Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Zealand bans weird baby names

New Zealand bans weird baby names

Celebrities with a penchant for weird baby names (looking at you, David and Victoria Beckham) should avoid having kids in New Zealand.

The country's Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages has been cracking down on parents who get too creative when naming their kids, Australia's Herald Sun reports.

The list of weird names for kids that are banned by New Zealand's names registrar has grown to include Lucifer, Duke, Messiah, and 89.

Also not approved: Bishop, Baron, General, Judge, King, Knight, and Mr., names that were all said to be too similar to titles.

The letters, C, D, I, and T were also rejected as first names, the Herald Sun says.

As well, the agency has refused to allow names involving asterisks, commas, periods, and other punctuation marks.

And three different sets of Kiwi parents wanted to name their children Lucifer, only to have the name choice nixed.

In 2008, New Zealand's names registrar drew international attention when it approved such non-traditional names as Benson and Hedges for a set of twins, as well as the boys names of Violence and Number 16 Bus Shelter.

But New Zealand isn't the only country to ban wacky names for kids, the Toronto Globe and Mail reports.

In Sweden, name choices are subject to a naming law. While Lego and Google have been approved as names for children... Superman, Metallica, and Elvis, and the name Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (pronounced Albin) were not approved.

In 2007, a judge in the Dominican Republic submitted a proposal to ban names that are either confusing or gave no indication of gender, such as the names Qeurida Pina (Dear Pineapple) and Tonton Ruiz (Dummy Ruiz), according to the Globe and Mail.


Lately, "Baron" makes me think of FINAL FANTASY II / IV:

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Michael, Amanda, and pooping (dream) / Losing / Amy Winehouse dead / CELLO!

I had a dream about Michael, Amanda, and pooping - I don't think I even WANT to know! Eric popped up on MSN to say that I had to lose first in order to win; NO, I AM NOT GOING TO JEREMY'S! I also just heard that Amy Winehouse has joined the "27 Club"... sad drug news! :(

SIX DAYS TO GO FOR ME AND TEUNIS, so I shall find crazy versions of FINAL COUNTDOWN... I found a cello / orchestra one for today!

You Are a Classic Cone

You are a compassionate and selfless person. You truly care about people - whether they're strangers or friends.

You are always aware of and sensitive to other people's feelings. You are tender and compassionate.

You're not easily impressed with novelty. However, you do easily impress others.

You take responsibilities seriously. You follow through with everything you commit to.

Cello / orchestra:

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Mormons, religion, burgers, birthday cards, Jordan, SETTLERS OF CATAN

Teunis got home before 8, saying that traffic had been so bad that he'd stopped off at Vera's for a burger as dinner, but he didn't appear to think much of the food there. Pity, since I heard it was good... apparently, there's some at Aberdeen, and I hear they're moving into the States as well. We also discussed a suitable birthday card for Jordan since it's his birthday tomorrow, baths, birthdays in general, butterflies, the color pink, dogs, little Joshua K., Jamie (jaebird), babysitting, laziness, hearing, money, Sees candy NOT being gum (AIYA!), grilled cheese sandwiches, Dylan forgetting his own birthday (as Jordan does - Teunis thinks it's common?!), whether Jordan was religious (but he's Mormon!), Connie and Jenny's birthday being the same day ("you're my birthday present, so you have to do what I say!"), Wendy's sons' birthdays being one day apart (Daniel and Cameron), raspberry jam, it being his last weekend here, no gaming, and more.

Eric got on MSN to ask whether my evening was TOO religious (not unless you count the Mormon discussion!), and then said stuff about it being 15 below Mercury. He also said Teunis was playing OBLIVION: ELDER SCROLLS / CHAMPIONS ONLINE, too. Then he advised me to leave the game pieces at Jeremy's so I wouldn't lose the games - YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! We also discussed geekiness, looking stupid, whom I'd like to impress, his owning SETTLERS OF CATAN, owning everyone at the game, and more. Trust me, I put in my official RSVP from my Yahoo account stating that I wasn't up to it. (Eric knows better, but I didn't want to put THAT as my real reason) Besides, I've saved some money by not going out on the weekends and such these past few weeks - that's always good!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

No crisis of faith here! / Boiling water and wrong burners


Eric got on MSN this afternoon to tell me that I had to be out by 6:50 - the program's too religious, I told him. Yes, I am well aware it's at church. Besides, after that dinner last night, I need some more downtime... crisis of faith, my ass! I had to get stuff done before 3:45 and the FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY, hahaha! While I was online, I told him that I wouldn't be going to Jeremy's on Sunday since I won't win all the games. Eventually, I just exited Trillian - conversation isn't welcome today when I'm in my zone of busywork!

Called Barry to make a Wednesday appointment for food shopping at 1, who said something about a Dave Bland memorial baseball game - ah yes, I remember he was stabbed to death two days before retirement in 2005 by a crazy nutjob! Then I turned the wrong burner on when I was trying to make hot and sour soup with noodles, and luckily noticed it a few minutes later - good job, NOT! (and I was wondering why it took the water so long to boil...)

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What Does Your Favorite Summer Activity Say About You?

I'm wearing my red bling sweater in July. It's TOO COLD HERE!

You Are Brilliant

You are easily inspired to think colorful, interesting thoughts. Your ideas are never dull.

You tend to think up the most innovative things. Your mind knows no limits.

You are intellectually open-minded. You like your beliefs and ideas being challenged.

You value autonomy and independence. You strongly believe in being free.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another birthday dinner at Lin's... aiya!

The parents and Grandma picked me up late for Dad's birthday dinner, but gave me some raspberry jam / cherries / an apple / jalapeno cheese slices. We talked about Teunis' move and his being unable to take transit - I just KNEW Dad wouldn't be impressed, hahaha! Mom wanted to know about the diesel on his drive home; I didn't have an answer to that because I don't think it's my business! At Lin's, we talked about Rockets / signing cards / "crushes" / Nathan leaving in October / Wes / Christon / Mr. Creep / my standards / Grandma's perm / SLB / Shanghai noodles / "Happy Family" soup. We also discussed Harmony's money / Dylan / Deb / Cindy / Lisa's shifts / Sunday night (which Teunis can't make it out to because of his own stuff) / Dave Wong / Chinese Eric / London / the Night Market / Grandma giving Steph some birthday money four months late (hilarious!) / Bathroom Readers. When I finally got home, Teunis and I discussed gum and the last weekend ever. Mom elected not to stop over at Jon and Harmony's for cake later, which is fine by me!

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Got this from EosWildcat's userinfo:


My name is


My gender is

adult, alien, angel, big sister, bitch, blessed, caring, child, complex, confidant, confused, cousin, creature, curious, cute, daughter, demon, different, diva, dude, eccentric, eclectic, esoteric, female, female-assigned, female-bodied, female-born, freak, free, friend, friendly, full of love, gay-friendly, genetic girl, genetic woman, human, indifferent, individual, intelligent, interested, introvert, kid, loving, Ms., me, myself, niece, none of your business, odd, open, other, outspoken, passionate, person, queen, quirky, quiz whore, random, sassy, shy, sister, spiritual, straight, strange, survivor, trustworthy, undefined, understanding, unique, unspecified, unsure, weird, whatever, who cares, XY

What's yours?

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Wizard's staff and knobs / FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON / My safety! / Whom I'd talk to

Teunis and I discussed "hurt," stress, weird Youtube videos, A WIZARD'S STAFF HAS A KNOB ON ITS END / HEDGEHOG / naughty songs, folk music, science fiction, FINAL FANTASY 7, Lupabitch, Sephiroth, UFOs, sleep deficits, stereotypes, spaceships, the past, forgiveness, Leslie Fish, Tolkien, LORD OF THE RINGS, languages, STAR TREK, monsters, FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON, space technology built on dreams, "normalcy," PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, his brothers Matthew and Alex, typos, and more prior to his going to bed last night. I don't care if he doesn't believe me, but I did NOT rant about his talking to himself in the kitchen on Facebook - I even checked my profile page! He's crazy, hahaha.

I might have said stuff for my own safety TO him, but that's it - I had to ensure my sanity, and it's still my place! Actually, he knows damn well WHY such things were said in the first place, so he has no right to feel hurt over it! Then I was woken up by his tranquil alarm at 6:15 AM or so, which continued for at least half an hour... aren't alarms normally supposed to be NOISILY ANNOYING AND INTRUSIVE so that you WILL get up?! Of course, there are the times where you can't get up - which at least has happened to me, so that's how I know it's possible! Mary also deleted her FB again.

You Want to Talk to Someone Passionate

You are inspired by other people's passions. You like to surround yourself with delightfully intense people.

You aspire to great things. You dream big, and you have the self-confidence to make your dreams come true.

You are loving. The feelings in your heart are pure and strong.

People usually totally love you or totally hate you. You are extremely intense.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cindy, Deb, ramen, sushi, mini Blizzards, babies, fruit at Deb's, and INSANITY with Eric

Cindy and Deb picked me up at 7:15, and we were off to Miyabi Ramen, where they remembered me, AND were sold out of the curry beef ramen AGAIN! I swear, I need to go there for lunch or something! I got a California roll with teriyaki chicken ramen instead, while Cindy wanted no garlic and no spicy stuff, and Deb got a bento box... NO SUSHI FOR YOU SINCE YOU'RE PREGNANT! We talked about Deb and Dylan's trip to New York, where I've been, Cindy's new church, teaching in a Christian school, Hannah, Becky, gelato, bubble tea, mini Blizzards from Dairy Queen, the upcoming Lum baby (I'm rooting for Declan - Elvis Costello's real name - rather than Elyse Michaela), and renovations. Also talked about fruit, Superstore, being wired, medicine, health, Scottish / Irish names, renovations, Megan H. / Eunice / Isaac / Joshua / Keith's son going to Cindy's Christian school, and more. Later, we decided to go to Deb and Dylan's place for fruit as dessert.

Had lychee, apple, Bliss chocolates, M&Ms, cherries, ginger ale, and more while discussing my sleeping in (Dylan said it was okay - they'd done 3 or 4 months of planning), Deb's New York pictures on Facebook, Facebook, Dylan's iPad, technology, kids' creativity, Cindy getting stressed / nervous easily, Awana, age groups, their sink plugging up, the dishwasher, Steph's sink overflowing at her housewarming party, and more. Some people shun others who aren't on Facebook; I don't do that, and Cindy knows it. They had that awesome Chapman's cappuccino frozen yogurt, hahaha! Cindy drove me home, where I was able to discuss fish with Teunis before I almost promptly got into a crazy MSN conversation with white Eric about Fellowship (Mike Murray AGAIN?!) / church / wasting time / religion / Sunday night at Jeremy's with jerk chicken and Korean BBQ ribs / killing Randal / Dave Wong / people like Kevin, Jon, Christon, and Cindy apparently asking about me / my Yahoo account. Of course, this involved a lot of yelling and screaming at the screen on my part! Teunis thinks I mock him for talking to himself while cooking, and yet think I am the normal one. Of the two of us, I AM!

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Email communication is easier, Cindy! / Nathan and free beer / HARRY POTTER characters

Cindy apparently tried calling me with tonight's dinner plans (6:45 to 7 is fine by me!), but of course didn't get an answer... so she emailed me instead to ask for my address. As I told her in a reply, email is much easier for these kinds of things! Nathan then emailed a bunch of us about a series of Chinese heritage discussion nights (possibly at Jeremy's, with white Eric being the tech guy) with free beer as an incentive - HAHAHAHA!

Which Harry Potter Character Will Fall For You? by Alias03
WhoRon Weasley
WhenJuly 14, 2028
WhereAt Ron's house
You willDance

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NEVER SET THE CAT ON FIRE! / David S. and chasing Mattias (dream) / Classical instruments

Before we went to bed last night, Teunis and I discussed monsters / NEVER SET THE CAT ON FIRE / the CHALLENGER tragedy / little girls / sad stories / inspirational music / radio music / fuzzy little animals / US and China space programs. We also talked about space technology / war / the hospital / this apartment / Remembrance Day / revolutions / Caesar / paying and honoring your soldiers / the anniversary of space flight / R.E.M.'s MAN ON THE MOON / Leslie Fish's HOPE EYRIE.

When I finally got to sleep, I had a dream that David S. (omni_sinrilus) was protecting me from gangster wannabes as we traveled around a huge concrete mall parking lot. The white punk boys couldn't do anything as David shielded me from any attacks they might start. Later, we went to a bunch of conference rooms and helped my friends chase little Mattias (wearing a pink-purple raincoat) around. There was an area where an uncle told me that we should be quiet: yes, there were white paper signs to this effect, but none of us paid any attention. Once we managed to catch up with Mattias, we told him that he should stay in the stroller, but he promptly ran off in the direction of the washrooms. Quan helped us corral him, then I saw my mom holding another baby, whom I somehow knew to be my nephew. Auntie Ping asked me in perfect English about the baby, and I blanked out on my own nephew's name. (she has fractured English in real life) Finally, we returned Mattias to his parents Chung Yan and Karen, who was holding baby Marcus. Just before I woke up, Edwin said that we were lucky Mattias had a brightly-colored raincoat on... indeed so!

You Should Play Classical Cello

You are orderly and systematic. You like to have everything in its place.

You are bored by routine. You need some whimsy in your life to stay happy.

You've figured out what works for you in life, and you just go with that.

You are well-grounded, but you also seek freedom. You need independence in order to grow and thrive.

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HIGHWAY TO HELL, coconut, "ugfart" NOT Steph, James, and Chinese Eric

Teunis got home just as AC/DC's Highway To Hell started playing on the radio - haha, that's appropriate in a silly way! I gave him his mail and opened my envelope to discover a new chip-enabled debit card... NICE! He says he wasn't aware that I disliked coconut, and said it would have been fine to tell him that... he can enjoy the rest of the pie, then! Called Jon to see how he was going to get to the dinner - they're going to bus it, which is fine. He also asked where I'd been for the past couple of weeks; haha, sleeping in! (says I was lazy) I called him an ugfart, which for some reason made Teunis think I was talking to Steph - haha, WHAT?! Funny, even though he's used to me calling Steph that. I say he's used to my calling Steph an "UG," which is slightly different. ;)

Then I called Mom to see where the dinner was since Jon didn't seem to know - she wanted to know whether I'd reminded Jon to call her about Harmony's massage. HOW WOULD I DO THAT WHEN I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT IT?! NO LOGIC! She also said that the black forest cake had caused the black poo last year, since none of the food at the restaurant had been black; somehow, I don't think so! I guess we're doing Lin's again, and I have to accept a ride from them. It better be bearable, anyway. Teunis and I discussed work, hamburgers, chocolate eggs, music, the arts, Jim, a song called NEVER SET THE CAT ON FIRE, his mom's birthday tomorrow, and more. Talked briefly to James on YM about Pho and Subway, who was early at about 9:20 PM, hahaha. Then I talked to Chinese Eric on MSN, which is always good: monster amounts of change / Pho, chicken wings, spring rolls, taxes, his actually going to Pho Cao Van with old co-workers, visiting his grandma, checkups, thanking me for caring, being a good friend, hanging out with Nate, Jon / Harmony, his strength / health, feeling sleepy, and more.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New calculators, dumping off change, and Dianne getting my stuff

After I used my sunscreen, I went to London Drugs to get a new calculator since my old one is pissing me off - I press buttons, and it doesn't work as I expected! I also got on-sale toilet paper / on-sale Chocolate Brownie Madness snacks / on-sale Rockets for Steph and Lisa. Then it was off to have lunch at Pho Cao Van (I only go there once every few years, anyways) and dump off all the change I've accumulated in Ziploc bags ($7.10 in nickels and $1.80 in pennies), and to Staples to get a ream of paper since I'm running out of the paper I got some time ago from Superstore after church! I was going to get Excelsior for lunch, but that place is closed on Tuesdays! Got home and discovered that Dianne had got her birthday card / farewell card / happy face stickers today, and called it "a wonderful surprise" which she appreciated - "Hi Leslie!! I got it today! What a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much. You are too sweet. I really appreciate you taking the time to send that to me!! Thank you again! =) Happy day!"

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What Smiley Are You?

You Are a Nose Smiley

You are a very detailed oriented person. You feel happiest when all your ducks are in a row.

You are conventional and orthodox. You are the most normal person you know.

You like to work hard, but you also value your downtime. You seek balance in your life.

You are smart to the point of being a genius. You are very learned.

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Wheelchairs, Ronald, defiance of weather, Cindy and Deb

I did my good deed for the day and helped some guy who was in a wheelchair when I pressed the button to open the door widely. Then I got home and discovered an email from someone named Ronald Shiu - turned out to be Antony's dad, who wanted to inform the entire Awana Crew that Antony (who's in air cadets camp) couldn't make it to Awana's summer session since he had a conflict. Okay, then! Guess it's good to know these things, haha. Did stuff with stickers, and also found my mic and mic stand.

Christon sent us an email about "defiance of the weather at Jeremy's" - he had me at the BBQ part even if I do need to save money (since I'll get a replacement ream of paper / noodles / snacks / a new calculator at Staples and London Drugs sometime this week), but NOT at the games part! I'd rather stay home, haha. Cindy emailed me back about lunch or dinner since her relatives just left today - she wants to invite Deb, and that's fine by me since I haven't seen her in a while. Apparently, Deb's always wanted to have a meal with me; I had NO idea about that, hahaha! I know Thursday doesn't work for me because of Dad's birthday dinner, so Wednesday works! I did recommend that Miyabi Ramen place, too... she says it sounds good, heh. However, I *do* know I shouldn't mention my sister or Lisa that evening!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

$7.10 in nickels / $1.80 in pennies / Kenny / Andrew and Teresa FINALLY got married

Talked to Kenny briefly via Skype messages, and discovered another random person wanted to add me on Facebook... NO WAY! Discovered that I had $7.10 in nickels and $1.80 in pennies - time to get rid of them somehow, since I'm too lazy to bank 'em. Maybe I'll spend them in restaurants since I don't think it'll be good to dump them on unsuspecting grocery stores! Heard that Andrew got married to Teresa, so it's a good thing for their upcoming kid and her kids too.

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Privacy, devotion, fully appreciating video game music, and playing hooky

I'll have a lot of privacy what with Teunis over at Jazmin's overnight - yay for breaks from people! (We also discussed how I feel he deserves someone who is FULLY devoted to him, but he thinks it doesn't work that way - YES, IT DOES! You won't feel as loved in such a relationship!) Some random foreign person tried adding me to Facebook; I DON'T THINK SO! The first thing I did was turn up my laptop volume up to 50% since I don't have to worry about anything today. This also helps me in more fully appreciating the video game music, hahaha! :D

You Are Bold

You can't help but live a little more brightly and boldly than most people.

You are high-powered and spunky. You bring a lot to the table... sometimes too much!

You love an adrenaline rush, and you want to try every extreme sport. The more extreme, the better.

Confident and honest, you're the one to say what everyone else is thinking.

This is only half-true. Would a bold person "duck and hide" while playing hooky? Dunno...

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Uncle Bick, coconut lime pie, foiling Eric, GUITAR WORLD, and kosher wine

When Teunis finally got up at 2:35, we discussed mold (in Robin's washroom?!) / rot / towels / gum / slurping / Jordan / effects / Burnaby woods having mold / reactions / going walkabout / his showering and laundry / coughing / sniffling / lime / coconut (shavings) / pie / Sidekicks pasta / allergies and sensitivities / foiling Eric's phone calls AGAIN / OBLIVION / accidentally packing his double boiler / Yaohan / going over to Jazmin's tomorrow overnight to nerd out over the SIMS, of all things! We also discussed water, potatoes / carrots / onions / beets / kidney beans (IRON!) as dinner, the old-time radio shows, kosher Jewish wine, downtime, baseball, burgers, lettuce, frozen yogurt, grudges, not lying, and more. I emailed Cindy about lunch after tomorrow, too. Talked to Kenny briefly about phobias and trolling friends via Skype messages, which is always good.

Called Steph to tell her about the half-wine / half-water Roman combo - NO, I AM NOT DRUNK! She also told me that Mom's friend was Uncle Bick from Australia - OH YEAH, I REMEMBER HIM! James said hello to me in formal Spanish over YM, so I told him to drop the formality, hahaha! Talked about my alone time, his liking the SIMS, video game music, dessert, fried food, pumpkin / coconut creme / banana creme / apple / cherry pies, his bad day, Almond Joys / Bounty bars having coconut, Rocky Road, mailing stuff, GUITAR WORLD being way better YEARS ago, magazine subscriptions, and more. Amy Liao also unfriended me on Facebook, sigh.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oversleeping again and bookmarks

Teunis and I discussed slurping noodles, visiting Jordan, the blah weather, sprinkling rain, his leaving to go to storage, the band gig, my not leaving the apartment, dealing with stress by leaving, and more before he left yesterday. I happily spent the rest of my awake time doing the usual, and wasn't surprised when I was talking to Shelley about being unable to sleep at 2 AM. Turned out I slightly overslept, and only woke up at about 9:30 despite Eric trying to call. At least I made a "good-faith" effort to call him after I was finished getting ready for the day fifteen minutes later, haha. I TOLD HIM I COULDN'T MAKE SUNDAYS, SO THIS IS WHAT HE GETS!

You Read to Learn

You are more than happy to help others with your skills and knowledge. You have a lot of wisdom to share.

You're very old-fashioned. You have a strong set of values that you follow carefully.

You are continually acquiring new knowledge. You are a quiet and persistent learner.

You are a reserved and careful person, but you don't let that stop you from doing your thing.

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