Saturday, October 31, 2009

Various Halloween Memegens... HETALIA, NARUTO, and more!

Note: Your LJ Halloween Costume Party Memegen, by DaringOjosan.

What Costume Should You Wear For Halloween?
by spinninghead

What Are You Destined To Be For Halloween? by dark_phoenix156
You are destined to be...a grandma

Um, thanks...

(Naruto) What Happened to You at an Akatsuki Halloween Party? by hikarineko
Ninja Rank
How Did You Get There?Mystical Magical Portal of DOOM!
Your Costume?Princess
What Were They Wearing?Sir Leader as a Pirate
Haunted House Attraction of Choice?Sir Leader's Game of Russian Roulette
Candy Haul?A sealed scroll, four shuriken, and a package of unpopped popcorn.
Who Shouldn't have Been There?Sasuke as a Princess
How Did You Survive?You managed not to annoy anyone... good job!

Hetalia - Halloween Party! by Ashleyybear
your name?
sees you first
they...glomp you and pat your head.
Into the haunted house!ALRIGHT
hid behind you
got lost
You got lost too, but this person finds you
they...sigh and tell you shyly how worried they were
after the haunted house... IT'S A PARTYYEAHHH!
This person totally flirts with you
but...while dancing to impress you, they fell
asked you to spend the night... HOHOHO
Stole you and took you away

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Kids Carnival 2009: Tootsie Rolls and more! / Baby Names Spellings

Henry picked me up, and we spent the ride over mainly talking about Halloween / the time change / his nieces / the flu / trick-or-treating. I'm surprised that he never really did go from house to house... I did that till I was in Grade 7, and then we started Kids Night the next year at church. He also asked me whether I'd had Vietnamese coffee before - yup, I have! Apparently, he had his first today, and was telling me how BITTER it was: "How can you DRINK it?!" I joked that my brother would say he needed to switch to a durian shake, but he didn't like the idea much, haha.

When we got to church, I saw a bunch of people setting up and doing last-minute costumes. Dad saw Zoe and Phoebe pass by with a bunch of candy, and said that they would be the most popular people around, haha. William decided to be a Sparkie, and his uniform from years ago still fit! Andrew said that his was too heavy (he was a GOOD kid and earned lots of awards!), but he managed to wear it too. Joked around with Stanley, Margaret, Hien, Hannah, Bob, Darren, Vania, Vanessa, Jeremy Y., Julie S. as an Oreo, Julie C. (as a Blackberry), Emily and Mike (as purple and green grapes respectively - yay for balloons!), Angus, Phil, and others. Told Chrystal that I decided to be boring this year as usual... Henry had a doctor costume on, heh. John said that Ada and the kids were sick... too bad!

The kids looked SO cute with their costumes! Said hi to Jennifer, Auntie Kam (a nurse), Amos (a dragon rider!), Winnie, Megan, Connor (Eeyore!), Jordan, Johnny, Mira, Midora, Priscilla, John and Sophia, Anne and Olivia (fairy princesses!), Frances, Micah, Sabrina x2, Noah (a pumpkin), Benjamin (a lion), Stella, Jeff, Allison, Joshua, Nathaniel (a doctor like Daddy), Abigail, Daryl, Darren (Superman), Sean, Conor, John and Luke, and a bunch of others. There were a few new kids, of course... two of them were named Hovan and Heman - THOSE ARE NOT NAMES! I think Eric has a friend with the name Hovan, but that still doesn't make it a name! (and no, I don't think Heman has a sister named Shera / Shira)

Midway through the proceedings (I was busy helping the kids with their points and doling out prizes), Chris and Henry said that I might need to get another ride home, because Henry and John had to leave right then. After I asked Auntie Rebecca, I said I'd stay since she could give me a ride. (and I wanted a chance at some free candy... which I got later!) Brian told his brother Padraic to hurry up since he had to trick-or-treat later on. Wow, you're certainly maximizing your candy there! The older kids would probably do something like that, yeah... I would do the same thing, haha.

Saw Raymond dressed as a pirate (he has the pale skin for it :P), and Vivian as Bob the Tomato from VeggieTales. Viv said she was going through a lot of blueberries from the crepe-making yesterday, haha. When things wound down, EVERYONE got a chance at the Coffee Crisp / Dots / Aero / Smarties / Starburst / Fuzzy Peach / Swedish Berries / Sour Patch Kid / Tootsie Rolls (chocolate, lime, lemon, vanilla, cherry, and orange?!) / Fruit Mania / other candy leftovers in the huge bowls. Good thing we had some leftover paper bags, although I noted that a couple people had plastic bags - even better, haha! Told Anita that Steph had been very surprised and excited to hear her baby news, yay!

Alerted Auntie Rebecca that I was ready to go when Phil announced to the teens that pizza would be coming in a bit. I settled down outside to listen to Hannah, Natalie, Julie C., and Michelle talk about stuff: ex-boyfriends, "I HATE MY EX" groups on Facebook, and more. Michelle told the younger girls that she couldn't believe her mom had asked her if she'd had sex yet. When I heard that, I had to jump in and say I had a better story than that. I said that MY mom had once asked me whether I was PREGNANT just because I slept over at a male online friend's house once! They were laughing and going "OMG" about it when Auntie Rebecca asked if I were ready to go - yup, certainly! Michelle's 15, and the others are about 13, so maybe they're a little YOUNG - but at least I didn't get into graphic details. I was still mindful of my environment, after all. ;)

Auntie Rebecca and I discussed my Facebook activities, Facebook photos, moving being a pain with STUFF, her daughter Genevieve (whom we picked up), HER best friend having H1N1, NBC vice-presidents, English / Chinese divide in her fellowships, and more. She asked whether I had a boyfriend - nope, I broke up with my ex when he turned out to be not so good! Then she wondered whether Steph had a boyfriend - not yet, and I'm pretty sure on that one. She asked about Jon and Harmony, and wondered whether the "valuable" Eric and Jeremy had girlfriends yet, haha. "Red and Yellow, Black and White" indeed! Genevieve said it was NOT the night to drive tonight - oh, certainly not! Got home and talked to Eric H. for a bit... Nate will be in Hong Kong from early December to mid-January! Packed one Tootsie Roll each in a Ziploc bag for Amos, Amanda, Esther, Conor, David, and Evelyn. Might get some more on-sale candy tomorrow or in the days to come... we'll see!

Baby Names spellings?

Aliah or Alleah? Neither.
Breanna or Brianna? Brianna.
Micheal or Michael? Michael.
John or Jon? John.
Abigail or Abbigail? Abigail.
Addyson or Adison? Neither.
Micheala or Michaela? Michaela.
Lindsey or Lindsay? Lindsay.
Emily or Emalee? Emily.
Melonie or Melanie? Melanie.
Leah or Lea? Leah.
Rianna or Reanna? Neither.
Rhianna or Rihanna? Neither.
Ashlyn or Ashlen? Ashlyn.
Isabelle or Isabella? Isabella.
Bridget or Bridgit? Bridget.

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Morbidly amusing redrum / Ripping out Bible pages / Halloween sugar and crap

Hmm... I find it amusingly morbid and fitting that redrum decided to start on Halloween. I was prepared, as I usually am. :D

If you go to Google today and click on the logo, it turns into candy, then if you click it again, it turns into more candy, then into unwrapped candy, and then directs you to a "Halloween 2009" search!

Amy L. added me on Facebook, too... I did talk to her for like two minutes last night, I guess... haha! We've seen each other around at church, but haven't really talked, heh. Had sour cream and chives for lunch, and am excited for the kids' carnival. :D (can't really call it Kids Night, since it's not happening at night this year... meh...)

Sir Ian McKellen's penchant for ripping out pages of the Bibles he finds in hotel rooms has caught on - fans send him sections of text they've removed. I know a few gay people, but this isn't the way to go about spreading your message, since Christians revere it as a holy text... =/

Edit ten minutes later: Guess I should have started lunch a little earlier, since Henry is here now. Oh well...

You Hate Apples

Okay, so you don't hate apples per se. But you're still freaked by those childhood stories of people putting razor blades in them.

You know that Halloween is a double-edged sword. There's a lot of fun to be had, but some dark stuff happens too.

You prefer to keep things fun and light. You don't like pretend or real monsters.

You bob for apples, eat candied apples, or drink apple cider. But you'll pass on the apples from your creepy neighbor.

Your Halloween Sugar Binge is Cookies

You like creating sugary things as much as you like eating them. You have a flair for baking.

And for you, there's nothing sweeter than eating your own cutely decorated Halloween cookies.

There's something magical about holiday cookies. And why should you be forced to wait for Christmas?

Plus, you swear that there's something about the orange frosting that gives you power to hand out candy for hours!

Well, I don't bake... maybe I should have bought some of these at the store the other day, though!

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Spooky and Naughty Halloween Names / Ghost Poo!


Leslie's just got their Halloween Monster Name from Name Generators. It's The Wicked Baby-Eating Mummy.

Leslie's just got their Spooky Halloween Name from Name Generators. It's The Headless Poltergeist.

Leslie's just got their Naughty Halloween Name from Name Generators. It's The Voluptuous Banshee.

Leslie's just got their Halloween Pumpkin Name from Name Generators. I just got my Halloween Pumpkin Name. It's Drunken Pumpkin.

Leslie's just got their Halloween Cocktail Name from Name Generators. It's Brain Hemorrhage.

Poo nugget for this weekend: Ghost Poo - A most perplexing poo, the Ghost Poo can rattle even the most stoic of bathroom-goers. What begins as just another poo ends with disbelief, even fright. The post-poo glance reveals nothing but crystal clear water in the toilet bowl, leaving the would-be pooer to wonder: "Where has my poo gone?" Not to be confused with Log Jam (although the appearance is similar), Ghost Poo is the most mysterious of all poo. Some have even invoked the existence of a poo gnome, while others question whether a poo Bermuda Triangle may be to blame. [the drawing is of a guy scratching his head while looking perplexedly at the toilet bowl, hahaha!]

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Friday, October 30, 2009

SEVEN unanswered goals?! / Hot pot in the lounge / Jose's birthday / Free bubblewrap!

Eric picked me up, and I said something about the Canucks game being on. We couldn't hear most of it due to the radio, but it was okay since it was 2-0 for Vancouver when we got to church. We discussed Mr. Creep - I never said I was going to call him by his actual name! Uncle Daniel remains that way, and the GOOD Daniel is either Daniel or Dan, depending on my mood. No, I wasn't going to run off tonight, especially since I didn't have my bus pass - I could go to Superstore, maybe. I asked him if he were going to the Sunday Dinner at Jeremy's - for some reason, he hadn't gotten THAT email either, so I said that I thought Jon LOVED him! Of course, he does have the real Harmony now, as opposed to pseudo-Harmony, but still. Later, I said I'd call Jon and say that Eric was feeling a bit unloved - he wondered at the delay in my reaction, haha. Oh, shush! At least he reassured me that any new people on the Google Groups list (read MR. CREEP) don't have access to my email and info!

When we got to church, a bunch of the teens were there decorating for Kids Carnival tomorrow. Said hi to Stanley, Sarah, Lanie, Gladys, Hilary, Hannah, Jonathan, Andrew, Jeremy, William, Jessica, and others. (and offered them chocolate eclairs later) Went upstairs, where hot pot was in the lounge - said hi to Connie, Andrea, Citrus, Janice, Jose, Richie, and Dianne. Of course, I ignored the perfidious blackguard. Talked about birthdays (Jose says he'll be impressed if I remember it - Dianne said I definitely would), the H1N1 going around (Dianne has plenty of experience with that as she's a med student), venison, boogers and earwax (Andrea joked that this is Dianne's new passion in life), layoffs (poor Jose!), Olympic Village stuff, the U2 concert yesterday (Bono gave his famous sunglasses to a little girl, maybe!), and other things.

Jose seemed to like his first hot pot experience, especially the balls and such - squid balls were interesting, and so were the wrapped noodles! Udon was good too, and the meat and veggies were cool. Too bad Grace couldn't make it out, since apparently it was her suggestion! But we did get a container to put some leftovers in so Phil could bring them home. (had some plum juice / Coke / apple juice, too...) Jonathan poked his head in to tell us that the Canucks had somehow lost 7-2 to the Ducks - WTF?! At least it was good for Richie's hockey pool, I guess... Lesley, Eric, Vanessa, Johnny, William, and others came in to partake of our food. Cordia, Joyce, and Quan tried this later on with disappointing results because we'd cleaned up already!

A bit later, I talked to Richie and Janice about music: apparently, Taiwanese singers are more talented than Canto-pop singers since the Taiwanese singers can play instruments / write their own songs / dance / do all this other stuff. Canto-pop singers apparently can only sing, or something. Doesn't sound too good, no... talked about Korean stuff, concerts with a good message, Jason Mraz, Starfield, Hillsongs, Richie's CD collection, iPod stuff, and more. Went outside to talk to Cindy, Dianne, Lesley, and a newcomer named Winnie (who's older than us, AGAIN) about the H1N1 flu shot (Dr. Winnie got it on a Monday, and her husband Kenny had to help her lift her arms up to put them in her sleeves!) and such. Cindy also reported it being just THAT painful - ouch! We discussed the pastoral staff with Winnie - Pastor John, Phil, Wai-Mui, Pastor Edward, and Auntie Rebecca were who we knew OF. Dianne thought Jon was still an intern, but that ended in April... but of course she threw that fact in. (MY BROTHER!) It also sounded impressive to say that my parents were two of the founders of the church, too... Winnie DID ask how long I'd been coming to the church. Her mom had been with her the past couple of Sundays, so it kinda felt like preschool, heh. No, I didn't get a bad feeling from her... talked about Phil and Joe and other churches.

Later, Eric looked for his water bottle while I said hi to Hannah / Priscilla / Wai-Mui / Uncle Eugene - he couldn't find it. In the parkade before we started the car, he told me that all the "rigmarole" was for nothing. Well, it's a GOOD thing that Mr. Creep didn't show up - maybe he'll get the message that he IS NOT WANTED, at least by me. It's always well to guard against possibilities, I told Eric. Discussed pee and sinks, getting gas, the football game, BC Place, farting, Committee Meeting, Julie C., Hannah, French, the AGM, turning up the volume on my computer, Homestar Runner Wiki, Sunday worship, plans, and other things. Eric joked that he had given Mr. Creep my phone number - I hope that he's forgotten my name for REAL, man! It's PERSONAL! Got home and found some reasonably clean bubblewrap just lying on the floor of the apartment complex foyer, so I decided to take it since most of it was unpopped. Free bubblewrap, man... you just can't pass THAT up! :D

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I'm not really a shy ghost... head spinning like the EXORCIST!

This thing just restarted! Eric called to say that Christon had advised him that Grace was sick - and so the hot pot program would be held at church instead. Seems he wanted to make sure that I'd be fine if Mr. Creep was also in the building - as long as I don't have to SEE him, I should be okay. I made a joke that all these plan changes were making my head spin like Linda Blair in THE EXORCIST, haha. (timely, with Halloween tomorrow!) Of course, I also lost out on prep time because of all the phone calls yesterday - UGH!

Oh well... I hope the perfidious blackguard doesn't take it as how I want to spend time with him on his birthday! Wait a minute... maybe I should cancel?! Nah, that's just crazy, especially after all the work that Eric and Christon have done on my behalf. Shannon says to suck it up and be the bigger person - then go home and scream and hit things. Sounds doable, heh. Also just wasted a lot of time doing stuff in Blogger, then changing my mind and doing stuff on LJ... ugh. Stupid brain - make up your mind, already!!!

Edit at 1835: Finished doing the switchover, and my mom at least emailed me Great-Aunt's address. Apparently, she lives on an "Estate" - oooh! Of course, I know that doesn't mean anything in crowded Hong Kong, of all places. Her address has a LOT of lines in it... unless the "house" is supposed to go with the "floor" line. Mom thinks I need her phone number too, so will send that when she's not at work. Okay then.... I don't think I'll CALL her, but might be something random to have handy, haha.

Also, UGH! I just turned on the phone to make sure Eric's later call can get through, and the stupid telemarketer / scammer called AGAIN! (rather persistent one - does it several times a day...) This is another reason I detest the phone! UGH UGH UGH!

You Should Give Out Milk Chocolate

You are a very modest and unassuming person. You don't pretend to be someone you're not.

Like a milk chocolate bar, you're perfect the way you are. You don't need any flash.

You are comforting and steady. People know what they can expect from you, and they appreciate your strengths.

While some trendy types may leave you underrated for a while, people always come back to you in the end.

You Should Be a Ghost for Halloween

You are painfully shy. You don't really care much for socializing, and you prefer it when people forget all about you.

When you get dressed up for Halloween, you're just trying to hide a little. It's the one time of the year it's okay to wear a mask.

To be honest, Halloween makes you want to lock the door, turn out the lights, and wait for it to be over.

It's a huge step if you even hand out candy on Halloween. Sometimes you're too shy for even that!

Not really...

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Pancho Villa, HARRY POTTER sorting hat, TOILET PAPER / October 2009 BBT Tally

Facebook quizzes taken from Janina and Kaitlin:

This quiz tests your 'Mexicanismo.' Some of you guys think you're Mexican because you have a name like Mario Hernandez, Margarita Ayala, or even Guadalupe Villarreal, but are actually whiter than Mitt Romney. And then some of you have names like Johnny Smith, Justin Wellington, or even Lashonda Johnson, and are more Mexican than my Grandmother from Mexico City. Anyway, we'll see and maybe have a little laugh during this one.

Leslie completed the quiz "How Mexican Are You, Really?" with the result As Mexican as Pancho Villa!!! Sure, you'll never be known as a Mexican Revolutionary hero, or as the greatest Bandito that ever lived, but you really are as Mexican as one can get. Hell, you probably live in Mexico! Have 'orgullo' in your heritage, for all know that in your presence, they are truly near... a real-life Mexican!! Now I have to add for those of you that don't "look" Mexican, it is what's inside that counts... Stop denying it. YOU'RE MEXICAN!!! Now let's all go out and get some arroz con pollo. (Mmm, rice with chicken... so I'm a Mexican Chinese or a Chinese Mexican? What?! :P)

Leslie completed the quiz "The Real Harry Potter Sorting Hat" with the result Slytherin. Your answers have proved that you belong in Slytherin. Ignore the stereotypes from the eyes of Harry Potter or other Gryffindors. Not all Slytherins are bad, even though their image is less than reputable. Those sorted into Slytherin have qualities of strength and power. They are ambitious and know what they want. They are resourceful, and will achieve any means to get what they want. They may not have close friends, but may not need or want them - Slytherins are cunning and independent. But if you rely on stereotypes, Slytherin is the perfect house for loners, goths, rebels, bullies, and the misunderstood.

Leslie completed the quiz "How hipster are you?" with the result You're Hipster's Second Cousin. Hipster? What hipster? You don't really care how anyone else dresses. For the most part, you choose not to identify with any sub-group, let alone dislike any of them. Pop culture is ever changing -- just ask the hippies, beatniks, and punks. You're pretty sure hipsters will fade out in time and be replaced with something equally pretentious. But the more you don't care, the closer you are to channeling the hipster mentality. Beware!

Poo nugget for Friday, October 30: "TP'ing" - The art of toilet papering someone's house or yard has been a long-standing tradition in the United States. Typically performed on Mischief Night (the day before Halloween), the deed is accomplished by groups of individuals repeatedly throwing rolls of toilet paper over trees and houses while holding the loose ends. This allows the paper to unravel while airborne. Surprisingly, this practice is legal in fifteen states.


honeydew @ Tazza (Thursday, October 22)

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is NOT going to change my opinion about Mr. Creep, you know...

I have a new icon: yay, Kurt Cobain!

Answered the lunch and dinner emails - I can probably make it to lunch with Danielle / Jon / Harmony, but not to dinner with the family because of Sunday School prep! Then I got a response back from my mom which said that she'd cook more, and have someone drop it off on the 6th. Hmm.... I politely thanked her via email, but I really don't know how that would work since have the Fellowship AGM (maybe?), and that involves dinner. Guess we'll see!

I just got an email from Jon about some dinner tomorrow at Boston Pizza - I have never heard of the dinner till NOW, in fact. At first, I thought that Jeremy couldn't do the Sunday dinner, so it had been rescheduled and such for Friday. That isn't the case... Jon wants Eric to drop me off in Burnaby. Um, I think these people are insane, hahaha. Then I called my brother, only to get a most unpleasant surprise - WTF is my mom's voice doing on the voice mail?! DAMMIT! I then figured that Jon must be actively using Nathan's phone because of that, so I called that number. (Jon later said that it was a good thought process)

Turns out Eric is thinking of me since apparently Mr. Creep is going to be in my small group all the time now... he thinks it'll be fine if I get shuttled to Jon and Harmony's small group instead. I guess that's okay, since I no longer feel like killing Randal most of the time when I see him. This does NOT change my opinion about Mr. Creep in any way, shape, or form! I still liked the other group, aside from Mr. Creep!

So then I called Eric, who told me that his concerns about Mr. Creep were more general than specific... see?! Nobody can put a finger on it: not him, not me, not Lesley! Apparently, Mr. Creep showed SOME signs of a thought process when he talked to Dylan after signing up to help with the kids, and said that maybe it wasn't a good idea. I asked Eric whether he could see my email address now that he's been added to the Google Groups email list (I don't want hate mail...), and he said that only the manager could see it. So then I said NEVER to make him manager: he told me that it would never happen - well, I hope not!

I told Eric to let me know when Mr. Creep had decided to stop going to the Fellowship in general, and he thought that I wasn't ever going to attend again! While I had said something of the sort in my email to Danielle about this situation, I said that it wasn't really the case. Then I wondered if Raymond was in that group - Eric said no, but that he might be joining Viv's group. Oh right, it's his birthday tomorrow... BOO! Eric said something about the other group doing a birthday party (so Mr. Creep won't attend that one), and then said that Christon had the BP reservations. I could join them for crepe-making later, he figured.

Upon talking to Christon himself (and getting his number from Eric), I found out that the birthday party was for Vivian - oh yeah, it's her birthday tomorrow too... YAY! Apparently through various discussions this week, Christon and Eric figured that Mr. Creep could join the games night, and I might be able to join Christon's group instead. Christon knows that I don't want to refer to Mr. Creep by his name, which is good - of course, he knows who I mean. He also said that this "switch" is apparently only for the one night... I bloody well HOPE so!

Christon called me back, who said that Viv's house is pretty crowded already - so he called Grace to see if she could squeeze me in for hot pot. She could, and so he called Eric to let him know that he needed to arrange a ride for me. I said I'd call him tomorrow at work since it was then 10:10, and his mom sleeps around 10. Since Christon was curious as to how I came to my opinion of Mr. Creep, I told him. He asked whether I'd let Pastor John know, so I said I'd let him / Phil / Auntie Rebecca in on it. I didn't expect instant answers, so wasn't surprised when I got generic ones back from all three of them. Christon said that he'd been talking to Mr. Creep on the first or second Sunday that he'd been at the church, and Creep had mentioned wanting to get into fellowship again. So out of love, Christon had invited him to come to our group! (I admit I was TRYING to be welcoming, especially after the sign-up sheet crap, but I was NOT feeling it after ICKINESS!)

Then I wondered why Mr. Creep had attended the membership meeting of all things... Christon admitted that it was HIS fault for inviting him inside, since he didn't really know it was a membership meeting. He says that maybe some personalities really want to help out - my training says that those behaviors could be associated with BAD PEOPLE. I added that he had given me an ICKY feeling after he shook my hand when all I wanted was to verify his name. Christon listened, and hoped that with time, Mr. Creep could change my perspective. We'll see...

Eric called back quite unexpectedly (I *should* have been doing Sunday School prep...), and warned me that Raymond would be in Grace's group. I figured that Raymond and I had been doing a good job of ignoring each other for the past few months, and didn't see why anything would change now. Although I did visualize something about boiling water going over a head... he thought that meant a hot tub party with Raymond. Crazy person! Said I should call him tomorrow at work to see if he'd arranged a ride - by then, I might chicken out too. Mentioned that the Canucks had won 2-1 in a shootout against the Kings... I guess Andrew Raycroft did his backup job well, haha. (I was confused at first because "SO" can mean both "shootout" and "shutout" :P) The NCIX website has some Halloween electrified monsters, apparently. He wanted me to see the Homestar Runner Halloween special for this year, since trying to let me hear it via phone wasn't working very well... okay, I will then. Says it's macabre.... YAY! :D

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Way early cards, Banana Cream Pie, Foothills Butter, travel mugs, and more!

Barry drove me to Save-On Foods, where I was determined to get two cheap on-sale notebooks, and succeeded: one is a Rachael McHale, and the other is a Charles Wysocki - Remington the Horticulturist. Yay for cats on the covers, and no real pink coloring! (I managed the same for the Jon / Steph / Mom / Dad / Harmony birthday cards I bought - I'll get Grandma's 90th once it's closer to the date...) I noticed that the Sidekicks were on sale for 99 cents each: Creamy Chicken Fusilli, Tri-Color Alfredo, Butter and Herb, Chicken, Tomato Alfredo, Chicken and Broccoli, Creamy Bacon Carbonara x2, Cheddar and Sour Cream, Sour Cream and Chives, and Fettuccine Alfredo all went into my cart. I will SO laugh if my mom gives me a bunch of these like she did back in August, haha! (not sure I currently have the cupboard space for it...)

Got some on-sale Campbell's Creations soup, too: Harvest Minestrone with Real Parmesan, Rustic Spiced Lentil and Vegetable, Smoky Bacon Clam Chowder, and Classic Chicken and Egg Noodle. Billie had mentioned some Knorr Inspirations microwaveable stuff in a huge bag, and I got three of those since they were on sale: Garlic Shrimp / Penne / Cherry Tomato, Grilled Chicken Florentine with Farfalle, and Chicken alla Vodka with Farfalle. While I was in the frozen foods section, I noticed some Michelina HARMONY microwaveable meals, hahaha. No, I didn't get any even for myself... my brother and sister-in-law would likely throw it out if I gave it to them!

Also got pads, new Infinity stuff, bananas, Apple / Blackberry yogurt, on-sale lemon dish detergent (saw Seventh Generation - what Jon and Harmony use), on-sale Watermelon Twist gum (watermelon / honeydew / cantaloupe), and a Vanilla / Brown Sugar hand soap refill. Decided to throw in some Foothills of Alberta whipped butter (on Corey's advice), on-sale soy milk x3 (I should have watched the expiry dates on two!), on-sale instant noodles, peanut butter, on-sale Banana Cream Pie pudding, on-sale tapioca pudding (haven't had that for SO LONG!), mixed jumbo raisins, a Thermos travel mug (which I thought was on sale, but apparently not...), Tropicana orange juice with lots of pulp (ditto), and on-sale peanut butter.

Was going to get some pumpkin-themed stuff for the kids or myself, but the on-sale mini pumpkins were too heavy, and the on-sale pumpkin pie was TOO BIG for one person! Where is the store for the SINGLE PERSON, man?! I'm glad I went shopping when I did, though... when I put the groceries in the car / from the car to the apartment, it was only lightly raining. Now it's POURING down! Time to answer email...

Your Witch Name is Hecate

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

You Are Black

You are a serious and thoughtful person. You spend a lot of time in quiet reflection.

You are a friend of the honesty, and you don't sugarcoat anything. You prefer the truth in all its complexity.

While you may relate to the color black, it doesn't necessarily mean you're a dark person. You just don't hide from the dark side of life.

If anything, you tend to be sophisticated and classic. You don't follow trends, and you have your own style of doing things.

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Well, I *do* need to prepare for Sunday School... blaaaaahahahaaha!

Threw away a bunch of stuff just now, and have figured out what to say about that proposed dinner next week. I truthfully DO have to prepare for Sunday School - although Thursday is perhaps a bit late to leave it, that's what I've been doing so far, and it works.

Poo nugget for Thursday, October 29: Doo You Know? - Goose Poo - Geese poo, on average, once every twelve minutes. Each bird is capable of producing a pound or more of feces per day.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Uncapped pens, Gr. 10 at the mall, Eric H. agreeing with me, Halloween Blogthings

I stupidly left a pen UNCAPPED overnight - guess I'll throw it away since it will become DRY, then! Had a weird dream where Harmony and I went through Grade 10 at a local mall; homeroom was held in the food court, of all places! That's practically all I remember, but dreams do NOT reflect reality! I'm a few years older than she is, for one. Oh well. U2 is town, also! Talked to Chinese Eric, who apparently doesn't mind that I told his dating news to Jon / Christon / Isabel (who thought I meant Eric T. instead) on Sunday - sweet! Told him about Mr. Creep, recent events, and other things too. He agrees with me about the warning signs / vibes / concerns, even when balanced with the "be fair to the new guy" stuff. Besides, he thinks that Mr. Creep could very well be a predator - that's what my instinct tells me!

Just joined ohnotheydidnt, and now it's taken over my friends page. Oh well, at least now I can comment on the various articles in there - it won't be like that crazy polyamory community. (and speaking of, theferrett has an essay up about that just today... maybe certain people I know of should read it, hahaha) Now I gotta see what the Firefox extension is for expanding collapsed LJ comment threads... I have a feeling I'll need it. =/

Nathan emailed us about the Magic Bra again: "Hahahahaha. If you guys miss me that much, you guys can join me. Especially theology students and / or potentially aspiring ones (Christon???? I'm going to randomly start a rumour now, and say that I heard Christon is joining a monastery to grow closer to God. Co-ed monastery, though. He couldn't handle it. Or maybe a "Shemal'e' monastery) Anyway, for REAL, here's an interesting scholarship opportunity to learn more overseas, and eventually return. Jono Mofo (and Harmony), interesting. Think about it :-) /"

You Are Modern on Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, you're not much for tradition or doing things the old-school way.

You tend to be much more interested in trying the newest Halloween-flavored treat or the latest horror movie.

You are the type of person who dresses in the latest hot costume - whether you're going as a funny celebrity or popular movie character.

There's so much new stuff to love at Halloween, and you're excited to see it all!

You Are a Treat

As a kid, you didn't cause too much trouble, and the adults adored you. Now that you've grown up, not much has changed.

You know that a little sugar is the way to get what you want in life, and you are as sweet as they come.

You like to make things better in the world, and you don't mind following rules... no matter how silly they may seem.

You are a truly good person, and there's very few of you in the world. Anyone who knows you is blessed!

You Are The Silence of the Lambs

You think the scariest thing in the world is the human mind. What serial killers are capable of frightens you to the core.

You aren't big on gore or action when it comes to horror movies. You'd rather delve deeper than that... and get completely disturbed.

In fact, you can hardly ever find a horror movie that compares to the nastiness of a true crime story. You couldn't think up the brutal crimes that occur in real life.

In your opinion, no monster can be as scary as a human. You don't have to look far to find someone that totally terrifies you.

You Are a Witch

Like a witch, you are often misunderstood and unfairly judged. You are not as sinister as you seem.

You are intelligent and spiritual. You feel very connected to the world - both the dark and light sides of things.

You tend to keep to yourself, and because of this, people tend to think things about you that aren't true.

You would just like to be left alone to do your own thing. You have no intention of harming anyone, even though you could if you wanted to!

You Are a Blue Pumpkin

You are unique, fascinating, and even a bit mysterious. There's not a lot of people like you around.

You believe life's too short to not seize the moment. You embrace every opportunity and live each day like it's your last.

You are playful and energetic. After a hard day of work, the last thing you want to do is lay around.

You love to get your heart racing, and it's hard for you to say no to an exciting or interesting invitation.

Your Home Might Be Haunted

There's definitely something weird going on in your home, and you have the right to be uncomfortable.

A lot of your home's creepiness could be psychological. Do you have some bad memories associated with where you live?

Try to freshen things up a bit. Maybe some flowers or a new happy painting would make your home seem less dead.

Plus maybe if you change things enough, you'll scare some of the "ghosts" away!

You Should Carve a Funny Pumpkin Face

You are extroverted, brilliant, and witty. You are a natural comedian.

You never pass up an opportunity to entertain people, and Halloween is one of your biggest days for making people laugh.

You have a hilarious, unexpected costume that keeps people cracking up all night. And only you can pull it off.

You're the type to have the goofiest jack-o-lanterns and most colorful candy. You like your Halloween to be bright and bold.

You Are a Gorilla Mask

You are outrageous and loud. You love to live it up, and all eyes are often on you.

You are a natural entertainer, and you enjoy putting on a show. You will do almost anything to be the center of attention.

You tend to be emotionally intense and you react strongly to how you feel. You don't hide your mood from anyone.

You are extremely impulsive. You tend to follow your heart and ignore what your head is saying.

Your Pet Should Be a Pirate for Halloween

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Your pet doesn't battle you. Your pet just figures out a way to get to that big bag of treats.

Like a pirate, your pet feels entitled to whatever his or her heart desires. Luckily, not much harm is done with this evil plot!

You Should Dress Up As a Cat

You are a shy, reserved person who takes a long time to warm up to others. You are close to those you've known the longest.

You are crafty and smart. You may seem like you're lost in your own little world, but you're really paying attention to everything going on around you.

You are not easily influenced by the other people in your life. If anything, you counterbalance their emotions well.

You are intuitive and have a lot of wisdom to impart. Most people don't pay close enough attention to the lessons you teach them.

THIS IS SO RIGHT! People should pay more attention to me because of what I have to teach them, dammit! :P

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Birthday gifts, 2009 Edition (Kelsey's at Ironwood, yo!)

This is a list of birthday gifts and cards that I received in 2009:

* An Echo in the Bone (Diana Gabaldon), as a treat to myself (I would have bought it anyway...)

* hanging out with Teunis for four straight days since he needed a place to stay (er, both? haha...)

* $50 in lucky money from my grandma (she must have been feeling more generous than usual, since I was expecting $20 as usual!)

* card, fresh mint Tic Tacs x3, J.J. Keropok Perisa Pizza-flavored chips, spearmint Certs x3, Arcor Crystal Fruit Drops [cherry / apple / orange / lemon], Jamaican Habanero hot sauce, Southwest Habanero hot sauce, Chevronnes' Sunflower seasoned seaweed, kimchi spicy seasoned seaweed [shared with Teunis], To My Daughter, With Love: A Mother's Memory Book x2 {what the...} [Donna Green], Peepshow: The Cartoon Diary of Joe Matt [Joe Matt], Pringles Blazing Buffalo Wings chips, March 2009 Canadian Readers Digest, August 2009 UK Readers Digest, granola bars x3, jar of peanut butter [promptly given to Teunis as "travelling food"], blue-purple-silver photo album with some photos in it already, City of Bones [Michael Connelly], a pink Rachael Hale 240-page journal with a cat and a cupcake on it, an "over the hill" birthday bear, and a 10-pack of Disney Christmas cards from parents

* salad dinner at Kelsey's and a $20 Chapters gift card from Steph

* Christon (birthday card and $15 Chapters gift card)

* birthday card, Butt Rot and Bottom Gas: A Glossary of Tragically Misunderstood Words (Eric Groves, Sr.) and one I Must Be Allergic To Idiots mini pack of Kleenex) from Jon and Harmony

* homemade card with photo from Danielle

* blue magma lamp from Andrea

* belated birthday card from Candy

* dinner at Kelsey's and a $20 Chapters gift card from Steph

* birthday card and $15 Chapters gift card from Christon

* dinner at townhouse, from my mother (good hanging out with Jon, Steph, and Harmony!)

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Deb has to be warned about Mr. Creep, too! / Stupid accidental comment stoppage!

Deb wondered what I meant by the message I'd sent to the small group earlier, so I warned her against Mr. Creep! (says she'll pray for me, too...) She might not have noticed him, since she and Dylan have been on their honeymoon till recently, and she isn't a regular Fellowship / church member yet. Trust me, people need to be warned against him before they make their own decisions! Told her what had happened to lead me to go home, too! (next time, I might just hang out at the Superstore two minutes away, as it's open till 11 PM on Fridays...)

Eric, Jon, and Harmony provided me much amusement over the "epic" status message, hahaha. Good thing, since I always need more of that stuff... wooyeah! Mom emailed us about November family dinners: Jon and Harmony choose Thursday the 5th, and he'll skip the Downtown Eastside stuff for the Tuesday, Nov. 24 dinner. (guess that works...) For some reason, Danielle included me on an email she sent to Jon and Harmony apologizing for not making it to the Sunday Dinner. Says that Brent can't make it on the 4th for lunch (but it IS her mom's birthday), and wonders if I can make it. I was really only calling on Jon and Harmony's behalf because they were busy with food prep / thank-you cards, but I'm not resistant to a lunch then. Besides, saying THAT in the email would just seem really abrupt and blunt - and like I don't want to have lunch with them! Guess we'll see how much money I spend on Thursday [food shopping] first... ;) [and Danielle emailed me back personally, too!]

Poo nugget for Wednesday, October 28: Monsturd - This 2002 movie's main character is a huge piece of poo who goes around killing people. Traveling to such places as Butte Country, Monsturd leaves his mark by scrawling "Don't get caught with your pants down!" in feces on bathroom walls. Featuring a chili cookout (to ostensibly lure victims into the bathroom), diapers as body armor, and guns filled with Pepto-Bismol, this movie is sure to bring out the poo lover in you.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Traits and Colorful Descriptions

Since these two pictures are pretty much the same thing, I'll just stick them both in one entry. :P

Got this "traits" tagging picture from one of Candy's friends:

Stole this "colorful description" picture from one of Billie's friends:

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Dream of Lavender, Mr. Filmore, and ornaments / Colon Explosion!

Got a weird phone call from Florida: 1-321-735-9691, anybody? I had a weird dream which involved my going to a house with light brown carpet. It turned out to be my friend Elizabeth's house, and it was around Christmastime. Turns out her dad was a bit abusive, but everyone just lay down on the floor surrounded by ornaments and the tree, and did their own thing. There were other people around who were reincarnated time travelers - a little boy named Nick used to be a schoolteacher named Mr. Filmore, and he recognized someone named Lavender from that previous life. She was now named Christina, and remembered stuff for sure. Around mid-September in dream time (so almost a year later), Angela V. said that we could all go into an IRC channel on our personal computers, so we did. The display was grey with black LCD text, and some channels were only available during a church's official opening hours... once the church was closed, so was the chatroom! I mentioned that I needed to do laundry even on my birthday, so I did. After that, the dream just ended. Weird... no idea why I had that one!


Poo nugget for Tuesday, October 27: Dr. Stool Says - Colon Explosion - In the early days of colonoscopy (before the widespread use of colon cleansing), several patients suffered internal burns when attempts to burn colonic polyps triggered an explosion. Polyps are usually removed by putting a noose (or snare) around the polyp base and burning through the tissue with electric cautery. It seems that feces and gas present in the colon sometimes became ignited when the electric current was applied. This theoretical risk is no longer an issue as patients purge their colon of fecal material with laxatives prior to undergoing the procedure.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Posh with Steph, Chantal, and others: NO XANGA VIDEOS, man! (but penis stories are okay!)

I made it out in time for the bus, thank goodness. It was pretty windy outside, but I managed to find Posh since it was next door to Pearl Castle (recognized the logo from the website), and the entire plaza had a big sign reading "Continental Plaza." Ryan, Karen Grace, Margaret, Vivian, Gabriel, Steph, and Chantal were in the middle of eating when I got upstairs, but I expected that. Chelsea, Jon, and Harmony came later. Chantal and Chelsea had never had hot pot / sukiyaki before, and they seemed to enjoy the experience. Nobody ordered any pork out of respect for Vivian and Gabriel, although Vivian said it was okay. There WAS a "no-meat" pot, which Steph thought Jon might appreciate more. Talked about Boston, road trips, Sea-Tac airport being messy, Fenway Park, joking about white people, souvenirs, hotels, flights, teaching, Richmond / Surrey, Transcendental Meditation, Chelsea's upcoming trip to study religion, Chantal's parents being named John and Melody (weird when you consider Jon married a girl named Harmony!!), and more.

Steph said that Mom was excited about showing Chantal some exotic meats, so they went to a shop after their Banzai Sushi lunch, and Mom told the owner that she wanted to show some stuff to her daughter's white friend. The owner (who Mom knows) just keeled over laughing for a few minutes, apparently! So they saw some "normal" stuff like alligator and such, and then Mom saw a sign which was only in Chinese. She translated it as "bull's peh-niss," which is how she pronounces "boar's penis." Let's just say the testicles were so huge that they had to be in their own bags... the owner said "ball" when Steph asked if they were indeed what she thought they were! That reminded Jon of the restaurant which sells only penises of various animals - yup, it's the old Chinese superstition that you are what you eat... vitality and fertility, I suppose! That reminded ME of the "penis / peanuts" story, which Steph told the entire table - it's still funny! Daniel and Michelle had been laughing REALLY hard at "salty penis or garlic penis" (my mom cannot say "peanuts"), and Dad had given them a GLARE before he informed them that they were BAD since he knew why they were laughing! (my mom had just continued upstairs on her merry way, oblivious to the humor she'd created)

Steph told me that she'd done something with Chantal's cell phone, and now SHE owned a few weird videos of me. Of course, she then had to show the entire table what she was talking about... fighting on the cruise ship, snorting when being asked to take a picture, CACKLING in the townhouse complex parking lot, Mom singing to me in the car, and other such "gems" were shown. Then again, Mom was horrified when Steph informed her that she'd posted her "Hong Kong Itchy Foot" video on the Internet... "euh... you posted it on THE INTERNET?!!!!?" Hahahaha! Then my family did the haiku they'd debuted on my birthday - uh, thanks. I told Jon that I was in for the Sunday Dinner, since that beats having to remember to email him or something later.We also talked about Erin's embarrassing stories in general, Erin being all "innocent" about her and Ben's five-bedroom house (sleepovers?!), Pei Lyn being spazzy, Rachel, racist terms for Chinese people (Steph actually got CALLED that term!), (used) maxipads, and THE ULTIMATE PRICE!!!

Later, Steph was in pain because she'd eaten too much. Chantal especially wondered if she were okay, since they leave for their road trip tomorrow. Steph just thought she'd buy Tums or something, which is probably more portable than Pepto-Bismol happens to be! Discussed musical preferences, country, disliking rap, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, death metal, and other things on the way home. It was a pretty good night out. Got home to find that Cindy had expressed sympathy over my bad experience last week. I also found a bunch of birthday cards and Christmas cards that I'd forgotten about, so spent some time prepping them with greetings and stickers. Of course, now I have to buy more stickers / seals / cheap cards. We'll see about that next month, since it isn't URGENT or anything. I also found some birthday cards and Christmas cards that I can't use now (wrong year, people whom I no longer talk to, etc.) - I had to rip them out and throw them away! It should be fine, though!

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Helpful neighbors, busing made easy (sort of), and telling Dawn about Mr. Creep

I decided to at least wash the blue jacket today, and actually encountered a helpful neighbor who let me into the laundry room when I realized that I forgot my keys! *is very surprised* While I was doing that, Steph called to say that everyone was running late, so wondered if I could transit there. I called back, and she said: "You know I don't like being rushed..." "Well, neither do I, so it's a good thing I know NOW!" Once I figured that the 407 does stop at Cambie and Garden City (near Pearl Castle), I said I could. Of course, they'll drive me home, which is fine. When I called again to say that I'd be fifteen minutes late (according to Translink), she wasn't impressed. Well, the buses aren't exactly FREQUENT over there, which is a shame! She also reported that Mom and Dad were having pan-fried fish sperm for dinner, so I said she should take a picture, but she wasn't impressed with THAT either! (I gotta tell Corey, man...) Discussed emergency quarters and Aberdeen as a directional marker, too - me, smart and proficient in English?! HAHAHA!

Dawn asked just who Mr. Creep was (blogs indeed), so I told her what was up with that. "Very... proactive... I hope the eagerness is genuine," for sure. I think maybe he should WAIT before getting into things, but maybe that's just me.

Eric just emailed me back, which I'll probably respond to later, I think...

Poo nugget for Monday, October 26: Log Jam - Eat More Fiber! - A lack of dietary fiber and water can result in a stool bolus so hard and so firm that it is unable to pass through the anal sphincter. Whereas normal stool is able to smoothly and effortlessly exit the rectum, a desiccated boulderlike bolus often cannot make it out without assistance. Treatment for this extreme form of constipation involves the administration of enemas and, in severe cases, manual disimpaction. Want to avoid this unpleasant, intrusive manipulation? Make sure that your diet contains an ample amount of fiber and water. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Posh plans, Sunday Dinner, MAGIC BRA mailing, Danielle

This thing JUST restarted... UGH! Called Steph soon after I got up to see whether Chantal was in town yet. She was, and they'd be having lunch with Mom soon... they'll pick me up at around 6:20, which sounds good! I told her the news from last night (Karen Chan and Jason Yeasting getting married; Anita and Esther pregnant at the same time - yay for baby cousins close in age like Ian and Olivia; Winnie impatiently awaiting the arrival of Baby #3), and she was excited / very surprised to be sure! We also discussed Jon and Harmony a little - they'll be there at Posh while we eat hot pot / sukiyaki!

Jon emailed us to say that there would be a Sunday Dinner at Jeremy's next week, so YAY for that! I definitely have missed these nights, haha. :D

I knew Jon was going to mail some transcripts along with THE MAGIC BRA to Nathan, who's in the UK... I got his "SON OF A MAGIC BRA!?!?!!?" reaction this morning:

Well PLAYED.....WELL played.... You bloody #$@$@ SONS OF ADAM, and DAUGHTERS OF EVE #$@$!!!

I don't believe you AIR-mailed me the bloody Magic Bra, wrapped around with some Jesus eats Big Mac article (though an absolutely brilliant and wonderful article it was), and some Ikea flyers.

Jono Mofo and Harmony I give EXTRA blame, since you both are either the Sole Masterminds, or the Fiendish Planners. Though I suspect there was some significant influence, or at least spiritual support for this action from you, the Sunday dinner ppl. Namely, white man #1, white man #2, and Christ-on. And the REST of YOU! Confound Thee, Oh You Peasants of Canada!!!

~~Hahahahaha. Anyway, all you bloody awesome Mofo's, you certainly made me actually "LOL" in the middle of my room. LOL, ROFL (no, I did not LOL or ROFL when I typed that). And it's certainly very cool to feel a bit of the Sunday Dinner heretical humour...namely through a bloody magic bra.

Thanks for that, but be forewarned. Someone will be the subject of my revenge.


P.S. (though Jono, you Mofo, you certainly redeemed yourself by airmailing those other things I needed, along with the magic bra. Arrived at a perfect time. I was about to purchase online, too! (the transcripts, not the bra. waha) Thanks! )

Jeremy said: "I think I'm going to have to print out and frame this email, and put it up where the bra used to be."

Christon: "Haha, classic reaction. I agree, Jeremy... it would be a fitting tribute to our magical product."

Jon: "If you play your cards right Nate, we can air-mail many more magic bras (or Unbras, or whatever they call them) to you. You can wear a different bra for every day of the week! hehehe!"

Nathan's response: "Hahahha!!! NICE, White man #2. See what you're missing by having philosophical opposition to Blog writing? hahaha. Nathan Conquers the UK DO IT! :-)"

My response: "This would make a VERY entertaining blog entry, 'tis very true! If laughing at my brother's plan to mail you the Magic Bra counts as being in on it, then I guess I'm guilty! Yeah, Jeremy... I agree with both Christon and Nathan! I blog to get things out of my head and for posterity. In fact, Nathan's reaction is going into my blog right now! :D SO GO BLOG, YOU WORTHY WHITE MAN! Hahaha! And yes, I agree with my brother - would be VERY hilarious!"

Speaking of email, Danielle also emailed me personally about Mr. Creep. I appreciate the support and suggestions, of course. Trust me, I'd still want to kill him even if I was surrounded by my closest friends! I don't want to give him a chance, and I have NO PROBLEM in jumping to conclusions about someone based on a handshake AND his actions around the sign-up sheet. And no, I don't particularly want to get to know him either... that would only confirm my fears. :P Maybe I should ask him what he thinks about pedophiles, hahaha!

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Saffron, Danielle, Mr. Creep, roasted root vegetables, Holly, Peter, and 2-0 Canucks wins

Eric and Connie came over soon after that last post, and I helped with various items like stirring the red rice / saffron / onions / garlic. Connie had brought apple juice for apple cider, which was cool. Jon wondered whether we shouldn't invite Danielle or whoever else lived around the area... so I called her on their behalf since they were busy with various things. She called back later to say she couldn't make it - she can't make it to tomorrow's dinner with Chantal either, since she has to give a talk. Jon said we could invite Edwin, but Harmony said that could be awkward because of Alan and Tracy possibly coming later - they didn't show since they were busy with work / studying. (I personally don't know why, but whatever) I checked my email to find one from Cindy about a small group outing this Friday, which consists of playing games at the church. If that is anything like last Friday's gong show, I won't go, and I plan on explaining why. (I bet Eric will email me back personally, too...) If it weren't for Mr. Creep, I would probably go. There is no way I am setting myself up for that, even if Eric claims he didn't know that Creep would be there despite his joking comment to me at Pho.

Had red rice, chicken with various spices on it, and roasted root vegetables - pretty healthy! While watching the Yankees-Angels baseball game and the Canucks-Oilers game, we discussed various things: BEER / PUMPKIN ALE / BEING RED, women's group, reminiscing about the twice-burned beef stew at Jeremy's / the REALLY SALTY VEGETABLES at the same locale (that could actually have been the same night - only Ray really liked those!), SPINAL TAP, BORAT / BRUNO / Vivian S., Holly and Peter and the dog Varley, (decaf) tea, my grandma cooking my mother's cat, old dog / young cat, caffeine, next week's Sunday Dinner, sports analysis / the play going on, bloopers / errors, and more. The Yankees won 5-2, and the Canucks won 2-0... Roberto Luongo is now the new Canucks shutout king, surpassing Kirk McLean! It was good to spend time with friends, and the place got a BIT more crowded after Holly, Peter, and Varley showed up. They had to pick up some stuff from the house, so we discussed work / types of massages / politics / corn / mystery shopping (so many rules and too much work!) / pet tricks / iRobot vacuum stuff. Holly wondered if I needed a ride home, but it was fine - besides, I didn't want them to see my uncertainty on the steps! (yes, I had to hold on to Eric's arm AGAIN on the way out...)

We were kinda too full for macaroons, mandarin oranges, rhubarb pie, and ice cream for dessert, but we managed. Talked about Connie's niece and nephew, and their projected reactions to their impending baby sibling - Megan wants a sister, while Connor is really clingy and likes Mom best. (also briefly discussed Kenny and Winnie and the mentor "mental" group) I contributed that Anita was expecting, and Connie said that both sisters were pregnant then - I didn't know that Esther and Wes were having a baby too! We clarified who people were, for Harmony's benefit. Connie said that Karen Chan and Jason Y. were actually getting married next October - wow, that's a blast from the past! I wondered when they'd gotten back together, myself. Then we touched on Nancy (Jason's sister) and Joe (the world #1 origami person!), Tracey (Jason's other sister), and Karen Choo / Dylan's arguments and such.

Jon remembered Pastor Edward's announcement the week after a Committee Meeting had started at 7 or 7:30, and ended at midnight or so after the church alarm had been set off. Oh yes, let's limit church meetings to end at 10 or 10:30, since that makes sense! Poor Eric was kinda stuck in the middle since he had to work the next day, but instead had to listen to Karen and Dylan bicker about the wording of something or other. I said that Steph got frustrated with Karen Choo's "planning" emails, since things apparently needed to be planned right down to the minute! Connie said that sounded like Karen's Type A personality coming through - oh yes, quite so! I had also listened to Karen and Dylan verbally duke it out during Bible Study - oh my.

On the way home, I figured that I could at least keep the blank paper here at my place and only take a relative few sheets each week. That way, I don't have to carry around 500 sheets every time... that DOES get heavy! (or I *could* tape / write signs all over the package itself, and gamble on leaving it in the room...) I spent the rest of the time ranting about Mr. Creep - what else is new these days?! Updated Eric on what Christon, Jon, Danielle, Grace, and I talked about after the meeting. Eric said that Creep had discussed his previous experience at the university fellowship in another church (on Friday), and he said that he'd felt offended! Well, that's GOOD then! While I can sympathize, I also think that maybe he should have taken that hint and maybe not tried to fit in so hard this time around. Honestly, WHY WOULD HE ATTEND THE MEMBERSHIP MEETING THIS AFTERNOON?! It's not like he could possibly count THAT as hanging out with people.... well, I hope not, anyway. Generally, I don't have a problem with being welcoming to newcomers OR with non-members attending membership meetings (they want to know what's up and such), but this case just strikes me as very odd! Maybe Lesley and I should get together and discuss our respective feelings about Mr. Creep, hahaha.

Later, I wondered whether Mr. Creep had an email address. Eric said that he'd received an email address from Creep on Friday, and half-joked that I wanted it to correspond with him. Definitely NOT! I just wanted to know whether he'd be put on the email list so I can prevent a repeat of this past Friday night. I'm going to reiterate my feelings of being at least somewhat UNCOMFORTABLE, and ask Pastor John to do something, maybe even before the next Committee meeting. He's more laid back than I am, and apparently Creep has been talking to him. Christon said that part of the problem is that we have no fellowship group for people age 40-60 or so. I know I'll hopefully get up there in age sometime too, so I'm NOT discriminating based on age or race or anything like that. I have NO PROBLEM with people of other races in our Chinese church, or with people who are older than I am. That would actually limit my interactions by... a lot, really. Eric wondered whether Creep would try sitting next to me again - I bloody well hope NOT!

When Eric dropped me off, I emphasized that I'd see him on Sunday, and NOT Friday. He wondered why, and I reminded him of the email that Cindy had sent out. (I'd told him a synopsis earlier) Then he tried saying that he'd talk to Pastor John sometime during the week, and see if anything changed. Normally, this would be okay. Maybe I'll call Pastor John at church on Wednesday (maybe even tomorrow - he's off on Tuesdays) and see what he has to say. He'll probably thank me for bringing up my concerns, as is usual. But now it's more personal - it's not necessarily about the kids, but about ME. Creep doesn't really have to do ANYTHING, and I'm already all "paranoid" and such! I wouldn't really give him the time of day if I met him in a non-church context. I know that it perhaps makes me a bad Christian, but it's how I feel. If anything, people are being TOO welcoming. I have it right, even if I'm not going about it in a great way. Maybe Lesley is trying to figure out what is so odd about this guy, and talking to him is her way of dealing with it. I've also sent an email out to the small group, as well... got various responses, too.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quick meetings, ranting about Mr. Creep, Donald's Market, and way more stuff...

Went to church this morning with my parents, which was okay. My mom said I could leave Jon's Zellers bag in the car since he had the key, but I took it with me in my blue Crabtree & Evelyn bag just in case, haha. When we got to church, I saw the Mak children - so cute! Sat next to Jen, and we both were confused by the "Crewman #6: Galaxy Quest" sermon title (sounds like something Nathan would make up), heh. We also shared amusement over computer menu prompts showing up on the Powerpoint, and heard Helen C. share about her upcoming medical missions trip. Saw Winnie with her two kids Megan and Connor, and smiled hi at Danielle. I didn't see Jon and Harmony till after service had ended, and after I'd said hi to Denise and told her about my sleepover since she'd seen my Facebook status updates. Girl sleepovers are cool, and you get to CHILL!

As soon as I got in the fellowship hall, I put my stuff down by Cindy's since it WAS heavy. A bit later, I saw Jon and mentioned that I had stuff for him in my bag. I attempted to give some candy away to various people without success - eventually, I just hung that medium gift bag of candy off Quan's arm. "Here... you have this since I am trying to reduce my own temptation!" (I saw Cordia and Joyce with some of it later, so I guess it worked...) Later, I gave Jon the bag of "newspapers and pants" - Jon thought the combo was HILARIOUS! Christon, Hansel, and Cathy introduced us to another newcomer, but I think this one should be okay. He comes from Houston, oh my! Said hi to Tim and Grace, then watched Joshua and Keenan run around. Before this, I crouched down to kid level to say hi to Keenan, who showed me a drawing of a face. I asked who it was, and apparently it was Daddy! Hahaha, nice!

Talked to Jeremy about tonight's dinner, and wondered what Eric's plans were after the meeting. Since he had hockey clinic, I had no problem going with Jon afterwards! Asked Harmony if she were going to the lunch afterwards, but she was still debating because she has to prep for an interview and such. Said hi to Daniel as we passed each other at the fellowship hall entrance, of course. I got distracted by little Allison again, and then by the news that her mother Anita is expecting another kid around the end of April. Of course, I had to hug her and say I'd tell Steph for her tomorrow! I asked Winnie when her own baby is due - at the end of November, and I bet she can't wait for the baby to be born!

I went upstairs to find the kids playing, and two children who occasionally come as well. Auntie Ying gave me three tickets for me, Jon, and Harmony - so nice! Toddler Sunday School went all right - the kids seemed to like the poster of the Israelites and the tabernacle, haha. Once it was over and I'd given various stuff to Carley, I went downstairs to find the fellowship hall absolutely CROWDED! Jon told me that Harmony had gone home; after putting my stuff down in a relatively out-of-the-way area, I gave her lunch ticket to Eric. I didn't think anything else about it until we were sitting down on the side, and one of them asked me whether my lunch ticket said "Harmony" on it. Well, I didn't know Auntie Ying had personalized the tickets, hahaha. I was happy to let Eric be Harmony's stand-in, haha.

For some reason, Mr. Creep was helping to move chairs and stuff - I can't believe I followed one of his directives to move chairs to the other side of the room! Then again, I probably wouldn't have had the chance to talk to some people otherwise, but STILL. We all lined up in front of the kitchen to receive our plates of food (frozen veggies / steamed chicken / noodles) and someone decided to go upstairs to the gospel / seniors' lounge to eat, so I followed. I knew Mr. Creep would be there too (as he was on Friday), but I was perfectly fine as long as I sat with my back to him. No, I couldn't pretend he didn't exist because Andrea and Lesley were talking to him, but I focused on my conversation with Jon / Isabel / Christon / Eric (with occasional Randal contributions) instead. Among other things, we discussed ESCC meetings / name changes / Isabel's North Van dilemma (should she go to a birthday party with people she's only recently met?!) / Harmony's whereabouts / hockey / the new appearance of the room / Dad mellowing with age, since some people know him for loud yelling and scaring kids (not good for taking over Uncle Patrick's Awana Commander duties!) / live crab and fish and prawn being feisty / our need for CAFFEINE.

Jon, Andrea, Randal, Christon, Isabel, and I went to J.J. Bean coffee shop in the rain to fulfill said requirement. Eric came just to hang out since he can't have caffeine - when Isabel joked that we needed another body to hold our coffees, I said that it was all good as long as it wasn't a certain other person in the room, haha. (I was ABOUT to call him "Mr. Creep," heh) Andrea was amazed that I drank a straight iced Americano, so I said that Dylan would be proud, haha. We wondered when he'd get back from his honeymoon, and I said that I'd have gone for hot coffee, but was afraid I might burn myself on it in the car.

On the way back to church, I told Christon / Isabel / Jon about Chinese Eric dating again, and exactly what he had to say about it. "When does HE have time to date?!! I thought he was busy with work!" (Jon) "Oh, he said that it was very convenient since this girl lives only a 20-minute bus ride away from him!" "Hahaha, I guess she fulfills that preference!" (Christon) "And then he said that she was a real hottie, and asked whether I thought he'd get a hottie with his looks alone! He is very grateful to his mom (she's the daughter of her friend), who's thrilled!" "HAHAHAHA! I can imagine him saying that! That's exactly what he'd say, too!" (Jon) "I feel bad laughing since I don't really know this person..." (Isabel)

I signed in like a good member, and spotted Zoe and Stella by the stairs, and wondered why they were playfully hitting each other. They seemed to be okay with it, so I let them be. Grabbed my knapsack from the fellowship hall, and went into the sanctuary. Spotted Christon and Eric at the far end, so headed over there - to my dismay, I found that Mr. Creep had decided to attend the meeting. HE'S A NEWCOMER, AND AN ICKY ONE AT THAT! (people who aren't church members CAN attend meetings - Jeremy's done so a few times, to name but one person - but I really don't like Mr. Creep!) Mr. Creep wanted either Lesley or myself to go into the pew ahead of him... when Lesley asked which one of us he meant, I fixed him with my best glare and added "Yeah... which one?!" (I was about to call him a creep again, out loud) I thought it would be "safer" since then Mr. Creep wouldn't be able to look back at me (and I wouldn't have to look directly at him), but it wasn't to be.

When Eric prompted me to switch rows by asking whether I wouldn't like to sit by Christon a row behind instead, I remembered that Eric would be leaving to go to hockey school before 4. I quickly switched pews, since I didn't want to sit next to Mr. Creep in that event! (the setup was Lesley, me, Eric, and Mr. Creep) I ate the preserved mandarin peels, and busied myself with writing stuff down before I forgot. The meeting was pretty quick (we wondered what we were RENTING, as that was a budget item), and we let out before 3! (we started at 2) Told Jon to watch my knapsack while I went looking for Mom - earlier, he'd wondered if she were actually here since he hadn't seen her for a couple of weeks. Besides, my hat button on the blue jacket came loose again! I finally found Mom, and she said it could be sewed on more tightly - I'd hope so! People were giving away 2010 church calendars, but I already had a 2010 calendar from my dentist appointment a while ago. Prompted Mom to follow me into the sanctuary - she wanted to schedule a family dinner too, it turned out. After Steph gets back from doing stuff, maybe! ("Hey, Jon! She DOES exist, see?!") She left after telling me to just give the jacket to Steph tomorrow after I wash it - apparently, it can go through the machine. Hmm... maybe...

I grabbed my Crabtree & Evelyn bag from the fellowship hall and plonked it down next to our other stuff while we talked about stuff. When the lights were turned out in the sanctuary, we commented that they must really want us to go! Probably, if the utilities are already running at a deficit! I put my stuff down on a table that was at the front entrance, and said hi to Danielle, who was waiting for Grace so they could have coffee and fill a void. Since Danielle wondered where I'd gone on Friday, I told her (and Christon) exactly why I'd left, making sure to emphasize that I felt UNCOMFORTABLE. We were in the middle of a discussion about Mr. Creep when Jon and Grace came up and said they felt that they'd walked halfway into an interesting conversation, so we kinda did a recap.

According to Christon, Mr. Creep was church-hopping (which I'd heard about from him a couple weeks ago), and had attended a university fellowship at one of these churches. Apparently, these people had ALSO felt uncomfortable, primarily because of the age gap. Christon had hung out with Mr. Creep a couple of times, and I warned him about that, saying that Mr. Creep was TWICE HIS AGE. His response: "So?" Well, you know what they say about people who want to actively hang out with people half their age...*ew* Apparently, it's because of this other experience that Christon wants to make an effort to especially welcome Mr. Creep, and because he's been to China and experienced a few things. I don't really care! Jon said that we should be careful, but be welcoming - yeah, but you never know!

When I said that I didn't know WHAT creeped me out about him (but something DEFINITELY DID), Christon volunteered that Lesley also felt similarly. For some reason, a bunch of them had gone out after Fellowship recently (I wouldn't know because Eric and I generally go straight home - maybe it was this past Friday night), and Lesley had mentioned something of the sort afterwards. YES, I AM NOT ALONE! Since I was talking to Christon anyhow, I mentioned the sign-up sheets and the ICKY handshake, and asked what had led Mr. Creep to our church. Apparently, he'd been driving around one day and spotted our building. I responded that our building was far too visible, then... only half a joke! Also told them what Eric had said about how I was stereotyping Mr. Creep based on looks, and my response about NOT screening Mr. Creep for dating potential - they thought that was funny! (or they laughed, at least...)

After a while, we decided to leave the church building and go our separate ways. I asked Jon if we could stop by Superstore (or "Stupid Store") since I had to buy a bunch of blank paper - it was okay with him, although he did wonder whether I couldn't do it during the week. After a quick detour to retrieve Jon's water bottle from Christon's car, I ended up getting Earth Choice paper at the store, which was cheaper than Staples - Jon has his own reasons for not buying Superstore produce, which is fine. I just won't tell him about buying last week's grapes from there, haha. Made sure to thank him for stopping by that store, and he said it was okay since we had to stop by some other places anyway. We went to Donald's Market, some Filipino grocery (where I paid for the saffron - most expensive spice in the world, man!), and Brewery Creek - so much choice! (lime, a whole chicken, orange juice, ale, and other items)

Just before we got to Jon's, he warned me that Harmony was prepping for her interview, so not to bother her, although she'd probably make me feel welcome nonetheless. Hey, I had my Bathroom Reader, so it was all good. After a while, Harmony declared that she was done prepping. She wondered who Mr. Creep was (I guess she's seen my Facebook status updates), so I told her briefly. Apparently, she's never actually talked to him - oh good. Now I'm just TRYING to check Facebook, but it won't work - LJ and email it is, before Connie and Eric come over. Discussed the meeting, (late) thank-you cards, the smoke alarm going off, library books, and more.

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