Saturday, November 01, 2008

Anita and Jeff don't argue over EVERYTHING.... do they?!

I had a weird dream where I was invited to go around with Anita and Jeff in their car. The only problem was that they argued A LOT over EVERYTHING! We were at a shady warehouse, where my dad showed up and told us to go inside. A bunch of people were sitting on chairs, and my dad told selected people (including Pat K.) to go upstairs, where it was a concrete floor. After milling around in confusion, we all eventually escaped via the fire exit. Later, we were at someone's HUGE house (eighty people in costumes, and puke everywhere?!) - Sarah C., Emily L., and I kept trying to read a book, but kept getting the highlighted words wrong, much to our chagrin. Almost no clue where that one came from, unless it was the Halloween-related / church-related discussions last night at Dairy Queen!

Bret P. / Yew Kiat L. / Dan S. / Steven W. / Fabian N. / Yang Tien S. / Deanna D. / Minghui L. / Rowanne R. / Eski B. / Stojakovic M. / Gitte B. / Scarlet F. / Sherrie H. / Kevin R. / Randy H. / Grigoris K. / Anna M. / Liliane W. / Martin J. / Kim R. / Jonathan S. / Enrique D. / Scottie L. / Lloyd C. / Alistair D. [Dewar] / Valerio E. / Danielle M. / Todd W. / Thor B. / Cody A. / Ljiljiana M. / Paul B. / William K. / Mario R. / Tony U. / Francesca C. added me for the blood games, also. Discovered a bunch of (mostly gaming) people unfriended me on Facebook: NOT a big deal, since they're still in my various parties! [Jaime L. and Dan D. were from school; Supersiras T., Michel L., Jonathan E., Brandon Hart, Karlien N., Quinton Z., Zoran S., and Christopher L. were from the blood games] Matt T. also added me, but that's from LJ and not the games. :P

Turns out Henry DID call me: of course I won't be waiting for him "downstairs / outside" at the normal time, since that would be fruitless indeed! If I did that and then saw him tomorrow at church, I'd be like "WTF?!?!?!" Hahaha. I'm also amused by my sister's responses to the mass engagement email involving doggy piles and Eric getting married. HAHAHAHA.

I also set a soup bowl (the ones from London Drugs) on a stove element, and accidentally turned it on when I meant to boil water for eggs on the one just below. Heard popping noises from the kitchen, and lost the bowl in consequence. I'm NOT wasting the pasta / frozen veggies / salmon / tuna in that bowl, however! Damn cooking accidents!

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Friday, October 31, 2008

7-6 shootout win on the thirteenth shooter: HALLOWEEN POWER!

I was late getting out of the house - poor Eric had to wait! Stupid cooking, haha. Ranted at him about various things both on the way there and back, heh. Talked about stuff with him, Raymond, Kevin, Jeremy, Johnny, Calla, Christon, Maisie, Lesley, and Dylan: last week's LONG meeting, hockey, 2010 Olympics pricing, switching tables, provincial exams, pews, carpeting, costumes (a boy being a girl... Barack Obama... retro-boss... maternity ward...), melamine, Teena Brandon, China, eggs, government cover-ups, Dairy Queen, Japanese stewed pumpkin, (guilt / sick feelings about) [Pumpkin Pie] Blizzards (Christon gave me props for finishing my Brownie Batter), public NOT preferred, pasta, Yo La Tengo, birthdays, Chinese characters, Jon's proposal, confusion, empty wine bottles, and more. Dylan teased us with hockey updates from his iPhone before he left to sleep early for his and Deb's trip to California tomorrow. The end result was a 7-6 shootout win against the Ducks, on the thirteenth shooter Mattias Ohlund... very appropriate for Halloween, haha.

I called Eric "KOREY!" again, which makes TWICE in THREE DAYS now! Got home to find out that Zen O. / Chris W. added me for the Blood Games. Talked to Andrew about sleep deprivation, what NOT to do with people, learning from mistakes, and more. It's good to have friends like these! Jesse says he saw me at Paesano's yesterday, and adds that Andrea's a cutie. Haha, he should have said HI! At least my phone will work if / when Henry calls me tomorrow afternoon! [Edit at 1 AM: I just got an email from Melia that says we have to cancel AWANA meetings until further notice due to construction. Guess I have free Saturdays for now... and I might not have to worry about Nov. 22!]

Jeremy, on the engagement: "Yay! We should celebrate by flooding everyone with emails via reply all. Here is to the lovely couple. Lets all lift our e-glasses and toast to the occasion. All the best, Jon and Harmony! Cheers!" Hahaha, I definitely agree with my food-getter. ;)

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Matthew J. / Malinda G. / Jonathan B. added me for the blood games, haha. Got stuff done at the clinic after a long wait - but at least my stamina and such has fully recharged! More gaming! Jon and Harmony are now officially engaged - he gave the ring to her inside a liquor control bag, haha. I'm thankful for Andrea, Eric H., Vivian S., Andrea, Erin, Jasmine, Robin, Teunis, Daniel, Pat, Dan, Mandy, Candy, Candace, Krista, Erik, Kathy T., Golden, Raymond, Fidela, Eric M., Nathan, Danielle, and so many other people! Now it's time to get outta here to Western Lake Seafood Restaurant! (been cooking a LOT of pasta and veggies this afternoon...)

I've blocked Mikael P. since he sent me way too many messages when I was trying to CONCENTRATE on the stuff I already have going. Besides, he types in Netspeak, and we ALL know how I feel about THAT! I might have been able to let THAT slide, but then he implied that I shouldn't be so well-liked because I'm not really into creating music! What an idiot! (I may be over-reacting, but STILL!) And of COURSE he has to have an impossibly-spelled Finnish last name, thus making it harder to block him! UGH!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yay for Superstore and Paesano's!

This evening with Andrea was FUN - we even extended it by going to Superstore after eating at Paesano's! We had bruschetta, chicken with pasta / mushrooms in brandy sauce, chocolate with raspberry sorbet, and whipped cream. Discussed Awana, the past few weeks, Chuck, distraction via Facebook, online friends, things people would never understand, not seeing Jeremy lately, Eric, thinking of people, Elaine, Oregon, praying, sisters, kids like Julie / Jonathan / Hannah growing up, cousins, Take Your Gr. 9 to Work Day, being deaf, dinner tomorrow, Sherman, the Madonna concert tonight, Madonna and Guy Ritchie divorcing, healthy stuff, Tenth Avenue Alliance church, the Christmas advertising RIGHT after Halloween (UGH!), sisters, multitasking with Harmony, and her friend Doug. China people pronounced his name "Dog," heh. I'm sure if Jon knew about that, he'd make a joke about raw dog! (maybe Jeremy would too)

We got wild salmon, tuna, spaghetti sauce, eggs, soy milk, bread, soup, carrots, frozen veggies, bottled water, yogurt, and more - we forgot about juice, but we can get that some other time. Of course, I was Chinese and shy... but it IS about taking care of myself during this time, as well. Mushroom soup DOES make a good sauce, after all. For some reason, it reminded me of my Chilliwack Superstore experience; perhaps because we were in the Richmond one for an extended period of time. I remember just needing to hang out at Chilliwack (which I did an awful lot of! :P) while waiting for people to show up. The last time I was actually at a Superstore was on Canada Day, while Danielle / Citrus / Sam / I were attempting to get ice for the barbecue - we finally had to buy it at the nearby Chevron, heh.

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How's THIS for a haul?!

High-scoring word of the day so far:

WRUNG (125 points) - against Steve L. [4L on W; 5W]

Raymond also asked the Lord for forgiveness as he played "EVIL" on me. Hahaha, I know it was a joke! Besides, he played MUCH worse in our last game! "Twat" and "dick," anyone? :)

Mom, Grandma, and I went out to Tsim Chai for lunch (wonton mein and chicken wings!), then to Shoppers Drug Mart later. Yup, I remember the bank at Garden City Plaza for sure! Jon gets back tonight, and the family has plans to keep Grandma safe for Halloween. Can't believe it's November VERY soon, like Dylan was saying yesterday! (talked to Michelle C. before I left about math, skipping school and getting caught at Starbucks, and other things... also talked to Fidela via Gmail chat, and added Isabel's brother Darren on Facebook)

In the name of "stretching my dollar," Mom also gave me two full bags of stuff: a yellow Italian watch from the thrift shop, Khong Guan lemon puff biscuits, a Spongebob Squarepants toothbrush, two beef instant noodles, Unico rotini, Chinese sugar candy, Hunt's roasted garlic and herb pasta sauce, Truly brand (Zellers) sour cream and onion chips, Kleenex, paper towels, Colgate and Crest toothpaste, Avon Naturals conditioner with sunflower oil and gardenia, European Formula shampoo enriched with soy protein, Vaseline intensive care Aloe and Naturals lotion, and Alberto Balsam shampoo enriched with provitamin. She also forgot that she gave me the rainbow toque I was wearing, heh. The clinic's changed their hours - tomorrow, it is! Having dinner with Andrea tonight, too - YAY! Have also unlocked all the teddy bears - not hard to do. Should unlock all the eggs by tomorrow!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Meat and Lego!

High-scoring word of the night so far:

BUNYAS (135 points) - against Steve L. [5W]

Eric picked me up after 6:30, and we were on our way to Pastor John's. We discussed blogs, MSN, association, slaying dragons, killing people, gold, reactions, promises, and more. Yes, I need to do certain things - thanks for the reminder! Dylan discussed all the missed birthdays we had piling up, the building problems, dinner, California, Kevin, Vivian, Johnny, Raymond, and various other budgetary things. We had roast meat in barbecue sauce, water, fruit juice, green beans, rice, and sponge cake with vanilla ice cream for dinner / dessert. Saw Josiah doing stuff with Lego, Hannah reading on the couch, and Noah running in and out. Karmie met with the women's group - kisses on the cheek are SO affectionate, haha. On the way home, I accidentally called Eric "KOREY!" when he was bugging me about something unrelated to hockey pools or the Phillies winning the World Series. Yikes! At least he knew it was a total accident, even if he DID bug me about it being on purpose!

Krista, Wei Tai J., Vanessa H., Chris O., Tina L., Roger E., Nancy G., Dana A., Tomo T., Stephen C., James H., and Chuck S. added me to Facebook - not ALL necessarily for the blood games, haha. Been emailing with James H. too, over the past couple days. We do have things in common, but I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket QUITE yet! *grin*

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Seeing Teunis and Krista

Bingos of the night so far:

UNBEARS (130 points) - against Danielle L.
IDOLATER (59 points) - against Karla M.
ELOINERS (120 points) - against Alice P.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

FIRST (141 points) - against Colin W. [3W, 5W, hook off SICE to make SICES]
UNBEARS (130 points) - against Danielle L. [two 2W, bingo, hook off WINNER to make WINNERS]
ELOINERS (120 points) - against Alice P. [bingo; 5W]

Joseph Y. / Alexis S. / Salinda S. / Dawn S. / Jason W. / Anurag M. / Robin P. / Joseph W. / Sean C. / Rommel G. / Charles H. / Chrisi I. / Alessio G. / Mikael P. / Anthony E. / Vinnie P. / Jun T. / Ray T. / Bear C. / Jennifer B. / Argiriou G. added me on Facebook for the blood games, heh. Teunis and Krista came over: we had fun laughing over put-downs from the book Farrah gave me at Christmas 2006, and laughing over certain quotes in the WOMEN KNOW EVERYTHING! book which Billie gave me. Yay for gifts from friends! We also discussed our past, mugs with faces, LISTEN CAREFULLY BECAUSE I NEVER REPEAT MYSELF, Facebook, ice, Netspeak / bad spelling and grammar, brakes, computers, dust, hygiene (JACK THE SLOB?!), the Arrogant Worms, poo, Cat, watermelons, school punishments not QUITE working, iced tea, and more. Of course I asked them to sign my guestbook, to document this occasion! It was a great time; we hugged each other goodbye, yay!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Nelson L. and Nick L. added me for the blood games, heh. What people tried to do to me will NOT work, since I am stronger than that... and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! This thing also restarted overnight, AGAIN! Oh well.

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Monday, October 27, 2008


My phone has FINALLY been reconnected! Thank GOD it wasn't terminated, otherwise I'd have yet ANOTHER reason to be mad, to add to the PLENTY which I do already have! Man, I'm shaking right now...

Eric's also just told me that he has no desire to see K and me back together. Like I have any of those desires?! PAH! "The two of you were not a match, and his insecurities were leading to manipulative and dangerous behaviors," That is SO TRUE! K only gave him $40 of the $82 he was SUPPOSED to give him (that sounds familiar!), so Eric will just give me all of it since I need it more than he does. At least ERIC is honest!

Got things sorted out with the library, as I reported the HARDY BOYS book as being STOLEN. Good thing I only owe $6 for the book, and the fine appears to be waived. Also discovered that I now owe NOTHING on Shaw - YES! *curses stupid ex*

Talked to Andrea on the phone, and we're meeting for dinner on Thursday. Should be good times!

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24% emo, 6% slutty, 6% jock, and 33% nerdy

Just got an email from my mom - she says we'll have lunch on Thursday, and promises me a watch. Says she bought some spaghetti and sauce, but she has to take them back, whatever THAT means. Decided to do some laundry, and I've invited Krista over tomorrow. The computer also just restarted on me, too - you know you're addicted to the Blood Games when you're actually GRATEFUL it does that so it can give your stamina extra time to recharge! (except if you're in the middle of typing something, which I wasn't - phew!) Speaking of the Blood Games, Ryan B. / Es Dub just added me for those. I have SIXTY-FOUR people online in Facebook right now, too. :D

Here's a survey stolen from Adam:



[x] you own at least 5 black shirts
[] you own skinny jeans
[x] you're listening to music right now [How is that emo? I agree with Adam...]
[] you have painted your fingernails black before
[] you have more than 300 songs on your iPod / mp3 / iTunes
[x] like the color black
[x] hate most girly girls [I wouldn't say HATE... just "dislike a fair bit"]
[] have dyed your hair dark
[x] sometimes like to be alone
[x] hate popular music [I wouldn't say HATE... just "dislike a fair bit"]
[] keep hair in front of your face
[x] have given people evil stares
[] hate your parents
[] life sucks for you
[] have been called emo
[x] dislike rap [this should have said "HATE rap"]
[] complain a lot [not more so than the average person, I guess!]
[] own a studded belt

Total: 8



[] own more than 5 mini-shorts
[] have kissed more than two people in one night
[] have been called a whore [anytime within the past year and a half doesn't count, so NOT seriously!]
[x] like to drink
[] ever wear low-cut shirts
[] have been called a tease [anytime within the past year and a half doesn't count, so NOT seriously!]
[] flirt with every girl or guy [definitely NOT!]
[x] love the opposite sex [as friends, sure... I guess that's a check mark]
[] go to parties / sleepovers at least once a week
[] own 5 tube tops
[] sometimes sit on the opposite sex's lap [NEVER!]
[] you kiss because you think it's fun

Total: 2



[] own at least five jerseys
[] have ten or more trophies
[] wear hair in a ponytail like every day
[] love sports
[x] own five or more sweatpants
[x] don't wear makeup
[] have / had / will be played(ing) lacrosse
[] play more than two sports
[] can play a sport if you've never played it before
[] you play / played basketball on a team [somehow, I don't think P.E. counts...]
[] you play / played baseball or softball on a team [somehow, I don't think P.E. counts...]
[] you play / played soccer on a team [somehow, I don't think P.E. counts...]
[] you run / ran track
[] you play / played football on a team [somehow, I don't think P.E. counts...]
[] been called a jock
[] have set a record
[] love watching sports
[] can do 15 push-ups without getting tired

Total: 2



[x] wear your pants at your waist [... I don't get this. Where ELSE do people wear them? On their heads?!]
[x] have / had braces
[] in advanced classes [AS IF!]
[] on Math team
[] have all A's in academic courses [AS IF!]
[] like spending time with your parents [meh... it's okay...]
[x] have been called a nerd [by all the JEALOUS people, har har]
[x] are / have been *annoyed* or bullied
[x] LOVE to learn [I certainly do, even if it's been tamped of late]
[x] like some of your teachers [I did, when I was in school]
[x] watch the History or Discovery Channels [I would, if I *had* them!]
[] never go anywhere on the weekends
[x] have been called weird [ALL THE TIME!]
[] scared to talk to the opposite sex
[x] read a book a month [try a book a WEEK!]
[x] you read on your last Spring Break
[x] have your own website [sure, if the blog and the journal count...]
[] wear pocket protectors

Total: 11

Multiply each number by 3. Repost as ____% emo, _____% slutty, _____% jock, _____% nerdy.

I'm 24% emo, 6% slutty, 6% jock, and 33% nerdy. Hey, where did the missing 31% go?!

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I wish I could have gone with the guys, really!

Bingo of the day so far:

PERIODS (94 points) - against Elizabeth H. [in a Lexulous tournament]

Got an email from Eric - ah, it's fine as long as he explains himself and apologizes! Saw a status message from Daniel referring to a LONG meeting: Joe W. commented on it to say that some things never change. This is so true, haha! Talked to Eric H. about stuff - I love what he says, and his advice is good! I'll take it in regards to one thing, right now. Dan also emailed me - at least HIS life seems to be more positive, yay!

Learned that I have a Committee meeting tonight: so much for very tentative gaming plans with Erik and others! Asked Raymond (via Wordscraper chat) how the meeting was: it lasted for about two and a half hours, and he was REALLY sleepy. No wonder, if he went to Belgium Fries with Dylan / Jeremy / Eric / Johnny / Christon! If I were there and had the money, I probably would have done that.

My phone has been reconnected: YAY! Should go to library and report something as stolen, for sure. Need to take a shower first, though... Jay B. and Marlon G. added me for the blood games, too.

Edit: Never mind. I can make it to board games night, if I can figure out how to get there. The meeting's been rescheduled to Wednesday night since Dylan can't make it tonight - thanks, Eric! Now, to research transit and such things...

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Going through old email prompted this entry...

While going through my old email earlier, I saw one from Korey. The snippet said "I love you, beautiful... you were supposed to call me..." Instantly, I knew when that was from. I resisted replying to the email with something that really wouldn't have been appropriate, and just deleted the conversation forever. Same with the FUBAR invite from around the same time! I don't mind if people send me virtual drinks, but I don't need another application to do so! My mom wondered about it since he'd sent her one too, and asked who the girl was in the picture - one of his good friends, Millie. He had a lot of good friends... fair enough, but I was jealous of at least ONE of them with cause. That is, if what he said is true about Lacey.

I've also been thinking about how I both love and hate him at the same time. Right now, the news which I'd like to hear is of him dying in a fiery car accident. Then my Christian side kicks in and says that I shouldn't feel that way - I KNOW THAT! I've wondered whether things would be different had I just been more patient and loving, but then I also know that I did my damn level best. Sometimes I actually miss HIM, but not the whole drama that came with it! Maybe some of it was my fault, I think, and things really might have been different had I let him stay... but then, I know Kathy / Candy / Mandy will be around to give me a good butt-kicking, heh. I really didn't want him back, and at least I was strong enough to say so on the phone!

Honestly... the things I cry at these days? The various supportive messages in my inbox, for one. My ex tried to undermine my trust in practically ANYONE who was close to me: "Jeremy is ugly! Candy is OLD! [51, and so 20 years older than I] Eric is closer to ME and tells me EVERYTHING since I can always get it out of him, even if you've known him for 20+ years! K does tell me things on the phone! Jen is close to me, and you're just trying to get close to her since you and I are dating! [he said the same thing about Eric] Randal is closer to ME like he's my brother!" Ugh. Now I don't know if I can trust a bunch of people! But then... "look what you did to Randal and me" kinda proves he really wasn't going to give up that friendship, no matter what he said a month ago!

I think I can trust people, but I'm not sure how much they'd say to a particular someone. He was always GOSSIPING about me on the phone to his mom or his friends! Sure, I did things for him as his "princess and a beautiful sacrifice, and a pixie jellybean," but it ultimately wasn't enough. He told his mom about the time I was tipsy on a bit of wine cooler at Safeway, when WE actually shopped "together" to prepare for Steve's arrival.... and about my losing my keys and bus pass all the time! I don't know what he told his friends when I was out, obviously. But I didn't really say anything BAD about him to MY friends... he says he called Jen to ask her about a status message I had up on "loving FREEDOM!" - yeah, we were commiserating about guys in the back parking lot once!

Ah.... too many memories....

Part of me wonders whether he's going through the same thoughts I am... but I know he isn't. He never really was that sort of person, no matter how much he SAID he was! There was this one time where he called me rude in front of Steve, shook his fist at me in a menacing manner (also in front of Steve), and called me a bunch of names. Steve had to hear this, and even told me: "You're a very sweet girl. You don't deserve this verbal abuse!" Very true, even if it came from a smoker "kleptomaniac." (now I'm doubting what Korey told me about that... who knows WHAT was true really!)

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Guess I needed the sleep after all...

High-scoring word of the day so far:

DINED (175 points) - against Itamar R. [two 5W]

Ian C. / Tom B. / Laura B. / Marina V. / Joe S. / Jimmy W. / Philip J. / Brady G. / Sonny J. all added me for the blood games. I woke up when the alarm sounded, but went back to sleep at 9 - I just couldn't stay awake. Guess I needed my sleep, particularly after going down at 3:15 AM! (and this on a church night) Eric never answered his email, so this marks the first time in years perhaps that I've missed an AGM - suppose the last time would be when I was still delivering newspapers!

I had an odd dream that involved my brother being crazy around some freshly-made noodles with chicken in it, and he was annoying Chantelle with the orange hot water Thermos. Not sure WHAT that was supposed to mean... oh well, back to the grind for me! Dan left me a few YM messages - yay, he got my birthday greetings! Lucky guy just went on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera, too...

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