Saturday, September 24, 2011

Religion is like a penis! / The Autumn Leaves Color Test

HAHAHAHA! Here's a funny picture that Steph and Dennis found, which almost perfectly encapsulates how I feel about religion and certain hardcore views these days! "Religion is like a penis. It's fine to have one. It's fine to be proud of it. But please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around, and PLEASE don't try to shove it down my children's throats."

You Are Charming and Impassioned

You encourage others to take a leap and to take action. You know it's hard to make that first step sometimes.

You are easily distracted. You prefer to multitask, and you're always adding a new task to your list.

You have a positive attitude. You try to keep a sunny disposition, even when life is getting you down.

The potential for great leadership is there, as long as you don't abuse it. You have a lot more power over people than you might think.

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Ryu and Manicotti in Coursair pub bathroom / Not used to others!

Imagine my annoyed surprise when I got two phone calls, a buzzer request, and a Gmail chat from Jon and Paul, all centering around Paul wanting to be let in / spare keys. Apparently, Deb took Paul home (while stopping by Superstore on the way), and he can be at Deb's on Tuesday. Thank goodness! I was NOT in the mood to talk to him when he DID get in, of course! Man, I hate my solitude being interrupted! It was okay with Teunis since he gets it, but I'm not sure Paul does! Of course I know that I might change my opinion of Jeremy if I had to live with HIM every day, but there's a reason he can know about certain things - I TRUST HIM! Had to talk to Paul about his plans for tomorrow - going to the boonies of Surrey, apparently! This is much better than a shelter for the morning person that he is, heh.

Ryu, going into the Coursair pub bathroom and discovering that someone named Manicotti lives there!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Paper towels, fridge, CHRONO TRIGGER and other walkthroughs, Eric and STARCRAFT

CHRONO TRIGGER walkthrough by Mighty Oracle

FINAL FANTASY IV walkthrough by AKishan

FINAL FANTASY III walkthrough by Mighty Oracle

BREATH OF FIRE I walkthrough by David Callendar

I looked for paper towels in the fridge - FAIL! Eric buzzed me on MSN this afternoon to say that Fellowship should be my weekly tradition (FUCK NO), that 15-year-old video games were less important than Fellowship (HA), that he'd be leading BS tonight so it would be fun (I'd still wish I were home by myself), and more such stuff. I asked if he were going to Jeremy's thing on Sunday; he said that he'd have to tell Christon that he'd changed his mind since I was going. Then he said that he'd get Paul to wake me up on Sunday if I slept in: DON'T YOU EVEN DARE! He annoys me ENOUGH as it IS! He also inserted STARCRAFT references into our conversation - I don't even want to know about zergling rushes, 6pool jello, and other such things!

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Kirin, being up early, annoyances, and kitchen items

I emailed Christon about Sunday's Kirin lunch since it seems as if Paul was in for it, heh. Of course, that totally depends if I'm awake or not! I'm only up now because SOMEONE started talking on the damn phone at 7:30 in the morning... UGH!

You Are a Rice Cooker

You are elegant, withdrawn, and brilliant. Your mind is a weapon, and you're able to solve any puzzle.

You are systematic and calculating. Once you find something that works for you, you don't stray from it.

You are rather unemotional. Your logical side is dominant.

You are an extremely independent person. You know what's best for you and your life.

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Cindy transitions! / I'm not having your Hershey's Kisses!

Cindy emailed us to say that she's completed her transition, and will no longer be attending David Fellowship. I know this is selfish, but at least I won't ever have to wait around for Eric to finish talking to her at church! She apologized for not telling all of us in person at the BBQ a couple weeks ago, but that's fine by me - I think she told me, anyhow!

Paul called just past 11, but I missed it. Thanks to Caller ID, I knew it was him! He was surprised when I called him back, hahahaha! Said he'd bought cans of chili, bread (since he felt bad about taking mine), breakfast sausage, Hershey's Kisses (um...), and some other stuff even if he doesn't have much money. He wanted to let me know that he was heading home from the North Shore on the Canada Line - yup, it certainly sounded like it! Hey, at least I was home then, as I told him - yes, that meant I was out as well. Apparently, he got a new place near Jeremy's, and a new electrical job interview - he may not be able to move in for a couple of weeks, but appreciates the help from Deb, Dylan, and me. For some reason, this makes it a little less annoying, but I still swear every time I see things out of place! When he got home, I had to talk to him out of obligation: discussed the Seabus, chocolates, lollipops, "dear," Craigslist, walking everywhere, Connie texting him, light rye bread, pasta (which I need to get), SERVANTS, trust being a process, pasta sauce, Chunky Soup clam chowder, steak chili, raspberry jam, cat calendars, plans, and more. Of course it depends if I'm going to Fellowship!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Foetid cassia, lemonade pork chops, light bulbs, and more!

Teunis stopped by to replace my light bulb before we went off to the townhouse; discussed Paul's circumstances, his newer car, life updates, Facebook's new changes, the mounds of stuff in my room (he gets it!), CBC, Arabic pop music, rap / hip-hop, talent, and more on the way over. Got to the townhouse in time for dinner, dodged my sister attempting to hug me, and got a $25 London Drugs gift card from her and Lisa. Said hi to Grandma, Harmony, Jon, Lisa, and my mom's friend Rita who apparently liked Jon's gig last week. Mom had a differing opinion, haha... her answer to Steph asking whether she'd go to the next gig was "NO!" We discussed Lisa's new park ranger job, Paul calling Jon a LOT today, lemonade pork chops, saltiness, Lisa's new Kindle, last week's birthday presents, languages, flossing, family in-jokes, baseball, Jeremy and Christon's birthdays coming up soon, "romancing Eric Ho," wine, "foetid cassia," hockey, mango ice cream, yam ice cream, mint chocolate chip ice cream, drummers / PHD / Scotland, Paul having a sweet tooth (then he can help me eat this leftover cake!), coffee, how Teunis is dreading hockey season, his awesome work, his ex-boss, and how I was "too sober" according to Harmony.

Mom gave me diet ginger ale, mooncake, jalapeno cheese slices, $25, Chiclets gum x4, Hot Tamales candy, strawberry milkshake Whoppers, birthday card, shirt, scarf, fresh green apple Palmolive Ultra dish detergent, leftover dinner and Deep & Delicious McCain chocolate cake, Kleenex boxes x3, Campbell's cream of mushroom soup x3, 2012 cat calendar, spicy chicken instant noodles x6, cling wrap, aluminum foil, purple journal, pink Virgo notepad, red journal with "L" on it, and Snuggle dryer sheets. For a while, Teunis and I just talked about more life updates including Hundred Mile House / marriage needing space, and Tess' surgery - I thought I'd be nice to her, seriously. Thank goodness we left around 9, and that he helped me bring the stuff in!

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Not enabling infinite HP in BOF II / Openable GARNIER FRUCTIS / Directions

I've figured out how to play BREATH OF FIRE II (Representative) - just don't enable infinite HP for the first two battles, haha!

Went out shopping to get on-sale Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner from Shoppers Drug Mart; yes, I made sure I could open them in the store FIRST! Then I got ten packs of spicy chicken noodles from London Drugs to be truly comfortable in that sense! Teunis went on MSN to confirm where he was going tonight; it turns out he HAS forgotten where the townhouse is, so my excuse to everyone WORKED! Besides, he has to replace my light bulb with the modern CFL one first, haha. Steph called after that to see if I wanted to be picked up - not if Teunis really DOES need directions! Everything worked out in the end, hee hee! Also gave him the address via FB message, heh.

You Are a Bit of a Nonconformist

You let people be exactly who they are. You are tolerant, loving, and compassionate.

You are agreeable... to a point. You know when it's time to do your own thing.

You may seem to go with the flow, but you always keep your own interests in mind.

You are easygoing and trusting. However, you are too sensible to be manipulated.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Christon isn't named CHRISTIAN! How annoying!

Esther Chow finally decided to add me to Facebook, haha. As advertised, Deb came by with the air mattress - thank goodness I could turn my phone off after 9:30 despite Paul not being here yet, haha. Paul called at 11, wanting to apologize for the waking up early and such... I guess there's nothing I can do but accept it (*sigh*), although I did also tell him how I felt. He also wanted to tell me about jobs, a possible new place (Broadway / Fraser), Starbucks (coffee past 11?! ARE YOU INSANE?!), hanging out with Randal (ew) / Christon (NOT "Christian"!) / Jeremy tonight while they did some Sunday School stuff, Jon, rent, money, reading Numbers, going the wrong way and hitting Lansdowne instead, and more. I personally don't care if he is out late tomorrow, since I'll be that way too! HA!

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Passion fruit, lemon ginger, vile fiends, bath mats, rice crackers, and CFL light bulbs

After I replied to Mandy's email, I went out to mail her birthday card / the bus pass application. I got some banking done even though the bank machine didn't work properly (so I had to go to the bank tellers), and bought blueberry bubble tea from Big Orange despite the rainy weather. Went to Shoppers Drug Mart proper to get on-sale passion fruit and lemon ginger C├┤te d'Or chocolate bars, and on-sale Cadbury almond and fruit / nut chocolate bars... I had to replace what the vile fiend ruined, after all. (credit for that name goes to Glen / Izzy, haha) While I was there, I also got Balea refreshing moisture cucumber body wash and on-sale Irish Spring soap x6. Got a new on-sale (unexpected!) bath mat and on-sale panties at Sears... then was off to London Drugs to get on-sale Tim's jalapeno / original chips, on-sale modern CFL light bulbs, and on-sale rice crackers. When I got home and started laundry, I stored everything in my room before getting the cat lamp from my table to use in my room for now; typing in the dark gets OLD and ANNOYING!

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No LUFIA or BREATH OF FIRE! / Stupid alarms / Jeremy's lunch! / TOAST!

Discovered I can't play LUFIA: RISE OF THE SINISTRALS (pixelated buildings and towns), BREATH OF FIRE I (bad rom), or II (seemingly almost invincible enemies) - very annoying! Never mind SOMEONE'S alarm going off at 5-6 AM... he'd better think about it before I decide he's not welcome here anymore, hahaha. Christon finally emailed everyone about a subsidized grad lunch for Jeremy this Sunday at Kirin; that would be great, although I thought they did it last week! He wants me to let Paul know... we'll see!

Eric emailed us about something I don't much care for these days, also. Steph thinks I can't make my own decisions again - Teunis and I are totally cool with having dinner start already, especially with old ladies and metabolisms! Now we're discussing replacing lightbulbs while I catch up and pay my Shaw bill, heh. I need to go to London Drugs and buy up some stuff like CFL bulbs, haha. Jon thinks I shouldn't complain on Facebook - well, EXCUSE ME!

You Are Steady

You hold yourself accountable for your actions. In the end, you have to live with yourself.

You need your alone time to introspect and recharge. Being around other people can be draining for you.

You are a slow and critical thinker. You think through every step carefully.

You are efficient and precise. You like to get down to business.

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Air mattresses, parting with yourself, Gate bathrooms, and worry

My downtime was shattered at 8 PM when Paul called from SERVANTS (using Craig's phone) to say he'd be on his way home now; thank goodness he had to take the bus, otherwise I'd have been on edge more! Of course I don't answer phone calls from anyone during the day (Eric would say "all the time"), so that means Deb and Dylan were out of luck! As for their offer of Deb's air mattress from storage, I'll take it since then I don't have to worry about my couch! I swear, I'm turning into a germaphobe since I have been making plans to buy a new bathmat when this is all over!

Amanda, Andrea L., and William deleted their Facebook profiles too. When Paul got here, I was determined to just be myself... accomplished that quite handily by not giving him too much help with the wireless / places around here, telling him to PUT A SHIRT ON (I don't care how much artwork he has on his body!), saying that the window wasn't a "door," and generally being snippy. Complained to Kenny via Skype messages - thank goodness I didn't need to censor myself!

Man, the light bulb in my room just burnt out! Teunis just replaced it a couple months ago at most, too! Maybe I'll ask him to do that again on Thursday before we leave... eminently trustworthy!

Here are a few funny screenshots:

Ryu, going into a Gate bathroom in BREATH OF FIRE II:

Gloriana as the SON of the brave Ortega in DRAGON WARRIOR III, in front of the Aliahan king:

Parting with yourself at Luisa's Place in Aliahan:

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DRAGON QUEST 5 glitches, LUFIA, FINAL FANTASY, stupid people

I read that Square Enix purposely put glitches in the DRAGON QUEST V roms to prevent them being played: this explains the missing Bianca's Ribbon and the disappearing houses in Ruraphin! In no way am I an expert in the suggested solutions to this, so I guess I'll have to give up. I'll play FINAL FANTASY IV using BSulpher's walkthrough instead! Decided to start both LUFIA games, too. This afternoon, I was annoyed because SOMEONE left the place unlocked and doors open when they should have been closed. NEVER AGAIN! Also told Steph about last night - no wonder she doesn't go to church anymore! Teunis doesn't care if Thursday's dinner has started already, haha... also talked to Vanessa.

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Monday, September 19, 2011


I discovered that Paul had stupidly left the Ziploc bag of chocolate UNZIPPED - who does that?! Now I have no more chocolate! He got back after 6, and at least gave the spare keys back to me. Then he wanted to borrow a USB port and the phone; fine, as long as you don't use my phone to call long-distance! I talked to Teunis about Mr. Creep (he agrees with me) and Thursday arrangements - I prefer his picking me up later, haha! Dylan called soon after to say he'd be picking us up; since I wanted to be by myself (but couldn't), I just contented myself with VERY short answers to anything Paul said, haha.

Dinner itself was pretty good - Dylan and Deb didn't need to apologize for stuff from the Richmond Public Market, that was for sure! (I didn't like the eggplant, but tofu / beef / short ribs were all good) Learned a lot about Paul's past (gangs / jail / exes / kids / almost dying a few times) and his future (too much religious talk / bad grammar for my taste), social workers, and discussed THEIR wrong opinions on homosexuals (even Jon got mad when he referred to them as "faggots") and God wanting them to be saved - I just kept my mouth shut for much of that! Also discussed electricity / Palestine / Irish / babies / parenting / "allergic to dust" / cleanliness / SERVANTS / Jon / durian / rambutan / lychee / longan / Amy / Ivan / JOB and PROVERBS and THE MESSAGE / Eugene Peterson. Good thing I don't have to be worried about leaving Paul alone in the apartment on Thursday, since he apparently has other plans in North Vancouver... PHEW! The phone ringing will serve as his alarm tomorrow, HA! (hopefully, not mine!)

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Comfort, boundaries, carefulness, and privacy! / Loyalty

For some reason, Paul woke up at 8:40 and started doing stuff in the kitchen. Of course, that woke ME up as well - I was NOT impressed! I'm surprised I made sense while talking to him about Phil, gangs, Uncle Eugene not being my real uncle (it's a cultural thing - just like we told Eric when he got here in 2001), NOT keeping him company (I NEED DOWNTIME!), his plans for today, spare keys, his NOT using my computer (I'm being very careful), and such. When he left at 9-ish, I went straight back to bed and didn't get up till noon... BLISS! I spent time writing stuff in the birthday cards for Mandy (a_phoenixdragon), Jeremy, and Christon before doing the "computer shuffle" and taking the expensive things out of my room where I'd stored them overnight. COMFORT, BOUNDARIES, AND PRIVACY! (and he wondered WHY the bedroom was the place where I conducted phone calls... *rolleyes* )

You Are Somewhat Loyal

You are loyal when it makes sense to be, but you don't go overboard with loyalty.

You're all about second chances, but if someone or something screws up enough - you're out of there.

You have a clear and fair sense of the world. You aren't necessarily going to side with someone just because they are close to you.

Right and wrong mean more to you than personal alliances. Justice trumps loyalty for you.

This is why I do certain things when it comes to certain people. DO NOT QUESTION IT.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Paul FINALLY called...

I called Jon to see if he knew where Paul was, but he didn't. At 7:20, I got a call from a pay phone. This turned out to be Paul (I WAS SO RELIEVED!), who had been tiredly organizing a lot of stuff and sleeping in. I gave him directions to get over here from Rupert Station, and he says he'll go out tomorrow to store some stuff at the church. If he wants to get up early, that's fine by me as long as *I* can go back to bed after giving him spare keys. (I am NOT waiting all the time for a phone call, believe me!) After that, I called Jon again (who was in a loud Chinatown restaurant) to tell him what had happened... I assumed Christon was with him, so Jon could pass on the message for me!

Called Eric to get Deb and Dylan's numbers, then left a message with Deb. When Paul DID get here at 9, he called Jon and Harmony to explain things... then we discussed his Bible, "dear," Phil and organizing, sandwiches, housing, Nutella, Partners in Hope, soy milk / Superstore, and more. Then Deb called me back, and we got a dinner invitation. I told Paul only what he needed to know: namely, that dinner was at 7 tomorrow and Dylan would get back from Chicago next week. At least he apologized for making me wait yesterday, haha. Deb also said that she and Dylan thought it inappropriate for her to be alone with him at their place; I can definitely see why, as she's married and they have conservative views on some things! Hell, I think it's inappropriate for him to go around without a shirt on!

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SMW 999, lemon chicken chips, and happy patterns

Eric woke me up this morning, so I had zero time to catch up, which made me sad. However, I did have time to post placeholders... I had an idea to hack Bianca's Ribbon into the DRAGON QUEST V game, but had no time to do that. (I did that when I finally got home... THANK GOODNESS all the codes were still there, and I didn't have to restart the game AGAIN!) On the way there, I told him about Jon's phone conversation, and my ranting about Paul not being here when he should be. Eric thinks that the annoyed approach isn't going to work, which I agree with, BUT I ALSO DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! At least Eric had the Superstore pop and chips for me - LEMON CHICKEN! I saw a "SMW 999" license plate which Matt A. would like: SUPER MARIO WORLD!

We got to church late, but there was nothing to be done about that... I waved hi to baby Micah! As per my way of doing things, I didn't sing songs with grammar / spelling mistakes! Later, I told Phil that Melia and Angus were telling him that his pants were tucked into his socks! Eric seemed to think that the "unwholesome words" sermon was tailor-made for me, but I disagreed. Of course I had to dodge Mr. Creep in the fellowship hall, especially when I was talking to Andrew about school and age - he wondered what it was like to feel old, haha. Thanks, dude... Quan, Julie C., Julie M., Lawrence, Lincoln, Maxine, and Keenan (prompted by his mom) said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to me in person! (Keenan actually said "Happy Birthday - can you move?" since I was blocking his way, hahaha!) Said hi to Anita, who tried getting her daughter Allison to say hi to me - guess she was shy! Also said hi to Elaine S., of course.

Talked to people like Jessica Leung and Enoch about school, joking about Facebook popularity, and more. I saw Auntie Catherine, but couldn't say hi as I was busy trying to figure out where Paul had gone! Christon and Deb were worried / concerned, but I was annoyed as well. Harmony said Jon was in Richmond intermittently at a church; I see! Jeremy was trying to get us to go to Kirin for a subsidized grad lunch, since he was the only one to actually respond to the grad banquet committee way back in June or July! Since Eric was going straight home (and not to Nathan's thing tonight), I went home too. Jeremy laughed at Eric saying that I wanted "door-to-door delivery," ha.

Went to Toddler Sunday School eventually, where Ada / Arthur / Jason were taken out of class to go to the next one up. Lanie was there as an observer, which was cool - we played with Ashley, David, Evelyn, Alexis, Ramen, Shira, and a newer kid called Emma. (Lego, foam puzzle pieces, drawings, and more!) Auntie Ying thinks I can go all the way to her place and we can babysit Micah together sometime; I'll see if I can do that on a Friday if Phil doesn't stay at church all evening! Did some regifting, too. Eric came upstairs to get me on his way out - I figured that his family would have a brunch since Kieran's in town. We talked about Christianity, religious talk, God, Raymond being blunt when turning down a Committee position ("I'm not called to do that"), my "telephone phobia," some "homework" he wants me to do (I dislike the phone these days, though... and I will ALWAYS catch up!) and "COMMUNITY," being authentic, Christmas tunes, video game music, and his wish for me to be at peace.

Doing Your Own Thing Makes You Happy

You can't help but think outside the box. As far as you're concerned, you don't even know where the box is.

You have a delightful and colorful inner world. People would be stunned if they could see inside your head.

You get a lot of laughter out of life, and others are surprised by how easy it is to make you happy.

You have no desire to lead or follow. You prefer to not be a part of the crowd.


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