Saturday, March 10, 2012

Racism, derailing, NON-CANON dinosaurs, 4-1 loss

UGH, RACISM! I encountered the racist C-word on the hockey group from a European mod (who doesn't get it according to his wife), and even though it wasn't personally directed at me, I was still hurt. Someone else and I called him on it, and he basically said, "I'll just stay out of your posts since I don't know you, and I don't know why you came into my post anyway. I'll keep a close eye on you two to make sure you aren't offensive." I don't expect everyone to have the same cultural references as I do, but that's just WRONG! Someone else linked me to Derailing for Dummies - interesting, and what I needed!

Watched a disappointing 4-1 loss to the Canadiens... SIGH. Talked to Talia on AIM about losing an hour tonight: SO SAD! Thanks to Matt, I cheered up a bit from the racist fuck when seeing this dinosaur comic about non-canon stuff. :D

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Ray and Peggy, English Premier League Soccer, and 401 at Zellers

I woke up at 6 AM after going to bed at 1:45 AM - at least I could watch English Premier League soccer highlights (Liverpool vs. Sunland) / SportsCentre. (MuchMoreMusic / cartoons were unavailable, and TLC's programming wasn't interesting) Hey, Facebook didn't freeze the browser when I caught up on it, either - that's always a bonus! Got a surprising message from the usual suspect, which was nice! Apparently, Ray and Peggy got married today; cool stuff. Went back to sleep at 9:30, and woke up at 2:30 after having a dream about waiting for the 401 in the middle of a Zellers store while looking through blue or pink dresses with silver buttons and sequins on them. They were in sizes 3 to 125! WTF?

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Friday, March 09, 2012

GREAT NEWS, Powell River, true safety, and Lenting things

Mikaela (embryogirl) finally unfriended me on LJ, months after doing the same on FB - I was wondering when this would happen, haha. While I was talking to James, Eric bugged me on MSN about being there at 6 for worship practice, Q-Bert, CAPS LOCK, SCREWTAPE LETTERS, his weird preferences as far as my responses went, Mr. Creep / Paul / Teunis, Christon's email about "spiritual friendship," and more. Of course I'm at "the elder Ngs" (as he phrased it) - five minutes for him to come over and grab the book would be pure insanity otherwise! He rushed me out of the house, but did manage to see that I grabbed everything I needed, including microwaveable meal / bottled water / wasabi peanuts. We discussed traffic, "not needing" to catch up on "addictions" like my weekly highlight (HA!), my "realizing I needed Christ," my life during the past few weeks, and the rain. Also talked about bad drivers, his Lenting video games, curling on the 30th, my friendship with James being HEALTHY and SAFE even if it does include venting, Grandma, Trillian, TV shows, my not being "drunk" despite my parents having alcohol around, his being late, and more.

When we got to church, I ate my dinner in the kitchen while saying hi to Uncle Eugene and Vania; yes, there WERE green peppers in the chicken penne Toscana meal! Later, I listened to the worship practice while I read my book. When it grew closer to 7:30, I went upstairs, saying hi to Martin on the way. I gave Jeremy his Jer's peanut butter and chocolate bar; he chuckled at it, and thanked me. Raymond entered the room while Jeremy was out, and we politely mumbled hi to each other; it's not like we have much to talk about these days, which is fine by me. It's how things are. Noted the presence of a new guy (to me), and then had Bible Study (about the value of work) with Kevin / Vivian / Eric / Christon / Albert / Gino / Geoffrey. I didn't care if people took the spicy wasabi peanuts!

Christon gave me some GREAT NEWS! After the Bible Study on Ecclesiastes, Eric and I left right away, which is what I was hoping for. We discussed Korey's "health problems," proof, my "pox on Powell River" (I'm not saying anything about his DAD - Ron is FINE!), weekend plans, hockey tomorrow, 3-on-3 overtime, allergies, and STARCRAFT / WARCRAFT / LEAGUE OF LEGENDS / the Day 9 DAILY. Also conversed about my moments of exultation in the washroom for a few minutes, my being absolutely GLEEFUL over the news (I wouldn't tell James right away since it was past midnight in west Texas!), pronunciation, Christmas carols / Jars of Clay music / praise stuff as "happy songs" (CAN YOU NOT?!), relating GROUNDHOG DAY and THE TRUMAN SHOW to Ecclesiastes (*thunk*), movie nights, and more.

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Craving FREE rotisserie chicken / Ziti, risotto, and Dr. Pepper

I woke up craving rotisserie chicken for some reason, but there's still cooked chicken and turkey in the freezer, not to mention the microwaveable meals. Maybe when I'm actually home again, haha! Jon thinks that Mom won't mind my using the food in the freezer since there's probably tons of food in there anyway - well, good. That's what I've been doing, hahaha. Watched SAY YES TO THE DRESS, heh. I wanted to go out and do some stuff, but also wanted to be home in time for the beloved weekly tradition - I ACCOMPLISHED MY GOALS! :D

Went to Save-On Foods at Terra Nova in the rain later. I got my rotisserie chicken for FREE by redeeming 4500 points, and also bought REAL GOURMET five-cheese chicken ziti / chicken penne Toscana / mushroom risotto / NEW Chips Ahoy Middles cookies (double chocolate / chocolate chip) / Oriental flavor instant noodles / Hot and Spicy Sapporo Ichiban noodles. Probably too much food, but I can always take some home next Saturday if I plan ahead enough - don't want my parents knowing how much crap I bought, haha. (as if the plastic bags won't be enough indication) Also went to the 7-11 to dispose of the chicken bones in their outside garbage can (bad, I know) and buy Dr. Pepper / ginger ale. That should be more than enough food for the next eight or nine days!

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Thursday, March 08, 2012

3-2 Jets LOSS... stymied by TV show recording!

Called Jon to say that I'd water the plants for once, haha. Talked to James for a while as I watched THE LOTTERY CHANGED MY LIFE. We can talk about anything, and that's why I like our friendship! Interesting stuff, to be sure: triumphant Rush songs for BABY DRAGON, Reuben sandwiches, babies, hilarious things, and much more. While I was watching the hockey game, I found myself stymied by my mother's TV recording on her PVR! (THE MENTALIST and PERSON OF INTEREST both at once?!) Couldn't change the channel as that would STOP the recording, and I didn't want to risk my mom's temper. Good thing it was the third period, and I could keep myself updated by reading the team FB wall / Puckheads group... if not, I'd have done something VERY bad! The Canucks came from behind to win 3-2 over the Jets... it was Winnipeg's first visit to Vancouver since 1996, unless you want to get technical with the Thrashers' last visit in 2009!

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Goat's milk soap, multigrain Pringles, and eating at White Spot with Chrystal

While I was watching an Italian edition of CAKE BOSS, my sibs finally settled on PEACEFUL restaurant for the Siblings Dinner with Big G next Wednesday since it's closer to me. Left at 5:10 so I could get goat's milk soap / 85% and 99% Lindt dark chocolate (99% for Mom?) / another strawberry melon drink at London Drugs, check my mail at home (and change the clocks!), and drop the body wash / goat's milk soap / garbage bags off before meeting Chrystal for dinner. I also got Harmony's Ritter Sport out of the fridge, too... might as well give that to her at the dinner!

Turns out that my bus calculations were correct, which was a good thing. I noticed that the FOGGY DEW PUB is no more - it's now Ceili's. Chrystal and I went to White Spot in the mall for dinner: we talked about Tokyo Joe's (we should do sushi next time!), Asian food, friendship drama (none for me - PHEW!), Emily and Mike seeing flies around all the time, her going to Mexico with her parents, and my own parents' cruise. We also discussed BEES IN THE TOILET, lab work at her job, poutine, burgers, Blizzards, Dairy Queen, Ben & Jerry's, construction, McDonalds Shamrock Shake / ice cream, mini desserts, spaghetti and meatballs, clam chowder, Chinese buns / egg tarts at the Chinese bakery, walking around the mall, and more. She thought I was crazy for giving her all that chocolate: she should have seen the original amount! I got some multi-grain ranch Pringles and two dark chocolate Aero bars at Shoppers Drug Mart, while she got some on-sale rice cakes. Got home in time for MY STRANGE OBSESSION: Cabbage Patch Kids / the color pink / Mickey Mouse / wigs!

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

5-2 ALIEN loss to the Stars... found showering stuff, at least....

I finally found shampoo, conditioner, soap, and towels around here! Must try goat's milk soap - it's on sale at London Drugs, so I should get it tomorrow before checking my mail and phone / dropping stuff off at home / meeting Chrystal for dinner! Briefly talked to James when my focus wasn't engaged elsewhere, haha. At least I told him a couple of important things before I had to pay attention to the TV since the second period was starting! It turned out to be a 5-2 loss, complete with an empty-net goal when there were 3.9 seconds left in the fucking GAME. Ugh, I agree that aliens must have taken over the Canucks!

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Blizzards promotion, chocolate-covered pretzels, Pringles, and MULTIPLES

Talked to James briefly yesterday afternoon, as usual... then for a longer time at night. It's good to have friends. Got an offline message from Corey this morning: "oh yeah?" YOU BET! I watched A BABY STORY / MAKE ROOM FOR MULTIPLES (triplets!) / EXTREME COUPONING, too. Thanks to Nathan posting something about getting a Blizzard for 99 cents when you bought one (no coupon needed), I was off to Dairy Queen to get a medium Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo Blizzard of the Month plus a Banana Cream Pie Blizzard for later. (I managed to get it to stand up in the small freezer!) Chrissy put the idea of Pringles into my head last night, so I got a short stack of Original ones at the 7-11 (despite my telling Scott some time ago that I'd ban them from my life - just the tall stacks, I guess!) along with 200g of Rold Gold chocolate-covered pretzels. Talked to Talia, too.

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Monday, March 05, 2012

Grammar police, watering, serial killers, and TLC

Tammy M. added me to Facebook; apparently, my GRAMMAR POLICE picture cracked her up! I remember that Dave loved the picture, haha. Jon came over at 4:40 to water the plants and bug me about stuff. I gave him one package of seaweed, and we chatted about a possible date for a siblings dinner. His and Harmony's schedule is packed, but maybe next Wednesday (the 14th) could work! I know he's preaching this Sunday, and I also missed it the last time he had a sermon.

Incentive, indeed... we also talked about Neighbor Valerie, Steveston Village, my calculator, the TLC shows on hoarders, my plans with Chrystal, my hair, signing up for co-ops, what I've been eating, it being really "warm" here (but the HOHOHO house - where he came from - is cold), and more. I watched shows on true crime / murder / serial killers - "48 HOURS: HARD EVIDENCE" IS THE BOMB! (and so is INTERVENTION!) At least I do have an alternate source of noise! Mike R. also added me to Facebook; oh my!

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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Red Velvet Cake / Hoarding / Addictions / Oh Cone-ada!

I watched other weird TLC shows today; HOARDING: BURIED ALIVE, and MY STRANGE ADDICTION. addictions to sniffing pine cleaner, long toenails and fingernails, picking up roadkill from busy night highways, and eating dirt! Marissa R. also added me on FB from the Puckheads group. Went back to 7-11 once the shows started repeating. That way, I could get that Ben and Jerry's Red Velvet Cake ice cream! Since I saw two other flavors I hadn't tried (Oh Cone-ada! and Chocolate Macadamia), I had to get those as well. Tried them all when I got back to the townhouse and talked to David S. briefly: the cake one was especially good!

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Misplaced luggage, Hungry Man subs, and curry beef with chicken

Called Jon while he was out to lunch after church with Christon (I could hear him laughing in the background) and other people: we covered the sibling dinner, watering Mom's plants (maybe tomorrow sometime), coordinating visits to Grandma (she was already asking him today about when he'd visit), Steph, how long I'd been over / would be over, and more. Also called Steph about Mom's "misplaced luggage" email - I don't think wearing homemade cardboard slippers will work for a Princess cruise ship formal night, even if Uncle Joe let them borrow a couple of shirts!

Managed to find Mom's curry beef since it was in the SMALL freezer and not the big one, and also found some muffins and cooked chicken. Went to the 7-11 while talking to James about stuff; I selected a ham / pepperoni / roast beef / cheese "Hungry Man" sub instead of a wrap or sandwich, and noticed a Red Velvet Cake Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I'll buy that later tonight or even tomorrow sometime, as I don't want to go right back in after leaving a few minutes earlier!

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BRAZIL BUTT LIFT?! / Preaching demographics / Endless acoustic music

Saw a TLC show called "BRAZIL BUTT LIFT" last night - once I figured out that it was an infomercial for a crazy product which claimed to lift your butt, I changed the channel to a random movie instead. Before bidding me goodnight and saying stuff about my sleep schedule and religion, Eric thought I was the target demographic; NO! Then he thought that I could always use a bit of Christ in my life; I really hate preachy people!

I wouldn't have listened even if he DID have time to prepare a sermon on the subject at 12:30 AM! If you're not paid to do it, DON'T preach at me! Got up this morning, turned on the TV, and a TV evangelistic church show happened to be on; I switched shows as soon as possible! I never liked it when my mother would make me watch those things in junior high in lieu of actually going to church because of my operation! Switched online radio stations to 98.3 KTWS The Twins (Bend, OREGON) for the Alice Cooper Show - I don't like hours on end of acoustic music OR Racer NASCAR Rock, which is what 106.5 the Fox (Lucerne Valley, CA) was doing!

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Talia, CHRISTINE, DEXTER, Gollum, and Eric / 5-3 loss to Buffalo

Cody Hodgson was back in Vancouver tonight, but as a Sabre. Roberto Luongo got pulled early when it was 3-0 for Buffalo six minutes into the game, and he didn't look like he was playing well. Talked to James and Talia briefly about CHRISTINE by Stephen King / DEXTER / early 4 AM work training hours and other things while the game was going on, and my focus so wasn't there! The game turned out to be a 5-3 loss... *sigh* Later, I half-watched LOTR: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING and some TLC shows like DATELINE. I also talked to white Eric about stuff like Gollum / Dylan / Deb / worship ministry meetings / staying here tomorrow rather than facing the possibility of being stranded.

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