Saturday, July 28, 2012

Healing power and authority? / Improvement

This morning, I got emails from white Eric and Raymond (of all the people) about yesterday's events. Also got an email from Mom - who doesn't know about things - opining yet again that she thinks Grandma just gave up since she doesn't want to live in a home. If only it were that simple... we know things that she doesn't. Replied to Raymond's email (who said "God has authority over all things, even tumors - witness my amazing healing from an old hand injury!"), and finally replied to Mandy's and Deb's to tell them about this.

Lillian came by at 10 from the mall where she was buying vouchers for her phone. Auntie Kwai had elected not to come today since she wasn't feeling well. We parked in the wrong spot; when we finally got to Grandma's room, she was sleeping quite soundly. After covering her up and talking to the doctor about yellow IV drips (folic acid and vitamins!), we tried waking her up. Eventually, she woke up. We tried feeding her a lot of orange Jello, water, and medicine. She seemed receptive to that; later, she recognized us after we told her to think about it, and talked louder than she has in a bit. Pastor Fulton, Auntie Teresa, Uncle Reuben, Auntie Christine, Mrs. Tung, Alan, Polly, Auntie May, and three church people whom I don't really know came and visited her, Jon came by after teaching violin, after William / my cousin Yvonne / their daughter Andrea came by. He joked that Andrea could have a birthday in the hospital after we found out that her birthday is next week. When she was out of the room, Yvonne cried a lot, and said that she didn't know how her dad would take it. Yeah, she also has no idea why our parents aren't speaking to each other.

After feeding her dinner, we decided to go for sushi at Kiyo. It wasn't too bad; Yvonne insisted on paying since we seldom see each other. Over rolls, cones, scallops, cold buckwheat noodles (soba), sashimi, rice, and more, we discussed Dairy Queen / a radio for Grandma / weird foods / tomorrow's plans / family updates / more stuff. Lillian figures we can transfer my stuff in the morning so we won't be tired later, which makes sense. I got home to do laundry, and talked some more to people. Too bad that Chinese Eric wasn't home when I called, since he's my rock - at least I emailed him yesterday! (also got an email from Christon about things)

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Went to the hospital, and saw Auntie Kwai there with Cousin Lillian, whom I hadn't seen in YEARS! She quickly told me stuff about Grandma, and then said that she'll be here for a week. Her sister Yvonne landed here tonight with her husband William and daughter Andrea (they're staying with his family in Port Coquitlam), so I might be seeing them. Jon came by later, just in time for a CT scan on Grandma. We caught up with Lillian, who says her brother Aaron is working in Korea from Hong Kong; wow! Later, we received some bad news from the doctor - MALIGNANT BRAIN TUMOR?! That might explain why Grandma's been going downhill so quickly in the last month. Jon says that a lot of people at church know where Grandma is now, and we stayed with her for a few hours more. We answered everyone's questions as best we could, translated where needed (but Grandma was still confused!), and figured that our parents not talking was less important than this. Maybe if Uncle Michael and Mom are face to face, things will be better?

Jon says that he would email Steph and Lisa when he got home (it's easier for them to change their flight!), knows that Harmony understands his not being home to help take care of the baby, and was wondering whether he should let Mom and Dad know NOW or in a few days when they get back. We figured that we shouldn't ruin the cruise, and that any biopsy surgery might be traumatic for Big G. If the life expectancy is about three months at the most, then we need to stop being in denial pretty soon. Later, we told Grandma we'd be going - Lillian gave us rides home, but she and I stopped by the Korean BBQ place across from #9 to have some Korean noodles / rice / soup to eat first. She was at the hospital all day, and she'll pick me up tomorrow too. I got home to email Eric Ho FIRST / the BS group second, and the chair broke on me as I was sitting in it! Then I got a message from Teresa L. about whether I still talk to David S. - nope!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

M*A*S*H on the History Channel / Emergencies!

Watched M*A*S*H on the History Channel for some reason today. Harmony sent me a message about Grandma, eating, and the hospital emergency ward - I had to do something about that, for sure! I got emails from Randal and Vicky about it after I informed the BS group that I wouldn't be going tonight. I'd wanted to call Chinese Eric, but I can hopefully do that later. He will be among the first to know about things, and he won't mind. If I can't, I'll email him.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chocolate Candy Shop Blizzard for Miracle Treat Day / Singing Monkeys

Someone called from St. Paul's Hospital to see if Mom could work for someone; that's not going to work so well since she's in Russia at the moment, hahaha! Veronica reminded me about Dairy Queen's Miracle Treat Day, so I stopped in to get a Chocolate Candy Shop mini Blizzard. It was the smallest size available, and perfect for me. There was a lineup out the door! Called Jon later to figure stuff out: maybe Sunday afternoon will work for seeing Ayler! He did say he'd visited Grandma (where they're setting up for that 70s party), who apparently is having trouble swallowing. Maybe THAT'S why she spits out food these days...

There's a singing monkey at the Cream Puff Zoo!

In Magicant: "Whoa, those are some weird clothes you have on there. I bet you'll attract monsters dressed like that!"

Hey, it's the Flying Men of Magicant! They look like parrots!

"I'm a cat that swims in the ground."

"I bent my spoon and it's hard to use like this."

MOTHER 3: Lucas and Boney check the Ultimate Chimera in the Chimera Lab, and the game says "No problem here." Uh, it's going to kill the party if they touch it... there IS a problem! :P

If you guard against the Bonus Swoosh / Groucho, it'll greet everyone politely and leave, which makes your experience points from the fight come out to 72 instead of three.

Upon checking this dragon in the Magicant Crystal Cave: "The dragon is asleep. NINTEN can't wake it up just yet." Probably a good thing!

DRAGON QUEST 4 in Merrysville Elementary!

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THIRD DEGREE BURN Habanero Doritos! / Maxim Lapierre / Refunds

Hahaha! Facebook just suggested that I add Maxim Lapierre. I discovered that I was probably overcharged last night at Shoppers Drug Mart on the SALE Sidekicks items! *grumble* I went back to the store, even though that meant getting dressed - at least I got my refund and bought the Tomato Alfredo back at $1 each! Then I got some laundry money at the bank from my change, and went to the 7-11 to price out some milk. Since I saw some Limited Edition THIRD DEGREE BURN Habanero Doritos chips, I had to get two because I'm a sucker for new flavors!

This monkey at the Cream Puff Zoo entrance just called me a big doo-doo head, Mommy!

In the church at the cemetery: Somehow, I don't think teaching the zombies about God will help them to become friendly!

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Big stupid zombie head from the cemetery!

In the MOTHER 1 town of Mother's Day, I tell this guy that I'm a zombie, then get called "a big stupid zombie head" before he runs off!

At the burger place, NINTEN encounters one of his old classmates! "Aren't you NINTEN, that snot-nosed kid who sat next to me in kindergarten? Or are you someone else?" Hey, I'm going to SAVE THE WORLD! Watch what you say!

At the store, the clerk asks if you need to return any items. Saying "no" gets you "Whew... what a relief" in response, hahaha!

Hippie used a Megaphone! "You're a disgrace to your mom!" HAHAHAHA, these enemy "attacks" are hilarious!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shrimp tacos, eating ATM card, Pretzel Crisps

I watched a movie called IN HER MOTHER'S FOOTSTEPS this afternoon - wow! Then I went out to haul a bunch of stuff home and do some banking before I met Chrystal at London Drugs. We had dinner at Boston Pizza; I had new shrimp tacos (Jamie and her friends put the idea in my head yesterday!), and she had her usual salad. Discussed Ayler not wanting people to leave him alone, heavy tanks, movies, Andrea's pregnancy, the nice weather, the Olympics, Nathan, my keeping in touch with people, friends, Micah, gelato, and more. When we went to the gelato place later, she had pink grapefruit sorbetto, and I had cappuccino cookie. After we went to the bakery (where I got a pineapple bun), we hit up Shoppers Drug Mart. I bought lobster noodles, kimchi noodles, six $1 Sidekicks since the sale expires in two days (Tomato Alfredo x2 / Garlic Alfredo Spaghetti x2 / Butter and Herb / Homestyle Cheddar), on-sale original Pretzel Crisps, and more. Decided not to get scones or Oreo Cakesters; Chrystal decided not to get any cookies or marshmallows since she had plenty at home. When I got back to the townhouse, I noted that C.J. of the Puckheads had added me. Also paid my Internet bill since I am responsible!

But Ninten WANTS to eat his ATM card in MOTHER 1... :(

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7-11, Michelina's POUND meals, BIG BANG THEORY, wonton

Went to the 7-11 this morning and got on-sale Michelina's POUND microwaveable meals ($4.99 each, but two for $7): lasagna with meat sauce, and macaroni with beef. Found a Meat Shoppe turkey meal with cranberry and sage back at the townhouse, plus wonton / oysters. HMM! On Facebook, Connie thanked me for my birthday wishes, and Farrah got back to me about the spam email from her Gmail account; damn hackers! I finally found some shampoo, conditioner, and body wash around here. Now I don't have to go back home to shower! Watched HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER / BIG BANG THEORY, too. Called Harmony to see what was going on tomorrow (not much), and update her on Big G even though she got my email.

Later, I called Chinese Eric since I said I would: we discussed Safeway runs while it wasn't so warm outside, Jon / Harmony / Ayler, the baby being curious and aware of bright colors, rescheduling hangouts, how my day was (Leonardo da Vinci and his historical times), his day and rest (good thing), exercise routines, health, Grandma / wheelchairs / walkers / mobility, feeling older ("uncles"!), and more. That was a great fifteen minutes! I definitely tell him a bit more than I did some time ago, which is always good. Jon called to discuss the toll that Hong Kong had put on Chinese Eric, health, visiting arrangements, plans, Big G, Friday perhaps working for baby, and some more things. It's probably a good thing I don't have anything to do till tomorrow evening, since I can do my banking via machines in the late afternoon!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Wheelchairs, Werther's, FFIV, Chinese Eric, and more!

Decided to visit Big G briefly today; she was engaged in cleaning her new wheelchair when I got there, and refused apples / oranges / even her beloved Werther's Originals candy! I got her to have one by unwrapping it first, because I wasn't going to feed it to her if I didn't have to! That visit made me sad, but at least I visited her! She also pretty much refused milk... *sigh*

Got home and FINALLY finished FINAL FANTASY IV ADVANCE again! Since I need a break from the FINAL FANTASY universe in general, I'll go play MOTHER / EARTHBOUND games instead! Chris Lam is emailing me some AWANA-related stuff yet again; whoops! Called Chinese Eric after FORREST GUMP finished on TV, and we managed to pack a lot into a ten-minute conversation: 160-Pound Scrotum Guy, TLC's weird TV shows, Jon and Harmony bringing baby Ayler to church for the first time yesterday, hanging out, relatives and family friends in town ("can I go now?!"), HOARDERS, hoodies, weekend plans, calling tomorrow night, eating dinner / doing stuff on the computer, Russia, and more. That was awesome! :D


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Sunday, July 22, 2012

HOARDERS, STRANGE SEX, fetishes, and my inner nationality

Watched UNTOLD STORIES OF THE E.R. and HOARDERS. Then it was STRANGE SEX: a Vegas guy with a 160-pound scrotum, a dominatrix, a guy with a fetish for smelling used sneakers, and a disease which makes sex burningly painful. OH MY!

You Scored as American


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Baby Ayler's first church outing!

As I'd predicted to Eric, I was up with the sounds of the traffic and such from below at about 8. SLEEP DEBT, OH YES! That didn't mean that I'd feel fully awake when it came time for the special meeting at church, though. I delayed Eric a bit by looking for a suitable jacket and stuff, but we were on our way soon after 9:35. He thought - as usual - that I was drunk, so I said NO! We talked about Kevin / Randal / Geoffrey being at the Burnaby hiking outing yesterday, coaching soccer, traffic, construction, and more. During service, I read my bulletin; tickets for Phil's farewell lunch will only be on sale for three weeks, so I got mine TODAY from Christon after confirming that Eric would be going. Later, I talked to Amanda (who has a big gash on her head from falling on metal) / Jane / Tracy, and peeked in at a sleeping baby Rebecca. Jon and Harmony had actually made it to church with baby Ayler, so people looked in at him. He was waking up from sleep, which is cute! Talked to Frances, Micah ("Is that baby Ayler? He has small hair!"), Isaac, Karen, Lincoln, Brian, Stanley, Auntie Cathy, and Auntie Ying while telling the baby that the noise was okay. He seemed to be kind of interested in my "PRICE IS RIGHT" shirt because of the bright colors, haha. Jon said that they might drop by later, as they're going to her parents' place for dinner; if not, I'll call him on Tuesday! Gave the rest of my Brookside chocolates away to Hannah W. / Natalie W. / Gladys, plus the Chiclet / Dentyne gum and Lemonheads candy. I knew I'd find willing takers!

Saw Lanie, Danny, Jessie, new kids named Silas / Janelle / Haley (the last two were too young), Anastasia, Ashley, Natalie, Ramen, Shira, Mattias, David, and Evelyn at Toddler Sunday School; the floor had changed from white tile to hardwood in the last two weeks, Lanie told me. There were also new toys that parents had donated, she added - NICE! I comforted Ramen while his mom was out of the room with a baby, and confirmed that Mattias knew who I was. Later, Eric and Jon were going for Pho, but I decided to stay and eat (egg / ham / ham and cheese) sandwiches with fruit to save money. Of course, I donated some money for the freewill offering! I spilled my fruit cup in front of Mattias and Marcus; whoops! Discovered that my handbag had sustained fruit juice, so went to Superstore to see if they had any - nope, but I did get a farewell card with a sad dog on it for Phil / Grace / Micah, plus a green apple shampoo and conditioner! To thank Mattias for doing a good job of watching my stuff, I gave him a bunch of stickers. He really liked those (after he asked what I'd bought - I showed him), and told his mom Karen about it! Phil figured that I always had gifts for the kids - sometimes, yes! We discussed his own son Micah, Steveston, Pastor John, Karmie, housesitting, quorum, and more prior to going in for the meeting. (Stanley and Jon were playing jazz on the piano while Danny W. and Eric played with Mattias and Marcus)

During the meeting, I talked to Jeremy about a light popular novel, and discovered that I really didn't believe in certain things like overly religious prayer. Guess I'm not really that religious, haha! Turns out that I didn't need to be there, since there were 184 people in attendance, and Pastor Dan was called to serve us with a 94% YES approval rating. Eric said that there were two voting against, and four spoiled ballots, heh. Jeremy told me and Eric that Big G should choose the name since she named him and Eric, hahaha! ("Bearded Man / White Kid") Nope, she doesn't have a name for Pastor Bob! Auntie Anita told me that Andrea's going to be a mom in December, too. On the way home, we just listened to the news since there wasn't much to say. He tells me that Bible Study is on the agenda for Friday; yay. *sarcasm* Decided to see if laundering my bag would work... it works as a temporary fix, but the bottom is loose. Jon just called to see if there was any freezer space for their stuff; not really, since Mom always packs the freezer to the gills with things! "Why is Mom always doing that?!" - NO CLUE!

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