 and up for one card?!)

When I returned home, I took a shower. Then I emailed Christon before prepping various cards with greetings and stickers. I also tested the new travel mug's resistance to hot / boiling water... it passed the test, and I like how fuzzy-feeling it is! Noticed that Billie's friend Scott has added me to Facebook - I *did* tell her to tell him that I wasn't on the Facebook event page for her birthday party since I was too special for it, haha. Also read about transgendered people on Facebook and LJ, heh.

Your Focus is Inward

You prefer to spend most of your time alone. Other people tax your reserves.

You appreciate and enjoy your own company. You can always find a way to entertain yourself.

You don't believe in being bored. In fact, you don't think it's even possible.

With so many ideas, books, and places to explore, you are never lonely - even if you're all by yourself.

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I can tell when you're being FAKE, Mom... / EPIC MEDICINE ZOMBIE! / Northwestern University

Called my mom, who was all FAKE on the phone - yeah, I can tell when she's being sickly sweet. Save your concern, because you weren't that way when I was initially sick! ("Whatever" in a tone of "I don't believe you!") She says she has 100 little candy canes and one gigantic one for me: this is why I didn't buy the little ones, because I knew my mom would give me that stuff.

While Corey and I were talking on AIM about (Minute) Rice / Jane / Taiwan / language barriers / Pho (which Billie had at 3 AM), Eric got on MSN to warn me that he was driving his parents' Toyota tomorrow, so NO SLAMMING DOORS. I replied that I was an EPIC ZOMBIE... of course it had nothing to do with the topic, but I was being random as is my wont! His reply was "medicine," so I said that I'd had a LOT of medicine: Vitamin C in ridiculous amounts, echinacea, cough syrup, and cough drops. Then he said that he meant medicine to control my mental faculties... I'm not so sure I need that, thanks! He signed off with a joking implication that I'd been doing magic mushrooms last night - HA, NO WAY!

I just realized that I'll be doing a Christmas lesson for the kids tomorrow. I'll feel silly, but at least it'll be over with in five or ten minutes, and it requires NO prep AT ALL. I could have skipped over it, but it's too late now. DANG! Ah well, and now Billie's talking to me when I should be in bed. Whatever... at least I don't have to deal with my mother in the morning!

Trivia fact for Sunday, Jan. 10: Why doesn't Northwestern University reflect its location - in northeastern Illinois? The university was named for its historic location in the Northwest Territory, not for its location in Evanston, in northeastern Illinois. It was founded in 1851 to serve the Northwest Territory.

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