Saturday, August 11, 2012

Defeating EIGHT Metal Slimes! / Whiteout, hand sanitizer, and pens!

When I called Eric at 2 to say I'd go to the BBQ, Ron told me that he was already at church! Oh well... since I wanted to go out anyway, I went to Staples briefly in the hot weather. Got mini hand sanitizer x12 (replacing mine from Elections Canada which Eric gave me last May), whiteout x6, and Z-Grip blue pens x48. I also got 20 bonus pens in various colors, so that should do me for some time. Didn't trust the Xeno gel pens, heh. Saw Roberta on the bus (which I just managed to get) as I was going home, as well.

I defeated EIGHT Metal Slimes around Samanao! (with the help of a "flaming breath" code) 11,040 EXPERIENCE POINTS FOR EACH CHARACTER! :D

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Pens are NOT cameras, London Drugs! / Ghosts and items / Invisibility / Shrines

Talked to Talia briefly on AIM tonight, heh.


You can give items to a dead character's ghost in DRAGON WARRIOR III...

... and you can take them right back from the ghost!

To get into Eginbear (the game's representation of England), you need to buy an Invisibility Herb from Lancel. If you try going in the usual way, that guard will say that this is a historic castle: "Yokels aren't welcome here. No sword, no shield, no service!" When you turn invisible and then talk to the guard, he wonders if he's hearing things! HAHAHAHA!

At the Shrine of Dhama, you can change your characters' professions / classes if you so wish. This old man wants to change into a young girl, hahahaha!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Assaram Water Blaster: Yikes! / Isis Treasure

Eric called just now to see if I wanted to help marinate chicken and chop up veggies for tomorrow's Skeena Terrace BBQ. I have a feeling that I'll just be in the way: "Get Stanford or Kevin to do that!" I told him. He's right when he says that it sounds like I don't want to come. I'm not against helping out, but I'll figure that out tomorrow!

In the DW3 town of Assaram (I know...), there's a guy whose quote is really missing the start of whatever he was going to say! "Ot so bad"?!

You can also fight a Demonite for a Water Blaster in Assaram, which you can then use on people with hilarious results: "Yikes! This is cold!"

I looted the treasure chests in Isis Castle at night, and returned the next day. The guards of the left and right treasure rooms tell me the same thing: "All the treasure of the castle belongs to the queen." Too bad that I already stole the 64 GOLD, 72 GOLD, a WING OF WYVERN, and an INTELLIGENCE SEED!

You mean the WAYFARER'S CLOTHES, ACORNS OF LIFE, POISON MOTH POWDER, and 80 GOLD that I stole last night while you were sleeping, Mr. Guard?

Wow! This treasure chest in the Pyramid north of Isis? It's actually a Man-Eater Chest!

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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Ryan support / Itself / Noaniels Wake-Up Powder

Ryan sent me a supportive trusting FB message, which is awesome! Talked to Talia on AIM briefly about TQC and road markings.

After sprinkling Wake-Up Powder on the sleeping village of Noaniels in DRAGON WARRIOR III (to get rid of a curse from the elf queen), this woman asks if you heard her snoring while she was asleep. If you say yes, she says it's embarrassing!

This is what happens when you parry (defend yourself) in a fight: "[character name] protects ITSELF." I know the game wasn't programmed to recognize male / female gender choices in random encounters, but it's still funny or WTF-worthy!

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Saying goodbye to Yvonne, vase breaking, and Havarti

Good thing I checked my trash folder this morning, since Mom has stated that Yvonne is leaving soon, and I could go to Dogwood to see Grandma and say goodbye to Yvonne. That lined up with my own plans - thank goodness I finished copying and pasting enemy names to my draft posts at 2:30 AM, and finally finished the tag lists at 3 PM! Finally finished the bagels and wafers, along with the FARMHOUSE rice. Called Steph to advise her of my plans; I'm sure I'll meet their new dog Havarti soon, even if Big G didn't like the dog licking her face in greeting! My vase from Elizabeth (which I've been using to store laundry money) broke, too! I've had that for more than ten years! Managed to buy a clear case at the drug mart across the street from Dogwood, which was less than $1.75 - very affordable!

Saw Yvonne, William, and Andrea in Big G's room with Mom - Grandma was trying on some new shoes in her wheelchair. Talked a bit to Andrea, who said they'd gone to Whistler and did some shopping, and were leaving tomorrow at 1. I'm sure she was bored, but there's nothing to be done about that. Took some photos, and tried getting Grandma to walk a few steps; that would have been fine, except she fell down! Luckily, Dad was there to grab her! Andrea gave me a piece of peach Hi-Chew candy, prompted by her mom. I told her that I'd save it for later, heh. An angry person is living there who has an infectious disease... AIYA! When we said bye to Grandma (who thought she was in a hotel or at home - a floating hotel!), Yvonne was crying afterwards. That totally makes sense! At least I got a ride home; Mom wants me to go visit Big G at least once a week, which of course I shall do! Now. it's back to DRAGON WARRIOR III!

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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

BelVita biscuits, lentil chips, and Snyder's jalapeno!

Vicky re-added me on Facebook, which I'm fine with - I somehow couldn't find her yesterday; go figure! Nyssa also added me, so yay for Vegas things coming to fruition! I heard some thunder last night, too! (after reading Benedict and Michelle's updates on thunder) Wanted to get some Pepperidge Farm Cracker Chips at Save-On Foods, but they didn't have them. I bought pink Excel White gum, Snyder's of Hanover jalapeno pretzel pieces (two for $5), blueberry / banana oatmeal and chocolate BelVita breakfast biscuits (two for $6), new Country Mushroom perogies, spicy Thai noodles, and spicy chicken noodles instead. Then I went to London Drugs to get the heavy apple juice, since my logic ran thusly: I wouldn't have to walk so far or long with that weight to the bus stop because it's right at the bottom of the steps! I also got baked Mediterranean Snacks cracked pepper lentil chips there, for another new flavor! Yes, I am a consumer whore. :D

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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Gently Weeping Guitars / Diaper Loads / Erin / Harmony and poop

Erin sent me a FB message about my birthday wishes and Grandma, which is nice! Harmony also sent us a bunch of Ayler photos and videos, including poop and other stuff. He wants to have a conversation with Mommy already, hahaha! The Beatles song "WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS" came on the radio just as I was uploading a picture of a Gently Weeping Guitar (MOTHER 3 enemy) to Photobucket and Facebook! SWEET SYNCHRONICITY / COINCIDENCE! :D

Types of Diaper Loads, from JBook:

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Monday, August 06, 2012

MOTHER 3 Final Battle!

Here's a typo in the Clayman Factory: "You're human, but WILL TRY turning it on anyway? *giggle* "

MOTHER 3 pictures of the final battle between twin brothers! SPOILERS AHEAD! It took me a few tries to get all the screenshots (endless restarts when it got too slow!), plus hours to organize stuff in Photobucket and Facebook!

Lucas, Kumatora, Duster, and Boney encounter the Masked Man at the Final Needle:

Lucas has a Franklin Badge, which reflects the Masked Man's lightning back at him!

"THE Lucas's refreshing sensation faded!" [this is a known glitch after casting Refresh]

Apparently, it's the same with shields! "THE Lucas's shield vanished!"

From somewhere, you heard someone call your name...

It was your mother's voice. It failed to reach the Masked Man.

"You aren't Porky's robot. You are our son!"

The Masked Man looked around.

You can't attack the Masked Man...

But (as in any other fight), you CAN take mortal damage! Thank goodness there are scrolling HP meters in this game!

"LUCAS! Look out!"

Your dad jumped in front of you!

The Masked Man's attack dealt major damage to FLINT!

"CLAUS, please remember... I've been looking for you for so long..." [more than three years!]

FLINT suffered major damage. FLINT couldn't stand up.

"CLAUS... You and LUCAS are brothers!"

"Can you hear me? You're CLAUS! Your name is CLAUS! You're our son!"

"Please... Remember! LUCAS... CLAUS..."

Lucas isn't sure what to do anymore.

The Masked Man gazed at Lucas.

The Masked Man covered his ears.

The Masked Man shut his eyes.

Lucas wanted to cry.

The Masked Man is gazing at Lucas.

"Claus... come to your mother."

"You must be so exhausted. Come here, Claus."

The Masked Man looked around, as if searching for something.

The Masked Man removed his mask.

His face looked just like Lucas's. It was Claus.


Claus fired an intense bolt of lightning!

The Franklin Badge reflected the lightning back!

Claus took mortal damage!

Claus staggered toward Lucas.

Claus embraced Lucas.

Lucas remembered Claus's smell. [when I first played this game, THAT made me REALLY cry! :P]

"I'm sorry it turned out like this."

"I'm really happy you could be with me just before the end..."


"Dad. I'm sorry I didn't listen to you."

"I'm going to where Mom is now."

"Lucas. I hope we meet again someday."

"I'm sorry."

"I'm sure we'll meet again."

"Thank you."


Claus gave his final breath.

"Lucas... Thank you. Claus was just hasty, that's all."

"You'll forgive your hasty brother, won't you? ..."

"The time has come for you to pull the Dragon's last Needle." [whether you say you're ready or not, you pull it anyway]

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