Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sushi and Awana: fat is emergency storage!

Met Eric's friends Ryan and Alison today, along with their toddler Jeremy. They seem nice, and they believe K's a lucky man. Talked about life, Megan, changes, church stuff, family, sushi, and more prior to Eric coming over to my place to pick up some stuff. Then I went to Awana, where I talked to Henry about sushi at Lansdowne. (then he bugged Julie about parking, haha) It was "100 Night," where the kids had to bring 100 of something... noodles, buttons, dollars, whatever. I remarked to Mike that I should have saved my boyfriend's change just for this time, but then he (the boyfriend) would justifiably wonder where it had gone two weeks ago! Mike wondered why K had 300 coins to start with, and why he kept them all - I can't say, but I'm glad I managed to exchange them all for something way more portable!

Asked Henry for a ride home, and got a hug from David's son Ian... he's so cute! (Auntie May wants to bring him to Awana so he can learn some Chinese - English is spoken at home primarily!) Andrea brought her cousin too! (her aunt is her mom's sister) Listened to Sabrina and Henry bantering while talking about Pizza Hut / London Drugs / working / French / masculine-feminine (HOT) / Vera's Burger Shack / Wendy's / McRibbers, haha. Quite the good end to the day - even if it WAS busy!

Sabrina: "He's so fat!"
Henry: "I am not - when the world ends, I'll have a store of stuff to use in an emergency!"
Me: "Henry is NOT fat!"
Sabrina: "You've obviously never pinched his stomach, then!"
Me: "I don't know him well enough to do that!"

Sabrina: "Thought you were going to go golfing and bowling tomorrow!"
Henry: "Can't - I have Sunday School."
Sabrina: "Right... too bad you go to the English side!"
Henry: "Hey! There's nothing wrong with that! Leslie, tell her that the English side is better!"
Me: "I haven't been to both, so can't say..."
Henry: "Doesn't matter - just agree with me!"
Me: "Okay... I agree with Henry then!"
Sabrina: "You're both nuts!"

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Friday, April 11, 2008

You want to weigh yourself down while running?!

Talked about a lot of stuff tonight, which was cool. Martin, Dianne, Steph, and Raymond talked about the Sun Run and how Martin's brother has 15-pound ankle weights while running - Dianne should get those for Cindy, haha. Saw Megan, which was a good thing! We laughed when Cindy and Dianne asked someone if he could take them home, and someone else told him to use judgment. Raymond said he was running out of words in Scrabulous, which DOES happen - but we cannot fill up the entire board with tiles! Told Jeremy about sushi and Awana, so he joked (with this week's Bible Study fresh in our minds) that I'd discipline the kids tomorrow... hahaha, he does make some killer funny comments! :D

Dawn and I discussed dinner and sushi ripoffs - $10 for a plate of rice and fish which wasn't even that great?! On the way home, we discussed transit and Skytrain stations / driving and road rage, stress / iron, and Vivian S.'s house. Then we got into the Ng personality - melodrama and apparent shyness aside, we can turn into loud morbid crazy people once you get to know us! After that, we discussed pizza at Lombardo's / downtown / "your eyes are bigger than your stomach" / omelettes / eggs / congee / wacky chip flavors / pork rinds / Pringles. Yup, I'll meet Eric's friends Ryan and Alison tomorrow - it's going to be interesting, I guess. Hopefully I'm home in time for Henry's call... o_O

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Outdriving with a bingo!

Bingo of the day:

OUTDRIVE (76 points) - against Tim B.

Hey, Lisa Barnard added me on Facebook! I remember her from Ferris, for sure. :D (I've also seen Melanie Antenen around...) I had a free pineapple-mango bubble tea from Big Orange today, which is sweet! This is probably the fastest I've used a bubble tea stamp card to get the free one after buying ten, haha. (and I hope that made sense!)

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A stark 167-point bingo! / Three new EXTREME Pringles flavors for Chip Heaven!

Bingos of the day so far:

FILMGOER (76 points) - against Barb A.
STARKEST (167 points) - against Brandon B. [this covered TWO Triple-Word Scores!]

Got Hester to open my bedroom window - man, that thing is recalcitrant! I just remembered that I've known some of the people at Our Place for more than five years or so... March 20, 2003 was the date I first joined that board, due to Carol / Maryann linking me over at the Bonehead Awards site. LONG time ago... and very much a good thing in my life!

Went to London Drugs and got three new EXTREME flavors of Pringles, since I was thwarted the last few times I've tried to get them: Kicking Cheddar, Screaming Dill Pickle, and Blazing BBQ. Three for $5 isn't bad at all! I also got some Tim's Jalapeno chips - Steph and Viv got me some Tim's Sweet Chili (plus Tim's Tamarind Salsa) / Flaming Hot Cheetos / spicy pork rinds when they were in the States last time, and the packages had Spanish on them! Since I found some jalapeno / salt and vinegar Pringles chips around here, my apartment is Chip Heaven right now, haha!

Which Linkin Park Member Are You?


You're big and bad! You're Brad!! The lead guitarist, and the man with the stinky feet.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

But I said I didn't have stinky feet... :(

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Contest for toonies / VICTIM OF LOVE

Bingos of the day:

TWOONIES (63 points) - against Guy M.
CONTEST (70 points) - against Pam M.

Wish I could get Salmoned, but I don't have AIM right now... this doubly sucks, since I also wish I could talk to Z! *sad face* Talked to Chris Nikkel on the phone, which was cool. (also emailed / talked to Eric and Corey) Billie said she and her mom got my package from Shoppers; birthday cards, VOYAGER, and DRUMS OF AUTUMN should be good for them! Vanessa sent me an Evite for Joey and Danielle's birthday dinner on May 10 - oh my! Candy says that I kill her phone - whoops. *blush*

I thought this morning that Victim of Love by Bryan Adams and Keith Scott is the saddest song ever, officially. Well, maybe not... but still. :P (Whitesnake and the Eagles also have songs by that name!)

Livin' on your own can be a lonely game
A face in the crowd - no one knows your name
It’s a table for one, and a broken heart to go

She's the kind of lover that you always dreamed
Would come to stay and never wanna leave
But that's all changed - she's dealt the final blow
Heaven knows what you were thinkin' of
Don't blame yourself; you're just a victim of love

It doesn't matter who was right or wrong
When the fire is over - when the magic's gone
You pick up the pieces and do the best you can

It knocks you down, but you try it again
You get a little older; it's a cryin' shame
Sometimes things don't work out like you plan

Who's gonna help when you've had enough
It ain't no secret; you're a victim of love
Heaven knows what you were thinkin' of
Don't blame yourself; you're just a victim of love

One goodbye was really all it took
Now you thumb through the pages of your little black book
But somehow all the numbers look the same
You've been thinkin' how to get around it
But there ain't nothin' you can do about it
Nothin' ventured - nothin' gained

Ain't nothin' you can't rise above
Call it what you want, but you're a victim of love

Who's gonna help you when you've had enough
Ain't no secret; you're a victim of love

I don't wanna lose your love...

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Discretion / Metal fans

Spent a bit too much time at the mall and library today, but it was worth it. Talked to Candy when I got home: she doesn't like her dogs much now since they were responsible for her hurting her legs. Her husband wondered if she missed him at nights now that he's not around... yes, even the 3 AM farts and snoring above the TV. Rob Feenie was on the Food Network, too... yay, BC!

Found an apt quote in THE ASSASSIN'S CLOAK: "What is more dull than a discreet diary? One might just as well have a discreet soul." - Chips Channon

This image was way too good not to share:

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Yay for new members!

Reminder: I must wait, and be patient.

Talked to Jeremy, Gabriel, Ian, Rosenda, Helen, Nicholas (blocking the way / holding up the ramp line), Sophia, Olivia (flower stickers!), Raymond, Jon, Steph, Karen, the kids, Martin, Jen, Dylan, Stanley, and others today. Acknowledged new members in the church too - Martin said that home renovation turned into movie night with his unbelieving friends! Audrey brought her new boyfriend, Gabriel likes my fisherman's hat, Steph's "official" congregation duty went well, Jeremy noted a stain on his Communion glass (I have to tell him about Mr. Dragon Ball and the "fake" mango pieces!), I gave the kids some candy, I got updates on Edwin / Karen Grace / Erin, Karen joined me in bugging Lincoln about WIZARD OF OZ, Steph mentioned a "scintillating" bylaw meeting / the Sun Run, and general banter was exchanged.

Andrea asked me about Awana, and Steph mentioned she was looking for Korey since she didn't get a chance to talk to him much on Friday - he's gone! Maybe next time... I also waved to Adam and Andrew - those guys are cool. :D (Mom told me about the past / Cuba - most instructive!) Got home and talked to Karen on the phone. Talked about Jonathan, Polly, White Spot, pencil cases, reassurance, tenderness, Vivian, parents, and more. It's good to talk to her, all right!

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