Saturday, May 15, 2004

Eric T. is a cool person!

at Awana, Eric said he was really tired, and waved to me..
I like that guy.. he's definitely one of the cool people..
Melia said she saw baby photos of me.. I was so dark!
went out afterwards to White Spot with Steph, Cindy, Dawn, and Becky..
ditzy moments ("whoa! that looks like Becky!"), photos, food, plans, money, school, etc.
had frozen yogurt at Timothy's later in Steveston..
that was definitely a good way to spend the night..

now, I wait for certain people to come online on MSN..
my current display name is, "Spoz: I'm back here! Stephen: I killed the intangibles to watch them all writhe in utmost screaming pain... [devil icon]"
that's assuming they come online.. Spozzer will for sure..
and if the other person comes online, then I'll hide..
no, just kidding.. I guess we'll talk about things..
if I'm not at the end of my tiredness level, of course!

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Cricket and Rona

I got to talk to Eric H. and "The J Man" before dinner..
computer problems, tonight's plans, CDs, cricket..
dinner was all right.. eight courses and two desserts..
talked to everyone after church and at Red Robin's..
Cindy quitting Rona, her ketchup mistake, summer plans..
Brian being there, Nathan's spiritual gift of chauffeuring..
life / updates, Sean and Citrus' "relationship".. (passion, intimacy, romance, lubrication.. WAY too far!)
Steph's crazy big root beer float.. (Adela being deprived as a kid since she never had one)
June party time while our parents are away for 3 weeks, past Red Robin's antics..
Eric's Parisienne / big blue boat, food, Jessica, Karen..
Mandy, Eunice, Becky, Steph and Gilbert still good pals..
Danielle and the ApologetiX CD, being cheap, Ireland, the Grouse Grind, calling people..
food, money, work, hugs, movies, grad school, etc.
was home at 12:20, and someone wasn't online.. oh man..
I'll temper a certain emotion till after checking mail..
assuming I'm awake after updating elsewhere, that is!

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Friday, May 14, 2004

LJ security settings and pretty color patterns... the asshole / bitch test

Geo helped me disprove my "LJ security settings" theory..
I figured out what was wrong with my computer on my own..
(the computer screen was making pretty color patterns, then the monitor appeared to blink out..
dug around back there, and found that the cause was a loose wireplug thing)
read Spoz's rant about the multiplicity of people nicknamed "Spoz" on the Internet..
those things cheered me right up, and made me feel better!

Jon just called.. he's chilling in West Van with people..
they did the Grouse Grind earlier, and he'll be here in an hour or so..
not sure that I'd be seriously worried, but it's all good..
that's fine with me, since I'm busy writing as usual.. yay!

I may think I am an asshole or a bitch, but the truth is I am a good person at heart. Yeah sure, I can have a mean streak in me, but most of the people I meet like me.

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My sister's on Yahoo?!

got a surprising Yahoo IM from my sister, of all people..
we have to go celebrate HER birthday tomorrow night..
eh well, it'll be a dinner out before the good times!
Jon will pick me up sometime tomorrow afternoon..
Steph will be late because she got called in to work..
two cars will be absolute joy, as we can hang out later..
sent someone a very long PM full of questions / answers..
I don't expect him to have time to digest it all at once..
but I shall see what happens with it on the morrow!
hopefully, I see both Eric and Danielle.. haven't seen any of those friends in two weeks, maybe three!
it'll be very good to just talk about stuff with them!

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Mailing stuff to people, and a great ad

just got back from an appointment, and running errands..
mailed stuff to Arthur, Stephen, Candy, welfy, and Jim..
got a curry chicken pasta from Ricky's.. they replaced the huge purple onion slices with green onions.. that rocks!
my cheap Asian gene rang true again at Shoppers Drug Mart..
a fast-expiring sale on certain products, AND extra points?
bring it ON, baby! saving money and earning extra stuff is a good idea, for sure!
saw a great ad for McIlhenny Original Brand Tabasco Sauce..
"It's Like Love: You Always Want More, No Matter How Badly You Got Burned Last Time"..
had some coffee-flavored bubble tea at Tazza, also..
now I can give the ApologetiX CD to Danielle later on..
definitely a good afternoon to refresh and recharge! ;)

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Thoughts of guys in my head...

I woke up way too hyper with thoughts of the three Erics..
there's Fay / the recording studio girls / non-crush love to be considered, of course..
not that I would ever seriously do that.. Dave likes Cindy, and I have no clue who Andy likes..
cue the Big Sugar and the French pink T-shirt, plus cap!
do I really need bubble tea later on if I'm this bouncy?
who cares, I'm going to have some anyhow since I want it..
from a mushy mood last night to a hyper mood now.. um, yay?
thoughts of my good friends do have that effect.. wooyeah!
now to whatever the day will bring me.. "me" time rocks!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Pipa action / Quizzes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHIL.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been good knowing you at church!

the whole Terracotta Warriors play was interesting..
it didn't have any dialogue.. dancing, pipa, action..
we were going to have some bubble tea later, but didn't..
I'm feeling the lack of it meself.. tomorrow, then..
besides, I have definitely got to talk to Corey tonight!

It's a grey area right now. You can't be too sure. Keep going about what you're doing, and maybe things will work out. You seem happy together, but you have to give it more time.

the marriage quiz
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It's way too early to be thinking of marriage with Stephen, LDR and all. o_O
And I'd never think of it with Korey, either! [September 2008]

Kinda purple. You are the Diet Pepsi of purple: just one purplerie... not quite enough.

The purple quiz!
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Well Done! If you get this message, then you must have gotten at least half of the questions correct!

Nirvana Quiz
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peppermint patty
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Peanuts Quiz
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wow nice nice nice all nice
What a kind, generous, giving person you are! I love you.

a nice quiz
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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Uninhibited toilet history... HAHAHA!

right now, I'm at the townhouse.. it's still a mess..
Jon and Steph think the T-shirts are fine, just not big!
I got Sitting Pretty: The Uninhibited History of the Toilet..
my brother just told me I looked like a crazy woman..
he looks pretty weird himself with uncombed hair! ;)

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It wouldn't kill her to be CLEAR for once!

got woken up just now by Jon calling me for plans..
The Terracotta Warriors at the Centre of Performing Arts?
I've vaguely heard about it, sure.. sounds interesting..
if nothing else, I'll get the CD / card / book stuff done!
then SHE had to call me back, and not specify what she was talking about with the tickets..
yup, Jon just called and everything, but would it kill her to be clear in her speech?
she wants to pick me up hours earlier than necessary..
guess I'll be turning the answering machine on if Eric calls me sometime today as I expect..
damn, I was looking forward to talking with him, no matter how brief the conversation would be..
eh well, I could go to painful places.. but not today..
I'll just ratchet up my angsty music and thank God I'm not actually living there anymore ;)

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ICQ worms, skin, GWAR, and girls

Steph said that Nathan had given her the CDs from Eric..
she thinks I'll have to come over if I want them..
I plan to call her tomorrow and see if she'll come here..
also turned on ICQ since I was half-expecting a message from Eric about the CDs..
he told me what was up with them, and that he'd call me..
we both hope that my friends enjoy them, indeed..
talking to Corey is a good thing, too.. all topics..
ICQ worms, skin, calling girls, GWAR, people, life..
ah well, I shall see what happens with the CDs later!

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Monday, May 10, 2004

Get me a hoodie when I say so, dammit!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HANNAH.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been great knowing you all these years!

talked to Steph earlier this morning about the T-shirts..
she was supposed to get me a hoodie, but didn't..
"what?! it's summer.. do you think they sell hoodies?"
well, if you'd bought one when I asked in the winter..
the T-shirts are smallish on me anyhow.. yes, I'm sure!
I know Sam will be disappointed, as am I.. "no hoodie?!"
at least they look nice, and have Toronto on them! ;)

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Sunday, May 09, 2004

New look for Blogger

well, a new look for the Blogger site is certainly good..
I'll have to get used to it, but it seems okay for now..
called Eric to see what was up with the CD stuff..
he'd given it to Nate since he was busy with things..
Nathan obviously didn't see me there today at church..
Eric will get the CDs back from Nathan before Wednesday..
that's when we'll meet at the Chapters at 4:30..
I wasn't expecting him to drive all the way down here..
at least I'll have my stuff, and I can see him too..
planned to do it on Tuesday, but Wednesday is good..
can always have the BP Pasta Tuesday special another week!

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I am a multiple-birth FREAK.. run! (hahaha)

Inspired by a story about 15 kids in the same family whose names all begin with J, here is the "Multiple Multiples" section of Facts About Multiples.

Story, for context:

Jackson will be couple's 15th J-name child

A US couple who have 14 children with names all beginning with J, are expecting a 15th child.

Michelle Duggar and husband Jim Bob say the new arrival will also have a first name beginning with J - Jackson.

They said they never intended to bring up such a large family, says Sky News Online.

Michelle told CBS: "I don't think it was our intention when we first married but I think we realised children are a gift."

So far... the couple have Jana, John, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joanna, Jedadiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, and Justin.

The deeply-religious southern Baptist family is schooled at home and sew their own clothes to cut down costs.

"The older child gets to become the teacher, and it seems like you learn so much more... than when you're just the student," Michelle said.

And the new baby may not be the last. "I would like more. I guess we'll have to wait and see," she said.

Multiple Sets - Higher Order (in alphabetical order)

*Bohari (Malaysia) quints Syukri, Syahmi, Syahmimi, Azizah, and Azimah (March 24, April 3 and April 4 1997), triplets (1995 - died at 17 weeks).
*Brown (unknown) quads (Feb 16 1946 - 0 surv), quints (Jul 12 1950 - 3b 2g none surv), twins (Apr 15 1951 - none surv), triplets (Apr 1952), twins (1 surv), triplets (May 9 1960 1b 2g).
*Casalini (Italy) 2 set of quads, 1 set of triplets, 1 set of twins and 19 single births. Only 15 of 32 survive.
*Chianese (Italy) sextuplets (November 5 1976 - none survive), octuplets (August 16 1979 - 2 girls (Silvana, Anna) survive).
*Chukwu (Texas) triplets (none survive), octuplets (1998 - 7 survive).
*Convane (Mozambique) twins (1954), triplets (1955), quads (1956 - all survive), quints (June 6 1957 (4b 1g) - none survive), triplets (1959).
*De Maldemeure (France) twins, triplets, quads, quints, and died giving birth to sextuplets, one of whom survived, but this was not verified.
*Gotofsky (New Jersey) 7 sets of twins - 1st (1893), 2 sets of triplets, quads (June 11 1908).
*Frustaci (California) septuplets (May 21 1985 - 3 survive), b/g twins (December 21 1991).
*Kirilow (Russia) 4 sets of quadruplets, 7 sets of triplets, 2 sets of twins with his 1st wife (57 children), 6 sets of twins, 1 set of triplets with his 2nd wife (15 kids) before 1853. All survived. (72 kids?!)
*Lange (California) quads (Nov 29 1973 - Mark, Christopher, Ann, Mary - survive?), sextuplets (Dec 8 1974 - Brian, Corey, Jason, John, Jolene, Kelly - none survived).
*Nabasalwa (Uganda) quadruplets (1999 - 2 survive), twins (2001), triplets Tahiya Nalubowa, Kulusum Nakidde, and Zahara Nakintu (March 19 2003).
*Page (Texas) 3 sets of twins, quadruplets Faith, Hope, Charity, Patience (January 10 1890)
*Spychalski (Ohio) twins (1897), triplets (1898), twins (1901), quads Theodore (d), Samuel, Dorothy, Helen (January 4 1903)
*Vassiliev (Russia) 4 sets quads, 7 sets triplets, 16 sets twins between 1725-1765. Only two failed to survive infancy. Husband remarried and had 18 children in 8 pregnancies. 83 of 87 were living at the time they were presented to the government. There is substantial proof verifying this family. (83 of 87.. I bet they have descendants to this day, or kinda hope so!)
*Ward (North Carolina) 2 sets of triplets and 2 sets of quads with his first wife, 2 sets of twins with his second wife, all in the early 20th century. (18 kids if they all survived)
*Womack (Texas) quints, quads, 3 sets of triplets, 5 sets of twins, a total of 38 children (28 boys, 11 still living) between 1911 and 1933.
*Zerbini (Greece) octuplets (July 9 1977- 5 girls and 3 boys, none survive), quadruplets (1975 - none survive).
*Unidentified (Gold Coast, Africa) quadruplets, 2 sets of triplets, sextuplets (April 19 1903 - none surviving).
*Unidentified (Malawi, Africa) 1 set of twins, 1 set of triplets, 2 sets of quintuplets and 1 set of sextuplets by 1961. 7 out of 10 children from 7 pregnancies were alive in 1961.
*Unidentified (North Carolina) quints, quads, 2 sets of triplets, 2 sets of twins and 1 singleton all by the age of 31. (8 were still alive in 1960 when the last triplets were born)
*Unidentified (Saudi Arabia) triplets, sextuplets (1998 - no fertility drugs)
*Unidentified (Ohio) 7 sets of twins, 5 sets of triplets and 2 sets of quads.
*Unidentified (Portugal) quadruplets (1717 - 2 survived) septuplets (March 12 1718 - 2 survived)

The families with the most multiples would be the Vassilievs of Russia with 27 sets of multiples, followed by Mr. Kirilow with 20 (13 from first marriage, 7 from second), Dr. Mary Austin with 19 sets (1890's), Maddalena Granata with 15 sets, Mary Jonas with 15 sets, an unidentified Ohio family with 14 sets, a woman in Italy with 11 sets, and the Gotofskys, the Womacks, and Maria Goncalves Moreira (and her mother) with 10 sets.

Sextuplets and Twins

*Cooper (Pennsylvania) twins Tara and Rheannon (Sep 27 1991), sextuplets Ian, Christian, Taylor (d), Sage, 2 d in utero (1999).
*Gosselin (Pennsylvania) twins Cara and Madelyn (2001), sextuplets due Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Aaden, Collin, Joel (2004).

Quints and Quads

*Dewval (Canada) all boy quints (December 1834 - at least one boy died), all girl quads (1833)
*Hasfa (Uganda) quints (none survive), all girl quads (April 1998)

Quints and Twins

*Braham (Australia) spontaneous quints Annabel, Caroline, Faith, Richard, and Geoffrey (d) (December 31 1967 - 4 surviving), twins.
*Maris (Pennsylvania) twins Roger and Ryan (1998), quintuplets Alexis, Amanda, Joanna, Paige, and Matthew (August 30 2002).
*Prieto (Argentina) had all boy quints (1963), twins (March 1965).
*Seire (Norway) twins Meekus and Hanny (1984), quintuplets Vilda, Siri, Tindra, Tiger, and Nike (April 4 1998).
*Van Hassel (Netherlands) quints (March 23 1957 - none of the 3b 2g survive), twin boys.
*Gelinger (Switzerland) twins (1825), quints (1827 - 3b 2g)
*Unidentified (France) quintuplets (May 24 1990 - Elodie, Ludivine, Aurelie, Ludovic, Antony), twin girls

More Than One Set of Quads

4 sets - An unidentified man and his wife.
4 sets - Zoellner in 1923, 1925, 1927 and 1929. They were 7 girls and 9 boys.
4 sets - Kirilow of Russia (and other multiples)
4 sets - Mrs. Feodor Vassiliev of Russia
2 sets - Lioi (Italy) in 1948 and 1950.
2 sets - Strickland (Pennsylvania) one in 1982 that didn't survive, and one in 1983, 15 months later.
2 sets - Ward of North Carolina
2 sets - Unidentified (England) in 1925 and 1926 (2 boys and 2 girls both times).
2 sets - Unidentified (Nigeria) had 11 children in 7 years including 2 set quads.
2 sets - Evans (unknown) 2 set of quads, and 3 set of triplets.

Quads and Triplets

*Cooley (Arizona) quads (1882), triplets (1885)
*Evans (unknown) 2 set of quads, 3 set of triplets.
*Feddersen (Minnesota) 3 boys and 1 girl quads (December 4 1999), the father has triplets Amanda, Rebecca, and Kristina from a previous marriage.
*McMann (unknown) 3 sets of triplets, one child of each set died, quadruplets
*Ormsby (Illinois) triplets with two surviving (late 1890's Helen and George) quadruplets Willie, Theodore, John, and Edith (1901).
*Pettis (Alabama) triplets (1996), all boy quads (1998).
*Pfaltzgraff (Ohio) quads (1990 - Kelly, Keri, Katie, Joey), triplets (Emily, Sarah, Allison).
*Sima (Mali, Africa) quadruplets (February 13 2001), 2 sets of triplets. I am not sure how many survive, or if they were from fertility methods.
*Swick (Ohio) quads (January 16 1989 - Carly, Andrew, Alex, Tara), triplets (Micah, Isaac, Kyla)
*Unidentified (Latvia) 4 girl quadruplets (July 1871), triplets 2b 1g (May 1872).
*Unidentified (Bavaria) triplets (1930?), quads (June 1931).
*Unidentified (Connecticut) quads, triplets (November 1923)

Quads and Twins

*Anderson (unknown) quads Justin, Austin, Connor, and Kara born (December 1994), twins Hunter and Graham (d) (1998).
*Beier (California) quads Nicholas, Austin, Matthew and Caitlin (May 8 2001), twins Christina and Scott (1995).
*Bennett (England) twins Marilyn and Keith (1951), quads David, Anthony, Beverley, and Thelma (December 14 1957).
*Blomberg (Minnesota) quads Catharine, Ida Sophia, Matilda, Helma (1887 - none survive), twins.
*Chassidic (Israel) quads 3 boys, 1 girl spontaneous (May 1999), boy/girl twins.
*Covaleski (Pennsylvania) identical twin boys (none survive), quads Adam, Andrew, Aaron, and Annissa (January 1 1999).
*Cumming (Scotland) twins Dora and Heather (1957), twins Carol and Grace (November 23 1959), quads Betty, Wilma, Margaret, and Robert (May 14 1963).
*Damron (Ohio) twins, quadruplets Keith, Bradley, Shelby, and Lindsey (March 12 2002).
*Englehart (Virginia) twins Kathleen and Josephine (1954), quadruplets Edwin, Edward, Evelyn, Edna (1958).
*Feyre (Massachusetts) spontaneous quads Maureen, Margaret, Michael, and William (March 29 1961), twins (1994).
*Fulton (Michigan) quadruplets (1991), twins and 10 other children. (16 kids in all)
*Gardner (North Carolina) twins Benjamin and Jonathan (June 1982), quads Michael, Stephen, Rebecca, and Rachel (April 1984), and 5 other kids.
*Graff (Wisconsin) twins Jill and Joel (January 16 1964) quadruplets Christopher, Craig (d), Crystal (d), and Catherine (d) (January 11 1965).
*Guerette/Blouin (Quebec, Canada) fraternal twins (1986), quads Christian, Francois, Simon, and Marie-Pierre (May 5 1988).
*Haines (Michigan) quads Gregory, Hunter, Parker, and Rebecca (October 22 2000), twins Richard and Ryan November 7 2003.
*Hassan (USA) quadruplets Mohammad (b), Salam (g), Shawkj (b), Luzmejid (g) (1993), identical twin girls Nijmah and Asma'a (1983?)
*Jimarin (Australia) quads Phillipa (d at 9 weeks), Regina, Joan and Eudi (1968), twins (March 1969).
*Jeffers (Maryland) twins Justin and Jared, (2002), quadruplets Evan, Sean, Olivia, and Emma (2003).
*Kenny (Illinois) spontaneous quads Colin, Liam, Elizabeth, and Lauryn (August 2000), twins Shannon and Charlotte (1996).
*Klamon (Colorado) identical twins Brian and Bradley (adopted by Bross family) (1977), quads Stephen, Nicholas, Kimberly, and Carolyn (1989).
*Layman (Arkansas) identical twin girls (1983), quads Aaron, Stephen, Dawson, and Allyson (August 7 1998).
*Levesque (California) twins Justin and Sean (1979), quads Monique, Danielle, Allison, Jacques (1985).
*McDade (unknown) twin girls (1995), quadruplets Honre Jr., Darien, Zarria, and Myla (February 14 2003). The boys are identical.
*McKay (unknown) b/g twins (September 4 1997), quads Chad, Seth, Reed, and Ally (February 17 2000).
*Medina (New York) twin girls (April 10 1955), 2 boys, 2 girls quadruplets (April 23 1956).
*Myers (Ontario, Canada had quads Alison, Jessica, Harrison, Kenny, and also a surviving twin Mac.
*Omedeo (Georgia) mom had twins from previous marriage, quads Gage, Giovanni, Zackory, and Abigayle (November 7 2002)
*Page (Texas) quads (January 10 1890), 3 sets of twins.
*Richards (unknown) quads (1816), twins
*Salzo (Connecticut) twins, quads Everett, Warren, Sylvester, and Geraldina (May 9 1921)
*Seifert (Minnesota) twin boys (1934), quadruplets Marie, Martha, Monica, Michael (1950).
*Simmons (Illinois) twins, quads Joshua, Jennifer, Jenny, Judith (February 1988). The mom was only 19 when she had the quads. (Jennifer and Jenny? I'm sorry, but you shouldn't be allowed to do that to your kids!)
*Singleton (Alabama) twins Judy and Jimmy (1946), quadruplets Eva, Anna, Frances, and Pearl (April 8 1950).
*Swindells (Australia) twins Daniel and Mitchell (1991), quadruplets Laney, Olivia, Erin, and Jack (2002).
*Thiede (Washington) quadruplets Emily, Kathryn, Arica (d), and Nathan (June 3 2001 - 3 survive), twins Miranda and Benjamin (August 5 1999).
*Turner (Texas) twins Bradley and Brent (1999), quadruplets Miles, Marshall, Mckenzie, and Madyson (2003).
*Wolf (California) quads Adam, Daniel, Michael, and Samantha (December 1998), b/g twins Joey and Jamie.
*Voland (Pennsylvania) twins (1997), 2 boys/2 girls quads (January 13 1999).
*Unidentified (Nigeria) 5 sets of twins, quads (1992)
*Unidentified (Israel) quads 3 boys and 1 girl conceived spontaneously (May 1999), boy/girl twins.
*Unidentified (Peru) twins, quads (March 14 2002).
*Unidentified (France) twins Yael and Malki (1999), quads Doronn, Yossi, Avigail, and Yofith (February 20 2001).

More Than One Set of Triplets

15 sets - Granata (Italy) between 1839-1886. 49 of her 52 children were boys. (imagine the odds...)
6 sets - Saygi (Turkey) Eight of the children survived.
2 sets - Houillon (unknown) 1st set Nicole, Abigail, Laura (1986) 2nd set Jillian (b), Hannah, and Erin.
2 sets - McCarry (Michigan) 1st set Dollen, Derek, Devon (May 18 1997), 2nd set Trenton, Trevor, Travis (April 2000).
2 sets - Ok (North Korea) 1st set 2 boys, 1 girl (June 2000), 2nd set (December 2001).
2 sets - Robinson (USA) 1st set Jamie, Michelle, and Michael (1984), 2nd set, Joshua, Nicole, and Jordan (May 7 1997).
2 sets - Steynvaait (South Africa) 2 sets of triplets within 10 months in 1960.
2 sets - Walker (New York) 1st set two boys, 1 girl (unknown), 2nd set (1948).
2 sets - Williams (USA) 1st set Erin, Richard, and Iman (1999), 2nd set Ariel, Tyler, and Tyree (February 1 2000). Both sets conceived spontaneous, mother on the pill. Tyler d June 2000.

20/20 reported that by 1997 there were 5 moms in the USA that had had 2 sets of triplets.

Leontina Albina Espinoza claimed to have 7 sets of triplets, but her story was false. See news report.

*Some of the other people in history with more than one set are:

Browns (two sets along with quads, twins, a single and another set of twins)
the Gotofskys (2 sets with quads, 6 singles and 7 sets of twins)
the Kirilows (7 sets with a set of quads, and 2 sets of twins with his first wife, then 6 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets with his 2nd wife)
the Vassilievs (7 sets with 4 sets quads and 16 sets of twins)
the Wards (2 sets and a single and 2 sets of quads)
the Womack's (3 sets with quints, quads, 5 sets of twins and 9 singles)
a North Carolina woman with 2 sets (quints, quads, 2 sets of twins and a single as well, all by 1960)
an Ohio woman with 5 sets (as well as 7 sets of twins and 2 sets of quads)

Triplets and Twins

*Arballo (unknown) triplets Pamela, Paula, and Paulina (1998?), twins, Sergio and Laura (80's?), twins Ariel and Gracia (March 17 1996). No fertility drugs were used.
*Austin (unknown) 6 sets of triplets, 13 sets of twins (reported in 1896) (44 kids?!)
*Bourne (England) triplets, twins. Her mother also had 1 set of triplets, and 4 sets of twins.
*Brocks (England) triplets, twins.
*Bullock (unknown) triplets Jamal, Jewel, and Joel; twins Jermaine and Jasmine.
*Cable (Pennsylvania) twins Courtney and Clint (1979); triplets Megan, Molly, and Mitchell (June 1981).
*Carll (California) triplets Derek, Jared, and Hollie Ann (1999); twins Collin-Michael and Ava-Grace (2002).
*Cerezo (Spain), triplets, twins, twins.
*Chevalier (unknown) twins Robert and Christine (December 29 1993); triplets Debra, Allison, and Nicholas (April 9 1996).
*Childress (unknown - great grandmother of Childress quads) triplets, 4 sets of twins.
*Colpitt (Massachusetts) identical twin boys (1990's?), triplets (2 boys, 1 girl, 2 surviving, the daughter died at 15 months).
*Constable (England) triplets, twins, twins.
*Cox (unknown) twins Sunny and Kelsey (1996), identical triplet boys Josiah, Nolan, and Noah (1998).
*Debly-Martin (New Brunswick, Canada) twins Irisha and Telina (1997), triplets Autumn, Kyla, and Zev (2000). The triplets were born on the twins' 3rd birthday.
*De La Torra (California) twin girls (1999), triplet girls (2002/3).
*Gray (Australia) twins Nic and Tom, triplets Anthony, William, and Andrew. Two of the triplets were IVF conceived, the other was conceived naturally at the same time.
*Hancock (unknown) twins, twins, twins, triplets (1900s).
*Jarrett/Peterson (Michigan) boy twins (1996), triplets Staria, Jasmie, and Moon (Apr 20 1999). The mother is a girl/girl twin herself, her mother is a triplet. Monica's sister has triplets.
*Johnson (Tennessee) triplets Teddy, Archie, and Kermit; twins Johnnie and Bonnie.
*Joyner-White (New York), triplets Cassandra, Clarice, Catrina (1987); 3 sets of twins (1 set Sierra and Serena - 1996).
*Kennedy (Australia) twins Alice and William; spontaneous triplets Frederick, John, and Edward (Frederick and Edward are identical).
*King-Moore (New Mexico) triplets, twins.
*Law (North Carolina) triplets Ana, Christy, and Alex (1997); twins Maria and Katie (1993).
*Morton (California) twins Keith and Seth (2001); triplets Samantha, Melissa, and Lacy (2002). All the kids were conceived while the mom was on birth control pills.
*Murphy (unknown) adopted twins Brittany and Brandon (June 1992), triplets Kiley, Emilee, and Matthew (April 1999)
*O'Brien (New York) fraternal twins Andrea and Nicole (August 26 1982); fraternal triplets Jordan, Christopher, and Jason (April 8 1993).
*Reynold (unknown) twins Tyler and Thomas; triplets Maggie, Kyle, and Ryan.
*Royster (Indiana) twins John and Don (d) (1980), twin boys (1984 - none survive), twins, twins, triplets (1 surviving).
*Scott (Kansas) triplet boys; triplet boys; triplets Ashbell, Archer, and Austin; twins Arthur and Arnold; triplets Allan, Almon, and Albin; triplets Albert, Albion, and Adolph; twins Abel and Abner. (19 kids, possibly all boys whose names all began with the letter A)
*Sykes (Texas) twins Connor and Caitlin (October 11 1984); triplets Rachel, Rebekkah, and Ian (November 2 1994). The girls are identical.
*Tainsh (Massachusetts) twins Robert and Laurel (February 17 1988); triplets Erica, Kelsey, and Valerie (born in Florida July 19 1990).
*Thioret de Sainte Geneviève (Quebec, Canada) triplets, triplets, twins, twins, twins; all by 1895 before age 30.
*Victor (unknown) twins Jodi and Julie; triplets Megan, Christopher, and Timothy.
*Unidentified (unknown) twins Jennifer and Katherine; triplets Stephanie, Christina, and Daniel.
*Unidentified (unknown) fraternal triplets Sarah, Ethan, and Noah; identical twins Alissa and Jaime.
*Unidentified (unknown) boy/girl twins, 2 girl / 1 boy triplets.
*Unidentified (unknown) triplets Mackayla, Payton, and Joseph (November 6 2001); twins Jordan and Caden (March 28 2003).
*Unidentified (unknown) twins (January 1879 - none survived), twins (March 1880 - none survive), triplets (March 12 1881 - none survived past 6 mon). The mother was a twin.

Lots of Twins (Over 5 sets)

16 sets - Vassiliev (Russia) 16 sets (as well as 4 sets quads, 7 sets triplets). All between 1725-1765. Only two failed to survive infancy. Husband remarried and had 18 children in 8 pregnancies, so the sets may be higher for twins.

15 sets - Mary Jonas (d. 1899) had 15 sets of boy/girl twins.

13 sets - Dr. Mary Austin (unknown) 13 sets of twins as well as 6 sets of triplets (reported in 1896)

11 sets - A woman from Italy had 11 sets of fraternal twins in 11 years, the last being in 1947 - not all of them survived.

10 sets - Maria Goncalves Moreira had her 10th set of twins on July 3, 1984 (identical boys). Her other twins are 16 girls and 2 boys. Her mother also has 10 sets of twins.

8 sets - Marcella Mills-Bigcrow of Pine Ridge, South Dakota. All the babies survived, and were born between the 1940s and 1960s.
8 sets - Kirilow (Russia) The father had 2 sets with his 1st wife (as well as 4 sets of quads and 7 sets of triplets), and 6 sets with his 2nd wife (as well as 1 set of triplets).

7 sets - The Pearson family of Florida, the latest set born in 1961.
7 sets - Helen Curtis of Indiana in the late 1800's.
7 sets - An Italian woman in 1947 bore her 7th set of twins.
7 sets - An unidentified Ohio woman had 7 sets of twins, 5 sets of triplets, and 2 sets of quads.
7 sets - Gotofsky (New Jersey) 7 sets of twins - 1st born in 1893 as well as 2 sets of triplets and a set of quads (June 11 1908).

6 sets - Mrs. Harry Fifield of Connecticut.
6 sets - Billy and Mary Virginia Gibbons of Texas had 6 sets, but only Mary and John William survived.
6 sets - Lecus - Edna and Edward (Apr 3 1886), Charles and Martha (Apr 27 1887), Elizabeth and Irene (Jul 15 1888), Louise and Esther (Aug 8 1892), Agnes and David (Jan 3 1899), Emma and Viola (1902). Daughter Evangeline had quadruplets that died at birth.
6 sets - John and Barbara Schuster of Wisconsin in the late 1800s. They had 16 or 17 children total.
6 sets - Tremblay (Quebec, Canada) in 8 years: Raymonde (twin died at birth), Ronald and Ronaldo, Jacques and Jacqueline, Jules and Julien, Francine and Francois, Christien and Christiane.
6 sets - The Welch family of Tennessee had 6 sets - Lorraine and Lewis were one.
6 sets - Mrs. Barbara Zulu of South Africa had 6 sets in 7 years (1967-73, 3 sets of girls, 3 mixed)

Five Sets of Twins

5 sets - Bockus (Montreal, Canada), the last set boy/girl born April 4 1845.
5 sets - Charles Charmichael of Scotland had 13 children and 5 sets of twins.
5 sets - William and Ina Morris-Chisham had Fewl and Jewel, Paul Penn and Pauline Pearl, Ina Jean and Mina Dean, and 2 other sets in Missouri.
5 sets - Sarah Morrical Flesher of Indiana had Eliza and Lydia (1857), John and Nancy (1862), Lavina and Leona (1876), and Clarry and Perry (1879). The 5th set was not named.
5 sets - Margaret Garcia's great grandmother had 24 children, 5 sets of twins among them.
5 sets - Ada Beck Madsen of Illinois in the late 1800s / early 1900s.
5 sets - Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pledger of England.
5 sets - The Reich family of Illinois had 5 sets among 21 children.
5 sets - Emma Seals of Indiana - Ross and Roy (Jan 14 1900), Cleo and Leo (Nov 13 1902), Ollie and Rollie (Mar 19 1904), Claude and Mabel (1911), Mary and John (Jun 19/20 1913)
5 sets - George Washington Sheilds of Missouri had 5 sets (unsure if it was with his first wife, second wife, or both).
5 sets - Margaret Caldwell Smith of Missouri, late 1800s, early 1900s.
5 sets - Olivia Woodard (her maiden name, married name unknown) (b 1885, d 1980) of West Virginia. She also had 2 sets of twins as siblings.
5 sets - Womack (Texas) 5 sets of twins (as well as quints, quads, 3 sets of triplets) between 1911 and 1933.

Four Sets of Twins

4 sets - Augustus and Eliza Akeman had 4 sets of twins (none survived) in the 1800s.
4 sets - Jesse Cornelius Ball (1836-1931) had 4 sets of twins in two marriages to Nancy Cook and Anna Goldback.
4 sets - John Barta and his wife had 21 children and 4 sets of twins in the late 1800s in Wisconsin.
4 sets - The Bourne family of England had triplets, twins and the grandmother of Mrs. Bourne had 1 set of triplets, 4 sets of twins.
4 sets - Myron and Leila Britton of Michigan had 4 sets of twins in the early 1900s.
4 sets - Samuel and Bell Butcher had 4 sets - Lydia and ?? (February 14 1903).
4 sets - The great-grandmother of the Childress quadruplets had 4 sets of twins and a set of triplets.
4 sets - The Clark family had 4 sets of twins - 3 sets of boys and 1 set of girls.
4 sets - Mary Coil had four sets of twins (Ester and Lester, Lloyd and Floyd, Earl and Pearl, and one set by a second husband).
4 sets - Red Mickey Doherty and Brigid Meenan had 4 sets of twins (2 stillborn). Florence and Seamus (May 7 1946), and Terry and Mary Brigid (February 7 1951) survive.
4 sets - The Ford family had Mary and Joseph (Jul 28/29th 1956), Annette and Timothy (Nov 14 1957) Peggy and Patrick (Jul 24 1961), and a 4th set that didn't survive.
4 sets - Louisa and Vincent Govoni had 12 children and 4 sets of twins in Massachusetts. One of the twins was named Maria.
4 sets - John and Barbara Graber of Indiana have Jonas and Josephine (Jan 10 1971), Elmer and Emma (July 2 1975), Johnny and Mary (April 25 1980), and Amos and Anna (July 26 1985).
4 sets - Joseph and Annie Gregg had at least 10 children with 4 sets of twins. Many of the children and the mother died in the 1918 flu epidemic.
4 sets - Mrs. Louis Hagehorn of Wisconsin was only 26 when she had her 4th set.
4 sets - John and Sarah Hoke had 16 children and 4 sets of twins in the 1800/1900s.
4 sets - Wilson Julian had 4 sets among his 16 children with 2 wives, Margeret Trueblood and Emma Rotramel in the 1800s.
4 sets - Mrs Lopes of Massachussetts had 4 set of twins in 1940s.
4 sets - Reise Leonard and Sina Catherine McKneeley had Lenna and Leta (1919), Leona and Leslie (1920), Eddie and Emmett (February 1921), Virginia and Sadie (November 25 1936).
4 sets - Mary Louise Morris of Virginia had 2 identical and 2 fraternal sets in 12 years. Her fourth set of twins were born in 1974.
4 sets - Nebos Ramos of Chicago had four sets of twins without fertility drugs.
4 sets - Mrs. Jules Rice of Washington had her four sets in a 7 1/2 year frame.
4 sets - ViAnne Smith-Amico of California had 3 sets of girls and 1 set of boy/girl.
4 sets - Seamans family - 1st wife had Phebe and Sarah (Mar 11 1807), 2nd wife had Elizabeth and Abigail (Jan 21 1814), Louisa and Ezra (Mar 11 1829), Emeline and Emily (Nov 23 1830).
4 sets - Bessie and Steve Sedor of Canada had four sets of twins.
4 sets - Jacob and Elise Schnuerle of Nebraska had 16 children (8 girls, 6 boys) and 4 sets of twins among them. (there ya go.. 16 kids!)
4 sets - Mussamat Somni of India, a twin herself with twins as sisters, all of whom went on to have twins themselves.
4 sets - The Volk family of New York had 4 sets on December 6 1952, December 1 1953, June 16 1957, and April 26 1959.
4 sets - Steen Meldahl Wolff and his wife Elisabeth Pettersen had 15 children and 4 sets of twins in the 1800s.
4 sets - A family in Australia recently (2003) has 3 sets with another on the way. The twins were born in 1995, 1999, and 2002. Their 4th set of twins is due in March 2004.

Three Sets of Twins

3 sets - The Arballo had twins unidentified, twins Sergio and Laura (80's?), twins Ariel and Gracia (March 17 1996), and triplets Pamela, Paula, and Paulina (1998?). No fertility drugs.
3 sets - Nola A. Arnaud of Louisiana - fraternal Anne and Annette (July 31 1951), identical boys died, identical Yvonne and Yvette (1956). Anne and Yvonne both had identical boys.
3 sets - Josef and Dora Austrich of New York had 3 sets. The father was from Russia and died in 1919.
3 sets - Nancy and John Blackburn had 3 sets born in Ohio, but only a few survived. The mother was a fraternal twin.
3 sets - Jean Bunda (twin George, 1924) - Jeffery and James (1954), Milo and Mary (1956), Paul and Eileen (1960) in Wisconsin. Her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were twins.
3 sets - Jackson and Gladys Burke had 3 sets of twins around the time of the first World War.
3 sets - Mrs. Christmas of England had 3 sets of twins, Nancy and Mary (1922), Ethel and George (1925), and Doreen and Walter aged (1929).
3 sets - The Corra family had Gino and Gina (October 31 1926), Orlando and Yolanda, Irma and Norina.
3 sets - Bernice Daigler (maiden name) had 3 sets in New York in the 1920/30s.
3 sets - Christopher and Lucinda Dennis of Pennsylvania had 3 sets of twins - Joanna and Joe (November 29 1868).
3 sets - Mrs Dwyer of Louisiana had in 1901 twins thrice and 2 singles.
3 sets - The Finck family has adopted twin girls, then had boy/girl twins, then boy/boy twins.
3 sets - Ann and John Fyfe had George and Elizabeth (October 35 1863), Jane and David (June 11 and 12 1867), William and Margaret (March 15 1871).
3 sets - The Gallagher family had Dave and Ben, Tom and Aurora, and Jimmy and Bessie.
3 sets - Hancock (unknown) 3 sets of twins and triplets (1900s).
3 sets - Yolanda Harris (age 22) of Virginia has 3 sets of twins (the most recent a boy/girl set). She herself is a fraternal twin, and her sister also had twins.
3 sets - Emily and Tom Hardisty had Cirel and Cecil, Monica and Mavis, and a pair I don't have a name for. Only 2 of the twins survived.
3 sets - Lillian and Shaun Hayman had their third set in 2001, girls named Michaela and Samantha.
3 sets - Ethel Hudson had 18 children, including 3 sets of twins. She died in 1974 at age 73. (take note of this one)
3 sets - Joyner-White (New York) had 3 sets of twins (1 set named Sierra and Serena - 1996) as well as triplets.
3 sets - Asa and Mary Knowlton had Albert and Watson (September 29 1861), Edson and Edgar (July 26 1862), Sophia and an unknown baby (1871).
3 sets - Willem Langschmidt of South Africa was the father of 23 children, including 3 sets of twins in the 1850/60s. (take note of this one...)
3 sets - The Lindquists from Maine had 3 sets of fraternal twins among their 21 children. (take note...)
3 sets - The McMann family had 17 children, including three sets of twins born in 1916, 1917, and 1920. (take note of this...)
3 sets - Mary and William Makinson had 13 children, and 3 sets of twins. Five of the twins died in infancy.
3 sets - Mrs. Maree had fraternal twins (2 boys, 2 girls and boy/girl) in three consecutive years (Oct 10 1961, Oct 4 1962, Nov 30 1963). She did not take any fertility drugs.
3 sets - Nasby and Minnie Mills of Kentucky had 16 children, including 3 sets of twins: Irene and OV (Jun 12 1934), Norman and Orville (Mar 8 1937), Rudolph and Randall (Mar 11 1947). (take note of that, too!)
3 sets - The Mills family of Texas has three sets of twins: Michael and Zachary, Abigail and Matthew, and Jacob and Lauren.
3 sets - The Mitter family had 3 sets born in / around the 1950s most likely, and probably in West Virginia.
3 sets - Nancy (Brown) Mullis of Georgia had 3 sets of twins, fraternal Kathleen and Athlene (1944?), Betty and Bobby (1945?), and Albert and Dorothy (1949?).
3 sets - Annie and Harry Mulcahey of New York had 3 sets, and two of the sets died at birth. They had a single child as well, the kids were Elizabeth, Harry Jr., and Joseph.
3 sets - Mrs Murphy of Nebraska give birth to her 3rd set of twins in December 1976.
3 sets - George Murry of Georgia had 3 sets back in the 1800s.
3 sets - Page (Texas) 3 sets of twins (as well as quadruplets Faith, Hope, Charity, Patience (January 10 1890)
3 sets - Nina Peck (maiden name) had 13 children with 3 sets of twins, one set lived in the early 1900s.
3 sets - Martin and Karin Pelo had 20 children and 3 sets of twins in the 1700s. 9 children died before age 5.
3 sets - The first wife of Thomas Rhoads of Utah had 3 sets.
3 sets - Royster family of Indiana had twins John and Don (d) (1980), twin boys (1984 - none survive), twins, twins and triplets (1 surviving).
3 sets - Nancy and John Scott had three sets of twins in Tennessee in the 1870/80s.
3 sets - Edward and Bertha Scruggs had Clarence and Clara, Ruby and Ruth, and Mack and Marvin in the 1910s/20s.
3 sets - Lisa Sheriff of Pennsylvania had fraternal twins - Jabin and Jared (1989), Jarell and Jabari (1991), Bryce and India on December 30 2002.
3 sets - Elizabeth and Jacob Sidle had 3 sets in their 7 children.
3 sets - Elihu and Harriet Sisson had three sets of twins around the 1850/60s. One set died in infancy.
3 sets - Mrs. Smith had 18 children including 3 sets of twins, in the 1800s. (another one to take note of)
3 sets - Mrs. Eberta Spinks had three sets of twins that died at birth as siblings.
3 sets - Ethel and Reuben Stradwick had 3 sets in their 13 children. Darlene was one, born in 1956. Another set was 2 girls.
3 sets - Thioret de Sainte Geneviève of Quebec, Canada had 3 sets and triplets all by 1895.
3 sets - Mrs. John J. Walsh of MA had three sets in consecutive years, all in the month of October in the 1940s.
3 sets - The Warhoover family had 3 sets: one in 1960, another in 1962 and another in 1963.
3 sets - Olivia Mae Walker of Louisiana had 3 sets of twins as siblings.
3 sets - Mrs. Ada Watson had 25 children, which included 3 sets of twins between 1904 and 1931.

Yes, this is why Spoz branded me an "obsessive-compulsive multiple-birth freak" some time ago... run while you still can! ;)

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1001 Postcards site

if I time this right, I can sneak this entry in before the tweakage..
thanks to someone on RQ, I found the 1001 Postcards site..
they promise it will always be free.. good for us cheapasses ;)
I tried sending two ecards (one for Snoopy), and encountered no problems at all on this computer..
it's a very neat site with lots of options and things to look at..
also wish I could talk to Spoz, since it's been six weeks or so..
maybe if I actually turned on ICQ one of these days, eh?
Spoz's humor keeps my world rocking on an even keel..
yes, it's just THAT good.. you'll have to try it for y'self..

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I don't want to hang around when she's the centre of everyone's attention!

just got up 15 minutes ago.. whoops, didn't mean to sleep in..
although it's probably better this way, due to the planned Blogger downtime around 3 or so..
that would have made giving post-church updates impossible..
besides, I probably needed the sleep for some reason..
note to self: you aren't 18 anymore and can't handle it..
at least I didn't have to hang around while Stephie was the centre of everyone's attention, or while SHE was giving a talk..
however, I do miss the kids and my friends.. next week, eh?
and yes, I *am* used to the disappointment with certain things..
I must call Eric H. this week sometime for the CDs, though..
later today, tomorrow, Tuesday.. I shall see what happens!

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Ecard sites aren't compatible with this machine!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHELDON.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) It's been nice knowing you.

apparently, ecard sites aren't compatible with this machine..
I met with illegal operations on and!
hadn't had any problems with them before that I recall..
guess certain people won't be getting ecards from me now..
Jon just emailed me to say: "if you're reading this now, go to bed so you can wake up on time for church tomorrow!"
certainly, as soon as I finish what I was doing before I got rudely interrupted by the multiple illegal operations.. um, yay?

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