Saturday, March 20, 2004

Mongolie Grill dinner

just got back from dinner with people at the Mongolie Grill..
it was good seeing Bob, Laura, and Ann... met Julie, as well..
Larry didn't show up, so his name will indeed be mud ;)
had good conversation, and quite a lot of food..
that combo will rock the house anytime, let me tell you ;)
(turns out that Larry was sick.. guess he's excused)

my parents are moving on Thursday to the townhouse..
seems weird that it'll be the last time I'll be here..
but change is extremely inevitable, whether we like it or not..
I just hope they have this computer set up next week ;)

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Flagging mental reserves

feeling slightly less loopy than yesterday, which is good..
left Stephen hanging for a few minutes, then he signed off..
I used to have the energy, but had flagging mental reserves..
will have to explain later and hope he understands..
wasn't ignoring him per se, but it was getting late..
Corey and Sam kept me a tinge busy, but not overly so..
yes, I did want to talk to him as well.. have missed him..
though it was a bit unexpected to have him pop up..
oh well, maybe later tonight or some other time, who knows?
at least I figured out things with Jon just now.. wooyeah!

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Friday, March 19, 2004

Being home early on a Friday night

damn, it's so weird to be home this early on a Friday night..
(although I will admit it's nice once in a while)
ditched Bible Study tonight in favor of the youth rally..
no idea where we were meeting at the Royal Ascot..
discussed stuff with Eunice, Nathan, Citrus, Jason, Daniel..
Adela, Eddie, Christon, Sean, Jessica, Brian, and Dawn..
Sean says there's no party since he's too busy.. eh well..
I wouldn't have made a carpenter: Citrus had to help me..
we were nailing things to the cross, just like Easter 2001..
Jackie was her usual hyper funny self.. we like her that way!
cow manure stinks, and the glasses in the closet was weird..
had a good time tonight with my friends.. they're golden ;)
at least this is one time I don't have to worry about Awana..
just watch me stay up till who-knows-when.. um, yay?
feeling curiously energized though, and that is a GOOD thing!

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Group Hug

just got back from spending some time with Yazmine..
she's so germ-phobic, it's not funny.. I'd let her at the paper!
had some Horlicks bubble tea at Tazza, and bought a book..
I know I've bought the #16 Bathroom Reader before..
but I'm not sure whether it's in a box at Jon's..
if I find the other copy, I'll give it away to someone..
not bloody likely I'll find it within a week, after all..

while I'm at it, I'll promote sites first seen on Spoz's blog..
(yes, again.. do you people have some sort of problem? :P)
he says that G gave him the link, and it's pure comedy gold..
it's seriously disturbing what some people confess to..
whoa.. truth IS stranger than fiction at this site.. hilarious!

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Two parties at once.. oh my! (Friday Five)

Can I make it to two parties at the same time tomorrow? My brain says I can't logically perform this feat, even though my brother seems to do it all the time.

First, there's the party for a Texas-bound Net friend of mine.. I've said that I'd be at the Mongolie Grill near Broadway / Cambie at 6 tomorrow. He's going away forever to be with his Net girlfriend, and I knew of this party three weeks ago. I've met him before, so it's not like I won't know anyone going to this party. (I'll have met at least two or three of the people there)

Then there's the surprise birthday party for my friend Adela, which Sean told us about last Friday at the New York Steak House. Nathan is in the same boat as I am: he's also going to another party that night involving a friend who's going away forever. (only this person's going to Calgary)

Guess I'll have to talk to Sean tonight without Adela being around, so I can get the details on that party. If it's at Romano's, I don't think I'll be going.. it proved too expensive last month. But we shall see what happens.. I'd like to go to (part of?) both. Suppose I can think about it while spending some pre-surgery time with Yazmine at Richmond Centre this afternoon.. plenty of time before Eunice picks me up at 6:45. :D

Friday Five: Restaurants, bookstores, and ownership

If you...

1. ...owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?

Let's first imagine that I have some cooking skills. I'd have to say a fusion of Chinese and Western food, but done better than at most Asian places! Hot and sour soup, borscht, spaghetti, pasta, wonton soup, Shanghai noodles, and all the rest.

Gee, this is making me hungry.. good thing I'm going out for lunch soon!

2. ...owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?

Probably books or dollar store stuff. (you can tell what sorts of stores I frequent, hahaha)

3. ...wrote a book, what genre would it be?

Too many genres of books out there... if I had any writing skills, I'd write a historical romance book. (kinda like the Outlander series, but not :P)

4. ...ran a school, what would you teach?

I'd teach the kids / students everything I could about the world.. manners, other civilizations, culture, weird things, history, science, math, social graces, etc. (yes, I'd need a LOT of qualified help on this!)

5. ...recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?

Given my musical taste, most likely alternative rock music.. maybe some punk / reggae mixed in for flavor. But no sappy stuff at all.. no way!

There.. now you're all caught up! :D

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Lenting Bubble Tea / Quizzes

I am so bored right now, it's not even funny..
checked all my email for now, and updated places..
was at my safe place for yoinks earlier today..
wouldn't go to the Subwoofer forums since they freeze..
Eunice was supposed to call me back hours ago.. hasn't yet..
talking to random people to deal with the boredom..
might as well do a bubble tea tally, as well.. woohoo!


coffee @ Tazza World Tea and Café (Thursday, Feb. 19)
cantaloupe @ Yuen-Yuen Café (Thursday, Mar. 11)

yup.. that's it for this month.. maybe more next month..
might help if Jon isn't Lenting bubble tea anymore ;)

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I'm sorry that you're depressed sometimes, but being of "light" and such.. wow. Just have fun while you can..

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Supporting the economy and concerts / Quizzes

can't sleep for some insane reason, and I'm not sure why..
maybe it's because I haven't eaten in some time..
or perhaps because I can't find my #16 Bathroom Reader..
I know I bought it in early December at some bookstore..
(unless that was some other humor book that cost $25.95)
if it's at Jon's, I had better retrieve it right quickly..
he's going to move to the townhouse pretty damn soon..
but then I don't mind rebuying it if I can't find it, y'know?
guess it'll support the economy that way if I do ;)
Jon emailed a bunch of us about concerts coming up..
today at the Chan Centre / tomorrow at the Old Auditorium..
plus a CRU coffeehouse he's putting together with his buds..
raising money for people's missions trips and all that stuff..
yup, he's a pretty busy guy.. luckily, we all know that! ;)

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Alan Cross: Great Moments in New Rock History #30-21

Ah, it's so good to write it up here online as it happens. :D

30. May 15, 1980: Johnny Rotten (formerly of the Sex Pistols) was now going by his real name of Johnny Lydon. He formed a group called Public Image Limited, but the group was soon involved in internal squabbles / drug abuse / money problems. There was an offer of a gig that paid them about $2500 for two nights, but the band was in no shape to play any gigs: their sixth bass guitarist had just left, and they had no drummers. They hired a 65-year-old jazz drummer from a Broadway shop, but that wasn't enough. The band would just pantomime while backlighted by a curtain.. however, the 15,000 people weren't amused when they found out that the band wouldn't be playing, so they threw garbage at the band. The gig at the Ritz in New York was killed after only 25 minutes.

29. July 1, 1997: the release of Radiohead's OK Computer. The band was expected to release a good album, but nobody expected it to be quite like this. It was anthemic, and had extremely good music. Critics and fans everywhere loved it, and it won all kinds of awards.

28. R.E.M. began their career as a no-name band from the Deep South. They released their first albums on indie records. Eventually, they gathered a mainstream following.. I.R.S. Records couldn't guarantee the distribution and marketing that a major label could. The band had to make the jump to Warner Brothers Records; their $6 million check helped them a lot. (they wouldn't have to tour and record all the time.. a college indie band making the jump to the big-time, as it were) Their first album for Warner Brothers was called Green, funnily enough. It was a very important album because it showed that a college indie band could make it on the major label scene, and still retain complete creative control over their work.

27. The coolest group of them all was Sonic Youth.. Daydream Nation topped all kinds of polls in 1988. Sonic Youth was proving harder to get than R.E.M. was.. at Geffen Records, a new subsidiary was created called DGC. Sonic Youth was in financial trouble, and DGC guaranteed them complete creative control and financial security. Among other bands, Nirvana was swayed by Sonic Youth's signing with DGC: the thinking was that if Sonic Youth could do it and not get burned in the process, so could they. We all know what the effect of that particular signing was. :D

26. David Bowie and Iggy Pop were in rough shape living in L.A. They were a couple of drug buddies, strung out on heroin, coke, and other illegal substances. In late May 1976, they went to a West Berlin apartment to recharge and hang out with the weirdos around there. They began to get clean, and write albums. David Bowie wrote three albums (all produced by the innovative Brian Eno) which helped get his career back on track. The third of these albums was Heroes, and the title track was reportedly inspired by his seeing two strangers sneaking a kiss below his window. Iggy Pop also released Idiot and Lust for Life, and it was definitely a very insane creative time.

25. Dec. 14, 1979: The Clash started to get into reggae, disco, and other types of music. They realized that punk was on its way out, and were also dissatisfied with their record label. Since they had so much energy and new ideas, they recorded their double album London Calling in a very short time. It was definitely very influential.. the color scheme (black-and-white picture, green-and-pink lettering) was a tribute to an old Elvis Presley record. The shot of Paul Simenon smashing his bass was taken at exactly 10:50 PM on a certain day: we know this because he also broke his watch whilst smashing his instrument.

24. May 27, 1990: The Stone Roses played a triumphant gig at Spike Island on Mersey Island near Liverpool. Spike Island was a toxic dump, and there were all sorts of chemicals in the air. There were 30,000 ecstasy-filled people in the crowd to see an indie band: Noel Gallagher (then an unknown) defined it as a cultural watershed, albeit one with a great vibe and lousy sound.

23. June 30, 2000: The Roskilde festival was in full swing; it had been inspired by Woodstock, and had played since 1971. Pearl Jam played a song called MFC from the Yield album, and the crowd was rushing toward the stage.. even the band's customized barriers couldn't do anything. Eddie Vedder pleaded with everyone to just stop, but to no avail. Nine people died in the ensuing crush of fans, and the rest of the festival was cancelled. Pearl Jam cooperated with the Danish authorities and were eventually exonerated. After this, the guilt started to weigh heavily on the band.. they even contemplated quitting, but didn't.

22. Malcolm McLaren was the failed manager of the New York Dolls, and the proprietor of a shop called Sex. The shop became a hangout for the gangsters, and one day Bernie Rhodes noticed a kid with green teeth and weird hair. Johnny Rotten was wearing a shirt that proclaimed "I Hate Pink Floyd," and Bernie told him to come by the shop later on that evening. Accordingly, he auditioned for a band that McLaren thought could be a living advertisement for his store. (the Sex Pistols) He recognized Alice Cooper's I'm Eighteen, and tried his best to sing and dance along to it. There was no band per se, but he got the job. What would have happened if Johnny hadn't been wearing that shirt that day? Punk rock might not have been where it is today.

21. The introduction of the CD: in 1969, a Dutch physicist thought about converting sound into binary bits. In 1970, he and a colleague at Phillips thought about making a disc of polychromate instead of glass. The standards were pretty much set by 1979, and the first CDs came out in 1982: the maximum length of any single CD was 75 minutes, it should be 120 mm long in diameter, and the sound should be recorded with a laser on the disc.

By the end of the decade, vinyl records and cassette tapes were pretty much on the way out. The introduction of the CD proved to revitalize the music industry, which was in a bit of a slump after the end of disco music.

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Subwoofer forums still don't work! / Quizzes

as I expected, the Subwoofer forums still don't work..
Spoz wants me to fix my browser problems already..
"coz, damn.. the forums are quiet.. except for the new rock!"
yeah, I know they're quiet.. I can't do anything about it..
I do wish I could, but it's finally conquered my computer..
definitely miss the dude, but did prove my existence ;)
really wish I could get on MSN and talk to him on occasion..
although he'd be sleeping right now, but hey.. thoughts! :D
oh well, as long as I have the memories and such of people!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Passion of the Christ

just got back from watching the Passion with the guys..
it was Nate's second time seeing it.. he'll see it again..
his unrelated twin sister hasn't had time yet to view it..
Eric, Des, Nathan, and I mused about how busy Jon was..
the movie was certainly very powerful and personalized..
some artistic license was taken with Satan and the devil..
flashbacks to the ministry did illustrate a few points, as well..
definitely had a lot of blood in it, but it showed me things..

afterwards, we all went to Boston Pizza to eat dinner..
watched the last few minutes of the Canucks-Predators game..
they were more desperate than us, and it certainly showed..
we had no defensive coverage on the tying 2-2 goal at all..
later, Nathan and I discussed the movie with Eric and Des..
attempted to explain the characters and points in the film..
also talked about Nathan's off-days, Sean's questions, etc.
(if Fay was around to hear Eric go on about supermodels..
all of us agreed that he'd be in deep trouble.. watch the words!)
certainly a good time out with friends, and hey.. no crying! ;)

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Seeing movies with friends!

Nathan called me 20 minutes ago; they'll be by at 6..
Eric had told him that I wanted to go with them..
that's about right, since it'll be better with friends..
especially with this type of movie being what it is..
if I'm going to cry in public, I want good friends with me ;)
I've heard it's going to be very emotionally intense..
get prepared for the violence and everything else, too..
maybe I'll finally see a movie before my brother does, haha!

Note: LJ Addict thinger.

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Monday, March 15, 2004

Telus problems, Bertuzzi, ear surgery

fortunately, the Telus / ISP problems resolved themselves..
Eric had left me a series of offline messages on ICQ..
Des wasn't home yet, but he'd let me know either way..
that's why I love my friends, especially the good ones!
phoned the hospital volunteer line.. next session in 2 days..
possibly I'll make it to this one.. I have no clue, really..
called Yazmine later on: she thinks the Bertuzzi thing's fair..
we discussed the implications of her upcoming ear surgery..
also, we'll be getting together on Friday at Richmond Centre..
she'd better not get lost and be an hour late this time..
that'll be good for when Eunice drives me later on..
and once again, my shoulder is bothering me..
must still be the aftermath of the car accident..
ah well, I suppose I have to deal with it as ongoing :P
if anybody knows of any good massage people, let me know..
it'll be even better if you are one yourself, hehe ;)

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Sammy J. Peppers hot sauces!

Note: I went back to a certain message board (for the first time in a few months) to check certain details of this post. I'm not going back there unless I absolutely have to.. hope you're happy! :D

I was just looking at the hot sauce price list menu that I got from Sammy J. Peppers a couple of years ago when we celebrated my brother's birthday, and I must say that there are quite a lot of them. Yes, I like spicy hot stuff, but it's doubtful I'll be trying them all. There is a website on the back of this menu, so I guess you could go there. Don't know what it has on there, though, as I've never visited it myself. But man.. I do like some of these names! (the ones I really like are bolded)

Hot sauces galore!

Ring of Fire
Habanero (original)... $14.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Chipotle... $14.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Habanero (extra hot)... $14.99 (5-pepper spiciness)

Ass Kickin'
Ass Blaster... $8.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Cajun... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness) [I've tried this.. not too bad]
Horseradish... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Roasted Garlic... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Steak Sauce... $8.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Candy Ass... $7.99 (1-pepper spiciness)
Kick Yo Ass... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness) [I've tried this as well.. not as spicy as I would have liked]
Peanuts... $8.99 (4-pepper spiciness)

(Note: My mother saw these "Ass-Kickin' Sauces" at the mall in 2001, and told us that she was shocked at the name of the hot sauce: "It was called Kick Your Butt! What kind of a name is that?" My brother and I politely held our laughter until we were downstairs. :D)

Sammy's Favourites
Bustelo's (habanero / chipotle)... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Cholula... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Da Bomb... $9.49 (5-pepper spiciness!!!)
Florida Heat... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Georgia Peach & Vidalia Onion... $7.99 (1-pepper spiciness)
Hot N' Honey... $7.99 (1-pepper spiciness)
Jim Beam... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Possible Side Effects... $13.99 (5-pepper spiciness!!!)
Scorned Woman... $14.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Spank My Ass & Call Me Sally... $8.49 (3-pepper spiciness)
Spicy Chesapeake C-Food Sauce... $7.99 (1-pepper spiciness)
Tamarindo Bay Steak Sauce... $7.99 (1-pepper spiciness)

Original Death Sauce... $8.49 (4-pepper spiciness)
After Death Sauce... $9.49 (5-pepper spiciness!!!)
Hot Pot... $9.49 (2-pepper spiciness)
Smokin' Hot Pot... $10.49 (2-pepper spiciness)

The List
9 1/2 Weeps Hot Passion... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
911... $8.49 (4-pepper spiciness)
A Taste of Thai Garlic Chile Pepper... $7.99 (1-pepper spiciness)
Acid Rain... $8.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Amazon Pepper Fiery Red... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Another Bloody Day in Paradise... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Asbirin... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Backfire... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Bad Girls In Heat... $9.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Billy Bones Hog Breath... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Bite Me... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Blackburn's Powderkeg... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Blowout - Take it Like A Man... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Bobarosa's Scorpion Stinger Juice... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Brother Bru-Bru... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Buffalo Mexican Hot Sauce... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Busho Browne's (spicy jerk / pukka hot)... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Butt Twister... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Caboom... $8.99 (4-pepper spiciness)
Capital Punishment... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Caribbean Condiment... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Chef Shakhi's Raging Inferno... $7.99 (4-pepper spiciness)
Chili Addict... $8.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Chili Today... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Cindy's Sultry Temptation... $8.99 (1-pepper spiciness)
Congo... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Contempt of Court... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Craig's (red / green)... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Crazy Jerry's Brain Damage... $8.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Cyanide DOA... $13.50 (4-pepper spiciness)
Dat'll Do It Pepper Sauce... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Dragon Fire... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Endorphin Rush... $7.99 (5-pepper spiciness!!!)
Fifi's Nasty Little Secret... $9.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Flaming Ass Red... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Florida Road Kill... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Gator Road Squeezins... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Gibb's Bottled Hell (12 oz)... $12.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Heinie Hurtin... $8.49 (2-pepper spiciness)
Hell Sauce Scotch Bonnet... $7.99 (5-pepper spiciness!!!)
Holy Shit... $8.99 (5-pepper spiciness!!!)
Hot Bitch At The Beach... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Hot Buns At The Beach... $7.99 (1-pepper spiciness)
Hot Lava... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Hot Licks... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Hot 'n' Horny... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Hotroid... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Hotsy Totsy XXX... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
House of Blues... $8.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Inner Beauty... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Ingleby Farms Mesquite BBQ... $8.99 (1-pepper spiciness)
Jamaica Hellfire... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Jamaica 911... $9.49 (4-pepper spiciness)
Jump Up and Kiss Me... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Kiss of Fire... $8.99 (4-pepper spiciness)
Kiss Your Ass Goodbye... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Kitten's Big Banana... $9.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Kryptonite... $7.99 (4-pepper spiciness)
Last Rites... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Lawyer's Breath... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Liquid Ax... $7.99 (4-pepper spiciness)
Mad Dog Inferno... $7.99 (5-pepper spiciness!!!)
MadKat... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Melinda's... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Mo Hotta Mo Betta... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Monica's Down on Your Knees... $9.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Mr. Mark's Original Jerk Sauce... $8.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Nate-Dog's Killer Wing Sauce... $9.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
NFL Sauces... $8.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Pain & Suffering XXX Rated Sauce... $7.99 (4-pepper spiciness)
Pass the Sauce... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Pleasure & Pain XXX... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Poots... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Pure Hell (7 oz)... $14.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Rasta Fire... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Rectal Rocket Fuel... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Red Hot Mama... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Red Lightnin'... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Red Rectum Revenge... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Redneck Gourmet Tailpipe... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Riproar... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Screaming Demon... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Screaming Rasta Lost in Boiling Lake... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Smoke My Ass Slick Willy... $8.99 (1-pepper spiciness)
S'OlE... $7.99 (1-pepper spiciness)
Spontaneous Combustion... $8.49 (5-pepper spiciness!!!)
Squirt... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Submission... $11.99 (4-pepper spiciness)
Suck 'n' Duck... $8.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Sultan's Main Squeeze... $9.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Tahiti Joe's... $8.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Texas Tongue Torch... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
The Big Blaster... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
The Ultimate Burn... $7.99 (4-pepper spiciness)
The Widow... $9.49 (5-pepper spiciness!!!)
Titanic Salsa (15 oz)... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
This Is Hot... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Three Banditos... $7.99 (1-pepper spiciness)
Tiger Sauce... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Tongue's On Fire... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Tropical Chili... $8.49 (1-pepper spiciness)
Vampire... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Willowbrook Drive Road Kill... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Who Gives a Rat's Ass... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Wrong Number... $9.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
You Can't Handle This Sauce... $7.99 (5-pepper spiciness!!!)

Café Tequila
Cayenne Red Hot... $15.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Creamy Jalapeno... $15.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Citrus Habanero... $15.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
BBQ Sauce... $15.99 (1-pepper spiciness)
Steak Sauce... $15.99 (1-pepper spiciness)

Dave's Insanity
Cool Cayenne... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Crazy Caribbean... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Garlic Chile... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Jammin' Jerk... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Ginger Peach... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Gourmet Insanity... $8.99 (5-pepper spiciness) (my brother gave this one to me for Christmas 2001, and it is HOT!)
Hurtin' Habanero... $7.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Private Reserve... $27.99 (6-pepper spiciness!!!!)
Total Insanity... $8.99 (4-pepper spiciness)
Salsa / Pickles... $8.99 / $13.99 (4-pepper spiciness)

Mean Green... $6.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Red Cayenne... $6.99 (3-pepper spiciness)
Gold... $6.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
Radioactive... $7.99 (4-pepper spiciness)
XXX... $6.99 (3-pepper spiciness)

In Antarctica... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
In Hell... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
In Space... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)
In The Tub... $7.99 (2-pepper spiciness)

(note: I used to have all of these except the "Ass In Hell".. got them as a combo deal on Boxing Day 2002 for 40% off, I believe)

Now, I'd like to try some of those listed.. even the very spicy ones! Wooyeah! :D

What's with the jump in price of pepper bottles? The small one goes for $19.99, and the medium one goes for $39.99.. but then the large one goes for $119.99, and the extra-large one goes for $139.99. Who knows.. maybe pepper mills get very pricey to produce once they reach a certain size.

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Glitchy service from Telus

Telus / my ISP is providing glitchy spotty service again..
the phone lines / Net connection keeps crapping out..
it's happened at least eight times already this afternoon..
at least I managed to email Spoz back on the comments box..
also told him about Photobucket while I was at it..
I remember the problems he was having with photo hosting..
maybe he'll give me cheers for it or something, who knows?
hopefully, the phone problems will stop so ICQ will be fine..
today has been okay so far.. no spoilage in the works, eh?

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Found my glasses behind a basket of clothing in the closet!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADELA.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been great knowing you, for sure!

I'll have to leave ICQ on today and tomorrow, at least..
gotta wait for messages from Eric about the movie night..
this will be even more proof to Spoz that I do exist ;)
maybe I'll even talk to Corey as well.. that'll be good..
sure, ICQ will slow things right down.. worth it, though!

I also found my glasses just now... wooyeah! :)
they were behind a basket of clothing in the closet..
and also hidden by some more clothing by the basket..
no idea how they ended up there, of all places..
but finding them is definitely a good start to the day!

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

It's a nine-month PREGNANCY, not a nine-month LABOR!

phew.. I'm finally back online all the time to entertain you..
that was a damned long layoff for me, but all right..
glad enough to be back, though.. yay for memory! ;)
we were discussing pregnancy and labor at lunch..
Nathan mentioned a nine-month labor.. nope, pregnancy! :P
(Danielle knows these people who had three babies in a year..
a single birth, followed by a twin birth ten months later)
Eric remarked that the wife would kill if that were the case..
I definitely agree.. it was hilarious fodder to tell Jon, though!

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The Sex Pistols are NOT porn! / Quizzes

the Sex Pistols are definitely not porn.. SOME people!
had a good time talking about food at dinner yesterday..
Dave thinks multigrain bread tastes really weird and gross..
"it's like the processing machine broke down.. lotsa nuts!"
got to Jon's, and actually talked to Spoz.. yay, us! ;)
(using me as a crutch to prop his brain back up, indeed)
also talked to Steph, Stephen, Corey, and Eric..
good times indeed.. life, updates, movies, etc.
let's hope it all continues when I get my monitor.. woohoo!

You guys have a great relationship, so cherish it. If it ends, don't be bitter. Be glad for all the fun you guys had. I may be wrong, and I apologize if I am.

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The Wall: You're different from everybody else, but you don't really care. You do what you want, even if that means breaking some gender rules, but that's okay because your friends are weird too.

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Alan Cross: Greatest Moments in New Rock History #40-31

In the course of time, there are often "hinge-points": events where the course of history is altered irrevocably. Take the eruption of Mount Krakatoa on Aug. 27, 1883 in Indonesia. A few months later, the sky was still blood-red in Norway (as depicted in a painting); the eruption was heard round the globe; and there were numerous cold-weather records set because all the ash from the eruption had blocked the sun.

Someone even theorized that the eruption led the Dutch to abandon their religion at the time and turn to Islam. Who knows... an eruption leading to Al-Qaeda? :O

40. The nights of June 18-19, 1977: God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols had gone to #2 on the UK charts a week earlier. Needless to say, monarchists did not take kindly to Queen Elizabeth II being called a "moron."

Johnny Rotten, a producer, and an engineer were attacked brutally on June 18; Rotten's tendons were severed, and he was saved only by his thick leather pants. On June 19, drummer Paul Cook was attacked just as brutally by six guys with pipes. All this because of a song...

39. In May 1989, R.E.M. was on tour in Germany to support their Green album. The Düsseldorf date on May 9 went well, and the band went to Munich from there. Drummer Bill Berry suffered hallucinations and a fever.. the German doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. They blindly prescribed him many different things, including tetracycline.

It was the tetracycline that saved his life, for his eventual diagnosis was Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Bill got it while gardening at home a week earlier, and the disease incubates for a week. Thank goodness the prescription was right on the money, otherwise he might be dead.

38. March 1, 1995: Bill Berry's brain explodes on stage. R.E.M. was doing a show in Switzerland. They had just reached the falsetto part of a song called Tongue when Bill Berry had a blinding headache onstage. The pain was so severe, he had to be carried offstage. Doctors in the Swiss Alps found that he had suffered two brain aneurysms, and Bill could have had brain damage.

These two incidents played a very important role in Bill Berry's decision to retire from music on Oct. 31, 1997.

37. April 15, 1994: An Orange County record label called Epitaph releases an album by the band Offspring. It wasn't expected to move a lot of units, but the first single was picked up by a Los Angeles radio station.. that was strange enough. The label offered Offspring $5000 to do a video for MTV, and the popularity of both band and album began to soar.

Smash became the biggest-selling indie album of all time, with eventual sales of 12 million albums. It was expected to sell maybe 60,000 units during its lifetime, but sold that many every day.

36. December 1965: This might be one of the most important talent discoveries in new rock history. The Velvet Underground were playing a club in New York called Café Bizarre. They played six sets a night for six days a week, and were paid $5 for each set. Since their music drove away patrons and didn't exactly fill up the place, they'd already been fired once by the owner... and were on the verge of being fired a second time.

That all changed when Andy Warhol and his band of weirdos dropped in.. they liked the band's avant-garde approach to music, and the band accepted Warhol's offer to be their patron and producer at his studio. (the Factory) Who knows where we'd be in new rock history now, without these founders of alt-rock music?

35. The 1996 Smashing Pumpkins world tour featured the drug problems of touring keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin and drummer Jimmy Chamberlain spinning out of control. They both OD'ed on heroin in Thailand and in Spain. On July 11, they both went on a run for some Red Rum heroin. By the morning of July 12, Jonathan was dead: ironically, he had trained as an emergency medical technician.

Everybody was soon down at the police precinct giving statements... five days later, the band issued a statement of their own. Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Darcy Wretzky stated that Jimmy Chamberlain was fired, and that they wished him the best that they had to offer. In 1999, the band was back in its old familiar form: Chamberlain was invited back into the band, even as it was breaking apart.

34. This one came about by accident and was a quirk of fate. New Order hated doing encores, and would rather be backstage getting a head start on partying the night away. Someone got the idea of leaving a drum machine on as the encore while the band rushed backstage to do said partying. To better entertain the audience, a bassline and computerized voice samples were added to the mix.

One day, the band was in the studio and decided to record this encore.. they were loaded on LSD, but managed to get all the tracks down. The engineer sent them across the street to a café so he could mix the tracks in peace, since they were so wasted. In a day where people were used to Joan Jett's I Love Rock and Roll and Olivia Newton-John's Physical, the new track's dance club debut was a hit. Nobody had ever heard anything like New Order's Blue Monday before: it made dancing cool again.

Incidentally, the band lost one pence on every album sold because the artwork on the record single was so expensive to produce. However, the reaction to the track was staggering; it was the best-selling 12-inch record ever made.

33. In the spring of 1993, Noel Gallagher joined his little brother Liam's Manchester band Oasis. Since Noel insisted on having complete control over everything, it was actually more of a coup d'etat. Noel had recently been fired from his job, and was on his last 2000 pounds of severance pay.

On a night in May 1993, Oasis bullied their way on stage in a club called King Tut's Wah-Wah House. They threatened that they would burn the club down if they weren't allowed to play that very minute, and they got their way. Alan McGee was a talent scout in the audience that night to check out the other bands.. he was so impressed with Oasis that he released a demo single.

Oasis was on their way to becoming one of the biggest bands of the 90's, and perhaps the world.. and all because they bullied their way onstage, in a club where a talent scout for other bands was in the audience.

32. Aug. 14, 1995: The war between the two biggest bands in Britpop history. The release of Oasis' second album Roll With It was very much hyped up. There was bad blood between them and Blur already: Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn had brawled backstage at an awards show, for example. It didn't help when Blur moved up the release date of their own album to coincide with the release date of Oasis' album.

Bookies took bets on the outcome, and even the normally staid BBC covered the war between Oasis and Blur for Britpop supremacy. So who won in the first week? Blur's album Country House sold 270,000 units to Oasis' 220,000 for Roll With It. However, Blur was sneaky: they released two different versions of their album, differing only by one song. If you were a rabid Blur completist, you had to buy both versions. Pretty tricky, eh? ;)

31. Aug. 14, 1974: Exactly 21 years before the war between Oasis and Blur, the Ramones played their first gig at the New York club CBGB's. There were 12 people in the audience, including the owner's dog. By the end of the year, they had played 74 gigs there.. the word got out after every gig.

There were no solos, no letting up except to count in to the next song, no acknowledgement of the audience whatsoever... and of course, there was the music played at a zillion miles per hour. The audience could differ every night: Andy Warhol and his bunch, stuffy intellectuals, rich kids slumming it, etc. This was a band that appealed to everyone, with no holds barred.

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