Saturday, July 23, 2005

"An" does NOT equal "and," people... for that matter, I don't like "come with," either!

I've just been reminded of one of my many grammatical pet peeves.

So I made up and account here and started using it more when Blurty kinda died off...

I've been noticing this more often lately. WHY?!

That reminds me of another peeve:

So, woo! I think I may go to The Bay on the 16th and get the new Harry Potter book. They are selling it for $24.00...which is cheaper than Chapter's. I'll make Matt come with.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't it be "come with me" in that sentence?



I think I need a grammar-related icon. :P

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Shakes and bubble tea / Misreadings / QUEER AS FOLK

Man, my new friend Alyson's "Shake Djibouti" icon reminds me of bubble tea. (of course I Photobucketed it! :D )

Image hosted by

Now I want some bubble tea. But it's past 2:30 AM, and all the BBT shops are closed now. Oh well...

Also, I just misread "laser diodes" as "laser dildoes." I think I really need some sleep... o_O

Take the quiz:
Which Queer as Folk Season One character are you?

Emmett Honeycutt - FABULOUS
EMMETT!! He's just another one of the girls! If you haven't seen the show, shame on you! If one of the girls of Sex and the City were to be burned in a house fire, stomped on, dumped in a river, and fell off the Earth, Emmett could jump right in and you'd never notice the change. Don't worry, you're still hot and get to run a fashion boutique!

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* Brian Kinney - Sex God (You scored 1)
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* Melanie Marcus - Jealous Lesbian (You scored 2)
* Lindsay Peterson - New mommy Lesbian (You scored 0)

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Rips in pants... oh, the humanity!

Pants ripping in the back when you're sitting down (as happened to Nathan last Good Friday): not good, but at least you can wrap your jacket around it when you're talking and eating at Red Robin's afterwards with old friends and new! (me, Eric M., and Jason Kay)

Pants ripping somewhere as you're about to lead worship service (as also happened to Nathan once): not quite as good, since you'd have to make sure your rip doesn't show to the congregation from any angle.

Pants ripping in THE CROTCH AREA when you're trying to make a good impression on your first day at work, and getting a complaint about it (as happened to Palmer today)... oh, did I mention this was your ONLY pair of pants?: DANGER ZONE! (especially if you take PICTURES of said "wardrobe malfunction" and post them up on the Net later for all to see :P)

Good times with Nathan, all right... at least he has a sense of humor about these things, and understood why we were concerned even as we couldn't stop laughing! :D

As for Palmer, I expect that he'll want to kill me for posting about this. I'm not laughing AT him... I'm laughing WITH him! I wish him good luck pants-shopping! (and I hope he doesn't make me break out my imaginary dialogue if he shops without any shorts on... or even a skirt / dress on! o_O )

This was too funny not to post! ;)

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Wrathchild, Bathroom Survey

While looking up songs with the word "wrath" in them on AMG for a song title game on Our Place just now, I found a song entitled Wrathchild. Being curious since it obviously reminded me of Steve L., I looked up that title... turns out Iron Maiden did a song by that name. That provided some nice quirkiness to the day so far. :D

Thanks to a community elsewhere, I have now found Bathroom Survey ... Hahahahaha! Way too hilarious! :D

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Rooster's Quarters, bank transactions, and Fellowship musings

Went to Rooster's Quarters for lunch to celebrate my dad's birthday. Poutine, chicken, ribs, and a hilarious #2 suggestion from my sister which I'll shelve for the time being.... it was good stuff. :D

After getting some stuff done at the bank, I no longer have to pay service charges for my chequing account transactions. (that stuff can really add up!) I didn't even know it was still a children's account from long ago... thumbs up to the teller for letting me know!

Now, I'll stay home tonight since their Fellowship is a barbecue at Alan's / talking about missions trips. Sure, I could bus it out there or go with them... but I like being a hermit sometimes. :P Besides, I know that nobody will really notice if I'm there at my group or not. It's a follow-up to last week's program, which I wasn't there for anyhow. Time to do some work / catch up on my friends page, since I replied to Dominic already! (and talk to people if they're willing, haha)

The church grad banquet's apparently been moved to August 6... at least it doesn't clash with the baby shower. Otherwise, I'd be in for a busy day.... shower, and then banquet. Oh well, it's not like I haven't done stuff like that before! ;)

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Foodblogs and Pho / Panties in Toilet / Foreign Languages

Foodblog about native Vietnamese food
Ghetto Foodies

From my brother's blog:

On the 'Pho' section of that blog is a recipe to make your very own Pho, which I promptly forwarded to my Asiaphile-chef and good buddy Jeremy, who upon receiving it was tremendously excited about making it. Now commonly, pho recipes call for 5-7 pounds of oxtail, shank, etc., and produce enough stock for a small army of 8-20 bowls, which certainly adds up to a daunting undertaking for even the very strong of heart, so I sort of doubted Jeremy's commitment to his pledge. Imagine my surprise upon calling him on Thursday afternoon to discover that not only did he buy a mega-huge pot to house all that beef stock, but he also bought - get this - $140 in organic meat! Here's the damage:

Prime Rib Finger Bones: $34.08
Beef Bones-Shank: $18.00 (this sounds like a ripoff: $18 for bones?)
Fresh Oxtail (3): $15.17, $18.17, $17.41.
Open Beef: $ 37.47
Total bill for the purchases come to: $140.30.
(The uber-pot came to $60 at T&T, and additional bean sprouts, basil, cilantro, mint, what-have-you-not came to $30)

If there's any consolation, there was no tax on the beef, unless it was included in the original price. I'd certainly believe them if that was the case!
Now if he'd not bought organic, I'm sure the price would be substantially cheaper, but I think Jeremy was going all out on this endeavour. The bean sprouts weren't organic and the noodles were refined, however, so there's still room to get even more hardcore with this next time, if there is a next time.

Now I'm all caught up with Jon, Steph, and Dave. :D

Oh, and I don't want to know why my sister's underwear ended up in the toilet:

Edit: She was reaching for her towel, but since her underwear was on top of the towel, it fell in. This is why I keep my toilet shut when I'm taking a shower. :P

You Should Learn Swedish

Fantastisk! You're laid-back about learning a language - and about life in general.
Peaceful, beautiful Sweden is ideal for you... And you won't even have to speak perfect Swedish to get around!

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Dreams about Corey and laundry / Many quizzes

I had a dream the other night that I was hanging out with my friends in a place with lots of buses and trains. While eating a lot of food (cakes, chocolate, noodles, etc.), I was also keeping in touch with Corey via cell phone. For some reason, we could do interactive memes from Memegen... we had a lot of fun with that. We were also talking about the Dresden Dolls, which topic we've only covered once in IM conversation because he went to a Nine Inch Nails concert where they were the opening act. Then he had to go because his ex Deborah wanted to come over for some kissing. (this would not happen in real life, where he wouldn't want to get back together with Rachael partly because of her weird ideas :P) After that, my friends and I just ate a lot of desserts while playing weird games.

Then I had another dream the next night, where I was helping my parents with laundry. My mom had a LOT of brightly-colored pajamas and lingerie items: the sheer number of them kept increasing for some reason, and got mixed up / tangled with my own laundry in the washing machine! Honestly, who needs so much lime green / bright yellow / bright green / light blue / bright orange intimate apparel?!

Note: How good am I in LJ bed / LJ anime fiasco / LJ kinkiness / LJ friends' sexual thoughts / LJ solar system / LJ Monty Python blogquizzes. (by Molly, Sonya, and Berber)

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Ah, that reminds me of "smoopy poopy" and that conversation with Spoz about Valentine's Day. :D

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I've just been kinda-sorta threatened with banning....

Apparently, my correction of other people's grammar and spelling has gotten a bit stale. Elsabet is a bitch!

I especially get in "hardcore correction mode" when I'm in a bad mood. Not really an excuse, but it sorta explains stuff. Go ahead and make a new rule... makes me wonder if the mod received complaints about it or not! Luckily I have another name, but I probably won't use that.

Maybe I'll just go into the RQ archives and correct THEIR English, haha. Whatever works, eh? :D

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Eric M. and WAYN / Tazza

Eric M. sent me an email to join WAYN (Where Are You Now?), just like the one Jen sent Jon the other day. I could have fun with this.... oh yes. :D

Now, if only the "see which of your Yahoo contacts have joined WAYN" page would work without giving me any errors... maybe I'll just do it one at a time. o_O

I should go to Tazza again soon for some bubble tea... that'll be terrific! :D

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Helen, Winnie, Natalie, and Lily sent me an Evite to Sophia and John's baby shower!

From: Helen, Winnie, Natalie, and Lily
Location: Helen and Joe's Place
When: Saturday, August 13, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

John changing diapers?? Soon that thought will become a reality! In the meantime, come out and celebrate the coming arrival of Baby Lam!

Please RSVP by July 31st!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

(Message from Baby Lam:
"Goo-goo, gaa-gaa, wee-wee, waa-waa."
"I welcome gift certificates from TJ's or Babies R'Us for all my pee-pee, poo-poo, wee-wee, woo-woo needs!")

Hahaha! We know the baby's a girl, and it'll probably be named Olivia. At least I should be able to make this one, as I wasn't able to make Anita's bridal shower because of the Alaska cruise. Fingers crossed, of course. :D

Maybe I can ask Andrea for a ride, if she's going....

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cleaning out the buddy list, and nicknames

Ah, my buddy list no longer looks so cluttered with a squillion people I've not talked to in months or years. (or people who I don't think I'll talk to in that length of time... like Stephen, haha :P) Of course, should they ever talk to me, I'll be game for it. The list just looks a lot tidier. :D

Just because I cleaned out my list, doesn't mean I don't appreciate the good talks we had. But that's in the past now... and I might as well clean out ICQ because my friends rarely use it anymore.

Too bad Bryan King, Matt Bouman, Josh Adams, Nathan Bayliss, Kane Brown, Andrew Brownlee, Josh Gaines, and others are never on anymore... those were good times! :D

Examples of nicknames they and others have given me: Flammie the Dragon, Dragon Queen, Flammington, Flamsborough, Bubbles, Doublepost Nazi, Ms. Robotica Flamsterina, Hamsterette, Resident PC A.I. Subroutine Alien. All good ones, haha! :D

(Erin's been reading this site, and thinks I remember everything.. not really, but why not? :P)

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Funny song title, being a spelling / grammar Nazi, cleaning out friends / buddy lists, Doerksen tune

For some reason, this song title really made me laugh earlier today: F***ing Your Ghost In Chains Of Ice, by Leviathan. I'm not sure if it's the mental image or what... I couldn't stop laughing for five minutes! Heh.

Someone in RQ hates my correcting their grammar and spelling, and they made two separate posts indirectly about it. Hey, I'm going to do it more often if you complain about it. I'm just a cruel grammar / spelling Nazi like that. ;)

Thinking of doing a major buddy list cleanup soon. If I don't feel a connection with you, you're gone. This is one of those things I've contemplated doing for some time, but never actually gotten around to. Maybe now is the time to do it.

Speaking of songs, I've always liked Come, Now Is The Time To Worship by Brian Doerksen. :D

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Seeing Wilson again, and hanging out at Nathan's

It was cool seeing my second cousin again... as he mentioned to us when we dropped him off later, we don't see each other often enough. We talked a bunch about Brigitte / Ethan / Toronto, and took pictures. We got some gas while Jon bugged various people on the phone, including Jeremy and Alan. I might take this Friday as a free night, but I'll certainly remember the church grad banquet on July 30. (next Saturday) Now my siblings and I are hanging out at Nathan's, where he and Eric are playing some video games. Nathan got so much stuff over the past two weeks... lots of bags in this basement room!

Now we're reminiscing about the time Denise shot Brian in the head on Dennis' recommendation ("Hey, shoot that guy!") at Vernon's... Brian came up from the basement and said: "You idiot! Why did you shoot me?!" Hahaha, good times! :D

My brother just made a Neil Young reference: Cortez the Killer, indeed. :D

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Bloody hell (literally!)

Let's just say that this bloody dream came true, at least in part... I had to take a shower, for obvious reasons. Sometimes I hate being a girl. This also brings flashbacks to Gr. 8, where it seemed like half the school was watching me in my most embarrassing moment at Palmer. :P

Good thing I was wearing dark blue jeans anyhow... just soaked 'em in the tub to get the blood out. :D

Went through all 100 journal comments, too. Now I'll get to my regular email... hm. Here's one from my sister who says that we're having dinner with Wilson tonight. Sounds better than brunch tomorrow at 10:30-ish!

Reminds me of this icon: Image hosted by

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Mozilla constantly crashing, power color, rockers

My Mozilla Firefox 1.05 keeps crashing. This highly annoys me, especially if I'm in the middle of something! Five times in the past twenty minutes is RIDICULOUS! It takes LONGER to do what should only take a few minutes... argh!

I'll get to email and comments tomorrow. Too late now, as I want to get some decent sleep. (besides, it would probably take two hours with this problem... bleh!)

Your Power Color Is Red-Orange

At Your Highest: You are warm, sensitive, and focused on your personal growth.

At Your Lowest: You become defensive and critical if you feel attacked.

In Love: You are loyal - but you demand the respect you deserve.

How You're Attractive: You are very affectionate and inspire trust.

Your Eternal Question: "Am I Respected?"

You Are an Emo Rocker!

Expressive and deep, lyrics are really your thing.
That doesn't mean you don't rock out...
You just rock out with meaning.
For you, rock is more about connecting than grandstanding.

P.S. I'm surprised the browser didn't crash while I was copying-and-pasting this post. Good thing I write posts in Notepad, most of the time. :D

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hilarious mistakes, STAR WARS merch, babies, and silly parental quotes

We saw Jeff and Anita at church today: they said that their cruise was very relaxing, ideal for a honeymoon, and all they did was eat. Jeff recommended it to everyone... sure, when we have a lot of money to spend! Anita's sister Esther gave out her wedding invitations, which look very nice! I have to RSVP by Saturday, so I should remember to do so. That seems like a fast deadline, but maybe they didn't see me last week or whatever. Esther and Wes have changed their wedding date from Sept. 11, thank goodness.. it's now Sept. 3, so no bad associations with terrorism to come. They're getting married in the same church that Joe and Helen had their wedding at.. good times! You finish one wedding, and you prepare for another... good thing Sabrina isn't going to get married anytime soon, haha!

Eunice was signing a sympathy card for Daniel and Michelle, and accidentally referred to Daniel as "Danielle." (Danielle and Michelle can be harsh lesbians, hahaha) She realized what she'd done, but didn't have extra envelopes: she put "oops, I mean DANIEL." She figures Daniel will get a kick out of it, and Danielle was very glad someone had flubbed up on his name instead of hers for once! (whenever Eunice goes to call Danielle's cell number, she almost always dials Daniel's instead since he's right above hers in her cell phone directory) People always call Danielle "Daniel," and she wondered when someone would make that mistake! I made my own mistake when writing Nathan's sympathy card: I always put smiley faces on greeting cards, and managed to refrain while writing Daniel and Michelle's sympathy card. However, I didn't on Nathan's card... I was like, "Shoot! Now what do I do?" Eventually, I managed to make the smiley face into a somewhat sad face, complete with tears.

Cindy mentioned that she was COLD... uh, it was at least 24° out by 11:30! But then again, she's always cold for some reason: we joked that she didn't have her parka or scarf with her. (it was kinda funny, but poor Cindy!)

Later, I went to 7-11 and HAD to get myself the Star Wars Darth Vader cup / topper / Yoda thing. (Corey suggested I get the grape-flavored Darth Dew, but I got some Cristal Light raspberry stuff instead) Why not treat myself since the car was parked mere steps away from a 7-11, eh? Then I went to Chapters and read some David Sedaris... I also saw a Gollum book (Gollum: A Behind the Scenes Guide of the Making of Gollum by Andy Serkis) that would be perfect for Nathan! But I decided not to buy it, heh.

For dinner, the family went to Eunice's house. I got to see her sister Winnie, her brother-in-law Wei, and her baby niece Avery. Avery's so cute! She likes me, wanted us to pray more (she likes it!), danced around, and was looking around for my brother when he went into the kitchen. Played with her for a while, which was good... it's the first time I've seen her, so it's very good that she warmed up to me. I have a way with the little kids, heh. :D

Now Jon, Eunice, and I are just talking about our friends and family... good times! My mom thinks M. would be a good daughter-in-law, since her dream of A. is shattered since A. is taken. Phil wants to challenge Eunice to a driving test using his Westfalia van, and Jon joked that we could use Eric's Parisienne as practice for the mean streets of Vancouver. (he had no demerits on his driving test, and she had ten) ;) Eddie's doing an American road trip, and will be back at the beginning of August. We're talking about Vernon's old overstuffed chair that was always by the window... it was unsteady and we'd risk falling out the window when we sat in it, eep. The three of us are also talking about Dave, Dawn, Alan, Tracy, Cindy, Dianne, Vivian, Jeremy, Ty, conversion, Yo-Yo Ma (Eunice's family always calls him Yo Mama!), Regent, courses, papers, David and his wife, Elaine, Christianity, India, sisters-in-law, whether my mom could do the Grouse Grind (we think not!), hockey being back (I'll always remember this quote by Danielle: "Scheduling studying around the playoffs is your STRESS?!"), microfiches, Chinatown, music (Avery likes rock-and-roll), work, excuses, movies, religions, siu long bao, history, chemistry, Richmond get-togethers at my place, and other such things. Coming over here brings back memories of when we were little kids and would always come here for dinner... us three, Eunice, her sisters, Dennis, Brian, and others. Ah, the reminiscing!

I leave you with FOUR hilarious parental quotes from today:

1. Dad, at the restaurant: "Put the plate on the turntable!" (he meant the LAZY SUSAN, and insisted that the two were the same thing: my sister and I just gave each other a look)

2. Mom: "Take the garbage out... it's so STINGY!" (I told her that "stinky" and "stingy" were different things, and then she questioned the existence of ... I would have showed her the site, but the wireless network was down, and my sister's laptop gave me a blue screen of death when I tried starting Mozilla)

3. Mom: "Aren't you concerned about your future daughter-in-law?" (uh, my brother's future wife would be my SISTER-in-law... I'll worry about my future daughter-in-law when I'm married and have a son, thanks!)

4. Mom: "You are my lover... you are my lovely daughter..." (she sings stuff like this ALL THE TIME, so I tried telling her that "lover" wasn't the right word AT ALL to use in that context... she agrees incest is wrong, but insisted that "lover" didn't ALWAYS mean its real meaning... yeah right!)

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