Saturday, July 04, 2009

Jesus didn't rise from the dead... he REGENERATED! *cough*crazy*cough*

Yet another October 2008 message from David Shaler:

Hey Leslie,

I really may be the chosen one. I think; of course, I can't be sure. I think it has to do with my physiology. There's nothing familial about it. Now that the final piece to my health has come together, it makes perfect sense. I come from a family of faith healers, on my mother's side. Only, they don't know it. I just finally figured it out. It looks like what happened to me is that I suffered a trauma as a baby, probably during the birthing process, and as a defense, I disconnected from my life force; that universal energy inside all of us. My nervous system was no longer regulating it and it was flowing free. My body has been in a constant state of hypervigilance; the NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) Chiropractor says it's like driving a car with both the accelerator and the brake, and it was rapidly aging my body. But, my body is able to regenerate when I'm in an alpha state and am using my upper brain function. This would happen during the warm months when I would be pacing the subdivision with my headphones on; but, as soon as school began, I wouldn't be healing my body as much. Due to the rapid aging that would occur, my genetic disease, Elhers-Danlos Syndrome, would also progress at a rapid pace. Spring would come along, and the damage would reverse itself. I always thought I was affected by the weather the same way lots of people are. However, I'm also an Indigo, and I'm wired to take on energy; so, without my nervous system regulating it, the quantum energy flowing through my body just kept increasing and increasing, to the point where my thoughts began influencing the universe. Sort of like having a direct line open to God. Unfortunately, in college, someone I spent a lot of time around developed Fibromyalgia, and since I'm empathic I took on her pain, and eventually the illness took root in my system. This prevented me from doing the activities that helped me achieve the proper mental state for healing. Not only did the Fibromyalgia get worse; but, my disease started to take over.

My nervous system has taken back control of my life force; only now it shines brighter than anyone else's. Now, my hands get extremely warm. It's no longer borderline where you have to wonder if it's just regular body heat. You can really feel it now. Even I can feel it. It even gets a little uncomfortable because I can get very very warm. This is the power to cure disease, apparently. Once I cure myself from this disease completely, I'll be able to cure other people, as well. Like a test, I suppose.

Now that I know what I'm doing, my body is regenerating again. I was nearly crippled by last Saturday and less than a week later my joints have almost completely lost their hypermobility and my skin is going back to normal. I did it by putting my headphones on, pacing back and forth, and just getting lost in thought. I have bad knees; that shouldn't have worked. As soon as I zone out the outside world and lose track of the time, my body begins to regenerate. I don't even need much sleep because of it. Driving and listening the certain music like the 1980s, for example, does the same thing to my body that you require sleep for. Unbelievable, eh? This just isn't normal. This is how Jesus would have risen from grave. He didn't come back from the dead; his body regenerated and he woke up, the same way my body regenerates. Even for people who are gifted, THIS is quite the gift; so, it really makes me wonder. Maybe, I really am. Perhaps Jesus had been predicted to reincarnate to Earth sometime in this era because this is how long it was going to take for the right DNA to come together and create the right person. This is how it had to happen because there is no such thing as magic. In the end, I'm just an extremely physiologically advanced human with a strong connection to the universe.

I know how it sounds; but, I really am experiencing something a lot different than anyone else, and it's definitely never been my imagination that my body doesn't behave like anyone else's, either. It's scary because I don't understand it, yet it rules my life. Everything plays out like a soap opera. Everything in the world operates on quantum theory, although most people, and Scientists, know nothing about it. In simple terms, my body is short circuiting and this is what happened. But, everything happens for a reason. It was pre-destined because ... I'm the chosen one.

A star appeared on my hand last summer...

If I ain't Jesus, I'm definitely something.

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Wedding of the year 2009, courtesy of Jon H.

This thing just restarted, so I'll bring you the last installment of wedding pictures!

I took these primarily from Jon H.:

String trio!

Church front:

Jon's groomsmen: Nathan, Eric and Jeremy...

Erika, the flower girl:

Harmony being escorted in by her parents:

Complete wedding party: Erika, Anita, Colleen, Holly, Harmony, Jon, Nathan, Jeremy, Eric...

Andrea's literary reading:

Registry signing:

Surprise music:

Sealed with a kiss!

Finally married!

Wedding cake cutting!

Reception thanks:

Stanley Park Pavilion - dinnertime!

Steph as MC:

Andy and Megan: their wedding's in a month!

Jon H. and Jeremy being silly:

It's time to make a weird concoction!

Here's a honeymoon kit which we trust you'll put to good use!

Hey, Jon's taking off his shoe. Is this going to stink more than the durian wafers?

Harmony, wondering which shoe she should hold up to answer a question:

A good shot from Nathan's slideshow:

Jon and Harmony's first dance:

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Wadding toilet paper, and FARTING FREEDOM!

This thing restarted overnight - sigh. Right now, I have 43 Word Twist games, and have yet to actually play in most - it's ridiculously easy to get caught up in hosting 'em, haha. That means I've done a lot of names editing! Talked very briefly to John, as well. (talked to Z yesterday, too)

I got a salmon early yesterday evening, but its English was too fractured to understand, so I didn't bother continuing the conversation. :P

[19:32:28] shimmeringsalmon: RIP, Billy Mays.
[19:33:20] flamsterette_x: another salmon!
[19:35:08] shimmeringsalmon: ^^
[19:35:13] shimmeringsalmon: ;)
[19:40:04] flamsterette_x: did you just update a site?
[19:40:20] shimmeringsalmon: what kind of site?
[19:40:38] flamsterette_x: LJ, Deviant Art, Xanga, Myspace...
[19:40:59] shimmeringsalmon: I only use xanga
[19:41:02] shimmeringsalmon: but ..
[19:41:07] shimmeringsalmon: it;s only dor share
[19:41:10] shimmeringsalmon: this
[19:41:13] shimmeringsalmon: for
[19:41:17] shimmeringsalmon: only for share this

Since I was born in my family, I had to take this quiz:

Leslie took the What kind of butt wiper are you quiz and the result is Beehive. You wad the shit out of that toilet paper even if you just peed. This is the only way to go. Plus, it shows you aren't a huge douche bag who wastes time folding it.

Facebook quizzes taken from Kevin C., Scarlet, Jenny, Gretchen, and Gabriel:

Leslie took the Which Neil Young Album are you? quiz and the result is Harvest. Your house and grooming are likely a bit sloppy because you don't have time to worry about such things. Given a choice between a night on the town and hanging out in a barn, you'll take the barn. You like southern music, but the people... not so much. If young, you are obsessed about growing old. If old, you are often plagued by bittersweet remorse.

Leslie took the What natural element are you? quiz and the result is Fire. You could misunderstand the phrase "Burn or be burned." You most suit South, East, and Summer. You can hurt people sometimes with your feisty attitude, and take a long time to resolve the conflict. You can understand peoples' pain occasionally, but you find it hard to help, scared that aiding them would increase his or her own suffering. Having arguments can be healthy sometimes, but you have to learn to control your anger. You contain a slight compassion that you don't show often, but when it is evident, people react with surprise. When you get hurt, you don't sulk or complain... you pick it up and keep going. You are often associated with the dragon. You would particularly get on well with people of the water element, as you are both yin and yang. (Of course!)

Leslie took the Who is your lifetime match? quiz and the result is They are born between 22nd December - 20th January. Need a good giggle? Then grab hold of one of these lovely people and let them jolly you along through life... but make sure you hold on tight because they need to feel sure of you and your intentions, and desire security. They stick to people who stick to them. You seem to be a person who fears about security, how others perceive you and also the future. You need to find this person in your life in order to feel secure. They complete you and you complete them, it's as simple as that. When you first meet them, they will seem cold, but it's only because you don't know them yet. You instinctively want to know more about them and remove their armor. With some reserve, they allow you to, but they also ask for you to reveal your true self and you have no desire to trick them. Your relationship has every chance of lasting because you complete each other so well. You're afraid of the time that passes, but they improve with age, which you find reassuring! You'll need time to learn to love these people, but be patient: it's worth the wait! They are like a fine wine, and persistence is the key in the chase and the long haul. They will give in if you show that you can stick around and you ain't going nowhere.

Leslie took the What 2009 song are you? quiz and the result is Flo Rida's Right Round. WOOOOOO WOOO WOO. You're at strip clubs every night partying it up. People don't notice you, but you sure are the life of every party you have ever been to. WEE WOO WEE WOO. You are such a sexy, sexy, sexy beast. (Not me, man!)

Leslie took the How Korean are you? quiz and the result is 0% Korean. You're not Korean! (I could have told you that WITHOUT the quiz result! :P)

Poo nugget for this weekend: Doo You Know? - Farting Freedom - While most modern civilizations shun those who pass flatus in public, a forward-thinking ruler, Roman emperor Claudius (10 BC - AD 54) first legalized farting thousands of years ago out of concern for his subjects' well-being. By lifting the ban on farting at banquets, he was in line with the prevailing notion that retaining flatus could be harmful to one's health.

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Are you sure you write the future, and came up with Facebook?!

Yet another message from David Shaler, sent in October:

I finally figured out exactly who I am. I'm the man who writes the future. Back when I was in college, I took an urban sociology class, and I applied what I was learning in that class to what I envisioned Richmond show grow into. I went to college in Bellingham and maintained my home in Richmond. I commuted everyday over the border and back again. I would spend the drive in an alpha state, listening to the radio, and envisioning the Richmond of the future. Only I thought I was going crazy when I noticed that Richmond was turning into exactly what I envisioned. I wasn't getting psychic messages about the future because I was taking the concepts I was learning and actually creating Richmond based on those concepts. In Grade 12, I was sick of those pink stucco monster homes, and they took up so much space. I was bored in Math class and I came up with an idea. How about 3-storey row housing built in a square around a central community garden where residents could have gatherings. Each house would have just a tiny little yard, enough for a place to sit. So much space was being taken up with these massive yards people hardly used, and there's always junky yards to make a neighborhood look like crap, I thought it was a great idea. I guess so did the universe, so that's what is being built now. I also created FaceBook back in University. I didn't come up with the name FaceBook; but, everything about it is straight out of my head. Everyone told me it was the stupidest idea; but, look at it now. So much of the world around me seems like it comes straight out of my head. It does; because I am completely dialed into the 13th level or global consciousness. The universe takes my ideas and gives them to the people who can make them happen.

I found out that in a past life, I was an Architect; but, my ideas were so ahead of their time that no one would listen to me, and eventually, I was burned as a heretic. I have the best ideas. I see things other people don't and I put things together in ways that no one else can. But, you know what? No one ever listens to me. They come back to me 6 months later to tell me how I was right and how they should have listened to me all along. This is why I'm here. I have the best ideas; so, my thoughts and ideas are thrown into the global consciousness. I think the thoughts that will guide the world into the future.

The scenario is real. But, I don't have to do anything about it now. That was it for me. All I had to do was figure out how the world would come to an end. Now, when the time is right, the universe will take what I just figured out and give it to the right person, so the world will continue on. That person will never know that he would not have figured it out had I not been sitting at my computer this morning putting two-and-two together.

I know it's a heavy responsibility, EH!?! But, you know what I'm happy about? It's an anonymous responsibility. I'll get to sit back and create the world that we all live in, and enjoy it like everyone else. No one but small group of people will ever know. Although, it is a heavy responsibility, I was given it because I'm the right kind of person who wants only the best for this planet. Obviously, such a job wouldn't be given to someone evil like Korey. Hehehe.

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You disconnected from your life force and take Brewer's Yeast to regenerate?!

This is the perfect time to bring you another chapter in the David Shaler Saga...

This is what I've been trying to figure out. Every time I rewrote my past, I was able to see more and more, and when the final piece of my strange health came together, so did the truth!

Something happened to me. There was some sort of trauma during the birthing process and as a defense mechanism, I disconnected from my life force. This threw my body into hypervigilance. All my senses became heightened. The physical sign of this was that I couldn't breathe and talk at the same time, and when I breathed, my chest didn't move up and down. My consciousness literally separated from my body. It's like driving a car with both the accelerator and the brake pressed at the same time. This is why I'm always so restless. Since my nervous system was no longer regulating the flow of quantum energy through my body, as my body began to take on more energy with age, my aging process actually sped up.

But, I claim that I don't age. Wrong! When I get tired and run down, I look really old. But, then when I'm feeling good, I look 10 years younger. The free flow of energy through my body was rapidly aging me. But, then comes the spring, I would de-age, and my body would restore itself to a state of perfect health.

I think I've stumbled onto something big! I don't know yet if it's because of my special circumstances or if something any human can do is merely heightened in me because of what happened with my life force. When I'm in an alpha state, my body regenerates. My body's ability to regenerate becomes even stronger and faster if I take ridiculous amounts of Brewer's Yeast. If I'm right, and it's not just me, the human body has the ability to restore itself to a previous state of health, on its own, with no drugs. The alpha state is required for this; so, for example, when you run on the treadmill, listening to your headphones, and getting lost in thought, it's not the act of exercising that's improving your health. It's being lost in thought that's improving your health. Exercising is simply making your legs stronger. Stress prevents this. Everyone is getting so sick in our modern world because we are too stressed, preventing us from accessing our upper brain function so that our bodies can regenerate. This is what is happening in my body. What if anyone can do this, but no one has figured it out yet?

With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, the collagen is missing. My body can't regenerate unless I take ridiculous amounts of collagen pills. It's like once I give my body back the missing ingredient I'm able to trigger some sort of reboot sequence and within a few days my joints have tightened back up, my skin goes back to normal, and all my health problems vanish. By accident, I discovered that if I take Brewer's Yeast, collagen pills, and then put my headphones on and get lost in thought while pacing back and forth, my body will go back to its original state of health! But, I think EVERY human, even you, is capable of this. I simply figured out how to access something inside the human body that's a secret to us. Do you know how to get zone out ... get lost in thought and forget about the world around you? That's how you do it. The easiest way, I have found, is to put your headphones on, pace back and forth, and let your mind ramble. Brewer's Yeast enhances the healing ability... I take four tablets, which is 4000mg. That's right... four grams every day!

I'm willing to bet this is what those ancient cultures knew that we don't. This is how they stayed healthy without modern medicine!

I don't have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Back when I was in college, I had my jaw done. I had a problem with my TMJ and I hated how small my jaw was. So, I had surgery; I had my jaw made larger. I was taking an anthropology class at the time, and the teacher brought up how jaw problems and overcrowding of teeth were becoming such a big problem; because of human evolution, the jaw was becoming smaller, and eventually, we'll have less teeth; but, evolution just isn't there yet. Then, last year I discovered that I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This rare disease that can't be detected by any medical means. It can only be found in a genetics test. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome causes the small jaw that my teacher was talking about. That was major surgery. I was supposed to stay in bed for 3 months, and then it would take another 6 months to fully heal. I was back at school on the second day, and the by the end of the week, you couldn't even tell I had surgery. I was tapped into my body's ability to regenerate. When I went to my dentist, I was talking about the small jaw and the overcrowding being related to EDS, and she said that lots of people have these symptoms. It's quite common.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is not a disease. It's the genetic mutation that creates the new human. It creates the Indigo, or the Crystalline, or whatever you want to call us. So, in effect, finding a cure for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome will halt human evolution and we will die off. But, that can never happen. The universe will never allow it. That's why whenever I tell people I have this disease, they tell me I'm nuts and that I don't have a disease. They are completely blocked by the universe. Who in their right mind would ever propose to tell someone else who says they are sick that they don't have the disease they say they have? When I was at the conference, I discovered every single person has the same experience. Everyone just thinks it's because they don't understand the disease and they've never heard of it. But, there are thousands of rare diseases. If I said I had Celiacs, no one would tell me I'm full of it. Chances are, they've never heard of that one, either.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome *IS* evolution! We are currently killing ourselves as a people. There are two different kinds of humans on this planet. The old obsolete model, or the dinosaur, and then there are the new humans. The Indigo! We are smaller than everyone else. We are highly emotional. We are sensitive to the energies of the planet. We are being mistaken for mental illness. Britney Spears isn't bi-polar. She's an Indigo, and she was going through a process known as the Ascension, where her body took on more energy and she couldn't deal with the surge in energy. This was her partying phase. Then, she began to become unable to deal with all the negative energy being thrown at her, so her body began to seriously flip out. By medicating ourselves for mental illness, we are stopping ourselves from evolving. We are stopping the mental processes necessary for our bodies to adapt to the rising energy levels of the planet. So, although we don't have a cure for EDS, we are still killing ourselves. When the planet changes in 2012, the people who take anti-depressants are going to begin to get really sick and die, and no one will understand why until its too late. This is why I see 666 everywhere. This is the Tribulation! We're already getting sick. It's apparent everywhere you go. This society was designed for the old human, and it's creating an environment that is toxic to the new human. Eventually, the old humans, the dinosaurs, won't have the necessary ability to deal with the changing planet. Our generation will die of natural causes, but the next will get sick and die. The human race will cease to exist. This is the predicted end of the world that the bible talks about.

We don't need drugs. We need to fix society and learn how to tap into the regeneration process. I just discovered how! This is why I'm here. I was chosen to figure this out. I was put born so that I could stop this. This is why I keep getting the message that I'm going to save humanity from itself. We're already killing ourselves, and don't even know it.

I was told that I have the breath of a Shaman. There were a lot of people at the Ehlers-Danlos Conference open to the idea that I was telling the truth about who I am. So, I tried out the breath thing. People would see images of death and destruction. Someone saw cities, empty, in complete despair. These are images of the future! Cities left to rot because mankind is dead. However, the future can be changed, and that's why so many people also see images of a beautiful nature city. The economy downturn is a part of this. Everything is happening right now for a reason. It all coincides with me figuring out the truth. The economy crashed because I figured this out, so I've changed the future. Had I never clued in, the economy would still be good, McCain would become President and for the next 4 years we would continue with our wasteful ways, and we'd crash into 2012 like a car speeding into a brick wall. This is what happens in Koyaanisqaatsi. That movie *HAS* a story. It really is a prophecy, just like the Hopis said. As soon as I figured out I really am the chosen one, and how that's possible, the economy crashed and McCain crashed in the polls. Barack Obama will now lead the world into the future.

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Yay for penguin tagging!

This thing restarted again!

Another tagging meme, from Chrissy:

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Hopefully, the pest control people will KILL the mice!

Am keeping my options open, so responded to "Carol" as well. ($425 with roommates near Aberdeen) Krista sent everyone involved an email - good idea for me to talk to Kyle, for sure. I was fed up with the situation (I've seen evidence of mice under my sink again!), so placed a rather firm call to the apartment "management." Hester said that the company (Amacon) had a pest control person come out every month for different suites, and they'd come out next on Tuesday morning. Why weren't the tenants informed about this earlier?! (I'd have hopefully had it SOLVED) She said they'll "solve the problem," which I hope means KILLING the mice! I made sure she understood that I wasn't happy with it (her command of English is limited), and she said she wasn't either. ("I am not happy." "So do I.") Maybe I should have taken her up on her "offer" of glue traps Maybe I should have taken her up on her "offer" of glue traps, especially since I know exactly where the blasted thing is!

Speaking of mice, I heard the one nearest me SQUEAK again because it could smell food! I swear, I made pasta and then the thing squeaked as soon as the penne started to boil. UGH! Finally got in touch with Barry so I could tell him about the new opportunity, and he said he'd be in touch with his manager to see if it would work out. I hope it's self-contained, heh. Holed myself up in my room for a while, but decided I wasn't going to hide from a stupid mouse. Took the garbage out, and actually threw away the garbage can too... I do not want a repeat of a couple nights ago! I think from the "smelling food" standpoint, I'm better off ordering sushi or something which doesn't have a discernible smell... but I'll eat the pasta first. ;)

Facebook quizzes taken from Mike:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Gilmore Girls character are you?" with the result Rory. You can sometimes get a little stressed, and care too much about some people. You often take people back into your heart who don't deserve it. You are gentle-hearted and extremely sweet to others.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which BUTT are you?" with the result Jennifer Love Hewitt. WTF??? You been spreading the "Love" a bit too much! Your butt is fat and wide. You have a mass amount of cellulite that you can't seem to get rid of. You hate seeing your ass jiggle. So does everybody else. You hate exercising, but love to eat! Put the cheeseburger down. You need a major overhaul, girl, so run (don't walk) to the gym now! Yes, now!!!!!!!

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Jesus and quantum leaps, Atlantis, energy, Obama, and the Holy Bible

When David S. sent me this Facebook message in October, I thought he'd gone off the deep end! He later told me that he was kidding about this whole thing, but I don't know...

I am currently waiting for Joe Biden to arrive at my house. He will be taking me to Camp David to meet with Obama, Hillary, and President Bush. The end times began yesterday at noon, right under our noses, and no one would listen. The reason it is so beautiful today is because quantum mechanics, the future comes before the present. It's the chicken and the egg theory. What came first? Energy comes first. That means the chicken first. My emails got to the right people. My concept will now be unveiled on The Garden City Lands for the 2010 Olympics. The Garden City of mythical folklore is going to become a reality. It was never folklore. It's the future, and the future is now. For we've had it all backwards. The past is really the folklore, and the folklore is really the future. We are The Lost City of Atlantis. Atlantis = Atlantic = The New World = America. It never happened. I stopped it, and since energy comes first, it doesn't matter that the project hasn't begun yet. It will happen, and that's all that matters. Global Warming came to an end today. We will no longer have weather problems or natural disasters. Mother Earth is positively charged. Today is October 18, Year 1, Day 1.

Jesus of Nazareth discovered how to quantum leap, just like I did. However, I found it in nature. Life. Good. Jesus found it in scripture. Institution. Evil. Jesus saw my life, and took my ideas and my story back with him, and tried to copy it. He saw bits and pieces of my life growing up here in Richmond. He didn't know what order the story went in, or even what a lot of things meant. The virgin Mary is my mother, Marcia, who was a virgin on her wedding night. My father, Barrie, was born Johnny, and he is The Book of John. The fight between Jesus and his brother is about the relationship between me and my idiot brother. Brian DANIEL. The Book of Daniel. The Holy Bible got it's name because I always say "Holy Shit" so he mistook it for meaning that I was the holy baby. The term God comes from the art on my walls. An artist named Michael Godard. His galleries are called OH MY GODard. Jesus saw my life, and wrote a book, and got it all wrong because he didn't understand what he was seeing. For 2000 years, you've all been worshipping a Las Vegas artist. The Jews are the Chosen People because I have a bottle of beer called HeBrew: The Chosen Beer. I'm sorry. It's too funny. Jerusalem has been fought over for so many years, and Richmond, The Garden City is the real home of the TRUE CHRIST CHILD! ME!! I am the first human to reach full evolution and so God was able to open up direct contact with me, FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME IN HISTORY!! This has never happened before. The holy bible is a butchered version of my life growing up in the 1980s in the Rideau Park neighborhood. Jesus Christ went to Palmer, and McNair, and he goes to the mall everyday because he's a FRIGGIN' MALL RAT! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Jesus of Nazareth is the ANTI-CHRIST! It was God who had him crucified. Communism is a butchered version of THE GARDEN CITY that is now going to be built on THE GARDEN CITY LANDS, in the HOLY SHITHOLE CITY OF RICHMOND!!! Christianity is really THE DEVIL'S RELIGION. IT'S ALL BEEN AN ILLUSION!! That's what the Devil does! You all have been worshipping the devil, and we almost lost our Mother Earth because of it. We are foolish foolish people, and we have another chance. We will not EVER come this close to extinction EVER AGAIN!


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You're being haunted by Walt Disney?!

As you know, David Shaler unfriended me on Facebook last week, presumably for no good reason. Maybe it's because I didn't believe his offer of a townhouse - when you bring Donald Trump into it, that's where it starts to get a bit unbelievable. He also told me that he would bring a lawsuit against our junior high school (Palmer) for "abuse" he suffered at the hands of certain teachers. Told me that he had problems sleeping... actually, it was more like problems with being awake all the time. Through Facebook messages, I bring you several very crazy stories...

This one is from February, and details how he was apparently being haunted by Walt Disney.

I have just become the luckiest man in the entire world. I've been trying to figure something out for the last year, and what's going on is that I am being haunted. It turns out, I was Walt Disney in my past life and he is haunting me. It gets better. He left the Walt Disney Corporation to himself so that when he gets reincarnated and his soul comes back to earth, he could take back his company. Apparently, there is a way to somehow prove the Walt Disney Corporation belongs to me.

I swear on my life I am not making this up! This is why he is haunting me. He's trying to tell me how to do it. He communicates through the 3-letter abbreviations on license plates. On Saturday, I went to Home Depot, and there were 3 cars parked separate from the rest. The license plates read... FIX MGC KGD. That's pretty self-explanatory, eh? He's spinning in his grave. He wants me to restore his vision.

MGC = Magic
KGD = Kingdom

I've been having the shit kicked out of me the last 2 months by something paranormal because it was trying to get me to figure this out about Walt Disney. It wants me to go to Disneyland next. There's a clue in the Disneyland Fire Department on Main Street for me to look for. But first, I need to get my health back. My house isn't haunted. I'm being haunted. It goes along with me.

Because something paranormal involved, Walt knew he was coming back to finish his dream. He left behind a way for me to prove this is real and get control of the Walt Disney Corporation. He hid something in the park for me to find when I figure it out. Something paranormal is telling me what to do step-by-step to take back the Walt Disney Corporation.

I think I just hit the jackpot. This is literally the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow.

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Yay for good help and messages! / Bidets and France, oh my!

High-scoring word of the night:

PASTEUP (150 points) - against Angela V. [5W]

My interest in this game is ebbing - it has nothing to do with the actions of a certain perfidious blackguard, either! (and Steve made me laugh, hahaha!)

I got what seems to be a non-scammy reply to my ad from a "Nab [Nabinder?] Gill"! "Hello, I have one bedroom basement suite available Aug 1st. Rent is $600.00 per month it includes all utilities(heat, hydro, cable), laundry and wireless internet, close to shopping centres, bus routes and entertainment centre in quite neighbourhood" Doesn't sound too bad, but I'll have to ask Barry (if he's actually IN tomorrow) if that's a good place where he can help!

I found messages from Krista and Pastor John that got lost in the shuffle of Mailer-Daemon bounce-backs, and these sound promising. Help with rides and things is always good. Billie and I are not on for Saturday because of visits on her end - it happens!

Facebook quizzes taken from Jane:

Leslie took the What's your Maturity Level? quiz and got the result: I have the Maturity Level of a 5-Year-Old. (Apparently, you get this by asking the people you like to a party, ordering orange juice at dinner (there was no "water" option), and liking to swim. Go figure. *rolleyes*)

Poo nugget for Friday, July 3: Doo You Know? - Look Ma, No Hands! - A bidet is a low sink you can sit on, common in Europe, for washing your genitalia and backside. The bidet was invented in France, probably in the seventeenth or eighteenth century. The name comes from the French word for "small horse." Bidets were originally used by cavaliers who wanted to bathe body parts in close proximity to the saddle. They remain popular throughout parts of Europe today.

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ironwood, drug dealers, condos, and more!

Rachel responded to my email: "EWWW!" is right. Now, if only I knew if I could take roomie arrangements... Vanessa says Krista thinks I should talk to her dad about the renting thing. Sounds fine, but I don't know how to contact him. He DOES have a Facebook page, but "Hi, I want to take Vanessa's spot in the condo when she leaves!" sounds like a weird reason to add someone, haha. Corey says that maybe I can get a deal, which would be nice. I'm also talking to Michelle (Summer Conference / cruises / plans), which reminds me that I need to get in touch with Billie in the next couple of days. FREE DAY TOMORROW!

Got a couple more emails... Rachel's sister Lisa forwarded me the Ironwood one from Craigslist that I had looked at, but ruined my chances of obtaining! It was an accident! Karen Choo also emailed me - she apologized for being so late in returning my call. She's apparently been out of town, and has been catching up with messages and emails. Says she'll be my reference as I asked, and will look out for those types of apartments that I want.

Leslie's just got their Czechoslovakian Name from Name Generators. I just got my Czechoslovakian Name. It's Vanda Gabriel.

Leslie's just got their Mafia Name from Name Generators. I just got my Mafia Name. It's Francesco "The Executioner" Corleone.

Facebook quizzes taken from Darren and Gretchen:

Leslie took the What sort of criminal would you be? quiz and the result is Drug Dealer. AAAHHH! You're a drug dealer! If you sell them off the street, be careful! Those police cars could always come round the bend!

Leslie took the How Much Taller Will You Grow? quiz and got the result: You Will Grow 2.25 More Inches. You have a good amount of height still in you. (Not really...)

Leslie took the What song represents you? quiz and got the result: Knock You Down by Keri Hilson. (Never heard of it.)

Leslie took the What kind of BUTT are you? quiz and got the result: Round Booty. Figure 8, hourglass, you got curves!

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There's mice in the GARBAGE CAN now?!

Cake Wrecks - makes me want cake, NOW.
Fail Blog - HAHAHAHA!

Last night, I heard a mouse in my empty garbage can, which freaked me out! Too bad the can didn't have a lid on it so I could slam it shut! Of course, the animal ran away while I was seeking help! As per Andrea's advice, I've just sent an email to a LOT of people in my email address book (and expected some to bounce back) - yes, this includes some of my brother's friends! I also have a list of places to call, courtesy of - this better produce some results! Time to call the "management" here, and get glue traps. Erin sent me an email about it with some research ($600 Upstairs Room / $425 roommate arrangement / $550 Radiant Heating), which reminds me that I have a month to respond to her Vancouver reception invite. Some person named Sara Black on Facebook thinks I'm RENTING this apartment, as opposed to just wanting to get out of here already!

Facebook quizzes taken from Leslie, Jane, Shannon, and Jasmine:

Leslie took the What is God's gift in you? quiz and the result is A TEACHER. Your destiny is a teacher. A teacher is a person who can inspire someone else to be interested in a subject. Someone who is enthusiastic about something; to impart the knowledge of; to give intelligence concerning; to inculcate as true or important; to exhibit impressively; to direct, as an instructor; to manage, as a preceptor; to guide the studies of. Teaching is one of God's highest callings for His children... ask God, and it might be you!

Leslie took the How Insane are You? quiz and got the result: 14% - You're Sane!

Leslie took the What Do People Think of YOU at First Sight? quiz and got the result: You are cute. You are good at striking up a conversation, and you listen attentively. People find you cute and easy to connect with.

Leslie took the Amongst Your Friends, What's Your Label? quiz and got the result: Drama Queen. You are characterized by a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking, including an excessive need for approval and inappropriate seductiveness, usually beginning in early adulthood. These individuals are lively, dramatic, enthusiastic, and flirtatious. They may be inappropriately sexually provocative, express strong emotions with an impressionistic style, and be easily influenced by others. (Um, NO!)

Leslie took the Why Do Your Friends Love You? quiz and got the result: KIND.

Leslie took the Seriously, do people REALLY like you? quiz and got the result: 85% Likeness Level.

Leslie took the What do people remember you for? quiz and got the result: Your Sense of Humor.

Leslie took the How Old Do You Act? quiz and got the result: 12.

Leslie took the What's your ghetto nickname? quiz and the result is Pookie. You're a ghetto princess. You always match your fifty-dollar Baby Phat shirt with your two-dollar Chinese store slippers, and your weave is always on point.

Leslie just took the "What color are you??" quiz and the result is Orange. You're outgoing and care for other people.

Poo nugget for Thursday, July 2: Dr. Stool Says - It's Alive! - When is a poo not really a poo? The passage of a noodle-like strand may at first seem to be a particularly slender thread of stool. Closer inspection, however, will reveal that this poo imitator is in fact a parasite known as Ascaris lumbricoides. These worms, somewhat reminiscent of angel hair pasta, reside quietly for years in the small intestine and may only come to their host's attention during their dramatic exit. Rarely, these worms can cause nutritional deficiencies by competing with your GI tract for valuable nutrients. Think you have a worm? You're probably not alone; one-quarter of the world's population is infected with this roundworm.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

This isn't a SEXY barbecue, Daniel... yay for bottle lids!

Ivan picked me up at about 8:45, and I delayed him a bit because I had to look for my keys since I forgot where I put them. Thank goodness I found them in my red-and-black bag! Talked about the sunny hours being worth it even if you did get up early, Summer Conference, and some more stuff. Got to the church and helped Michelle / Joey / Emily / Daniel / Phil / Uncle Peter load up a LOT of stuff into cars before we went to the park - water bottles, carrots, celery, watermelon, ketchup, mustard, relish, animal crackers, Goldfish crackers, chips, juice, buns, balloons, garlic-onion Tim's chips, sunscreen, Purell hand sanitizer, wieners, ice, Freezies, coolers, and more! We were surprised when Michelle brought Hannah Montana / High School Musical coverings for the tables, but not too shocked when they tried blowing off because of the wind! When we got to the park, I helped carry some tent poles up a little hill. Margaret was in charge of the FoodSafe certificate in case someone came by to ask about it.

Saw some little kids that I knew from Awana: Dominick, Samantha, Victoria, John, and Luke seemed to have fun. There was an 18-month-old who had lots of fun with Emily blowing bubbles... he even had a Canada Day balloon to take home! Jonathan said that people had put hand sanitizer on his face... doesn't sound too pleasant! Talked to Vivian, Karen, Melia, Angus, Grace, Fidela, Vanessa, Lincoln, Isabel, Jose, Helen, Karmie, Cory, Nicholas, Chris, Christon, Wesley, Andrea, Chrystal, Auntie Esther, Auntie Ruby, Anita, Allison, Jenica, Uncle Peter, Nathan, Darren, Mark, Margaret, Mike, Emily x2, Auntie Ying, Audrey, Ivan, Cindy, Kevin, Auntie Kathy, Citrus, Olivia, Quan, Stanley, Sam, Jeremy, Dylan, and more people. Several people said they'd keep an eye out for me as far as rental properties went - I know Uncle Peter definitely can! Will have to call people tomorrow, too... checked out AMS Rentline when I got home, and found a $450 ad which gives preference to students or working people. It's a roommate arrangement, and Corey thinks they might be uptight and annoying about rules since they require references. Who knows!

Discussed Bard on the Beach, kite-flying, shoes, homeschooling, Ben, Erin, boobs, not wanting to think of people as making kids in a five-bedroom house, how Auntie Rebecca was being kinda creepy by attempting to recruit for Awana at the gathering, hearing "second annual barbecue" as "SEXY annual barbecue" (Angus and I heard the same thing!), cats, mice, funny videos, how Allison liked playing with real phones because she can tell the difference if they don't work (she gave me and Grace her bottle lid!), her cool sunglasses, moving, and more. People wanted to know where my siblings were, and it turned out that Steph slept in till 4. She deserves it, heh.

Had a good time overall, and kept out of the way mostly. Soaked up the sun on the blue tarp, checked Margaret's glasses for bubble circles, heard that the veggie dogs were TERRIBLE, and chatted to Helen about Jon's honeymoon and things like that. Baby Cory wanted to play with the grass, but couldn't really. Helen told Anita that her heart stopped when she couldn't find Nicholas at first, even in their house's backyard! (Danny had come home, I guess...) Anita said she understood - she doesn't want Allison to be all wobbly in the playground, because older kids could knock her over unintentionally!

Went back to the church with Sam and Jeremy, to help people unload (liquid) Freezies and everything else. Watched Lucas help people set up the tent again in the courtyard - no, we didn't get Uncle Eugene to help in the morning either! Read an issue of CHALLENGER magazine, and encountered the name "Summer Waters" in the back as a kid poet. Poor girl! The guys drove me home before doing other things, and I got home at around 3:45. Good times!

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I'm Chinese, not Italian or from Chicago! / RING OF FIRE!

Off to the church barbecue to celebrate 142 years, even though I have a few Word Twist games on the go - thanks to Sam and Ivan for returning my calls! HAPPY CANADA DAY! This thing restarted overnight!

Leslie's just got their Celebrity Name from Name Generators. I just got my Celebrity Name. It's Jessica Simpson.

Leslie's just got their Smurf Name from Name Generators. I just got my Smurf Name. It's Narcoleptic Smurf.

Facebook quizzes taken from Scarlet, Diane, Chrissy, Annette, Hien, Jemima, Leslie, Jennifer J., and Candy:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Ghastlycrumb Tiny are you?" with the result Earnest, who Choked on a Peach. You are Earnest! Food is your passion. Whether it is from the best restaurant in the country or from McDonalds, you want to eat it. Just slow down a little bit while you eat. Something bad could happen, and not everyone knows the Heimlich Maneuver.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Pin-Up Legend are You?" with the result Betty Brosmer. Not as "famous" as the other pinups, but you have something that makes you unique. You've got that something special that no one else has, but they all want. Your 18" waist sets you apart from the crowd. Your curves are known for miles, and you can strut them proudly. After all, there is only one you.

Leslie took the What Paranormal creature do you symbolize? quiz and the result is Alien. You are intelligent and everyone around you feels it, but is in denial. They don't believe you exist because your amazing power is too much for them to take. You are against the government, and have rules of your own. You have too much knowledge and not enough room for it all in your head. You must keep towards your goal because your intelligence will make it happen! (HAHAHA! SOME people are definitely in denial over my existence!)

Leslie took the When will you get pregnant? quiz and got the result: May 2013.

Leslie completed the quiz "What gang should you be in?" with the result biker. You're white and you're proud of being it. You look like a bum, love rock music, and will beat up anyone who is in your way. You love your bike more than anything in the world, probably never shave, and love your country / your brothers. At one point, you went to jail for slapping a B!$%# for touchin' your beer. Ride out to the sunset, you scary white man.

Leslie took the How long will you last in a fight against God? quiz and got the result: 5 Seconds. He's such a busy man, he'll let you live for a few seconds longer than most.

Leslie took the quiz "What sea animal are you?" and the result is "KILLER WHALE." You are swift and deadly, but your loyalty is what really makes you valuable. Your friends know that they can count on you to get the job done when need be, and your dependability makes an incredible first impression every time. Getting references for a new job is always easy, as lots of people are willing to put in a good word for you.

Leslie took the quiz What Age Will You Die? and the result is You will die at age 72. You're pretty average when it comes to how you live... And how you'll die as well.

Leslie just took the "What kind of hair fits your personality" quiz and the result is Short 'n Straight. You're a party animal! You are the clubbing type, and people notice you. (I am not!)

Leslie completed the quiz "How Italian are you?" with the result Straight off the boat. You are a true Italian. You're not afraid to slap someone and throw food and / or beverages. Also, you like to watch Italian soccer and eat pasta every Sunday with 20+ people at Grandma's.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Chicago street are you?" with the result 63rd Street. You're from Chi-town, no doubt. You've been in this city all your life and know it like the back of your hand. You know which neighborhoods are dangerous, safe, fun, lame, and everything in between. Stay true to your hometown!

Leslie completed the quiz "Who's Your Hollywood Hunk?" with the result James Franco. Laid-back and totally easygoing. Easy to joke with and fun to be around, James Franco will complement your funny persona. He won't be afraid to mess with you, and be the kind of lover you want. Easy to be around, but willing to please you in any way possible.

Leslie completed the quiz "What is your Best Trait?" with the result Strength. Whatever storm life brings you, you aren't afraid to deal with it head on. You know you can get through anything, and your strength draws in other people that want protection and a sense of security. You are a great leader, and people admire your stability and confidence. Instead of letting your emotions get out of control, you think logically and find solutions to any problems you face. You don't let people's opinions affect you, and you take criticism with a grain of salt. You stand up for what's right, and you don't give in to what you know will bring you down.

Poo nugget for Wednesday, July 1: Ring of Fire - Synonyms: Acid Poo, Hooters' Souvenir, Curry in a Hurry, Fire in the Hole, Tabasco Turd, Feeling the Burn. (POO OF THE MONTH! It features flames shooting up from the toilet in the drawing!)

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009 Bubble Tea Tally / Sleepover Memegen


pudding frappé @ Pearl Castle (Monday, June 23) [free, thanks to Steph - good hanging out with Terrence!]

SleepOver With The Akatsuki... by Dinn
You spun the bottle and got to kiss...Sasori {Once again, damn you...}
Deidara...Was knocked out and kidnapped by Din... {YOSH!}
Itachi...Got drunk and sung A Pirate's Life For Me...
Sasori...Kept flirting with you... {Oooh...}
Zetsu...Was set afire by Itachi...
Kisame...Nothing. You ate him for dinner. ^^
Funniest Thing That Happened?A random Akatsuki member fell from the sky and landed on you... {Inside joke... XD}
Who you fell for...Zetsu {WTF?!}
Who fell for you...Deidara {GO BURN IN HELL! :O }

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CharmingSalmon, a new OUTLANDER book, and various quizzes

The newest book in the Outlander series (AN ECHO IN THE BONE) is coming out in September... YAY! Discovered that David Shaler has unfriended me from Facebook... probably little to do with the townhouse thing, har har. If so, well... nothing I can do about it. :P

Got a salmon without having to update... but I appeared as a coho?

[12:19:36] charmingsalmon: RIP, Billy Mays.
[12:23:19] flamsterette_x: Sweet. A salmon!
[12:23:39] flamsterette_x: I actually didn't hear too much about Billy Mays in life.
[12:23:57] charmingsalmon: ... I don't know who Billy Mays is?
[12:24:03] charmingsalmon: Sorry, but who is this?
[12:24:51] flamsterette_x: All I know is that he died.
[12:25:11] flamsterette_x: Oh. We've been connected through something called Project Upstream.
[12:25:18] charmingsalmon: Oh!
[12:25:21] charmingsalmon: Okay!
[12:25:24] charmingsalmon: Works for me!
[12:25:54] flamsterette_x: My name probably looks like ___salmon to you. For instance, you appear to me as charmingsalmon, although that isn't your real screen name.
[12:26:34] charmingsalmon: OH!
[12:26:46] charmingsalmon: Your name says MyDearCoho to me.
[12:27:30] charmingsalmon: And that's why you said a salmon! That makes sense! XD
[12:27:38] charmingsalmon: So how are you? XD
[12:28:04] flamsterette_x: I wonder if you JUST updated a journal site online... LiveJournal, Blogger, Xanga, DeviantArt...
[12:28:17] charmingsalmon: Up!
[12:28:20] charmingsalmon: I have.
[12:28:46] charmingsalmon: XD
[12:28:56] flamsterette_x: Then that explains it. These "salmon masters" connect two random people who just updated sites.
[12:29:02] flamsterette_x: And I'm fine, thanks. You?
[12:29:37] charmingsalmon: Oh. Ha. Did you do LiveJournal too? Or a different blogger site?
[12:30:41] charmingsalmon: And I apologize if I seem to keep disconnecting. XD
[12:31:30] flamsterette_x: That's the thing. I posted something to an LJ community a few minutes BEFORE you messaged me!
[12:31:55] charmingsalmon: Huh.....
[12:31:58] charmingsalmon: .....
[12:32:11] charmingsalmon: LJ community... I was going to laugh if you said TH_cult. XD
[12:32:21] charmingsalmon: And... I thought you messaged me first?
[12:32:24] charmingsalmon: How odd. XD
[12:32:40] flamsterette_x: And while I've been editing posts in Blogger, I don't think the salmon masters do it for mere editing. Although I could be wrong.
[12:32:56] flamsterette_x: Haha, no... it was Boring_People. :D
[12:33:08] flamsterette_x: I think we messaged each other at the same time.
[12:33:14] charmingsalmon: HAHAHA! I was going to say they're good if it was the same community. XD
[12:33:19] flamsterette_x: [12:19:36] charmingsalmon: RIP, Billy Mays.
[12:33:20] charmingsalmon: OH! that's cool!
[12:33:29] charmingsalmon: ... that's what you said to me!
[12:33:38] flamsterette_x: at the same time?
[12:33:43] charmingsalmon: And I was like... who the heck is Billy Mays. XD
[12:33:46] charmingsalmon: Let me check.
[12:33:54] charmingsalmon: [15:22] MyDearCoho: RIP, Billy Mays.
[12:34:25] flamsterette_x: Given that my computer clock is probably a bit off, that seems to be about right. :D
[12:34:51] charmingsalmon: Hahaha. Yup. so that's how they started the conversation, huh? Making it appear as if we posted that.. hahahaha.
[12:34:54] charmingsalmon: Nice.
[12:35:42] flamsterette_x: Check out themissinghat on LJ.
[12:36:22] charmingsalmon: I think I will. What's it about?
[12:38:42] flamsterette_x: Basically, it's about what I've been explaining to you. Thanks for being nice about this.
[12:39:19] charmingsalmon: Ah! And no prob! This is so interesting! *laughs*
[12:39:41] charmingsalmon: It's always interesting talking to people.... ;P
[12:41:31] flamsterette_x: Haha, I agree.
[12:42:12] charmingsalmon: I can't seem to find themissingchat... man, I stink at this! *laughs*
[12:44:08] flamsterette_x: That's because you have a typo. :D
[12:44:23] flamsterette_x: It's themissinghat ... no C
[12:44:50] charmingsalmon: HOHOHOHOHO!
[12:44:59] charmingsalmon: I win..... XD
[12:45:06] flamsterette_x: Hahahaha.
[12:45:41] charmingsalmon: I wonder why I thought there was a c in there... hmmmmmmmmm... go, my brain. XD
[12:47:28] flamsterette_x: Haha. It happens.
[12:48:47] charmingsalmon: Oh... my brain just made another click... upstream... salmon... goodness... I think I'm catching on! XD
[12:50:04] flamsterette_x: Don't forget the coho. ;)
[12:50:29] charmingsalmon: Hahahaha. Yep! XD
[12:50:40] charmingsalmon: Man... brilliance, sure brilliance. XD
[12:53:03] flamsterette_x: As long as it all works out in the end!
[12:53:27] flamsterette_x: There have been numerous other conversations with the fish, as you can see.
[12:53:47] charmingsalmon: Ah. Ha. Cool.... XD
[12:54:58] charmingsalmon: Oh man.... NOOO. I have to get ready for work. Oh, tear.....
[13:00:36] flamsterette_x: Is the job bad?
[13:05:31] charmingsalmon: Naw. I just am tired of working until midnight. XD
[13:05:54] charmingsalmon: I like the people I work with (for the most part), so it's not bad.... it's just.. the getting ready for it and getting off the computer. XD
[13:07:10] flamsterette_x: Hahaha. It happens.
[13:07:51] charmingsalmon: I'm just a lazy... and don't want to move. xD
[13:10:01] flamsterette_x: Heh, I can relate.
[13:10:18] charmingsalmon: XD
[13:10:30] charmingsalmon: But, alas... I should be good and get ready now. XD
[13:10:34] charmingsalmon: It was nice talking to you!
[13:10:39] charmingsalmon: thanks for explaining all of it. XD
[13:11:13] flamsterette_x: Same here! You're welcome! I suggest you join themissinghat, too.
[13:12:10] charmingsalmon: Heehee~ I might!
[13:12:12] charmingsalmon: Byes!~
[13:12:29] flamsterette_x: Bye!

Facebook quizzes taken from Leslie:

Leslie took the Your Tarot Card Reading quiz and the result is Queen of Swords. Your Tarot Card Reading drew the Queen of Swords card. The drawing of this card means a new window will open in your life that will give you profound insight on the world around you. Also, a new door will open up new possibilities in your life. When these two openings present themselves, you must make a quick and confident decision, or they may close forever. (I remember reading the Sara Donati book of the same name last year - it's a good one!)

Leslie took the What Is Your Secret Innermost Desire For Your Life...? quiz and the result is Mental Stimulation. You're smartest when it comes to social intelligence: you've got people smarts! Social intelligence refers to the ability to read other people and react appropriately. As a result, you probably have a pretty keen sense of others' motivations most of the time. It's likely that you can also spot the difference between what people say and what they really mean. This understanding of behavior and human nature can help you go far. After all, it's been said that it's not what you know, but who you know that counts. And you have a way with people. Your social intelligence may manifest as having the gift for gab, being a top-notch networker, or an excellent listener and friend. However you put this intelligence to work, you're sure to be admired for an abundance of social know-how.

Leslie took the What accent should you have? quiz and the result is English. Hello, you are from jolly old England.

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Goats, Swedish meatballs, cilantro, and needing time to think about love

Jon and Eric picked me up, and we were on our way to Jeremy's so Jon could drop something off. We listened to Yava on the way over, and looked at the Strathcona pictures from the wedding. Railroad tracks and colorful walls are all good, in my opinion! We went to Hamilton Street Grill for dinner instead of Burgoo, which was fine (for the steak promotion) even if I had my heart set on ratatouille. Lots of jokes were shared about goats, Swedish meatballs, England, prospective stags, and more. We spent time discussing Dylan's stag - you don't CALL your fiancée and tell her that you need to ask her some things for an activity, and then tell her that you need some time to think about three reasons why you love her! As I said, I can definitely imagine Dylan doing that... as well as explaining to a random girl that he needed to use a corny pick-up line on her for a stag!

For some reason, Chinese Eric brought up Christian strippers for Christon's stag, while hearing the descriptions of Richie's plans for his friends' stags made Nathan glad that Jon had actually given him guidelines! (otherwise, he might have done some of those things!) Christon said that Vania can really DRINK - their table apparently had a lot of beer and wine at the wedding, haha. Also discussed Sam, Summer Conference, Sunday dinners, housewarmings, looking for a job at a Chinese church, moving stuff tomorrow, time to get together, the Canada Day barbecue, vacuuming, knives, kitchens, dens, next Wednesday, Facebook / Twitter, Harmony and funk music, Nathan training himself for UK alcohol, London, little Nathan needing to get away from Phil and Grace if Christon were to train the next generation in being randomly weird, Pho Viet promotion ($5 for ANYTHING!), liquor being cheap in Budapest, and other things. It was great seeing Chinese Eric, for sure! Had steaks, brandy peppercorn sauce (bill discount?!), cocktails, Italian risotto, poutine, Red Devil ale, Sun God ale, gingerbread pudding, crème brulée, virgin Caesars, and more!

On the way home, Jon and Eric teased me about stuff. ("you can get a Ho, too!") Then I misheard "slant" as "cilantro" - as in "I want to hear your slant on the story [of how I got a huge TV at my place]!" Yes, Ron and Eric came by with Korey's TV - and now Eric offered some other 26-inch TV that would actually work. Sure, I can be kinda decisive... heh heh. Also discussed death threats, whether I was okay if I laughed a lot, Riverview, urgency, and more. When I got home, I noticed that Andrea had called me back, so I returned that one. Talked about references, renting, mice, moving stuff so they can't hide, Chuck going back to Hamilton and the resumption of their long-distance relationship, damage deposits and cleaning surfaces, messages, and more. Yay for friends!

Facebook quiz taken from Candy:

Leslie completed the quiz "What kind of Police Officer am I?" with the result Detective. You are a detective. You investigate crimes, and interview witnesses and offenders. Your trousers are worn through in the seat, and are always tight. You laugh in the face of paper cuts, and do not work in the hours of darkness. Your radio is never switched on.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, June 30: Ruling from the Throne - In the late 1600s, King Louis XIV of France regularly held official meetings while sitting on his beloved "throne." Known for his absolute command of power, Louis was an impartial ruler when it came to poo, unabashedly relieving himself in front of royalty and peons alike. Perhaps Louis XIV's comfort level with defecation contributed to his record-setting 72-year reign of power. After all, what opposing ruler could effectively negotiate with the king when faced with the constant threat of having to witness His Majesty's next bowel movement?

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Shapes, harmony, property damage, pausing voicemail

I've decided not to call that place back today - I don't want to be dinged for unintentional property damage, which probably took my chances away anyhow. Finished my nine outstanding Word Twist games this afternoon, too. While talking to Corey about the bad Transformers 2 movie, I called Nathan. I wondered if he'd even answered his phone. Kinda reminded me of the voicemail prompts that go like this: "Hello? *pause* Hello? *pause* Hello... *pause* Hahaha, I'm not actually at my phone right now, but leave a message after the beep!" Ugh. He asked if Jon had called me - being my brother, he did not. So it was left to Nathan to tell me about the dinner arrangements: white Eric would pick me up before dinner started at 7:30. I don't mind if he had to go home first to do some stuff, haha. Should be good times - now to transfer money! Then Jon called me to say he hadn't really talked to Eric - you should do that! Later, Eric himself called me to say his parents told him I'd left him a message on the answering machine. Yeah, only because they have Caller ID! I forgot what it was, but we made quasi-plans for tonight: CALL JON!

Leslie took the Name That Michael Jackson Song! quiz and got the result: You Know 100% of Michael Jackson's Songs.

Leslie took the What Michael Jackson Song describes you? quiz and got the result: Thriller.

Leslie took the The Official Michael Jackson Quiz. quiz and got the result: #1 Fan.

Leslie took the Are you a fan of Michael Jackson? quiz and got the result: Yes.

Facebook quizzes taken from Annette and Dana:

Leslie took the Which corny pick-up line suits you best? quiz and the result is "If you were a new hamburger at McDonald's, you would be McGorgeous." You love to eat, and you think of McDonalds when with girls. (Stupid!)

Leslie took the How MEAN are you? quiz and got the result: 48% Mean.

Leslie took the What's your life rated? (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17) quiz and got the result: PG.

You Are Skilled

You are balanced and competent. You value harmony.

Other people see you as outgoing, hyper, and even a bit overwhelming.

Your ideal romantic relationship is peaceful, romantic, and private.

You do best in tasks that require you to be flexible, creative, and playful.

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Jaguar, Jedi, Jethro, and Juhu

Computer just restarted when I was in the middle of editing stuff... and didn't give me the previous Firefox session. UGH!

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.

Jabari: A new safari-themed board game for the whole family!

Jack: A dashing polo player who is likely to have only one eye. Also, a popular name for donkeys.

Jackson: Boy child of a cheese maker in Monterey, California.

Jacob: A well-to-do ladder retailer.

Jaguar: Fast and incredibly handsome, but known to be very unreliable.

Jai (high) - The least fabulous of the Fab Five.

Jake: Perpetual high schooler whom all the freshman girls will love, and all the freshman boys will be convinced is a narc. Subject to "Jake, Jake the Snake" tauntings.

Jalen: The act of placing a person within the confines of a penitentiary.

James / Jim: A thin, sticklike meat product with a shelf life of thirty-seven years. Also, the captain of a fabled starship.

Ja'mon: To rock in the reggae style, as in "we be Ja'mon." Also, slang for "I agree with you wholeheartedly."

Jar: A vessel used for canning fruits, vegetables, and removed organs. Also, a member of the US Marines.

Jason: A hockey-masked murderer.

Jeb: Governor best known for disenfranchised constituency and dangling chads.

Jed: Hillbilly oil prospector who loved his ce-ment pond.

Jedi: A noble knight who compulsively plays with his Lightsaber.

Jeep: A go-anywhere type of guy. Likes to take his top off and get muddy.

Jeffrey: A long-necked toy store mascot.

Jenner: Decathlete with his own Wheaties box.

Jeremiah: A prophet alone, crying in the wilderness.

Jeremy: One who has spoken. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, he did.

Jesse: A cowboy from the Wild, Wild West.

Jesus: Star of a popular 2004 box-office smash!

Jethro: Pompadoured cousin to Ellie Mae. Continually victimized by Granny and her wooden spoon.

Jimmy: The multicolored sprinkles on top of cupcakes, shaped like male genitalia.

Jock: A sporty fellow, and Miss Ellie's wildcatter husband on the '70s series Dallas, who was an ardent athletic supporter.

Joe: American for "coffee."

Joel: A musically-inclined supermodel magnet who is prone to car accidents.

John: One who purchases the services of prostitutes. Also, a toilet.

John Thomas: Yet another name for the wee one.

Joplin: Seventies female rocker prone to weight fluctuation and drug use.

Jordan: A basketball legend, boy band has-been, and topless UK model.

Jor-El: Father of Superman. Or if he wasn't he should have been.

Jose: Spanish variant of Joseph. Substitute teachers with poor eyesight will call this child Josie.

Jovan: A musky aroma encountered often in the '70s.

Juan: This name allows you to refer to the very thing you mean. "This Juan," "That Juan," "Which Juan?"

Judas: Helped prepare Jesus' last supper, which was sacrilicious!

Juel: A family treasure. Should protect from blunt-force trauma at all cost.

Juhu: A delicious chocolate drink. Also, a greeting popular with Spanish men choosing alternative lifestyles.

Justin: A precursor to headline news teasers. "This Justin. What you're doing right now could cause death.... Story at eleven...."

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Farting releases gas into the atmosphere!

High-scoring word of the night:

HI (128 points) - against George M. [two 4W each used twice, hook off COINS to make HI and IN]

Leslie took the What Michael Jackson Song Are You? quiz and got the result: Black or White.

Leslie took the How ridiculously good-looking are you? quiz and got the result: Ridiculously Good-Looking. (It's not true... ssh!)

Facebook quizzes taken from Gretchen, Quan, and Adam:

Leslie took the What Love Quote are you? quiz and got the result: "By I HATE YOU, I mean I LOVE YOU." (unknown)

Leslie just took the "What Song Are You?" quiz and the result is Hot n' Cold. You're mad one second, and cool as a iceberg the next! You're all over with your emotions, and you like it that way!

Leslie took the What do Your Eyes Say About You? quiz and the result is Mysteries. When people look into your eyes, they see mysteries galore. You're a deep and intellectual person, and others can see that through your sparkling eyes. You're quiet and shy, but once you get to know someone, you become comfortable around them. Your eyes often spark curiosity in others, and it bothers people how they can never tell what you're really thinking. You're hard to read, and often hide your true emotions.

Leslie took the Why are you still single? quiz and got the result: Too Picky. Too Picky: Don't be too picky or too quick to judge, give them a chance!

Poo nugget for Monday, June 29: Doo You Know? - The Gas You Pass - The average person farts ten times per day, resulting in the release of 705cc of gas into the atmosphere. Flatulence sometimes happens accidentally during coughing or sneezing. On other occasions, it can be voluntarily produced by tensing the rectum (or "bearing down") and releasing the anal sphincter, resulting in the expulsion of a flatus.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

ENGRISH! / Apparently, I'm strong enough to take a gate off its hinges...

Engrish Funny - thanks, Teresa! HAHAHA, SO HILARIOUS! Who believes they sell "Marinated Rape," for example?

My family picked me up this morning, and I settled in to listen to Jon talking to Harmony on the phone. Apparently, she's in Toronto for another wedding... the conversation covered Jon H., friends, pain, weddings, and other things. When he got off the phone, I asked him what he did to her. "Nothing! She got it in Europe!" Dad gave him some advice about how they should be together right now - well, weddings and such can't be helped. Good thing that listening to what Jon said distracted me from other things, haha. Said hi to Rosenda and her sons Ian (who waved and said hi before going into the elevator) and Gabriel in a double stroller - I knew I had to wear my Awana uniform today, so it was a good thing I carry it with me! Sat with Jeremy again after going down from the second floor, and was amused by a mention of Japadogs (Japanese hot dogs) in the bulletin.

Talked to Sheena, some kids who were chasing Margaret around, Ian and Sean ("36! S! R! S!" while writing "The 15 Mins." on the board), Dylan, Jon, Jeremy, Karen, baby Mattias (Anne and baby cookies), baby Allison, Jeff, Anita, and others. Hugged Chuck goodbye - he thanked me for being a good friend to Andrea. Of course! Nathan had some seven-year-old cheddar that he was trying - after he said that it reminded him of durian, Jen and I didn't want to try it! Saw Erin and Denise, so talked to them a little. (reminds me, I still have to RSVP to Erin's reception thing...)

Went upstairs to look after the kids: Amanda, Amos, Arthur, and Esther were all right just playing. When they got too loud, I took the books and toys away - Lego is a pursuit which is somewhat quieter! They liked pretending Jenga blocks were strawberry / chocolate / vanilla / peach desserts. Auntie Fonda was talking to Rachel's grandma, and was still weepy as I assume she's mourning the death of her cat. (she explained this to them as "I'm not happy.") I didn't mind just watching the kids - she was obviously not in the right frame of mind to tell the kids a Bible story! She thanked me later for just being there - hey, whatever I can do to make it easier! Yes, I did get her messages on MSN, and am not surprised that she closed the program right away when she heard her boss coming! Arthur talked a lot to me about Thomas, Gordon, Lady, and other characters from THOMAS THE TANK... Amos actually brought some figures along, and told me that he had the DVD at home!

After that, I went downstairs to see what Jon was doing - Mom tried telling me stuff, but I was too focused on my brother, haha. I told my brother what I was doing later, so I decided to take the bus home. Jon and Nathan went out of the church later, and said something about Pho lunch - we went to Pho Thai Son. On the way there, Nathan decided to call Chinese Eric on his temporary number, but got no answer. We didn't have all the time in the world to arrange a get-together, as Jon observed. Since we kinda had to be chasing him down, it was a good thing that Eric's mom answered when Nathan tried his house number! He was disappointed that he wouldn't be seeing "the happy couple," but we figured that tomorrow works for all of us as a dinner date. Looks like we'll be trying Burgoo - soups and stews of comfort, oh my!

Over Pho, we discussed the media's treatment of Michael Jackson - he was weird and perverted in life, but now he's SO GOOD and THE KING OF POP in death! Jeremy wondered whether nursing is truly vegan, since humans are technically animals. I mentioned that I'd been reading up on it, and the vegans say it's fine since it's cruelty-free. (or something) We both didn't know about the technicalities - oh well. Nathan and Jon joked about Ponzi schemes, percentages, services, and other things. Jon mentioned that Harmony didn't know that 70s SEXY music was what it was - she just liked the oral sounds of it! Talked about "seductive" power naps, poor Terrence's Facebook status, smoky eateries in Europe, great terraces in Budapest, and other things too before the guys went to get Jon's keys prior to the Jazz Festival.

I experienced great bus luck on a Sunday of all days - I didn't have to wait for any of the three buses I took to get home! Got home, fielded a good message from Vanessa H., and noticed that a prospective landlady had called. I returned the call and was out again within ten minutes. The Ironwood area is cool - unfortunately, I ripped the wooden gate off its hinges because it was stuck. There go my chances at that place, although I didn't know I was that strong! Probably it was old - I didn't want to just waltz in the open garage door! She wanted references and such, especially since she had a few more people interested. "I was going to take the ad off the Internet when you called!"

When I got back to Richmond Centre (with the same bus driver who'd taken me to Ironwood in the first place), I was so thirsty that I went to Shoppers to get two iced teas, which were on sale anyway. Then I took some money out of the bank for tomorrow or later because I was near an ATM. Saw David Shaler smoking a cigarette outside, who said that he'd give me a townhouse because he was building them at Garden City / Westminster with Donald Trump. "You believe me, right?" Haha... we'll see if you're gonna be in the news! (he has a lot of these proclamations, like the one where Joe Biden was going to take him to Washington, or the one where he's a direct descendant of Jesus Christ :P) Finished the two iced teas in ten minutes, then headed home to discuss things with Billie and Corey. Saturday plans sound pretty good!

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