Saturday, August 02, 2003

Mock Roots Horror!

decided to take a break and go out last night..
Natalie says she and Brad are moving to Winnipeg..
(that's a heck of a lot closer than England is!)
she also thanked me for the thoughtful B-Day card..
that was definitely NOT a problem at all for me ;)

Eric M. is back for the long weekend, which is good..
French, certain jokes, and mock Roots horror galore..
I'm not leaving THE ULTIMATE PRICE out of it, either..
I do NOT have a one-track mind, despite what they think..
nor do I imagine myself to be a pixie.. (nope, not me)
though I do wonder where my mind is at times ;)
and No. 4 Rd. / Alderbridge Way isn't a drop-off point!

we went to Earl's to eat afterwards, and had fun..
Steph was amused when Eric M. and Eric H. sat together..
explained "cradle-robbing" to Eric M. (it's not literal..)
(Eunice and Danielle made up a Cradle Robbers' Union or CRU)
learned how to really piss off Starbucks employees..
(ask for iced fraps.. make them wash the blender again)
Chinese people aging better than white people.. (classic oops)
imitating Erin's gaffe.. ("I'll pay for you.. wait, maybe not..")
plus certain other discussions.. yup, it was a fun break :)

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Friday, August 01, 2003

You have the weirdest schedule ever, dude! / Quizzes

haven't really gotten much done today..
email is inaccessible, haven't checked usual sites..
not that I can't be bothered coz I'm too bored..
I just got a phone call from Shannon.. (of all the people)
says her electric wheelchair is out of commission..
and actually WANTS me to come over, if I wish..
kinda thought she was mad coz of February..
so I hadn't really called her since maybe April or May..

turns out she was more frustrated than angry..
I'd call her when she was going to bed at 9:30 or 10..
(or eating dinner at 7:15-ish, so couldn't talk)
then she'd call when I was on the computer, or not home..
well, I'm almost always on the computer when I'm not out..
she thought I'd given up on her.. (not REALLY the case)
so it looks like I'm going over to North Van next Thursday..
I'll stay over till Friday, then go to Fellowship from there..
that should explain my lack of online presence to you..
if you forget about it, I'm not responsible! ;)

(that reminds me, I really should call Cindy Y. and Minli soon..
and I really hope I get the things done today that I want to!)

Here are some quizzes!

Affilated with Mars
You're tough, rough, and sentimentally brave. What are you? A Fire. Fires are ready for anything at all, but watch out if that flame gets in your way. The only wall you can't cross is Water. Otherwise, you're unstoppable. You can burn Earth to crisps and summon a phoenix to light the competition.
FRIENDS: Darkness, Earth
RIVALS: Wind, Water

What element are you? Take the quiz!
brought to you by Quizilla

Your like art a lot. You play an instrument and / or draw. Good for you! Now, go take an art / music class so you can be in an orchestra or something.

The Quiz of stupidity
brought to you by Quizilla

You are a Spongebob Master! ... Man, you must watch the show a lot... do you get up for the 9:00 show?

Spongebob Quiz!
brought to you by Quizilla

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Positive feedback and affirmation

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUSTIN.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's never been dull knowing you all these years.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSH.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was cool knowing you at church.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARMEN.. I hope you have a good one today! :) You were good school friends with Jon.. I still remember the Bridge carpool days with Laura and Kathy.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIM.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was good knowing you at school.

for some reason, time seemed to go faster tonight..
we had a open-book quiz, which went okay..
got a real certificate of achievement, as well..
the teacher actually said my work was good..
positive feedback and affirmation is key for me..

my sister didn't scribble stuff on my notes for once..
nor did she yell stuff out the car window going home..
definitely a good change, and it elevated my mood..
(I was in a reasonably good mood anyhow, so it's cool..)

it was good to get home, though..
I'm looking forward to fun discussions..
it's relaxing not to juggle 5 IM convos at once ;)
MSN is having maintenance done now, I think..
but once that gets going again, it'll be all good :)

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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Sarah pictures, yogurt bubble tea, $2 bill

I'm at the library now with Yazmine and Tamara..
checked my email, and Sarah sent me some pics..
had a yogurt bubble tea, which was interesting..
also had a Sprite, and am finishing a 1L mango drink.. LOTS OF CAFFEINE!
(sucking down cold drinks is a must in 30-degree weather)
I also had the rarity of a $2 bill in my change..
(Canada replaced them with toonies seven years ago)
this one's a keeper, even though it's really old-looking..
definitely an interesting day so far..

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Meeting Yazmine and her friend Tamara

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIN.. I hope you have a rocking one today! :) Let's just say it's never been boring knowing you. ;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRANCES.. I hope you have a good one today! :) Thanks for being the good friend that you are to everyone.

not sure I'll have much time to do Net stuff today..
I'm meeting Yazmine and her friend Tamara..
we're going to Oakridge, and I will have BBT..
(there are places across the street for it..)
after that, I'll take the bus to night school..
it's the last class tonight, so should be cool..
when I get home, I probably will talk to my peeps..
might do some Net stuff whilst that's going on..
but a day free of the Net is probably a good thing, too ;)
I haven't forgotten my friends out there.. no worries!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Yahoo Messenger is pissing me off!


1. Yahoo Messenger has this irritating habit of performing illegal operations on me about 40% of the time when I have multiple IM windows up, and I close one of them. (mainly because the conversation's finished) So when the program closes, it makes it appear as though I've logged off. (which I suppose I have)

Of course, it didn't do this previously.. only with the last "update" that I had to install. Eh well.. usually I'll pop back on within a few minutes.

2. Yahoo Messenger also has this slightly disconcerting habit of displaying double IM windows (from the same person) when one person messages me twice in a very short timespan. Yeah, I can close the second window after I see what it says.. but see my above point about illegal operations. (although I don't recall it performing one after I do that.. not recently, anyhow) Eh well.. not much to do about it.

3. Yahoo email is down AGAIN.. Corey says that it's due to the site itself (or the servers that store the email) being down. In that case, it's down far too often for my taste. Could be just my computer, though.. one of these days, I'll get my brother or sister to test it out on theirs. If anyone's emailed me anything important (ha! as if!), I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Oh well.. maybe I should study some of my Chinese stuff, catch up on the paper, or read books. (I was out for too long yesterday in the heat, and will have to do so again tomorrow.. otherwise, I might go out)

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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

My sister's Doppler effect is irritating!

can't my sister stop yelling out the car window?
she yells stuff like: "I love my sister!" / "I love Mom!"
especially when pedestrians are nearby..
(walking around, or at crosswalks / stoplights)
the Doppler effect will apparently scramble the sound..
but I just wish she'd just STOP IT IMMEDIATELY..
it's just so embarrassing! (and she knows it well)
not to mention that it's annoying as all get out..
hasn't done this in some time, either.. she'll be gone soon :)

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Bigger than my sister? / Bombing at Seahawks Stadium

if my sister is reading this..
stop saying certain things about me!
I don't think I'm bigger than you..
and even if I was, you shouldn't say that!

(although "bombing" at Seattle's Seahawks Stadium..
now THERE's something I can't top..
it being a major sporting venue and all of that..)

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Emoticons in blog / Nutty character set

and I just got a question from Spoz..
"whoa.. how'd you get that emoticon in your blog?"
it's from another MB that I go to..
here's the full list, plus images and the HTML tag..
just input the desired link where it says "URL of image"..
now I'll risk superimposition for a week ;)
(but it's faster than emailing and waiting for Yahoo to load!)

< img src="URL of image" > (without the spaces)

Taken from Roger and Lori's Emoticons on the Prodigy Pages, mostly.

Since I've wanted to have a post with all my smileys since last week, I'll just do it here. Enjoy the graphical representations mainly stolen from Erik's site! ;)

CRAZY SYMBOLS (nutty Alt-numeric combinations) Use these or the Character Map, haha.

! (Alt-0033)
" (Alt-0034)
# (Alt-0035)
$ (Alt-0036)
% (Alt-0037)
& (Alt-0038)
' (Alt-0039)

( (Alt-0040)
) (Alt-0041)
* (Alt-0042)
, (Alt-0044)
- (Alt-0045)
. (Alt-0046)
/ (Alt-0047)
0 (Alt-0048)
1 (Alt-0049)

2 (Alt-0050)
3 (Alt-0051)
4 (Alt-0052)
5 (Alt-0053)
6 (Alt-0054)
7 (Alt-0055)
8 (Alt-0056)
9 (Alt-0057)
: (Alt-0058)
; (Alt-0059)

< (Alt-0060) = (Alt-0061) > (Alt-0062)
? (Alt-0063)
@ (Alt-0064)
A (Alt-0065)
B (Alt-0066)
C (Alt-0067)
D (Alt-0068)
E (Alt-0069)

F (Alt-0070)
G (Alt-0071)
H (Alt-0072)
I (Alt-0073)
J (Alt-0074)
K (Alt-0075)
L (Alt-0076)
M (Alt-0077)
N (Alt-0078)
O (Alt-0079)

P (Alt-0080)
Q (Alt-0081)
R (Alt-0082)
S (Alt-0083)
T (Alt-0084)
U (Alt-0085)
V (Alt-0086)

W (Alt-0087)
X (Alt-0088)
Y (Alt-0089)

Z (Alt-0090)
[ (Alt-0091)
\ (Alt-0092)
] (Alt-0093)
^ (Alt-0094)
_ (Alt-0095)
` (Alt-0096)
a (Alt-0097)
b (Alt-0098)
c (Alt-0099)

d (Alt-0100)
e (Alt-0101)
f (Alt-0102)
g (Alt-0103)
h (Alt-0104)
i (Alt-0105)
j (Alt-0106)
k (Alt-0107)
l (Alt-0108)
m (Alt-0109)

n (Alt-0110)
o (Alt-0111)
p (Alt-0112)
q (Alt-0113)
r (Alt-0114)
s (Alt-0115)
t (Alt-0116)
u (Alt-0117)
v (Alt-0118)
w (Alt-0119)

x (Alt-0120)
y (Alt-0121)
z (Alt-0122)
{ (Alt-0123)
| (Alt-0124)
} (Alt-0125)
~ (Alt-0126)

‚ (Alt-0130)
ƒ (Alt-0131)
ä (Alt-0132)
… (Alt-0133)
† (Alt-0134)
‡ (Alt-0135)
ˆ (Alt-0136)
‰ (Alt-0137)
Š (Alt-0138)
‹ (Alt-0139)

‘ (Alt-0145)
’ (Alt-0146)
“ (Alt-0147)
” (Alt-0148)
• (Alt-0149)

– (Alt-0150)
— (Alt-0151)
˜ (Alt-0152)
™ (Alt-0153)
š (Alt-0154)
› (Alt-0155)
œ (Alt-0156)
?ž (Alt-0158)
Ÿ (Alt-0159)

¡ (Alt-0161)
¢ (Alt-0162)
£ (Alt-0163)
¤ (Alt-0164)
¥ (Alt-0165)
¦ (Alt-0166)
§ (Alt-0167)
¨ (Alt-0168)
© (Alt-0169)

ª (Alt-0170)
« (Alt-0171)
¬ (Alt-0172)
_ (Alt-0173)
® (Alt-0174)
¯ (Alt-0175)
° (Alt-0176)
± (Alt-0177)
² (Alt-0178)
³ (Alt-0179)

´ (Alt-0180)
µ (Alt-0181)
¶ (Alt-0182)
· (Alt-0183)
¸ (Alt-0184)
¹ (Alt-0185)
º (Alt-0186)
» (Alt-0187)
¼ (Alt-0188)
½ (Alt-0189)

¾ (Alt-0190)
¿ (Alt-0191)
À (Alt-0191)
À (Alt-0192)
Á (Alt-0193)
à (Alt-0195)
Ä (Alt-0196)
Å (Alt-0197)
Æ (Alt-0198)
Ç (Alt-0199)

È (Alt-0200)
É (Alt-0201)
Ê (Alt-0202)
Ë (Alt-0203)
Ì (Alt-0204)
Í (Alt-0205)
Î (Alt-0206)
Ï (Alt-0207)
Ð (Alt-0208)
Ñ (Alt-0209)

Ò (Alt-0210)
Ó (Alt-0211)
Ô (Alt-0212)
Õ (Alt-0213)
Ö (Alt-0214)
× (Alt-0215)
Ø (Alt-0216)
Ù (Alt-0217)
Ú (Alt-0218)
Û (Alt-0219)

Ü (Alt-0220)
Ý (Alt-0221)
Þ (Alt-0222)
ß (Alt-0223)
à (Alt-0224)
á (Alt-0225)
â (Alt-0226)
ã (Alt-0227)
ä (Alt-0228)
å (Alt-0229)

æ (Alt-0230)
ç (Alt-0231)
è (Alt-0232)
é (Alt-0233)
ê (Alt-0234)
ë (Alt-0235)
ì (Alt-0236)
í (Alt-0237)
î (Alt-0238)
ï (Alt-0239)

ð (Alt-0240)
ñ (Alt-0241)
ò (Alt-0242)
ó (Alt-0243)
ô (Alt-0244)
õ (Alt-0245)
ö (Alt-0246)
÷ (Alt-0247)
ø (Alt-0248)
ù (Alt-0249)

ú (Alt-0250)
û (Alt-0251)
ü (Alt-0252)
ý (Alt-0253)
þ (Alt-0254)
ÿ (Alt-0255)

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