Saturday, October 04, 2003

Definitions, nights, fantasies, names, ice cream flavors, animals

Here are some more Quiz Heaven quizzes:

your definition

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sexy-ass gangster
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Eric would definitely agree with that one, hahaha. Only I think he'd replace that with "cackling." o_O

Is The Night Before awesome?

Damn straight
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Not sure if it's referring to the movie or the Beatles song (neither of which I've seen / heard), but okay! Maybe it's even referring to the Christmas poem... eep, haha.

you get what you want when you want, so don't tease your partner
what you see is what you get, and it will be the best as long as you trust in your partner
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what does your name say about you??

You're gorgeous!!!
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Hahaha, I don't know about that... but if this says so, then I'm game. ;)

If you were an ice cream, what flavor ice cream would you be?

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What will your favourite animal be in 1 year?

I predict that you will rather like Fish!
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Hilary Duff
At parties, you're the person who's flirty with everybody, cute or not! Just remember: not everybody is a good person to flirt with, and that says everything!
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... yeah right! Not Hilary Duff...

What band are you?

The Cure
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Which store should you shop at?

American Eagle
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American Eagle
You should shop at American Eagle. You like being cozy and comfy, but trendy at the same time. Shopping is important, but you understand other things are too.
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Yay for consistency in these last two quiz results! :D

What kind of mom will you be?

You will be a very understanding mother... your child will be able to talk to you about anything and everything. He / she will turn to you for advice.
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Well, I'll TRY for that if I ever have a kid...

who is your hottie husband??!!!

Jack Black
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are YOU a queen / king?

yep, you're runnin' a palace!
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You're Jason...
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How cool are you?

*brr* you're TOO cool
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Romantic / chick flick
You love a long walk on the beach with your girlfriend / boyfriend. Long in-depth talks are the thing to cheer you up. Nothing makes your day like watching the stars late at night.
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Bookworm (Literate in Books)
You like books, okay. But not everything is just books. If you take a look at the world around you, you'll find there is more to life than books. Not that being literate in books is bad... it's actually a good habit. Stay literate in books, but be aware and enjoy the world around you while you still can
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Man, that one is right on the money there... :D

Yay, you're loving!
You're an awesome person to be around! You love people, and your life is very easy! It has very few troubles, and is very calm... but that can be a good thing!
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You're healthy. You live a good and long life.
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How Will You Die? (strange deaths)

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Which Way Will You Die?

It Involves A Spork And Something Shiny... That's All The Government Will Let Us Tell
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Which cell phone are you?

Motorola SLVR
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51-75 = Not bad!
Not bad at all! You have a good sound understanding of such trivial things as Brad Pitt's chicken dance to Angelina's divorce rate. But you need to read a few more magazines, or read up on (I swear that plug is not purchased!) in order to excel!
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Eh, nah. I'm fine with what I have. :P

Happy and Sad
What you are: A person that travels back and forth. Stick with one extreme.
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Keep it up
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how will you become rich

you will marry an actress / actor
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what drug are you

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Which Winnie The Pooh character are you?

Pooh Bear
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Awesome Movie Quote

It's time to prove to your friends you're worth a damn. Sometimes that means dying, sometimes it means killing a whole lot of people. - Dwight McCarthy, Sin City
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you don't wanna know what you are..
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What job will you get in the future?

McDonalds Worker
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Your true love's name starts with: A, P, or S
Examples: Aaron, Arnold, Andy, Peter, Parker, Pablo, Patrick, Shane, Seamus.....
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What kind of nut are you?

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If you win 100 million dollars, what should you spend it on?

Spend your millions on: a beach resort in Malibu
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Your Daily Fortune...

You will run into a long-lost friend
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Awana and Granville Sushi as a Saturday tradition

went for a Granville Sushi lunch today..
it's the second week in a row I've done it..
the service is really fast, and it's near the connecting bus stop..
maybe I'll make this a Saturday lunch tradition ;)
of course, I also have to watch my money as well..
but it's not like I choose the most expensive things!
Awana was cheerfully distracting this afternoon also..
the kids and my true friends definitely brighten my mood! ;)


Ghost stories, part 2

And while I'm here... more ghost stories for your reading pleasure. :D

I can't even begin to rival some of these stories and pictures. But since I now cannot sleep (thanks a lot), I have a couple stories of my own. Not even about me mostly, but about others in my family. Nothing preternatural has ever happened to me, except maybe once (I'm sure it has a rational explanation, but it was scary at the time). My brother and I were staying home during a Christmas vacation, near Chicago. My parents and younger siblings went down South to visit relatives. This was the first time they let us stay by ourselves, but we were in high school and had part-time jobs and didn't want to take off for the whole week. One night, rather late, I went outside to look at some freshly fallen snow. It was just a beautiful scene -- all hazy blue (you know how the sky in winter reflects the snow and seems blue, not black?), and I felt sentimental about something, so wanted to go check it out.

When I got outside, I noticed some weird lights in the sky to the southwest. As I watched them, they became clearer and more distinguished. Finally I realized that they were becoming three crosses: one large one in the middle and two smaller ones, one on each side of the large one. I blinked my eyes, and the crosses were still there. They seemed high up in the sky, but not like overwhelming the entire universe, just off in the distance. I ran in to get my brother, and he, too, saw these crosses. We were so scared, thinking that it was a sign of the end of the world, that we called the police. The police said they'd received several calls, and the only explanation they had was that Argonne National Labs, nearby, was doing some kind of testing with gas emissions. (Holy!) We called our parents, too, and they were worried. The crosses stayed in the sky for maybe half an hour, and then just as gradually as they came to a distinguishable image, they faded out.

My dad has had two weird things happen to him. My dad awoke around four in the morning once, because he heard a little voice say "help." Dad got kind of freaked out, and woke my mom up. About a minute later, they got a phone call that my mom's dad had just died -- three states away.

The other story also involves my dad. He had been talking with a lady at his church whose son had just been killed in a freak automobile accident. The woman was obviously distraught, and my dad was trying to help her out by offering some kind of encouragement. The woman was afraid that her son wouldn't go to heaven because she wasn't sure her son had really believed in God (forgive the religious stuff), and he had been kind of rebellious and stuff -- a partier, etc. One night my dad had a dream that the young man spoke to him. The words were in Latin, and my dad, not knowing Latin, woke up after the dream and wrote the words down. Later, he told the woman at his church what the words had sounded like, and she, knowing Latin, smiled and said that they meant, "Don't worry. I'm in heaven."

When I was a little boy, I lived in a tiny two-bedroom house with my parents and four siblings. One night, my brother and I were standing at the front window staring outside as it rained. This was a strangely quiet moment for the two of us, despite the lightning and thunder. We just stood there, mesmerized by the patter of the raindrops against the cold glass, drawn to the troubled sky. The greatest part of our attention, however, was focused on the tree.

There was only one tree in our front yard, a cruel-looking rotted thing that never had any leaves. This particular night, the wind had whipped it into a horrible frenzy, its spindly black branches raging against the storm as though it resented every stinging drop of rain. Wordlessly we stood, just far enough away from the glass to keep from fogging it.

All at once, a terrific streak of lighting lit up the sky, and in the branches, staring down at me, at us, was a deformed creature the likes of which I'd never seen. Now, all of these realizations came at the same time:

1) It was solid.
2) It stood on two feet, on one particular branch, at one particular part of the tree.
3) It knew we were there.
4) My brother saw it too.
5) I was, simultaneously, seeing it through my own eyes and my brother's eyes, and it was not the same!

To me, the thing appeared to be a grotesque caricature of a farmer -- a flattened-down, deformed cartoon farmer wearing a flannel shirt, overalls, and a head-splitting grin, holding a metal pitchfork at his right side. At the same time, I was aware that what my brother saw in the very same space at the very same time, was a similarly deformed caricature of a skeleton, with thick bones and empty eye sockets.

The lightning flickered and blinked out, and in the fraction of a second it took to get used to the dim glow of the far-off clouds that back-lit the tree, it became clear there was no longer anything there.

When one receives a shock that is so tremendous that it surpasses tears -- like a spectacular blow to the head, or the unexpected snapping of a bone -- there is only the wait. The wait until the violence washes over you. Will you feel pain? Will you lose consciousness? There is only the wait.

My head filled with heavy rushing blood that battered the insides of my eardrums. In an excruciatingly slow movement, I turned to my brother at my side, my eyes leaving the tree and traveling in an arc that cut across the fence, the porch posts, the window frame, the wall, and finally his face. In his eyes was reflected all the fullness of my experience. We didn't say a thing to each other. There was no need.

I was only six or seven. In the years that followed, I have seen nothing remotely like the thing in the tree. My father eventually cut the tree down. Why, I don't know -- we never did tell him.

Well, it's told like this. Buttsi was on his way home late one night after work. He almost always walked the train tracks because they were a straight shot towards the house. These train tracks ran past a cemetery which was alleged to be haunted something fierce. One of those ancient old settler cemeteries. So it was about mid-December or thereabouts, and Buttsi is strolling on home after work. It's already dark and has been so for a few hours. From the way it's told, there was no moon that night. Anyway. He's walking on home, gets right near where the cemetery starts. He starts hearing somewhat muffled footsteps behind him a ways, but doesn't think much of it. Plenty of other guys walk home this way as well.

So he keeps going and the footsteps get a touch louder and louder. And, he states, don't exactly sound like footsteps but more "hard" sounding. So about midway through the cemetery, he's getting nervous and the steps are getting closer, so he ventures a look behind him. Now according to Buttsi, he saw a "goatman" or "the devil himself." He describes this entity as a man who basically had goat hooves and horns along the lines of the mythical Pan. And this thing was heading straight for him. Reportedly, all the snow around this creature was instantly melting as it walked through. So Buttsi runs like a motherfucker, screaming like a banshee.

He hears the clop-clop-clopping of the beast's footsteps behind him speed up to catch him as he's running. Finally he gets past the graveyard, and sees the thing stop right at the edge of the cemetery. He keeps running and looking back... after a short time, the beast just vanishes.

Buttsi runs the hell home and never walks home past the cemetery ever again. Reportedly, he collaborated his story with some of the other guys at work, and some of them had also either had encounters with this thing or had heard of it.

And thus ends yet another of my crazy immigrant family's great mass of ghost stories. If only I could remember some of the ones my great-grandmother would tell me when I was little about some of the crazy shit in Poland... she used to always give me nightmares.

Well, I suppose I'll contribute a few first-hand and second-hand stories to this thread.

When my mother was in medical school, she shared this really old house with a few of her friends. She still swears to this day that it was haunted. I remember her telling me about how when she would be vacuuming the house, some unknown entity would pull the vacuum right out of her hands. There would be doors that would open as you pass them, which freaked her out, but the thing that made her decide to leave the house is when she woke up one morning and the entire lower floor was blanketed with fog.

About two years ago, we moved into the house we are living in now. When the house was being built, we found cut-up rats in our garage and a bloody handprint on the wall. None of us thought much of it at the time, but weird stuff has happened in our house after we moved in. For instance, my parents will hear people running down the hallway outside of their bedroom in the middle of the night, among other things.

One thing that has happened to me was when my grandmother was staying with me while my parents were out of town about a year ago. It was very early in the morning and I was awakened by a low howling of the wind. I thought it must have been a window open or something, but then I heard the howling get louder and louder, and the front door, which we always keep locked, began banging back and forth creaking on its hinges. I decided to take a look around, but I couldn't find any intruders or someone like that in the house, and my grandmother was still asleep. I still don't know what caused the door to open.

So my old college dorm was full of ghost stories - but I never had any trouble. I heard about hands coming through the ceiling and corner-of-the-eye ghosts from lots of people. My favorite was a room on the top floor where some kid killed himself. My buddy was the RA up there and got nothing but complaints - music coming from the room, the window sliding open over and over throughout the night. He had to go in there once or twice a week to close the window and check it out.

From my first day till I graduated, they kept trying to fill that room. In all those years, nobody was able to stay in that room for more than a week. I heard stories about "creepy feelings," radios and TVs turning on, the window opening, and so forth.

We had a great campus - a small school in the WVA mountains, built in the late 19th century. The whole place looked haunted. Allegedly, Jesse James came to the area after faking his death. According to local legend, James helped organized the school and lived high and well. Some locals even believe he became a senator in the 1890's, one of the two famous robber barons who helped strip WVA in the early 20th.

West Virginia is a great spot for ghost hunting. I think the "most haunted battlefield" from the civil war is Droop Mountain. People come in hordes on the anniversary of the battle and camp out in the hopes of seeing... whatever.

I live in the Honors House at the University of Tulsa. This building used to be a frat house during the early eighties, until a hazing ritual ended in tragedy. A freshman named Leo was tied between two mattresses and thrown from the second-story roof. Of course, the mattress sandwich is supposed to land flat. But the throw was awkward, and Leo landed head-first. His neck snapped on impact, and he died instantly. The frat was disbanded, and the house stood empty until the university built an addition onto it, renovated it, and turned it into the Honors House.

Room 208, Leo's old room, is supposedly haunted. I haven't seen anything in there, but I've been in there three times this year. Usually someone occupies it, but this year it stands empty. Two years ago, one of the housemates was in the room with her boyfriend. The curtain supposedly blew into the room, though the window wasn't open. Then it happened. Those downstairs heard a scream, and the girl, white-faced, rushed down to the first floor and started sobbing in my friend's arms. There were burn marks on her neck. She confessed that she'd told her boyfriend, laughingly, that she didn't believe in the whole Leo story.

We in the House believe, however, Leo is not a mean spirit. I mean, wouldn't you be a little pissed off if someone told you they didn't believe in you? We like to believe, since Leo was murdered by the stupidity of frat boys, he would take the side of the geeks – those who live in the Honors House. We visit his room on rainy nights and tell ghost stories, which give way to conversation and laughter. It's not a trivialization of Leo... more of a tribute. We don't want him to be lonely. So we visit him from time to time. We make donations in his name to charities. Et cetera.

I don't know if I'd ever like to see Leo. But then again, maybe I would. I can neither say, nor can I decide. Whether he shows himself to any of us is (as far as we know) his decision.

Not all presences on campus seem to be friendly, however. Although I've only heard mention, the fifth and upper stories of the McFarlin Library are supposed to be a "bad place." They're locked off to the general public, presumably because they keep rare books and other such commodities there. They discontinued construction of those chambers, though, because the dean whose offices were supposed to be contained therein died before construction could be completed. Or so the story goes. Why they wouldn't have just kept building escapes me. But apparently those spaces were converted into storage units instead.

Can you imagine, though, if the dean chose those spaces as his soul's final resting place? A force of inordinate power, lurking like a brain at the top of that imposing building, peering out through windows resembling those of a castle: narrow slats through which to fire arrows. Never a light shines in those windows, only impenetrable darkness. My goal, before I graduate, is to explore those chambers.

When we moved in, the house was in pretty bad shape (which explained getting it for only $28,500). We moved in and were there for about a week when we started noticing strange things happening. Cupboard doors opening up overnight, toilet flushing by itself, closet doors being opened, and every once in a while our television would change channels by itself. Some pretty freaky stuff, but nothing too freaky, so we just dismissed it and thought nothing much. Then we watched an episode of Sightings.

In this episode, a guy left a tape recorder going and said "if there is anything here that wants to make itself present, feel free to do so.." So we decided to do the same, set the recorder in the attic, went to the movies. We came home and listened to the whole tape. It was a 90-minute tape. We went through a good 85 minutes and there a whispering-level voice breathed into the recorder. It sounded like the noise made to put steam on glasses to clean them. Then nothing for a minute, and then it sounded like the tape recorder was being thrown about the room for 2 minutes, then it stopped.

Years ago, when all my friends and I were ~17ish, we dabbled with Ouiji boards. In the beginning, nothing really major ever happened, and the "sessions" usually ended without anything notable.

After a while of constant use of them (I rarely myself used the board, I was happy just being an observer), it seemed like we always got the same "ghost" talking to us. You can read into that however you'd like. There was always one that would talk to us, who was a nice spirit (I guess). They warned us of an evil presence they called Jake for some reason.

Jake would always seem to come through whenever one of my friends (Tom) would get on the thing. It would always threaten him, and such, but nothing ever became of it. The only real creepy thing to happen was to my friend Tom's now-wife. She was at college, and playing some Tetris-like game one night like she always did. Well, when she finished up one round of it, the high score list had JAKE and some astronomically high score. It filled all top 10 positions. She got really freaked out (she never was there for our "sessions"), turned the thing off, and didn't touch it again till the next day. All the scores were back to normal.

Do I believe all the Ouiji Board stuff? I'm still skeptical, as I've yet to see with my own eyes anything weird. Just stories from friends. I don't not believe, but at the same time, I understand people's imaginations can run wild.

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Bringing back upset and pain.....

I glanced through a certain thread just now..
it's something which I perhaps shouldn't have done..
brought back the upset and pain I felt before..
not that I shouldn't feel upset that I hurt people..
but I thought I was over it to some degree..
guess it's not a complete process by any means..
nope, I don't think I'll be looking at THAT one anymore..
time to focus on my true friends and rejoice! ;)
(although I expect I'll still be sad about the flame-out)

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Vodka Day and Christmas carols in head

why am I up now? I need my sleep, dammit!
it's not the five sips of vodka I had at 1:45 before bed..
(gotta celebrate Vodka Day in some form, y'know)
definitely not from thinking about stuff, either..
I blame Eric for singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing to me..
why couldn't it be some other song that's stuck in my head?
even Butterball would be preferable to Christmas carols!
ah well, maybe some Radiohead will cure it..
to heck with the neighbors, I say! ;)
then maybe I can go back to bed, too.. that would be good..

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Friday, October 03, 2003

Eric, Derek, Josh, Sean, and Lauren!

had plenty of distraction tonight with everyone..
though nobody went anywhere for another week!
Eric and I discussed lots of inside-jokey things ;)
discussing stuff with him makes me feel wired, haha..
(yes, that's "wired" and not "weird".. too true)

Derek says reading a blog is like peeking into a diary..
(it makes him uncomfortable, but I generally don't mind)
Josh is back.. it'll be good to see him again..
I got good advice on the situation from Sean and Lauren..
though I still wish it hadn't happened, I feel better..
there are positives even if it never works out:
more time to write, a theoretical earlier bedtime, better pals..
not having to worry about certain things is good, too ;)
yes, of course I hope it'll still work out with time and all..
but if it doesn't, I won't be totally depressed..
disappointed, sure.. bittersweet memories to be had ;)

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Ghost stories, part 1

I know Halloween's coming up... I don't usually post ghost stories, but there are exceptions to every rule. Last summer, Corey emailed me 259 pages' worth of ghost stories from Something Awful. I definitely don't plan on posting them all at once, or even in 18 parts like I did when I got them. But I'll definitely post some semi-regularly, even when Halloween passes. Here's the first part... and I don't feel like censoring the language in some of these. I already went through them for spelling and grammar clean-up. :P

I was in CAP when I was younger (Civil Air Patrol, like Boy Scouts sponsored by the Air Force) and we used an old Barracks as our meeting place. One night, we came to the meeting and the adults lined us all up to tell us about what had happened. Apparently when they arrived, they found a woman who had been raped and stabbed about 15-20 times, then thrown from the 3rd story balcony. We all kinda freaked out and were sent home.

After that, all sorts of weird shit happened at the building. When we stayed overnight, all sorts of shit would happen. Curtains opening and closing on their own. Books and other junk falling off the shelves.

One of the creepiest things were the paintings on the 3rd floor. All the 2nd and 3rd floor rooms were locked and sealed for safety reasons. You could have easily broken a window, but people would notice that. In one of the rooms, there was a painting on both sides of the wall starting to form. There were large windows at the front of all the rooms. Every week, we would go upstairs and check them out, and every week they would get more detailed. Finally, the images became apparent: one was a woman dressed all slutty, and one was the Grim Reaper. The room was still apparently completely sealed.

I've had those "corner of the eye" sightings here too. My house was built in 1981, on the site of an old Civil War encampment. There are two abandoned cemeteries in the woods in our neighborhood. The stones are barely legible now, and the whole place is covered in brush and in the woods.

One time, I was sitting here at the computer and I saw someone out of the corner of my eye open the door to the room, look in at me, then close the door again. Since I live alone with my dog, I was quite surprised... got up quick and checked it out, but there was no one in the hallway. If they'd gone down the stairs, I would have heard it since the stairway is made of creaky hardwood.

When I was a little kid, I once saw a lady in Colonial-style dress wearing a bonnet. She was sitting on a bench in the woods, knitting something. Actually, my sister was there with me and saw her too.. we were startled and looked at each other.. when we looked back over there, she was gone, along with the bench. I know I didn't dream this up, because I've spoken with my sister about it recently, and she remembers it just as vividly as I do.

I remember the other thread of this... there was one story that really freaked me out. I can't remember who told it, but it basically went like this - the goon's father, when he was younger, was in an apartment. He was asleep, but suddenly woke up and saw a kid coming out from the ceiling, reaching toward him. It turned out that a kid had been killed in the room above and stuffed in the floor between the ceiling of the room.

On another note, the off-campus dorm I'm in is 13 floors high, and only floors 8-13 are lived in right now. The RAs have to do rounds through the whole building, usually alone. Most of floors 2-7 have no lights on at all on them, but sometimes floors that didn't have lights on will have the lights off the next time through, or lights will suddenly turn on. I've done rounds a few times with one of my friends who is an RA. It's really freaky. As you walk past some doors, they'll creak and make strange knocking noises. And the outside fire escape door on the 5th floor is open every time she comes down there, and only she has the key to the outside. I'd never go down there alone. It has the atmosphere of a horror movie to it. I always think of Halloween, the movie. I can just imagine Michael Myers jumping out of one of the rooms.

- When I was about 7 or 8, I came home from school and saw my sister in the bathroom. She told me how glad she was to see me because something weird happened, and that she was scared (she was the only one in the house). She showed me how this can of hair spray kept tilting back and forth on the shelf for a few minutes. I thought maybe it was a passing tuck or she bumped the shelf. She said she didn't.

- One night, everyone was in bed. It's about 12:00 and I start hearing the cupboards in the kitchen downstairs banging. I really didn't take much notice of it. This continued though for a while. It was just constant. I tried to bury myself under the covers as I was really scared now. So I am laying there terrified, and all of a sudden I hear my dog start to howl. Now I'll tell you... my dog *never* howls or barks. To this day, I have never heard him howl again. I ran to the landing on the stairs and told him to shut up! I thought, "Well, I am up. Maybe I'll check the cupboards in the kitchen now..." So I went down the stairs rather slowly and made my way to the kitchen. The sound of the banging stopped. I bolted up stairs and just cuddled under my blankets. No more sounds, though.

- One night when I was about 14, I went to bed before everyone else as we had company. Well, I am lying in bed and I start to feel a little bit of a shake. I kind of looked around and thought that was weird. I continued to lay there and felt my bed shake a little harder. This time, I sat up and was looking on either side of my bed to see if someone was there. No one was there. I thought: "Oh, this is just my mind." So I laid back down again and closed my eyes. When I did this, my bed started to shake rather hard. I jumped out of my bed as fast as I could and ran downstairs. Told my parents, but they did not believe me. I stayed up for another 30 minutes and went back to bed. No more shaking.

- My sister used to be pretty wild, like coming home really late at night. Anyways, one day she said how the dog was acting weird. When she comes home, sometimes he'll just be sitting in the living room staring at the wall. She'll call him and he won't look. So she goes over to pet him and he acknowledges her and goes back to being normal. Just thought that was weird too.

- I was lying in bed again. My bed was situated in the corner of the room. So I turned over to go to sleep and my face was looking towards the wall. I then saw a hand make a half-circle motion from under the side of the bed over and disappear under the other side of the bed. Even writing this now, I can picture what I saw very clearly. Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

Every time I go into the downstairs bathroom of my house, I get this bizarre, almost oppressive feeling. I'm prone to paranoia, so I've always tried to ignore it. After a while, the sense of something out of place got stronger... it seemed localized under the utility sink. I was getting this faint vision in my head of a little boy, maybe five years old, with brown hair and a long, red-and-white striped nightie. I figured I was crazy, but tried to avoid the room anyway. Fast forward a few months -- I'm over at my friend's house. Another friend is there, and we're just fooling around with the Ouiji board. We get to talking about ghosts, and I mention the feelings I get in the downstairs bathroom. My friend (the one who's been to my house) pipes in and says that she sometimes dreams she goes down there and there's this little boy hiding under the sink, with the shadow of a man wielding a knife on the wall, but she never sees anything happen.

I asked her to describe the boy and, though I had never told her what he looked like, she described "Brandon," as I had begun to call him, exactly as I always saw him.

In 1987-88, I worked at a small radio station in Lebanon, TN. WCOR-AM 900, a little 500 watt *powerhouse* on the edge of town, had been on the air since 1947 or so. That was the earliest telegram I had found in the archives. I was, at various times, the morning guy, afternoon, evening drive-time, and late night close-up-the-station guy. I was also the Chief Engineer because I was the only person that knew how to solder. The building was in two sections; a new two-story section where the studio, transmitter, offices, and all that stuff lived; and a squat, one-story section where the old studios were. It was essentially abandoned. No lights, no furniture...

Anyways, one evening I was alone at the station, playing full albums to piss off the GM (General Manager) and generally being lazy. I heard someone walking up the stairs. This was odd, since it was about 10:30 at night, and the only person supposed to be there was me. I went to the front and checked for a car, but mine was the only one there. I called up the stairs, but no one answered. I went up the stairs, but just as I got almost to the top, I caught a severe case of the (willies, heebie-jeebies, severe pussying out syndrome), and ran back to the DJ booth.

The record was almost over, so I went through the motions, changed the song, and sat back again. Then I heard the tromp-tromp-tromp of someone coming back down the stairs. Then I heard the tromp-tromp-tromp of that person coming up the hall towards the booth. I reached around and grabbed a mop handle. As I sat there, the tromp-tromping came through the door, up beside me, around behind me, and out through the door to the transmitter room. I followed this with my head and eyes, and no one was attached to the tromp-tromp-tromp.

Well, as you can imagine, I squealed like a little girl. After this, the spook would come tromping around the radio station at night, but only when I was alone. He'd sometimes stand right in front of the mixing board and watch me do my show. Finally, I looked up one time and said, "Okay, if you're going to hang around, at least let me see you." Well, that was a mistake. The room became unbearably cold, and the air in front of me began to warp like a heat mirage. I squealed again and hollered, "Never mind! No, NO, no, no! Just go away!!!" The spook tromped off back to the old part of the building.

Later that week, I almost jumped over the GM's desk telling him to move me to an earlier timeslot. Everything worked out well, and I moved to the shift before the one late at night. I trained the new guy and let him run the shift by himself for a couple or three weeks. Of course, I never told him about the spook.

After letting him alone, I stayed after my shift to chitty-chat with him about his shift. As we talked, I asked him if anything strange happened during his shift and he replied, "Oh yeah, there's a spirit that comes around at night." I almost shit my pants right there. This kid was a bit insanely religious, and kept calling this spook a demon. While we were talking, the spook tromp-tromp-tromped up the hall into the production room and was looking over my shoulder through the glass. The room got chilly, and I was not happy about it. The kid said, "Just rebuke him in Jesus' name." Well, I'd never thought to do that, so I turned around, looked at the window and said, "Jesus says to get the fuck outta here." The spook tromped back to the old section and left us alone for the night.

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Feeling better, kinda.....

I do believe I feel better about this whole thing now..
that shouldn't be confused with nonchalance, though!
could have done things differently, and I wish we could talk..
but since that isn't likely to happen, no use thinking that way..
believe me, I've learned from the whole experience!

losing precious friendships is sad and never easy..
especially if it's over some stupid mistake you made!
I've done all I can, and it'll take time for both of us..
maybe I'll "keep it real" some other day.. too nervous now ;)

at least my true friends have stuck by me..
had a dream about some of them and a beach house, too..
of course, nobody in that dream knows what happened..
except Spoz (very vaguely) and Nathan.. (in more detail)
but I'm glad I can sleep all right now with dreams..
we shall see what happens later on.. distraction city?

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Sequels and other stuff from Quiz Heaven

Here's some more stuff from Quiz Heaven:

Where do you want to have sex?

You want to have sex wrapped in a big taco shell.
Take this quiz at

Who are you going to bitchslap?

Tom Cruise
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What sequel will you star in?

The Princess Diaries
Take this quiz at

Congratulations, you are an author
You are going to be a famous author.
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What job will you most likely end up with?

Take this quiz at

You are going to be a nerd.
You have the mind of a college student, that's all I have to say. Oh, and also: "Girls don't like it when you snort."
Take this quiz at

You're like Blaze. A G that will blast you with a shotgun. A true Gangster.
Take this quiz at

what is your Bible name?

Take this quiz at

I kept refreshing to see various results. The last time I checked, Lefty and Mathew were NOT Biblical names! Aiya. I don't expect everyone to have a good knowledge of the Bible, but LEFTY?! *is gobsmacked* Also, it seemed to have only boy names... oh well.

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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Maybe I'll celebrate Vodka Day! / Quizzes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNTIE LANA.. I hope you have a rocking one today! :) I hear Jason's wedding is next year.. time flies!

I was checking my email just now..
and came across this tidbit of information..
apparently, Oct. 4 (Saturday) is "Vodka Day"..
will I celebrate it by drinking vodka? (I do have some!)
no idea.. might not be a good thing before Awana..
afterwards, I don't think I have anything to do..
but I do have church the next day and all that stuff..
who knows.. I might just have a little bit that day..
guess we shall see what happens with that! ;)

Here are some quizzes!


which grand band are you? quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

Princess Vespa: You're the girl every guy wants to get, and you know it because you are quite the brat, but you take crap from nobody. People better beware if they decide to shoot your hair.

Spaceballs: the character quiz!
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Horrible Car wreck. You are boring. Change your ways now, or no one will remember you in ten years, pal.

Death quiz 2002
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Congratulations, you're Zoolander!

Which Zoolander Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Corey and Kempy's advice

well, I sent out another sincere apology email..
no, not to him.. but to his good friend who was affected..
whether she accepts it or not isn't up to me..
but I had to send it out for my conscience to be clear..
sure, the regrets and stuff are still there..
but hopefully I've started to deal with them properly..

someone says I'm worrying about this too much..
"probably bound to happen if every little thing offends him.."
(that could be true, but I still mourned the end of it all..
not like I did it maliciously or anything like that)
"it shouldn't have been killed / cut off by little things..
unless you weren't very good friends in the first place!"
(yes, I know.. I'm willing to try to work it out, but he's not :P)

Kempy says I should call the person to smooth things over..
"it helps to hear the tone of voice.. quit worrying, tiger!"
(while I do have his phone number, he won't be receptive..
and I'm not sure that I'd call 5000 km away right now..)

guess we'll see what happens with this in the future..
right now, I've done all I can.. and appreciate advice!
there are things I shouldn't have done..
but nothing I can do about it now..
I admitted I was wrong, and apologized.. that should be it!
(according to a few people I know, at any rate)
two songs are in my head: One Week and So Not Over..
(Barenaked Ladies / Big Sugar songs that are appropriate)
it's been one week, and it is over.. (for now?)
now, let's see if I can move on without having tears!

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Performing the final removal acts!

performed the final removal acts today..
from my LJ friends list, ICQ, YM, and email address book..
(he'd done it first, as I could see in my old LJ friends list..
and he'll probably make all his entries friends-only..
for fear that I'll stumble across them.. I don't think I'll look!)

when I told Corey that we'd never meet / flirt / be friendly..
or have affectionate conversation / soothe each other again..
he said, "never? over a card? :P " (and my reaction to it)
apparently, this is so.. namooch I can do but move on!
which I'm trying to do with full speed, believe you me!
at least I have friends who understand I made a mistake..
cost me a friendship, but then I'll forget that character soon ;)
(the "if only" game won't do me any good here, either!)

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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

It's over with... I'll never flirt again!

it's over with and there's no turning back; regrets, yes..
memories pop into my head, and there are reminders..
a "long, emotional hug that spoke volumes" was in the papers..
considering that was what we thought we'd have when we met..
that wasn't exactly the best line to read this afternoon..
seeing loving couples isn't easy for me, either..
let's just say it was a complicated relationship with flirting..
talked about a bunch of things, as well.. compliments too ;)

speaking of which, Dan Franzen offered me a message group..
"if you ever need a safe haven, you can come here.."
I thought that was a sweet offer; it's called "Prodigy Flirting"..
he said it's mostly harmless.. (looking at it, I believe him!)
that's what I thought the other relationship would be..
it was, but through my own ineptitude.. it's gone now..

could have restarted the computer, written him, not told him..
waited to open the card till he came online, or thought about it..
I chose the worst way of dealing with it instead..
no, I don't deal well with disappointment and upset..
this is the price I must pay! (consequences / repercussions)
but it's really time to move on and distract myself..
nothing to be done about it now, as I've done what I can..
a time machine would be nice, though.. do things right ;)

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Drinking, bubble tea, chocolate, and going out as distractions

just had a conversation about getting drunk..
thank God I know someone with 11 years' experience at it ;)
I definitely appreciate the tips on it..
(even though I'm not following Tip A.. I'm alone; depressing!)
for you trainspotters, it's not kegs of beer..
it's that vodka I bought two weeks ago exactly :P

someone else recommended drinking as distraction..
that, or consuming lots of bubble tea / chocolate..
going out to distract myself from my own head?
not sure it's going to work as well as it might..
too much stuff I'm not going to get into here..
suffice to say that I like my true friends ;)

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Monday, September 29, 2003

DRAGON QUEST 5 Enemy List, #1-217

LJ equivalent on Sept. 4, 2012.

This is a complete enemy list for DRAGON QUEST 5. This walkthrough (JAMES!) helped when I was playing the game (especially for monster locations, mostly), this IKON walkthrough was helpful for the mine cart puzzle, and this enemy list generally helped as well. A great LP of the game, found on SOMETHING AWFUL.

Note to self: To open the Water Gate, use the DOOR command!

Slime 1 (recruitable)

Green Worm

Longneck Weasel

Healer (recruitable)




Drakee (recruitable)

Horned Rabbit

Big Rat


Baby Panther

Goblin Rat

Mad Plant

Blaze Lizard

Night Wisp

Skull Serpent


Demon Candle [Lenoire Castle mini-boss]

Walking Statue [Lenoire Castle mini-boss]

Boss Ghost [Lenoire Castle boss]



Cactus Ball

Magician (recruitable)



Larva King

Spiked Hare


Capala Naga

Zaile [Ice Mansion mini-boss; Flute of Spring]

Snow Queen [Ice Mansion boss; Flute of Spring]

Dancing Needle (recruitable)

Laughing Grass


Slime Knight (recruitable)

Brownie (recruitable)

Baby Newt

Clay Doll

Trick Bag

Dark Eye


Gema 1, Cave Northeast of Reinhart [boss]

Papas taking on Jahmi and Gonz

Whip Man [temple mini-boss]

Gas Mink


Evil Apple

Kukkle (recruitable)


Bandit Wolf [Port Selmi pub mini-boss]

Demon Toadstool


Bomb Baby (recruitable)

Metal Slime


Hork (recruitable)

Light Boy

Yeti (recruitable)

Dragon Pup (recruitable) [Reinhart Castle mini-boss]


Evil Plant


Big Eye (recruitable)

Rogue Armor

Impostor [Reinhart Castle boss; impersonating Empress]


Metal Rider

Death Parrot

Mystery Doll


Big Sloth

Assault Trooper

Death Spark

Man-Eater Chest (Cannibox)

Killer Panther 1 (use Bianca's Ribbon!) [Western Cave boss; Borongo]



Puppet Man (recruitable)

Killer Panther 2





Metal Hunter

Dark Mammoth

Wyvern (recruitable)

Beast Master

Curer (recruitable)

Bomb Crag (recruitable)

Horse Devil

Mud Looper

Dancing Jewel (recruitable)


Lava Savage [Volcano boss; get Ring of Flames]

Sea Dog



Demon Jar





Ghost Captain


Man O' War

Slime 2 (eight of them can fuse into a King Slime)

King Slime (recruitable)


Elder Mage


Mad Dragon (recruitable)

Duck Kite



Dead Emperor

Minidemon (recruitable)



Metal Babble (recruitable)


Messala (recruitable)


Orc King (Demon's Tower mini-boss; recruitable)

Cursed Mask


Devil Dancer

Jelly Man

Shield Hippo [Cave of Trials boss]

Kandar [Cave of Trials boss]

Leaonar (Demon's Tower mini-boss; recruitable)

Hawk Man (Demon's Tower mini-boss)

Balloon (Demon's Tower mini-boss)

Mamoo (Demon's Tower mini-boss)

Orc Lv. 20 [Demon's Tower boss]

Wyvern Lv. 35 [Demon's Tower boss]

Jahmi (Centarsus) [Demon's Tower boss]


Lil' Eel

Nereus (recruitable)

Killer Shell

Captain Kook


Mother Octo




Centaurus (recruitable)

Unholy Soldier

Kandar's Henchman [third-generation Reinhart Castle mini-boss; Mountain Village mini-boss outside Duncan's house]


Shadow Satan



Zombie Knight



Eliminator (recruitable)

Boss Garm

Buorn [Tower of Viewing boss]


King Healer (recruitable)

Soldier Bull (recruitable)


Blizzard Hawk (recruitable)


Snakehand [Great Temple mini-boss]


Silver Devil


Moon Face


Blue Eater

Evil Master

Red Eater


Satan Helm

Great Mamoo

Dragon Warrior [Great Temple mini-boss]


Ogre Head

Farewell Crag (recruitable)

Eigerhorn (recruitable)

Black Dragon

Golden Golem

Metal Dragon

Springer (recruitable)

Gonz [Tower of Boble boss]

Gema 2 [Tower of Boble boss]

Ramada [Great Temple boss]

Dark Shaman [Evil Mountain mini-boss]

Evil Clown

Evil Spirit

Ivol [Great Temple boss]

Attackbot (recruitable)


Great Dragon (recruitable)



King Tortragon

Gigantes (recruitable)


Lionex (recruitable)



Flare Dragon


Wight King

King Metal


Hellbattler (recruitable) [Evil Mountain mini-boss]

Mildrath 1 [final boss; first form]

Mildrath 2 [final boss; second form]



Esturk [Bonus Dungeon boss]

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