Saturday, August 29, 2009

Canada Line, housewarming, Judy Jetson, and horses

Slept in later today, which is good - next Saturday, I'll have to get up early for the Awana orientation! Speaking of which, I need to make sure I talk to either Ada or Henry about it tomorrow - hopefully, I see them. Eric had called, so I returned it; says I'll have to take the Canada Line to the housewarming. After looking it up on Translink and writing down the directions (I'll leave after 4:15), I called Harmony to let her know what was going on. She says her high school reunion at the Alibi Room last night was pretty good - hanging out later than you thought you would is probably a good thing, haha! I'll definitely give her that piece of mail that ended up at the townhouse, for sure. Now it's time for some chicken noodles!

Facebook quizzes taken from Sharlene and Kitty:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which TOTALLY AWESOME 80's female cartoon character are you?" with the result Judy Jetson. You are fun and always up-to-date on all the latest fads! You love to shop, and have been known to splurge. Just be careful not to fall too much into debt. When a problem arises, you usually complain and mope, hoping someone will fix it for you, or it will just go away altogether. A lot of your socializing is done through means of technology, which explains your big cell phone bill. Friends come to you for fashion and boy advice all the time, because you give good advice and love to dish. Not everyone can keep up with you; you're always into the latest new thing, whatever it may be. An ideal vacation spot for you would be a futuristic city like Tokyo. A place like that could keep up with your up-to-the-minute demands. You can be a little boy-crazy. Just protect your heart, because when it comes to the boys, you usually like the bad ones. Overall, you're ahead of your time, girly girl!

Leslie just took the "What horse suits you?" quiz and the result is Trusty Steed. You like a forward going but safe horse! Something that has a ping when you want it to! NOT the other way round.

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Probiotics, Jimmy Buffet, and glam rock

When I got home, Corey and I discussed weight and height - he torments his Taiwan friend Jane about being short all the time, apparently. OH, THE HUMANITY! I'm not going to check out the BMI index, thanks!

Poo nugget for this weekend: Doo You Know? - Probiotic - Probiotics are fermentable fibers that stimulate the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria, essentially food for the good healthy bacteria that live in your colon. Foods that naturally contain high quantities of probiotics include oats, soybeans, and Jerusalem artichokes.

Facebook quizzes taken from Michael and Steve:

Leslie completed the quiz "What Jimmy Buffet Song Are You?" with the result Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes. You have had a great life, and you like to think about it once in a while, but let's face it – there is so much more to be done. Now where did I put that daiquiri?

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Glam Rock Star are you?" with the result Robert Smith. Congratulations! You are Robert Smith of the Cure. Okay, so you are not entirely all glam rock, but your signature style of wearing makeup in the 80's made you accepted. YEEEES!! You are one of a kind, even though you sleep in a vampire coffin. By the way, your mom told me to tell you to leave your room more than once a day, and stop playing World of Warcraft....

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Why am I not surprised that you're going to Port McNeill again?!

Jon called me back when I was getting up from a nap, so we talked for a few minutes about raw emotions / contact, obsession, Ryan, Alison, Eric, a perfidious blackguard, the housewarming, compensation, being nice / the bus depot, and Harmony's high school reunion. Should be interesting for him tonight, at any rate! Later, I took a shower... I got out to find two calls from Eric, so I called him back. "You're alive! I thought you'd fallen and couldn't get up!" Not today, man! So I met him in two minutes for a crazy ride, hahaha. (should have brought a jacket since it was kinda cool outside...) We discussed playing "chicken" with the car, whether I had a plate for the crackers / cheese (no), the church kitchen possibly having plates by now, The Stupid Idiot, their Victoria friends Ryan and Alison whom I met in February 2008 (her parents have a place here), the housewarming, and Port McNeill.

Eric wanted to keep his own receipts, so I let him do it - I just put mine in my pocket so I wouldn't forget to give it to him later! He was surprised that I put the cheese in my knapsack - well, where did you THINK it went?! While waiting at the crosswalk at the church, he somehow recognized Shally from across the street - all I saw was this pink thing! (maybe I need to get my eyes checked...) So he waved, and I asked who that was. Lo and behold, Danielle came up behind us and said hi - then Eric asked if SHE were also a pink thing. Of course not, since I saw her perfectly clearly - then we had to explain because Danielle was wondering what was going on! We went into the church (seeing a barbecue going on), while I got Eric to take my knapsack since I was refilling my water bottle at the cooler.

Found him in the kitchen, holding up a Ziploc bag of Oreos - no, of course those aren't the crackers! (CRAZY!) He would have said something for sure if I'd told them that those were to spoil the Sunday School kids with, hahaha. I took the actual crackers and cheese out, and told him that I wasn't going to eat the peppers on the cutting board! He looked at the ingredients, and verified that he could eat them, although he wondered about the organic alcohol in the list! So did I... I remembered that Jeremy's in Kelowna or somewhere on a family trip before his brother Mark goes to Queens, so I can't ask him about it. Maybe I'll ask Jon sometime! Later, I saw Eric with some on his plate, so he did try 'em.

Went upstairs soon after verifying with Eric that the refreshments were to be served before Bible Study - sat by a bunch of the girls, so YAY! Saw Gillis playing the keyboards; too bad I couldn't say hi to him later, particularly since he was the only other person in a room with a perfidious blackguard! Maybe next time! Had a bit of refreshment time, so talked to Jen / Cindy / Connie / Andrea / Eric about my backpack being a possible weapon with the Bible in there, freezing cherries, frozen blueberries (I should totally buy some to freeze on Monday if they're on sale!), the organic crackers (MY CONTRIBUTION!), plums, cute little apples, all my emails, the weight in a purse / knapsack adding up with everything you stash in there, being blocked from getting out, and cooling the cheese in the fridge. (that didn't happen, as Christon's Bible Study group commandeered the plate for their group)

I said "Excuse us" to Randal in a polite manner, since he WAS blocking our access. Suppose I didn't have to wear my knapsack during refreshments, but it's okay. Teresa asked me, Kevin, and Eric if we had change for a $10 - I had $8 in toonies and two $20 bills, plus change; Eric didn't at first, but then remembered the Fellowship money bag; Kevin did. Weird! When I gave my London Drugs receipt to Eric, he wondered why I was buying pink Sharpies. Hey, you have something against that, buddy? Thank goodness I wasn't buying anything of a TMI nature like I have at other times! (especially this one time last July...)

In Bible Study, I talked to Lesley / Eric / Kevin / Danielle / Dylan / Johnny / Vanessa / Cindy about Steph's whereabouts, Erin / Megan / Jon all getting married this year when they were all born in the same year, Psalm 23, surreal things, cancer (apparently Randal's mom has it), Martin, accidents, Erin's wedding rehearsal being tonight, enemies, bullies, Dylan's wedding being just two weeks away, different Bible translations, fears, and squash. Talked about how our group had to bring LOTS of salad for next week's barbecue (Lesley should bring some that she knows the exact prices of!), Steven / Darryl / Richard Tong (Cindy's mom knows their mom, who used to mow our old church's lawn!), and Kevin's spicy chai tea. Too bad I couldn't have any because it was on the other end of the table!

After we were done, we all loitered / waited outside our room door because one group didn't seem to be finished yet! Some people tried STARING into the door (it has a window to look in the room), but I don't think that worked. When they were finally done, Eric and I went in there to take the cheese and crackers - you bet I was prepared with a Ziploc bag for the rest of the crackers! Talked to Janette and Christon very briefly before we left - I refilled my water bottle again on our way out.

Discussed being a frakkin' Cylon, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, where Nathan / Jon / Harmony were, high school reunions, toasters, old red Twist Ties / bag clips, the rain which started on the way home, noses, Kleenex, asking my sister about various things, traffic, Andrea NOT being my secret lover, SLOW limos in front of us (LJET-56 was the license plate), attracting certain people (he doesn't want to attract The Stupid Idiot), "sour face" comments, Gillis, Jon's phone call, age rules, and stuff. Who knows if it'll be lunch, snack, or dinner with some people... we'll see what happens tomorrow! Eric saw the Happy May Child Care Centre, and made a comment about how I worked there because I wanted to turn the kids into SLB meat... um, no! I'm morbid, but not THAT crazy! Maybe another person, which also doesn't mean I want to eat HIM up - I'll just give the ground-up meat to others! That reminds me of at least two serial killer cases, muhahaha.

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Oh right.. they're in ALASKA! Just leave him at the bus depot, then!

I *just* realized that a bunch of them (Sam / Ivan / Jessica / Jonathan?) are in Alaska on a cruise right now. Actually, I was reminded of this by looking at Jon and Harmony's housewarming Evite to see whether Raymond had indicated the time he'd be going in his reply. (he didn't, so I can't plan to show up when he won't be there!) So then I called Eric at work to inform him of this... I kept wanting to say "s***," but that's not a good thing! He asked whether Steph would be there - nope, she's in Ottawa already to do bridesmaid duty at Erin's wedding! Jon and Harmony will be at the high school reunion, so they're also not an option.

I asked Eric whether he'd be at the housewarming tomorrow, and he said he may show up between 4 and 6, but had the possibility of seeing Ryan and Alison beforehand. That's good - I remember them well, but I wouldn't be surprised if The Stupid Idiot (Korey, who else?) trashed me to them. (I should have friended Chris Nikkel, dammit!) Told him to keep me posted by giving me a call - he probably will, unless SOMETHING HAPPENS. (DRAMA!)

Eventually, Eric figured that he COULD drive me home from Fellowship tonight, and then go out again to the Greyhound depot at Main / Terminal. WOOHOO! I get to spend more time with him, which is the time I'd be spending with him ANYWAY, but never mind... I still win! :D I went into a "YES! I WIN BECAUSE I AM AN NG! LEAVE HIM AT THE BUS DEPOT!" rant, and then suggested that Eric do what The Stupid Idiot does. "Say you're going to pick him up, but don't show up at all - stand him up! HAHAHAHA!" Not that I think Eric would do this, and not that I actually condone this or violence (as in my Facebook status where I wanted people to kill my ex with a gun / club / shank / blunt force trauma instrument), but it would be nice to give him a taste of his own medicine!

Of course, Eric didn't say anything while I was supposedly advocating this... haha, I love it! I told him that I had actually bought him crackers that he could eat - all organic stuff! He said something about cheese, so I thought he said that he'd give The Stupid Idiot cheeseburgers to eat! Since that's what I heard (creative hearing?), I said that it was his own decision if he wanted to give The Stupid Idiot cheeseburgers, but that I would have no part in it. He paused (which in real life would have been an askance look, cringe, and D'OH! moment), and said that he'd been thinking about buying cheese for TONIGHT since he had to get something as well. Ah yes, good call. I said I'd reply to the email list saying that he would get cheese with the crackers - please, nobody make jokes about cutting the cheese!

Said he was planning on picking me up at about 7 tonight... sounds pretty good, since I have plenty of time to shower and stuff! After I got off the phone, I called my brother to see what time the perfidious blackguard was coming to the housewarming - no answer. Then I figured that my margarine had chilled enough after almost 24 hours in the fridge, so I made Parmesan Pesto Sidekicks for a meal. Yes, I was cooking at home for the first time in about two months or so... hope the mice don't decide to come out in force now! Also emailed Krista about stuff, and it seems the condo is near Thompson Community Centre - I think I can live with walking a couple blocks to the bus stop! (looked it up on Translink too)

Facebook quiz taken from Erik:

Leslie took Which Torchwood character are you? Gwen Cooper: You're like a mother (or a concerned aunt) to your friends, and you always try to do the right thing, although you can be quite stubborn. You know what you want, and with perseverance, you usually get it. In your life, love comes first, and you're generally a loyal and empathetic person. You're Gwen Cooper.

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Dream of BBQ sauce balls like mints, EXPLODEY calculators, and colorful felt displays

All I remember of my dream is going to a HUGE warehouse with a bunch of people to look for supplies. David Ho alerted me to a display near the mints: BBQ sauce balls? They were colored on the outside like beef jerky, and apparently tasted JUST like BBQ sauce with beef. Yes, these were like the English mints you'd get in the regular stores. Weird! We were looking for calculators since mine had just given me an "EXPLODEY" error message when I tried to do anything with it. The school supplies were in another area of the warehouse, past the food and clothes. Little Sean wanted to be with me, and I didn't mind - he steered me toward a very colorful felt display! Red, blue, orange, green, yellow, purple, brown, and almost any other color / shade you could imagine... oh my! Not sure about any triggers... although I have been around felts and school supplies while out shopping!

I've decided that I will NOT let The Stupid Idiot win. I will spend as much time with someone else as possible. TAKE THAT! This means I need to get a ride home from Sam or Ivan, so I'll call them to see what they say... no answer. Not surprised!

Your Love Sign is Capricorn

You tend to have rather traditional views of love. You're very old-fashioned.

You are a competitive person, and you are driven to find the best partner possible.

While you have high standards, you are realistic about love. You don't expect perfection.

You are a trustworthy and truthful partner. You are faithful and honest to a fault.

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You should NOT be doing stuff for him - WE COME FIRST! / No mayonnaise!

This entry would have come earlier, but Facebook was doing maintenance on my account... blah! Talked to Erik very briefly about stuff earlier, which was cool.

Eric emailed me, saying that The Stupid Idiot is being picked up at the Greyhound bus depot after Fellowship... I say, LEAVE HIM THERE BEFORE I HAVE TO KILL YOU! Seriously! So am I even going to see Eric at ALL tomorrow?! I guess I can call him at work during the afternoon sometime and coordinate plans for Saturday, if he's even going to the housewarming. However, I can predict that The Stupid Idiot is going to demand ALL HIS TIME because I went through this myself - let's just say that he does NOT belong in the church on Sunday. I know that sounds very un-Christian of me, but really... I'm all for welcoming people, but just not him! I don't even feel that extremely about two certain others! (I'd rather see THEM at church / the housewarming, and that's saying something!)

Honestly, I don't even feel COMFORTABLE being around The Stupid Idiot - I'll need to explain that to Eric tomorrow! I think Eric should have told me that before I bought these organic crackers, but I suppose I can now eat them myself because I won't go to Fellowship now. DAMN THEM, RUINING MY PLANS! At least Eric did tell me, which is fine since it does affect my plans for transportation home IF Fellowship were now on the list of my priorities. I EVEN GOT HIM CRACKERS THAT HE COULD EAT! Corey wants to know if he's tried contacting me lately: not that I know of, but I still feel this way! At least he won't interrupt the Committee Meeting on Monday, I hope...

Facebook quiz taken from Kaili:

Leslie took the What's going to happen to you this year? quiz and got the result: You're going to die. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles! NOTE: This is for entertainment purposes only. (I hope not! Someone else needs to die, though! WHY IS IT NOT HAPPENING.... UGH!)

Poo nugget for Friday, August 28: Hold The Mayo - On this date in 1963, the March on Washington took place in Washington, DC. Impressive preparations were made for this historic rally, which included over 250,000 participants. Attendees were instructed to bring plenty of drinking water and to pack sandwiches without mayonnaise, out of concern that spoiled mayo could result in diarrheal outbreaks. Just in case, the organizers also arranged for 292 outdoor toilets. (Why not an even 300 outdoor toilets?!)

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Too bad you can't get rid of a heavy TV that easily!

Dallas came and took away his four heavy boxes (one for a printer), pancake mix, a heavy large blue suitcase with wheels (it turned out to contain his books), utensils, a dark blue basket, mouthwash, a huge strainer, toothbrushes, razors, Alberto styling gel, pens, rubber bands, a rather large knife in a huge bag (an eight-inch Forged Chef Knife from EarthChef), soap, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, huge Ziploc bags, a computer mouse, and sandals. Since he was here anyway, I asked him to take away the huge non-working TV (stupid Korey probably KNEW it didn't work when Eric and Ron hauled it over here) - he agreed to that, and the "spare" (non-working) monitors. Yes, I know he's moving... but who else can I get to take them away?!

He was back a little later with his blue suitcase (which now wouldn't fit into the car), and said that the superintendent (Hester, I assume) wouldn't let them just put the TV by the dumpster. I guess the best time to "illegally" dispose of such items is late at night when nobody else is around, but I don't have that option! Good thing Harmony was waiting in the car (Jon was teaching), so he guessed they'd be back at 7 from the recycling centre on #2 Rd. Unfortunately, they were back at 6:30 with the news that the depot closed at 6:15... maybe next time! (and I'd JUST popped a cookie into my mouth when they called... how annoying!)

Asked Harmony whether she'd be at Fellowship tomorrow - she has a high school reunion, so she won't be there. I could have given her the mail, but forgot - Sunday, probably. I'll probably see her on Saturday at the housewarming! Dallas is sharing an apartment space with another guy, and it's near Kwantlen / Garden City and the 480 bus route. Toronto was pretty hot, he said... but he also heard that we had a heatwave here also... you bet!

Facebook quiz taken from Hannah:

Leslie took the Are you Korean, Chinese, Japanese, or None? quiz and the result is Chinese. You are Chinese! You dress very Fob and very Asian, you like to eat rice, and you drink herbal tea or bitter medicines when you are feeling sick. Your parents are very loud, and like to go to Chinatown a lot! (I don't dress FOBBY... I hope!)

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Mary's Organic Crackers, plus Brent and Sam's Pure Natural Gourmet cookies

Hey, this SpellBound 3.0.6 even spellchecks things that you type in subject fields! Very nice!

Good thing I left my phone on - Barry called to see if we forgot an appointment. Um, no... although he did forget to call me back yesterday! I'm used to this, even if he forgets to write stuff down. I set up a Monday appointment (11:30) for grocery shopping, so at least I can buy figs and a whisk and other things! While I was on the phone, I outlined Krista's sixteen-day-old offer to him... he said it would be okay from a subsidy point of view if the rent were even $500 or so, since I would still have the support and such. Have shot off a quick email to Krista about this, so we'll see what happens.

I wanted margarine because all the Sidekicks required it - I should have bought some at London Drugs yesterday, man! Called to see if the closest Shoppers Drug Mart had it; they do, but it's only one kind. Well, I decided to go over there anyway. Since I was out, I figured I'd buy snacks for tomorrow's refreshments as our small group's contribution for the night. Vanessa's bringing grapes, Cindy's bringing hand-picked blueberries and Rice Krispies (which she rendered as "RICK" Krispies...), Kevin's bringing beverages, and Lesley's bringing chips. When the hell did SHE get added to our group?! TOO MUCH CONFUSION POTENTIAL! Johnny reminded us to keep our receipts, so I should remember to do that also.

Ended up going to London Drugs again because it would be a shorter distance for the margarine in the heat. That was actually very offset by the time it took to wait for the bus on the way home, which SUCKS! (I also saw my "old man neighbor with a prominent nose," and the "slack-jawed vacant round-faced Chinese person who looks retarded" I used to see all the time on Ryan Road!) Bought some Meadowvale soft margarine (doesn't matter if they only had this kind), a black 192-page Hilroy notebook, black pepper Mary's Organic Crackers for tomorrow (I think Eric can eat them since they're free of wheat and gluten), pink Sharpies for breast cancer (who cares if it's not my favorite color!), and some Brent & Sam's Pure Naturals Key Lime White Chocolate rich gourmet cookies for myself. Good thing I finally got home at 4:25, because Dallas called me twenty minutes later from Jon and Harmony's. Doesn't matter if they come at 5:30!

Cracker ingredients: organic short grain brown rice, organic whole quinoa, organic brown flax seeds, organic brown sesame seeds, water, organic black pepper, organic wheat-free tamari (water / whole organic soybeans / salt / organic alcohol), sea salt. Of course, I'll let Eric make his own decision, especially because of the alcohol in it! The cookies sound good, as well. Hee hee, yay! :D

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Updating Firefox makes me lose all my extensions?!

I'm taking a gamble and leaving my phone on so Dallas can call when he's ready to move! I blame my dream of a literal family tree (with 40 or so people in it, plus kids coming along years after the original ones were grown up) on the discussions I was having with Teunis and Jasmine yesterday at Oakridge White Spot - relatives, second cousins, Queen Elizabeth, royalty, and more!

Also updated my Firefox to 3.5.2 - I'll be spending my day searching for extensions which are compatible with this, I guess! No more Tab Mix Plus for now, which is a disappointment! Oh well, I have to look for an extension which allows you to correct the Firefox dictionary easily, since I just added ANOTHER misspelling to it yesterday accidentally! *sighs, and wishes Corey were awake to help*

Edit: I found SpellBound 3.0.6 just now, and an updated version of Tab Mix Plus - YES!

Your Love is Orange

When you love someone, you're willing to put it all on the line. You are bold in your romantic choices.

You find love to be exciting, and you'll take a risk on a dangerous relationship that might not work out.

You are very intelligent, and you are drawn in at first by a mental connection. Brains turn you on.

For you, seduction and dating can be a bit of a game. You always have a clear picture of what's going on and what you need to do to succeed.

Facebook quiz taken from Gretchen:

Leslie just took the "What Mask Do You Wear When Around Others?" quiz and the result is The Jester. If you wear "The Jester" mask, then you probably like to show yourself having a fun time around others. You laugh, joke, and play around with your friends, but that's probably not really you. Your real you and the one you pretend to be around others are probably worlds apart. For your charade to end, you just need to figure out for yourself that a true friend will accept you for who you are. Find out that you don't really need to be wearing your mask.

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Farrah, Dallas in Richmond, witches, Pokemon, and toilets

Talked to Farrah about stuff briefly, and Dallas emailed to thank me for holding onto his stuff for a few months while he was in Toronto... he just got back yesterday. I guess this means I will no longer be in possession of a huge knife - damn, man! Says he'll be moving to a new place in Richmond tomorrow evening... YAY FOR RICHMOND, haha! I'll be available at ANY TIME for him to pick the stuff up, haha. This reminds me to Google "margarine storage" - I was going to do it before I left for White Spot this afternoon (good times!), but couldn't. Let's see... ONE MONTH IN THE FRIDGE?! Man, that isn't practical for most people I know, or at least if you're single and don't want to waste a lot of money on margarine since you don't use much of it! I am definitely throwing Dallas' old stuff out, and buying a new one for myself.

Facebook quizzes taken from Candy, Adam, Darren, and Kelly:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Witch are You?" with the result Hermione Granger. You're a know-it-all with a good heart; the brightest witch of your age. You are a cat lover, and with your sketchy social skills, you may be on your way to becoming Crazy Cat Lady. You absolutely hate it when people call you a Mudblood. You have excellent oral hygiene. You have a bossy voice, bushy brown hair, and large front teeth. Advice: Take it easy on yourself; let that fear of failure go!

Leslie took the I bet I can find out your favorite color in 7 questions. quiz and the result is Blue. Your favorite color is blue!

Leslie completed the quiz "What Classic Pokemon are you?" with the result Porygon. (The world's first artificially created Pokemon, it can travel through electronic space.) You're a complete nerd, and you know it. You do whatever you want, and you don't care if you look like an idiot. If you like something childish (Pokemon?), then you show it. You're also incredibly smart, and you know that all the stupid popular kids will be bowing to you someday.

Leslie took the What you will be facing in the next 20 years of your life? quiz and the result is YOU HAVE THE FIGHTING SPIRIT THAT WILL HELP YOU IN FUTURE. You have the fighting spirit, and you must use it because your next 20 years might bring some difficult challenges.

Leslie took the Which messed-up Care Bear are you? quiz and the result is F*** YOU Bear!! You don't take any crap from anybody, anytime, anywhere. You're the first person to say "f*** that" when the **** hits the fan.

Poo nugget for Thursday, August 27: Doo You Know? - Low-Flow Toilets... The toilet is the single largest consumer of water in the home, using 30 percent of the daily total. But new toilets can bring that number down. High-efficiency, low-flow toilets use only 1.1 gallon or less per flush, compared to 1.6 in standard models, and 3.5 gallons in pre-1984 models. Switching to use of the new toilets will reduce daily flush volume by 60 percent or more.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

White Spot blueberry pie, good talking, a new garbage can, and Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa

Left at 1:20, and got to Oakridge five minutes early at 1:55 - on the way home, I left at 6 and got home an hour later even with stopping at London Drugs to buy stuff. The Canada Line is GREAT for time! Jasmine was on the other side of the White Spot reading a paper, so I called out her name using the awesome NG lungpower. We sat on the benches and talked about stuff while seeing if Teunis would show up - at 2:15, we got a table. Teunis showed up later to say that he'd gotten lost... fair enough! Jasmine said not to yell his name when I saw him enter the mall, but it was okay. Discussed clothing, certain characteristics, his brother, family, Jordan, LJ, blueberry pie, combos, my church not being a "FUNDAMENTAL" church, PDF files, moving to Switzerland / New Zealand / Australia / other places, Hawaii, the Olympics, Surrey police, money, bad situations, flirting, Krista / Erik / Alicia / Scott / Wolfie / Kaili, Cantonese / Mandarin, Jeremy / Eric M., and more.

Jasmine thought I was being blunt in asking Teunis a particular question - nah, it's just being direct! He didn't say anything about it, so I guess it was okay. Decided to hang around while Teunis attempted to run some errands having to do with cell phones / Sim cards / banking. Introduced Jasmine to the Oakridge library, where she had to go to the bathroom for the third time - she'd gone twice in two hours at White Spot. She was so impatient to get into the washroom that she used the MEN'S washroom - yes, a guy was in there already and gave her a WTF look. (I know sometimes you just HAVE TO GO, but seriously!)

Also, she tried to get Teunis to compliment her boobs - uh, that is probably not happening! Not that he's gay, but still. I kinda found myself staring at them a bit - oh dear. :P Later, Jasmine did warn me against Rogers when we were outside THE SOURCE store - fair enough! We spent another two hours talking near Zellers about all sorts of things: smoking, pets, damage to electrical components, rodents chewing through things, hot guys, sex, online dating, perfume, height, Colin, Scrabulous, idiots, words / linguistics / roots, Dutch, yogurt, Fort St. John, and other stuff. It was definitely good times hanging out, especially since the ride home wouldn't take a whole hour!

Decided to stop by London Drugs to pick up some Advil, forty mini packs of Kleenex (in packs of eight), some Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa since I saw it in the pharmacy (no going to Chinese markets to try finding it!), and a new garbage can to replace the old mouse-contaminated one. The wastebasket I got was more expensive than a bigger one which was cheaper, but I figured I couldn't haul that one home! True, I hauled a fan home from there last year, but it had a bag. Besides, I wasn't sure I had any huge garbage bags to fit that can!

Got home to find that Steph had called me, so I called her back to see what she wanted. Nothing really IMPORTANT, but now I know that I won't be seeing her till September 3! Also found that Leo G. has unfriended me on Facebook after only five days - meh. I'm proud of being an OCDL, so I spent ten minutes making sure that there were exactly ten mini packs of Kleenex in each of my four knapsacks / bags. I don't think there are any mice in the apartment now, but I could be wrong. However, Billie left an open box of digestive biscuits on the table. I didn't know about this (or the improperly-washed whisk in the drainer), so those conditions prevailed for two weeks. The way I see it, the mice would have been ALL OVER that open box, and I'd have seen obvious evidence of that. I need to call Barry to tell him about Krista's offer - I find it unprofessional that he's been away for a month, without notice of an emergency which lasted TWO WEEKS. Oh well...

According to the insert with the bottle, this is what Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa will do:

Herbal Cough Syrup
Alcohol Free

Indications: A traditional herbal expectorant containing natural source herbs for relief of productive coughs due to cold and allergies.

Dosage: Adults take two teaspoons (10mL) up to three times a day with a little warm water. Children take one teaspoon (5mL) up to three times a day with a little warm water.

Caution: Consult a physician if cough worsens, persists for more than a week, or if accompanied by high fever. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Medicinal Ingredients: Each 10mL dose contains:
Eriobotrya Japonica (Loquat) - 12.153mg
Taraxacum (Dandelion) - 10.153mg
Euphorbia (Peking Spurge) - 4.73mg
Glycyrrhiza (Chinese Licorice) - 4.00mg
Citrum Reticulata (Mandarin Orange) - 3.40mg
Coltsfoot - 3.40mg
Senega - 3.40mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Honey extract.

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Emily and Charlotte, where are you?! (no kids here!)

As I thought, this thing restarted overnight. Meh, it's okay... I'll definitely be seeing Jasmine and Teunis later today, so that is good! Thank goodness that I had a preview of both (relatively) late-night [yay for Jeremy!] and mid-afternoon Canada Line crowds! At least I won't have an impatient person to deal with, heh.

Facebook quiz taken from Jane:

Leslie took the how many kids will you have and what age will you be? quiz and got the result: you will have 2 kids called Emily and Charlotte at the age of 23 and 27. You decided that a gap in between was best, and you were excited about welcoming two beautiful baby girls into the world. (.... how the hell did I get this result, since I'm over those ages? I don't even like the celebrities listed!)

You Are Very Joyful

You may not be happy all of the time, but you experience frequent moments of joy in your life.

There are moments so perfect that time has stood still, and you wish you could freeze it forever.

You are so joyful because you appreciate the small things in life. You know joy is more about who you are than what you have.

You are thankful to be alive, and you know that things could be a lot worse. You are content with your life.

I dunno about that...

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Personality traits, hairstyles, hair colors, and lactose intolerance

Talked briefly to Vivian - guess I'll see her on Friday! Also talked to Corey and Eric H. about stuff - very good times, haha.

Facebook quizzes taken from Jane:

Leslie completed the quiz "What Personality Trait Stands Out Most In You?" with the result Friendliness. You are a cheerful person. You have a bubbly personality. You're a social butterfly, and are happiest when you're with the people you care about. There isn't anyone who isn't your friend. You care about your friends and family, and will always have room for more. You look at life with an optimistic eye, and people often find that you are easy to get along with. You're always thinking of others' feelings, but remember to think of yourself once in a while. You're helpful, and end up doing a lot of favors and errands for other people, but you don't mind. If your friends are happy and content, then so are you.

Leslie just took the "Are you a Pirate or a Ninja?" quiz and the result is Pirate. You're a pirate. You pillage and plunder. Watch out for mutiny and cannon balls...

Leslie just took the "What Color Should You Get In Your Hair?" quiz and the result is Red. You usually are an angry person, and you don't care. You can go off on anybody for saying something you don't like or that you don't agree with. Red is your color, and it says "Stop or back off."

Leslie just took the "What hairstyle should you have?" quiz and the result is Medium. You aren't very bothered about hair, but with a few tweaks and a trim, your hair could be stylin'! Sports is your main thing. People sometimes refer to you as a tomboy. Sign: Soccer Ball.

Leslie took the What is the first letter of the name of the person you're meant to be with? quiz and got the result: K. Congratulations! You're meant to be with a person whose name starts with "K." (OH, HELL NO! Not after the LAST experience I had with it... and especially not after a certain CREEP! [different people] Yes, I know creeps and manipulative A**holes have names which start with any letter available, but I want to minimize my chances of another bad time! :P)

Poo nugget for Wednesday, August 26: Number Three - Lactose Intolerance - More than 70 percent of the world's population has some degree of lactose intolerance, a condition caused by deficiency in the intestinal enzyme lactase. Lactase is the enzyme that digests lactose, the main sugar found in dairy products such as milk and ice cream. The highest rates of lactose intolerance are found in Native Americans and residents of Southeast Asia, where rates can approach 100 percent! (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finally home, with NAZI ZOMBIES! No, I don't want sticky raspberry Altoids!

Here's something from Chrissy, in honor of my tagging her as liking good music! Nazi Zombies Theme Song - Lullaby for a Dead Man + LYRICS in DESCRIPTION (Full Song)

Now I'm finally home, and I can use Firefox full-time... ah, spell-check! Of course, I have to be ever-aware of restarts, but still. Grandma said that there were too many food items around, so tried to give me an unopened box of Life crackers for entertaining (which I accepted using the wrong form of "thank you"), and a half-tin of Altoid Raspberry Sours. I thought the tin was rather sticky, and opened it up to find that the candy inside was sticky as well, so I threw the tin away in the garbage can. She thought they were "no good," which is what I'll let her think, especially since I had to wash my hands twice! The crackers are stone ground wheat, water, cracked pepper, wheat, butter, and vegetable... not too bad an assortment!

My parents got home at 2:10 or so, and it was a relief to see them. Alan came into the house to give my grandma a gift, while my mom said that Dad would give me my stuff on Sunday - fair enough! Seems Polly caught a cold, so Alan couldn't stay long. After a bit, we went to Tsim Chai for wonton mein / chicken knees / congee (and to Yaohan for takeout), leaving Grandma at home. Steph and I told them about how the last two weeks had gone, particularly yesterday with the pork and the Canada Line. THAT was a gong show, and no mistake!

Discussed new prospective places to live, money, the cruise, Erin's wedding this weekend in Ottawa, Margaret's moving to Richmond tomorrow, hanging out with Teunis tomorrow (I didn't bother to mention Jasmine since Steph doesn't know her), Grandma hijacking Eric last week, and more. Once we got to Yaohan, Steph bought us some bubble tea at Juice King: I got fresh honeydew, she got a free blueberry yogurt, and the parents got a powdered taro. (fresh taro is gross) Mom's knees and feet aren't in great shape since she had to walk a lot and navigate a bunch of stairs in Edinburgh - oh, I remember that email, all right.

We were standing around discussing food in Yaohan's food court, when someone put an arm around me. It turned out to be Auntie Grace... um, how about saying who you are, lady?! Not EVERYONE likes unwanted physical contact from behind, you know! Turns out she and Uncle Ted had just got back from Seattle, actually. On our way out, we bumped into Ryan and Karen Grace - good to see them! Got home at 4, and didn't receive any notable mail or phone calls except for 1-603-214-3346 from New Hampshire... good thing, too.

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No warm milk for me, thanks... and dinner with Jeremy was on SUNDAY!

Grandma wanted to know why I didn't drink milk that has been warmed up in the microwave. Well, maybe it's because I don't have sensitive teeth... and I like it better cold if I'm to drink it at all. She then asked me what time I'd gotten home yesterday from dinner... um, Steph and I were with her yesterday! Somehow, she insisted that I'd eaten dinner with Jon, Jeremy, and Eric - discounting the fact that Eric didn't even GO (but she wouldn't know that), that dinner was on SUNDAY! Then she insisted that Mom didn't tell her what day they would be back from the cruise... I'm SO sure about that. *sarcasm*

Packed up my toothbrush in a Ziploc bag, and also took my toothpaste... dumped the cup I had been using into the sink. Then I hauled my grey bag downstairs, too. It'll be good to see Teunis and Jasmine tomorrow afternoon at the Oakridge White Spot, so YAY for that! The Canada Line will greatly decrease the time it takes to get there, too... from about one hour to maybe fifteen minutes, if that? :D

The lawn mower guy put a bill through the mailslot. Since I'm nosy, I decided to see how much it was. Hey, $15 is not a bad deal for a yard! (I think...) For some reason, Harmony has mail here - I'll take that, and hopefully remember to give it to her on the weekend! As far as I know, I myself have no exciting mail at my place, but I haven't been there for more than a week. The most notable is the hydro bill... YAY. :P

Edit: Grandma put her dirty dishes on top of my washed dishes, AGAIN! It's kinda obvious I'm using the "dirty dish" sink for overflow purposes, and that the dishes there are WASHED WITH SOAP and everything else! UGH! I also knew that she would eventually make a comment about Alan and Polly's car, which has been parked here for two weeks while they were on the cruise. Uh, yeah... it's not like they can leave the car at home in Burnaby, lady... *sigh*

You Are "What's Up?"

You are a naturally curious person. You are interested in ideas, people, and the whole world.

You always have a lot of things to share, and you prefer to be around similarly fascinating people.

You like to talk, and at times, you can be a bit of a gossip. You love to be in the know.

You also tend to be up on the news, current events, and politics. If anyone knows what's up, it's you!

I dunno about that...

Facebook quizzes taken from Darren and Gretchen:

Leslie has decoded his / her brand name. Dear LESLIE, your brand name is: L.E.S.L.I.E = Lego Explorer Suzuki Lego IBM Explorer.

Leslie took the What Is Your Dark Secret? quiz and got the result: You Don't Have A Secret! Wow, you're a good person! Loosen up a bit! Have More Fun! You're innocent as a rose. ;)

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I constantly feel like I need to poo!

We made Grandma shush because Steph put wrestling on TV! Hahaha, I love it! She thought it was disgusting (of course), but it worked! Steph's going to the Grouse Grind tomorrow before she goes to the airport to pick up the lards, which is fine - doesn't matter to me! Grandma knocked over stuff in the bathroom (after complaining that we didn't do the dishes - we'd have done them eventually, just not right away!) and said that Mom had a lot of stuff. Yes, but don't deny you did it because the stuff got in the way!

I knocked over a bunch of stuff on that shelf too, because I wasn't used to it being there... but I cleaned it up, at least! The meds kicked in, so she was sleepy! Steph also went to the gym after dinner, then picked up Vivian from the airport since she'd been in Minneapolis for a week visiting her McGill friend who shares my name.

Facebook quiz taken from Gretchen:

Leslie took the quiz "What Pin-up Girl Are You?" and got the result: Marilyn Monroe! She is the queen of the pin-ups, the famous blonde with her big lips and even bigger personality. Just like Marilyn, you are sexy / aggressive / bigger than life. You attract men and women both with your sexy attitude, "come hither" persona, and star-studded glow! Go get 'em, GIRL!

You Are Betty

You are a perfectly polished and put-together woman. You mind your manners and always act appropriately.

You are the type of woman who makes an ideal wife and mother. You are able to be completely selfless.

The downside to your kindness is that people sometimes take advantage of you. You don't stand up for yourself enough.

You are as sweet as you seem, but there's only so much one woman can take before she snaps.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, August 25: Dr. Stool Says - The Constant Pooper - The constant feeling of needing to empty one's bowels, known as tenesmus, can be a sign of a serious underlying medical condition. When accompanied by rectal pain and bleeding, this most unpleasant sensation can be the first sign of an intestinal inflammation. That is most commonly a result of either ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

A doctor's appointment and filling a prescription should not be this annoying... GRANDMA!

Based on my afternoon's three-hour ordeal, I now understand why my mom doesn't like going places with Grandma. Let's just say she almost tried to kill herself crossing the road twice. Here's a list of reasons why I won't recover from taking her out anytime soon... thank goodness I go home tomorrow at some point! I saw ice in my water bottle (which I've packed away now along with the poo calendar and pads of paper), and concluded that the fridge here is really cold for some reason. My sister came home, so I told her these things above and below!

1. Right before we go out, she informs me that it's time to take the bus. Okay, so I put my shoes on, and then discover her back at the dining room table, counting change to see if she has enough bus fare. She could have used the preceding 45 minutes for that! (yes, she was very impatient!) Thank goodness I built in a ten-minute window to go fifty feet away to the nearest bus stop! As we're finally leaving, she wants me to check the schedule. I already did that half an hour before, so I know how we'll get to the doctor's office. She also wonders whether I need to turn the "TV" (computer) off - um, no. Luckily, she didn't say anything about that.

2. At the bus stop, she tells me to stop reading so I can look to see if the bus is here yet. I figure that I'll hear it before I see it, so I ignore that. Then she spies the bus at the stop light (still fifty or so feet away), and says that the bus is here. Okay, I can live with that. When the bus is twenty feet away, she wants me to go RIGHT TO THE STOP, presumably so the bus driver won't pass us right by in broad daylight. *rolleyes* Since I don't, she PUSHES past me... way to be impatient and rude, lady!

3. As soon as we get on the bus and sit down, she tells me that the seat I've selected for myself is in the sun. Yes, I am quite aware of that - it was a conscious decision, and I don't mind it for a few minutes or so. If I don't like it, I'll move if I can. Just because SHE doesn't like sitting in the sun doesn't mean I myself can't do it if I want! It's not like I'm making HER sit in the sun... sheesh!

4. When the bus turns onto #3 Rd., Grandma got agitated and looks like she wants to get off the vehicle. I thought that maybe she's learned the 407 does not, in fact, take you everywhere you want to go in Richmond. Turns out she's concerned because the bus is now heading in the OPPOSITE direction of where she wants to go. She gets off one stop earlier than I had planned (in front of Shoppers Drug Mart instead of across the street from Staples), and I go with her since I'm not about to leave her to go to Auntie Ruby's office by herself.

5. When I continue to attempt guiding her in the "wrong" direction (we do have to cross the street, after all), she stops and yells at me in Chinese. Basically, she opined that the Canada Line is not going to take us to our destination, that I'll get us lost, and she knows the bus stops better than I do. Yes, it will; no, I won't; and no, she doesn't! So I just yelled at her that I definitely know where we're going, and stalk off in high dudgeon in the opposite direction. Before this, I did try taking her arm and guiding her, but she refused it - fine, then!

6. I make an executive decision to take her on the Canada Line, since she'll complain more if I make her walk three blocks to the B-Line in the hot sun. I'm not so much a fan of that myself, but it's something I've gotten used to. Actually, she might as well get used to the Canada Line since the B-Line's only in existence for another couple of weeks! Then she complains because we need to wait at a crosswalk which is under the hot sun, directly across from Moore's suit shop. It's hot, and it's summer - so deal with it!

7. Upon reaching the Canada Line station, she wants me to take the escalator instead of the stairs - what's the difference?! I actually get up the stairs faster than she does, so HAHA. She then is under the impression that the train is going the wrong direction since it goes backwards into the station before going out again. Tells me to get on the train, then... sure, but you better come with me or else! I am not leaving you in an unfamiliar station!

8. We only have to go one station's length, which is fine. But when I attempted to exit, there were people shoving their way onto the train before I had gotten off! ARE YOU STUPID, PEOPLE?! The train doors WILL wait... it's not like they're going to just stay open for ten seconds before the whole contrivance rushes off again. We get out of the station, and she complains that we have to walk a block or so to get to the doctor's office, and that the bus stops are closer. Well, they won't be stopping there anymore! (not like she needs to know THAT, but still)

9. Then she attempted to cross the road... that would have been fine since traffic was stopped in both directions, but that was only because the turn signal for the cars turning onto the crosswalk from the road was activated! I'm not going to let you kill yourself, lady! After seeing the doctor, she seems to be in a better mood... she even takes my arm! She has to fill a prescription, so I made her give it to me for safekeeping. That's fine, but then she must have asked me at least ten times whether I was sure I had it in my pocket. Well, unless a band of pickpockets surrounds us, I'm pretty sure it's still there!

10. She wants to go to London Drugs to fill said prescription, and I sense she is not in the mood to wait for Steph to get home. She doesn't want to walk, which I figured - but wonders if the bus will take us there. Not really, so it's back to the Canada Line again! She tries getting me to go on the escalator once more, saying she'll guide me - no thanks! I get up there faster than she does, again. Once we're on the train, I point out London Drugs to her - she says she recognizes it because of the "L." But when we get off the train, she complains because London Drugs is not right smack dab in front of Richmond Centre! Um, that's the way it is, and I don't complain about having to walk a block back to get there!

11. We get to London Drugs, and I ask whether she wants the stairs or the elevator. She chooses the elevator, although she does say that it can only fit one person... I'm pretty sure most elevators can fit more than one person, lady! (that particular elevator may be a bit small, but really now...) When we get to London Drugs, I notice that Kimchi Nara is apparently out of business since the windows are all papered up, which is unusual. So of course I pause to look at it. Grandma urges me to go on, since the place to fill her prescription is RIGHT THERE. What... I can't pause for thirty seconds or so to look at something which catches my eye?! Man, are you THAT impatient?! It's not like the store will close in the next ten or fifteen minutes!

12. At least, we fill the prescription without incident, although she did wonder why I was talking so much to the pharmacist. I was venting about old people in a language you can't understand, haha. Then she wanted to buy me ice cream (at least that was nice), but didn't want anything with chocolate in it. So I looked at the selection of frozen treats at the entrance - almost everything had chocolate, except Del Monte strawberry-kiwi fruit bars, which she said were too big. Well, you have no choice. She decided to buy two of them, and then wondered why I didn't give the prescription to the cashier - I already gave it to the pharmacist a few minutes ago, so that won't work!

13. We go out to eat our popsicles, and she wonders where we can sit. There are a couple of benches, but they're in the sun. Grandma doesn't like that, so we sit on the Milestone steps, which she pronounces "dirty" - LIVE WITH IT! She wonders whether we can go back into the store and eat the popsicles instead - um, definitely not! Just before we go back inside to pick up the prescription, she wonders whether it's a red bean popsicle, and says she likes mango or vanilla better! Del Monte does NOT make red bean popsicles, and you don't have a choice, lady!

14. In the store, I find a display of colorful mini packs of Kleenex, which I resolve to get when I have my life back - tomorrow or most likely Wednesday! Then after she picks up the prescription, she goes out right behind me. Or so I think... when I look back to see that she isn't there, of course I have to retrace my steps and look for her in the main part of the store! Then I figure that maybe she's outside already - nope, she is at the entrance, and seems annoyed that I didn't know she was there. If you would stay with me, then we wouldn't have this problem!

At least we got home without incident, although she did try to almost kill herself again while crossing the intersection nearest the townhouse complex. Just because you see the walk signal doesn't mean you SHOULD walk, particularly if it's about to change to a hand, meaning STOP! (especially if you're old) There's a good reason for this, because a truck was turning onto the highway... big trucks are NOT just going to stop for you! She saw the truck, and hurried back to the sidewalk, complaining that it shouldn't have been turning because the man signal was still there when she started to cross the road. Well, you're SLOW, and it's best just to wait! It's not like the townhouse is on fire or anything!

When we did get home, she complained that the pill bottle's lid was too tight, and complained about the pharmacist. Well, they probably did that to guard against little kids opening the drugs easily! I wanted her to wait for Steph since I couldn't open it either, but she would have none of it - she instead went at it with a small knife! This had the expected result of pills flying everywhere - AIYA!

Then she complained that while Steph had people over, they hadn't bothered to wash the cups and stuff they'd used. I don't see any harm in letting dishes wait in the sink for a while, particularly if they're pre-soaked! Later, she threw away the black thing which Steph had used for the pizza earlier. I thought that maybe it was important, so wanted to see what it was. She then complained that I didn't throw it away properly, which apparently means "squishing it inside the garbage bag so it takes up as little room as possible." Whatever... nothing is going to happen if the black thing (already folded into quarters) is sticking out of the can! "What can you do with a crazy lady?!"

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Grandma COOKED the meat she's looking for! / Sawyer Vest is not a name!

When I got up today, Grandma started being herself again: she turned her radio up HIGH (and I do mean HIGH), said that I should eat as soon as I came downstairs (no!), and told me that I should remember where I put the meat she bought... maybe YOU misplaced it! Then she said that I couldn't remember anything since I couldn't even remember that (HOW RUDE... who's more likely to have the short-term memory loss here?!), and called the doctor for an appointment because her hands hurt.

It's not like they can do anything else for it, and it's just discomfort - and how about consulting Steph first before she calls? As it happens, Vanessa is coming over to take Steph out for lunch - good thing her appointment is at 2. I offered her pizza, and she wouldn't take it - but two minutes later, she wanted some herself. Then she was bugging me about not doing the dishes right away - it's not THAT big a deal, is it?! It's just a couple of plates and utensils, NOT a sink full of dishes! Of course, she thought that we weren't ever going to do them (after maybe fifteen minutes), so SHE did them!

What kind of names are Stone Smith (boy), Stran Smith (father of Stone), Sawyer Vest (boy), Ridgewalker Busch (boy), Neilly Busch (girl), and Rowlie Busch (father of preceding two) anyway?! Got these from a story on "mutton bustin'" - apparently, the pre-cursor to the rodeo, for little kids. Also found Mike Teerink in the "In Memoriam" section... I went to junior high with him, and had heard through Facebook that he died. Didn't know it was in 2002, and also didn't know that he shared my sister's birthday!

Steph then wondered if Grandma had COOKED the meat she's looking for - we might have eaten it a week ago, even! Now that she mentions it, that's pretty much what happened, since now I remember her thawing some meat out. There you go - don't accuse people of forgetting stuff, AIYA! Later, Steph said that Vanessa will be late, so we looked up Translink stuff. Seems to be doable, but Grandma's gonna be cranky! We'll just go to the nearest bus stop right outside the townhouse, and take it to Richmond Centre, then take the Canada Line or the B-Line since that's still in service for now. She'll complain about the walking, though!

Grandma found some pork shank in the freezer, then got mad at me because I didn't respond right away (or within 30 seconds) when she asked me to go and identify it for her! Yes, I know that you have to cook the meat so we can eat it tonight for dinner. But you're not making it RIGHT NOW, and it's not like the thing will thaw any faster just because you have to wait two minutes for me to identify it! When I told her that we're leaving at 1 (extra time built in because she is SLOW), she wondered at 12:15 whether I was going to wear my shoes or not. No, because I'm not as impatient as you are! *rolleyes*

Your Name Comes from Saturn

You are a hard worker, and you take your responsibilities seriously.

Some people may find you to be cold, but your sense of humor is hard to pick up on at first.

You have always been an old soul, and you tend to be the teacher in most relationships.

You are often too hard on yourself but only because you are trying to be the best person possible.

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OFFICE characters, M&M, felines, friendship stats, and honey buckets

Facebook quizzes taken from Jane, Darren, Gretchen, and Julie:

Leslie took the Which M&M are you? quiz and the result is Yellow. You are a really nice person, but sometimes you get sidetracked or distracted. You are kinda like the ditzy blonde of the M&Ms.

Leslie took the quiz "What type of cat are you?" and the result is "PERSIAN CAT." Sassy and extravagant, you know your place in the world: right at the top. Either you are at the center of a conversation or you are the topic, and rightfully so: your fiery tendencies have people talking about you left and right. You are brutally honest, and are unafraid to speak what's on your mind. Not everyone is capable of taking honesty in stride, though, so sometimes you make people upset. In the end, though, they'll thank you and you know it.

According to Friendship Stats, I have 325 friends, 205 more than average. 48% are male, 52% are female. 61 are single, 106 are dating or married. If I contracted a deadly variant of flu, I would likely infect 11 people, 1 of whom would die. When I share something on Facebook, it is typically viewed by 23 people. If I died today, an estimated 462 people would try to attend my funeral. Based on my Facebook profile, I have a 91% probability of getting married. I am likely to earn US$4.5 million, and have 2.3 children over my lifetime.

Leslie completed the quiz "What Office Character Are You?" with the result Phyllis Lapin. You are Phyllis Lapin, a very nice person who does your job the way it should be done. You are sometimes frustrated by your co-workers, but you are kind and optimistic, so you make it through the day.

Leslie took the quiz Are You Right-Brained or Left-Brained in Love? and the result is You Are Left-Brained in Love. When it comes to love, you try to be as rational as possible. Your head doesn't lead you astray. You believe that love should never be blind, and you're not the type to get swept away easily. You are a cool customer when you fall for someone. You are able to look at things directly. You believe that honesty is key to a good relationship. You also try to be dependable and trustworthy.

Leslie completed the quiz "How likely are you to go to jail?" with the result 9%. You might find yourself in jail for a short period of time. You probably just committed a minor offfense, so you'll be out shortly. (My sister would have some explaining to do, so maybe not even the 9% is true, man!)

Poo nugget for Monday, August 24: Honey Bucket - Common in villages in rural Alaska that lack plumbing, these makeshift toilets are constructed by attaching five-gallon buckets to the underside of a wooden seat. These buckets were originally used for storing and transporting honey, thus giving rise to the term "honey bucket." Makes taking a crap sound nice, doesn't it?

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Cranberry mead, morbid kiddy stuff, dumplings, and more!

Wesley, Vivian, Karen, Lincoln, Jon, Harmony, her friend Karen from Toronto, and Lesley joined me / Jen / Jeremy / Christon / Isabel for dinner. Talked about Toronto vs. Vancouver, "Africa time," the INTERESTING stories Steph had told them at lunch, Dylan's wedding and the Walkathon, Jeremy's Kelowna trip before Mark goes to Queens, Dallas, the guest room, Ray out of there now, Mike T., earworms, cranberry mead, Arrogant Bastard Ale, Rejewvenate Hebrew Ale, sake, Laughing Buddha Ginger Ale, bean salad, homemade noodles, "pints" of beer not being what they seem, the PNE, dumplings, the film DUMPLINGS, Jeremy's homemade wrappers, and more. There was a cat that hopped onto the balcony where the soup for the noodles was simmering, so Jeremy said that the cat (from across the street) had got into his room once.

He'd opened the balcony window because it was too hot to sleep with it closed. He heard this banging and rustling at 3 AM, and was worried it was a raccoon or burglar... now he's trying to train it NOT to come in. This made Jon think of the song THE CAT CAME BACK, or of MAXWELL'S SILVER HAMMER by the Beatles as popular elementary school songs - I like the morbidity of the second! Then we figured that fairy tales and nursery rhymes were also very morbid - like HANSEL AND GRETEL!

Jon has finished teaching at his in-laws' church on Amos, and a bit about homelessness. We talked about people's reactions, and how some were NOT playing devil's advocate! Christon refused to tell us one interesting MOM story, but I'd almost forgotten about the "if you're playing Spoons, does that mean you're spooning?!" one... HAHAHAHA! Had Oreos for dessert, and Jeremy wanted me to take the leftovers home - I'd eat them just as fast as Harmony and Nathan would, AND am not actually home for two more days! Oh well, I decided to divide them up into two Ziploc bags - his hypothesis of "you can just give them to random children on the streets!" isn't quite the truth, haha. Nathan joined us later, and was very random in taking the conversation into certain directions. Ziplining, Jonas' stag / wedding, and Beaver Buzz energy drinks, oh my!

Nate advised me to transfer Canada Line trains on a Richmond-Brighouse one, but I didn't have to. They seem quite spacious compared to Skytrain, and cleaner! (but they've only been in operation for a week...) Steph picked me up, and we discussed Safeway pizza / milk, leftovers, cream, dishes, garbage, recycling, and more. Quite a nice dinner!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Noodles for lunch AND dinner is perfectly fine!

Ah, it's so good to use Firefox at Jeremy's! I installed it for two minutes on my mom's computer the other night, when I simply HAD to check something on that browser which wouldn't work on IE, but that was it. Steph actually slept in, so it was good I woke her up! We got out of the house a little late, but that was fine even if Grandma was impatient! Vented about Grandma, and listened to Steph talk to Chantal on the phone, too. When we got to the parkade, Steph let us out first so Grandma wouldn't have to walk so far. However, Grandma was REALLY impatient. When I saw John and Sophia with their little daughters Olivia and Anne, I held the elevator door for them! Grandma just wanted me NOT to wait for them - I just ignored her. She can wait the thirty seconds it takes Anne to cover ten or twenty feet!

Sat by Sarah, and noticed Steph looking at me when Pastor John mentioned "looking at death daily" - haha, she knows I'm morbid! After service, I was in the fellowship hall talking to Jen, when I spotted KELVIN outside! I excused myself to go to talk to him - he says it's a nice building, and that he's expecting a third kid. (Evelyn definitely looks pregnant!) They bought a house in Federal Way, so that's good! Saw their sons Taylor and Elliot - the younger one wanted to knock down the umbrella / garbage can, and was smart enough to de-activate the door stop. Was looking around for Eric, and saw him as I was talking to Kelvin, so I interrupted myself mid-conversation: "Hey, White Man! You going to dinner tonight?" He shook his head no - fair enough! So then I was looking for Jeremy to say that I'd probably show up early at his place; he had no problem with that!

After saying hi to Henry (and listening to Maxine and Evelyn talk about Keenan, Lauren, pregnancy, and more), I headed upstairs to find Amanda and Esther playing alone. However, Auntie Bessy's stuff was on the table too. She had just returned from her two-month-long trip to teach children English, and told me a bit about that. Auntie Fonda wasn't able to make it today, I guess. Amanda was making "fire candy" from the Jenga blocks, told me that her name was "Disgusting," and wanted my face to be on fire - no thanks! Later, I went downstairs and looked for my sister to no avail. Since she wasn't there, I thought I'd use the church phone to call her. First, I made sure that Grandma knew that Steph would be driving her home. While in the hall, I took the opportunity to give Ada the remaining oatmeal cookies from this week's batch to Ian and Sean for later. Ian thanked me, anyway.

Called Steph, who was at Oscar's. She came by, and I took a minute to decide on Pho for lunch. She'd already eaten, but needed a coffee! Vegetable Pho it was, for sure. Discussed plans for tomorrow and Tuesday, mostly. (also made Canada Line plans with Jon for later tonight) On the way back to church to pick Grandma up, we had a sisterly conversation. Then I talked to Hannah W. for a bit - she and a friend had fun with back-to-school supplies at Walmart, and got Facebook in February. After Steph found out that the senior lunch also included a Chinese opera person as entertainment, I finished reading OPTIONS magazine before we tried calling Jeremy and Christon to find out where they were. Christon was at Buy-Lo, but informed me that Jeremy was at home. Funny, since he didn't answer the phone when I'd called just a minute prior! Oh well, maybe he was busy cooking! Then we had another sisterly conversation on the way to Jeremy's before she went back to church to wait for Grandma - at least this avoids questions like "Where are we going, and why?!"

Went into the wrong apartment (206) at first - don't know why I went up the wrong set of stairs! Nobody noticed I was there, since a kid was lying on the couch watching cartoons... phew! I found the correct apartment, and found Jeremy / Christon / Isabel / Jen there already. Discussed Potstickers, Miso Ramen recipe, Richard's Miso Ramen, and How to make Japanese ramen from scratch. Jeremy says he's seen a product designed to let a woman pee out of a funnel - the commercial was clever, since a woman wanted to get rid of a guy! Hahaha, EWWWW! ("I've been with a MAN?! What the?!") Talked about lettuce, Facebook addiction, pork, dumplings, Wesley / Lesley / Jon / Harmony / Harmony's friend / Karen / Lincoln coming later, salad, my fast typing speed as per Isabel, weird nap positions, coffee shops, caffeine being a drug, wrappers, Jeremy's slow-seeming connection speed (I was blunt in asking how slow it was - Christon preferred a more polite approach!), and more,

Facebook quiz taken from Danielle:

Leslie completed the quiz "You're Italian, so you say... Are you? Really?" with the result Sorry, you're not as Italian as you think! Barely Italian. Noodle? Okay, sorry to say but you're not as Italian as you may tell people you are. For GUYS: You either go clubbing way too much, call yourself a "Guido" and claim that the phrase you're "Guido" means you're "Italian," been buying way too much hair gel, (and those big blow-out hairstyles might have been trendy at one point, but c'mon, what true Italian uses those now?), or just might not have been raised a TRUE Italian. If you go tanning, you're fine, but just don't go too much till you turn orange (which you might have already). Stop telling girls you're SO Italian, because when you get to that true Italian ragazza (girl) who pops you a serious Italian question... you're screwed. Sure, your grandparents' grandparents might have been Italian, but that isn't gonna cut it, noodle! Just tell them who you truly are! Nothing wrong with the true you!

For GIRLS: You go clubbing way too much... don't call yourself a "Guidette" and expect to be magically "Italian." Being Italian does not work that way (you have to be born Italian and your heart and soul have to be Italian). That bee hive on your hair is starting to produce honey. But if none of the above corresponds to you, then you just might not have been raised to be a TRUE Italian. Sure, your grandparents' grandparents might have been Italian, but that isn't gonna cut it, hun!

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Interesting camp dream... no monkey people, please!

I like having interesting dreams about Harmony's monkey friends, Teunis, and camp in a forest... :D

Grandma, on how I knew my sister arrived home from work at around 4-5 AM: "But how do you KNOW?! Were you awake then?" Um, no... it's called a REASONABLE ESTIMATE from the time Steph gets off work!

Grandma, on how Steph is going to drive us to church on a few hours' sleep: "Get Jon to drive! That way, we don't have to get her to do it!" (she said the same thing last week when I thought Eric was going to drive us... and it wouldn't work since Jon wasn't / isn't going to be at VCEFC, but is at his wife's old church instead because he's teaching!)

Grandma, on my breakfast of one piece of bread with peanut butter: "Are you on a diet? Here, eat some snack biscuits!" No, I am not on a diet... and YES, it's enough food for me. I just can't eat a whole lot right after I get up, usually! (but lack the skills to explain this to her)

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Defenestration threats, and an unexpected talk with Cindy

Called Eric to let him know that he didn't have to drive me and my grandma to church tomorrow - Steph will do that on a few hours' sleep! He hadn't decided on whether to go to Jeremy's or not, so I jokingly threatened him with defenestration, haha! Did some laundry after showering - my grandma thought it was garbage only because it was in a black garbage bag! I've also been assured that at least one perfidious blackguard will not make it to Jeremy's - YAY! :D

Cindy called later for my dad, but of course he's not in! Told her that he was on a cruise for two weeks to England / Ireland / Scotland with my mom and another couple, and that they seemed to be having a good time so far from my mother's emails. Seems she has a box of Sunday School stuff from the church move which HER mom says must go since it's taking up too much room, so I suggested she call Uncle Eugene or someone else.

Of course, she can always bring the box to church tomorrow and ask then - maybe she can label it and put it in her classroom! Told her that Steph would be at church tomorrow, but she's working now! Cindy was trying to figure out where she knew my voice from - thanks to Caller ID, I had a reasonable guess at who was on the other end, haha. I asked how the small group outing yesterday was, since I was doing the important job of spending time with Grandma. She said that they had dinner at Hon's on Robson, then lost track of time just talking while eating. But since they were so near the water, it didn't take them long to walk to the seawall and just watch the sunset. Sounds like a nice time, and she said they missed me... sweet!

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