Saturday, September 08, 2007

"If her heart races when she tries to sleep, she needs medical help!"

Found out that people were still filming a movie or something at the usual intersection, so spent time moving around the tents and such before Eric finally saw me from across the street. I hope this filming is over by the time I have to meet him near his work again! We spent an interesting car ride where I punched him a couple of times for daring to suggest that everything was my fault - I don't see how extreme bridge traffic / an 11-cent jump in gas prices could possibly be blamed on me! Never mind AD HOMINEM arguments and suchlike because he thinks it was established long ago that everything was my fault, and it was NOT according to him. We went to Safeway after discussing that dinner for a while - peaches and cream strudel and black cherry pop were just two of the things we bought. Well, at least Eric THOUGHT it was peaches and cream strudel... later, Randal and I thought it looked more like apple strudel like my receipt said, rather than what the box may have indicated! Went to Pho after doing things with money, and joined Jen and Karen. We talked about Greg, Korey, relationships and how they take a toll on your figure, Ivan, "support / taking care of people," that townhouse dinner, getting takeout, Pho, soupy vs. dry stuff, shrimp salad rolls, Evites for my birthday thing, and some other things. Good times!

Went back to church and said hi to a bunch of people; Chuck tapped me on the shoulder and asked after me, so I said I was fine and evaded any attempt to tease me. Later, I told Andrea that she and Chuck were invited to my birthday thing, so Chuck could tease Korey all he wanted! Honestly, some of that teasing would probably be directed at me too, but hey... it's Chuck, and I know he can be goofy! Talked about giving up stuff for a month - Jon's not getting beer from restaurants?! Hard for him, I'm sure! (not Pho or bubble tea) Got Sheena's email address, which I later found out was in my Gmail contacts... weird. Listened to Pastor John give his testimony and answer some questions about his family: his wife homeschools their three kids, which is something unusual around here. Being both the mom and the teacher must take a lot of organizational fortitude, heh. Went downstairs and played a question game - I was finally able to give Eric his dinner! His question was very appropriate: "Describe the last meal you had, and say why you liked it!" Lemongrass chicken with rice and such, anyone? Jeremy just thought my question was odd, while Cindy thought that I'd have a lot of help if I couldn't think of anything to say. ("What is one thing you like about yourself?") Luckily, I could think of one thing to say, and joked that we'd be here ALL NIGHT (much to Stanley's chagrin!) if I listed off all my good qualities, haha! It was interesting with Calla, Jeremy, Dylan, Cindy, Jen, Pastor John, Eric, Chuck, and Andrea! Cindy likes how I remember everyone's birthdays, and Dylan was talking to the wrong person when I first met him if he expected his own to be forgotten!

After that, we had a LOT of desserts. Sarah, Julie, Emily, Andrea L., Tina, Ivan, and the other first-years seemed to mingle well with their friends and others. Asked Sarah whether she were going to the barbecue tomorrow - she was, and mentioned that her mom had bought a LOT of meat! It better be a lot, to feed 40 people! Talked to Quan, Cordia, Michelle, Steph, Joey, Mike, Sam, Vivian, Karen, Vanessa, Eric, Grace, Randal, and others about pumpkin tarts not being butter tarts / Mexico / bonding through sweat-sharing, Phil's grandma, my birthday thing ("probably free?!"), my being Eric's sugar guinea pig since he can't eat it (Vivian CAN - but she insisted I eat the tart anyhow), the Walkathon, sending Evite later since I had no time in the afternoon, etc. I noticed that Jon was doing another gross food combo: ice cream, coffee grounds, coffee whitener, almond jelly (gotta have the maraschino cherry!), one or two tea bags, Smarties, and I'm not sure what else! (no hot chocolate, though!) Ivan said it looked like there was mold growing on top of it, while Citrus just said that Jon could go on FEAR FACTOR since we were all used to seeing that over the years. Randal asked whether he got stomachaches or diarrhea; when the answer was no, he mused that Jon must have an iron stomach! Chung, Andrea, Isabel, Sam, Mike, Darren, Danielle, Emily, Sarah, Julie, Connie, Ivan, and others just looked disgusted: I told them just to be glad they weren't EATING it! Got Steph to take a couple of pictures, haha.

Met Danielle's cousin Kevin - their moms are sisters, so their last name isn't even the same! They were kinda close growing up (she used to babysit him, but he doesn't remember), and he is certainly from Edmonton and not "FORT SASKATCHEWAN!" like SOME PEOPLE, haha. He got Danielle to call his parents for him once he was in town, too. After waving bye to Jeremy, I noticed a group clustering around Citrus and making general disgusted noises, so I asked Christon what that was all about. Apparently, people think that Danielle should moisturize Citrus' legs for him - EWWW! I tried reassuring her that it wasn't THAT bad! Someone asked Michelle if Daniel moisturized his own legs - she gave us a dubious look, and said not really! Steph then tried to get various people into the hockey pool, and jokingly complained about 6 AM Sunday not being a good time for a draft because Chris has to go to church on the East Coast! Darren just hopes that they hold it before he goes to Ireland! Mike asked me whether I knew how crazy they got over the hockey pool - BELIEVE ME, I KNOW!

Talked to Harmony on the phone for a while since I made Jon sign some birthday cards: she's doing well, and had a program where people shared about their mission trip to Angola. Those stories are always interesting to hear! Lotsa people in the basement, trying to take leftovers home! (always a feature of our nights, haha) Cordia was bugging Quan about stupidity weighing her down, and told me that my sister just reflected her bullying... sure thing then! On the way home, we discussed poop / sleep issues / insomnia / sympathy reactions with Harmony via phone. Harmony's mind races a lot, and that's why she can't sleep - she got half an hour of sleep the other night! Eric thought Jon had said something about her heart, and remarked that she'd need medical help if THAT were the case! Steph joked that we should get Mom to ask Harmony those certain regularity questions, haha. Eric noticed that the car windows were steamy, and jokingly told me to stop thinking about Korey - I told everyone else that I was NOT thinking about Korey, and Steph asked whether I was sad when he left: no, I was remarkably calm! At home, Dan and I complained about life before I went to bed. Sent the Evite (it took SO LONG to input addresses!), and Danielle / Steph / Karen have replied so far. Maybe I'll add more people later...

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Saying "whatever" is NOT a bad habit...

I guess the family dinner went okay, but I still dislike the concept of being the target of teasing and such. Let's just say that I don't think "I AM COUGAR - HEAR ME ROAR" is the greatest idea for a shirt... and Korey HAS seen the purple "WHATEVER" shirt before; it's not MY fault he doesn't remember! Says he wants to mail something over, so I'm under no illusions here - it's probably something related to his new job. Whatever it is, I'll just hold it for him - my apartment normally doesn't serve as a mailing hold facility, but there's no choice and it's not like it's DANGEROUS or anything! Told Jon about the Dragon Ball outing, and how Eric had taken over K's MSN - I don't think it would have been good had I responded with anything other than what I did! ("I think we should break up" "how do you figure that?" "because it's an indisputable fact that everything is YOUR FAULT!")

We were idly looking at photo albums (and Jon was commenting on how bossy / feisty I can get) when dinner was ready. I decided to sit at the table by Korey while my mom and grandma sat on the other side of the table; Eric, Jon, and Steph congregated around sports on TV. Tuna noodle casserole, chicken, squash / beet soup, tortillas, salad, and broccoli were pretty good. I think Korey impressed Grandma (sort of?) by actually calling her "po-po" ... hey, she was actually SMILING for once! Someone brought up the idea of a Chinese nickname that she could call him, and CURRY was suggested. Steph thought that could get confusing as they eat curry a lot, but I'm sure Grandma can distinguish between the food and the person! Discussed my purple / pink "bling" shirt and the Mexican dragon bling necklace, and Korey said that the Mexican pop-top bracelet had been a hit at his work in Kamloops, too - hand model, ahoy! Talked about Koreans, Japanese, Spanish (I do NOT know a lot of it!), certain things about K's family life, Filipinos, Eric's birthday dinner at the Mad Greek (LIQUOR AND EXPENSE, OH MY!), food differences, etc. K called me "babe" in front of people, and they didn't seem to mind this time - I was hesitant about calling him anything at all, but did get in a "my dear." (he thinks even "LOVE" sounds old - NOW WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!)

I think Korey got along better with my mom and family this time - I bet it had something to do with the homey atmosphere. They got into certain stories like the New Years peach wine cooler story with Dave... Korey even called my mother "Mom" - maybe for lack of anything better to call her? Jon figured that I was pretty warm from the Amnesiac / Kahlua in my coffee / a sip of the Johnny Walker Black Label whiskey (burns!) / Don de Dieu (which Mom actually LIKED!) - Korey thought the same when he touched my face! Here I thought the Asian red-face gene was done working in me, haha. Reached for K's hand and held it for support as much as anything else - turns out they were talking about whether I'd have kids, marriage / weddings / grandkids, and certain childhood things. Thanks, Mom - why don't you just break out all the embarrassing stories NOW because you KNOW that I don't like people knowing those things! *sarcasm*

Steph said that she'd booked the 15th off already, but she'll have to change it since K won't be in town then. I'll just reserve it for the day of my birthday at around 7 instead, haha. (Chinese Eric called while I was out, and I told him about it when I returned the call at 11:10 - no, we can't make up the lack of Monday hangout this weekend since I'm BUSY!) Eventually, the two of us migrated to the couch area since Eric had left early after reading one of Jon's books, and I awkwardly sat on his lap for a bit. Then I went to sit by my brother, convincing Korey to come too... apparently, he could tell that I was falling asleep on his shoulder, kinda nestled in the crook of his arm. IT'S THE ALCOHOL, I TELL YOU! He wondered why WE didn't talk for hours on the phone like Jon and Harmony seemed to, but we DID have a recent conversation that lasted for almost two hours! Steph showed him pictures of Eric as a kid - he does look the same now, except with facial hair! Then Korey thought that he'd be rich if he fined me a dollar every time I said "whatever" - whether accompanied by a snort and eyeroll or not. Maybe, but I don't think that habit needs to be cured! He asked whether I'd be doing anything after dinner on my birthday - I have NO idea right now, and asked in my turn whether he'd be tired afterward. He said no. All right, I'll take your word for it!

He said that "Oompa-Loompa" would be a good nickname for me - if he hasn't forgotten, I NIXED IT A WHILE AGO! NO AFFECTION FOR YOU IF YOU CONTINUE! (half-joking) Then he got into Sir Mix-A-Lot's "I like big butts and I cannot lie" - nothing I can do about THAT, I suppose. I was GOING to touch him with my wet hands from washing the dishes, but refrained. Then he asked me in front of everyone whether I'd be okay without him for a while since he's going to Port McNeill - I briefly thought of burning him, but didn't. Let's bring on the feistiness and laying DOWN the gauntlet! We held hands on the way home, where I instantly slipped into "detached mode" (as per usual) and told Jon that I'd see him tomorrow. Returned Chinese Eric's call - thank goodness he answered his phone, even if he sounded a bit sleepy. He will definitely ask Fay if she's free on Monday next!

Then K called to ask if something was wrong / whether I was mad at him: no, it's more my mother commenting about stuff I'd rather be kept private. It's not that I'm not over what they did to me (and not my sibs), and it's not even that I'm the odd one out because of my CP and other things, but there's still this barrier. He thinks it's weird in a bad way that I show more affection to him than I do to my family, but that's how I'm wired... I don't think there's anything BAD inherent in it! Yes, I know I'm lucky since my family is there for me like if I got bankrupt - I guess I'm kinda close to them in a way, and not close in other ways. We talked about that for a bit, then he figured that he had to go to sleep soon. He gave me a number that I could call if needed (maybe every other day or something) and said he loved me. I said that back, and hung up - now for the busy weekend coming up! Yay, distractions! :D (gotta tell people about my party, haha!)

Edit: Have checked email, replied to comments, taken a shower, and have made a BP reservation for 7:15 on the 17th. 15% gratuity be darned, haha. Dan said hi, and then signed off - oh well, I'll catch him later!

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

No, Alan: the place is NOT closing down because they play there!

RIP, Luciano Pavarotti. (reminds me that Auntie Wylene and Charmaine gave me one of his biographies, which I think my brother has since I thought he'd like it more than me)

Typical Alan: He responded to Jeremy's jazz gig email by asking if the place was closing down because the jazz band played there! Speaking of email, Jon says there's a Sunday Dinner at Jeremy's place on Sunday. He's pitched the idea of tacos with bulgogi beef, plus maybe salad: now there's a Mexican-Korean food fusion for ya! Steph's replied to say that she'll be at Canada Place watching Canada show some sympathy to the Russians via beating them by only two goals! HAHA, sounds fair enough. As for me, I definitely plan to go and have some fun! Be a busy weekend for sure, but I can handle it... Fellowship, barbecue, slim possibility of the jazz gig, church, and the Sunday Dinner! Maybe I'll see Dallas there too, so I can return his dishes. Also finished the zines and such that Felicity gave me a really long time ago - interesting drawings of the goth scene here!

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Two Awana commanders and Jeremy's jazz gig

I've broken the $100,000 barrier on Tri-Peaks. Jeremy's emailed us to say that his jazz band is playing its final gig at a place on Alexandra in Richmond at 9 on Saturday night. Drinks and conversation sound appealing, but the Awana barbecue at Anita's goes from 5 to 9... maybe I can "pull an ugfart," and join the gig while it's in progress! Hahaha, gotta see what the ug is doing then! Tonight's agenda: Speak to Jon about that AND the birthday cards, and to Steph about birthday doings as it relates to BP reservations / dates / K's schedule - he HAS to be there since Danielle has yet to meet him! Speaking of, I really should check my old Yahoo email account... 15,692 emails?! WHOA! I emailed everyone advising them of my change in email address - I *used* to get a few Awana-related emails at Gmail, but then it reverted back to Yahoo. Go figure! We have new kids this club year; Melia and Chris will be our TWO commanders this year, as well. Chrystal will be the Sparks director, and Michelle C. / Hilary F. (another past Awana clubber!) / Tracy Lam (whom I have seen around - just not to talk to!) will be newbies. I like Melia's definition of being productive on the first day of school, hahaha. "Facebook, email, more Facebook, and now email again!" Eric's reply is amusing, too - "err... just replying to all..." It's going to be good times this year! Yay for seeing everyone again, and helping with the kids! :D

A few days ago, Randal forwarded us this Japanese video which features a great treadmill for avid runners. One of the recipients is named Peach, which of course makes me think of Vivian. It's not, since the last name is Tu; Vivian's is only an online alias, after all. (just like her sister is Mini-Cow to some people!) Korey and I will see each other tonight at the townhouse, which should prove to be interesting - hey, he'll get to see the third floor! (as well as the other floors, since he's never been there previously!) I remember having to help Jon get Harmony's hand off his mouth when he tried singing falsetto to her while we were watching TV last year - good times!

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Alcohol, aspirin, Amnesiac, and acceptance

Note to self: Alcohol and aspirin together produce a woozy effect. It's good for sleeping off pain in the form of cramps. Must keep fridge stocked with beer of some sort in future, haha... no, I am not an abuser of either alcohol or painkillers! Also must bring the unopened bottle of Amnesiac to tomorrow's dinner - that should be good times. (he's seen and accepted certain things about me, so the baby pictures shouldn't be that bad!)

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Finally spending time together....

Spending time tonight with my babe was nice. We had a simple dinner, watched TV, and talked about a variety of topics, including affection. Auntie Rebecca called to see what I'd be bringing on Saturday: Winnie and I are both bringing chips then!

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We HAVE to bring our boyfriends?! What?! :P

Yay for Citrus, Mike, Vanessa, Emily, Jon, Steph, and Danielle! Also, yay for good names! (Eric knows I'm a name person, haha)

On another note: Earliest detection of redrum ever. I can rest in this knowledge. BUT of course, I'm not going to do anything non-conventional about it! Hahahaha.

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Funny Fake Names

Today's amusement, courtesy of the Bad Baby Names Forum:

Here is a list of fake funny names. It reminds of the kind of names we used to write on the attendance when we had a substitute teacher. I did not compile the list, so some (okay, most!) may be stupid.

Aaron Myetires, Abe Rudder, Abbie Birthday, Abel N. Willan, Achilles Punks, Adam Bomb, Adam Meway, Adam Sapple, Al B. Zienya, Al DePantzeu, Al Gore-Rythim, Al Kaholic, Al Kaseltzer, Al Kickurass, Al Killeu, Al Luminum, Al Nino, Al O'Moaney, Alec Tricity, Alex Blaine Layder, Alf Abet, Ali Gator, Amanda B. Recandwithe, Amanda Hugnkiss, Andy Gravity, Andy Structible, Anita Bath, Ann B. Dextrous, Ann Chovie, Ann Tartica, Anna Mull, Anne T. Lope, Annie Buddyhome, Ariel Hassle, Artie Choke, Aunty Biotic, Ayma Dommy, Ayma Moron

Barb Dwyer, Barb E. Cue, Barry D'Alive, Barry D. Hatchett, Bart Ender, Bea Sting, Beau Vine, Ben Crobbery, Ben Dover, Ben O'Drill, Ben Thair, Bess Twishes, Bill Board, Bill Ding, Bill Lowney, Bjorn Free, Bo Nessround, Bob Frapples, Bowen Arrow, Brighton Early, Brook Lynn Bridge, Bud Weiser, Burnedette Down

Cal Culator, Cal Efornia, Cal Seeium, Candice B. DePlace, Candice B. Fureal, Carl Arm, Carlotta Tendant, Carrie DeKoffin, Carrie Oakey, Casey Deeya, Casey Needzit, Chad Terbocks, Chanda Lear, Chi Spurger, Chris Ko, Chris Mass, Chris P. Nugget, Chuck Roast, Claire DeAir, Clara Nett, Clara Sabell, Cody Pendant, Cole Kutz, Colin Allcars, Colleen Cardd, Craig Potz, Curt N. Rodd, Curt Zee, Cy Burns, Cy Kosis

Dale E. Bread, Dan D. Lyon, Dan Druff, Dan Geruss, Danielle Soloud, Darius Lesgettham, Darrell B. Moore, Daryl Lect, Dee Capitated, Dee Sember, Dennis Toffice, Denny Juan Heredatt, Des Buratto, Dinah Mite, Doll R. Bill, Don Thatt, Doug Graves, Douglas S. Halfempty, Dustin D. Furniture

Earl E. Byrd, Ed Ible, Ed Venture, Eileen Dover, Ella Vader, Elle O'Quent, Ellie Noise, Ellis Dee, Elmer Sklue, Evan Lee Arps, Evans Gayte, Eve Hill, Eve Ning, Eve O'Lution, Ewan Whatarmy

Faye Kinnitt, Faye Slift, Faye Tallity, Fletcher Bisceps, Frank Furter, Frank N. Stein

Gene E. Yuss, Gene Poole, Gladys Eeya, Gus Tofwin

Hal E. Luya, Hal Jalikakick, Hammond Eggs, Hank E. Panky, Harmon Ikka, Hayden Seek, Helena Hanbaskett, Heywood Jablome, Holly Wood, Howard I. No, Hugh D'Mann, Hugh Johnson

Ida Hoe, Ida Whana, Igor Beaver, Ilene Dover, Ima B. Leever, Ira Fuse, Izzy Backyet

Jack Dupp, Jack Pot, Jacques Strap, Jan U. Wharry, Jane Linkfence, Jaqueline Hyde, Jay Walker, Jed I. Knight, Jerry Atrics, Jim Nasium, Joanna Hand, Joe King, Juan Fortharoad, Juan Nightstand, Juana Bea, Justin Case, Justin Credible

Kareem O'Wheat, Kaye Ken Coffee, Ken Opener, Kenny Dewitt, Kent Cook, Kim Payne Slogan

Lance Lyde, Laura Lynn Hardy, Lee Nover, Len DeHand, Leo Tarred, Lisa Neucar, Liz Onnia, Lou Stooth, Louise E. Anna, Lowden Clear, Luke Atmyass, Luna Tick, Lyle Ike Adogg, Lynn Guini, Lynn Meabuck

Mabel Syrup, Manuel Labor, Marcus Absent, Marion Money, Marsha Dimes, Mary Christmas, Mary Gold, Master Bates, May O'Nays, Max E. Mumm, Mel Practiss, Midas Well, Mike Hunt, Mike Roe-Wave, Milly Meter, Minnie Skurt, Miss Alanius, Misty Meanor, Mitch Again, Moe DeLawn, Moe Skeeto, Mr. Period, Mrs. Sippy, Myra Maines

Nida Lyte, Neve Adda, Nick L. Andime, Nick O'Teen, Nick Ovtime

Paige Turner, Pat McGroin, Patty O'Furniture, Pearl E. Gates, Pearl E White, Peppy Roni, Pete Zaria, Phil A. Delphia, Phil DeGrave, Phil McCracken, Polly Esther Slaxx

Quint S. Henschel

Ray N. Carnation, Renee Sance, Rick Kleiner, Rick O'Shea, Rip Tile, Rita Book, Robin D. Craydle, Robin Banks, Robin Meeblind

Sadie Word, Sal Ami, Sam Manilla, Sam Pull, Samson Night, Scott Shawn DeRocks, Shirley Knot, Shirley U. Jest, Sid Down, Stan Dup, Stu Pitt, Sue Permann, Sue Shi

Tate Urchips, Ted E. Baer, Telly Vision, Tim Burr, Tina See, Tyrone Shoes

Ulee Daway

Val Crow, Val Lay, Val Veeta, Vlad Tire

Walter Melon, Warren Piece, Wayne Deer, Winnie Bago, Winnie Dipoo, Woody U. No

Xavier Breath, Xavier Money

Yule B. Sari

Zeke N. Yeshallfind, Zelda Kowz, Zoltan Pepper

For more of this stuff, see the Car Talk Credits. Reminds me of the joke names on Tarzan Dan on YTV a LONG time ago!

Edit: Chinese Eric has just had to bail on our plans for tonight. Seems his boss wants him to fill in on the evening shift for another guy. Ah well, we can always go for bubble tea another time. Too bad he likely won't get to see K, though.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Not going out tonight is fine with me!

I read a bit of the FINAL EXITS book (Jeremy will like it!), and realized that I can relate to Eric's need for downtime since we're not going for bubble tea / sushi tonight to satisfy someone's cravings. Not the first time, and certainly won't be the last. Accepted an apology for someone's having to miss my birthday - I can't make him plan his schedule around me! We can still do stuff tomorrow with Chinese Eric, and maybe have some couple time too - we'll see. Now Dan and I are updating each other on stuff - definitely good to do!

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Dream of Mom on MSN and soup picnics / July-August 2007 BBT Tally

I had an interesting couple of dreams last night. Not sure where most of this came from, only I did see Maxine with Joshua yesterday - and of course saw Eric M. and Frances too. Maybe the soup bowl pile came from the kids piling toys up to the point where they crashed down to the floor, however... and the color-coded thing came from coloring with the kids, haha. I'm not sure whether I can see my mother using MSN, though... it IS easy, but I don't know whether she'd be able to handle it. No, I'm not denigrating her here. Dream highlights:

* talking to Frances and Maxine about concerts they wanted to attend (AC/DC? Lenny Kravitz?)

* little Clara's aunt giving me a Christmas gift because she thought I was the nicest person ever (okay, I'll take it! Haha.)

* Mom talking to me on MSN ("You shouldn't give your ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend your phone number! No one is good enough for him except YOU!")

* a little fair replica in a storefront window NOT being the PNE, in spite of what my mother thought

* being in a crowded car with both Erics and other people, and going to a crowded picnic camp (eating cream of mushroom soup before the empty bowls piled up to an untenable height, oh my!)

* being in a color-coded mall with glittering WHITE, BLUE, YELLOW, SILVER, GOLD, PURPLE, RED, and PINK sections (even the elevators were glittery!)

* someone telling us that the wake-up times had changed due to competition on a reality show ("the children used to be able to wake up any time they liked, but now I have to wake them up by 8:30 or 9 AM!")

* going for bubble tea with Maxine and Joshua, who seemed to like it (the soup made an appearance here too, with SPICES! YAY!)

On another note: "If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?" (Lynyrd Skynyrd song Freebird... Allen Collins' girlfriend realizing that he loved the music more than her!) Apparently, we might be going for all-you-can-eat sushi and bubble tea tonight... it's also interesting to see that Eric and I think the same about certain topics! I can also get inside K's head a little bit, har har. If I can't get Chinese Eric to go with us, then that's too bad. Should be sufficiently amusing, though.


coffee @ Estea Beverage Club (Thursday, July 5)


raspberry-lychee @ Dragon Ball (Friday, August 3)
hot chocolate @ Rose Garden Café (Saturday, August 11)
mango @ Flaming Wok in Richmond Centre (Wednesday, August 15)
mango-red bean @ Dragon Ball (Friday, August 17)
supreme milk tea-peach @ Dragon Ball (Friday, August 31)

What will you be caught red-handed doing?
You'll be caught ... Hugging a communist
'What will you be caught red-handed doing?' at

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Combine enough bubble tea flavors, and it'll taste like sushi!

K wanted me to get Andrea, Chuck, and Karen to join us for bubble tea at Dragon Ball, but they weren't answering their phones. At least I got Jeremy to go, although Ray didn't make it after all. Called Jeremy to see if he could make it, then talked about Future Shop computer power bars (not the nutrition bar things) / Dragon Ball three times in three days / my mom and grandma's reactions to bubble tea (Grandma's probably one of the oldest people ever to go there!) / his thinking that K was from Toronto (we don't know why he thought that!) / only cities on the map / 7:30 on Saturday being fine with him for the Boston Pizza thing for my birthday. Good times, and I'm glad I called him on the fly. K teased me about Jeremy's being my other boyfriend, but he knows it's not true. On the way to Dragon Ball, Eric and K talked about little kids / toddlers / electricity / shaking butt / Mario as a Korean kid's name (interesting), mispronunciations of K's name (Dory?!) / cilantro / how I seemed short and ill-tempered with them. No, I wasn't really annoyed... I just needed a bit of time to get used to K actually being here. Yeah, I know... I'm weird. :P

Since K wanted to rent stuff from Blockbuster, Eric went in for him. Of COURSE he could leave us two alone together in the car! K thought I seemed pretty quiet, which was true. He said that certain plans had fallen by the wayside, but he's definitely going to Chilliwack after stopping by Port McNeill for a bit (missing my birthday thing?) ... better for money if we do get married or something. I told him that he was supposed to REST, but he says he feels better already - all right, then. We were discussing Eric's joke on MSN for a bit - it was so obvious! What I do know is that Eric's going to a Canadiens baseball game on Tuesday night, and he'll drop K off here for the duration of the game - sounds good to me! They bugged me about stalking off when we got to Dragon Ball... I was totally joking when I said I wouldn't talk to them ever again, haha.

I got watermelon-blueberry, Eric got blueberry-peach, K got strawberry-banana, and Jeremy got avocado-black sesame. We bugged Korey about wanting another bubble tea (even to share with me) and some bad sticky rice wrap after having eaten dinner two hours before. Apparently, Eric eats like a bird... eh, it's okay. K just had a lot of sleep, and we bugged him about his sleep schedule - at least it's getting back to normal. Discussed lactose intolerance, penicillin, Big Two / Bum, cards, bad headaches, working together as a team, holding hands (Jeremy had heard about last time's teasing from Jon), borrowing controllers from Nathan, 300, wrestling, sashimi, sushi (combining eight flavors to make it taste like sushi!), food, being hungry (thirsty?), etc. Interesting card hands, for sure... Jeremy had a few weird ones with triples or random pairs! He invited us out to eat Pho with Jon after his PNE shift ended at 1 AM, but we had to decline. Oh well... it was nice getting used to K again, haha. We did hold hands briefly on the way back to the car - he teased me about not wanting to, but I did. Wasn't sure how to bring it up, as usual. :P

We went to Nathan's, where Eric teased us about not having enough time for a smooching session. Believe me, we won't do that in your presence either before or after a wedding day if that happens! K decided to stretch his arm to the backseat and hold my hand like that on the way home while we discussed blogging and plans - that was nice, and I appreciated that. He'd told Veronica that we were dating, and her reaction was "she's such a sweet thoughtful girl with cards every year!" Haha, I do try. I said that I was worried about stressing him out or making him tired, but he said it would be fine. Sounds good to me, then. K wanted tuna noodle casserole for the dinner at the townhouse (which is on Thursday now) since he could get spaghetti anytime (I know the feeling), and we discussed the Canadiens game. The plans for our alone time have now changed slightly thanks to Eric Ho: he wants to get dinner OR bubble tea on Tuesday - maybe the latter - and chill) We talked about our grandmas for a bit, then short day trips - Corey's bugging me about watching a movie before the guys do, and about tabasco sauce in bubble tea... I DON'T THINK SO!

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

I was a wild girl, apparently...

Best stand-alone picture, even if it's from 2005.

When Jon picked me up today, I amused myself by asking Grandma whether she liked the music Jon was listening to. Usually, she'll say something like it's terrible, but she seemed not to care today - what a change, haha. Got to church and talked very briefly to Eric, then said hi to Priscilla squishing her sister Hannah. I remember when my sibs and I did free-for-alls and squished each other in the car very regularly, haha. Sat in my usual spot, making sure that Jeremy had enough room when he eventually arrived. Talked to Randal in the meantime about his mom and what we did yesterday. Jeremy and I had a pretty good conversation about Ray, olive oil-jasmine soap, expense, going out to eat at 2 AM because Jon wanted to, sleeping before Jon picked Ray up on Friday, and other stuff. Good times, especially when we shared amusement during the sermon by Pastor John. When we tried finding the Biblical book Esther in his Bible, we overshot it and then undershot it - we eventually had to look in the Table of Contents, haha. (I could have shared with Randal, but my stuff was closer to Jer's, and it was more convenient!) Christon had problems galore, Megan seemed amused by stuff, and Benjamin wanted to draw stuff all over various papers! Said hi to Margaret, Chalaine, Mike T., and others as well... it was Michelle, Ryan, and Ethan's first time in the English service. (the kids go to Richmond Christian School, heh)

Afterwards, I talked to Tony - he's pretty excited that he can actually have a life now even with his full-time security job... NO MORE WAL-MART! He was telling everyone about it: me, Mike K., Stanley, Sam, Nathan, Jeremy, the guys, Steph, etc. Jeremy told him that he knew a guy who had two FULL-TIME jobs, so I asked how he managed: getting two hours of sleep or less every day is gonna KILL you after a while! Tony asked how many part-time jobs a person could realistically sustain without burning out; I knew people who had three, and that was pushing it for them with school and everything else! His neighbor and friend who got him into this gig is also his supervisor, and sets a very good example by being late for the job: "Hey, we're late! The supervisor is going to KILL us!" "Oh, don't worry - I *am* the supervisor!" "... Great." Haha.

Too bad he likely can't make it to my birthday thing if I schedule it for after the first day of Awana, but Jeremy can if I make it late enough after his work - maybe the renovated Boston Pizza at 7:30 since I haven't been there since it's undergone changes. Steph says that Jon has Floodlight, but maybe he can make it if we do something else later. (must reserve in advance, I guess - I'd pick the actual day, but I dunno about Monday even if Tuesday worked okay last year!) Since this whole thing is in the skeleton planning stages, I have no idea what that'll be, if anything! (the Whip?) Eric said he doesn't know if he's doing anything for his birthday on Wednesday, and got me to try the chips from the barbecue - I don't want them, so they can go to Sunday School. He also returned Jeremy's fork and knife to him, which amused Jer so much that he made up a random song: "Fork and knife! Knife and fork! Yay! I haven't seen these for just over a week!" Alan was asking about it, and was bemused at the explanation that it was random! Jeremy looked like he was ready to eat, hahahaha. Eric bugged me about my Grizzlies hat (oh, shush), and then asked if I should go and manage the toddlers - I did that after explaining to Jeremy where the Royal Ascot Centre was. Yup, it's the old folks home near the 7-11!

This was the last week I'd see Rachel and Sean in the toddler Sunday School class, but it was cool. Frances is back teaching for a few months until she gives birth, so she / Auntie Tracy / Rachel's grandma were talking about pregnancy and such. Her husband Mel is doing fine, her sister Elaine's visiting for a week from Hawaii, and her mom is very happy with the news of a fifth grandchild! Sean was babbling, but did say THANK YOU a few times, and actually ate his green frog candy! (I gave him the insect book and rainbow stickers since I have no use for it anymore!) He let me color for him, and we had a hard time finding a black crayon since all the ones that LOOKED black were actually purple or blue! Talked to his mom Ada about driving me to / from Awana - she can do it, and we exchanged phone numbers and addresses. Thank goodness it's only Amos coming up to the toddler class, since the load of ten kids that we had a couple summers ago was INSANE! (various combos of Carrie, John, Janis, Rachel, Jed, Irene, Ian, Rosanna, Clara, Gwyneth, Evelyn, Luke, Ryan, Ethan, Wilson, etc.)

Talked to David, Cindy, Chrystal (Grade 1/2 teachers!), John (who forgot my name), and others for a bit after Sunday School - too bad I didn't see Andrew! Went outside and discussed Pho and the hockey pool with various people before actually going TO Pho. Jeremy and Tony didn't want to wait around for a table, so they left after bidding us goodbye - Tony gave me $5 for Jon, but I entrusted it to my mother instead since I might forget by the time Friday rolls around again! Hopefully, Tony gets some sleep before his security shift, and talks to the supervisor about giving him stable hours / his Saturday nights! It's insane if he has to go to church right after getting off work - his brown liquid (coffee... why was I thinking beer?) and the Holy Spirit will help him stay awake, but still!

Jonathan needs attention all the time - who knows if he'll be more mature going into Grade 10! On the way home, my mom was quirky and crazy, then was miffed when Steph and I were honest about her being crazy. Whatever... also discussed Jews, last names, Ivan, Joe, Joey, Vivian S., Nando's, parking, plans, my always wanting to be out when I was a toddler (I'd cry when we rounded the corner toward home), etc. At least I wasn't loitering near the dumpster till 12:05 like SOME people! Andrew's said hi over MSN, yay! He's chilling, and I'm finishing up this blog post! He thinks I have too many blogs, which can get irritating sometimes - different rules / passwords / coding, oh my! (no Facebook, and Xanga's not been updated since summer 2005 - three others it is!) I get to see him every week with Awana starting, so YAY! :D Apparently, I'm going to Dragon Ball (for the third time in three days, oh my... how insane!) tonight - should be interesting and sufficiently mysterious. ;)

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