Saturday, October 15, 2011

Level 99 Garland defeat / 4-3 Canucks WIN!!!!

Briefly talked to Vanessa on MSN while the hockey game was going on yesterday evening. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (from Burnaby) got a hat trick in his third NHL game (once with 29 seconds left in the first period), but too bad he's an Edmonton rookie! Sami Salo scored on the power play, Henrik Sedin scored on a two-man advantage, and Alex Burrows scored with 16 seconds left in the second period! When Salo scored AGAIN in the third, I had to yell and scream a lot, of COURSE! That proved to be the winner in a 4-3 game!!!! Good thing Teunis isn't around anymore, although he has to be subjected to it via FB feed, muhahahaha!

Talked to Corey later via Skype messages, who said that the French "Baptiste Girod" dude is the guy who made Gmail Notifier Plus... PHEW! He also said stuff about challenge - yeah, I get it, but it's nuts anyway! Started FINAL FANTASY II, as well. Got a message from Eric, who said he'd be here at 8:55 AM - "woohoo," eh? ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE.

I also defeated Garland again in FINAL FANTASY 1 at Level 99! IT WAS A GOOD TIME LAST NIGHT, OR YESTERDAY REALLY!

Your Attitudes Toward Women Are Modern

Your attitudes toward women are no different than your attitudes toward men.

You're a big believer in gender equality, and you'll fight for people to be treated as individuals.

You get annoyed when women are held back from reaching their potential - even if they're the ones holding themselves back.

You think gender should be less important than we make it. We're all just people, after all.

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Vanessa, Goji Berry, Safeway, Galloway's, Granville Island, and new change purses

Before Vanessa picked me up at 11, I went from Level 75 to Level 91 in FINAL FANTASY 1, and also looked up the cost of renewing my BCID... $15 isn't that bad, haha. Thank goodness for cash! Vanessa and I talked about busing, Wayne, the Greek market on Broadway, Safeway, parking, Belgian water, Granville Island (pumpkin ale and orange Belgian Wit), Galloway's, pastries from Bon Ton Bakery, pain, Minerva's Greek market, how walking was for me, Chinese food, family stuff, Mom's stupid thoughts about a LOT, racism, black people, the Occupy Vancouver protest at the art gallery this afternoon, Europe, East Indians, white guys, disability, wine, childhood conditioning, her helping me (with heavy items) out of friendship (and NOT pity), fudge, peanut butter, prices going up, cinnamon mints, ouzo mints, doughnuts, her friends, Teunis, Krista, Ryan, syrup, chemicals, her wallet, olive bread, and vanilla air freshener vs. wild cherry air freshener. We also discussed congee, Chinese food, iced coffee (we both needed CAFFEINE!), hot soup, Dylan, Deb, stupid idiots (bad drivers and Paul), Jon / Harmony, white Eric vs. Chinese Eric (I should call him...), missions, being a relaxed Christian (swearing) vs. a super-devout one, her cousins, bible tripe, dumplings, spreadable butter, and steel-cut oats.

Conversed about wild blackberry Greek yogurt, lemon Greek yogurt (both by Liberté), my bus pass, having a cold winter, mountains, Mt. Baker, bakeries, toy cars, lupus, surgery, soy milk, chocolate milk, Oasis Health Break juices, orange juice, black cherry / blackberry juice, tea towels, hot flashes, ceramic mugs, moose, instant coffee, and more. I noticed the start of redrum, but it was okay. When I got home, I was there for five minutes before going out again to London Drugs to get on-sale Excel White gum x2 (since Safeway seemingly didn't have any) / Axe body spray (Phoenix) to get rid of certain smells / a new change purse which was less annoying than my dragon one and its inner material bunching up (worth paying $7.99 for a GOOD zipper vs. $4.99 for a stuck one, AND better than the $18 which the Smoking Lily charged!) / on-sale vanilla and brown sugar soap to remind me of Jeremy / on-sale apple juice / a 99-cent birthday card and inexpensive toy car for Mattias (he's 3!) / purple Goji Berry and Orchid Dial Nutri-Skin body wash / happy face stickers. I discovered that the usual elevator AND the stairs were both out of commission, but got home in time for the hockey game! Got home and threw some things away, then fit a pound of tortilla chips in a big Ziploc bag because the chip bag had a hole in it.

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Family as fake people (dream) / Chuck, Andrea, and me / Cards

I was actually glad to hear my alarm this morning, since I was dreaming that my family was a bunch of fake people who kissed Mom's ass all the time, and made ME do everything like cleaning up papers from Page-A-Day calendars! (oh, wait...) Andrea finally emailed me that picture of us from yesterday which I accidentally deleted because it went straight to my trash folder - WTF?! I also noted the presence of a random guy's pictures on my hard drive, and noted that my Gmail was owned by some dude named "Baptiste Girod" - WTF, indeed!

Chuck, Andrea, and me at the Richmond Centre food court yesterday:

You Are Intuitive

Although you see yourself as a loner, people are drawn to you. You have a natural magnetism.

You may seem quiet and withdrawn, but you're paying attention to every single thing around you.

Deep and sensitive, you tend to impress others with your insights. You come up with the most amazing stuff.

You also tend to be psychic - so listen to that inner voice. It will rarely lead you astray.

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Called Eric to say that I probably wasn't going out tonight since I have to get up early tomorrow, and I don't think he'd leave immediately after the program... hey, 10 AM is early for me! Since he was leaving at 6:15 since he wanted to be at church early (WHY?!), then that meant that I could have a relaxed evening home alone! YAY! It may not be my fifth consecutive Friday at home yet, but it sure felt like it! (set my alarm, just in case) Did some laundry, and since I *really* wanted to play DRAGON QUEST games on an emulator, I downloaded IDEAS and made sure it worked first. Since it did, I was happy... I'm also good with the revised time of 11 AM as a pickup time tomorrow as per Vanessa, AND with finally finishing the optional bonus dungeons known as the Souls of Chaos in FINAL FANTASY 1: DAWN OF SOULS! :D

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Chuck and Andrea - YAY FOR HANGING OUT!

Auntie Anita, Chuck, and Andrea picked me up a few minutes after 2, and we were off to Richmond Centre. That worked well for me because I had to cash my cheque AND get plastic wrap / aluminum foil, which turned out to be on sale at Shoppers! (which is what I was going to bus out to do - I forgot about my gum, though!) At the bank, I was informed that I had to renew my ID - it's that time again! Maybe I'll see what Barry has to say, haha. While Auntie Anita left to return Uncle Simon's shirt and do some other stuff, I went to the food court with Andrea and Chuck, who treated me to more Greek food at OPA - lamb! We caught up on stuff such as volunteering, Nina, Yazmine, Facebook, Joey in Toronto, Paul being an ass, Teunis, Elaine and Matt moving to New Hampshire to be near Matt's family (they're done in China), adventure, Jon / Harmony, Steph / Lisa, and Andrea's brother Sherman.

Also talked about Chuck's mom dying last December (but she looked really good at their wedding in June - you'd never be able to tell that she had terminal cancer!), their first year of marriage, Elaine being here next February and March, my needing to be careful, work making Andrea a zombie until recently when she changed jobs, pictures, and more. Her little cousin's Halloween costume looked really cute and funny, and the swans around Hamilton are cool enough! It was good to hang out with them, even if it was only for a little while! Good thing I got home in time for my weekly tradition, after discussing car accidents / fault and Auntie Anita being easily distracted! (we had to wait for her) Answered Mandy's email, and also laughed at Eric's email of "Are you afraid of me since you signed offline as soon as I sent you an MSN message?" HAHAHAHAHA!

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TROGDOR in HELLFIRE CHASM! / Vanessa, Andrea, and high school

Vanessa came on MSN and said stuff about 10 AM tomorrow (ugh), City Fresh Market, busing to Granville Island from her aunt's, coffee at a Greek store on Broadway (?!), Galloway's, and more. She didn't know what Trillian was, haha! At least this provides the perfect excuse I need to get out of the missions conference tonight - waking up early is going to be hard enough without blogging the whole experience, after all. I need to go to the bank plus London Drugs, since I need replacement plastic wrap / wax paper / aluminum foil (stupid Paul) and Excel White gum before 3, just to be safe for my weekly tradition! Andrea called to see if we could hang out near Richmond Centre - OF COURSE! Eric bugged me as soon as I got online - NO TIME!

A Homestar Runner reference in FINAL FANTASY 1 DAWN OF SOULS' HELLFIRE CHASM... gotta love Trogdor the Burninator!

People Remember You as Popular

In high school, you lived a charmed life - and everyone knew it. You were well-known and well-liked.

You wanted people to be comfortable around you, but not at the expense of you stealing the limelight.

You were always an optimist, and people enjoyed being around you. You were a friend to almost everyone.

You didn't try to be popular; you just tried to be yourself. You were just naturally likable.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mail, Deb's baby shower, and NARUTO characters

Checked my mail, and got a tax cheque - Teunis also got two pieces of mail, so I informed him of this over MSN. The Canucks lost 2-0 to the Red Wings, also... sigh! Maxine and Helen C. also invited me to Deb's baby shower on Oct. 23 at noon, via Evite. I already have enough problems staying awake on Sundays, but it's been forever since I've been to one of these. Of course, they're almost always filled with games - I don't know!

Who of the Naruto characters will do what to you? (mostly for girls) by Neji_has_a_wedgie
Favorite Color:
Favorite Character:
Least Favorite Character:
This person will laugh at you:Gaara
This person will punch you in the face:Neji
This person will hug you until you can't breathe:Tobi
This person will come up behind you and yell "BOO!":Deidara
This person will kiss you:Neji
This person will pat you on the back:Shikamaru
This person will become your best friend:Kisame
This person will become your boyfriend:Kiba
This person will break your heart:Kankurou
This person will marry you:Kiba
This person will be with you when you die:Sasuke
This is the person who killed you:Kankurou

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Do You Eat Like a Liberal or a Conservative?

You Eat Like a Liberal

You may or may not be a political liberal, but studies show you sure eat like one.

You gravitate toward food that is unusual, spicy, and extremely exotic.

Whenever you can, you try to branch out culinarily. You definitely consider yourself a foodie.

You should have a full passport for all of the different cuisines you've sampled. You have international taste.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5-4 losses, Austin, church NOT being impartial, legs really being mine

The Canucks lost 5-4 to the Flyers tonight... UGH! Austin C. added me to Facebook as a fellow fan - I wonder how long this will last before it implodes!

Funny church sign... God may be impartial, but this church is NOT:

Yes... yes, they are! Oh, Onrac village in FINAL FANTASY I...

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Raymond, horehound candy, Jennifer Temple's family and friends, ZELDA in FF1

Found good torrents, haha! Talked to Vanessa briefly on MSN about Thanksgiving, Jehovah's Witnesses, shit, and more. Had a dream where my friends were at a conference, and I unfortunately saw Raymond stretched out on a bed. He said that he'd never go out with a rude girl like me (!), so I told him exactly what I thought of that before going to help Jon pack up some stuff. We found one of Mom's owl clocks in a drawer, and added that to a suitcase on a luggage cart labelled "CHENG." After that, we all went to Heritage Village to meet Jennifer T.'s (tehgreenfairy) friends and family. Bob was sufficiently interesting, while Jenny died within a few hours of our sampling delicious horehound candy canes! I have NO idea what this means... o_O

You Are a Colorful and Vivacious Shoe

In life, you'd rather play than work. You're apt to quit any task that doesn't nourish your creativity and inner child.

You are happiest in the comfort of your own home. You know how to make things nice for yourself.

You are always interested in how and why things work. You are naturally curious.

You love change and are able to adapt to any situation. You don't have the typical fear of the unknown.


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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Visual Boy Advance, ZSNES, web browsers

Okay, so Visual Boy Advance worked only as long as I didn't do anything requiring actual gameplay (because then it made grinding noises!), and it changed my Windows color scheme on me! I don't think it's for me, then! (and this is AFTER spending time inputting codes!) After venting to Corey via Skype messages, I decided to stick to ZSNES for now. Talked to Teunis for a bit on MSN this afternoon, too. (Corey told me about OBLIVION some time ago... and loves the CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE books!)

You Are Firefox

Many people have tried to tame you, but so far no one has succeeded. You can't be broken.

You believe in originality and tolerance. You think the world needs more diversity, not less.

You're the perfect combination of uniqueness and quality. You're able to relate to all sorts of people.

You have no desire to lead or follow. Anyone is welcome to join you on your journey for a while.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Purple potatoes, Visual Boy Advance, and Chelsea!

Talked to Vanessa briefly on MSN about Wayne liking congee, Granville Island on Saturday, Saturday's game being at night (phew!), and Thanksgiving Dinner. Found an emulator (Visual Boy Advance) that seemed to work okay for now! On the way over to the townhouse, Steph said that Eric wasn't coming - MOST BORING DINNER EVER! Talked about Lisa's job, knitting, HOUSE, Grandma, T&T, Dad's "joking" comments about my weighing 200 pounds (WTF), purple potatoes, the Detroit Lions, NFL, the Canucks' 3-2 win over Columbus, sports, cases, files, Chelsea, India, Iowa, chow mein "pasta," candles, spaghetti sauce, cooking, bean soup, farts, Chinese magazines, translation, and more. I was glad to get home, though!

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Thanksgiving, emulator woes, Mandy, and spending savers


Yesterday, I found that FINAL FANTASY I was way too slow; maybe it was the emulator or something, but I ditched it entirely! So on Corey's advice, I did download a Playstation emulator; never had one growing up, after all! (yes, it's illegal; no, I couldn't afford one) Called Steph to set up a ride for tomorrow's dinner; 5:45 sounds fine! Then I decided that the Playstation emulation steps were too hard or complicated, so I ditched that too! Decided to flirt with a Nintendo DS emulator, too. Replied to Mandy's email when I got up, heh.

You Are a Spending Saver

You know how to save money, and you love seeing your bank account build up.

You also believe that too much saving can be awfully dull. You do a fair amount of spending as well.

You strike the perfect balance between saving and spending. You enjoy the money you make, and you have it make you more secure.

You may not be able to spend as freely as you'd like, but you sleep well at night knowing that you're spending responsibly.

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Sunday, October 09, 2011

He's definitely dead to me!

I spent the ride to church venting and ranting to Eric, as per the usual. He tried telling me NOT to hold grudges against Paul, but I'm not going to forgive insults from an ex-con! Says that there's a Missions Conference on Friday, and then wondered at my ranting about inconveniences. Hey, it happens! When we got to church, I said thanks to Raymond since he handed me a bulletin, and then chose poorly when it came to sitting down except that it was with Jeremy, Mark, and their parents Doug and Laura. Good to see them from Kelowna for Thanksgiving! The reason I chose poorly was that it was behind Paul and his total tone-deaf singing (I don't know how Phil stood it!)... at least Vania and I bugged Nathan W. about his sister Natalie's Facebook status where he didn't know what "LB" meant, hahaha. One of Jon's friends (Beth) was the speaker, so I'll have to tell him about that later.

Said hi to Auntie Ying and Uncle Peter, Adam L. (gaming), Andrew L. (school and chilling), Mary, Hien, Auntie Catherine (thinking of her family / condolences), Chuck and Andrea (SURPRISE / belated birthday wishes getting together this week, which I doubt will happen!), Karen and Lincoln (apps and expensive business licenses / New York hat), Grace, and baby Micah. Also talked to Enoch, Amasiah (pumpkin pie), Jon C. (birthday wishes for today!), Frances / Isaac / little Micah (junk food / school), Lily, Christon (birthday card / Bible Study), Jeremy (birthday card / borrowing my Neil Strauss book), Deb, and more people afterwards. Eric tried telling me that Dylan had been playing piano - I didn't notice that, actually. However, I *did* notice that Mr. Creep wasn't there today - SO MUCH AWESOME! Eric later told me that he was sick; hey, that's great! Saw Jose and Shally back from their honeymoon, too. Gave Emily, Nina, and Gerard (who just added me to Facebook) a bunch of candy that I didn't want.

I went up to Toddler Sunday School (saying hi to Tim on the way), and saw Ada / a cheerful Mattias / Anastasia / Ramen / Shira (who talked!) / David / Evelyn / James / Brandon / Ashley / Lanie / Auntie Ying / Jessie / Danny. Discussed felts, toy cars, toy ice cream, tow trucks, SITTING DOWN, going to the washroom, holding hands, fighting, and more. Once I got out of there, I showed Dylan my phone bill as proof. He didn't have $2, and Calla said that Deb was out for lunch already with his parents. Acer didn't have the money, either - not that I'd expect HIM to do that, but Dylan did ask. Apparently, I said that Paul was dead to me in front of Dylan, which Eric caught and told me. Meh, it's perfectly fine! Said hi to Grandma on the way out, told Mom that Teunis couldn't make it tomorrow (so she invited Eric instead :P), waved to Quan when we were outside in the sun, and told Auntie Susan to hurry up across the street before the traffic light changed again!

Eric and I talked about "ridiculous" notions, trust, judging, his being my foil tomorrow (YAY!), my "future lovers," talking in person vs. online, my weekly tradition, being friendly, Christmas tunes, video games, pasta for breakfast / lunch / dinner, drugs, being "drunk," being reasonable, the "libido" Thanksgiving Dinner, and more on the way home. At home, Vanessa said she still wants to go to Granville Island - it's doable! Now, it's time to immerse myself in FINAL FANTASY!

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Finished FINAL FANTASY VI / Pumpkin beer / No ZELDA (jumping)

Vanessa said she found pumpkin beer at the liquor store; I knew it would be really easy to find now, haha! Then she tried telling me about Wal-Mart again, but I wasn't in the mood. Since I was busy gaming as usual (final FINAL FANTASY VI dungeon / tower of Kefka), I simply turned Trillian off! Then Eric had to try calling me... I'M FUCKING BUSY, AND NEED PEACE! This is just one reason why I hate people! Talked about "being incommunicado," "diabolical / demonic and evil activities," Collective Soul's DECEMBER, musical bridges, Mr. Creep, phone calls, and other stuff, too... crazy, but I can't hate him!

I finished FINAL FANTASY VI about twenty minutes after I could have, no thanks to him! Ugh! Then I talked to Corey via Skype messages about Paul, NES emulators, jumping in ZELDA, keyboard controls, BIONIC COMMANDO, RPG play, CHRONO TRIGGER, FINAL FANTASY I and II (Japanese versions), his game translations in GoodNES (all NES games!), renaming things, torrents, and more. Teunis also said he couldn't make it to Thanksgiving dinner... now I have no foil! This morning, my toothbrush (with cover) fell into my soap-filled sink... I HATE SUNDAY MORNINGS ON LITTLE SLEEP! Then Eric had to call when I was busy trying to figure that out... I guess I'm going to church since I'm too pissed off to get back to sleep!

You Lead Through Serving

You are modest and humble. You don't think you are better than anyone else in this world.

You are a compassionate and selfless person. You truly care about people - whether they're strangers or friends.

You are very generous and giving. You expect very little in return - you're not doing it to see what you get back.

You aren't a natural leader, but you'll lead if you're called to do so. When you lead, you lead with humility.

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