Saturday, August 14, 2010

BORING_PEOPLE Chat 6, Part 2 (08.14.10)

Cast of Characters, In Order of Appearance Steve, AKA nyquilsteve317 Mikaela, AKA embryogirl me, AKA glowing_dragon AmethystBrackish, AKA Kat (brackishkitten) Laura, AKA kitkatkrisp (LovelyXMissOreoX) flaafytaffy, AKA breadsandwiches Angel, AKA angelcerv25 [21:11:57] angelcerv21: i paid 30 to see my first HIM show, the second one was 40 and when i saw them in seattle it was well over 60 [21:12:05] lovelyXmissXoreo: i'm so pissed cuz lady gaga was playing in LA tonight and i wanted tickets, but when i saw how much they were i just said fuck it [21:12:14] guaaaache: the prices seem to depend partly on the venue, from what I can tell [21:12:17] angelcerv21: how much? [21:12:20] guaaaache: some have higher rent costs or something [21:12:21] angelcerv21: yeah, they do [21:12:34] lovelyXmissXoreo: like over 130 and that was the cheap ones [21:12:35] angelcerv21: the band also has to pay the venue [21:12:38] guaaaache: what the fuck [21:12:39] angelcerv21: whoa [21:12:40] guaaaache: $130? [21:12:47] angelcerv21: gaga kicks ass, but I'm surprised she's allowing that [21:12:59] guaaaache: the venue might be huge and expensive? [21:13:05] angelcerv21: HIM tried hard to keep it as low as possible [21:13:13] angelcerv21: it is L.A. ... [21:13:23] guaaaache: I don't know what you mean [21:13:24] angelcerv21: one of the most expensive places in the country next to New York [21:13:28] guaaaache: ah, okay [21:13:44] angelcerv21: 130 bucks.... [21:13:46] angelcerv21: how sad [21:13:53] angelcerv21: I'll never see her in concert, hahaha [21:14:04] angelcerv21: did you see her Rolling Stone covers? [21:14:08] lovelyXmissXoreo: YES [21:14:13] guaaaache: Celine Dion was playing here last year (I think). I overheard someone talking about it on the bus... they paid $700 for 3 tickets [21:14:16] angelcerv21: i love the one where she holds the rifles [21:14:19] lovelyXmissXoreo: OMG, THOSE SHOES! [21:14:28] angelcerv21: Celine Dion is good, but not worth that [21:14:34] angelcerv21: her ass! [21:14:36] guaaaache: I don't think she's good... [21:14:36] angelcerv21: mmm [21:14:52] lovelyXmissXoreo: OMG YES, I WANT HER ASS [21:14:52] angelcerv21: i like her voice, it has talent unlike the Britneys and Brandys and Mariahs [21:14:58] angelcerv21: hahahaha [21:15:09] angelcerv21: i tried out for Spokane's Got Talent [21:15:20] guaaaache: I haven't heard much of her in years. I don't like her songs, though [21:15:23] angelcerv21: i was the only decent singer there that night, except for this chick who sang country [21:15:26] guaaaache: it's just not my thing, I guess [21:15:34] angelcerv21: yeah, not all her songs are that great [21:15:37] angelcerv21: her older stuff is good [21:15:53] angelcerv21: the Let's Talk About Love album was something i adored as a kid (sssshhh) [21:15:58] guaaaache: so what happened with the contest? [21:15:58] angelcerv21: and Backstreet Boys [21:16:02] guaaaache: haha [21:16:06] angelcerv21: don't know yet [21:16:10] angelcerv21: tonight is the last audition [21:16:15] angelcerv21: 20 get into the final show [21:16:16] guaaaache: all right [21:16:23] angelcerv21: around 300-odd people have auditioned [21:16:54] angelcerv21: i would have done my firepole thing, but it was an indoor venue [21:16:59] guaaaache: so what happens to the winner? [21:17:17] angelcerv21: they get an all-expenses paid trip to be on America's Got Talent [21:17:27] angelcerv21: and for that, I'm not sure I want to win [21:17:30] guaaaache: then what? [21:17:38] angelcerv21: i have school, and this fall, i've got to get in my apps for grad school [21:17:44] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [21:17:51] angelcerv21: then... i'm not sure [21:17:53] angelcerv21: you're on TV [21:17:57] angelcerv21: and compete with the others [21:18:01] guaaaache: hmm [21:18:06] guaaaache: I haven't watched TV since Thursday [21:18:08] angelcerv21: then i'd bust out my firepole, hahahaha [21:18:15] angelcerv21: but i don't know if you can change talents like that [21:18:21] angelcerv21: TV sucks [21:18:27] angelcerv21: i watched it today at Mike's [21:18:29] guaaaache: you can't be multi-talented? that sucks [21:18:36] angelcerv21: all those channels... nothing worth watching [21:18:44] guaaaache: I only watch one channel [21:18:48] angelcerv21: a show about all the weaponry of the world, past and present [21:18:53] guaaaache: especially for news [21:19:02] angelcerv21: depressing - let's glorify the one great human talent: killing and maiming and torturing [21:19:15] guaaaache: gross [21:19:30] angelcerv21: lots of shows about cops and dumb criminals... wish people would just boycott that whole system [21:19:45] angelcerv21: don't be a part of it, don't let your life become involved in that [21:19:48] guaaaache: I don't even know what's on those other creepy channels [21:19:56] guaaaache: I don't venture past the one channel [21:20:02] guaaaache: well, the 2, but I mostly watch just one [21:20:03] angelcerv21: they just keep growing and growing as we feed ourselves to them [21:20:26] guaaaache: I'm subjected to the other channels when I'm downstairs and my housemates watch something [21:20:34] guaaaache: can't believe some of the news they present is legal [21:20:41] angelcerv21: what do you mean? [21:20:57] guaaaache: there are these shows that are apparently 'news' or 'informative' [21:21:03] guaaaache: but they blatantly lie about shit [21:21:10] guaaaache: or encourage people to be racist, etc. [21:21:19] angelcerv21: like Glen Beck of the US? [21:21:25] guaaaache: I have no idea who that is [21:21:29] angelcerv21: right wing radio = the voice of Satan [21:21:40] angelcerv21: i think i know what you mean, though [21:21:46] guaaaache: it's like 60 Minutes and shit, but then there are actually news reports that are no different [21:22:11] angelcerv21: is Australia experiencing increased immigration? [21:22:28] guaaaache: nothing that's abnormally high [21:22:49] guaaaache: most of it's from New Zealand or the UK [21:23:08] angelcerv21: it's getting nuts here with the immigration thing [21:23:23] angelcerv21: they are fleeing AZ since they signed that anti-illegal law [21:23:28] guaaaache: people keep complaining about "boat people" [21:23:38] guaaaache: what's the anti-illegal law? [21:23:55] angelcerv21: thousands are fleeing to New Mexico and here in my state, Washington, because in both those states, legal residency and citizenship are not required to get driver's licenses [21:24:11] guaaaache: OH right, actually I did hear something about that on the news [21:24:17] angelcerv21: it's a law that merely mirrors federal law against illegal immigration [21:24:43] lovelyXmissXoreo: surprisingly, they're not coming to California as much as i thought they would. [21:24:51] angelcerv21: but the federal government is fighting with AZ about it because states aren't supposed to mess around with federal law, but i don't see what the problem is because it's backing up federal law [21:24:59] angelcerv21: Cali is already done for [21:25:02] angelcerv21: that could be why [21:25:07] lovelyXmissXoreo: *shrug* [21:25:07] angelcerv21: more are leaving [21:25:25] angelcerv21: when i lived there, you couldn't even get a job without being bilingual [21:25:36] angelcerv21: that was when there were a few jobs left [21:25:43] lovelyXmissXoreo: well, i have nothing to worry about... i'm legal. and so is my mom, so idc. [21:25:58] angelcerv21: i'm Hispanic - my name is Angel Cervantes, for crying out loud [21:26:04] angelcerv21: makes me a bit nervous [21:26:06] angelcerv21: but i look white [21:26:07] lovelyXmissXoreo: and the jobs thing... ugh [21:26:08] guaaaache: actually, I thought I heard some story about people who were being forced to go back to Mexico because they'd been trying to get citizenship for like 15 years, and nothing was happening with their paperwork [21:26:32] angelcerv21: that's common [21:26:41] lovelyXmissXoreo: what? my mom got her citizenship in like 3 years [21:26:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: or less idk [21:26:53] angelcerv21: the institutional discrimination - a person from France can be a citizen in as little as 2 years [21:26:54] guaaaache: I really don't know... it was some American news that I saw [21:27:01] angelcerv21: if a Mexican is lucky, at least 10 years [21:27:10] lovelyXmissXoreo: we're Mexican... [21:27:14] angelcerv21: the person from France is white, already knows English, has skills... [21:27:23] angelcerv21: i don't know what kind of Hispanic i am [21:27:31] angelcerv21: i would have to have a DNA test for that [21:27:35] lovelyXmissXoreo: you're probably Spanish [21:27:48] angelcerv21: that's what people say, because of my pale skin and dark hair [21:27:52] angelcerv21: i look Spanish [21:28:00] guaaaache: I don't think I've seen a clear picture of you, so I couldn't guess [21:28:09] angelcerv21: my icon is a three-year-old pic of me [21:28:16] angelcerv21: and i really haven't changed much, hahahah [21:28:21] guaaaache: one of my friends is Spanish, but she's blonde [21:28:39] lovelyXmissXoreo: is it fair for me to feel like my bf is ignoring me for his friends? [21:28:56] guaaaache: depends if he is or not [21:28:57] angelcerv21: yeah, Spanish people don't look the traditional "Hispanic" ... lots of Mexicans in the southern part of the country are also light-skinned and blue-eyed [21:29:02] lovelyXmissXoreo: like he's constantly playing World of Warcraft with them [21:29:03] angelcerv21: sure, if he is [21:29:07] angelcerv21: ew [21:29:10] guaaaache: ew [21:29:11] angelcerv21: hate video games... [21:29:15] lovelyXmissXoreo: and when i tell him he's playing too much, he gets mad at me [21:29:28] angelcerv21: when's the last time you saw him? [21:29:28] guaaaache: people get addicted to that shit for some reason [21:29:36] guaaaache: the Spanish friend i just mentioned is addicted to it [21:29:46] angelcerv21: video games and TV are both just as addictive as coffee, cigarettes, crack.... [21:29:48] lovelyXmissXoreo: a couple of weeks ago, but it's a long-distance relationship [21:30:05] guaaaache: i actually don't find those things addictive [21:30:05] angelcerv21: oh, that's gotta be hard [21:30:10] lovelyXmissXoreo: we live 6 hours from each other [21:30:13] guaaaache: well, i haven't done crack [21:30:16] angelcerv21: i don't, either... but i think it's because i find them so boring [21:30:18] guaaaache: ouch, 6 hours [21:30:19] lovelyXmissXoreo: met online [21:30:21] angelcerv21: i've snorted coke [21:30:27] angelcerv21: 200 dollars worth, all in one night [21:30:31] lovelyXmissXoreo: Lady Gaga does coke [21:30:34] guaaaache: coffee and cigarettes are not addictive for me [21:30:36] angelcerv21: she said that? [21:30:45] lovelyXmissXoreo: "occasionally" [21:30:54] angelcerv21: i love me my cigarettes, but it isn't the nicotine, it's keeping my hands busy [21:31:01] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah, she said it in the Vanity Fair interview [21:31:10] angelcerv21: i did coke that night, enjoyed it, but it wasn't as intense as snorting ecstasy [21:31:12] lovelyXmissXoreo: you should knit. if it's to keep your hands busy. [21:31:17] angelcerv21: i haven't had a desire to do it again [21:31:25] angelcerv21: i've thought of that [21:31:32] guaaaache: I quite like ecstasy [21:31:42] guaaaache: but I worry about my brain [21:31:43] angelcerv21: i make hemp jewelry for barter fairs, and started making bags too [21:31:50] angelcerv21: yeah, it's the hardest on your brain [21:31:59] guaaaache: and it doesn't affect me like it affects other people, for some reason [21:32:01] angelcerv21: i don't do it anymore, but snorting it, holy shit! woooo! [21:32:08] lovelyXmissXoreo: i smoked weed for a bit [21:32:11] angelcerv21: every brain is different [21:32:11] guaaaache: yeah, but it doesn't last as long that way [21:32:14] angelcerv21: i miss weed [21:32:19] lovelyXmissXoreo: that's like the only drug i've ever done [21:32:23] angelcerv21: haven't smoked for almost 2 weeks [21:32:31] angelcerv21: weed is not a drug!!!! [21:32:36] lovelyXmissXoreo: i haven't smoked for almost.... 7 [21:32:38] guaaaache: most people on ecstasy get really personal and want to be close and happy, etc. [21:32:44] guaaaache: apparently, I still seem pretty normal [21:32:48] angelcerv21: thanks [21:32:48] guaaaache: not that I ever seem like that [21:32:51] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [21:32:53] guaaaache: I try [21:33:01] angelcerv21: it takes more intensive drug use to be "cracked out," i guess [21:33:04] lovelyXmissXoreo: you're welcome [21:33:12] angelcerv21: i've done plenty of experimenting, but i always kept it in perspective [21:33:15] angelcerv21: i love acid [21:33:16] guaaaache: I took two pills the last time... [21:33:35] angelcerv21: yeah, i ate three once [21:33:39] angelcerv21: snorted more the same night [21:33:46] lovelyXmissXoreo: wow, it seems like i need to catch up on the high wagon [21:33:48] angelcerv21: you totally e-tarded [21:33:53] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [21:33:57] angelcerv21: high wagon hhahahahahahaah [21:34:16] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol! seriously though! [21:34:16] guaaaache: I'd rather do them alone. other people on drugs freak me out or just annoy me [21:34:28] angelcerv21: some people do suck to do drugs with [21:34:34] guaaaache: especially on X [21:34:41] guaaaache: people become really weird [21:34:45] angelcerv21: pick drug buddies carefully, they're more important than fuck buddies [21:34:55] lovelyXmissXoreo: oh man, i remember being REALLY high with my ex, and calling my bf, and i was like "duuuuuude, i'm so stoned right now... i need some pizza" [21:34:57] guaaaache: people want to become fuck buddies on X [21:35:03] angelcerv21: i had pizza today [21:35:11] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [21:35:15] lovelyXmissXoreo: omg, i want some Costco pizza. [21:35:19] lovelyXmissXoreo: it's so good. [21:35:25] guaaaache: i'm lost [21:35:30] angelcerv21: i have always wanted to fuck on X, but i'm afraid it'll be so good, that while sober, i'm like... this is boring.... [21:35:34] guaaaache: Costco? [21:35:40] lovelyXmissXoreo: it's a warehouse store. [21:35:46] angelcerv21: it's this wholesale store [21:35:50] guaaaache: I don't want to fuck people just because we're on X [21:35:51] angelcerv21: you have a membership [21:36:00] angelcerv21: but it would be amazing! [21:36:13] guaaaache: but if I wouldn't do it sober, I don't see the point [21:36:16] angelcerv21: especially since i have a penis and a vagina.... [21:36:33] guaaaache: see, "too normal" on X example for you [21:36:39] lovelyXmissXoreo: my mom does... i want one just so i can go in there and buy a butt-ton of socks. cuz it seems like i'm always losing my socks [21:36:57] angelcerv21: don't buy white socks [21:37:03] lovelyXmissXoreo: ew, no [21:37:08] lovelyXmissXoreo: i only wear dark socks [21:37:10] angelcerv21: they're cheap, and never look the same after the first wear [21:37:10] guaaaache: butt-tons... interesting imagery you just thrust into my brain there [21:37:13] angelcerv21: me too [21:37:15] lovelyXmissXoreo: LOL [21:37:17] angelcerv21: hahahahahaha [21:37:18] lovelyXmissXoreo: sorry [21:37:33] guaaaache: slightly better than shitload, omg [21:37:37] angelcerv21: i am well-stocked on socks right now... i guess i should be happy [21:37:38] lovelyXmissXoreo: EW [21:37:44] angelcerv21: haven't done my laundry in ages, though [21:37:57] angelcerv21: i haven't been wearing that many clothes [21:38:00] angelcerv21: keeps costs low [21:38:18] guaaaache: my arms are cold, but too hot with my cardigan [21:38:28] angelcerv21: what is the temp there? [21:38:54] guaaaache: um, I couldn't say the exact temperature, but it's supposed to range between 11 and 17C today [21:39:25] guaaaache: the weather is crazy. it was sunny and warm this morning, then 2 hours ago it was raining and freezing... now it's clear again [21:39:27] angelcerv21: oh crap, i'm a damn American who's not sure how to convert to Fahrenheit.... [21:39:36] guaaaache: I have no idea, either [21:39:42] guaaaache: I'll find a website and get back to you [21:39:47] lovelyXmissXoreo: where in Australia do you live? [21:39:48] angelcerv21: i think that would be around 40 or 50 [21:39:56] guaaaache: Sydney [21:40:14] angelcerv21: is that the capital, or is it Brisbane? [21:40:20] angelcerv21: or neither? [21:40:26] guaaaache: Canberra is the capital [21:40:39] lovelyXmissXoreo: it's 61 degrees F [21:40:40] angelcerv21: i used to be so good at capitals... [21:40:45] angelcerv21: ah, i was close [21:40:54] guaaaache: not to worry, everyone gets is wrong because Canberra sucks [21:41:00] angelcerv21: hahaha, why? [21:41:03] guaaaache: and forgets it exists [21:41:11] guaaaache: it's just really boring there [21:41:21] angelcerv21: how big is Sydney? [21:41:32] angelcerv21: (Sydney is a popular name for American girls) [21:41:39] guaaaache: hahaha, weird [21:41:43] guaaaache: um, i'm not sure [21:41:45] angelcerv21: i know a Syd [21:41:50] guaaaache: you mean the radius? [21:41:55] guaaaache: or how many people live here? [21:41:57] angelcerv21: how many people? [21:42:26] angelcerv21: it's a big city if it's more than a million, i think [21:42:43] guaaaache: it would be well over a million [21:42:47] guaaaache: I have to look it up, though [21:42:52] angelcerv21: yeah, that's big [21:42:56] angelcerv21: my city is medium [21:43:01] guaaaache: 4.5 million [21:43:08] angelcerv21: and there are a lot more chicks than guys here [21:43:19] angelcerv21: damn [21:43:26] angelcerv21: that's like New York, almost [21:43:45] angelcerv21: big cities scare me except for Seattle [21:43:50] angelcerv21: that place is fun [21:44:10] guaaaache: I don't know what they're including in that figure, though [21:44:17] guaaaache: there is the city, then there are all the outer suburbs [21:44:23] lovelyXmissXoreo: there are over 300,000 people here [21:44:32] angelcerv21: in LA? [21:44:38] angelcerv21: i thought LA was a lot bigger [21:44:39] lovelyXmissXoreo: Bakersfield [21:44:41] angelcerv21: oh [21:44:47] lovelyXmissXoreo: i live in Bakersfield :3 [21:44:53] angelcerv21: that's where that shitty band Korn is from [21:45:00] guaaaache: HAHA, that's what I said the first time! [21:45:05] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [21:45:05] guaaaache: when you weren't here [21:45:10] angelcerv21: funny [21:45:24] angelcerv21: Charles Manson's mother is buried here [21:45:29] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol! [21:45:30] guaaaache: then we talked about how they're all whiny bitches because it's too hot there [21:45:31] angelcerv21: and Father's Day started here [21:45:39] lovelyXmissXoreo: ew, is she really?? [21:45:42] guaaaache: even though I wouldn't have a clue [21:45:43] angelcerv21: yeah [21:45:44] guaaaache: that's gross [21:46:20] angelcerv21: Cali is hella hot, in the polluted grimy way. At least that's what i remember, i was living in Visalia, an hour south of Fresno [21:46:32] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah, i hate the air here. [21:46:38] AlenaBrolxFlami: ugh, that sounds hot [21:46:51] lovelyXmissXoreo: it was..... 98 here? [21:46:57] angelcerv21: i read something somewhere that said the air quality is equivalent to smoking a pack a day [21:47:00] guaaaache: Henry Rollins talks about the pollution in LA all the time [21:47:07] lovelyXmissXoreo: right now, it's 84. [21:47:08] angelcerv21: who's that? [21:47:16] angelcerv21: it's like, 70 maybe here [21:47:24] angelcerv21: even in the summer, gets chilly at night [21:47:37] guaaaache: he said you can't see anything from the plane when it's about to land in LA [21:47:39] guaaaache: I'll show you a Youtube video? [21:47:45] angelcerv21: k [21:47:46] guaaaache: he's kind of a stand-up comedian [21:47:52] angelcerv21: oh, cool [21:47:57] guaaaache: but not always the humorous kind.... if that makes sense [21:47:59] angelcerv21: love good comedians [21:48:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: GASP! You don't know who Henry Rollins is?! Let her educate you. :D [21:48:16] angelcerv21: Marilyn Martinez is hilarious [21:48:37] guaaaache: yeah, I was kind of surprised [21:48:39] AlenaBrolxFlami: you should go to Beijing... the air quality there is REALLY BAD [21:48:45] angelcerv21: ew ew, no China for me [21:48:51] angelcerv21: in fact, i hate traveling [21:49:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: I've never been there... but my sister's old co-worker went, and she had this hacking cough for WEEKS afterward [21:49:11] angelcerv21: but i will do it when the time comes to leave this country, give up my American citizenship, and beg Canada for citizenship [21:49:16] lovelyXmissXoreo: you know, i've always wanted to go to Tokyo... [21:49:20] guaaaache: Henry Rollins hates dating [21:49:30] AlenaBrolxFlami: it's like.... the air quality there is like smoking SEVEN packs a day [21:50:11] angelcerv21: wow [21:50:19] guaaaache: I saw on the news about the most polluted city in the world [21:50:24] guaaaache: it was in South China [21:50:33] angelcerv21: they burn so much coal.... [21:50:34] AlenaBrolxFlami: wouldn't be surprised [21:50:34] guaaaache: it looked like there was this huge fog everywhere, but it was just pollution [21:51:22] angelcerv21: this guy is kinda funny [21:51:33] angelcerv21: hahaha, Nickelback... get the fuck out of my car!! [21:51:44] angelcerv21: yeah, fuck Nickelback [21:51:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: xD [21:51:56] guaaaache: the Harry Potter bit is better [21:52:02] angelcerv21: same vid? [21:52:13] lovelyXmissXoreo: WHAT? [21:52:17] lovelyXmissXoreo: SEND ME THE LINK TO THAT [21:52:23] angelcerv21: yeah! [21:52:33] lovelyXmissXoreo: I <3 HARRY POTTER :-D [21:52:43] guaaaache: yep [21:52:45] lovelyXmissXoreo: and i love seeing people make fun of it. [21:52:48] guaaaache: it's the same video [21:52:49] angelcerv21: yeah, Harry Potter was pretty sweet reading [21:53:03] angelcerv21: i recall using that as an escape while in the group homes [21:53:13] guaaaache: "I'm not much of a reader -" [21:53:18] angelcerv21: wow! [21:53:23] guaaaache: "Well, I'M NOT MUCH OF A DINNER BUYER, GET OUT!" [21:53:26] angelcerv21: i don't know what I would do without books [21:53:40] guaaaache: neither [21:54:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: *dead* [21:55:06] angelcerv21: "I have refined my jackoff technique" [21:55:09] angelcerv21: hahahaha [21:55:34] angelcerv21: a crash helmet, oh my God.... [21:56:09] guaaaache: haha, oh yeah... is that when he says he passed out on the driveway in the helmet? [21:56:17] angelcerv21: hahaha, yeah [21:56:21] guaaaache: I can't tell if that one is serious or a total joke [21:56:37] angelcerv21: good comedians make it hard to tell [21:56:50] angelcerv21: i totally relate to this guy [21:56:54] angelcerv21: "lonely and starved" [21:56:57] guaaaache: yeah. it's just that he alternates between joking and telling serious stories [21:57:06] guaaaache: so sometimes I'm not sure [21:57:22] angelcerv21: he looks so serious the whole time [21:57:27] angelcerv21: ernest [21:57:36] AlenaBrolxFlami: earnest [21:57:41] angelcerv21: thank you [21:57:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: you're welcome [21:58:03] AlenaBrolxFlami: sorry if that might have seemed rude... you may or may not have picked up that I do this sort of thing ALL THE TIME [21:58:11] angelcerv21: i do, too [21:58:20] angelcerv21: it's natural to me [21:58:23] angelcerv21: reflex [21:58:52] guaaaache: I prefer for people to correct me, to be honest [21:59:04] angelcerv21: yeah, you learn more [21:59:20] guaaaache: people get really pissed off, though [21:59:25] angelcerv21: but there's a fine line between correcting and being a pretentious ass [21:59:47] guaaaache: being a pretentious ass is going into unnecessary detail on the grammar and structure, I believe [22:00:07] guaaaache: my sister thinks I'm being a pretentious ass... but she seriously can't spell for shit [22:00:27] guaaaache: she always writes like "I'm going to take some photo's" [22:00:28] angelcerv21: she probably knows it, so she gets mad cuz she's defensive [22:00:33] angelcerv21: oh, i hate that! [22:00:39] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, that's true... I am not a pretentious ass about it most of the time [22:00:44] angelcerv21: apostrophes where they're not needed [22:00:52] guaaaache: and I write "photo's what?" [22:00:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, I hate that too [22:01:05] AlenaBrolxFlami: or... "what do the photos own?" [22:01:07] guaaaache: she replies "um, do you mean what am I going to take photos of?" [22:01:12] angelcerv21: hahahaha [22:01:19] angelcerv21: and the words there, they're, and their [22:01:23] angelcerv21: people just cannot get it right [22:01:43] angelcerv21: i'll have what there having and some potato's on the side [22:01:52] guaaaache: people who write "defiantly" when they mean "definitely", oh man... [22:01:57] angelcerv21: hahahahahaha [22:02:08] angelcerv21: people who think nonplussed means calm [22:02:20] guaaaache: or "excepted" when they mean "accepted" [22:02:31] guaaaache: they NEED to have this shit pointed out to them, seriously [22:02:34] angelcerv21: yeah, that one gets me [22:02:50] guaaaache: if their intention is to be understood, that is. [22:02:53] guaaaache: which I'm pretty sure it is [22:03:05] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, I'm pretty sure about that too [22:03:11] angelcerv21: your education system is ranked higher than ours [22:03:27] guaaaache: but we weren't taught about grammar [22:03:34] angelcerv21: what do you mean? [22:03:37] guaaaache: not when I went to school, anyway [22:03:53] guaaaache: the introduced it again when they realised how many adults had no idea how to construct a sentence [22:03:59] angelcerv21: my 4th grade teacher was hardcore about grammar [22:04:09] guaaaache: we never had any specific lessons on how grammar works [22:04:17] guaaaache: like how to use a full stop, apostrophe, etc. [22:04:27] angelcerv21: wow [22:04:33] *** lovelyXmissXoreo has left the chat. [22:04:34] angelcerv21: i guess it depends on teachers, too [22:04:37] guaaaache: yeah, it was a pretty bad idea to cut it out [22:04:49] guaaaache: it just wasn't in the curriculum [22:04:59] AlenaBrolxFlami: wow, really? [22:05:03] angelcerv21: i think cuss words deserve equal standing with other words [22:05:17] guaaaache: then they wouldn't be cuss words [22:05:22] angelcerv21: they make special points and accentuations that no other words can [22:05:25] angelcerv21: but they would be [22:05:27] angelcerv21: they're special [22:05:32] guaaaache: I believe they should be more acceptable, yes [22:05:35] angelcerv21: and have a place in literary circles, at least [22:05:52] angelcerv21: like the word fuck... can be a noun, verb, adjective [22:05:57] guaaaache: but some people use them too much because their vocabularies are so lacking [22:06:10] angelcerv21: i cuss a lot when i get agitated [22:06:17] guaaaache: it's so annoying when someone is telling a story that takes forever because they insist on saying "fuck" 50 times [22:06:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: hahaha... I know what you mean [22:06:35] guaaaache: or when people say "fucken" instead of "umm" [22:06:41] guaaaache: really hard to deal with, lol [22:06:45] angelcerv21: yeah, that's weird [22:06:46] AlenaBrolxFlami: for emphasis and if you're angry, yeah... but NOT ALL THE TIME [22:07:05] angelcerv21: when i was in the hospital, i was dropping f-bombs every other word [22:07:12] AlenaBrolxFlami: Angel, I have heard something that goes into all the ways FUCK can be used [22:07:23] angelcerv21: a lot of the time going "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, get the fuck off me, don't fucking touch me" [22:07:24] guaaaache: yeah, me too [22:07:28] angelcerv21: me too! [22:07:34] angelcerv21: i've looked for that video [22:07:46] guaaaache: "I don't understand this fucking question" [22:07:52] guaaaache: "fuck those fucking fuckers" [22:07:53] angelcerv21: hahahaha [22:07:56] angelcerv21: hahaha [22:08:02] guaaaache: "Tom wanted to fuck Jane" [22:08:16] AlenaBrolxFlami: hahaha, yes! that one! [22:08:23] angelcerv21: is that it? [22:08:37] guaaaache: Early Henry Rollins / Black Flag Interview... RAW UNCUT ORIGINAL! [22:08:45] guaaaache: this is really early days Henry Rollins [22:08:51] guaaaache: he intimidates the interviewer [22:09:01] angelcerv21: yes [22:09:48] guaaaache: what? it's only the 3 of us left [22:09:54] AlenaBrolxFlami: yes, it is [22:09:55] angelcerv21: yes [22:10:02] angelcerv21: Laura's comp is acting messy [22:10:04] guaaaache: though it's probably getting late for you guys [22:10:11] angelcerv21: it's 10:10 for me [22:10:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: nah, only 10:10 [22:10:24] guaaaache: okay, not terribly late [22:10:42] angelcerv21: yeah, i took my pill an hour ago [22:10:47] angelcerv21: but it takes a while to kick in [22:10:55] guaaaache: I am getting paid tomorrow. I cannot wait [22:11:03] angelcerv21: oooh, paid for what? [22:11:05] guaaaache: I have been waiting 10 days for this. it will be amazing [22:11:16] guaaaache: it's just my student payment [22:11:21] AlenaBrolxFlami: nice [22:11:25] guaaaache: but the point is, the time has come once again for me to get money [22:11:30] angelcerv21: i get that next month [22:11:40] guaaaache: i get it twice a month [22:11:47] angelcerv21: but won't be much to spare after tuition is paid... i have grad school app fees [22:11:56] guaaaache: it's really not enough, i need to get a part-time job, but I'm scared [22:12:02] angelcerv21: oh weird, we only get it once every semester [22:12:10] angelcerv21: i'm trying to find a job [22:12:20] guaaaache: i think we're not talking about the same thing [22:12:38] guaaaache: i get regular fortnightly payments from the government for being an unemployed full-time student [22:13:01] guaaaache: it's like... slightly less than $1000 a month [22:13:12] guaaaache: maybe $900 or so [22:13:21] angelcerv21: i have the same thing, but they're grants [22:13:22] AlenaBrolxFlami: I'm trying to see what the F Word thing is called. [22:13:26] guaaaache: well over half goes to my rent, though [22:13:32] angelcerv21: i got three for the year, and a scholarship [22:13:34] guaaaache: History of the Word Fuck [22:14:11] angelcerv21: yeah, i heard there's a song, even [22:14:15] angelcerv21: about the word fuck [22:14:33] guaaaache: lol, I just watched that video I linked before. the interviewer is such a douche [22:14:36] guaaaache: he deserved what happened [22:15:00] angelcerv21: yeah, who is that kid? [22:15:03] AlenaBrolxFlami: no, I think it's something else... maybe. [22:15:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: I dunno [22:15:29] angelcerv21: Henry Rollins looks good with longer hair [22:15:33] guaaaache: I dunno, just some journalist or something [22:15:35] angelcerv21: i have longer hair [22:15:38] guaaaache: he is grey now [22:15:46] guaaaache: completely grey [22:15:47] angelcerv21: Marilyn Manson was a music journalist [22:15:51] angelcerv21: before he did music [22:16:55] guaaaache: yeah, now he hates journalists [22:17:00] angelcerv21: yep [22:17:05] angelcerv21: they act like idiots [22:17:13] guaaaache: when I saw him, he was like "THERE'S A JOURNALIST IN HERE. GET IT OUT" [22:17:20] angelcerv21: hahahaha [22:17:49] angelcerv21: i've never even heard of Black Flag [22:18:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: my friend got it from Ebaumsworld - called The Meaning of the Word Fuck [22:18:17] guaaaache: they're like an old-school punk band [22:19:43] angelcerv21: so Henry Rollins is now just a comedian, and doesn't do music? [22:20:09] guaaaache: he had another band called Rollins Band which was actually not very good [22:20:24] guaaaache: he's released some spoken-word recordings [22:20:26] angelcerv21: when he said "taking a fist up the ass," the interviewer would have been perfect to say "you like that?" [22:20:27] guaaaache: written some books [22:20:29] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha [22:21:05] guaaaache: I like how the interviewer keeps trying to be shocking and edgy, but just fails and looks increasingly uncomfortable [22:21:18] angelcerv21: and his fucking hair [22:21:22] angelcerv21: i hate mullets [22:21:26] angelcerv21: hate them, hate them, hate them [22:21:31] guaaaache: it's not even a mullet, it's worse than that [22:21:34] angelcerv21: true [22:21:38] angelcerv21: one of those rat tails [22:21:43] guaaaache: it's like almost a mullet, but there's a rat's tail involved [22:23:00] angelcerv21: think i found it [22:23:06] angelcerv21: the fuck thing [22:23:17] angelcerv21: The Meaning of the Word Fuck [22:23:49] guaaaache: I like fast music, but slow makes me want to fuck [22:23:55] guaaaache: should be quoted there [22:24:02] guaaaache: they're making fun of him fucking now [22:24:14] angelcerv21: hahahaha [22:24:18] angelcerv21: yep [22:24:25] angelcerv21: yeah, the kid is no journalist [22:24:33] angelcerv21: he need a mouthy mouth to deal with assholes in bands [22:25:08] angelcerv21: because, let's face it... when you're in a band, you're an asshole [22:25:31] angelcerv21: especially when you're on your - the hemorrhoids gotta be killer [22:25:35] guaaaache: "see, now why are you degrading yourself in front of me. you feel you have to do that?" [22:25:42] angelcerv21: hahahaha [22:25:56] guaaaache: haha, I think Henry was just getting frustrated with the extremely banal questions and lack of structure to the interview [22:26:28] angelcerv21: yeah, the kid started out totally dumb.... like he was unprepared [22:26:57] guaaaache: yeah, and at around 5 minutes he's totally given up and says: "well, you took over, I couldn't do anything" [22:26:58] angelcerv21: wow, Henry looks all old now [22:27:08] angelcerv21: wrong thing to say [22:27:15] guaaaache: yeah, he's like 50 [22:27:21] guaaaache: maybe 55, even [22:27:38] angelcerv21: so Black Flag must have been an 80s thing... no wonder that kid had a stupid outfit and a rat tail [22:28:34] angelcerv21: that's what i appreciate about jail and group homes and those experiences... i grew balls (even if you can't see them) [22:28:56] guaaaache: yeah, they were part of the 80s punk scene [22:28:58] angelcerv21: i got my ass kicked too many times, and that'll toughen you up [22:29:16] guaaaache: i kinda wish i'd been a teen or young adult in the 80s [22:29:21] guaaaache: everyone thinks thats hilarious [22:29:25] guaaaache: haha [22:29:27] angelcerv21: i was born in 85 [22:29:34] angelcerv21: when were you guys born? go! [22:29:49] angelcerv21: the 90s was my decade [22:29:59] angelcerv21: i remember when cassettes were the norm [22:30:05] angelcerv21: and internet was not yet common in homes [22:30:23] guaaaache: 86 [22:30:55] angelcerv21: "i wanna fuck on the floor and break shit" [22:30:55] guaaaache: i'm going to guess somewhere in the 70s for the other person [22:30:58] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [22:31:07] angelcerv21: Alena, where you at?? [22:31:25] angelcerv21: (ending a sentence in an adverb, hahahahaha... so grammatically incorrect) [22:31:51] angelcerv21: i got my first CD player when I was 14, but later didn't have it anymore [22:32:05] angelcerv21: i first got on the internet at school when I was 16 [22:32:25] guaaaache: haha, I love in the video when Henry stares at the kid intensely and doesn't say anything for ages [22:32:37] guaaaache: sorry to keep mentioning it... I keep pausing it and watching it in bits [22:33:11] angelcerv21: it's pretty funny... even the kid is all nervous... he says: "say something" [22:33:55] guaaaache: I love when he hits him on the head with the mic and says "not deader than some people's minds" [22:34:34] guaaaache: "wrap it up, I'm cold, I'm wet, and I'm busy selling out. I have to get backstage to my women and cocaine, so what else do you want to know" [22:37:10] guaaaache: going to watch the FUCK video now [22:37:31] AlenaBrolxFlami: 1976 [22:37:31] angelcerv21: yeah, it's funny [22:37:40] guaaaache: I promise not to fill this window with more quotes, lol [22:37:42] angelcerv21: wow, you're nine years older than me [22:37:52] guaaaache: ah, my general guess was close [22:38:09] angelcerv21: that makes you.... 34? [22:38:58] AlenaBrolxFlami: almost... birthday's not till September [22:39:10] angelcerv21: ok [22:39:16] angelcerv21: sept. what? [22:40:17] guaaaache: ... did that video have heaps of spelling mistakes? [22:40:25] angelcerv21: which one? [22:40:28] angelcerv21: the FUCK one? [22:40:32] guaaaache: yeah [22:40:37] guaaaache: I thought I saw "centence" [22:40:44] guaaaache: and something else, but I can't remember [22:41:12] angelcerv21: i was mostly listening [22:41:18] angelcerv21: Marilyn Martinez - Latin Comedy Diva Tribute [22:41:32] angelcerv21: here's a clip of Marilyn Martinez, but the whole thing is on Hulu [22:41:58] guaaaache: "incompitence"! [22:42:03] angelcerv21: AH! [22:42:07] angelcerv21: i did see that! [22:42:45] guaaaache: just waiting for it to load [22:43:03] guaaaache: I still have that window open of the menu of that creepy restaurant Steve showed me [22:43:10] angelcerv21: dammit, it's not her standup! it's bullshit background info! i hope some of the comedy is on it, at least [22:43:24] angelcerv21: what creepy restaurant? [22:44:10] angelcerv21: yeah, skip to like 3:46 on the video [22:44:11] guaaaache: Outback Steakhouse Menu [22:44:16] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh man [22:44:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: Outback Steakhouse [22:45:01] guaaaache: I really want to know what these "Aussie fries" are [22:45:09] guaaaache: do they differ greatly from the American or English kinds? [22:45:33] angelcerv21: hahaha, Outback Steakhouse commercials are so funny! it's this crappy Aussie accent telling you to go "down under" [22:45:49] guaaaache: and Kookkaburra wings!... which are actually just chicken [22:46:29] angelcerv21: i've been to Outback once [22:46:32] angelcerv21: it was okay [22:46:39] angelcerv21: i'd rather go to a buffet [22:46:54] guaaaache: something I thought was hilarious once was that I was watching some American documentary, and they were interviewing an Australian person, and they had subtitles on for them [22:46:56] guaaaache: haha [22:47:24] angelcerv21: AHAHAHAHA [22:47:26] angelcerv21: why?? [22:47:49] angelcerv21: i can understand an Australian person speaking better than an Irish person [22:48:11] guaaaache: i have no idea, their accent wasn't very broad or anything [22:48:16] angelcerv21: weird [22:48:20] angelcerv21: i'm hungry now [22:48:22] angelcerv21: dammit [22:48:29] angelcerv21: Seroquel does that to me [22:48:30] guaaaache: i don't really understand Scottish people well [22:48:39] guaaaache: i had to watch Trainspotting with subtitles on [22:48:40] angelcerv21: keygrace is Scottish! [22:48:44] guaaaache: I'm freaking hungry too [22:48:47] guaaaache: waiting for dinnertime [22:48:53] angelcerv21: oh, i didn't have a problem with that one... [22:48:54] guaaaache: yeah! I can tell by the way she writes, actually [22:49:08] angelcerv21: what's that I hear about nyquilsteve317 scaring her off? [22:49:16] guaaaache: it was my first Scottish movie... [22:49:21] guaaaache: I dunno, he didn't go into detail [22:49:27] guaaaache: he kind of just says whatever is on his mind [22:49:30] angelcerv21: i was curious about that [22:49:33] guaaaache: so it could have been literally anything [22:49:35] angelcerv21: yeah, he's funny [22:49:46] guaaaache: sometimes I'm not sure how to respond [22:49:48] angelcerv21: i remember the first BP chat... there were like 8 of us [22:49:57] guaaaache: I wasn't here [22:50:16] angelcerv21: he says "I'm bored enough to smack a bitch" or something like that, and no one noticed till it was almost to the top of the chat window, and then I typed in: "hahaha, Steve" [22:50:30] guaaaache: haha [22:50:42] angelcerv21: that night was epic [22:50:47] angelcerv21: in my opinion [22:51:01] guaaaache: we need to encourage more people to come [22:51:47] angelcerv21: yes, we must continue to advertise [22:51:55] angelcerv21: i've noticed new people on bp [22:52:12] angelcerv21: and AIM is a requirement at this point [22:52:14] guaaaache: I can't keep track [22:52:19] guaaaache: I get people mixed up [22:52:26] AlenaBrolxFlami: yes [22:52:31] guaaaache: I keep thinking that shedtheirony and lovediscomfort are the same person [22:52:33] angelcerv21: i pay attention to names, not icons... since those change all the time. Few of us are so boring that we never change it [22:52:48] AlenaBrolxFlami: that first chat was AWESOME [22:52:49] angelcerv21: i confuse lovediscomfort with x_luminescence [22:52:55] angelcerv21: yeah it was [22:53:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: Steve thought I was a boy, haha [22:53:24] angelcerv21: wait, Steve is a girl? [22:53:29] angelcerv21: oh, oh [22:53:37] angelcerv21: i remember that [22:53:41] guaaaache: I thought Steve was a he? [22:53:52] guaaaache: not because he's a Steve [22:54:04] angelcerv21: he says "it's like being birthed into the chat room" that first night the chat was open, and I had to invite people in because we hadn't figured out we could let ourselves in [22:54:20] guaaaache: ha [22:54:24] guaaaache: wow, it's really windy now [22:54:33] angelcerv21: crap, Thomas is coming over [22:54:39] guaaaache: Thomas? [22:54:41] angelcerv21: i haven't practiced my sign language [22:54:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, that's true [22:54:53] angelcerv21: yeah, he's that deaf hottie I've mentioned before [22:55:00] guaaaache: ah, I remember [22:55:15] angelcerv21: he has some movies and wants to return them, but he said an hour-ish and I'm like: oh, I will so pass out before then [22:55:30] angelcerv21: well, not necessarily true... [22:55:50] angelcerv21: Thursday night, I took my meds and stayed up til 2:30 watching South Park online [22:55:58] guaaaache: I love South Park [22:56:22] guaaaache: i'm really, really hungry [22:56:24] guaaaache: I'm basically dying [22:56:33] guaaaache: and very dramatic [22:57:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: EAT SOMETHING [22:57:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: what time is it there? [22:57:09] angelcerv21: i am hungry, too [22:57:13] guaaaache: I don't have much food, waiting to be paid [22:57:17] angelcerv21: but there is nothing to eat! [22:57:26] guaaaache: it's 3:57 PM here [22:57:29] AlenaBrolxFlami: ah. well, I'm kinda hungry, but don't want to eat too much [22:57:46] guaaaache: I'm craving steak, which is something almost never eat [22:58:05] guaaaache: I think I'm going to cave and eat my banana [22:58:13] AlenaBrolxFlami: must be due to looking at that menu [22:58:23] angelcerv21: mm hmm [22:58:33] guaaaache: hahaha, I think it's due to my awareness that there's not much to eat [22:58:41] guaaaache: the menu didn't appeal to me much [22:58:51] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [22:59:10] angelcerv21: mcd's has a lobby open till midnight... [22:59:19] angelcerv21: and they're right downstairs... [22:59:21] guaaaache: what? [22:59:26] angelcerv21: McDonald's [22:59:37] angelcerv21: aren't there any in Australia? [22:59:38] guaaaache: oh, I read that as "mod's" for some reason [22:59:43] angelcerv21: oh ok [22:59:52] guaaaache: I don't like mcd's [23:00:04] angelcerv21: most people don't, hahahahaha [23:00:10] angelcerv21: i tend to dig it [23:00:11] guaaaache: all the ones here are open 24 hours [23:00:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, true [23:00:19] guaaaache: really? it seems like almost everyone does! [23:00:46] guaaaache: they always have people in them, even at 2 AM [23:02:07] angelcerv21: aw, i wish mine was open 24 hours... only the drive-thru is [23:02:16] guaaaache: you could walk through it [23:03:17] guaaaache: I can't stop thinking about how I need to apply for jobs [23:03:20] guaaaache: I wish I was 12 [23:03:47] angelcerv21: i can't stop thinking about the fact i want to keep looking for jobs, but there are so few to be had [23:04:11] guaaaache: i haven't even started looking, I'm dreading it too much [23:04:22] angelcerv21: it sucks [23:04:26] angelcerv21: sucks major balls [23:04:42] guaaaache: I don't really understand how to play the game, either [23:04:49] guaaaache: interviews are really confusing [23:05:03] angelcerv21: look stuff up online, there are lots of tips and stuff [23:05:48] angelcerv21: the trick is to tell them what they want to hear [23:05:58] angelcerv21: and when you're looking, dress like you're ready for the interview already [23:06:10] angelcerv21: always ask for a manager before asking for an application [23:06:13] angelcerv21: have resumes on hand [23:06:32] angelcerv21: having a couple cover letters printed doesn't hurt [23:06:51] angelcerv21: write thank-you notes to the interviewer if you get an interview [23:07:13] angelcerv21: that means you need the name of the interviewer, so take mental note when they tell you [23:07:37] guaaaache: okay, I never thought of that [23:07:57] guaaaache: my resume is shit, though. I'm going to make an appointment with a career advisor at my uni, and ask them what can be done [23:08:00] angelcerv21: interview questions are pretty standard [23:08:09] guaaaache: sometimes people ask something random, though [23:08:16] angelcerv21: and you might be able to clean it up through online tips [23:08:27] angelcerv21: practice your answers [23:08:32] angelcerv21: it's a skill, like learning to write [23:08:34] guaaaache: I just can't get over the fact that this is all just testing how good of an actor I am [23:09:07] angelcerv21: yep [23:09:11] angelcerv21: that's all it is [23:09:16] angelcerv21: that's all life is [23:09:19] angelcerv21: an act [23:09:27] guaaaache: the problem with my resume is that I've never worked full-time, and never worked for more than a couple months at a time [23:09:46] angelcerv21: put skills at the top [23:09:52] angelcerv21: not after work experience [23:09:59] angelcerv21: have a job objective [23:10:02] angelcerv21: and a summary [23:10:09] angelcerv21: summary, objective, skills... all at the top [23:10:14] guaaaache: the acting is really draining, it's like a constant compromise [23:10:17] angelcerv21: then work experience and education [23:10:18] guaaaache: I don't have many skills... [23:10:25] angelcerv21: yeah, you do [23:10:30] angelcerv21: max out on what you've got [23:10:38] angelcerv21: things that might not seem like a skill could be [23:10:47] angelcerv21: like your superior writing skills [23:11:10] guaaaache: i want a job that has like no responsibility [23:11:20] angelcerv21: hahahaha, me too [23:11:30] guaaaache: washing dishes would be great [23:11:37] guaaaache: I mean, there's responsibility, but it's not huge [23:11:49] angelcerv21: right [23:11:52] angelcerv21: i wouldn't mind that [23:12:11] angelcerv21: i'd rather deal with school as the real responsibility [23:12:24] guaaaache: me too, but it's impossible to survive [23:12:30] AlenaBrolxFlami: yup yup [23:12:37] guaaaache: I'm amazed I got through the last 10 days [23:12:40] angelcerv21: i'm gonna go, guys [23:12:44] guaaaache: with like $20 [23:12:45] guaaaache: alright [23:12:55] angelcerv21: sleep and some pizza in the microwave, i'm thinking [23:13:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: wow, that's pretty good [23:13:10] guaaaache: argh, food [23:13:13] AlenaBrolxFlami: dammit [23:13:26] angelcerv21: mmhmm [23:13:28] angelcerv21: goodnight [23:13:30] AlenaBrolxFlami: night [23:13:32] *** angelcerv21 has left the chat. [23:13:44] guaaaache: I should probably go soon too, because I have to do homework [23:13:57] AlenaBrolxFlami: okay... I gotta do some stuff before I go to bed anyway... [23:14:21] guaaaache: alright, see you on boring_people :-) [23:14:38] *** guaaaache has left the chat.

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BORING_PEOPLE Chat 6, Part 1 (08.14.10)

This entry is allowed to have non-aligned tags. Cast of Characters, In Order of Appearance Steve, AKA nyquilsteve317 Mikaela, AKA embryogirl me, AKA glowing_dragon AmethystBrackish, AKA Kat (brackishkitten) Laura, AKA kitkatkrisp (LovelyXMissOreoX) flaafytaffy, AKA breadsandwiches Angel, AKA angelcerv25 [18:56:22] NyquilSteve317: oh, stinky is here! [18:56:22] guaaaache: OMFG, ANOTHER PERSON [18:56:25] NyquilSteve317: yes! [18:56:28] NyquilSteve317: stinky! [18:56:34] guaaaache: who is stinky? [18:56:38] AlenaBrolxFlami: I AM NOT STINKY! [18:56:40] NyquilSteve317: hola, Stinky! je m'appelle Esteban [18:56:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: crazy [18:56:59] guaaaache: appelle? [18:57:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: Leslie, AKA glowing_dragon [18:57:12] guaaaache: comment elle s'appelle? [18:57:20] guaaaache: ahhh, I know her [18:57:40] guaaaache: hold on a second, I'll be back [18:58:34] guaaaache: help yourself to onion dip while you wait [18:59:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: better be chips with that dip, if you know what I'm saying :P [18:59:26] guaaaache: ... I don't :-( [18:59:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: it's just literal - chips and dip go together, most times [19:00:41] *** NyquilSteve317 has left the chat. [19:00:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: he left?! [19:01:14] AlenaBrolxFlami: so... my houseguest left, and now I still miss someone around the apartment, haha ... go figure [19:03:28] *** NyquilSteve317 has joined the chat. [19:03:36] NyquilSteve317: well, that frakking sucked [19:03:47] NyquilSteve317: totally kicked my ass right off... had to go reset the wifi [19:04:00] AlenaBrolxFlami: I was wondering about that [19:04:07] NyquilSteve317: just, poof! gone [19:04:12] NyquilSteve317: did we loose the Aussie [19:04:23] guaaaache: i'm back now [19:04:34] NyquilSteve317: oh, yippee! hey Aussie, happy Sunday to you [19:04:55] AlenaBrolxFlami: as far as I know, we didn't let her run free in a meadow [19:05:02] guaaaache: indeed. it's unseasonably warm [19:05:13] NyquilSteve317: oh yeah [19:05:23] NyquilSteve317: your poor winter... it gets like down to 30C there [19:05:25] AlenaBrolxFlami: how warm is it over there? [19:05:46] guaaaache: 18C apparently. I don't know what that is in F [19:05:55] NyquilSteve317: i would do the conversion, but I'm lazy [19:06:02] guaaaache: me too, that's why I didn't do it [19:06:04] NyquilSteve317: ok, so like 50's? [19:06:07] NyquilSteve317: i dunno [19:06:12] NyquilSteve317: fucking Fahrenheit [19:06:13] NyquilSteve317: and all that [19:06:15] *** AmethystBrackish has joined the chat. [19:06:18] NyquilSteve317: omg, another [19:06:23] guaaaache: i don't know it well enough to make a guess comparison [19:06:25] AmethystBrackish: sup gangstas? [19:06:27] NyquilSteve317: i think angel killed himself [19:06:34] NyquilSteve317: hey gangsta? [19:06:43] AmethystBrackish: O_o [19:07:02] AlenaBrolxFlami: about 64F [19:07:02] guaaaache: hey, brackish? do you know how to concert degrees from C and F without having to bother looking it up? [19:07:03] AmethystBrackish: why do you think Angel killed himself? [19:07:03] NyquilSteve317: kudos for you folks for findin it [19:07:10] NyquilSteve317: there are websites for it [19:07:13] NyquilSteve317: i will look if i have to [19:07:17] AlenaBrolxFlami: that's what I want to know - why do you think that? [19:07:39] guaaaache: Who said Angel killed himself? [19:07:41] AmethystBrackish: I have no clue. it's like divide by 17 and a half, or some shit [19:07:44] NyquilSteve317: 64! [19:07:47] NyquilSteve317: 64 is cold! [19:07:48] AmethystBrackish: >_> [19:07:56] guaaaache: it's warmer than it has been [19:07:57] AmethystBrackish: I can't spell... [19:08:00] NyquilSteve317: i haven't seen him / her the past few days [19:08:01] guaaaache: it's usually like 10C [19:08:07] NyquilSteve317: okay [19:08:21] guaaaache: hmm, he could just be preoccupied with something? [19:08:26] guaaaache: shut the internet off to save money? [19:08:28] guaaaache: hard to say [19:08:30] NyquilSteve317: 50.... that's a light rap [19:08:31] NyquilSteve317: maybe [19:08:39] NyquilSteve317: i worry bout him / her, his bud just got arrested [19:08:52] AmethystBrackish: didn't he just say he got a new computer. maybe it up and crashed [19:08:54] guaaaache: he does seem a bit manic on livejournal sometimes [19:08:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, that's right... [19:09:00] AmethystBrackish: oh, and that too [19:09:18] guaaaache: sometimes he says things which are really weird and random [19:09:22] guaaaache: I like him, though [19:09:25] NyquilSteve317: i mean i don't really give a crap about anyone, but i still worry [19:09:29] guaaaache: as much you can like someone you don't actually know [19:09:37] AmethystBrackish: true true [19:09:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: very true [19:09:57] NyquilSteve317: i need a pizza [19:10:01] NyquilSteve317: someone order me a pizza [19:10:12] AmethystBrackish: I want pizza [19:10:20] guaaaache: i just remember this one entry when someone was saying "I worry about stuff and things" and he just said "WELL YOU SHOULD BE, THE WORLD IS A DARK AND SCARY PLACE" [19:10:22] NyquilSteve317: sounds so freakin awesome right now [19:10:26] AmethystBrackish: I'm suppose to be making pancakes right now [19:10:38] guaaaache: i'm still full from breakfast... [19:10:57] NyquilSteve317: i might get one even though i'm not hungry [19:11:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: the last comment Angel made to one of my entries (in B_P) was Aug. 11, and he / she last updated the personal journal on the 12th [19:11:18] AlenaBrolxFlami: now *I* want pizza [19:11:40] guaaaache: I thought he recently made a lot of entries private or something? [19:11:47] guaaaache: so it's hard to know unless he adds you back [19:11:49] NyquilSteve317: hrm, could be [19:11:51] AmethystBrackish: F=9/5(C+32) [19:11:54] AlenaBrolxFlami: I thought it was friends-only [19:12:00] NyquilSteve317: i'm sure he / she is happy to know we are talking about him / her [19:12:13] guaaaache: well, he doesn't know, so... [19:12:14] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, I bet [19:12:31] guaaaache: i don't know if that was sarcasm or not [19:12:32] NyquilSteve317: gf is gonna order pizza [19:12:33] NyquilSteve317: she rules [19:12:41] NyquilSteve317: lost in translation [19:12:41] AlenaBrolxFlami: that was not sarcasm [19:12:53] NyquilSteve317: stinky! tell us about yourself! [19:12:59] guaaaache: do you mean like, he would like the attention? or do you mean we shouldn't talk? [19:13:02] AmethystBrackish: O_o [19:13:16] NyquilSteve317: he / she would prob like it [19:13:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: I'm not sure [19:13:21] NyquilSteve317: not that it isn't deserved [19:13:29] NyquilSteve317: probably needs some [19:13:33] NyquilSteve317: some people get lonely, etc. [19:13:38] AlenaBrolxFlami: true [19:14:06] NyquilSteve317: dragon! you're up [19:14:10] NyquilSteve317: talk about yourself [19:14:17] NyquilSteve317: other than you're stinky and you had people visiting [19:14:18] AmethystBrackish: PENIS! [19:14:26] NyquilSteve317: my Pen 15 club [19:14:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: HA. [19:14:58] AlenaBrolxFlami: I am not stinky. got it? [19:15:23] NyquilSteve317: is that the whole story of you? [19:15:24] AlenaBrolxFlami: I did have someone visiting for about a month while he tried wrapping his head around school and other things... he left on Monday [19:15:25] AmethystBrackish: I kinda wanna watch some porn... I'm such a perv [19:15:30] NyquilSteve317: dragon... i'm not stinky [19:15:49] AlenaBrolxFlami: no comment, Amethyst [19:16:17] NyquilSteve317: sorry, i got distracted by the word porn [19:16:28] AmethystBrackish: Lol [19:16:57] NyquilSteve317: all Homer Simpson style [19:17:14] NyquilSteve317: she is ordering pizza [19:17:17] NyquilSteve317: awesome [19:17:38] AlenaBrolxFlami: well, Steve... did you read either of my "getting to know me" entries? [19:17:52] NyquilSteve317: no, that involves reading [19:17:54] NyquilSteve317: and lots of it [19:18:03] NyquilSteve317: i'm not what we like to call "a reader"... plus [19:18:06] NyquilSteve317: that's not off the cuff [19:18:09] NyquilSteve317: that's rehearsed [19:18:25] NyquilSteve317: improve this shit [19:18:38] guaaaache: huh [19:18:39] AlenaBrolxFlami: improve it? or improv it? [19:18:43] NyquilSteve317: shit [19:18:46] NyquilSteve317: me dumb [19:18:49] NyquilSteve317: v [19:18:51] NyquilSteve317: no e [19:19:31] AlenaBrolxFlami: let's see... I'm the oldest of three siblings, a FIRE dragon in the Chinese zodiac, the resident grammar / spelling queen among most people I know... [19:19:32] NyquilSteve317: okay, anyone else? [19:19:34] NyquilSteve317: oh, there we go [19:19:55] AmethystBrackish: O_o [19:20:06] *** lovelyXmissXoreo has joined the chat. [19:20:07] guaaaache: i'll speak in a minute [19:20:10] NyquilSteve317: okay [19:20:13] NyquilSteve317: oreo, welcome [19:20:17] lovelyXmissXoreo: o hai [19:20:21] guaaaache: un autre personne... [19:20:31] lovelyXmissXoreo: ^French? [19:21:31] NyquilSteve317: oh, are we going the French route [19:21:54] lovelyXmissXoreo: idk.. i know a bit... :/ [19:22:14] NyquilSteve317: i used to be rather fluent, my ex was French [19:22:21] *** AmethystBrackish has left the chat. [19:22:24] NyquilSteve317: might come back to me... like riding a bike, i suppose [19:22:43] lovelyXmissXoreo: i took french in high school like a year ago.... i know the basics. [19:22:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: I took it years ago [19:22:57] NyquilSteve317: it's just sloppy English [19:23:06] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [19:23:30] NyquilSteve317: or English is sloppy French [19:23:37] lovelyXmissXoreo: ugh, i don't think i can finish this spaghetti :-( [19:23:42] NyquilSteve317: i don't remember who invaded who [19:23:55] NyquilSteve317: feed it to the dog [19:24:12] lovelyXmissXoreo: i don't have a dog.... at least not anymore. [19:24:27] NyquilSteve317: um, feed it to the coyote? [19:24:44] lovelyXmissXoreo: psh, i wish there was coyotes here. [19:24:46] NyquilSteve317: penguin? [19:24:55] lovelyXmissXoreo: that would be cool. [19:25:14] NyquilSteve317: i would always shake hands with it if i had a penguin [19:25:14] lovelyXmissXoreo: :-D yes! i'll give it to my penguin [19:25:20] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol, why? [19:25:31] NyquilSteve317: cos their fin wings crack me up [19:25:48] NyquilSteve317: like, a penguin giving me directions and pointing would probably make me poop a little [19:25:53] lovelyXmissXoreo: xD ew. [19:26:30] NyquilSteve317: well, that was a convo-stopper [19:26:55] lovelyXmissXoreo: heheh. noooo, not at alll...... [19:27:11] NyquilSteve317: (chirp chirp..... chirp chirp) [19:27:42] lovelyXmissXoreo: ok, so i'm commissioned to make a brain slug from Futurama...and idk how big to make it... [19:27:50] NyquilSteve317: soooo, how about that weather, eh? [19:27:55] NyquilSteve317: um [19:27:58] NyquilSteve317: a brain slug [19:28:08] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah.... from Futurama.... [19:28:17] NyquilSteve317: As per the Futurama world, i would keep it simple [19:28:24] NyquilSteve317: with one outrageous hint of brain [19:28:31] NyquilSteve317: like the sucker part [19:28:40] NyquilSteve317: but other than that, have it just look like a dorky slug [19:28:57] lovelyXmissXoreo: but i have to crochet it like a plushy / hat that you can wear around. [19:29:10] guaaaache: okay, I was away but here's my input, regardless [19:29:23] guaaaache: English is way more sloppy than French... it doesn't adhere to its rules as often [19:29:28] NyquilSteve317: um, is it for an episode or merchandise [19:29:42] NyquilSteve317: ok true dat, guaaache [19:29:46] lovelyXmissXoreo: it's for a friend of mine. [19:29:57] NyquilSteve317: oh, well... then there are already the slugs from the show? [19:30:07] guaaaache: i'm pretty glad English is my first language. fuck learning that [19:30:12] NyquilSteve317: i'm with ya on that and the French thing [19:30:18] lovelyXmissXoreo: English is my second language [19:30:27] guaaaache: what is your first? [19:30:31] lovelyXmissXoreo: first is Spanish [19:30:34] NyquilSteve317: oooooooo [19:30:35] guaaaache: awesome [19:30:41] guaaaache: i want to learn Spanish as well [19:30:41] NyquilSteve317: i need to learn that Spanish [19:30:45] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [19:30:48] NyquilSteve317: yo tango zaptoes [19:30:51] guaaaache: and Italian (although it's not quite as useful) [19:30:54] NyquilSteve317: thats pretty much all i know [19:30:58] lovelyXmissXoreo: LOL [19:31:02] NyquilSteve317: i don't even speak English well [19:31:09] lovelyXmissXoreo: it's yo tengo zapatos.... [19:31:18] NyquilSteve317: my bad [19:31:18] guaaaache: I know "hola" [19:31:23] NyquilSteve317: arroyo is a dried riverbed [19:31:38] lovelyXmissXoreo: yes it is :3 [19:31:41] guaaaache: voy a explotar? [19:31:45] NyquilSteve317: i'm what people like to call"retarded" [19:32:04] guaaaache: soy stupid [19:32:10] NyquilSteve317: soy beans [19:32:19] guaaaache: soy = i am [19:32:19] NyquilSteve317: soy milk [19:32:20] lovelyXmissXoreo: heheh [19:32:26] NyquilSteve317: soy sauce [19:32:34] guaaaache: the only Spanish i know is what I've learnt from watching Mexican movies [19:32:40] NyquilSteve317: meh yamo [19:32:53] NyquilSteve317: that double L crap freaks me out [19:33:03] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah i never got that double l [19:33:23] NyquilSteve317: yaahhhmo [19:33:30] lovelyXmissXoreo: and the crappy thing about the Spanish alphabet is that it's 28 letter instead of 26 [19:33:48] guaaaache: what's the other 2? [19:34:02] guaaaache: besides the other n? [19:34:03] NyquilSteve317: AH BEH CE JE DE EH EFFA [19:34:11] lovelyXmissXoreo: the double L and an n with ~ on top [19:34:23] guaaaache: ah, ok [19:34:27] guaaaache: i can't remember the shortcut for the n on my computer right now [19:34:51] NyquilSteve317: well, i love Mexican food, so it's all good [19:34:55] guaaaache: ñ [19:35:07] lovelyXmissXoreo: there you go! it's that thing [19:35:13] NyquilSteve317: can i get doce torteeellows [19:35:19] guaaaache: español [19:35:32] lovelyXmissXoreo: :3 yeah! [19:35:36] NyquilSteve317: gespatcho [19:35:46] guaaaache: gaspacho [19:35:47] NyquilSteve317: Harry Morgan! [19:35:50] guaaaache: actually, i have no idea [19:35:54] NyquilSteve317: that shit freaks me out [19:36:03] guaaaache: i think it's going to rain, it just got really dark here [19:36:04] NyquilSteve317: i don't like cold soups [19:36:15] lovelyXmissXoreo: Harry Morgan as in Dexter? [19:36:19] NyquilSteve317: it got dark here an hour ago, now the thugs are gonna come out [19:36:20] guaaaache: i like the french potato and leek soup [19:36:22] NyquilSteve317: noooo [19:36:25] guaaaache: vichynese or something [19:36:29] NyquilSteve317: Harry Morgan the actor [19:36:31] guaaaache: the cold one, i mean [19:36:32] NyquilSteve317: silly Dexter [19:36:41] NyquilSteve317: my keys aren't working well [19:36:49] NyquilSteve317: what the hell [19:37:00] guaaaache: i guess everyone else had lives to tend to instead of come here [19:37:09] NyquilSteve317: i suppose so [19:37:12] NyquilSteve317: oh well [19:37:17] NyquilSteve317: it happens [19:37:19] lovelyXmissXoreo: my computer seems to be sooooo slow for some reason [19:37:21] NyquilSteve317: i was just bored and drinking [19:37:29] NyquilSteve317: and still waiting on my pizza [19:37:34] guaaaache: i should be tending to homework in all honesty [19:37:44] lovelyXmissXoreo: ^ same [19:37:47] NyquilSteve317: meh [19:37:49] NyquilSteve317: lame [19:38:28] NyquilSteve317: you guys are kids, aren't you! [19:38:28] lovelyXmissXoreo: i'm 19. :-\ [19:38:28] guaaaache: instead, i'm talking to strangers on aim, and listening to the Dillinger Escape Plan [19:38:28] guaaaache: i'm 24 [19:38:28] lovelyXmissXoreo: in colleeeeeeeege. [19:38:28] NyquilSteve317: ahh, to be young again! [19:38:29] guaaaache: university [19:38:34] guaaaache: i don't think we have college here [19:38:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: I'm 33... the old one [19:38:49] guaaaache: that's not old [19:38:52] NyquilSteve317: ha! [19:38:54] guaaaache: younger than some of my housemates :-) [19:38:55] NyquilSteve317: stinky is old! [19:39:01] lovelyXmissXoreo: old is like.... 80 [19:39:12] guaaaache: anything over 60 is old [19:39:17] *** AmethystBrackish has joined the chat. [19:39:22] guaaaache: and then that's just numerically [19:39:33] NyquilSteve317: oh well, welcome back [19:39:59] NyquilSteve317: i like horses. but they don't like me [19:40:00] guaaaache: I think I'm going to write a book [19:40:05] NyquilSteve317: that would be fun! [19:40:06] NyquilSteve317: you should! [19:40:08] AmethystBrackish: thankies. Got kicked by the boyfriend so he could look up video game stuff [19:40:17] guaaaache: i'll brainstorm some titles, but I think I'm going to settle for something like "people are cunts" [19:40:26] NyquilSteve317: a gamer boyfriend... you must never see him [19:40:29] lovelyXmissXoreo: hehe!!! i'd buy that [19:40:37] NyquilSteve317: i have that community [19:40:38] lovelyXmissXoreo: i have a gamer bf, too [19:40:42] NyquilSteve317: whatthehell2 [19:40:48] NyquilSteve317: dedicated to people being cunts [19:40:57] NyquilSteve317: where you can rant and rave [19:41:05] NyquilSteve317: about how fucktarded everyone is [19:41:07] guaaaache: i think i would write in there everyday [19:41:11] guaaaache: doesn't seem very active, though [19:41:25] guaaaache: my housemates would be feature characters in my "people are cunts" book [19:41:43] guaaaache: my spellchecker doesn't recognise 'cunt' as a word for some reason [19:41:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: b_p seems like that right place to bitch and moan about things [19:42:10] guaaaache: there is one girl who always bitches about her friends [19:42:20] guaaaache: and doesn't give enough detail, so i have no idea what she's talking about [19:42:31] AmethystBrackish: I see him, everyday actually. if he was playing a 2-player, I would be sitting there playing it with him. Woo for dorks [19:42:55] NyquilSteve317: i just started it a bit ago [19:42:58] guaaaache: i wrote something in whatthehell2 recently, but I don't remember what I said [19:43:00] NyquilSteve317: gonna go have a fag. bbs [19:43:01] lovelyXmissXoreo: oh and i missed the person who got 53 comments for something, and then she posted an entry bitching about it [19:43:05] guaaaache: fuck, its raining [19:43:10] guaaaache: OH YEAH, THAT GIRL [19:43:14] lovelyXmissXoreo: what was that? [19:43:27] lovelyXmissXoreo: i missed the whooole thing [19:43:41] guaaaache: she wrote some entry with a link to her Paypal asking people to donate money to it if they could find it in their hearts, because she's really poor [19:43:48] guaaaache: then she rattled off a few things she needed to pay [19:43:49] AmethystBrackish: was this the chick asking for monies? [19:44:00] guaaaache: like her cable bill, internet bill, her pets' food, etc. [19:44:13] AmethystBrackish: yup [19:44:17] guaaaache: and she gave estimates of how much she would need for each, and she was like "my internet and phone bill is about $500" [19:44:18] lovelyXmissXoreo: just like that. like "HALP IZ POOR GIMME MONIEZ" [19:44:26] lovelyXmissXoreo: D: [19:44:28] lovelyXmissXoreo: WHAT? [19:44:28] guaaaache: "I think I need around $40 for my pets" [19:44:34] guaaaache: and everyone was like "uhhh wtf" [19:44:36] lovelyXmissXoreo: HOW CAN IT BE SO MUCH??? [19:44:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: if anything, it should be reversed... you know, vet bills and stuff.. [19:44:55] guaaaache: and then someone went and looked at her profile, and saw that she just kept talking about being high, and that she was a member of drug communities and shit [19:45:03] lovelyXmissXoreo: oh hale, no [19:45:06] guaaaache: but she didn't mention any essentials like food or rent? [19:45:14] guaaaache: just tv and internet, I mean, you don't NEED those things [19:45:16] AmethystBrackish: yeah, that chick was off her rocker if she thought she was getting monies [19:45:23] guaaaache: you get used to being without them if you can't afford it [19:45:27] guaaaache: it sucks, but i've done it before [19:45:46] AmethystBrackish: I pointed out the rent thing [19:45:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: man, that's so dumb.... i mean, at least some of us post things we sell... [19:45:58] AmethystBrackish: she said she got housing assistance [19:46:06] lovelyXmissXoreo: *facepalm* [19:46:09] guaaaache: anyway, a lot of people tried to give her advice on how she could get money, and told her that she wasn't far enough down to resort to begging yet [19:46:31] guaaaache: and that some people in b_p had been homeless and drug addicts before, and managed to turn their lives around [19:46:39] guaaaache: she got all bitchy and was like YOU DON'T KNOW ME [19:46:45] AmethystBrackish: haha [19:46:52] lovelyXmissXoreo: omg. HOW did i miss this?? [19:46:56] guaaaache: so she deleted it, and then immediately posted again, saying: "I hope you're all happy about making me feel like shit" [19:47:09] lovelyXmissXoreo: she deleted the entry, right? cuz i looked for it and nothing :-\ [19:47:16] AmethystBrackish: That has got to be the best line ever "YOU DON'T KNOW ME" *insert head shaking* [19:47:22] lovelyXmissXoreo: xD [19:47:23] guaaaache: yeah, she deleted it... which is why I don't understand why she posted again [19:47:35] guaaaache: to remind us that it was there [19:47:45] lovelyXmissXoreo: *thinks about the South Park episode where Cartman goes on Maury* [19:48:20] AmethystBrackish: whatever whatever, I do what I want [19:48:29] lovelyXmissXoreo: *head roll goes here* [19:48:32] guaaaache: HAHAHA, i completely forgot about that [19:48:49] lovelyXmissXoreo: xD I love that episode. [19:48:56] guaaaache: I love Cartman [19:49:02] guaaaache: I love when his retarded plans actually work [19:49:16] guaaaache: like when he wanted to humiliate that ginger kid in front of Radiohead [19:49:20] AmethystBrackish: my fave episode is the Scott Tennerman one [19:49:27] AmethystBrackish: omg! [19:49:31] lovelyXmissXoreo: i have a Cartman shirt that says "I love chocolate" ... it's so old. [19:49:46] guaaaache: no one here really seems to watch it anymore [19:49:55] guaaaache: they all think it's taken things too far or some shit [19:49:59] lovelyXmissXoreo: well, my excuse is that i have no cable. [19:50:00] guaaaache: I say that's why it's so much better now [19:50:14] guaaaache: it's on cable here... but I don't have it, either [19:50:16] guaaaache: I watch it online [19:50:16] NyquilSteve317: I was gonna delete that post, but i guess she did it for me [19:50:20] lovelyXmissXoreo: gay fish. [19:50:37] guaaaache: how was your cigarette? [19:50:46] NyquilSteve317: cancerous [19:50:52] guaaaache: what kind was it? [19:51:04] NyquilSteve317: camel light soft pack [19:51:13] lovelyXmissXoreo: OMG LEVI JOHNSTON, GO AWAAAAY [19:51:13] guaaaache: i don't think i've tried that one [19:51:30] guaaaache: what the hell, it is now raining and freezing [19:51:38] NyquilSteve317: a rich Turkish and domestic blend [19:51:44] NyquilSteve317: silly Levi [19:51:48] lovelyXmissXoreo: it's 98 degrees here. [19:51:52] NyquilSteve317: ugh [19:51:55] NyquilSteve317: it was 90 here [19:52:00] guaaaache: that's like boiling point in C [19:52:17] lovelyXmissXoreo: it's going to be 103 on Monday [19:52:24] guaaaache: you're going to die [19:52:29] NyquilSteve317: icky [19:52:37] lovelyXmissXoreo: no, it's been worse in the past [19:52:56] guaaaache: it never gets hotter than 40C here, and usually doesn't quite get there [19:53:03] lovelyXmissXoreo: like.... last year, i think it was like 113 on my birthday. [19:53:06] guaaaache: more like 35 [19:53:13] NyquilSteve317: ick, where the hell are you? [19:53:18] lovelyXmissXoreo: Bakersfield. [19:53:23] lovelyXmissXoreo: in the valley [19:53:28] lovelyXmissXoreo: in California [19:53:29] guaaaache: Korn's home [19:53:30] guaaaache: lol [19:53:46] NyquilSteve317: no wonder they're so pissed [19:53:49] lovelyXmissXoreo: yep! that's like the most famous thing about us [19:53:50] guaaaache: why do I even know that? [19:53:57] NyquilSteve317: i would be pissed too if it were that hot [19:54:01] guaaaache: and why did I admit it [19:54:06] lovelyXmissXoreo: and like some Nascar drivers [19:54:16] guaaaache: it's why John Davis is still ranting about having no friends, even though he's like 40 or something [19:54:21] NyquilSteve317: go fast... turn left [19:54:26] lovelyXmissXoreo: and like... Joey Porter. [19:54:41] lovelyXmissXoreo: at least i think that's his name.. [19:54:55] NyquilSteve317: i might race cars [19:55:16] guaaaache: well... we have the Crocodile Hunter... [19:55:17] guaaaache: haaa [19:55:20] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol! i remember when i was into Criss Angel, he went to John Davis's house [19:55:41] lovelyXmissXoreo: and i was like OH SHIT, HE WAS IN BAKERSFIELD!!!!ONE!! [19:55:42] guaaaache: well, had [19:55:48] guaaaache: lol [19:55:51] NyquilSteve317: tsk, tsk [19:55:52] lovelyXmissXoreo: awww [19:55:58] lovelyXmissXoreo: LOL [19:56:00] NyquilSteve317: who knew a stupid stingray would get him in the end? [19:56:07] lovelyXmissXoreo: srsly. [19:56:07] guaaaache: he had the worst accent ever [19:56:15] guaaaache: it probably just wanted him to stop talking [19:56:25] NyquilSteve317: i just remember them interviewing Korn on MTV, and them being whiny bitches about being on the road touring [19:56:48] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol, doesn't surprise me [19:57:00] guaaaache: i remember them saying their Follow the Leader album was so shit because they were on coke the whole time [19:57:04] NyquilSteve317: and i rememberin thinking "shut the fuck up! if it's so hard, let one of the millions of other groups out there do it! cos they would gladly trade you!" [19:57:11] guaaaache: but all their other albums have been worse, so what's the excuse there? [19:57:11] lovelyXmissXoreo: man i wish we had an H&M here. [19:57:26] lovelyXmissXoreo: all we have is Banana Republic and Hot Topic [19:57:37] guaaaache: i don't even know what any of those 3 are [19:57:46] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol, clothing stores [19:57:53] guaaaache: i know that much [19:58:39] lovelyXmissXoreo: and Hot Topic is like emo kid central [19:58:33] guaaaache: overpriced goth type fashion, right? [19:58:27] lovelyXmissXoreo: one (H&M) is super cheap stylish clothes... another (Banana Republic) is a bunch of expensive white shirts [19:58:13] guaaaache: i think we have something like Hot Topic here [19:58:16] guaaaache: but it's called Dangerfield [19:58:46] NyquilSteve317: i base my style on this simple thought: "am i going to look back on this outfit 30 years from now, and say what the fuck was i thinking?!" [19:58:55] lovelyXmissXoreo: LOL [19:59:46] lovelyXmissXoreo: and like pants from Target. [19:59:25] lovelyXmissXoreo: i just wear what i like. which is like some Hot Topic stuff...... *wearing a mad hatter shirt that i bought there for like 25 dollars* [19:59:23] guaaaache: i wear literally any type of clothes [19:59:13] guaaaache: i have no sense of style [20:00:06] NyquilSteve317: rad [20:00:41] lovelyXmissXoreo: Target has some awesome stuff... for cheap. but i wish that they had more variety. :-\ [20:01:00] guaaaache: the Target here doesn't seem to be any cheaper than most other places [20:01:09] guaaaache: lots of things are like $40 [20:01:20] guaaaache: I can go to other stores, and get it for $10-$20 [20:01:26] lovelyXmissXoreo: i got some purple skinny jeans for 10 bucks [20:01:34] guaaaache: cooool [20:01:44] NyquilSteve317: skinny jeans are icky [20:01:51] lovelyXmissXoreo: and some shirts for 8 [20:01:51] guaaaache: on many people, yes [20:01:59] NyquilSteve317: skinny jeans on fat girls are even ickier [20:02:09] guaaaache: there is worse [20:02:12] lovelyXmissXoreo: i have some great legs... lol. but my muffin top kinda kills it. [20:02:21] guaaaache: people here sometimes wear footless tights as pants. it's like, please don't... [20:02:30] lovelyXmissXoreo: i wear those under skirts [20:02:40] guaaaache: that's how they should be worn [20:02:47] lovelyXmissXoreo: i don't like showing too much [20:02:49] AmethystBrackish: O_o [20:02:49] guaaaache: the material is far too thin to be appropriate for... well, anywhere [20:03:08] guaaaache: and I don't want to accidentally see someone's underwear or camel toe at uni [20:03:27] lovelyXmissXoreo: i know!! i hate when i see fatties (as in like big-bootied girls) wearing them as pants [20:03:37] NyquilSteve317: yes [20:03:43] guaaaache: i think it looks bad on everyone. they're not pants! [20:03:46] NyquilSteve317: icky [20:03:52] lovelyXmissXoreo: *shivers* [20:04:01] NyquilSteve317: i have seen some big girls rock some clothing and look hot as hell, but not in skinny pants [20:04:02] guaaaache: it just looks like they left the house and forgot to finish dressing themselves [20:04:27] NyquilSteve317: ha [20:04:37] lovelyXmissXoreo: i mean, i like skirts... but since i'm a little bigger than most, i HAVE to wear the tights, or i wear pants instead. [20:04:53] AmethystBrackish: I really hate big girls who can actually pull off a stylish look, and not look like they were fitted with a tent [20:04:54] guaaaache: yeah, I always wear tights [20:05:09] lovelyXmissXoreo: i just feel SO uncomfortable like the skirt might go up [20:05:12] NyquilSteve317: i also hate the back pocketless jeans [20:05:20] NyquilSteve317: you have to have an unbelieveable ass to pull that off [20:05:21] lovelyXmissXoreo: and then everyone sees my fun parts [20:05:37] lovelyXmissXoreo: i have front pocketless jeans.... i hate them [20:05:38] AmethystBrackish: haha, fun parts [20:05:44] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol, but they look good on me. [20:05:48] guaaaache: yeah, i've accidentally seen way too many girls arses, that I'm not comfortable enough to wear short skirts myself [20:05:56] AmethystBrackish: Pockets are needed, the more, the better [20:06:24] NyquilSteve317: hellz, yeah [20:06:29] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah. i have to have my phone in my left front pocket. or i feel weird like i forgot it. [20:06:32] NyquilSteve317: especially when sneaking booze into the movies [20:06:39] guaaaache: and there are always creepy dudes blatantly checking on women on the train [20:06:40] AmethystBrackish: or candy [20:06:52] NyquilSteve317: well, sometimes the women are whores [20:07:06] guaaaache: wow, I'm not the only one who sneaks booze into the movies! I feel like so much less of an alcoholic all of a sudden [20:07:11] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol! that's why i love my laptop bag that looks like a purse for that SAAAME reason [20:07:16] NyquilSteve317: and i'm sorry, but if you don't want me staring at your tits, don't leave them hanging out in my face [20:07:31] guaaaache: well, that's a bit different, I guess [20:07:34] lovelyXmissXoreo: I HATE WHEN GIRLS DO THAT! [20:07:37] NyquilSteve317: guaaache... make no mistake, i'm a horrible alkie [20:07:45] lovelyXmissXoreo: if you don't want people looking at your tits [20:07:52] lovelyXmissXoreo: COVER THEM UP D:< [20:07:58] AlenaBrolxFlami: go to ... I can't believe people actually leave the house looking like THAT! [20:08:02] AmethystBrackish: I think my boobies are the only thing I have going for me sometimes [20:08:08] NyquilSteve317: so rock 'em [20:08:15] guaaaache: well, it's not really up to me to avoid being stared at [20:08:19] NyquilSteve317: and be flattered at the guy staring at you and masturbating on the train [20:08:23] guaaaache: OH GOD, THAT WEBSITE IS HILARIOUS AND DISTURBING [20:08:36] AmethystBrackish: well, the masturbating part would be creepy [20:08:43] guaaaache: I've seen that, unfortunately [20:08:49] lovelyXmissXoreo: <3 PEOPLEoFWALMART! [20:08:58] AmethystBrackish: you just add it to the spank bank, and use it for later [20:09:00] guaaaache: it's not the staring that bothers me, just the really prolonged kind [20:09:21] guaaaache: I dunno, I've had some weird experiences on public transport [20:09:25] guaaaache: so I don't trust anyone anymore [20:09:32] *** NyquilSteve317 has left the chat. [20:09:40] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [20:09:48] *** NyquilSteve317 has joined the chat. [20:09:51] NyquilSteve317: Jesus [20:09:54] NyquilSteve317: got booted again [20:10:06] guaaaache: like some guy who didn't know me who just started talking to me, and wouldn't fuck off [20:10:17] guaaaache: he followed me on to the bus, kept trying to talk, then got off at my stop with me [20:10:20] NyquilSteve317: well, guys are douches [20:10:20] guaaaache: seriously. fuck off [20:10:24] NyquilSteve317: for the most part [20:10:31] NyquilSteve317: a few good ones [20:10:41] NyquilSteve317: but they are usually too shy to talk. or have bent peni or something [20:10:45] lovelyXmissXoreo: and that's when you punched him the face and kicked him in the nads, right? [20:11:09] guaaaache: well, I didn't realise some things at the time, only in retrospect [20:11:16] lovelyXmissXoreo: aww. :-( [20:11:30] guaaaache: at the time, I thought it was coincidence... he was just going to the same suburb as me or something [20:11:42] guaaaache: but I saw him later, and realised he didn't have anything to do there [20:11:56] guaaaache: because he was waiting to go back on another bus after I got rid of him [20:11:59] NyquilSteve317: people forget how easy it is to pulverize your knuckles when you punch someone in the skull [20:12:24] guaaaache: i'm more of a flight, rather than fight, kind of person [20:12:35] NyquilSteve317: as am I, until i'm cornered [20:12:46] guaaaache: I wasn't cornered, I could still get away [20:12:52] NyquilSteve317: then i go apeshit, and wind up in weird places unable to recall how i got there [20:12:56] guaaaache: but like I said, I didn't see the situation for what it was until after [20:13:00] NyquilSteve317: it's gotta suck being a woman for that reason [20:13:08] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah it does. [20:13:18] NyquilSteve317: although, i have known more than one woman who could kick the shit out of me [20:13:29] NyquilSteve317: one did kick my ass just to prove she could [20:13:34] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [20:13:35] NyquilSteve317: that hurt [20:13:41] NyquilSteve317: a lot [20:13:45] lovelyXmissXoreo: aww [20:13:49] NyquilSteve317: ended with a boot on my neck [20:13:54] guaaaache: lol [20:13:56] lovelyXmissXoreo: *hugs* [20:14:02] NyquilSteve317: so it can be done [20:14:06] guaaaache: this one time, I seriously don't get what the guy was expecting [20:14:17] NyquilSteve317: it must work 1 time out of every 50 [20:14:20] guaaaache: he just started following me down the street asking me questions you would ask someone you know [20:14:30] guaaaache: like "how have you been?" "what have you been up to" [20:14:34] NyquilSteve317: creepy [20:14:46] guaaaache: I was like "um, do we know each other?" [20:14:49] guaaaache: and he said "no, I don't think so" [20:14:53] guaaaache: O_O [20:14:53] NyquilSteve317: wtf [20:14:55] lovelyXmissXoreo: LOL wtf? [20:14:58] NyquilSteve317: that's creepy [20:15:01] NyquilSteve317: it really is [20:15:29] NyquilSteve317: so bust out the pepper spray and go to town [20:15:43] lovelyXmissXoreo: srsly [20:15:44] AlenaBrolxFlami: I hate creeps [20:15:51] NyquilSteve317: to quote the great Gen. George Patton: "when in doubt, attack!" [20:15:52] guaaaache: I think some guys think if they're just nice to a woman, she'll think they're nice... they forget that it's not always appropriate, and the wrong kind of situation will make them seem really scary [20:16:10] NyquilSteve317: men are dumb, and just wanna put their penis in fun things [20:16:16] NyquilSteve317: some are just more sly about it [20:16:26] guaaaache: I love the ones who want to buy me drinks in bars [20:16:31] guaaaache: yeeaah, I'm not that stupid [20:16:38] NyquilSteve317: omg me too! when i'm broke, i will always go to a gay bar [20:16:42] guaaaache: which brings me to another creepy story if you want to hear it [20:16:46] NyquilSteve317: go for it [20:16:48] NyquilSteve317: you're on a roll [20:17:03] NyquilSteve317: know what is creepy! Vincent Price saying "salad dressing" [20:17:27] lovelyXmissXoreo: LOL [20:17:34] lovelyXmissXoreo: salad dressing? [20:17:37] NyquilSteve317: yes [20:17:41] NyquilSteve317: he just said it, and i peed [20:17:45] NyquilSteve317: now i have to clean the couch [20:17:51] guaaaache: this other guy was at a bar, and bought me a drink. when I was halfway through it, he bought me another one, which slightly freaked me out. so I kept drinking the first one. but really slowly. then he bought me a third, for I hid the first two behind the poker machines... then he bought me a 4th [20:18:08] guaaaache: so I thought, ok wtf is happening here. he was really drunk, so didn't even notice that I wasn't drinking them [20:18:11] guaaaache: tactful, indeed [20:18:16] guaaaache: when he went to the bathroom, I ran out [20:18:29] lovelyXmissXoreo: oh wow, you must be really hot. [20:18:34] guaaaache: we kind of knew each other, so it was gross [20:18:54] NyquilSteve317: we have a friend who thinks she is way hotter than she is [20:19:03] guaaaache: no, I think it's because I look really young for my age, so they think I'm naive / they can more easily take advantage of me, etc. [20:19:07] lovelyXmissXoreo: like hawt shiit? [20:19:10] NyquilSteve317: and we went with her and our one friend who people actually think is attractive [20:19:20] NyquilSteve317: to a bar [20:19:30] NyquilSteve317: and all the guys ignored the one that thinks she is hot [20:19:37] NyquilSteve317: it was kinda glorious and sad in a way [20:19:48] lovelyXmissXoreo: aww, poor her [20:19:54] NyquilSteve317: it was kinda amazing [20:19:58] NyquilSteve317: i hate bars, though [20:20:04] guaaaache: haha, I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with being hot. really drunk creeps will target anyone they think they can have a chance with [20:20:04] NyquilSteve317: and the douches that hang at them [20:20:12] guaaaache: yeah, it's pretty shit [20:20:25] guaaaache: I have another story. LOL [20:20:33] lovelyXmissXoreo: i've never been to a bar.... but i've had a drunk guy hit on me. [20:20:35] NyquilSteve317: let's see... i hate people... i dont dance.... i can drink cheaper at home [20:20:43] guaaaache: pubs are better [20:20:50] guaaaache: but I don't go to those, either [20:20:52] NyquilSteve317: we don't have "pubs" [20:20:56] guaaaache: unless there's a band [20:21:09] NyquilSteve317: that was the only time i would be in a bar... was if i was playing [20:21:10] guaaaache: I honestly don't even know what the difference is between the two [20:21:17] guaaaache: I mean, I can't describe it [20:21:20] NyquilSteve317: and getting paid to be there [20:21:23] guaaaache: I just know whether I'm in one or the other [20:21:38] NyquilSteve317: then you shlep on a facade... do your thing, get paid, and get the fuck out [20:22:05] AlenaBrolxFlami: be back - editing [20:23:34] *** flaaffytaffy has joined the chat. [20:23:41] NyquilSteve317: omg, its flaafytaffy [20:23:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: coolest name evar. [20:24:02] NyquilSteve317: i dunno... Ernest Borgnine is hard to beat [20:24:05] flaaffytaffy: whoohoo! finally, i get this thing to work. i am breadsandwiches on boring people [20:24:11] guaaaache: there used to be this unusually cheap bar in the city that my friend and I used to go to a lot for some reason. it was open 24 hrs a day. once we were talking, and this random dude came up and interrupted with "You ladies having a good night?" we paused for a second, then continued talking and ignored him, but he kept talking to us. then my friend cracked and said "You know what, we can't understand a word you're saying because we're actually Chinese." We are both totally Caucasian. He was utterly confused, and stuttered "wh-what... both of you?" [20:24:12] NyquilSteve317: oh, hi [20:24:16] lovelyXmissXoreo: HAI [20:24:21] NyquilSteve317: we're taking about bars, sandwich [20:24:28] NyquilSteve317: brb [20:25:00] lovelyXmissXoreo: LOL! [20:25:06] lovelyXmissXoreo: srsly?? [20:25:13] AmethystBrackish: there's a sandwich? [20:25:22] guaaaache: yeah. I think he was seriously drunk [20:25:27] guaaaache: and thought his attempt would actually work [20:25:39] lovelyXmissXoreo: faaaail [20:25:42] guaaaache: yeah, just come up and interrupt our conversation. that's SO hot [20:25:59] lovelyXmissXoreo: oh yeah, take us to your place now!! xD [20:26:11] guaaaache: that "nice" was so shit [20:26:21] guaaaache: we had a group of 3 guys try the same thing, but together [20:26:29] guaaaache: they just came up "you ladies want us to buy you drinks?" [20:26:33] guaaaache: "um, no it's okay" [20:26:53] guaaaache: so they stood near the entrance of the door for the rest of the night, and kept an eye on us O_O [20:27:07] lovelyXmissXoreo: ew. [20:27:08] guaaaache: one even hung around outside the ladies bathroom when I went there [20:27:11] guaaaache: it was fucked [20:27:23] guaaaache: when they got distracted by some friends, we decided to make a run for it [20:27:24] lovelyXmissXoreo: D: [20:27:27] lovelyXmissXoreo: WHAT! [20:27:28] guaaaache: and they actually called out after us! [20:27:34] lovelyXmissXoreo: EW [20:27:35] guaaaache: "Girls! What are you doing! COME BACK!" [20:27:37] guaaaache: ARGH [20:27:44] lovelyXmissXoreo: RUN AWAY, INDEED! [20:28:14] lovelyXmissXoreo: i've had a guy hit on me at the mall with my boyfriend there [20:28:20] guaaaache: luckily, they didn't follow us outside [20:28:23] *** AmethystBrackish has left the chat. [20:28:24] guaaaache: wtf! [20:28:27] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah [20:28:33] guaaaache: what is wrong with people [20:28:38] lovelyXmissXoreo: at the videogame store. [20:28:43] guaaaache: and then they think we're bitches because we're unresponsive [20:29:29] NyquilSteve317: the wolf wanted to go out, so i let her out [20:29:38] NyquilSteve317: are we talking about men hitting on us still? [20:29:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: he came in and he was like: "hey girl, you're cute, how do you feel about going to the makeup store and getting you something cute?" or something along the lines of that... i guess cuz the makeup store's next to the videogame place [20:30:22] guaaaache: we have endless stories... sorry, Steve [20:30:27] NyquilSteve317: oh, no worries [20:30:32] NyquilSteve317: i have been hit on by many a dude [20:30:39] lovelyXmissXoreo: and i said "no, no...... no." and he kept bugging me, and my boyfriend said "you might wanna leave her alone" [20:30:43] NyquilSteve317: but gay men are much more blunt / polite [20:30:56] guaaaache: once, some guy stopped my sister in the street and said "I just wanted to tell you that you have gorgeous eyes" [20:31:00] guaaaache: "um, okay" [20:31:05] guaaaache: "no, really!" [20:31:06] lovelyXmissXoreo: SOMEONE DID THAT TO MY BF AT WORK! [20:31:09] guaaaache: "um, can you fuck off?" [20:31:20] lovelyXmissXoreo: but they said that about his hair [20:31:26] guaaaache: don't they realise it's creepy? [20:31:28] NyquilSteve317: my best pickup line is "i fucking hate you!" [20:31:32] NyquilSteve317: why don't i have any friends [20:31:47] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [20:31:58] NyquilSteve317: i've never been on a date [20:32:07] guaaaache: It's even worse when random people come up to you to inform you that you could do something better about your appearance [20:32:14] lovelyXmissXoreo: went on my first one in March [20:32:19] NyquilSteve317: how was it? [20:32:32] NyquilSteve317: ya know, you're cute, but wear a skirt cos your hips look horrible in those pants [20:32:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: it was fun :3 we went to see Alice in Wonderland and got stuck in the bottom of the theater seats [20:32:55] lovelyXmissXoreo: we were 5 minutes late [20:32:55] guaaaache: more like "have you considered straightening your hair, it would look heaps better" [20:33:07] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol! [20:33:28] NyquilSteve317: another great pickup line: "you're fat" [20:33:39] guaaaache: I have curly hair. some strangers out there think it doesn't look that good. I don't sleep well anymore [20:33:54] lovelyXmissXoreo: i have wavy thick hair [20:34:04] lovelyXmissXoreo: and i'm constantly dyeing it [20:34:12] NyquilSteve317: that will wreak havoc [20:34:34] NyquilSteve317: i had my hair translucent white before, i think it took 10 years off my life [20:34:44] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah, i stopped dyeing it pink cuz i need a job. [20:34:46] NyquilSteve317: and now i smell colours [20:34:56] lovelyXmissXoreo: O_o [20:34:56] guaaaache: don't suppose anyone remembers me posting on b_p asking people to guess my age? [20:35:11] NyquilSteve317: OH YEAH! I SAID YOU WERE 90 or something like that [20:35:17] guaaaache: 30, i believe [20:35:18] guaaaache: haha [20:35:26] NyquilSteve317: cos i thought it was a grab at attention [20:35:30] NyquilSteve317: and i was feeling grumpy [20:35:40] guaaaache: i was going to do something similar, but more along the lines of guessing my nationality, but it would look camwhorish [20:35:58] guaaaache: HAI GUISES GUESS MY ANCESTRY [20:36:04] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [20:36:07] guaaaache: HERE'S ANOTHER PICTURE OF ME, LOL [20:36:11] NyquilSteve317: hai! guess my penis size!" [20:36:15] lovelyXmissXoreo: SMALL? [20:36:20] NyquilSteve317: DAMN RIGHT IT IS! [20:36:22] *** flaaffytaffy has left the chat. [20:36:25] guaaaache: we'd need a picture of your feet for reference [20:36:32] lovelyXmissXoreo: or hands [20:36:37] lovelyXmissXoreo: or nose. [20:36:40] lovelyXmissXoreo: or ears [20:36:44] NyquilSteve317: or penis [20:36:51] lovelyXmissXoreo: yes plz [20:36:53] NyquilSteve317: ew [20:36:53] guaaaache: that makes it too easy [20:37:00] NyquilSteve317: yeah true [20:37:11] guaaaache: you have to challenge us at least a little [20:37:32] NyquilSteve317: ugh, i just had the worst burp [20:37:37] NyquilSteve317: sooo gross [20:37:42] guaaaache: did it taste like ass? [20:37:45] NyquilSteve317: it was very acidic [20:37:51] NyquilSteve317: and watery [20:37:52] guaaaache: so it was more like piss [20:37:56] lovelyXmissXoreo: ew! [20:38:05] NyquilSteve317: i thought piss was neutral or slightly alkaline [20:38:11] lovelyXmissXoreo: i can't believe i lost my hairbrush :-( [20:38:14] guaaaache: depends on your diet, i think [20:38:19] NyquilSteve317: i can't believe it's not butter [20:38:25] guaaaache: neither can i [20:38:28] guaaaache: i can't believe it exists [20:38:43] guaaaache: i've never tried it, though [20:38:53] NyquilSteve317: butter is so awesome once you try it after having substitutes for a while [20:39:00] NyquilSteve317: well, it's terrible [20:39:14] guaaaache: i eat non dairy spread... [20:39:18] guaaaache: called nuttlex or something [20:39:20] NyquilSteve317: vegimite! [20:39:23] lovelyXmissXoreo: margeriiine! [20:39:27] NyquilSteve317: oleo [20:39:30] guaaaache: vegemite is yeast extract [20:39:32] NyquilSteve317: icky [20:39:34] NyquilSteve317: oh [20:39:40] NyquilSteve317: well, i'm gonna find some and eat it, dammit! [20:39:43] NyquilSteve317: i cant find it anywhere [20:39:52] guaaaache: yeah, don't get marmite or anything similar because it's not as good [20:39:53] NyquilSteve317: i could go score some coke easier than i could find vegemite [20:39:56] guaaaache: marmite is really oily [20:40:34] guaaaache: I found this website a while ago which is a blog by some woman who is going to try cooking 2 dishes each week that is a recipe from another country [20:40:41] guaaaache: and she'll do it in alphabetical order [20:40:47] guaaaache: the Australian entry was... [20:40:53] guaaaache: fish and chips with marmite [20:40:57] guaaaache: come on! that's fucking ENGLISH [20:41:13] NyquilSteve317: well, i will just go to Outback Steakhouse [20:41:21] NyquilSteve317: you Aussies would flip over and die if you saw one [20:41:38] guaaaache: hahaha, I've heard there are Australian-themed restaurants in the US [20:41:41] NyquilSteve317: yes [20:41:44] NyquilSteve317: it's a joke [20:41:52] guaaaache: yeah, it seems like it would be [20:41:58] guaaaache: it would be funnier if it wasn't a joke [20:42:04] NyquilSteve317: they serve big thick steaks, and all the dishes have "clever" Aussie names [20:42:10] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah... [20:42:10] guaaaache: such as? [20:42:19] NyquilSteve317: shrimp on da barbie [20:42:26] lovelyXmissXoreo: outback steakhouse is the main one [20:42:58] lovelyXmissXoreo: i think it's the only one [20:43:15] lovelyXmissXoreo: the bloomin' onion is kinda gross... [20:43:16] guaaaache: barbecue prawns are pretty nice, I guess [20:43:25] guaaaache: what's bloomin onion? [20:43:37] lovelyXmissXoreo: i had this chicken sandwich... it was pretty good [20:43:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: it's an onion, deep-fried, with spices [20:43:59] guaaaache: a whole onion? [20:44:03] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah [20:44:08] lovelyXmissXoreo: HUGE onion, too [20:44:14] NyquilSteve317: it has 1000000000 calories in it [20:44:14] guaaaache: that sounds bizarre [20:44:30] lovelyXmissXoreo: it's gross. [20:44:42] NyquilSteve317: Outback Steakhouse Menu [20:44:56] guaaaache: this should be good [20:45:19] guaaaache: you know, I've never been to this "outback" place [20:45:23] guaaaache: I'm not sure where it is [20:45:24] NyquilSteve317: "no rules, just right" was their slogan for a while [20:45:26] guaaaache: NT? [20:45:27] guaaaache: perhaps [20:45:47] NyquilSteve317: probably [20:45:48] NyquilSteve317: i dunno [20:45:54] NyquilSteve317: wherever all the cattlez are [20:46:11] lovelyXmissXoreo: we have one here in the bako. [20:46:19] guaaaache: I have seriously never heard of that onion thing [20:46:29] NyquilSteve317: bloomin onion be insane [20:46:31] guaaaache: Kookaburra Wings! HAHAHA [20:46:36] NyquilSteve317: horseradish sauce [20:46:45] guaaaache: that's Japanese [20:46:54] guaaaache: i think? [20:46:59] NyquilSteve317: wasabi? [20:47:03] NyquilSteve317: it's not wasabi [20:47:07] NyquilSteve317: it's mellower and not green [20:47:29] lovelyXmissXoreo: it's gross.... OH, and that chocolate cake is SOOOOO good [20:47:30] guaaaache: yeah, it's made from a white radish, I think [20:47:59] NyquilSteve317: i love wasabi [20:48:00] NyquilSteve317: on sushi [20:48:03] NyquilSteve317: that's good eatin [20:48:21] NyquilSteve317: unless it's rotten [20:48:23] NyquilSteve317: then it's gross [20:48:29] guaaaache: that was the weirdest fusion menu I have ever seen [20:48:36] NyquilSteve317: it's scary [20:48:49] NyquilSteve317: and they have Fosters everywhere [20:48:53] guaaaache: I like how they just prepare normal food and call it the "Alice Springs something or other" [20:48:56] NyquilSteve317: and like boomerangs and surf boards [20:48:59] lovelyXmissXoreo: yup [20:49:04] NyquilSteve317: and Aboriginal paintings and shit [20:49:16] lovelyXmissXoreo: and it's really dark in there [20:49:18] NyquilSteve317: yes [20:49:19] guaaaache: what's Fosters? [20:49:21] guaaaache: a beer? [20:49:21] NyquilSteve317: very very dark [20:49:24] NyquilSteve317: yes [20:49:27] NyquilSteve317: Australian for beer [20:49:31] NyquilSteve317: or so their commercials said [20:49:37] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [20:49:42] guaaaache: I haven't actually heard of it... [20:50:01] guaaaache: but then, I don't drink beer [20:50:03] NyquilSteve317: there is another beer by the same company that is more popular in Australia... i forget what it is though [20:50:10] guaaaache: I only know Old and New [20:50:12] guaaaache: Tooheys? [20:50:16] NyquilSteve317: maybe? [20:50:19] NyquilSteve317: not sure [20:50:29] guaaaache: Tooheys Old is dark ale, New is light [20:50:40] NyquilSteve317: interesting [20:50:54] guaaaache: maybe Fosters is that Tasmanian one [20:50:56] NyquilSteve317: is Miranda Cosgrove Asian-ish? [20:51:03] guaaaache: what? [20:51:11] NyquilSteve317: i can't guess her ethnicity [20:51:25] NyquilSteve317: i think she's like Irish and Italian or something [20:51:29] NyquilSteve317: but she could be sort of Asian [20:51:37] guaaaache: i don't know who that is [20:51:39] NyquilSteve317: she is on TV now, and it's sort of freaking me out [20:51:57] guaaaache: I didn't notice, but some people have gone missing [20:52:04] lovelyXmissXoreo: like? [20:52:10] NyquilSteve317: Miranda Cosgrove! [20:52:13] guaaaache: um, I don't know their names [20:52:21] NyquilSteve317: yeah they dun vanished [20:52:22] guaaaache: it's just that there's only 4 people now [20:52:25] NyquilSteve317: yeah [20:52:42] guaaaache: looks Irish to me [20:52:54] NyquilSteve317: thats what i thought [20:52:58] NyquilSteve317: but i'm not sure [20:53:00] NyquilSteve317: not a big deal [20:53:04] NyquilSteve317: just something i was noticing [20:53:08] guaaaache: there's no way of knowing, really [20:53:11] NyquilSteve317: nope [20:53:17] NyquilSteve317: unless she says [20:53:25] guaaaache: yeah [20:53:32] guaaaache: i meant, just by looking at someone [20:53:40] NyquilSteve317: yeah [20:53:46] NyquilSteve317: it's always hard, it's fun to guess [20:53:55] NyquilSteve317: unless they're a ginger [20:54:01] NyquilSteve317: then you can narrow it down [20:54:10] guaaaache: which is why I was going to make that post on b_p... but I'd need to record my voice too [20:54:22] guaaaache: I don't know how [20:54:24] NyquilSteve317: omg are you an Asian Aussie! [20:54:29] guaaaache: no [20:54:31] NyquilSteve317: damn! [20:54:34] NyquilSteve317: i was gonna die if you were! [20:54:44] lovelyXmissXoreo: black Aussie? [20:54:44] guaaaache: people think I come from Eastern Europe [20:54:58] guaaaache: lol, what's a black Aussie? [20:55:06] NyquilSteve317: hahahaha [20:55:08] guaaaache: you mean like an Aborigine? [20:55:10] lovelyXmissXoreo: as in you're black [20:55:16] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [20:55:18] lovelyXmissXoreo: xD [20:55:24] guaaaache: i'm white [20:55:37] guaaaache: extremely [20:55:51] lovelyXmissXoreo: hmm.... [20:55:55] lovelyXmissXoreo: German? [20:55:55] guaaaache: the main issue is that people think I have an accent [20:56:18] NyquilSteve317: Filipino [20:56:18] guaaaache: I recently went to a new doctor, and she was asking me general questions [20:56:28] guaaaache: then she said "and how long have you lived in Australia?" [20:57:00] guaaaache: which means I don't sound Australian at all? [20:57:04] guaaaache: sometimes people think I'm American [20:57:18] NyquilSteve317: well, that's a shame [20:57:28] guaaaache: it doesn't make sense [20:57:35] NyquilSteve317: there is Angel [20:57:45] guaaaache: huh? [20:57:48] *** angelcerv21 has joined the chat. [20:57:48] guaaaache: where? [20:57:51] angelcerv21: hi [20:58:00] NyquilSteve317: i thought you might be dead [20:58:09] guaaaache: ohh, hi! [20:58:15] angelcerv21: i just got home a bit ago and then wrote in my LJ [20:58:23] lovelyXmissXoreo: ANGEL! HEY, YOU GUYS, ANGEL'S HERE! [20:58:35] NyquilSteve317: yes [20:58:35] angelcerv21: what's been up? [20:58:46] guaaaache: we were wondering where you are [20:58:49] NyquilSteve317: i thought you killed yourself [20:58:54] lovelyXmissXoreo: *quotes the Spongebob episode with Kevin the Sea Cucumber* [20:58:55] angelcerv21: not yet [20:58:56] guaaaache: we also spent way too long talking about being hit on by creepy guys [20:59:01] NyquilSteve317: and we were talking about douche boys [20:59:01] NyquilSteve317: and Outback Steakhouse [20:59:07] angelcerv21: fucking Mike handed me his gun today [20:59:10] guaaaache: and my weird accent [20:59:13] guaaaache: apparently weird accent [20:59:16] lovelyXmissXoreo: .... wut? [20:59:19] angelcerv21: how is it weird [20:59:29] NyquilSteve317: she sounds American [20:59:32] guaaaache: why? [20:59:33] angelcerv21: yeah, he left for a bit, and left me with his crappy cable and gun [20:59:37] NyquilSteve317: but she is Aussie [20:59:42] guaaaache: or Eastern European [20:59:43] angelcerv21: Aussie accents are hot [20:59:51] NyquilSteve317: hellz yeah [20:59:54] angelcerv21: shit, all accents are hot to me, as long as it's not Hiljack [20:59:58] lovelyXmissXoreo: so are British... and Irish [21:00:04] guaaaache: NO, some of them most certainly are not :-* [21:00:07] lovelyXmissXoreo: OH, and Southern! [21:00:11] NyquilSteve317: i don't like German much [21:00:16] NyquilSteve317: or Middle Eastern [21:00:18] lovelyXmissXoreo: like from Tennessee... [21:00:18] guaaaache: have you HEARD people from Queensland? [21:00:22] NyquilSteve317: yehaw [21:00:30] angelcerv21: ew [21:00:30] guaaaache: it's just... awful [21:00:42] angelcerv21: and yeah, a Middle Eastern accent tends to make my ears burn [21:00:42] guaaaache: I thought it was a joke when I went there... then I realised it's really their accent! [21:00:53] angelcerv21: or Indian [21:00:56] angelcerv21: like from India [21:00:58] AlenaBrolxFlami: hey, ANGEL IS HERE! I MISSED THAT?! [21:01:02] angelcerv21: yep [21:01:10] angelcerv21: i lit my firepole last night [21:01:11] NyquilSteve317: wow, it's like a scene from Rent! [21:01:15] guaaaache: I've lived with both Indians and Middle Easterns... i'm desensitised [21:01:20] NyquilSteve317: ANGEL IS HERE! HE ISN'T DEAD FROM AIDS YET! [21:01:24] angelcerv21: ouch [21:01:26] angelcerv21: hahahah [21:01:38] NyquilSteve317: today for you, tomorrow for me [21:01:44] lovelyXmissXoreo: omg, lol [21:02:08] NyquilSteve317: who do you think you are, barging in on me and my guitar [21:02:09] lovelyXmissXoreo: I'M MAKING MY BF'S FRIEND A LITTLE SISTER PLUSH DOLL FOR HIS BIRTHDAY. [21:02:10] angelcerv21: he hands me the gun and says, "in case anything weird happens" [21:02:15] angelcerv21: I asked, "is it loaded?" [21:02:19] angelcerv21: he's like, "of course" [21:02:24] angelcerv21: "no safety, either" [21:02:29] guaaaache: what weird would have happened? [21:02:29] lovelyXmissXoreo: O-O [21:02:37] angelcerv21: i wasn't quite sure what he meant [21:02:55] angelcerv21: but he lives on a weird side of town [21:02:57] angelcerv21: maybe that's why [21:03:03] guaaaache: maybe he's paranoid [21:03:04] angelcerv21: and he was leaving me in his house alone for a bit [21:03:05] lovelyXmissXoreo: OH!! [21:03:13] lovelyXmissXoreo: ANGEL!! your Lady Gaga doll is ready! [21:03:20] angelcerv21: oh, totally sweet [21:03:30] angelcerv21: got your paypal set up? [21:03:37] lovelyXmissXoreo: ^_^ yeah, just thought you should know :3 [21:03:38] angelcerv21: i sold my old laptop [21:03:39] lovelyXmissXoreo: of course! [21:03:52] lovelyXmissXoreo: i set it up like 3 nights ago :-D [21:03:56] NyquilSteve317: ok, i'm gonna watch True Blood ... then sleep... night, all [21:04:01] *** NyquilSteve317 has left the chat. [21:04:01] guaaaache: alright [21:04:02] guaaaache: night [21:04:04] angelcerv21: goodnight [21:04:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: night [21:04:21] lovelyXmissXoreo: night [21:04:29] guaaaache: is it possible to voice chat in here, just out of curiosity? [21:04:32] angelcerv21: i didn't take my meds last night, i was too busy playing with fire [21:04:38] angelcerv21: so i didn't sleep AT ALL [21:04:41] lovelyXmissXoreo: i don't think so. [21:04:44] guaaaache: wow [21:04:47] angelcerv21: annoying [21:05:04] lovelyXmissXoreo: O_o omg, i know how that feels [21:05:13] angelcerv21: i was reading Marilyn Manson's biography [21:05:19] angelcerv21: pretty good so far [21:05:24] guaaaache: which one? [21:05:29] lovelyXmissXoreo: when i came home from Mexico, i didn't sleep for the first night i was home [21:05:51] angelcerv21: i thought he only wrote one? yeah, i thought it would make me sleep, but reading never does that to me [21:06:01] angelcerv21: if anything, it gets me more awake with tired eyes [21:06:03] guaaaache: The Long Hard Road out of Hell or something? [21:06:08] angelcerv21: yeah, that's the one [21:06:13] guaaaache: yeah, I've read that [21:06:22] guaaaache: I like how he constantly mocks the singer of the Smiths [21:06:28] guaaaache: even though I like the Smiths [21:06:50] guaaaache: I saw him last year... he's a bit wack [21:06:52] angelcerv21: hahahahaha, I'm just liking his writing style. And that short story he wrote, All in the Family? Fucking sick and awesome [21:06:56] angelcerv21: i saw him too! [21:06:59] angelcerv21: such a great show [21:07:04] angelcerv21: i was with George, who is now in jail [21:07:05] guaaaache: that story freaked me out! [21:07:09] lovelyXmissXoreo: guh, i hate that my computer is so slow [21:07:18] angelcerv21: do a defrag [21:07:21] lovelyXmissXoreo: it keeps freezing [21:07:21] guaaaache: I ended up seeing him twice because someone pulled out on someone else [21:07:23] angelcerv21: and uninstall unwanted programs [21:07:28] lovelyXmissXoreo: i did. :-( [21:07:37] guaaaache: he sounded like Adam West out of Family Guy when he talked [21:07:40] angelcerv21: you could have it updated with more RAM [21:07:43] guaaaache: he had a temper tantrum the second time I saw him [21:07:49] angelcerv21: when i saw him, he did all his old badass songs [21:07:51] angelcerv21: like Dope Show [21:07:57] angelcerv21: love that one [21:07:57] guaaaache: yeah, same [21:07:57] lovelyXmissXoreo: it keeps saying 0% defragmented. [21:08:04] angelcerv21: like he tailored the show just for us [21:08:14] angelcerv21: because that's how we are in Spokane, we like his older stuff [21:08:27] angelcerv21: it should be totally defragged [21:08:29] guaaaache: someone threw a beer at his head, and he complained about it for around 8 minutes [21:08:36] angelcerv21: a full defrag can take up to a couple hours [21:09:00] angelcerv21: Manson kicked ass, i was so shitfaced that night [21:09:17] lovelyXmissXoreo: do i just do the computer or the system? cuz when i try the system, it just analyzes it, and that's it [21:09:25] angelcerv21: computer [21:09:25] guaaaache: I was the only person there that didn't look emo or goth (for the first show) [21:09:31] guaaaache: people actually glared at me [21:09:42] angelcerv21: weird, I just looked my normal self [21:09:44] angelcerv21: i'm boring [21:09:51] angelcerv21: black pants, a t-shirt, button down shirt [21:09:54] guaaaache: the second night I went, there were lots of "normal" looking people [21:09:58] guaaaache: but it was at a different venue [21:10:07] guaaaache: the first venue is in the known "alternative" kind of suburb [21:10:11] guaaaache: actually... I live there [21:10:30] angelcerv21: yeah, he performed twice in one week here, i wanted to go to both shows, but only went to the first one [21:10:36] angelcerv21: tickets were too much to go to both shows [21:10:53] guaaaache: I didn't pay for the second one. my friend asked because someone pulled out [21:10:57] angelcerv21: can't afford 100 bucks on entertainment in a week, as nice as that would be [21:11:02] angelcerv21: aw, nice [21:11:19] guaaaache: I think the tickets for the first show were around $60 [21:11:22] guaaaache: I don't remember [21:11:31] angelcerv21: it was around 40 here [21:11:49] guaaaache: USD :-(

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