Saturday, February 04, 2012

HETALIA neighborhood / Hour of napping here and there

Had an hour of napping, then found out that Amanda C. apparently plans to close her FB account. I have no good reason to ask for her cell number or street address, that's for sure! The I decided to go to sleep at 8:30 or so, which only resulted in another hour of sleep snatched. Got up from THAT to discover a message sent about ten minutes after I'd gone to rest. Thank goodness I wasn't as prone to overreact as I would have been earlier in the day, that's for sure! Then white Eric tried calling me, but I wasn't in the mood to call him back... I think I should wait till tomorrow to figure stuff out!

Your Hetalia Neighbourhood by Erihia
Your name
Your age
Annoying NeighborChina
Bad companyAmerica
Most handsome guyIceland
Most handsome galBelgium
ExS. Italy
Boyfriend / girlfriendCanada
Your loverAmerica
Protects you from the bullySweden
Rich playboy guyKorea
Police officerPoland
Old lady who lives in that scary housePoland
Old man who yells at the skySweden
Homeless personLatvia
Best Friend Forever!!!HRE
In jailHungary
Lives under your houseHong Kong
Maniac who is in a mental hospitalBelarus
Wants to kill youDoitsu
Ice cream truck driverLithuania
Wants to **** youGermania
Steals your newspaperKorea
Burglar who stole your spongeEgypt
Licks your shoesGrandpa Rome
Kicks your trashcan:N. Italy
Eats the trashHolland
Lives in a doghouse in your gardenHolland
Thinks he / she lives with youEstonia
Got kidnapped by aliens...Korea
And transformed intoRuler of the world!
Will I update this mini-quiz?Yeeeeeees...
Who am I really?S. Italy
Yes... become one with me!You: ... Baka.

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Stupid sleep issues! / A lucky 3-2 shootout win!

Tried sleeping at 1:30 AM, woke up at 3:15 AM, tried sleeping at 4:45 AM, and have been up basically every hour and a half since with breaks of an hour to sleep... UGH! I finally decided to just stay up at around 10:30. I'm pretty sure someone hates me, anyway. Listened to the hockey game... I thought we were going to lose due to a lot of sloppy defense and plays. Kevin Bieksa scored to tie it up with 30 seconds left in the game, so it went into overtime and then another shootout. (which Colorado was undefeated in) Mason Raymond scored the only goal, so the Canucks won 3-2! That served to improve my mood a bit.. now, I'm off to read if I can concentrate on the stuff!

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Homemade blueberry pie, CARS, flatbread, and teasing me

When Eric picked me up, he gave me a dubious look when I said that I had to get a cuter hat for tonight - the other one was too BLUE! Yes, I am weird. Hey, maybe I want to look cuter than usual when I actually go out to see my friends, which happens more rarely these days! We talked about the lunch for Pastor Bob in two weeks (NOT Sunday as I originally thought!), Chinese Eric (PHO IS NOT ROMANTIC!), what I was doing to make the Canucks lose (especially in last night's shootout - THAT IS NOT MY FAULT!), Steph and Lisa's "news," passports, my being "drunk," my hoping someone didn't hate me for not really talking to them for the past two days (NOT ERIC HO!), stupid drivers, and more prior to getting on Kevin's street. Then his car was essentially boxed in; very annoying!

We found Kevin putting the finishing touches on some homemade curry, so I asked Eric to open the container of wasabi peanuts for me. HE TWISTED THE LID OFF! Damn, I felt like an idiot! My brain didn't even think of THAT at all! At least I got it open, which was my motivation in bringing it tonight! Geoffrey brought some sushi, and Albert brought some shrimp - we haven't seen Albert in at least a year or so, maybe! Everyone had pasta salad, shrimp, sushi, curry, green onion flatbread (like green onion pancakes), sugar and honey in the homemade chai tea (Eric's dietary restrictions?!), homemade blueberry pie, ice cream, and more while talking about Surrey and White Rock / youth / working / RPG / police work opportunities / STARCRAFT II / food health inspections / Houston / Canucks / J.J. Bean's owner being a Christian / Dan Hamhuis, Wally Buono, and David Booth also being open about their Christian faith / annoying phone calls / the best way to reach me / answering machines / IM.

Eric had brought quite a selection of movies, like BATMAN BEGINS / ALICE IN WONDERLAND / EASY RIDER / BATMAN AND ROBIN / THE DARK KNIGHT. Geoffrey was looking through it, and I told him that Eric DID love his Batman movies! We ended up watching Cars - well, almost all of it. There was a scratch near the end of the movie, and Kevin couldn't find his remote afterwards! We could pretty much tell how it ended, anyway - Eric and Kevin had to discuss budget stuff for a bit later, too. On the way home after getting out of the tough parking situation, Eric bugged me about the Super Bowl - yes, of COURSE my Internet friends will likely discuss the game on Facebook and LJ! (so I cannot escape even if I wish to) Also talked about my "best friend" Paul (HELL NO!), Randal, menthol, lotion, gum, my not being on drugs, crab, certain things which seemed really American since we've NEVER heard of them, my making him deaf when he suggested something to do with Chinese Eric, how I was NOT going to eat the entire thing of wasabi peanuts in one sitting now that I had it open, the church website, his sound or worship duties, and more.

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Friday, February 03, 2012

Restraint, wasabi peanuts, and NO evenings with Mr. Ho!

Took a much-needed nap, and got up to a missed call and a missed MSN buzz from Eric. I had to call him back to see what he wanted; he asked if I were coming out tonight. After restraining myself as far as cursing went, I said that I didn't know what to bring! He said to bring my piles of chips and candy - just what the heck has HE been reading about my shopping habits?! I countered that I had wasabi peanuts (which need to be opened anyway, by someone who is NOT me), but THEY WEREN'T A FUCKING DINNER ITEM! (only I used some other word in place of the "bad" one :P) Yes, I knew that there wouldn't be that many people coming to Kevin's, and that there will be curry / pasta salad, but STILL!

He got a grudging acceptance from me, and then proceeded to bug me about the hockey game tomorrow. "Don't tell me you're going to bed by 10:30 tonight to make it for the game at noon, because we both know that's not going to happen." I said that I had to save money anyway (thank GOODNESS that I didn't go out with Vanessa today!), so then he bugged me about "evenings with Mr. Ho" - VERY FUNNY! I haven't contacted him since last week (which was LOVELY!), only because he does need space and time to do his own family stuff and all. White Eric is crazy... *shakes head*

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Mixed gender bathing, proving Eric WRONG, Lisa and Steph

Apparently, Steph and Lisa told the lards yesterday that they plan to be married in a few months - I bet that was scary! According to her, they reacted the way I thought they would. Eric also tried telling me that the Canucks aren't playing tomorrow... well, according to their official schedule, I see a game against the Avalanche tomorrow at noon. SO THERE! :P

Mixed gender bathing in the Argilla Pass hot springs:

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Thursday, February 02, 2012

FINISHED SOUL SHRINE! / Unwell stomach / Kevin potluck

Bleh - my stomach feels unwell! Replied to Mandy's and Bryan's emails, and was determined on at least a few levels today! I saw emails about a potluck / movie at Kevin's tomorrow night, or maybe volunteering at a math contest (WTF) with Geoffrey on Saturday afternoon too. The only thing about tomorrow is... MY BELOVED WEEKLY TRADITION! Hahaha! Saturday is OUT for me because of the hockey game - PRIORITIES, PEOPLE!

The pre-game show had some guy with a really annoying voice providing his commentary... thank goodness it was only for a few minutes, but I still had to turn the radio off for a bit! It's Todd Bertuzzi's 37th birthday today, too. Had to eat my Snyder's of Hanover BUFFALO HOT WINGS PRETZEL PIECES as we played the Detroit Red Wings tonight! However, Detroit won 4-3 in a shootout. *sigh*

I FINALLY FINISHED THE SOUL SHRINE AND DRAGON'S DEN IN FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE, THUS I HAVE COMPLETED THE WHOLE GAME! What a challenge... a marathon of 128 battles! I was lucky even if the Kaiser Dragon killed off two of my characters!


Go, do, dog! (after almost everyone in Tazmily has left for New Pork City)

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Lever 2000 Citrus Fresh body wash, soap, and LOTR characters

I got on-sale Irish Spring Cool Scrub Exfoliating soap and on-sale Lever 2000 Citrus Fresh body wash at Shoppers at noon; I was out and back home in half an hour. Also did laundry... exciting stuff, I know. :P

Which Lord of the Rings Character are you destined to be with? by neverlandfairy
You are meant to be withSaruman of Many Colors
You will meetin the Green Dragon.
Your sex will beExperimental.
You will have sexin a tiny hobbit hole.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012 BBT Tally / Palindromic ages, rent, health, and tripe

Replied to something Jon emailed me regarding rent, subsidy, and mental health... he says it sounds good, so that's fine. Called Steph to reserve my place at the Palindromic Age Birthday Dinner on the 18th for her and Grandma - 29 and 92! Paid my phone bill, and was responsible! HAHAHA! Vanessa got on MSN to advise me of her upcoming schedule; she wants to do Granville Island / that Broadway bakery / wonton for lunch (TRIPE AND FUNGUS!) on Friday. Updated her on health stuff, too. She wants to try some Hong Kong-style café place called the Silver Tower (by Matsuyama, with shitty parking!) on Alexandra Rd. when she's here; I've never heard of it. Also listened to an intense hockey game... the Canucks ended up winning 3-2 in overtime, thanks to Daniel Sedin's record-setting tenth OT goal. :D

This video (2:10 to 2:25) finally helped me find the rock I had to hop over for FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE. Now I can finally defeat the Kaiser Dragon, and hopefully make it to the Soul Shrine!


yin-yang @ Big Orange (Thursday, Jan. 26)

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Ancient Rome, Jack Nicholson, dead janitors, and mad cow disease

In a bid to clear my head, I went to the library since I had to return a couple of books anyhow. Borrowed Roma: The Novel of Ancient Rome (Steven Saylor), Dead Janitors Club: Pathetically True Tales Of a Crime Scene Cleanup King (Jeff Klima), Don't Look Behind You: Ann Rule's Crime Files #15 (Ann Rule), Jan Wong's China: Reports From A Not-So-Foreign Correspondent, Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain (Oliver Sacks), The Trembling Mountain: A Personal Account of Kuru, Cannibals, and Mad Cow Disease (Robert Klitzman), The Family That Couldn't Sleep: A Medical Mystery (D.T. Max), and Bad Boy Drive: The life and fast times of Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, and Dennis Hopper (Robert Sellers) - plus a book on the history of mistresses by Elizabeth Abbott which I never finished the last time I borrowed it. We'll see how well this goes, since I swear I'm losing my capacity to read a LOT at a single time! I think it was just a momentary distraction... oh well.

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Creamy banana gelato, whole-wheat perogies, Healthy Choices, and lobster chips

I've been doing a lot of thinking. In fact, I have too much time to think! Barry picked me up, and we went to Price Smart. I got creamy Dorgel banana gelato, some triple chocolate cake, on-sale Konnyaku noodles, cheesecake, sponges, on-sale Snyder's of Hanover Hot Buffalo Wings pretzel pieces, black pepper-flavored lobster chips, baked Old Dutch ketchup chips, bread (which I got for free), wasabi peanuts (I can't open the square container now?!), an Aero peppermint lamb, on-sale turkey pot pies, and on-sale bananas.

Also purchased microwaveable pancakes / French toast, blueberry mini bagels, shrimp crackers, on-sale Astro yogurt x2, Koala Springs drinks (raspberry and guava / orange and mango), on-sale apple juice / wildberry juice / orange juice, frozen veggies, ice cream, shampoo / conditioner (PERT!), whole-wheat Cheemo perogies, and more. Saw some on-sale cream crackers and cookie egg rolls, but figured they wouldn't be worth it if I couldn't open the containers! (the bane of my existence...) When I saw that Healthy Choices steamed microwaveable meals were on sale, I had to get a whole bunch! Cajun chicken and shrimp, Grilled Chicken Red Pepper Alfredo, Lemon Garlic chicken and shrimp, Sweet Sesame Chicken, Beef Merlot, Grilled Basil Chicken, Beef Teriyaki, Grilled Chicken Marinara, and Grilled Balsamic Chicken were my choices!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

TEAM CHARA WON?! UGH... palindromes about DOOM

Woke up at the ridiculously early time of 9:30 AM, but at least that gave me a few hours before the All-Star Game was due to start. Too bad Chinese Eric couldn't make it today, because that would have been AWESOME! Team Chara won (BLAH - would much have preferred Team Alfredsson to win), but at least it was entertaining with 21 goals total!

May a moody baby doom a yam?

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