Saturday, June 04, 2005

Hapland 2 walkthrough / Jeremy is NOT a prospect! / Emily's arrival

Here's a walkthrough for Hapland 2. That game is BAD!

Also, my mom seems to think that my brother's friend Jeremy is a prospect for me since he's white and a good Christian. I like him, but not in that way! o_O

I should get ready for Emily's arrival, too. Spare keys, the works. ;)

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Cursing, books, Father's Day, Awana BBQ, this week's plans, dirty uniforms, Take It To Heart, gay!

Quick rundown of my afternoon / early evening:

* Realize that Jann Arden's Insensitive is the near-perfect song for me now.

* Take bus into town, and buy Jessica's birthday card at the dollar store.

* Go to library to return my mom's books on Alaskan / Pacific Northwest cruises.

* Wander into Chapters and buy the #12 and #17 Bathroom Readers for Nathan and Citrus' birthdays. (I might as well buy them both at once!) Contemplate The Diaries of Samuel Pepys for myself, but decide to get that one another time. (yes, I'm aware it's available online... but I like actual books sometimes! :P)

* Go back to the library and borrow The Kid (national sex columnist Dan Savage and his boyfriend Terry adopted a kid)... I need *some* free reading material for the bus ride to church and such! Also grab a bunch of free bookmarks... you're technically supposed to take only a few, but I figure that I'll be fine as long as I'm not grabbing all 200 available. ;)

* Go back to dollar store and buy stickers which will decorate the books and birthday card.

* Have lunch at the Cactus Club.

* Take bus to Awana: Melia welcomes me back; Cindy, Emily, and Auntie Vivian ask how my trip was; Danny and Alysia tease Edmond because he forgot his dirty uniform; and Auntie Rebecca threatens us with posting our names on the Internet if we don't do this year's Take It To Heart verses of Proverbs 3:1-13... we laugh this off. (but if little Zoe can do it, we can too...)

* Eric T. tells me that the highlight of the Awana club is the year-end BBQ at Uncle Patrick's house. I definitely agree, but I might not make it if I have to go through the transit / lateness woes that I did last year! Auntie Vivian asks if he's talked to Uncle Patrick yet: nope! But that BBQ definitely provides good times, as Nathan would say. I remember Emily, Sarah, and Julie suggesting names for Anita and Jeff's future kids at the last one: Ichabod, Beatrice, and Jeffita?!

* Sam gives me a ride home since my usual ride (Michelle) is in Brazil or something on a missions trip. During a Kiel Mortgage Father's Day commercial, I realize that (for the second year in a row), I don't have to do anything for Father's Day. Last year (as I was telling Eric H.), my parents went on a European cruise in June and didn't come back till the day after. This year, my parents and sister are going to Toronto for her grad ceremonies, then go on a bus tour of New York. Sam says I'm lucky, haha!

* Think about the stuff I must do this week: pay my phone bill, plonk down cash for a money order (still under consideration for Tuesday!), meet Shannon at Lonsdale Quay at 2 on Wednesday (and not sleep in), forget about someone....

* Get home and find this suggestion for dealing with my mother's questioning: "Tell her that you're a lesbian instead!" I don't THINK so! :P

Corey wants to tell my mom that I'm gay!

[19:17:59] AlenaBrolxFlami: someone just said that I'd "suffer an onterage" of questions from my mom if I told her that I was a lesbian :P
[19:18:41] mrptptpt: can I tell her you're a lesbian?
[19:18:42] *** Auto-response sent to mrptptpt: I am currently away from the computer.
[19:19:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: my mother?
[19:20:18] mrptptpt: sure
[19:22:39] AlenaBrolxFlami: you don't even know her number! :P
[19:39:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: so how do you figure you'll tell her?
[19:45:07] mrptptpt: so what's her number?
[19:45:27] mrptptpt: I told my friend Will's dad that Will's younger brother was gay :P
[19:45:50] mrptptpt: I said that he "loved the cock"
[19:46:57] AlenaBrolxFlami: I'm not going to give you her number!
[19:47:28] mrptptpt: pleaaase? I can call it for free with a relay service for deaf people!
[19:47:35] mrptptpt: then I don't even have to worry about sounding fake
[19:47:40] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh man... haha.. what was his reaction?
[19:47:42] mrptptpt: since an operator reads everything
[19:47:53] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, I know about that... but no!
[19:48:00] mrptptpt: he just said that he didn't think so, and that he didn't live there anymore and had a girlfriend :P
[19:48:17] AlenaBrolxFlami: well, he could be bi :P
[19:48:34] mrptptpt: I said I was his gay lover and that he loved the cock and we'd been buttfucking for a while now, and wanted to let him know :P (this was all using a relay operator, too :P)
[19:48:56] mrptptpt: so why are we telling your mom that you're a lesbian anyway?
[19:56:46] AlenaBrolxFlami: aiya
[19:57:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: someone suggested it as an alternative to her bugging me with questions about guys :P
[19:59:28] mrptptpt: okay... well, I'll call her up and say "dude, I was just spying on Leslie through her window, and she was totally going down on another chick and playing with her boobs"

then she'll get the picture
[20:03:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: first of all, you can't do that since you live nowhere near me. second of all, she'd call ME after she got a call like that, and then ream my ass out six different ways from Sunday :P
[20:05:45] mrptptpt: I'll just tell her I live there :P
[20:11:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: I don't think so!
[20:12:22] mrptptpt: well, can I call YOU and tell you that you're a lesbian?
[20:15:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: we both know that isn't true :P
[20:15:28] mrptptpt: that's okay
[20:19:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: I don't know that you'd want to do that anyway :P
[20:20:09] mrptptpt: why not?
[20:20:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: because that would be weird for a first phone call: "Hey Leslie, you're a lesbian! Get it? haha!"
[20:28:12] mrptptpt: okay, I'll leave off the "get it" part
[20:31:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: believe me, I've had plenty of that to last me a lifetime :P
[20:31:39] mrptptpt: plenty of people calling you a lesbian?
[20:32:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: no, plenty of people teasing me about being one because of my name :P
[20:33:10] mrptptpt: Lesliebian?
[20:36:25] AlenaBrolxFlami: no... more like "LEZlie... see? you ARE one!"
[20:40:57] mrptptpt: tell them it's spelled with an s :P
[20:42:00] AlenaBrolxFlami: that was for emphasis... they knew the correct spelling :P
[20:46:29] mrptptpt: then you could just call them "fatty fat fat fat"
[20:48:44] AlenaBrolxFlami: eh, what sort of insult is that? :P
[20:55:00] mrptptpt: it's from the Simpsons!
[20:55:04] mrptptpt: and calls the person fat
[20:56:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: aiya :P
[20:59:29] mrptptpt: you could say that too, I guess
[21:04:41] AlenaBrolxFlami: but that's not an insult!
[21:05:47] mrptptpt: then try "may your mother be fucked by 1000 dicks!"

there was some website of international insults and I think that was some Middle Eastern one... the literal translation..
[21:08:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: ooh, link?
[21:08:32] mrptptpt: it's not online anymore.. it's old
[21:08:44] AlenaBrolxFlami: dang :P
[21:10:24] mrptptpt: that's not the same one, but it looks like a database of international cursing :P
[21:10:50] AlenaBrolxFlami: cool! :P
[21:15:07] mrptptpt: use Firefox, though... this incredibly annoying activeX thing keeps coming up if you use IE
[21:15:32] mrptptpt: so zakennayo, baita
[21:16:03] mrptptpt: and you're an onara atama, too
[21:18:13] mrptptpt: I'm sending a bunch of the Chinese ones to Jane :P
[21:18:29] mrptptpt: the first one was "pighead" which she always calls me, so she thought I copied her
[21:18:35] mrptptpt: then I called her gay :P
[21:19:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: uh, you're nice :P
[21:20:31] mrptptpt: well she said ??????? to me!
[21:20:55] AlenaBrolxFlami: which is?
[21:21:26] mrptptpt: a young fool :P
[21:21:35] AlenaBrolxFlami: hm
[21:21:37] mrptptpt: now she called me a "good locomotive"
[21:21:46] AlenaBrolxFlami: uh.. that's an INSULT?
[21:23:03] mrptptpt: she says it's new slang there... it means you're annoying and mean
[21:23:11] mrptptpt: she doesn't know why they use that word though
[21:23:21] mrptptpt: loco is crazy in Spanish.... but locomotive?? :P
[21:23:27] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, okay :P no clue..
[21:24:17] mrptptpt: Corey says:
Jane says:

[21:24:31] mrptptpt: "I wish you a slow death, but a quick ride to hell!"
[21:24:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: AIYA!
[21:25:25] mrptptpt: she probably thinks I'm using a translation site :P that's what I usually do when I insult her in Chinese
[21:28:12] AlenaBrolxFlami: hahaha
[21:28:16] mrptptpt: okay, this one must be bad :P she made a REALLY mad face

Corey says:
Jane says:
COREY (mad face icon that isn't copying goes here)

plus, she made a mad face on her camera

[21:28:27] mrptptpt: "Fuck the 18 generations of your ancestors"
[21:30:14] mrptptpt: Corey says:
is that bad or something?
Jane says:
of course
Jane says:
that is pretty rude!!!
Corey says:
are you sure?
Jane says:
you are BAD
Jane says:
Corey says:
why is that so bad?
Jane says:
of course it is bad
Corey says:
Jane says:
uh... that is like what... fuck and ..... fuck all your family or something!!!
Jane says:
that is BAD
[21:30:49] AlenaBrolxFlami: I agree! that IS bad!
[21:36:17] mrptptpt: she makes great faces :P
[21:36:29] mrptptpt: Corey says:
Jane says:
Jane says:
[21:36:35] mrptptpt: "fuck your mother's ass"
[21:36:48] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, that's an insult, all right..
[21:46:33] mrptptpt: Nide muchin shr ega da wukwei (your mother is a big turtle)
[21:46:46] AlenaBrolxFlami: uh..
[21:47:13] mrptptpt: I'm asking her about that one :P
[21:47:29] AlenaBrolxFlami: good idea
[21:47:54] mrptptpt: here we go: Ni ya lian zhang de gen lan bi shi de You have a face like a rotting cunt
[21:48:02] mrptptpt: I think I'll use that one next after she explains this one
[21:48:13] AlenaBrolxFlami: AIYA
[21:50:15] mrptptpt: you can say that to people that call you a lesbian
[21:51:00] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha
[21:55:53] mrptptpt: apparently calling someone a big turtle is an insult.. she doesn't know why :P
[21:56:55] AlenaBrolxFlami: I have no idea, either..
[21:58:37] mrptptpt: the only things I could think of were being low to the ground, or being a coward (hiding in your shell), but she doesn't think those are right
[21:59:25] mrptptpt: Alf Zobr Fe Teezak A thousand cocks in your ass
[21:59:30] mrptptpt: Egyptian Arabic :P
[22:08:45] *** You have been disconnected. Sat Jun 04 22:08:45 2005.
[22:30:14] *** "mrptptpt" signed on at Sat Jun 04 22:30:11 2005.
[22:32:46] AlenaBrolxFlami: my mom says that it's an insult to call someone "wong bat dan" :P
[22:34:41] mrptptpt: what does that mean?
[22:34:45] *** Auto-response sent to mrptptpt: I am currently away from the computer.
[22:37:30] AlenaBrolxFlami: "turtle eggs... you know what bat is.. nosy!"
[22:40:32] mrptptpt: turtle eggs are nosy?
[22:43:21] AlenaBrolxFlami: apparently :P
[22:46:34] mrptptpt: turtle eggs never try to butt into my business, though
[22:46:56] mrptptpt: so did you tell your mom about your new interest for women?
[22:55:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: they don't try to butt into mine, either... and no, that's only in your head :P
[22:56:58] mrptptpt: Jane says the turtle egg thing means a fool or something like that.. you're not literally calling them turtle eggs... that's just what you say, or something :P
[22:59:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, my mom says it's not literal either.. more like a figurative type of thing :P
[23:00:00] mrptptpt: you're a turtle egg!
[23:04:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: am not :P
[23:09:12] mrptptpt: oh, fine

Your Expression Number is 9
An idealist and humanitarian, you strive to make the world a better place.
You do your best when you follow your feelings and sense of compassion.
Deep down, you dream of being loved by many.

You are capable of much human understanding, and have a lot to give to others.
While you are very ambitious, you never lose sight of perspective.
You have an abundance of creative talents... you just need to tap into them.

Although you are a giving person, you can become selfish if you are ignored.
If you are not able to help people, you tend to shelve your talents.
Without others, you become aloof and start to lack sensitivity.

The True You

You want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more relaxed, calm, and composed.
With respect to money, you spend whatever you have.
You think good luck might come your way, but if it does... you'll be so surprised, you'll burst out laughing.
The hidden side of your personality tends to be easily attracted to fads and fashions. You are showy and want to be noticed.
You are the type of person who assumes that the world revolves around yourself.
When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you don't have any particular type in mind, but you are inclined to look for someone who will say yes when you ask him / her out.

Part Playful Kisser

Kissing is a huge game for you, a way to flirt and play
You're the first one to suggest playing spin the bottle at a party
Or you'll go for the wild kiss during a game of truth or dare
And you're up for kissing any sexy stranger if the mood is right!

Part Shy Kisser

You *do* love to kiss, once you're comfortable with it
And that means knowing the person you're kissing pretty well
You usually don't make the first move when it comes to making out
But you've got plenty of intensity in return

The third choice to #3 made me think of Palmer, haha. :P
As for the results... I don't know about those! o_O

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Wacky green slime woman! / Stanley Clarke / Tabbed browsing

I quoted Neil Young's Ohio to Chris W. just now, and I got "you wacky green slime woman!" in return. Then he tells me that it's part of my MSN name. Yes, apparently I've forgotten that I've changed my MSN name AGAIN. Hahaha! (I only quoted it because he greeted me with "Ohaio! :D"... yes, he remembers reading about the Kent State incident in his history text)

If you can tell me where the MSN name's from, you get... a great prize! Guess! :D

According to Chris, I should get School Days by Stanley Clarke. ("He does amazingly good music, for it having next to no lyrics!")

P.S. Tabbed browsing in Mozilla is the bomb. (I got used to it on my sister's laptop recently!)

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Pu-Pu Platter, Hapland 2, Crime Library James Bulger murder

Here's a teaser for the Alaska pictures. This was found on my cleaning sister's blog:

HEHEHEHE. This menu was posted on some Chinese (and I use that term loosely) restaurant in Ketchikan, Alaska - the salmon capital of the world. Perhaps I should submit the pic to Oh, dear... (words stolen from my sister, but it accurately describes my reaction too!)

That picture reminds me of a Blackout's Box prank call I have on here. Some guy calls a Chinese restaurant to discuss a "Pu-Pu Platter" for 30 people. Heh, good times. :D

On another note, Renegade introduced me to Hapland 2. He has way more patience than me, as he finished the game in a few hours. It's harder than the first one, for sure!

Third note: Corey just linked me to the James Bulger murder. Someone posted a link to that when people in the UK were talking about some kids that were caught trying to hang a five-year-old there. Sad, really... kids shouldn't be like that. But when you have Mary Bell... =/

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Birthday cards, Bathroom Readers, weird conversations

1. I need to get Jessica's birthday card, and Nathan's Bathroom Reader.
2. Everyone tells me that I have a way with words. I don't see it.
3. I should remember to take the bus tomorrow to Awana.

Two excerpts from family conversations:

1. On the cruise ship, at lunch / dinner one night:

Mom: Single people are too set in their ways. When something isn't to their liking, they're not used to it since they can cater to themselves.
Steph: Mom, single people are like that.
Mom: Your sister has lived by herself for too long. She has to learn to socialize with people, especially church friends.
Me, in head: Uh... I have not done any such thing! I do so know how to talk to people, even if I'm not the best at it!
Steph: Yeah, I think she needs MORE FAMILY TIME! That would be GREAT!
Me: Um.... o_O
Steph: Don't you just love being surrounded by your LOVING FAMILY?!
Me: Um... erm...

2. Just now, on the phone to my mother:

Mom: You know, I was talking to your brother this morning. What do you think about ******?
Me: What do you mean?
Mom: You know. You have to pray for your future husband. He's a nice guy!
Me: Yeah, but it doesn't mean I like him that way.
Mom: Why not? I think you should get together with him!
Me: I don't like everyone in that way. (I'd pity the male population of the Vancouver area if I did!)
Mom: Well, maybe we can make something happen! Now that your Mark is gone... you should have asked him out!
Me: Mark was never mine in the first place! o_O Why are you talking to Jon about this?
Mom: He's your BROTHER! That's okay!
Me: It's my PRIVATE LIFE, Mom!
Mom: Well, we can be the CARING COMMITTEE! That should be your #1 priority!
Me, in head: I wasn't aware that the #1 priority of single Christian women was to find a husband...
Mom: By the way, have you seen that guy anymore?
Me: We only got back a few days ago. When would I have time to do that?
Mom: I don't know. You have lots of free time! But you shouldn't do that.. don't sleep over at his house anymore, or ask him to come over to yours. Just hang out with him!
Me, in head: But that's what we'd do as friends! You wouldn't care as much if I did that with church people!
Me: We'll see what happens.
Mom: By the way, your brother and sister are going to some hockey game with church people tomorrow at 8. You should go after Awana, too. Just bring a book... watching them can be fun!
Me, in head: But what if I'm bored?!
Me: Uh, I don't know about that. We'll see.
Mom: You need to learn to talk to people outside of the Internet. Christian people are good!
Me: There are plenty of Christian people on the Internet, Mom.
Mom: How do you know?!
Me: Trust me, I do. *diverts conversation to other topics, and thinks that I know better than she does in this instance!*

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Funny stories involving Ceejay's co-worker / my mom

I just read what my friend Ceejay posted at a message board:

During lunchtime, I was reading online last week about a man in Wheeling, West Virginia who was arrested for wearing a Grinch mask in public.

Here is a link for those that might think I was making it up:

Grinch in a clinch for wearing mask

and another: Man Arrested for Wearing Grinch Mask

Yes, that's right. In West Virginia it is, apparently, illegal to wear a mask in public except under certain, very specific, circumstances.

Punishable by up to a year in jail. A YEAR.

Personally, I thought this was remarkable. I mean here in Massachusetts, it might get you a laugh, or stare, maybe an unpleasant social label. Heck, it might even get a drink bought for you, depending on the neighborhood and the mask. But you're not very likely to be put in handcuffs for it, much less get a year at MCI Cedar Junction.

So I then turn to my pod-neighbor, who spent much time in Virginia when she was younger, thinking that it might excite some sort of entertaining discussion. I relayed this tragic story. She replied that things are much different in Virginia than up north. I respond that that may be so, but.. ~blah blah blah~ "And by the way, it was West Virginia."

~silence and pause~

"You mean the western end of the state?"

"Nooo.. I mean West Virginia."

~more silence~

"There is no West Virginia."

"... what are you talking about?"

"There's no such place."

I might have argued this very point myself under different circumstances. I would also be given to doubt the existence of parts of California, Montana, and Kentucky - except for those pesky maps shaped like the U.S. that I saw every day from 2nd grade to 6th proving me wrong. I mean, I think most people would be hard pressed to name all the states without some thought, if only because there are so many of them. But we all darn well know one when we hear one, right?

Pop quiz: Which one is a US State?

A) Neverland B) Oz C) Missouri D) Gotham City

Give yourselves a gold star. :) Anyhow..

~blink blink~

"Are you serious?" I glance around. I'm being filmed. I swear I am being filmed somewhere like on Candid Camera.

Have you ever been in a discussion that turned so abstract and the person with whom you are discussing believes their point so fervently that you begin to doubt your own knowledge of the facts? You start saying "Well, hell, could I be wrong?"

Remember I am not talking about opinion here - some subjective theory, widely open to interpretation. This is simple, grade school geography. I am talking about someone - a college graduate and 8 year member of the US Armed Forces - confronting you and saying - nay INSISTING - that 2+2 = 47 to the third power. That the Planet Earth is actually cubicle, and the sphere shape is just an internet rumor. That reality shows are always good, quality programming.

Stuff like that. :)

So here is a person insisting that a state just over 24,000 square miles in size has, in fact, been a figment of my imagination for 35 years. Tough break for the inhabitants, don't you think? Unless you like to wear Grinch masks, then you're off the hook.

Now I am not a huge fan of West Virginia, but I don't dislike it, by any means. In fact, I am supremely indifferent when it comes to West Virginia. Never been there, no expectation of ever going. In fact, I have little to no personal investment in the existence of many states, save the ones I have travelled to or have friends / relatives in. Despite all this, I felt an unexpected need to leap to the defense of the unassuming little state.

"You know - 'West Virginia'. Shaped kinda like Sherlock Holmes' pipe? Slightly to the west of 'Virginia' Virginia? Birthplace of Billy the Kid?"

"What are you talking about - there has never been such a state!"

It is starting to dawn on me that she might not be yanking my chain.

"You're being totally serious with me. There is no West Virginia - I dreamed it up."

"I should know, I spent 5 years in Virginia! I don't know what you're trying to pull, but it's not funny." and she turned back to her desk, as she clearly and firmly announced the end of a discussion that I thought was starting to show some promise.

Indignance. I think it was the indignant response that snapped me back. I turned my back right back to her and opened up the internet, googled a map of the United States and there it was - the little state that wasn't. I saved this image to my drive, then opened it up in PAINT, zoomed in on the eastern seaboard, circled that little raggedly shaped W.V. in bright red, and emailed it to her. No message, just a single image. She ignored me the rest of the day, not wanting to admit she was wrong.

Not one to put too fine a point on it... the following day, I waited for a suitably busy moment, put on my best business voice, and said: "Luciana, question for you?"

She spun around in her chair. "What's up?"

"Is Colorado a state?"

~whew, she got it!~

Hahahaha! Way too hilarious! Even *I* know they're different! :P

Reminds me of what happened when we were at Melissa's on Sept. 5 last year:

While watching the Russia-Slovakia World Cup hockey game, my mom had this to say: "What?! Slovakia? There's no more Czechoslovakia?"

Uh... the split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia happened in 1993!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Way too funny! :D

That reminds me of what she said in August 2003 to my sister, while Steph was booking their flight to the Atlantic provinces: "Isn't Ottawa in Quebec?"

She's been in Canada since 1970, yet she didn't know that Ottawa is in a completely different province! You'd think she'd have grasped this basic geographic knowledge by now!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! (it's a good thing when I can laugh about this, really! :D )

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Reminders on being a Vodka Girl... REPOST / Romantic Poet Quiz

As an addendum to the last post: Tips from Spoz and Corey on being a Vodka Girl

P. B. Shelley
You are Percy Bysshe Shelley! Famous for your
dreamy abstraction and your quirky verse,
you're the model "sensitive poet." A
vegetarian socialist with great personal charm
and a definite way with the love poem, you
remain an idol for female readers. There are
dozens of cute anecdotes about you, and I love you.

Which Major Romantic Poet Would You Be (if You Were a Major Romantic Poet)?
brought to you by Quizilla

Leslie was caught having sex!
In the middle of the act, caught in the throes of passion in jail ... you've been caught by your imaginary friend!
'Where Will You be Caught Having Sex?' at

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This is how alcohol affects me...

This is how alcohol affects me...

I was thinking about this just now, while remembering 06.13.2002. It was a very busy day that involved going to Susan and Anderson's wedding / banquet, plus a grad banquet afterparty. At the banquet, I had two glasses of wine (plus lots of soft drinks). Now, I know that Asian people have less tolerance for alcohol than, say, Caucasians. My sister tried to explain this to me once, but I don't remember what she said.

On the way to the grad afterparty from the wedding banquet, I could feel my face getting really flushed... I didn't think it wasn't totally red! My sister said it wasn't obvious, which is good. (she had three or four glasses of wine) The three of us were in the car, and I could feel the alcohol working its magic in me.

I laughed maniacally (probably louder than usual, too), had my very fake British / Australian / whatever accent become more pronounced, commanded traffic lights to turn green, and made up totally inappropriate song lyric parodies to whatever was on the radio at the time. (mostly involving booty, poop, and all that really immature stuff :P)

Of course, I didn't do any of this stuff at the afterparty, but instead was maybe a bit louder than usual. (which still isn't a match for my sister) My voice was kinda scratchy, too.. as if I hadn't used it in a while. (especially the morning after when I was trying to phone somebody)

I should add that I don't drink all that often, and the last time I did, I remember getting very tongue-tied. (I was searching for the right word to say, as well)

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Paul Sadowski numerology thing... thanks to Amy!

I haven't heard the number stuff... whee! :P

I've heard most of the birthday stuff before... oh well.

You entered: Leslie Chi-Wah Ng

There are 14 letters in your name.
Those 14 letters total to 72
There are 5 vowels and 9 consonants in your name.

Your number is: 9

The characteristics of #9 are: Humanitarian, giving nature, selflessness, obligations, creative expression.

The expression or destiny for #9:
The expression that you exhibit is represented by the number 9. Your talents center in humanistic interests and approaches. You like to help others as you were intended to be the "big brother or big sister" type. You operate best when you follow your feelings and sense of compassion, and allow yourself to be sensitive to the needs of others. You work well with people, and have the potential to inspire. This suggests that you could successfully teach or counsel. Creative ability, imagination and artistic talent (often latent) of the highest order are present in this expression. It's possible that you're not using or developing all of these capabilities at this time. Some of your talents may have been used at an earlier time in your life, and some may still be latent. Be aware of your capabilities, so that you can make use of them at appropriate times.

If you are able to achieve the potential of your natural expression in this life, you are capable of much human understanding and have a lot to give to others. Your personal ambitions are likely to be maintained in a very positive perspective, never losing sight of an interest in people, and a sympathetic / tolerant / broad-minded / compassionate point of view. You are quite idealistic, and disappointed at the lack of perfection in the world. You have a strong awareness of your own feeling as well as those of others. Friendships, affection, and love are extremely important.

Undeveloped or ignored, the negative side of the 9 expression can be very selfish and self-centered. If you do not actively involve yourself with work that benefits others, you may tend to express just the opposite characteristics. It is your role to be very involved with other people and their needs, but it may be difficult for you to achieve this role. Aloofness, lack of involvement, and a lack of sensitivity mark the low road of this expression.

Your Soul Urge number is: 4

A Soul Urge number of 4 means:
With the Soul Urge or Motivation number of 4, you are likely to strive for a stable life. You tend to follow a rather orderly pattern and systematic approach in your endeavors. You have an inner desire to serve others in a methodical and diligent manner. You want to be in solid / conventional / well-regulated activities, and you are somewhat disturbed by innovation and erratic or sudden changes. Excellent at organizing / systematizing / managing, you have a way of establishing order and maintaining it. You are responsible, reliable and (in the final analysis) practical. Highly analytical, you can see your way through all sorts of situations and generally have a clear understanding of the issues. You are a very honest, sincere, and conscientious individual.

The negative side of the 4 is rigid, stubborn, and somewhat narrow-minded. There is a tendency to hide feelings, or to really not be aware of real feelings. Avoid being too rigid and stubborn in your thinking, and try to always see the big picture rather than becoming too involved with the detail. Don't be afraid to take a chance once in a while.

Your Inner Dream number is: 7

A Inner Dream number of 7 means:
You dream of having the opportunity to read, study, and shut yourself off from worldly distractions. You can see yourself as a teacher, mystic, or ecclesiastic... spending your life in the pursuit of knowledge and learning.

You entered: 9/17/1976

You were born on a Friday
under the astrological sign Virgo.
Your Life path number is 4.

The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2443038.5.
The golden number for 1976 is 1.
The epact number for 1976 is -1.
The year 1976 was a leap year.

(Golden Number:
A number showing the year of the lunar or Metonic cycle. It is reckoned from 1 to 19, and is so called from having formerly been written in the calendar in gold.

Epact Number:
The moon's age at the beginning of the calendar year, or the number of days by which the last new moon has preceded the beginning of the year.

The Life Path Number
The Life Path is the sum of the birth date. This number represents who you are at birth and the native traits that you will carry with you through life. The most important number that will be discussed here is your Life Path number. The Life Path describes the nature of this journey through life.

Julian date:
The number of days since noon 4713 BC January 1.)

As of 6/2/2005 3:28:28 AM CDT
You are 28 years old.
You are 345 months old.
You are 1,498 weeks old.
You are 10,485 days old.
You are 251,643 hours old.
You are 15,098,608 minutes old.
You are 905,916,508 seconds old.

There are 107 days till your next birthday
on which your cake will have 29 candles on it.

Those 29 candles produce 29 BTU's,
or 7,308 calories of heat (that's only 7.3080 food calories!).
You can boil 3.31 US ounces of water with that many candles.

Your birth tree is

Lime Tree, the Doubt

Accepts what life dishes out in a composed way, hates fighting / stress / labor, tends to laziness and idleness, soft and relenting, makes sacrifices for friends, many talents but not tenacious enough to make them blossom, often wailing and complaining, very jealous, loyal.

There are 206 days till Christmas 2005!

The moon's phase on the day you were born was waning crescent.

Friday, September 17, 1976

Moon's age (days): 23
Distance (Earth radii): 61.80
Percent Illumination 38.49%
Ecliptic latitude (degrees): -4.58
Ecliptic longitude (degrees): 92.47

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Quiz / Meme Explosion!

This is what happens when I get bored:

A Quiz / Meme Explosion!

First, name 20 people you know. (how about the last 20 people mentioned in here?)

1. Steve L.
2. David S.
3. Eric M.
4. Emily Chow
5. Palmer
6. Dave
7. Dawn
8. Tracy
9. Jen
10. Adela
11. Keith
12. Anita
13. Maxine
14. Vernon
15. Tim
16. Yazmine
17. Elizabeth
18. Leni
19. Candy
20. Corey

Then, fill this out according to the people you chose!!

Who is 8 going out with? Tracy's going out with Alan.

Is 9 a boy or a girl? Jen is a girl. :D

Would 11 and 2 make a cute couple? Keith and David? Um, I don't THINK so!

How about 18 and 4? Leni and Emily Chow? Two girls?! Hm... maybe. :P

What grade is 17 in? Elizabeth's not in school.

When was the last time you talked to 12? Talked to Anita on May 21 or 22.

What is 6's favorite band? Dave doesn't like music much! o_O

Does 1 have any siblings? Steve doesn't have any.

Would you ever date 3? I don't know... perhaps I wouldn't date Eric, haha.

Would you ever date 7? Dawn's a girl, so no. :P

Is 15 single? No, Tim's married to Maxine. (#14)

What's 16's last name? Yazmine's last name? Loquia.

What's 5's middle name? Palmer's? Jamal Ollie. (somewhat black-ish?)

What's 10's fantasy? No clue what Adela fantasizes about.

Tell me a random fact about 11? Keith's married to someone named Geneva.

And 1? Steve has higher-maintenance CP than I do.

Have you ever had a crush on 16? No, I don't have crushes on former friends. Yazmine's one of those. :P

Where does 9 live? Jen lives in Vancouver!

What's 4's favorite color? I actually have no idea for Emily.

Would you make out with 14? Ew, no. Vernon's married to Sarah!

Are 5 & 6 best friends? Palmer and Dave don't know each other.

Does 7 like 20? Ditto for Dawn and Corey.

Does 8 like 19? Ditto for Tracy and Candy.

How did you meet 15? Met Tim through church... can't remember who introduced us.

Is 12 older than you? Yes, Anita is by about two years and ten days.

Have you ever given 13 a hug? Of course I've given Maxine a hug before!

Is 17 the sexiest person alive? No, I've never thought that about Elizabeth. :P

Erik's Answers To The Above!

Who is 8 going out with? 7. Duh.

Is 9 a boy or a girl? Girl, but was born M and changed over to F in adulthood.

Would 11 and 2 make a cute couple? Not particularly.

How about 18 and 4? Maybe, I don't know. Their husbands might get jealous though.

What grade is 17 in? Grade A message board admin, same as the rest of TPTB here.

When was the last time you talked to 12? Not too long ago... I had a question that was pertinent to our umm, interaction on the board.

What is 6's favorite band? Huh. I should know that. She's more of a movie type I think, than music - but I could be wrong.

Does 1 have any siblings? Yes, a younger sister.

Would you ever date 3? Our friendship never went in that direction, so probably not.

Would you ever date 7? You had to ask me that, didn't you. I better not answer - might get me in trouble with 8.

Is 15 single? He has a partner, but I don't think they're married. 15 and another guy on the board also have a cyber crush going on.

What's 16's last name? Anyone here who doesn't know, I probably shouldn't tell.

What's 5's middle name? We just had a thread on this! Look it up.

What's 10's fantasy? Probably something to do with his love of being a pilot.

Tell me a random fact about 11? I've been teaching her Ancient Greek.

And 1? We've been cyber friends and email pen pals since late 2002, which seems like the beginning of time now.

Have you ever had a crush on 16? No.

Where does 9 live? Here in the Phoenix area.

What's 4's favorite color? She may have told me once, but it's been a long time since we chatted.

Would you make out with 14? I've never felt that way about 14 (sorry).

Are 5 & 6 best friends? I really don't know if they've ever communicated.

Does 7 like 20? They've never conversed AFAIK.

Does 8 like 19? See above.

How did you meet 15? Message board.

Is 12 older than you? 12 doesn't want anyone to know her age.

Have you ever given 13 a hug? If it weren't for the vast geographic distances involved, I would.

Is 17 the sexiest person alive? I would imagine that 16 thinks so.

1 through 4 and also 10 are online friends not tied to either here, the SDMB, or any satellite board.

6 is misstee; 11 is lel; 12 was known as BuckleberryFerry on the SDMB until they went pay; 15 is swampbear; 18 is sperfur.

9, 19 and 20 are friends from real life.

13 and 14 are posters here whom I've conversed with in the chat room. The other 2 that I have paired are couples who post here; it should be pretty easy to figure out which is who. (leaving out 5, 7, 8, 16, 17)

#5: me (I'm so touched that he'd include me on the list! o_O )
#7: Ducky
#8: Ceej
#13: brtfnk
#14: Angelize
#16: Nutty
#17: Viper

I'm Hello Kitty Star Fairy!
made by:Jen

I'm Koalla Suu!

© Jenny

You're Koalla Suu!!

Too bad snacking isn't an Olympic sport!
You're highly energetic and always up for fun!
You're a chatterbox with newcomers, and you are usually in a cheerful mood.
You love electronics (no doubt), and are smarter than people take you for!

I'm Classic-Cute!!
made by Jen

Nice and Pretty!
You have an everlasting cuteness about yourself.
You are admired for your calm exterior and stoic personality.
Why fix it if it ain't broke??
Classics are always a precious commodity.

© What's your Inner Goddess Color?? © Jen

BLUE belongs to the Planet Venus, the giver of love / devotion / harmony.
Its stone is the Amethyst, the super-sacred of the seven jewels.
Pale blue in the aura represents devotion, while dark blue shows fanaticism.

Which are you?

made by Jen

Shiny Sheets
Keep the shine away all day!
Cute little sheet that can keep your makeup looking fresh all day.
There's no reason you should have an oily T-zone.
For more, visit

Which are you?

made by Jen

What's that?

Slow and Steady
Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy.

They see you as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder.

It'd really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment.

They expect you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then usually decide against it.

You're Rufus!
Congrats, you've got a little Rufus in you! Raised
on opera and his mother's show-biz sensibility,
Rufus is a master songwriter and performer.
Though prone to excess and moodiness... his
off-kilter sense of humor and fashion, and his
radiant presence make him a joy to be around.
Don't be ashamed; if this still small voice
speaks up within you (with a bit of a slur and
a lisp), listen up! He could make you a star.

Who's your inner gay man?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ah, Rufus. I should listen to more of his music. :D

Teal is your Lightsaber's color.

The color Teal signifies trustworthiness, devotion
and healing. It is also the indication of a
spiritual guide and natural teacher.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

You Are The Wayward Heart
"Feel Better."

You are best described as "Emotional Support." Anytime an emotional issue comes up or something stresses people out, you are there to help them feel better about it. Whether you are the prankster of the bunch, the funny one, the wild one, or just the shoulder to cry on - your traits favor what it takes to keep people going. You like large groups of people and have many friends. When something hits home for you, however, you have a hard time with it. You also have difficulty paying attention or focusing on one thing. Above all, though, if people are happy, you are happy.

Which Classic Story Role Do You Play?
brought to you by Quizilla

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RandomThought Chat 2 Log

Cast of Characters, In Order of Appearance

Oh No Bad Touch = Sarah (oh_no_bad_touch)
youlookprecious = Haley (haleyxcore)
MagiCanBeMurder = Alexandra (_godshapedhole_)
emoticonsarelame = Amy (exclamation_pnt)
AlenaBrolxFlami = me
ofTheSwollenGoat = Lance (godsstepson)
AzDBaksChamps01= Ronnie (hopefulworeason)
Asterisk665 = Ben / Alyson (_brainsick_)
EthreaL GuardiaN = Jake (zeblith)
AngeLuray = April (angeluray)

Session Start (AlenaBrolxFlami:randomthoughtchatroomii): Tue May 31 19:25:11 2005
[19:25:46] Oh No Bad Touch: i'm an aunt too
[19:26:02] youlookprecious: the goat is godsstepson
[19:26:04] MagiCanBeMurder: isnt it cool
[19:26:06] Oh No Bad Touch: JuliaFence
[19:26:06] MagiCanBeMurder: lance
[19:26:08] youlookprecious: who's the new kid
[19:26:15] Oh No Bad Touch: oh
[19:26:21] Oh No Bad Touch: that boy is cool.
[19:26:30] youlookprecious: yeah.
[19:27:08] *** ofTheSwollenGoat has left the chat.
[19:28:24] Oh No Bad Touch: so...
[19:28:29] youlookprecious: yeah.
[19:28:42] youlookprecious: who's AlenaBrolxFlami?
[19:28:52] *** ofTheSwollenGoat has left the chat.
[19:29:50] MagiCanBeMurder: im gonna go shower
[19:29:51] Oh No Bad Touch: i forget.
[19:29:57] Oh No Bad Touch: who is magi?
[19:30:01] youlookprecious: *shrug*
[19:30:05] MagiCanBeMurder: me=_godshapedhole_
[19:30:15] youlookprecious: ahh.
[19:30:22] Oh No Bad Touch: oh
[19:30:28] Oh No Bad Touch: hi!
[19:30:33] youlookprecious: ello.
[19:30:57] MagiCanBeMurder: lol
[19:31:23] MagiCanBeMurder: howre you all
[19:31:27] Oh No Bad Touch: why can i never find a font i like!
[19:31:34] youlookprecious: because you touch yourself at night.
[19:31:42] youlookprecious: wait, you want girly handwriting?
[19:31:45] youlookprecious: or girly script?
[19:31:55] *** emoticonsarelame has joined the chat.
[19:32:24] youlookprecious: this is a really cute handwriting font
[19:32:27] Oh No Bad Touch: either or
[19:32:45] Oh No Bad Touch: and maybe that is the reason
[19:32:50] emoticonsarelame: i've tried downloading fonts thousands of times
[19:32:57] emoticonsarelame: and i'm an idiot, and never know how to do it
[19:33:07] emoticonsarelame: anyone wanna enlighten me?
[19:33:11] youlookprecious: you just have to put them in your font folder and it should work
[19:33:18] emoticonsarelame: a...font folder?
[19:33:24] youlookprecious: yes.
[19:33:31] youlookprecious: windows\font
[19:33:34] youlookprecious: or fonts
[19:33:34] emoticonsarelame: oh
[19:33:36] MagiCanBeMurder: im gonna go shower
[19:33:40] youlookprecious: can't remember which at the time
[19:33:40] MagiCanBeMurder: you may all im me at your pleasure
[19:33:40] emoticonsarelame: don't sink!
[19:33:43] youlookprecious: have fun in there.
[19:33:46] emoticonsarelame: drown*
[19:33:46] emoticonsarelame: whatever
[19:33:54] Oh No Bad Touch: holy yellow!
[19:33:59] MagiCanBeMurder: lol ttyl<3
[19:34:01] *** MagiCanBeMurder has left the chat.
[19:34:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: aiya
[19:34:14] AlenaBrolxFlami: what have I missed?
[19:34:18] emoticonsarelame: erm...i dont think i have a font folder
[19:34:19] youlookprecious: fonts.
[19:34:23] *** ofTheSwollenGoat has joined the chat.
[19:34:25] youlookprecious: hold, pleeeeease
[19:34:25] emoticonsarelame: :-[
[19:34:31] emoticonsarelame: k
[19:34:31] Oh No Bad Touch: go to control panal
[19:34:36] emoticonsarelame: hi lance
[19:34:39] Oh No Bad Touch: panel*
[19:34:44] emoticonsarelame: panal! yay
[19:34:53] Oh No Bad Touch: and then there should be a fonts folder in there
[19:34:57] AlenaBrolxFlami: I am glowing_dragon! :P
[19:34:58] youlookprecious: i don't think it's in control panel in xp
[19:35:01] emoticonsarelame: i see it!
[19:35:07] youlookprecious: yesss...i am the guessing master.
[19:35:08] emoticonsarelame: thanks bunches
[19:35:15] emoticonsarelame: oh, well, i hate XP, heh
[19:35:23] youlookprecious: NOOO!
[19:35:25] youlookprecious: i love xp
[19:35:26] emoticonsarelame: yep
[19:35:29] youlookprecious: it's the bestestestest
[19:35:32] emoticonsarelame: it's too...bubbly for me
[19:35:42] emoticonsarelame: wait
[19:35:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: who's youlookprecious
[19:35:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: ??
[19:35:48] emoticonsarelame: so how do i get it into the folder? heh
[19:35:51] emoticonsarelame: haleyxcore
[19:35:51] youlookprecious: haleyxcore
[19:35:55] youlookprecious: DAMN YOU!
[19:36:00] AlenaBrolxFlami: ah, all right then
[19:36:04] emoticonsarelame: ha! i beat you even though my comp is lagging ^_^
[19:36:12] youlookprecious: you click the font once and press ctrl+c
[19:36:12] emoticonsarelame: ...that's sad
[19:36:19] emoticonsarelame: ok
[19:36:24] youlookprecious: and then go to the font folder and press ctrl+v
[19:38:24] *** ofTheSwollenGoat has left the chat.
[19:39:09] youlookprecious: so, uh
[19:39:16] Oh No Bad Touch: i download too many fonts
[19:39:25] youlookprecious: let's have a party without lance and then tell him all about it when he comes back
[19:39:42] emoticonsarelame: lol
[19:40:01] youlookprecious: a naked jello wrestling party
[19:40:05] *** ofTheSwollenGoat has joined the chat.
[19:40:11] youlookprecious: ah man, you missed it
[19:40:31] Oh No Bad Touch: what's the name of your cuntface font?
[19:40:37] youlookprecious: we had a drunken 4-person jello wrestling match
[19:40:37] youlookprecious: uhh
[19:40:41] youlookprecious: i believe it is...
[19:40:51] youlookprecious: "anything you want"
[19:40:51] emoticonsarelame: er...
[19:40:58] emoticonsarelame: so i got it into the folder
[19:41:02] youlookprecious: yesss
[19:41:06] emoticonsarelame: but i can't, um, find it
[19:41:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: uh...
[19:41:11] youlookprecious: *sigh*
[19:41:20] AlenaBrolxFlami: are you sure it's in there?
[19:41:21] ofTheSwollenGoat: I need something to kick
[19:41:41] youlookprecious: why do you need that?
[19:41:49] ofTheSwollenGoat: my internet keeps kicking me off
[19:41:51] Oh No Bad Touch: gorgeous
[19:42:21] AlenaBrolxFlami: lovely
[19:42:26] youlookprecious: quite.
[19:42:44] *** emoticonsarelame has left the chat.
[19:43:49] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh no!
[19:44:03] youlookprecious: ?
[19:44:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: she left?!
[19:45:00] youlookprecious: her internet is effed up
[19:45:05] youlookprecious: and it keeps kicking her of
[19:45:07] youlookprecious: off*
[19:45:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: aiya
[19:45:11] youlookprecious: DAMN THIS KEYBOARD!
[19:45:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: my friend's internet is like that
[19:45:22] AlenaBrolxFlami: what's with the keyboard?
[19:45:33] *** emoticonsarelame has left the chat.
[19:45:33] youlookprecious: sometimes the keys don't press all the way down
[19:46:22] *** emoticonsarelame has left the chat.
[19:47:07] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, I hate that... sometimes mine can be like that too... resulting in missing letters and stuff..
[19:48:05] *** emoticonsarelame has joined the chat.
[19:48:13] Oh No Bad Touch: do do do!
[19:48:22] emoticonsarelame: finally
[19:48:37] AlenaBrolxFlami: now I get Haley's stuff ;)
[19:48:41] emoticonsarelame: ...aaaaaand now, of course, i can't see what i'm typing
[19:48:44] *** emoticonsarelame has left the chat.
[19:48:53] AlenaBrolxFlami: her old jouranl name, her birthday (important for me) and such haha
[19:50:24] *** emoticonsarelame has joined the chat.
[19:50:33] *** ofTheSwollenGoat has left the chat.
[19:50:59] youlookprecious: hey, what's this about getting my stuff?
[19:51:04] *** ofTheSwollenGoat has left the chat.
[19:51:29] emoticonsarelame: what?
[19:52:07] youlookprecious: i dunno
[19:52:07] Oh No Bad Touch: new headder done!
[19:52:13] youlookprecious: yesss
[19:52:20] AlenaBrolxFlami: and now my friends list is at an even 120 :D
[19:52:21] Oh No Bad Touch: now i just have to do my layout
[19:52:30] emoticonsarelame: mine number is better:-P
[19:52:41] youlookprecious: 69
[19:52:43] youlookprecious: *giggle*
[19:53:01] emoticonsarelame: anyone want a free Lost keychain?
[19:53:08] youlookprecious: nah
[19:53:12] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha
[19:53:54] emoticonsarelame: yum should be a verb
[19:54:02] youlookprecious: yes it should
[19:54:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: interesting
[19:54:08] youlookprecious: and mehh should be an adjective
[19:54:30] emoticonsarelame: yup
[19:54:41] *** AzDBaksChamps01 has joined the chat.
[19:54:45] AzDBaksChamps01: but if you aren't in randomthought anymore, how can you be in a randomthought chat?!
[19:55:20] Oh No Bad Touch: don't make me kick your ass.
[19:55:20] youlookprecious: who's that?
[19:55:25] Oh No Bad Touch: they can be anything they want
[19:55:35] youlookprecious: WHO ARE YOU?
[19:55:45] youlookprecious: huh?
[19:55:47] youlookprecious: huh?
[19:55:55] youlookprecious: we don't take kindly to strangers 'round these parts.
[19:55:56] emoticonsarelame: easily
[19:56:12] emoticonsarelame: sorry, ronners, my internet is being stupid today
[19:56:14] youlookprecious: who's AzDBaksChamps01?
[19:56:20] AzDBaksChamps01: ah, im trying to update my LJ and talking to other IMs
[19:56:30] emoticonsarelame: that would be hopefulworeason
[19:56:35] youlookprecious: ahhh
[19:56:36] youlookprecious: righto
[19:56:39] youlookprecious: ello.
[19:57:32] AzDBaksChamps01: well i don't know who you or alena are but you don't see me complaining
[19:57:42] youlookprecious: i'm haleyxcore.
[19:57:44] youlookprecious: *curtsy*
[19:57:44] Oh No Bad Touch: with a sidebar or without?
[19:57:48] youlookprecious: hmm
[19:57:52] youlookprecious: both!
[19:57:53] emoticonsarelame: ok, either no one is talking right now or my computer hates me. again.
[19:57:55] youlookprecious: bwahahaha
[19:58:07] emoticonsarelame: there we go
[19:58:09] Oh No Bad Touch: that doesn't help!
[19:58:11] AzDBaksChamps01: just out of curiosity, how old are you haleyxcore?
[19:58:32] emoticonsarelame: 16
[19:58:34] youlookprecious: 16.
[19:58:36] emoticonsarelame: time for dinner, ttyl
[19:58:37] youlookprecious: DAMN YOU AGAIN!
[19:58:38] emoticonsarelame: I BEAT YOU AGAIN.
[19:58:40] youlookprecious: bye
[19:58:42] emoticonsarelame: :-D
[19:58:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: 28
[19:58:53] AzDBaksChamps01: which one are you alena?
[19:58:54] AlenaBrolxFlami: seeya
[19:59:05] AlenaBrolxFlami: Ronnie!
[19:59:11] AzDBaksChamps01: you know my name!
[19:59:13] AlenaBrolxFlami: I am Leslie. Glowing_Dragon.
[19:59:19] AzDBaksChamps01: ooohhh
[19:59:34] AlenaBrolxFlami: Of course I know your name! I've only seen it a zillion times in past posts! :D
[19:59:44] AzDBaksChamps01: now it's socially awkward!
[19:59:47] Oh No Bad Touch: ronnie
[19:59:48] Oh No Bad Touch: haha
[20:00:04] youlookprecious: ronnie...
[20:00:05] youlookprecious: hrm
[20:00:12] youlookprecious: i've never known anyone with that name
[20:00:22] AlenaBrolxFlami: it is socially awkward?!
[20:00:41] AlenaBrolxFlami: I once knew a guy named Ronnie Ramzan who was in the grade below me at junior high..
[20:01:04] Oh No Bad Touch: ronnie
[20:01:10] AzDBaksChamps01: my orientation lady today told me that her jr high assisstant principle had my name (first and last)
[20:01:21] youlookprecious: ronnie ronnie ronnie ronnie!
[20:01:23] youlookprecious: it's fun to say
[20:01:24] AzDBaksChamps01: no one has my last name, except some cement mixer company up north
[20:01:41] Oh No Bad Touch: ronnie
[20:01:44] AzDBaksChamps01: stupid cement mixers, marching all over the mountains with my name!
[20:01:44] Oh No Bad Touch: ronnie
[20:01:46] Oh No Bad Touch: ronnie
[20:01:52] youlookprecious: ronnie
[20:01:52] youlookprecious: ronnie
[20:01:52] youlookprecious: ronnie
[20:01:52] AzDBaksChamps01: are you just saying it or are you getting my attention?
[20:01:53] Oh No Bad Touch: ronnie
[20:01:53] youlookprecious: one of us
[20:01:55] youlookprecious: one of us
[20:01:57] Oh No Bad Touch: ronnie
[20:01:58] youlookprecious: one of us
[20:02:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: ha. there was some dude with the same first and last name at school
[20:02:02] Oh No Bad Touch: hahaha
[20:02:03] youlookprecious: one of us
[20:02:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: which was really confusing!
[20:02:14] youlookprecious: why yes, i am hilarious.
[20:02:41] Oh No Bad Touch: i think so!
[20:03:05] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha indeed
[20:03:06] youlookprecious: freakin' sweet. someone thinks i'm funny besides me
[20:03:17] Oh No Bad Touch: you win!
[20:04:10] Oh No Bad Touch: ahhh i hate aol
[20:04:15] Oh No Bad Touch: i want it to die
[20:05:17] AlenaBrolxFlami: what happened?
[20:05:52] Oh No Bad Touch: it freezes
[20:05:57] Oh No Bad Touch: and i want to kick it.
[20:06:13] youlookprecious: aol is a deity created with the purpose of my annoyance.
[20:06:31] AlenaBrolxFlami: ah
[20:07:05] youlookprecious: i shall assassinate it someday...
[20:07:22] Oh No Bad Touch: i got my hairs cut today!
[20:07:29] youlookprecious: reeealy?
[20:07:32] youlookprecious: what's it look like?
[20:07:45] Oh No Bad Touch: kinda gay.
[20:07:49] Oh No Bad Touch: not what i wanted
[20:07:51] youlookprecious: awww
[20:07:53] youlookprecious: i'm sure it isn't
[20:07:57] Oh No Bad Touch: but it'll grow out
[20:08:12] Oh No Bad Touch: i'm posting pics in a moment or two
[20:08:24] youlookprecious: is anyone else having problems loading photobucket?
[20:08:57] Oh No Bad Touch: mine is kinda slow, but i thought it was just cause my whole computer is slow
[20:09:08] youlookprecious: it won't load at all for me
[20:09:22] youlookprecious: it just keeps saying "waiting for"
[20:09:46] youlookprecious: grunka lunkas!
[20:10:26] Oh No Bad Touch: only half of the pictures i was searching for on google tonight were just xs
[20:11:33] AzDBaksChamps01: whoa, people are still here
[20:11:43] youlookprecious: why wouldn't we be?
[20:11:44] Oh No Bad Touch: i should just memorize the lj cut code.
[20:11:46] AzDBaksChamps01: i dunno, i forgot about it for awhile
[20:11:50] AzDBaksChamps01: i just assumed you'd all be gone
[20:11:54] Oh No Bad Touch: but i have to look it up everytime
[20:11:59] Oh No Bad Touch: ronnie!
[20:12:05] Oh No Bad Touch: we wouldn't leave you!
[20:12:24] youlookprecious: <lj-cut>
[20:12:27] youlookprecious: DAMN!
[20:12:31] youlookprecious:
[20:12:40] AzDBaksChamps01:
[20:12:47] youlookprecious: DAMN AGAIN!
[20:12:53] youlookprecious: i was about to type that exact thing
[20:12:59] AzDBaksChamps01: ha ha
[20:13:08] *** youlookprecious has left the chat.
[20:13:24] AzDBaksChamps01: okay, now they are leaving
[20:14:42] *** youlookprecious has joined the chat.
[20:14:48] youlookprecious: so who wants to know how to butcher a human?
[20:15:24] youlookprecious: ...
[20:15:58] youlookprecious: is there no conversation or is my aim effed up?
[20:15:59] Oh No Bad Touch: i think i'm having a heart attack!
[20:16:04] youlookprecious: finally
[20:16:07] youlookprecious: why?
[20:16:17] Oh No Bad Touch: my should hurts like a son of a bitch
[20:16:27] Oh No Bad Touch: it's not really a heart attack
[20:16:32] Oh No Bad Touch: just stress
[20:17:04] youlookprecious: no, it's the left upper arm that tingles
[20:17:38] Oh No Bad Touch: all updated bitches
[20:17:40] AzDBaksChamps01: well does your heart hurt?
[20:18:05] AzDBaksChamps01: when my dad had his heart attack, he didn't notice any pain, he was just short of breath, then my mom made him sit down and he realized his pulse was really weak
[20:18:27] youlookprecious: yeah, that happened when my boyfriend's dad died
[20:18:28] Oh No Bad Touch: nah i'm just stressed
[20:18:44] AzDBaksChamps01: we live a block from a fire station
[20:18:45] youlookprecious: he was short of breath and went to lie down
[20:18:46] youlookprecious: and he died
[20:19:01] Oh No Bad Touch: yikes
[20:19:01] AzDBaksChamps01: so they can get here and save us whenever we almost die
[20:19:15] AzDBaksChamps01: because it tends to happen alot around here
[20:19:21] AlenaBrolxFlami: aie
[20:19:58] AzDBaksChamps01: i found out my dad was having a heart attack because i overheard his conversation with 911
[20:20:12] AzDBaksChamps01: it was kinda like =-O
[20:20:22] youlookprecious: holy crap!!
[20:20:24] youlookprecious: *hides*
[20:20:29] youlookprecious: it moves...
[20:20:37] AzDBaksChamps01: it does?
[20:20:41] AzDBaksChamps01: why don't I see it moving?>
[20:20:44] AzDBaksChamps01: :-(
[20:20:46] youlookprecious: your emoticon
[20:20:49] youlookprecious: AHHH
[20:20:51] youlookprecious: NOOO
[20:20:51] AzDBaksChamps01: they look still to me
[20:20:53] youlookprecious: TAKE IT AWAY
[20:20:56] AzDBaksChamps01: ;-)
[20:21:13] youlookprecious: IT'S LIKE THE SPAWN OF SATAN
[20:21:32] AzDBaksChamps01: O:-) But it's angellic!
[20:21:54] youlookprecious: NO IT'S NOT!
[20:22:01] youlookprecious: *dies of shock*
[20:22:03] Oh No Bad Touch: stop it
[20:22:17] youlookprecious: *dead*
[20:22:28] AzDBaksChamps01: if you're dead, how can you type?
[20:22:38] AzDBaksChamps01: and why am i getting lag over here>
[20:22:46] Oh No Bad Touch: ronnie!
[20:22:53] youlookprecious: i'm typing from beyond the grave and aim hates you
[20:23:23] Oh No Bad Touch: ronnie!
[20:23:37] Oh No Bad Touch: i like to type your name
[20:23:40] youlookprecious: one of of of us...
[20:23:45] AzDBaksChamps01: that's disturbing
[20:23:51] youlookprecious: what is?
[20:23:53] AzDBaksChamps01: one of the people at work thought I looked 16
[20:24:00] AzDBaksChamps01: that pleased me
[20:24:05] youlookprecious: how old are you?
[20:24:42] AzDBaksChamps01: 20
[20:24:48] youlookprecious: hmm
[20:24:48] Oh No Bad Touch: i'm 24 as of yesterday!
[20:24:57] youlookprecious: i feel so...young
[20:26:00] Oh No Bad Touch: aww baby!
[20:26:14] youlookprecious: mehh.
[20:26:24] AzDBaksChamps01: emoticons is 17
[20:26:49] youlookprecious: i know
[20:26:53] youlookprecious: but i'm the youngest
[20:26:57] emoticonsarelame: but i still act 16:-D
[20:26:58] AzDBaksChamps01: you can hang with her in your illegally smoking crowd
[20:27:06] emoticonsarelame: ew
[20:27:10] AzDBaksChamps01: while i hang with these cool people in our old enough to smoke but choose not to crowd
[20:27:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: 28
[20:27:23] youlookprecious: i don't smoke, and never have
[20:27:32] emoticonsarelame: me neither
[20:27:33] youlookprecious: most of my friends do though
[20:27:36] emoticonsarelame: i want to try it, htough
[20:27:42] youlookprecious: so i'm used to the smell
[20:27:57] youlookprecious: i actually kind of like's familiar and almost comforting because i associate it with my friends
[20:28:08] emoticonsarelame: oh, poo
[20:28:16] youlookprecious: ?
[20:28:19] emoticonsarelame: i can't find my coupon for that free pillow thing, and it expires today
[20:28:27] youlookprecious: free pillow?
[20:28:31] emoticonsarelame: yeah
[20:28:35] emoticonsarelame: from sleepcomfort
[20:28:44] AzDBaksChamps01: none of my friends smoke
[20:28:49] AzDBaksChamps01: my friends are cool
[20:28:58] emoticonsarelame: some of mine do
[20:28:59] Oh No Bad Touch: my friends are cooler
[20:29:01] emoticonsarelame: but not cigarrettes
[20:29:07] AzDBaksChamps01: mine don't smoke weed either
[20:29:07] emoticonsarelame: well, one of em smokes cigs
[20:29:21] AzDBaksChamps01: half of them drink though
[20:29:23] AzDBaksChamps01: stupid half
[20:29:23] emoticonsarelame: where is that damn coupon??
[20:29:26] youlookprecious: only a few of mine smoke weed
[20:29:29] youlookprecious: in mah belly
[20:29:30] AzDBaksChamps01: check your pillow!
[20:29:38] emoticonsarelame: ...
[20:29:48] emoticonsarelame: and .. again
[20:29:53] youlookprecious: sorry, i was hungry
[20:30:09] emoticonsarelame: i hope you got a paper cut
[20:30:11] emoticonsarelame: you whore
[20:30:29] youlookprecious: *cries*
[20:30:38] emoticonsarelame: emo whore*
[20:30:45] youlookprecious: i'm not a whore! i was just experimenting!
[20:30:51] emoticonsarelame: that's what they all say.
[20:30:58] Oh No Bad Touch: man
[20:31:03] Oh No Bad Touch: mean ass
[20:31:08] emoticonsarelame: moi?
[20:31:14] emoticonsarelame: ::bats eyelashes innocently::
[20:31:26] youlookprecious: oh, but i forgive you because we're having an affair
[20:31:32] emoticonsarelame: haha, ok
[20:31:42] emoticonsarelame: i should have affairs more often
[20:31:48] emoticonsarelame: ...pretend you didn't hear that
[20:32:14] AlenaBrolxFlami: .....
[20:32:23] emoticonsarelame: hi leslieing
[20:32:29] youlookprecious: haha
[20:33:22] AzDBaksChamps01: oh, hey, this place
[20:33:30] youlookprecious: yis?
[20:34:05] emoticonsarelame: man, i need a job
[20:34:07] emoticonsarelame: a volunteer job
[20:34:18] emoticonsarelame: i'm not gonna graduate from high school if i don't get enough service hours :-(
[20:34:25] youlookprecious: i'm going to apply to a job somewhere tomorrow
[20:34:33] emoticonsarelame: good luck!
[20:34:40] emoticonsarelame: how's the job going, ronners
[20:34:42] AzDBaksChamps01: what the, you require volunteer to graduate?
[20:34:45] youlookprecious: meaning i'm going to get a stack of applications and never fill them out and 3 months later i'll throw them away
[20:34:50] emoticonsarelame: yeah
[20:34:51] emoticonsarelame: 60 hrs
[20:34:54] AzDBaksChamps01: thats messed up
[20:34:58] emoticonsarelame: some of my friends already have 400+ hrs, heh
[20:35:06] AzDBaksChamps01: only the people in national honors society had to do volunteering
[20:35:13] AzDBaksChamps01: and that was only like 12 hours a semester
[20:35:29] emoticonsarelame: which is more than 60 hrs for 4 years
[20:35:35] AzDBaksChamps01: ooo
[20:35:38] AzDBaksChamps01: dur
[20:35:38] emoticonsarelame: wait, no it's not
[20:35:39] emoticonsarelame: nevermind
[20:35:46] emoticonsarelame: it is?
[20:35:46] AzDBaksChamps01: yea it is, 12 x 2 x 4
[20:36:03] AzDBaksChamps01: 96 for them
[20:36:03] emoticonsarelame: *blink*
[20:36:05] emoticonsarelame: ah
[20:36:09] youlookprecious: i have to somehow pull at least 10 elective credits out of my ass because they don't offer electives at my school
[20:36:20] AzDBaksChamps01: my school had all kinds of electives
[20:36:29] AzDBaksChamps01: especially with computer stuff
[20:36:42] emoticonsarelame: that's lame
[20:36:42] youlookprecious: my school is semi-homeschooling
[20:36:48] youlookprecious: we only go 4 hours a day
[20:36:48] emoticonsarelame: ah
[20:36:52] youlookprecious: and we have fridays off
[20:36:58] youlookprecious: it's pretty freakin' sweet.
[20:37:01] AzDBaksChamps01: nice
[20:37:03] emoticonsarelame: my school is...just a tad over-patriotic
[20:37:42] youlookprecious: mine is overly christian even though it's not officially a christian school
[20:37:50] emoticonsarelame: fun
[20:38:07] youlookprecious: history class is taught from a christian perspective, aka "the crusades didn't happen."
[20:38:10] emoticonsarelame: i keep getting stupid letters and brochures from catholic/women's colleges
[20:38:15] emoticonsarelame: it's creepy
[20:38:21] youlookprecious: and they pray before starting school and before eating lunch
[20:38:25] emoticonsarelame:
[20:38:38] emoticonsarelame: cult!
[20:38:43] Oh No Bad Touch: damn you aol
[20:38:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, hi Amy
[20:38:53] emoticonsarelame: hi
[20:38:55] AlenaBrolxFlami: right now, I'm composing a post you'll love ;)
[20:39:04] emoticonsarelame: uh oh
[20:39:06] emoticonsarelame: is it about food?
[20:39:09] emoticonsarelame: or sex?
[20:39:11] emoticonsarelame: or both?
[20:40:17] emoticonsarelame: hahahaha i want this necklace:
[20:40:22] AzDBaksChamps01: the crusades didn't happen, what the hell!?
[20:40:37] AzDBaksChamps01: then what did John Paul apologize for>?
[20:40:47] emoticonsarelame: your mom
[20:40:52] youlookprecious: your mom's face
[20:40:56] youlookprecious: OH SNAP!
[20:40:59] emoticonsarelame: covered in peanut butter
[20:41:06] emoticonsarelame: chunky peanut butter.
[20:41:16] youlookprecious: and spoiled jelly.
[20:41:25] emoticonsarelame: chunky spoiled jelly.
[20:41:31] emoticonsarelame: wait. ew.
[20:41:33] youlookprecious: eww.
[20:41:34] youlookprecious: seriously.
[20:41:36] youlookprecious: ah man
[20:41:38] youlookprecious: this one time
[20:41:47] youlookprecious: we left a jug of milk in our fridge so long
[20:42:05] youlookprecious: we tried to pour it out before throwing the jug away, and we had to squeeze it out
[20:42:12] youlookprecious: it was the consistency of toothpaste
[20:42:25] emoticonsarelame: hahhahaa
[20:42:26] AzDBaksChamps01: disgusting
[20:42:34] *** ofTheSwollenGoat has joined the chat.
[20:42:43] Oh No Bad Touch: goat boy!
[20:42:56] ofTheSwollenGoat: yes
[20:43:02] emoticonsarelame: what am i, emoticon chick?
[20:43:11] youlookprecious: yes
[20:43:16] youlookprecious: OOO! OOO!
[20:43:17] youlookprecious: who am i?
[20:43:27] emoticonsarelame: my precious, duh.
[20:43:27] Oh No Bad Touch: hi.
[20:43:31] youlookprecious: yay
[20:43:38] youlookprecious: pfft, i'm not high.
[20:43:40] youlookprecious: silly.
[20:43:49] emoticonsarelame: sigh.
[20:43:51] emoticonsarelame: T_T
[20:44:19] AzDBaksChamps01: psst... whose goat boy?
[20:44:28] AzDBaksChamps01: err
[20:44:29] AzDBaksChamps01: who's
[20:44:30] youlookprecious: psst...godsstepson
[20:44:32] *** ofTheSwollenGoat has left the chat.
[20:44:32] AzDBaksChamps01: ooo
[20:44:39] AzDBaksChamps01: that was fast
[20:44:49] emoticonsarelame: his internet is being sutpid too
[20:44:54] youlookprecious: actually, i think you have a delay
[20:45:08] youlookprecious: hold up
[20:45:09] AzDBaksChamps01: i know im lagging
[20:45:18] youlookprecious: i want to see if this chick pisses anyone else off
[20:45:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: Amy: it's about food.
[20:45:21] AlenaBrolxFlami: Not sex.
[20:45:22] AzDBaksChamps01: it takes three seconds for what i type to appear
[20:45:24] *** ofTheSwollenGoat has joined the chat.
[20:45:30] AzDBaksChamps01: what chick?
[20:45:30] emoticonsarelame: sweet
[20:45:51] emoticonsarelame: hi goat boy
[20:45:54] youlookprecious: does anyone know who "action phoebe" is on myspace?
[20:45:59] AzDBaksChamps01: nope
[20:46:05] emoticonsarelame: nuh uh
[20:46:10] youlookprecious: okay, hold on
[20:46:11] AzDBaksChamps01: i deleted my myspace account awhile back
[20:46:16] youlookprecious:
[20:46:29] youlookprecious: she irritates me to no end
[20:46:34] ofTheSwollenGoat: hello
[20:46:40] emoticonsarelame: it wont show up
[20:46:48] youlookprecious: she says she hates it when people post comments about her boobs yet all of her pictures are boob shots
[20:46:52] emoticonsarelame: hahaha
[20:46:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha
[20:46:59] youlookprecious: ?
[20:47:02] emoticonsarelame: you should comment on her ass
[20:47:08] youlookprecious: FUCK! now i have a delay
[20:47:09] emoticonsarelame: see what she does
[20:47:14] emoticonsarelame: :O
[20:47:17] youlookprecious: i did once
[20:47:23] youlookprecious: sadly, she didn't say anything back
[20:47:29] AzDBaksChamps01: why the hell does she have so much room between her neck and her boobs?
[20:47:30] emoticonsarelame: how old is she?
[20:47:36] AzDBaksChamps01: its like they are coming out of her stomach or something
[20:47:38] youlookprecious: oh, how i love to start shit...maybe i should send a personal message
[20:47:45] youlookprecious: one word: saggage.
[20:47:50] emoticonsarelame: i agree, ronners
[20:48:00] emoticonsarelame: maybe she's just tall
[20:48:00] youlookprecious: 19, apparently
[20:48:01] emoticonsarelame: or she's arching or something
[20:48:18] AzDBaksChamps01: thats alot of sag for a 19 year old
[20:48:31] youlookprecious: i doubt it
[20:48:41] youlookprecious: i bet she's short and gross looking.
[20:48:41] youlookprecious: not that i have anything against short people
[20:48:41] youlookprecious: i love short people, they make me feel even taller
[20:48:54] AzDBaksChamps01: hey, i got trained by a 4'11 girl today
[20:48:55] youlookprecious: maybe she's never worn a bra
[20:49:04] emoticonsarelame: that's the same reason why I love short ppl!
[20:49:06] emoticonsarelame: :-D
[20:49:08] youlookprecious: boobs that big can sag really fast
[20:50:10] AzDBaksChamps01: so, this is an awkward conversation
[20:50:27] youlookprecious: why?
[20:50:35] youlookprecious: nothing is ever awkward to me
[20:50:42] AzDBaksChamps01: everything is awkward to me
[20:50:43] emoticonsarelame: he's always awkward when he talks about things like this
[20:50:44] ofTheSwollenGoat: I like people taller then me
[20:50:49] emoticonsarelame: how tall are you?
[20:51:02] youlookprecious: 5'9"
[20:51:05] youlookprecious: oh, him
[20:51:07] AzDBaksChamps01: although I might be getting so used to awkward that I feel less awkward
[20:51:08] youlookprecious: nevermind.
[20:51:10] AzDBaksChamps01: im 5'9
[20:51:16] AzDBaksChamps01: hey, you're at all as I!
[20:51:37] emoticonsarelame: damn my asianness
[20:51:40] emoticonsarelame: 5'6" >_<
[20:51:49] AzDBaksChamps01: i know a 6'0 asian man
[20:51:51] ofTheSwollenGoat: damn
[20:51:51] ofTheSwollenGoat: I'm 6'4 and this shit sends what I type like 10 minutes after I type it
[20:52:00] youlookprecious: same here
[20:52:01] emoticonsarelame: lol
[20:52:07] AzDBaksChamps01: slowest, chatroom, ever
[20:52:19] youlookprecious: yep
[20:53:20] emoticonsarelame: reading myspace comments hurts my eyes
[20:54:01] youlookprecious: i commented on her blog
[20:54:16] youlookprecious: you have to be a friend to comment on a profile and there's no way in hell i would be friends with her
[20:54:21] *** ofTheSwollenGoat has left the chat.
[20:54:32] emoticonsarelame: heh
[20:54:48] youlookprecious: i'll find it
[20:55:18] emoticonsarelame: ...find what?
[20:55:59] youlookprecious: that comment i left the skank i don't like
[20:56:09] youlookprecious: i think it's flaming at its best
[20:56:25] emoticonsarelame:
[20:56:26] youlookprecious:
[20:56:27] emoticonsarelame: teehee
[20:56:34] youlookprecious: i'm precioussss
[20:57:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: Ronnie.
[20:57:36] AlenaBrolxFlami: I am 4 feet 11, haah
[20:57:48] AlenaBrolxFlami: (no, I'm not paying attention, can't you tell? :P)
[20:57:51] AzDBaksChamps01: fear our 4
[20:58:00] youlookprecious: whoa
[20:58:02] AzDBaksChamps01: i dont know what that means
[20:58:08] youlookprecious: danzig is 4'11"
[20:58:10] youlookprecious: hah
[20:58:16] AzDBaksChamps01: whats a danzig?
[20:58:32] youlookprecious: glen danzig
[20:58:32] youlookprecious: the misfits.
[20:58:45] emoticonsarelame: dude
[20:58:46] emoticonsarelame: you're like
[20:58:56] emoticonsarelame: the only person who commented on her blog who could spell
[20:58:58] AzDBaksChamps01: mis... fits...
[20:59:01] youlookprecious: hahaha
[20:59:05] youlookprecious: yes, i am
[20:59:10] AzDBaksChamps01: is that like, the band with the blink 182 guy and the rancid guy?
[20:59:11] youlookprecious: the misfits. a band.
[20:59:14] youlookprecious: nevermind.
[20:59:58] emoticonsarelame: hmm
[21:00:02] emoticonsarelame: i really should be studying for my math test tomorrow
[21:00:21] emoticonsarelame: i have a 89.6 in the class right now, and i really want a 3.8 gpa this semester
[21:00:30] youlookprecious: *sigh*
[21:00:33] emoticonsarelame: but oh well
[21:00:34] youlookprecious: damn kids.
[21:00:44] emoticonsarelame: hahaha
[21:00:58] emoticonsarelame: let's take a moment to appreciate the irony of a 16 year old saying that
[21:01:02] emoticonsarelame: ::takes a moment::
[21:01:12] AzDBaksChamps01: damn you two youngins
[21:01:24] youlookprecious: i'm out of school as of last thursday
[21:01:36] AzDBaksChamps01: i started summer school today
[21:01:37] emoticonsarelame: our summer vacations get shorter each year:-(
[21:01:46] AlenaBrolxFlami: really? wow
[21:01:55] emoticonsarelame: like, we keep going through schedule changes
[21:01:56] youlookprecious: we're slowly progressing to a year-round schedule with breaks every month
[21:02:06] youlookprecious: it'll be the same amount of days but they'll be more spread out
[21:02:16] emoticonsarelame: that doesnt sound bad
[21:02:19] emoticonsarelame: especially with fridays off
[21:02:32] AzDBaksChamps01: thats what my high school is doing
[21:02:44] AzDBaksChamps01: luckily colleges will hear none of this year round bullshit
[21:02:46] youlookprecious: well, i don't technically have fridays off
[21:02:47] emoticonsarelame: i'm loking at the chick's other photos
[21:02:48] emoticonsarelame: her eyes annoy me
[21:02:52] emoticonsarelame: they're too...young
[21:02:53] youlookprecious: we're supposed to do stuff at home...
[21:03:03] youlookprecious: yeah, she's not attractive at all without makeup
[21:03:09] emoticonsarelame: i dont know how else to put it
[21:03:11] youlookprecious: she used to have a picture of her with no makeup
[21:03:30] emoticonsarelame: and she deleted it?
[21:03:53] youlookprecious: yeah
[21:03:59] emoticonsarelame: heh
[21:03:59] youlookprecious: only like 3 people commented on it and it had been there forever
[21:04:00] youlookprecious: haha
[21:04:04] emoticonsarelame: ouch
[21:05:25] emoticonsarelame: ah, i love cheez-its!
[21:05:39] emoticonsarelame: that's how the whole i_w_f thing started (o:
[21:06:47] AzDBaksChamps01: because she brought you cheez-its?
[21:06:59] emoticonsarelame: yeah
[21:07:06] emoticonsarelame: and that wasn't a totally random memory
[21:07:13] emoticonsarelame: i was just reading haley's away message
[21:07:14] youlookprecious: whoa...major coinkydink
[21:07:39] youlookprecious: aw man, these are almost stale...
[21:08:09] emoticonsarelame: ick
[21:09:06] AzDBaksChamps01: stale is bad
[21:09:14] youlookprecious: yeah.
[21:09:44] AlenaBrolxFlami: I read "stale" as "sterile" :-X
[21:09:51] youlookprecious: hahaha
[21:10:02] youlookprecious: no reproducing cheez-its for me
[21:10:02] emoticonsarelame: hmm
[21:10:07] emoticonsarelame: too bad i actually like a lot of the bands she lists
[21:10:11] emoticonsarelame: sorry, haley
[21:10:16] emoticonsarelame: I'll go hang my head in shame now
[21:10:21] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, I hope not
[21:10:22] youlookprecious: ARG
[21:10:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: eep
[21:10:31] youlookprecious: we can't have an affair anymore.
[21:10:35] emoticonsarelame: noooooooo
[21:10:37] emoticonsarelame: T_T
[21:10:44] youlookprecious: well
[21:10:47] youlookprecious: if you can redeem yourself
[21:10:52] emoticonsarelame: wait
[21:10:55] emoticonsarelame: what if i go to YOUR space
[21:11:02] emoticonsarelame: and see if we have any mutual favorite bands?
[21:11:04] emoticonsarelame: eh eh??
[21:11:17] youlookprecious: then we can resume the secret affair
[21:11:18] youlookprecious: ?
[21:11:25] emoticonsarelame: yay
[21:11:56] *** Asterisk665 has joined the chat.
[21:11:59] AzDBaksChamps01: im telling harlicat on you
[21:12:05] youlookprecious: !!!!
[21:12:08] youlookprecious: noooo!
[21:12:09] emoticonsarelame: she wont mind
[21:12:13] emoticonsarelame: she's too awesome to mind
[21:12:16] youlookprecious: our affair must remain "secret"!
[21:12:20] AzDBaksChamps01: i suppose not, since shes having a secret affair with me
[21:12:37] Asterisk665: shalom
[21:12:38] emoticonsarelame: haha
[21:12:41] AzDBaksChamps01: hey, it's *
[21:12:46] emoticonsarelame: 665
[21:12:58] AzDBaksChamps01: no one types numbers
[21:13:03] emoticonsarelame: christ
[21:13:08] emoticonsarelame: could my computer BE any slower?
[21:13:08] youlookprecious: numbers are lame
[21:13:09] youlookprecious: yes.
[21:13:15] youlookprecious: it could be my computer.
[21:13:16] Asterisk665: It could be mine
[21:13:19] youlookprecious: HA!
[21:13:20] youlookprecious: i win.
[21:13:21] AzDBaksChamps01: ooo, lymerick!!!
[21:13:21] Asterisk665: so, yeah.
[21:13:24] AzDBaksChamps01: err
[21:13:27] AzDBaksChamps01: limerick!!!
[21:13:31] youlookprecious: hah
[21:13:35] youlookprecious: let's continue it
[21:13:40] Asterisk665: damn you and your lime green text
[21:13:41] emoticonsarelame: + interpol
[21:13:43] emoticonsarelame: + no doubt
[21:13:48] emoticonsarelame: + afi
[21:13:49] emoticonsarelame: coldplay
[21:13:52] emoticonsarelame: white stripes
[21:13:53] emoticonsarelame: pearl jam
[21:13:54] youlookprecious: damn you and your bright blue text
[21:13:56] emoticonsarelame: incubus
[21:14:03] AzDBaksChamps01: white stripes? blah?
[21:14:08] AzDBaksChamps01: white stripes suck
[21:14:08] emoticonsarelame: tool, rhcp, chevelle, soad, foo fighters, cake, muse
[21:14:17] AzDBaksChamps01: soad sucks!
[21:14:20] AzDBaksChamps01: alright
[21:14:20] emoticonsarelame: oh, and i saw a clip of team america today during lunch
[21:14:24] AzDBaksChamps01: ill stop tearing down
[21:14:33] Asterisk665: what's with the bands?
[21:14:36] AzDBaksChamps01: incubus, chevelle, afi, no doubt rule!
[21:14:37] emoticonsarelame: i was in a room full of 16 - 18 y/os, so of course it had to be the sex scene
[21:14:42] AzDBaksChamps01: i only know one interpol song but it was pretty rad
[21:14:46] youlookprecious: hah
[21:15:36] emoticonsarelame: and +LOtR trilogy, ferris, kill bill II (never saw the first one), alice, and nightmare
[21:15:42] *** youlookprecious has left the chat.
[21:15:46] emoticonsarelame: hey, it says you're 5'8"!
[21:16:25] *** youlookprecious has joined the chat.
[21:16:27] AzDBaksChamps01: what the hell rhymes with fluffy and puffy?!
[21:16:32] youlookprecious: hah
[21:16:36] youlookprecious: i gave you the hard one
[21:16:39] Asterisk665: brb.
[21:16:44] AzDBaksChamps01: ill figure it out
[21:16:44] emoticonsarelame: muffy
[21:16:59] AzDBaksChamps01: stuffy
[21:17:07] youlookprecious: gruffy
[21:17:17] AlenaBrolxFlami: buffy
[21:17:21] youlookprecious: uhh
[21:17:26] youlookprecious: enoughy?
[21:17:27] youlookprecious: haha
[21:17:29] AlenaBrolxFlami: duffy
[21:17:31] youlookprecious: man, i crack me up.
[21:17:34] AlenaBrolxFlami: huggy
[21:17:37] emoticonsarelame: enoughy
[21:17:39] AlenaBrolxFlami: HUFFY
[21:17:48] youlookprecious: i JUST SAID ENOUGHY!
[21:17:57] youlookprecious: i wasn't trying to be cute, i was serious
[21:18:02] AlenaBrolxFlami: Toughie.
[21:18:10] Oh No Bad Touch: nice
[21:18:13] youlookprecious: ooohh
[21:18:35] AzDBaksChamps01: i figured it out
[21:18:37] AzDBaksChamps01: so who is *
[21:18:45] youlookprecious: brainsick
[21:18:47] emoticonsarelame: you're slow:-P
[21:18:55] AzDBaksChamps01: ooo
[21:19:33] AlenaBrolxFlami:
[21:19:44] AlenaBrolxFlami: F
[21:20:01] Oh No Bad Touch: i love brainsick, i just wish he has better baseball taste.
[21:20:08] youlookprecious: haha
[21:20:15] Oh No Bad Touch: ;-)
[21:20:19] youlookprecious: i don't care for baseball, or any sports for that matter
[21:20:25] youlookprecious: so it really doesn't matter to me
[21:20:36] emoticonsarelame: i hate orange_beanies / brollyj and wish he would leave the commuity
[21:20:51] youlookprecious: hmm
[21:21:00] youlookprecious: yeah, he's kind of just...irritating sometimes
[21:21:18] youlookprecious: there, now it says i'm 5'9"
[21:21:20] youlookprecious: happy?
[21:21:24] *** EthreaL GuardiaN has joined the chat.
[21:21:34] EthreaL GuardiaN: Like whoa.
[21:21:39] Oh No Bad Touch: who the hell is that
[21:21:52] AzDBaksChamps01: keanu reeves?
[21:21:58] AzDBaksChamps01: what is he doing here?
[21:22:06] youlookprecious: about to be assassinated by me
[21:22:10] emoticonsarelame: haha
[21:22:12] emoticonsarelame: nooo don't kill jake!
[21:22:17] AzDBaksChamps01: ooo, zeblith
[21:22:20] youlookprecious: ahh
[21:22:24] youlookprecious: ello!
[21:23:08] *** emoticonsarelame has left the chat.
[21:23:25] EthreaL GuardiaN: Hahaha, yes, it is I, zeblith, totally clueless to who you really are because of your awesome screen names. Someone care to introduce themself? ^^;
[21:23:33] youlookprecious: haleyxcore.
[21:23:48] Oh No Bad Touch: do i really have to?
[21:23:52] youlookprecious: yes.
[21:23:57] *** emoticonsarelame has joined the chat.
[21:23:59] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lmfao
[21:23:59] EthreaL GuardiaN: XD
[21:24:11] EthreaL GuardiaN: Gosh, Oh No Bad Touch, I have NO clue who you could be! help me out, please?
[21:24:21] youlookprecious: it's jesus
[21:24:22] Oh No Bad Touch: haha
[21:24:28] EthreaL GuardiaN: Oooooh
[21:24:34] emoticonsarelame: ::bows down::
[21:24:34] Oh No Bad Touch: no
[21:24:41] EthreaL GuardiaN: Dude, how'd you get back from the taco shack so quick?
[21:24:50] Oh No Bad Touch: i have a vagina
[21:24:51] *** Oh No Bad Touch has left the chat.
[21:24:59] EthreaL GuardiaN: Jesusina.
[21:25:05] emoticonsarelame: haha
[21:25:10] youlookprecious: ha
[21:25:26] EthreaL GuardiaN: A littler known... person. With feet.
[21:25:38] *** Oh No Bad Touch has joined the chat.
[21:25:46] EthreaL GuardiaN: Wow, being delirious is fun. Mmmmm.
[21:25:52] youlookprecious: nobody invite korky!
[21:25:53] youlookprecious: hahaha
[21:25:56] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lol
[21:26:02] EthreaL GuardiaN: Unless you like fingers. >D
[21:26:08] Oh No Bad Touch: aww
[21:26:15] EthreaL GuardiaN: Randomthought has evolved so much. <3
[21:26:18] emoticonsarelame: i really don't see why everyone sided against him
[21:26:22] youlookprecious: yeah
[21:26:26] youlookprecious: i'm not against him
[21:26:30] EthreaL GuardiaN: I didn't.
[21:26:32] youlookprecious: he just starts shit in large groups of people
[21:26:34] emoticonsarelame: he seemed pretty cool to me, until the hitler thing
[21:26:42] emoticonsarelame: but to avoid being hated here, i'll shut up
[21:26:44] youlookprecious: he's actually entertaining in my opinion
[21:26:52] EthreaL GuardiaN: I pick sides on a per-battle-basis. Whoever seems to be making the most sense and not happen to piss me off at the same time gets my vote. XD
[21:26:53] EthreaL GuardiaN: He is!
[21:27:00] emoticonsarelame: heh
[21:27:21] Oh No Bad Touch: i like him.
[21:27:34] emoticonsarelame: i like you.
[21:27:39] emoticonsarelame: but not just because of that.
[21:27:42] EthreaL GuardiaN: I didn't care either way... maybe I'm just insensitive but you could make matthew shepard jokes around me and I wouldn't get so pissed off as what happened there. =S
[21:27:54] emoticonsarelame: hey jake, show us some of your 200+ wpm power!
[21:27:55] EthreaL GuardiaN: I like cheese.
[21:28:05] EthreaL GuardiaN: Why? Do you think you're really ready for it?
[21:28:08] youlookprecious: cheese is good.
[21:28:12] emoticonsarelame: no
[21:28:16] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lmfao, 200+ wpm power, but my accuracy falls like a lead rake.
[21:28:22] emoticonsarelame: that's ok
[21:28:35] emoticonsarelame: it's probably better than that of i4mormonboys
[21:28:40] EthreaL GuardiaN: I'll stick at the 100 and just say "Mmmm, taco"
[21:28:42] Oh No Bad Touch: oh new layout soon
[21:28:45] EthreaL GuardiaN: Ahahahaha. U is not a word.
[21:28:46] emoticonsarelame: bah, fine
[21:28:50] youlookprecious: i used to be able to type like a mofo
[21:28:55] EthreaL GuardiaN: I need to design a new layout for my journal... it's 5th birthday is coming up soon.
[21:29:01] youlookprecious: oh my
[21:29:02] emoticonsarelame: its*****
[21:29:05] emoticonsarelame: T_T
[21:29:07] EthreaL GuardiaN: I love it so much. =D
[21:29:08] EthreaL GuardiaN: lmfao
[21:29:10] EthreaL GuardiaN: omigawd
[21:29:18] EthreaL GuardiaN: I blame that on the sleep.
[21:29:18] youlookprecious: ?
[21:29:19] emoticonsarelame: you're becoming ronners!
[21:29:28] EthreaL GuardiaN: I KNOW IT'S ITS!
[21:29:30] EthreaL GuardiaN: See? =D
[21:29:34] youlookprecious: haha
[21:29:38] emoticonsarelame: hehe
[21:29:50] Oh No Bad Touch: my tummy hurts
[21:29:54] emoticonsarelame: aww
[21:29:54] Oh No Bad Touch: :-[21:30:00] emoticonsarelame: *pat pat*
[21:30:07] emoticonsarelame: but i LIKE your layout!
[21:30:08] EthreaL GuardiaN: Oh god. On the front cover of my school annuals this year, the title is "There's a chief in everyone of us" now does anyone see a problem with that?
[21:30:10] emoticonsarelame: it hurts my eyes
[21:30:14] emoticonsarelame: but i like it nonetheless
[21:30:16] EthreaL GuardiaN: My tummy hurts because I had too much pizza.
[21:30:18] EthreaL GuardiaN: My layout? =D
[21:30:22] youlookprecious: yes, i see the problem.
[21:30:25] youlookprecious: but i have a dirty mind
[21:30:26] youlookprecious: hahaha
[21:30:36] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lol. But the parapara allstars are beyond dead.
[21:30:39] emoticonsarelame: so?
[21:30:44] Oh No Bad Touch: i have a layout changing addiction
[21:30:46] emoticonsarelame: um...a space between every and one
[21:30:59] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lmfao. Well our mascot is the chiefs. But I will be forever cursed with an annual that has a grammatical error on the front cover... and on every single page.
[21:31:00] EthreaL GuardiaN: YES
[21:31:02] emoticonsarelame: your new one, sarah, should be based on stomachs and hurtyness
[21:31:02] EthreaL GuardiaN: That's it! =D
[21:31:06] EthreaL GuardiaN: Or drop the us.
[21:31:06] emoticonsarelame: yay
[21:31:09] emoticonsarelame: what do i get?
[21:31:10] EthreaL GuardiaN: of us I mean.
[21:31:12] EthreaL GuardiaN: Ummm....
[21:31:13] youlookprecious: HOLY CRAP
[21:31:14] EthreaL GuardiaN: un tenedor.
[21:31:25] youlookprecious: my old high school was the chiefs
[21:31:30] youlookprecious: but they suck so it doesn't matter
[21:31:33] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lol =D
[21:31:34] emoticonsarelame: wait
[21:31:34] emoticonsarelame: is that fork or knife?
[21:31:36] EthreaL GuardiaN: Ours do too. XD
[21:31:40] emoticonsarelame: or something else entirely?
[21:31:42] EthreaL GuardiaN: Fork.
[21:31:43] EthreaL GuardiaN: =D
[21:31:45] emoticonsarelame: yay!
[21:31:47] EthreaL GuardiaN: Wowness.
[21:31:50] EthreaL GuardiaN: *blinks*
[21:31:51] emoticonsarelame: i should get another something for guessing correctly
[21:32:02] emoticonsarelame: how 'bout a knife?
[21:32:06] Oh No Bad Touch: holy crap
[21:32:06] youlookprecious: ich habe eine fisch in meine rook
[21:32:09] EthreaL GuardiaN: I have to scream "!YO LO TENGO!" three billion times. =D
[21:32:11] EthreaL GuardiaN: Mmmm.
[21:32:13] youlookprecious: i have a fish in my skirt.
[21:32:18] emoticonsarelame: hahaha
[21:32:19] EthreaL GuardiaN: Naze?
[21:32:20] emoticonsarelame: brb
[21:32:21] Oh No Bad Touch: <--- anyone want some icons?
[21:32:25] EthreaL GuardiaN: Okay.
[21:32:31] youlookprecious: ich spreche deustch
[21:32:33] EthreaL GuardiaN: Unless they're of Harry and Ron sexing each other up, no thanks.
[21:32:39] youlookprecious: haha
[21:32:47] EthreaL GuardiaN: Boku wa nihongo wo hanashimasu.
[21:32:57] emoticonsarelame: aha!
[21:32:57] EthreaL GuardiaN: mmmn...
[21:32:58] youlookprecious: mmm baby, stroke my wand
[21:33:01] emoticonsarelame:
[21:33:03] emoticonsarelame: there you go
[21:33:03] youlookprecious: ah man, i used to know japanese
[21:33:05] EthreaL GuardiaN: Well, nihongo wo shitte imasu.
[21:33:08] Oh No Bad Touch: ich spreche deustch auch
[21:33:26] EthreaL GuardiaN: If I rank 200 in Japanese, I'm going to switch and take Chinese in college. Whoo.
[21:33:38] EthreaL GuardiaN: Chinese being Mandarin.
[21:33:41] emoticonsarelame: aww, icon #7 is sad
[21:33:47] emoticonsarelame: i like 8 though
[21:33:48] AzDBaksChamps01: whoa
[21:33:51] AzDBaksChamps01: its still rolling in here
[21:33:52] emoticonsarelame: i know mandarin!
[21:33:53] EthreaL GuardiaN: I should learn German sometime.
[21:33:57] AzDBaksChamps01: weird, im like, posting more than i have in a month
[21:33:58] emoticonsarelame: only how to speak it, though
[21:34:07] EthreaL GuardiaN: I mean, it's a quarter of my heritage.
[21:34:12] youlookprecious: es ist sehr licht
[21:34:14] youlookprecious: it's very easy
[21:34:19] EthreaL GuardiaN: yeah, well there block characters get scary.
[21:34:20] emoticonsarelame: it's four quarters of mine
[21:34:27] AzDBaksChamps01: ive taken four spanish classes
[21:34:31] youlookprecious: it's none of mine
[21:34:35] AzDBaksChamps01: today at work i could only pick out mañana and otra vez
[21:34:41] EthreaL GuardiaN: Hehe =D
[21:34:45] youlookprecious: i took one spanish class and i got kicked out on purpose because i hated the teacher
[21:34:51] youlookprecious: every time i looked at her she looked more like a man
[21:34:56] emoticonsarelame: hahaha
[21:34:56] EthreaL GuardiaN: "Nada ma's palabras?
[21:35:04] AzDBaksChamps01: i was a teacher's pet, i don't think any of them didn't like me
[21:35:05] EthreaL GuardiaN: God, I just toally kileld spanish thanks to my non-latin keyboard. XD
[21:35:05] emoticonsarelame: que lastima
[21:35:11] EthreaL GuardiaN: La'grima.
[21:35:13] AzDBaksChamps01: although i was once falsely accused of plagerism
[21:35:24] emoticonsarelame: how do you like the fish thing, haley?
[21:35:25] AzDBaksChamps01: she recognized the words because she told me to reword it!
[21:35:26] EthreaL GuardiaN: Teachers either loved me or hated me.
[21:35:31] youlookprecious: yeah
[21:35:42] youlookprecious: i'm one of those underachieving smartasses
[21:35:53] EthreaL GuardiaN: Apparantly there's something wrong with reading ahead, especially if it's to the point that you come in knowing all the material of the class and teach it better than the instructor. :P
[21:35:58] youlookprecious: so teachers either loved my intelligence or hated the fact that i could outwit them
[21:36:00] EthreaL GuardiaN: Fish?
[21:36:03] EthreaL GuardiaN: That's so it =D
[21:36:15] youlookprecious: yeah, i taught my math class last semester
[21:36:24] youlookprecious: and everyone was at least a grade above me
[21:36:28] EthreaL GuardiaN: Mmm, Dimensions Speedbeat. This is the most stimulating chat I've had in a while. Oooh yeah.
[21:36:39] youlookprecious: same here.
[21:36:42] emoticonsarelame: haha
[21:36:56] youlookprecious: i tend to never have chats because there are never enough people that click online at once
[21:36:58] youlookprecious: but i stand corrected
[21:37:08] EthreaL GuardiaN: Sweetness. I am so pissed off. I've only finished AP Calculus BC. I feel so held back, if they'd been continually teaching me new concepts after I mastered the old ones, I should've had an actual class on non-euclidian geometry...
[21:37:15] emoticonsarelame: we fit together like _______!
[21:37:29] EthreaL GuardiaN: turkeys?
[21:37:33] emoticonsarelame: im taking AP cal next year and i'm scared shitless
[21:37:37] youlookprecious: i was going to have all ap classes when i went to high school but i didn't have the grades because i never turned in my homework
[21:37:41] emoticonsarelame: mainly because i haven't learned ANYTHING this year
[21:37:48] youlookprecious: i would always pass classes with exam grades
[21:38:02] AzDBaksChamps01: hey, you should all go to randomthought and look at the assface post, it will scar your mind forever!
[21:38:17] emoticonsarelame: yes sir
[21:38:28] youlookprecious: i lol-ed
[21:38:29] EthreaL GuardiaN: It's mega easy. Don't let the teachers confuse you. If you can learn to learn from the book, it's such a breeze. Leonhard Euler, the most amazing mathematical mind in history according to me, primarily taught himself. =D
[21:38:30] youlookprecious: literally
[21:38:35] EthreaL GuardiaN: Assface. Buh. Like tubgirl?
[21:38:42] youlookprecious: nope
[21:38:42] emoticonsarelame: heh cool
[21:38:44] youlookprecious: you'll see
[21:39:11] EthreaL GuardiaN: Sorry, too busy trying to molest this guy that was in my advanced algebra class who is now at the SAI... mmmm.
[21:39:13] emoticonsarelame: the =D emoticon is so cheerful
[21:39:18] emoticonsarelame: and unlame
[21:39:23] EthreaL GuardiaN: I'm so excited, I move to Seattle in 19 days. ^______^
[21:39:25] youlookprecious: and i also enjoy XD
[21:39:29] EthreaL GuardiaN: I abuse it often and muchly.
[21:39:30] emoticonsarelame: yay!
[21:39:34] EthreaL GuardiaN: I looooove XD =D
[21:39:36] emoticonsarelame: which part of seattle?
[21:39:40] youlookprecious: because it's kind of spastic, and so am i
[21:39:44] EthreaL GuardiaN: And the entire crackface: ^__________^
[21:39:53] youlookprecious: OMGZ! u guyz could lyk meet!
[21:39:58] EthreaL GuardiaN: UW. Dorms. I will be living in McCarty hall I believe, June 20th to August 19th.
[21:40:03] youlookprecious: i'm going to go shoot myself now.
[21:40:04] EthreaL GuardiaN: Yeah but that might be scary.
[21:40:05] youlookprecious: excuse me...
[21:40:09] emoticonsarelame: awesome
[21:40:10] emoticonsarelame: i should come visit
[21:40:11] EthreaL GuardiaN: UNCLEAN!!!
[21:40:12] emoticonsarelame: haha
[21:40:15] EthreaL GuardiaN: Bubble tea. =D
[21:40:19] emoticonsarelame: ronners, i don't see an assface person
[21:40:25] emoticonsarelame: maybe it's a protected post
[21:40:28] emoticonsarelame: :-(
[21:40:32] youlookprecious: San Francisco Giants
[21:40:35] emoticonsarelame: but bubble tea on the Ave is so expensive
[21:40:42] emoticonsarelame: it's like $5 each
[21:40:45] EthreaL GuardiaN: Yeah... it is.
[21:40:54] youlookprecious: but is it delicious?
[21:40:56] EthreaL GuardiaN: But addictive. They put crack in it.
[21:41:00] emoticonsarelame: meh, i've had better
[21:41:06] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lmfao, oh god that guy's face scares me.
[21:41:09] youlookprecious: hahaha
[21:41:10] emoticonsarelame: oh
[21:41:11] EthreaL GuardiaN: Well you'll have to show me someday then.
[21:41:14] emoticonsarelame: i thought you meant by an assface person
[21:41:24] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lmfao Xd;;;
[21:41:27] EthreaL GuardiaN: Oh dear.
[21:41:53] emoticonsarelame: we should have Leslieing take us on a BBT road trip
[21:42:01] AzDBaksChamps01: mwahahaha
[21:42:03] emoticonsarelame: and pick up random randomthoughters on the way!
[21:42:05] EthreaL GuardiaN: Mmmmners.
[21:42:06] youlookprecious: YAY!
[21:42:16] youlookprecious: i'd be last though, cause i'm opposite the country
[21:42:19] EthreaL GuardiaN: Well I'm gonna be studying foam for 2 months, 40 hour work week.
[21:42:34] AlenaBrolxFlami: why is this thing not blinking?
[21:42:40] youlookprecious: because it hates you.
[21:42:46] AlenaBrolxFlami: I've missed a bunch of chat.
[21:42:47] youlookprecious: there's a thing in your settings you have to adjust
[21:42:51] EthreaL GuardiaN: And when I'm not studying foam I'm picking up all the computer programming languages I should've learned in high school.
[21:43:07] EthreaL GuardiaN: I've never had chat windows blink for me. There may be an option that you can set, but alas, maybe you'll just have to pay attention.
[21:43:07] emoticonsarelame: ...foam?
[21:43:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: I thought I killed the chat or something, so was checking to make sure.
[21:43:11] youlookprecious: go up to file/chat preferences and there should be something on the right about "flash window"
[21:43:14] EthreaL GuardiaN: It's a lot of my babbling, I don't think you missed much.
[21:43:18] AzDBaksChamps01: alena, go to randomthought, see the assface,
[21:43:22] youlookprecious: hahaha
[21:43:26] EthreaL GuardiaN: Foam, yes. Studying the morphology of polymer/air substances.
[21:43:33] emoticonsarelame:!
[21:43:37] youlookprecious: thrilling.
[21:43:53] youlookprecious: it's probably more fun than my light reading..."essential pharmacology".
[21:43:57] youlookprecious: wait, wait
[21:44:04] youlookprecious: psychopharmacology
[21:44:05] emoticonsarelame: hahaha
[21:44:14] youlookprecious: i'm actually interested in it though, soooo....
[21:44:20] emoticonsarelame: if i visit you, i'm gonna have to wear über high shoes
[21:44:22] emoticonsarelame: i hate feeling short
[21:44:30] youlookprecious: haha
[21:44:33] EthreaL GuardiaN: Oh yes. And my twin brother gets to use data collected from an underwater seismological network. See, the network also picks up whale vocalizations(i.e. songs), and they need someone to process all the info.
[21:44:40] EthreaL GuardiaN: Yeah, all 6'4" of me.
[21:44:42] youlookprecious: it's so fun to tower over people
[21:44:48] emoticonsarelame: Sigh.
[21:44:57] EthreaL GuardiaN: Jeez I saw this girl today, she was like rail thin and taller than me and I was all like DAMN. O_o;
[21:45:07] youlookprecious: it's okay, i'll let you wear my 5" boots
[21:45:11] youlookprecious: if you can fit into a size 11
[21:45:14] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lmfao
[21:45:26] emoticonsarelame: er...
[21:45:28] EthreaL GuardiaN: I wear a size 14 mens. I want a pair of 7 inch platform spike heels. =D
[21:45:29] emoticonsarelame: i'm a size 8
[21:45:33] emoticonsarelame: but i can wear thick socks or something
[21:45:49] youlookprecious: awright
[21:45:54] EthreaL GuardiaN: Heee =D
[21:45:56] youlookprecious: hooray!
[21:45:59] Oh No Bad Touch: alright i'm out kids!
[21:46:00] AlenaBrolxFlami: Jake, do you know who I am?
[21:46:03] EthreaL GuardiaN: =D abuse!
[21:46:04] emoticonsarelame: bye sarah!!!
[21:46:05] youlookprecious: bye bye!
[21:46:06] Oh No Bad Touch: nighty night.
[21:46:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: see ya, Sarah!
[21:46:07] EthreaL GuardiaN: Hmmmm...
[21:46:09] EthreaL GuardiaN: Let's see.
[21:46:25] *** Oh No Bad Touch has left the chat.
[21:46:27] EthreaL GuardiaN: I know a subset of who you're not... but not an all inclusive set....
[21:46:43] AlenaBrolxFlami: aiya.
[21:46:47] emoticonsarelame: ::Nods and smiles::
[21:46:50] AlenaBrolxFlami: You're making me think of math again.
[21:46:54] EthreaL GuardiaN: AxeRR P(x) > G(x) => AlenaBrolxFlami.
[21:46:58] emoticonsarelame: noooo! not math!
[21:47:04] emoticonsarelame: Aiya.
[21:47:04] EthreaL GuardiaN: Logic. ;)
[21:47:16] youlookprecious: hah
[21:47:41] AlenaBrolxFlami: so.... guess?
[21:47:42] EthreaL GuardiaN: I can't do element symbols or numerical subsets or greek letters... so use your imaginatiion. It's big, scary, and gonna eatchuu.
[21:47:44] Asterisk665: Well, I'd like to stay and keep not talking, but all this brightly colored text is making my brain hurt.
[21:47:54] EthreaL GuardiaN: I'm good at that. ^_~
[21:47:56] Asterisk665: Peace.
[21:47:58] *** Asterisk665 has left the chat.
[21:47:59] youlookprecious: turn down the brightness and or contrast.
[21:48:01] youlookprecious: or not.
[21:48:03] youlookprecious: assface.
[21:48:19] emoticonsarelame: i have the new oasis song stuck in my head and i hate it
[21:48:33] youlookprecious: i haven't heard it
[21:48:39] youlookprecious: i have the batman theme stuck in my head
[21:48:40] AzDBaksChamps01: brb
[21:48:48] AzDBaksChamps01: i can only assume this room will ahve been evacuated by the time i return
[21:48:53] youlookprecious: duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh BATMAN!
[21:49:00] youlookprecious: psh, like it depends on you.
[21:49:00] EthreaL GuardiaN: Peace.
[21:49:01] EthreaL GuardiaN: Okay
[21:49:03] EthreaL GuardiaN: Hold on.
[21:49:13] EthreaL GuardiaN: Give me a moment. I need to work my Miss Cleo powers.
[21:49:19] youlookprecious: uh oh
[21:49:19] EthreaL GuardiaN: Well maybe, I need sleep.
[21:49:26] youlookprecious: remember, i have to kill you if you're miss cleo.
[21:49:54] EthreaL GuardiaN: Were you born in 1976?
[21:50:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: Moi?
[21:50:23] youlookprecious: yes.
[21:50:32] youlookprecious: i was hired to kill the successor of miss cleo
[21:50:43] youlookprecious: whoever that might be...
[21:50:53] emoticonsarelame: haha
[21:51:01] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lmfao
[21:51:10] EthreaL GuardiaN: Her real name is Youree Dell Harris and if you call my phone you'll hear her if I ignore you ;)
[21:51:50] EthreaL GuardiaN: Who is Corey?
[21:51:53] AlenaBrolxFlami: Yup.
[21:52:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: Who is who?!
[21:52:22] youlookprecious: ARGH!
[21:52:36] youlookprecious: *rocks back and forth in fetal position*
[21:52:52] EthreaL GuardiaN: I'm Jakey. I'm going to UW to get my MRS degree.
[21:53:46] emoticonsarelame: and to be visited by Amy in Haley's shoes
[21:53:47] EthreaL GuardiaN: mrptptpt.
[21:53:51] EthreaL GuardiaN: Oh yes.
[21:53:53] EthreaL GuardiaN: XD
[21:53:55] emoticonsarelame: :-D
[21:54:01] EthreaL GuardiaN: YELLOW!
[21:54:04] youlookprecious: haha
[21:54:05] EthreaL GuardiaN: I need FloVent.
[21:54:21] EthreaL GuardiaN: Liquid Ice burns blue.
[21:54:31] AlenaBrolxFlami: No, I was referring to this.
[21:54:36] youlookprecious: i need a minifridge in my room
[21:54:39] AlenaBrolxFlami: [21:51:50] EthreaL GuardiaN: Who is Corey?
[21:54:48] youlookprecious: i'm corey, bitch.
[21:54:54] EthreaL GuardiaN: Oh jesus.
[21:54:57] EthreaL GuardiaN: Are you scary
[21:54:58] EthreaL GuardiaN: ?
[21:55:04] AlenaBrolxFlami: Me? Scary? nah,
[21:55:18] emoticonsarelame: *snort*
[21:55:19] youlookprecious: i'm your worst nightmare.
[21:55:24] youlookprecious: jeez, that's so cliched
[21:55:26] EthreaL GuardiaN: I don't in mine. I was looking at pictures of me back as a junior and sophomore and I realize I had these two years where I was ridiculously thin and I miss it so much.
[21:55:46] EthreaL GuardiaN: I used to be life-threatningly overweight, then anorexic thin, and now... just... there. *rofl*
[21:55:51] youlookprecious: what the fuck are we talking about?
[21:56:04] emoticonsarelame: did XC have anything to do with it?
[21:56:31] EthreaL GuardiaN: This is what you get for inviting tired Jakey trying to work on memorizing a spanish skit he doesn't care about into here. And he's not even reading hte script. Yes XC had a lot to do with it, and allt he weightlifting. So I can't
[21:56:33] EthreaL GuardiaN: wait for UW.
[21:56:37] youlookprecious: <----so confused.
[21:56:43] EthreaL GuardiaN: Although asthma sucks ass even though you can't really SUCK ass.
[21:56:53] emoticonsarelame: hahaha
[21:57:22] EthreaL GuardiaN: Poor eric.
[21:57:29] emoticonsarelame: want us to leave you alone?
[21:57:41] emoticonsarelame: alone with your...script? ;-)
[21:57:45] EthreaL GuardiaN: Jimmy, Tim, and Brenda.
[21:57:46] emoticonsarelame: wow, that was bad
[21:57:49] EthreaL GuardiaN: Mmmm. scripto.
[21:58:02] EthreaL GuardiaN: I can turn it into a cracktorch. I love fire. *_*
[21:58:05] EthreaL GuardiaN: So, umm, no.
[21:58:06] youlookprecious: you can suck ass
[21:58:09] youlookprecious: actually
[21:58:12] youlookprecious: like an ass hickey
[21:58:15] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lmfao
[21:58:19] EthreaL GuardiaN: yes I know you can.
[21:58:23] youlookprecious: seriously, i've been bitten on the ass
[21:58:31] youlookprecious: i'm into biting anywhere but the ass.
[21:58:39] EthreaL GuardiaN: It's the stupid AP English group at my school thinks there can be no such thing as sucking, either pushing or pulling. :P
[21:58:42] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lmfao
[21:58:51] EthreaL GuardiaN: I've never even made out ;)
[21:58:59] EthreaL GuardiaN: Don't ask my why winky is involved.
[21:59:04] EthreaL GuardiaN: oh god
[21:59:07] EthreaL GuardiaN: ooooooh GOD.
[21:59:11] EthreaL GuardiaN: *intermission*
[21:59:28] youlookprecious: ...?
[21:59:37] emoticonsarelame: me neither!
[21:59:43] emoticonsarelame: we're so deprived
[21:59:55] EthreaL GuardiaN: Awww. *tear*
[21:59:56] youlookprecious: hah, i'm not
[21:59:59] EthreaL GuardiaN: Whoa.
[22:00:03] EthreaL GuardiaN: I was all black and white.
[22:00:19] EthreaL GuardiaN: I've seen more sex than I'll ever have. Haaa
[22:00:25] EthreaL GuardiaN: But that's nothing to brag about. Who hasn't? :P
[22:00:54] EthreaL GuardiaN: Stamina plzkthx.
[22:01:08] EthreaL GuardiaN: There's a reason why I use Virgin Mobile.
[22:01:09] youlookprecious: i have carpet burn on my face.
[22:01:16] youlookprecious: i'll leave the rest to your imagination.
[22:01:16] emoticonsarelame: hahaha
[22:01:24] emoticonsarelame: & hahaha again
[22:01:32] youlookprecious: it's effing hot. i need to turn on the fan
[22:01:41] emoticonsarelame: it's effing cold here
[22:01:44] emoticonsarelame: and i'm loving it
[22:01:49] EthreaL GuardiaN: It's really hot here and I love it.
[22:01:51] EthreaL GuardiaN: I hate being cold.
[22:02:02] emoticonsarelame: ...yet you're coming in 19 days
[22:02:05] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lmfao, I have to share this quote from my Calculus class given during a presentation.
[22:02:08] youlookprecious: i prefer it be cold because you can only take of so many layers of clothes
[22:02:20] EthreaL GuardiaN: "Leonardo da Vinci was accused of being a homosexual with Joseph Stalin."
[22:02:22] emoticonsarelame: yeah
[22:02:34] emoticonsarelame: does that mean he was accused with stalin?
[22:02:44] youlookprecious: yes
[22:02:48] youlookprecious: misplaced modifiers
[22:02:50] youlookprecious: i love those
[22:02:51] EthreaL GuardiaN: I'm just saying. Anachronism much? XD
[22:02:51] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lmfao
[22:03:03] emoticonsarelame: shouldn't that be "along with", then?
[22:03:11] youlookprecious: uhh
[22:03:18] emoticonsarelame: oh. nevermind.
[22:03:19] youlookprecious: no
[22:03:23] emoticonsarelame: damn you, lag
[22:03:30] youlookprecious: two prepositions in a row is bad grammar
[22:03:31] EthreaL GuardiaN: Yeah, yay Seattle! Well, I love rain, and I can always snuggle. But I hate having cold to the point where a part goes numb, I'd rather be a fountain than not be able to feel a certain part.
[22:03:42] youlookprecious: and that sentence was probably full of bad grammar
[22:03:43] youlookprecious: haha
[22:03:48] EthreaL GuardiaN: What about 6 in a row at the end of a sentence?
[22:04:05] youlookprecious: prepositions are bad to end sentences with.
[22:04:06] EthreaL GuardiaN: I share a quote from a linguistics major friend of mine.
[22:04:13] emoticonsarelame: hahaha
[22:04:14] emoticonsarelame: nice one, haley
[22:04:28] youlookprecious: i steal every witty thing i say from my boyfriend
[22:04:29] youlookprecious: haha
[22:04:36] emoticonsarelame: in the last chat, leslieing taught us new vocab
[22:04:38] EthreaL GuardiaN: What did you close the cupboard he took the nice glass I like to drink from out of up for?
[22:04:39] EthreaL GuardiaN: What bed did you take the canopy that he came running out from under out from under?
[22:04:45] emoticonsarelame: and today's theme is grammar....great.
[22:04:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: I did not
[22:04:52] emoticonsarelame: yes you did
[22:04:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: like what?
[22:05:03] emoticonsarelame: that one word
[22:05:09] emoticonsarelame: that means "someone who eats a lot of fish"
[22:05:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: uh.
[22:05:13] EthreaL GuardiaN: Aren't those great sentences fun?
[22:05:14] emoticonsarelame: except i forget the word.
[22:05:20] emoticonsarelame: ._.
[22:05:20] EthreaL GuardiaN: Teetotaler.
[22:05:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: let's see.
[22:05:31] EthreaL GuardiaN: Or... poser-vegeterian.
[22:05:39] youlookprecious: my brain hurts
[22:05:40] youlookprecious: haha
[22:06:39] youlookprecious: one two cha cha cha
[22:06:40] EthreaL GuardiaN: I have to go. I'm so going to pass out after I listen to Veronika on Dimensions Speedbeat and then... uhhhh...
[22:06:41] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lmfao
[22:06:48] EthreaL GuardiaN: Lucky Cha Cha Cha!
[22:06:49] AlenaBrolxFlami: Okay.
[22:06:53] AlenaBrolxFlami: Bye Jake
[22:06:55] EthreaL GuardiaN: But hold on...
[22:06:56] youlookprecious: bye bye
[22:06:59] youlookprecious: ?
[22:07:09] EthreaL GuardiaN: Did you know that the 6th harry potter book comes out the day before I'm legal?
[22:07:37] emoticonsarelame: laters
[22:07:43] EthreaL GuardiaN: And good night. =D Y'all rock often and muchly, unless it's too much for you. <3
[22:07:45] emoticonsarelame: happy early legalization
[22:07:49] *** EthreaL GuardiaN has left the chat.
[22:08:27] youlookprecious: man, i bet it will die
[22:08:31] *** Asterisk665 has joined the chat.
[22:08:34] youlookprecious: maybe not.
[22:08:39] emoticonsarelame: what's 'it'?
[22:08:43] AlenaBrolxFlami: Amy!
[22:08:43] youlookprecious: this.
[22:08:45] youlookprecious: the chat.
[22:08:46] emoticonsarelame: ah
[22:08:49] youlookprecious: YOU!
[22:08:52] youlookprecious: bwahahahaha
[22:08:55] emoticonsarelame: yes?
[22:09:00] Asterisk665: EVERYONE!
[22:09:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: defenestration?
[22:09:03] youlookprecious: i mean you are it
[22:09:05] emoticonsarelame: no
[22:09:07] youlookprecious: *tag*
[22:09:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: (looking at the chat log)
[22:09:14] emoticonsarelame: i knew that already
[22:09:21] youlookprecious: no tagbacks
[22:09:25] emoticonsarelame: there was a fish word!
[22:10:02] Asterisk665: Piscivorous?
[22:10:18] youlookprecious: that's an awesome word.
[22:10:24] emoticonsarelame: yes i think that's it!
[22:10:26] youlookprecious: i'm going to have its babies and then eat them
[22:10:38] emoticonsarelame: you're gonna have to remind me every now and then
[22:10:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: that wasn't me!
[22:10:55] youlookprecious: of the word?
[22:11:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: that was.. Asterisk dude
[22:11:08] emoticonsarelame: it's not that it's a hard word to remember, it's just that i wont use it very often and i'll forget to use it
[22:11:15] emoticonsarelame: oh. who was it?
[22:11:15] emoticonsarelame: oh
[22:11:17] emoticonsarelame: heh
[22:11:18] emoticonsarelame: um
[22:11:22] emoticonsarelame: sorry
[22:11:23] emoticonsarelame: :-[
[22:11:40] youlookprecious: brainsick.
[22:11:44] youlookprecious: asterisk665.
[22:11:47] Asterisk665: HI!!!
[22:12:00] youlookprecious: lyk omgz hi!!!!11!1!1!!!!
[22:12:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: BEHEST!
[22:12:09] youlookprecious: off to kill myself again, hold please
[22:12:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: Hey!
[22:12:39] emoticonsarelame: have fun
[22:12:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: r
[22:12:56] youlookprecious: nah, i'm cleansed of the demons
[22:13:02] youlookprecious: no killing for now
[22:13:06] Asterisk665: Would anyone like to taste my smoked meat log?
[22:13:07] AlenaBrolxFlami: AlenaBrolxFlami: she came at my behest.. she's in RT too :P
emoticonsarelame: you just taught me a new word
emoticonsarelame: thanks
AlenaBrolxFlami: ?
Asterisk665: ?
AlenaBrolxFlami: "behest" ??
[22:13:15] emoticonsarelame: lol
[22:13:17] emoticonsarelame: i rememberedthat one
[22:13:22] AlenaBrolxFlami: ok
[22:13:37] youlookprecious: why yes, i would love some of your smoked meat log.
[22:13:49] *** AngeLuray has joined the chat.
[22:13:52] AngeLuray: Weird
[22:13:59] AlenaBrolxFlami: ?
[22:14:02] emoticonsarelame: hi luray!
[22:14:05] AngeLuray: hey Myyyy
[22:14:08] youlookprecious: ello.
[22:14:10] Asterisk665: It's log, log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood
[22:14:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: Dude!
[22:14:15] emoticonsarelame: so which won the poll, oreos or chicken nuggets?
[22:14:30] AngeLuray: I never checked...
[22:14:31] youlookprecious: what's long, hard, and full of seamen?
[22:14:38] youlookprecious: man, it's only fun if you say it out loud....
[22:14:39] AngeLuray: a submarine
[22:15:09] AngeLuray: FUCK Verizon
[22:15:12] emoticonsarelame: i g2g
[22:15:21] AngeLuray: Invite me then leave fineeee
[22:15:26] emoticonsarelame: g'night, everyone
[22:15:28] emoticonsarelame: im sorry:-(
[22:15:31] Asterisk665: Byeeeeeeeee
[22:15:32] emoticonsarelame: i really have to study for my math test though
[22:15:39] AngeLuray: night sexy
[22:15:40] youlookprecious: bye bye
[22:15:47] *** emoticonsarelame has left the chat.
[22:16:20] *** AngeLuray has left the chat.
[22:16:34] Asterisk665: well that took all the energy out of the room
[22:16:39] AzDBaksChamps01: hey
[22:16:41] youlookprecious: indeed it did.
[22:16:44] youlookprecious: CHICKEN BUTTS!
[22:16:46] AzDBaksChamps01: itsstill around
[22:16:52] youlookprecious: *runs around laughing like a maniac*
[22:17:10] AzDBaksChamps01: so much for that prediction
[22:17:40] Asterisk665: it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again
[22:18:12] youlookprecious: bwahahaha

[22:18:15] youlookprecious: i eat babies.
[22:18:26] youlookprecious: teriyaki style.
[22:18:32] youlookprecious: whoa, can't spell today
[22:18:52] youlookprecious: wait, yes i can
[22:19:20] AzDBaksChamps01: so...
[22:19:26] Asterisk665: WTF? Is that a dude or a chick?
[22:19:30] AzDBaksChamps01: where
[22:19:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: where?
[22:19:41] youlookprecious: who
[22:20:03] Asterisk665: what?
[22:20:11] youlookprecious: is who a dude?
[22:20:35] Asterisk665: banner ad on the side of my chat window
[22:20:49] youlookprecious: i don't have a banner ad
[22:20:53] youlookprecious: HA!
[22:20:55] AzDBaksChamps01: i dont have ads on my chat window
[22:20:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: neither do I.
[22:21:02] AzDBaksChamps01: i do i avhe abanner ad on my buddy list
[22:21:05] AlenaBrolxFlami: thank goodness for Trillian!
[22:21:06] AzDBaksChamps01: but its currently blank
[22:21:16] youlookprecious: i think aim just hates you
[22:21:17] Asterisk665: Well that's it.
[22:21:22] youlookprecious: trillian irritates me
[22:21:36] AlenaBrolxFlami: why?
[22:21:43] AzDBaksChamps01: AIM is the only place where I know anyone
[22:21:46] Asterisk665: I think it's because I'm using aol, I dunno
[22:21:48] youlookprecious: i dunno
[22:21:57] AzDBaksChamps01: MSN Messenger is open all the time though, because I connect through MSN
[22:22:04] AzDBaksChamps01: i never use it though
[22:22:20] AzDBaksChamps01: and Yahoo Messenger is terrible
[22:22:30] AzDBaksChamps01: it's really the worst thing I've ever seen, occasionally I go back to see if they fixed the horridness, and they never do
[22:22:34] Asterisk665: God, don't get me started.
[22:22:40] youlookprecious: i hate yahoo
[22:22:58] youlookprecious: it's so full of little girls getting naked on webcams and horny old men masturbating to them
[22:23:08] Asterisk665: There it is again!
[22:23:23] Asterisk665: It's him/her!
[22:23:41] AlenaBrolxFlami: Where is this assface post that I was supposed to look at three hours ago?!
[22:23:45] Asterisk665: oh wait
[22:23:50] Asterisk665: It's gone
[22:23:54] youlookprecious: randomthought
[22:24:00] AlenaBrolxFlami: Yeah, I know :P
[22:24:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: it's not on my friends page.
[22:24:14] Asterisk665: Look for Dustin Hermanson
[22:24:15] youlookprecious: ah
[22:24:27] youlookprecious: not on mine either
[22:24:30] youlookprecious: too many posts, and i'm too lazy to set up and use filters
[22:24:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: OH
[22:24:54] AlenaBrolxFlami: I scrolled past that/.
[22:25:13] AzDBaksChamps01: i dont have randomthought on my friends page because it like quadruples the number of posts on there
[22:25:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: Ha. You should try having RQ on the ol' friends page.
[22:25:57] AzDBaksChamps01: never
[22:25:58] Asterisk665: Dude, I have ten friends on my friends page, and I have trouble keeping up with that
[22:26:04] AzDBaksChamps01: of course i got run out of that place for mentioning a song i thought was emo
[22:26:06] youlookprecious: haha
[22:26:09] AzDBaksChamps01: it turned out to not be classified as emo at all
[22:26:15] AzDBaksChamps01: even though I still tihnk it sounds emo to me
[22:26:27] Asterisk665: what song?
[22:26:29] youlookprecious: what song?
[22:26:31] AzDBaksChamps01: The Prom Kings - Alone
[22:26:45] youlookprecious: WHAT IS IT
[22:26:47] Asterisk665: Oh, totally fucking emo, dude
[22:26:58] AzDBaksChamps01: but for some reason only the hard rock station plays that song
[22:27:04] AzDBaksChamps01: and none of the stations that dabble in emo do
[22:27:05] AzDBaksChamps01: its very weird
[22:28:00] Asterisk665: I know the song. That is weird.
[22:28:37] AlenaBrolxFlami: Who ran you out?
[22:29:02] AzDBaksChamps01: eh, i got like 8 posts, 4 telling me to get the hell out, the other 4 told me to never say the e word again
[22:29:22] Asterisk665: o.0
[22:29:35] AzDBaksChamps01: johnnydeeper's post was the most viscious though, I remember that
[22:30:00] youlookprecious: show us show us show us!
[22:30:01] Asterisk665: johhnymayhem?
[22:30:07] AzDBaksChamps01: no, this is RQ
[22:30:09] AzDBaksChamps01: not RT
[22:30:12] Asterisk665: oh
[22:30:20] AzDBaksChamps01: RQ was too republican for me anyways
[22:31:17] Asterisk665: It's fuckin' 1:30. I need to stop trying to think.
[22:31:28] youlookprecious: the day's just begun!
[22:31:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: Oh.
[22:31:43] AlenaBrolxFlami: Yeah. There are a bunch of people in RQ who want me dead.
[22:31:43] AzDBaksChamps01: the day is just ending
[22:31:49] AzDBaksChamps01: gotta love that
[22:32:04] AlenaBrolxFlami: You know that Anonymous Message Server?
[22:32:23] youlookprecious: yes
[22:32:24] Asterisk665: Nope
[22:33:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: They made a post asking people to post the messages they got.
[22:33:33] AlenaBrolxFlami: Every time they do such a post, the server keeps getting flooded by RQ people. :P
[22:33:55] AzDBaksChamps01: i got my IP banned for typing cannibal
[22:34:05] AlenaBrolxFlami: I looked at the comments, and found several like this: "glowing_dragon should die / is a troll / etc."
[22:34:12] AlenaBrolxFlami: in there?
[22:34:22] AzDBaksChamps01: Anonymous Message Server
[22:34:25] youlookprecious: holy shit..."i fuck retarded cats on the roofs of children's hospitals"
[22:34:26] youlookprecious: HAHA
[22:34:37] AzDBaksChamps01: what the, there are retarded cats?
[22:34:44] youlookprecious: apparently.
[22:34:53] AzDBaksChamps01: eh
[22:35:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, that's what I meanyt
[22:35:44] AlenaBrolxFlami: that sounds like something you'd find on Group Hug
[22:35:49] youlookprecious: haha
[22:36:03] Asterisk665: That I know
[22:36:03] AzDBaksChamps01: what is that?
[22:36:12] Asterisk665: I posted one there
[22:37:46] AzDBaksChamps01: the page didnt load
[22:37:56] youlookprecious: yeah, there are probably too many people there
[22:38:00] youlookprecious: it timed out for me
[22:38:06] AzDBaksChamps01: so, what the hell is grouphug
[22:38:13] AzDBaksChamps01: and why is it all the rage of the internets?
[22:38:17] youlookprecious: anonymous confessions
[22:38:25] youlookprecious: you can't really know until you see it
[22:38:31] Asterisk665: what she said.
[22:38:32] AzDBaksChamps01: but, that has to be fake
[22:38:46] AzDBaksChamps01: no one would rape retarded cats on a children's hospital roof
[22:38:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: some of them undoubtedly are!
[22:38:59] Asterisk665: I wasn't lying when I posted mine.
[22:39:00] AlenaBrolxFlami: you'd hope not!
[22:39:12] AzDBaksChamps01: dare we ask what you posted, *
[22:39:30] Asterisk665: Nope. It's anonymous.
[22:39:36] AzDBaksChamps01: alas
[22:41:15] Asterisk665: I'm gonna go eat me some lunchable's pizza
[22:41:24] Asterisk665: toodles
[22:41:25] AzDBaksChamps01: sounds tasty
[22:41:26] AzDBaksChamps01: see ya
[22:41:26] *** Asterisk665 has left the chat.
[22:41:30] youlookprecious: aw man.
[22:41:34] AzDBaksChamps01: well...
[22:41:36] youlookprecious: i miss lunchables nachos.
[22:41:37] AlenaBrolxFlami: ??
[22:41:43] youlookprecious: they're soooo good
[22:41:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: never had those
[22:41:47] AzDBaksChamps01: i never really had a lunchables
[22:42:02] AzDBaksChamps01: my mom made my school lunches by hand
[22:42:24] youlookprecious: lame.
[22:42:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: mine did that until she made us do it
[22:42:31] youlookprecious: you should go buy some
[22:42:41] youlookprecious: i always made my own lunch
[22:42:44] AzDBaksChamps01: methinks I will be well acquainted with them when i am at a dorm
[22:42:57] AzDBaksChamps01: BLOODY CHUNKS OF FLESH!
[22:43:21] youlookprecious: ?
[22:43:24] AzDBaksChamps01: i dunno
[22:43:27] AzDBaksChamps01: Letterman just yelled it
[22:43:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: ha.
[22:43:56] AzDBaksChamps01: now he's saying he enjoys lesbians
[22:43:58] youlookprecious: mm, delicious
[22:44:00] AlenaBrolxFlami: next shopping list: cough drops, Lunchables, and other stuff.
[22:44:04] AlenaBrolxFlami: hmm..
[22:44:06] youlookprecious: who doesn't enjoy lesbians?
[22:44:17] youlookprecious: cough drops!
[22:44:17] youlookprecious: get hall's fruit breezers
[22:44:19] youlookprecious: they're sooooo good
[22:45:11] AzDBaksChamps01: soap opera clip of the night, this ought to be good
[22:45:48] youlookprecious: hahahaha
[22:45:53] AzDBaksChamps01: and then they rolled down a flight of stairs
[22:45:56] AzDBaksChamps01: the monkey and the attacker
[22:46:09] AzDBaksChamps01: very strange turn of events
[22:46:31] AzDBaksChamps01: gotta love monkeys
[22:47:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, I'll keep that in mind!
[22:47:32] AzDBaksChamps01: when in doubt, bring in a monkey
[22:48:08] youlookprecious: oh my god
[22:48:15] youlookprecious: i can't think of anything funny to say
[22:48:20] youlookprecious: what's happening to me?
[22:48:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: me either
[22:48:31] AzDBaksChamps01: you lost your third nipple?
[22:48:38] youlookprecious: nah, that was last week
[22:48:41] AzDBaksChamps01: ah
[22:48:54] AlenaBrolxFlami: Anne Boleyn!
[22:49:20] AzDBaksChamps01: oh, crazy Henry VIII
[22:50:35] AlenaBrolxFlami: yup... him and his six wives..
[22:51:02] AzDBaksChamps01: but how does that help us figure out why haley lost her humor?
[22:51:03] youlookprecious: yeah, i failed world history
[22:51:40] AzDBaksChamps01: henry the viii is really only important because the vatacan granted him a divorce or something like that
[22:51:41] AzDBaksChamps01: all the murders are just fun fodder
[22:51:43] AzDBaksChamps01: but really unimportant in the grand scheme of things
[22:51:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: it doesn't
[22:52:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: you were saying something about a third nipple.
[22:52:11] youlookprecious: the vatican didn't grant him a divorce
[22:52:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: that reminded me of how people said Anne had a third nipple
[22:52:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: ..... yeah, I'm random. ;)
[22:52:31] youlookprecious: he switched to being protestant so he could divorce
[22:52:54] AzDBaksChamps01: wait, the vatacan granted some english king a divorce
[22:53:37] AzDBaksChamps01: hah, I got an A and you failed
[22:53:39] AzDBaksChamps01: this is ironic
[22:53:42] youlookprecious: they never granted anyone a divorce
[22:53:50] AzDBaksChamps01: crap
[22:53:52] youlookprecious: because it goes against catholic beliefs
[22:54:09] youlookprecious: i think they taught that the one day i was awake
[22:54:11] AzDBaksChamps01: Yes, I distinctly remember some english king being granted a divorce by a corrupt pope
[22:54:21] AzDBaksChamps01: because popes were corrupt back then
[22:54:38] youlookprecious: ehh
[22:54:41] youlookprecious: whatever.
[22:54:47] youlookprecious: doesn't matter, i want to go to med school anyway
[22:54:59] AzDBaksChamps01: ooo, it was a french king
[22:55:58] AzDBaksChamps01: oh, and english one too
[22:55:59] AzDBaksChamps01: Royal divorces had happened before: Louis XII had been granted a divorce in 1499, and in 1527 James IV's widow Margaret (Henry's sister) had also been granted one
[22:57:07] AzDBaksChamps01: well... this conversation deteriorated quickly
[22:57:13] youlookprecious: yep.
[22:57:22] AlenaBrolxFlami: man, I miss the cruise ship food, haha
[22:58:27] AzDBaksChamps01: ...yep
[22:58:51] AzDBaksChamps01: i just spilt my drin
[22:58:53] youlookprecious: mmhmm.
[22:58:54] AzDBaksChamps01: *drink
[22:59:01] youlookprecious: i read that as "i just split my chin"
[22:59:23] AzDBaksChamps01: yes, because of i did that i'd take the time to type it out while screaming and bleeding
[22:59:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: aiya.
[23:00:05] AzDBaksChamps01: why did amy leave?
[23:00:15] youlookprecious: uhh
[23:00:18] youlookprecious: she had to study
[23:00:20] youlookprecious: i think...
[23:00:23] AzDBaksChamps01: blah
[23:00:36] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, that was it.
[23:01:01] AzDBaksChamps01: im disappointed, i would have expected the assface post to get more comments :-[23:01:08] youlookprecious: haha
[23:01:14] youlookprecious: people are afraid to click links
[23:01:43] AzDBaksChamps01: ugh, stupid people
[23:02:08] youlookprecious: yes.
[23:02:10] youlookprecious: yes, they are.
[23:04:04] AzDBaksChamps01: so, what are you doing this summer?
[23:04:31] youlookprecious: lounging about
[23:04:38] youlookprecious: riding random places in cars with my friends
[23:04:41] AzDBaksChamps01: im working and schooling
[23:04:43] youlookprecious: going to shows
[23:04:46] youlookprecious: that's pretty much it
[23:04:49] AzDBaksChamps01: my summer will come next semester when I'm at ASU
[23:04:51] youlookprecious: oh, i might teach flute lessons
[23:04:57] AzDBaksChamps01: WHOO WHOO PARTY SCHOOL!
[23:05:03] AzDBaksChamps01: said the boy that doesn't drink
[23:05:18] AzDBaksChamps01: people kept saying that at my work today
[23:05:20] AzDBaksChamps01: when they found out I was 20
[23:05:32] AzDBaksChamps01: they were like, "Almost able to drink!"
[23:05:35] youlookprecious: haha
[23:05:41] AzDBaksChamps01: and I was like, "I don't drink!"
[23:05:54] AzDBaksChamps01: and they were like, "Well let me be 20 then" or "Well I do, you can buy some for me!"
[23:05:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: Ha. My brother was like that until he went to Ireland last year.
[23:06:05] AzDBaksChamps01: im half irish
[23:06:08] AzDBaksChamps01: and i dont drink
[23:06:12] AzDBaksChamps01: im letting my ancestors down
[23:06:17] AzDBaksChamps01: but my ancestors are stupid
[23:06:23] AzDBaksChamps01: just look at this family they created
[23:06:33] AzDBaksChamps01: im in the only somewhat normal part of it, and this part is always almost dieing
[23:06:39] AlenaBrolxFlami: really?
[23:06:43] youlookprecious: ARGH
[23:06:56] youlookprecious: must..
[23:06:57] youlookprecious: resist...
[23:06:58] youlookprecious: urge to correct spelling...
[23:07:03] AlenaBrolxFlami: I know.
[23:07:23] AzDBaksChamps01: isn't dying only for like hair dye?
[23:07:33] youlookprecious: nope
[23:08:03] AzDBaksChamps01: well... go lick your hair
[23:08:28] youlookprecious: i'm waaaay ahead of you.
[23:08:28] youlookprecious: haha
[23:08:38] AzDBaksChamps01: do you chew on your hair?
[23:08:57] youlookprecious: not on purpose, but it's at a length that it won't stay behind my ear and it'll go into my mouth
[23:09:13] AzDBaksChamps01: ah
[23:10:10] youlookprecious: i'm debating over whether or not to cut it or grow it out
[23:10:10] AzDBaksChamps01: i would probably do that if I had long hair
[23:10:38] youlookprecious: what i really want to do is get a pixie cut and dye it cotton candy blue
[23:10:39] AzDBaksChamps01: well, you can always decide to cut it, but it'd take longer to grow it out if you did
[23:10:43] AzDBaksChamps01: pixie cut?
[23:10:51] youlookprecious: but last time i got my hair cut short everyone called me a dyke
[23:10:52] youlookprecious: uhh
[23:10:55] youlookprecious: it's like...
[23:11:07] youlookprecious: short like a boy's but more feminine
[23:11:12] youlookprecious: i'll try to find a picture
[23:12:14] youlookprecious: here
[23:12:23] AzDBaksChamps01: oh
[23:12:30] AzDBaksChamps01: eh
[23:12:36] youlookprecious: ?
[23:12:38] AlenaBrolxFlami: [23:07:23] AzDBaksChamps01: isn't dying only for like hair dye?
[23:12:48] AlenaBrolxFlami: no
[23:12:50] youlookprecious: haha
[23:12:58] AzDBaksChamps01: go eat some chicken!
[23:13:02] AlenaBrolxFlami: that would be "dyEing" n any case
[23:13:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: **in
[23:13:21] AlenaBrolxFlami: :O
[23:13:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: How did you know I was eating Santa Fe chicken for dinner?!
[23:13:40] youlookprecious: we're watching you.
[23:14:02] AlenaBrolxFlami: but I live all the way over here!
[23:14:12] AzDBaksChamps01: pretty late for dinner
[23:14:30] youlookprecious: how do you know i'm not all the way over there?
[23:14:31] youlookprecious: huh?
[23:14:39] youlookprecious: who's the stalker, here
[23:15:02] AzDBaksChamps01: we're with the thought police
[23:15:12] AzDBaksChamps01: we don't encourage such odd behavior as eating dinner at this hour
[23:15:28] AzDBaksChamps01: it is a deviation from the norm and shall be corrected with electroshock therapy
[23:15:34] AlenaBrolxFlami: then you really wouldn't have approved of what time my brother ate dinner on the ship :P
[23:15:59] youlookprecious: we can't regulate naval behaviors.
[23:16:08] AzDBaksChamps01: international waters
[23:16:23] youlookprecious: it would be very complicated paperwork
[23:17:39] youlookprecious: we just can't deal with all tat.
[23:17:45] youlookprecious: damn keyboard.
[23:17:46] youlookprecious: again.
[23:18:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: BLEH
[23:18:49] AzDBaksChamps01: everybody wang chung tonight!
[23:18:51] *** AzDBaksChamps01 has left the chat.
[23:18:53] youlookprecious: damn.
[23:19:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: man!
[23:19:56] youlookprecious: well then.
[23:20:07] youlookprecious: this chat has become pointless, so farewell
[23:20:20] AlenaBrolxFlami: it has
[23:20:24] *** youlookprecious has left the chat.
Session Close (randomthoughtchatroomii): Tue May 31 23:20:39 2005

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