Saturday, May 05, 2012

Scottish dwarves Earthgift Shrine, alcohol, aspirin, and no progress

If Eric asks me about any progress, I'll have to disappoint both him and myself. *sigh* He did get on MSN to say he'd be here early tomorrow because of sound duties, and he wouldn't be going to the Cinco de Mayo dinner. Meh, sounds doable to me anyway! We talked about "progress" (SEE?!), escalators, other dinners, my being "drunk," Bruins girls, Advil gelcap aspirins prohibiting me not mixing alcohol with it, and more.

Gotta love the Scottish dwarves in DAWN OF SOULS! This one is at the entrance to the Earthgift Shrine bonus dungeon.

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Eric picked me up; he told me that apparently Paul has moved even further away (according to the ugfart and Christon), to Saskatoon. I ranted about a lot of stuff, like dying in Vegas when I'm there / wanting to kill people in general / the early start time. (hey, it's been a couple of weeks...) He bugged me about James and how I could be at church for both Friday AND Sunday this week - apparently, that's never happened before! *sarcasm* Got to church and talked to Gino, Albert, Christon, Jeremy, the "different" woman Teresa (who annoyed everyone with her questions), Vivian, and Kevin about sushi / a life timeline exercise / macarons / life updates / spaghetti / parsley / basil / potstickers / the spontaneous Sunday Dinner for Cinco de Mayo / doulas / fried chicken / nachos / FAMILY BUSINESS (a mob game) / BALDERDASH / Surrey / Cloverdale / teeth / church stuff / divorce / losses / music / Disney. I discovered redrum, so there's a good reason why I feel the way I do! On the way home, Eric and I talked about my being "drunk" / FINAL FANTASY / Cactuars / my yelling making him deaf / bad people / silence at Westminster Abbey / getting gas / shorts / "robot mode" / WOW / my talking a lot / the Van Halen concert on Monday / Calgary / online radio stations and bandwidth.

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Friday, May 04, 2012

SETTLERS OF CATAN = half-hour videos!

Eric got on MSN to ask whether I were going tonight, so I told him to check his email since I actually responded to one of Christon's for once. He said that I didn't have to play SETTLERS OF CATAN if I didn't want to, but I did have to watch a 30-minute Youtube video (featuring Wil Wheaton) about the game. I was going to do the weekly tradition for all the 400+ screenshots, but stopped at 70 after people thought they'd report me or ban me. Meh, that takes the fun out of things. Then I answered about that many comments before figuring I should call Eric, but Veronica answered the phone instead, which made me nervous for some stupid reason. (LOSS OF CONTROL OR SCRIPT!) I can just imagine Eric's reaction if I tell him to tell his mother not to answer the phone when I call (which I wouldn't) - they have CALLER ID, for God's sake! - but that would be bad. Guess I am going... *stupid brain*

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Zombies incontrovertible excuse, Adam Yauch

Couldn't get to sleep till 6 AM, but then I dreamed that the building was taken over by zombies led by Lesley C., and I didn't have to go to Vegas since that provided an incontrovertible excuse. *sigh* Good thing Chinese Eric, Julie S., and Nathan W. were there for me and our band of people! Ugh, obligations. Decided to start DAWN OF SOULS as the first game in the bestiary project... I named my characters Elaina, Stefan, Nicola, and Scotty.

I also heard that Adam "MCA" Yauch of the Beastie Boys died from salivary gland cancer today. SAD! :(

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Impromptu dinner = noodle defeat, again!

Mom said that Grandma wasn't going for dinner, but she WAS enjoying fried rice instead! Jon and Harmony didn't go either since he has to teach till 8:30. Oh well, I decided to take a break from the uploading and go to the "imprompto" dinner at the Cattle Café, anyway. Discussed Nelson, Metrotown, the noodles defeating us, house prices, airlines, chicken wings, sweet potato noodles, spicy stuff (Lisa wouldn't be able to take my Szechuan bowl), Bryant and Shirley getting married in seven weeks or so, GREY'S ANATOMY, Eunice and Eddie getting married in a couple of months, Tracy, the new polymer bills, Auntie Gloria, curry fishballs, Uncle Stephen's son getting married around that time, colors (I dislike pink - Buffalo yarn sold by the Natives or no), new Surrey homicides, overtime, Ryan Getzlaf NOT being Ryan Kesler (Mom...), chicken eggs full of air, "people-movers" (which did NOT improve my mood), "connections," and more. Mom gave me a bunch of gummi candy, more socks, and other things.

These are the noodles which defeated me:

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TRIPLE OVERTIME / Project processes / Draining bank account

Last night, I tuned into the Capitals-Rangers triple overtime hockey game just in time to see Marian Gaborik's winning goal. Good timing, and I can definitely talk about that to Chinese Eric whenever I call him next! (or when he shows up on MSN, whatever works) Then I started the VERY LONG process of my next project; I might have to NOT catch up on certain things because of this! That's when you KNOW it's serious! o_O

Today, I read about perogies and wanted something similar, so I made dumplings instead. Ridiculously easy, as I was telling Chrissy. Then I was responsible and paid my phone bill, which predictably drained my bank account. It's not like I was planning to go anywhere this month ANYWAY - blasted trip! *grumble* (this FINAL FANTASY VI speedrun by EssentiaFour is providing my mood music for the project!)

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Peanut butter on pancakes = yummy protein!

After I did a bunch of organizational work like new folders and such for my video game screenshots on the computer, I saw some email from Mom about dinner tomorrow near where Steph and Lisa live; I'm up for either sushi or curry at 6:30 for sure! She told me that Jessica, Karen Grace, and Erin are going to Vegas (which has expensive drinks) - thanks to Facebook, I'm well aware of that. Then she said she's signed up for Facebook Timeline, and asked me about it. Kill me now!

Steph called later, so I updated her on things. She thinks that I get certain things from Grandma, and I said that her being a "Truebain" doesn't automatically exclude her from other identities in life. Grandma just doesn't seem to be excited about the baby, but then that's because Mom isn't a SON or Uncle Michael. It's a cultural thing, like her NEVER preferring sushi! I decided to have peanut butter on my last pancakes for a snack; yummy protein!

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

VAGTABLE dumplings, Pocari Sweat, jellyfish, and Purdy's ice cream

I saw VAGTABLE dumplings at the store tonight! Called Steph to see if she and Lisa are actually going to dinner at Mom's on Thursday, as Mom had told me last night - along with stuff about Grandma's memory issues / money belts / Erin going to the wedding after all / Ben / deluxe hotel rooms / the bullion currency exchange shop near Moore's (which I saw tonight) / how I should get together romantically with Paul (NO!) or Mr. Creep (HELL NO!) or Chinese Eric. She said she was at work, so would call me later. ("most likely") While I was busy working on drafts for future entries, Vanessa unexpectedly called to say that she was in Richmond, and wanted to see if I wanted to go out for dinner. (she asked if I'd heard from Krista who could be visiting her parents, but I know nothing about that) I had literally JUST finished pouring water / soup base / oil into black garlic noodles, but was good to go with whatever we wanted. Not Pearl Castle since the mall could be closed, but maybe Specialty Chicken and Wonton House. Thank goodness I hadn't actually microwaved the noodles yet - I put the bowl in the fridge for tomorrow instead!

After she went to the bank and then to Popeye's for a container, we went to Specialty Chicken Noodle House. Talked about the treadmill, her new car, Teunis, Mr. Creep, Paul, Wayne, Purdy's ice cream, stupid idiots, Richmond, cupholders, her work, moving, the ferry terminal, ferry prices going up, Victoria, Save-On Foods, combo meals (which we ultimately decided against), spicy jellyfish, beef brisket noodles, prawn wonton noodles, gai-lan, tea, separate bills, Vegas, support, and more. I decided to go to Price Smart Foods with her; she was fascinated by the Asian section! Got (VAGTABLE / kimchi) dumplings, seven on-sale Sidekicks for $1 each (Chicken and Broccoli, Sour Cream and Chives, Stroganoff, Creamy Parmesan, Creamy Chicken Fusilli, Tri-Color Alfredo, and Tomato Alfredo), and on-sale peanut butter. She bought some coconut ice cream ($3) and one other thing she needed. We discussed hair dye, cakes, egg tarts, Calpico, Chevron, Pocky, potstickers, candied ginger, vanilla frozen yogurt, Pocari Sweat water, getting gas, and other things before she dropped me off. Now, back to work!

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Milk for adults, beer for babies! / April Bubble Tea Tally / Finished DRAGON QUEST V

Today, I had to unfriend Leonard because he keeps on adding me to hockey groups without my permission. I finally beat Mildrath and finished DRAGON QUEST V (which took me a couple of weeks to play) tonight at 6:30! SO GLAD! I did get chills when the main character's parents reunited in Heaven. Now, I may go back to FINAL FANTASY...

Imagine if this Salabona sign were flipped around to read "Milk for adults - beer for babies!"

Here's some wall graffiti in the nearby Mountain Village, where Duncan (your wife Bianca's adoptive father) lives: the Order of Light is EVIL, actually!


mango @ Big Orange (Wednesday, Apr. 25)

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

"JOY COOKIES!" / Meta DRAGON WARRIOR (game and enemy)

While I was buying and selling items in my game (am up to Faerie Village!), I talked to James about MORROWIND / SKYRIM / Youtube videos / Pokemon / VECTORMAN (a game from his childhood) / HIS "Dallas the person" (even though the ugfart and I never see or hear from Dallas Wu anymore) / FINAL FANTASY VI / dreams / more personal stuff. Always good talking to him! For some reason, Chantelle unfriended me on FB - okay, then. I hope that's not related to my wishing her a happy birthday a couple days ago! Also, I set some Turkey Bacon Club Crustinis to microwave for 3:30 AT 3:30. Love these quirky coincidences / synchronicity! :D

A walkthrough which is actually HELPFUL when it comes to the DRAGON QUEST V "mine cart" puzzle in the Cave to Zenithia Castle. I'd been about to ragequit the game!

Master Ludman of Salabona says "Joy cookies!" after the DRAGON QUEST V hero and his twin children defeat the demon Buorn in a jar:

Hey, there's an enemy called the DRAGON WARRIOR in DRAGON QUEST V! Yes, I know that's probably where the North American release of DRAGON QUEST 1 through 4 got their name, but I still find this "meta enemy" funny. :D

In Granvania Castle after you revive from being a statue for eight years, you can add humans to your party. Ruida (the Bunny Girl) has her own tavern, which is possibly a reference to Luisa's Eatery in Aliahan in DRAGON WARRIOR III. She has this to say when you're the only person in your party: "You're saying goodbye to... whom? You're sorta on your own right now..."

This is what Ruida says when you try leaving a monster companion with her:

At the same time, Monster Gramps (along with the Depository) is in the same area, allowing you to pick up / drop off any recruited monster companions you wish. This is what HE has to say when you're the only person in your party: "Right, so you want me to take care of you too? That's cute, but it's wrong!"

This is what happens when you try leaving a human companion with him:

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Unaffordable things, DOODY, Taiwan, Western-style foods

On MSN, Eric M. asked if I were going to church tomorrow; once I heard about his "website / Fellowship meetings," I wasn't really interested since I CAN'T AFFORD TO EVEN JOIN THEM RIGHT NOW. Then he asked about my "date" (he's joking, I think?) with Chinese Eric last week, excluding the Canucks losing the game; HA HA HA. Diven suggested I could pack noodles for lunch, but I wasn't up for that, especially since I stayed up till 4 AM. He bid me goodnight and said he'd see me sometime: this is almost certain!

Later, Corey bugged me via Skype messages. "Doody" and "booger" had to be outdone on my part, so I went with "period blood," muhahahaha! He told me, "There's no need to be gross... I'm about to eat lunch. I'm waiting outside this Western-style restaurant to see if they actually know how to make American things or not... The English on the menu was definitely written by a native speaker, which is at least a good sign... that's unusual here." So I updated him briefly on Vegas / DRAGON QUEST V / TV Tropes. Hope the food's good!

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