Saturday, December 18, 2010

Secret socks, brandy beans, Grand Marnier chocolates, Excellence and Pot of Gold / Kindle

I got up at 11:45 to a MSN message from Chinese Eric sent at 10 AM: "WHAT TIME YOU BE HOME." Haha, I'm home NOW, so have no idea what he's talking about! I also got a good MSN message from Corey (who had messaged me with "boing" last night when I was out) - he'd been out shopping, and comes home for Christmas tomorrow! He'll get a new laptop himself for Christmas since his died (he's been using Jane's), and I'll see him more often, especially during the next two or three weeks - YAY! Yes, he has been on during the day in Taiwan (which is night here), but of course he's also been busy - I don't see a problem with that!

Went out soon afterwards on a cold quest for chocolate oranges; at least it's only a couple more weeks until I don't have to walk to the store and back, otherwise I'd have picked up the heavy pomegranate aloe drink which I saw at London Drugs! I didn't find any Terry's oranges at London Drugs, but did pick up one on-sale box of 24 non-religious Christmas cards / on-sale huge box of Paul's brandy beans / on-sale box of Excellence chocolates / on-sale box of Pot of Gold chocolates / twelve thin Secret dark socks (three for $7.99) / one little Ferrero Rocher (three to a package) / two on-sale toothbrushes with covers / one package of minty toothpaste. Then I went to Shoppers Drug Mart, since I wanted to show some more thought to Chinese Eric, and maybe surprise him by remembering what he said a long time ago about being a sucker for orange chocolate. I saw an on-sale Life brand chocolate orange, so grabbed that along with a tube of Grand Marnier chocolates since they were a dollar cheaper than at London Drugs.

Quite satisfying, even if I spent about $75 today! Got home to discard the garbage (including white / light socks) / prep the Christmas cards with greetings and stickers / take a shower / call Henry. Noticed that someone had apparently tried calling me ten times in a row when I was out. Figuring (correctly) that it was Chinese Eric, I called him to see what was up. He was out eating lunch with his family, but would come here at around 3:30 after buying some stuff so we can go back to his place and chill while watching the hockey game - sounds good to me! Vanessa also left me messages to say that she was moving tomorrow - nice!

You Are a Kindle

You are a true lover of books, and a hardcore reader. You love to get lost in what you're reading.

Even though you like spending time online, you know that it can distract you from what you should be doing.

You are rather serious and down to earth. You don't give into frivolous notions.

If you will truly use a gadget, you'll buy it - but you don't buy anything just because it's the latest and greatest.

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MR. CREEP IS BACK IN TOWN?!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!! / Coins with Braille

Eric called at about 5:15 to warn me that he had to go get cheese and apples at the store for dessert night, so would be at my place about an hour and a quarter later. I powered through writing some Christmas cards: it's amazing what time crunches will do for the pressure, haha. Then he called at 6:30 after having LEFT Safeway - gee, thanks. I could have used some time to go shopping for a Terry's Chocolate Orange and toothpaste as well! Maybe tomorrow before the hockey extravaganza, but then I'd have to walk... *grumble* Suppose it's worth the walk for Chinese Eric, haha. (whom Jon and Harmony referred to as "my special friend" - HA HA HA!)

When he got here, I was surprised that he was in the Parisienne - apparently, the Sunfire is undergoing repairs. He had fun with the fart lever, even after we picked Geoffrey (whom he referred to as my "nemesis") up from his place! Asked him if I'd missed anything interesting last Sunday: "lunch with [Mr. Creep]!" That was NOT what I wanted to hear! I went on a rant about Mr. Creep, and Eric told me some BAD NEWS: he's back in town for the forseeable future! WHAT THE HECK?! No wonder I've been seeing him around more lately - thank goodness I missed out last week! Apparently, Randal's "proposal" had to do with the Creep "leading" our group - NO! HE JUST WANTS POWER! I told Eric that I'd heard the Creep telling Phil once that his prayer request involved having his name appear in the Sunday bulletin - NO!!!!!!!!!! Although it's not like he was really AWAY since he showed up regularly like clockwork every three weeks or so when he WAS in Victoria... WHY?! Eric had heard that Creep's position in Victoria is over - whether he left or was terminated (I like the idea of "termination / being fired" myself, for my own peace of mind), he doesn't know. Ugh... this means I'm back to watching where I am in proximity to him, changing my days to do certain things, watching my stuff, and more stuff. UGH UGH UGH! Eric did confirm with me that denial definitely wouldn't work (while trying to say that my attitude wasn't very healthy), as I'd be forced to confront reality twice every weekend! UGH!

When we got to the church, I saw Jessica - when she said that we did have Awana tomorrow, I knew what I had to do. Couldn't happen tonight, so tomorrow it is! We were waiting for Jon to lead singing for a LONG time (Harmony was waiting for the bus to get to Jeremy's?), so I gave out Christmas cards to Geoffrey / Christon (who genuinely does care when asking about my life - he's busy with stuff and a proposed hot pot night at Jeremy's for New Year's Eve) / Jen (whose siblings are coming here from Toronto) / Vivian and Karen. Lincoln asked whether I'd gotten a card from him and Karen; she HAD brought it up when I gave her a card, but no. She'd forgotten - maybe on Sunday! His parents come down from Prince Rupert soon, too. Said hi to Gloria / Vivian / Vicky (yay for new iPhones - yes, I'm feeling lots better if she saw my FB statuses of last week!), then talked to Randal about the movie night on Sunday. Turns out he's not going since to him, Leslie Nielsen movies are like the Bad Movie Nights, only you can't really make fun of them. He did thank Jon for the invite, but told me to thank my parents too - haha, we'll see. At least that wasn't too painful of a conversation, haha!

When Jon finally got there at 8:15-ish, we sang a few Advent songs - now I remember that some Christians like taking time to get into the Christmas season, and taking time to get out of it too! Oh well - after that, I said hi to Jen's friend Jason, who later talked to Carmen about Anglicans and gay marriage; apparently, the priests wouldn't abuse altar boys if they were allowed to get married. I don't know about that one! Being me, I just kept quiet. Talked to Martin (who liked my Santa hat) while Jon was trying to convince him to bail on time with his girlfriend Phyllis tomorrow. "Tell her that you have something to do with the guys - oh, and the girls too!" I jumped in with, "But if he tells her that he has something to do with the girls, she might get jealous!" Apparently, they're having a board games afternoon with their small group tomorrow, and combining that with watching the hockey game. Eric happened in on this conversation and said, "Okay... they'll read all the rules for Monopoly from 4 to 5. Oh wait, Martin has to go now?! Hahaha!" I asked what he was doing tomorrow - getting the unsatisfactory answer of "stuff," I told him that Chinese Eric wanted to spend time with him and watch the hockey game. Of course I knew he wouldn't make it to that event, but I had to try! Then he wondered whether I still had my red velvet cheesecake, saying I could have brought that. No (I'd eaten the candy cane one), because I'd have had to thaw it and then wonder how to transport it in the car! It turned out to be a good thing that I didn't bring it anyway, and he definitely knew what I meant by that!

I watched myself very carefully, and also was careful in selecting my desserts since I didn't know what (if anything) Mr. Creep had brought, and wasn't about to ask him myself! The Yule dessert log looked almost too pretty to eat, and I also introduced myself to a new-ish girl named Jane. After a bit, Eric had to help clean up - with the half hour we wasted on waiting for him, I could have gone to SUPERSTORE and bought my stuff, man! Actually, I'm not sure why I didn't just do that, haha - probably because I might have had trouble getting into the church again for some reason. Who knows. Gave Jeremy his Christmas card while eating two kinds of soft cookies (peppermint chocolate / black forest), three types of ice cream (chocolate / vanilla / butterscotch marble), and lemon tarts. When Eric offered several of us some cheese, I took the last square, which caused him to wonder whether I really did want it as Raymond kinda looked like he wanted it! Hahaha... trust me, I did want it AND satisfaction! Watched a bunch of people play Taboo with the cards from atop the filing cabinet, heh. Peeked out in the hall to say hi to Victor - he thought he'd see me tomorrow, but I have that hockey game, so I won't see him! Said hi to Phil, too - it's hilarious that baby Micah apparently likes rap music (and Tupac in particular), but whatever works so he and Grace can get some rest as well! (it's just general rap music they play)

After a while of THAT, I asked Geoffrey whether he were ready to go, and whether he wanted to go downstairs and bug Eric. He asked whether he could help carry something, so I gave him Eric's jacket while I held on to the guitar... I said hi to Stanley and waved at Mike on our way downstairs. We went to the kitchen, where Kevin informed us that he / Eric / Raymond were looking for a glass that might be broken since they saw a shard of glass on the counter. After Geoffrey and I observed them for a while, Uncle Tony (Eric T.'s dad) basically kicked us out of the kitchen because there were too many people! Hahaha... we managed to fit ten or more in there during VBS, man! Then we looked at the literature outside for a while - a few minutes after Eric's dad had left the area, we went back in the kitchen. We noticed a temporary food service permit for the Chinese Christmas community breakfast on the fridge, so discussed that for a while - Jose was amused when we told him that apparently the permit was for all day on Christmas! We FINALLY got going well after 10, and Eric had to get gas on the way home, too. (Geoffrey and I saw FOUR #20 Victoria buses IN A ROW drop people off at that bus stop, though!) This meant that I didn't get home till after 11 - we had a discussion about Mr. Creep on the way home from Geoffrey's, too. (at least Geoffrey is looking forward to being home for Christmas for two weeks - flies to Texas on Christmas morning!)

Trivia fact for Saturday, Dec. 18: What was the first U.S. circulating coin to have writing on it in Braille? The state quarter representing Alabama, issued in 2003. The coin features an engraving of Helen Keller reading a Braille book, with her name written alongside in English and in Braille.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Present Wrapping

Kitty (bornwitch) let me know that she got my card, so that's good. I like the crazy Christmas songs, haha.

You Are Sophisticated

You are a traditional gift giver. You don't take too many risks with your presents, and prefer to go for the sure win.

You are spontaneous and impulsive. You tend to do things quickly, and you're quite impatient.

You are creative, but not very organized. You are often going in many directions at once.

You don't think outward appearances matter much. As long as you're clean and neat, you're good!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Running errands and getting bubble tea is a good low-key hangout!

Vanessa called at about 2:30 to wonder what I wanted to do - running errands and getting bubble tea sounded like my idea of a good hangout, so she picked me up at around 3. We went to Shoppers Drug Mart, the bank, Save-On Foods (BBQ pork!), and more places: I got my own banking done, and got a new Save-On More card / international stamps. (saves me some walking!) I gave her a Christmas card, so she decided to buy me a large pudding bubble tea at Tapioca Express, and gift me some homemade shortbread cookies later. Sweet deal, especially since she was entertained by the orange pudding blob at the bottom of my cup, haha!

Talked about what food to get for supper (we eventually decided on Mama Burgers and onion rings at A&W), Krista, Teunis, Erik, Mr. Creep, Wayne, stupid drivers here, high gas prices, Victoria driving being better, fish and chips, pizza, Greek food, work frustrations, Ryan Kesler's first hat trick yesterday, psycho people, drugs, hanging out at the condo / watching TV / the news / TWO AND A HALF MEN, heat, bad Craigslist ads / spelling, and more. Good times, indeed! When I got home at about 8 (and mailed Kadri's card - yay for bad_habit!), Chinese Eric said to count him in for Sunday. Since Mom had gotten impatient, I had already done so; he said that was smart. Hahaha, I do what I reasonably can to avoid ASIAN MOTHER WRATH!

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Restarts, news about Barbara, hardcover or paperback book

Apparently, this thing restarted overnight. Facebook doesn't seem to work properly either, now that I've apparently been fully switched to their new profile... WTF?!

I've found the RICHMOND NEWS story about Barbara getting killed by the recycling truck, too.

Police are trying to piece together the tragic last moments of an elderly woman's life after she was apparently struck by a recycling truck.

The 72-year-old woman died in hospital a couple of hours after the Monday morning incident in her townhouse complex at 4120 Steveston Hwy.

Police confirmed that the woman was struck while in a parking bay at the Winfield Estates complex just east of No. 1 Road.

On Tuesday, the RCMP was still poring over the details of the fatal accident, with no indication, as yet, whether charges will be laid or not.

The truck belonged to Sierra Waste Services Ltd., and was being operated by three employees at the time of the accident.

You Are an Ebook

You are ultra-modern and cutting edge. You don't want to have to wait for anything if you don't have to.

You love technology, and you always are up for trying out the latest and greatest gadget.

Your tastes tend to fall outside the mainstream. You often can't find what you're looking for at a regular store.

You aren't the most patient person in the world. If you see something you want, you've got to have it as soon as possible!

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Spiffy mobs, Savina's card arriving, Vanessa / BBT / rent, Wyatt Earp

High-scoring word of the night:

SPIFF (154 points) - against Nancy M. [two 3W, hook off MOB for a plural]

Savina (bodha) let me know that my card arrived there as well - yay! Vanessa H. got on MSN to say that Krista's dad wants her to find another place to live because he's renting the condo to sell it - two weeks before Xmas, eh? Hmm... that kind of thing isn't easy, I'm sure! (who can afford $1200 a month?!) I told her to let me know if she needed to borrow my Internet since Os is going to take the server and phone away at some point. We also have BBT plans tomorrow, should she get back early from Victoria!

Trivia fact for Thursday, Dec. 16: What larger-than-life American character was played in the movies by Kurt Russell in 1993 and Kevin Costner in 1994? Old West lawman Wyatt Earp. Russell appeared as Earp in Tombstone; Costner, in Wyatt Earp.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

80-year-olds have iPhones?! / Winter Name / Human Eyeballs

When I was out just now, I saw an 80-year-old guy with an iPhone! At least I've paid my bills, which always leaves me feeling poor even if I still have money in my bank account!

Your Winter Name is Holly Frostine

Let it Snow!

Trivia fact for Wednesday, Dec. 15: How much does the average human eyeball weigh? Just over a quarter of an ounce - 0.2645 ounce to be precise.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My mom's neighbor Barbara was killed by the recycling truck!

I'm on the phone with my mom right now, and the first thing she told me is that Barbara (her townhouse complex neighbor, whom I met a couple times) got killed yesterday by the recycling truck backing over her! (she guesses Barbara was in a hurry to grab the neighbors' stuff since the truck was late) Then she said that Jack (another neighbor) told Valerie (yet another neighbor whom I've met) when she got home since they were close over 26 years, and of course she started wailing! She wondered how I never heard about it, and says I should read the RICHMOND NEWS tomorrow since they called her yesterday - of course Mom told them not to quote her, but they might! Then she said that the recycling truck had been in their complex for a while, so I said that it was EVIDENCE in a CRIME SCENE - her reaction was one of horror, haha! Dad was home at the time, and went to get Mom from the gym since he didn't want her to suddenly see all the police cars around the complex - Grandma was scared, and left all the lights on yesterday while staying downstairs just in case something happened while the parents were out. When I called, Mom was about to delete Barbara from her gift list too.

I asked what time the extravaganza on Sunday started: she says 6, which kinda lines up with what I told Chinese Eric earlier. Then I asked if I could invite Chinese Eric, whom she HAS met before despite her not remembering - she doesn't need to know that I've already done so, haha. She said: "OF COURSE - I told Jon to do so, too! He's invited Randal and what's his name... Jeremy! Nathan is 90% sure... *goes into micro-management detail about parking, which I ignore* " Then she said not to buy "those two books" - I had to ask what she meant. "Guinness and Ripley's... didn't you get the email?!" Nope, hehe! Mom also wants me to spend time with Grandma next week (at least she got the memo that I was sick on Sunday), but we'll see about that. Maybe that'll happen in January, haha!

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Ink at the library and shrimp shells (dream) / Xmas invites / 12 Days of Christmas

I had a weird dream involving epic time periods, ink at the library, crazy epic books which we could take out 30 at a time, shrimp shells, Randal and Chinese, Wesley and garlic / pink ginger / green onions / maple cornucopias, Steph and funny voicemail messages in the dark, and more. What the heck?! Got up to an MSN message from Vanessa saying she can't do bubble tea this weekend due to a shift exchange, and a bunch of "unknown caller" instances on my Caller ID. I figured it was Chinese Eric, so waited until HE got on MSN. It was him indeed, and he wanted to let me know that Nate is back - trust me, I KNOW! However, I don't know his cell number, and am unsure about Saturday even if he can give me a ride back and forth! Since he says it starts at 4 (and I think I still have Awana), I really don't know! Decided to invite HIM to the Xmas extravaganza at Mom's - if Jon can invite people like Randal, I can do this for my own sanity, haha! Says he's interested... and wonders whether I'm using the new computer or the adapter. No, and yes... if it would charge, it would be a good thing, for sure!

You Are Seven Swans-a-Swimming

For you, the holidays mean a lot on a religious or spiritual level. Celebrating them is important to you.

You don't really buy into a lot of the mainstream commercialism surrounding the holidays. You don't believe things bring happiness.

Your holiday wish is for each person to find fulfillment. Inner peace is the best kind of peace.

You don't tell other people how to live their lives, but you've figured out what works for you.

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Buying valued jays, name acronym generator, well-known professions

High-scoring words of the night:

BUY (244 points) - against Shelley R.-B. [5W, 3W, hook off LOFT to make LOFTY]
JAYS (290 points) - against Mathilde B. [4W, 2W, hook off SULTANA for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
VALUATORS (875 points) - against Christine P. [3W, two 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Facebook quiz taken from Steven:

Dear Leslie Ng, below are your Name Acronym results:
L => Luscious
E => Exquisite
S => Simple
L => Lazy
I => Industrious
E => Earthy
N => Naive
G => Gorgeous

Trivia fact for Tuesday, Dec. 14: New York's Madison Avenue is known for its admen; London's Savile Row, for its tailors. For what profession is K Street in Washington, DC, best known? Lobbyists.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Escort, nakedness, and trash-talk dreams / Christmas mail / Doctors

I don't want to know why I had a dream about my sister being a very discreet escort for hire (Mom didn't know about the "secret" phone greetings or tucked-away pamphlets), my brother driving a city bus an hour early into a construction zone, my being half-naked in front of certain people, and our playing a MAFIA game (Randal's suggestion) in the old church. The game involved historical banking failures and textbooks, Mike K. / Margaret / Stanley firing tacks and other projectiles through the walls at people in the basement, and our trash-talking Cindy about touching her students! Mom also drove a truck full of instruments (violins / guitars), I disappointed some little kids (but learned from it), we had to clean up other kids' translucent white messes, and there were groups of little kids everywhere. It ended when I heard Hester and her husband knocking at my door / in my suite... at least I got a new bathroom fan. (hope it's new...) Tried some candy cane fudge cheesecake, also - yum!

Finally feel well enough to walk to the mailbox and post Christmas cards for Sheryll (sheryll) and Nyssa (giggles_19) - now, if only this annoying cough and slightly stuffy nose would go away! (medicine has NO effect on it; I've tried!) The international one to Kadri (bad_habit) will have to wait till I feel well enough to walk to the store for stamps and back... but I do feel okay enough to even contemplate writing the other ones for church friends, at least. Speaking of mail, I got a lovely card from Savina (bodha) and a penguin card from Christy (snoopdawg) today! Christy also included Halloween / butterfly / heart / flower / Valentine's Day / rainbow / raindrop / cloud / umbrella / spring / tulip / duck / duckling / firefighter / animal stickers - sweet! Mandy (a_phoenixdragon) let me know that she got my card and postcard: "sitting on my desk in a place of honor," indeed! She's been busy with the stupid sticking snowfall there... ugh!

You Would Be a Practical Doctor

You're the kind of person who's concerned with facts and figures.

As a doctor, you would be up on the latest research and take detailed notes about your patients.

You would be just as concerned with keeping your patients healthy through preventative medicine as you would with curing them.

You would be well suited to being an orthopedic surgeon or radiologist. You would also do well running a general practice.

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Peewit / 2-1 win / 2010 Checkbox Survey / Hairdryers and pasta dinners

High-scoring word of the night:

PEEWIT (140 points) - against Terri B. [2W, 5W]

The Canucks won 2-1 against Edmonton tonight, haha!

Trivia fact for Monday, Dec. 13: What famous Hollywood sex symbol claimed she once used a hair dryer to speed up the preparation of a pasta dinner? Marilyn Monroe.


In 2010, I have...

[X] broken a promise
[] made a new best friend
[] fallen in love
[] fallen out of love
[] been in over 2 relationships
[X] lied
[] gone behind my parents' back
[] cried over a broken heart
[X] disappointed someone close
[X] pretended to be happy
[] kissed in the rain
[] kissed on a first date
[] slept under the stars
[] kept your New Year's resolution
[] forgot your New Year's resolution
[X] met someone who changed your life
[] met one of your idols
[X] changed your outlook on life
[X] sat home all day doing nothing
[X] pretended to be sick
[] left the country
[] almost died
[X] given up something important to you
[] lost something expensive
[X] learned something new about yourself
[X] tried something you normally wouldn't try, and liked it
[X] made a change in your life
[X] found out who your true friends were
[X] met great people
[X] stayed up till sunrise
[X] pigged out over the summer
[] met someone from Live Journal in person
[X] cried over the silliest thing
[X] partied more than 5 times
[X] was never home on weekends
[] gotten into a car accident
[] found a person I never thought I'd become really good friends with
[X] had friends who were drifting away from me
[] had someone close to me die
[] had a high cell phone bill
[X] wasted most of my money on food
[] had a fist fight
[] gone to the beach
[] seen a celebrity
[X] gotten sick
[] liked more than 5 people at the same time (... thank goodness, no!)
[X] had a wasted night
[X] became closer to a lot of people

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eric is NOT a psycho, thank goodness! / Facebook note character limits / Starbucks Drinks

I got up at 2, feeling secure in the knowledge that Eric is not usually a psycho like certain people are. As I thought, he did try calling me at 8:55, but probably had the good sense to figure I was resting. If he HAD knocked at the door or window while calling my name out a million times and insisting that I *had* to leave, I'd have told him where to go! And now I find out that Facebook notes have a ridiculous character limit of 65,535 characters - guess I better not try editing the ghost stories, then! How annoying!

You Are an Iced Gingerbread Latte

You enjoy a nice chill during the holidays. Unlike most people, you aren't in the position of needing to warm up.

You prefer to spend your holiday in the sun, but you still want to be reminded of classic holiday flavors.

You are energetic and constantly on the go. You can't slow down for a warm drink.

You like a bit of punch and snap to your drink. You want something that will give you a little spring in your step!

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White emblems, feeling sick and falling asleep, ice cream, and bananafish

High-scoring words of the night:

LAV (175 points) - against Alice P. [two 5W]
EMBLEM (135 points) - against Pam H. [two 3W]
WHITE (224 points) - against Nicola P. [two 4W]
BAA (163 points) - against Chantelle S. [two 5W - one used twice, hook off TRAM to make AT / AR]

Called Henry to tell him that I felt sick, so wouldn't be making it out to Awana today; he could certainly tell Auntie Vivian for me, and hoped I got better soon. Possibly! Later, Vanessa H. got on MSN to say that we should do bubble tea; for sure! We talked about growing up with the last name Ho (Holly probably got ALL the jokes!), NOT hyphenating names, Wayne's last name, not naming your kids Ida / Ivan / Tally if your last name was Ho, snow, sending chocolates to Newfoundland (it gets more expensive around Xmas), Tapioca Express Snow Bubbles (coconut smoothie) being gross, Well Tea at UBC (and the different menu), and more. Fell asleep again, then Candy at least let me know that she got my Christmas card - phew! Steph and Lisa were at the Canucks game tonight - yay for Markus Naslund getting his jersey #19 retired! However, the team lost 5-4 to the Tampa Bay Lightning in overtime...

Facebook quiz taken from Nina:

What kind of ice cream are you? Leslie got vanilla. "You are a quiet, calm, gentle person. You love to hang out outside and listen to what nature brings you."

Trivia fact for Sunday, Dec. 12: What eccentric American writer created an imaginary creature called a bananafish? J.D. Salinger, in his short story A Perfect Day for Bananafish. According to Salinger, the bizarre fish was named for a fatal food fetish - it would dive into holes in reefs to search for bananas. It would eat so many of them that it became too fat to swim out.

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