Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chocolate strawberries and fondue... YUM!

High-scoring words of the night so far:

MAXIS (325 points) - against Kathy T. [two 5W]
EXPRESSO (975 points) - against Michele W. [two 5W]
THRAVE (675 points) - against John H. [5W, two 3W]
FEIJOA (175 points) - against Alice P., Karla M., and Sara H. [two 3W]
CAVEMAN (176 points) - against Kathleen C. [5W, 2W]

Henry picked me up: we discussed food, Fellowship, potlucks, anger, not understanding talks, free skating with his nieces at the Oval, his birthday tomorrow, Lincoln's birthday being today (poor Karen!), and other things before listening to music. We even passed a murder scene on our way to church, oh my! When we were entering the fellowship hall, both Stanley and Margaret told us we were late: yeah, we knew that already! Bob was back as an observer, which was cool - he's Heyman and Johnny's older brother. Chrystal's going back to work next week, and it's a good thing she has someone there who knows her job really well! We got distracted by Sabrina bringing in a LOT of stuff: chocolate, strawberries, bowls, fondue, candies, cookies, and other things. Emily had brought us some chocolate, which is cool.

The kids made some invitations for the pizza party next week, and I helped them with some things. Sean liked saying "4:15 to 6:00! How many minutes left?" Melia and Chrystal discussed family things, and I saw Julie with a couple of her friends. She was there early since her mom had to prepare for Joshua Fellowship - Ada said that they were having a dinner, so I got Henry to give me a ride home. Right now, I'm eating some Oishi spicy shrimp crackers.

Edit at 2051: Damn thing restarted, again!

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Selling someone on Scientology on the first date

Happy Valentine's Day, I guess.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

VIAND (255 points) - against Nicky G. [two 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word}
EMOTE (186 points) - against Patrick M. [5W, 4W]
LAXEST (169 points) - against Will B. [two 3W]
DEFOAM (176 points) - against Kit D. [4W, 3W]

Just because it IS Valentine's Day, I present to you another segment of dumb dates!

These are from my copy of America's Dumbest Dates: Over 500 Tales of Fumbled Flirtations.

The Art of Conversation

"Right up front, as I'm twirling my pasta, he announces that he's bisexual. Actually, he says, he likes men more than women. But he'd like to have a family. All he'd really need are Friday nights and occasional summer Sundays off, with no questions asked. What did I say? Was I interested?" - Pamela, age 23.

"He started the evening by telling me about his prison record. About life on the inside. He thought this was entertaining." - Lisa, age 33.

"On our first date, as soon as we get in the car, Daryl announces that the cold sore on his mouth is only a cold sore, nothing more. He says that it has nothing to do with what's below his waist." - Andrea, age 27.

"I asked Camille to tell me about herself. She told me that she'd died during the Black Plague, been killed on the guillotine during the French Revolution, helped with the Underground Railroad before the Civil War, and had been a personal slave to some Egyptian pharaoh, but she couldn't remember which one - it was so long ago. She told me the names she went by in several of her incarnations and detailed a star-crossed love affair with a man of the wrong caste in India. She asked if I was in touch with my previous lives. When I told her that I was having enough trouble with this one, she told me that I was spiritually a child." - Martin, age 28.

"I noticed Marian in church, and, after the service, I was amazed when she walked up to me and said that the Lord had told her that I was going to be her husband. So I took her to dinner. I had to go out with her; I'm sure I'll have to marry her. Who's going to argue with the Lord?" - Peter, age 26.

"Before we'd ordered drinks, he announced that he was never getting married again. So if marriage was what I wanted, we'd better quit right then. I asked if I could find out his last name before I decided. He sparred with me. Interpreting everything as manipulation. Asked me how much time I spent putting on my makeup. Accused women of "setting traps" for men. When I objected to the generalization, he asked if I was one of those ball-busting feminists." - Wendy, age 42.

"First date: Waiting for dinner, he said that he was mostly impotent, but he'd like to get married. What did I say to that?" - Callie, age 23.

"He started the conversation by saying that he wasn't the type for monogamy, and that I shouldn't expect marriage. If that's what I wanted, he wasn't for me. "Look, I don't want to get in your way - you gotta do what you gotta do." He was breaking up with me before we even went out." - Lily, age 32.

"When Paige found out I was an attorney, she went ballistic. She chewed me out, said her lawyer was an imbecile, and said her ex-husband's was a scoundrel who got away with ripping her off in their divorce settlement and it was somehow my fault because I was a lawyer too." - Burton, age 41.

"He confessed that he was married, but that his wife was in a nursing home permanently, having suffered a severe stroke years ago. Nice try, I thought. I happen to know the lady; she's in my book club." - Sylvia, age 57.

"Adrian started our date by announcing she was going to have a child. No, she wasn't pregnant. She was in the process of picking the father. Was I interested?" - Michael, age 27.

"All he could talk about was money. The cost of new cars, running shoes, the overhead in his business. His financial plans, including his assessment of his tax situation, didn't make for a very romantic conversation... although I did learn about a new tax-exempt investment fund." - Ernestine, age 24.

"All though our date, Gary talked about his business. Like I cared about his prospect list or how many air-conditioning units he intended to sell this year." - Kim, age 26.

"Every other word was a curse word. Specifically, the F-word. The man could not make a sentence nor express a coherent thought without putting "effing" in front of it." - Brittany, age 25.

"Joel complained at length about how women hit on him. They'd ask for his number, call him at home, at work. Fax him. Beg him to tie them up, use handcuffs. Offer to pay him for his sexual services. Poor guy. He was so tired. I made sure he got home early, and told him to take his phone off the hook." - Penny, age 33.

"Rachel kept correcting my English. "Not 'who'; 'whom.'" Or "Not 'me'; 'I.'" She complained about my so-called "accent." It was like being out with your English teacher." - Joe, age 38.

"All Stan talked about was food. The nuance of bay leaf in the brisket. The color of the wine. The texture of the watercress. He talked about every item on the menu. He read it and reread it. Aloud, like poetry." - Benita, age 46.

"Being out with Trevor was like taking a psychological test. He asked why I chose each word I spoke - why did I say "pasta" instead of "spaghetti," stuff like that. He asked why I wore mascara, why I prefer flats to heels - was I upset about being tall? I felt probed, like someone was invading my skull." - Lorene, age 41.

"Every date with Roger was like the first - because he never listened. Never remembered anything I'd said." - Irene, age 34.

"Jill spoke MBA. She wanted to "prioritize our activities" so we could "maximize our time." A relationship would "impact" on her life plan. Her parents "make a great team." Maddening." - Calvin, age 38.

"Our date was like a job interview. He wanted to know what I wanted from life, where I wanted to be five years, ten years. Which I valued more: security or opportunity. He asked me to write my epitaph. I said, "Here lies Marilyn. She dated her share of jerks." He laughed." - Marilyn, age 34.

"Phoebe tried to sound intelligent. She used a lot of syllables, but the wrong words. I called a kid who works for me IMPUDENT, and she shook her head. "Now wait just a minute. Just because you don't like him doesn't mean he can't get it UP," she said." - Brian, age 29.

"She was a Scientologist and tried to sell me on it. I'm talking relentless, high-pressure techniques. She was like a pit bull, not letting go. There are used car salesmen who could learn a lot from her." - Drew, age 34.

"Elise looked into my eyes and warned me not to get involved with her. "When I have strong feelings for someone, I interfere with their aura. It's unintentional. I can't help it, but I'm sort of an emotional stalker. I sap their energy," she told me." - Rick, age 33.

"Florence said whatever came into her mind. It was amazing. I'd never imagined that a human being could have so many thoughts, let alone form so many sentences, about so little." - Dylan, age 44.

"Stan showed me that he had "Stacey" on his arm, and pulled up his sleeve to show me "Brenda" on his shoulder. Then he winked and declared that he'd saved the spot over his heart for me." - Valerie, age 23.

"Jay was quiet. No, that's not it. Jay didn't speak. He COULD, he just didn't. If you enjoy dead silence, he's the guy for you. When I wanted chitchat, I had to create it myself. He was an excellent listener. But when I ran out of monologue, there was Jay, with no response. After our date, he called me on the phone, said hello, and waited for me to talk." - Sara, age 26.

"Over cocktails, he declared that he was still only separated, not divorced... and that he had herpes and had had a vasectomy. Then he told me to tell him about myself." - Vera, age 31.

"Tanya told me that she was the best thing that could ever happen to me. She said this about thirty times, in case repeating it would make me believe it. Actually, she has me thinking about it." - Roy, age 44.

"Paul talked military. When I told him anything significant, he nodded and said "I copy." He told the waiter to "stand by" while we read the menu, and called the men's room the "latrine." When I asked him to get my coat, he replied ROGER, WILCO." - Ellen, age 27.

"He did imitations. The whole night. Every time he talked, he "did" somebody else: James Cagney, Cary Grant, Ronald Reagan, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Burt Lancaster, some rapper. I have no idea who HE is. Or what his own voice sounds like." - Elaine, age 31.

"She worried about everything. If she looked okay, if her hair looked good. If she was dressed right. If she was too late. If we'd be on time. If there was too much traffic. If they'd hold the reservation. If the meat would be too rare, if she'd ordered too much, if I was spending too much, if she was getting fat. During dinner, she worried about the ozone layer, the gorillas, the situation in Iraq. She worried that, while we were eating dinner, rain forests were being chopped or burned down. She even worried that she was worrying too much and spoiling our date." - Mel, age 41.

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Relationship progression - POOING!

Bingo of the night so far:

FINALISED (120 points) - against Steve L.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

FLINGERS (155 points) - against Beth B. [5W]
NETTLIER (130 points) - against Marie L. [5W]
BOYS (175 points) - against Jamey J. [5W, hook off OY and AZAN for plurals]
ZIPS (145 points) - against Curtis G. [5W, hook off RAVINE for a plural]
FINALISED (120 points) - against Steve L. [5W, bingo]
EMPALE (192 points) - against Pat K. [two 4W]

Poo nugget for this weekend: The Honeymoon's Over Poo - Courting and dating rituals may vary across cultures and time periods, but one constant is the anxiety involved in taking a dump while in the presence of your significant other. In the early stages of a relationship, many people come up with elaborate stories to avoid the issue, sometimes suppressing the urge to poo for days at a time. Ultimately, as the relationship progresses, you begin to openly proclaim your desire to poo, eventually gaining the confidence to poo freely in that person's presence. Allowing your significant other to smell your poo without concern officially lets you know that the honeymoon is over. Synonyms: "I Do" Doo.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

"WOW! He's like Chloe from 24!"

Eric called at 5:20 to get some "cheap tablecloth" intel (DOLLAR STORE!), and see if I could bring utensils and such as backup. I opted for foam plates / plastic utensils / sturdy plastic cups so I wouldn't have to wash them when I got home. (the church still has no kitchen...) About an hour later, we were in the dollar store looking for tablecloths, which I found. I really didn't care what color we got, but we found six that suited our purposes. The snowbanks were melting outside, which was quite evident. For the rest of the ride (except when he wasn't bugging me about a certain subject which wasn't Wordscraper), Eric tried convincing me that everything was my fault, especially the traffic on Fridays. I told him that he was being illogical! He had wondered about the bag of instant noodles that I'd brought, but I told him that they were for Teunis, who had said he was coming.

Said hi to a bunch of people on the way into the fellowship hall, and I was a bit concerned that Teunis wouldn't be able to find us, but he did. Talked to Janette, Grace, Deb, Cindy, Chrystal, Andrea, Tim, Maxine, Joshua, Keenan, Alan, Annie, and others. Joshua and Keenan both asked me what my flower pin was, so I told them; when I asked Joshua if he liked it, he said no. I should have told him that it was from my grandma, haha. Saw Alan's sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews: the kids were cute, heh. Discussed history, languages, Dutch name origin, South Africa, and more stuff. Once I figured that Teunis was immersed in talking with Tim (and wouldn't need me hovering, heh), I talked to a bunch more people.

Once we had dinner started, Raymond said he wanted to sit where I was, so that was quite doable. When Melia and Vanessa heard about what Teunis does for a living, they were like "WOW! HE'S LIKE CHLOE!!!!" That led to a discussion about Jack Bauer, when Angus wasn't trying to be all manly. I told him that women weren't men's property anymore, and he tried telling me that it wasn't true in his marriage - oh dear. Got to hear a bit about a shooting club in Oahu (where Melia and Angus had been for a trip), and Vanessa told Melia about all the gang shootings that took place while they were away: at least nine of them! Talked about SUQ being a valid word (is it Latin?), jackets, bank robberies, organic wool, warning Cindy against the strong alcoholic tiramisu, the "keg parties" joke, our weeks, meetings, pink stuff, noodles, Bell peppers, tomatoes, Joshua and Keenan hitting various people with yellow balloons ("Uncle Phil likes it more! He's my big brother, like you're Keenan's big brother! Go bug Uncle Alan!"), people having the same kind of utensils as Jeremy's, and more. I hope Jer got all his original things back, heh.

Eric had prepared a COUCH game, but nobody had any interest in it whatsoever. Teunis and I just chatted about stuff going on his life (the Australia fires, drama, and other things I won't mention), and the Open House. If Jordan and Kaili want to come, they certainly can! Phil and a group of Alan's friends went to see the sanctuary, so I asked Teunis if he'd like to see it too. (might as well grab the opportunity) Raymond came along too, only because he was discussing security and such with Teunis at the time. I talked a bit to Alan's friends, and garnered a classic Alan line about sharing himself with Tracy, oh dear. (no, not a Sean-like line, although we did also discuss HIS singing and dancing talent!) Talked about wedding tickers, special occasions, cute koalas, bread, chicken, potatoes, hard times, arson, and more with the girls and others when I got back to the fellowship hall. (it was nice to see Annie there!)

Said hi to Chuck, whom I will not be seeing next week at the Osoyoos retreat - says it's still snowing up there. Talked to Connie, Lesley, Martin, Nathan, Annie, and others about exercises before most people cleared out. Teunis tried helping Stanley's mom with a lot of chairs, but even Vivian's Chinese wasn't up to the task - it's okay, since mine wouldn't have been either. I should have asked Raymond, dammit! (if he can read Chinese well enough to sing a hymn in the language...) Stanley was subtly trying to kick us out, so we kinda took the hint and left the hall alone after we finished cleaning up. Bid farewell to Isabel, Sonya, Lucas, and Joey also. Raymond told me that Teunis was interesting, so I told him to add the guy to Facebook, hahaha. (told Nathan that too!)

Discussed Jordan's sword collection, got an invite to go sword-shopping (Eric told Teunis not to let me BUY anything!), and generally had fun. On the way home, Eric said that heads would roll if I bought a sword, and wanted me to admit that I wanted a certain person to die. As if! We encountered a rude jabronie who parked RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the available gas tanks at the cheap station (91.9 versus 96.4?), so we had to wait for someone else in the other "lane" to finish. Eric noticed that the Dairy Queen we'd been to on Halloween was in the process of being boarded up, and again jokingly blamed everything (like the downturn of the economy) on me - YEAH RIGHT! At least he didn't try to blame the Canucks' 2-1 loss to Dallas on me! I associated MARIO music with death, went crazy since I had to get "DIE DIE DIE" out of my system, and correctly figured that Eric would be playing at least some WOW tomorrow. Good times, haha!

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Lame excuses for not typing properly / Rare Condition

High-scoring words of the day so far:

POACH (500 points; 2W, two 5W), PEWITS (144 points; two 3W) - against Angie T.
RAMONA (180 points) - against Josephine S. [5W, 4W]
PAYER (110 points) - against Angela V. [5W, hook off KI to make KIP]
YARDARM (250 points) - against Joseph A. [5W, 4W]
OVERBUY (450 points) - against Verna C. [two 5W]
FOXILY (110 points) - against Fe T. [5W]
OVERHEAD (118 points) - against Rosalind H. [3W]
FIBRINS (174 points) - against Kate E. [5W, 4L on F, hook off HAE for a plural]

Interesting rack of the day so far: REALIDEA (against Nicky G.)

I just came across the lamest excuse ever for not typing with the Shift key: "i use only all caps or all lower case, because my mind goes way too fast for my two fingers (one on each hand) to deal with the shift button." This was in the Craigslist polyamory forum, heh. (been reading a lot about that lately for some reason!) I'll just listen to the AMBUSH WEDDING on Rock 101 later, as a Valentine's Day tradition. The commercials have been making fun of the fact that it's on Friday the 13th this year instead of the actual day, haha. Plus, this weekend's theme ROCKS: #1 hits with sprays of bullets and a Mafia dude! :D

Now I'm talking to Corey about showers, horror movies, deaths, remakes, haircuts, Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Vs. Jason, Jane and packages (I haven't got mine yet!), and more. Good times! I also got a cute Valentine's Day card from Janina (mrshannibal) - sweet!

[13:31:27] Flami: the hamsterette: NO!!!!!!!! FRIDAY THE 13th!!!
[13:35:05] Corey: you mean, NOOOO!!! Friday the 13th remake!!!
[13:35:33] Corey: instead of making a new Jason movie, they decided to remake it.... same people that fucked up the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake
[13:35:49] Corey: which wasn't awful, actually, but just nowhere near the level of the real thing
[13:40:51] Flami: I've been hearing commercials for that in the last week or so... "his name was Jason... and today is his birthday..."
[13:43:22] Corey: well, the real Jason movies are pretty awful, really... the first 5 are pretty good, but then Jason turns into this zombie thing in the next ones, and it gets pretty cheesy... before that he's just a really tough guy that's hard to kill... and they did kill him in part 4
[13:44:49] Corey: Jason wasn't even in 5, just someone pretending to be him, so people think that movie is terrible, but it's one of the best really, and set up the series to go places, but instead they just went with zombie Jason next :P but......... they could still make a good sequel rather than trashing it all and doing a remake
[13:45:28] Corey: the remake is supposed to be a remake of 1-4... so I guess we'll see if they really kill Jason at the end :P Jason wasn't even in part 1...
[13:46:03] Corey: and I don't suppose you have any packages from me yet... Jane got hers on the other side of the world already :P
[13:46:12] Corey: sent at the exact same time as yours
[13:53:16] Flami: zombie Jason? oh my
[13:53:20] Flami: and no, I do not
[13:55:01] Corey: part 1 is about Jason's mother taking revenge on camp counselors for letting Jason drown while they were off drinking and messing around.. then in part 2, Jason himself turns out to somehow be alive and living in the woods, and he takes revenge on camp counselors (not the same ones, just being in the area counts :P) for killing his mom... then they kill Jason for good in part 4
[13:56:13] Corey: part 5 has the kid that killed Jason in a mental help place, where it looks like maybe he's the new Jason killing everyone, but it has a Scooby Doo ending instead and it's just someone else, but still shows that Tommy (crazy kid) could become Jason... part 6, Tommy doesn't do that, but he's running around like an idiot worrying about Jason
[13:58:02] Corey: then instead of letting things be, he digs up Jason and sticks a metal spike through his chest to make him more dead, I guess, and then lightning hits the metal thing and Jason is alive again!!! then he just kind of stays as an undead zombie killer slimy raggedy guy for the rest of the series, until Jason X when he goes into space and gets really messed up and nanomachines rebuild him :P
[13:58:48] Corey: Jason X in the future and space kind of screws up sequels, but Freddy Vs. Jason just ignores that and sticks to the present... since Jason X is in the future, they can just do that for new sequels :P
[13:59:49] Flami: the whole "deaths occurring in a mental help place" thing sounds like what I had to watch last summer
[14:02:55] Corey: that was Nightmare on Elm Street, I think
[14:03:56] Corey: the Nightmare on Elm Street movies get pretty cheesy since they're mostly in people's dreams. those movies got pretty cartoonish by the end. the best ones are the first and last, both by Wes Craven, and more serious
[14:10:56] Flami: I'm not sure which one I watched, but man, the DEATHS that I saw on that thing?!
[14:36:07] Corey: horror movies tend to have people dying, yes :P so then you can cheer for the people that make it through everything :P
[14:36:32] Corey: sorry, I took a while to reply because I cut my hair again, and then I had to jump in the shower to get all the little bits of hair off me :P

Writer's Block: Rare Condition

Do you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia or know anyone who does?

No, but it would be interesting to see!
View other answers.

Your Valentine's Day Personality is Cynical

You really, truly hate Valentine's Day. It's your least favorite day of the year.

You think Valentine's Day is fake, tacky, over the top, and meant to make single people feel bad.

You realize that Valentine's Day is a holiday that only benefits companies... not couples.

You know that real love is not about teddy bears and roses, and you feel like the holiday cheapens emotions.

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Stinky poo!

IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!! AAAAAAA!!!!!! (not)

High-scoring words of the night so far:

OXO (227 points) - against Peter L. [two 4W, hook off MEW to make MO, EX, and WO]
FILCHES (216 points) - against Crystal T.-F. [3W, 4W]
DITTANY (145 points) - against Beth B. [5W, 4L on Y]
DIMLY (560 points) - against Jane M. [two 5W]
WOODS (545 points) - against Max P. [two 5W, 2W, hook off EARBUD for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word}
OBEYS (108 points) - against Mo D. [two 3W]
AWE (142 points) - against John H. [4W, 5W, hook off RUBATO to make RE]

Interesting racks of the night so far: WAITGRIT (against Joseph A.), LOTSDEAR (against George M.)

Poo nugget for Friday, Feb. 13: Dr. Stool Says - Stinky Poo - The compounds that lend poo (and farts) their odors are produced by the bacteria residing in our colon. These bacteria react with our ingested food to form smelly, sulfur-containing Zcompounds [not a typo], such as hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans. Occasionally, foul-smelling stools can be a sign of disease. Difficulties digesting and absorbing food, as occur in cystic fibrosis or chronic pancreatitis, can result in floating, greasy, and foul-smelling stool. Intestinal infections, particularly with the parasite Giardia lamblia, can also cause diarrhea with an especially abhorrent odor. Ingestion of even a small amount of contaminated water can be followed by several days of rancid diarrhea.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why would you name your kid after CHOLERA?!

Forgot to mention that the clerk serving me yesterday at London Drugs was named CARVER. What the heck kind of name is that?! Maybe you're encouraging the kid to become a cutter in later life!

Got this list of the worst baby names of all time from this MSNBC article, linked at the bad baby names forum.


Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa (Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa)
Seraphina Rose Elizabeth (Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck)
Bronx Mowgli (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz)
Zuma (Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale)
Clementine Jane (Ethan Hawke and Ryan Shawhughes)
Knox Leon (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)
Sunday Rose (Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban)
Apple (Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow)
Moxie CrimeFighter (Magician Penn Jillette)
Hopper (Sean Penn and Robin Wright)
Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf)
Sosie (Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick)
Destry (Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw)
Aurelius Cy (Elle Macpherson)
Kal-El Coppola (Nicolas Cage)
Bluebell Madonna (Spice Girl Geri Halliwell)
Audio Science (Actress Shannyn Sossamon)
Sage Moonblood (Sylvester Stallone)
Tallulah (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore)
Kyd (David Duchovny and Tea Leoni)


You'd have to be really sick to infect your offspring with virulent names like these:

Fever Bender (born 1856)
Leper Priest (born 1929)
Cholera Priest (born 1830 during the second cholera pandemic)
Rubella Graves (born 1814)
Typhus Black (born 1897)
Hysteria Johnson (born 1881)
Emma Royd (born 1850)
Kathryn E. Coli (born 1894)
Mumps Sykes (born 1891)


With names like "Mayor Bland," it seems like some parents had high, ambitious hopes for their child's future.

Cook Cook
Governor Bush
Lawyer Low
Doctor Love
Teacher Blackbear
Judge Savage
Editor Honeycutt
Mayor Bland
Sales O. Justice
Gamble Moore


The authors found 149 records for people named Lust, 70 for Greed, 12 for Sloth, and 830 for Pride. Which of the 7 deadlly sins was missing? Only gluttony.

Lust Garten
Greed Sister Mancini
Avarice Sullivan
Sloth Washton
Wrath Gordon
Envy Burger
Pride Saint
Greed McGrew
Lust T. Castle

Irish luck

Plenty of parents must have thought that naming their child Lucky would translate into a bright future. In 1930 alone, there are 463 Luckys.

Some lucky favorites:
Lucky Green
Lucky Jewell
Lucky O'Brien
Lucky Pleasant
Luck Fortune
Shamrock Hardeman of Illinois
Shamrock Dates of Mississippi
Shamrock Holland of Texas

The religious types:
Saint Patrick Blan
Saint Patrick Forrest
Saint Patrick

The patriotic:
Ireland England
Ireland Green
Irish Sea
Ireland Brew

Rainbow Green
Emerald Jewel
Clover Field
Clover B. Green

A St. Patrick's Day feast:
Beef Cooper
Guinness Dack
Cabbage Haywood


Some parents loved eating so much, they named their kids after favorite meals / snacks / even condiments:

Lunch Magee
Dinner Ware
Bread White
Hero Brat
Mayo Head
Mustard M. Mustard
Pickle Parker
Plum Sellers
Banana Bowdy
Cherry Grant

Bart Simpson pranks

Bart Simpson's prank calls to Moe's Tavern are nearly legendary, but the sad fact is that some people actually go through life with those goofy names. The following Bart creations all exist within the databases:

Al Caholic
Oliver Clothesoff
I.P. Freely
Seymour Butz
Mike Rotch
Hugh Jass
Amanda Hugginkiss
Ivana Tinkle
Anita Bath
Maya Buttreeks

TODAY hosts

Just how popular are the TODAY hosts' last names? Discover the funny names found on historical documents at

Matt Lauer
Lauer Froelick
Lauer Mann
Lauer Witt
Lauer Bucktels
Lauer Guiliani
Lauer Klump
Lauer Funk

Meredith Veira
Vieira Jack
Vieira Wesley
Vieira Boyd

Ann Curry
Curry Bee Massey
Curry Curry
Curry Duck
Curry Mayo
Curry McCain
Curry Murray
Curry Rice
Curry Worthy

Al Roker
Roker Duane
Roker Ono
Roker Richards
Prince Roker

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1234567890 Day!

High-scoring words of the day so far:

YOWIES (224 points) - against Karla M., Alice P., and Sara H. [two 4W]
TIDBIT (108 points) - against Angie T. [two 3W]
MOONERS (268 points) - against Larry K. [5W, 4W, hook off PIS to make PISS]
ELITES (175 points) - against Kelly T. [5W, 4W]

1234567890 Day at 3:31 PM tomorrow - sweet. Heard about this from Jesse.

You Are Chili Peppers

You are smokin' hot, and you can't help but heat up everyone else around you.

It's not unusual for you to make people flushed and excited. You flaunt your sexuality.

You awaken primal urges that people didn't know they had. You bring out the inner wild animal.

When it comes to seduction, you just go for it. You have no fear.

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Stupid laundry! / Lincoln's last poo is a FRAUD!

High-scoring words of the night so far:

HATCHER (160 points) - against Ed M. [5W]
COMPANY (940 points) - against Heather S. [4W, 5W, 4L on M and Y]
WHIT (132 points) - against Beth B. [4W, 5L on W]
CAMPO (210 points) - against Dianne S. [3W, 5W]
ANIMATO (228 points) - against Debra W. [3W, 4W, 2W, hooks off ADEPT and IDEALS to make TAS and OD]
SAPROBES (928 points) - against Shelley R.-B. [2W, two 4W, 5L on P]

Interesting rack of the night so far: BRATNORA (against Amanda W.)

Sonya added me to Facebook, which is cool enough. However, I'm NOT impressed with my laundry experience tonight: my "washed" clothes were half-wet, and my "dry" clothes were the very opposite of what I'd expect. I want a serious refund, man. Damn you, Amacon! At least the other dryer worked wonders - hmm, I wonder if there's a reason the cheaper dryer isn't working properly, and the cheaper washing machine always has a problem with stuck coins in the slot... *shifty eyes*

Poo nugget for Thursday, Feb. 12: Lincoln Log - President Lincoln's last bowel movement, supposedly fished from a Ford's Theatre chamber pot, can be viewed at the Dime Museum in Baltimore. The turd was proven to be a fraud when analysis showed that it contains Necco wafers, which weren't sold until forty-seven years after Lincoln's death. Nonetheless, the Lincoln log remains the museum's most popular exhibit.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rockets and Smarties / January 2009 BBT Tally

Went out just now to cash a cheque at the bank, after being lazy for the hour preceding. After that, I bought paper (which I needed) / Pringles chips (EXTREME Kickin' Cheddar) / Life BBQ chips at Shoppers before having a pineapple bubble tea at Big Orange. Then I went to Milestones, where they didn't have the rosemary lamb sirloin anymore, to my disappointment. No tip reduction here, though - that's NOT GOOD! I knew there was a reason why I didn't hear those commercials this week! I settled for a vegetarian Thai noodle salad, which was probably better for my wallet.

My last stop was London Drugs: I had to get a token amount of pop for Friday's potluck, and ended up with 2L of Nestea COOL iced tea - ah, the memories of last summer when I did this ALL THE TIME! They had some varieties on sale at three for $5, but I didn't want to lug all that heavy stuff home if I didn't have to. I saw some Rockets and Smarties, so bought them for other people's enjoyment, as well as some Excel Sweet Mint gum. The music playing overhead seemed familiar, and then I got it: it was some stupid song which Korey would play ALL THE TIME! ("I can have another you in a minute...") Blah to that, haha! Now I'm home and should do my laundry. I was efficient because I finished all that in under 90 minutes! (saw some SunRype dragonfruit-melon and starfruit-citrus juice boxes at my mom's yesterday... she got them at the food show!)



mango-orange @ Big Orange (Friday, January 9)
banana-milk-honey (Banana Paradise) @ Pearl Castle (Sunday, January 25)

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Runny vermin in biscuits / Internet slang

High-scoring words of the day so far:

BISCUIT (300 points) - against Sara H. [two 5W]
VERMIN (353 points) - against Carol-Ann H. [two 5W, hook off IT to make NIT]
YEWS (280 points) - against Angie F.-K. [4W, 5W]
DEVICES (988 points) - against Shelley R.-B. [two 2W, two 4W, hook off NAB for a plural]
RUNNIER (270 points) - against Brenda V. [5W, 2W, 3W]
BLAZES (120 points) - against Kristin M. [2W, 3L on Z, hook off UPRIGHT for a plural]

You Are FAIL

You love the Internet, but it sometimes gets on your nerves.

How can so much of humanity be so stupid? Wait, you don't even want to know.

While there are some good aspects to being online, you can't help but notice that there's so much fail.

You liked the Internet so much more in the good old days... before all the idiots found out about it!

HAHAHAHA! This is SO true!

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You could have picked DIFFERING middle names for your kids, y'know...

Bingo of the night so far:

REAROUSES (90 points) - against Nadine S.-F.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

OXY (130 points) - against Josephine S. [5W, 3L on Y]
MAFIOSO (334 points) - against Itamar R. [two 4W, hook off FAZE for a plural]
THROAT (192 points; two 4W), AXSEED (256 points; two 4W), ACHOO (126 points; two 3W) - against Monica M.
MYOPIA (256 points) - against Kristin M. [two 4W]
DISJOINS (287 points) - against Patricia V. [4W, 3W, hook off PITA for a plural]
JANE (260 points) - against Kelly T. [4W, 5W]
COUNT (120 points) - against Alice P. [4W, 3W]
WHYS (247 points) - against Leslie S. [5W, 3W] (a good deficit-erasing word!)
MARCHERS (212 points) - against Lynn L. [two 3W]
LAZAR (400 points) - against Baz W. [two 5W]
INFARES (275 points; two 5W), BESIDE (147 points; two 4W, hook off ZEALOT for a plural) - against Greg B.
INWOVEN (192 points) - against Tricia B. [3W, two 2W]
REAVAIL (315 points) - against Max P. [5W, 2W]
OUTFITS (114 points) - against Melindy M. [4W, hook off CHI to make CHIT]

Raymond played TRAMP for 120 points on me, and declared it a Wordscraper milestone - YAY FOR HIM! :D

The names of Nadya Suleman's octuplets are Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah, Josiah, Maliah, McCai, Nariah, and Noah. Each child's middle name is Angel. Their birthing and initial care is expected to cost between $1.5 and $3 million. I say she should have used more imagination for the middle names (differing names would have been GREAT!), but not TOO much creativity!

Poo nugget for Wednesday, Feb. 11: Doo You Know? - Flush Facts - Prior to 1992, toilets used between three and seven gallons of water per flush. The Energy Conservation Act mandated that all toilets manufactured after 1994 utilize no more than 1.6 gallons per flush. Even with this law in effect, Americans flush away about three billion gallons of drinkable water every day, not to mention millions of pounds of useful fertilizer.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank goodness it wasn't a setup... / Heart to Heart

Steph picked me up, and we went to a dry cleaning place and Shoppers before going to the townhouse. Talked about Teunis, Harmony's birthday, the potluck, Jon on a plane right then, very little snow pellets, L.A. Grill cheap steak, status, crankiness, taxes, and more. I didn't know that her friend Jonathan was also invited for lunch until Mom said something - since he couldn't have salmon steaks (allergic), Mom made him some prime rib instead.

The mashed potatoes and veggies were a good accompaniment as we talked about how Grandma didn't understand much English, moving to BC from PEI, the Maritimes, rude New Brunswick people, work life, 911, mean pranks, Spoons, birthdays, training, bubble tea, Terrence and chocolate milk at a bar, Jessica, Timothy's frozen yogurt, Steveston Pizza, and more. Saw lots of quirky things at the dollar store later - got noodles, tamarind / chili soup, and wedding bags. Interesting, as always! (Dollar Smart is COOL!) Talked to Vanessa about Victoria, too. Grandma thought Jonathan was Steph's boyfriend, just because he's white. *rolleyes* He's only 21!

Writer's Block: Heart to Heart
Valentine's Day: Love it or hate it?

I've always hated it.
View other answers.

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MICE and communication / Dream of gym stuff

High-scoring words of the day so far:

GOVERNS (281 points) - against Billy Bob B. [4W, 3W, hook off JILTER for a plural]
FARCE (130 points) - against Shelley R.-B. [5W, 4L on F]

DAMMIT. The mice are back again! Leah C. also added me on Facebook, presumably for the blood games - yikes. Steph will pick me up at noon from the Oval, so we can have salmon steaks at the townhouse. THEN Mom might take me to the 99¢ store, which is fine!

All I remember of my dream last night: My friends and I had to completely revolutionize the Awana folders, and then hightail it to a school where our other friends were. There was supposed to be a combined camp, but Margaret K. said that her group didn't have a counselor. I saw Pastor John in a hallway with orange lockers, but he said he couldn't do it. Henry and Eric were in the gym moving various kinds of equipment around, and they went with me to pick up Josephine, who lived at the end of a dark road. I woke up when we were going to go to the camp nevertheless. Weird!

You Communicate Passionately

You speak from the heart. You can't separate your feelings from what you're saying, even in a professional context.

You tend to speak dramatically, with lots of passion and emotion. It's easy for you to get swept up in what you're saying.

You like to connect with people early on so that you can personalize what you are saying to them.

When you converse, you try to find common ground and harmony. Even if you disagree with someone, you try to emphasize where you agree.

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Stupid abbreviations and MONSTER POO

Bingo of the night so far:

EYEWATERS (92 points) - against Taylor F.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

FYTTE (200 points) - against Dianne S. [5W, 2W]
ASANA (108 points) - against Pat K. [5W]
SAWER (125 points) - against Patricia V. [5W, 2W, hook off TENSE to make TENSER]

Interesting rack of the night so far: DEFYIANE (against Patricia B. - read that as "Defy Ian E.")

According to my mom, Pastor Eunice is sick and had to go to emergency after church on Sunday - that can't be good at her age! I remember when she and Grandma tried to customize their own Pho last year, heh. Steph and I got quite annoyed: good thing they don't understand much English! We're going to lunch and then maybe the 99¢ store tomorrow, heh. I have way too much candy here: Wonka Nerds / Sweet Tarts / Laffy Taffy in ornaments, McCormick rainbow bells, chocolate, holiday ornaments with decorated gummies, milk chocolate Santas, Cadbury popping mini-eggs, and more. Thanks, Mom...

Teunis can make it to the potluck (Krista strongly suggested he do so), so I'd best revise my Evite reply to "Yes, and am bringing pop" - since I have to go buy it anyhow, I might as well make a date with rosemary lamb sirloin on Wednesday or Thursday then! Just got an update from the Potluck Posse, who actually ABBREVIATED "Bring your own cups, plates, and utensils" after that sentence - UGH, HOW ANNOYING! (I love each member of said posse, but seriously?!) I am not of the "text speak" generation, and am proud of it! Figures that Eric wrote it... :(

Poo nugget for Tuesday, Feb. 10: Monster Poo - Monster Poos are characterized by their massive girth and their tendency to extend beyond the water surface. You may wonder, "How did something that large come out of me?" You may even fear flushing this poo without first using a toilet brush to break it up into smaller pieces. (the picture for this one is HILARIOUS... the toilet lid won't close because of the poo length!)

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Monday, February 09, 2009


I thought the 24 episode at 8 seemed awfully familiar - why did Global air last week's episode right before this week's?! Discussed the shootout with Corey, who twisted it around to make it seem like I was talking about a hockey game... whatever! Heard that there's more snow on the way... aiya! More snow, slush, and ice?!

So when the 3-4 PM episode FINALLY aired, we were treated to Dubaku's men holding the First Gentleman hostage in a basement somewhere. Jack, Bill, Renee, and the Matobos were in the President's presence for the audience. "What the hell is happening?!" sums it up, haha. Dubaku called the President on speaker phone while they were still there - "We have your husband, we can prove it by torturing him over the phone, and we will make sure he meets a slow death if you don't meet our demands." Jack wanted Agent Gedge's phone records, for obvious reasons. He got them and discovered some important information about the last person Brian called before his death, so he decided to follow the agent.

Renee called Larry to let him know that she was alive, but that he couldn't let anyone know - they needed his help, and he was definitely surprised to see that! Sean told Erica that he needed to get home since he hadn't seen his wife Christine in a week: Janice scolded him for having an inter-office affair! "Larry better not find out, or he'll send you to Alaska!" Dubaku's girlfriend called him, and he made up an excuse about "looking at shipping manifests" because he couldn't make it to dinner. Her sister doesn't approve of their relationship at all, just because he gives the woman gifts and pays their rent! She later called "Sam" (Dubaku's alias) and said that he'd better break up with her if he wanted the lie to stay between them - "I know people in the Immigration Department. Marika doesn't know anything about this YET."

Larry and Renee meet up, but Jack ruins it by yelling at them for wanting to follow rules. Renee made an agent's wife cuff herself to her own coffee table, and is the perfect badass while doing so. "What kind of person are you that you won't let me comfort my baby?! YOU'RE A MONSTER!" Jack got the person's husband via some surveillance - classic "threaten the wife and kid" M.O. The agent attacked Jack, so that meant his death before Jack stole a Cadillac. At least there was an address for Henry Taylor being held hostage, but Renee showed emotion when being told of the agent's death because she looked at his wife and baby! Jack thought maybe she should get out if she couldn't handle it anymore. Renee told Larry about the death, and his reaction wasn't favorable: "You're supposed to bring suspects in, not MURDER them!" Then Jack came up with a great plan, which made for a gripping last ten minutes of chaos and ambulances, and a LOT of shooting!

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Enwrap Girl Scout cookies in a sooty bodice!

High-scoring words of the day so far:

SOOTIER (190 points) - against Bruce M. [two 4W, hook off INSIDE to make INSIDER]
BODICE (198 words) - against Chrissy W. [two 4W] (a good deficit-erasing word)
ENWRAP (208 points) - against Kit D. [two 4W]
JAB (225 points) - against John M. [5W, 4L on J] (a good deficit-erasing word)

Interesting rack of the day so far: ALLBOATS (against Rosalind H.)

You Are Peanut Butter Sandwiches / Do-si-dos

You are easygoing and naturally happy. You don't need a lot to make you smile.

You genuinely care about people and are a great friend. You're always doing your best to make the world a better place.

Even though there isn't an immature bone in your body, you still are like a big kid sometimes.

Why make life complicated when the best parts are actually quite simple? You enjoy the small joys of life.

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Igniting gazebos and endearing invaders / A-Z of my name's meaning

High-scoring words of the night so far:

GAZEBO (116 points) - against Josephine S. [two 2W]
IGNITER (246 points) - against Adam S. [5W, two 2W, hook off AQUA to make AQUAE]
RESAW (150 points) - against Paula T. [3W, 5W]
FRAUDS (275 points; two 5W), XIS (125 points; 5W, hook off EAU to make EAUX) - against Nancy S.
INVADE (108 points) - against John M. [3W, 4W]
ENDEAR (672 points) - against Erin C. [3W, 2W, two 4W]
BOUVIER (117 points) - against Stephanie P. [two 3W]
GAMBS (112 points) - against Monique J. [4W]
PATH (400 points) - against Angie F.-K. [4W, 5W, 3L on P]
CROSIERS (290 points) - against Kathy T. [4W, 5W]
APO (150 points) - against Ed M. [two 5W]
BACKFIT (156 points) - against Larry K. [4W]
HEXES (221 points; 3W, two 2W), PHONIES (200 points; 5W, two 2W) - against Patricia B.
JOINERS (136 points) - against Steve L. [4W, hook off ROYAL for a plural]

Why the heck is Rock 101 playing a BHANGRA commercial?! o_O
Just listened to some PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - sweet! Guess I'll find out who is under the ghost Eric's mask next week. If you know, do NOT tell me!

Got this from Olivia, via Facebook note:

Rules: **Delete the other person's name and repost this with the title "What does your name mean?" Tag as many friends as you like, but don't forget to tag the person who tagged you first. Repost this and try it with your name!**


L: Everyone loves you.
E: Damn good kisser.
S: Easy to fall in love with.
L: Everyone loves you.
I: You are great in bed.
E: Damn good kisser.

N: You like to drink. (NOT TRUE!)
G: You never let people tell you what to do.


A: You like to drink.
B: You like people.
C: You are really silly.
D: You like to drink.
E: Damn good kisser.
F: You are dead sexy.
G: You never let people tell you what to do.
H: You have a very good personality and looks.
I: You are great in bed.
J: People adore you.
K: You're wild and crazy.
L: Everyone loves you.
M: Best kisser ever.
N: You like to drink.
O: Awesome kisser.
P: You are popular with all types of people.
Q: You are a hypocrite.
R: You like people.
S: Easy to fall in love with.
T: You're loyal to those who love you.
U: You really like to chill.
V: You are not judgmental.
W: You are very broadminded.
X: You never let people tell you what to do.
Y: Best girlfriend / boyfriend anyone could ever ask for.
Z: Always ready.

Poo nugget for Monday, Feb. 9: Toilet Slippers - It is not uncommon for public and private bathrooms in Japan to come equipped with toilet slippers. This fecal footwear is for bathroom use only, and is yet another example of the Japanese's strict attention to hygiene. Much to the chagrin of their hosts, visitors have often mistakenly worn these slippers, which can be quite plush, freely throughout the home.

Haha! I should ask Melissa about that one!

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

One crock pot recipe, and hold the snark!

Man, I'm snarky today. Maybe I'll go correct people later since that always makes me feel better, heh. Or I'll go yell at Corey, too. :D

Today was all right: had a bit too much wedding talk for my taste, but I guess it's the summer of weddings. Steph discussed Erin's wedding, which she's attending since she's a bridesmaid: good for her! Says it's interesting that Erin, Megan, and Jon are all getting married this summer since they all grew up together and were born in the same year. Got to service LATE, and only got to talk to Raymond for about two minutes afterwards. Jon preached, which was fine.

Christon made a tiny mistake while leading, and his Powerpoint had a grammar error. I swear, they should get me to correct all the Powerpoint slides for errors so I won't have to stop singing those lines and get steadily more annoyed! Randal missed his cue for an announcement, and had to be prompted by Calla: HELLO, PEOPLE! BE PROACTIVE TO AVOID LOOKING LIKE A STUPID IDIOT! I also think that my siblings have the perfect jobs since they get to know everything about everybody... I should have gotten into those fields, haha. Greeted Winnie and Megan, which was cool. Gave Steph her birthday card while she was talking to Michelle.

Interacted with Keenan later: he's so cute! Talked to Phil, Grace, Jeremy, Vania, Jen, Nathan, Billy, Sheena, Lesley, Cordia, Dylan, Brian, and others: class, financial accounting homework, birthday cards, Rice Krispie squares being like big croutons (not "fake" like Cordia thought Dylan said!), Lesley Stowe Rainforest Crisps (Jon said they're expensive!), goodbyes, loving Grandma (baby Allison reaches out to Auntie Eileen a LOT), the Evite writing, "intriguing" Teunis, housesitting, babies, parties, and lunch plans. Went to Sunday School, where we had two new kids (Dominick and Samantha) - they seemed to be okay without their parents. Auntie Fonda gave me the jacket - YAY, I'm happy that she's here! Rachel's grandma recognized her own handiwork on my pants: the heart patch IS cute!

Went downstairs, and talked to baby Mattias / Mike / Karen I. / Christon / Jon / Dylan / Auntie Kwai / Karmie / others until we had to leave the fellowship hall because of another meeting being held there. Those salty vegetables at Jon's birthday dinner were TERRIBLE! Dylan found a crock pot somewhere for the potluck, and Christon said that he might experiment and make us all the guinea pigs for his first crock pot recipe... yikes! Went to lunch at the old Green Village, which was okay. Dim sum pushcarts, order sheets, staffing, cop stuff, flights, time off, weddings, Melissa, Japanese stuff, Cecilia, Angela getting MARRIED, friends, and other things were discussed. Now I can relax at home. :D

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Batteries, craziness, and weather (survey)

Here's yet ANOTHER Facebook survey from Billie:

1. Is there someone you wish you were closer with? More than one person, actually... but I simply CANNOT get beyond the superficial!

2. Do you have any good friends of the opposite sex? Yes, and they helped me when I was going through stuff!

3. How many cell phones have you had? NONE!

4. Do you have a secret that you've never told anyone? Of course!

5. Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person? Nope.

6. Do you think age matters in relationships? Yes.

7. When will your next kiss be? No idea.

8. Do you believe in love? Meh, I'm a bit cynical.

9. Do you remember the first time you kissed the last person you kissed? Yes.

10. Is it worth crying over a boy or girl? No. At least, that's what I've learned.

11. Are you happy with your life? I guess so.

12. If you could go back in time, would you? Definitely!

13. How far back would you go? A rich historical period!

14. Is green your favorite color? Not my FAVORITE... but I know that Harmony likes it. So I went a bit overboard on the "green" theme on her birthday card: green card, green envelope, green "H" sticker, and green heart sticker. The only thing I didn't do was write in green ink, and that was probably because I don't have any! (and wasn't about to buy a green pen just because :P)

15. Is being single fun? It can be... unless you have to listen to Valentine's Day hype all the time. Then again, I felt this way even in 2005 and 2008!

16. What color are your eyes? Brown.

17. Can you honestly say looks don't matter? Sometimes they do.

18. Where do you see yourself in two years? Not sure.

19. Anything you want to tell someone? I wish... I'm too tongue-tied. [good answer]

20. Anything you're giving up on? Not right now...

21. Do you think you've made a difference in anyone's life? I know I have!

22. Could you honestly say you love someone right now? I suppose, if we're not talking about the romantic sappy stuff.

23. What item that needs batteries is nearest to you? My phone.

24. What's one word that will not describe you? Shady.

25. What did you do today? Fellowship Committee meeting, Awana, and then wound down at home. I'm good at that. :D

26. Did you do anything crazy today? Not really, no... unless you count making Carley try on a size 14-16 kids' T&T uniform when she's a small kid, and the green shirt was clearly too large for her!

27. A genie grants you three wishes. What do you wish for? Like I'd tell YOU! [good answer]

28. Do you listen to music when filling notes out? Of course! I'm doing it right now, as a matter of fact!

29. Have you ever wished that something bad would happen to someone else? Yes, and I knew it would too.

30. Did the last song you listened to hold any special meaning? Yes.

31. Does winter weather depress you? Sometimes.

32. What's your favorite color out of these five: green, yellow, blue, pink, or purple? Blue or purple!

33. What is one topic or thing that makes you feel awkward to talk about? None of your damn business. :P

34. Do you know anyone with a really weird name? Yes, I do.

35. What was your nickname in grade 6? I don't think I had one.

36. Do you have a broken heart? Nope!

37. List 3 of your favourite songs? Indestructible, Innocent, and Detachable Penis.

38. Favorite number? 12.

39. What is a saying that you believe? "Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same."

40. Describe your life in one word? Weird.

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