Saturday, February 19, 2011

Soup, no rushing, the kids dropping like flies, and Valentine's packages

I decided to take advantage of the sunny weather EARLIER and go out, as opposed to going out in the dark after I got home from Awana. Went to London Drugs, and discovered that the scissors I was going to get were on sale anyway - always nice to get them for $5 off, haha. Also bought on-sale Lipton Cup-A-Soup (four for $5 - spring vegetable and chicken noodle), on-sale Lindt mini-hearts, Lindt milk chocolate / dark chocolate mini eggs, on-sale mango aloe vera drink ($1 off), and a pack of ten hangers for $4. Got home after waiting for the bus to have German pancakes and a sausage with maple syrup, which was interesting! Good thing I woke up / left when I did, otherwise I'd be rushing to get home and check stuff before Henry picked me up - phew! Now I can concentrate on the usual things and eat Smartfood popcorn, haha.

Teunis and I talked about XKCD, re-writing games in a continuing story (I don't envy Jordan!), gaming "homework," INXS, silly "awards," and more stuff. Just before Henry called me, Kempy reminded me that it's Kurt Cobain's birthday tomorrow - NICE! Henry and I talked about the chilly yet sunny weather, the birthday potluck at his house, and more on the way to church. In the parkade, little Ian M. saw me in the car from the elevator entrance, and waved... of course, I waved back and said hi to his dad David. When we got into the church, Ian saw me as we were passing the front desk and said hi. I said hi back, and he gave me a hug, saying that he'd said hi earlier - I told him that I knew about it, heh. Things were different because the older kids had gone bowling today, too.

Said hi to Chrystal, Golden, Mike, Margaret (who said it was a good thing that I missed something that JUST happened), Ashley, and others. Chrystal hadn't gotten any Valentine's candy, so I made up a Ziploc bag package for her from our excess when I got home - York peppermint patties, Lindt / regular chocolate hearts, Life jellybeans, ju-jube hearts, and more. (sampled some, as well) I also tried the Maynard's squirting candy, which was interesting and SWEET! Wished Golden a happy birthday for tomorrow; he's staying home for now, which definitely works! He asked whether I knew where Daniel was - nope! Stanley came in later, saying that his kid Aaron was sick - his aunt was upstairs, though we took care of him! (another kid got sick later on, too) Chris Lam asked us whether we all just sat around and were bored: basically! He said there was nothing stopping us from going up to help - hahaha, nice.

Later, Julie S. came to hang out with us - she's been BORED since she was at home on the couch for three weeks straight. Poor girl had the flu, and then pneumonia on top of it! I asked if her dad took care of her - not really, although he did try making congee once! (her mom's dead) After Awana, I noted that Ian M. and Gabriel were on the drums - Amanda told me that she was SEVEN now! Yup, I remember that. I told Sean that he could borrow my 1999 Guinness World Records book, as well as have one package of chocolate hearts. We waited for Ada to finish training, then drove one of the Nancys home, too. Sean asked me questions about the calories in the chocolate (no idea!), the pages in the book, scary stuff, how far it was from my place to Nancy's place (no clue), random math, "picking up" people (he meant "dropping off" people), big walls, horrible places, and more. Crazy kid, man!

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GREYSKULL POWER! / Maple syrup / Style Type

Teunis and I talked about amusing bits in the radio shows, and then I compelled him "by the power of Greyskull" to accept some hangers which I scrounged up - they're only $5 at London Drugs, where I will go right now anyway since Cup-A-Soup is on sale, and I need some more things like scissors / mini eggs. My delivery / aim was bad, as I wanted to toss the hangers IN his laundry basket, but meh - it worked! I also found my maple syrup (which I just bought) at 3:30 AM - GO FIGURE!

After I got up, I discovered that Teunis was making German pancakes AND sourdough pancakes in the next couple of days, and he fully intends to do something with the fruit from Mom tomorrow - oh good, as it won't keep otherwise! Discussed CBC podcasts, QUIRKS AND QUARKS, talking to yourself, and more.

Your Style is Casual

You aren't anti-fashion, but you also don't put too much stock in the latest trends.

You simply want to feel comfortable, and bonus points if you can easily fit in with your look.

You know how to pull off a formal look if you have to... you'd just rather be in jeans.

Just because you're casual, it doesn't mean you're not stylish. You're always ready to rock a fun accessory or shirt.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Amethyst, metal chopsticks, beef jerky, cranberry cheesecake, and more!

I took a shower, and then Teunis and I were pretty much off to Yaohan after having grilled cheese sandwiches (him) and crackers (me) - yup, we needed several items for sure! First, he had to do some banking before we went to Yaohan to get some Korean food / groceries prior to going to Save-On Foods and Richmond Centre. Talked about his laundry, the hydro bill (yay for help!), budgetary concerns, war, history, internment camps, getting a WIND phone after all, snacks tiding us over, stomach shrinkage, variety in mushrooms, bananas, (spinach) noodles, crazy parking lots, soy milk, HELLO KITTY biscuits (like Royal Dansk butter ones) for the gaming group / Jordan to present to Alicia, Andrew / Teresa, shoes, spicy beef jerky, kimchi / ramen, food preferences, cranberry cheesecake on special, vegetables, and more. At Yaohan, we decided to go randomly exploring upstairs - we found a "Golden Jade Shop" which Kaili would apparently love... amethyst, purple crystals, and more! Of course Teunis has to take her there sometime! We heard yapping from the counter, which surprised me until I saw little toy dogs. Then we saw a shop with lots of cooking stuff - we got spoons of varying sizes, METAL CHOPSTICKS, portable chopsticks, a juicer, and more.

We also saw a bunch of computer stores, and he showed me a laptop bag on display - yes, that might be what I need! Talked about graham crust being a bit too sweet, so he might as well use flour. I got some Smartfood popcorn (which I'll eat when Teunis isn't home - like tomorrow), on-sale creamy garlic Raffaelo Sidekicks, and two tubs of Greek yogurt from Save-On. Note to self: quit going off by myself! He got a couple of videos (like UNBREAKABLE), bread (which I don't have to get tomorrow from London Drugs - along with mini eggs and Cup-A-Soup), and some other stuff. OUR FEMALE CLERK WAS APPARENTLY NAMED SHERMAN!!!!! WTF?!

Then we went to Richmond Centre so he could get his phone: I stopped by Shoppers Drug Mart to get thank-you cards, brown rice crisps (which I hope Eric will eat), and blueberry juice. Forgot to buy scissors for the Aldo bag, but I can do that tomorrow since I don't feel like going out again tonight! I spent so much time in the store that I thought Teunis might be done - nope, there was more paperwork than I figured! We talked about (unlocking) the Android cellphone, Viking founder funerals, and more - at least he'll see the Hundred Mile House folks fairly soon? I noted that it was already past 7 by the time I got to the WIND kiosk, but - as I told Teunis later - I didn't really want to go to Bible Study anyway! Haha, at least PAPERWORK provides a convenient excuse! My phone message to Eric later: "Hey - sorry about that. Turns out White Man #3 wanted to get a WIND phone from the mall, and the paperwork took longer than I thought! We left at 3, and came home at 7:45! To be fair, we did other things than buy the phone, but that was the sticking point. See you on Sunday." Since I was home, I decided to do my own laundry. Talked about auto-correct, too...

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Kieran disappearing / Broken PEE! / Clearing recent documents / Strappy Shoes

I had a dream that Eric and Kieran disappeared right in front of us, and that we had to go looking for them! Turns out that evil Alison kidnapped them! When I got up, I had THE WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND in my head - better than Christmas carols or worship music! I finally figured out how to clear ALL the recent Windows 7 documents in one go from the "jumplist" - that saved me a LOT of time, since Lorena (the previous owner of the computer?) had many work-related documents in that list which aren't on here anymore for obvious reasons!

Then I checked my FB to find that my sister had written this: "Sarne!! I dreamt that you had broken pee! What on earth?? Not poo, but pee! And then you were worried about yaz pancreas!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Based on my reaction to this alone (extreme laughter), I do believe Teunis thinks I've gone off the deep end!

You Are Funky

You are flexible, laid-back, and open to the world. You don't set any rules or expectations for yourself.

You're a daydreamer who sees the big picture. You seriously dislike dealing with details.

You are attracted to the quirkier side of life. You find counterculture compelling.

You are expressive and well-spoken. You are an excellent writer, and you have a lot to say!

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Andrew's fabricated psych essay

Teunis and I talked about INCEPTION, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, only watching half of some movies, teasing, peanut butter cups, leftovers from Yaohan, fan videos, mood, ginger beer, chocolate biscuits, weird food combinations (sausages / noodles / cheese / mustard?!), RED PANDA / BLACKJACK JUSTICE, and more. I wasted a lot of time on the poo facts - most of them seem recycled from the 2009 calendar! Andrew popped up on MSN, wanting me to help proofread his psychology essay - SURE! At least he still has my email address in his Hotmail somewhere! He says he fabricated some parts, and wants me to make it more coherent - HAHAHAHAHA!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Word Facts for Feb. 12-18, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of Feb. 12-13, 2011: Fibonacci sequence - Recursive numbers, the golden ratio, and other such mathematical problems are the lifeblood of modern computers, but someone once had to figure them out by hand and in the head. One such math whiz was a medieval Italian named Leonardo Fibonacci, who first put to paper a sequence of numbers formed by adding the previous two values: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ...

Word origin for Feb. 14, 2011: cougar - Why should the sometimes-lethal mountain lion inspire a term for an older woman interested in younger men? The answer lies in the slang spoken in British Columbia. The term would likely have remained a localism had not two Vancouver women started an online dating service,, in 1999. English-born Canadian actress Kim Cattrall introduced it to the popular cable TV series Sex and the City in 2001, and an idiom was born.

Word origin for Feb. 15, 2011: hang a Ralph - In New England, this instruction means not to execute someone whose ancient Norse name means "wise wolf," but instead to turn right while driving. In the mid-Atlantic states, the phrase "hang a roscoe" is heard to mean the same thing - and "hang a right," of course, is heard everywhere. All date to 1960s youth slang and probably derive from the surfing phrase "hang five" or "hang ten," referring to the position of the feet on the surfboard.

Word origin for Feb. 16, 2011: theory - The abstract word "theory," meaning a kind of learned speculation about why something is the way it is, has an eminently concrete origin in the Greek verb theasthai, which means "to be an onlooker" or, more pointedly in this case, "to look at closely." The word entered science through the vehicle of religion, in which a "theory" was a conjecture about the nature of the divine.

Word origin for Feb. 17, 2011: platoon - The first military units called "platoons" were formed in the late Middle Ages, employing early firearms that fired "pellets" - crude bullets, that is. In French, this pellet-firing bunch was called a peleton. Imported as "platoon," the word came to be applied to a small group of soldiers, usually infantry.

Word origin for Feb. 18, 2011: globalism - As coined by media maven Marshall McLuhan, the "global village" was a place in which national boundaries were secondary to cultural ones - the global influence of popular music being a case in point. Economists borrowed the idea to mean that national markets would have no barriers to entry - hence, under "globalism," a company could do business wherever it wanted.

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Juice spillage, joysticks, Mexican mole, fiction or non-fiction

I couldn't sleep at 4 AM, so exited my room to at least try to make amends for the accidental juice spillage - I got out $15 from my wallet, and put it on the little table with a "Here you go since I feel bad; I'm going back to bed." As immersed as Teunis was in his game and listening to something (which I could barely hear from my room with the door closed!), he was like "Wait, what?!" Of course, I had to / explain myself - he gave the money back to me and said I didn't need to worry about that since it wasn't that bad because it was on the outside of the joystick. PHEW! We talked about weird CBC news stories / podcasts / African T-shirts / bad puns / bank robberies before going to bed at 5:30 AM.

When I got up, he said he didn't feel like going to dance class - of COURSE that makes sense! (not being sarcastic, for once) We also talked about a heavy metal band which likes to sing about battles, hahaha. Got Jon's email where he said that he and Jeremy would be making Mexican mole this Sunday, but not with 100 ingredients; they want to start no later than 3, and invite us to participate in the process. Well, there IS a meeting, unless I'm confusing my dates again! I can just imagine the mass exodus at 2:45 to make it to the location by 3, hahaha. Maisie also commented on my wall post to Phil about EASTER BAPTISMS with something TOTALLY unrelated - "what's the name of your healthy little one?" I know she's "different," but THIS IS WHY YOU START A NEW WALL POST THREAD! AIYA!

You Are Nonfiction

You are mentally sharp and clear-minded. Facts matter to you, and you remember them well.

You are curious about the world, and many subjects interest you. You have a real thirst for knowledge.

You are willing to listen to any point of view, as long as it's backed up with facts and logic.

You have nothing against fiction, but you definitely feel like the real world is interesting enough as is!

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Sausage, drinks, accidental spillage, Chinese Eric worse, annoying Mandy Ortiz

Teunis and I talked about astronomy, RED PANDA / FLYING SQUIRREL, French radio shows on music, sausages, the NUM LOCK key (0 - a zero - should not be a "/"), fruit, pies, flour, fat people and shoplifting, Chinese Eric, eggs, accidental spillage, and more. Talked to Chinese Eric about good laptop timing, his health issues, doctor's appointments, and more. Unfriended Mandy (youmakemegiddy / italianbeenher) because she was being just as annoying as Candy was with her GLEE / rapper updates and such! Did a lot of tags editing, too. Off to read and think the worst now... =/

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lindt, Chilling Chocolate, squirting candy, Valentine's Day, Easter, and more!

Did some banking, and then headed to London Drugs to see what chocolate would be on sale... of COURSE you know all the cheap Asians would be looking at the displays! Haha, I love my heritage sometimes! Bought two bottles of ginger beer (all they had left), some Lindt milk / dark / white chocolate hearts (only 99¢ each!), candy conversation hearts for Steph and Lisa (no Rockets to be found - I'm sure they're made of the same ingredients!), mini Lindt Easter eggs (milk chocolate for Ian and Sean and Toddler Sunday School; white chocolate and double milk chocolate for myself), Maynards squirting candy for this upcoming weekend and our consumption (3 for $5 - Bible Study and AGM), some Milk 2 Go "Chilling Chocolate" with 25% reduced sugar (Mom gave some to Jon, Harmony, and Steph - but not me!), and Reese's miniature peanut butter cups. Managed to grab the bus just in time on my way out AND on my way back; also, a guy smiled at me with a greeting of "Hi, Snoopy!" Hahaha, I guess this red bling Snoopy sweater DOES have its uses! Got home and talked to Teunis about characters, impossible (or pretty difficult) quests, the hydro bill, and other things. Adam's reinstated his FB account, too.

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Jessica, Mike, and colorful allergy pills (dream) / True Eye Color

Dylan's thanked me for the birthday card via FB message, as he's finally had a chance to sit down and read it - he thought it was sweet. Hey, that's what I do! Phil also said that he's not sure whether there will be Easter baptisms - meh, I'll be fine as long as these Easter cards get used before I die, haha. I noticed that Mike Dugas (spinpsychle) unfriended me from Facebook - oh well. (and Adam's deleted his account again!) Got up from a weird dream of Jessica Leung and Mike Kwan selling us long, thin colorful allergy pills (red, yellow, blue, orange, and green for varying allergy degrees) to find Teunis already awake... discussed his friends coming here at any reasonable time, the server, and stuff to hopefully fix it. Left my sister an NG birthday message, too! Paid my Shaw and hydro bills, as well.

Your True Eye Color is Vibrant Green

You are a confident and together person. People look up to you.

You were born to inspire others, and you love to lead when given the chance.

You're the type of person who does everything well. You can't narrow down your talents easily.

You have a passionate inner drive, and you know deep down that you're destined for greatness.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Squid, Bovril, spatulas, Wind phones, cheap Valentine's Day candy, and more...

When Teunis got home, he showed me his new electric coffee grinder - he's missed that, and it's better than the one he used before, which is always NICE for the revenge factor! I checked my mail prior to going out the front door for Richmond Centre / Save-On / Yaohan: Janina (mrshannibal) sent me a Valentine's Day card with lots of heart stickers / ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE lyrics, Wind / Telus / Rogers phones, Androids / Blackberries, and I got my hydro bill. We discussed his feeling better because of his haircut (which does look good), moods, parking, eggs, allergies and sensitivities, a spatula, aged cheddar, Kaili, muffin tins, being lucky to be alive, Easter cards for Julie's Easter stickers (I finally found 16 in two eight-packs in Shoppers after looking in Carlton's), his Hundred Mile House friends coming tomorrow, Bovril being a better buy than soup just for a warm drink, beef sausages, disorientation because of perfume, computer questions at Memory Express, cookies from Blenz, Flaming Wok bubble tea (mango and coconut - coconut jelly), and spring rolls.

Also talked about meat pancakes, no maple syrup, stories at the Persian barber's, BAD traffic (90 minutes to get from Broadway / Granville to Lansdowne?!), his California friend, wrestling, walking around a LOT to look for the non-existent Rockport shoe store at Richmond Centre, shoes at Payless / Sears / the Bay (the elevators were out of service - no escalators for ME!), and steel-toe boots. Then we discussed the elementary schools science fair at Richmond Centre (all the kids made him feel like even more of a giant), French immersion, St. Patrick's Day stuff at the dollar store (we should go to the Foggy Dew and listen to the bagpipes on that day!), on-sale Swiss chocolate / chocolate hearts (two packages for Ian and Sean) / Life red and white jellybeans / ju-jube hearts, magnets, dim sum, mall directories, squid, meat pancakes, cooking, Indonesian food, and the disadvantage of having a cellphone. We conversed about thuds / DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS characters, his friend Chris WANTING to meet online people, kids, radio shows, not being in the mood for ads, shin splints, exhaustion, and more at home.

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I went to bed just after 4 AM, as Teunis showed me a "laptop trick" where you could plug in a desktop monitor into a laptop - WOW, DOUBLE MONITORS! SO INTENSE! (haha) Got up and took a shower at 10:50 - I heard a Skype call from the other room, so I figured I was good for a bit, haha. When I got out, we talked about non-communication / Hundred Mile House / fixing servers / ISP people / frustration / Walmart and cheap stuff / cutting hair / Memory Express / resumes / money. Overnight, Teunis had actually made it so *I* could have a DOUBLE MONITOR effect, swapping Uncle Eugene's monitor for one of the spare ones he had. NICE! This eliminates the drop-down menu problem I've been having where I can't tell what I've selected half the time because that WHITE color upon selecting an item is almost the same as the screen, since the selection color is gray on the desktop monitor! After that, he was off to run some personal errands before we go out to replenish supplies and such.

You Should Play Poker

You are a crafty person, and you're always looking at things from all angles.

You can read people well, but you can also hide your feelings when you need to.

You are a natural strategist, and you're always thinking a few steps ahead.

You don't mind putting all your chips in when the time is right... in fact, it gives you a thrill!

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Jon and Harmony picked me up at 6:30 PM, at which time Teunis was still sleeping. I didn't want to wake him up since I wasn't sure what time he'd gone to bed... this proved to be a wise decision, actually. Harmony asked whether Teunis was still here - thank goodness he IS! When we got to the townhouse, I told Grandma that I had something for her - she seemed to like the rabbit on the Chinese New Year card! She knew it was a card, but I opened the envelope and card to show her the Chinese translation and that we'd signed it - she said "thank you" in English, heh. When Steph got there, she showed us The Onion's "Annual Stoning of Happy Couple Held" - I can believe that some people thought this was actually REAL!

The actual dinner (food) was good - crab, lobster, duck, fish, okra, mashed potatoes, salad, Jon's winter ale / crème brulée stout, and more! Talked about gold rings and statues, Sean, Adela, Uncle Eric, Auntie Anna being negative, Uncle Eugene being fifteen years older than his wife, Gabriel, nosy Auntie Susan, Karen Grace, Vernon and Sarah, Margaret, Teunis being good for me since he's more positive than me, Teunis not being a Christian (I didn't bother explaining about his ancient Norse religion), Jon's changing personality in Gr. 11, and his friends Mike England / Sean Gosse / Rob Fillo / Scott McIntyre. We also discussed Alan and Polly coming to Grandma's birthday dinner on Feb. 27 at 5:30, frying things in duck fat, Lent / vegan stuff, sesame puffed rice desserts, homemade chocolates, Mr. Creep being a good person / not feeling WELCOME anymore (so THAT'S why he hasn't been coming - YAY!), Mr. Creep being good for me (NO! A THOUSAND TIMES NO!), Steph getting her phone to read her email notifications to her (good for driving!), people driving illegally, Raymond / Randal being good for me (NO!), Harmony's Chinese name, iPads / iPhones, Amanda following Joey around, my needing to do dishes (NOT ABOUT THAT!), cheap candy tomorrow (I reminded Harmony about that - she plans to get some), potatoes / apples / oranges, and more. The Canucks also lost 3-2 to the Blues, and then we play Minnesota tomorrow - THIS IS BAD! (but Calgary beat Colorado 9-1; it was 5-0 in the first!)

Since I accidentally left my FB logged in on Mom's computer, Steph decided to hijack my status a few times - I knew there was SOMETHING going on when I heard manic laughter when I was in the bathroom! She tried shooing me away when I came out, but I saw the screenshot she pasted into her Gmail draft to send people! Then she asked me how to tag people - I KNOW YOUR GAME, FOOL! Of course, I deleted all the statuses once I got to the computer - Jon tried checking the status when he checked his email, but it was too late by then! After a while, we finally got going - on the way home, we discussed encouraging / thanking white Eric - I'm not THAT good with cards, man! I just give 'em out, haha. (which reminds me - I can buy 15 Easter cards to use up Julie's stickers!)

When I got home, I noted the apartment was still shrouded in darkness - I decided to put things away quietly, but that still woke Teunis up! We watched "rock comedy" silly videos, and talked about Aqua: Alanis Morissette's spoof of MY HUMPS by the Black Eyed Peas, Arrogant Worms (CARROT JUICE IS MURDER - their only official music video / ME LIKE HOCKEY), Weird Al (UHF / MONEY FOR NOTHING spoof / WHITE & NERDY), Pop Will Eat Itself, READ A BOOK, Blur's PARK LIFE, and more. Discussed replenishing supplies tomorrow (he doesn't mind if I go with him), the stuff from Mom (he promptly made a grilled cheese sandwich with a jalapeno cheese slice), the dinner, spare monitors, laptop stuff, and more. Good thing I could decompress with those videos, man!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Chainmail, Justin Bieber, Wikipedia, the ug, and prescient feelings!

Teunis and I talked about Chicks in Chainmail (Esther Freisner), Strip Mauled (Esther Freisner), Tea With The Black Dragon (R.A. Macavoy), Gaelic, Radio Free Europe, propaganda, and Justin Bieber fans attacking Esperanza Spalding's Wikipedia page after the Grammys (click "next edit"), while listening to radio shows and LITTLE STEVEN! I went to bed at the perhaps-unwise time of 4:15 AM, but I blame accidentally deleting a tag-filled entry and then having to recreate it with a LOT of typing and cursing! (even when Teunis was immersed in a game, HE could tell there was something going on!)

When I got up, I called the ug before having some noodles - he's unsure when he's picking Harmony up since he's at a march in the Downtown Eastside, but will call me whenever. Nice... then I checked my mail, having a distinct feeling that Teunis might well have something here - AND I WAS RIGHT! HA! QUASI-PRESCIENT POWER STRIKES AGAIN!

You Are an Anti-Valentine

As far as you're concerned, Valentine's Day could cease to exist and the world would be a better place for it.

You don't hate love and romance, but you hate the commercialization of it.

You also can't stand the idea that you need to be in a relationship to be happy. In fact, you really resent that.

For you, the perfect Valentine's Day is to forget that it even exists. Your normal life is nice enough as is.

Justin Bieber Would Suck Your Toe

You're the type of girl that Justin Bieber's been dying to meet...

He's never imagined anyone so beautiful, sensitive, and sweet!

One look and you, and Justin would so totally know.

He wouldn't rest until kissing you from head to toe.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

De Dutch Pannekoek House!

Teunis and I discussed the bread in the freezer, grilled cheese sandwiches, pagan music, Alan Moore (some guy who looks like he's out of HARRY POTTER) / V FOR VENDETTA / THE WATCHMEN, the laptop and minor service involving the fan and power jack, noises, and more prior to my going to bed and trying to sleep last night. Eric picked me up as early as he predicted on Friday, so I spent the ride to church being a light ranter - he spent last night at his grandma's 90th birthday party, which sounds great! I did say that I found nobody objectionable in our current BS group, which is something to object to - no rant therapy for me! That's good for Eric, but not for me! Got to church and sat in my usual spot, wondering if Steph would show up - I said hi to Cindy (who wanted me to wish Steph a happy birthday - she's been emailing and texting her!), Quan (giving out BOXED-IN CREATIONS truffles), Deb (I gave her Dylan's birthday card), Jeremy (poor guy had a cold, as did Vania), and Nathan in the meantime. When she did show up, I deposited the bag with the stickers from sherbetsaucers and Manchester United hat near her. She thanked me later - Jeremy and I laughed at some point in Pastor Tom's sermon, haha.

After service, I asked Jon and Harmony where dinner would be tomorrow - OF COURSE it has to be at the LARDS' place! According to Steph, we're having duck - and I won't have to do the dishes, although Harmony put in that I was "very good" last week. IT'S NOT ABOUT THAT! UGH! Oh well... hopefully, I'll survive! At least this year, I have something good to come home to, hahaha. (he'd better not take this the wrong way!) Steph was impressed by Daniel's Chinese writing on Grandma's birthday card, haha - good thing we go to a Chinese church! Eric warned me not to go right away since the family might have brunch because Kieran was in town. He and I spent some time talking to Cindy about her crazy week with the students - punching others in the nose and such?! Well, you gotta learn to deal with it since you're a teacher!

I went into the fellowship hall briefly since I saw Darren C. - we hugged each other, and he said he's working at the hospital while he's back from Ireland for two months. He doesn't quite know what he's doing yet, but I'm sure that'll come in time. After that, I said hi to Grace and baby Micah before going out to interact with little Mattias, who was eating an orange and looking for the pits which he dropped on the ground. I noticed that his baby brother Marcus was awake, so let him hold onto my finger while I observed in English that he was chilling! When I played with his baby toy, I think I got a smile! Their mom Karen was pretty tired, which is understandable!

Noticed Eric standing behind me, so I asked what the verdict was; he said they WERE having lunch, and wondered if I needed to tell anybody. After telling him to watch my stuff, I went upstairs with a bunch of chocolate hearts for the kids - gave them to Ada, Ashley, Abigail (who was crying), Margaret J., and Auntie Ying for the rest of the kids. Harrison was playing with Nathaniel, and he called me UGLY - good thing I don't have to teach HIM anymore! Auntie Ying invited me to some dinner on Friday evening with a bunch of "young people" - I don't get along with overly Christian people sometimes, so took the easy excuse of Fellowship since I was in a hurry to leave anyway! When I went downstairs, baby Marcus was crying, so Karen told me that he was tired. Eric noticed my leaving the baby alone, and asked what I'd done to make the baby cry! We said bye to Jeremy on our way out since he was also leaving - the rain started, too! As Eric and I were walking across the street, he invited me to brunch - it seems his mom asked where I was the last time they all went to O'Hara's pub! We talked about the Newcomer's Lunch, the AGM, plans, WORLD OF WARCRAFT references, football from American radio stations on the Team 1040 (he says they treat football like we treat hockey), and what Alberta politics was doing on a BC radio talk show on the way to his house.

While there, we watched some TV while saying hi to Veronica, Ron, and Kieran - I decided to watch the CTV Olympics anniversary show tonight (gold medals! double Brian Williams! Georgian Nodar Kumaritashvili! Joannie Rochette!), and Eric said that they didn't have any champagne for my orange juice from the kitchen... AIYOH! After some time, we went to De Dutch Pannekoek House in Kieran's new car - we had to wait for quite a while! Finally, we were able to get two tables pushed together to make a table for five - we discussed whether we REALLY needed the big table, booths, cars, Kieran's seatbelts in the car, motorcycles, Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras, Easter being late this year, my family, taking / deleting pictures with Ron's new phone ("you have to SHOW her what to do with the buttons - you can't just TELL her!"), and more. I didn't mind going to Richmond Centre with them later on, since Kieran had a Roots gift certificate to Roots, Veronica had to go to Lenscrafters, and Eric had a Richmond Centre gift card to use at EB Games. (DONKEY KONGA COUNTRY RETURNS for the Wii, which he joked would "drive Mom nuts")

At home, I noted that Teunis was still sleeping - I decided to take a bit of a nap myself. When I got up an hour later, his alarm was STILL going on, but he got up a bit later. We talked about surreal dreams ("is real life - like opening doors and the alarm music - part of this?"), gaming, personal life crossing into gaming, the Western pronounciation of words like "Gouda" (more like "chowda") and "yogurt" (I know I always have to be like "what?!" when he says "yogHurt") hurting his ears, my rarely turning on the TV, shin splints, hurt, the heavy toolbox, allergies, his mom, lactose intolerance, learning laptop things myself (which makes sense), plugs, metal, the Olympics, and more. He says he HAS been making Dutch pancakes like De Dutch Pannekoek House does - nice, nice! I've never ordered them from there just because the price points seem a bit expensive, and I have too much childhood Asian conditioning yet when others treat me for lunch! (which reminds me, I should email Karen Choo one of these days...) Later, I found a Gmail Notifier for Windows 7, which is good!

You Are Warmhearted

You are a truly kind and loving person. You care for others deeply, and it's not an act.

You are one tough cookie, even though it isn't always apparent from the outside.

You have a lot of inner strength, and you can dig deep when you need to.

You are both patient and persistent. You are willing to wait for someone to come around.

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